Derek and I sat down near the front of the stage and waited for the play to star

t. Moments later the lights dimmed and a young man took the stage. *Finn’s Point Of View* I was working late at the office trying to win my clients case. He was being charged for first degree murder of his roommate slash lover. I heard his case and I went over it a million times, I know his not guilty but h ow do I prove it. There has to be something that I’m missing. I looked threw his file again then his roommates file. “Hey,” I looked up at Kate and smiled a little. “Hey,” “Coffee?” she asked handing me a cup. “I know your working late,” “Thanks,” I said taking the cup. “No problem, so, about us…” “There is no us, Kate. I told you, we’re over,” “I know, but, the heart wants what the heart wants,” “Kate,” “We’ll talk, over dinner?” “Maybe,” I said looking back at my papers. “So, did your guy do it?” “No, I just need proof or a good bluff,” “How are you going to get that?” “By reading this over and over again,” Kate sat with me as I read. *Alexandra’s Point Of View* The play was amazing. I didn’t want to admit it but it was pretty good. Lydia was great in it. She was born for the spot light. Derek seemed really into it. Every time Lydia took the stage he seemed to light up. *Finn’s Point Of View* I found it! I know how to prove my point! I grinned and looked over at Kate. “I’ll be there for dinner if you can find someway to get Mark West to come to curt t omorrow,” She grinned and picked up the phone and started to make phone calls. Ten minutes later I was at Kate’s house talking and joking around. It was almost like we never broke up. *Alexandra’s Point Of View* Derek, Lydia and I were at the Little Café after the play. Derek and Lydia were doing most of the talking. Joking around about the past and how great she was. Derek seemed to remember some of the funny one liners from the play. I sat there in silence and smiled and laughed when needed. After a while I reali zed that it didn’t matter, they were too engrossed with each other to notice me. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and sighed. My life was a mess right now. Finn and his little girlfriend are all happy and shit and Derek and his ex are r econnecting in front of me. I’m not sure which one I hate the most.

I screamed then quickly left the bathroom. Derek and Lydia were holding hands and staring into each others eyes. “I think it’s time to go,” I said with my hands on my hips. “Nice meeting you,” I said wal king away. Derek ran after me. “Alex,” he called. I ignored him and got into the car. He sat next to me and I looked away. “It’s not like that,” “Drive,” I said threw my teeth. *Finn’s Point Of View* I pulled away from Kate and sighed. “I can’t. We shouldn’t,” “Why?” she asked. “Because, I don’t love you,” “I don’t care,” “Kate, I love some else,” “Why is she so special?” “You’ll have to meet her,” She rolled her eyes. “Can’t I just be your friends with benefits?” “No,” Kate got off of me. “Fine,” “Thank you for understanding,” “Whatever,” she said getting dressed. I dressed too and left. *Alexandra’s Point Of View* Derek tried and tried all night to get me to talk to him but I refused. He was being an ass worse he was pulling a Finn. I got in bed and rolled over so my back was facing him. “Babe,” “Go to bed!” I turned off the light and forgot about Derek. “Good morning my love,” Derek whispered in my ear. I slowly opened my eyes and saw his handsome face inches away from mine. “Hi,” I said tiredly. I sat up slowly and looked at the food in from of me. Heart sh aped pancakes with ‘I’m sorry’ written in whipped cream. I sighed and looked up at Derek. “I’m good with cereal,” “Alex,” Derek said pushing me back down. “What is up?” “You tell me. What was with you last night?” “I’m sorry, it was just good to sit and talk with her again. It’s been a while since w e’ve chatted like that,” “Then do that on your own time and not with me around. I hate feeling like a third wheel. You didn’t even notice me,” “You’re sounding like a child! It’s not like I’m cheating on you,” “Well, you might as well, because you and Lydia seemed pretty into each other last night,” “You’re being ridiculous,” “Of course I am! I’m a child remember!” I yelled getting dressed. “Alex, don’t do this,” “Do what? Act like a spoiled child?” “Yes!” “Too bad! Maybe you should go on a date with Lydia. You two are so cute together!” I said storming out of the room. “Alex, will you stop!” “No!” “Alexandra! Where are you going?” I grabbed the car keys and walked out the door. “Out!”

He sighed and watched me hop in the car and drive off. I headed to the Little Café and ordered my breakfast there. I quickly went to the bathroom to try and look presentable. As I walked out I saw Finn standing in line. “Hey,” he said when he saw me. “Hi,” I said sitting down at my table. My food had arrived and was waited for me. I slowly began to pick at my muffin. Finn sat down across from me and smiled slightly. “What’s wrong?” “Derek and I had a right,” “Why?” “I was jealous,” “Of?” “His ex invited us to her play and dinner after. The whole night Derek acted like I wasn’t even there. It was all about her,” “He’s a keeper,” “Look if you’re going to be an ass leave,” “Sorry,” he said taking my hand. “I just hate seeing you like this,” I removed my hand from his and sighed. “Thanks for caring,” “What did he say?” “I don’t know, something about me being a child and Lydia and him haven’t talked in ye ars,” “Bull?” “A whole lot of it,” “I’m sorry, Al,” “It’s whatever and don’t call me Al,” Finn chuckled and looked at his watch. “Wow, look at you mister lawyer,” “Yeah,” he said grinning. I laughed. “How’s it going so far?” “Good. I have my first winning case in an hour and I can not be late. The judge ha tes me,” “Why?” “My dad, anyway, I got to run. We’ll talk later,” “Yeah,” “Oh, and I have a little surprise for you,” “What?” I asked. “You’ll see in a few months or so,” he winked. “What are you up too, Johnson?” “You’ll see, Oz,” I smiled as he walked out of the café. I sank lower in my sit and sighed. I was going to have to go back home eventuall y. Once I was done breakfast, I headed to my studio and headed to my office. I closed the door and stripped into my underwear. I took out the paints and bega n to draw. Hours later my cell phone rang. I took it out of my jeans pocket and looked at the caller ID. Derek. I sighed and thought about ignoring it. I rolled my eyes, a minute later and pressed talk. “What?” “Please, come home!” he begged. “Why should I?” “Because, I love you and I hate you being mad at me,” “You should have thought about that before you yelled at me,” “I know, I’m a dick and really sorry. Please come home,” “I’ll think about it,” I said hanging up. I finished up my picture and pulled on my clothes. I waved good bye to my workers and hopped into my car and took the long way home .

As soon as I walked in the door Derek embraced me. “I’m so sorry!” he said then kissed me. I pushed him away, sadly. “You’re forgiven but this won’t be one of those kiss make ups,” “Deal,” “Do you want to go to the supermarket with me?” I asked heading up stairs. “Can I say no?” Derek asked following me. “You can, but you’ll regret it,” He chuckled. “Well, I really don’t want to go,” “Come on! We can spend some time together,” “I want my time with you in bed,” he winked. I smirked. “If you don’t come you won’t get anything in bed,” I said grabbing my bag. “And we all know that you can’t resist me,” “I don’t want to go,” “Wow, Young, two strikes in one day. Have fun sleeping on the sofa,” “Alex,” Derek whined as I headed out the door. ****** When I came back home Derek was asleep on the sofa. I saw noticed that the house was clean. Kiss up. I unpacked the groceries and walked over to Derek. “You’re late for work!” I yelled in his ear. He didn’t move. “Let’s have sex!” Nothing. “I’m taking a shower!” Nope. Ugh! “I’m naked!” Derek opened his eyes and looked at me. “Liar,” “Pervert,” “Hey! That’s not fair,” he said yawning. “Yeah it is. You’re late for work,” “Shit!” he got up and ran to our room. I flipped through the channels until I found a good black and white rerun. After Derek left I took a nice long nap. The phone rang as I slowly began to wake up. I sighed as I reached over to the phone and pressed talk. “Hey,” Finn said. “Hi,” “Are you sleeping?” “I was,” “Sorry,” “It’s cool. I have to wake up anyway for the family dinner,” “Oh shit,” “Forgot?” “Yeah, but the real reason I called you was because I won my case,” “Get out! Really?” “Yeah,” “Wow, you have to tell me all about, in person,” “Will do,” “So, does that judge still hate you?” “Oh yeah, big time,” “What did you do?” I laughed. “What makes you think I did something?” “I know, Finny,” “Okay, I might have done my football dance in the court room,” I busted out laughing. “Of course you did,” “I was excited! I won my first big time murder case!” “You’re giving too much away,” I said standing up.

He laughed. “I’ll tell you all about at dinner. We can sneak off together,” “Like old times,” I smiled. “Yeah. How’s Derek?” “Eh, he’s sleeping on the sofa tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that,” “What did he do?” “It’s what he didn’t do,” “We’ll talk,” “Yeah. I got to get ready, see you soon,” “Yes! Look extra sexy for me?” “In your dreams,” “Bye Alex,” he chuckled. “Later,” I said hanging up. I took a nice long shower and washed my hair. I dried off and pulled on my under wear, then blow died and curled my hair. I teased it a little to loosen the curl s. I pulled on my blue dress that hugged my body and reached my knees. I pulled on a black sweater and my black heels. Just as I was pulling on my makeup, Derek walked into the house. “Honey I’m home,” I rolled my eyes at his charm and continued to apply the make up to my face. “Damn, you look good,” he said once he saw me. I gave him a look and smiled at his cheesy grin. “Hey stranger,” He hugged me from behind. “I’m so sorry. I love you,” he said. “I know, you love me, but sometimes,” “I know I can be a handful. I’m the child in the relationship,” “Damn straight you are,” He laughed and kissed my lips. “That lip stick is not your color,” I giggled. “Shut up,” he muttered whipping his lips. Derek and I finished getting ready and headed over to my parents house. We opened the door and walked in. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson was there along with Derek’s family. We gave them all hugs an d kisses. Carey and Frank came in shortly after with Vanessa and Hope. We greeted them with hugs and kisses as well. “Surprise!” Kelly said walking into the house. “You’re huge!” I exclaimed. She laughed. “Yeah I am!” “Why didn’t you tell us?” Carey said hugging her. “And ruin the surprise?” Johnny laughed. “You know how much she loves surprises,” he helped his two boys, Dan ny and Evan, talk off there jackets. I got hugs from the both of them as I talked to Kelly. “Do you know the sex of the baby?” my mom asked. “A girl, finally,” We laughed with her as Vanessa and Hope got into a little argument. Carey rushed over to them trying to calm them down. Moments later she joined us again. “I tell you, I don’t know what I did to get sure kids,” “I can talk a wild guess,” Finn said walking into the living room. “Dude your huge,” he said hugging Kelly. “Shut up,” she said. “I haven’t seen you in forever. I wish I could squeeze you tighter but Felicity is in the way,” “Felicity,” Finn said lowering himself so he can be face to face with Kelly’s belly. “He y, Felicity, I’m you’re favorite uncle don’t forget it,” “Hey Finn,” Frank said walking into the room. Finn stood up and looked at his brother. “Frank,” “Oh, come on! It’s been years! Forgive and forget,” Kelly said. “She’s right,” Mrs. Johnson said. “What do you say?” Frank asked extending his hand.

Derek came from behind me and wrapped his arms around me. “What’s going on?” he whispe red. Finn stared at Frank then sighed. “I don’t know, man, you didn’t name one of your kids after me,” We all laughed as the two brothers hugged. Finn hugged Carey next and Finn looke d over at me. “Hey,” he said walking over to us. Finn and Derek did a man hug thing before Derek was stolen away by Frank and Kev in. Finn hugged me. “You look sexy,” he said grinning. I laughed as Finn slid his hands down my back to my butt. “You were doing so well,” I said pushing him away. “Tell me about your case,” “To your room?” Finn asked extending his arm to me. I wrapped my arm around his and we walked to my old bed room. Kelly saw us and winked. I rolled my eyes at her and followed Finn to my old room. Once inside the memories came flooding back to me. The kissing, the fights, the teasing, the pranks, the yelling, the tears, the me ltdown, the hot sex, the everything that came with Finn. I could tell he was remembering too. I smiled as I walked around. It’s been a while since I’ve been in here. Everything was how I left it. The old paint set that Finn got me was still here. My old clothes, music everything, was still here. I smiled as Finn sat on my bed. “Good times,” “I know,” “Especially when you were on top of me,” “Don’t ruin it,” “Sorry,” “Case time!” “Oh yes,” Finn said as I sat down next to him. “Well, basically, the case was about a gay guy being murdered by his boyfriend, my client. Know I knew my client didn’t d o it, but how so I prove that, was the problem. Today was the last and finally d ay of the trail and I knew how to prove his innocents. It turns out that the dea d guy dated another guy before his meet my client, the other dude didn’t let it go and was planning on killing my client. So, what I did was, I brought the other guy in and questioned him, I told him that he killed his ex lover because he bro ke his heart and if he couldn’t have no one could. And that’s when he snapped and I did my victory dance and yelled ‘suck it’ to the other lawyer,” “You ass,” “I won! I was excited,” “I know,” Finn got up and walked over to the paints and threw me a red paint and he held a blue one. “For old times sake,” I smiled and put a little red on my finger. Finn did the same with the blue. We rubbed our fingers together and I smiled. “Purple,” we said together. Finn leaned down and I leaned up. “Dinner’s ready,” Kelly said opening the door. We jumped away from each other. “Thanks,” She gave us a look before leaving. “Later blue boy,” I said heading down stairs. Dinner was anything but quite. It was nice to be a family again, one huge family. Everyone who was related to someone was there. It’s like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but less intense. Plus, I’m old enough to drink the wine. After dinner the dads loaded up the dish washer and washed anything that couldn’t fit or wasn’t dish washer safe.

The rest of us sat in the living room and chatted. I was in Derek’s lap as we chatted with Kelly and Finn. “I have to use the woman’s room,” I said as I got up. Derek held my waist. “You’re leaving me?” “Only for like five minutes,” I giggled. We kissed each other letting out lips linger on each others before pulling away. I headed up stairs to use the bath room. Once I was down washing my hands Finn walks in grinning. “Hey sexy!” he said grinning. “Get out,” I said giving him a look. He instead closed the door. “What’s up with you and Derek? First he’s an ass then he’s y ou’re love monkey?” “I didn’t say that,” “It was implied,” “Yeah, well, lot’s of things are implied. I got to go,” “No, tell me,” Finn said backing me into a corner. I started into his green eyes and he stared into mine. “I got over it, although, h is ass is still on the sofa,” Finn smirked as he rested his hands on my hips. “You know, we never finished our k iss,” “What?” “Don’t play dumb,” “I’m not playing anything. I never kissed you,” “Yet, you were about to,” “I was caught up in the moment. You can’t hold that against me,” “Just kiss me,” “No,” “Why? Derek-Poo will find out?” “I don’t call him that and no. I’m engaged!” “So?” “You’re impossible,” “I know,” he grinned. I pushed him out of my way and walked down stairs. “Hey,” I said walking over to Derek. I kissed him and sat in his lap again. John, Kelly, Derek and I were engaged in a conversation when Finn walked over. “It’s almost happy hour,” he reminded Derek and I. “Oh, shit,” we muttered together. “We should just head out now,” Derek said. “Head where?” my mom asked. “Happy hour with the guys,” I explained hugging her. After Finn, Derek and I hugged and kissed everyone we were free to go. We meet the guys at the bar. ***** The next morning I woke up and got ready for work. As I walked down stairs I saw that Derek was still asleep on the sofa. “You’re late!” I shouted and he jumped up. “Thanks,” he said running to our room. I made us breakfast and coffee. We were out pretty late last night. The day ran as normal until I came home, early. I headed to my room and went straight for my pillow. I had a new idea for my bak ery. I slid my hand in the pillow case and nothing was there. Where was it? I wondered. Where else could I have put my bakery plans. They were always here. It was a pink piece of paper I should be able to find it. “Ugh!” I sighed flopping on the bed. I thought of the bakery in my head as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Finn’s Point Of View I left the office and headed to the old sushi place. They only difference was I now owned it. The workers were there on time. I walked inside and gave the head worker the pin k sheet of paper that has Alex’s hand writing. I went over the plans with them before leaving. Alexandra’s Point Of View A soft loving kiss woke me up. I wrapped my arms around Derek’s neck before pulling away. “Dream about me?” “Duh,” “Hard day?” he asked. “Not really why?” “You were passed out?” “Oh,” I laughed. “Sorry, I was thinking about my art studio and I guess I fell asleep,” I half lied. “I guess,” Derek said getting on top of me. “How about a romantic dinner with you’re fav orite man?” he asked. I smiled. “I don’t see why not,”. “Yes” he grinned standing up. I stood up and got ready in the bathroom, while Derek got ready in the bedroom. I wore his favorite red dress and he wore my favorite suite. “Ready?” I asked getting my bag. “Yup,” I opened the door and grinned. “You look amazing,” he said. “Are you talking to me or a mirror?” He grinned and took my hand. Finn’s Point Of View I was so bored at my house. My parents were doing old people stuff and the others were busy. I sighed and laid on my bed. I wonder what Alex was doing or doing with Derek. I really did miss her. Why can’t she see that we belong together. She’s so suborn. I got off my bed and pulled on my jacket and headed over to her place. As I pulled up to the driveway I saw that the lights were off and Derek’s car was gone. I sighed and tried to open the front door. Locked. Damn it. What about the back door? I walked around the house and the back door was open. Sweet. I walked inside and turned on the lights. Now, how do I mess with Alex? I smirked as I headed upstairs to her bedroom. I found her underwear drawl and smiled. I walked into my bed room and walked over to my dresser. I pulled out my underwear drawl and found it empty. All that was in there was a little piece of paper. ‘Hey sexy,

Don’t you miss high school? We did shit like this all the time. Anyway, I got bored at my place and thought that we could hang out, but no. you had other plans with...him…so I took all over you’re underwear. Love you’re only love, Finn P.S lock your doors!’ I crumpled up the note and sighed. I closed the drawl and got ready for bed. Tomorrow, is payback. The next morning I woke up early and got dressed. Derek made breakfast before he came upstairs to get ready, He was still sleeping on the sofa. I kissed him goodbye and left the house. I speed to Finn’s place and knocked on the door. “Alex?” Mrs. Johnson asked. “Hey, Mrs. Johnson, Finn bowered something of mine, can I go get it?” I lied. “Sure, you know where his room is,” I hurried to his room and round a bag full of my underwear. Creeper. Payback time, I thought as I started to mess up his room. I grabbed my things and left. “Bye, Mrs. J,” I said as I walked out the door. I hopped in my car and speed to work. The day seemed to fly by fast. I guess when you have meetings and paint all day time flies. I called Derek to tell him that I was going to his parents house. His mom wanted me to redo their basement. I knocked on the door and Keith answered. “Hey Alex,” he said as we hugged. “Hey kiddo, Hey Kelly,” “Hey Ally,” I smiled at Kelly. She’s been calling me Ally lately. “What’s up?” I said sitting next to Kelly. “I wanted to talk to you about something,” “Kay,” I smiled. She waited until Keith left before starting. “My boyfriend, Scott, wants to have sex,” “Wow,” I said. “Um, do you want to have sex?” I asked awkwardly. “I don’t know? Should I?” “Okay, um, I know you’re asking me this because I’m not your mom. I’m not going to say n o, but I am going to say do what you’re heart tells you. But do understand that it’s safer to say no. sex and love are not the same thing. Just when you loose your virginity, don’t regret it,” “Do you regret it?” “No,” I said smiling. “Who did you loose it too? Derek?” “No, um, my first boyfriend, my first ass hole boyfriend. We got into a fight befo re we were dating and one thing led to another,” “No regrets?” “Nope,” “Thanks Ally,” “No problem, kid. Just be safe, please. I’m not ready for nieces and nephews,” Kelly laughed. “Promise,” I smiled at her and walked down to the basement. I got set up and stared to paint. “Here goes my baby! Oo girl look at you. You don t know how good it feels to call you my girl,” Derek sang walking over to me. I smiled at him and gave me a loving kiss. “Hey babe,” I said. “Hey,” he said taking off his jacket. Derek grabbed a paint brush and helped me out. “You can have you’re room back,” I said as we cleaned up.


“Really?” he smiled. “Yeah, you’ve been good,” “Good, because I missed you,” he said as we wrapped our arms around each other. “Dinners ready!” Keith yelled down to us. ***** Three months pasted and I still haven’t gotten my surprise. Finn and I have been pranking each other more and more. It’s kind of hard to keep it a secret from Derek. I have been seeing a lot of Finn through. Derek and I are almost ready for our wedding. It was a Friday afternoon and the guys and I were going out. Derek and I meet the guys at the new club. Derek went to use the bathroom, leaving me with Finn. “Did you really need to put dead worms in my bathroom,” I snapped at him. “What if I w as Derek?” “My bad, sexy,” I rolled my eyes as the bartender walked over to us. “What can I get you?” he asked. “Two beers,” “You know me so well,” I said to Finn He winked and paid the bartender. “So, is that your wife?” the bartender whispered to Finn. “Yeah,” Finn said grinning. “She’s hot,” “Thanks,” The bartender gave us our beers and I hit Finn’s head. “Ow?” “I’m your wife?” “You lucky girl,” he said as he eyed girl. He walked over to her and I rolled my eyes. Oh Finn.

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