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Merrimack Valley High School

Tri-M Music Honor Society By-Laws

Chapter #5335

We the members of the Merrimack Valley High School Music Department, in an effort to promote
musical participation, create enthusiasm for scholarship, involve the community through service acts,
and inspire leadership through the music students in our school, accept these bylaws for the establishment
and operation of our Tri-M Music Honor Society Chapter.

Article I - NAME OF CLUB

The name of this club shall be the Tri-M Music Honor Society Chapter #5335 of Merrimack Valley High


The purpose of this chapter will be to:
 Provide recognition of musical achievements for our members
 Encourage our members to work together toward the same goal
 Motivate and recognize our members' musical and personal achieve beyond the incentives of
credits and grades


Section 1: Classes
Three membership classes:
 Incoming
 Continuing
 Honorary
Section 2: Requirements
Candidates for active student membership shall be chosen by a group of faculty members.
Candidates for active student membership shall be chosen from those students enrolled in the
music department at Merrimack Valley High School. Candidates, at the time of their selection,
shall meet the following requirements:
 Each candidate must be enrolled in a large group music ensemble during the current
school year
(if student cannot be enrolled in a performance class due to scheduling conflicts,
exceptions will
be made based on a personal basis).
 Each candidate must have a minimum of two semesters of music performance classes
 Each candidate must exhibit leadership, service and character while at Merrimack
 Each candidate must have maintained for the previous semester at least an A average in
classes (Band, Choir, Jazz Band. Chamber Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble) and a B average
in other
subject areas.
 Each candidate must display a significant contribution to the department
 Each candidate must perform a minimum of five hours of community service once
admitted into
the chapter.
Section 3: Continuing Membership
Current members must continue to uphold the membership requirements outlined above
under the requirement section.
Section 4: Honorary Membership
The chapter advisor or chapter members as a group may award honorary memberships in
recognition of achievement and/or outstanding service performed for the chapter in upholding the
purposes of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Honorary Membership may be awarded to guest
speakers, school officials, faculty, Tri-M Advisors, community members, alumni, or students with
disabilities who are unable to fully meet the active member criteria. Other students are not
eligible for honorary membership. Honorary members have no voice or vote in chapter affairs.
Section 5: Dismissal
Failure to uphold the membership requirements will result in an immediate dismissal from the
Merrimack Valley High School Tri-M Chapter.
Dismissal is a permanent revocation of Tri-M membership without the option of reinstatement
unless overturned by an appeal.
Section 6: Dismissal Appeal
Any member who has been dismissed may appeal the decision. The chapter advisor will
construct an impartial faculty committee of three or more members to review the appeal.


Section 1: Qualifications
Chapter officers must play an active role in both the performing groups and chapter. They must be
role models for other members in the chapter and within the music department and school
settings. Candidates for office will be juniors and/or seniors who have been Tri-M members for a
minimum of two semesters.
Section 2: Elections
Chapter elections will be held after the spring induction or before the conclusion of the school
Section 3: Procedure
There will be a meeting for election nominations. In order to gain an office position, candidates
must receive a majority vote from the members. Faculty, advisors and honorary members have
no voice in Officer Elections.
Section 1: President
 Preside over all meetings.
 Manage the induction ceremonies
 Call special meetings.
 Carry out the provisions of the constitution.
 Preside over year-end election meeting
Section 2: Vice President
 Assume the duties of the president in his/her absence.
 Perform any duties delegated by the president.
 Program chairperson
Section 3: Secretary/Treasurer
 Record and keep accurate minutes of all meetings.
 Print and distribute agenda for all meetings (if needed).
 Maintain accurate attendance records
 Assist with financial records.
 Make financial reports available for meetings
*Note: Secretary and Treasurer can be divided into two separate positions if chapter deems

Section 1: Notification
There must be public notice of chapter meetings five school days in
Section 2: Frequency
There must be a minimum of two meetings per semester to plan Induction Ceremonies, the
Annual Veteran's Day Assembly, and Graduation decisions.
Section 3: Decisions
There must be a quorum (a quorum is 50 percent plus 1 of the active or dues paying membership)
to make any impacting decisions.
Section 4: Attendance
All members must attend scheduled meeting. No meeting may be held unless the chapter advisor
is present. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory. Two unexcused absences will result in
dismissal from the chapter.


This chapter will hold at least two public induction ceremonies each school year. All induction ceremonies
will be held after school hours and all current members will be expected to fulfill the recital component
at this time.


Bylaws must be approved by the chapter advisor and receive a two-thirds affirmative vote from the
chapter members to be ratified as law of the organization.

Any amendments made must be consistent with the Tri-M Program Guidelines as outlined by MENC. They
must receive a two-thirds affirmative vote from chapter members and be approved by the chapter advisor.