Get beyond the cliché. Beyond what you expect to find at a graduate school on the edge of North America. Beyond the water, the horizon, the overwhelming sense of freedom that washes over you when you stop to take a breath. Focus on this. Memorial University of Newfoundland is on the cutting edge of research. Our graduate students fine tune and shape their programs to get the experience they want. Our faculty are outstanding, our students are creative, and our setting really is unlike anything else you've come across. And we offer all of this to you with some of the lowest tuition fees in Canada. Because it must be said - all those clichés? They're for real. Literally.

Oil and gas. Geology. Archaeology. You really can dig deep with some of our graduate programs. Of course, getting to the bottom of a burning question is the fundamental basis of graduate school. At Memorial, we have programs that encourage you to explore what's above and below the surface of your work. What kind of program are you looking to uncover?

Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
Small classes, faculty that leave their doors open in anticipation of your questions, and an environment that challenges you to think on the edge. Looking for the largest and most comprehensive Folklore program in Canada? It's here. See what else we have to offer you.

Looking to blend the idealism of arts with the methods of scientific thought? Interdisciplinary programs at Memorial are a harmony of ideas designed to get you

MEng. Graduate students find science in everything that surrounds them here. Explore our programs to see what you can become. Why. PhD) Engineering Management (MEM) Environmental Systems Engineering and Management (MASc) Mechanical Engineering (MEng. Teaching and Learning Studies (MEd) • • Employment Relations (MER) Engineering and Applied Science • • Civil Engineering (MEng. Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology is just one program that challenges you to cross academic borders. PhD) Electrical Engineering (MEng. Counselor. you can get a Master’s degree in one year in Marine Studies at Canada's leading centre of fisheries and marine training.thinking differently. Professional Programs • • Business Administration (EMBA. PhD) Oil and Gas Engineering (MASc. But there's more to become at Memorial. Sciences Ocean. Forests. Curriculum and Supervision (MPE) Biomechanics/Ergonomics (MSc (Kin)) . Professional Programs Geneticist. PhD) Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering (MEng. Newfoundland and Labrador is one giant science lab. PhD) Computer Engineering (MASc. MBA. see how science is alive at Memorial. Some programs are designed to help you become a professional. PhD) Education (PhD) • o o o o o o Arts and Education (MA & Ed) Counselling Psychology (MEd) Educational Leadership Studies (MEd) Information Technology (MEd) Post-secondary Studies (MEd. From the Ocean Sciences Centre to a pan-university network of research equipment and facilities. PhD) Human Kinetics and Recreation o o o o o o o o • o o Administration. graduate diploma) Curriculum. Bedrock. MBA. MEng.

MD-PhD) Clinical Epidemiology (MSc (Med). PhD) Technology Management (MTM) o Business Administration Degrees offered: • • • MBA EMBA (Petroleum) PhD (Management) Application deadlines: October 15 (Part-time MBA applicants) for winter admission January 15 (Part-time MBA applicants) for spring admission March 1 (International MBA applicants) for fall admission . graduate diploma) Community Health (MSc (Med). PhD. graduate diploma) Human Genetics (MSc (Med). PhD. MD-PhD) Cardiovascular and Renal Sciences (MSc (Med). PhD) Social Work (MSW.• Exercise and Work Physiology (MSc (Kin)) Sport Psychology (MSc (Kin)) Marine Studies o o • • • Fisheries Resource Management (MMS. MD-PhD) Immunology and Infectious Diseases (MSc (Med). graduate diploma) Maritime Management (MMM) Medicine o • o o o o o o o o o Applied Health Services Research (MSc (Med)) Cancer and Development (MSc (Med). PhD. PhD. PhD. MD-PhD. MD-PhD. MD-PhD) Neurosciences (MSc (Med). PhD. PhD. MD-PhD) Public Health (MPH) • • Music Conducting (MMus) Performance (MMus) Performance/Pedagogy (MMus) Nursing (MN) o o o • • • • • Post Masters Nurse Practitioner (graduate diploma) Pharmacy (MSc (Pharm).

refer to Fees and Funding. For more information on special fees.000 Tuition: We are proud to offer some of the lowest graduate tuition rates in Canada. Funding: Memorial University offers competitive funding packages to eligible Canadian and International graduate students. continuance fees. finance. Program Program fee per semester # of semesters Canadian Citizens International Students and Permanent Residents $953 $632 $887 6 9 12 Master’s program Plan A $733 Plan B $486 PhD $683 . The following are general program fees for graduate programs in Business Administration. or human resources management and labour relations. international studies. and related charges. Below is an approximate value of funding packages recently offered to graduate students in Business Administration. Students can focus their studies on marketing. refer to Graduate Tuition and Cost of Living. For more information. PhD: $22. strategic management.February 1 (PhD applicants) for fall admission May 1 (Canadian MBA applicants) for fall admission June 15 (Canadian EMBA applicants) for fall admission June 1 (International EMBA applicants) for fall admission Departmental website Why Business at Memorial? We apply progressive course structures and high academic standards to produce highly skilled graduates capable of competing in the global marketplace.

The program's key objectives are: • • to develop future managers' problem-solving and decision-making skills. People You'll have an unobstructed view of the constellations even in the heart of downtown. That's because we're just big enough to allow you to feel like you're in the middle of a cosmopolitan urban centre. analyze and solve complex and unstructured problems to provide a broad operating knowledge of management concepts and practices which can adapt to a wide variety of organizations and environments The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Management is offered in the Faculty of Business Administration. with just the right amount of breathing room to take in the world around you. Our faculty and grad students are shooting stars. The degree is offered by full-time study to qualified candidates. The degree will offer specializations corresponding to functional areas in management. Minimum admission requirements: • • • For MBA: Bachelor's degree ('B' standing) and GMAT (550) For EMBA: Bachelor's degree ('B' standing) and a minimum of five years experience in the oil and gas sector For PhD: Master's degree in appropriate area of study and GMAT (600) or GRE (1100) Important Note: The information provided on this website is subject to change. theory and intellectualism. and organizational behaviour and human resources management. The designation refers to management in the broad context. enabling them to identify. The degree currently is offered with specializations in operations and information management. orbiting past the ordinary in research. The University Calendar is the final authority on university regulations. including its international dimensions.Duration (for full-time students): Master’s: 2 years | PhD: 4 years Description of programs: The MBA program at Memorial is designed to prepare highly qualified students to become executive decision-makers who are cognizant of their operating environment. . But those are not the only stars you'll see here.

We're shining a light on our stars. a high-speed research network that links Memorial with other universities in Atlantic Canada. Apply to Memorial This is your one-stop place for graduate applications. • • • Like a world-class library system that includes digital archives and specialized collections. And when we say you can make waves. Attention Memorial University staff members: If you are employed as a permanent or contractual employee at Memorial at the time of application. It's one of the reasons why we're leading the country in research funding growth. Or ACEnet. we would strongly encourage you to contact potential supervisors in your area of interest. Memorial has places for you to set your ideas in motion. please contact our office for information on application fee payment. you can't have great research without the facilities to back it up. Follow our step-by-step guide to applying and you're on your way to becoming a graduate student. For accomplishing goals and trying something out of the ordinary. It's a place for doing. Forms? Guidelines? Checklists? It's all here for you. You may also wish to contact the Department of Human Resources for information on financial assistance for training and development. Take a moment and see how they're helping Memorial become a graduate university that's truly bright. If you are interested in a research program. we mean it. Research Our researchers know how to make a splash. Curious about what our researchers are doing? Comb through our research with the Yaffle search engine. This is not the place for watching. . Of course. It's also why our graduate students choose Memorial. This is the home of one of the world's best ice and wave tanks.

ca for a paper application. course.g. Late applications are processed as time and resources permit. It is important for you to know the semesters you may apply for and the date at which all documents must be received in order for your application to be properly considered. Identify and collect all required application materials The basic graduate application will include the following items (ensure that your full name and date of birth or Memorial student number appear on all documents): • Graduate Web Application o Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their graduate application online to ensure they are processed in a timely manner. Refer to the University Calendar for details. . as incorrect addresses may prevent you from receiving regular correspondence from our office by mail (please refer to the Canada Post website for details on addressing guidelines). All required documents must be received by the School of Graduate Studies by the application deadline for your program of interest. Please note the correct route (e. A valid credit card is required to submit an online application. o The application must be fully and accurately completed. thesis. o Ensure your full legal name (including maiden or previous last name if applicable) is listed in the correct order (as it appears on your passport or other government ID). Deadlines and entry semesters are listed in the program section of our website. while others offer admission for multiple semesters without deadlines. o Ensure you provide names for all referees. If you are unable to access a credit card.. [X] Close Deadlines • • • • • • Some academic units only admit students for the Fall semesters and do not assess applications after a set deadline. please contact sgs@mun. o Ensure the exact mailing address is entered. internship) for your program of interest.Choose your semester and check the deadlines Decide when you'd like to start your studies and check the relevant deadlines for filing your application. Incorrect routes may lead to delays in the admission process. Incomplete or late applications may result in delays in decisions being reached.

o At least one letter of appraisal must be by an academic referee. Education.g. o • Two (2) letters of appraisal o All letters must be submitted directly to our office by the referee.” Select “Student Visa” if your citizenship is not Canadian and you require a study permit to legally study in Canada. o Notarized English translations are required if official documents are not issued in English or French. and Employment Relations. date of birth. and Memorial student number (if known). o If you are a pursuing an undergraduate degree at Memorial. and be able to accurately comment on your ability to conduct graduate-level work. . from which a degree was earned or transfer credits were awarded.• Ensure Statement of Interest page on the web application is properly completed. at least one must be by a professional referee.. Social Work (Master's only). all prior transcripts (for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs or equivalent) must be submitted as part of your application. o The software for the online application only supports the English language. as many graduate programs place considerable emphasis on this section. Official transcript(s) (must be submitted by mail) o Official documents (copies certified by the home university or originals) must be provided and sent directly by the issuing institution for all recognized institutions attended other than Memorial University. o With the strong recommendation of the academic unit. Select “Permanent Resident” if your citizenship is not Canadian and you have immigrated to Canada. o Academic referees selected to write letters of appraisal on your behalf should have taught or supervised you at a university level. o Letter of appraisal forms will only be considered when they are sent from an institutional email address for academic referees (e. o Official documents (certified copies or originals) noting confirmation of university degree completion are required if notice of degree awarded is not on transcript(s). Applicants should send a link to the letter of appraisal form in an email to their referee and include in the email their full name. and for graduate programs in Business Administration (Master's only). o Please note the correct immigration status under “Citizenship/Residence. o If you are applying for a PhD program. applicants without an academic reference may be fully admitted to a graduate program at Memorial. jdoe@mun. o Referees who intend on attaching a reference letter with the letter of appraisal form may refer to these tips and guidelines. you will be required to submit to the School of Graduate Studies a letter from the Office of the Registrar noting that all degree requirements have been or notify us when a degree has been conferred.

and you will have to arrange for the testing agency to send the SGS office a valid official score report. or a graduate degree program at a recognized institution where the language of instruction is English as per University Calendar regulations are advised to provide a letter from their university stating the language of instruction. download the latest version of Adobe Reader.5 in the listening comprehension and reading comprehension sub-tests and a score of 4 in writing. download the latest version of Adobe Reader.g. GMAT for MBA or PhD in Management). 2011 for applications received for Fall 2011 and onward. These include graduate programs in . Proof of English proficiency (must be submitted by mail) o International students who have completed secondary schooling. o Only official and valid score reports sent directly to SGS by the testing agency are acceptable. o IELTS .An average band score of 6. o CAEL . bank draft.Band Level 4. o MELAB .o o Academic letter of appraisal form. Adobe Reader version 8 or higher is required to complete and submit the form. GRE for Psychology or PhD in Management. Professional letter of appraisal form.. • • • • Non-refundable application fee o The $40 Canadian application fee ($80 for international applicants) is payable by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) only for web applications.Paper-based score of 550 (or higher). or money order which is not eligible for payment. o CanTEST .A score between 50 and 60 in each of four bands. or Internet-based with a score of 80 (or higher).A score of 85% (or higher). o o Test score reports (must be submitted by mail): Certain graduate programs will require minimum test scores (e. o Applicants who are unable to access a credit card and apply online will be required to submit a cheque. Adobe Reader version 8 or higher is required to complete and submit the form. Additional forms and documents: Certain graduate programs will require you complete and submit forms in addition to those that are part of the basic graduate application. bank draft. with at least 2 band scores of 60. A charge of $25 will be made for any cheque. o Please do not send cash. Additional forms and documents may be required.5 or higher. The $80 application fee for international applicants will be effective January 1. o All other international students will have to provide minimum scores from acceptable standardized tests listed in the Calendar o TOEFL . an undergraduate degree program. or money order along with a paper application.

journal articles. term papers. Inco Innovation Centre Memorial University of Newfoundland 230 Elizabeth Avenue from the email address noted in your web application. Psychology. Financial guarantee: If you are being sponsored by a government agency or university to pursue a graduate program at Memorial. In addition. Writing samples: Certain graduate programs will require writing samples (e. These include graduate programs in English Language and Literature.m.o o o o Business Administration. Canada A1C 5S7 . Education. please submit a financial guarantee document from your sponsor in support of your graduate application. to 12 a. Current students or students who previously attended Memorial University are strongly encouraged to apply through Memorial Self Service. Authorization for use of representative: If you wish to permit a representative (friend. Philosophy.) that must be submitted as part of your application to those programs. and Women's Studies. Engineering. Submit your application • You may submit an application online (credit card required). Newfoundland. The email should state your full name. family member. all representatives will be required to provide SGS with the name and student number of an applicant they are inquiring about. educational agent. While work experience may be submitted through the online application or additional departmental forms. (Newfoundland time). Employment Relations. Submit all supporting documents to: • • School of Graduate Studies IIC-2012. Please note that the credit card payment feature on the web application is only available from 5 a.g. and graduate program applied to. etc. Resume or Curriculum Vitae: Certain graduate programs require students to have work experience prior to admission. as well as the full name of the person who will serve as your representative. date of birth (or Memorial University student number if known). Click here for the current date and time in Newfoundland. you may also wish to submit a current resume or curriculum vitae in support of your graduate application. Nursing. Medicine (Master of Public Health). Sociology. Music. It is unavailable on Saturday.) to have access to your file. course essay. and the Interdisciplinary PhD.m. you will be required to submit an email to gradapply@mun. Humanities. John’s. etc.. Sunday through Friday. Social Work.

and test scores must be sent by mail) Important Note: Memorial University will verify documents submitted in support of a graduate application. Submission of falsified documents is considered a serious academic offense. transcripts. Below you'll see where our graduate students for the 2008 academic year call home. Whether you want to become an expert in population dynamics or folksongs. Graduate students at Memorial choose to live and learn here for many reasons. oil and (transcript. We offer you an international community. International students Looking to go global? Why not choose a graduate school that offers first-rate academics in a place you’ll want to call home. including letters of appraisal. and degree certificates. A place to belong • • • Our International Student Advising Office gives you a warm welcome and all the support you need to settle into life at Memorial. Academics • • Memorial offers a diverse list of graduate programs designed to meet your expectations for academic excellence and your desire for intellectual challenges. .or gradapply@mun. Graduate students get a chance to work with world renowned researchers in many of the schools and departments at Memorial. Students come from all over the world to study at Memorial. where students from Argentina to Zimbabwe come together to become everything they want to be. you’ll find your match here. confirmation of degree completion. or mergers and acquisitions. Please feel free to browse through all International Student Groups at Memorial.

and a commitment to affordable education for all. For more information on Memorial. take a look at our welcome brochure in Chinese. Learn more about the study and work permits that you may need to attend Memorial. we are one of the most affordable places to live in North America. Money • • Living here won’t break your bank account. You’ll find yourself minutes from shopping centres. thanks to a government tuition freeze. External resources There are many resources available to help international students find their way here. We have some of the lowest tuition rates in Canada. and the airport. From food to rent. • • • Immigrate to Newfoundland and Labrador Study in Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) Imagine . accommodations. restaurants. Memorial has several English as a Second Language programs designed to help you improve your language skills. John’s campus is in the heart of the city.• • • • • Our St. and Spanish. Arabic.

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