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Peter Hannaford

Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:30 Buffet Lunch ~ 12-1 p.m. General Meeting Elks Lodge, 445 Herrick Ave, Eureka, CA “When You See Food, Eat It: Adventures on the Campaign Trail”
Peter Hannaford was closely associated with late President Ronald Reagan for a number of years with his first appointment in 1971; later, was Asst. to the Governor and Director of Public Affairs in the Governor’s office. From 1975 until his election to the presidency in 1980, the firm headed by Michael Deaver and Peter, managed Reagan’s public program. They both held senior positions in his 1976 and 1980 campaigns. After President Reagan retired from the White House, Peter was asked to once again draft speeches and articles for him, which he did until 1984, the year Reagan announced his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Peter’s other Republican political activities include: adviser to U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander; management of state legislative campaigns and communications coordination of several others; GOP candidate for then- 7th Congressional District, 1972. Peter was elected on July 1st, 2010, as First Vice Chairman of the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee. He has also just completed a one-year term on the 2009-2010 Humboldt County Grand Jury. Please join us!

Buffet Lunch & Speaker ~ $14.50 ~ Beverage & Speaker ~ $4.00 Please RSVP to Colleen Hedrick at 268-0101
*Early lunch reservations appreciated and to be honored ~ Payable to Elks Lodge

We are a Diamond Awards Club.



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BY COLLEEN HEDRICK This month our Opportunity Drawing will offer an American flag, an afghan throw, a Bill O‟Reilly book, and Obama Unmasked by Floyd Brown and Lee Troxler. Green Lot Nursery is also donating a hanging plant. Winner of the Gas Grill on our annual Big Ticket Drawing was Sondra Kirtley of Scrappers Edge. She prints this newsletter for HRWF and helps us in numerous ways. The grill was donated by Ace Hardware in Henderson Center. Colleen Hedrick won the prize given by Benbow Inn: an overnight stay and a round of golf for two persons. Bernice Huston won the basket given by Bella Baskets and donated the basket back to the club. Those attending our Republican Picnic will get a second chance to try to win that scrumptious array of barbecue condiments. The winner of the overnight stay at Blue Lake Casino and that generous gift basket was Kathryn Price. Cher ae Heights‟ spectacular gift basket was won by Haline Sundet.

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Support Candidates for Election:
hanksforcongress.com karenbrooks2010.com johannarodoni.com



August will mark the last quarter before November election day. We are scheduled for a booth in cooperation with Humboldt County‟s Central Committee at Rio Dell‟s Wildwood Days on Saturday and Sunday, August 7 and 8. Voter registration, displaying our candidates‟ campaign materials, promoting membership in Humboldt Republican Women Federated (HRWF), and cookbook sales will be offered in the booth. The next booths will be at the Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale, running Thursday, August 12 through Monday, August 23. Again HRWF and Central Committee will cooperatively staff the Republican Party Booth. Many of us will also be working in the Tea Party booth. Help is needed both in Rio Dell and in Ferndale. Both sites offer opportunities to win friends and influence voters. Anyone who has worked in the booths knows that the experience is interesting and fun because of the opportunity to meet people. Our general meeting, Thursday, August 19, will also be tied to our all-important November date with the ballot box with Peter Hannaford as our speaker, offering professional advice on helping with campaigns and elections. This is a rare chance to learn from a person who worked on top level campaigns. We will also be holding a Bake Sale at this meeting. If you haven‟t renewed your membership, there will be an opportunity to see Terry Roberts and bring yourself up to date on that transaction. Currently, we are lagging behind our recent past years‟ roster numbers. We have consistently been one of the two top membership clubs. Let‟s keep our prestigious status. All through August, September, and October, the staffing of the Central Committee Office will be of great importance. We have some fine candidates. They‟re working hard and we are their back-up. Please step up and schedule time there, volunteer to walk precincts, hold a coffee session for a candidate, and be there when telephone help on get out the vote is needed. We are in great need to elect conservatives and the time to do our part is now through election day. Sunday, August 29, is our Republican Picnic at Rohner Park in Fortuna, 12 noon to 4 p.m., lunch at 12:30. Candidates are invited so meet-and-mingle time will be part of this sociable event. You just might hear someone talking politics. There will be a chili cook-off and a pie contest. Anyone is welcome to compete. There will be children‟s activities. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and beverages will be provided by HRWF and Central Committee. Those whose last names begin with A-M will bring sides and salads. Those with last names beginning with N through Z will bring desserts. Please do call Debbie Walker, 441 -1126, or Colleen Hedrick, 268-0101, so we have a ballpark idea on how many will be served. Don‟t miss this chance to visit with candidates and your fellow Republicans.

Loren Hanks

Karen Brooks

Johanna Rodoni

Lawrence Wiesner



As our summer begins to wind down, thoughts of returning to school seem to be on most everyone‟s mind. The Great Recession, as I recently heard the current and ongoing financial meltdown referred to, has made us all unwilling participants for who knows how long. There may not be money for as many-back- to-school-items as most families would wish. However, this is a good time to concentrate on what we can all do to help our students. While fewer new outfits and school supplies are not anyone‟s idea of back-to-school preparations, there is something even more important to take back to school that will do more to encourage success than new athletic shoes or the coolest new backpack. That something is parental and grandparental participation, encouragement, and total engagement in your young person‟s education. Something as simple as asking your student, “How was school today?” and then really listening, goes a long way in showing that you truly care. You need to be part of your student‟s support system. If a problem arises, discuss it with your young person and perhaps even intervene in cases where adult involvement would be warranted. And none of this costs anything except some daily time your student can count on having with you. If you have a couple of free hours each week, you could volunteer to help out at your child‟s or grandchild‟s school. This in an excellent opportunity to show you care and meet others with the same mindset. There are bound to be others in the same boat this new school year. Take heart in knowing that your time is more important than new things and reassuring your child that he/she can count on you!




by Colleen Hedrick

I Hear There’s Gonna Be a A Revolution-- So Meet Me on the Corner
A few days ago I received a telephone call that seemed to possibly be somewhat like the beat of a jungle drum coming from an unknown location and an unknown identity but with a message signaling that the natives are angry and agitated. An elegant sounding woman was calling to insist that I contribute a sizeable amount of money and come on board for the purpose of helping to impeach President Obama. The money requested was way beyond the boundaries of my neighborhood. But if I had believed that the organization (which she did not identify) had any shadow of a prayer of being effective, I would have contributed. My answer had to be that I did not believe there was any chance for impeachment. If a felony by a sitting President would not oust Bill Clinton, there‟s all the chances of a snowball, three popsicles, and two ice cream cones in a microwave to take down Obama. There‟s no need for clairvoyance to know that the caller would find citizens aplenty to join her in wishful thinking. Unease is always there. The degree varies from a consistent smoldering sense of outrage that tells much about the ever-growing lack of confidence in the administration and in congress, to flare-ups as new assaults come pretty much on a daily basis. Thinking conservatives know our government, as we have known it, is so besieged to be at risk in ways almost too dreadful to tolerate. The frustration that brings prompts the ever-growing blazing sense that, “We are just plain mad as hell and not taking it anymore.” If an entrepreneur would come out with t-shirts showing that message, with a few flames reinforcing the thought, it would likely be a big, big seller. The thing is, law-abiding citizens don‟t have a real handle on taking to the streets except in peaceful demonstrations. We don‟t think in terms of using firearms to bring elected officials into compliance with the will of the people. We don‟t like the thought of protesting crowds shouting outside the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Come to think of it, we had better take along a determined bunch of the no-longer-silent majority to shake up the Supreme Court. The way it‟s going, that judicial group may be about set to be too lopsided for the Constitution to be worth a damned thing there either. Congress and the President have been busy doing their self-serving best to do just whatever foolish, off the wall, over-reaching, socialist garbage that suits them. Their supreme arrogance clearly demonstrates again and again their belief that most of the citizenry is too dumb to know they have no respect for the people they are supposed to represent. Our apathy (and the people who would vote for anyone who promised something for nothing) has aided and abetted them in that conviction. If we do not become ardent gangbuster activists in our protests, and pledged to demonstrating our power at the ballot box, we will lose all that we hope to leave our children and grandchildren. The time to stand up to be counted is NOW. Later may be way too late.

The Electorate Is Disgusted by Karen Brooks, Candidate for California's First District Assembly (AD-1)
It's August. And again it‟s been a long wait for state and federal budgets. After driving nearly 31,000 campaign miles, a short phrase most aptly describes the electorate„s mood: Simply Disgusted. Many elected representatives, as usual, are empty-handed/ headed, pointing fingers, and touting more taxes. The reports from Sacramento are that the Democrats won't pass the budget until the Republicans go along with liberal tax and spend increases and the governor vowed not to sign a budget unless his spending cuts are adopted. At the national level, not even the gulf disaster distracts us from the outrageous fact that there will be no federal budget. That doesn't stop Congressional or Presidential spending.Our futures will be further enslaved by trillions in debt. Many elected representatives are tax and spend addicts who have dropped to new lows in imposing taxes and finding funds to rob. It‟s important to note that, while cities and counties argue over budgets, it is often state and federal governments that push them into these fiscal swamps. Bernie Madoff is in jail for financial exploitations our elected leaders scheme to enact all too often. We cannot be complacent. Nationwide, and certainly in the first district, people now mistrust incumbents, especially career politicians. We must use our angst as motivation to choose wisely, support conservative candidates, and possibly consider becoming candidates. No one can sit out the next 2-3 elections--liberty is at stake! It will take a massive effort, and treasury, to “fire” our tax and spend addicts. Like the early colonists, we must utilize our fervor to replace career politicians with candidates who respect the will of the people and the Constitution. Each seat this fall belongs to “We the People”. I would be profoundly honored to be your Representative for the First District and respectfully ask for your help, support and your vote. Please stand with me. I need you to visit my website www.karenbrooks2010.com and join my team.

Karen Brooks - Brooks For State Assembly 2010
P.O. Box 323 - Bayside, CA 95524 - 707 822-7736 home, 707 498-1010 cell, 707 822-3085 fax www.karenbrooks2010.com



Americanism Report
by Chris Wennerholm

I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care scam. I do not like these dirty crooks, or how they lie and cook the books. I do not like when Congress steals, I do not like their secret deals. I do not like this speaker Nan, I do not like this 'YES WE CAN'. I do not like this spending spree, I'm smart, I know that nothing's free, I do not like your smug replies, when I complain about your lies. I do not like this kind of 'hope' ..... I do not like it, nope, nope, nope!

Photo by Olga Dupeire

“When The Government Fears The People, There Is Liberty; When The People Fear The Government, There Is Tyranny.”
--Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826

Rob Arkley, guest speaker at Humboldt Republican Women Federated’s July meeting at the Elks Club, chats with Karen Brooks, local candidate for the California State Assembly. She has driving more than 31,000 miles on her hard-working campaign. Watch for time and place on her next event, a fundraiser featuring Pork and Politics.

Socks for Soldiers August Event

by Debbie Walker We are extending a helping hand to this local organization by providing extra essentials to our soldiers overseas. Please collect and bring to our August 19th meeting: full size soap bars, toothpaste, toothbrushes (single pack), chapstick and Cup O' Soup. Monetary gifts help with shipments or to buy socks and other needs. In December, you may want to help the packing of these special boxes, it is a memorable event. Several handmade Christmas cards from children in our area are added to each of the packages. Since 2003, SFS has proudly shipped 15,200+ care packages to our soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Paulette at www.socksforsoldiers.com has this website to read more about this caring group of people. Thanks to you, we will be a part in bringing smiles to our beloved soldiers this Christmas.

Chaplain’s Corner

by Vee Sorenson

William Wilberforce was a persistent fighter for the abolition of slavery during the nineteenth century. As a member of the British parliament, he introduced legislation to end traffic of human lives. He was defeated time and time again. Even after he retired from the parliament, he continued to fight for what he believed in. He lived long enough to finally see freedom for slaves established and slavery abolished in England in 1833. His long-fought crusade eventually paid off. We are fighting a battle for the soul of our nation and let William Wilberforce be an inspiration to us to continue the fight. If you have not seen the movie, “Amazing Grace,” I urge you to watch it. It may seem time after time our efforts do not see victory, but we must not give up striving to win the hearts and minds of those around us. We, as Republican women, must always work until we see our nation turn once again to the precepts of our constitution. We must elect those who will bring back the freedom we once knew and long to leave with our children and grandchildren. Don‟t give up. William Wilberforce did not give up.

HRWF Members to Perform in Eureka Symphony Concerts
Mary Jerland and Vee Sorenson will be performing in a series of Eureka Symphony concerts. Season tickets and individual concert tickets are available by calling 441-3818, by email at www.eurekasymphony.com, or by mail at Eureka Symphony, PO Box 776, Baysice, CA 95524. Upcoming performances include: Fall Concert October 22 & 23, 8pm Holiday Concert December 4, 8pm Youth Concert February 4, 8pm Spring Concert April 8 & 9, 8pm Youth Cncert February 5, 2pm Final Concert May 20 & 21, 8pm



August 7-8
August 12-22 August 19 August 29

Republican Booth at Rio Dell’s Wildwood Days
Humboldt County Fair HRWF General Meeting @ Elks Lodge. Speaker Peter Hannaford, a veteran of two Ronald Reagan campaigns. His topic will be When You See Food Eat It: Adventures on the Campaign Trail. Humboldt County Republican Picnic, Rohner Park, Fortuna. Candidates, Chili Cookoff, a Pie Baking Contest. Fun for Kids. 12:30 lunch to 4:00 pm.

September 15 October 21 November 2

HRWF General Meeting, Elks Lodge, 445 Herrick, Speaker: Wilson Lacey, Humboldt Bay Harbor District Marketing Director. Topic: No Port-No Town HRWF General Meeting. Speaker to be confirmed. General Election - Take Back Our Country

It’s My Well Considered Opinion By Bernice Huston
Having served on the 2008-2009 Grand Jury, and having a background in real estate sales and management, the Assessor‟s office in Humboldt is a source of great concern to me. The report for the Grand Jury was compiled by a group that did not include me. Let me quote from the report: As of the 2008-2009 report, there are an estimated 75,250 secured assessments. The projected business and personal property assessments are 9,190. The total tax roll value for all assessed property is 10.7 billion dollars. The General Fund budget for the Assessor‟s office is $2,497,040, of which 85.5% is for employee salaries and benefits. The responsibility of the Assessor‟s office is to place a value on legally designated property that has been assigned an Assessor‟s Parcel Number (APN.) The Assessor‟s staff makes determinations according to the Revenue and Taxation Code and an employees‟ Procedure Manual. Disagreements over the status of some land parcels cause confusion, inefficiency, and delays in the Assessor‟s office as well as in the other county departments. According to the Report, there is a non -web-based system through which citizens can obtain property information and other public records through the internet. Property records are public information. “The lack of such a system in Humboldt County contributes to inefficiencies in the Assessor‟s office and unnecessary delays in recording, processing, and providing information.” The Grand Jury learned that not all employees in the Assessor‟s Office have attained appropriate competency. Absence of such expectation of appropriate competency contributes to declining efficiency. Regular management staff meetings are not conducted in the Assessor‟s office. “ “The Grand Jury observed that it appears to be a tradition in the Assessor‟s Office of unofficially pre-selecting and grooming an existing employee to run for election to the Assessor‟s position when it next becomes vacant. Although this may tend to produce a qualified candidate, it can also result in the pre-selected candidates feeling inappropriately obligated to the current employees who participated in the pre-selection and grooming process.” Remember the number of visitors from the Assessor‟s office who were in attendance when Johanna Rodoni, a candidate for Assessor, was a featured speaker at a Humboldt Republican Women Federated general meeting? Five recommendations came from the Grand Jury: (1) It was suggested that the Assessor‟s office be combined with a compatible office as is done in a number of California Counties. (2) The Assessor‟s Office should develop regular and effective communication procedures among county departments that are affected by unresolved property designations. (3) The Assessor‟s Office should ensure that all employees‟ performance evaluations are conducted as prescribed in the Procedures Manual and that evaluators are properly trained. (4) The Assessor should consider the creation of a staff position for the purpose of training and supporting staff in the updating and implementation of technology. Duties of this position should include the development of a web-based system to facilitate public access to information, documents, and maps. (5)The Assessor should meet regularly with management staff to ensure that all employees may discuss operations and receive direct communication on operation, protocol, and procedures. The Board of Supervisors should develop regular effective communication among county departments affected by unresolved property designations. You can download the complete Grand Jury report at co.Humboldt.ca.us/grand jury. The Assessor is elected to be the office manager. Citizens are responsible for electing the person they trust to correct property designation confusion. Currently, some are classified as “illegal” by the planning department, but the Assessor has recognized them and assessed taxes sometimes for many years. Mari Wilson has stated publicly that procedures in the Assessor‟s office are currently in place and adequate. Apparently she is not aware of the costs, confusion, and unnecessary delays caused by the differences of opinion between the Assessor and the community development department. Wilson, a long time assessor‟s office employee is the person groomed to take over the assessor‟s job. Rodoni is the widow of Roger Rodoni, a long time member of the Board of Supervisors. She also served as a supervisor and on the boards of many civic groups. She is a ranch owner in Southern Humboldt. Of the many meetings I have attended, whether at the Port Commission, the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, or private conversations with neighbors and friends, the cost and the lengthy delays in getting permits seriously impede Humboldt County building. Construction creates jobs, improves the quality of life, fosters a self-sufficient and thriving economy, and makes happier and more productive citizens. The election in November will decide our progress or lack thereof. Will the obstacles stay in place? Your November vote is important. Consider it well.



Jack R. MacDonald


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