7 Breathflow Conscious Breathing Techniques

By R. Christian Minson

Introduction Conscious Breathing Techniques are extremely effective at helping one to cope, heal, and prosper on all dimensions of life. They have been employed by sages and wise men/women of ancient and modern times for millennia. By focusing full attention on the breathing process while using different patterns of inhaling and exhaling, one can achieve transformative effects that lead to optimum heart/mind-body-spirit health. The ultimate goal of the highest breathing techniques is liberation from all worldly suffering.

Here are some simple Conscious Breathing Techniques to use any time there is a need: The Cleansing Breath™ (body) Exhale completely through pursed lips. Inhale to full capacity through the nose. Then swiftly exhale, making an aspirated “hah” sound and drawing in your belly quickly. Repeat 2 or 3 times. This breath is excellent for keeping you in prime physical health by ridding the lungs of toxic materials that may not come out through regular breathing.

The Expansion Breath™ (spirit) Exhale through the mouth to begin. Inhale slowly and consistently through the nose, filling your body with oxygen from the very bottom of your belly all the way up to full capacity where you can no longer take in any more air. Then exhale through the nose the same way, allowing every bit of air out of your being that you can possibly let go. Repeat 3 or 4 times or more. Focus on the nooks and crannies of your body as you fill with air and marvel at how full you can make yourself. You may wish to move your arms and body to open up areas to allow even more air in. A great breath for becoming aware of your body and the energy within it and ultimately beyond it.

The Compassion Breath™ (heart/mind) Whenever you are feeling a painful emotion, inhale through the nose and feel that you are taking in all of that particular distress for the world. Exhale through the mouth/nose and feel that with your breath you are giving back love and compassion to the world. The breath is especially effective for bringing you relief when you are feeling painful emotions. By focusing on taking away the pain of the world by adding it to yours, and then giving back only love and compassion, you are able to step outside yourself where an amazing transformation can take place. Often your pain will completely dissipate.

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do not force it to come out. then if you desire. Notice any little sparks of sensation. The Awareness Breath™ Breathe in through the nose slow and steady. aches and pains. Inhale through the nose and feel yourself receiving all that is good in life through your breath. Exhale through the mouth and feel the energy drain out of those areas/sensations. Christian Minson The Receiving Breath™ Opposite of the compassion breath. The Satisfaction Breath™ Inhale briskly and deeply thru the nose into the diaphragm and chest and when full immediately release with an exhale accompanied by making the sound “Ahhh…” Pay particular attention to allowing the sound to vibrate in the abdomen and heart regions (3rd and 4th chakras).com. 760. Also good for quickly eliminating any small issues of discomfort. Exhale and consciously feel that you are letting go of any thoughts. Remain acutely aware of anything going on in your being and just breathing deeper into it as you repeat this breath a number of times.4264 © 2008 Breathflow Wellness. Exhaling through the mouth. This breath is great to instantly transform your attitude into one of a very pleasantly satisfied feeling. emotions. One of my favorite breaths! For more information on deeper Conscious Breathing Techniques. Christian Minson at christian@breathflow. Feel the deep sense of satisfaction and attunement to the smooth flow of the Universe and your part in it.445. facilitated breath sessions and workshops check out Breathflow Wellness at www. Opens the heart chakra and helps you to relax in your present circumstances. At first allow the exhale to naturally come out. The pace should be such as if you were breathing during moderate exercise. or circumstances that are no longer supporting your highest purpose in life—to be truly happy. Allow the breath to enter those areas/sensations even more and expand them. The Joy Breath™ Inhaling through the mouth.com. When you feel the deep satisfaction this way. or contact R. . Practice this breath 100 times morning or night and experience the wavelets of joy that begin to emerge from your being. fill your belly like a big balloon. or emotions that arise as you breathe.breathflow. neutralizing them. you can play with the length of the exhale to guide the quality of your experience. Excellent for bringing you to awareness of your presence in the here and now. allow the breath to come out on its own. All Rights Reserved.7 Breathflow Conscious Breathing Techniques By R. slightly faster than breathing while at rest. Repeat.

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