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January 2021

Ozark Dale County Library, Inc. January Events:

416 James Street
Ozark, AL 36360 January 1 & 2 - Closed in observance of the
334-774-5480 New Year!
Website: January 7 - Story Time 10:30am & 4pm
Facebook: Temporary Rockin’ in the New Year
ozarklibrary Hours of Operation: January 9 - Art Lessons 10:30am
Instagram: ozark_dale_county_library Tuesday through Saturday: Pokémon League at Home 1-4pm
9:00am - 5:00pm Popcorn & A Movie 12:45pm
Norm of the North:
Family Vacation

Story Time
January 14 - Story Time 10:30am & 4pm
Pet Day

Adventures! January 16 - Pokémon League at Home 1-4pm

Magic The Gathering 1-4pm
January 21 - Story Time 10:30am & 4pm
Story Time is Squirrel Appreciation Day!
every Thursday January 23 - Pokémon League at Home 1-4pm
at 10:30am &
4pm in the West January 28 - National Kazoo Day!
Wig - call to
reserve your January 30 - Pokémon League at Home 1-4pm
spot and don’t
miss out on all
the FUN!

January is Braille Literacy Month, in honor

of the birthday of Louis Braille, who was
born on January 4th, 1809. We now
celebrate National World Braille Day on
January 4th in honor of his legacy.

Braille is a form of written language for blind

people, in which characters are represented by
patterns of raised dots that are felt with the
Madison Barrow January 3 Nolan Ernandes January 27
Jack Chancey January 6 Triniti Taylor January 30
Ashton Childree January 6 Tierra Minnifield January 31
Jayla Jones January 9 Shayleigh Whitman January 14
Adalynn Hulett January 9 Riley Horn January 15
Parker Catrett January 11 Ian Raby January 19
Kendrick Jordan January 12 Kandace Warren January 25
Jordan McAllister January 18 Kenzie Tynes January 28
Faith Lucas January 18 Martin Yang January 28
Antonio Cooks January 21 Kaia Horn January 30
Maci Pugh January 21 Elizabeth Williams January 31
Mrs. Cheryl January 22 Alexander McClendon January 31
Trystan Holmes January 27 Cabreah Moore January 31

January 2021
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2
Closed Closed in
Happy New observance of
Year! the New Year!
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Art Lessons
Festival of Spaghetti Bird Day Cuddle Up Story Time Bubble Bath 10:30am
Sleep Day Day Day 10:30am & 4pm Day Popcorn & Movie
Pokémon League at
Home 1pm-4pm

10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Houseplant Learn Your Hot Tea Day Rubber Duckie Story Time National Pokémon League at
10:30am & 4pm Home 1pm-4pm
Appreciation Name in Day Bagel Day Magic the Gathering
Day Morse Code 1-4pm

17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Appreciate a Martin Luther Popcorn Day Cheese Lovers Story Time National Blonde Pokémon
Dragon Day King Day Day 10:30am & 4pm Brownie Day League at Home

24 Compliment 25 26 27 28 29 30
Day Bubble Wrap Australia Day Chocolate Cake Story Time Puzzle Day Pokémon
____________ Appreciation Day 10:30am & 4pm League at Home
Day 1pm-4pm
31 Backward Day