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Nature of the problem 3/3 x 1 1 Hypertension is
considered a health
deficit because
without adequate
knowledge and
maintenance, it could
lead to
premature death
secondary to stroke,
heart disease, or
kidney failure.

Modifiability of the 1/2 x 2 1 Hypertension is
problem partially modifiable
since it is genetic.

Preventive potential 2/3 x 1 .67 Elevated blood
pressure can be
prevented through
adequate knowledge
and continuous proper
health management.

Salience of the 1/2 x 1 .50 Family views

problem hypertension as a
problem but not
needing immediate





Nature of the problem 2/3 x 1 .67 Polluted water is
considered a health
threat because it can
cause typhoid, cholera
and dysentery.

Modifiability of the 1/2 x 2 1 The problem can be
problem partially modified
since family can
eliminate bacteria
causing diseases by
using their own
interventions they
learned from the
student nurses and at
the same time, ask for
resource assistance
from the barangay

Preventive potential 3/3 x 1 1 By correct
intervention, adequate
information and
resources, bacteria
causing diseases from
polluted water can be

Salience of the 2/2 x 1 1 Family views polluted
problem water as a problem
 that needs immediate





Nature of the problem 2/3 x 1 .67 Vectors such as flies

and roaches are
considered health
threats because they
transmit serious
diseases like typhoid
and cholera. The
germs responsible for
these diseases are
picked up by these
vectors from filth and
carried to the food
you eat.

Modifiability of the 2/2 x 2 1 It is easily modifiable

problem with adequate
knowledge about
vectors and correct

Preventive potential 3/3 x 1 1 Vectors are highly

preventable byusing
correct interventions
such as clean
sanitation and proper
waste disposal.

Salience of the 0/2 x 1 0 Family views vectors

problem as a not a felt need or



  Risk for Infectious and 3.67
 Communicable Diseases

 c Hypertension 3.17

  Presence of Breeding or 2.67
 Resting Sites of Vectors of
Diseases such as Flies and

The three family health problems, risk for infectious and communicable diseases, hypertension
and vectors causing diseases, identified by the student nurses using prioritization formula, gave
them an in depth observation and assessment to identify the causes and factors that contributed to
the existence of the problems.

Furthermore, the student nurses developed a family nursing plan for the possible reduction if not
elimination of the said problems.