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Boy. 't_


_ SKYLAB 1/2
i_ • 'b

,,e, "





• .II

. • National Aeronaut_ and Space Adm_

-. Houston, Texas

¢.,-- JULY 1973



This document is the transcription of the Skylab 1/2 flight crew

communications (i) as recorded on the command module (CM) data storage
equipment (DSE) and (2) as recorded on the airlock module (AM) recorder.
Data from these recorders are telemetered (dumped) to Space Tracking
and Data Acquisition Network (STADAN) sites for retransmission to the
Johnson Spacecraft Center. Transcription of these tapes was managed
by William A. _elley, Test Division, Program Operations Office, to
whom inquiries regarding this document should be referred.

The transcript is divided into three columns -- time, speaker, and

text. The Greenwich mean time (G.M.T.) column consists of three
two-digit pairs representing hours, minutes, and seconds (e.g., 22 34 14).
The speaker column indicates the source of a transmission; the text
column contains the verbatim transcript of the communications.

Speakers in the transcript are identified as follows:


CDR Commander Charles (Pete)Conrad Jr.

PLT Pilot PaulJ. Weitz

SPT Scientist pilot Joseph P. (J. P.) _erwin

CREW Unidentifiable crewmember

MS Multiple speakers

Mission Control Centers:

CC Capsule communicator (CAP COMM)

MCC Unidentified speaker, other than CC, in the Mission

Operations Control Room or a Staff Support Room.

In the text, a series of three dots (...) is used to designate those

portions of the communications that could not be transcribed because of
garbling. One dash (-) is used to indicate a speaker's pause or a
self-interruption. Two dashes (- -) are used to indicate an interruption
by another speaker or a point at which a recording was abruptly terminated.
Words given unusual emphasis by the speaker are underlined.

The Skylab 1 mission began with lift-off of the orbital workshop at

17:30:00 GMT (12:30:00 c.d.t.) on May 14, 1973. Because of damage to
the solar array system of the workshop during max q-alpha, the lift-off
of Skylab 2 was delayed until 13:00:00 GMT (08:00:00 c.d.t.) on May 25.
The Skylab 2 crew splashed down in the Pacific Ocean at 13:49_48 G.M.T.
(08:49:48 c.d.t.) on June 23.
DAY 145 (CSM)

*13 XX XX SPT ... 56. Wonder what we do now? ... I ought to

terminate it now. I didn't do a plus i.

CDR All right. It's Just wandered too far off the burn

PLT Nobody's flying the goshdarned thing.

SPT I called it ... update.

CDR Okay.

PLT Yes.

CDR Okay. Joe?

SPT Okay. There.

CDR Go - let me get out of that. Go do a P52,

-option 3.

PLT Very well.

SPT There's that bright mother out there again.

CDR There's the ARIA trying to talk to us.

SPT There's nothing on S-band.

CDR You know, that could be the workshop, now.

SPT Pete, I Just don't think we're going to see the

workshop. I don't think it'll be that -

PLT ... with the naked eye.

SPT ... not.

SPT Here they come. Whoops, where did he come from?

CDR He's Just floating around.

SPT ...

CDR 2 plus 30, Paul; H2 PURGE LINE HEATER ON.

2 Day145 -

SPT Well, I'll put it ON now.

*No time track verification available. Time is approximate, based

on Flight Plan time line.


lh 58 13 CDR Did you get the cue cards out?

SPT Well, wait a minute• I'm looking to see whether

you don't have two cue card bags. I think we do
and the other one is way the heck in the back.

CDR Well, that should be - that should be the one.

SPT Well, the one I got here has got 50 million cue
cards in it, and they're all 0WS; at least I think
they are. And the one in the back.

CDR Right.

SPT They're all here and I've got to have -

CDR Let me verify this business: 2, 23, 37, 35.

SPT i, 2, 23, 37 -


SPT Your distance is wrong down here, ... How come?

Probably ... the lights down here. That's funny,
my numeric ... There it is.

CDR Yes. Yes, that's right.

SPT ...

CDR ... is right.

SPT Okay.

14 59 15 CDR That's correct. You got a clock running. Darn it !

•.. clock ...

SPT Twenty-four minutes to go to the burn.

Daylh5 Page

CDR Okay. It goes off at 36, right?

SPT Yes .... you know ... cue card ... I wonder what
that is.

CDE Let's see. That's one of those circuit breaker


SPT Circuit breaker, yes.

CDR Yes, either it turns it on, or it turns it completely

to COMMAND, or it does something ....

SPT Well, I have ... someplace.

15 00 ll CDR Are you?

SPT Yes. Hopefully, it's going in the bag.

CDR Is ... good?

15 O0 16 SPT Well, I don't know. It's a little too warm -

_- PLT ...burn.

CDR ... that?


SPT Yes .... The attitude we don't need, The ... we

don't need.

PLT Power lock burn ....

CDR Yes.

SPT SPS DELTA-V failure .... DELTA-V. No way ... Has

everybody got all the cards that he wants? Because
I think this is it.


SPT All right. Let me put these ... here. Now there's
o_e --

CDR All right, I'ii tell you what. When we put this burn
over, we shall eat lunch, get the cameras out, and
reconfigure the rest of the burn.
4 Day145

PLT If we can figure this - if we can figure this urine

dump business -

CDR Yes. Okay, you can dump urine if you want. It

might be a good idea.

SPT When you said go eat lunch, we thought of ...

(Laughter) ...

CDR We're about to go back in the dark here in a minute.

Where are we? 02:01. No, we got about another
8 minutes of daylight.

CDR Oh, you're over the desert now, man! Look at that!
Have you seen so much desert in your life?


15 01 52 CDR Well, what do you think of your first hour in -

2 hours and 1 minute in space?

SPT It's been more interesting - -

PLT Two hours ...

SPT - - interesting than I thought it would be, you know?

15 02 l0 SPT It's great' Just hustling and bustling and haven't

had to ... handle ... to stop it ... What in the heck
is actually happening to me. No!

CDR Wait until we get up there - -

SPT ... that funny ...

CDR - - wait until we get up there and see what work

we've got.

PLT Yes.

CDR ...

SPT I think so, I think so. Right now I'm hard ... cue
cards back in the locker.

CDR ... about zero g.

SPT Ohhh!

CDR Okay, Joe, I won't write it on your psychological -

Day145 Page

PLT Imagine what this would be like in here without zero g.

CDR Well, 205 plus nine. Why don't I go ahead and put
both those ...

PLT Yes....

15 03 00 CDR 2063 .... , right?

PLT I don't even get a ...

CDR Huh?

PLT I don't even get a ...


CDR Yes.

SPT That's right.

15 03 39 CDR Okay. Now it says, "P31 auto maneuver final count.

Record, advance, -that's up here• It says down
here I go to PO0. VERB 37, ENTER; 00 - I don't
•.. that ... - 00 ENTER. Now, VERB 49 maneuver to
the ... attitude, page I-A .... attitude, ... 180,
9, and 2; and the burn attitude is 180, 9, and 2.
That's pretty good. 39 ENTER, VERB 25, ENTER; plus
18 ENTER; plus 9 ENTER; plus 2.

15 04 28 PLT You still working on something, Joe? You want

me to help you with something down there?

SPT No, I Just finished putting away the cue cards. It

took awhile. But they had them packed in so tight,
you know, ... boxes I'm working on ... I wanted
to put them some place else.

CDR Will it ...?

PLT I did it that time. Like the time we had the earth-
quake in Fiji Islands, I thought the whole bucket
of hay was going to crash around my ears. My mother
was driving some place and never even felt it.

CDR Is that right?

PLT Yes.

SPT Now, Paul?

6 Day145 4

PLT Huh?

SPT If you could manage to figure out how you want to -

Put those things against the wall somewhere there.
Those are your three ... poles, and I want them
separate and easy to get at. Okay?

PLT Okay. Whoops! Come here, little washer.

SPT (Laughter)

CDR ...

SPT Yes.

PLT The washer - Now we got to do something with some of

this stuff.

SPT Put it in that 150.

PLT Maybe we ought to wrap it in a piece of paper ...

15 05 54 PLT Now the only bad thing is we've got to get into
R-13 here later, Joe.

SPT Yes, we do. Well, drop them all the way down.

PLT That's all right. I'll put it on and tape it and

we'll Just pull the tape off.

15 06 02 SPT All right.

15 06 04 CDR First thing we got to find out how to do is get our

new 205-foot-per-second SPS burn.

PLT Yes.

CDR Which will be, by the way in - very shortly.

SPT Yes.

CDR Joe, I think you better stop messing around and get
ready for the burn.

SPT All right, ... I want to make - -

CDR Okay.

SPT - - sure.
Day145 Page

CDR All right. You got about 5 - 6 more minutes.

SPT All right.

CDR Now, can I put my foot pad up? Did you put my foot
pad up?

SPT Yes.

CDR So I can lock myself in. Oops! My armhole ...

15 06 56 SPT There we go. They're going to stay there fairly

well. At least until we burn.

SPT You'll have to scrunch back a bit. There you go.

15 07 09 PLT Okay, now I need one of two things.

CDR What?

PLT Ei%her my watch or yours.

SPT Here, I'ii give you mine.

CDR What the beck is ... my feet go ...

SPT ... too low - you're too low. Get it up, up, up.

CDR Now, l'm going to lock it in.

SPT I know. You're too low. That ... there. You come
in through the middle, don't you?

CDR Yes. That's all right. Don't worry about it; I'ii
figure it out.

SPT That's the right - -

CDR Joe, l'd you to do the star check now.

SPT Yes, sir.

CDR And I'd like you to use star 25.

SPT All right. You want me to do ...?

SPT My machine?
8 Day145

CDR My machine; use star 33. Here let me get ENTER.

... burn ... right now.

PLT Yes.

CDR Star 33 on your ... 40, and your ... 25800.

SPT Burn time ...

CDR Nine seconds.

15 08 36 SPT Nine seconds!

CDR ... 9.

SPT That's one of the troubles of doing the star check


CDR You can see the P52, though, can't you? ..., can't

SPT Yes, I can; it's hard to verify it isn't he telescope,

but it's the right star ...

PLT Well, you go -

SPT I'm pretty sure - Okay, tell me what the angles were.

CDR It should be 724.0.

SPT All right.

CDR And 258, so -

SPT That's close enough.

CDR All right, give me a - Center it right in the tele-

scope and give me a hand.

SPT All right.

CDR What you doing? Oh ... turning angles ...

SPT Oh, I can ... Wait a minute.

CDR All right. Now-

SPT Now, let me get it centered first.

CDR You get it centered and I'll hit VERB.

Day145 Page

15 09 55 SPT All right. Okay?

15 09 58 CDR MARK. Okay, 7 ... star 33.

SPT Yes.

CDR And it was 074 - Oh, wait a minute, I ... read that.

SPT Wait a minute. Let me get - There's one of them

reading two decimal places; the other one, three.

CDR Yes.

SPT Okay?

CDR Yes.

SPT So, l'm going to make this another ... That's a

little better. That's 73.67 shaft and 25.88 trunnion.

CDR That 's perfect.

f SPT Okay. The star's in the middle of the section and

it's been checked as far as l'm concerned.

CDR Yes, yes. VERB 49, perform ... 52 object

... is GO. And l'm going to the burn card now.

SPT Okay.

CDR Now Joe needs to move back to his batteries. He's

the guardian of it.

15 ii 08 SPT Of what?

PLT ... the gosh darned locker; they're ...

CDR Yes. Yes. Did you zero your optics, Joe?

SPT Not yet, sir.

CDR Okay.

SPT But thanks for the reminder.

PLT We ought to be losing that cloud presently.

SPT Okay, the optics are zeroed.

1O Day145 4

15 12 02 PLT I hate to tell you this again, but I ain't seen a

single lightning flash yet.

SPT (Laughter)

CDR You will.

I+LT What reminded me of it, I see ...

SPT Oh, yes?

CDR Okay.

SPT We just passed the terminator, though. The good old

terminator !

CDR All right, Joe?

SPT All right.

CDR The question is, do we want to bother to bias this

thing or Just hold the - hold our EMS a little while.
Let's hold it until 30 seconds.

SPT . .. big drift.

CDR All right. So what I really need to do is take away

2-1/2 feet per second.

SPT The dr_ft is down, isn't it?

CDR The drift is positive.

SPT The drift is positive ...

CDR ... minus to ... minus 98.

SPT Yes, DELTA-Vc-minus 2-1/2 feet per second.

15 13 09 CDR So we ought to make it 90-1/2 because it was on at


SPT Okay.

PLT Hey, this is Just like the simulator. I can see

stars through the earth!

SPT (Laughter )
Day145 Page

CDR All right. Now, DELTA-V doesn't shift. Okay. Now,

here, let me let you be custodian of that and my

SPT All right.

CDR I just put the pencil on the string• All right,

let's - I'ii tell you, this is the first one for
me. All AUTO lights ... I guess I ought to go to

PLT •.. on the gosh darned light . ..

CDR AUTO light switch ... on EMS DELTA-V ... 51.

PLT ... 52--

CDR ... RATE COMMAND. Then it cycles on ... LOW ...

CMC, AUTO; FDAl seven, are, in fact the first one
when we had POWER, ON. Plus the VDC thumbwheels,
I've already done that. SPS - eight of them ....
control eircuti breakers are CLOSED - All eight
are CLOSED. _nd DIRECT •.., CLOSED. All right,

PLT No, they're in AUTO.

CDR AUTO - No, wait a minute. As I say, were in AUTO

and they go to RATE COMMAND. Okay .... to AUTO
... to HIGH. RAC2 is ON, but it's ... EMS DELTA-V
counter - We have done that. I did that ... already.
• .. all right, P40.

15 15 16 CDR 179, 8.9, and 50. You can't ask for anything better
than that. That's Just the way it calls for it in
the checklist.

SPT Okay.

CDR Now, you still have to do it with ...

PLT Yes.

CDR Okay. Now - Where am I? ..., right? I'll tell

you what's been messing me up ... there .... IMU.

PLT Nine seconds ...

12 Day145

CDR Nine seconds ... All right, that's not bad. Look
at that; that's a good GDC. Not bad at all ....
Okay, there .... Paul?

PLT Yes?

CDR Let's go to MAIN BUS ties.

PLT MAIN BUS ties are coming ON. Let me make sure.
Yes, they're ON.

15 16 36 CDR Now I'll hold the tape recorder and everything until
54 minutes. We're not quite there.

PLT Yes.

CDR We're about 1 minute away, and we'll go right by the


PLT And I'm not going to say burn ... I'm going to say
A's open or A's not open.

CDR Okay. Then there'll be no doubt in your mind whether

there's been -

SPT There's the one that can't -

SPT That' s right. You got a cigarette?

CDR Well, I ...

SPT ... your ashtray right back here.

CREW (Laughter)

CDR This is going to go on ...

15 17 18 CDR ... MAIN B. Okay. ROT CONTROL POWER go to MAIN A.

All right. Next one on the line BMAGs ...
ATT 1/RATE 2 ... gyros ... RATE GYROS go to SPS.
Stand by SPS.

15 17 50 CDR That's right in there. Pitch l, Paul coming - -

CDR ... All right.

15 18 01 CDR YAW 1 .... All right .... 0101, 35, 107, 0.107.
All right. Now let's see if you get any ... You
ready for that? Check MTVC. Yes.
Day145 Page

CDR ... Negative .... Now let's see - TVC. GIMBAL

MCTORS, two ; you ready?

PLT Yes.

15 18 47 CDR PITCH 2.

PLT Got it ON.


PLT Got that.

CDR ... TRIM. That's set. Check TRIM .... in case

we have any trouble in CMC. Check MTVC. What the
heck's banging around down there? ... things
rattling around that area ...

15 19 ii CDR THC - hand control to NEUTRAL. Okay.

CDR No MTVC. Everything's neutral. Okay.

15 19 22 CDR AC/DC, DC DIRECr. Okay.

CDR Going to BMAG, RATE 2. (Laughter) I think ...

figure it out in a minute.

15 19 38 CDR ... ATT 1/RATE 2 ... -

PLT Yes.

CDR ATT 1/RATE 2 ... -

15 19 46 CDR E_[TER. And here goes your automatic gimbal ... Your
first ... 2.
PLT Wow! I like the sound.

CDR 2.

CDR 2.

SPT That's faster than I thought it would be.

PLT Yes.

CDR ... trim. Do three things at once. RATE goes to

HIGH 325 AUTO ...
14 Day145

CDR Okay .... down there. Must be Just floating around.

SPT Yes. I can't see it, but there's enough stuff that
I figure part of it's got ... strap handle.

CDR Doggone! This thing ... tight, I know that. This

goldarn ... bad enough.

PLT Okay. Go Baker.

15 20 46 CDR Go Baker.

PLT ... A to B.

CDR All right. Now we hold Just a minute - 30 seconds.

PLT Boy, I got a ...

SPT ... up in there.

15 21 05 CDR It's there, all right.

SPT What ...!

CDR After - Quiet down in there. That's one reason ...

SPT What's ...?

CDR ... my coathanger [sic].

PLT This clock's a little behind.

CDR ... time was 23 less thirty - seven.

SPT How come you didn't ask for the SPS ... - -

PLT A and B are ... - -

15 21 38 CDR Because we're not there yet. We're at 58:00 -


both ARMED. Check the EMS, ***EG, SPSS ...
Stand by for 59:00.

CDR Bring on ...

SPT ... It's a jet, isn't it?

Day145 Page

15 22 02 CDR It's a Jet, all right. It started 20 seconds ago.

SPT ... space ... in here.

CDR ... reading me.

CDH Use a bunch of coathangers ... find them.

15 22 34 SPT Yes.

15 24 18 CDR Okay, gimbal motors - are you ready for the checklist?

PLT Wait a minute. Go ahead.

CDR Here's your residual. Minus 15.1.

PLT All right. Okay.

15 24 28 CDR Null residuals, 12. AUTO RCS ... and OFF. GIMBAL
MOTORS. Here comes 2 - -

PLT 2 - -

CDR - - 2 - -

PLT Good.

CDR 2.

PLT Good.

CDR 1, 1.

PLT Very good. Thank you.


... OFF. We can skip the VHF range. THCs are

PLT Okay.


CC I heard you answer me, Pete, but I didn't under-

stand a thing. Say again, please.

CDR How come you're talking VHF?

CC We want to confirm we got an S-band - S-band problem
at the Hawaii tracking station.

]5 26 ++;0 CI)R Okay.

I'_ 27 00 CDR Yes .... that ARIA ...

l',30 18 CC ... How do you read?

15 30 2A CDR Hello, Houston. Read you loud and clear. How me':

CC ... read you kind of weak, and we get a lot of

background static, Pete, but we can hear you. Co

CD[_ Okay - -

PLT Yes, ...

CDR - - Houston. We had a nominal burn on time;

DELTA Vc read minus 15.1; the burn attitude was what we

trimmed at: the VGX , minus 0.2; VGy , plus 0.2;

VGZ, plus 0.i. Do you read that? -+

CC Roger. I copied. DELTA-V C minus 15.1; and your

trims on attitude were minus 0.2, plus 0.h; and
plus 0.i. Is that right?

CDR VGy was plus 0.2 also.

CC Roger. I copied plus 0.2 on the ... cycle.

CDR Yes. It 's VGy.

15 31 3h CC Okay. Let me see if I got them right this time,

now, Pete. Minus 0.2, plus 0.2, and plus 0.i.

CDR That's right. You're coming in a little better.

We Just completed our P52, option 2. Do you want that?

CC ... Pete....

CDR I mean option 3. How do you read, Houston?

CC Skylab, Houston. I can hear you, but I got a lot

of background static. But I can copy it. Go ahead.
Day145 Page

CDR Okay. P52, option 3: star 25; star 33; NOUN 05,
all balls; plus four balls 9, plus three balls 66,
plus three balls 50; the time, 02:29"00.

CC CDR, Houston. I got everything but the time. Say

the time again, please.

CDR 2 plus 29 plus 00.

CC CDR, Houston.

CDR Go ahead, Houston.

CC Roger, Pete. You know, a couple of days ago I told

you that we were going to be passing up sunrise/sun-
set times for you for when - around the fly-around
and SEVA times that you see in the Launch Checklist
in the Flight Plan are accurate today. If you don't
w_ut them to the nearest second, I'll just let it
go at that. Over.

15 33 30 CDR That's okay. Just let them go. We'll ask you if
we need them.

CC Understand, and I'm standing by.

15 33 54 CDR Ha! Ho, ho, ho, ho. What are all that stuff doing

PLT I'm working on exposing locker A crevice, so that

I can get lunch out.

SPT Do you want me to work on that?

PLT No, I - what I hoped _- what I actually did was untie

that, and I didn't want to.

CDR Why is it in A - oh, A-7.

SPT A-7 is for ...

CDR Yes.

PLT kll right. I'm trying to get the couch down a little
bit. Let me make sure - -

SPT ...
18 Day145

PLT - - I was going to move it up but I - first the food.

15 34 51 SPT How did I get over here?

CDR (Laughter)

15 35 04 PLT Day l, meal B. Do you believe that?

SPT Yes. I'll ...

PLT Okay.

CDR You got the purge line that you're on, right?

PLT Yes.

15 35 18 CDR Okay. I'll tell you what it looks like to me, gang:
We got ... all to do but the rest of the stowage
until 4 hours and 40 minutes.

PLT Good.

CDR We got 2 hours to get organized.

SPT What happens when the purge line heater comes on?
We do a purge?

CDR Ahhh - -

SPT ... bring it on?

CDR - - somewhere in - somewhere in here we're going to

do a purge. Fuel cell purge at 2 plus 50. Twenty
minutes ... heaters on.

SPT Well, hey, Paul, can I give you the lunch and the
water gun and I can keep on stowing.

CDR Hey, I - I'm going to be available here in a few

seconds. I got nothing to do.

SPT Okay. Good. Well, I'll - -

CDR ... the water gun to hold ... - -

SPT - - give you the water gun as soon as you are ready
for it, then. Whichever one of you. Okay. We may
need a little space.
Day145 Page

15 36 i0 CDR l'm going to go back over here and make sure we

dropped nothing down the crack, because - Hey, you
know, I was really very ... out of that first stage,

SPT That was a ... - -

PLT ...

SPT - - ride, but it sure was - about the first 3 sec-

onds of it were rough.

CDR That was a beauty!

SPT As soon as she cleared ground, it was like, man, it

was smooth and hard .... - -

PLT You got a trash bag?

15 36 38 CDR See if you can get a TSB - -

SPT Bravo ... - -

PLT I think that ... - -

SPT - - ... in the old trash - -

CDR ....bag back up in ... - -

PLT - - out of ... - -

CDR - - let's tape it up?

PLT - - I don't know. Did you ... - -

CDR ... back in A-7.

PLT - - ... fecal bag?

15 36 52 CDR No. Put it right back in A-7.

SPT We don't have any trash bags as such, Paul.

CDR 'There are spoons in L-3.

PLT Yes. I'm not sure what kind of food we have -

whether we need ... or not.
20 Daylh5

15 37 06 SPT We got pudding.

CDR I got butterscotch pudding.

SPT We got pudding up the gazubas [?] here. There are

three butterscotch puddings.

CDR ... for that. When they ask the commander what
,.. _ m

15 37 20 CC ... 30 seconds from LOS at ARIA. We're going to see

you at Goldstone at 3:04.

CDR Okay, Houston, and be advised that we're on the time

line aud, because we do not have an SPC, we have
2 more hours to get organized; and we're in very
good shape, as we are in the process of getting
ready to lunch.

CC Roger; copy. Thank you.

CDR ... medic ...

PLT Yes.

CDR And I'll tell you the other thing we're going to do.
We'll do a little practice urine dump.

PLT Oh, yes. That's the other thing I ought to be get-

ting out and rigging.

CDR Well, let me tell you, we got a good time line here.
We don t have to do ... 4 hours ... - -

15 38 15 SPT This - this is yours. Do you want to finish up

something else over there?

CDR Heck, no. I'm finished. What do you want me to do?

You tell me. Let me put these right here.

SPT Well, what you got for lunch today is crackers,

butterscotch pudding, and orange drink.

CDR Yes. I had turkey and something in there, too.

SPT Oh, yes. I'll tell you what you can do. Here's the
pump that has to be rehydrated.
Day145 Page

15 38 38 CDR I got two - I got two orange drinks.

SPT Start that. How do you tell whose this is? Oh, by
the color.

SPT You got chicken and gravy. You'd better get some - -

CDR Yes.

SPT - - hot water. Yes, you have your heater on.

CDR Yes. 5-1/2 ounces - How much does that hot water
dispense, i ounce?

SPT One ounce at a time, I'm pretty sure.

CDR Okay. Well, let me get into my first trick ...

15 39 03 SPT You want the water gun? ...

CDR Not yet. I got to - I got to open tanks for my


SPT Yellow. That must be you, Joe.

PLT Yes .... get around.

15 39 22 CDR I got two orange drinks for today?

15 39 25 SPT Yes. We each can have two orange drinks.

PLT Looks like it's going to be better to slip the

urine dump.

CDR Yes. You're right.

SPT ... half hour ago.

CDR I think we're going to get a very long day here

shortly. Things have been going along nice and
smooth. We each got a lot to find.

SPT You know what that - If they had that pattern right,
it would be just like riding a cat, you know. About
the third or fourth one you'd really know what the
heck was going on.

15 39 52 CDR I was surprised. I was pretty much with it.

22 Day145

SPT Well, I was, too. It was very gentle.

CDR Yes, it was - that was the first thing ... Saturn V
... bad, you know, and was like being up on the
Empire State Building .... bad, you know, and ...

15 40 ll SPT Yes.

PLT ... butterscotch is ready to go, if you want to

hang on to that.

CDR Matter of fact - Can I hold something for you? ...

PLT No. The ... isn't wired - I'd - let's see - I'd
say - I suggest you get started on your turkey and
gravy if something's got to be done with it.

CDR Yes. I need to put - get the hot water in this


SPT Oh, hot water. Okay.

PLT That's right. Cold water you can do yourself, but

hot water - -

CDR Darned right. You need the cold water gun, you can
hit that ... hot water - -

SPT ... in that son of a gun ...

PLT You get the CDR to take the first experiment in

thermo-stabilizing foods today.

CDR Yes. I get - I had the water gun left open ...

PLT You have to push ...

CDR It sticks open. Watch it. See that?

SPT That's not supposed to do that.

15 41 20 CDR How about getting ... Always happens ....

PLT Yes. They got a hill to run down.

PLT Okay. It's kind of warm in here. Joe, can you

turn that gosh darn sensor-cabin temperature
control down a little bit?

CDR What's this thing put out? A half an ounce? ...

full? - -
Day145 Page

SPT ... half an ounce ...

PLT Well, ... due to the amount of air in here.

CDR Thank you. Get - how did we get that ...?

SPT ... shearing?

CDR No. That might ...

SPT I gave you five shots. That's 5-1/2 ounces.

CDR ... ain't too bad our first attempt.

PLT Hey, Pete?

CDR Thank you.

PLT ....put this?

SPT Yes. I got to park it someplace around here. You

got any Velcro or anything ... like that?

f 15 43 48 PLT Yes. There's a little piece of Velcro ...

CDR ... got that ... worked right ...

SPT Yes. I suppose.

CDR Ah, gosh ... got water out of that mother.

CDR Not any places to put any little stuff.

SPT ... is the only place I know of.

15 44 36 CDR Well, no. I - I'll tell you what, I - we - I'll

tell you what you got to do, gang; you got to
package it up in the stuff that it came out of.

SPT Yes. Basically, that's true.

CDR I want to take this bag right here -

SPT It's a function of having some place to put it - ...

CDR I'll put this in my pocket until later. Make this

my trash bag.
24 Day145

SPT Did you turn the cabin temp down up there?

PLT Secondary coolant loop is not on. Is that right?

SPT That 's correct.

PLT Get me the tool, Pete, please.

CDR How's your glycol ... Cooled off a little?

15 45 48 SPT Yes. It's about 39. Hey, you know that thing's
on full cold already, Paul.

CDR I should have told you that, but I ...

SPT ... secondary ... valve.

PLT Aw, come on gang ...

CDR •.. paper?

PLT I got it out. "Wadethrough all ... Have you got

anything to put my ...

SPT Yes. There's still some white bread there.

PLT Oh, all dry.

SPT Yes.

15 h6 21 CDR I got the feeling that we'll really learn to appre-

ciate that vacuum cleaner as we work.

PLT ... What are you doing right now, Joe?

SPT ... that. The Launch Checklist -

CDR ... I found this rather pleasant.

SPT ... without that 3-1/2 g's at cut-off, I wasn't

sure that darn ... S-IVB was ...

PLT Yes. That 's true. That 's true.

SPT Then the light came on and I looked over . ..

anxiously, and here are your ...
Day145 Page

15 47 24 PLT Is that what I'm supposed to have?

SPT Ah, you threw one across.

PLT Is that what I'm supposed to have?

SPT Got a piece of red Velgro on it.

PLT ...

SPT Is that my bread?

PLT ._. although ... it is. We're probably going to be

CDR Wonder how l'm going to make out eating tomatoes

and ham?

PLT We're all waiting with bated breath.

SPT ....

PLT Uh-oh, sorry.

SPT Well, here's the master trash can.

PLT ... do with that? - -

SPT You or I - -

CDR No, wait a minute; wait a minute.

SPT No, that - that thing's not going to ... for us.

CDR I had ... the - the main thing is that we got to

get it all back in there.

SPT ... sitting on a ... My right hip got hot. And

it's not what you think because I haven't taken
a leak yet.

PLT ...

15 48 53 SPT Yes.

CDR Oh, look - ... oh beautiful! Whoooo! Look out your

window, Joe.

SPT What is it?

26 Day145

CDR Well, Just look.

SPT Sunrise. Beautiful.

CDR I never tire of that. Can you spot the thunder-

storms down there - outlined?

SPT You'll have to roll over ...

CDR Hey, you want to look out my window? Here.

SPT No, this is a beautiful view .... better than your

window. It'd be a heck of a ride out of that.

CDR Yes.... look at the ...

SPT Down on Cape ... the Sun's coming up.

CDR Yes.

PLT Yes.

CDR We don't have any straws onboard, do we?

SPT I don't know .... put some onboard some time ago,
and whether it's still there I - -

CDR ... I know that ...

PLT Here it comes.

15 50 18 CDR It even lights up the spacecraft.

SPT Yes.

CDR Well, Doctor, how does it feel to be the first MD,

U. S. -type, in space.

SPT So ecstatic, sir, that it's ... - -

PLT Now, there.

SPT - - ... the horizon - -

PLT Those gosh darned thrusters fired, and a couple ...

SPT - - ...
Day145 Page

CDR (Laughter) Now, I think I'm going to have my first

experience with chicken ... gravy ... Well, here
goes nothing, gang. Where's my spoon? What are
we going to - -

PLT ... grape juice ... - -

CDR - - what are we going to do after we get done with

our EVA shift tonight, and we take ...

SPT What are we going to do?

CDR Yes. Where the heck are we going to put them?

SPT Oh, I'll try and consider that in my stowage,

here ...

PLT Yes ...

SPT Oh.... - -

CDR ... that would be a good place ... store things. I

know a good place to store things temporarily.

- 15 51 29 SPT Where?

CDR Right up in there.

SPT With a big bag, though, like this, you couldn't

possibly get lost.

CDR Right here. - -

PLT ...

CDR - - ... tape this .... Wonder if they are going

to have to be -wonder if they need this stupid
plate ... Where the heck are we at 6:50 - 3 -
06:50:03 ... - -

PLT Yes ... - -

SPT Tell you what - -

CDR - - a little over 20 minutes. - -

SPT - - ... me try that as a - ... method of ... stuff -

little stuff.
28 Day145

PLT You going to reconstitute some orange?

CDR Yes.

PLT Okay. If you mind, when you're done, I'll get -

I'll press on with my purge.

CDR Okay.

PLT What do we do? Both feeds [?] or Just hydrogen?

SPT Wait ... - -

PLT Gosh darn, these are tough. I can't get them on!

15 52 16 SPT Yes. They are tough.

CDR ... fuel cell purge.

PLT Okay.

CDR On S-3 - on S/1-3.

PLT Yes.

CDR Okay?

PLT Yes.

CDR Well, gang, here goes nothing .... - - myself .... - -

SPT Ah, ...

CDR - - maybe - -

SPT ... Velcro, here - right there. Okay?

PLT Okay.

SPT It's a - -

PLT Ooooh ...

SPT - - you have to do - -

PLT ... get it.

Day145 Page

SPT You do - Fortunately it hung on the bag.

CDR Is there a cow down there, Joe?

PLT Ah, shoot.

SPT (Chuckle) Did you lose any?

PLT Nope.

15 53 12 SPT Here, I'll hold this. Will a Kleenex do?

PLT Anything.

CDR ...! That was good! First thing is you got to

recognize things that will fall on your face.

SPT ... than that.

PLT Yes.

SPT Where does this one - -

PLT It goes right there.

PLT ...?

SPT Yes.

CDR By Jimi_¥, it works ...

SPT ... works, huh?

15 54 13 PLT The Kleenex are right there in front of the - -

CDR ... Boy, is that smooth.

SPT Yes.

CDR I ain't had this since -

SPT There went a ... again .... feels like ...

CDR By gosh, Joe, after this, a cup of coffee and a good

piece of ... would really make the whole day.

$PT A minute, 20 and leave the heater on for 10. For-

tunately, our German friend did not launch his SPT
after all.
30 Day145

SPT You know, that - that's funny. I Just took a leak

and I smell urine. I have a bad feeling that that
thing gave away at the other end.

15 55 20 PLT What other end?

SPT The rubber in the UCTA-and-hatch fitting.

CDR It's doing a lot of flopping around.

SPT If it did, man, I got ...

CDR Yes ....

SPT What am I after? My bread. There goes my bread.

CDR I'll tell you what it does, it dries awful fast.

SPT Yes. And it stinks a lot. It must be ...

PLT Okay....

SPT Heck, I'm ... When am I going to eat all this?

CDR I could eat all mine now. I'm hungry enough to eat
the rear out of a porcupine. You guys ...?

SPT Yes. We're always ,..

CDR ... (Laughter) Hey, I got to admit. Just look

how well I cleaned this bag.

SPT Yes.... - -

CDR The acid test, though, is going to be those stewed


SPT Yes .... (laughter) ... - -

CDR I've decided to save them until last.

SPT Here. Okay.

15 56 47 CDR How about your purge? How's that doing?

PLT Didn't work too well. Two minutes. Turn that off
and that off.
Day145 Page

15 56 59 CDR Joe, if it's not too much trouble, is there any

pills around in those packages?

SPT Yes.

CDR Where are the pills?

SPT What do you - what pills? What kind?

CDR Yellow pills.

SPT Oh. Crunch them up and ... - -

PLT ...

SPT No, I don't think we have - I don't know. You're

looking at the package, but there's nothing else
in here.

PLT Well, they're in L - -

SPT ... something.

PLT - - they're in - they're in L-3 ...

SPT ... I'm looking right down at the ocean ... SPT ...
that is real luxury. Man, this is a good restaurant.
Do all right, Conrad.

CDR I ain't got you there yet.

PLT .... some kind of a high ... You know, at least they
didn't ...

SPT Well, there's something I didn't know.

15 58 05 PLT What's that?

SPT Don't make a ... sandwich out of your bread because

there's a piece of plastic between the two ... - -

PLT Ha, ha, ha.

CDR I did that a couple of times ...

PLT I ... than mine?

SPT Yes.
32 Day145

CDR Here goes nothing. Now, that's 5 psi ... - -

SPT I got it ...

PLT Huh? What's that?

CDR Got 5 psi ... oh, man! Want to put that in the big
package? Hey, we don't have a dang knife, do we?

PLT Got the strap cutter.

CDR I know, but I mean a sharp knife. No, how am I

going to do this. I guess it would be easier to -
here comes the first ...

SPT Oh, drop of water, look at you.

CDR What did you do with that Kleenex? Is it over here?

SPT Right there.

CDR Okay. I just wanted to know where it was.

15 59 08 SPT Yes....

CDR ... flinging tomatoes all over the place. Aaaah!

Hey, you know, this thing could be a problem. It
ain't going to bother us right away, but if ... drop
the tomatoes ... getting around - that stuff's got
to get rotten after a while.

SPT Would you put this in there? ... Where's all this
stuff coming from? Oh, it's tearing pieces of bread
off my Velcro. It's all right.

CDR ...

SPT Huh?

CDR ... You got to eat the whole tomato to get it,
but - -

SPT Yes ....

PLT Incredible! Incredible! What did the - what - what

did you do with the ... - -
Day145 Page33

CDR Where are we, here - 3 hours, then, we got to go to

the - ... - You done yet? ... - -

PLT I dumped a little extra H 2 there. You know, they

got to stay on for lO more minutes.

16 01 27 CDR Yes. The heaters stay on.

PLT Yes.

CDR ... you got the purge?

PLT Yes.

CDR All right .... look here .... we don't have

the ... at 04:05 - now it's 3 o'clock, and further-
more - -

PLT There, Joe.

SPT Okay ....

CDR - - we don't have a ...

SPT ...

CDR It must be out in the middle of no place.

SPT ...

CDR Oh, we got to get that pad ...

SPT Okay. If you'll take ...

CDR Okay.

SPT Yes. That white ... all right ...

CDR One of these days, it's Just going to have to go

back in A-7 ...

SPT Yes.

CDR ... I got to eat my ... I could eat right through

it ....

PLT ...
34 Day145

CDR I - I really am ... they were really worried about


PLT Well, I hope we get many days of experience for this.

16 01 55 CDR Not bad ... I'ii tell you what I'm going to do: I'm
going to give it a VERB 83 ... VERB 83 ...

PLT ... you haven't had the extremely poor ... this
could be ...

SPT How's that?

CDR ... a sandwich, I guess .... You guys did a great

job at launch, though. Everybody hit everything
right on the money. That's - that's ... fluke.

PLT Lucked out, didn't we?

CDR ... 654 miles, and that's probably not right.

Closer to ...

SPT 654? No, that's probably right - -

CDR Yes.

SPT - - because ... - -

CDR Yes.

SPT - - looking at the ... - -

CDR 650 feet.

SPT - - We're up high, so the closing rate probably isn't

that high.

CDR We ought to be right smack in front of it - right

on the horizon. Right straight out a little bit

SPT ...

CDR Huh?

SPT Where are we? Over the Pacific?

Day145 Page35

16 03 09 CDR ... Yes. No. I think we're coming over Indonesia

... by Hawaii.

SPT It's dark over there ....

CDR Must be ARIA .... at 201.6 by 198.8 .... Hey ...

paper. Put that in the big trash can.

SPT Where is the big can? Whoops!

16 04 ll CC Skylab, Houston. We're A0S at Goldstone for the

next 9 minutes.

SPT (Laughter)

CDR Roger. (Laughter) Roger, Houston. How do you read?

16 04 21 CC ... you loud, Pete. There was a squeal in the back-

ground. Try again, please.

16 04 25 CDR The squeal - -

16 20 XX* PLT Did you find the gray tape?

SPT I haven't looked yet, sir.

PLT I need the gray tape every 15 seconds.

SPT It's right in front of you, for crying out loud.

CDR We're restowing the bags and the dust covers, right?

PLT ... understanding ... that's probably up the way.

CDR Okay. No, we're Just saying we're stowing things.

CDR All right, we got the TV stuff half done. That was
TV stowage to CM; remove and stow lens cap; LINEAR
switch, GAM 1/2; AVERAGE switch to average; F-stop,
22; ZOOM, 25; FOCUS, infinity; MONITOR on; refine
settings as required.

* No time track verification available. Time is approximate, based on

Flight Plan time line.
36 Daylh5

PLT Now wait, I got to reset all those things.

CDR Why?

PLT ...

CDR You want the outside settings? GAM 1/2.

PLT Check.

CDR AVERAGE switch to average.

PLT Check.

CDR F-stop to 22.

PLT ... realign the gosh-darned thing.

PLT ... coming up on AC-2.

CDR Yes.

CDR What's in 602?

PLT Double 0 602?

CDR Yes. .

PLT Failure in outer loop iteration.

CDR How you doing in ...

CDR Yaw 41, 19 roll. 11256 looks right. Verify this.

... Oh, that figures. That's right

PLT Did you get another program on it?

CDR No, but I can ...

PLT ... constantly ...

CDR Yes .... way it goes.

PLT ... after the burn attitude.

CDR Oh, yes.

Day145 Page37

16 36 54 PLT We barely could ... it twice, yes.

CDR Yes, you got to kind of rack them around. All right ...

CDR That's it.

SPT How about that?

PLT Yes_ that's it. There you go.

CDR What else have we got to drink?

PLT You got to ... first place ... It's got to be ...

SPT I - I really don't know what else we have to ...

today, but it's ... - -

CDR Why I - I mean I can ... come over that far. Do you
need help or what?

SPT No, I'm all right. I just got to - -

PLT ... Now wait a minute - -

CDR I can help you there.

PLT - - through the head end of it, here ...

SPT I think I want to move that way. I want to roll

that thing ...

CDR ...

SPT ... back because that's a flatter dimension.

CDR Okay.

PLT That's it. That's it! Look at that!

SPT Okay. Beautiful.

PLT Oh, boy. You're up against ... 1 here.

SPT ... you get your SEVA out, I'll Just have to raise
your couch up against it some.

PLT Huh?
38 Day145

SPT Your SEVA is going to be temporarily stuck, but I

can get it out - -

PLT All right.

SPT - - later.

PLT That's all right.

SPT Now wait a minute. We're up against U-l?

PLT Yes.

SPT Up against A-7 down here. Man, that's a tight fit.

PLT Well, that's good. It'll hold it right there.

16 38 41 SPT It'll hold it. Now, if we wanted to get the food

back in A-7, we won't be able to do it.


SPT ... is there anything extra there?

SPT Uh-huh .... there.

CDR What? You can't get the food back in A-77

PLT You can let me cock it and pull the ... towards you.

SPT Huh?

CDR Well, we need to stow it right now ...

SPT Well, yes. Okay. I'll find some place for it.

CDR No. It ought to go back in A-7.

SPT Not the dirty old food.

CDR Yes. That's where it belongs.

SPT ... it. We're going to need to get dinner there.

CDR I know, but this dirty bag was supposed to be

sealed and go back in A-7.

SPT All right.

Dayi_5 Page

CDR Hey, I tell you. If we don't stick to the plans,

we'll get all mixed up.

SPT What?

PLT ...

SPT Over further.

16 39 41 PLT Now, Joe, while you're doing that, let me bring

this end - Don't know if we'll gain anY this way or

SPT Might gain a little.

PLT Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Here's what's wrong.

That handle has been extended is all.

CDR ...

PLT No, no. The unlock handle that makes the ends ...

CDR Oh. Oh, you can straighten that down.

16 40 02 PLT Joe, you did it again, didn't you?

SPT What, pass gas?

PLT Yes.

SPT Sure ...

PLT There, ... fill ...

CDR And I don't give a ... a little tlnybit.

PLT There. How's that?

SPT Wait a minute. That Just might let me get it out

of A-7, and it will. It won't open very far, but
I can get in and out of it .... if off over there.

CDR Well, let's - let me hit it. Where's - yes.

PLT Good. Now -

CDR ... Joe what it was.

PLT Huh?

PLT ... where'd the ... go? ..,

40 Day145

16 40 39 CDR Is that right? We're going into night again. And

when we do, we need to (clears throat) Where were
we? We need to -

SPT Oh, oh.

CDR ... to do.

16 41 lO PLT You know what it is. You're kind of glad you're so

darned exhausted, you ... run away from you.

SPT Yes.

PLT How you doing?

SPT Doing all right. That's not cinched down super tight,
but I don't think I want it super tight, because if I
get it super tight, we won't be able to get in that
locker. We could grab a ... though. Okay.

CDR All right. Now, did you ... - -

SPT You wanted me throw away - well, where is that food


CDR I don't know where it is.

SPT Oh, here it is. Does anybody have any more for it?

CDR I don't.

PLT Not right now.

SPT Okay.

CDR Put it back in A-7.

SPT I'll have to tape the top ...

CDR No, ... we're going to have some more ... because
we can't handle ...

PLT ... the other way.

CDR Where did I put that other drink?

PLT Joe put it someplace there.

Day145 Page

SPT Drink bag?

CDR What are you looking for, Joe?

SPT The gray tape.

16 42 33 CDR Did you put it in your pocket?

SPT Well, I might have. I've been putting it in there,
though .... of me.

CDR You think there's ... in the recorder?

PLT Yes.

CDR Hey ...

PLT Give me the pliers.

SPT Here are your adapters.

PLT Yes.

CDR Yes.

16 43 04 SPT See that thing - the way it keeps blinking ...

CDR I see it. I don't know.

PLT ... got something ...?

CDR Sure looks like an airplane doesn't it? Or another


SPT Looks like an airplane.

CDR That thing's going the same speed we are.

SPT Must not be an airplane.

CDR Must be a particle or something underneath us that's

blinking. See the fires, fires. Look at all those

16 43 59 PLT Find it, Joe?

SPT No, I - I'm sure it'll turn up. I'm not going to
look for it right this minute. Going to wrap up
these ropes, and then I'm going to get the cameras
42 Day145

CDR Are you dumping urine? ... is ready to dump, though,


PLT Yes ...?

CDR No, I just was trying to figure out where Joe might
have put the gray tape up - Feel his pockets ....

SPT Okay .... that now.

CDR Good. I'll tell you, we're getting close to where

we've got to be organized in about 25 minutes because
it's all go from there. We've got a P52 coming up in
about- ... minutes.

SPT You want me to go ahead and fill the accumulator, now?

CDR You can do that.

PLT Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa:

CDR ... you want me to read you the checklist, Joe?

16 45 22 SPT For the accumulator?

CDR No, the Stowage Checklist.

SPT In a minute but not right now. l've got to ...

CDR All right.

PLT Wait a minute. I'Ii get the cue cards. Hey, Joe.

SPT Yes.

PLT Can you get that cue card right over your head up by
the optics?

CDR Man, I don't know what l'm doing. I can't see off
- off. Oh, I put a shot in it.

PLT Yes, I know; give it another try.

CDR Okay.

PLT Hold it. Son of a gun must fell right back to where
it was. Turn it on. Let it go awhile. Turn it off.
That's good, man.
Dayi_5 Page

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay, you can read.

CDR All right, I'll be right with you. That tape keeps
coming off .... try a piece of Velcro ... hold ...

CDR All right, Joe. (cough) Configure in B-3 for the

SWS approach. The DAC - CM 2/DAC 10/18 min/CX01,
bracket, ... in B-8.

PLT Can I hold anything, Joe?

CDR We can hold the stuff ... - -

SPT Yes. Power cable.

PLT I think you can get that in the B°

SPT Eighteen-millimeter lens, right?

CDR Right.

SPT Okay, it's already got CX01 on it.

CDR Okay.

SPT ... and al.1 I need is the bracket. First let me get
my big millimeter lens out.

CDR No, we don't want it.

SPT Yes, we do; later on.

16 48 12 CDR Why do we need it later on?

SPT The checklist has always called for it later on.

CDR You're confused. We used to always put the 75 on

and then switch to the 18. The 18 is photography.

SPT Okay, that 's - All right.

CDR ... 18.

SPT Commander, you're right. That's a ... light, isn't


CDR Yes.
44 Day145

SPT ... hurts ...

CDR Bracket - -

SPT The bracket is coming in Just a minute.

CDR Okay. Okay, now.

PLT I'll tell you one thing. I ain't all that keen on
these ... It's got a big ...

CDR Yes, it's a plansonic [?] mike like they wear in the
MOCR. But do you think they'd ever give us that?
That big gosh darn lightweight headset ... from our
... trying to ... in front - f/8 - f/8, 1/250,
infinity, one frame per second, CX01. That's it,
baby. Do your thing. Wheee!

SPT ... light on.

CDR Day 145, right?

PLT ... fairly ... plugged in?

CDR ... did you - did you clear memory?

PLT Yes.

CDR Wait, wait.

$PT Just like in the movies.

SPT ... You're right. You can move all around up here ...

PLT ...

CDR Yes.

PLT Look more attractive ... already ... I'm trying to

whistle, but I can't. (Whistling)

SPT Yes, you can learn to whistle, but it takes ...


PLT (Whistling)

SPT You got to hold your lips a little farther apart

and - here.

CDR Joe, when are you going ...?

Day145 Page

SPT Who me? ... must be thinking ... No, I am trying to

save this ... but the trash is not - the bag I Just
resurrected is Just not big enough to hold it all, but
the idea was good.

SPT Okay. Do you want the TV camera ...?

16 51 59 CDR Yes. Let's see. Let me - let me - let me go through

this. We ought to get the TV camera ready for the - -

PLT Yes.

CDR - - ... pass.

PLT All right.

CDR We got a burn coming up; see that's what's bugging

me. Wait, wait. Here it is ... We ... from the
A-1 but we didn't take it. We didn't block in any
•.. days ... Where's that ...?

SPT ... never ...

CDR All right; now _alt a minute. Configure camera

CM 2, DAC lO, 18, CXO1, bracket A-8 [sic], mirror.

SPT Right.

CDR NOw CMh/HDC01/CX0h, f/8, 1/250, and infinity. You

got it, right?

SPT It's out and set.

CDR Okay. For flyaround, inspection, and SEVA photo-

graphs, get the following and place in TSB:
16-millimeter magazine CX02 in B-8.

SPT ... Okay.

CDR And the 70-millimeter magazine CX23 in B-8.

SPT Okay .... another one.

CDR Put them in the TSB.

SPT TSB ... set.


SPT ...that'sit for the ...

46 Day145

16 53 19 PLT "You want the bag?

SPT No .... Now I get ... the ..., right?

CDR Yes°

SPT CX02 is the DACer, huh?

CDR Right.

PLT ...

CDR ... in B-8.

SPT ... A03 .... All right, here's CXO3 for you.



CDR Yes.

16 54 ii SPT ... got me ... in here, I can't get ...

PLT It's tight.


$PT I didn't think you were going to try to get it.

PLT ...

16 54 26 CDR Okay. Where are we? Did you get CX02?

SPT Yes.

CDR Did you get CX237

SPT Yes.

CDR All right. Now, Joe?

SPT Uh -huh.

CDR A-9.

16 54 41 SPT A-9.

CDR Thirty-five-millimeter lens, and the 300 is in

there, too,isn'tit? _-

Day 145 Page _7

SPT The Nikon and the 300-millimeter lens are in there.

I don't know what lens is on the Nikon. Some other
lens .... ?

CDR And in A-9, you're going to need CX21 and CX22.

SPT Twenty-one is loaded.

CDR Twenty-one is loaded.

SPT These are 35-millimeter?

16 55 07 CDR Yes, sir. And BW07.


17 29 59 PLT Okay.

17 30 54 CDR Well, right now, the DELTA-V C is ...

PLT Got the program okay, this time, huh?

CDR Roger.

17 32 02 PLT The hand control switches, eight of them CLOSED.

... are closed. SPS in RATE COMMAND.

CDR Don't hit my hand controller now.

PLT Okay. DELTA-V is ... is correct. GDC align.

CDR All right, babe. Now that's better.

CDR Okay. Now .... Paul? What you looking at - the

Moon going by?

SPT What's that, Hawaii, we're going over?

17 33 32 CDR You don't have an S-band lock, do you? Is that

S-band, now?

17 33 43 SPT Yes, it is Hawaii.

CDR Is that S-band, now?

PLT Is that Hawaii, Joe?

SPT ... volcanos ...

48 Day145

SPT ... big islands ... Pahoa Island ...

17 34 24 CDR Okay.

17 34 34 CDR Okay, Paul. Set DET.

PLT Yes.

17 34 38 CDR Okay. l've ... COMMAND RESET.

17 36 56 PLT Plus i, minus i, plus i; how about that (laughter).

CDR Yes. Okay, Paul, ... GIMBAL MOTORS, OFF, ...


CDR How come you're talking VHF?

CC We got an S-band problem at the Hawaii tracking


CDR Hand controller, down. Joe, you ready to monitor


SPT Yes.

CDR Okay .... YAW l, SPS, okay ... Okay, coming on

with PITCH 2, YAW 2, ... Okay, NARROW, AC/DC,
DIRECT, _2, Paul.

CREW ...

17 37 36 CC ... 1 minute to LOS at Hawaii, you're looking

real good; you're GO for the burn and we're
going to see you at Goldstone at 4 ...

CDR Okay, that's Just about burn time, and we're

Just standing by to make the burn.

CC ... and when you get it squared away after the

burn, I've got a little note here that I want to
t_]k to you about ...

CDR Okay. All talk about it ... now that we're going
to go to NCC and get the ...

CREW ...

PLT SPS, we got it ... MINIMUM IMPULSE, NCC at 16

Day145 Page

CDR Okay ... hand controllers are ON. I'd like Paul
and ... valve A, Paul ... How do you like riding
SPS burns standing up?

PLT Oh, and the first time it burned and the panel
went away from me Just like ... and I was in one
g ... the whole spacecraft was moving ...

17 42 12 CREW Got a minute, got a minute ...


19 58 20 CDR ... if I can't pass the ... areas ...

CDR What?

CDR No, it's not flashing.

SPT ...

CDR No, no. It's the red that's flashing.

PLT Right.

19 59 39 CDR Now you can see those lights on it .... docking

ring ... so far apart. Look down ...

SPT Oh, yes! I think that's great. You get an optical


CDR Not every time; not every time.

SPT Not every time is right, right.

CDR Joe -

SPT I got it.

20 00 l0 CDR Okay, you guys. If you're all ready we'll ... and
all that.

PLT Well, not if ... right.

20 00 24 CDR All right. All right. Here we go .... burn ...

77 right. Okay. Both of you switch over to VOX
50 Day145

SPT ...

20 01 07 CDR Four Jet ullage .... 11103. Four Jets.

PLT ...

CDR Yes.

SPT ...

CDR All right, Paul, ...

CDR 14 seconds -

SPT ... mean 14 minutes

20 03 12 CDR ... right .... i ... i. Four Jet ullage TVC ...
1. 19-18-17-16-15-1h-

CDR Four Jet ullage ...

20 03 50 PLT Okay.


CDR You know, I was Just thinking of the logic to this

thing. If that were messed up underneath, the wing
wouldn 't open at all.

CDR Yes, I know, because it's wrapped around it, a

little. I got the feeling that ... I got it.

PLT One trash bag coming up.

PLT Well, you don't have that . .. the heck out of that
stuff, doesn't it?

CDR Yes.

SPT You'd better have the right material.

CDR That is one of the reasons I suspect the temperature

is going up slowly.

SPT Yes.
Day1_5 Page

CREW ...

PLT ... same place, same two-way around.

SPT No, sir.

PLT I got it .... Just showed up this morning.

SPT ...

PLT ... Joe, you got it?

SPT I got it, but I'm not sure I can get -

PLT Easy, now, easy. I 'll get out of your way.

CREW Okay, I've got them.

CDR Okay, now - What are we going to do with the Jack-


SPT l'd like to take a look at the tunnel, here.

CDR All right, and l'll unscrew them for you. Open
them wide. Okay, I guess they are. Which way is
open wide?

SPT Left to screw them.

* No time available for communications within brackets. Placement of

transcript assumed from Flight Plan time line.

CDR That's open wide?


CDR Well, that's the way they are.

, PLT Well, they were going to see if they can stow it.

PLT You want the end off ... or not?

CDR Yes, if you can.

CDR Are you ready for them, Joe?

52 Day145

_]PT Ready for one of them.

CDP, One of" them. After we get the Jackscrews on, what do
I do? Put the - [ can't put the tool kit away yet,
can [?

C['T No, i need that.

CD[_ Okay.

SPT Okay, I'm ready for another one.

CDI_ Yes ...

PLT Really, I had it. We'll make a ... out of it ...

PLT Oh, there's a better place to put that thing. Let

me ...

CDR All right - nryway for a moment so I can kee]p on with

it. Okay .... tool kit ... the little Jackscrews ...

PLT That tool kit is a ...

PLT Yes, I'Ii do that right now, here.

CDR Okay, I'ii hold on until you're ready to preD up the


PLT Yes, yes. Right now I'm ... okay.

CDR Yes.

PLT Did you get _y hose? ... Did I do that to _yse!f?

PLT Yes. Yes. Tr7 to pull that hand controller out of

there, Joe.

SPT I got the switch here. Hold it steady, now.

CDR You think that's fast?

SPT Yes, I do.

PLT Be careful, I got ahold of them.

CRE_ Okay.
Day145 Page

CDR ... locate the ... right on ...

PLT Yes.

PLT Are you going to pull in the hood?

SPT You got it? Keep turning ...

I SPT How doesthat grabyou?

SPT Okay. Now, I got to ... someplace where it will stay.

CDR You want to put it back in V-37

CREW ...

SPT Yes, but I need a tool.

CDR Oh, all right.

SPT All I need is one tool.

CDR Well, where were we hanging it before?

SPT Right in here.

CDR Is that where you been looking?

SPT Y_es.

CDR Okay. Now, you ready for this side hatch prep?

PLT Yes ... yes.

CDR GN2 valve handle, pull to vent.

SPT Okay. Let me get down in here.

CDR Gage reads -

PLT ... wait a minute ...

PLT ... what kind of stuff I have, here. Let me have ...
Give it to me.

CREW Okay, it vents. Gage reads zero.

SPT All right. Just a minute. Let me get that one taken
care of. You got to pull your leg up.
54 Day145

CDR Oh, you got to do that?

CDR Okay.

SPT All right.

CDR Now, gage ... back? Yes. Leave in vent position?

SPT Okay. j

CDR Verify and give - or flash me a ... mark on the counter-


SPT Already there.

SPT Can you see it?

CDR Okay. Disconnect hatch counterbalance ..., lock pin

and turn counterclockwise to stop.

CREW ...

CDR Okay, Joe?

SPT Yes?

CDR Did you want to stow the EVA equipment bag om A-I and
snap in the LEB?

SPT Yes.

CDR You have?

SPT I have.

CDR Have you unstowed the SPT's EV gloves in R-I3 and

placed in TSB top pocket.

SPT You got them in your hand.

CDR Right. SPT's. Right.

SPT They came from out of R-13.

CDR Okay. There you go, Joe, put them in your TSB down
there. Did we get the maintenance kit out?

SPT Don't need it.

Day145 Page55

CDR No antifog?

SPT I got it in my pocket.

CDR Okay.

CDR Clean and antifog three helmets.

I CDR If we don't need get any PGA maintenancekit, we

don't need to do -

SPT That's i0 minutes right there. Darn you.

CDR Hey, you want me to put that away?

SPT Might as well.

CDR There you go. You don't need anything else out of
it , huh?

CREW ...

CDR Put it back in R13.

SPT Ah! Ha!

CDR Joe, ... again, huh?

SPT No. No wonder I didn't have much room in that pocket


PLT What's that?

SPT Optic cleaning kit mess.

PLT Let me have my helmet, Joe, will you?

SPT Pete, let your helmet float. Your helmet - Shouldn't

your helmet - you're going to lubricate same?

SPT Yes, I ought to have a tissue.

CDR I'ii lubricate mine, if you hand me mine.

PLT And, I think l'd best get back -

CDR You get back in there!

56 Day145

SPT I sure don't see any unstow lanyard and pull on the

SPT I'm going to have to hang onto my ..., I guess.

CDR Uh-huh.

SPT Well, just let me ... ! got ... in the head.

CREW ...

SPT I haven't got -

CDR l'm sorry -

SPT ...

CREW ... got over with.

23 12 52 CDR Okay, CABIN PRESSURE RELIEF valve, two of them_ to


PLT I got to get out of these gloves here. All right,

two of them, okay. You want to rig those tools first?
I want to know how you want them rigged,yes.

PLT Do you think we ought to go at it with first ... on

the bottom of this pole?

CDR Yes.

PLT We're not going to use single length of pole?


PLT Want two pieces of pole stuck together ... one end of
one ... The first one out has a mushroom on the one
end. Hooking another pole to this; on the other pole
will be ...

SC Okay.

SPT You got a call for this one?

PLT Now.

PLT Yes. May have.

SPT Over here where I can reach it.

Day145 Page

CDR Okay, now, where are we.

SPT I'm rigging tools.



PLT Yours, that is yours.

CDR CABIN REPRESS valve on 3-51.

PLT ...

23 13 55 CDR And, Joe, while you're down there, you might as well
put my couch out straight.

PLT Look, if my ... I'm going to tell you before I ...

CDR You're going to what?

PLT I'm going to tell you before I pull or push on any-

thing and which direction I'm going to pull or push.

SPT Okay, there's something - two other tools in there to

straighten. You want me to have either or both of
those out and rigged ready to go.

PLT No ... No, that's not. Forget this package. Is

that right? Yes, that's the package that goes to the
sail. Ah, there it is.

SPT Okay, I was sure that thing was stuck in ...

CDR Must be the trigger in the box ....

PLT ...

CDR It's screwed down, Joe. It's screwed down. Atta boy.
We have to go slow but sure or we aren't going to
make it on time .... Don't want to have to do a
half-assed - we're not in too bad shape. We got 20 min-
utes of daylight.

23 14 54 PLT Well, do you want to start out? Have to quit halfway

through, or what?
58 Day145

CDR No, I think we'll get off in 20 minutes. We're not

that far from it. As soon as you're satisfied your
tools are rigged, we can pull the check and do it.
All this banging around in here is really whacking
across the microphone.

PLT Will you help me put my gloves on? These darned things
sure fit tight. In gloves ... Okay, I got to go over
here. I

CDR Now, make sure that's all on. Okay?

PLT Yes.

CDR All right. Let me have that. Lot of trouble, Joe,

finding place to put things.

SPT Yes, trying to do it in a hurry.

CDR That's all right. Take your time, take your time.

PLT ...

CDR Did it go out all the way?

PLT Yes.

CDR Satisfied?

PLT Yes.

CDR Okay. There you go ... All right now.

23 18 09 SPT Pete, you want you Sun visor?

CDR Please. Much trouble to get off? Why don't you leave
it alone, you're ...

SPT ...

CDR Well, I use the sun visor, but I don't think we'll
need it. But I'll put it on.

SPT ... the line.

SPT ... contaminate the workshop. Okay, you got it.

PLT Well, it's the glycol ... going up on ...

Day145 Page

SC ...

SC Yeah.

CDR Now, wait a minute.

PLT Gosh darned string is out.

I CDR ...thatstring?

PLT Good idea, Joe. This pole here? The first section?

SPT Yes.

PLT Pass it out to me ... first.

SPT Yes.

PLT And I'ii pass it through the ring on my tether.

SPT Turn it around after you get it out.

PLT Aha ! Okay.

SC Whew!

CDR All right, are you ready to pick up, Joe?

SPT You're ...

CDR Are you ready to pick up, Joe?

SPT Yes.


SPT Yes.

CDR I wish you'd hang that over on your side somewhere.

SPT CABIN REPRESS is OFF. You want it on your seat -

flat out?

CDR Yes, please.

CDR Well, I don't think that is as satisfactory as up.

But l'm going to have to leave it that way for the
60 Day145

check, but I'm going to put it back up for the flight.

Okay? Yes. EMERGENCY 02 valve, CLOSED, verify on
panel 600.




CDR REPRESS 02 indicator, approximately 900.

SPT Yes.

23 22 06 CDR SURGE TANG, 900.

SPT Yes, about 840; where it's been ever since we got in.

CDR Okay, CABIN FANS, OFF; let's see, the SURGE TANK,
what's it? About 840, also?

SPT Yes.

CDR Okay, 02 HEATERS, two of them, to AUTO.

SPT They are.

CDR Remember we have this 226 panel to cheek, Joe.

SPT All right.

CDR CB CRY0 02 i00 watt HEATER i, MAIN A, to CLOSE.

SPT CYRO 02, i00 watt, MAIN A, to CLOSE.

CDR CRY0 02, i00 watt HEATER 2, MAIN B, to CLOSE.

CDR ... CRYO 02 50 watt HEATER i, MAIN B, OPEN.



SPT Oh, it's one close and one open.

CDR Okay; verify gas connector plugs installed and all

connectors locked.

CDR PGA DIVERTER valve, horizontal.

Day145 Page

CDR Install drink bags; don wristlets and comfort gloves;

configure couch pans; and go to SEVA cue card now.

SPT I'll go to the cue card ....

CDR ...

CDR PLT don helmet/SEVA; do not rotate helmet; lower SEVA

i protectivevisor; don EV gloves and cover gloves; and
don wrist tether, if you want it.

PLT I want it.

SPT Okay, you want to put it on or should Pete put it on?

PLT Yes.

PLT ... drink thing; that son of a gun gets me right in

... sounded like it. There you go. Inner one down?

SPT Inner one is - no, they're all up.

PLT Okay.

CDR Joe, can you hand me my helmet and gloves?

PLT _ing to undock before you repress surge?

CDR Yes.

CDR You just hang on to that for a moment.

23 27 35 PLT Want some help, Joe?

CDR _LI right, is everybody buttoned in his suit for the


SC Another set of gloves to don?

CDR My hoses in your way, Joe? You can clip them up out
of the way.

PLT You going to need help with that?

SPT I don't know.

PLT You got it lined up?

SPT Yes, it's lined up pretty well.

62 Day145

PLT Hold it. I'm going to be in trouble here.

SPT All right, it's lined up good.

CDR What's sticking up in the back of his neck, here,

Paul? That it.

SPT Yes.

CDR Okay, now, would you read this to me?

SC You got DIRECT 02 going on for i minute.

SPT Okay.


SPT Okay_ DIRECT 0A open for i minute. This is a purge.

Don't know why_we're doing that. Yes, I do too,
trying to get the nitrogen out.

23 32 25 SPT End of i minute - close it.

SPT Is it closed?

CDR They're going closed.

SPT All right ... integrity check. CIRCUIT RETURN valve,

CLOSE, push.

CDR It is.

SPT Pressure indicator on the panel and the console should

be between 4.7 and 5.3.

CDR It is.

SPT 02 FLOW should be 0.2 to 0.4.

CDR It is.

SPT Okay, and then there's the caution about staying in

the PRESS position until we're stabilized.

CDR You ready?


to OPEN. Reads FLOW and HIGH.

Day145 Page

PLT SUIT PRESS is coming up.

SPT Okay, l-l/2 to 2 psi, SUIT over CABIN, tell Pete that
he should cycle the two SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN valves.

PLT All right.

CDR WT1en you get 2-1/2 pounds above CABIN, let me know.

PLT Two above CABIN? Let's see, you're one above CABIN

CDR Thanks. Gosh darn it. What are we now?

PLT Seven and a half, which is 2-1/2 above CABIN. How's

everybody's ears?

SC Mine are terrible.

CDR All right, wait a minute, l'm going to cycle this.

Knock it down. Okay, it's cycled.

SPT Okay, keep it on going up to 4. Close DIRECT 02 at 4.

CDR How higharewe now?

PLT We're up to 8, which is 3 above CABIN. Probably ought

to stop it at 3-1/2.

CDR How high is it going to go?

PLT It'll go darned near 4-1/2 if you let it, but 3-1/2
is a good test.

CDR I got it, I got it.

PLT You got the air, huh?

CDR Gosh darn, yes, finally.

PLT Yes, I got 3.2 on the cuff gage.

CDR All right, here we go. How high do we have to go?

PLT Well, the test ... is about 4.4, 4.5.

23 36 00 CDR Okay, we got it back. 55 minutes right now. Reset

the clock. And I still have A-3 and A-4 on, Paul,
remember that.
64 Day145

PLT Yes.

CDR Okay, how high is the deal, now?

PLT 3.7.

CDR How high we supposed to go?

PLT The cuff gage should read between 4.1 and 4.5. Oooh,
mine just went on up.

CDR Yes, hold it. Let me get it off.

SPT Okay, get DIRECT 02 OFF.

CDR l'm trying to. Okay, it's OFF.

SPT The pressure should be 4.1 to 4.5 by the cuff; 8.8 to

9.8 on the gage.

CDR Yes.

PLT 02 FLOW HIGH light should be out - No, it's still on.

SPT Okay,but it'sstabilized.

SPT Still on, still pegged.

CDR ... got the valve off.

SPT Your DIRECT 02 is OFF, SUIT PRESS indicator is still


CDR Yes.

PLT Here comes the 02 FLOW down.

SPT It's gotta come down to less than 0.8 pounds per hour
for 30 seconds or we got to ...

PLT Understand. You hear me?

SC Good loop suit.

PLT Do you hear me?

SPT Do I hear you?

PLT Yes.
Day145 Page

SPT Yes. That it.

PLT No, not yet, there, it just went below 0.8.

SPT Okay.

PLT At 3715, it's still dropping. My pressures never

came down and the 02 FLOW is still dropping.

SPT If it's been below 0.8 for 30 seconds, you got it.


cDR My pressure's 4.6.

SPT Yes, mine is, too.

PLT So's mine.

CDR Yes, there's DEPRESS.

CDR Okay. 02 flow indicator should continue to drop to

the 0.2 to 0.4 range. Suit pressure gets down to
less than i psi over CABIN, SUIT TEST valve to OFF.

SPT Test valve to what?

CDR Wait till Paul tells you its a little higher than the
cabin, then move it to OFF.

23 39 12 CDR Okay, can you put my ... suit depresses here?

SPT ._. raise your cuff to the ... position.

CDR Then why don't you Just Jump over to undocking so I

can get off here and start heading for the wing.

SPT Undocking is next.

CDR Okay. If I get out of here, we can sort of go around

that way and you can start dumping the cabin while
I'm flying.

SC Yes.

PLT That darned suit pressure goes down awful slow.

CDR I know it.

66 Day145

CDR Do I push it in?

SPT What do you mean, push it in?

CDR I thought there was a dump position by pushing it in.

23 41 59 SPT There's a dump position by going to ON.

CDR What's the undocking checklist? Why don't you start

reading it? I

SPT Okay, your THC and RHC should be unlocked.

CDR Unlocked. Well, I'm not in the right position. Got

to get you to move the couch over me.

SPT We're Just waiting for suit pressure to come down.

CDR ... taking long enough. I can't move myself back.

I can't, ... There. Is the foot thing up?

SPT Wait a minute. No.

MS .,°

CDR What's the cabin there now, Paul?

PLT About 7-1/2.

CDR Seven and a half.

PLT Yes, but my cuff gage is a little low.

CDR ... All right, now go ahead.

SPT Okay. Undocking checklist. THC POWER should be ON.



CDR Two of them CLOSED.

SPT Okay, the next step happens when you are ready to go.

CDR Where's the cabin?

PLT I want to extend this YY strut. The cabin's about

Day1_5 Page

CDR Shoot, are we off to the side?

SPT You may want to center it before you undock.

CDR Trying to do?

SPT Let's go to off right now.

I CDR All right,watch me, Joe. Okay, there it is.

SPT Okay. Verify ... the SUIT CIRCUIT REGULATOR is in ...

po siti on.

23 h2 57 CDR It is. Now the one thing I can't do is cycle that

valve again.

SPT What?

CDR All right, let' s keep on going.

SPT Well, Paul wants to get out the YY strut.

PLT Go ahead. Keep reading.

SPT Okay, your next step is PROBE EXTEND/RELEASE switch

to EXTEND/RELEASE and hold ... 20 seconds.

CDR All right, let me - I've got to -

SPT Get it to minus-X.

CDR No, let me, I've got to move over here a little.
That did it.

SPT In other words, your next step is to actually undock.

Where do you want me? You want me to get down in the
tunnel here now?

CDR I'm going to undock. And don't hit the hand controller,
please. Very nice. Okay, how do we undock, Just go

SPT You go to EXTEND/REL_.ASE and hold it.

CDR Hold it. Paul, probably ought to do that.

CDR Yes.
68 Day145

SPT For less than 20 seconds, then after approximately

2 seconds, the minus-X translation, the probe dis-
engages, then you go to RETRACT/0FF on that switch.


SPT And the talkbaek ought to be gray.

23 44 26 CDR Ready. Okay, there we go. Now, it went RETRACT. You i

want to go to RETRACT?

SPT Go to the RETRACT position, and then go to OFF.

CDR And go to OFF. RETRACT and then OFF.

SPT The talkbacks ought to be gray. Are they on?

CDR They are.

SPT Then OPEN the CBs, DOCKING PROBE, two of them.

CDR Okay, DOCKING PROBE, two of them are OPEN.

SPT Okay, CMC mode should be AUTO or as desired, I guess.

CDR In hold.

SPT Maneuver to SEVA station keeping position and BMAGs to

A_T 1/RATE 2.

CDR Go around; that's fine.

SPT And the next sequence is CMD thrust.

CDR Now where - there those ... discones are. Don't want
to get in their way.

SPT When do you want me to start bag?

CDR After awhile.

CDR I got to keep the discone antennas in sight.

CDR You all right, Paul?

PLT Huh?

CDR See where I'm headed?

PLT No, I got this side ... I didn't want to ... better.
Day 1_5 Page 69

CDR Yes.

23 h6 37 CDR You know what? You - you're - I'll tell you your
eyes are ... you make you so nervous when you're down
there with those hand controllers. You're ...

PLT Yes.

! CDR I Just don't want to - you know - all of a sudden get

swamped into the vehicle.

CDR You know what happened, gosh darn it. It's burning
the skin on that son of a gun.

PLT Yes.

CDR Firing ... like crazy.

PLT The ATM ... throw a pretty good shadow across there.

CDR Yes. That was a gimbal light, and I'm a long way
from that.

PLT Got a way to avoid gimbal ...?

CDR ... bothers me is I'm flying right under the ... -

there it is.

CDR ....think I'll hit it.

CDR Must be hitting it with my thrusters.

CDR ... I'm going to fly right ... smack into the gimbal
lights ....

PLT ... go ...?

CDR Yes. Trying to see what that piece is right there

out your hatch. Now, can you see the discone on the
right side?


CDR Huh?


CDR All right. Why don't you - We're about as close as

I can have you. You know, let me get it all stopped
and startdepressing.
70 Day145

SPT Okay.

CDR You see that angle ... bent over it? Think you can
pry that back?

PLT No. I think we ought to Just go to the other end and

heave on the thing.

CDR All right.

23 49 14 PLT Gimbal lock light ...

CDR Yes, I know.

CREW ...


PLT You're well outside the ... area.

CDR Yes. Well, here's where you've got to ... from, I


PLT A long haul, we can try.

CDR No, I can get it closer, but I Just want to get down
in the stops. Why don't you start depressing .the

PLT Okay. Let me get in position.

CDR All right; I got to get into position, too, because

I can't see .... I pull my lap belt here. Hold
it ....

PLT ... you could stay in this roll ...

CDR Okay. Wait, wait. Oh shoot, stop ....... the

other lap belt. Gosh durn.

PLT Adjust it ...

CDR I can't - wait a minute - still trying to get ...

leave it in there. All right. Drifting in there.
Okay, ... go back, I want to pitch up a little.

PLT Okay, now you want to be at this attitude but down

a little lower.

CDR Okay. Letme getthe attitude.

Day145 Page

SPT Okay.

23 50 52 CDR I Just ... like ...

SPT Let's start on the depress ...

CDR All right; go ahead.

SPT Okay. EMERGENCY CABIN PRESS select, OFF; I've done

it. SIDE HATCH DUMP valve, OPEN and leave it open
until 3 to 3-1/4 and then close it.

CDR Turn on the DAC .... you go.

PLT What do you want to dump to?

SPT Between 3 and 3-1/4.

PLT Okay, ... out of the way.

CDR Did you keep the DAC on?

SPT Yes.

PLT ... 3.

CDR Okay, what's 02 flow?

SPT O2 FLOW is 0.6.

23 52 15 SPT All right. Suit pressure should be between 3.5 and 4,

on the MDC.

PLT ... is 3.5 on the MDC.

SPT All right. Monitor CABIN PRESSURE now to 0.0 psia.

Open DUMP valve ...

PLT ... 16 ... data ...

SPT And the 02 FLOW should be about 6.6. Now it's gone
up. Well, this is after we get done. Why is it going
up now?

23 52 54 CDB Because the suit's coming up.

SPT Well, ... go up. Pressure should remain stable at ...

72 Day145

PLT 02's high.

SPT Gosh durn. Everything happens so slow here.

23 53 22 CDR ... Oh, wait a minute. I got to turn those thrusters

OFF, A-3 and A-4.

SPT Down about one and a quarter.

CDR All right....

PLT How's the 02 FLOW?

SPT About 0.8.

CDR ..., when you get the hatch open, I'll drive in there.

SPT Okay.

PLT Say, is the DAC on?

SPT I got it on ...

CREW ...

CDR Aft.

PLT ...

CDR All right now, Paul, you go ahead and try to turn

PLT Wait a minute.

SPT Are you hanging up on anything?

PLT Yes, but I can't see what it is.

SPT ... looks okay .... on your left shoulder. Now

you're go. However, oh, shoot. Paul, we didn't get
that ... It rolled the wrong way.

PLT I know. I Just want to get the valve closed.

SPT Okay.

CDR Got 25 minutes.

SPT Hurry, Pete.

Daylh5 Page

CDR Sorry ... everybody afraid, that's all.

PLT Yes.

SPT I think one good solid ... the idea of pulling it,
that son of a gun is going to come out of there.

PLT Is the valve closed?

SPT Yes.

PLT Now I can grab ...

SPT How's this thing go back in there?

CDR But you got to really be careful of this hand controller.

PLT I don't know what I can do about.

CDR Well, I'll keep putting my arm over it, and I'll lock
it. Okay, what's the cabin?

SPT Near as I can tell, about a half.

PLT Okay, we're within 0.7 of the 02 flow. What's it

say next _ Joe?

SPT It says wait until the cabin pressure is zero.

Obviously it can't get all the way to zero.

PLT Yes.

SPT But it ought to be more than a couple of tenths.

PLT Yes.

SPT Lock pin release knob on the hatch to UNLOCK. Lock

pin indicator should be white to yellow - -

PLT Well, I've got to get turned around now.

CDR ... nobody was ever flying in formation before.

23 57 52 PLT Who am I hanging up on?

SPT Where? Inside or out?

PLT I don't know. I can't move out.

74 Day145

SPT Let me see. You - oh, wait a minute. There goes the
... bag. Which way do I throw it?

CDR The aft ... back.

SPT Well, your - your umbilical's free now. You ought to

be able to move on out.

PLT Wait a minute ... way's aft?

CDR By the hatch - in the direction of the hatch.

SPT ...

CDR Over by ... out, ...

23 59 44 PLT All right. Now, why can't I come out?

SPT You'll have to turn around. Oh, there's a - there's

a bag down here ... watch it.

PLT ...

SPT Anyway you need to turn around ...

23 59 59 CDR Watch that bag. We're going to lose that bag.

# # #
Page 75

OAY 146 (CSM)

00 00 01 PLT All right.

SPT ... stay open, I'll catch it anyway. Wait a minute.

SPT ... you go.

00 00 08 CDR Now you're out, aren't you?

PLT Yes.

CDR I'll tell you, your hose is hanging up on something

down here.

PLT No, not - -

CDR There - -

PLT Yes, that's better.

CDR All right. Now, how close do you need to go?

PLT Gcod enough.

CDR Huh?

PLT That's good enough.

CDR It is, huh?

PLT Yes, if Joe could give me the tools. You'll have to

pass it to that tether, if you can, babe.

CDR Tether?

PLT ... not that way.

CDR What's it? The other? Oh.

CDR Hey, listen. If worse came to worse, I'll turn on

the tunnel light and stationkeep here ...

PLT Oh, no. You don't want to do ...

PLT Can you tip - can you translate down _id pitch up a
76 Day146

CDR Can you see how much that ... - Can I do what?

PLT Translate down and pitch up.

CDR All right. I'm going to try it .... minute.

PLT No, if it's a good stable position, never mind.

PLT Tell you one thing. You don't jump quite as far
out up here as you did in the water tank.

SPT Yes.

PLT You just don't ....

SPT That's right.

00 01 33 CDR All right, now. How's that?

PLT Better.

SPT I'm trying to get the gosh darn pole up - up above

your bod.

PLT Okay.

SPT ... because ... whole tunnel.

PLT Yes. You know I need the mushroom end first.

SPT ... the last time you said to pass you the other
end first.

PLT Well, I mean the one with the mushroom.

SPT Which - you want the mushroom end of it or the -

PLT The other end of the one with the mushroom.

SPT All right, but I'll give you the mushroom - but -

PLT ... stuck -

SPT ... a little more ...

PLT All right. Wait now, let me get the thing over here.

O0 02 53 PLT Okay. Now, I've got to take this thing and turn it
around. There. Now can you screw the other pole on?
Let's see, I need the ... end, huh? Oh, brother_
Poles are fantastically hard to handle.
Day146 Page77

SPT Nice thing about -

PLT ... enough room -

SPT Five feet is a little long, isn't it?

PLT Yes. Gosh darn it.

PLT Pete, I ain't ... very different yet, but you know
you're a little far out right now.

CDR Oh, I know.

PLT Okay.

CDR I'm just setting here while you guys are making ...

PLT/SPT (Laughter)

PLT With what, our clocks?

CDR You're banging around. It sounds like you're

demolishing the spacecraft.

PLT ...justflewout.

CDR Feat of strength.

SPT That's all right.

PLT ... Hi, world.

O0 03 58 SPT How are you coming?

PLT All right; I'm ... here.

SPT Now, ... the ...

PLT Hey, wait a minute, maybe I'll ... You'll have to

tell me about the - -

SPT Here - here - -

PLT Wait a minute. Hold it, Joe. I'll ...

CDR Just bring it over towards me. Get your hand out
of the way.
78 Day146

PLT Yes.

CDR You got to - you got to rotate the pole. You got
to ...

PLT Huh?

CDR You got them stuck. No, you've got to wind them up

PLT I know that, Pete, gosh darn it. We ... them.

CDR ...

PLT Well we're trying to ...

CDR You got to - wait, wait. For gosh sakes, wait,

hold it. Joe, Just hold the show and let him wind
it up.

SPT All right.

CDR You got to go that way and up.

PLT The pins don't fit for anything.

SPT Let me - can you get the other pole to ...?

PLT All right.

SPT ... do any good.

CDR Get it off?

SPT Yes, right now-

PLT Shoot'

SPT What?

PLT Well, here comes the tape [?]

SPT Tape?

PLT Tape. Get that thing ...

SPT Take it all the way outside and ...

Day146 Page

PLT I don't think - I don't think we better risk doing it.

CDR It never looked to me like you ever got ...

PLT Wonder if we'll ever get them apart.

CDR Yes. You can throw that thing away, if that thing
comes out, for all I care.

PLT Okay. You got the tool on it yet?

SPT No, ...

PLT I'll do that after the ... - the work.

CDR l've got to get down, right?

SPT Yes.

CDR ... guys moved it.

SPT Is that right?

CDR Yes .... like a springing board. Going to be

awful ...

00 06 45 SPT Wait a minute, l'm Just screwing it on.

PLT Okay.

CDR ... if that thing comes out.

PLT Okay. Okay, Joe. I got the pole.

SPT All right, l'm Just trying to guide it a little.

PLT I still think that son of a gun hung up where he

said it would.

SPT Oh, yes.

PLT All right. Okay, now can you kind of hold my feet
... down there? ... me try.

SPT You want me to pull you in the - in direction and

then - -

PLT Just brace my legs against the couch.

80 Day146

SPT How is that? Push?

PLT Yes. Don't push me out too far.

CDR How far out do you have to go?

SPT How's that, ...?

PLT Good.

CDR I can't see it any more. Well, guess the darn

thing may be too close with this much pole out.

CDR Tell me to go.

SPT Yes, you're - -

PLT That gosh darn tether - there we go.

SPT Back up a hair.

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay. You better go like that. Let her drift.

CDR Okay.

00 08 27 PLT Let it drift out a little more.

SPT Here, I'll just push us out. I had the pole inside.
I don't want the - ... that I don't push us out in
the gimbal loft. He can't lay down just a tad,
can he?

PLT Joe, you get ready to pull me in, if I say so.

PLT Here it comes.

SPT That darn ... fired right at it.

CDR Fired away. Oh. What's happening up at the far end?

PLT Nothing. This son of a gun won't ... Look, look -

there it goes. There it goes .... toward us. You
really did get close to this thing.

CDR Here, here, I got it.

PLT Never mind.

Day146 Page

CDR I got it.

PLT Okay.

00 09 44 SPT Wait, wait don't close it any more now.

CDR Okay. It came out?

PLT Uh-huh. It won't budge.

CDR Now where's it hanging? Could you see that far

piece over there?

PLT Yes. I think that's where it's hanging up.

CDR I - l'm watching the solar panels ...

SPT Translate down a little. You're still closing on it.

Go down and just one blip back.

CDR That be okay, Joe?

SPT Yes.

CDR Take that down ...

SPT Yes.

CDR Okay, what you want to try now?

PLT Think we ought to go up and look for that green

metal folded over, Pete? ... Skinny sideways,
to your right?

00 i0 42 PLT l'm going to lean out a little more, Joe.

SPT All right. I've got a hold of your legs.

PLT ... there. Just hang on to that foot.

CDR Looks like there's a thing hung under the under

lip. See that?

PLT That, Pete?

CDR Yes. What is that?

82 Day146

00 Ii 06 PLT The meteoroid shield.

CDR Is it curled over that thing?

PLT The green piece is yes.

CDR Huh?

PLT Yes, the green piece is. At that angle -

CDR No, not the green piece. There's a black piece, ...
the green piece .... Looks like it's punched in
the lower end of the meteoroid ... of the thing.

PLT Yes, it is.

CDR There is a good tone ... the ATM.

PLT You're well cleared. Do you see the -

CDR I can see the ... out your hatch.

PLT Okay, you can start slowing her down, you're right
drift anytime. I hate like heck to try to trade
tools but I almost think we want to, Joe, for that
little two-pronged thing.

SPT Okay.

CDR Don't let me bank into that -

PLT No, don't go any further to the right then you are.

00 12 03 SPT Oh, where is it?


SPT Well, now wait a minute. Make sure the airlock

selector and actuator handle selector are both in
latch. And ... with the handle.

PLT That's what l'm trying to do.

SPT Okay. The hatch is closed and locked. And the one
on the left and the right, and throw the actuator
handle, and select actuator handle, select ... gear
box, verify latch.

SPT It's all complete.

Day146 Page

CDR CABIN REPRESS, verify the DUMP valve is CLOSED.

PLT I'll doublecheck it, here. I got it over on my

right, Pete.

CDR And, please verify the CABIN PRESSURE RELIEF valves

are NORMAL, and latched - -

PLT NORMAL and latched.

CDR - --the way you left them, and 02 PRESSURE indicator


CREW ...

CDR Houston, you ... still with us?

SPT Okay, Paul?

PLT Yes?

SPT Position yourself where you can get at the 02 and

REPRESS 02 valve panel 601.

PLT I'm there.

SPT All right, I want you to open it, and close it at

about 1 psi in the cabin. Can you see the cabin


CDR Can you read the cabin pressure gage to me?

CDR ... why don't you just hold still until I get this
thing soft docked.

CDR All right. Okay.

PLT Right. I - I can read the cabin gages ... now.

SPT All right. Now, hold it, now. Soft dock it. Can
you reach all the switches?

No time available fcr communications within brackets. Placement of

transcript assumed from Flight Plan time line.
84 Day146

CDR Go - go ahead and keep repressing, and I can see

what you're doing.

SPT Well, all right. Give me a hold when it gets to 1.

CDR Now I can't see it.

CDR Can you roll over there and look?

PLT Huh?

CDR Can you roll over there and look?

PLT I can't.

SPT What we're doing is gross rate check, Paul, so the

exact number is not that important.

PLT Yes, I know.

CDR We want to dump the whole thing - -

PLT Understand.

PLT That's about a half. Is that close enough, or should

it be more?

CDR I guess more is better - more is better.

PLT Well, I guess you want the DOCKING PROBE circuit

breakers closed, Chief.

CDR Going closed.

PLT Okay, that's one. What do we do with it?

SPT Let it go for 30 seconds, for gross leakage.

PLT 24

SPT Say it again.

CDR You might turn that spotlight on just to keep...

dark because ... going on.


switch in the RETRACT position, too.
Day146 Page

PLT All right.

SPT Be careful not to blow a bottle while you're doing it.

PLT We have retracted the pyros. They're not on.

CREW ...

SPT And, that ought to do it. I don't have a checklist

for you to keep track when we're docking, believe
it or not.

CDR That's okay. If I get in front of it, I'll be all

right. I'm all right now. I'm in a good position.
I'm not worried now.

SPT Okay, you got that - did we not make -

CDR I don't think we came a little -

PLT Well, good, we're probably pretty well in.

CDR You are?

PLT We ... a little in.

SPT You got to hurry up a little bit. Okay, l'li get

back on the cue card.

PLT All that darn time out there, and never had time
tc look around.

CDR Yes. Okay, now open up the REPRESS 02 valve until

the surge tank is down to 150, and then close it.

PLT It'll bring some of the pressure off the suit,


CDR Yes.

PLT Darn it2 That's frustrating.

CDR What's that?

PLT Get out there - that close -

CDR Oh, yes.

86 Day146

PLT ... Pete, it's just like it was built that way.

CREW ...

CDR And it was too thick to cut with the cutters, huh?

PLT Yes. And those cutters ...

SPT You got any cutters on you? ... make it around here.

PLT Yes, and those cutters, the way they got them, you
can never get ahold of them.

CDR ... front of them. Yes.

PLT We got almost 3_1/2 in the cabin, as far as we can


CDR ... air trapped in there.

PLT I guess that's to be expected.

CDR Hey, Joe, I got the CP's in the trap and ..., or

SPT To the best of my recollection it's two, yes.

SPT The talkbacks are gray and they ought to go barber pole.

PLT I was Just trying to stay out of your way, Pete.

CDR Yes, l'm in good shape now. I don't count any ... I
have, I got everything.

PLT What's the surge say?

CDR Plus 150.

PLT Okay. Pete, can you close the valves?

CDR Tell you in a moment.

SPT You don't have to close them, they are closed.

REPRESS 02 valve. No, the REPRESS PACKAGE valve,
should go OFF.


Day146 Page

SPT Yes.

CDR Oh, shucks.

SPT Never mind. Forget it.

CDR All right, I'll - stop ... here. Just a minute -

Now what do you want, the REPRESS PACKAGE valve OFF
or ON? All right, the SURGE TANK is OFF. What else
do you want?

SPT That's all.

SPT l'm in the checklist, l'm opening the CABIN REPRESS

valve and we're supposed to monitor surge tank pressure

PLT Pete's got it turned OFF over here.

Sl°T I told you to turn it OFF. CABIN REPRESS, the one

down here.

PLT Go ahead and dock.

PLT Good high poke.

SPT All right, it should be - I got this valve open, got

a barber pole.

PLT Am I in your way? Have we got a barber pole?

CDR I didn't see them. I think I got it. I didn't.

All right. Now, how do we cycle this thing?

CDR You go to EXTEND/Pk_.w.ASE, OFF.

SPT You go EXTEND/RELV._SE. Are you sure you're not


CDR Backing out right now.

CDR All right, now, RETRACT.

SPT Go to RETRACT, and stay in RETRACT, and I'll watch it.

CDR Roger.
88 Day146

PLT How's that old hand? Tell me when you are about to
make contact.


CDR Punch it out down there if you can, Joe.

SPT All right.

SPT It didn't go gray; it didn't even go barber pole.

You got the breakers in?

CDR Yes, I got the breakers in.

SPT Wait a minute, here, take that cue card and get it
out of here.

SPT I got to go back to the launch checklist. Get the

procedures. How's the surge tank, Paul?

PLT Two hundred and holding right at 200. Oh, crap.

I got it, Joe.

PLT Okay, ... voice coming on again, - Oh, shoot that's

the wrong checklist - Oh, maybe it's in here.

CDR Holy smokes.

PLT What is that? Oh, these are off, right.

CDR Okay, we're going into dark. Turn on the spotlight,


PLT The spotlight has been on, sir.

PLT You got your visor up?

CDR I got it up as best I can.

PLT Okay. Okay, the predocking switch list. It should

be in AUTO RCS SELECT, A-3, MAIN A, that's 3-93 if
you want it.

CDR I have it.

PLT Okay. Docking attitude - -

Day146 Page


PLT Yes, ATT 1/RATE 2.



SPT DOCKING PROBE RETRACT switches both OFF, center.

Those are the bottles down there.

CDR Yes.


CDR All[ right.

PLT And, it should stay in RETRACT.

SPT Let's go to RETRACT and then ON.

CDR No, continue in RETRACT.

PLT All1 right.

PLT The talkbacks ought to be gray.

CDR They are.

PLT Ail right, now, it says PYR0 ARM, ON because that

would be preparing for a hard dock.


CDR Yes, yes.

PLT 0ke,v. Well, statlonkeeplng and capture, and it

captured, see the backup docking procedures in the
Systems Checklist. Okay, go to that.

CDR All right. Let me - -

PLT You're doing it right.

CDR - - let me have a half a second on it. Are you ready?

PLT Get set, go.

90 Day146

CDR Get anything?

$PT No.

CDR Okay, back up.

CDR All right. What happened?

PLT I don't know, we just -

CDR I went to EXTEND/RELEASE and then back to OFF and

then to RETRACT, right?

PLT That's right, right. You got to go to EXTEND/RELEASE,


PLT Have you got the six ... docking latches?

SPT It's back in here, I'm trying to Juggle things -

What's the cabin pressure?

PLT The cabin pressure's a little over h - ... dock ...

pure oxygen here. Can you hold it for me, too?

CDR Time for anotherEVA,tonight.

CDR Oh, switch on there ... soft dock that long, babe.


CDR Probably did something to the probe swinging on that

lock that long, babe. It surprised everybody,
including me.

CREW Okay.

00 36 42 CDR Hello, Houston. We got a problem. We're repressing

the cabin to 4 - a little over 4 right now. I've
made two attempts to put us soft dock, and now I
can't get one, and we're just about to start through
the emergency procedures. And standing by, awaiting
your suggestions. 12 44, okay, we think ... analysis
and I guess we'll try this third one. I guess that
fourth one's another superduper EVA, right?

surize the command module.

U PLT Yes, it's the - do the pyro cover. Have to depres-
Day146 Page

CDR You do what?

PLT You go up into the probe and you get the probe pyro
cover and you take it off.

CDR ... surge tank.

PLT Still at 250.


CDR And repress bottle to zero, right.

PLT That's right.

CC Good.

CDR Well, see if I can't bring them -

PLT No, you can't bring them up any faster.

CDR I got to wait until the surge tank's _00.

PLT That's what you're supposed to do. Yes.

CDR Now, I'd never believe after that thing worked once.

PLT It worked so nice.

CDR I didn't hold it longer than 20 seconds.

CDR Perfect dock the first time.

PLT Yes.

SPT All right, there's another ... tight fit there. The
other end is tangled up in the COAS, Pete. Can you
free it?

CDR There you go.

PLT All right now, where are we?

SPT You got some place to put them?

PLT I can always find some place.

No time available for communications within brackets. Placement of

transcript assumed from Flight Plan time line.
Page 92 Day 146

sPT Well, it lightens up quite a bit, doesn't it?

CDR Yes.

PLT Lots of lights on the ...

CDR Yes.

PLT Gol-danged things are still gray.

CDR They haven't blinked.

PLT Not only that, but we haven't engaged any ...

PLT How about the malf procedures?

CDR Yes, let's go.

PLT Well, we could look at them before we do _thing.

I don't think they's show you much because they've
for ...

SPT What are you going to do - pull the probe out?

PLT No, you don't have to pull it out, you just expose
it, to get at it.

SPT Can you do it from the bottom end?

PLT Yes.

CDR I need that tonight like I need a hole in the head.

PLT Let me look at the malf procedures.

SPT Go ahead. You can read those.

PLT ... hatch. Docking probe will not fold. DOCKING

PROBE EXTEND/RELEASE talkback remains gray after
caputre. That's different. That means you can

SPT You take out struts of some kind, huh?

PLT ... and then you squeeze the upper end edges to
remove the pyro cover.

SPT Can you open the hatch? What does that do?
Day146 Page

PLT Allows the docking - the little rod to shoot up to

the probe end and cocks the docking latches.

CDR I want to load a VERB 49, soon as we get lined up.

I'm tired of ... messing around.

PLT That gives you power straight into the probe, around
the switch.

CDR Okay. Write that down. 2.4.

PLT 2.h.2. 24.2. 34.2 and - -

CDR 34.2 and plus 2.0. That 's your docking attitude.

CDR You know where they're going to send us next?

Radial ports.

CDR In the cabin?

SPT Yes.

CDR How did that happen? Turn off the breakers, whatever
it is.

SPT Yes, I know. Holy mackerel.

PLT What's going on back there? Okay, you got the CABIN
REGs ON again?

is OFF.


LOW, which I should of, the cabin pressure is 5.6.

CDR Yes, 5.6 and that's ...

PLT Yes, 5.6. Let's hope the cabin pressure indicator

says so.

SPT What's 02 FLOW now?

SPT FLOW down, TANK high.

PLT High?

SPT Yes.
94 Day146

CDR All right, you ready?

PLT Ready for what? What are you going to do?

CDR Well -

PLT Going to go in again?

CDR Yes.

CDR I'ii read you in the clear.

PLT Well, wait a minute. Pressure's still coming up -

CDR How about the REPRESS package back there? Got the

SURGE TANK, OFF and the REPRESS, OFF .... 02is

OFF ... open it all the way down there and let you
reach down there and push it down.
PLT Well, I'm going to ...

CDR Okay.

PLT Get it later.

CC ...

PLT I copied.

PLT I'm all for getting a look at it.

CREW ...

PLT I'm sure they're doing something.

CDR ...

PLT I bet those guys are really saying, oh, gee, what's
the ...

CDR Yes.

SPT Where's the Leica?

PLT I've got more stuff in there -

CDR Try to take a picture underneath that wing.

Day146 Page

PLT Here, hold this.

CDR Let me hold it.

PLT How about the DAC? Can I Just put DAC ... back in
your window to store it someplace, Pete?

CDR Yes, sure. Got any film left?

PLT I don't know. I didn't even look.

PLT ... to the left, there?

CREW Figure left.

PLT Yes, far left. Yes, I'll probably get it with this.
That's all right. You're right. Never mind. I'll
get it with ...

CDR Darn it[ After all they gave you to do ...

PLT Got to try to get ... on the other side of the thermal
curtain, here.

CDR You know what i think we ought to do? No, I don't

want to run into anything ... You ought to attach
your rope to the end of the FAS panel. About ...

Ought to put it in four-jet ullage and keep backing

it ... the end of it. Well, that might happen - Don't

PLT No, you're absolutely right. Looks like that might

work. For it to work, you'd have to do a complete
360 of the workshop for recovery ... you know, if
the ground will approve, we can do it.

00 58 18 PLT - - ... things are regulating. I'll try to stop it.

CDR All right. Get both REGs off ...

CDR ...? Oh, I know what's the matter.

PLT What?

CDR The SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN valve is not open.

96 Day146

PLT Oh, for Pete's sakes -

SPT ... - -

CDR I'ii bet it wasn't on the checklist.

PLT That's it, too, I'ii bet you. Gol dang it, you're

CDR Yes. Now go try that again.

SPT Let's let things settle down for a while ...

CDR All right, let me try it - -

SPT ...

CDR - - I'm going to dock one time.

SPT You are? Regular?

CDR Let's do it here.

SPT Regular way, or - -

CDR Regular way.

SPT - - shall I hold that thing in ...

CDR Regular way. Let me cycle the breakers: i, 2.

PLT All right.

CDR In, in; EXTEND/RELEASE; l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. RETRACT.

All right?

SPT All right.

01 00 41 PLT Stand by, Joe.

SPT Yes.

CDR Darn it. That one's perfect. Right in the hole.

Didn't do it.

PLT Well, we haven't tried method number 3 yet.

SPT Yes, you ready?

Day146 Page

CDR Yes, I'm all lined up.

01 01 13 SPT All right. I'll have to go to EkTEND/RET,F.ASE on this


CDR Yes.

SPT Are you sure we're not soft docked, backing off?

CDR Oh, no.

SPT Okay. Right.

SPT All right. I have to go to the EXTEND/RET,W.&SE switch

and hold it in EXTEND/RELEASE. When you get ready to
make your probe, can I hold it in EM'±'_ND/RELEASE ...?

CDR You capture. You keep plus X on and you count to 6.

SPT All right.

CDR And in 6 seconds I go to RETRACT and you keep plus X

on for about another 5 seconds and see if we can
capture. Okay?

01 01 47 SPT Yes.

SPT Okay, you're going to watch the talkback ... When

do you go to EXTEND/RELEASE, on contact?

PLT No, before contact. Can you see?

SPT Yes.

01 02 13 PLT Here we go. Right through the ... 3 feet to go, Joe.

SPT Yes.

CDR You ready, Joe?

SPT Yes, count to 6 and ... - -

01 02 20 CDR All right, here you go.

01 02 29 CDR l, 2, 3 - -

PLT I'll be darned.

98 Day146

CDR - - 4, 5, 6. Let go. Nothing happened,

PLT I faked myself out, is what I did.

PLT What it did - you went to - presumably hit, you went


SPT Because I got barber pole.

01 02 45 PLT MAIN BUS A UNDERVOLT. What the heck w_s that?

CDR You got barber pole?

SPT Yes, on EXTEND/RELEASE position.

CDR Okay. Did you really?

PLT Yes.

01 02 55 CDR You Just left it there, huh?

SPT No, it - it switched to OFF. As soon I went -

EXTEND/RELEASE, the momentary position.

SPT I saw barber poles when we contacted.

CDR Yes?

PLT I said, "Shoot, maybe it's doing something." I left

it in - then it fell back to OFF. The minute it
did - of course, they went gray, I continued onto
RETRACT and they still went gray. That was at about
your count of 3.

CDR ... What's the MAIN A UNDERVOLT? Nothing?

PLT Must have been transitory.

SPT Buying a lot of ...

01 03 36 PLT Yes. They all show up. How's that?

CDR Well, they're all on MAIN A. Let me go back and

configure it the right way.

PLT All right. 2, 2; whoops, that ... take the breakers

back in. All my breakers back in. 2, 2.
Day146 Page

SPT You get the main ... back on?

PLT No; 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2.

01 04 04 CDR Well, what do you want to do, gang?

SPT Well, shoot, if you don't mind stationkeeping, you

can stand by for word from the darn ground.

PLT Yes, let me reconfigure and then get some of this stuff
put away. In case I do have to do an IVA in the

SPT Well, heck. The darn docking was Just like in the

CDR Yes.

PLT Figure out -

01 04 39 SPT What does the book say when to do - when you get -
6 seconds in EXTEND?

CDR Yes.

SPT And then you go to RETRACT, right?

PLT Then you go to RETRACT and I didn't do that.

01 04 49 CDR Well, let's try it again. All right?

PLT ... try it ...

CDR Yes, darn it.

CDR All right, look when we get contact - Paul?

PLT Yes.

CDR When we get contact, snap off your watch and Just
mark 6 seconds to Joe.

PLT Yes. I'd do that if I had a watch.

01 05 12 SPT Oh, I'll give you a watch.

i00 Day146

PLT Oh, there goes the RCS again.

CDR They're going in and out.

CDR Why does it get hot so darn fast? I can't believe


PLT You want these switches OFF and then ON again?

CDR Okay, you ready, Joe?

01 05 45 SPT Well, wait, wait. Maybe we ought to Just poke it over

a little bit more.

PLT All right, start drive it on in.

CDR Well, I can't do that procedure right. That's one of

the things -

O1 05 53 SPT Yes, I know, I know, but, heck, we been changing and

banging into that darned probe ...

SPT I know, but that's assuming everything's right in the

cockpit, right? Do we doublecheck all that crap?

CDR Heck, let's do it.

CDR The docking probe, the MAIN A, MAIN B are in.

SPT All the logic breakers are in?

PLT Not yet. I don't know what you guys know about this -
the RC$ logic breakers are not in.

01 06 18 PLT Well, no. I was thinking of the -

CDR ... All those breakers are in.

SPT Six of them, and then ...

CDR We're ... daylight, here, very quickly. Let's turn

the spotlights off.

SPT All right.

CDR Gosh darn. What the heck can happen ...

Day146 PagelO1

PLT What do you see over there? Nothing on that side,


CDR Well, everything's normal over here. I got - I got

all _V pyros, buses ready to go, and all that sort
of stuff, you know. That's about it.

PLT How about if we -What's the alternative to Just

driving right in to a clicking hard dock. Yes, I - -

SPT You got to - -

PLT - - Oh, you got to retract the probe. Yes -

Ol 07 ii CDR Yes. You got your EV - you got to ta_e that thing
off the bottom of the deal.

PLT That I don't want to do without hearing from the


CDR Man, that's - that's the hard, hard way to get back.

SPT I'll say.

CDR Well, we must be using ...

PLT Yes.

O1 07 48 CDR Where's my couch going? We get all our 02 and every-

thing. We - Why is the couch leaving ...

SPT I don't know.

PLT Y, Y struts.


PLT Our - This one, there.

SPT ... ?

PLT Yes. Just do me ... this thing. It's kind of wrapped

around the end of it still - There you go .... CM
light on?

SPT .._ any hurry.

102 Day146

CDR What the heck's that? How come all the ...?

SPT Whoops, there we just pegged high again.

CDR Turn it off.

SPT It's blowing in over here.

PLT Yes, what is it?

CDR ... surge tank off. You think I could - What's that?

PLT You turn the MAIN REGs off, Joe?

01 i0 03 SPT I'll turn them off.

CDR Some - Something must be - Is it still in bottles _ or

something? Is this valve ON - this 02 REPRESS, valve
ON over 6017


CDR Should the surge tank be on, so it can fill?

PLT Supposed to be, yes.

SPT It should be on, so it can fill the ...

01 1O 28 CDR It's not on.

PLT That shouldn't have anything to do with our problem.

CDR I understand that. Now what happens? Now turn that

REC on a minute.

01 I0 39 PLT There it goes. It's pegged high, Joe.

CDR Yes.

PLT Now, wait. If you're in FLOW and it's pumping -

CDR Is the CABIN PRESS going up any more?

SPT It's up to 6, now.

PLT That's why I think we ought to leave them off.

Day146 Page

SPT Yes.

CDR But let's bring the surge tank up.

SPT Fine. We've got to bring the REPRESS package up too.

PLT Wel_, let me put the REPRESS - -

SPT We might get - -

PLT - - that's the same.

CDR What's the surge tank, now?

01 II i0 PLT 250.

CDR Well, it's been 250 all the time, right? Because I
had it turned off. We weren't showing it. Good.
Now - now - Did you turn the REGs back off again, Joe?

SPT Yes, sir.

CDR I am really con_ased.

PLT We got too darn many things going on at once.

SPT Yes. I don't like it.

CDR What do we need to do? Aah, get the 02 -

SPT I'd say, let's try to - Let's try to sort out the
02 problem - -

CDR Yes.

SPT - - while we wait for word from the ground.

CDR Yes.

01 12 01 SPT So let's go back to the SEVA checklist and see what,

if anything, we missed there. Okay?

CDR Yes. We got to put that bolt in.

PLT That can - We can do that any time.

CDR Yes.

104 Day146

01 12 23 PLT Does anybody got the SEVA checklist?

CDR I don't. Man, I have hit that probe 89 different


PLT Okay, I'ii just read them all, whether they apply or
not. BMAGs to RATE 2.

CDR Okay.

0! 13 35 PLT For hatch closing, verify clear. Unstow lanyard.

Pull and close hatch. Verify hex clear. Close the
hatch. Gearbox select to latch.

SPT Got it.

PLT Unstow the handle; lock the hatch. Verify lock pin
drops in white to white, which it has. Stow the
actuator handle, which we have .... to latch. Hatch
will not latch. Cabin repressurization: SIDE HATCH
of them,NORMAL, latchON.


PET 02 PRESSURE INDICATOR - surge tank, switch it in.

01 14 17 CDR Yes.

PLT REPRESS 02 valve - What is this thing?

CDR Don't know.

PLT Then close line - OPEN, then CLOSE. Monitor the

cabin pressure. REPRESS 02 valve OPEN when surge
tank pressure decreases to 150 - when surge tank
pressure decreases to 150 (panel 326), REPRESS PACKAGE v
valve OFF. Did you do that?


PLT ... cabin pressure gets to about 3 psi in a minute.

Then on 351, CABIN REPRESS valve OPEN, clockwise, adjust
to maintain at least 150 psia in surge tank.

01 15 02 CDR Has the CABIN REPRESS valve been closed?

Day146 Page

PLT Yes, it has.

Ol 15 08 CDR Are you sure?

SPT Yes. Yes, I checked it three times.

PLT The REPRESS 02 PRESSURE INDICATOR should have gone to

about zero ... Okay, it didn't. We got about i00 psi
in there.

CDE All right. Now if I put it to FILL ... - -

PLT Yes, but wait, wait, wait, wait. Yes, but let's not
do it.

CDR Without any REGs on there -

PLT Okay, now - When it gets to about zero, REPRESS 02

valves, on 601, which is that one there, to CLOSED.

CDR Is that closed? Are you sure it's CLOSED?

SPT ...

PLT Well, let me check it. Yes, that' s CLOSED.

CDR Yes, okay.

PLT That's CLOSED. CABIN PRESS 4.7 to 5.3, on 351,


SPT Yes.

PLT Did you get that, Joe?

SPT That's right. Yes, we were late getting off -

PLT When surge tank is greater than 400 -

01 16 30 CDR Let me see if we have - you're absolutely sure this

regulator - Turn on the MAIN - one MAIN REG, now.

PLT Do both MAIN REGs cause it to peg, Joe?

_PT I think so, but let's find out. Should be - Did you
hear flow?

106 Day146

CDR Yes. But are you sure it's not flo_,ing into the
surge tank?

PLT No, it's downstream of the surge tank.

CDR Now hold it - look, it's fallen 0.6.

PLT Yes.

CDR Hold it now, let me go to ...

PLT Well, maybe -

CDR ... BEGs ON.

SPT All right. Let's see if it's - but maybe it's filling -

CDR ... the glycol tanks are -

SPT It's dropping again off, now.

CDR All right. Now wait a minute. Turn BEG A on.

SPT All right. REG A is ON.

PLT Looks like every thing is on.

SPT All right, now.

PLT Wait a minute.

CDR What's the surge tank?

PLT What's - way ...

CDR Yes.

SPT There's one more switch that's in the abnormal


PLT What?

01 17 51 SPT EMERGENCY CABIN REGULATOR should be BOTH when we're

out of the suits.

PLT Yes, but I haven't gotten there yet.

SPT All right.

Day146 Page107


CABIN REPRESS valve is OFF, right? Joe.

SPT CABIN REPRESS valve is O-F-F and I'ii go check it

again. It was OPEN for a good long time there.

01 18 24 PLT Okay, but it's OFF now?

SPT Yes.

PLT Okay, surge tank_ pressure is greater than 400 and

on panel 326, go REPRESS PACKAGE valves to FILL.

SPT ...

PLT Yes.

SPT All right, we're going to go to FILL.

PLT Okay, let's dump this surge tank into REPRESS PACK-
AGE, huh, Joe?

CDR Right.

SPT Yes.

CDR You can see that, right?

SPT Yes. This came down, that came up.


SPT Oh, okay.

PLT ... where we get a little trouble with the flow.

SPT ...

PLT Okay, then, now let's go over here. PGA doffing and
stowage: verify surge tank greater than h00, which
is not quite yet; REPRESS PACKAGE is in FILL, Pete?



SPT Excuse me?

108 Day146


SPT Yes, sir.


CDR Yes.

Ol 19 48 PLT Well, that's it. And everything is back like it's

supposed to be.

CDR I think it was that SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN valve and it

just took awhile for everything to flow out.

PLT Okay, gang.

CDR What's next on the list? Shoot!

SPT That one, you're a mite off center on, Captain.

Ol 20 13 CDR I'm not sure that wasn't where we scraped out.

PLT Well, about that third one, you were pretty far off.

CDR Yes. Well, I'm doing the best I can with the COAS.

PLT Yes.

CDR The last couple ones I did dead on. Come on.

SPT I can't find any hints in here. You can look it over,
if you want, Pete.

01 20 43 CDR I think we ought to try that other one. Let's try

that other one, one more time.

SPT All right.

PLT Yes, l'm for that.

SPT All right. All right.

CDR Well, ... l'd just as soon wait until night. I can't
see anything out of the COAS.

SPT Oh, is that right?

Day146 Page109

PLT Yes, you're better off at night ... like this is on

the SEVA checklist .... Okay. Pete, you got DOCKING
PROBE MAIN A and MAIN B CLOSED over there, right?


PLT ... from EPS group 4 ... Let me cycle these, all

PLT Yes.

01 21 34 PLT I don't know what that could possibly have to do with

it. All right, cycle. I know ... power right off
the main buses .... I'm not sure how that gosh darn
... work.

CDR Well, they're complicated in their design, but they're

very simple in their operation.

SPT Are you going in?

CDR No, I'm getting lined up.

SPT All right.

01 23 37 SPT Getting close? Getting close?

CDR No, I'd say - All right. That's dead center.

SPT All right, I'm ...

CDR Wait, wait. Hold it. How's that look to you, PeeJ?

PLT Well, it looks pretty good from here, without -

CDR Yes.

PLT Try not to go in so hard.

CDR Yes, I won't.

PLT That's the one thing you've been doing. The first
one we did was the easiest of all.

CDR Yes.

PLT There, Just let it go in like that.

/J-i ,,_
ii0 Day146

01 24 35 CDR Now, close the thrust once I get there, though.

PLT Oh, yes. When you get in there, you want me to ... - -

SPT ...

PLT - - at 6, I'm going to ...

01 24 56 SPT i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, i0, ii, no.

PET They both went barber pole at contact. That's very

odd, because - that's a prohibiting position, you
know. They stayed barber pole, until I went to ...

01 25 37 CDR I tell you we just sent ... in a whole new orbit.

Heck, that's a 10-second RC$ trim burn, four-Jet

PLT That's right.

CDR If we're not careful, we'll deorbit this son of a gun.

PLT ... we are going ...

CDR That's what they wanted to do, anyhow.

PLT Better wait and talk it over with Houston.

SPT _.. something.

PLT And, I don't want to ...

CDR I don't see anything wrong with the probe, do you?

I mean the drogue?

PLT No. No, I really don't. All right, l'm going to get
ready with part of the procedure.

CDR Read them over once.

PLT Remove both access panels below panel 276. Unstow

WMS backup cable, RII.

CDR I can do that.

PLT Have you ever seen that stuff?

CDR Yes, one time ... I would like to suggest something

... Is there anything I could have done wrong when
we undocked?
- Day146 Page

PLT Not that I can think of, Pete.

01 27 24 CDR Well, I wonder what part of the world we' re over.

Anybody have any idea?

SPT No, I really don't.

I SPT Looks like the middle of Australia.

CDR No. It looks like South America.

CDR What are you doing, Joe?

SPT I know it's tough to get in, when I need to get in,

PLT This is probably one of those times when we got a ...

3 hours.

CDR It is. We're way off the range.

CDR Boy, they thought they had problems yesterday ....

again. What's the surge tank and repress package

01 29 47 SPT They're filling up. About 500 each.

PLT ...

CDR The idea on that one is, Joe, that you get a hard
dock, because you dive the probe into the center
of the drogue, and then aline from rim to rim.

01 30 33 81_ Right.

CDR ...

PLT ...

CDR ... ha, ha, ha.

PLT ... that was 44?

CDR Huh?

Ol 30 54 PLT I've been making contact with this 44.

CDR It 's Hawaii.

112 Day146

PLT What time does the ...

CDR We must be over Australia or something. You know?

Either that or we're decending over Mongolia or
someplace - -

PLT ... Mongolia.

SPT Okay. Okay, from L-3, L-2, the docking probe I

AUX cables.

01 32 01 CDR I couldn't believe that when that thing Just hit.

PLT I didn't either. I hardly even looked up from what

I was doing. I need to stow that.

SPT That's not it. Yes.

PLT I unstowed it. I guess we ought to stow it.

CDR I get the feeling there's no place to maneuver it in.

PLT Yes.

SPT ... maneuvering ...

CDR I wonder if ... CRV ... they get the batteries on us

too, don't they?

SPT ...?

CDR Yes.

CDR That goldarn wing - that's ridiculous.

PLT I didn't believe it. I pulled on that son of a gun,

and I could see the thing squirting back - right
back at us. And - -

CDR Yes.

SPT How many pounds do you think you got on it?

PLT I got a good 40 on it - -

SPT Uh-huh.

PLT - - and that thing never budged.

Day146 Page113

CDR It's all hung by that little gosh darn thing,

01 33 55 SPT Okay. Below panel 276, both ...

CDR Wow, look at the ice in the water down there.

SPT You know what that is?

i CDR What

SPT That's the Kamchatkan Peninsula, right there,

CDR ...


PLT What?

SPT Right.

CDR ...

01 34 33 PLT Look here. Look down.

CDR 0h, straight down.

PLT Yes.

CDR Oh, we don't want to re-enter there.

PLT All right. Oh, great. Under panel 276, right

where all that stuff is. I was afraid of that, ...

01 35 04 CDR I got to urinate again.

PLT ... panels, have at those panels. Are you going to

do it?

SPT Yes. l'm going to open them.

PLT Okay, open them and locate the connectors and,

you know, everything but make the final connection.

PLT Well, we don't have to open the side hatch again,

right ?

SPT No, that is right.

CDR Ouch, I'm going to have to dump the UCTA here again
oneof thesedays.
114 Day146

01 35 38 PLT I am too. We're in loads of trouble. Okay.

CDR You know what's going to happen if we can't dock,

don't you?

PLT No, I'm almost afraid to ask.

CDR Guess - Guess what.

PLT SEVA and ISC sail - -

CDR Sail and come home.

PLT Yes. I hadn't even thought of that.

CDR I had. l've got to admit, though, I get pretty

fine control around that bird.

SPT Yes. That's better control than a guy EVA has, though.

CDR Yes.

PLT I'ii tell you that workshop took off and that ...
was hung in that ... (laughter)....

01 36 46 CDR Yes, I saw that.

PLT And I'm hollering for Joe to grab the sample and ...
the sample ... by me and Joe's clear down here.

01 36 55 CDR I got it stopped. You deflected that panel a good


PLT I don't think I did.

CDR Oh, yes. I can watch the accordion on the solar panel.

PLT Could you?

CDR Yes.

01 37 17 PLT I forgot all about that being ... Fortunately, we

didn't lose it overboard.

PLT Yes, I think I got about a full UCTA in there_ now.

CDR Well, I'm afraid we're going to have to say, the devil
will be darned, we don't have any - well, I guess
you could get out of your suit and put another one
on.We- -
Day146 Page

PLT ... see what we have to do here.

SPT ... is the thing to do, yes.

CREW (Yawn)

SPT Do they have us do - they can have us do a little

SEP burn to - sleep tonight and rendezvous tomorrow.

CDR Sure.

PLT Think they'd do that? ...?

CDR All those EREP ...

PLT Oh, shoot. Turn on the music.

PLT Joe, that's the one for -well, it's the same one
for retracting the probe, whether it's - -

01 39 01 SPT Yes.

PLT - - for an emergency dock or for docking ring Jett,

huh ?

SPT Yes, it's for retracting the probe. It should

say J-5. Ah, there it is. Yes, J-5. Okay, that's

CDR You have it?

SPT Yes. Wonder if we ought to - Hadn't ought to

connect it to this end and leave it disconnected
from the other end?

01 39 20 CDR Well, no, wait a minute, let's - Before we go into

anything, let's get their approval.

SPT Well, all right. We found it anyway. We know where

it is. I'll need one or two of these rattling around.

CDR What time is it? I'm getting sleepy.

01 h0 15 PLT I am, too, and it's 20 minutes until 2, which means

it's 20 minutes until i0 at the Cape.

CDR Is that a long enough day?

116 Day146

PLT A little later than we went to bed last night.

SPT We're going to have a long day.

PLT What else you going to do down there?

SPT Connect those to the utility power connector - -

PLT No, I mean right now.

SPT Nothing.

PLT Well, if you could trade places with me, then I'ii
get that hatch thing screwed back in, and we'll get
the hatch tools put away. All right?

SPT Yes. Good deal.

PLT Unless you wanted to do it, as long as you were there.

01 41 06 CDR You don't see us opening that side hatch again, do

you ?

_PT No.

PLT Except for the MSC sail.

CDR Yes. So we better keep things neat and orderly

in the event that we do have to do that.

PLT Yes.

SPT How do you do it?

PLT Well, we might have to deploy the sail, right?

Just means getting them out again.

SPT Well, I'ii leave them out.

PLT Or would you rather put them away?

CDR l'd rather put them away.

PLT Okay.

PLT Rather put them away. Where is the tool kit for
these ... ?
r- Day146 Page117

SPT Pete put it back, I think.

CDR It's in R - U-3.

PLT U-3.

01 41 49 CDR ... You want me to get it7

PLT No, ...- -

SPT I can't do it very well here.

PLT - - ... get it.

SPr Go ahead. Because very ... spacecraft.

CDR Now the problem is that - let me reach down here ...
This lower thing that holds the ORDEAL gets in the

SPT Yes. I saw it. _ got it.

CDR One dog bone is painted black and one dog bone
is painted white and you would tie the - the -

01 42 41 SPT Marshall dubber on.

CDR Marshall dubber on.

SPT Is that right here?

CDR Suppose our probe could have gotten too hot ... was
looking at the - No -

SPT Well, something - some effect in the EVA may have had
on it. Yes, it could have gotten pretty hot ...

CDR Leave the hook out.

SPT Oh, yes.

PLT I'm sure I didn't touch it though.

CDR Gentlemen - -

$PT No, that way.

118 Day146

CDR - - I thought we had the chance to salvage it. How

can I get my heels out of there? There we go.

SPT Okay, now. I need that tool ... deploy - -

CDR ... everything else (yawn).

SPT Okay. That's not it.

PLT I think they're tight to start with, Joe.

SPT This one.

PLT Yes. It is ...

SPT Well, almost. No.

PLT Okay, we'll just screw it all the way down. Now
whatever you do -

SPT Yes?

PLT Don't screw it in too hard.

CDR Here comes Hawaii.

SPT But does it go all the way down to -

PLT Yes, here. Why don't you let me do it.

SPT Yes.

PLT Because if you break it, you can't ever do it


SPT Okay.

PLT Hello, Houston; Skylab. Get ready to copy something.

They may have something for us.

SPT Yes.

PLT Yes.

01 44 28 PLT Okay. You have something to write on, Joe?

Day146 Page

O1 51 34 CDR Okay, understand. Try a docking with both breakers

out. Is that correct - and caputre one breaker in.

PLT Then, try to retract, yes.

CDR Okay.

CREW ...

CDR I got both of them pulled.

CC ...

01 52 20 CDR Roger. We will delay until Vanguard.

PLT What time is that?

SPT Thirteen - twelve - I wrote it down, wait a minute.

CDR 12:16:16.

SPT 13:12

02 04 59 CDR Say, if we can't dock at all, I can ask them if I

can work my decking probe on that gosh-darned solar
panel out there.

02 05 29 PLT You have another trash bucket going down there, Joe?

SPT Yes, a little one.

CDR l'm glad we had our two meal garbage dump.

PLT Yes. What'd you get?

02 05 40 SPT Nothing yet. But l'm opening a can of vanilla wafers.

PLT There we go. There we go. We'll be coming up on

Vanguard in the dark at night.

SPT Is the spotlight on?

02 06 03 PLT Yes, Not sure I need the spotlight, to tell you the
truth. No, I got it off right now, as a matter of
120 Day146

02 22 51 PLT ... one to go.

CC Yes.

PLT Wait, let me put the breakers in. Breakers are in.

02 22 59 8PT Does it matter whether - you want it on MAIN A or

MAIN B, Dick?

SPT Hey, you want detent 2 on both of them.

CC ... going to have ...

CDR What was the whatcha call it?

CC The battery off ...

PLT Yes.

CDR ...

PLT Battery ...

CDR The battery

on the linenow?

PLT Yes, on both lines.

CDR All right. Here's pin release for 5 seconds.

PLT 3, L, 5 and back to RETRACT.

CDR Okay. Ready?

PLT Yes.

02 23 53 PLT You going to watch it Joe?

SPT Yes. Okay. About 2 foot.

SPT Five feet now. Nope.

CDR Nothing?

SPT Thumbs down.

02 24 20 CDR Well, the breakers are out.

PLT Okay.
Day146 Page121

CDR That means you try it one more with the breakers out
and - and - and that was in the RETRACT position.
Right? In case that motor was stuck on.

PLT Yes. You have the batteries ON or OFF?

02 24 37 CDR It won't make any difference. The breakers are out.

PLT You going to push ... to it this time? After ...?

CDR Yes.

PLT Like you did?

CDR Yes.

CDR Coming in.

02 25 15 CDR Got it. Aw shoot! I thought we had it.

PLT You're right.

CDR I was just dead center on.

PLT Yes.

CDR I can't do it any better than that. Okay?

PLT Okay. Let's hustle.

02 25 34 CDR The docking probes are in.

SPT What are we going to do? Go EVA again?

CD_ Well, you're the one that did that. (Laughter)

What luck.

SPT What else is there to do ...?

CDR If we don't get a capture, we're going to go home

anyhow, huh? Sometime after tomorrow. There's
nothing else we could do, is there?

02 25 52 PLT Hang around until tomorrow.

SPT Yes.

CDR Well, we can't stand off for an hour and a half,

122 Day146

PLT No. Shoot!

CDR All right.

02 26 08 PLT Unstow tools W and I.

SPT We don't need the EMU thing and skip the antifog.

PLT What's that?

SPT PGA diverter valves to EVA. Then we'll go to SEVA,

LI-4. Well, now - okay.

PLT Surge tank's up to 700. You're going to go with that?

SPT Sure.

PLT Well, we're all set up. It's coming up all this

bl_ 26 34 SPT Pretty good. All right. Comm's configured, unless

we want V0X .... we need? Well, I might go to VOX.
Okay. Systems prep for depress. Oh, wait a minute.
Let me get tools W and I ...

PLT Here, you want me to help there?

02 26 55 SPT Yes. We've got two checklists here.

PLT Yes.

SPT That's the Systems Checklist that I'ii need for the -
You put that thing back, didn't you?

CDR Final docking ... turn the LOGIC OFF like it says,

SPT Yes.

PLT CB SECS ARM, two of them OPEN.

SPT Well, I don't know ... How does this procedure

influence ...?

CDR How do what?

SPT Influence what's coming on?

_-_ Day146 Page

PET Yes.

SPT It doesn't.

PLT Doesn't it?

02 27 32 SPT No. The probes presumably will extend, even if it

won't capture.

CDR Okay. We can blow this son of a gun off.

PLT All right. Tool W - -

SPT Save some ... here.

CDR What do you suppose happened to that - Hey, Joe.

SPT Yes.

02 28 14 CDR By some screwy off-chance, make sure both umbilicals

are on that thing.

SPT I will.

02 28 35 PLT All right. All I need then is ... tools ... I going
to need ... Put them in there.

PLT Okay. l've got the tool assembled. We want helmets

and gloves, right?

SPT All right.

02 28 56 PLT I bet you don't want your SEVA.

SPT I Just as soon not, but I can wear it if you want to

insist ... do it.

CDR I - I just as soon have mine off, seeing it's night.

PLT Yes.

CDR You can put that away somewhere.

PLT Yes. Well, this one's yours, isn't it?

CDR Yes.

PLT ... Houston, I'ii ... that other glove in a minute.

I don't know where it is.
124 Day146

02 29 36 CDR No big rush. We've got all ... day.

PLT ... want it.

CDR ...

PLT What did you do from ...?

CDR Yes, but I mean, let's ...

PLT Yes, understand.

CDR To heck with ...

CDR Why those lights on so gosh darn hot?

SPT There's your other glove, Pete.

CDR Thank you.

02 30 i0 SPT You can leave that on, if you'd rather not part With
it now.

PLT Okay. --

CDR Anybody supposed to put helmets and gloves on right


SPT You got that part of the checklist, Paul.

PLT No, we're just prepping.

SPT Before you do, is that where you are?

PLT Yes.

SPT Now there's your helmet. I wonder where your IV

gloves are. I bet they're up here. Wait a minute.

PLT Okay. CABIN PRESSURE RELIEF valve, two of them to


02 30 38 CDR They are.


02 30 41 CDR It's to FILL.

_-_ Day146 Page125


02 30 47 CDR It's ON.

PLT Cabin - for Joe.

SPT What is it?


02 30 59 SPT Verified.

SPT Let me take this son of a gun off. I can't move

around to make this thing on.

PLT ... at it. I don't know how you're going to go up with

those bungees there.

SPT I can't stick it up in the tunnel -

PLT Yes, trouble.

CDR Wha_ he's got to do is organize - Now listen, you

better get everj line ... carrying out of the way when
you get up there.

SPT Oh, yes.

02 31 35 CDR Bring that hatch down and stick it down in ... where
Paul can put his hand on it.

SPT Uh-huh.

CDR And be very, very careful.

CDR That darn SIM SUP outdid himself on this ... plan.

PLT I figured SIM SUP would leave us alone.

CDR So did I.

PLT You need these long hoses, Joe?

02 32 24 SPT That's a thought, but I don't think I do. Verify

that. The probe cover is right there at the bottom
of it.

PLT Is it at the bottom?

Page126 Day146

SPT Yes. The red thing.

PLT Oh, boy! Well, there, that's kind of out of the way.
(Chuckle) That's right. That was just ... was
tied with rope. Okay. You can put your feet
down again.

02 32 55 CDR Roger, Houston. Read you 3 by 3. We were still un-

successful in the other attempt. We're prepping to
do the - We'll move these back into the probe cover
now. We'll do a little EVA here in a minute.

02 33 48 CDR Okay, Houston. We'll try and have this completed

one way or another for a SEP maneuver in about an
hour and a half. Is that correct?

CDR _Wny don't you turn off all the cabin fans?

SPT Cabin fans.

PLT Here, you want your watch?

SPT No, not now.

PLT Oh, Pete's. I got Pete's this time.

02 34 33 CDR 15 plus 20. Roger. Roger.

PLT I'ii hold it. I got it.

SPT Thank you.

PLT Oh, yes. I do have my watch over here. I forgot

about that.

02 34 46 PLT Now, how about the tunnel lights. Could you turn
them on?

SPT Yes.

CDR Just a second.

PLT Good.

CDR All of them?

PLT Yes. All of them.

r_ Day146 Page127

CDR ... prepped right, we'll do it in the daytime when

you've got lots of light.

PLT Yes. Okay.

CDR Which'll be coming up shortly.

PLT Right.

CDR ...

SPT How about ... there? l've got plenty of - really

plenty of length on the hoses. I couldn't possibly
go that far.

PLT Okay.

02 35 15 SPT All right, l've got my tools W and i right there, and
that is the only thing I need while l'm - in the tunnel.

PLT All right. Where are your tunnel procedures?

SPT My tun - Pete's got them. Right, Pete?

CDR Right there.

SPT You got the Systems Checklist there?

CDR Yes, yes.

SPT Probably best if Paul has them.

CDR Yes.

PLT Yes. Wait a minute.

02 35 41 CDR You're on - you're on VOX, aren't you?

PLT Yes. l'm on VOX. Yes.

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay. l'm going to put my gloves on, and then probe
procedure now, Paul?

PLT Well, let's get the ... on. Unstow tools W and I or
W and L?
128 Day146

SPT It's i.

02 36 01 PLT Unstow helmet shield, EMU maintenance kit, we don't ...

SPT All right.


02 36 08 SPT They are.

PLT Okay. And then it says L-I ... prep.

SPT Okay. All verify gas connector plugs, all con-

nectors locked. PGA DIVERTER valve, don wristlets
and comfort gloves. Okay ....

PLT 02 valves - Hey, Pete.

CDR Huh?

PLT Is it - whoops. Shoot.

CDR Huh?

CDR I don't like that. I caught my finger in that camera.

Is there a place to can put that camera out of the

PLT I think so.

CDR I could put it here.

SPT I can stick it in this TSB. Whoops. Don't like

... longer anyway .... need it on the EVA but I'll
sure as heck need it later.

02 37 12 CDR What's the matter with my helmet? ...

PLT Huh? Won't it go on?

CDR There it goes.

PLT Want to verify that?

02 37 27 CDR Circuit ..., Houston. Read you loud and clear.

PLT Down all the way. Looks good.

r_ Day146 Page129

CDR Houston, you got some reason for why we keep getting
these ... high temps all the time?

PLT You want to use these IV gloves, huh?

SPT Oh, yes, ... you.

CDR Be careful, Joe, for crip's sakes. It ain't worth

getting killed to get that cover off.

SPT I'm going to take it very slow. Watch, watch. Now.

02 38 30 CDR Hello, Crip, we read you loud and clear, Skylab.

PLT This is yours. That's going to be in my way. Wait

a minute .... open it.

SPT No, i got it. Okay, hold mine for a minute while I
snap your hoses back - -

PLT All right.

SPT - - out of the way of the hatch here.

02 39 14 CDR Roger, Houston, we read you. We're coming out into

daylight again.

SPT Yes.

CDR An - an - and, Joe.

SPT Yes.

CDR I wouldn't plan this docking until the next night pass
because I get my best alinement at night.

SPT That's fine.

CDR So you've got all the time in the world.

SPT Okay. Let me catch up with where the heck we are


PLT Okay. Let get my hat on ....

CDR We actually do the docking soft, right?

SPT Okay.
Page130 Day146

PLT Okay. We hit the utility power switch which starts

to retract the probe. Whoops.

SPT Did everybody's helmets and gloves lock?

PLT ...

02 hO 16 CDR Okay, real fine. My helmet is locked; my glove is

locked; my glove is locked. Red to red, blue to blue -
it's all locked. And here we are out in the daylight.

PLT Okay, l'm locked.

SPT Getting a little mixed up on these procedures, l'm

sorry. Yes. It's SEVA -

PLT I know what it says.

SPT All right.

02 40 41 PLT Does he say do the suit circuit integrity check or


SPT Yes. Yes, he says to do it, unfortunately.

CDR Do you want to do that? You're going to have to put

my couch down again.

SPT l'm not thrilled at the prospect of doing it, Pete,

but, as a safety measure -

CDR Yes, I agree.

PLT Okay. We don't have to purge the suit circuit first -

SPT No, we're pure oxygen now.

PLT All right. Have at it.

02 41 06 SPT SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN valve, CLOSED, push.

02 41 08 CDR I got a heck of a job doing all these - -

SPT ... handle the spacecraft. What can I do for you?

CDR Well, let's see. Oh, we're all right, right now.

PLT Okay, you ready?

SPT Yes.
Day146 Page131

PLT What are we going to do, PRESS - -


02 41 26 CDR It is. It is.

SPT Okay, you're - you're all ready going to PRESS.

PLT No, you want me to go to PRESS?

SPT Just says "SUIT PRESS indicator - 4.7 to 5.3, 02" - Oh,
yes. Yes, the standard baloney, right. SUIT TEST
valve to PRESS.

02 41 40 PLT Okay, gone to PRESS. All right.

SPT Okay, the DIRECT 02, OPEN.

02 41 49 PLT Going OPEN. Where the heck are my gages?

SPT I guess they're all .., 1-1/2 to 2, in which ease

you cycle the SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN valve OPEN, then

PLT Okay.

SPT How are the ears?

CDR ... too good, go ahead.

SPT Okay.

SPT Okay, do it now. Cycle it.

02 42 16 CDR Let me turn it OFF. Where in the heck is that thing?

Okay, OUT - IN. It's cycled.

SPT Okay. Now we're waiting ... 3-1/2 to 4 or above.

PLT The gosh darn ... I got them.

SPT We're almost fixing to gavinate [?] the suit.

PLT Oh, boy.

SPT We going to dump the cabin through the hatch - through

the side hatch or through the tunnel hatch?
132 Day146

PLT Oh, side hatch, I think, would be my choice.

CDR Yes.

PLT ... tunnel -

SPT Well, then I had better - -

PLT I can do that.

SPT Can you?

PLT Oh, yes.

SPT Oh, all right. Oh, boy .... kind of maneuver.

02 43 37 CDR What have you got in the suit now?

SPT A tad over 8.

CDR Huh?

SPT A hair over 8.


PLT Mine ain't off the peg yet.

PLT Where was this in the Systems Checklist, Joe,_ I lost

the darn place.

SPT Where what? Where were we?

PLT Yes.

SPT ... - i or 2-2 now, top of 2-2.

PLT Of the Systems Checklist?

SPT Yes. Yes, that's it. See ... down in there.

PLT Yes. Yes. That's fine.

02 44 16 SPT We're - l'm off the peg - -

PLT So am I.

SPT - - if you want to - -

PLT I don't know of any way to ... it.

Day146 Page133


PLT Yes.

SPT Okay.

PLT ... up there.

CDR What's the surge tank now?

02 44 33 SPT Oh, it's - oh, we got it secured, isolated, it's a

tad under 800.

CDR Isolated? Heck, it's on. Who said it was supposed

to be off?

SPT Well, gosh darn it. Let me check.

CDR What's the sense now? Shoot, that's enough - -

SPT ... i almost 4.

CDR ... me start it down. There.

SPT Let it stabilize first. Well, it's 4.0.

PLT Gosh darn it. I got - whoo - finally got it done.

SPT Me, to. I don't know why it's so much harder - -

PLT Where are you?

02 45 17 SPT - - in zero g. We've got the DIRECT 02, OFF, and

we're kind of waiting for 02 to - -

CDR ... 4.3.

SPT - - •••

CREW Brother.

CDR Well, next time let's clean up the cabin right so

that we don't mess around with the 02 .

SPT ...
134 Day146

CDR Oh, Y guess we didn't do that checklist right.

SPT Oh, yes.

CDR That's all right.

PLT Isn't that thing off the peg yet?

SPT No. Yes, it is. It's off the peg.

02 46 26 PLT Okay .... Watch it below 0.8 for 30 seconds after it


02 46 33 SPT MARK.

PLT I'd like to know what the heck causes that key like

CDR Think that's somebody's VOX or something.

PLT Well, it was doing it when none of us were on VOX.

SPT That's good. Why don't you go to DEPRESS?

02 47 03 PLT Okay, SUIT TEST valve to DEPRESS.

CDR l've got to find it first. Oh, shoot. There_it is.

What the heck is going on? Okay, there's DEPRESS.
Notice how those CMG packages are turning brown?

SPT Yes.

CDR Notice how those CR ... are turning brown?

SPT Um-hum.

CDR Lot of stuff's turning brown that's not supposed to


02 47 5] SPT Lot of stuff's in the Sun that's not supposed to be.


CDR That's what I mean.

SPT Okay. The 02 flow is tanked low for the first time
today. Yeah!
Day146 Page135

CDR All right, Joe. What are you going to do with the
hatch now?

SPT I'm going to remove the hatch, per the decal. Which
is unstow, rotate the collar to unlatch, and pull to
unlatch, verify the little bolt there runs in the
slot to unlatch. I'm going to take it out; I'm going
, to roll it down the aislehere where P. J. can keep a
hand on it. And I'm going to follow the steps in the
checklist, which is to remove the bolt that secures
the red pyro cover and then by Just squeezing the
flanges and turning and pulling it out, I'm going to
remove the pyro cover.

CDR Is it one or two bolts?

SPT It's one bolt .... on AUTO, and - Then I'm going to
put the hatch on, again, right?

PLT Right.

02 49 08 CDR Paul, I think while you're doing all this, we probably

ought to leave this hatch valve - We going to leave
this hatch valve open, Paul?

PLT Prob ably.

CDR Yes. Have to make sure you got it smooth.

PLT Yes, thaT's right--

CDR No, problem putting this ... tunnel hatch in.

PLT Well, hatch integrity check, well, that's indicated.

02 49 31 CDR Where the beck is that?

SPT Okay, are we near the cabin pressurize?

CDR You're 2 psi ...

PLT What's the surge tank now?

02 49 4L CDR It's still 800.

PLT Okay.
Pa_e136 Day146

02 50 05 CDR And off?

SPT Not yet. Is it low enough to go to off?

SPT What do you think, Peej?

PLT I dontt know, you guys know more about this panel
over there than I do.

CDR Supposed to let it go to i pound above cabin.

02 50 23 CDR I know, but it's stabilized and 02 flow tank low -

I think we can do it.

SPT Just so you don't mess up the valve in it.

PLT I understand that, we're not going from - you know ...

SPT Okay.

02 50 h2 PLT Okay - Okay, what was that? SUIT PRESS valve to

DEPRESS. Huh? SUIT PRESS valve, that was SUIT
PRESS valve -

SPT Valve to OFF.


PLT Okay, verify the 02 DEMAND REG valve - BOTH.

02 50 55 PLT It is.

SPT Okay. Wait a minute. Have we ever turned the

emergency ... and REGs to OFF.

PLT Well, I thought I asked you to.

SPT I don't ever remember doing it.

PLT All right.

CDR Can I put my feet up? Go ahead.

PLT No, that's all right.

CDR No, put it up, I want it up.

PLT 0h!
Day146 Page

CDR Unless you don't want it up.

PLT No, no, it's all right.

CDR All right.

02 51 25 PLT It says CABIN REPRESS, we never turned emergency

r toOFF.

SPT Well, we should have. Okay. Maybe I did.

PLT Well, maybe that was our problem.

SPT It may have been.

02 51 36 SPT It's OFF now.

FLT Okay, remember that we're coming back on.

SPT Yes.

02 51 39 PLT Okay. Wait a minute, where am I? 02 DEMAND REG

valve - Was that you again,Kerwin?

CDR No, that was me, too. That was me.

PLT SUIT TEST valve is OFF, right?

02 52 04 CDR SUIT TEST valve is OFF.

PLT 02 DEMAND REG valve is BOTH.

02 52 07 SPT Yes.

PLT Okay. Now, where do we get to hatch opening, which

we don't want to open.

SPT ...


There it is, okay.

PLT SIDE HATCH DUMP valve, OPEN. I'ii give you all your
3 _id 3-3/4 - -

SPT ...

PLT - - to close it.

Page138 Day146

02 52 39 SPT Okay.

PLT There it goes.

CDR ... look at all that stuff going out.

PLT Yes.

CDR ... giving us a little DELTA-V.

CREW ...

PLT _nen I give you a holler, then close it, Joe.

SPT Yes.

PLT 4-1/2 right now.

SPT Okay.

PLT Okay, close it.

02 53 19 SPT Okay.


SPT All right, wait i minute.


SPT Let me make sure it's closed.

02 53 40 SPT It's CLOSED.

PLT Okay, 02 CLOSED, less than a half pound per hour.

Verify suit pressure is 35 and 40, it's about 38
and 39. Okay, 0 2 closed, 0.4. SIDE HATCH DUMP valve,

SPT Okay.

02 53 58 PLT Must be eating the same stuff, all these ... smell
the same.

SPT Yes.

CDR Okay, orange drink ...

Day126 Page139

PLT ... empack ...

CDR Yes.

PLT You open it all the way, Joe?

SPT Pretty much ... In fact I did all the way.

1 CDR What'sthe matter,Joe?

SPT A little tricky going around the corner, that's all.

CDR What corner are you trying to go around? ... We'll -

we'll handle this.

SPT ... my head in the ...

PLT ... hoses ...

02 54 42 CDR I can handle this valve later.

PLT You got to come - no, no just lean straight back.

There you go.

SPT Okay.

PLT ...

CDR All right, now.

SPT All right.

CDR Now think that ... turn around so we can get that
hatch back in. That bothers me. That's one we never
practiced before.

PLT ...

SPT That's a basic procedure ...

PLT Wait a minute, wait a minute - -

SPT ... tight fit.

02 55 12 PLT Everybody's suit pressure stable - -

CDR Wait.
140 Day146

PLT - - and good?

CDR Mine's 3.7 - 3.85.

PLT Mine's 3.85.

SPT Mine's 3.8.

CDR Okay, ...

02 55 26 PLT Now we're ready for this other thing. Remove the
tunnel hatch per the decal. Want me to read you the

SPT Let me read the decal. Tunnel hatch removal one,

tunnel lights, on; two, PRESSURE EQUALIZATION valve,
OPEN, counterclockwise; verily.

CDR Wait a minute, let me do data.

SPT Three, actuator handle, unstow; push to stop, set

to U. That was pull to stop; set to U; and push
to stop. Verify the gearbox disconnect socket is in
U, which is in L now. Actuator handle, stow.
Select stow. Push handle to stow and remove the
hatch. Okay. And that's all pretty straightforward.

02 56 16 PLT Yes. So, the first thing is to open the EQUALIZA-

TION valve.

SPT That's what it says.

PLT Okay, let's do it.

CDR Well, I'll close this one, if that's the case. Let's
not have both of them open.

02 56 32 SPT All right. All right, it's open. Now.

PLT Okay. TUNNEL VENT valve; actuator handle, unstow

pull to stop. Okay. It's unstowed, it's pulled to
stop; set to U. Set to U, and it is; push to stop.

SPT Okay, in work.

PLT Got your tools handy?

SPT They're down in the elastic thing.

--_ Day 146 Page 141

PLT All right, it's U, gearbox disconnect socket is in


SPT Okay, it says actuator handle, stow, push handle

to stow.

PLT Okay, move to the stow position, plank the handle

i down and it's stowed.

02 57 13 SPT Remove hatch.

PLT All right. Now, before I remove it, l'm going to

look at the arrows. They're lined up very well.

CDR Be very careful bringing it out.

PLT Okay.

CDR It can get stuck awful easy.

CDR What 's the problem?

PLT No big problem, I don't think. I think it's ...

about not forcing it. And we should - it's just
a little reluctant to come.

CDR Is it coming?

PLT Oh, yes. It 's coming.

SPT What are you going to do with it?

02 58 02 PLT Well, l've got to get it down out of my way. And

that means, I think, bringing it your way. Okay ....

CDR Darn head liner, l've got my hands on it. Hold it.
I got it.

PLT Good.

CDR All right.

SPT Why don't you transfer to Paul so that you can -

SPT Yes.

PLT Well, okay.

142 Day146

SPT Paul, I know there isn't much of a handle that you

can get on it, but -

CDR Wait, I got it.

02 58 58 PLT Let me get around it.

SPT Um-hum.

CDR There you go. Beautiful.

PLT Okay, I got it.

SPT All right. What the heck floated out of the spacecraft?

PLT ...

CDR Something small floated out the spacecraft ...

PLT I think it was one of those ... ends - Those plastic

ends they wrapped around the rope ....

SPT Okay. Are both umbilieals hooked?

02 59 28 SPT Let's verify that. One, hooked, the other one is

hooked. They sure look good.

PLT Okay. Remove the probe final cover nut with tools W
and i.

CDR Having any trouble?

PLT l'm having a heck of a ... look. Okay ... detail.

SPT That's the cover. That's the cover nut.

PLT Okay.

03 00 45 CDR You notice your ratchet was in the wrong direction?

PLT ... flipping it over.

SPT Yes, I know.

PLT I didn't check it before I -

SPT Read me the next step while l'm doing this one.
Day146 Page

PLT Squeeze upper end, inboard to remove.

SPT Okay.

CDR I remembered that.

SPT Get out of here.

03 01 28 PLT There goes the clip out by you, Joe.

CDR What kind of a clip?

PLT One of them clip on clips.

CDR Make sure it doesn't hang up - -

PLT ...

CDR q - Make sure it doesn't hang up in the probe.

SPT Well, I Just pushed one away as hard as I could so

they wouldn't do that. This one, you mean.

PLT I don't know.

SPT l'm going to give this one ... DELTA-V. Let's get the
beck out of here. Yes. Okay, come on now.

PLT Are you getting it off?

03 02 01 SPT I'm getting it off. It's just - I don't remember

how long it is. Wait a minute, whoops - that was it.

CDR It came off?

SPT ... came off and went west.

CDR I see it....

SPT You see it? Them forget it.

PLT Is that is?

CDR Now, squeeze the cover.

SPT Right. And the whole cover's coming off. Okay.

Page144 Day146

03 02 29 CDR Want to hand the cover down or swing it down?

SPT I'ii hand it down. I think I'm done up here and -

CDR Yes - yes, you are.

SPT Starting from ... that little look, if I can.

CDR Yes.

SPT So, I'll just hand it down - -

CDR Yes.

PLT ...

SPT - - and here's the cover.

CDR Yes.

SPT And I'ii take the tool and put it away.

CDR Yes.

PLT There was no way I could save that nut.


03 02 56 SPT Okay. That's it, babe, and I see no obvious damage

or ... to the probe.

CDR Okay. Let's look at -

PLT I see the ... lights is off?

03 03 08 SPT No. No, the angle is too steep, even if I get way
over to one side.

PLT Okay. Here's the hatch. Which way do you want it?

CDR It's got to go around.

SPT It's got to go way - way -

CDR Way - way back.

PLT Towards me - like - that.

CDR Joe, we through with that hose?

Day146 Page145

$PT Wait a minute.

PLT Yes.

SPT Yes. Cause that's the cleanest -

CDR Yellow is aft, as I remember.

SPT Yellow is towards my face or your head.

PLT Can you ... the other direction - I guess I'ii hold
it - i'ii hold it, if you want.

PLT Now, we're in yellow ...

SPT ... leg or something.

PLT No, _'ii just hold it.

03 03 45 PLT Okay. Go for the decal.

SPT All right.

PLT Look at that, what's making that blow like that?

CDR We aren't -

PLT Huh?

CDR We aren't dumping oxygen, are we?

SPT Nuh-uh. It just takes that shape.

PLT Gosh darn if I know.

CDR How you doing, Joe?

SPT All right, it's just getting it ...

CDR Yes.

PLT ... hoses ... no problem.

CDR Easy with your feet.

SPT Uh-h<u.

CDR Ok_r. Give me some support.

Page146 Day146

03 04 19 SPT There we go. Okay.

CDR Now, maybe - -

PLT Now, wait a minute. Absolutely perfect. The arrows -

the arrows go up absolutely parallel.

SPT You bet you. I don't want to have to fly home this
way either.


SPT Okay. Yellow to yellow and orange to orange and


CDR Is it all the way up yet?

$_T No, no, not yet.


03 04 50 PLT Okay. You got - let me know when you're ready for
the handle business.

SPT I will. By gosh, that looks good. Let me sit back

and take a look at it. Yes, it looks good.

PLT You ready?

SPT Dh-huh.

PLT Actuator handle, unstow, pull to stop. Unstow, pull

to stop, set to L.

03 05 19 SPT Set to L.

PLT Push to stop. Here we go. Pretty as you please.

SPT Verify gearbox disconnect socket says L.

03 05 32 PLT It does.

CDR Crazy.

PLT Actuator handle select, stow.

SPT Stow.

PLT Push handle to stow.

__ Day146 Page147

03 05 40 SPT Done.


SPT All that business is all the way closed.

CDR All right. Now, close your PRESSURE EQUALIZATION


CDR Are you there, Joe?

SPT What?

CDR Are you there?

03 06 27 SPT Yes, l'm there. You said close your pressure equali-
zation valve and I though you were talking to some-
body else.

PLT No. He was talking to you.

CDR No, the cabin. Is it closed?

CREW ..,

CDR - - that forward hatch.

PLT •.•

SPT No - no, stand by. I'll get to that.

PLT Okay. Well, here, let me take the flight back then.

SPT l'ii just put it in this bag here ...

PLT Why don't you Just close the gosh darn valve and
• .. with the repress.

SPT All right. Darn thing ... people around here.

CDR ... we both had you on the - -

SPT ... find these later.

CDR - - ... procedure ... and getting hacked ... because

none of them work.
PLT Yes.
__ . o Day146

L:_ ," _J_ PLT What are you doing?

.... -:Ja u.skcd me to close this oressure equalization

"/_ive .

';D: No - no, I didn't want that one, I wanted the one

Tr. the tunnel hatch.

..... ibs ... I renorted it.

-_ No, -rou didn't.

_"_ ""_" I did I said, "_That's all the way closed "
And ,myway, well anyway, it's closed. Okay?

,_± 0_:.y
a .

'[ Okay.

CDR All right .... reoress?

£PT Okay.

CDR U_ to i psi.

SPT All right. Just a minute. Let me catch u_.

_T!_ yes .


that both hatch - dump valves are CLOSED.

O_ 07 44 CDR Dump valves? Oh, those dump valves. Yes. That was

PLT On 325 - B, both CABIN PRESSURE RELIEF valves are

NORMAL, latch verified.

03 07 54 CDR They are NORMAL, latch verified.

PLT 02 PRESS IND surge tank, I'll verify that.

SPT Yes.

PLT And a REPRESS 02 valve, Joe.

.... Day146 Page149

SPT Huhm?

PLT Open and I'll give you holler when to close at i psi.

',;I'T Panel 601. I_]ght?

PL'f Yes.

:U'T iier_, we go, OPEN.

03 08 [!6 ,3PT Tak_:s a long time to come oft' the peg.

lq,T Yes .

PLT Say, you got a hack? Okay, shut it off. Okay, it says
CA]JIN ]_BEOg for 30 seconds, we _ot a little over ].
I s_ot a mark on the time, it's 45. And it's going
up again, just like it did before.

SPT Yes, weird.

CDR Probably.

PLT Okay, Pete. Now, the next time when I give you a
holler when the surge tank pressure tank goes to 150 - -

CDR Yes.

SPT - - on panel 326 over there, you turn your REPRESS


CDR Okay.

03 09 29 PLT Now, it's still going up, Joe. Go ahead and dump it.

SPT Okay.

PLT Okay.

RLT At 300, Pete, I'ii give you a holler.

CDR Look at that other stuff on ... That just makes me


PLT I ought to get a picture from here, too.

CDR Yes.

PLT Okay, Pete. On 326, REPRESS PACKAGE valve, OFF.

150 Day146

03 i0 12 CDR Okay, it's OFF.

PLT Okay, now we can continue to dump the REPRESS PACKAGE.

CDR Yes.

PLT The pressure's up over 3.

CDR What's the surge tank?

03 i0 23 PLT It's 200.

CDR Okay.

PLT That's all fairly typical.

PLT Where - where the beck are we?

SPT We're hanging around through the pressure to get

the - -

PLT Yes.

SPT - - ...

03 i0 39 PLT On 351, Joe, it says open the CABIN REPRESS valve,

and adjust to maintain more than 150 in the surge

SPT That's right. So it does.

CDR What did you do?

03 i0 54 SPT I'm about to open the CABIN REPRESS.


SPT It's full open now ... tell me what happened.

PLT You ...

SPT Okay.

PLT All right. It's still going up.

CDR REPRESS PACKAGE must be about zero.

03 ii 17 SPT We're dumping the whole REPRESS PACKAGE.

Day146 Page

CDR Yes, I know. But isn't it about zero now?

SPT Well_ just about. We're running ... about zero. We

closed the valve which I'ii get to .... my watch

03 12 12 CDR ... Japan ... your lights slowly.

SPT All right. No, that's ... or ... I forget which the
heck it is.

PLT It's Russia.

03 12 25 PLT Where are we? REPRESS - Okay CABIN PRESS at about 47

to 53. It's 37 now.

CDR What's your surge tank?

PLT 350.

SPT 0h_ think that's all the repress we can handle.

PLT Yes, let's go.

SPT Okay.

CDR We're sitting here waiting for pressure. Right?

PLT Right.

03 12 58 SPT I suggest at 4 psi we get rid of helmets and gloves.

PLT Okay.

SPT That's higher than ...

SPT Well, you got a point there, don't you?

CDR Probably, ... before.

PLT Big deal.

SPT Probably at the factory.

CDR Listen, I should ... that I am. Do you realize how

perfect alinement that has to be?

03 13 42 SPT It has to be pretty darn good. Well, you let us

down, Pete.
Page152 Day146

CDR What's it say?

SPT Pressure systems working.

PLT Yes. Read ... to me.

SPT Yes. Your part is yet to come.

PLT Wait a minute. I,et me give it to you.

SPT Okay.

PLT Darn it, well shoot. Let's wait until -

SPT No, l'm just - there. Darn it. All right. We have
to hook up a wire now, but that won't take long.

CDR Yes.

SPT We're almost there.

CDR Yes.

03 14 22 SPT Okay. Now, attempt docking as before. Which as

you know, circuit breakers, closed - -

CDR Yes.

03 14 34 SPT - - and contact. Plus X until your hard dock within

10 seconds.

CDR Yes.

SPT While thrusting utility power on UP, that power's that

... and retracts the probe.

CDR Yes.

SPT After hard dock, of, after UTILITY POWER OFF, after
PROBE RETRACT .... But the essence of it is take the
nicest dock that you can. And go plus X while you're
going plus X, Paul I guess, will have to hit UTILITY
POWER on panel 15, I guess.

PLT ...

CDR You can - I can hit it.

PLT Where is it? Which one is it?

Day146 Page153

CDR Th_s one ri{,_t here.

PLT That's pane] 157

CDR Yes.

03 15 2! PLT Okay. Tt specifies panel 15 so ... mi<ht as wel]

use, huh?

CDR Yes.

ZPT And that's it. Have we f_ot 11psi yet?

T'i,T Yes.

SPT Okay.

CDR Okay. Can I take my glovesoff?

PLT Now, wait a minute. Wait a minute, f{osh darn it.

CDR Yes, let's do the checklist.

03 15 45 PLT 351, CABIN REPRESS valve, OFF. Well, I don't really

don't want to do that.

CDR Why? The REGs will bring it up.

PLT They will eventually. Yes.

SPT Will they at 4?

PLT Well, the emergency 02 will. It'll come on when

you turn it on. It's - it's a biggy.

SPT I admit you can a - you can get funny looking symptoms
by getting out of the suit early. But it couldn't
hurt anything and I'm trying to get things going.

PLT I'm not thinking of that. I'm just thinking we got

all screwed up last time.

SPT We got screwed up - yes. I forgot the CABIN REPRESS

va_Ive and we overpressurized the darn cabin.

PLT That was a dangerous thing to happened to us.

Page154 Day146

03 16 30 SPT Okay, I was just thinking, heck with the gloves off -
we can pick this up later.

PLT No, wait. That's the problem, part of the - You got
to open up the - -

SPT Y agree. Open that one.

03 16 40 PLT Okay. That's open ri_t now.

SPT All right, my helmet's coming off - -

PLT Okay.

SPT - - and gloves.

PLT Man, if anybody had told me we would make two EVAs

today, 89 emergency procedures - -

CDR Ground ...

PLT - - l'd have told them to drop dead.

CDR It's been interesting,you'll have to admit.


PLT Conrad's launch.

SPT Conrad's launch, only the first part of it was Conrad

and nominal - -

PLT I admit the first part of it was a super-nominal

Conrad launch.

SPT The rest of it - -

PLT You can have.

SPT The ... are great.

03 17 24 CDR Well, I'ii tell you, I don't know what we're going to
do if ... deploy the sails and come home - don't get

PLT Get docked -

CDR It teed me off about that panel.

Day126 Page155

PLT Now, did you open the SUIT CIRCUIT RETURN, valve?

03 17 45 CDR Yes, I did. Now, is the cabin up - Here, Joe, let

me - .-

PLT Keep an eye on that cabin, will you, while you're


CDR These gloves.

SPT Your gloves. Oh, okay give me a - just a second.

CDR All right.

SPT Get some more bungees ... tunnel ...

SPT Okay.

CDR Here you go.

SPT Where's your hat ?

CDR Coming at you. Got it?

03 18 51 PLT It's getting there. And I got a ... fooling around.

SPT Here we've been talking about, and training for it -

PLT We'w.• used just about all of it.

SPT Well, just the switch stuff ... stuff in the workshop.

CDR Yes.

03 19 14 PLT All right. PGA - You want me to read while you con-
nect this up? Wait a minute. You don't have that
checklist. Where the heck is it? Well, yo_ look at
it and let me read to you.

SPT All :right. It's just - well - here it is. That's

over in your side of the world -

CDR Yes, I didn't quite understand that - are - we both

look for - we put the circuit breakers in and we
looked for normal ...

PLT No, shucks, no. I mean if we get a break we'll -

156 Day146

CDR ... I knew - shoot, I -

PLT Wait a minute. Shall I write those numbers down,


03 20 ii CDR Well, let me see. They may still be maneuvering.

PET All right.

03 20 17 SPT 173 is - better ask for closing.

CDR I'ii tell you one thing, if we get docked, we ain't

going to undock for a while.

PLT ... try the sail. Going to try everything else.

PLT Hey, I want to get those poles put together. Get it

lined up just so.

CDR I ain't going to line up anything else, mar,.

CDR Well, if Vanguard is ready, I is lined up.

PLT Joe, you did a yeoman job on the pears today.

SPT Yes, I feel like it.

PLT ... four C's today.

PLT Where's that bag?

SPT Right here.

CDR I don't feel bad, l'm just getting sleepy flying,

you know.

PLT Yes.

CDR ... got to be able to do an EVA in the next couple

of hours, I can tell you that.

PLT l'd like to see you crawl up in that tunnel. It

really gets dark.

CDR We got to get docked.

PLT A hit on the head is a pain, but work in the tunnel

is an advantage.
- Day146 Page

PET I'll tell you, gang, next time I have to urinate.

I got to make room for it.

CREW ...

PLT Those little suit tank cans are working their little
tails off today.

CDR How are we doing on the surge tank?

PLT It's up to 700.

CDR What do you need, both breakers -

SPT Both breakers open.

CDR Okay.

SPT If we get capture, close one of the breakers and

attempt retraction, Okay.

PLT How can you get capture with both out?

CDR ... the one motor is stuck on in the EXTEND/RELEASE


PLT And think if you put the switch to RETRACT, and then
open the circuit breakers, which is the point ... I
think that is the way you're supposed to do it.

SPT ... time and time and time. Why don't we pull the
breakers now?

CDR Hey, ... you got a minute?

PLT I want to make sure I got the - oh, heck.

03 29 34 CDR Possible to get capture with no motors on?

PLT I guess they figure if they - yes, it is. If you

had a motor drive into the RETRACT position. Retract
the latch - I don't understand it. That ... is not
going to extend now .... very confusing.

No time available for communications within brackets. Placement of

transcript assumed from Flight Plan time line.
158 Day146

CDR Got a lot of motion going now, I'ii tell you. Last
one I'Ii crash into the ATM.

CDR Yes.

CDR ... to pop in tonight.

CDR ...

03 51 42 PLT We're docking, it's a hard dock anyway, right?

CDR Right.

CDR ... docking hatch ....

PLT What are you doing, Doctor. Doctor?

SPT Oh, fooling around with the stowage, trying to figure

out how to make things look neater.

CDR Hey, Doctor?

SPT Yes, sir.

03 52 42 CDR We have to do that EVA. Darned docking.

SPT ... I've got this spoiled wine here that I'd be
glad to get rid of.

CDR You want I set up so you can feed me?

SPT Yes.

PLT Need some help?

SPT There's one whole pocket here devoted ... spoiled ...

PLT ... talk you out of ... wherever you've put my

orange drink, and ... What else, vanilla wafers?

PLT Dried apricots - no, l'd better save them until later.
No, I'ii take it now. Dried apricots and vanilla
wafers. There's orange drink in there, too. You
want to -

03 56 36 SPT Okay. You're going to get back in it, huh? There's

a chance to get back in it. That's exactly why l've
been working on the those helmets. I get all sweated
Day146 Page159

CDR VERB 60, NOUN 40. Oh, heck.

PLT What 's the matter?

03 57 07 CDR Ah, I can't ... flying . .. running the computer.

SPT That's what he wants.

CDR VERB 60 NOUN 20. What should I do? Should I correct -

SPT Wait a minute. Should I break those numbers down,


CDR ... complete maneuver.

SPT 173 and ...


14 50 15 CDR ... can you?

14 50 43 CDR Okay, who's the blivet with?

SPT All righty.

14 50 55 CDR You could go ahead. Let me - here, let me get

an Activation Checklist and my pencil out, I
have Just finished breakfast, and I'ii copy some
of this. Hey, how about ... ; I got a good enough
start on it yet? When do we see you again? 18?


15 18 12 CDR Okay, we're ready to copy. We've got the

Activation Checklist open. Be advised, we've
pressurized the tunnel, and we had very little
leakage on it last night, maybe 0.i of a psi;
but we got a good tunnel, and we're standing
by for your word. Up there, that's mission
day 2; go ahead. Okay, whose towel is that in?
... give me two what? Okay, we got it. Go ahead.

Page 160 Day 146

15 42 33 CDR Okay. We got the probe out, and the capture

latches were not engaged.


16 25 51 CDR Roger, Houston. And be advised, we had a MAIN BAT A

undervolt which cut the voltage down to about 25 volts,
and it turns out that the heater cycle - All righty.
You can go ahead. Let me ... Yes, let me get an
Activation Checklist and my pencil out. I have just
finished breakfast, and I'Ii copy some of this.

SPT How about battery A? Does it have a good enough

charge on it yet?

CDR Okay. When when do we see you again?

16 27 05 CDR Quad A. Roger.

16 34 44 PLT Okay. We have the ... two crooked Z-axis in the

process. The MDA hatch open.

16 35 05 CDR And Paul just went in, and he said it's very cold
in there when you ...

!6 35 23 PLT Well, I am going in. It looks great when you turn

on the lights.

16 45 33 CDR Okay, Houston, we are in the MDA and we're pretty

busy .... and we are jumping around a little bit
to try to clean up the command module because we
have so much stuff in here, so we are moving the
probe and drouge in its place. Be advised that no-
body has had any trouble so far in the MDA, and be
advised to tell the doctors that we did not ...
satisfy our ...

16 46 i0 PLT Houston, Skylab. Never mind. We'll get you later.

_ Day146 Page

17 36 30 SPT Gosh. (Laughter) Unaccustomed as I am to public

speaking. (Laughter) This is the SPT recording
ATM TOV station that I am; let's see, 2 - 99.2.
Skip the RSCMS interconnection because it is minor.
Anyway, it's going to get us that thing.

17 38 45 CDR I have ... the caution_and warning. Okay?

PLT Okay.

CDR ... the caution and warning down here for one.

CDR You get a CM CAUTION and WARNING? Okay. Hit

MEMORY RESET or something.

17 40 36 SPT On the ATM panel, I am marking with red tape

switches that are to be off, circuit breakers
that are to be open at the off terminal,


18 22 43 CDR Roger, Houston. Paul has been out working on the

... end of the OWS at this time. Joe is ... him.
I'll have further word on that - - in just a minute.
Let's see, Paul is on his way back up now. The
teleprinter registered through kind of vaguely. I
hope they come through better than that ...

PLT Are you there, Houston?

19 01 51 SPT Roger, Houston; SPT. Over. Okay, and rolling the

canister to - part I, the ... nitrogen purge .,.
The initial roll condition was minus 14_0 instead
of 1350 for the - ...

* CDR Do you want to do it tonight or wait until

tomorrow morning on that one?


* No time available.
162 Day146

23 28 38 CDR Hello, Houston. Hello, Hank. Be advised we have

admitted. We have it connected through rod C. We
can't see it out the ... window, and with just rod C
on there, and we're taking a little cooling break_
it's pretty warm down there. So we're progressing
slow but sure, but everything so far is working.
We're about to put rod Delta on. We had no trouble
venting it down, ... We're about 4 minutes and it
held zero for i0 minutes without any out-gasing.
The door opened very smoothly and so far the rod
extension has gone very smoothly, and as I say we're
just taking a little heat break.

-- Page

DAY 147 (CS_)

00 29 04 CDR Okay, Joe, you ready?

SPT I'm all set.

, CDR Okay.

CDR Well, she's sure doing great.

O0 29 34 CDR The ... went out good; now it's kind of billowing out
and cycling. Let's let it settle down.

00 31 20 CDR ... against fabric, where those ... stuck, and the
front end which has the ... on it, that's pretty well

00 45 20 CDR I don't hear any shouts of joy.

PLT Well, it was interesting. You raised it up all right,

and - I am- we can - you can see the tips of both
the back rods now, but the configuration of it didn't
really change at all. It looks as if twirlingit
around and pulling it in might work, and it's a small
chance, I guess.

CDR Okay. Why don't you put some more - well, turn the
ECR on the way in and give it a few more shots of
that. I'll -

PLT Yes.

00 51 36 PLT Yes, that helped a little bit, Pete, but you're right;
it ought to rotate about 15 degrees clockwise.

00 52 03 PLT Okay. It's still moving around a little bit. Just

let it sit there.

CDR I'm not sure I didn't feel the rod unscrew a little.

PLT Well, it could be. Looks like you turned it awful

fast. We can always give her a .., 360 one way or
the other. See if you can shake it a little bit.

CDR Okay. How far does it turn?

PLT It turns Just right. It's lined right up, now.

CDR Is it doing anything for it?

Page164 Day147

00 53 33 PLT Yes, it's doing a little bit, but I think you're

right. I think one of those sections is loose.

CDR Is it locked?

O0 53 41 PLT No. I think it looks like one of them is rotating

a little bit. It looks like one of the rods might
be loose a little bit. You think you - did think
you felt one unscrew?

CDR Yes. I've got it locked in there now. Is it still


O0 53 53 PLT No, but while you were shaking it up and down, it

rotated off a little bit one way and then came back,
unless you happened to twist it a little while you
were shaking it.

CDR I might have done that, but as long as it hasn't

smoothed appreciably it's all right.

PLT Well, shake it some more.

00 54 06 CDR That seem to do good?

CDR Little by little, the folds are falling out of the

bad part, which is - I - what I think is doing it.
Now, pull it back into the mark, why don't you, and
shake it a little from there?

00 55 25 PLT Now, did you rotate it at all that time?

CDR If anything, I'd say I rotated it back to where it

was originally.

PLT That's right. That's about where it is now. I tell

you, every little shake just shakes it a little looser
at the back end, Pete, where that material is bunched

CDR Okay. It does look like it fits better, huh?

00 55 54 PLT Well, I think it is, but very slowly. You want me to

come down and relieve you?

00 55 59 CDR No, let me rattle it some more and just watch.

00 56 35 PLT Hey, Pete, you've twisted it; it - We're way off.

- Day147 Page

PLT Hold what you got°

CDR Let me bring it back to its original place.

SPT Why don't you put it back to the line?

, PLT Well, you know - What do you mean, twist or push?

CDR Twist.

00 57 13 PLT Well, you really have to - yes, but do it very care-

fully, because you're going clockwise and when you
get to the end, you don't want to hit a big load so
that it unwinds. You want to turn it very, very slowly.

CDR Okay. Did that other shaking do any good?

PLT I think it looks better. Put it back to where it was

and twist and come up and look. Pull it into a mark.

00 58 _l PLT You need a break, anyway. Come up and take a look

at it.

01 08 15 CDH 30. Roger.

PLT Okay, we were Just going to ask you that.

01 15 08 CDR Hey, what panel is the BAT BUS A and B, PYR0 BAT A
and B circuit breakers on?

Ol 15 27 SPT Well, I don't remember the number. Heh, heh. It's

the one where the main chutes are. It's two rows
right above the main chutes there where your EPS ...
circuit breakers are. It's 229 or something. You
see it?

CDR Yes.

CDR Go _lead.

01 30 51 PLT It - Change it a little from there.

Page166 Day147

02 18 36 CDR I looked out the window. Can you see my fuel

cell purge?

PLT Negative.

03 09 23 PLT Hello, Chuck.


PLT Hello, Chuck. Chuck, you got Skylab; go ahead.

PLT Chuck, Skylab. Do you read?

03 09 58 CDR Chuck - -


04 16 32 CDR Read you, Bob, loud and clear. How me?

CDR Okay, we're in the process of dumping the condensate.

Soon as we brought this thing on, the condensate
tank filter ... but we're working that problem right

SPT It's in SECONDARY, Houston.

Oh 17 50 SPT What's your plan for our attitude? We're not in solar
inertial, you know. Well, you're not even very close;
you don't ... Do you know where to go?

SPT Well, looking out the window. It looks as if you

need a plus rotation about Y and a plus about X,
and I figure ... about i0 degrees, or more. We're
more than i0 degrees off. It's hard to estimate,
but it's a plus-Y and a plus-X rotation. We are
not going to touch it this time; we're going to
let you guys fool with it. We'd like to get in
solar inertial once so we know what it looks like.
... And after that, if we get off, we can get our-
selves back on.

04 19 04 SPT Okay, what are the temperatures doing in the workshop?

SPT We - we haven't gotten to the Evening Report. We're

still about the middle of the afternoon for us. Pete
and Paul are working pretty hard on the condensate
system, going back to the command module and stowing,
stuff like that.
Day147 Page167

CDR Yes, and we're going to have a couple of large ...

here, I think, because we have enough other problems
coming up. Thank you.

04 21 23 CDR Affirmative.


05 49 15 PLT You're not there, are you, Houston?

05 49 31 PLT Hello, Houston.


18 41 2h PLT ...

18 52 12 PLT Tape recorder, this is the PLT answering the

questions that were sent up yesterday on the
teleprinter regarding the SEVA. Question 1 on trying
to cut the strap. No, I did not cut the strap,
because I felt we did not have the right tools on
board to do it with. The strap was down very tight
against the beam fairing. Next question: Can you
get to the strap under the beam fair - under the SAS
or beam fairing? Let me explain further to you what
it is or what it appears to be. There is a section
of meteoroid shield which is directly under the beam
fairing, and this is then bolted through the - what
we saw at Huntsville as kind of a standard method
on the meteoroid shield of the shield sheet being
advanced to angle and the angle's then bolted
together, And this is one of those joint lines that
ran longitudinally the length of the meteoroid shield,
parallel to and Just outboard of the beam fairing.
So it doesn't go under the SAS or under the beam
fairing. The next question is: Could I get the
two-pronged tool under the strap? Yes, sir, I could.
As a matter of fact, we almost left it there.
Because that goes with the next question - I did
push in on the beam, got the two-pronged tool
between the beam and the strap and then had one devil
of a time trying to get it back out.
168 Day147

18 53 48 PLT Question 5 is: Yes, sir, the strap is definitely dug

into the beam fairing. What it looks like to me is,
it is really wrapped tight right up against it, and
if there are any protruding bolt heads or bolt
threads, they are right down into that beam fairing.
It's almost like it was put on there. I really - I
almost find it hard to believe it's on there so
tight. Number 6 is the specific origin of the strap
(chuckle) we just talked about - I think. Any more
questions, give me a call. On - Number 7: On observing
deflection, I did not observe any. However, the
commander, watching out his window, said that the
end of the beam fairing, when I first pulled on it
using the shepherd hook, he estimates deflected about
a foot. Now I pulled it towards me; it deflected.
I also moved the whole workshop, surprisingly, at
which point the TACS squirted at us and started to
move back. And, as a matter of fact, the workshop
was pulling the command module for a short while
there. Anyway, any deflection which was put on has
gone back out and there is no oermanent deformation.
Question number 8: There is no sheet metal attached
to this angle strap outboard of the beam fairing.
Of course, there is underneath. The entire section
of meteoroid shield which lay under the beam fairing
at launch is still there.

18 55 27 PLT And question 9, the last - -

19 20 31 SPT Hello, friendly tape recorder. This is the SPT doing

temperatures. The ambient thermometer in wardroom 4,
749 Bravo, reads 103 degrees.

19 26 05 SPT Hey, Pete, the temperature indicator down here is off

the peg. It reads 98 now.

CDR Great!

19 29 58 CDR You read the workshop? You read the workshop?

19 33 15 CDR Hello, Joe.

Day147 Page

20 22 50 CDR Somebody's tone watch was going off up here. Was that
for a reason? The what? Somebody's alarm watch on
mol sieve B was buzzing. Did somebody set a timer?
Yes, that's the end of bakeout, but Joe already turned
it off.

20 30 O0 SPT ... you want some - stand by 1.

SPT How about some film vault temperatures? Okay, this

is with the digital thermometer. Drawer Bravo was
106.8; Delta was 107.0; Foxtrot was 106.0; Hotel
was 108.5; Juliett was 107.5; and drawer Kilo, on an
S191 film container, was 106.3. The hottest part of
the vault was the door, which was 109-1/2.

20 32 22 SPT Pete, I'm going to take - get a drink and take a short
heat break; I'll do that mol sieve thing.

20 43 49 CDR Rog - Roger, Houston. That heat charge is being

terminated at this time. Mol sieve A is coming on
the line and this condensate holding tank just takes
a long time pullir_ a vacuum, you know, so we're
doing some other things at the same time like - ...
We'll have to bring you up to date a little later on.

20 44 47 PLT Battery charging terminated.

20 45 17 CDR We're trying to get the volume set on these things,


170 Day147

DAY 147 (AM)

13 57 46 PLT Hello, tape recorder, on activation of panel 403, the

solenoid ventport has got a total of about an inch
and a half of debris on the inlet side in the bottom
of it. It's just miscellaneous stuff, mostly washers,
shavings, with one large rubber grommet.

13 58 17 PLT Also, for information, although the duct fans in the

workshop have been running for almost 24 hours now,
the screens on the mixing chamber are estimated 2 to
3 percent covered with miscellaneous trash. Again,
paper, ..., washers mainly.


15 17 30 PLT An item for stowage. Wardroom hose number 2 is not

stowed as it was for launch. It had to be removed
and used for something else and then replaced in the
same location, but not per launch. Thanks.

Page 171

DAY 1_8 (AM)

O0 26 44 SPT HelLo, tape recorder. This is the SPT. l'm

going to resume and repeat and correct the CSM food
log for days i and 2. We've given you the informa-
tion in this procedure and l'm sure the M071 people
are most anxious to find out what is really going on.
So l'm going to go over the CSM menu, day by day,
and fill in the blanks. On day i, for the CDR, he
ate everything. He had 16 shots; that is, 8 ounces
of water. He had no medication. No DELTA H20, no
salt packages. And we had no supplements on that
day. The SPT ate all his food, 15 shots of water,
one Scop/Dex as previously recorded - reported. No
DEE_A H20 and no salt. The PLT ate everything on
day i except one-third of the asparagus and the bread,
at meal Charlie. He had 16 shots of water and one
application of Afrin for nasal congestion. There
was no DELTA H20 and no salt packs. Okay, on day 2
for the Commander, the only foods eliminated were the
_ asparagusand the peanuts. He had 32 shots of water,
and two applications of Afrin in the medication.
No DELTA H20 , no salt packs, and we did not take our
supplements on day 2. The SPT did not consume one
coffee, one biscuit, and one lemon pudding. The
PLT did not consume peach ambrosia, macaroni, bread,
butterscotch pudding, apricots, or coffee. He had
38 shots of water, no medication. The SPT, to go
back, excuse me, had six shots of water and no
medication. And the rest of the log is blank.

O0 29 38 SPT On day 3, so far, to start with, we took our

medication - our supplements for day 2 and day 3 on
the morning of day 3. The CDR took two magnesium,
two calcium. The SPT took one magnesium and one
calcium. The PLT took one magnes_um. This did not
account for items not eaten. These were nominal

00 30 07 SPT So far, the CDR has eaten everything in the first

two meals except the corn, which was a bag failure.
The bag failed at its seam prior to being rehydrated.
Got corn powder all over everything. The SPT has
not had his biscuit and jam or his peaches, but he
intends to eat at least the peaches and the rest as
172 Day148

he gets to it. However, the SPT will probably not

get to his apricots tonight or his butter cookies.
The PLT only had half of his bread for breakfast
and has yet to eat his vanilla wafers or his lemon
pudding from lunch. And we're going to be vague on
this probably by evening report, because the days
are running so late. We won't give you the water
and the salt or DELTA H20 until the evening report.
And that's it.


00 49 53 SPT Okay.

00 50 50 CDR Okay, we'll also put our comments on biomed on the



00 58 37 CDR Hello, tape recorder, for the stowage people. The

condensate - the condensing heat exchanger servicing
adapter plates are restowed on M168 in the MDA,
rather than in the bag by the food locker.


0l 43 08 CDR Hey, Joe, you ready?

SPT Yes.

CDR Come on down here, we just drove by Vladivostok

(laughter). Joe, no, l'm not kidding you.

01 45 33 CDR Paul, all your food is up in the command module.

01 54 37 CDR Roger, Houston. You ready for your status reports?

... Joe. Joe left it on, and we're sorry.

02 14 21 PLT Hey, Pete; stand by for a MASTER ALARM and disregard.

02 14 31 PLT You can disregard the MASTER ALARM we didn't get.

Da_-148 Page 173


04 34 37 CDR Hello, friendly recorder. On page 2-144 of the

checklist, the PRD reading of the PRD in drawer A of
F510 is 13017. And the PRD reading stowed in B-I of
the command module is 49017. Out.

05 23 53 CDR Anybody know what happened to the CSM systems ..., I

mean the checklist book?

PLT No, I assumed that you moved it.

CDR I know where it is. It's up on the ECS panel. We

hsd our ... stuff out of it.

05 37 16 PLT Tape recorder, this entry concerns stowage, if you'll

pass to them. Tonight we dug out the personal hygiene
kit spares container and found that every tube of
Keri hand cream in there had ruptured. I don't know
why. It must have been a combination of the tempera-
ture and the pressure, because the ones that were
stowed in our individual hygiene kits in the waste
management compartment are intact. Also, about two-
thirds of the toothpaste, which is stowed - which is
all the toothpaste on board - which is stowed in the
overage kit, as it were, has burst. And some of it
h_s been cooked to the point where it is very, very
thick and unusable anymore, although some of it still
is usable. And it appears that that will be a re-
supply problem for the next mission.


ii i0 Ii PLT We're head up, Bill, if you're still there.


12 38 53 SPT Okay, B channel, this is the SPT on the MllO blood

letting exercise. The serial numbers are as follows:
for the CDR, his ASP is 153, his vial, 006; the SPT,
ASP 148, vial 004; the PLT, ASP 165, vial 011 ....
procedure, the major problem, so far, is that one of
174 Day148

the ASPs didn't take a good vacuum. It was the SPT's

ASP; it was the last one used, and only about half
the blood went into it. I had to draw on myself
again, using a freshly sucked-down ASP and that worked
fine. I recommend that from now on, and the way we're
going to do it is that I will put the ASP on the ASPER
a couple a minutes before the draw, leave it there and
take it off just in time to receive the blood. That
way, we'll be sure we have a fresh vacuum and no leak-
age and we don't have to do it twice. Aside from that,
the general comment is there is an awful lot of loose
pieces, and the IBCS kit itself will not stay closed -
will not stay down on the table - won't stay together
at all because the material is so stiff and the Velcro
- there is a lot of it, but none of it holds. It's
lousy stuff.

12 43 51 CDR Those are - l'm guessing - probably 70-percent air.

Starting today are the first good urine bags that
we've been able to install with a f11]] vacuum pulled
on them. So I expect to see things improve on that
with tomorrow's sample. If it weren't for the fact
that we had such a spectacular view out of the ward-
room window, which we didn't open until yesterday eve-
ning late, I'd think we were back in Houston simming.
Right now, we're over Italy where the weather is spec-
tacularly clear. We can see just about all of Italy,
from one end to the other. Oh, clear across the Med-
iterranean, going over some land l've never seen be-
fore. Okay, hopefully, we'll all be done breakfast
by then and we got a few other questions for you, and
we'll start working the probe and whatever else we
need to do.

12 49 43 PLT Okay, B channel. Just had an accident with a - an

instant breakfast. There was a lot of air in the
(cough) in the container before reconstitution, and
there was quite a bit of instant breakfast powder
leaking out the top before reconstitution. On recon-
stitution, it wouldn't accept the 6 ounces of water
because there was too much air in it; and, consequently,
the water leaked out around the nozzle.

CDR Gosh darn it.

Day148 Page

12 52 30 PLT In general, if you put less than the specified amount

of fluid in and don't get too much air in the water
and hold your finger over the nozzle while you're
shaking it, you do better.


13 17 36 CDR Right there, Houston. Sorry, I had the B side on this


13 23 12 SPT Tape recorder, for urine sampling, if you'll pass on

to the - whoever's concerned with that. Just to
straighten out the records, the first day's sample
on the sample bags are logged as day 145. The second
day's sample, which is the day they were collected,
is logged as day 146. The third day's sample was
logged when they were sampled, so that picks up today
with 148. Therefore, on the sample bags, day 147 is

13 27 20 CDR Good morning, friendly tape recorder. The PRD read-

ings of day 148 are as follows: for the CDR, 44011;
for the SPT, 18011; for the PLT, 06018. End of message.

13 50 06 SPT Hello, B channel. Let me finish MIIO. The centrifuge

worked okay. All the plasma samples are clear; however,
two of them, the CDR's and the PLT's, had large bubbles
of gas in them. And I suspect this is the same prob-
lem that the ASPER, after it evacuated, is leaking back
rather rapidly and that those two had more air in it.
The procedure I discussed previously for evacuating
the ASPER will take care of that. A glance at the
specimens seemed to show that the SPT's hematocrit
is lower than the other two. This may be a crude
index of hydration, and l'd like you guys to figure
out something we talked about a long time ago and
never did anything about - and that is the crew
hematocrit index, based on the level of the separa-
tion between cells and plasma on the outside of the


14 27 16 CC Skylab, Houston.
Page176 Day148


14 51 56 CDR Hello, friend - Hello, friendly tape recorder, the

CDR; and l'm using iodine tablets package to put
iodine tablets in the command module water return.
l'm using package type number 1007.

15 00 41 CDR ... questions to myself, or you want me to put them

on tape?

15 01 05 SPT Okay, we'll put it on ...

15 06 53 CDR Hello, friendly tape recorder, this is the CDR, in

answer to message 0316 Charlie. Question number i,
estimate total time each crewman spent in the 0WS
yesterday, any duty cycle you observed between rest
and work. The CDR spent all day.

SPT He's talking about day 2, Pete.

15 07 18 CDE Oh, okay. With - with respect to day 2, the CDE and
the PLT worked about 20-minute intervals; - wearing
gloves, jackets, CWGs, pants and shoes. We worked
about 20-minute intervals and took about 5- to
10-minute breaks to cool off while erecting the

15 07 52 CDR Two, provide analysis of work levels under increased

temperature conditions on day 2. Twenty minutes was
about it. Without pressing anything. This was not
getting extremely hot. This was not sweating profuse-
ly or anything like that. It was just a time that we
could tell we were beginning to strain, and it was
time to leave and cool off a little bit. I think we
could have worked 20 minutes down there and 5 minutes
up in the cool all day long. We did drink plenty of
water that day.

15 09 01 CDR Okay, making a poll of the crewmen, nobody used any

mineral supplement out of the command module, other
than that normally called for during the meal. And
no extra salt was used by any of the three crewmen.

15 09 42 CDR Question number 4: During ... food transfer (a) any

... The answer to that question was no; (b) any smells
Day148 Page

detected? The answer to that question is no. And we

haven't tried to dispose of any food. Question num-
ber 5: what was the iodine concentration parts per
million when water was sampled at the wardroom food
table - at the end of the wardroom purge? The
answer to that is, it was somewhere between 3 and
parts per million, closer to h, so we estimated
3.8 parts per million. That answere all of message
0316 Charlie.


16 26 25 PLT This is a writeup for the stowage people. Out of the

one can in the dome 416 locker, all three universal
mounts have been taken out instead of the two called
out in the checklist; and, by the way, I'm referring
to the Activation Checklist, page 3-27 .... the ex-
posed film decals have been - put where they're sup-
posed to be. The only other change is that the other
lens - the 55-millimeter lens for the Nikon - instead
of being put in - No, instead of being left where it
was, it is now in drawer G of the film vault.


17 14 59 SPT Tape recorder, this is the SPT with biomed activation.

In the subject interface box, the serial number is 6.

17 18 00 SPT And, biomed, the serial number on the VCG umbilical,

I think, is 15. It says, "Linear, Incorporated

17 43 28 SPT Biomed activation. The serial nnmhers of the CTMS

probes follow. The PLT's number 33.

17 43 46 SPT The SPT is 57.

17 43 59 SPT And the CDR is 67.

17 57 20 SPT Biomed activation. The CAL N2, 02, C02 bottle PRESSURE
is 1719.

18 05 21 SPT Okay, this is the SPT on photo prep. This is infor-

178 Day148

mation for the photo people. We had a transporter

failure on transporter 01, which I was using instead
of 02, to load the film trim on 92/M171. I was also
using supply reel Charlie India 01 and takeup reel
Mike Tango 01. And we had three consecutive failure
jams in the transporter using that combination. I
then switched both transporter and supply reel;
transporter to 03 and supply reel to Charlie India
02. And then I didn't get a jam in the transporter, i
but the takeup reel failed to take up. So I
switched the takeup reel to Mike Tango 02, and
everything works fine. So the situation now is
that we have transporter 02 with supply CI02 and
takeup MT02 ready for M_I51. Transporter 01 is in
the locker slot where I got 03 out of and it's red-
taped. Supply reel MT01 is going to go back where
it was - came from red-taped. I don't know what's
wrong with it. And supply reel 01, Charlie India
01, if we find it - it slipped off the Velcro and
it's gone - if we find it, l'm going to put it back,
and we'll give i_ another try before we declare it
failed. Can't say anything in detail about the
jams, except that they were in the transporter, and
film was either not getting through at all to the
takeup reel or getting through in a very bent-up
and damaged condition.

"18 06 46 SPT Hello, B channel, biomed activation. MA calibration

check - In order to get percent 02 to come in to 54.45 -
that is, within 54-1/2 plus or minus 0.i, I had to
adjust GAIN 02 a little bit higher than the specified
range. It's 4.306 is what I had to adjust it to.

18 07 28 SPT And that's it.

"18 07 58 SPT Biomed activation. The CAL N2, H20 bottle PRESSURE
is 1584.

18 I0 01 PLT Yes?

* Timing obviously erroneous; transcript inserted where plausible.

Daylh8 Page

CDR Did I remember you saying we're on a trunkline [?]


PLT Oh, what's the - ? 0100, okay.

i_ i0 39 PLT It's on your right, and it's just under the waste
management compartment to ... 060.


18 48 13 PLT Hello, Houston.

18 48 21 PLT ...

18 48 56 PLT Hey, Hank. The specimen mass measuring device in

the head doesn't work. And we don't have time to
pursue it. You turn it on and no lights come on.
You put the reset button up in ... mass moves. How
about having somebody research it and see if we've
got any spare parts for it on board or if it's Just
a troubleshooting routine, if you would, please. It
crapped out on me yesterday.


19 Ol 45 SPT That's right, Hank. This is SPT. I activated it

last night and it was fine. Paul remarked - when
he went in just now that the MASS/OFF/TEMP switch
was in MASS. He indicated I may have left it in
MASS, although I don't remember doing so. The one
in the wardroom is still okay, and that's all the
information we've got.


19 16 31 CC Skylab, Houston.

19 16 h5 PLT Hello, Houston. You read?

Page180 Day148

20 43 23 SPT Okay, MA end-to-end cal; PERCENT 02 is 73._0.

20 47 20 SPT Okay, MA C02 is 0.180 for the first update; 02 CONSUMED

is 0.036. And the 02/C02 RATIO is 2.759. And the


20 49 48 SPT Percent 02 - Stand by - 02 CONSUMED is 0.047. The

RATIO is 2.873, and the MINUTE VOLUME is 16.7.

20 56 41 SPT The percent 02 CONSUMED in the fourth run is 0.047.

MA C02, 0.670. The RATIO, 2.873 and the MINUTE VOLUME

is 39.1.

20 58 54 PLT Okay, on page 3-16a, SAMPLE INLET GAS PRESSURE, 5.013.


21 37 27 PLT Hello, tape recorder. This is for the stowage people.

The overage food - had to be performed - a transfer
had to be performed out of sequence. Therefore, we
just leave it where it wound up, which, instead of
the left side of the freezer, the three overage food
bundles are now stowed on top of the food locker.
That's the three overage food bundles are stowed on
top of the food locker. End of message.


22 18 44 CDR Hello, B recorder. This is the CDR. ATM COOLANT

LOOP, Pump A, ON at 22:18.


23 17 56 SPT Okay. On the M092/171, with the PLT as subject. I

have cycled the metabolic analyzer now from the acti-
vation status to ready-to-support the prerun cal on
page 3-5 of the checklist. And the MS SAMPLE INLET
GAS PRESS now is 0.009. Stand by.
Day148 Page181

23 19 27 SPT Okay, now the M_ SAMPLE INLET PRESSURE is 4.991.

23 20 21 SPT PERCENT 02 is 73.22. PERCENT H20 is 4.41.

23 20 40 SPT PERCENT CO 2 is 1.67.

23 24 49 CDR Hey, Joe, come bring me a towel right away. This ATM
filter line leaked, and I got water all over every-
where. I can't move.

23 36 52 CDR Did you say "Hawaii for 1 minute," Dick?

CC That's our next station.

CDR Okay, I can talk to you about a couple of things there.

CC Okay.

23 37 51 SC All right.

23 42 08 CDR Okay, Dick. I was testing out the ATM coolant loop
filter, and the outlet ... stuck on when I took off -
j (laughter)when I was changingthe filter,so I lost
4 or 5 ounces of fluid out of it before I could get
it back on the - connected again. The ... stuck open.
But I finally did get it changed out, and then, in
checking it, I noticed that it took a long time for
the PUMP DELTA-P light to go out, and I guess maybe
there was pressure in the lines. And we - lost the
pressure, and I presume it took awhile for the accumu-
lator to get it on there. But I ran 60 Uncle and com-
pleted 60 Tango, so they're both done.

23 43 24 CDR I'm about to eat. I've caught up and my dinner is

cooked. Joe and Paul are a little bit behind. Paul's
just in the middle of riding the bicycle right now,
and why don't you go ahead and pass me the trim burn

SPT Okay.

CDR Okay.

CDR Did you want to see it out of the page in the Activa-
tion Checklist?

CDR Roger. Do you want to reference the page in the Acti-

vation Checklist?
Page182 Day148

23 45 Ol CDR Okay, I'm sorry. I was Just getting to the


23 45 42 CDR Okay.

2_ 53 22 SPT MI71: the percent oxygen is 71.5 ... Percent water

is up to 5.86 in the vicinity of the metabolic analy-
zer. And the percent CO 2 is 1.86.

23 5_ 36 SPT Just a note. Subject's isolation and the bicycle was

initially satisfactory. It is now zero.

Page 183

Day 149 (AM)

01 30 55 CDR Hey, Joe, do you know where the binoculars are?

01 31 O0 SPT They were in A-9 last time I looked.

01 31 0h CDR We're catching up wlth some satellite down here.

You ought to come down and look out the window
at it.

01 31 09 SPT I'm busy.

CDR Oks_r.

01 31 22 CDR Hey, I think there's a pair of binoculars in our

entertainment kit.


03 21 04 CDR Hello, Houston. You with us?

03 28 30 CDR Hello, B channel; this is CDR. This is the Evening

Status Report for day 148. The following: Alfa,
urine: CDR, 170; SPT, 170; PLT, 210. Bravo,
drinking water gun reading: CDR, 3.434; SPT, 6.910;
• PLT, 2.004. Charlie, BMMD body mass: that's NA.
It wasn't up today. We'll start with that tomorrow.
Delta, exercise: CDR, zero; SPT, zero; PLT was
2/12/1800. Echo, medication: CDR, none; SPT, none;
PLT, none. End of Evening Status Report, Alfa
through Echo.

03 29 50 CDR Okay, the following is the BMMD calibration; the

crewman is Conrad; the day was 148. The BMMD cal
was the first. The start time was 18:35, and
temperature was 92. The stop time was 20:30; cal
set sequence l: 2.69929, 2.69917, 2.69924, 2.69923,
2.69909. Sequence 2: 3.74987, 3.75054, 3.74956,
3.74995, 3.74975. Sequence 3: 5.01276, 5.01154,
5.01142, 5.01171, 5.01184. Sequence 4: 5.51338,
5.51238, 5.51350, 5.51445, 5.51322. Sequence 5:
5.96764, 5.96674, 5.96712, 5.96828, 5.97023.
Sequence 6: 6.39421, 6.39347, 6.39475, 6.39218,
6.39229. Sequence 7: 6.78378, 6.78764, 6.78939,
6.78592, 6.78778. Sequence 8: 2.70034, 2.69893,
Page184 Day149

2.69948, 2.69958, 2.69956. Remarks: It was noted

that the right thumbscrew that holds the calibra-
tion package tied to the BMMD had worked its way
loose during the calibration, as I think the scatter
in sequences 4, 5, 6, and 7. And I recommend the
next time it be done, that it be tightened with a
pair of pliers. It was tightened as hard as I could
tighten it with my fingers, hut in zero g, they tend
to back off. Another remark is, there was no S020.
We used 2509 batteries, T003, plus a piece of mosite
and a strap to hold them down. And we will return
the strap and the mosite at the end of the flight
and have the stowage people pick that up. End of
BMMD cal message.

03 45 05 SPT Pete, you got those star tracker gimbals?

03 45 37 CDR Joe, it was Canopus minus - The INNER was 068 - minus
068. The OUTER was plus 1670.

SPT Did it give you a times [sic] that was good?

CDR No, it didn't.

03 45 58 SPT I thinkit's kerflooeyrightnow.

04 14 33 CDR Joe, what did I tell you that star was?

04 14 41 SPT Canopus number i.

CDR Yes, I know, but what gimbal angles?

04 14 48 SPT You said it was minus 660 and plus 60 something.

04 17 51 SPT ... B channel, this is the SPT.

04 21 42 SPT Houston, Skylab.

04 21 57 SPT ... Let me start sequence 9 over again. If you

missed any of the sequences, you'll hav@ to call me
in the morning. The tape recorder light went out.
B.05, 270, 121, 063, 217, 248, 155, 186, 149, 193,
107, 189, 158, 034, 149. Sequence 9 never did settle
down. The last sequence, which is ... -

04 22 41 SPT Yes, this is SPT. I was tape recording this on

B channel, and I noticed that my record light was out.
Did you guys dump the recording?
D_y149 Page

04 2B i0 SPT Okay, maybe I knocked it off with my elbow or some-


04 23 23 SPT Okay, the last - the last sequence which is this ...
is 1.95, 637, 40, 96, 7B, 32.


ii 34 43 CDR I thought we were on the time line and we would jus_

listen to a little country music.


12 50 56 SPT Good morning, B channel. The PRD readings are as

follows: the SPT is 18024; the PLT is 06025; and
the CDR's not long for this world. He is 44013. And
the PRDs are now going on station as follows: the
PLT's in his sleep compartment; the CDR's in his ex-
periment compartment, and the SPT's near the minus-Z

13 07 08 SPT Okay, B channel, with ATM experiment checkout. I'm

going to read all the frames remaining to you right
now. H-alpha, 15656; X-ray tele, 5789; XUV spect,
195; the slit is 1608; the coronagraph is 7749; and
the X-ray spect is 5841.

1B 26 14 CDR Okay, B channel, the white light display is, so far,

a bit of a disappointment. It's very wavy; it looks
out of focus. The slits or fiducial marks are about
twice as broad in this display as they are in the
trainer. Haven't looked for sunspots yet.

13 38 57 CDR Hello, hello, friendly B channel. On the tape

recorder checkout on EREP, it checked out okay. 0nly
one thing, when I started the tape recorder, I got a
MALF light, then a TAPE RECORDER MOTION light was at
5 seconds. The MALF light went out. It came back
on again for 1 second and went out and stayed out.
This is the only anomaly. Everything else checked
out fine on the EREP 1 tape recorder.
Page186 Day149

13 56 I0 PLT Hey, as far as you guys know, is the Nikon flash

attachment still in the command module?

CDR ... supposed to move it this afternoon.

SPT He says yes.

PLT Okay. Look, I'm going to delay that if one of you

guys will remind me later to do it. Shoot, I'm so
far behind now, I'm going to skip it and pick it up

SPT All right.

13 56 38 SPT He says he's done the EREP I except for the DAC.

13 57 12 PLT Hey, Pete, the DAC is not in EREP 2. Why are you
looking for it now? Is it spelled out in i now?

14 18 ii CDR Okay. Okay. I Just haven't gotten to that 20-step

procedure. We're - we're hanging in there on the
time line, but I'ii tell you, it's by the skin of
our teeth. But I think things will improve.

CDR Okay, that's all I had for you, and I - like I say,
apologize about the medical stuff the other night.
It didn't enter my head that the ground had A recorder
on and we were still on A record.

CDR No, I don't. If you got any questions, fire at us.

14 23 57 CDR Well, like I say, we - we got ourselves a little

short on sleep in the beginning, but I Just think
well, last night we ran about an hour late. But you
really don't need a full 8 hours yet. I think we will
need it, but since this is our first day of orbital
ops, and let's see how we do on this. We're going
to have to draw a halt, I think, a couple of times
and schedule like cleaning sessions. We've had
nothing bad with the food, but food gets away from
you, and - and I can see that, to keep this place
clean for the rest of the guys, we're really going
to have to take a couple of good blocks of time and
really go scrub it down, because the stuff does get
around quite a bit.

PLT Hey, Dike, this is Paul.

Day 14R Page 187

14 35 ll SPT Pete wants to know how soon you'll be ready for M092.

PLT Well, he can come down and start riding his hot little
seat off any time. I'm Just making these changes to
the EREP Checklist - about l0 more minutes.

SPT Copy.

14 39 05 SPT Hello, Hank. Hank, if you sent it, we can't find it

any place. What DAC do you want us to put on the


15 31 20 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. For the CDR, M092, the

harness that I removed from now on is ... number
1096. _d of M092 message.

15 41 55 SPT B channel, for the M092 run on the CDR, the following
data applies to his left leg (music). The comfort
is 13-1/h inches. Right band ID is Alfa X-ray; L
number, 3.7. Right leg, 13-3/8; Charlie India, 4.5.

15 52 53 SPT For M092 on the CDR, we had to change out the left
legband. We could not get an adjustment on it. The
new legband is Charlie Hotel, 3.2. End of message.


16 30 34 SPT The MI71 done on the CDR - -

CDR (Laughter)

SPT The N2, 02, C02 GAS PRESSURE, 1.672, 1.672.

16 36 55 SPT Hello, tape recorder. The CDR is MI71. The CAL N2,
H20 PRESSURE is 1.556, 1.556.

16 42 22 SPT For MI71 on the CDR, the MS SAMPLE GAS PRESSURE is


SPT Okay, for MITI on the CDR. PERCENT 02 is 73.42,

73.42. PERCENT H20 - -

PLT What did he say that last one was, CO2 or 02?

CDR 02 .
188 Day149

SPT PERCENT H20 wss 3.87, 3.87. PERCENT CO2 is 1.83,


16 49 00 SPT Tape recorder, for the CDR, M171 had good isolation
in the LBNPD. He reads zero isolation on the bicycle.
We'regoing to presson. i


17 16 42 PLT For MI71 run on the CDR, the postrun values:

PERCENT 02, 71.14, 7114; PERCENT WATER 6.06,

606; PERCENT C02, 193, 1.93.

17 27 33 CDR Hey, we're all congregated in the head, all for

different reasons. Why don't you go ahead and slip
us the news?

17 29 i0 SPT Yes, ..., I had to have it explained to me because

the music was way too loud, and then I had to drag
out my pad and put down my ... Let me know when
you're ready to copy.

SPT He says he's not going to put his macaroni down again
to answer you.

17 41 25 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is for MI71, the

CDR. On my run today, the only way I could ride
the bike halfway efficiently was to move the seat
all the way forward, and I jacked up the seat height
to - I jacked the seat height up to number 6. And
that puts my legs much more directly - or myhip
much more directly over the pedals, and then I take
the load, up-load through the harness on m_
hips and my shoulders. Okay, the first step,
55 watts, and the next step, 105 watts, were nothing,
and my heart rate did get as high as it normally does
on ground. But the 155 was Just like finishing up
the 200-watt, 20-minute protocol that we had; I was
really running out of gas. And yet, I was using
muscles that I don't normally use down on the ground,
so I don't know whether I'm going to get more effi-
cient or less efficient or what's going to happen.
So take it for what it's worth. End of M0 - M171

Day149 Page189

18 33 21 SPT Negative. I came up using the darkside prep, sun-

side prep, which involved powering up the gyros,
waiting 90 seconds, and proceeding on. I did not
zero the ... However, they were operating normally,
and then suddenly - I was down in active region lh
and I'm pointing in at it, and it suddenly took off.

CDR Okay, we'll do it.

CDR Okay, we got TV-2 on; VTR.

18 39 21 SPT You still there, Houston? Okay, I forgot to check

the telemetry on S082A. It's still operating.

18 39 53 SPT S082A still has an 0PF2ATE light, but its cycle

should have ... out long ago, and I think probably
it did, but the OPERATE light stayed on.


19 18 18 PLT Hey, Henry, I need a - Just a verification from the

EREP boys in the back room there. And I want to
make sure that drawer K, which is for S190 - drawer
K, which is film set November - the whole set is to
be replaced? And I'll load the magazines now with
set Quebec. Is that correct?

CC Okay.

PLT Also, I Just put it on tape, but to make sure, the pad
said to put the empty cassette bags in F521. That's
chuck full to the gills here, so I put them in F520.

19 19 39 CDR Say, Hank, are we going to have to transfer any more

waste water or do we have enough room in the service
module tank when that waste tank is full this time?

CDR Thank you.

CDR Okay.

19 20 58 SPT Hello, Houston; SPT. I came up in experiment

pointing with the primary fine Sun sensor selected,
and I went to zero the ... and the up/down ... zero.
Page190 Day149

SPT Okay.

PLT Okay, I'm on my own.

19 25 01 CDR Okay, Henry. Also, I see the - the change here. Are
we going to write the brief or not? Can you Just tell !

me briefly, are we going to write them while operating,

or what?


19 50 40 PLT Hello, tape recorder. Stowage note. On the S190

cassette bags; that is, the bag that the replacement
S190 film was brought up in, the pad says to stow
the empty bags in F521. However, F521 is still full;
therefore, the bags are in F520. That's the empty
S190 cassette bags are in F520.

PLT Okay, I got the 190 window.

19 59 21 SPT Okay, you can give me the answer in Carnarvon; it's

no sweat. Also you had a question on the solenoid
vent valve. We have not cleared the debris yet.
We have not had a chance to clear any debris yet,
and it really needs it.

19 59 40 SPT Okay.

20 04 46 SPT Friendly B channel, the SPT with some ATM dumps. On

the JOP 6 building block i that I ran, the second 82A
exposure inadvertently reached a duration of 4 minutes
instead of l_inute and 40 seconds because when l'm
using the timer - l'm sorry. On the JOP 4 - no,
rather, building block 4B, I maximized detector i on
the H-alpha bright spot. And, indeed it is possible
to maximize the detector by a factor of 3 or 4. So
I got a reading of about 650 to 700, as compared to
a background of 150 to 200. And I got it to about
one slit width or a little more outboard or toward
the limb from the bright spot at H-alpha. That might
be useful both to the PIs and to the training people.

SPT And let me time tag those remarks; the time is 20:05.
Day 149 Page 1R1

20 28 29 SPT Friendly B channel, this is the SPT on his latest

stowage change. To preclude either of these guys
from using the only empty locker in my sleep compart-
ment, I have taken the two charcoal gas masks and l've
put them in dome locker number 426 in the area vacated
by the first lot of urine bags.


21 00 24 PLT I'm still in the midst of S190 checkout and the other
guys are running M092/171.

PLT Okay.

21 00 51 SPT Hey, gang, are we running the ATM ... now?

PLT Yes.

21 ii 22 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. For the SPT's M092/171 run

today, his left leg is 14-5/16; his right leg is
lh-i/4. His left leg strap is Baker Victor 3.6; and
his right one is Baker King 3.6.

21 18 58 PLT Roger, Hank. On the S190 filter, filter Alfa Alfa

has a few - what appear to be water spots, you know,
little round spots like water drops had dried there
around the edge for a short distance. Do you want
me to try to clean it or just leave it be?

21 19 26 PLT Okay.

21 19 38 PLT Okay. Also, we may have to move the spare hot water
heaters to some place so they won't - because they're
in the way. I'll have to stow one of the rear ...
in the S190 there before we run any EREPs. So, some-
body do a little research and Just give us the page
number for the procedures ahead so we don't have to
remember it.

PLT Okay.

21 33 l0 PLT Okay, Hank. It's in AUTO sequence now. I can hear

it running. All six malf lights came on on the
second pulse. It almost appears to be more time
dependent on when it gets the first operating pulse
than anything else.
Page192 • Day149

21 44 25 CDR Roger.

21 44 4B CDR Be right with you.

21 45 41 PLT What was it you wanted to know, Hank? How many I

have run through so far? I have run through 43,
three singles and a sequence of 40, and a sequence
timed out right on the money, at 1 munute 24.

21 46 ll PLT Yes, sir, until I turned the switch to STANDBY.

MODE switch, that is.

21 46 22 CDR Give it the "Conrad fix." We'll put tape over the
malf lights and go with it. How's that?

PLT Do we do that before our first _REP pass?

CDR That's it. Yes.

PLT Okay.

21 47 13 CDR Hey, I guess I misunderstood that, Hank. That

great big long-winded list of stuff you gave me - -


22 O0 54 CDR Hello, friendly tape recorder. On the SPT's MI71

run, the MS - SAMPLE MS GAS PRESS is 4.877.

22 01 39 PLT Hel - hel - hello, tape recorder. On the EREP

checkout, when I checked drawer L, drawer Lima,
to see if the film would advance, the film had
taken significant set. The film could not be
advanced merely by lowering the metering guide
roller. I had to open the side access door and
help feed the film through the bottom platen area
with my other hand. As I said, it had taken
significant set. In all cases, the film that was
exposed at the platen opening was discolored, and
I think all of it was darker than the rest of the
film. I ran approximately a foot and a half of
film through on each cassette in order to get all
the set film on the takeup cassette. End of S190
film message.
Day149 Page193

22 02 38 CDR Hello, friendly tape recorder. On the SPT's M171,

round: the PERCENT 02, 73.48. PERCENT H20 is 3.96.

And PERCENT CO2 is 1.86.

22 34 46 CDR Hello, friendly tape recorder. On the SPT's Ml71,
the PERCENT 02, is 71.46. PERCENT H20 , 5.69.

PERCENT C02, 1.94. The amount of exercise was 14

minutes and it was 1755 watt/minutes.

22 37 33 PLT Hey, you ought to hear it up here, Pete. All the

little EREPs are whirring, going, and making strange
little noises.

22 53 46 PLT Hey, tape recorder. This is EREP checkout; S191

READY light has not come on yet. It has been
40 minutes since power was supplied to the ... and
the coolant. The following readings are out of
... Alfa 7, cal ..., reading off-scale low - the
lower limit on the meter. Alfa 8, the cal end curve
- Disregard. The cal end curve looks good. That's
why I didn't see it. Bravo 7, coolant ... temp is
a little high at 82 percent.

22 54 53 PLT ... pressure is still showing zero, however. Every-

thing else is within the specs, according to our
decals here.

22 58 31 PLT .- - ... It's down here. I'm going to press on to the

checkout of 192. The readings ...

23 04 00 PLT Tape recorder, on S192 alignments on the visible,

the left meter reads 75; the right reads 35. Pass
that on to the EREP people, please. End of message.

23 06 56 PLT Hey, tape recorder, pass to the EREP people, please,

that, on the S192 thermal alignment, the thing reads
12 percent, and nothing I could do with either the
alignment knob or the focus will change it one bit.
End of message.

23 12 33 PLT Hey, tape recorder, it's for the EREP people on S192
checkout. Almost an hour after we turned power on to
it, the readings are Alfa 2, 15 percent; Del - or
Bravo 2 is 66 percent; Charlie 2 is 44 percent; Delta
2 is 70 percent. Alfa 3 is 78 percent, Bravo 3 is
79 percent, Charlie 3 is 72 percent, Delta 3 is 71
194 Day149

percent. Continuing on, Alfa 4 is 75, Bravo 4 is 74,

Charlie 4 is 72, Delta 4 is 72. Alfa 5 is 77, Bravo
5 is 83, Charlie 5 is 82, and Delta 5 is 13; that's
13. Charlie 6 is - and Charlie 6 is 45; Delta 6 is
12. End of message.


23 42 07 CDR Ok_¥, CSI; we're changing out the ATM. The coolant
loop filter and the outlet ... stuck on when I
took off (laughter) - when I was changing the filter.
So I lost 4 or 5 ounces of fluid out of it before
I could get it back on the ... and it ... stuck
open. But I finally did get it changed out and
then, in checking it, I noticed that it took a long
time for the ... computer light to go out, and I
guess maybe there was pressure in the line. And we
lost the pressure and I presume it took awhile to
get on out. But I ... and completed 60 ... So,
they're both done.

CDR I'm abottt the - I'm caught up with my ... Joe and
Paul are a little bit behind. Paul's in the middle
of riding the bicycle right now. And why don't you
go ahead ...

23 43 49 CDR Okay. Okay. Do you want to do it out of the

page ... checklist?

CDR Roger. Do you want to reference the page in the

Activation Checklist?

23 44 57 CDR Okay, I'm sorry. I was ...

Page 195

DAY 150 (AM)

00 24 22 CDR Hey, anybody around?


CDR You got ... here, right? What do I do with this


SPT Well, you've got to look at the time. That's why we

got to keep log on it, and ... to the second one to
see •• •

CDR Where's the time?

SPT Written on that piece of gray tape. It tells when it

started. As long as it's more than 24 hours ago, throw
it out, and put yours in.

SPT You understand?

CDR I got it; thank you.

SPT Okay, but don't forget to log yours on there, now ...

00 25 22 CDR I did.


01 27 15 PLT Hey, Joe, did you say we can't use the event timer
on the ATM?

SPT Repeat, please.

PLT You say we cannot use the event timer?

SPT That 's right.

PLT Is that for power considerations only, or is there

something wrong with it?

SPT The power.

01 27 34 PLT Okay.
Page196 Day150

01 28 29 CDR Hello, B channel; this is the CDR with the Evening

Status Report for day 149. You'll find one item,
Alfa: the CDR, 100; the SPT, 075; the PLT, 120.
Item Bravo: CDR, 3556; SPT, 6998; PLT, 2182. Item
Charlie: CDR, 6.099, 6.106, 6.099; the SPT, 6.662,
6.674, 6.666; PLT, 6.832, 6.838, 6.839. Item Delta:
CDR, 2/15/1575, 1/04/0170; the SPT, 2/14/1755, 1/05/0250.
Item Echo: CDR, none; SPT, none; PLT, none. End of
daily Status Report, day 149.

01 38 50 CDR Hey, Paul, did you clear the - the debris from the
... valve and put the filter in place?

PLT Negative.

CDR You turned it off, and then put the ... is that right?

PLT I didn't do anything - except ... it.

CDR ... Okay.

CDR You think we could get it out?

PLT Yes, it's made to come out, but you got to take - you
got to take the four bolts out, and then pull that
screen out; then stick your vacuum cleaning thing
down inside there.

01 39 33 CDR Okay.

01 46 01 PLT Hey, Joe, baby.

SPT Yes.

PLT I took am 82A to STOP. I had to ... POWER/DOORS closed

to get it to quit. You had that before?

01 46 17 SPT One time. And it was peculiar because although the

OPERATE light was on, the FRAMES REMAINING wasn't -
wasn't decrementing am_more. Let's Just ... that. I
didn't report that that time because I - I ... work
that subsequently and it was okay.

01 46 34 PLT All right.

01 49 40 PLT Hello, tape recorder. For ATM operations for S082A,

the performance of JOP 6, building block 1 Alfa, 82A
was placed to the STOP position manually, and the
Day150 Page197

operate light stayed on. I finally, after about 20

or 30 seconds over the exposure time, closed the door
switch ... to turn the light out, opened the doors
again and the light was READY again. Will check it on
the next building block and advise. End of message.

01 56 hl SPT Weltz, you left your blower on.

PLT How could I?

SPT Well, ...

PLT What can I say, dear? I'll try harder .... another
test again however.

PLT What they ought to have on that thing - they got a

5-minute cutout on the separator; they should have
tied it into the whole works.

SPT ... line ...

PLT ... so.

01 57 3h PLT Hey, Pete, you know we could surely have put in some
hours on that darn ... You ought to give them a
couple of words on the fact that it seem_ to be
working fairly well.

CDR ... you're right. I'm going to put little thing on

B channel tonight for Beano and Carr to tell them
about how waste management was looking.

PLT Okay. Hey, Joe, could you ... that tracer up there
and - ... I'll put it in my pocket. I'll give it
to you it later.

01 58 23 SPT Okay.

02 03 55 PLT Hello, B channel. For ATM on the whitelight corona-

graph, S052. Stand by.

02 Oh 08 PLT In JOP 6, building block I Bravo, I went to the

CONTINUOUS sequence on 52. The OPERATE light went
out after it had been about - running for about 4
or 5 minutes on that sequence, stayed out for 15
or 20 seconds, and then came back on. That's all
I can say about it.
Page198 Day150

02 05 48 CDR ... have ... make things difficult ... for you, but
first, ... it was taken out for the photo pad.

02 06 13 CDR Okay, I'll get those questions to you as soon as ...

02 16 h7 SPT B channel, the SPT has withdrawn one marker pen from

02 17 43 PLT Hello, tape recorder, for ATM S - S082A. I ran it

again for the JOP. And, once again, when I placed
the switch in STOP, the OPERATE light stayed on. I
don't know if it - if you think you can make that
exposure or not. But, once again, I terminated it
by going POWER/DOOR switch to OFF, at which time the
light went out. I went back to POWER/DOOR switch,
ON; the door opened, and the light came back on

02 23 52 CDR Hello, B channel. In answer to question number 5:

Which AM caution and warning panel inhibited switches
are now inhibited? The following switches are inhib-
ited: BATTERY CHARGE LOW i through 8.

02 24 34 CDR Okay, everything else is on. Now there were a few

offs that - that we Just brought on, and I'm not
exactly sure why they were off. So the ones we Just
brought on were SIEVE A PPCO 2 and SIEVE B PPC02 .

PLT Well, SIEVE B should be on ...

CDR Okay. SIEVE B PPC02, we Just inhibited .... DELTA

•.. should be off. CLUSTER ATT, HIGH RATE, and
THRUSTER STUCK, were inhibited, and we have brought
them back on the line• And so, that's the current
status, right now. BA_fERY CHARGE LOW, 1 through 8,
and SIEVE B PPCO 2 LOW [sicS are the only switches

02 25 50 CDR Hey, Joe? Question: Other than the catsup, have you
found any other foods besides those eggs we had other
day that tasted stale? What the question says,
"Catsup, butterscotch pudding, asparagus, salmon,
and eggs."

SPT I haven't had aay salmon - don't intend to. The

catsup was badly spoiled• The little package had
leaked, and it really blew. And, on the top of it,
it smelled like sour catsup. It was done for.
Day150 Page199

02 26 33 CDR Okay.

02 26 38 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. Message 0615 Alfa. Ques-

tion number 1 (laughter).

02 27 00 CDR Question number l: Have you detected a_ change in

color, flavor, or texture of food items? Catsup:
Yes, we had one bad catsup. The - the package had
ruptured, and it had spoiled. Butterscotch: We've
encountered no bad butterscotch pudding, so far. No
bad asparagus, no bad peas, and no bad salmon, and
no bad eggs, although this morning's eggs, both the
SPT's and the CDR's, had a slightly different flavor
along with - the PLT is telling me his tasted a little
different, too. But not bad. Question number 2:
Were the rehydration times long enough for these items?
The answer to that is yes. Question number 3: CDR,
were quads B and D plus-X AUTO RCS light switches
turned off prior to trim burn? The answer to that
is no. The solenoids were hot. However, the fuel
shutoff valves .... Maybe, that's a no-no, but I
thought that was the easiest way to do it. That is
the end of questions 1 through 3. And I will turn
this message over to the SPT to answer the rest of

02 29 50 PLT Hey, Joe, baby?

SPT Hello.

PLT Getting right now?

SPT ...

PLT ... so big in that ... I went to H-alpha, and I saw

it set. I saw the Sun set behind the Earth.

SPT A]] right .... good.

PLT I know it's not .... We ought to remember to tell

them though.

SPT Yes. I'll put that on B channel. Did you tell them
about 82A?

PLT Yes, I'll do it again on there; I'll put it on again.

02 30 32 SPT Okay.
200 Day150

02 30 40 PLT Hello, B channel. This is the PLT again at approxi-

mately a GMT of 02:30.

CDR (Laughter)

PLT At the end of the - that ATM ... pass, while observing
the H-alpha 2 display on the TV monitor, it appeared
to me that I saw the Sun set behind the Earth. And
we were, in fact, in COMPUTER control at the time.
So, I don't know what happened. You all might take
a look at it and see if you see _thing. Or we
might watch it tomorrow.

02 32 55 PLT Hey, Joe, can you come up here for a minute? Not
right away. Just ... asked a question I don't under-
stand ...

02 37 29 CDR Hi there. How are you tonight? Fine. The doctor is

trying to runaround the ring and he's going too fast.

02 58 28 SPT Yes .... open now, ar_way. It's all right. That's
what I mean - it won't make a_ difference, right?
Not until next sunrise. Then it will. Okay, I did
that. On 54, I - it went back to 1 Just to ... come

PLT Contact ....

SPT What's he doing? Running around the circ_mference of

the MDA?

PLT No, he's standing down there postulating or whatever

you call it.

SPT Anyway I went to ... on a confirmation of ... it

went to ...

03 18 22 SPT Hey, sweet lovely B channel, your lonely SPT, who is

hungering for h_,an companionship, would like to re-
port that the serial numbers of the - darn! - for
tomorrow's blood letting.

SPT/CDR (Laughter)

CDR Go on.

03 18 46 SPT The PLT's (laughter) is number 094. The CDR's is

number ll7, and the SPT's is number 195. Please
remember that number, 195. Good night.
Day150 Page201

03 35 16 SPT Hello, B channel. This is the SPT at about 03:35,

answering the questions that came up on the tele-
printer on day 149. Question number 4: Was ...
as presently loaded in the ATMDC? I really don't
know; possibly zero. I suggest, if Houston is unable
to load one in the ATMDC and they want a particular
one loaded, we'll be glad to do it for them. But I
don't remember the last time I loaded a maneuver ...

03 36 32 SPT Okay. Question number 6. I did report that - that

S082A had the OPERATE light ON after the mode termi-
nated. And I'm trying to remember what the mode was;
I think it was AUTO. No, I know it was AUTO, but I
don't remember if it was AUTO 2 or not. Let's look
that up on the ATM schedule pad, which is not handy
to me at the moment. The light was on until I stopped
it by going MAIN POWER to OFF and back ON. Hitting
the STOP switch had no effect on the OPERATE light.
The PLT subsequently reported the same thing during
his night pass.

03 37 20 SPT Number 7 is confirmed - about the integration time.

The half second is obviously an estimate. The fol-
lowing ones were i second, 2 seconds, 4 seconds, and
I don't know if I had - I don't remember if you caught
an 8-second one of not, but those were the times.

03 37 59 CDR Hey, Paul or Joe. Anybody remembering seeing the

M1267 It's a little tiny package but it ... in the
film locker. It' s not there.

03 39 18 CDR Hey, does anybody hear ... my question?

SPT Yes, I answered it, I thought. I said, Peter, about -

Peter, do you want your ear exAm_ ned?

CDR Yes. Be right there.

03 50 22 CDR Hey, Paul, what happened to the . .. bag? I was going

to look for ... mol sieve ...

03 50 33 PLT Ask - ask Joe. He was mumbling something about it

last night ...

03 50 40 CDR He just said, "Ask Paul."

Page202 Day150

13 32 36 SPT Good morning, B channel. This is the SPT with some

comments on the Mll0. The centrifuge is working
very well; however, it's still not batting a _housand
on the complete procedure. Today, the PLT's blood
appeared to be on the verge of clotting when it got
into the ASP. And although I evacuated the ASP, per
the procedure I discussed yesterday; that is, leaving
it on the needle until it was ready to receive the
blood. It worked fine on the other two. The PLT's
blood didn't go in very well, and I don't know whether
that's because of an inadequate vacuum, or because
perhaps I didn't shake the syringe hard enough and
the - for one reason or another we had some clotting
problem. As a result, his plasma via] did not fill
and the blood sample that you will receive has a
layer of plasma at the top of the column of blood,
but no plasma separated. The other two were fine.
And that's about it. The only other procedural com-
ment I have for the follow-on troops is, when you
withdraw the needle from the ASP after inserting the
blood, you should wrap a tissue around it, because
it's very difficult to exert Just the right amount
of pressure not to withdraw blood from the ASP, and
also not to get a spill from the needle when you
withdraw theblood.

13 41 24 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the CDR. In

stowing the third suit that belongs to Dr. Kerwin.
r have taken the helmet guard, which we had for the
SEVA, and I have stowed it in dome locker 414 along
with one of the ... located there.

13 53 45 PLT Hello - Hello, tape recorder. This is for the FAO.

For alrlock operation, the fit and pressurization of
the airlock takes much longer than I anticipated, snd
we're going to have to allow about 5 minutes in there
to vent the airlock and to pressurize it prior to
each airlock operation. End of message.

14 09 30 PLT - - ... activation yet, either.

14 24 04 SPT B channel, a procedural note. The - with the TV

camera in location A-10, - -

PLT We don't know that that's the right ...

14 24 21 SPT - - the M131 supply locker can't be opened; the -

the camera has to either be turned upside down or
Day 150 Page2o3

15 14 43 SPT Okay, B channel, a couple of notes on MI31. On the

OGI mode, for some reason the alignment between the
biteboard and the goggles was imperfect by, l'd say,
5 to 8 degrees of nick side tilt [?]. In other
words, if he hit the biteboard, his head was to the
right or to the left of where it should have been
for the goggles. We did a little of metal bending,
and we wind up with his head firmly in the goggles
and straight, but he's not in the tooth holes in the
biteboard anymore. On the MS mode, the forward
proximity center is too short to be reached at all
by the subject when he bends forward. This is
because it was marginal in the first place, and
because you float up higher in the chair in zero g
than you do in one g, and you just can't get down
there and reach it. Another design comment is that
the seat belt with the Velcro does not hold you well


15 45 28 SPT Okay, B channel, this is MI31; the PLT. The MS mode -

The results were as follows: 150 head movements were
performed at 0 r.p.m. At 50th head movement, the PLT
reported that he felt like he was moving. Pitching up
and rolling left as in a ... This is not a symptom;
it's a comment. The 70th head movement, he repeated
that comment, saying he felt as if his gyros were
drifting. At the 150th movement, he noticed epigastric
awareness and a little salivation at about ii0. How-
ever, those symptoms decreased in intensity and he
finished around 150 head movements with essentially
no symptoms. And also, while - l'm - l'm not going
to repeat the direction of rotation in the responses
on the OGI test because the first test, l'm not sure
whether I entered them all correctly. And on the
fourth level, I thought I had entered them all cor-
rectly, but the machine said increase, which was wrong.
So here we go. At level i, clockwise - no, that's -
sorry - counterclockwise, left, none; clockwise,
right, none; clockwise, none, right; count - counter-
clock - clockwise again, left, right. That's level 4;
counterclockwise, left, right; clockwise, none, none;
clockwise, none, left; counterclockwise; left, none;
clockwise. This is for the eighth level, level 8:
clockwise, none, none; clockwise, right, left; count-
erclockwise, none, none; counterclockwise, none, none.
204 Day150

Level i0: clockwise, left, right. I said left, right,

and that's wrong. Let me start level l0 over again.
Clockwise, right, left; counterclockwise, left, left;
clockwise, none, left; counterclockwise, left, right,
which is six out of eight, and that's - that's his
threshold. At the 18th level he got them all right,
very strong positive sensations, along with seat of
the pants and ... clues. And that's it.

15 56 31 PLT Oh, tape recorder, regarding experiment ED76; that's

ED76. The two detectors behind the film vault are
somewhat shielded on the inner side by a package
containing the Marshall and JSC sails, the outside
protector parts that are stowed up there. End of


16 19 59 PLT Hello, B channel. On S019, a preliminary check of

the timer shows that opening the shutter as indicated,
and stopping when indicated at 30 seconds gives
you 30-second exposure, and at 270 seconds it gives
you 275-second exposure. 4

17 20 22 SPT Okay, B channel, this is ATM operation - the 17:13

pad, building block h on filament 62. The roll is
exactly the same today as it was yesterday. The
pointing, I think, is about 20 arc seconds - I was
going to say lower. It'll be lower, and I'ii give
you experiment roll, which is minus 5640; in other
words, about 30 arc seconds farther east than it
was yesterday, because the portion of the filament
just beyond the western pointing end of it appears
to have thinned out ... between today and yesterday.
So in an effort to fill the slit, I moved the slit
about 30 arc seconds to the east.


18 01 44 SPT B channel, this is 18:02 GMT, with the - some ATM

observations. The SPT did a survey of the limb ...
prominences and Just wants to note, for the training
people especially, that the prominences are nicely
visible at H-alpha l, and their sensitivity to so
Day150 Page205

much of the temperatures in the monitor is fair but

is not as great as it was in training; that is, if
you move the disks into the monitor, they don't
disappear quite so quickly. Which makes it easy to
do a survey - you can have about a quarter of a TV
screen filled with disks, do a front-centered roll,
and - and ... it into ... as it goes by. For the
PI's there are some ... type prominences on the
northeast limb of the Sun on at this time. They're
about 60 to 80 arc seconds in ... and appear to be

18 05 35 CDR Hey, B channel, this is the S054 callout, that ATM

... and the points remaining at this point are 5309.


20 i0 46 CDR Hello, friendly A tape recorder on EREP. Baker 7

reads 92 percent. Baker 8 reads 1 percent. And
Delta 6 reads 58 oercent. Hey, friendly recorder,
some more readings. Alfa 5, 79 percent; Alfa 6 -
Alfa 6 reads zero. Bravo 2 reads 56 percent; Bravo 3
reads 80 percent; Bravo 6 reads 43 percent. Charlie 5
reads 84 percent; Charlie 6 reads 46 percent; Delta 4
reads 73 percent; Delta 5 reads 13 percent.

20 13 i0 SPT As you're through reading, we're through Guam ...

20 24 12 CDR Hello, A recorder, for S190. We opened the S190 win-

dow; we have a COVER CLOSE MALF light.

PLT That's one we can check out easy.

CDR However, we have checked it out. The door is open

and it's sec - cycling, and it's now gone out, came back
on, and it's now gone out again.

PLT I don't understand that. How can - -

CDR Yes.

SPT - - how can a microswitch make it break?

CDR I don't know, but there it is - the COVER CLOSED

light. We will tape over and ignore that one also.
206 Day150

20 29 45 CDR Okay, friendly recorder, we're coming up to the live

run on the EREP pass, and I'm going to call out all
my sites, Doc. That won't bother you, will it?


CDR Okay.

SPT If it does, I'll let you know.

CDR Okay.

20 30 06 SPT I got a little ...

PLT You got a what?

CDR Yes, I got 15 seconds - OPERATE - -

PLT Clean attitude yet, Joe? All we've got is clouds.

CDR Okay, coming up -

20 30 29 CDR MARK. 30:30 and ALTIMETER to STANDBY. B-6; the RAD

is on.

20 30 41 CDR 42, EREP, START.

PLT Yes, and all I'm looking at is clouds.

SPT Oh, yes, and we're not in attitude yet. I still have
to ... at pitch.

CDR Okay, 31:06 -

20 31 05 CDR MARK. RAD, STANDBY; 31:12 - This must be Just a test

deal. EREP, STOP. 33:40 is the next - -

PLT Oh, I don't know what we did there.

CDR That was a little test run, I think.


CDR Yes.

PLT Okay, they wanted to get a look at that.

CDR Yes.
Day150 Page207

PLT Because they - -

CDR Okay.

PLT Probably because of what happened on checkout ... I

don't know.

CDR Yes.

PLT Okay, still looking at nothing but clouds.

CDR Okay, we don't go again until 33:40.

PLT Okay.

20 31 38 CDR And we go right away with a NADIR ALIGN. And at 35:10,

you got a AUTO - VTS AUTO CAL.

PLT 35:10 - You cue me. I don't have it over here.

CDR Okay.

PLT Well, I'm looking 53 degrees ahead, Joe, and I can't

see any break in the clouds.

20 32 l0 PLT Well, going to mid-magnification helps a little bit


PLT I'm getting a little better field of view. That was

a big cloud.

CDR (Laughter) Wheeee!

20 32 30 CDR This run lasts - like 30 minutes. I'll be a wreck.

PLT 30 minutes (laughter). That's why we're changing


CDR Yes.

PLT Don't forget we got to clean the heads when we're

changing the tape.

CDR I don't know. We'll figure that later.

PLT Let me do it - -

CDR Get the ... out of the way.

208 Day150

PLT Okay.

20 32 47 CDR See I loaded it - you can do what you want, I don't


PLT Oh, okeydoke, I -

CDR If you want, I'll help you, because I want to see it.

PLT I wanted to see - how was it?

20 32 57 CDR It was easy to load. It was no sweat at all. 0kay,

40 seconds, EREP, START.

PLT Okay, we've got a lot of clouds coming up here.

CDR Well, they were there yesterday off the coast. Where
are we? Coming in over Washington - the State of

PLT Yes, we come in over Klamath Falls.

CDR Yes, there was a lot of them yesterday, right up to

the coastline.

PLT Yes, I Can see a big break out ahead.

20 33 28 PLT Okay, we got nothing but clouds ... - -

CDR Ten seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-

20 33 39 CDR MARK. EREP, START. i, 2-

20 33 53 CDR ALTIMETER is ON. It ought to do a nadir align.

PLT ... 0ooh !

CDR Had an UNLOCK ma!f light.

PLT Man, it's moving slow, isn't it?

CDR Yes.

PLT Slow as the simulator. Going to max value on this,

don't forget.

CDR Yes. I'm ...

Day 150 Page 209

CDR Not changing anything over there.

PLT Yes, it's flopping, and it's going clear to the edge
of its circuit pattern.

20 34 38 PLT Man, oh man, a lot of clouds.

CDR Well, I have - or don't have an UNLOCK light.

PLT Yes.

CDR I don't have a READY light, either. Well, that's -

that's out. That's supposed to be out.

CDR Stand by.

20 35 00 CDR 35:10, you got AUTO CAL.

PLT Okay.

CDR Stand by. _, 3, 2, i -

20 35 08 CDR MARK. AUTO CAL.

PLT I have to assume it took. I got no READY light to go


SPT ... a lot of ...

PLT Okay.


PLT It hasn't come up. It hasn't ... nadir, Pete. I

think you ought to reject it.

CDR Okay. Going to STANDBY.

PLT Yes. They're there.

CDR And going back on - 90 is to READY out.

SPT Houston, we're on single gyro and Y. You might want

to look at that.

CDR Hey, you goofed me up again. Darn it:

PLT How'd they do that?

Page210 Day150

CDR Yes, the decision point was 36:4_. I blew it.

PLT That's not here yet.

20 36 06 CDR I know, but I went to STANDBY 5 because you said reject

it. That started it all over again. Right?

PLT ... I guess I been at the decision point of ... hit

the coast.

CDR It went back to its preset l, and it's doing fine.

PLT That's fine.

CDR It's 90 percent. C-13 is R0.

PLT Well, ... going to leave it there then. I don't


CDR I don't either. A-1 is 45 percent and B-1 is _5 percent_

PLT Better than half of the coast. There's the coast at

BT. Okay.

20 37 12 CDR Yes, I - I goofed up something here on the altimeter,


PLT Okay.

CDR I don't know what it meant to go to standby when you

told me to.

PLT I didn't tell - okay.

CDR Well, you P_ow, reject.

PLT So you think there's only 0.8 coverage around Smoke

Creek Desert, huh, Hank?

CC That's what they tell me.

20 37 39 CDR Okay, Mode 137 45-A .... Haven't gotten a READY on

that. READY; 808; A .... MODE A_r0 on 19.

PLT I found it. How about that? Still looking through

the little hole in the clouds.

CDR What did you find?

Day150 Page211

20 38 26 PLT I found the site. Okay, on it and tracking.

CDR Very good.

PLT This thing tracks very nicely, smoother than the


20 38 51 CDR Okay; 52. There's MODE AUTO on 90 and IN-TRACK CON-

41:26. Getting an intermittent ALTIMETER UNLOCK light.
I have MALF lights on 6 - 5 and 6 on S190.

PLT Going through nadir.

CDR I have a - still have an intermittent ALTIMETER UNLOCK

light on 190.

PLT Okay .... out at ...

CDR Okay. I noticed, when switching 92 on, I had a

flashing RECORDER MALF light as it shifted it into
high gear, but I think that's normal .... the
ALTIMETER UNLOCK light on the S190.

20 40 18 PLT Then the one I got there was of - southern end of

Smoke Creek Desert, on that, Hank.

CDR And I'm standing by for 41:26 on 190 ... READY, ON

and then 41:13 -

CDR The READY light still didn't go out. Stand by -

20 41 33 CDR SCAT, ON.

CDR At 38-

20 41 37 CDR RAD, ON .... 36 is the next one. And I do not have

a READY light on - SCAT, and I have a SCAT X-MITTER
light .... turn her off?

PLT No, no, only the yellow ones. Okay.

CDR Okay, we've got a SCAT X-MIT2ER light.

PLT Okay, on the White Sands and tracking.

20 42 38 CDR SCAT to STANDBY at 36; RAD to - STANDBY at 38.

212 Day150

20 43 12 CDR Okay, standing by for 43:36.

20 43 36 CDR MARK. SCAT, ON; RAD, ON. MODE 2 on the ALTI_I'ER.

PLT Okay, nadir at 47 [?].

CC Paul, your special target is water.

CDR I get a - -

PLT Okay.

CDR - - RAD/SCAT GIMBAL light occasionally. I still have

a SCAT X-MITTER warning light on.

CDR And the next thing I'm waiting for - to pitch over
to 3 here. 190 to time out.

20 45 28 PLT Oh, man. That's too late now. We should have shot
those Corpus Christi sites, gang. I was going to look
for him and he snuck up on me.

20 46 03 PLT Dag nab it.

20 46 09 CDR ... 4. The light went out on time; 46:09. SCAT to r


20 46 22 CDR And S193 - 46. 93A, ON. 91 POWER, OFF.

PLT Wait a minute. Why is - okay, you going to turn -

never mind.

CDR Stand by -

PLT 191 has to be back on in about i0 seconds.

CDR 5 - Yes, that's okay.

PLT Okay.

CDR 2 -

20 46 54 CDR MARK. It's ON.

PLT Okay.

PLT Okay. They're starting the nadir swath. It's pretty

much in the clear, Houston. Going to get your data
back. A few puffing cu[mulous] that we're tracking
over now.
Day150 Page213

CDR 37 - -

PLT Finally made it. That 10-second burst essentially

cirriform and some puffing cu's .... now is in
pretty good shape.

CDR 5 ••. - -

PLT Hank, ... we should have tried for those Corpus

sites though.

CDR 35, MODE CHECK. X - S194, ON.

CDR *** power operation, huh?

_ PLT Information, Houston. The furtherest forward I can

gimbal ... is grees at which point I can see just a
little bit of the spectrometer coverage of the left

CDR If they're listening.

PLT Yes. That 'll go on tape anyway. Okay, that's it.

- 20 48 25 CDR Wait - wait - wait. That's not it for me, man. I

got to go until 03; 752.

CC Skylab, while you're at a break, here, I want to point

out that the housekeeping that is called out for the
(_R and SPT coming up here shortly is that pole pro-
cedure which we up-linked. And Rusty will be stand-
ing by at Vanguard for any questions you may have on
th at.

20 48 46 CDR Okay.

CC And in case you get to doing something here again,

I'll tell you now that we're about 2-1/2 minutes
from LOS, and Vanguard will be coming up at 01, and
we're scheduled for a recorder dump.

CDR Okay.

SPT Roger, Hank. Did you get my call about the rate gyro?

CC Affirmative, and ASCO's looking at it.

20 h9 08 SPT 0kay, and we have a BATTERY CHARGE light on CBRM

number 5.
214 Day150

CC ... Houston. Could you give us the READY light status?

CDR You want the READY light status?

CC Affirmative.

CDR Tape recorder READY light is on, and 192 READY light
is out. The 191 READY light is out; the 190 READY
light is out. The RAD READY light is out. The SCAT I
READY light is out. The ALT READY light is out, and
the 19h READY light is on.

CC Thank you.

PLT Did you guys copy we didn't get a nadir align?

CC Roger; no nadir align.

PLT That's right, it searched all the way round the box.
All the way around the edges and AGC never came off
the peg. It was sitting on about 35; never budged.

CDR Well, I don't think we timed out right. I - I think

we were a little premature, so I'd like to - to run
it again. I shutit off too soon.

20 51 03 PLT Oh, maybe so, but I still think they've been all the
way around once.

CDR It may have.

PLT ... to close the door. We have no more window angles - -

CC SPT, we're coming up on LOS. We'd like to enable 1 and

3 gyros and go back to RATE GYRO then ... enable.

SPT Roger.

PLT It's not that one; this one.

CDR Yes, that's mine.

SPT It's okay to do that during the maneuver, huh?

CC ...

SPT Okay.
Day150 Page215

PLT Do you hear this thing? You can tell when you get to
the end - -

CC SPT, we would like that now before we start back to


PLT Okay. He's working on it.

r 20 52 03 CDR We cught to bring a thermometer up here and find out

how much the temperature is up. l'm flat cold.
48 degrees.

CDR Reminds me of my Old ... at home. I was working down

there in the black dank shoveling coal in the steam-

PLT Herc comes the star. There's a little green man sitting
on it.

CDR (Laughter)


PLT Oops.

PLT "Serial number 102," it says.

20 53 03 CDR You still with us, Houston?

PLT I ... don't think we need this anymore either, do you?

CDR Wel3, I - -

PLT You want to wait awhile?

CDR No, ... running ..., okay?

PLT Okay, Okay.

PLT Any_Tay, you're overworked and underpaid.

CDR Rightl ... I was wondering ... but, that's done it.

PLT Yes.

PLT Have you fed in already, Joe? The re - redundancy

...? Hey, you are getting so speedy.
216 Day150

CDR Look at all those commands and everything. I don't

even remember them.

PLT I'm going to doff this.

CDR Where - where do we find all that stuff?

CDR Along that track.


20 54 38 CDR What's that?

20 55 06 CDR Look at that. Just ... my tape recorder ... the S190
cameras, and I only have camera number 5 is the only
one that shows a malf light.

CDR Yes.

CDR Yes.

PLT ... look at ... 90.

CDR Yes.

PLT ... know whether you can answer ...

CDR Yes. That's a good idea - to rig this one the same

CDR Now I don't want to blow my pass, here.

PLT Gosh darn it!

CDR I don't think we gave the altimeter enough time. Let

me - I'm going to go back - -

PLT ... seconds; then you ... - -

CDR Yes.

PLT ... I ... time change ...

CDR Right, right, right.

20 56 21 CDR *** 610, SCAT, OFF; 20 is SCAT, ON; and B0, MANUAL on
194. Look at *** out at 57:22. S190.

CDR Okay ...

Day150 Page217

20 57 03 CDR I get an occasional MALF on 194 L-BAND RADIOMETER.

It flashed on and off just now.

20 57 31 CDR Okay, ... at h0.

20 57 43 CDR SCAT, OFF at h6.

20 57 54 CDR EREP, STOP. That's it. Okay, camera number 5 MALF

light is still ON. That's the end of the pass, me boy.

CDR ... tape recorder.

20 58 12 CDR Yes.

SPT ... verify it ...

CDR Yes. I agree.

CDR (Laughter)

20 58 28 CDR ... That's readir_ right.

20 58 43 CDR ***?


21 ii 52 CC Channel B recorder, for the EREP people. Tell that

during tape replacement on the tape recorder at fast
forward, with the FAST FORWARD light on, we get a
steady TAPE MOTION light.

21 22 24 PLT Hello, tape recorder, for the EREP people. The S190
desiccants are not near as blue as they were yesterday.
As a matter of fact, they're very light blue. I don't
know what the significance of that is; we'll watch it.
Apparently, it's just more moisture getting in those
camera stations than we thought would. End of mes-


21 51 54 PLT Hello, tape recorder. For the contamination observa-

tion, STS window number 3 is perfectly clear. The
wardroom window, however, is another story. It has
218 Day150

the ice - piece of ice in the middle of it which we

previously described. It also has what appears to be
a dirty film, probably on the outside of the outer
pane because it has what appears to be water streaks
down it and since they do tend to the aft end of the
vehicle, I suspect that that same water was on the
pad. There is quite a bit of oily-looking film. It's
hard to tell if it's on the inside or outside of the
outer pane. A few darker, dirty-looking spots like I
condensation. And in these tracks it looks like
some water has run down over the window.

21 52 56 PLT End of message on contamination.

Page 219

DAY 151 (AM)

02 38 22 CDR Hello, there, friendly B channel. This is day 150

Evening Status Report, given to you by the CDR. Alfa
- for the CDR, 120; for the SPT, 70: for the PLT, who
now holds the new world's record, 260. Bravo - for
the CDR reads 647; for the SPT, 7040; and for the PLT,
2353. Item Charlie - for the CDR, 6.093, 6.093, 6.093;
for the SPT, 6.652, 6.652, 6.651; for the PLT, 6.830,
6.837, 6.830. Delta - for the CDR, it's a 2/15/1600,
a 1/04/0200; for the SPT, it's a 2/15/1850; for the
PLT, it's a 2/10/1200, a 1/05/0250. Item Echo - for
the CDR, none; for the SPT, none; for the PLT, none.
And that is the end of the Evening Status Report for
day 150. Bye-bye.


ll 49 00 CDR Hello, tape recorder. Concerning the C02/dewpoint

monitor operation this morning, as I have a feeling
there is something wrong with our detecting equip-
ment. First, the Allen wrench part of the one batch
of screws stripped out on first application. We
had to get a hammer and a screwdriver and make our
own ... _o open it with a screwdriver. Then when
I opened it, around the port A hole was a consider-
able quantity of film of dried, white, powder-like
substance, almost as though something inside the
port for A had broken and flowed out around it and
subsequently dried. Then I went through and per-
formed a protocol in each of the four locations - the
three sleep compartments and at the mol sieve inlet
- the mol sieve A. The readings were all the same -
CO 2 - also temperatures and these readings were:

C02, 12 part - Correction, C02, 12 millimeters of

mercury; TEMPERATURE, 85; DEWPOINT, 45. The mol sieve
readings are: M0L SIEVE A INLET, 3.5; TEMPERATURE
IN, 62; DEWPOINT, 48. End of message.

12 03 16 PLT Tape recorder," PRD readings this morning. The PRD

reading in the PLT sleep compartment reads 06040.

PLT The PRD reading in the experiment department is 44025.

220 Day151

12 04 24 PLT The PRD reading in the forward area is 18038.


12 47 50 SPT Good morning, B channel. This is the SPT answering

his day ll5 [sic] evening questions. Question num-
ber 4 on water purification,the PLT did that. He
states that the color development was rapid. Ques-
tion number 5: during the flare drill, S082Awas
operated in the flare mode for approximately 4 min-
utes. Number 6: on the S055 high voltage - Let me
answer kind of 6, 7, and 8 by giving a little chron-
ology of it. We were doing mirror line scans with
all detectors reading zero, and the detectors would
all come on the line normally. The interval between
turning detectors on was about 1 second. The order
was: i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 6, 5 - i, 2, 3, _, 7, 6, 5 -
Sorry - as usual, and the indications were normal.
There was no immediate tripout until the mode was
started, at which time I would look back to check
on it a minute or so later, and it would have tripped
out - with a SCAN SPECT light and no READY, and no
OPERATE; and three times I reinitiatedby shutting
all the detectors off and all the detectors on again,
and the same thing would happen. The fourth time, I
left detectors 5 and 6 off when I turned the others
on, and the mode then continued normally. During no
other mode except mirror line scan has the detector
ever tripped off.


14 19 13 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. Message 0719 Delta. The

answer to question l: Following ... S082 mode, does
the operating light stay on? We haven't tried AUTO
1 yet, but it stays on in TIME and AUTO 2. Question 2:
When the S082A door opens the next time, is the ready
light or operate light on? The answer is: The ready
light is on when we start the experiment the first
time; the operate light comes on, then stays on
forever until you cycle the doors. Question number 3:
We'll have the answer for you a little later today,
but as I remember you asked yesterday, "Have you no-
ticed any drift around H-alpha 1 pointing around 1
Day151 Page221

minute before sunset?" And the answer to that is l've

noticed some drift, but I don't think it's as far back
as i minute. We'll cheek that. That's it for now.

14 35 49 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the CDR with

another comment for the follow-on crew. We have had a
fair amount of trouble with the 16-millimeter, 400-foot
magazine combination running all the time. But the
first thing is, all the noises that you're used to
hearing on the ground - the clickity, clack, clack,
clatter, click, clack - it does not do that at all up
here in zero g. It's a whole new set of sounds that
you have to see. And also you don't get the Jerky
... out for some reason that you see on the takeup
spool as it's first threading. And practically the
only way that you can check if you've really got a
good thread is to do all the things, and then take
your pen and mark - take the magazine off, mark a
frame, put it back on the camera, and run it again to
see if it's gone through. But it's an entirely dif-
ferent set of sounds up here. So all your good train-
ing down - down on the ground running that thing, you
can neglect them.


15 50 05 PLT Tape recorder, this is M133 on the SPT.

SPT One!

PLT Oh? Oh, M131. Excuse me. M131 for the SPT. The
time is 15:50 GMT. Ha! Ha!

SPT End of message.

16 30 31 SPT Friendly channel B, this is the SPT with the M131-2

debriefing questions. It's more difficult to - Stand
by l, please.

SPT Okay. We will note, first of all, that the point

planning time allotted for the -2 run was sufficient.
It's 45 minutes per subject. Now back to the question.
It is more difficult relative to ground-base trials.
The internal frames of the reference appear to be as
easy as they ever were. However, the external frame-
of-reference fittings represent pretty much pure
222 Day151

guesswork. It's a pure visual turnaround. You look

at the workshop, you intellectually figure out what
angle you're at to it. You know, l'm pitched about
20 degrees, and l'm rolled about 15 degrees. And
then you set - you close your eyes, and you set the
pointer to the internal frame of reference and then
you bias it by those stored-in-memory amounts of
degrees. So you're not really using the vestibular
apparatus to make this external frame-of-reference
judgment at all. And since it's difficult for the
visual system, I think, to judge small angles like
that very accurately and then - and then to set them
in, the errors are probably going to be large, but
they ought to be more or less random, at least over
a period of time.

SPT Now, any conflicts between sensory cues for making

judgments in perspective to the external frame of
reference? No, I simply noticed the absence of the
overriding gravity clue or cue, which makes it so
easy in one g to detect how far you're pointed off
the vertical. In answering question i, I said that
we estimated visually the number of degrees off the
vertical or the horizontal that you were, and that's
true, but it's much more difficult to do in zero g
than it is in one g because you don't have that gravity
clue. Did I - In answer to number 3, no, never a vesti-
bular sense to the upright. The brain, l'm convinced,
gives you its own frame of reference all the time, but
in zero g this frame of references up there on left/
right reference frame changes any time you want it to
change. And it does not appear to be influenced by
the vestibular system. Answer to number 4 is no.

16 33 34 SPT Number 5 is a very good question, because in the 0GI

mode yesterday, both the PLT and m_self noticed that,
at the very low settings, the line target appeared to
move slowly back and forth with a period of i to 2 sec-
onds. I noticed today that the same thing occurred, and
obviously it's a - not related to rotation. It's a
drift that we have where our head is steady here at
zero g. It's a left/right, left/right, l-to-2-second,
small amplitude, but noticeable oscillation. And
number 6, no additional comments. Oh, yes, I do have
one. In the litter mode, since one is strapped to the
litter only by a very inadequate Velcro strap around
the chest, you tend to flex and jackknife, and it's very
Day151 Page223

difficult to keep straight and to keep down on the -

on the chair. When - In interpreting in your litter
mode data, you might keep in mind that the internal
frame of reference might not be parallel to the litter
but at some angle to it.

SPT Okay, tape recorder, here's the data from the SPT's
M131-2 run, table 1. I'll read pitch and then roll
for each of the ten steps. Table l: 8.5, 304.5;
0, 303.6; 1.5, 304.0; 1.5, 306.3; 3.0, 304.0; 13.5,
299.2; 11.5, 304.3; 6.0, 300.7; 7.0, 301.4; 4.0, 304.8.

SPT Table 2. 197, 183; 207, 183; 206, 185; 212, 180; 215,
180; 215, 186; 221, 184; 224, 185; 222, 180; 222, 176.

SPT Okay, table 3. Are you hanging in there with me, kids?
213, 186; 218, 187; 219, 185; 218, 183; 218, 186; 220,
187; 226, 189; 221, 187; 220, 187; 213, 191.

SPT Table number 4: 4.0, 305.7; 3.0, 302.0; 0.0, 304.8;

7.0, 304.6; i0.0, 304.0; i0.0, 309.0; 5.0, 311.i; 3.0,
312.0; 6.0, 308.1; 13.0, 306.7.

16 40 38 SPT There's got to be a better way to do this stuff for

your sake and mine. Right?

SPT Table 5. ii0, 168; iii, 163; 114, 162; 114, 162;
117, 166; 203, 187; 206, 188; 210, 185; 203, 185;
200, 188.

SPT Table 6. 124, 171; 127, 172; 113, 172_ 116, 173; 119,
172; 208, 180; 204, 176; 205, 176, 209, 181; 213, 181.
Hallelujah' That's it for that run.

16 45 58 SPT Tiresome B channel, this is the M131 SL mode test on

the PLT. The date is - I don't know - day 151, and
the time is a quarter until 7 p.m. Zulu.


17 20 44 PLT Hello, tape recorder. This is the PLT. These are

PLT's comments after his _131-2 run. Question i,
degree of difficulty: It was much more difficult due
to the lack of a gravity back there. It was quite
difficult, as a matter of fact. That angle, I think,
is quite small for making - to be able to discern.
224 Day151

Number 2, conflicts between sensory cues: They were

hardly worrying me, so there were no conflicts. A
positive sense of the upright at any time: No, not
really. I'm not sure now I understand what you mean by
the question. Okay, assuming that question 3 means
a positive sense, such as the gravity vector, the
answer is negative. Judgments influnced by auditory
cues or orther enviornmental factors: Negative. Did
the line target appear stable: Pretty much. It did
have that same sort of lateral oscillation that Dr.
Kerwin, the SI°T, noted after his run, previous. He
described it just as I would. As he mentioned, it
showed up first in the rotating mode yesterday. And
I have no additional conments or observations. Bye.

17 50 33 CDR Hello there, friendly channel B. Just a little bit

for the M487 checklist writers. While activating the
M487-1A sound-level meter/frequency analyzer, down
at the bottom of page i-i, it says discard black
microphone cover. And the cover is white with green
wire wrapped around it. That's it.


18 33 24 SPT Contamination observation on window - STS window 4.

The window itself is clean. However, it has several
linty particles on the outside. These come from the
fact that on all STS windows, which I neglected to
mention before - this is one of the most noticeable
looking into the Sun, is that as you open and close
the window cover, it rubs over that silver foil in-
sulation and frays it. And the backing material ap-
pears to be some kind of cloth, and that causes linting.

19 13 14 PLT Hello, B channel. This is the PLT with the M487-3

Alfa. Going to page 3-3 on restraints and mobility
aids. The fireman's pole we have not used yet because
we have not needed it. The 0WS dome and wall handrails
have, on occasion, been of some use, primarily for
stability. They are not used for transiting the dome
or forward areas. We do that by point-to-point
translations free floating. Same thing with the STS
handrails and the MDA. We've generally found that
you just move about this vehicle by, as I say, Just
oushing off and translating from point to point. You
use these handrails, but you use whatever is available;
Day151 Page225

a surface - the mol sieve surface, the back of the

ATM chair, whatever you need just to give yourself a
little tweak to keep yourself trimmed up. The hand-
rails are not needed for translation. Handholds and
handrails are needed for stability. And on occasion,
for example, yesterday when I vacuum cleaned the
plenum inlet screen at the top of the dome, I found
the ducts themselves very handy for footholds. I'd
wrap my legs around them and use that to stablize my-
self while I was vacuuming the screen. The triangular
shoes in the grid have come in very handy. The mode
we've gotten into usually, most of the time, is you
only hook in one shoe. Consequently, we've been try-
ing off and on - we'll comment on it later - on two
triangles as opposed to one triangle and one mushroom.

19 15 03 PLT The water tank foot platform has been used on occasion
when working in a dome locker. I think it's been
necessary and useful. Again, the usual use for myself
has been to hook one foot in one of the triangular

19 15 21 PLT The A%M foot platform has been used so far only to
hold the captain's chair. We have been using the
captain's chair almost exclusivelyat the ATM.
The portable foot restraint platform in the MDA: the
CDR used it yesterday for an EREP run, and it appeared
to work quite well. He said he was quite happy with
i_. The portable PGA foot restraints we have not
used. Portable handholds: The only place we've really
used them is in the vicinity of the bicycle ergometer,
and we were attempting to figure out how in heaven's
name we can really ride that bicycle and get some work
done in a fairly reasonable manner. Portable equipment
restraints: You could never have too many of those,
... tethers, bungees, universal mounts. The one thing
that you're always looking for in a vehicle and we
never - there are never too many straps or Velcro -
correction: not straps - snaps - never too many snaps
or Velcro patches in the vehicle itself. The ATM
seat backrest restraint has been used. It's got the
airline-type belt on it, which is a necessity. Velcro
just doesn't do the Job in zero g for a belt. You
look at the belt on the M131 chair, and it is practi-
cally negative, useless. The conical shoe cleats, we
are still evaluating. They come in handy at times in
that they are quick and easy to use relative to the
226 Day151

triangles; however, the one drawback to them is that

occasionally they get caught in the grid when you don't
want them to. Let's see now. Waste management: I,
as a new boy, and hearing horror stories from the old
hands, have been ... deliriously surprised with the
operation of the waste management equipment, the fecal
collection and the urine collection both. The air
stream on the fecal collection unit works quite well.
You must - I have found personally that you must use
the belt, and I must use the handhold and pull myself
down on the seat to make sure you get a good seal.
The better the seal you got around the lid of the seat,
the better the equipment seems to work. The urine
collection equipment: Once we found out that it didn't
work right unless you had a fecal bag in, otherwise
you don't get enough suction to the urine receiver -
Works quite well. It is - it stays surprisingly clean,
and after some _ days of use, the urine receiver and
hose has no odor, which I was concerned about prior
to launch.

19 19 37 PLT Okay. Pressing on to page B-_, food management. The

wardroom table is, as far as an eating station, is
very nice. Just like training. The thigh restraints
I use two ways: either as designed or I also hook
my knees over the innermost of the two crossmembers.
I find that I personally don't use the footstraps at
all. I just hook my knees over the thigh restraints
and, with light pressure on the toes against the table
pedestal, maintain myself in position there. So that
covers the first three, I guess. The food reconstitu-
tion dispenser is - is good. Let me look at your def-

19 23 20 PLT Okay, tape recorder. I find that, for I don't know

how long, I've been holding the record switch up on
this c_m box instead of the intercom box. Hopefully,
(cough) I got the rundown on work restraints. I got
page 3-3 on there. I'll do page 3-4 over again. The
wardroom table is convenient. It's - We've been using
it Just as we have in training. The thigh restraints
I use two ways: one is to put my legs in in the de-
signed method. The other is I hook my knees over the
innermost of the two crossmembers and with light toe
pressure against the work table pedestal, I maintain
position that way. The foot restraint - for either
the straps or the triangle fittings I haven't been
Day151 Page227

using at all. Food reconstitution dispenser: Those

water dispensers need some kind of handhold in their

19 24 16 PLT It's fairly difficult to press down on it, especially

a juice bag, which is filling and unpleating its ac-
cordian style at the same time. I think we need some
sort of small fingerhold, not a handhold, right around
those water dispensers. The water gun works, as I sup-
pose you know; it's easy to use. It takes about three
shots of water before you get chilled water, but that's
all right. The food tray has worked out fine. The
beverage dispensers are too small. Each accordian dis-
penser that you put in there for each accordian con-
tainer we put in there seems to be around 1.05 times
as big as the drawer's desigh. The drawers need to be
about lO percent bigger than they are. They're hard
to open, hard to close, hard to get drinks in and out
of. The freezing dispenser has worked fine. The eat-
ing utensils have worked fine. It is a necessity that
they be held in place magnetically. The teaspoon, I
still think, is too small, although I have brought my
large spoon down out of the command module. The mis-
cellaneous eol_imn: The sleep restraint is extremely
useful, versatile, and very good, I think. You can
quote "lie" unquote in any position you want. On your
back, on your side, on your stomach, with as many
covers as you want. It's all been quite nice. Trash
a_rlock - is all right. Right now the opening seals
in the lid are in very good shape, plus that it takes
a pretty good heave. You either have to lie down,
straddle the thing, and really muscle and twist down
on it in order to release the interlock so you can get
the lid lock up over where two people have to use it.
We have also taken to taking our urine bags and folding
them double and wrapping them in five or six turns of
gray tape. It was because we had a slight palpitation the
first night in. We dumped some urine bags from the
COmmand module and evidently t_ey had quite a bit more
air in them than these urine bags have had. But we put
it in, put the urine bags in, dumped the airlock, tried
to push it out with the ejector, and it would only
move - It hardly seemed like it moved at all.

19 26 46 PLT When you tried to take a look, tried to close the outer
door and could not, it was obvious that what was in
there was stuck part way out. So we thought that on
228 Day151

day 2 of the mission, we had already lost the trash

airlock. However, by judicious application of force,
we finally got the thing rammed down, decided that
it was the air in the bags expanding the bags being
exposed to vacuum and just flat being too big for
airlock had j_,_ed it in there. So subsequently, as
I say, we've taken to wrapping them with tape. The
vacuum cleaner was used as such for the first time
last night to clean the - all inlet screens to all
fans. It worked very well. It was used mainly on the
flat debris screen surfaces where you could get at
them without any attachment on it at all. Now on a
couple of fans, where I had to come in on an angle, I
used the crevice tool, I believe it's called, and
cleaned it that way. The wardroom table is, as far as
noneating uses, has been used sometimes as a working
table and kind of reading checklists and sometimes
working on small equipment. That is the end of
487-3 Alfa.

19 28 17 PLT Tape recorder, if you missed any item on page 3-3 on

this 487-3 Alfa, let me know and I'll do them again
in case I was holding the record switch up instead of
intercom switch for that.

19 35 12 PLT Tape recorder, for the M131 on the SPT. We consider

the first two steps that we did yesterday on the OGI
mode to be validated; therefore, we're picking up with
the third step today at level 8. The subject's state
of fitness is cranky as usual; therefore, no concern
or use.

20 00 23 PLT M131 on the SPT. The nitrogen pressure on the chair

is 1200.

20 00 59 SPT Tape recorder, this is the SPT with the debriefing

from M131 OGI mode. Question number l: I had a slight
sense of rotation at the last step only. Question
mlmher 2: Yes, and I debriefed on this previously
that the light target occasionally exhibits the tend-
ency to oscillate back and forth slowly. And it seem-
ed to occur both at the low steps and then to some
extent at the higher steps. It's superimposed on the
illusion, or rather, the illusion is superimposed on
it. And I think it accounts for the irregularity of
some of my responses. The only additional observations
I have are on the hardware. The misalignment between
biteboard and goggle is such that it's impossible for
Day151 Page229

me to hold the biteboard in my teeth and still have

a light leak - or a light seal through the goggles.
I have to almost swallow the biteboard in order to
get a light seal. Then, of course, the settings tend
to change because of zero g. And l've noticed that
it's very easy in zero g to let the biteboard supporter
float up from its stop, which destroys the angle be-
tween your horizontal canal and the axis of rotation.
You have to be very conscious about not letting it do
that. That 's all.

20 04 08 PLT Note of interest for MI31 for the MS mode. In zero

gravity, you float up out of the chair such that it is -
We don't remember whether we debriefed this on the
tape or not yesterday. You float up out of the chair,
and you Just cannot reach the proximity detectors ;
therefore, we are going to continue this flight with-
out using them.


20 56 54 SPT B channel, the PLT's M092 calf circumferences: left,

14-1/8; right, 13-7/8.

SPT And, tape recorder, the ID numbers on the PLT's

leg bands are: left leg, Bravo Juliet; right leg,
Alfa Delta.

SPT The PLT is isolated in his usual fashion from the

LBNPD - very poorly.

SPT Channel B, due to a delay in getting back to you on

the PLT, we're starting the vacum portion of the run
in 18 minutes elapsed time, rather than 20. You'll
have 7 minutes to baseline data.

21 42 50 SPT B channel, the PLT's M171: the CAL N2, 02, CO2 bottle
PRESSURE is 16_5.

21 51 29 SPT M171, the CAL H20 GAS bottle PRESSURE is 1527.

21 55 02 SPT Channel B, the M171 MS SAMPLE INLET GAS PRESSURE

is 5.003.

21 55 46 SPT The PERCENT OXYGEN is 75.16. PERCENT WATER is 3.42.

PERCENT CO 2 is 1.90.
230 Day151

21 56 39 SPT Okay, tape recorder. The SAMPLE INLET GAS PRESSURE

is, once again, 5.003.

22 02 22 CDR And hello, friendly tape recorder. This is your

friendly new CDR S019 experimenter with the 270 ex-
posures off and running on time.

22 06 31 CDR And the 270 exposure on Denebola was terminated on time

for S019.

CDR Okay.

22 l0 05 CDR MARK. (Music) On field 823 on S019, the exposure was

270. Exposure started on time.

22 14 09 CDR Okay, friendly B channel. S019 270 exposures terminated

on time. And the 90's starting.

22 15 18 CDR MARK. The 90 exposure's terminated on time on S019.

22 15 40 CDR MARK. The 30-second one's started.

22 16 05 CDR MARK. The 30-second one completed.

22 17 51 CDR MARK. S019 star field 309 270's started.

22 21 24 CDR And SO19 - That's really star field 309 - I can't read
the nearest stars - got 270 exposure stopped on time
and the 90's started.

22 22 34 CDR 90 exposure completed on time on S019.

22 22 53 CDR Thirty-second exposure started on S019.

22 23 20 CDR Thirty-second exposure complete.

22 25 26 CDR MARK; 270 exposure on star field 556 started.

22 27 ll SPT Okay, this is in the - end of run on M171. 02 is 71.h9.

WATER is 7.13. And CO 2 is 1.94.

22 28 55 CDR MARK. (Music) S019 star field 556 270 completed; 90


22 30 13 CDR S019, 556, 90 completed; 30 started.

22 31 44 CDR MARK. S019 star field 665, the 90-second exposure

Day151 Page231

22 32 53 CDR MARK. The 90-second exposure is complete; starting

the 30.

22 33 ii CDR 30-second exposure is started.

22 33 38 CDR MARK. 30-second exposure is complete. And, friendly

B channel, be advised that I took one exposure extra
by mistake. I couldn't read the pad too well in the
dark, and I took a ref - one exposure on a reference
star, Denebola, on the very - picture number i.
Therefore, the total number of pictures taken were
ii - ii. The film counter reads 011.

22 38 33 CDR (Music) Okay, friendly B channel, as I told you,

Denebola was right on the money. However, Fomalhaut
was not. And the readings for Fomalhaut are:
tilt, 024.9; and for rotation, 194.6. The other two
I didn't get a chance to get _. You've got too many
things on one pad. We won't get it all done in
one night's pass. Those remarks were for SO19 -
those previous remarks, SO19.

22 59 26 SPT Okay, channel B. This is your last chance. This is

the small mass measurement device calibration data,
crewmen SPT, day 148, wardroom start time, 02:40;
the temp was 87; the stop time was 04:05. Se-
quence 1 - And on these sequences, I'm going to read
six digits only the first time in each sequence.
Thereafter, I'm going to read the two or three digits
that changed. Sequence l: 1.95646, 54, 78, 67, 55.
Sequence 2: 2.03296, 336, 348, 316, 312, 305, 311.
Sequence 3: 2.10628, 47, 64, 49, 50. Sequence 4:
2.17702, 89, 77, 80, 74. Sequence 5: 2.31288, 321,
334, 335, 381, 327. Sequence 6: this is with
350 gram_ mass - 2.43861, 90, 90, 44, 80, 175,173,
173, 162. That last number was 2.44162. Okay,
sequence 7: 2.62185, 82, 97, 80, 83. Sequence 8:
2. 89809, 09, 771, 815, 783, 808, 812, 808. Se-
quence 9: 3.05270. This is a long sequence because
the numbers didn't come up very well and I gave you
about 15 cals. Okay, say again. That's 3.05270.
121, 063, 217, 248, 155, 186, 149, 193, 107, 189,
158, 034, 149. Make what you can out of that. I
don't know why I was erratic. Sequence ii, which is
back at zero again, is 1.95637, 40, 36, 73, 32.

23 04 56 SPT And, channel B, here is the results of the BMMD

M172 calibration of day 151; cre_unan SPT. The start
Page232 Day151

time was 13:15. And the stop time was 15:47, not
including logging. Sequence i: 2.70087, 076, i01,
116, i01. Sequence 2: 9.75083, 070, 088, 4887, 4970,
4835, 4904, 4895, 4860. That last number, then, was
3.74866. If I said 860 the time before, it's because
I can't read my own writing. Sequence 3: 4.39805,
877, 802, 797, 817. Sequence 4: now l'm not going
to read you the first three numbers in sequence 4,
because this is when they discover that the food tray
lids were rattling on it, very loosely. And the -
after the third reading, I taped them. And then I got
4.95455, 709, 587, 551, 611, 472, 538. Sequence 5:
5.45764, 802, 755, 770, 799. Sequence 6: 5.91618,
607, 371, 837, 891, 964, 644, 133, ii0, 750, 349, 756,
849, 614, 671. That was a total of 15 measurements
on sequence 6, which was with all the trsys on but
without the batteries, et cetera. I never found out why
the readings were so erratic. The next step I did -
Your next step on your procedure was to slip the
M509 batteries and the T003 in their proper location.
This could not be done with the food trays all on.
So I took the upper three food trays off, four of
them, rather. Then I strapped on M- two
M509 batteries, plus the T003, with gray tape. And
then I ran a sequence on that configuration. That
is one double ... food trays, plus the batteries
in the T003, and the numbers came out like this:
5.00129, 092, 266, 248, 234, 299, 261. Then I went
and got the other food trays again, put them back on
the table. Had to put new gray tape on them, so I had
two sets of gray tape for each of those four trays,
properly labeled. And - and the numbers on that
were, 6.77815, 790, 681, 644, 817, 728, 750, 881,
811, which is a reasonably good series of i0 readingS.
And, Bill, I don't think you're going to get any better
than this. Even with all the tape and stuff on it, you
can still hear noises every now and then as that thing
goes - goes by. There is no way to properly secure
all that gear - even the food trays, with the rig you've
got. It's very sensitive to ..., it's very sensitive
to motion, it's extremely sensitive to any spacecraft
maneuver, however small. A TACS firing with a
saturated CMG would probably throw your readings out.
So, I don't think the inherent accuracy of the machine
is bad. But I think that, as installed, let's not
go to any more trouble to get the accuracy greater
than we got on this cal. End of the message.
Day151 Page233

23 16 56 SPT Okay, tape recorder. In case you think we've been

loafing all day today, let the SPT read you the
results of the M131-2 spatial localization test,
conducted on the PLT this afternoon. Beginning with
page 4-16, I will read you a pitch and then a roll,
separated by a proper voice pause. I will read you
internal five figures in five rows; external
five figures in five rows. Here goes: 18, 305;
20.5, 301; 17, 22, i - make that 221; 16, 315; 16, 301.
Now the external: 15, 306; 18, 302; 16, 302; 16, 309;
15, 309. Moving on to page 4-18, internal: 180, 175;
183, 183; 185, 180; 186, 180; 178, 181; 197, -belay
that 197 and that is the beginning of the five
external readings, pitch and roll. And here they
come: 197, 183; 193, 183; 195, 180; 196, 178; 192,

23 19 ii SPT Okay, on page 4-22. Internal: 19, 300; 21, 308;

18.5, 310; 15, 301; 18, 300. And the external:
19, 304; 19, 306; 185 - 18.5, 305; 00, 305; 17,
303. On page 4-24, internal: i00, 165; 105, 165;
109, 167; 108, 164; 105, 165; 193, 177; 194, 177;
192, 185; 193, 183; 198, 186. And on page _-26
this is off the Biomed Checklist, by the way -
internal: ll0, 164; ll5, 165; ll2, 167; ll3, 165;
ll3, 167. External: 193, 192; 194, 194; 195, 191;
197, 192; 202, 188. Now, that's all there is for that
experiment. Now I'd like you to take a note for
general distribution, requesting and recommending
that logging of future M074 and M172 calibrations and
M131 spatial localization work and similar things
like that, that are both written down and voice
logged, that we eliminate the voice logging and
instead bring home those few pieces of paper that
would allow us, accurately, to transmit the data to
the principal investigator. The crew is always
encouraged to use the voice logging, in order to
avoid that unnecessary writing. However, in cases
like this, where we have to do both, it's very time
consuming. The time has not been allocated in the
Flight Plan, and it's causing us to fall behind.
And in some cases, I suspect the data is getting lost.
Thank you.

23 22 h6 SPT Now, friendly tape recorder, this is the SPT once

again with a brief discussion of this afternoon's
MO92/M171 on the PLT; for distribution to th@
medical operations and the medical investigators,
Page234 Day151

and whoever else - the Flight Directors, also. The

overall results were very similar today, as you will
see when you get your data dump, to Paul's first run.
The leg volume parameters and heart rate parameters
didn't look quite as much changed on M092 as they
did the first run. Subjectively, it was the same,
as far as Paul was concerned. And the calf measure-
ments were even smaller. They dropped below
14 inches on the right leg; although we still used
the 14-15 cuff, because he has the reference band on
that leg. On the 171, in my conversation yesterday
I recommended that all the protocols be lowered by
some i0 to 20 percent. I received no update on that
today. What we decided to do in the interim was
simply to revert to the preflight n,,mhers that we
have been using. We don't believe that this bicycle
is really less tough than the ones we trained on.
It's impossible to tell because the environment gets
in the way too much. We still haven't psyched out
what the best way to do it is. Paul did it pretty
much the conventional way today, hanging onto the
handlebars. He ran in the protocol of 105, 155,
and then, at the 210 point, we changed it back to
200. And from now on, he'll run it 100, 150, 200.
And Pete and I will also run it at our preflight
levels. And we'll see how we do on that. It's
considerably more than a 75-percent workload,
subjectively. The oxygen consumption does not
bear that out, although the heart rate and blood
pressure do; and the very peculiar reversal of CO
and oxygen is something I can't explain and would
like to hear your thoughts on. I don't know whether
the machine is out of calibration or whether this
is a real effect that we're seeing, but it occurs
even at rest. And it's most interesting. I don't
think, in - in - in summary, that Paul has shown
any degradation. I don't think the thermal effects
were as bad. The - We've acclimatized, at least
subjectively, to the temperature in the workshop.
And it doesn't really bother us any more except during
heavy exercise. I do think that - that our baseline,
both for M092 and M171, as far as degradation during
the flight is concerned, should be the first run that
we made and not the preflight data baseline. I'm
watching the M092 results carefully and am standing
by to eliminate the 50-millimeter step on myself or
any of the other crewmen who appear to be in border-
Day151 Page235

line. And on the MI7!, we've made our recon_nendations

for lowering the workrate, mud we'll keep you posted
on how we are managing to ride the bike. One ve_¢
important thing is that we all believe that we're
using different muscles up here to ride the bicycle
in zero g. We're trying to find out how to bring those
muscles into play most efficiently. We're also
trying not to degrade our physical condition by rel-
ative inactivity by lack of exercise. There is
supposed to be One session of PT in the Flight Plan
for each crewman on every day when he does not do an
EVA or a major medical. This has been faithfully"
scheduled in most cases, but it's been scheduled
strictly on paper, as far as we're concerned, because
the other scheduled tasks have taken so much time
the; they have completely absorbed and wiped out PT,
PH, and, in some cases, meals. I think that's a - a
mistake. I think that bringing this crew back
healthy and as little degraded as possible, in their
exercise tolerance and their capacity to withstand
gravity, is one of the importan.t objectives of the
flight,.and I would like to see PT and PH put in the
schedule on an honest basis and give it priority
over most other objectives. The big problem is, when
you have something running late in front of it and
something like ATM or S019, that is - that has a
firm, fixed schedule behind it, and it Just has to go.
l'd like to see it scheduled in such time that, if
you're late getting there, you can just go ahead
and do it and hot hurt something that c_me up an
hour or so after it. End of message.

23 29 42 SPT Friendly B channel, this is the SPT here at 23:30.

I would like to read you the ATM 4-1imb coalignment
that was done on day 149 by me, and, I believe, got
lost in the shuffle. Okay. The day is 149. The
-" time is 15:07. The numbers are as follows: plus 971,
plus 995, plus 999, minus 897, minus 929, minus 930,
minus 931, plus 961, plus 966, 0831. And there's
one additional number, which$ although it is not -
it is in a crosshatch box, !'m going to read to you,
because you may want it. At the lower limb, 82B was
minus 894. Thank you.

### 4
Page 237

DAY 152 (AM)

00 37 13 CDR Hello, friendly B ch_nel. This is the CDR.

00 37 16 CDR MARK. Litter bag dump initiate at 00:37:23.

01 08 05 SPT B channel, SPT with a report on the 00:16 ATM run.

Active region 18 was the object of study. It is one
area of reasonably bright plage on active region 18.
I noted that it was possible to peak detector i very
easily. The background was running between 50 and 75,
and over the area of plage, it was running 5 to 6G0,
with very sharp discrimination and very colinear with
the H-alpha display. This was surprising and pleasing,
and it should be passed on to the training people.
That's about it on solar discovery. The - about the
only thing I remember doing wrong on the building
block was I prematurely started S056 and 82B - just
prior to step B of building block 4 without pointing
properly and I immediately stopped and, I guess, proba-
bly wasted a frame each. End of message.

01 09 32 CDR Hi, friendly B channel. Here is the old CDR tonight

with day 151 Evening Status Report. Alfa: CDR, 160;
SPT, llO; PLT, 230. Item Bravo: CDR, 3704; SPT, 7121;
PLT, 2461. Item Charlie: CDR, 6.128, 6.125,
6.124; SPT, 6.681, 6.678, 6.684; PLT, 6.816, 6.819,
6.823. Delta today was zero for the CDR, zero for the
SPT, and zero for the PLT. Item Echo: CDR, none; SPT,
none; _nd PLT, none. That's it for tonight. Good


02 26 50 PLT Hello, tape recorder, this is the PLT. On the white

light coronagraph ... align, be advised, I was running
the procedure per the checklist and when I got to the
step to run at EAST SCAN, I had to drive it back to
less than 6 arc seconds off before I could get the
READY light. And after, I started operating that at
6 arc seconds off, instead of the 20, to which I had
pointed previously.

PLT Hello, B channel. Here are the frames remaining on

the ATM. They ... unattended ops the end of today.
238 - Day152

H-alpha 14297; S056, 5108; S082A is a standard 182;

S082B is 1336; S052 is 7251; S054 is 5918.

02 39 00 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the CDR with a late

note. I forgot my cleaning the EREP tape recorder this
morning. It was not dirty anywhere except on the right i
pitch roller. It was dirty on the right pitch roller,
and it was quite dirty. It took about four to five
tips to clean it. But otherwise, there wasn't any
dirt hardly at all anywhere else in the tape recorder.
Please pass to the EREP troops. Thank you. Good night.


03 57 04 CDR Hello, B channel. I got a late addition - a late

addition. Will you take this, B channel? This is a
late addition to the Evening Status Report. On day
151, it seems that the CDR and SPT, both, managed to
get their exercise in , tonight. So, to Evening Status
Report, please add Delta exercise: CDR, 2/15/1500;
for the SPT, 2/15/1850. End of message. Nighty,


14 45 23 CDR Hello, B channel; this is the CDR on the subject of

half urine samples. The cue cards to the vehicle,
the checklist that we have, and the urine tray were
all set up, so that our first-day sample went in the
first-day slot. And, therefore, we are very happy
with the way our urine collection of both full and
half samples is going. And we see no need for you
to bother us with that subject anymore. Because we
think you, on the ground, either don't have the
cards that we have or you are wrong. And we'll ta]k
about it on day 31. End of message.

15 34 16 PLT Hello, B channel. This is the PLT, with some changes

for the Sto_age book. On page 2-22 Alfa, under CE_4
stowage cleanup: The binoculars are now in W714;
LCG PCU water adapters are in D - Delta 422; the
charcoal canister, adapter masks, and bags are all
in dc_e 426; the TDI detector kit - the whole smash -
Day152 Page239

is in dome 426. End of message. And for your

additional edification, the CO monitor kit that was
launched in the command module is in dome 426. The
launch pin bag is in dome 400, and the spare over-
bags - a - a general collection of spare overbags to
put things in - is in dome 424.


16 48 25 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is CDR with the

sound level meter at frequency analyzer lock. First,
be advised that the sound meter is stowed to the right
side of locker - The sound meter is stored on the
right-hand side of locker 623. The followin_ sound
levels were recorded of the following locations:
wardroom, with the frequency meter parallel and over
the CDR's tray pointed toward the OWS window, the ambi-
ent noise level was 46.5. The filtered noise levels
were: i was 35.0, 2 was 46.0, 3 was 53.0, 4 was 39.0,
5 was 30.0, 6 was 21.0, 7 was 18.0, and 8 was 18.0.
In the experiments compartment, the sound level meter
was parallel to the floor, located at the LBNP
pointingtowards the SF. The ambient nois_ level
was 46.0; I was 30.0, 2 was 38.0, 3 was 52.0,
4 was 43.0, 5 was 30.0, 6 was 19.5, 7 was 18.0,
and 8 was 18.0 The waste management compartment:
the frequency meter was located on the floor pointed
towards plus-X, and the following levels were re-
corded. The ambient noise level was 51.0; i was 35.0,
2 was 38.0, 3 was 54.5, 4 was 45, 5 was 32, 6 was 20,
7 was 17, and 8 was 18. In the sleep compartment,
the sound level meter was located in the PLT's sleep
compartment on the floor pointing toward plus-X.
The ambient noise level was 50.0; i was 32.0,
2 was 33.0, 3 was 51.0, 4 was 41.0, 5 was 23.0,
6 was 18.0, 7 was 17.0, and 8 was 18.0.

16 51 46 CDR In the forward compartment, the sound level meter

was parallel to the floor, located at the locker
ring area, pointed - pointed at plus-Y. The
ambient noise level was 51.0; i was 40.0, 2 was 41.0,
3 was 45.0, 4 was 44.0, 5 was 33.0, 6 was 46.0,
7 was 20.5, and 8 was 19. In the airlock, it was
parallel and pointing plus-X in the middle of the
airlock. The ambient noise level was 55.0;
240 Day152

1 was 44.0, 2 was 48.0, 3 was 56.0, 4 was 54.0,

5 was 44.0, 6 was 36.0, 7 was 33.5, and 8 was 21.0.

16 52 59 CDR In the MDA, the sound meter was located in the M512
station, pointed minus-X. The ambient noise level
was 53.5; 1 was 46.0, 2 was 46.5, 3 was 52.0,
4 was 46.7, 5 was 43.0, 6 was 36.5, 7 was 34.0,
and 8 was 23.9. In the STS, it was located in the
big part of the STS, pointed at the mol sieve A. The
ambient noise level was 62.0; 1 was 47.0, 2 was 49.2,
3 was 63.0, 4 was 51.0, 5 was 53.5, 37 - 6 was 37.5,
7 was 38.5, and 8 was 34.0. That's the end of the
sound level meter and frequency analyzer log.

17 06 35 SPT Tape recorder, this comment is for flight planners

and stowage people. We find extensive use for these
spring bungees. I suggest that the fol - following
crews launch with some extra ones. We're also using
a fair amount of gray tape. We can inventory it at
the end, but I suggest you consider launching some
more gray tape.


17 51 24 SPT Okay, channel B. Here we go for the CO2 monitor

flag dewpoint thing. Test was performed at the
inlet to mol sieve A. Using port A of the CO2

monitor, we get C02, 1.2 parts per million;

temperature, 78; dewpoint, 44. Using port B
of the C02 monitor, we get 12 parts per million;
76 degrees ambient; and dewpoint, 44. The panel
readings for sieve A were - were 3.8 parts per
million; inlet temperature, 60; dewpoint, 49.
For mol sieve B - indicated 2.9 parts per
million; inlet temperature, 58; dewpoint
temperature, 47. End of message.

Page 241

DAY 153 (AM)

01 44 26 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the CDR with the

day 152 Evening Status Report being given to you at
153:01:44:40. Alfa: for the CDR, 142; for the SPT,
170 ; for the PLT, 250. Remarks for Alfa are the
SPT's urine volume of 170. There was a good deal of
air in the bag, and thi's volume is probably high.
Bravo: 3735 for the CDR; for the SPT, 7145; for
the PLT, 2618. Charlie: for the CDR, 6.091, 6.089,
6.087; for the SPT, 6.658, 6.655, 6.656; for the
PLT, 6.824, 6.824, 6.820. Delta: CDR, 2/ii/1500;
for the SPT, 2/12/1776; for the PLT, 2/12/1700. Also,
for the PLT, 1/05/0250. Echo is none. That's the
end of the Evening Status Report for day 152. Out.


03 15 13 PLT ... PLT with co_nents on the shower. The shower is

feasible and pleasant. It takes a long time to get
the water up, because you don't have enough blower
r power. And about an hour per man can be time lined
for the shower. End of message. (Music)


ii 18 57 SPT Okay, B channel, it is about 11:30, and the PRD

readings are as follows: in the center sleep
station, 06059; in the wardroom, 440 - That's
in the experiment compartment, excuse me -
44056; and by the minus-Z SAL, 16053.

ii 40 41 PLT Tape recorder, pass to Captain Bean and his

bunch - that when threadin_ film 16-millimeter
DAC magazine that- as long as the lever is in
the THREAD position, it acts Just like it does
- did in training. However, when you go to
OPERATE, the camera i_aediately becomes much
quieter and, for some reason, any loops that
were on the takeup reel, which were evident
due to the film remaining ball bouncing back
and forth - disappear, and you have a good
tight windup.

Page242 Day153

12 42 52 PLT Details for photographing for the photography

people: the frame counter on Hasselblad
magazine CX05 stopped operating at 64. We
were troubleshooting; we advanced a couple; we
took the magazine off, made a mark on the film,
advanced it once; the mark was gone. We assume
the magazine is functioning normally. We are
doing our best to keep track of how many frames
we've usedon board.

12 43 25 PLT And we are now at 12:45 Zulu today at about a

count of 68 on that magazine.


13 34 27 SPT Hello, tape recorder. These are the belated results

of the housekeeping 60 Romeo; that is, the iodine
concentration testing. Tank number 1 is 9 parts per
gram; tank number 3 is 8 parts; tank number 6 is
l0 parts; tank number l0 is l0 parts. End of

14 12 46 PLT Hello, tape recorder. For - on the MI51 films of

S183 this morning and that was on film CI04 - -


PLT - - MTOI is the takeup reel. We got a couple of other

activities in there; I'm sure the PI will be interested
in at least knowing what they were. One was - while
the CDR was doing M - S183, the PLT was doing water
tank sampling. And also, at the end of it, then, was
a little bit for M516 on inflight maintenance, in
that the fourth missing screw from S019, which had
previously been taken apart, was found and was
installed, although it was shielded by S183. You
cpuldn't see much, but that's what was going on.

14 13 36 CDR And, friendly tape recorder, the CDR on the same

M151/S183. Came to a part of the checklist that
said, "Turn DAC off," and unfortunately, that was
for an M516, and I didn't note that. I turned the
DAC off. I caught it a little later and turned
the DAC hack on. And the portion that is missing is
connecting the SAL power cable and the SAL instru-
mentation cable to the S183. Otherwise, the MI51
and S183 is complete.
Day153 Page243

14 15 25 SPT Okay. For the VTR tape recordings of'ATM, the t_me
is 14:16.

_PT Okay. And having gotten the time check on the tap_,
channel B, l'd like to point out that the VTR recording
included pictures of the white lJf<ht coronagraph
during a high rate roll and during a door closing.

ik 20 24 SPT (Music) A_id, friendly B channel, the []PT overexpozed

a second exposure in JOP 12B by about 20 seconrls.

14 2[I26 SPT That last comment was for ATM. And the time
was 14:20 GMT.

14 29 38 SPT Hello, B channel. This is of general interest

under the heading of inflight observations. At - ...
spacecraft sun center, which occurred at approximately
14:25 Zulu today, was observed out of one of the
14 30 01 SPS windows - I forget which one right now. About
3 or 4 minutes after sunset, when I could aclimatize,
I looked off toward the south. There was a higher -
what appeared to be a higher band of luminance that
may have been atmosphere near us or where the Sun
had set and was being illuminated by the Moon. We
/- can't tell because we can't really see the Moon.
After a little more dark-adaption, again looking
toward the south, we saw several streamers that
almost appeared to be aurora, although they did -
_ppeared to be a little too high up in latitude for
that, although maybe not. Either that or noctilucent
clouds. The only thing I could - other thing I could
think of, although they did appear to extend above
this other sphere - this dimly illl_m_nated sphere that
- which may have been illuminated by moonlight. That
- the formation appeared to be essentially radial.
That is - they - were very thin and ethereal and
radiated outward from the Earth's center which kind
of makes me disbelieve they were any kind of clouds.
That's the end of the message.


15 09 26 PLT This is M092 on the CDH. Left leg measures 13-1/8;

right leg, 13-1/8. Left legband is Charlie Hotel,
right legband is Charlie India.
244 Day153

15 29 55 PLT Hello, B channel. This is an operational comment

for you to pass on to Captain Bean, please, and
the next crew. When you're using triangle shoes,
there are not really as many spaces available in
this grid to hook your feet into as you may think.
You get next to high be_m_, you got equipment or
gears or bolts sticking up through, A1, and you Just
- you really got to look around and find a place;
and especially when you want to hook both feet in,
to secure yourself, you really got to look at it
and think about it.


16 41 13 SPT Friendly B channel, the SPT at 16:42 with an ATM

comment. As the ground knows, I made a mistake
in the 15:02 rev JOP 9. Did not get an 82A
exposure and used the wrong grating for S055.
So, on the 16:39 performance of JOP 9, I simply
reversed it and got the 82A WAVELENGTH, LONG,
1-minute and 20-second exposure and the S055,
0192 GRATING POSITION. End of message.


17 33 44 CDR Hello, friendly tape recorder. This is the CDR,

experiment S183. The time, 17:33 on day 153. We
started sequence l, which was star field 303, on
plate 003 with the exposures of 000/160/1260,
started on time, 17:33.

18 07 12 CDR And, friendly tape recorder. S183 is complete,

the last sequence being terminated by going to
STANDBY at 18:06 Greenwich mean time. And we
are securing the operation. Everything appeared
normal, except I noted two TACS firing during
the same period.

18 14 42 PLT Tape recorder, for information, S009 went closed at


18 23 44 PLT Tape recorder, for EREP for the S190 checkout. Before
the check, the frame counters read 7294, 9494, 7014,
6402, 8169, and 7072.
Day153 Page

18 25 12 PLT And for the S190 check, after single-frame advance,

all frame counters advanced one digit.

19 I0 57 PLT Tape recorder, at 19:12 on EREP, Charlie 7 is reading

26, 26.

19 27 52 PLT Hello, B channel. Stand by. For EREP folks_ meter

C-7 is reading 27 percent at 19:29 Zulu.

19 35 41 PLT Hello, friendly tape recorder. For EREP. At 19:37,

the 191 power was turned off, at which time Charlie 7
was reading 29, 29 percent.

19 46 27 PLT Hello, tape recorder. For EREP, the S191 at

19:47 Zulu. Reading Bravo 7 is i00 percent. Char-
lie 7 is 36 percent.

20 17 51 PLT Hello, tape recorder. A question - friendly tape

recorder, the EREP tape recorder is indicating
75-percent tape remaining.

20 20 57 PLT Hello, tape recorder. At the end of the pass, just

before powering down S191, meter Charlie 7 reads 76 -
correction that's meter Bravo 7 reads 76. Meter
F _arlie7 reads42.


22 37 42 SPT Hello, friendly B channel. This is 22:38. The

M131-2 spakel - spatial localization on the CDR is
over. We started it at 22:00, and the next voice you
hear will be that of the CDR himself answering the
debriefing questions.

CDR Hi there, i. Describe the degree of difficulty

relative to ground-based trials in making spatial
orientation judgment. I thought they were both about
the same.

CDR 2. Did you experience any confilcts between sensory

cues, particularly when making judgments with respect
to the external frame of reference? If so, explain.
No, I didn't. 3. Did you at any time experience a
positive sense of the upright? No, I didn't. 4.
Were your judgments influenced by auditory cues or
other environmental factors? No, they weren't. 5.
Did a line target appear stable and under your
f_ complete control during the spinning? Yes, it did.
Page246 D&y153

22 39 04 SPT Did you notice this thing wobbling back and forth - -

CDR No, I didn't.

SPT Okay.

CDR Well, my additional comments and observations are that

I use mybody as a means of determining both internal
and external frames of reference. And since my body
is not very well anchored to this chair up here at
zero g, I suspect that I can wander plus or minus
5 or l0 degrees from my normal in one g because my
body wanders; and the ... still, as it doesn't do
here .... arm and so forth, in essence, ... stays
still. And that is that. That's the end of my

22 42 31 SPT And friendly B channel, the numbers from this M131

run are in the log book. And there they will remain
until the ground makes a decision whether or not we
have to voice them down. They're right here. Nothing
to worry about. End of message.

23 09 03 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the - Let me turn

offtheotherspeaker box.

PLT Hello, tape recorder. This is the PLT, your friendly

ATM operator speaking (music) to the ATM people. In
the performance of JOP 2 Delta during the 22:48
viewing period, I just flat could not find active
region 17. However, there weren't any other good
active regions around; and since we didn't really
use a whole lot of f_]m, I pointed at what appeared
to be the remnants of probably active - probably the
r_mnants of active region 17. And I'm running the
building block on that, for what it's worth.

23 15 06 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the CDR with the

Evening Status Report for day 153. I'm sending it to
you at 23:15 Zulu. Alfa: CDR, 140, SPT, 105;
PLT, 310. Bravo: CDR, 3754; SPT, 7154; PLT, 2783.
Charlie: CDR, 6.111, 6.110, 6.110; SPT, 6.660,
6.660, 6.665; PLT, 6.808, 6.805, 6.810. Delta:
CDR, 2/17/180, 1/03/0150. SPT has not had time to
exercise today; will this evening, and please quiz
us tomorrow about his exercise. PLT, 2/12/1700,
1/05/0250. Echo: CDR, none; SPT, none; PLT, none.
That's it for the Evening Status Report.

Page 247

DAY 15_ (AM)

02 32 0h PLT Hello, B channel. Here are the ATM frames remaining:

H-alpha, 13767; S056, 4838; S082B, 1270; S052 then
indicated 6435; and S054 is 5164. End of message.


12 45 37 SPT Okay, yes. B channel, this is the SPT at 12:45

with a food comment. I had a double failure on a
coffee container. There was a seam leak at the
bottom of the container in - and a failed va]ve at
the top of the container which leaked a lot of the
coffee back out as soon as I had it off the spigot. ,
End of message.


13 44 09 CDR Hello, friendly tape recorder; this is the CDR on

S183. The time is 13:44; it's that sequence
number 1 has been initiated on star field n1_mher
252 on plate 006.

13 45 45 SPT Okay, friendly B channel; this is the SPT at 13:45

with an M487-3A, subjective evaluation of the fol-
lowing equipment items. The OWS fireman's pole
has not been used. I believe, that if it were in
place, it would be a handy helper for - moving
rapidly down the workshop and for carrying large
objects with one hand; however, the strap, while
it probably doesn't do as good a Job - satisfactory
Job - and we don't have any present intentions
of rigging the fireman's pole. Okay, the OWS dome
and wall handrails, again, are adequate for their
Jobs, maybe even give them a very good. Their Job
is not to hand-over-hand it - you never hand-over-
hand it around that place, unless you've got a lot
of equipment in your hand and are carrying a
large package, for instance, that you want to make
sure you don't get looseJ You ordinarily fly from
one location to the next, and all you need when you
get there is something to grab onto, and the hand-
rails are perfectly satisfactory for that. I
Page2h8 Day154

think the handrails in the STS, are very good.

Once again, they're not for hand-over-handing.
They're for steadying oneself at work stations,
stopping whe n you come flying through the hatch.
You want a handrail to grab to torque yourself
around on to get into position to look at a panel.
Having the panels circum - the handrails circum-
ferentially around the various panels is a very
good thing.

13 47 53 SPT Triangular shoes. We all wear the triangular shoes

most of the time. They're not at all necessary for
translation or walking. And, of course, we never
use them in that mode. They're extremely handy
for keeping oneself steady at a work station
while doing a Job, leaving both hands free. We
have several kinds of mushrooms and buttons for the
shoes up here. My personal preference now, the way
I'm going, is to wear the large mushroom on my
right foot and the triangle on my left foot. The
triangle is quite helpful when you want to concen-
trate on something else for a few too many minutes -
want to lock yourself in and stay locked. However,
it's a lot of trouble getting _t in, and a little
trouble getting it out. With two triangles on my
shoe, it drives me up the wall, because it takes me
30 to 45 seconds to get locked in at a spot, which is
a waste of time. Between the mushrooms, I've evaluated
the medium and the large. I thought the medium mush-
rooms were adequate, but they were too easy to slip
out with, and you had to concentrate too much on
keeping your foot pressed against one corner of the
triangle so that the mushroom wouldn't pop out. With
the large mushroom - this is not nearly so bad. They're
fairly easy to slip in and they hold very well. Some-
times they're a little trouble getting out of. Trying
to get it out in a hurry, you have to sometimes look
down and figure out which direction you have to go.
I think, for that reason, Paul prefers small ones.
I prefer big ones. In summary, triangle shoes are
mandatory. If I had to make an improvement, I
would have loaded two pairs of shoes on board for
each crewman, so that I might leave the triangles
in one of them to ride the bike with and put mush-
rooms in the other.

13 h9 55 SPT The water tank foot platform is handy but not required.
If you're working at a dome locker for a period of
Day154 Page2_9

time, it is very pleasant to be able to stick one foot

into a mushroom or a triangle into one of the holes
in the - in the foot platform. So, if you're Just
going there to get a loose item of equipment, you can
steady yourself on your hands, then open the locker,
steady yourself with your hands again, reach in and
get what you want, and steady yourself again, and
close the locker on the way down. The portable EREP
foot platform, I have not used. The portable PGA foot
restraint, we have not yet used. The portable hand-
holds have not been used. The portable tether hooks,
I am currently using to try and rig ropes with handles
to hold myself down on the bicycle seat while pedaling
the bike. The portable tether hooks hook you to the
floor grid and the ropes are attached to them, and
various locations can be selected either forward or
aft, of the - of the pedals to try and find the right
axis along which to exert the force. The big difficulty
here is that we didn't think, when we put all the extra
junk in the experiment compartment, how handy those
triangles were going to be.

13 51 23 SPT And on the right-hand side of the bicycle there is

virtually no open grid work or holes between tri-
angles to put things in. The shower is much too
close to the bicycle. Okay, portable equipment,
these three: the straps are extremely useful. The
short straps, I haven't used too much. They are
really too short to tie things to. But the long
straps and the equipment straps are extremely useful.
I have right now, the entertainment tape recorder
strapped to the radio noise burst monitor here -
monitor here at the ATM panel. Bungees we find very
useful, particularly down in the wardroom and so on
for temporary restraint of cameras and checklists.
Smaller things than that, such as pads, the bungees
are not adequate for me, because they - the pads
slip out and makes it too flat or too smooth. But
anything that's got hooks on it, like a camera,
works out very well under a bungee.

13 52 29 SPT The - One item of equipment that is a pain in the neck,

and it's not useful at all, are the large clipboards
that snap in the standard snap pattern. Everytime
you touch one of those things, they come flying off.
On the other hand, it's a major operation to get them
back on the snap. And we Just made a bad mistake by
assuming that we could snap something to a flat wall,

250 Day154

especially something with any standoff, such as these

clipboards have, and then exert any force against it.
The ATM seat is very useful, although you don't
really sit in it, obviously. You have to push the
seat belt down prettytight - if you want your
back to be supported. I find it useful because it
gives you a body-centered restraint from which you
can work against. You can reach the whole ATM panel,
and you can reach the co_n box, and the TV selector
switch on your left. You can't reach the VTR on the
right, and you can reach - myself, I can only r@ach
the very nearest checklists and the checklist com-
partment. But, of course, by loosening the lap belt
you can then reach the VTR, you can reach above you -
all the lockers - you can reach the radio noise
burst monitor, you can even ziggy over and see
what time it is on the MDA panel, bring yourself back
to the ATM. And you can work either with or without
the foot rest. Without the foot rests - I mean the
lap belt - without the lap belt, it just serves as a
sort of a - nook. You know, your - body floats be-
tween the ATM panel and the chair, and it's useful,
too. I think it's a great tool. I've already
talked about the conical shoe cleats. I called them
mushrooms. The fecal collection equipment - works,
much to our surprise, if one is careful and takes
it slow. Stand by.

13 56 46 SPT Okay, B channel, where were we? Fecal collection

equipment. The airflow method of collection
appears to be practical. A larger airflow, I think,
is mandatory on future mission designs. This one is
marginal. However, the method appears feasible.
And the urine collection, not only is the method
feasible, but the flow is probably adequate or very
close to it. The urine flush water dispenser, we
have not used. Let me get back to fecal collection
equipment to mention something I said on channel B
before. Stand by a minute.

13 58 01 PLT That's all I could see, so I didn't bother.

13 58 08 SPT Okay, B channel. The lap belt on the fecal collec-

tion unit is a Velcro type thing, and it should be
a positive lap belt, such as the ATM chair. The
handwasher is quite useful, although I think, in
future design, we could arrange an enclosed one, so
that you could actually work with water, rather than
Day154 Page251

having to soak everything up in a washcloth. It's - it's

extremely useful to have a water dispenser in the
head for taking a sponge bath and wiping things
down, and a handwasher serves that function very
nicely. Okay, the - I talked about the lap strap.
The handholds are fine, they're well-placed, and
they certainly are necessary - in the fecal collec-
tion system. The handwasher handrail, let's Just
say, in general, that it's nice to have some hand-
rails around the waste management compartment for
parking your body. The foot restraints in the waste
management compartment are not good. The locations
are okay, except I notice that two of the foot
restraints tend to interfere with the CDR and the PLT's
waste compartment drawers, opening of same, some-
thing we ought to avoid in the future. The problems
with the foot restraints as they are: number l,
they're Velcro; they are not - very easily adjustable
for size, and they keep coming apart. Number 2, they
are not large enough to 8_m_t the cleated shoe, and Just
the bare or slippered foot. And that problem has to
be thought through and some better foot restraints
provided. And foot restraints are very handy and
even required in there.

14 00 09 SPT It's nice to have a small, closed compartment like

that. You can go in there and close the door and
kind of bounce around. The waste management system's
ceiling handrail - didn't know there was one. The
light-duty foot restraints, I think we've talked
about. Our drying stations are adequate and handy.
Things dry out very rapidly up there. And as for the
zero-g shower, it's a pleasant experience, and I
think it proves the - the feasibility of the prin-
ciple that man can live in a small close space with
water, and he's not going to drown, because the water
does not fly through the air. It sticks to whatever
is there, mostly you, partly the walls. Again, I
think the airflow in there is grossly inadequate.
The method of containing the water and getting it
into a, you know, compartment where you can throw it
away, is not good. It takes forever to dry both
oneself and the walls, using the inadequate little
vacuum cleaner that we've got, and some better method
ought to be come up with. But the principle of
crawling inside a shower and spraying yourself down
is great.
Page252 Day154

14 02 17 SPT Okay, channel B, we're back to food management equip-

ment now. The wardroom table, the eating station is
fine, except for the comments on the foot restraints,
which are of the same type as the head foot restraints,
which are inadequate. The thigh restraints do their
job, but require foot restraints along with them in
order to be maximally useful. And the option exists
of hooking the mushroom into a triangle. We do that
sometimes. Again, there aren't enough triangles
underneath these various working stations, in partic-
ular, in the wardroom, because so much of the area
has been used up by structures of various kinds. So
the idea of having a slip-in foot restraint there is
good, but we need a better kind.

14 03 06 CC ... Hawaii at 14:14.

CDR Roger.

SPT Okay, Tood reconstitution dispenser: No problems,

really. You need a little something to react against
when you're pushing the food down into the water dis-
penser. Generally, you either brace yourself with
your thigh restraints or you put one hand on the edge
of - of the food table and pull at that while you
push down with the other hand. The water gun is just
fine. It's an excellent piece of equipment. The food
tray is okay, except that the friction set should be
spring clamped or something of that sort, so that it
can tolerate food cans and, in particular, drink
containers of a wider dispersion of sizes. A very
common event is for a small food tray - small food
can or drink container to just go wandering off,
because it doesn't stick in the friction sets. Aside
from that, it's a fine thing. The food cans are okay,
with the split-the-seam proviso. The beverage dis-
pensers have a couple of drawbacks. They are adequate;
they are doing the job. But aside from the failure-
type things, such as valves that leak air backwards
and seam failures that we've had, none of which, by
the way, has been catastrophic, the problem with the
beverage dispensers is that the tendency, when they
are half full or less, is for them to suck air. And
the nozzle you have to flip into the top in order to
drink has a tendency to stay in place and allow them
to suck air, which gives you a mixture of half beverage
and half air, and that's not good. Okay, seasoning
dispensers - I don't use the salt much. It tends to
Day15h Page

bounce off the food a lot. It doesn't taste very

good. I think that needs work. The eating utensils
are fine. The sleep restraint, I think, is an excel-
lent thing. The only improvement I would make to it
at all is to put an additional elastic strap lower
down. You wouldn't have to use it if you didn't
want to, but I think it would be handy. The trash
airlock: so far, so good. It's easy to use, with
the exception of closing and locking the doors is
almost a two-man Job, because of the forces required
to compress the seal. Its reliability, of course,
remains to be seen. The vacuum cleaner, fortunately,
I haven't had to use. I have never liked it. I don't
think it sucks enough, but I haven't used it on the
flight. And the wardroom table for noneating uses.
The only noneating use that I've put it to, aside
fram Just sitting there reading pads, is making notes,
and it's quite adequate for making notes. You don't
need a flat surface. So all you need is the re-
straint - something to lean your elbows on so you
can exert pressure with your pencil. And that's it
for 487-B.

14 18 07 SPT Fire alarm. I think we learned our lesson on that.

I really do .... - -

14 18 l0 CDR Hello, friendly B channel, this is the CDR, S183 at

l_:18:00 - -

l_ 18 15 CC We copy that, and we'll have a look at it.

14 18 18 SPT Thank you.

14 18 19 CDR Sequence 1 of the pad star fields - make it star

field 252, plate 06 and 07 were taken on time and
then star field 301 was completed at 14:18 per pad.
That's the end of this night's session on S183.


15 18 B4 SPT Okay, B channel. Are you there? This the

SPT at 17:20, with the data frc_ the two-limb
ATM coalignment, day 15_. I said 17:10 - or
20, the time is 15:20. H-aloha 1 was plus
995; 82B, plus 988; H-alpha i, minus 928; 82B,
minus 928. And the 55 mirror position, 0832.

Page254 Day154

Didn't get much chance to look at the Sun

this morning. But I believe that active region
24 is Just visible in H-alpha as a very small
area of plage at the plotted position. I wasn't
able to zoom in on it - didn't have time.
The - all the other bright areas on the Sun -
are active region 18 and active region 23.


16 23 18 SPT B channel, the SPT at 16:18 with some comments

on JOP 4, so the Pls will know what the heck l'm
doing. They saw the little foulup with the
55 grating; after having announced to them what
I was going to do, I hustled back to the panel,
hit the start switch and it was still in a
grating mode, so I blew that. l'm going back
and getting the right grating and giving them
a raster down to at least line 50, which I
figure will cover the whole prominences, and
that's putting me behind. So l'm going to do -
going to do building block 6A, followed imme-
diately by building block ii, which are in the
same pointing and roll. Then I will do 6B and
get 82A in fourth time exposure with a good
roll - orientation. I hope I get through. You
guys are still crowding these dayside passes as
though we were operating with a nominal ATM, which
we definitely are not.

16 31 40 SPT Friendly B, another comment from the SPT on

JOP 4. The pointing in this case, since the
prominence is almost perpendicular to the limb -
is almost perpendicular to the limb - the problem
of course, is that when the prominence is centered,
there's enough disk visible on the display so
that it can't be seen. So I have to - I had
to kind of guess how far the prominence
sticks out, based on what I saw when I had -
when I move all the disks off the - off the
TV screen, and then come back and try and set
the roll and the pointing up, without being able
to see the prominence. I have pointed far
enough off the disk so that, if my calculations
are correct, the 82B slit will not be completely
filled with prominence, but it won't have any
Day154 Page

disk in it at all. The best way to handle a

_rominence like this, appears to be - Stand by.
ppears to be - to polnt'the display until you
can see the prominence.

16 33 05 SPT Then roll until the prominence is parallel to

the vertical scribe marks, or reeticles, and
note the length of the prominence. And also,
center the base of the prominence of the
vertical - reticle.

Then you can point - you can slew back - to

get the prominence toward the center of the
crosshairs. You know your roll is right, you
know your left/right is right, and the only
thing you have to estimate is your up/down.
End of message.

16 34 13 CDR Hi there, friendly tape recorder, this is the

CDR on day 154 at 16:35 for an Mh87-3 Alfa,
subjective evaluation, guide 1. Work
restraints/mobility aid: The 0WS fireman's
pole; we have yet to rig the pole, and we
will do that sometime later on in the flight and
give you an evaluation. Right now, we have been
using the strap that runs from the dome to the
grid floor, and that has been sufficient for
us to transport ourselves back and forth, and
I'm sure that the fireman's pole will be in the
same category. The OWS dome and wall handrails
have worked out very well. I rate them very
good and - and really it's Just that there might
be a few places that you may add additional
handrails, but we have not found that to be a
problem at all. And the wall handrails, along
the wall itself around the SAL, of course, we
haven't really used. We've spent most of our time
locking ourselves into the grid floor with
our shoes, or holding onto the SAL experiments
to hold ourselves in place while we operate them.

PLT Houston, Skylab. Sometime at your leisure, would you

remind us how many exposures are on a roll of Nikon
color exterior?

CC Wilco
256 Day154

PLT While you're at it, how about the color interior?

_6 35 59 CDR And the STS handrails are all right. But

unfortunately, in the STS itself - the way you
hold on to the handrails and so forth - we've
had a great deal of difficulty in not touching
the instrument panels and circuit breaker panels.
And even with the guards on them, we have most
likely with our feet, tripped a lot of circuit
breakers and thrown a lot of switches inadvertantly,
and have not been aware of it at all. So,
although I rate the STS handrails as adequate,
the previous reasons were ... and just adequate
and there is more to the problem than just
handrails uD in the STS. (Music) Now the
MDA handholds - handrails are really quite limited,
and there is enough equipment sitting around to
find places to anchor yourself. But we could
have done, I think, a lot better in thinking
out how we were going to work up there in
placing handholds and handrails in the MDA.
So I'm going to rate the MDA as poor - because
of the various items of equipment and the
difficulty you have in holding yourself down
in there.

16 37 30 CDR The water tank foot - foot platform, for myself,

works out extremely well. I find it quite
comfortable to lock my feet in the water tank
foot platform to work in the dome lockers.
I've had no trouble with any of the tasks that
have been involved. And I rate those as excellent.
The ATM foot platform has worked well. We had
the chair located at the center of it for the
person that's working at the chair, another
person can lock in at - either end and can talk
over the SIA or to get into the 126 - M146 [?]
checklist box, which we have to on occasion,
and you don't bother the person who is working
the ATM. So that has been good to work at. I
rate that as excellent.

PLT Did you copy those, Joe?

SPT No, I didn't.

Day154 Page257

CDR Now the portable M512/M479/EREP foot platform:

We have only used it in the EREP station so far,
and I have used that at the EREP station to operate
the C&D console. And I also rate that one
excellent. The portable PGA foot restraints - I
have not had an opportunity to evaluate yet.
we have not done any suited exercise, and so we
have not used them. We have found that we have
not used any of the portable handholds .... no
reason to have portable handrails; and therefore,
we have not used them. Portable equipment restraints:
We have used no tethers, but we have used bungees
quite extensively. We do use the universal mounts.
We find them quite easy to use, and find them very
handy. They work well on the camera. They work well
on the portable fan and the TV. There are no big
complaints or anything about the universal mounts. I
think we can do a better Job on bungees. I - I don't
know exactly how. Fireproof straps - the fireproof
strap leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't work
its way through buckles well, and it is not very
strong. And springs have a tendency to get permanent-
ly stretched - and to stay bunched - the same strap-
type of material on either end of them makes them
cumbersome to operate, although we do use them. I
rate these spring bungees as adequate and I rate the
tiedown strap as poor. I commented a little earlier
on the ATM seat/backrest restraint. I rate that as
very good. Some of the improvements ... We have
found that we would tilt it a little bit differently
than you would expect it in evaluating it at one g.
And - it does turn out that it probably would be nice
if it were padded with some softer material; however,
it's possible if you worked the back and seat pad
arrangement out a little bit differently, you wouldn't
quite get the same pressure points that you get .... ,
but I find it very good. From this - the sense of
having to work the ATM panel being locked in with Just
my feet versus having this chair, I have to rate the
chair excellent. I think we would have got very tired,
very rapidly, using our toes Just to lock in to the
ATM and to work the ATM.

SPT Hi, Paul.

PLT Hi, Joe.

258 Day154

PLT We got to talk- -

16 41 31 CDR At this time, as of yet, I have not had an opportunity

to evaluate the conical shoe cleats with the grid. I
have been using the regular triangle shoes - shoes -
and they are - I would have to rate as adequate. They
do have some shortcomings. If you're only working with
one foot locked in, it isn't a short cut at all - for
the duration of unlocking a shoe - that as it unlocks,
it's a slowdown. We have found out that it is possible
somehow - at least _ ... out without it being unlocked
and then when you go to stick it back into the grid
again, you find you can't get it back in. And you go
change your shoe and you find out that it's caught in
the lock.

16 42 26 CDR Waste management and hygiene equipment: this whole

area turned out to be a fantastically pleasant sur-
prise. I probably was most adamant against the fact
that I didn't think the fecal collection equipment
would work, and we have all discovered pleasantly
that it works in an absolutely outstanding manner,
and I have to rate it as excellent. The urine col-
lection equipment also, I have to say, after all
the evolutions, works in an outstanding manner. I
have to rate iS as excellent. As yet, we have not
used the urine flush dispenser. The hand washer does
dispense water very well. We've had no problems with
that. I rate that as excellent. The fecal/urine col-
lector lap strap and handholds are an absolute re-
qnirement to the fecal collection equipment working
correctly in that you do have to pull the cinch down
and hold yourself down very close and firmly on the
seat in order for the airflow to work correctly. And
when you do do that, the fecal collection equipment
works excellently, and therefore, the straps are
necessary. Perhaps - I'll call the straps very good.
Perhaps they could be designed to do a little bit
better Job of holding you down on the seat than they
do right now, but we'll work on it. But this one
does serve adequately.

16 && 08 CDR The waste management compartment handwasher handrail

is a very usefully placed handrail. We use it all
the time. I have not used the waste mauagement
ceiling handrail at all. And the waste management
compartment light-duty foot restraints are, I think,
excellently placed, but leave a lot to be desired, in
Day154 Page259

that the strap over the foot restraint, which is made

again out of that fireproof, not-very-strong material,
is a pain in the neck. And it hangs up the CDR's urine
drawer going in and out all the time. And they are
difficult to fit. They don't hold well because of
the excessive amount of plastic material, whatever
it is. However, when you do get your feet in them,
especially in front of the window, or using the mirror
when you're shaving,washing your hands or anything,
I find them quite adequate and ... very well, and
they are excellently placed.

16 45 13 CDR The drying stations work all right. The

towels have a tendency to float out into the
work area due to the airflow. We have found ...
does an excellent job. The shower worked
very well, but it took longer than expected.
The amount of water is adequate. It sprayed
the water on and it's very good. The only
thing is the amount of time it takes to dry
it up afterwards, and that takes a fair amount
of time. There could be improvements to the
water container and that ... on the back side
of where the controls are. It is difficult to
fill and maintain a ... bring it around and back
to the other side but these are all minor, and
the shower works ... operate every day, make you
feel very good. And other than the fact that it
takes a little while to glop up the water, I think
it 's very good.

16 46 20 CDR The wardroom table - it's adequate as to the

area ... off-duty rather than anyplace else.
Thigh restraints worked very well. However, I
think that the wardroom light-duty foot restraints
and they - Give them very poor again, because I can't
use them because they're flat on the floor and
the material is too stiff - it's hard to get your
feet in them, and therefore most of the time, if I
should have my triangular shoes on, I lock into
the triangles. Next one. The water gun works
very well. We have have no trouble with the
water gun. The food trays are excellent. We had no
trouble with the food cans. The beverage
dispensers again leave a little something to
be desired. Putting them on the reconstitution
valve and doing all those good things with the
little nozzle flopping around and ... are really
260 Day154

not too - not too satisfactory. The water had

air in it. There's no doubt about it that every one
of the drinks are full of sir bubbles and ... caution
if you have air bubbles ... drink it right ...
air bubbles ...

CDR Yes, the salt squirts out okay, if you like

liquid salt. (Yawn) And it's better than no
salt at all. They are a kind of a pain in the
neck. You pull open - and I prefer cutting
because when you pull them open there's no
telling which way they're going to spray.
When they're cut open they spray fairly
uniformly ... The eating utensils are
fine, although I find that I can use both a
bigger fork and a bigger spoon ... three Skylab-
sized knife, fork, and spoon set.

16 48 16 CDR The sleep restraint, I think, works very well.

Again, I think there could be more improvements
to it if they would have ... the materials that
hold you against the back more solid rather than
the three straps. I think this would be an
improvement, but the basic idea of being able
to hold yourself against the back with a strap
has worked very well. The only thing that
I've left, and I don't really care for is I
don't like ... my head (yawn) so I usually
slide down far enough in the shaft to put my
head next to the - underneath part of the pillow
or on the side of the pillow that faces towards
my feet and move back up so ... so that the side
of the pillow holds my head back in towards
my body, and I sleep in all four positions ... my
right side, left side, back, and roll all over
the way over facing the ...

CDR ...

16 49 55 CDR Vacuum - vacuum cleaner I have not as yet used.

And the wardroom table, one might say we
collect there, inflight, and work there right on
our log books and so forth ... and I think the
wardroom table is excellent. And that ends the
M487-3 Alfa debriefing. Thank you.

17 44 38 SPT B channel, SPT, with ATM comments at 17:45.

.At the beginning of this pass, a strange thing
Day154 Page261

happened. I went Sun center, turned the WHITE

expect or get a READY light. I went ahead and
issued a START command, and I began taking
exposures as evidenced by the frame counter. At
the end of the series, I went TV MONITOR
to the WHITE LIGHT CHRONOGRAPH position, and
lo and behold, I had a picture. Now my
expectation was that when I turned the MAIN
POWER from STANDBY to ON, the mirror would
automatically be positioned to the CAMERA position.
But evidently, it wasn't. I am going to repeat the
standard series to make certain that we get
photographs. And that's the end of message.

17 59 56 SPT Can I use the B channel, Pete? Okay, B channel, this

is the SPT commenting on the second rev of JOP 4 at
18:00. My pointing this time for building block 6 is
parallel to the limb, but off it by about 8 arc seconds.
There is prominence in there, although I haven't filled
the slit as completely as I did before; and this gives
82A a better break. There's the one large prominence,
And, south of it, there are two or three shorter
stubby ones. And we're cutting across all of those.
End of message.

19 09 16 PLT Hello, tape recorder. These are the EREP monitor

readings I'll give to you in a Jiffy here. Alfa 5
reads 73; Alfa 6 reads 0; Bravo 2 reads 56; Bravo 3
reads 78; Bravo 6 reads h2; Charlie 5 reads 84;
Charlie 6 reads h6; Delta 4 reads 72; Delta 5 reads
13. Looks pretty good. Okay, opened the 190 window
there ...

PLT I haven't been using it for anything.

19 l0 49 PLT Okay. Those doors are open. The 192 DOOR's coming

19 ll 14 PLT There's the 192 HEADY light. Go back to CHECK today.

light. The color code light is still on. Yes, the
heater switch oscillate is off, and we have not yet
gotten a DELTA T_4P light whenever we've turned that
heater on. Okay. Turn it to STANDBY. Charlie 7 is
up to 38 percent now. Bravo 7 is down to 95. That's
because I turned this off. Not a piece of red tape!
262 Day154

19 13 05 PLT Okay, TAPE RECORDER POWER is coming ON. Okay, we're

ready; 192 is in CHECK; 91 is OFF, 90 is on STANDBY;
STANDBY now; and 94 is ON. Point ... site 22. That's
i0 minutes now we've got for that cooler to come down.

19 13 02 PLT At 19:16, I come in at - 15, remain at 6.

PLT Yes, why don't you put some of that cream on it?

PLT (Laughter) Oh, we got a dandy data line on Jupiter.

Come on, cooler. A watched cooler never comes down
in temperature.

PLT Hi, Mom (laughter).

PLT ... at 107. No, go ahead. No, I kind of hook my

toes over a hook down there.

CREW ...

PLT (Chuckle) Well, I hook my toe on the other side of

it, because if you pull on it, you're pulling it toward
the closed position. Besides you'll SAFE it. Even if P
you unlatched it, it wouldn't open.


PLT Because the pressure is holding it shut. It opens in.

(Laughter) Come on, cooler! 58. (Laughter) Well.
Tell you what, all I do is start this, get the tape
up to speed, and you hit me with an auto cal. I'll
give you a mark.

19 15 40 PLT Because we're still in the maneuver then.

19 15 54 PLT Problem, yes. Okay. At 19 hours and 16 minutes, for

information, the S191 cooler case temperature indicates
40 percent - 40 percent. The - No, excuse me. Yes,
cooler case temp is 40 percent. Thermal detector
temp is at 89 degrees, coming down - slowly.

SPT ... That's a loser.

PLT Man, these are one after the other there, aren't they?
(Laughter )
Day154 Page263

PLT Yes.

PLT Did you start, Joe? Crazy.

PLT Okay, 1 minute until I need an auto cal from you.

And that's indicating 88 percent on the detector
temps. We aren't going to get the thermal channel
this time. We don't know.

PLT Yes, I think it's up to you.

19 18 56 PLT Okay, stand by. Give me a CAL. Okay?

PLT Okay. During that CAL, meter reading Bravo 7 on S191

is reading about - 87 percent is the best I can
make it foryou, tape recorder.

19 19 46 PLT Hey, Joe, you can lock that antenna out there again.
It's going to do all kinds of crazy things this time.
No, not so - not so crazy on this one, Just back and

CC Skylab, Houston. AOS for 15 minutes.

PLT Okay. We're in the maneuver.

19 20 37 PLT If you got nothing else to say, Bill. For the

EREP guys, for information, I put this on tape.
Right now Charlie 7, cooler case temp is reading
41 percent. Bravo 7 thermal detector temp is
reading 87, that's 87 percent.

PLT Hey_ you want this light on?

PLT It's not on.

PLT We there yet, Joe?

SPT ...

PLT No, attitude, I mean.

19 21 49 PLT Okay. SCAT's ON, RAD's ON, two READY lights. 192 is
ON, we got a READY light, and we're not in attitude
yet. S190 is running. READY light.

19 23 23 PLT Okay. Status for the EREP for the C&D panel, right
now. Everything is normal, exceDt no S191 READY light
and the SlgO COVER CLOSE light is on.
264 Day154

PLT S191 thermal detector temp - I can make it 86, if I

tried hard. Okay, SCAT's gone STANDBY; PAD's gone
PAD's ON. Okay, and now, for some reason, getting
a flickering GIMBAL light on S193 --

19 25 24 PLT Yes, it's a PITCH GIMBAL.

19 25 34 PLT SCAT, STANDBY; RAD, STANDBY. I'm going to have

to CAL on 194, and the ALTIMETER is going ON.
Got a BEADY light.

PLT Huh?

CREW ...

PLT The other person reports that he got all three of his
VTS lights this time.

19 27 04 PLT The altimeter looks good. Nor - I don't see the

flicker of theUNLOCK light this time. Okay, 192
is checked now. Standby for an auto cal on that,
Pete, at 5 seconds.

19 27 29 PLT Now, give me an AUTO CAL, please. Thank you.

PLT Yes.

19 28 36 PLT Okay, I Just got an ALTIMETER UNLOCK light, and it

was on for about 3 seconds and went out, flickered a
couple of times, and it's staying out now. Probably
was the end of the mode, I would guess.

19 29 08 PLT Okay, ALTIMETEE is STANDBY; 94, OFF; 93 RAD, OFF;

SCAT, OFF; ALTIMETER, OFF. Should be the Gulf Coast.

PLT Okay. Can you see that cut in Padre Island?

19 29 51 PLT Okay, gang. On the status report on the 191 cooler,

it's struggling, but it sure isn't coming down. I
could call it - it's on the heavy side of 85 percent

19 30 39 PLT Okay, 192 to READY. We got a kind of a late TAPE

MOTION light, but it finally came on. It's emAzing.
It took almost l0 seconds for that TAPE MOTION light
to come back on. I'm switching 192 to READY.
Day154 Page

19 31 20 PLT That TAPE MOTION light is flickering, ground. It's

coming on, then it starts flickering, getting dimmer.
It will go out, and then comes back in. It's been
on steady ever since I started telling you that.

19 31 46 PLT 192 to STANDBY - or in CHECK. Should go to STANDBY

and the TAPE MOTION light blinked off and came right
back on. We'll wait for that to time out. Also, for
information, EREP gang, monitor Charlie 8's tape re-
corder ... remaining is oscillating between 20 and
40 percent, at about one cycle per second.

PLT What time do you start the maneuver, Joe?

PLT Give me a mark when you start it, will you, please?

19 32 52 PLT Hey. EREP, STOP. I guess - You guys really had

that S190 figured out. It stopped exactly on the
pad time.

PLT Okay, we're going off hot mike, Houston.

P 19 33 20 CC Copy. Skylab, Houston. We'll be LOS in i minute.

Vsnguard at 19:44. We would like for you to delay
housekeeping 70A, that's the mol sieve fan, until
presleep activities today.

SPT Okay.

PLT Right.

19 35 43 PLT Hello, B channel, for the EREP gang. At Greenwich

time of 19:36, monitor B-7, Bravo 7, reads 83 percent,
83 percert.

19 43 33 PLT Tape recorder, post-EREP. The tape recorder 1

indicates 34 percent - 34.


20 27 34 CDR Hello there, friendly B tape recorder. This is the

CDR at 20:27:43 with the SPT's MO92/M093. The SPT's
left leg is 14-1/4; his right leg is 13-7/8. (Music)
His left legband is Alfa Delta 3.4, and his right
one is Baker Juliett 3.2.
266 Day


22 24 56 CDR Hello there, friendly B channel. CDR with Evening

Status Report, day 154. The time is 2 - the time is
22:25:00. And Evening Status Report is as follows.
Alfa: for the CDR, 240; for the SPT, ii0; for the
PLT, 310. Bravo: CDR, 3801; SPT, 7171; PLT, 2920.
Charlie: CDR, 6.106, 6.106, 6.108; for the SPT,
6.675, 6.671, 6.675; for the PLT, 6.789, 6.795, 6.787.
Delta: for the CDR is 2/16/1710, 1/03/0150; the SPT,
2/12/1860; the PLT 2/15/2250, 1/04/0250. For Echo:
CDR, none; SPT, none; PLT, none. The end of the
day 154 Evening Status Report.

22 41 04 PLT Hello, tape recorder. The performance of - During

the 42:08 ATM viewing period in the performance of
JOP 2 Bravo, building block4 Alfa, I think that
56 got hung up in a double cycle and that, after about
8 minutes, that was manually terminated and we pressed
on to 4 Bravo.

Page 267

OAX 155 (AM)

01 17 38 SPT Friendly B channel, this is the SPT at 01:18, recording

the small mass measurement device, SN_4D, calibration
as follows. The crew-man is SPT. The day of the year
was 153. The unit calibrated was the waste management
compartment unit. The start time was 21:22; tempera-
ture, 77 degrees. Sequence 1 - and again some ground
rules, friendly channel B. On the first reading of
each sequence, I will read off six digits, thereafter
I will read only the three or two significant digits
that changed, followed by a pause between each one.
In some cases there will be five numbers; in some cases
there will be as many as l0 or 12, depending on how
long I had to go in order to meet the ground rules.
Okay. Sequence i: 1.96701, 635, 653, 597, 649, 669,
33, 56, 51. Second sequence: 2.04146, 161, 187, (cough)
130, 061, 125, 153, 53, 27, 44, 50. Third sequence:
2.11398, 86, 89, 76, 82. Sequence 4: 2.18397, 386,
257, 328, 363, 371, 395, 333, 357, 375, 372, 376.
Fifth sequence was 250 grams, 2.31780, 815 - 715, 770,
736, 699, 741, 748, 730, 751. The sixth sequence:
2.44407, 401, 384, 358, 432, 405, 387, 505, 378, 378.
Seventh sequence: 2.62190, 182, 154, 207, 189, 199,
269, 176, 190. Eighth sequence with 750 gra_ is
2.89487, 494, 524, 455, 487, 475, 468, 505, 462, 490.
The ninth sequence is 3.04686, 684, 662, 670, 652, 654.
And the last sequence, again no waste - no mass,
1.96490, 547, 607, 588, 586, 570, 614, 608, 613, 590,
605. And - oh, the comments I made on the BMMD ap-
plies pretty much to this one except that the wastes
don't apply. The thing is so obviously so sensitive
to vibration, wind, technique, vehicle movement, that
it's difficult to calibrate it within the accuracy that
you are seeking. And this is an example of what it
takes to do it. End of message.

01 23 44 SPT Okay, tape recorder, this is a voice recording of the

M131-2 spatial localization mode test. From the CDR.
It's okay. On page 4-16, we have internal, ii, 30.7;
5, 30.6; ii, 30.6; 10, 30.2; 16, 30.3; 14, 29.9 - let
me back up. That last one was one of the five exter-
nal frames of reference on this page. I will repeat
it: 14, 29.9; 10, 30.0; 10, 29.9; 10, 30.3; and 12,
268 Day155

01 24 54 SPT Okay. On page 4-18. Internal: 200, 178; 200, 192;

204, 189; 202, 184; 205, 184. External: 208, 184;
210, 183; 208, 183; 207, 181; 206, 181. All right, on
page 4-20. Internal: 206, 179; 211, 176; 213, 177;
215, 178; 216, 179. (Cough) External: 202, 189;
199, 186; 199, 188; 201, 188; 205, 185. On page 2-22
[sic]. Internal: 9, 30.1; 5, 29.9; 15, 29.7; ll,
30.0; 12, 30.0. External: 13, 30.4; 17, 30.6; ll,
30.5; 12, 30.5; 15, 30.6.

PLT ...

01 27 23 SPT You're not on channel B, are you, Paul? Okay. On

page 4-24. Internal: 120, 170; 121, 165; ll7, 160;
ll7, 162; ll3, 161. External: 179, 182; 178, 183;
180, 181; 179, 183; 177, 182. (Music) And on page 4-26,
129, 164; 173, 165; 125, 165; 122, 162; 120, 161. And
the external: 185, 185; 181; 183; 184, 183; 182, 185;
178, 190.


01 29 39 SPT And, lovely tape recorder, the (cough) data on M131

spatial localization for the PLT, page 4-20 only, is
as follows: Internal: 180, 176; 182, 177; 181, 176;
180, 177; 176, !80. External: 195, 178; 193, 183;
198, 180; 198, 186; 195, 189. End of message.

01 50 16 SPT B channel, this is for the medical people. It is a

report on the IMSS drugs, their status appearance,
care, and feeding. Dear medical people, I was a little
bit bemused at your requesting me to check for chemical
degradation of all those'different drugs. I'm really
not an expert at that. So, instead, let me Just
tell you what I did with all the drugs. Andyou can
take it from there. I came up, as you know, with the
command module medical accessories kit, plus an ad-
ditional kit that you put on board to replace those
drugs probably spoiled on Skylab. I also came up
with three additional pages to the IMBS Checklist to
tell me a bit about the drugs and what they do. And
let's go through those pages. Page xii cbntains
category I drugs. Do not use, definitely spoiled.
Epinephrine - and I replace those with the drugs
tha t you sent up. Erythromycin, I replaced. And the
Xylocaine/1 percent epinephrine, I took one vial for a
sample and discarded the rest. Category II, for do not use,
Day155 Page

inadequate data. The first three, I replaced. Heparin,

I discarded, with samples. I took samples of most
all these. Mylanta was replaced. Pentobarbital, I
took one sample and left four of them there, in case
they were good. The Pilocarpine was replaced. The
Prednisolone was replaced. The Scopolam_ue was dis-
carded. You didn't send a replacement for that. The
scope/Dex tablets were discarded. Tetracyline was
replaced. Valium injectable was sampled and four vials
were left. Valium tablets and prednisone tablets
were discarded.

01 52 37 SPT Okay. On page xiii you have category III-A and III-B
drugs. And I discarded among those the Sulfamylon
because it was replaced and the tube looked a little
cr_fm4v, wrinkled. For all the rest of those drugs,
let me say this. This is the action that I took. All
drugs for which a replacement was in either the com-
mand module medical accessories kit or the additional
kit were discarded/returned as samples. And only the
fresh drugs will be used on board. Where you sent more
than one vial or bottle of a drug, the excess was
canned in the can from which our drugs were taken and
that can was put back in the place where the SL-2 drug
can normally goes. And that'll be there for the SL-3
and SL-4 crews; the antibiotics, for example, that you
sent two or more vials of up. Okay. Any drugs that you
did not send replacements for, and there were quite
a number in that area, what - I - I simply left in
place in their activated place, and we'll use, if
necessary. The only drug which evidenced any spoilage
at all was a tube of Neosporin ointment. The tube had
broken open. That was - the mess was cleaned up
and the tube was discarded and we are short of Neo-
sporin on the flight. But we'll get by. Amd as for
the long list on pages x and xi, let me say that I
sampled virtually every drug that I replaced or dis-
carded and that I don't think I will have time during
deactivation to go back, doublecheck, and sample all
of that. I'll do what I can. If I get some spare
time, I will be able to go back in there, and if we
have room in the command module, grab some more hand-
fuls out of our unused drawers and bring them back.
That's it.

O1 58 31 CDR Hello, tape recorder. For the ATM tests, Just as I

finished up the last pass of the day here at the ATM
panel, pointed the active region 23 with the following
270 Day155

pointing coordinates. ROLL was minus 9930, minus 9930,

UP/DOWN was plus 126, and LEFT/RIGHT minus 520. On
S055, DETECTOR 1 readings are right around 1000; DE-
TECTOR 3 are now about 3000, although, about 2 minutes
ago, they were up around 4500. Nothing - especially -
I can't see anything at X-ray yet; nothing at XIIV;
nothing at H-alpha. End of message.

02 02 24 CDR Hello, tape recorder. For the ATM scan, here is their
frame counter remaining at the end of this day.
H-alpha 1 is 13090; S056 is 4627; 82B is 1194;
S052 is 5999; and S054 is 4818. End of message.

02 12 39 SPT Friendly neighborhood tape recorder, you are about

to receive the thrill of your life. Over the next 13
minutes, the SPT will be reporting radiation readings,
RAD i, RAD 2, RAD 3, and RAD 4. Three readings each.
RAD i is in the PLT's bedroom. And the first mark
will be coming up shortly.

02 14 39 SPT MARK. Reading number i is 0.00, 20 count.

02 15 39 SPT MARK. Reading number 2, still 0.0.

02 27 55 SPT Okay, B channel, I was doing RAD i through RAD 4, and

the medical conference call interrupted my comm loop.
I proceeded with tests and will now voice-record the
results. At 02:14, I co_enced readings every minute.
The first three readings were in the center sleep com-
partment and were 0, 0, and 0. The second three read-
ings, these being now at 17, 18, and 19 past the hour,
were in the wardroom and they were 0, 0 - -

02 28 30 PLT Whoo-hoo! Yaaah! Ha, ha_

02 28 33 SPT - - and 0.01, on the 0.l-rad scale, which turns out to

be 0.001 rad, okay? Then I went to the minus-Z SAL
and at 20, 21, and 22, my readings were 0.05, O.1,
and 0.25, all on the 0.1 scale. Now my last three
readings were to be taken in the vicinity of the
radiation experiment down here in the experiment com-
partment, and I went down there and, at 23, 24, and
25 past the hour, I got 0.5, 0.8, and pesked at 1.O
and I went to the 1-rad scale and followed it right
there at the trash airlock location. And it peaked
out at about 26, 27, at about 0.11 on the 1-rad-per-hour
scale and, by 29, it began to subside, and as I talk
to you now, it is 30-1/2 and it's back now to 0.2 on
Day155 Page

the - no less than that - wait a minute. It's down

to 0.15 on the 0.1-rad-per-hour scale .... That's
the end of message.


ll 13 44 PLT B channel, this morning's PRD readings at 11:15 are:

in the center sleep compartment, 06015; in the
wardroom, 44040; and in the minus-Z SAL, 18061.


13 14 39 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the CDR, at

13:15 Zulu on day 155. S183, starting the first
exposure on star field 253.

13 21 07 CDR Hello, friendly tape recorder, CDR. S183, star

field 53 - or whatever it is - let me look at my
light here. Yes, star field 253 is complete. Start-
ing star field 292.

CDR Friendly B channel -

13 23 50 CDR MARK. S193 - star - S183, star field 292 is off and

13 30 41 CDR Hello, B channel; this is the CDR on S183, star

field 292 is complete.

13 49 20 PLT Hello, B channel, for the EREP alignment check at

13:49. And the S192 power was turned on 35 minutes
ago at 13:14. At 13:49, the following readings were
noted: Bravo 3 is reading 83; Charlie 3, reading 88;
Delta 3, reading 85; Charlie 5 is reading 40; Delta 5
is reading 13; Delta 6 is reading 40.

14 46 29 PLT Hello, tape recorder. This is for the EREP people.

I Just checked film set Lima. (Music) They all look
good. Surprisingly, the two ... cassettes which I Just
loaded about a week ago, had more sets from where
they csane over the rollers than the other four which
I had advanced manually. However, in all six maga-
zines, the film does take up properly. It winds
nice and tightly on the takeup spool cassette - or
Page272 Day155

the takeup cassette spool. So I think it's no prob-

lem, but I don't understand, as I say, why the new
ones have more sets for being the same position for
the same length of time than the old ones do. Now,
on this visible alignment on S192, this is a most
frustrating thing. It does not behave in flight like
it did on the ground. I had a good alignment at one
time, and in an attempt to peak it up, I've lost
the stinking thing and I have been working for 45
minutes trying to get it back. I've gone over the
procedure. I - There's no sense reading you values
down as to what happens when you focus it. I've done
it three times and each time the readings get worse.
I'm Just going to let it sit for a while and come
back to it, but I think once I get a fairly decent
setting, weprobably ought to let it go at that.
End of message.

14 49 37 PLT Also, tape recorder, I've Just noticed that if I -

you cannot - also, when you're trying to focus or
align the visible channel, you cannot help but load
up that whole optical train. And it results in
reflections which show up on the meter. I Just
looked back and checked the film alignment, and it
was down to 20-something percent. Now in focusing
it and readjusting it, it affected my existing visible
reading. (Cough) I can't stress too much, as I said
before, how frustrating this is, and we'll try to
average them out. I guess the thing to do is tweak
it a little bit, come back later, check them both,
tweak them both, and come back, and it's going to be
an iterative process. We'll keep working on it.


15 46 58 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. (Music) A ... apply to

follow-on crews on the EREP cameras. When steadied,
the f-stop positions, and particularly sensitometry
advance, f/16, the detents are not all in the same
position with respect to the numbers on there. And
you have to be extremely careful to make sure you're
in the right detent or in the detent at all, in fact.
And this is just something there to note. End of

Day155 Page273

16 54 19 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. CDR here, with the EREP

briefing. We'll be with you in just a second.

16 55 17 CDR Hey, friendly tape recorder, ... Bravo 7 reads 86 per-

cent. Bravo 8 reads 1 percent. Bravo 8 reads
1 percent. Delta 6 - Delta 6 reads 58, 58 percent.
Alfa 5 reads 65 percent. Alfa 6 reads zero percent.
Bravo 2, 65 percent. Bravo 3 reads 77 percent.
Bravo 6 - Bravo 6 reads 49 percent. Charlie 5 reads
8B percent. Charlie 6 reads 47 percent. Delta 4
reads 70 percent. Delta 5 reads 14 percent. End of

17 28 07 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the CDR. Two

things to put on the tape. One is the big boo-boo.
CDR going through checklist and not getting the S190
window open so you can now explain the black picture.
However, this checklist is so stocked up that we're
going down right now and rewrite a cue card, because
we almost missed about three things - just couldn't
find them in the checklist. I left the 192 door
open. Now there's the 190 door open. The other's
the tape recorder power, on. So we're going to go
write a new cue card checklistright now to maybe
take care of that stuff, Meanwhile, Bravo 7 dropped
down to 64 at the end of the run, ..., so it looks
like we get - if we want to get those thermal densi-
ties done right, we'll have to leave it run a lot
longer. End of EREP message.


18 i0 26 PLT Okay, tape recorder, a few comments about - about

today's EREP pass. First thing being the failt_re to
open the S190 window cover. We think that probably
the best way to avoid that is, at the beginning of the
pass, you have preoperate configuration and in the
appropriate places to add such items as 192 door,
190 door, 191 door, and a tape recorder. I also rec-
ommend that the follow-on crew bring as cue cards,
page 1-1 out of the EREP Checklist, which is the
surmmary timeline and use those. I think once you get
familiar enough with checklist, that you can just use
that summary timeline, and that's a whole lot better
and easier to follow that the checklist itself. I
got some co-_ents on these nadir swaths today. At
274 Day155

17:08:35, during that nadir swath, we passed over a -

The head of a building cumulonimbus was coming up
through some - what appeared to be some cirrostratus -
some stratiform clouds anyway, and - we passed right
over it. Shortly after that, the ground track from
then on was essentially fair weather cumuliform. At
09:56, that's 17:09:56, the swath crossed a lake.
At 13:57, Just as - prior to the time for the last
nadir swath, the swath passed right down the side,
alongside of a cumulonimbus. That's at 07:13:57. At
07:15:37 was over open water. At 17:15:50, for
6 seconds, then the swath crossed over land. That's
about all that's significant on that pass. And - also,
tape recorder was depleted postpass, and that's the
end of the message.

19 00 36 SPT Okay, B channel; this is the SPT, at 19:00 with com-

ments on the ATM pass, JOP 1A. PIs, I'm sorry, I
correctly interpreted your initial pointing instruc-
tions. Switched to H-alpha l, full zoom in, and by
the time I got to a good-looking super granule - or
network cell, I was back down near the active region.
And I saw a little light area there at the upper edge
of my picture, and I said, "Well, maybe that's the
bright spot occurring up here; maybe we're going to
get some activity." Didn't look at the big picture.
So I guess what you got on the first building block 3
was enhanced network. And it's interesting, in that
it was very easy to peak up detector 1. The grating
was in REFERENCE in that - in that region. It peaked
up rather sharply for about - space reading of about
50_o about 75, up'to 2 to 300. And it was Just about
2 arc seconds outside the H-alpha boundary of the
network cell.

19 02 24 SPT Okay, whereas, PIs, in the quiet region where I'm

currently pointed - the background is lower or - no,
the grating was done in REFERENCE. It was at 192,
but with detector 1 or detector 3 there was very
sluggish peaking.


19 56 16 CDR Hello there, friendly tape recorder. This is the

CDR with the PLT's MO92/M093 report. His left
leg is 13-1/2; his right leg is 13-1/4. His left
Day155 Page275

legband is Charlie Hotel 32. The right one is -

Charlie India 4.5.

20 00 09 SPT B channel, SPT at (cough) 20:00 with some JOP IA

comments. I started the second rev of JOP IA, and
instead of doing the JOP 6 initially, I opted it to
do the JOP IA steps 3 and 4 initially, because I was
already pointed there and because I felt that the
quiet network would be very difficult to relocate if
I moved away from it. I'll get the J0P 6 in. It
appears to be easier to relocate the network cell if
you observe it and sketch it and locate it with about
a half-zoomed-out position on H-alpha i, rather than
full zoomed in. Full zoomed in tends to obscure the
outline of the network cells in favor of detail,
bushy clumps, and so forth, which becomes so complex,
that it all looks the same. So I'd recommend, in the
trainer, that you guys tryto locate yourselves and
mark them zoomed out about halfway. End of message.


20 46 59 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. PLT's M092/M093.

The M093 has worked roughly 303 watt minutes.

21 30 02 CDR Hello, friendly B channel; this is the CDR at

21:30 with the Evening Status Report for day 155
(laughter) Okay. Alfa: for the CDR, 246; for
the SPT, 125; and for the PLT, 300. Bravo: for
the CDR, 3842; 7176 for the SPT; and for the
PLT, 3074. Charlie: for the CDR, 2.092, 6.092,
6.090; for the SPT, 6.675, 6.675, 6.680; for
the PLT, 6.817, 6.815, 6817. Delta: for the
CDR, 2/30/3220, 1/04/0200; for the SPT, 2/15/2015;
for the PLT, 2/16/2600, 1/05/0250. Echo:
CDR, none; SPT, none; PLT, none. End of day 155
Evening Status Report.


22 15 45 SPT Fziendly B channel, this is the SPT at 22:15. I'm

going to amaze the ATM PIs with an example of erudite
misuse of words. I have done a prominence survey
around the limb of the Sun.

276 Day155

SPT And in addition to seeing the old prominence 62 Just

disappearing behind the west limb, I have on the
east limb, with the experiment roll of minus 8500,
a - beautiful looking prominence, which we call a bi-
furcating, almost loop, prominence. It's not really a
loop prominence. But it's a bifurcating tree-trunk
prominence (laughter), which we report in hopes that
it may portend further activities coming up around the
east limb. End of message. Incidentally, the rest of
the Sun was void and bare of prominii [sic].

22 26 13 SPT There's one.

22 26 26 PLT i, 2, 3, 4. Hi, therel

22 26 45 PLT Hello, friendly tape recorder; this is your friendly

crew. We are gathered together around our unround
table for a roundtable discussion on M487-2 Alfa to
the crew debriefing. The first question is, What
particular aspect of the orbital assembly seems well
designed and arranged for living and working in
zero g? What aspects are deficient and how? For
the answer to that, I'll turn you over to Dr. Kerwin.

SPT Hello. In 25 words or less, the sleeping bags are


CDR That's not what he wants. I guess he wants the whole

thing - ...

SPT Yes, all right. Well, what do you think of the MDA?

CDR ... MDA, and this mainly concerns ... the electrical
vehicle with equipment mounted around the circumference
of a circle. And as a center retreat that's light
enough ... bringing yourself in slowly ... equipment.
Now, you have put these things with the EREP TV
console ... equipment. And I doubt that they realized
when they located it that it did - that it was ...
that it could be made into ... backwards and get to
the checklist locker. You can place much of the
equipment that comes on and off the EREP cameras that
you need to work on remaining affixed to it in some
manner, notnecessarily the same orientation; you have
to move around on it. But it turns out to be an excel-
lent thing. As far as the other things and all that,
I'll let the other guys make comments on it. There's
Day155 Page277

no doubt about it; I think that we are happy that we

brought the chair along. Guess what. It does not do
the job fully and the whole ATM could be better de-
signed for operation ... right now.

22 29 17 SPT No, I don't know what it is, but the ATM was designed
to be worked in a one-g enviroment. It really was.
And that's the way we trained on it. But up here - I
think Pete's right. In that you don't really want to
sit at it - sit in it in front of a chair [sic]. Nei-
ther do you want to stand on that foot restraint plat-
form we have. I'm not sure what you want. I guess
maybe we're saying that this whole panel layout is
eye enhanced. Distances of the various switches and
displays on that panel were not optimized for a crew-
man in zero-g. As a matter of fact, they weren't
really optimized for a crewman in one g. But they're
doing the Job. My comments on the MDA as a whole are
that it's a - it's an - it's an efficient way to ar-
range equipment, but the size of the MDA, which is
very good for hanging onto things, is not too good for
traffic. If two people are working there, sometimes
the third guy c_u't get by.

22 30 26 PLT The only thing I have to say is the MDA is not as

large in zero g as I thought it would be. YOU can
really hang onto things and work diametrically, eas-
ier than I thought we'd be able to.

22 30 38 CDR ... stuff is very blocky. And various pieces of equip-

ment that you can hang your feet under - a wire bundle
or equipment straps that held - like the ... we used -
the straps, you know, that holds the ... to put our
foot under to operate the CDS [?] console. Now that
was one that I had felt ... the pads ... used ... were
great for the operator. It may be more - comfortable
operating - it might be attached onto the CDS [?]
panel ... CDS panel as when you ... gravity ...

22 31 22 PLT Anything else on the MDA? Press on to the airlock.

We really haven't done anything in the airlock yet.
Yes. Yes. Okay. So now we're into the dome area.
Okay. I suppose I've probably done as much up in the
dome there - well, Joe, you hung the portable fan. I
cleaned the ... screens twice. Pete and I hung the
condensate tank and I must say that those leg re-
straints that are bolted onto the lockers work quite
well for maneuvering that. Yes, me, too. That was
278 Day155

really a piece of cake. We thought it was going to

be a great big blimit to handle up there and maneuver
into place, and it really went well. Even though it
was 130 degrees in there at the time. I tell you, my
primary restraint when I've been workingat the inlet
screens has been to Just kind of wrap my - not wrap
them around but clamp - a duct - a soft fabric part
of a duct betweemmy legs and stabilize myself that
way. "Otherwise, there are plenty of handholds. I got
no problem on the dome. Joe, you got anything about
that fan?

SPT No, it was no problem. It's easier to work by the

dome - in the dome locker region than it is up where
the fan is because, you're right, what you need is
not handholds up there. Handholds are strictly for
translation. You don't need them for translation.
You push off and get there. You need them to grab onto.
What you need for working up there are legholds, like
the soft part of the duct - like the knee knockers on
the f_]m lockers or like the water ring where you can
stick a foot in. Something to restrain your body so
you can work with your hands. All the handrails ...
Yes. The other thing about - those are the ... good
side ... The one thing ... you can move around, bend
your body back and forth, do your exercising, get a
little sensation of largeness. The other thing, it
would be an ideal kind of enclosure around which to
situate experiments and things to operate, with plenty
of passage room in the middle.

22 33 41 CDR Yes I think - I think the things that's turned out

about - the whole upper experiments area is the fact
that it is so easy to operate. I think we were all
worried before we started out on the flight that it
was going to be so big that we were going to get, you
know, all this stuff that we have in there ... the
best way to have it .... a airlock, to go to a dome
• locker ... Just take aim at wherever it is you want
to go and take off. You can get pretty close. Every
day longer that we're up here the better we get at that
sort of thing. I know that over the - the line to the
SAL - the SAL power cables and the SAL instrumenta-
tion cables are stowed in the dome locker, and it's
nothing to Just give yourself a little shove with your
feet and you are right straight up in front of it ...
in there and work in those lockers - the lockers that
have the heavy gear in them .... down in them ...
_ Day155 Page

equipment ... are well placed ... for ... people that
I had no trouble working on any of the EREP experi-

22 35 02 SPT Another thing about that water-ring foot restraint,

or whatever we call it, is that I had a couple of tasks
to do like stringing the water tank hoses, and my favor-
ite one - the portable water tank and a couple of
other things, and again I - you can't hook your feet
in them when you're working on it. And I Just laid
along horizontal or parallel to it and again clasped
it with m_ legs, because you really don't want to
sacrifice that hand for stability. You want to be
able to maintain your stability with your feet. I
have a feeling we better - we better move on.

22 35 53 CDR Yes, ... let's talk about those things. The triangle
wedge is a great way to lock yourself in except it
looks like you could lock yourself almost anywhere and
that's not really true at all .... looking for places
to lock in that we're working at especially ...
equipment-like ... to get the heaters ... down here,
something like that .... all I can see Just to find a
f place to lock it - the right side of the bicycle -
they ... ergometer to shower .... to try it. Yes.
And, well, I ... to try it.

SPT ... if you wear the button instead of the triangles

then there are more places to - You're not quite as
constrained as ...

22 36 46 PLT I think the high-angle grid invention is a good

idea - -

CDR Oh, yes. Yes.

PLT - - because you need something to stick your feet in.

And this - the whole experiment compartment is kind of
one-g oriented, and a lot of people have always said,
"Aw, you don't need that. You'd rather - you know,
you'll be hanging from the ceiling. You'll be hanging
from the sides. We can make the nomenclature upside
down." We don't do that. We - at least - operate in
here pretty much in the same body position as I did
in training. How you get from one place to another
is grossly different. You push off and float. But
once you get there, you want to be stabilized by the
legs or the thighs and the feet someplace where you
280 Day155

can do the Job. Yes, Pete mentioned there's one corner

of the experiment there. It is so crowded and clut-
tered that I can hardly believe it. The one where the
shower is. Between the centrifuge, the shower - and,
that's a busy place. Fortunately, you don't have to
step over the shower to get to the tool kit and that
tool kit is the best idea that - anybody's had. We've
been into that many times since activation for a lot of
different reasons. One other comment, when you trans-
late to a surface, it's good to have something like
the blue handrails on the surface to grab hold of and
torque your body or stop a pitch rate of whatever
you're having. If it's a flat surface, you tend to do
some scrambling around. In the wardroom, I noticed
that the edges of the locker stanchion are recessed
so that you-can grab them with your fingers. That's
a good idea on somebody's part. So much for that
question. How about - you want to say anything about
the compartment - the head - What are we talking about?
Yes. We got carried away on that. Okay. Yes.

SC ...

PLT Which restraint device offered the most assistance in

performing tasks; which the least? If you want to
pick out one device, in my particular case, I would
have to say the triangle shoes. I really think they
are the most useful, versatile restraint device we
have around. Let me think about it while we pass it
on to Joe.

SPT I agree with that. I wish we had two pairs of triangles

so I could put the triangle triangles on one and the
button triangles on the other and then I'd wear the
button triangles for moving around all day _and the
triangle triangles to ride the bike. The least useful
device maybe has been those cloth strap foot restraints
that are in the wardroom and also in the head. You
need something like that at that location, but the
cloth straps don't stay put. They are too small to
get in with your shoes. They are too hard to adjust
with - with triangle shoes, that is, and they're
generally cranky and poor design and we don't use
them much.

CDR ... foot restraints. It may be - -

SC ...
Day155 Page

CDR The other thing is ... the head ... said earlier ...

PLT ... elastic ... I think you already said it ....

CER ... Now, I ... all the way back ...

PLT Yes. Yes. Here's nonassisted verbal con_nunications;

that is, hollering. How effective has it been?

SC Not very effective.

22 41 31 SPT Yes, right. Not very effective. At 5 psi, I guess, the

sound doesn't - is not as strong or doesn't carry as far
or something. Within the MDA you can - we always do -
you're almost always hollering at somebody within
the workshop, I think. You certainly don't shout - -

SC ...

SPT I know. it doesn't - that's right. We're all hoarse

all the time. You certainly don't try to shout from
the workshop to the MDA. That just flat doesn't work.
The intercom boxes for IVA comm have been all right;
for voice recording, they've been unsatisfactory;
for ground comm, they've been terrible because of the
feedback. We always had it in one g, 15 psi. In the
chamber out at St. Louis in the MDA, we didn't have
much feedback and things looked pretty rosy then.
But here you're continually going around and Houston
calls and you answer, and it squeals and you've got to
go down and turn down another volume.

22 42 45 CDR Part of that problem is very specific. If you don't -

we use the box in the wardroom mainly, and if you turn
on the box in the experiment compartment here, you've
got to run over ... by the M131 chair it seems that's
the wardroom one. By the same token, they've changed
the wardroom one ... to cure the SAL airlock boxes,
and so we have to continually leave those off; and if
you're working in SAL and another guy's in the wardroom
and you're both trying to talk to Houston, then you're
really in trouble.

22 43 23 SPT How satisfactory are the food management and dining

accommodations? How well does the food adhere to the
utensils when eating? Would a closer tray-to-mouth
proximity have improved eating ease? ... first ...
282 Day155

PLT I think that the constraints at the food table could

be improved. Particularly the foot part of it.

22 43 45 CDR I always - you know what I always ...

PLT I think the basic idea of going to the family style

is good. There are small inconveniences in the ward-
room where people have to climb all over each other
to get at the trash box or the stowage locker for
dirty cans, for the wetwipes, for the meal trays.
But that kind of thing is not the basic feasibility
of the design. It's Just a little efficiency ex-
pertism [?] in the layout.

PLT Yes, my wife ...

SPT Yes. And the wardroom window is worth it's weight

in the spacecraft. It's terrific.

CDR The one thing that we asked most, though - and this
is a chronic problem - ... but to this day nobody
has successfully got the gas, whatever gas it is, out
of the water. We have problems rehydrating our food
right now, especially with the hot water. When we
rehydrate the bags, fill them a11 the way up - we
opened the seal inside on the food fold bag so that
the food's already up ... you go to cut it, and that
makes that too difficult to handle. It makes getting
the food difficult to handle, and it blows the bag up.
Now - -

22 h5 20 SPT Yes, I think what's partially ... the matter, you try
and push a button and left the dehydrated food more and
more like the frozen food. It's a better variety of
food product [?].

22 45 33 CDR Yes .... But even so, it would be nice to Jab the
gas out of the water first. If you drink - -

SPT Oh, it would be great for that. Although a lot of

the - to me a lot of the trouble involved is making
it real dehydrated.

CDR Yes. I agree.

22 45 52 PLT Following that layout I think - I think it's a bad

idea to have the head right next to the sleeping
compartment, expecially with the layout we have, with
Day155 Page283

the urine separators and the blower in the common

bulkhead between the two. If somebody gets up at
night and has to go to the bathroom, and you turn on
the separator and the blower, and it's - you tend to
wake up people that are sleeping.

SPT What safety problems have arisen that are directly

related to habitability?

PLT None.

CREW ...

SPT (Laughter) What unanticipated problems have occurred

in performing various activation, housekeeping, or
experiment activities to date? Are there any common
difficulties that can be traced to inadequacies of
design, onboard provisions, or preflight preparations?

CDR I think the answer to that question is a very general

answer. I think we were pleasantly surprised to
see ... The place that really ... is having your hands
full of . .. obvious, no problems ... But it gets very
hard to make yourself ...

SPT Very good point. I think that the next generation

should come up with some clever ... pieces of gear
with - put away places. Whether they be ... little
boxes with ... openings or quadruple rubber clamps
like we have where you just push them on with ...

PLT They're not in the - I don't need the dang things -

They're - We're - -

CDR Not another clamp! I got them.

PLT We've got snaps of (laughter) Velero. We've got snaps

of Velcro all over the vehicle, and we don't have

22 48 15 SPT How effective are the various tools used thus far; in
particular, what tools are well suited and what
tools are poorly suited for use in zero g?

CDR Well, the - a tool is poorly suited when you have to

put about six or eight pieces together to get the
tool to work. You know, but again, I was pleasantly
surprised to get the tools ... You're going to go
the other way and you got ...
284 Day155

PLT You've got something to hang onto.

CDR You've got something to hang onto ...

SPT What - what significant improvisation (Procedural,

equipment arrangement or modifications, et cetera)
have you accomplished as a result of adapting to
living and working in zero g?

CDR ...

SPT Yes, the major one that came up today is doing away
with all - We wound up doing away with all the re-
straints for the bicycle ergometer.

22 49 26 PLT We had that thing in 16 different arrangements and

configurations, non of which worked very well, and
we finally wound up - Joe tried it yesterday and the
day before and I got my shot at it today. And the
best way of all is unrestrained, except for your feet,
of course. You've got to keep your feet through the
pedal. Other than that ...

SC ...

PLT Yes, your feet are hooked into the pedal with the
triangle shoes. You're holding onto the handlebars
with your hands, and that's it .... you may or may
not mse ...

SPT Okay. That last question is, How satisfactory have

been lighting, noise, temperature, humidity, and
airflow? Temperature, we're going to have to kind
of pass on, because we've had some problem, although
the perfect temperature ...

22 50 20 CDR Yes, we're running right around 74 or 75 degrees in

the OWS. I still think it's - it's because of our
thermal problem, we're running cold in the MDA. We're
running about 60 - 60 to 59 degrees, which is definitely

SPT Humidity and airflow. I don't have any ... The

airflow's higher than I thought it would be.

PLT The airflow is much more effective than I thought it

would be. You lose something, and in about 20 minutes
... OWS dome. But you usually find it there. Depend-
Day155 Page

ing on where it may end up there a couple of days

later. But the airflow in the workshop is much, much
more effective.

SPT That's a good point. I want to get this in. We're

always losing stuff; I'm probably the worst. And
I think it suits your vehicle design to make use of
this airflow - for proper closeout in areas to make
sure that nothing ... stays put.

22 51 18 CDR Yes, for instance, the Swiss army knife ... down here.
It _azingly, as big a piece of gear as that is, you
can make a triangle with it and it doesn't hang up.
That's the beauty of these .... it won't hang up,
and it winds up back on the dome air screen.

SPT That's right .... We haven't tried that yet.

SC ...

SPT ... The lighting bugs me a little bit. Of course

we're beginning to ... a lot of it down. I think the
light level is too low, and for my - -

CDR ...

SPT ....the color temperature or quality of the light

is too harsh ....

CDR Yes. Like you say, when all light's are out - -

SPT The brighter light is great for translating back and

forth ... I would like to have more light ...

22 52 28 CDR Yes, we do work at the wardroom table to write, look

over Flight Plans, and so forth; and it might be
nice if your lighting is - instead of putting -
you know, you're combining a wardroom into that
sort of thing ... That's about the end of it.

Page 287

DAY 156 (AM)

Ol 17 30 SPT Tape recorder, this is the ATM at O0 - 01:18, rather,

recording the frames remaining after the last pass
of the day. H-a/[pha, 12668; S056, 4462; 82A, not
applicable, it doesn't work; 82B, 1121; 52, 5795;
and 54 is 4507. Good night.


O9 i_ 46 PLT 52 is 5749. And S05h is 4475. End of message.


ii ii 53 SPT Good morning, friendly tape recorder. Here are the

PRD readings for this morning at ii:i0. In the pri-
vate sleep compartment, 06081; in the wardroom, or
rather the experiment compartment, 44051; at the
minus-Z SAL, 18074.

ii 16 13 SPT Friendly B channel, this is the CDR. CDR - No, this

is the SPT speaking. I haven't taken over the ship
yet. At 11:15 with the M133 log. Dear MI3B PI, first,
I'ii Just read the sleep quality and time codes from
my log to kind of catch you up. And then I'll discuss
the use of the - of the sleep compartment cap last
night. On day 150, I logged 6 hours of good sleep.
That was the first night with the cap; I was tired.
On day 151, I logged 6 hours of fair sleep, woke up
a few times. The cap ... does, I think, tend to make
you wake up a little more often. You can't use the -
the head curtain on the bed the way it's intended to
when you have the cap on, and I like to use that. And
it's a small encumbrance. It's just - it's noticeably
different. This is the reason why I hope that on the
next flight Owen will get two or three nights of - of
normal sleep in between using the cap. On day 152, I
logged 4-1/2 hours' fair sleep. On day 155, I logged
5-1/2 hours of good sleep, and there was no problem
there. But at 06:00 Greenwich, I got up to photograph
a couple of good European passes and went back to bed
at 08:00. So I lost out on some sleep there. Last
night, which we'll call 156, I got 7-1/2 hours of
Page288 Day156

good sleep using the old cap. Now once again, when I
broke out the old cap, the electrodes were just a tad
puffy and Just a tad soft. The appearance wasn't very
abnormal, but it was a little abnormal. When I cut
them open, they were obviously drier than the dome
elec - the dome cap electrodes. When you squeeze
them, the Juice comes up out of the bottom, and it's
obviously thicker. All your good electrolytes are
there, but some of the water has - has evaporated
away. The only thing I did about it besides squeezing
them was to use Just a little dab of good old Yankee
spit on each electrode. I put the cap on and got good
contact lights and immediately went to sleep. I'm
interested to know whether you got results all night
because, first thing in the morning, I turned the
switch to TEST, and I didn't have any lights. I
started pressing in the middle electrodes and boom!
In a minute, the back electrodes came in, and a little
work - rocking each electrode - and the electrodes
came in fine. However, there may have been some
dropouts due to drying during the night. It seems
to me that all the good stuff is in there and that,
at the worst, you could figure out a way of using
either water or normal saline with a syringe, of which
we have plenty in the l_SS kit, to make those caps go.
And I recommend that I bring one cap home and you work
on it and come back with some simple procedure for ...
I don't think it would take Owen more than - hopefully
i0 minutes to do that job. End of message.


12 05 03 SPT Friendly B channel, the ETC clock time on my mark

will be 12:09 [sic].

12 05 24 SPT MARK.


13 59 i0 SPT A channel, M092, day 156. The CDR's leg measurements:

left calf, 13.0; and the right calf is 13-1/8.

14 02 Ol PLT Hello, tape recorder. Pass to Captain Bean and his

bad bunch, we have found the best thing for cleaning
Day156 Page

windows is two dry, one - correction - two clean wash-

cloths and towels, one wet and one dry. Paper tissues
tend to streak the windows.

14 02 26 SPT CDR's legband IDs are: left, Charlie India; right,

Charlie Hotel.

14 16 30 PLT Tape recorder, please pass to the EREP people and to

Major Lousma. On tape recorder checkout, with S192
not powered_up, when you go S192 MODE, READY, you'll
get a TAPE MOTION light, but the MALF lights will al-
ways come on, apparently because it is not getting any
192 signal on the recorder. End of message.

14 46 19 SPT Tape recorder, M171 on the CDR - the CAL N2, 02, C02
GAS bottle PRESSURE is 1619.

14 46 42 SPT Friendly tape recorder, it seems to me that, for the

next flight, this three-operation cal on the MA could
be rewritten and tightened up. There's an awful lot
of repetition in it.

14 50 37 PLT Joe_ you on B cha - -

14 53 21 SPT M171, the CAL N2, H20 bottle PRESSURE is 1508.

14 55 33 SPT For your information, B channel, on the (music) cali-

bration percentage, H20 was 20.73 vice 21.73. It had
to be changed.

14 58 h5 SPT Okay, the SAMPLE PRESSURE CONTROL reading, page 3-5,

is 4.978.

14 59 29 SPT PERCENT 02 is 72.89. PERCENT water is 3.77, 3.81.

PERCENT CO2 is 3 - is 1.92.

15 00 07 PLT Hey, Pete.

CDE Go ahead.

CDR Yes.

15 01 i0 SPT Okay, on page 3-6, the SAMPLE PRESSURE - INLET GAS

PRESS is 4.978

290 Day156

15 37 h9 SI_ B channel, I'm repeating the t_p _nd gas cca1_osi-

ttons, because I'm not sure I was on your eb-nnel -
the last time, and also, the mmbers have eh_-ged.
The oxygen is 72.21. The CO2 - Oh, no, that's the
water is h.23.

15 38 2h SPT And the CO 2 is 1.83, and a - -


16 i0 22 SPT ... friendly B channel. Your SPT at 16:10 with some

ATM notes. The prominence previously observed to be
departing from the Sun in the vicinity of the north-
east limb is extremely faint now and appears to be
quite a bit farther out than it was before. This is -
we're talking about substantial movement in the
area of 1 arc minute in an hour. Farther north the
roll - experiment roll of minus 2700, there is another
bright prominence on the disk that was not previously
observed. There appears to be quite a bit of activity
on the east-northeast limb. Over. I don't mean
over - I mean end of message.

16 ll 18 SPT The experiment roll on that first prominence is

minus 4195. And that is with the prominence
viewed at the top of the screen.

16 49 43 PLT B channel,on the ATM - -

CDR No, it's pretty hard to ...

16 49 51 PLT On this pass, I had two JOP 10's. On the first

one, I pointed the white light coronograph in the
conventional fashion, centering the needles with the
manual pointing controller. But the second pass
through the rev, I have called up the TV display,
centered as well as I could with the TV display, and
then backed off enough to get a READY light plus a
couple more notches on - on the dial to make sure
I pretempt the READY light during the performance
of the block. The readings - on the white light align
indicator are right, 20; and up, i0. And when you
guys get the film back, you can compare the two
Day156 Page291

building block 10's on the same rev to see what im-

provement, if any, that you got. End of message.

16 56 48 SPT Friendly B channel, to finish up the ATM pass at

16:57. We're looking at the new little bright spot,
which is at about 280.7, I'd say. And noticing that
it has the appearance on H-alpha this morning of
being a new active region. There are two areas of
plage, the trailing one being the brighter and being
quite bright. The small is simple; they are oriented
north/south with a neutral line between them. I don't
see any - I do not see any - I do not see any evidence
of arch filaments. On the - white light XUV SLIT monitor
we dc see one small front spot associated with this
region which I believe warrants being called an active
region at this time. And we've decided to name it

16 58 38 SPT And, B channel, at the same time we observed at about

285 - 280 degrees, 1.O, almost on the limb - a small
area of bright stuff, as P. J. calls it, which is too
foreshortened to make out any details. It's quite
small, but it could very well be another new active
region. End of message.

17 24 50 CDR Hello, friendly B channel, this is CDR at 17:24:00 ...

which is 100 ...; station 7, which is 100 percent;
5 Charlie 7, which is 31 percent.

17 44 17 CDR Okay, friendly B channel. Bravo 7 for EREP.

Bravo 7 reads 84 percent. Bravo 8 reads
1 percent. Bravo 8 reads 1 percent. Delta 6
reads 38 percent - 38 percent for Delta 6.

17 44 52 CDR Okay, and on the ALIGNMENT, the THERMAL meter

reads 63 percent. The VISIBLE reads 82 and 26.
The ALIGN READY light. That's why - why is
that? Why is that? And Alfa 5 - Alfa 5 reads
95 percent - 5, Alfa 5. Alfa 6 - Alfa 6 reads
30 percent, 30 percent. Baker 2 - Baker 2
reads 91 percent, 91 percent. Baker 3 -
Baker 3 reads 83 percent. Baker 6 - Baker 6
reads 39 percent. Charlie 5 - Charlie 5
reads 38 percent. Charlie 6 - Charlie 6
reads 38 percent. Delta _ - Delta _ reads
84 percent. Delta 5 - Delta 5 reads 30 percent.
292 Day156

17 51 35 CDR Hey, friendly A channel, 17:49:00. EREP maneuver

site. Your friendly tape recorder will confirm that
we are in a preoperate configuration. The TAPE RE-
CORDER POWER is ON; 92 is in CHECK; 91 is ON; 90 is
on STANDBY, with 89 the same; 08 same interval seconds;
93 RAD is in STANDBY, the SCAT is OFF, the ALTIMETER
is OFF. 94 is ON. The S192 DOOR is OPEN and veri-
fied; the S191 DOOR is OPEN and verified; the S190
WINDOW is OPEN - verified; and the TAPE RECORDER
POWER is ON. And that is per the CDR and PLT EREP -
EREP cue card.

17 52 57 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS for approximately 15 minutes.

CDR Roger, Houston. How do you read CDH on VOX?

CC You're loud and clear, sir.

17 53 05 CDR Okay. We're standing by to start the pass. And,

Houston, we have verified that we are in the preoper-
ate configuration; the S192 DOOR, OPEN; the S191 DOOR
in accordance with the commander's and PLT - EREP

CC Copy, CDR.

17 53 50 CDR MARK - -

PLT ...stand...- -

CDR - - Start. 54, I need an AUTO CAL.

17 54 02 CDR MARK; 54, AUTO CAL.

17 54 26 CDR For your information, Houston, Bravo 7 is 75

percent and dropping.


PLT Reading me?

CDR Yes, loud and clear.

17 55 46 CDR MARK. S194 MODE, MANUAL.

PLT Oooh! Salt Lake is wide open today.

Day156 Page293

17 56 46 CDR No - no READY light on S191.

17 57 00 CDR MARK; S192 MODE, READY.

17 57 06 CDR MARK; 190 to AUTO. ETC, AUTO.

17 57 ii SPT 190B, AUTO. And she's running.

17 57 15 CDR ....
ON - -

PLT ... - -

17 57 18 CDR - - SCAT's ON.

17 57 37 CDR I got green lights on everything but S191.

CC ....Houston _ -


17 58 27 CDR RAD's ON. SCAT's ON.

17 58 45 CDR Get an occasional RAD/SCAT GIMBAL light, which is



PITCH is 30. RAD's ON. SCAT's ON.


polarization, 5. Standing by for 2 minutes.

CC Pete, that mode should be NONCONTIGUOUS - NONCONTIGUOUS.

CDR It's in the right place, I said it wrong -


I had the switch right and said it wrong.

CDR I can't pronounce big words.

18 03 30 CDR MARK; S192, STANDBY; Bravo 7 reads 72 percent. Stand-

ing by for 8 plus 50.

18 03 44 SPT Okay. S192 SHUTTER SPEED is now at 100.

CDR ... going across, Florida?

PLT No, Texas; Houston.

294 Day156

CDR Are we ascending?


CDR Okay.

PLT Here it is, right here.

CDR Oh, yes.

PLT Okay, Houston. Only got one of the Houston sites.

That was out in the water at 445 - I missed 415 and

18 05 02 CC We copy, Paul.

PLT And I got started on the nadir turns a little late,

about 04:10. '

18 05 27 PLT At 05:20, we started crossing land.

18 05 54 PLT At 05:53, we're back over the water.

PLT As for 191 information on this one, Houston, we're r

tracking a - passing over some fair weather cumulus
over the water on this swath.

18 07 24 CC Skylab, we're going LOS in about 4 or 5 seconds.

Vanguard at 18:19.

PLT Roger. Tape recorder, at 07:28, we passed over land;

at 07:35, we're back over water.


18 08 58 CDR MARK.

SPT Roger.


PLT Now?

CDR Yes.

PLT ...

18 09 13 SPT On ETC, the frame count is 119.

Day156 Page

CDR Frame count is 119. Okay. That also, Joe, goes in

the photo log - I think.

SPT Yes. Thank you.

18 09 28 CDR At 09:06 [sec], MODE MANUAL, 09:0 ***

18 09 37 CDR No, ii:40. Yes, go ahead.

CDR ... 7 - ... 7's in the - I mean ,.. 7 is the same

place ... 60, 8 percent.

PLT ..,

18 i0 42 CDR l'm going to start wearing my gloves. It's cold. l've

been on this platform for an hour. It's cold.

18 ii 03 CDR ....back on the ***

PLT ...

18 ii 41 CDR EREP, STOP, 11:40. Go to the checklist and check the


18 12 01 CDR Postoperate, S192 DOOR, CLOSED.

18 12 ii CDR Close and latch S190. That's done. HEATER, OFF.

18 12 38 CDR I have the yellow light, says HEATER SWITCH OFF.

18 12 59 CDR Okay. I got the DOOR CLOSED light on S192. Operate

pad remarks. What do they say about S1927 Anything?
S191 now. Paul? When they put in here -

PLT ...

CDR Well, no, this says it's ... pad remarks, and that's
not - Okay. Yes, yes.

18 15 40 CDR Hello, friendly tape recorder, for EREP. Charlie is

... 80 percent, 80 percent.

18 28 44 PLT Hello, B channel, for EREP. The tape - the measure-

ment on this ... left on the takeup reel is
2-1/8 inches. End of message.

18 33 59 PLT Hello, B tape recorder, for EREP. The VTS sites.

The first site - wait -
296 Day156

18 34 31 PLT Okay, the first site, site 220, was acquired easily
at max forward angle; a site near the Bonneville Salt
Flats was acquired IN-TRACK; 415 could not be found
for clouds - well, could not be found. I think
clouds are a major factor. The same with 420 and
445, which is just a spot in the water. Make that
a clear spot in the clouds and track that. And then,
getting back on with what I was doing and getting back
out, as I mentioned, drive is about 50 seconds late
getting back onto the nadir _wath. And started it
about 0&:10. A couple of words about that VTS. If
you have much resolution, things looks a little - I
don't know - small things are small - hard to find in
it. The small field of view is the biggest problem.
I think, if we ever build anything like this again,
you really want the capability to go to quite a bit
larger field of view.

18 35 41 PLT End of message.

18 37 03 PLT Hello, tape recorder. This is for EREP people and

for Captain Bean's crew, regarding an EREP tape re-
corder. It happened twice to us so far. I think .L

people ought to be alert to it and watch for it

that, when you pull that tape out to clean the heads
and put it back in, it's very, very easy to have it
come off the last bed of compliance rollers a little
bit too high; such as, the top edge, as you look down
in the machine, of the tape gets rolled over a little
bit by that flange on the compliance rollerl So Just
alert the next crew that they ought to be careful
there and watch for it, whenever they put that tape
back through the head. End of message.


20 08 52 PLT Okay, tape recorder. This will be exposure

number 12 on S019.

20 09 04 PLT MARK. Co_ence exposure 12.

20 l0 39 PLT Tape recorder, disregard that last mark. There's

not an exposure; stand by.

20 l0 46 PLT MARK; exposure 13. Exposure 12 was not an

Day156 Page297

20 15 12 PLT Okay, tape recorder, stand by to terminate S019

exposure 13.

20 15 18 PLT MARK. End of exposure 13.

20 16 06 PLT Okay, stand by to start exposure number 14 on


20 16 24 PLT Stand by -

20 16 26 PLT MARK. Commence exposure 14.

20 17 16 PLT No. J

20 19 40 SPT Dear tape recorder, hi. It's 20:20 on day 156.

And for M131, subject is the SPT, and hls state
of fitness is excellent.

20 19 58 PLT Stand by to terminate exposure 14, $019.

20 20 01 PLT MARK. Stand by to con_nence exposure 15.

20 20 31 PLT MARK. S019 exposure 15.

20 24 15 PLT MARK. Terminate exposure number 15.

20 24 51 PLT Stand by to start exposure number 16. Stand by -

20 25 04 PLT MARK. Start exposure 16 on SO19.

20 28 27 PLT Tape recorder, stand by to terminate exposure 16

for SO19. Stand by -

20 28 39 PLT MARK. Exposure 16 terminated. Okay, stand by for

exposure 17. Stand by -

20 29 ll PLT MARK. Start exposure 17 for SO19.

20 29 29 SPT Friendly tape recorder, the SPT on the metabolic

analyzer - stand by to operate. The H20 ADJUST
reading was 0001, which - which _as quite a drift
this morning.

20 32 34 PLT Stand by to terminate exposure 17 on $019. Standby -

20 32 45 PLT MAP_. Terminate exposure 17. End of S019 for this

298 Day156


21 20 19 CDR Okay. This the CDR at - 21:20, starting on the

mixup between building block 23 and 13. I now have
out 23 and it looks like the only harm that was done
was that I missed or will miss two or three sets of
S054 pictures. For some reason, I read that as 13
rather than 23. Everything else is the same and
should get a good grate on S055.

21 24 19 SPT Hello, tape recorder. M131 OGI run on the SPT is

complete. Chair pressure is 1200 psi.

21 24 50 SPT Okay, tape recorder. This is the SPT, the M131 OGI
subject. And you'll be seeing these in the debriefing,
but the responses were interesting. I got six right
in step l; six right in step _; only two right in
step 8. Whether that was fatigue or what, I don't know.
But, subjectively, it was as though I stopped seeing
the responses and began to see this slow, back-and-
forth oscillatory motion instead, and it pretty well
drowned the responses out. In step 10, I got six
right; and in step 18, I got seven right; and again
in step 18, I could almost sense the rotation, although
I don't think I could sense the direction of it very
accurately through the seat of m_ pants which, inci-
dentally, are not held on the chair very well by the
straps. End of message on OGI. Well, let me give you
one more, Just as a general side note. It fs really
remarkably difficult to keep from going to sleep when
you're doing this stunt, much more so than on the
ground. For some reason, when you power down up here,
all your muscles relax and your heart slows down, and
you find yourself drifting off, if you're not careful.


21 53 22 SPT Tape recorder, this is SPT, the subject of the

MI31 MS test. And I went 150 head movements at
12-1/2 rpm with no symptoms. There was an inter-
ruption due to a FAULT light due to my foot
hitting some structure or other after the
hSth head movement. We came down for the
minimum 30 seconds required to reactivate the
experiment, went right back up again and con-
Day156 Page299

tinued. I don't think the results are invali-

dated thereby. I simply didn't have any
symptoms even transiently, although I felt
the acceleration and the deceleration and the
head movements Just as much as I would normally.
And I noticed at the end of it, Just when taking
my blindfold off, that I did have nystagmus - it
was very transient. It was as though the visual
neural pathways had been severed. I Just didn't
have any symptoms at all of motion sickness, and
will stand by for your recommendations on a pos-
sibly higher level the next time I run the test.

22 00 01 SPT Okay, tape recorder, this is the MA calibration

check. The time is 22:00, and the CAL N2, 02,
CO 2 bottle PRESSURE is 1623.

22 05 18 SPT Okay, B channel. The MA CAL check: 02 is out

of tolerance and the only ADJUST that's out of
tolerance. ADJUST N 2 is okay. ADJUST CO 2 is

okay. ADJUST 02 is supposed to be 4.267, and

it comes up 4.314. I'm going to change it.

22 06 26 SPT Okay. I changed it to 4.263, and that means

the PERCENT 02 pushed itself 54.06.

22 08 I0 SPT Okay, tape. ADJUST N -ADJUST N 2 down to about

2.265. And ADJUST 02 up to about 4.283. Six per-

cent oxygen come in. PERCENT OXYGEN is 5_.42.
PERCENT CO 2 is 15.03. The CAL N2, H20 bottle
PRESSURE is 1623.

22 3_I19 SPT Okay, tape. The initial reading on the PERCENT

H20 is 23.40, which is out of spec. And the

PERCENT H20 has been adjusted to 21.70.

22 14 05 SPT Okay, tape; on the prerun cal, the MS SAMPLE


22 15 35 SPT Now, for the CABIN PERCENT 02, we get 73.50.

22 20 30 SPT Tape recorder. The PERCENT 02 is now 72.78. It's

Just been sitting there for a couple of minutes while
300 Day156

I did some steps. And there's been some heavy breath-

ing due to exercising in the vicinity, or it may be
just ... The PERCENT WATER is 3,79, and the PERCENT
C02 is 2.04.

22 28 13 SPT On the second run with the I0N PUMP, the MA C02 is

10.490. The MINUTE VOLUME is 18.5. The RATIO is

2.870; the 02 CONSUMED is 0.0_4.

22 30 22 SPT After the third run with the I0N PUMP, the MINUTE
VOLUME is 30.6; the RATIO is 2.870; the 02 CONSUMED
is 0.043; and the C02 is 0.790.

22 32 15 SPT And on the fourth run with the I0N PUMP, the MINUTE
VOLUME is 42.6; the RATIO is a surprising 2.870; the
02 CONSUMED is still 0.044; and the MA C02 is i.i00.

22 34 ii SPT Okay, the SAMPLE INLET PRESSURE is now 5.018.

Day157 Page301

DAY 157 (AM)

01 55 19 SPT Friendly B channel, this is the SPT closing out the

ATM for tonight. The Trame count is as follows:
H-alpha, 12272; the X-ray telescope is 4281; we will
skip the XUV spect, the XUV slit is 1031; the corona-
graph is 5422; and S054 is 4097.

02 07 45 SFT Hello, B channel. The PLT's urine drawer has been

restored to operating condition, by virtue of having
changed the filter. So, for stowage people, they
should delete one urine separator filter from the
stowage list.


02 56 29 CREW End of message.


04 16 09 SPT Friendly B channel, here's a note for the stowage

people and the flight planners. The captain discovered,
upon investigating the hygiene resupply kit tonight,
that all the Alpha Keri and all the other kits in that
locker have blown up. The tops have exuded, and it's
a mess in there. I want you to know that, so that
you can (a) plan on resupply as required and (b) work
into our housekeeping tasks, sometime in the next few
days, to go in there and clean that stuff up. Good


13 07 41 SPT Friendly B channel, it's Mll0 day again. And I

have the serial numbers of the ASP. The commander's
ASP is serial number 142. The SPT's ASP is serial
number 144. And the PLT's is serial number 147.
End of message.

13 17 19 SPT Friendly tape recorder, the PP_D readings for the

Page302 Da_15_7

day are as follows : In the PLT sleep compartment,

06090; in the experiment compartment, 44056; and
in the minus-Z SAL, 18080.


14 32 58 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. The CDR at 14:33 on

J0P 6, para.graph 1 - Bravo. The old CDR ran a
STANDARD MODE flight before going to CONTINUOUS,
mmstead of 1. Shame on me.

14 49 33 CDR Okay, friendly B channel; CDR. I made another mistake

on JOP 7, paragraph i. I went to the hot spot rather
than Sun center - -

PLT Hey, up there! You ... screwdriver ... - -

CDR Sorry about that.


15 27 16 PLT Hello, channel B, for the procedures and the

follow-on flight crew, Captain Bean and his crew.
It is strongly recommended that, when changing the
mol sieve solids trap, that you close the lid under
the whole solids trap while it is still running or
else the dirt flies all over. You must be careful,
however, when you take it off that the handle that
holds the solids trap in place does not get down in
the fan. End of message.

15 59 04 PLT Hello, B channel. This is for the photo people.

On today - today being day 157, the film thread pad
this morning did not have us doing anything with the
transporter in A-3, which has been reported as Jammed.
Just pass that on to them. It seems to me we ought
to do something. End of message.

16 12 25 PLT Hello, tape recorder. It's been about 15 minutes

since the PPCO 2 sensors have been changed out. Here
are the readings. I'll give you some more in about
15 more minutes. The initial reaction to the change-
out was not bad on sieve A. On sieve B, both the P
Day157 Page

- after the inlet filter changeout, the readings

pegged high for about 2 or 3 minutes before starting
- gradually coming down. After replacing the d,,mmy
cartridges on sieve B, the PPCO 2 pegged high, and it
took a few minutes for it to come down. The readings
right now for the ECS people on mol sieve A: TN is
5, OUT is 3. On sieve B, IN is 6, and OUT is 2.
End of message.

16 28 24 FLT Okay, tape recorder, for the ECS people. It's been
about 15 minutes since the last report. The readings
on mol sieve A now are IN, 4.8; OUT, 4.0. Mol
sieve B, IN is 5.5; OUT is 3.5. End of message.

16 h3 12 PLT Hello, tape recorder, for the ECS people - That's

enviromental control. Ask them that after the EVA
stuff settles down, I'd like to make a checkout of
the mol seive A primary timer. I think we ought to
know whether that thing's working or not. We can do
it simply and easily some morning or any time during
the day. Ask them if they won't think that over,
please. End of message.


17 22 21 CDR Hi, Rusty. We're going to keep working. We'll try

and get everything - the important things - done on
the Flight Plan today, but we may drop some of these
incidentals. I haven't really had a chance to look
at it; but, as you well know, you may be able to do
it in an hour on the ground, but you've thrown a lot
of things together. So we've got a lot of reconfig-
uring to do here. And we're trying to think our way
through it as we go.

17 h3 02 CDR And it'll be a little bit close, but we don't want

to back ourselves into a corner. Okay?


18 39 51 SPT Friendly B channel, this is the SPT at 18:20, report-

ing that I have put the lO0-millimeter lens from
locker F523 in use - Hasselblad out-the-window camera.
Page304 Day157

Now I'm going to put the 80-millimeter lens - on the

camera that the lO0-millimeter lens was on - in F523
and leave it there. And we're going to use the
100-millimeter lens from now on for out the window.
End of message.


19 25 28 PLT Hello, tape recorder for the M092 run on the SPT.
_ft leg measures 14-1/4, right leg measures 14-1/8.

19 29 42 PLT Tape recorder, babe, on the M092 run for the SPT,
the left leg band is Alfa Delta; the right leg band
is Bravo Juliett.

19 37 44 PLT Tape recorder, on the M092 on the SPT. All the im-
pedances were high; that is, pegged high. However,
the heart rates checked out good, within two beats
of each other on X, Y, and Z. We're pressing on.

19 46 58 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. Systems housekeeping

l0 Alfa is complete. The SUS pump ran okay, and
the caution and warning system functioned normally
throughout the operation of the SUS pump. That's

19 58 59 PLT Hello, tape recorder. The M092 run on the SPT was
terminated at 6 minutes and 30 seconds left to go in
the run. Heart rate had peaked at about 120. Ap-
proximately a minute before then, the indicated heart
rate was coming on down and, at termination, it was
about 90 - 95 to 98, somewhere in there. The - both
the - indication of both systolic and diastolic blood
pressures had come down. Systolic was indicating
about 60, although I don't believe that; neither
does Dr. Kerwin. The diastolic was apparently less
than 40, which appeared to be the minimum that the
cuff will read. So - so there.

20 06 44 PLT Tape recorder, for the SPT's M171 run. The CAL N2,

02, C02 reading is 1603, 1603.

20 15 43 PLT B channel, on MA - on M171 for the SPT. On the

metabolic analyzer, begin to go above tolerance -
out of the tolerance range on the ADJUST 02 in order

to get the PERCENT 02 we've been reading.

Day157 Page305

20 16 i0 PLT The ADJUST 02 is now reading 4.310. And the

PERCENT 02 is reading 54.44. On the M171, the

CAL N2, H20 PRESSURE is 1501, 1501.

20 17 42 SPT Friendly B channel, this is the SPT, the subject

of the recent M092 run. It is now 20:18. I have
the following comments to make for the PI and the
medical operations folks. Terminated the run early,
based on the parameters that Paul Just read you, and
on a subjective feeling of a little dizziness and a
little cold sweat. What I want to emphasize is that
this is not much of a change, in my opinion, from the
results of the previous M092 runs that I have made,
as I told Dr.. Ross the other night, and I think I
put this on B channel once. In my opinion we've all
been on the narrow edge on M092 ever since the first
run when we were up here. There appears to be a
large step function as a result of being in zero g
and in losing girth in the calves and tissue fluid.
And the only differences I can surmise for today's
run are that I had Just eaten a meal and that I
hadn't had much to drink today. But I don't think
there's been any essential change. The only change
in procedure we made was that I rode with the crotch
adjustment one notch higher, up at 9, than previously.
We've all noticed the fact that in zero g, it tends
to suck you a little further into the can. I don't
think that was significant at all. You would have
thought it would change in the other direction. I
would recommend, with the PI's concurrence, that on
my next run, I run at 30, 40, 40, rather than 30,
40, 50. End of message.

20 20 20 PLT M171 on the SPT. The MS SAMPLE INLET PRESSURE's

reading 5.000.

20 21 21 PLT Okay, tape recorder. The PERCENT 02 is 74.23,

7-4-2-3. PERCENT WATER is 2.97, 2-9-7. PERCENT CO 2

is 1-9-2.

20 43 57 CDR Hello_ friendly B channel, for the ATM people. On

the ATM pass at 20:00:03, JOF 2A, paragraph 6, build-
ing block 7 says, "Roll 82B SLIT for uniform H-alpha
emisslon." I thought I had done that, but in further
pursuing the XUV MON, it looks like I had it rolled
306 Day157

a little bit too far, because the XUV M0N had - none
of the crosshairs really line up, and you sort of
got to figure out where you are and it took me a
while to do that, and I guess lost the roll .... a
little bit into that active region above the limb
right now. Sorry about that.

21 00 05 CDR ... test, test, test, test; test, test, test, test;
hello. Hello, hello, hello. Test, test.

21 00 26 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is the CDR at 059,

b019 star field 897 is off and running.

CDR S019.

21 04 19 CDR MARK. Exposure on star field 897.

CDR S019, star field 341. Stand by -

21 05 48 CDR MARK.

21 i0 04 CDR MARK. S019, star field 341, end of exposure.

CDR Stand by on the next 90-second exposure.

21 i0 41 CDR MARK.

CDR star field 341, 90-second exposure.

21 12 08 CDR MARK.

CDR Okay. Getting ready for the 270-second exposure on

star field 368. Stand by -

21 13 04 CDR MARK. Start exposure.

CDR Okay. Stand by for the mark at the end of exposure

on star field 388, 270-second -

21 16 39 CDR MARK.

CDR Stand by.

21 16 56 CDR MARK. Start of the 90-second exposure on 388.

388 - Excuse me, star field 388.

CDR Stand by for the mark on the end of the 90-second

exposure of star field 388. Stand by -
Day157 Page307

21 18 ii CDR MARK.

CDR Stand by for the start of exposure. 270 exposure

on star field 597, stand by -

21 19 06 CDR MARK. Start of exposure on star field 597.

21 20 15 SPT Friendly B channel, this is the SPT, at 21:20,

debriefing the M171 run. The run went very well,
subjectively, from a standpoint of restraint and
difficulty, using no restraints at all. Now, when I
do this, I, person_]y, have three different ways to
use my arms. Number 1 is to let my body go up until
my head is touching the wire channel near the speak-
er box on the ceiling, and then I put my arms forward
of that - in the grid and more or less balance and
act as sway braces. They don't take up much load.
The other way is to hold on to the forward adjust-
ment strap, and the third way is to hold on to the
handlebars. I alternate the three ways so as to
take the strain on different muscles; it works
very nicely. Along these lines I would strongly
recommend that the oncoming crews start now to
train on a horizontal bike, where they will get
this kind of load. You have to bicycle on the wall
and have a flat bed adjustable up and down so as to
give the guy the right seat location. And it will
slide in and out freely on wheels or something for
them. They ought to train that way because it will
train the right muscles and give some idea of what
the problem is. You might want - even want to take
some baseline data that way if the guys have time.
Okay. On the run itself, there were a couple of
anomalous-looking things. For one, the 02 consumed,
once again, came out consistently and surprisingly
lower thanthe CO 2 produced. And having seen this
both ways, I'm inclined to think that this is a
calibration drift or an inaccuracy in the machine,
particularly after the trouble we had this morning -
this afternoon in calibrating it.

21 22 29 CDR ... mark it, Just a second.

CDR Okay. Stand by for the mark. I - I'm standing by,

just a second. Star field 597. That's 270 exposure -
308 Day157

21 22 47 CDR MARK.

CDR Hel.]o, friendly B channel. Stand by for the 270 mark

on star field 603. Stand by -

21 23 52 CDR MARK. Star field 603.

CDR Friendly tape recorder, stand by for the 603 star

field 270 mark -

21 27 34 CDR MARK. End of exposure. Going to the 90-second

exposure right now. Stand by -

21 27 49 CDR MARK. 90-second exposure.

CDR Okay, 1'riendly B channel. Stand by for the mark on

the end of the 90-second exposure of S019, star
field 603. Stand by -

22 29 01 CDR MARK.

CDR 91, 270 exposure. Stand by for the mark on the 270 star
field 596.

21 29 51 CDR MARK. 270-exposure,star field 596. _

CDR Friendly B channel, stand by for the end of the 270

exposure on star field 596. Stand by -

21 33 12 CDR MARK.

CDR Friendly B channel, stand by for the 90-second

exposure mark on star field 584.

CDR What time is it, Paul? Okay.

CDR You're just going to make it.

CDR Stand bY for the end of the 90-second exposure.

Stand by -

21 35 00 CDR MARK. Now what do you do at the end? You Just leave
it at CARRIAGE RETRACT, right? Yes, okay, let me
verify that. Yes, you're right, okay. That's per

Page 309

DAY 158 (AM)

00 16 32 CDR Hello, friendly B channel. This is your old CDR

with your day-157 Evening Status Report. Alfa:
CDR, 235; SPT, 155; PLT, 290. Bravo: for the
CDR, 3921; for the SPT, 7188; for the PLT, 2_60.
• Charlie: for the CDR, 6.065, 6.057, 6.06_;
SPT, 6.632, 6.629, 6.633; for the PLT, for the
PLT, 6.828, 6.827, 6.825; for the CDR, for
Delta, 2/16/1700; SPT, none; PLT, 2/15/2300. Echo:
the CDR, SPT, and PLT is nothing.


01 23 41 PLT Hello, channel B. The GMT at _e start of _his

recording was approximately 01:22.

01 27 00 PLT Hello, tape recorder. Here are your ATM frames left.
H-alpha l, 4218. Correction, correction -H-alpha 1
is 12088; 8056 is h218; S082B is 1013; S052 is 5210;
S054 is 3814.


03 04 37 SPT Hello, _ Channel. This is for the follow-on crews

and the stowage people. Is that - Our triangle shoes,
the shoe part is starting to wear out at the toes.
Again, you drag your toes a lot. You tend to - you
tend to try to to stick them in the floor and we're
having to put gray tape on them. We reco_end that
the other crews either bring extra shoes or bring
some kind of toe protectors or something with them.
End of message.

03 17 56 PLT Hello, tape recorder. This is for Captain Bean and

other follow-on crews. We strongly recommend that
they bring up some sort of substitute materials for
the plate in the foot restraints and the waste man-
agement compartment. The ones that are in there now
are, for all practical purposes, unusable. And we
think that - As I said, they ought to bring up
something better. End of message.

Page310 Day158

ii 04 42 PLT Good - morning - good morning, friendly B channel.

The PRD readings for this morning, day 158, are: the
minus-Z SAL, 18081, going in the SPT suit; and experi-
ment Compartment, h4061 , going in the CDR suit; and
in the PLT's bedroom, 06104, going into FLT suit.


13 31 36 PLT Friendly B channel, the CDR's SOP high-pressure gage

is 6200 and the SPT's is 6300.


14 38 18 CDR Got it?

PLT Didn't sound like it's ..., did it?

CDR No, I turned off the tone.

SPT Be sure and turn that ... off ...

CDR How do you read me? Huh? Over the air?

PLT Okay, see if you got 02, Pete .... plus 1.

CDR See if I got 02? What do I do? REG l, ON?

PLT Wait a minute. You should have an audio warning

tone and all your lights.

SPT Punch It out; right?

CDR Yes. I don't have - -

SPT Okay.


SPT And I'm the same. Now, wait a minute. PCU MODE SELWCT
to ABSOLUTE. Verify.


Day]5_ Page311


PLT ... you didn't.


SPT Wait a minute, Paul. FLOW SELECT, go to IVA.

14 39 30 CDR IVA.

8PT Now it says - now to don the gloves, verify don the
helmets and then PRESS SELECT. Let's go PRESS SELECT
to BOTH from that, and verify FLOW; then back to
OFF, okay?

CDR Okay. Yes.

SPT Okay, yes, we both have FLOW.

CDR i've got to be careful. I give you SOP FLOW, too.

SPT I keep getting that REG i, LOW FLOW, on and off, which
is odd. Okay. Now let's get our - let's disconnect
and verify that they are in the ENGAGED position.

CDR Okay.

SPT That's a good idea before we get the gloves on.

CDR Yes. And - -

SPT Ckay, don the gloves.

PLT _o you want me to stay here or should I go over to

the CSM and configure to OFF?

I SPT _ou can go on ahead.


PLT Ckay.

CDR Do you read me?

SPT _es, I read you. Paul, do you read us on com_?

14 40 28 PLT No, I can't hear you ... have AC tied together with
the CSM.
312 Day155

CDR Yes.

SPT Okay.

CDR Okay, that's locked.

SPT Need a hand with that?

CDR No, it's already open. That's what I -

SPT With your glove, I mean.

CDR No, let me think. Hopefully not. Do you?

SPT I haven't started yet.

CDR It might take a second. Okay. Yes.

SPT Good.

CDR Okay. That's locked.

SPT Good.

CDR Want me to give you a hand with yours?

lh 41 26 SPT Well, let me get my first one on and then I'll come
over to you with the second one. Oh, (laughter)
dragging my _bilical behind me.

CDR Get the comm tied in. You can go to sleep on that
thing right there. There, that's VOX. Test, i, 2.
I only hear in one earphone.

SPT Well that may be because of - oh - ...

CDR Popped in and out.

PLT Hey_ what do you want? You want the V0X u_ a little?

SPT Yes, please.

PLT Try that.

SPT Okay. That's pretty good, I think.

CDR Yes, how do you read me?

Pay15_q Page313

PLT I 'm reading you loud and elear on the speaker box.

CDR Good.

F'LT Let me go back and plug in, and see how I hear you
on something else.

14 42 59 SPT Okay. That does take a little bit of voice power

to key this thing. All right, let's see what else
we do now. Now, verify your DIVERTER valve is

CDR Yes.

SPT Don your helmet_ align lock_ and then we'l] go PRESS
to BOTH. And ... - -

CDR I think we want to - -

SPT - - take them one at a time.

CDR I think we want to - No, I think we want to stop here

right now, until he's ready for us.

SPT Okay.

14 43 27 CDR Because we go through a suit integrity check and I

want him to -

SPT Next things we do are check out the PCU - the _MU
integrity checks.

CDR Then we go to the LOCK.

SRT That's right and - -

CDR We' re ready to go.

SPT - - as soon as we do the integrity check, we're off

the cue card, so we can leave it right here.

CDR Yes.

SPT I_'s very convenient.

CDR You've got to get S082 in the back and the back hatch
closed - the umbilical stuff.
l_:_e 314 Day 158

SFT Yours. Yes.

CDR Take the day time, and when we're ready up there, then
we'll get out. Then we'll start getting the pole
assembled. If we cool it through the night for a
while, we cool it through the night. If you can get
up there to the thing during the night, we'll get it
during the night.

SPT Okay.

PLT I don't have - You guys just tell me when your

integrity check is complete.

CDR Okay.

PLT You ready for us to press on, huh? Okay.

CDR Wait a moment; just one thing. Let me ask you - How
long until daylight?

PLT We're in daylight now.

CDR Sorry. Okay. That's all I wanted to know.

lh 44 L4 SPT Gosh darn it!

PLT I tell you, it may be 58 degrees outside, but it ain't

that cool in this suit.

CDR Yes.

PLT l've got no cooling. I may plug in that other one,

get -

SPT I don't see why you can't come in with us. There's
plenty of cool in this place.

PLT Because the umbilical won't reach, that's why.


PLT I just now figured that out.

CDR Locked?

SPT Yes, it's locked. Make sure you're in the detent

during both.

CDR Yes.

SPT Yougotflow? -

CDR Yes.

SPT Squeeze me, baby.

Day155 Page315

CDR Okay.

CDR That looks like it there. Let me see.

SPT Okay.

CDR Let me verify that. Yes, it is.

SPT And I'm in BOTH and I've got flow.

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay. PRESS SELECT to REG 2, and we should get

a tone. No, wait a minute. Let me make sure.
Okay. Don helmet, PRESS SELECT to BOTH, verify
02 FLOW, the REG i LOW FLOW light should be OFF.
And mine is.

CDR Yes.

14 46 23 SPT The LOW VENT FLOW light should be OFF_ and mine is.
And it says lower the visor. We don't have to do
that yet. Okay. PCU checkout. EV-I and 2. Oh,
darn it! (laughter)

PLT Please watch your language. This is being recorded

for posterity.

SPT Oh. I just lost my - oh.

CDR Why don't we lower that down?

SPT All right. Well, it's where it is, and I'm - Okay,

CDR Okay.

SPT And we should get a tone.

CDR That's _g first problem.


CDR That's in the way.

SPT And I got mine. Punch off the light if you get it.
Page316 Day158

CDR Okay. I got a REG i LOW FLOW.

SPT Okay. Now MODE SELECT to DELTA-P. We're going to


CDR Okay.

SPT And we're going to go to 3.2 to 3.5.

PLT How do you guys read me on the headset?

SPT I read you okay_ Paul.

CDR flowdo you read me?

PLT Loud and clear.

SPT Wow! We really pressurized it in a hurry, too.

SPT Your ears okay?

CDE Yes.

SPT So are mine. My cuff gage is off the peg. Man, it

really snaps right up there. Popped up to 3.5 and
it's back at - mine's at 3.4. How about you?

CDR It's coming in there right now.

CDR I'm in good shape at 3.4.

SPT Okay, let's go to REG i now, and we should get an

increase to about 3.8.

CDR Okay.

SPT If I can get there. There we go.

CDR Boy_ my SUIT PRESS dropped all the way to 3.2,

SPT When you were changing?

CDR Yes.

SPT Well, if you be ... in between REGs, that ... is

still flowing all the time.

14 48 27 SPT Hy pressure is now 3.7.

Day158 Page317

CDR I had a little overshoot - undershoot there, l'm

searching. I steadied out at 3.8.

,!PT That's good; 3.6 to 3-9 is acceptable. Let'_ go to

BOTH. There should be no change. Make sure it's

CDR l'm in BOTH. It's locked.

14 48 51 '._PT Okay; 3.7 here. Now EMU integrity check.

CDR Yes.

SPT Next sequence terminates 02 flow to the PGA. The

REG LOW FLOW and the LOW VENT FLOW lights will light.
Monitor cuff gage; the maximum acceptable is 0.8
psig. Paul, can you time us for I minute?

PLT Yes. Go shead.

SPT Okay, Pete, it's going to be FLOW, OFF, _nd then, on

my mark, PRESS, OFF, and that starts the i minute.
You ready?

_LT We have -

CDR No. No. Gosh darn.

oP_ What's the matter?

CDR Farewell to perfection.

_LT Oh, you watched this thing, huh?

CDR Well, I had to take it off. I couldn't get to

REG 2.

SPT Oh, for goodness sake.

CDR How much of this - I want to tape this - listening.

14 49 35 HCC Skylab, this is Houston. We've got you for a long

period over the States.

SPT Okay?

CDR Yes.
Page318 Day158

14 49 47 SPT Let's go to - let's go FLOW to OFF now.

CDR Okay.

PLT See if Houston reads you, why don't you?

SPT Let's go PRESS to OFF and start your 1-minute count,


PLT See if Houston is reading you.

PLT Houston, are you reading, EV-I and 2?

_CC Yes, sir, we are. We've got you loud _nd clear,
and we see you're in the integrity check.

SPT That's correct.

14 50 I0 CDR All right, mark down at 3.9.

SPT Okay, mark it from there. I didn't go over 3.75.

SPT Go punch that tone off.

PLT Fifteen
to go. --

SPT Okay, we're holding good. At least I am.

SPT One minute. It's PRESS to BOTH, and then FLOW to


14 50 55 PLT MARK. Your minute is up.

SPT Okay. I had no decay. PRESS to BOTH, and FLOW

to IVA.

PLT I got flow.

SPT Okay, Pete?

CDR Yes. Okay.

SPT All right. How was your decay?

CDR At about a half.

SPT About one-half. Okay, we're in spec. All right,

the cuff gage is stable, at 3.6 to 3.9. MODE
SELECT to ABSOLUTE. Let's depressurize. And,
Rusty, this diverter cloth govern is kind of a
pain in the neck during checkout. I have to
partially tear it off to get at the valve.
Day158 Page319

MCC You should be able to move it right through the

... there.

SPT You should, but you can't.

MCC Okay.

CDR The other thing that gets in my way, Rusty, is I

can't get into REG 2 with those pliers on there.

MCC Okay. We'd recommend either a quickie other place,

or just forget them, Pete.

CDR I think l'd like to forget them.

SPT How about i_ here? Let me try them on one spot on


CDR ... to hang up.

SPT They were originally selected - let me see if it's - -

PLT Rusty, do you read the PLT on the lightweight.

MCC That's affirmative. You're coming through 5 square,


PLT Okay.

CREW Okay. How was the -

SPT If I lose them, I lose them; they aren't in the way.

CDR Okay.

CDR Say, P. J.?

PLT Yes.

14 52 42 CDR After you get the umbilical stowed, you're going to

have to get S082B or A, and bring it back there on
that ... strap and Just tether it in the aft lock,
okay? You'll have to crawl over it.
Page320 Day158

SPT I - I'ii get up into the MDA while you do that.

And, Paul, we're ready to go on you checklist.
Our cue card is all done.

PLT Okay, standby.

CDR *** go.

PLT Okay, I'm going to =Ake s_ne panel checks up here.

I'll be with you in a minute.

SPT Okay.

PLT How did that get off there?

SPT I don't khow.

SPT Okay, Pete. What's your umbilical number?

CDR Thirteen.

14 55 02 SPT All right, 1'3_Igo out. l'm moving in the

airlock now.

CDR Is mine the one you stow first?

SPT Oh, yes.

CDR Okay.

SPT Because you go up first. In fact, you might move up

while he stows.

CDR Yes.

CDE DELTA-P you got on a condensate tank now.

MCC Okay. We're showing around 0.87 on the DELTA-P,

and we figure you're GO either way. We think
that it will probably take a little moisture out,
but it may not be too efficient; and we'll get with
it after the EVA.

SPT Okay.
Day158 Page321

CDR I got to do a 180. Okay, that's not right. Do

180 one more time. There you go. Very good.
Okay. Start working, Joe.

i_ 56 43 SPT Okay.

PLT Okay, you coming up, Joe?

SPT Yes, I'm waiting for your GO - to come in and

close the hatch.

PLT Okay, move to the hatch.

SPT Here I am.

PLT Pete, you manage his LSU as he comes in, and stow
it in the aft lock.

CDR Okay.

SPT In the aft lock, Pete, not behind you. Keep

it in here.

PLT I'm supposed to do that. You want to just

stay where you were?

SPT It's okay. We've already got it handled, Paul.

SPT Well, let me see which way I can roll here.

CDR Let me get another handle on your umbilical.

SPT Okay.

CDR All right, we're on sync umbilical.

SPT Okay. That's clean.

CDR The other thing is that we've got to make sure

that aft lock door is ... down. I'm going to
turn out the light.

SPT Yes. All right, let me close the hatch first.

Page322 Day158

PLT Release - release the hatch as you come in, Joe.

SPT I did.

PLT Okay. Make sure that the pressure equalization

valve cap is stowed. No, that's the aft hatch.
Disregard, disregard.

PLT l've verified the hatch handle is open.

14 58 41 SPT The hatch handle is open.

PLT Okay, you close it and go hatch handle to

equalize pressure.

SPT Okay.

PLT You there?

SPT Yes.

PLT Release handle to UNLOCK.


PLT Hatch handle to CLOSE.


PLT -And verify the release handle is in LOCK.

SPT It didn't, but I put it to LOCK.

PLT It didn't go by itself?


PLT Okay, but it's in LOCK now?

SPT It's in LOCK now.

PLT Okay.

SPT And the hatch is ... down, okay?

Day158 Page323

PLT Okay, On 390, turn the OWS ENTRY lights OFF.

SPT In work.

PLT You got a lot of umbilical down around your feet


SPT All right, we'll work that right now.

PLT Okay.

PLT You can just move on in feet first if you want.

SPT I will.

PLT That's good.

CDR Let me get this hatch right here. Right here.

SPT Super. Okay, all n_r umbilical is in the aft lock

now, I think. What are you doing, Pete?

CDR Well, this hatch isn't - The aft airlock hatch

came loose, so I'm Just making sure the straps - I
got it strapped down. We don't need that
floating around. Okay?

PLT Okay. Now, Joe, you got a piece of umbilical

under your right arm.

SPT Under my right arm.

CDR It comes out of this here and goes under your

right arm.

SPT No, that's Pete's.

PLT Never mind; sorry.

CDR What did I do, another 360 again? Need 180, Paul?
That what I need to do?

PLT Yes, you're in good shape now. That's exactly

right, Pete.

15 00 17 CDR Now. One thing that's got to go back there is

82B - A. Getting screwed up. (Laughter)
324 Day158

SPT Okay, that's fine .... fine - but it is fine. All

right, Pete, can you sneak by us here with 82A? If
you can -

CDR Let me try this right here. That's about as close

to the floor as I can get.

SPT Yes, that's plenty. I'm half behind you and he's got
a good hand for the hatch - open.

CDR Okay.

CDR Houston, you read?

PLT Okay, l'm going to tie it down back there with one
long strap,_ okay?

SPT Yes, sure.

CC Go ahead.

CDR Tie it fairly close to the thing now. Don't want to

move it around too much. Okay, Houston; how many
minutes until sunset?

MCC Okay, Pete, we're about 35-1/2 minutes until sunset.

We see some power - rather high power usage down in
the OWS. Can you verify that you turned all the
lights off down there?

SPT - Yes, all the switches were off on panel 617 or what-
ever it is. And the ENTRY li@_hts are off. Actually,
I can't verify that visually right now, Rusty.

MCC Okay, and can you verify having turned off the TCS
duct fans?

SPT No. Paul says he did not turn off the TCS duct fans.
You want them off?

CDR Yes, you're going to - -

MCC Stand by Just 1.

CDR You got to get down there and get them, That's
all right; wetve got time,
Day158 Page325

SPT I'ii hang on to that, Paul. I got it.

MCC Disregard that. Do not go back down in the OWS.

We're GO the way we are.

SPT Paul's standing by to do so, if you want him to.

CDR We've got time, Houston.

MCC Okay, if Paul can get past you there, and get the
aft hatch open and get down and shut off the fans
and verify the lights.

15 03 08 SPT Verify the lights. Okay, he's on his way.

MCC Okay, fine.

CDR Got the pressure in here now?


MCC Okay, Paul, if you read down there -

SPT Paul doesn't read you yet. He's waiting for

pressure equaliz@ across that hatch,

MCC Okay, fine. Perhaps you can relay to him when he

gets down there that we want the panel 614 circuit
breaker TCS duct 2 and B fans, eight of them, OPEN,

PLT Wait, I've got all of them. I Just want to read

them one at a time.

15 04 00 SPT Paul says that the pressure is higher in the

workshop side of the hatch. That's kind of screwy,
Rusty; why is that?

MCC Stand by ... - -

SPT Or is there a discrepancy in our gages?

MCC Joe, does Paul have an EVA Checklist in his hand?


MCC Okay. When he gets down there, I'm prepared to

leave the particular steps that we think we're -
we're omitting here. So, will you be able to
hear me on SIA down there?
Page326 Day158

SPT I assume so.

CDR Still equalizing?

SPT He says he still hears the pressure equalizing

through the valve.

CDR Still equalizing? Still equalizing?

MCC Okay, we're reading 0.2 of a psi DELTA-P with the

lock slightly higher. He's probably hearing it
go the other way.

CDR The lock is higher.

SPT He could go this way.

CDR He says the lock is higher.

SPT So we can find out in a hurry when he opens the

hatch, which he is about to do.

SPT (Laughter) We got a little rapid DELTA-P there. (Tone)

MCC Okay, I understand he got the hatch open.

SPT Yes, the hatch is open. He's going to go shut

off the warning tone.

MCC Did he run a Navy catapult down into the

experiment compartment?

15 05 34 SPT He is still in the airlock, Rusty.

SPT No, the hatch did not blow open. You'll have
to ask him which way the DELTA-P was. I couldn't
tell by looking.

MCC Okay. We're Just worried about a slingshot there.

SPT Yes.

CDR It just popped about one-half an inch.

MCC Okay, let me know when he gets down there, and

I'll read these steps to him.
Day158 Page327

PLT I can't hear up there. What does he want me to do,

for gosh sake?

PLT Rusty, l'm not going to hear you down there. What
do you want me to do?

MCC Okay, here you go, Paul. On 614 circuit breaker

TCS DUCT 2 and 3 FANS, eight of them, OPEN.

PLT Okay.



PLT Okay.

MCC And then on 613 cb LIGHTING, 42 of them, OPEN.

PLT Holy mackerel! All right. Apparently that

dropped down the crack on the checklist. You
better research that.

MCC Okay.

15 06 17 CDR Yes, I remember them talking about it last night

on what they were going to power down, but -

SPT It never came up on paper.

SPT I didn't read that part in the paper.

CDR Not that it wasn't there.

PLT ...

SPT Paul says you were right, it was slightly higher

in the airlock. The pressure, that is.

MCC Okay.

15 07 19 MCC Okay, for your information, we still have 30

minutes until sunset, so there's no sweat.

CDR Okay, we're - we're taking our time. We've got

all day.

_CC How does the cooling feel, by the way?

Page328 Day158

CDR Fine. Two of us on - -

SPT Once we were smart enough to get on SUS 2,

it's fine.

CDR What do you think happened to i? Did it

freeze up?

MCC We're not really sure. We think it probably needs

a little bit of heat in the loop before we turn
it on, but we've got a little procedure here for
P. J. in case he wants some cooling.

SPT He may want some cooling. It's pretty warm with

that suit on.

15 07 52 MCC Right, and we've got a procedure for him, and

we'll read that to him, in fact - let us know -
probably we'll do it over Ascension. Everything
should be pretty well organized by that time.
We're i minute until LOS at this point, and we're
going to pick up Ascension at 17.

CDR Okay. He's turning everYthing out down there

right now; I can see him down there.

MCC Okay, fine.

15 08 lh PLT Okay, I got DUCT 2, DUCT 3, the WARDROOM WATER

HEATER, and I didn't count them, but I got all
the LIGHT circuit breakers I could see.

MCC Okay, you can't ask for more than that. Thanks
a lot.

SPT Of course, now that they're all open, he can't see.

CDR No, no; the _4ERGENCY light is still ON. Get that
up here.

MCC Affirmative.

SPT Up here and down there, Pete. It looks like over

to me.

CDR That right? It looks to me like I'm looking down.

That's because P. J. is looking - -
Day158 Page329

SPT With a little imagination, it suddenly becomes up.

CDR Besides that, he's climbing. That's ascending.

MCC I believe the people in Pensacola are very

interested in that, Pete.

CDR Well, up and down is strictly a matter of how you

want to do it. Every night the world goes by so
that you lay on the wardroom ceiling to see the
world is right side up, and when you come back in
from looking at the world right side up - -

SPT You got a wardroom table growing out of the ceiling.

CDR - - you got a wardroom table growing out of the

ceiling, and it takes about 5 seconds to reverse
up _md down in your mind as you come back in and
turn around to get oriented back in the vehicle.

15 09 46 CDR Okay, the aft hatch is closed, and it is locked.

And we are in the process of ... in SO82A. And as
t soon as that is done, we will be in our hatch closure
forward exposure procedures, and I suspect on our
way out.

PLT It's locked, Houston ...

CDR That's good. Hey, there. I wonder if we ought to

put it - I guess that won't get in our way. I hope

SPT What's that?

CDR 82A.

SPT Oh, I don't think so.

CDR Okay.

15 i0 40 CDR Okay, now we can, Joe. Just whatever you do, take
you_- time, and don't expend a lot of energy, and
remember every time you expend energy, we got to save
some to get back in. So, if you see me obviously
getting in a swivit, you know - Look, here's one
thing that's not hooked up to your tether.
Page330 Day158

SPT I must have skipped yours. (Laughter)

CDR Houston, you there.

SPT Hello, Houston.

CDR No, they're gone. They'll be back in a minute.

PLT Okay.

PLT You guys ready for me to close this hatch?

15 ll 31 SPT Yes.

CDR Okay, how do the tools look? Wait - -

SPT They look fine.

CDR All right, did you want to take the sack off the
one tool?

SPT The sack off of it?

CDR Yes.

SPT I'll take that off in real time. Well, wait a

minute - wait a minute.

CDR All right.

SPT Yes, I'ii take it off now ... I think we can be

careful enough. I like my little ... It looks
so good. Ooops. Hold it.

CDR What happened?

SPT Well, never mind.

15 12 18 SPT I was going to take this off for the one and
only reason, that I could pass it to P. J., but
he's already closed the hatch. So I'll just stuff
it in there.

CDR No, he hasn' t. He 's right there.

SPT Never mind. It's too late now. No, the hatch.

CDR No, no. The hatch is open, Joe.

Day158 Page331

SPT I just stuffed it behind the other hatch, and he

opened his again. (laughter)


SPT So forget it.

CDR All right. Okay. Everybody organized where they're

supposed to be?

SPT Yes, l'm right behind you. My umbilical is out

of the way. How long it will stay that way I don't
know, but it's out of the way.

CDR P.J., get on the checklist - whenever he's ready.

SPT And P. J. is closing the hatch again. Sorry, P. J.

That trivial, nothing ...

CDR ... aft airlock hatch, l'm going to go ahead. Oh,

that valve is already off. Okay, that's ready to go.

SPT Ah bah:

PLT All right,you guys ready?

15 13 18 SPT Yes, sir.

PLT Got your wrist tethers where you want them?

CDR Yes.

SPT Yes.

PLT Verify your flows in IVA.



15 13 24 PLT PRESS to REG I.



SPT BOTH going to DELTA-P.

Page332 Day158

PLT Verify SUIT PRESS light off ... by 28 to 31.

CDR Why are we pressurizing? ...

SPT Pete, we always do. This is nothing new.

SPT Okay.

CDR Amazing how well my ears are clearing, Joe.

SPT That's beautiful.

CDR Glad I'm up - -

SPT Maybe we're suited for zero g after all. Okay, nV

light is out at 2.9.

CDR Yes, my light is out, and I'm stabilized 3.8.

PLT Okay. Yours stable, Joe?

SPT No - Yes, 3.7.

15 14 14 PLT Okay. Go PRESS SELECT to BOTH; verify no change in

cuffgageor yourlights.

CDR PRESSURE SELECT to BOTH. No change in the cuff gage or

the lights.

PLT Verify SOP ... Are you going to help each other?

SPT Yes, we should. Can you turn 1807

CDR Okay, now.

SPT Just right there is fine. Hold it right there.

CDR Now what do we do? We turn on our SOPs?

PLT Open each other's SOP 0 2 valves.

SPT We'll do this one at a time. I'm opening Pete's.

So read - It helps to read through it twice. Pete's
is OPEN.

PLT Okay. Then on 317, turn his 02 SUPPLY valve to CLOSE.

CDR I'll do that.

Day158 Page333

SPT All right.

PLT I get a ... and SOP FLOW. Check the medium pressure
gage for 27 to 45. As soon as you -
SPT I see that it's in the green.

CDR Okay.

SPT Wait a minute. Let me doublecheck that. Yes, it's

in the green.

CDR Okay. That's a good check.

PLT Verifying SOP FLOW. Open your 02 valve.

SPT Okay.

PLT On panel 317 -

SPT I can get my own, Pete.

CDR You can?

-- SPT Yes. It floats up higher in zero g.

CDR Okay.

15 15 21 SPT All right, my SOP 02 valve is OPEN. MY 02 SUPPLY

has gone CLOSED, I think. Okay, it's CLOSED. I
got a tone. I got a - what purports to be an SOP
FLOW light - that goldanged thing covers it. I punch
it OFF. I go SOP 02 back OPEN. MY light goes out,

and I close - No, I leave my SOP 02 on now, don't I?

CDR Right.

SPT Okay. I'm done.

PLT Okay, as soon as ... verify, inspect each other's

neck rings, wrist rings, SOP and four PCU connectors
all locked.

SPT I like your neck rings.

CDR I like yours.

SPT Okay_
334 Day158

CDR I can see your gloves are locked.

SPT Let me check that for sure. That one's locked.
Let me see this one. Goldang'

CDE That's locked. I can see it.

SPT All right, you could see it; I couldn't.

CDR Let me look at yours that are locked. Everyone of

your connectors is locked. And locked ...

SPT Right.

CDR Blue is locked, locked. Red is locked, locked.

SPT That one and that one are locked. Okay.

CDR Where are all your tools and everything? I've

lost all of them.

SPT They're behind me. They're right behind me.

CDR Oh, good. Okay.

PLT Okay, I've got a warning I want to read to you.

Two warnings and a note. How about that?

SPT All right.

PLT If your cuff gage drops below 3.6 at any time

during depress, Pete, close the valve.

CDR Oksy.

PLT And give me a holler, and I'll open the equalization


CDR Okay.

PLT If the LOW VENT FLOW light comes ON before depress

is complete, change your FLOW SELECTOR to EVA, NORM.

CDR Okay.

$PT Roger.
Day158 Page335

15 17 14 PLT Okay, and if we get a rapid DELTA-P, or if it looks

like we're leaking out anything else in the cluster,
I'ii tell you to close the depress valve.

SPT All right.

PLT Now, wait, I got to close the equalization valve

in the hatch.

CDR Okay.

PLT Okay, it's CLOSED; go ahead and open the depress


CDR All right. Now I depress how far?

PLT It doesn't say. You just meter it however you want.

CDR Okay.

15 18 03 CC Okay, Skylab; Houston. We got you for about

5-1/2 minutes here over Ascension.

CDR Okay, Houston. The'lock is on its way down, 4.2


CC Understand.

CDR Okay. My suit is hanging right in there at 3.85.

SPT 3.75 is what I got.

SPT There'll be some difference there.

CDR Yes.

PLT Houston, PLT. You might take a reading on the MDA

pressure just for information for the future crews.
It indicated that it got up to about 5.3 to 5.4 in
here before we went DEPRESS.

CC Okay, we got it.

CDR There's two in the lock, 3.85 on my suit.

CC Okay.
336 Day158

CC Okay, and Houston here; you're GO for hatch open any

time you get it down there. Systems are looking good.

CDR What the heck did all this Junk come from?

SPT Okay. I got the TV on. You got the TV yet, Houston?

CDR Houston, you may be interested in knowing that on

the lock dump valve, a large block of ice is growing
on the screen.

SPT Is that what that is?

CDR Yes.

SPT I couldn't gigure out what it was.

MCC That on the inside, Pete, or on the outside?

15 19 29 CDR On the inside. There must have been enough moisture

in the air, Rusty, that it - as it hit the screen,
why it must have been super cool; it froze. And it
is a rather weird-looking fellow. That's what's
taking the lock so long to dump down. I 'd say it
cuts the- _-_

SPT Can you scrape at it with your finger?

CDR No. It's a solid block. I guess I can.

SPT Yes.

CDR Well, I don't want to.

SPT I'm sure you'd help ...

CDR All I did was block it more. I'd better leave well
enough alone.

CC How about breathing on it?

CDR Well, I thought about that, but ...

PLT Pete, you're still coming down drastically. I'm

reading about 0.8.

CDR Yes, I'm showing 0.8 also.

Day158 Page337

PLT It sure has leveled off, though.

CDR It blocks about two-thirds of the screen.

CC Okay. You've got a nice tool in there called

a pry bar. You might want to poke at it with it
if it does block you completely.

! CDR It starts,it starts-

SPT It's in the pores of the screen, Rusty. We'd have

to break the screen in order to ...

CDR I don't want to do that. There's debris there

and everything -

SPT Leave well enough alone.

PLT Yes, it's still coming down. I'm reading about

0.5 or 0.6.

SPT Okay.

PLT I think part of the reason it's taking so long to
dump is ...

15 20 53 MCC P.J., have you got a minute there? While weTre

going down, sometime on panel 203, we'd like to
turn the ATM coolant loops - loop pumps, all three
of them off. I'd like to have you verify that.

CDR You know what's happened here, our flow is equal to

what it will take out now. It's holding about
one-half of psi.

MCC You think we dare open the hatch at one-half psi?

CDR No. I hate to tear my pry bar, Rusty, I'm looking

around for something else I might use. My pry bar
is neatly packaged.

SPT The only thing I can give you is the ...

CDR I got something here - my wrist tether.

SPT Want to tickle it with the handle? All right.

SPT Need something skinny to stick down in between the

h at ch.
Page338 Day158

CDR Okay, that gets some - gets some of it.

15 22 15 PLT Guess what I forgot?

SPT What?

PLT The procedures.

SPT Oks_. I think we can wing it. i

CDR Yes.

PLT They are very neatly folded up down on _ wardroom

locker door.

CDR Are we over Houston?

MCC Houston. Yes, go ahead, Pete.

CDR Did you read that, Houston? How about 3 and ...

CC What's your last?

PLT Pete, they don't read me unlessthey -

CDR Paul left the procedures, not that we need them,

down in the wardroom neatly in his locker. How
about up-linking your TV procedures next station.

MCC Okay. We'll do that.

CDR Okay. We have most of it. We got it pretty well

committed to memory.

MCC We'll get the two messages up.

15 23 03 CDR All right, now we look like we're about 0.2. What
do you read, P. J.?

PLT I'm reading about 0.2 on one ...

SPT 0.3 is okay for opening the hatch, Pete.

CDR All right. GO.

PLT Should read 0.2 on one gage and 0.3 on the other.

PLT Good. Well done.

Day158 Page339

CDR Here goes the hatch. I'm going to - Go ahead on the

procedures, P. J.

PLT Okay. When you depress the -

15 23 22 MCC We've got 20 seconds until LOS. We'll pick you up

over Carnarvon at 47.

CDR Okay.

PLT When depress, you ... the MODE selection to

ABSOLUTE. You may get a little ...

CDR Okay.

PLT Let me know when you're both there.

SPT I'm there.

15 23 45 CDR l'm reading about 3.5.

PLT Joe?

SPT I Just thought. I have to take that silly thing

off and put it on again every time I move now.
It's okay, and I'm reading about 3.45.

PLT Okay. Verify ... SELECT to BOTH.

SPT It's in BOTH.

PLT No EVA, NORM? EVA, NORM on the - on the flow.

Verify good pressure cuff gage, and all lights off.

CDH I got good pressure on the cuff gage; all

lights off.

PLT Okay, make sure that the EVA hatch retainer is

spring-loaded to the engaged position.
SPT It is.

PLT Unlock the hatch handle lock.

CDR The lock is unlocked.

PLT Open the handle; verify that it goes fully

340 Day158

CDR Okay.

CDR It missed - (Laughter)

SPT Did it miss the thing?

CDR It missed the thing.

SPT I hope it doesn't miss it on the way in, that's all.

CDR Let me check that. No.

15 24 48 SPT It catches it, huh?

CDR Yes.

SPT Okay.

15 24 52 CDR Very good. The hatch is open. Let me get this


PLT Engage the ... all open ON.

SPT Hi, there. Big chunksof ice.

SPT He's got the rod, and started.

CDR Okay, I've got my protector visor down.

SPT Yes. Oh, yes. Good idea.

CDR How's that valve work now that we've got the hatch

15 25 25 SPT Mostly the - the ice is ... mostly gone from it.

SPT Okay.
CDR Look at all the stuff going down.

SPT Yes. Isn't that incredible?

CDR Okay. What 's next ?

PLT Well, that's the part that - down in the wardroom.

SPT All right, you go out and get the FAS foot restraints,
and I'll start handing you poles.
Day158 Page341

15 25 42 CDR-EVA Okay, I'm on my way.

SPT DO I hand you the mushroom end first?

CDR-EVA I think that I want the BET first.

PLT That's right. You want the BET first.

CDR-EVA Just a minute.

15 25 57 SPT It's not a big deal, but you're right. The procedure
calls for the BET first. Where the heck is the BET?
(Laughter) There it is.

15 26 15 CDR-EVA What am ! hanging on? Is m_ umbilical pulling me


SPT Just a minute. Yes, it is. You need a little more

umbilical. I1m sorry. I w_sn't paying attention.
Wait a minute. Pete, I'd like you to bring your
feet up over your umbilical if you can.

SPT There you go. Wait a minute. One more - We got it

off of one foot. Let me get it - Oh -

CDR-EVA Which one?

SPT Never mind because I'll do it. Okay.

CDR-EVA Got it?

SPT Yes. Now go ahead in.

PLT Pete, you may want your gold visor down.

15 26 54 SPT-EVA Man, the buoyancy is better here, Pete, than it is

in the water, isn't it?

15 27 03 CDR-EVA All right, now. Let me find F-7. The first thing
I need to do - let me, let me - wait a minute. Let
me - Hold this so I don't forget it - Let me get the
front end free and pull those locks right now. Get
them out of the way.

SPT-EVA That's fine.

CDR-EVA Which is the - heck - That's the spare, right?

Page342 Day158

CDR-EVA Okay. The large locks are pulled on both of them.

Look at that ... - All right? Now.

15 27 50 SPT-EVA You ready for the BET?

CDR-EVA Hold it. Let me get back in my foot restraint.

SPT-EVA We're quite mobile out there.

CDR-EVA Well, it's a little bit better than the water tank.

SPT-EVA Uh-huh.

15 28 08 CDR-EVA Which quads were they interested in? These quads

look the same. Wait, I got to find F-7, and F-6, F-15,
and F-7; I got it.

CDR-EVA That won't hook there. Going to have to do it this


15 28 34 SPT-EVA Pete, I'm going to clamp your umbilical tokeep it -

my way. Okay?


15 28 38 SPT-EVA Just remember to unclamp it before you move.


SPT-EVA Out of the station.

CDR-EVA There's the - BET's out of the way.

SPT-EVA Okay. You ready for a pole, huh?

CDR-EVA Hold it. Just let me look at this a minute.

15 28 55 SPT-EVA I'm going to be getting the first pole. That's a

significant chore.

PLT It's bright out there.

SPT-EVA Whee :

PLT Joe, do you have your inner protective, clear visor

Day158 Page343

SPT-EVA Yes, Paul, I do. When you reminded me the last time,
I put it down.

PLT Okay.

PLT Hello.

CDR-EVA (Laughter)

SPT-EVA Okay, that end is loose.

CDR-EVA Hey that ... you want it put out here, Paul? It's
already out here.

SPT-EVA They launched it out there, didn't they?

PLT-EVA I didn't want to put it out there; somebody else did.

SPT-EVA I went out and put it there this morning during prep.

CDR-EVA Take your time. We got all the time in the World today.

SPT-EVA Right.

CDR-EVA That little beauty.

15 30 48 CDR-EVA A lot of rods floating around.

15 30 50 SPT-EVA All I know is the tape was nice and strong, but when
I pulled the second rod off, the third and fourth
ones came part way off, too.


SPT-EVA I'll just herd them; no problem.

CDR-EVA Well, I'll just watch.

SPT-EVA Okay. They're both still attached at one end each.


SPT-EVA Now you want to - male end, right?

CDR-EVA Right. Very good. You hold onto that.

Page344 Day158

15 31 20 SPT-EVA I will. I got it. This is going to be okay, Pete.

I think even with the long rod, I'll have plenty of
room for it in here while you work right there with
it. Got it?

CDR-EVA So far.


CDR-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA Okay, you got it.

PLT I can see the gray tape special coming out. We're
approaching the terminator.

CDR-EVA Have you got the lights on?

PLT-EVA ... the light switches in here are all ON, ON.

SPT-EVA I noticed.

CDR-EVA We just launched a blind rivet off into a solar


SPT-EVA That's all right.

CDR-EVA Oh, there's two handrails going up to where we've

got to go that I had forgotten about.

SPT-EVA Wait a minute.

15 32 16 CDR-EVA See if you can give it to me another way. It's okay,

Joe, no sweat, Just hand it out - hand it out.

SPT-EVA Just you wait, now.

CDR-EVA Now, don't tire yourself out now. I want you to rest.

CDR-EVA I'm resting.

CDR-EVA Now. Just hold it right there because the nuts backed

Day158 Page345

SPT-EVA No, it's just all right in here. I knew I'd have to
do that pitch _ueuver. Because I secured both ends
of the rods, I have to pitch over to reach them.
That's okay.

CDR-EVA They're free. Now I got to watch the solar panel.

Now, the other kind of dynamics you get into, watch
that strap. See that? That son-of-a-gun will go
i aroundforever.

SPT-EVA What are you looking at?

CDR-EVA I'm looking at the strap on the end of the pole.

SPT-EVA Oh, yes, isn't that beautiful?

CDR-EVA Now I can pick it up, I guess.

15 33 33 SPT-EVA I'm ready with the next pole.


15 33 42 SPT-EVA ... you're at the end of it already.

SPT-EVA Good music.

CDR-EVA Gosh darn it!

SPT-EVA Well done.

15 33 55 CDR-EVA Gosh darn! There it is. That one I have to hand-

turn all the way, for some reason.

PLT I'm jettisoning a certain amount of debris.

CDR-EVA All right. Now, I got to get this out of here.

SPT-EVA Uh-huh.

CDR-EVA You can stay clear of the solar panel. Okay, now
the hook is unlocked. I'm ready.
15 34 34 SPT-EVA Okay. Now I'm going to have to - Oh, boy.

CDR-EVA I know what you're going to have to do.

SPT-EVA It's tricky as heck to get this thing out.

CDR-EVA And I'm going to have to go outside, I think.

Page346 Day158

SPT-EVA l'm going to have to, as I say, do a 180 on this

thing after we get it out.

CDR-EVA Well, you can hand it to me either way, and I can

turn it around.

PLT Watch that solar panel, Pete.

CDR-EVA It's a long one. First I have to loosen this end

of it.

CDR-EVA Let me put the pole down here where I'll know where
it's at.

SPT-EVA Get the tape off it. Get back away from my own
snakes. And get the snakes herded back into the
aft section. Keep up with all that stuff. Now,

CDR-EVA Guess the con_nand module docking lights are on,

too, huh?

SPT-EVA Really?


SPT-EVA I don't know. The ground must have done it.

15 35 28 CDR-EVA No, I don't think they can do it. The command module?

SPT-EVA I don't think you can turn them off, can you?

CDR-EVA The switch works. All right, hold it, now. I got

SPT-EVA Now, can you really turn that around?

15 35 43 CDR-EVA I tell you what -

SPT-EVA I can't go out.

CDR-EVA You hold the pole.

SPT-EVA Which one? That pole? Okay.

CDR-EVA You got it?

15 35 51 PLT We got 1 minute until sunset.

'_ Day158 Page347


SPT-EVA When you need that part of it done - Good show,

good show , Pete. Hold it right there.


SPT-EVA I got a hold of it.

CDR-EVA How far back in can you go with it?

SPT-EVA Quite a ways back in, I think.

CDR-EVA Here let me have -

SPT-EVA You grab that pole.

CDR-EVA You go on back in there.

SPT-EVA Nothing else holding that pole right now, except your
little fist.

15 36 20 CDR-EVA I got it.

PLT Joe, I can see pretty well in the lock compartment.

If there is anything you're hunting for, rather
than Just thrash around, Just ask me, and I'll look in.

SPT-EVA Okay, thank you.

CDR-EVA Uh-oh !

SPT-EVA What ?

CDR-EVA I almost got the tether wrapped up in the - in the -

SPT-EVA Oh, in the solar panel?

15 36 46 CDR-EVA Yes. Now, Joe, how far forward in the lock

compartment can you go with this thing?

SPT-EVA How's that?

CDR-EVA Okay. Good enough. That 'ii do it.

PLT Here comes sunset.

3_8 Day158


15 37 06 CDR-EVA I don't think - think I'm going to have to take it

out s ide.

15 37 ll SPT-EVA What do you want me to do?

CDR-EVA Well, wait until I get my visor up so I can adapt to

the dark.

SPT-EVA Uh-huh.

15 37 19 SPT-EVA Not a lot of light in the FAS, is there?

CDR-EVA I don't see any lights on.

SPT-EVA Well, let me check the switches.

CDR-EVA I don't know where any of them are, but -

SPT-EVA Well, there are - Switches are right in here in the

lock. I'm wondering about circuit breakers. Lighting:
AM, DA, ATM. They're all on.

15 37 49 CDR-EVAThere
you go.

SPT-EVA Now we got some lights on, huh?

CDR-EVA Good as the home.

CDR-EVA All right, you got a hold of the tool, Joe?


CDR-EVA Okay, hang on to it a minute.

SPT-EVA I've got it. It m_y, you know, jiggle a little.

PLT Those are the ones they told me to open this morning.
I think the intent is to open them after you guys get
out of the FAS.

SPT-EVA I see.

PLT I don't think you need both of them closed, Pete.

I'm going to open one of them.
"J_- Day158 Page349


15 38 20 PLT Does that make any difference?

SPT-EVA Yes, it does. We need them both.

15 38 23 PLT How's that?

SPT-EVA It's better. I don't -

PLT I'm going to open another one now. Does that make
any difference?

SPT-EVA Yes, it cuts half the lights off.

15 38 34 PLT Okay. That's all I wanted to know.


PLT I'm not going to complain about a cold MDA again.

SPT-EVA Ever, ever.

PLT I think I'm going to put a tape on. Anything

special you like to hear?

SPT-EVA No. "Sons of the Pioneers." Whatever you got. Got

your bagpipers? Good show.

PLT It's here someplace. It takes me awhile to answer

you, gang. I'm not wearing this headset and I got
to find it, and grab it -

15 39 2h SPT-EVA Yes, that's all right. We'll use "No reply required"
after this.

CDR-EVA It may come out.

SPT-EVA You got a place to hang it, right?


15 h0 2h SPT-EVA Watch the ATM panel with it. I'm letting go of it.


SPT-EVA Well, Pete, here we are at night. Rather than cool

it for 30 seconds, why don't I hand you S082A? ...
out there.
Page350 Day158


SPT-EVA And maybe we can even get on with it.

CDR-EVA Yes. Now you've got the tool out there. I'm going
to get my umbilical over the tool .... makes 82A out.

15 40 39 CDR-EVA This might be useful afterwards for something, Whoops!

CDR-EVA A little bit of a struggle to get that last one in,

but -

SPT-EVA I saw that. It was - it was the one we knew would be

the tough one. I may not remember exactly how they -
how to hand you this.

CDR-EVA You got to get an umbilical - Just a minute.

15 _l 30 CDR-EVA Oh boy, is that better than the water tank!

SPT-EVA (Laughter)

CDR-EVA Tell you what, I can go get this thing and put it on
theboom, too.

SPT-EVA Yes. Yes, you can go ahead and - Put a launch-lock

D-ring on the boom, Pete.

CDR-EVA I did that.

SPT-EVA Okay. You can go ahead -

15 hl 57 CDR-EVA I've put both of them, as matter of fact.

SPT-EVA Well, you weren't supposed to do that.

CDR-EVA Too bad.

PLT Hello, Houston. CDR gets a no-no.

SPT-EVA You can put the hook on, if it want - if it won't be

in your way.

15 h2 13 CDR-EVA Doing it right now.


CDR-EVA Oh, man! This set beats the water t_nks!

"_ Day158 Page351

SPT-EVA (Laughter) Beautiful.

CDR-EVA Might as well put the other one on, huh?

SPT-EVA We don't use it.

CDR-EVA Well, you could ask the EVA -

SPT-EVA Might get in the way.


15 _2 50 PLT I tell you, let me come on out, because there's no

use sitting here ...

CDR-EVA Joe, you got your safety visor down?

SPT-EVA No, it's up so I can see better.


SPT-EVA Let me drop it now and see what -

CDR-EVA ... see anything.

SPT-EVA Well, okay.

PLT No, he said the safety visor, the inner visor.


SPT-EVA I know what he meant. The -

CDR-EVA Wait, Joe, wait. Before we get out, let me ask a

questio n. What are we going to do with that umbilical?
Are you going to try and go over?

15 43 14 SPT-EVA Not over the top - on the front end.

PLT ... You're supposed to pull out a big heap ... piece,


CDB-EVA Now wait. We don't have to do that, yet.

• SPT-EVA Probably not to do that, yet.

Page352 Day158

CDR-EVA I'll tell you what, - -

PLT All right.

CDR-EVA - - if you want to go over the handrail, and also

look and see what you can see up there, you can I

15 43 30 SPT-EVA I'd rather get the front-end stuff out of the way,

CDR-EVA Oh, you want to do that. Yes.

SPT-EVA Yes, heck. It - it won't take long.

15 43 37 CDR-EVA Well, the _ only thing that's bothering me is that pole

is sticking out there.

SPT-EVA Yes, but there's no sharp edges on that.

15 43 42 CDR-EVA Yes, I know; but you're going to have it flailing


PLT Hey, we're in a bad configuration to go off the

checklist here, Joe, I really think.

CDR-EVA ... the ATM isn't right and everything else.

SPT-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA Pull your umbilical out, then.

CDR-EVA How much time we got until daylight?

PLT Shoot, a long time.

CDR-EVA Can't be more than 25 minutes - 20 minutes.

15 44 02 PLT Mould you believe 29?

SPT-EVA It's been a long time. I hate to waste it.

SPT-EVA But, okay, I'll pull your umbilical out. How many -
55 feet, huh?

PLT Darn, that's going to be a -

CDR-EVA Well, that's what I remember - -

'f Day158 Page353

PLT You got the thing already out?

CDR-EVA I think we ought to Just rest.

15 44 24 SPT-EVA What's the - Well, all right. There's no use pulling

the umbilical out after sunrise. We don't need
s1_n]ight for -

15 44 28 CDR-EVA Let's wait for l0 minutes of.



SPT-EVA Hey, Pete, where're we going to go?

15 44 34 CDR-EVA We don't want to get off the checklist. We got awfully


SPT-EVA I don't see why we need to - need to be so darned afraid

to get off the checklist.

p SPY-EVA The less I can stir up the -

CDR-EVA Well, let's see what's done wrong.

PLT Okay, ... up and leave the ATM coolant pumps on.

SPT-EVA Yes. I never look at where I'm going to be going.

CDR-EVA You see the - you see there's a handrail here?


CDR-EVA Look, there's one right up there, and I -

SPT-EVA Underneath ... Right?

CDR-EVA You're going right under these trusses -

SPT-EVA Uh-huh.

CDR-EVA - right on around.

SPY-EVA yes. There's the window, and there's the D024.

That's the ... vent right there, right?

354 Day158

15 45 22 SPT-EVA Yes. What's that? I wonder.

CDE-EVA That's that lock. That was that nitrogen blow vent
that was on the shroud.

SPT-EVA Well, I just take those handrails right over, right?

CDR-EVA Yes, you could.

CDR-EVA I think you're going to have to go around that way

first, though.


CDR-EVA You can pick up under the truss.

SPT-EVA That's right; I want to go under it.

CDR-EVA You want to go right out to this one.

SPT-EVA Uh-huh.

CDR-EVA You want to go right up. Now see, when he says mount
the A-frame, I got to look out here. Oh, I see where
you're ... I got a long way - you got to get up that ....
A-frame before I get that tool to you.

SPT-EVA Yes. Yes, that's going to be the tricky part, no

doubt about it.


PLT Did you guys figure or feel ...?



15 46 30 PLT Ahoy there, mate.

SPT-EVA I'm going to come to your window.

15 46 41 PLT Where are you going, Joe?

CDR-EVA He's coming to your window.

PLT Which one? Hey, Joe -

CDR-EVA Hold it.

_" Day158 Page355

SPT-EVA The one you can see ... 30 out of.

CDR-EVA Joe, hold it. Back right up to me.

SPT-EVA What's going on?

CDR-EVA Your umbilical is not connected to your PCU with

umbilical tiedown, Joe. Just - just slide right back
to the hatch.


CDR-EVA And come back towards me.

SPT-EVA It must have slipped off. I know I put it on.

CDR-EVA Let me get it right on like this. Wait a minute.



f CDR-EVA Verify mine's still on. Is that all right?

PLT What are you doing?

SPT-EVA Right there.

15 47 31 CDR-EVA All right. I believe - let me Just look at your ...

I got to make sure the little snap popped through.
It did.

SPT-EVA Okay. Let me Just ... up tight. And then ... I do

have to get pretty darn high on it.

15 47 47 CDR-EVA Well, you're not looking at the right A-frame. You

can't ... - -

SPT-EVA Over here?

CDR-EVA It's clean around there. It's the one where I Just -
if you get here, you could see it's got that discone
tray on it still.

CDR-EVA Be way up over?

SPT-EVA Just a minute. Yes, I see it.

Page356 Day158

CDR'EVA How far around can you see?

SPT-EVA I can see most of the discone tray. I can't see the
surface of the ... and I can't see the discone itself;
it's too dark.

CDR-EVA l'm looking for the other diseone. I wonder where the
heck that is.

SPT-EVA Where the heck is the world, anyway?

MCC We're right here. We're reading you loud and clear.

SPT-EVA I didn't mean the world world, I meant the clouds

and Earth and sea world underneath.

CDR-EVA Okay. Would you like the status?

MCC Yes, sir, we would like the status.

15 48 55 CDR-EVA We have five poles rigged, swinging on the hook. And

we're just intrepidly peering around out here decid-
ing how far around Joe can get in the dark. We have
not pulled umbilicals out. We're Just cooling it.
Now, the pole assembly went super slick. We had a
little - I had a little Juggling problem getting the
last longie with the tool on because I did it,
surprisingly enough, by having Joe hold on it in the
airlock. We had it all the way in the airlock and
I found a way to snuggie the pole out next to the
solar panel over to the Sun end side and Just line
her up that way and pop her on.

15 52 12 CDR-EVA ...

15 53 20 MCC We cannot, because of the possible instrumentation

problem, we cannot confirm flow or DELTA-P on second-
ary pump. What we recommend is go ahead and switching
the SUB 1 PUMP to PRIMARY and see if you sense any
difference there. And when you get the primary running
or if you feel the secondary pump is running, then go
ahead and activate the coolant loop when the flow gets
warm for you.

15 53 52 SPT-EVA Okay. Watch the PRIMARY, I'm going to switch it now.

MCC Okay.
r Day158 Page

CDR'EVA Oh, there's the Earth. How about that?

SPT-EVA You find the Earth?

CDR-EVA Yes, with the lights out it's lovely. What part of
the world are we over?

MCC You're over western Australia, sir.

CDR-EVA Western Australia. I see some large lights off to

my left. If we're actually over Western Australia
then I'm looking eastwards. No.

15 54 27 PLT Okay, PRIMARY SUS i PUMP is ON. Can you see it?
You see what bothers me, Rusty, is when I turn that
pump on, I don't get a caution and warning.

CDR-EVA Want to look out, Joe?

SPT-EVA Yes, I'm looking out behind you.

CDR-EVA Right, there's a half a Moon.

SPT-EVA You can see the lights, you can see the moonlight on
the clouds.

15 54 46 CDR-EVA Oh, I can see the cities, yes.

15 54 48 SPT-EVA Horizon to horizon.

CDR-EVA I think I got -

MCC Will you guys quit lollygagging for Just a minute,

so we can get a word to Paul?

15 54 55 SPT-EVA Yes_ go ahead.

15 54 57 MCC Okay. Paul, we would like you to go to BYPASS on

the flow there, on the heat exchanger at first, if
you have not already done that - before you activate
the coolant loop.

15 55 09 PLT Okay, will do. I got the PP_IMARY PUMP, ON. Did you
copy my thing about no CAUTION & WARNING?

MCC Understand that you got no CAUTION & WARNING on it.

Page358 Day158

PLT Yes, either one. When I turn - on SUS i, when you

turn on the - either the primary pump or the second-
ary pump, we don't get the EVA-1 WARNING. And I'm
on primary pump now; I've not actuated the PRIMARY
LOOP and I'm goingto BYPASSnow. !

MCC Okay. And let us know about the noise, and also let
us know whether you feel any sensation of cooling.

MCC And, Pete, for you, let me ask whether the docking
lights appear to light up the diseone so you can go
on up there or not.

CDR-EVA Well, I - I never got around that far, I - I can't

really tell. Who turned on the tracking lights?
Turn that off.

SPT-EVA Want me to go up and take another look?

15 56 19 CDR-EVA Well, I can skinny around here and see if I can see
the other dipole. Just a second.

15 56 26 MCC Pete, as a reminder on your next step - You're going

to want to pull 55 feet of EV-I umbilical out and
put it behind you in the SAS. And then before Joe
comes out, he wants to pull out into the narrow end
of the lock compartment 35 feet of his umbilical.

CDR-EVA Yes, we understand.

15 56 41 SPT-EVA I can see the - I can see the discone from here

CDR-EVA Which one?

SPT-EVA Mine. The one of interest.

CDR-EVA The one - where are you?

SPT-EVA I'm up here.

CDR-EVA Oh, how did you get out there?

SPT-EVA - - around the corner.

CDR-EVA I see.

Day158 PageB59

SPT-EVA And the green - the green docking light illl,m_nates

the area fairly well. I think we can get started.

CDR-EVA Okay. Well, back to - pull out - -

MCC Okay. If the green docking lights - lights are up -

well you can turn - P. J. can turn off the other
docking light. And that'll save us some power.

PLT I don't understand.

MCC Okay. P. J., you got - you got two circuit Dresxers
over on panel 202. The left-hand and next to the
bottom row, andI'm not sure which one turns off the
green and which one turns off the red, but you can
try them, _ud Joe can give you the answer.

15 57 30 PLT Okay. All right, give me a holler, Joe. I'll turn

them off one at a time. Tell me when you want.


SPT-EVA That's okay. Leave the other one on. No, not that
one. No, no. (Laughter) That's right. Okay.
Pete, I guess I'll get your 1_hilical out.

CDR-EVA All right.

15 57 57 MCC Okay. And, troops, we got about h5 seconds to LOS

at Carnarvon. We're going to be picking up Gusm at
16:01 here, which is Just a couple of minutes. And
I think that you're going to press on up to the
discone at this time. And, P. J., how's the cooling?

PLT There is none, Rusty, yet. And when is the first

station with TV?

15 58 19 MCC Okay. That's going to be Goldstone, and it'll be

coming up at 16:27. So, we'll let you know that at

PLT All right.

CDR-EVA Tell me where it's going.

SPT-EVA It's going behind you.

360 Day158

15 58 31 PLT You have 15 minutes until sunrise, gang.


CDR-EVA Here comes the big snake, man.

15 58 37 CC And, Pete, you've got about 14 minutes before sunrise.

So you've got lots of time there.

15 58 48 CDR-EVA How far have you got to now?

SPT-EVA Forty.


SPT-EVA (Laughter)

CDR-EVA Holy Christmas!

SPT-EVA Forty-five.

CDR-EVA Where's it all going?


CDR-EVA Gee, I wonder if there's anything you can hang up on

down there.

SPT-EVA Fifty-five. Yes, well, we'll write a letter for you

if there is.

15 59 15 CDR-EVA Clamp the 55 and a deal. He asked for it once.

SPT-EVA All right. That ain't a bad idea.

CDR-EVA Holy Christmas! The problem is l've got a - Why did

I do that?


CDR-EVA Where's the tether end? It's down here, right?

SPT-EVA Right there.

CDR-EVA I'm unfortunately over it.

SPT-EVA Over what?

Day158 Page

CDR-EVA Over my unbilical. I think I got a big loop in it.

What I'm going to do is pull out the 55-foot end
at the same time I'm pulling out the short end.
I got a big loop in it.

SPT-EVA Couldn't you have a big loop in it?

CDR-EVA Yes, look at it. It comes over m_ shoulder, right?

Where's that - where's - where's this coming from
over m_ thumb? This one.

16 00 ll SPT-EVA Goes over your shoulder, but where it goes frcm there
I cannot tell.

CDR-EVA Oh, it's got to go to my suit. And this one is

through the loop. Darn It!

SPT-EVA Well, wait a minute. Let's see -

CDR-EVA I'll tell you what I'm going to do.

SPT-EVA You're going to have to move yourself through a loop,

I think.

CDR-EVA I'm going to have to go through this loop - -


CDR-EVA - - right here.

CDR-EVA All right, now. Push that over me. Wait. Wait
1 second.

SPT-EVA All right.

16 00 50 SPT-EVA Wait aminute. I lost it for a minute there. Okay.


CDR-EVA Okay. Yes. Let me tell yo u something about these

foot restraints. You can take those foot plates
iout of there.

SPT-EVA Hc_'s that?

CDR-EVA Huh? It's - it's real easy for a fellow to get

himself hung up in them. Man, m_ - _ left shoe
hardly comes out of that thlng. All right, now
where am I? They're all behind me now?
362 Day158

SPT-EVA Yes, it looks like it.

CDR-EVA I'm not sure what I got, yet.

SPT-EVA Yes, I just hope by screwing around, we haven't made I

a loopwheretherewas nonebefore.

16 Ol 42 CDR-EVA Well, I tell you what -

SPT-EVA ... there was an apparent loop.


CDR-EVA Mine's over m_ shoulder now. Is this mine?


CDR-EVA Trying to figure out where it goes.

SPT-EVA Goes right over - right around your back and into your

CDR-EVA No, where it goes from there - goes down into here.

SPT-EVA Yes, that's the next end of it.

CDR-EVA Well, here, let me get it down. Get it.

16 02 53 MCC Okay, Skylab. This is Houston again. Over Guam for

about 8-1/2 minutes.


SPT-EVA Roger.

16 03 01 CDR-EVA I tell you, I'm going to get worn out doing the
things that require you to get there. Do it. Well,
that's a big snarl down there. I hope it all comes
out right.

SPT-EVA Now, I suggest you take that loop in your hand, and
put it up over your head.

CDR-EVA Why did we do that?

SPT-EVA Well -

Day158 Page

SPT-EVA l'm Just checking it.

1 16 03 37 CDR-EVA Okay. Is that all right?

SPT-EVA Yes, and it all goes behind you.

CDR-EVA Have you checked yours?

SPT-EVA Mine is in reasonable shape, I think. It's all be-

hind me.

CDR-EVA 0kay. I 'ii check -

SPT-EVA See how it strings out, right now.


16 03 49 MCC And, Pete, Just for information, we do have you for

about 8 minutes here, and we've got the procedures
in case you want anything on them.

r CDR-EVA Okay. Aren't you going to up-link them?

MCC Yes, sir, we are. And I'll give you estimate on when
they'll - when they're going to be up there.


PLT Okay, Rusty. No Joy on the cooling yet.

CDR-EVA Hey, Joe, move forward.

MCC Okay. Paul, the question is, have you activated the
primary coolant loop on - loop on pan - panel 203?

16 04 12 PLT ...

CDR-EVA Now_ Joe, I think you want to go from your left.

SPT-EVA I'm deciding where the best handholds are right now.

PLT You want INVERTER 1 PUMP Alfa, right?

16 04 21 MCC Right. We want PRIMARY COOLANT LOOP to INVERTER i,


.- 16 04 27 PLT All right.

364 Day158

SPT-EVA All right. Yes. Circumferential handholds here; they're

beautiful. Rusty must have known about them. He didn't
tell us.

16 04 43 CDR-EVA I hear a caution & warning, Paul?

16 04 49 PLT Yes, I turned the primaray coolant loop pump on.

MCC Joe, are you going through the tresses, or up over

the top? You should be going through them.

SPT-EVA Through, through. I'm right on the MDA surface. I'm

looking - -

MCC Okay.

SPT-EVA - - at Paul through the window right now. The other

window, Paul. Hi, there.

CDR-EVA That's correct, isn't it, Rusty?

MCC Yes, you should be right down and the nicest path we
found was right along the mol sieve vent duct. There's
about 6 inches of diameter with the silver tape on it.

SPT-EVA Well, yes. I'm - I'm hanging onto a blue handrail

that's Just - Just forward of that.

MCC Okay. Fine. We didn't have that in -

SPT-EVA I've got one hand on the handrail, one hand on the
vent duct, and I am looking at the discone antenna.

16 05 25 CDR-EVA Can you see the pin?

SPT-EVA I'll tell you. No, it's too dark at the base. The
base of the antenna is pretty dark.


MCC Okay, Joe.


16 05 36 MCC The next thing you'll be doing when you get enough
light is to go up and hook your chest tether into the
pin at the base. And then retreat back where -
behind you there, to the A-frame.

Day158 Page365

SPT-EVA Understand. And, Pete, I think I'ii delay that until

sunrise - -

CDR-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA - - so I can see - -

CDR-EVA Just a minute.

SPT-EVA -- so I can see what I'm doing.

CDR-EVA Just a minute.

16 05 50 MCC Okay. And for your information, you got 7 minutes to


CDR-EVA Just a minute. Paul, why don't you shine your flash-
light out the window? You can ill,rm_nate the pin in
the lower end of the discone. You should have a pen-
light in your suit; I put it in.

SPT-EVA Our friend Scorpio is right smack on top of _s.

PLT Mainly because the only thing I can see in the window
is Joe.

SPT-EVA And a big bowl of milk. Go ahead and try it.

PLT I'm afraid - I don't see where I'm shining.

SPT-EVA It's shining at the base of the antenna, but - -

CDR-EVA Move to the right Just a little.

SPT-EVA - - it's not good enough, Pete.

CDR-EVA All right. Okay.

16 06 26 SPT-EVA If I try to go out there, I'll block his light.

CDR-EVA Understand. Just cool it.

MCC Pete, check for the lighting down there in the FAS
and down the EV trail.

16 06 h2 CDR-EVA Oh, we've got all the rest of the lights out and all
I'm - Oh, that's fine out there. Yes, you can - It's
like broad daylight. I've - We've got all the lights
out excepz zne lock. Lights are on in the lock and
that's it. And that one docking light. What ... - -
Page366 Day158

MCC Okay.

CDR-EVA - - do you have us over now?

PLT You're over _s_.

CDR-EVA We're flying over some really well-lit island.

PLT That's Guam.

SPT-EVA Well, at least we're over @_m.

MCC Yes, you're almost directly over Guam.

CDR-EVA Yes. Hi, there, Guam.

PLT Yes. Say hello to Guam.

CDR-EVA Hi, there.

SPT-EVA Hi, Guam.

PLT It'slooking
the otherway.

SPT-EVA Guam is?

16 07 2_ CDR-EVA Getting wild, don't - don't get diddled up, trying

to ...

PLT ... Houston.

SPT-EVA Trying to what, Pete?

CDR-EVA Sightsee.

MCC Say again, Paul.

PLT I say, for your information - -

SPT-EVA All right, I'm closing my eyes, Pete.

PLT - - maybe ... little.

CDR-EVA Oh no. I said, "don't get diddled up," that's all.

SPT-EVA I'm just laying here, sightseeing.

Day158 Page

PLT Let me ts3k to Houston a minute?


16 07 45 PLT For information, I'm getting counts on the PMEC, if

that helps your insight to the problem any. With
MAIN POWER OFF, we shouldn't get any counts on that,
should we, Joe?

SPT-EVA Oh, that's funny. I don't think so, but I'm not
sure; it has its own high voltage power supply.

PLT Hello, Houston. Did you copy?

MCC Go ahead, ss_ it again.

16 08 18 PLT I say, on the X-RAY SPECT PMEC, I'm getting counts

on it, for what that's worth if you're tracking down
your indication of main power still being on.

16 08 32 CDR-EVA I'm looking at the ground.

f- 16 08 33 MCC Okay, fine. Thank you very much. Hey, P. J., we're
recommending - Which pump are you on? Whichever one
you're on, we'd recommend that you try to switch to
the other one. See if that gives you amy cooling.

16 08 43 PLT Okay, I'm on the PRIMARY. I'll go back and try the
SECONDARY. I don't have any confidence that either
pump is running.

MCC Okay. We'd like you to check the circuit breakers,

and standby; I believe it's panel 202.

16 08 54 PLT We've already found them, Rusty. They're all


16 08 57 MCC Okay. Understand. All the breakers are CLOSED.

16 09 02 PLT Yes, all the SUS PUMP breakers are CLOSED.

CDR-EVA Hey, that's the story of this bird. Half of every

piece of normal gear doesn't run right.

SPT-EVA Pretty wonderful machine for all that.

CDR-EVA You betcha. That's what we're here to find out.

368 Day158

16 09 33 MCC Okay, Pete. You got about 3-1/2 minutes here of

night remaining. And that at that point, you should
be able to press on and Paul could turn out the dock-
ing lights to save us that before sunrise.

CDR-EVA Probably turn it out now. You don't care, do you,


SPT-EVA No. No, I like it out. It'll make the sunrise better.

SPT-EVA Look at that sky.

16 i0 02 MCC And, Paul, if - if you're able to - if you're not

getting any cooling, we would like for you to turn
OFF the PRIMARY COOLANT LOOP again. And I - I think
we'd to have you go back to COMMAND.

16 l0 12 PLT You want me to go 0FF, and then COMMAND. Is that


MCC Affirmative.

PLT Okay. Let me give it a couple of minutes, now. _

16 l0 20 SPT-EVA ... here comes sunrise. Oh, that's the blackest

black in the universe up there.


MCC Okay. We'd also like to check to make sure you got
your visors down for that.

CDR-EVA Got the visors down, man. We're ready. Standing in

the FAS, I'm going to see the sunrise upside down.

SPT-EVA (Laughter) I can see it right side up where I am.

16 l0 43 MCC Okay. We got about a minute to LOS here at Guam. And

we'll be picking up Goldstone, ane - -


MCC - - we want the TV ready - -


MCC - - at 27.
_ Day158 Page

SPT-EVA I can see the limb brightening in a great big crest

at about 18O degrees.

CDR-EVA Fantastic, isn't it?

SPT-EVA And stars blinking through the - through the bottom

of it like you noticed before.

PLT When you want that teleprinter, there - Ever since

we asked them to send the procedures -

16 ll 20 MCC For your information, we will have the pads going up

as soon as we get Goldstone A0S at 16:27.

SPT-EVA Roger that.

PLT-CDR Oks_, thank you. Still there, Rusty?

MCC Yes, we are.

CDR-EVA S082 went in there; it's Just out of sight. It's so

much simpler than the water tank; it's unbelievable.

MCC Roger. That's good news.

CDR-EVA Oh, this whole FAS stage, is - works Just fine. And
I will probably configure it for our next EVA, before
I cc_e back in.

MCC Okay. That sounds grand.

CDR-EVA I'm going to check out all the booms and everything else.
I figurea you guys might have something else up your
sleeve, so I'm trying to stay in front of you.

MUC Sometimes that's hard to do, because we don_t know which

direction we're moving.

CDR-EVA Thatls all right. We're coverin_ that waterfront.

Get the little orange splotch over to the left, Paul.
Can you see that, Joe? I think the others are - -

SPT-EVA I can't quite see it. Maybe if I move back a little,

I can. Whee! Now I can. Holy Moses! Yes, now I'm
looking right up the axis of the ATM.


SPT-EVA I've got a solar panel between me and the sunrise.

But I can see the rainbow behind it. Oh, brother!
The colors are the same as they are inside, Paul, - -
Page370 Day158

16 12 48 CDR-EVA There it is! There it is!

SPT-EVA - - but you can see so much more it.

CDR-EVA Wow! Man!

SPT-EVA My outer visor is down.

CDR-EVA Yes, so is mine.

SPT-EVA Goodness gracious/ ... quickly. Okay, back to work.

CDR-EVA Yes. Okay, I got your umbilical.

SPT-EVA I think I made a 180, so I'm making another one back.

CDR-EVA Well, let me look. Oh, looks like - -

SPT-EVA How'd that look?

CDR-EVA ~ - ...

SPT-EVA It should be good again.

CDR-EVA Yes, it is.


CDR-EVA Go ahead.

SPT-EVA I am on my way.

CDR-EVA Handholds are pretty good, huh?

SPT-EVA So far. Up to here they're super good. Now from

here to get to the pin, ... I can almost reach it.
I - In fact, I can see the pin, so let me hold right
here and undo the gray tape (laughter). Try and
get that. Getting myself pinned here. I am pinned,
but I'm not locked yet.

PLT Hey, Pete, what's the speed on that Hasselblad film -


16 l_ i0 CDE-EVA That's - well - Yes, I guess so, ASA-6h. It's TV this

pass, if they want it.

SPT-EVA Dag nab it!

Day158 Page371

CDR-EVA What's the matter?

SPT-EVA I can't get the lock locked on that Apollo tether pin.

CDR-EVA Is there something wrong with it, or -

SPT-EVA I don't know yet. Well, I got it.

CDR-EVA What in heaven's name is -

SPT-EVA It's a little crochety on the - Now I've got to go

to the A-frame, huh?


SPT-EVA And up the A-frame. Hem. I can't go up the A-frame

more than the length of my tether.

CDR-EVA Well, let me see if I can see you. That's the big

F SPT-EVA Just a minute now. Thanks to my friendly handhold.

CDR-EVA There - there went some gray tape.

• SPT-EVA That 's all right. That 's gray tape off my -

CDR-EVA Shoot !

SPT-EVA What ?

CDR-EVA See the holes in the discone antenna for ...

SPT-EVA Ah-hah, I can see four holes down.

SPT-EVA All right. Well, I'm about to go to that point.

That's exactly where I'm going to go is up that -
up that beam.

16 15 50 PLT Joe?


PLT Your chest tether is between the SOP and your leg

SPT-EVA Thank you. Now let me see - Oh, yes.

372 Day158 -_

PLT No, it's all right. There you go.


SPT-EVA Tell you what. I'm going to make a 180 here.

CDR-EVA I see you now.

SPT-EVA I want my t_nbilical behind my back, I think.


SPT-EVA Like that.

CDR-EVA All right. % see you fine.

16 16 17 SPT-EVA That's as far as I can go; my tether won't let me

go any farther.

CDR-EVA Well, that's good. Stay there.

SPT-EVA Let me put my legs in -

CDR-EVA Now, let me ask you a question. I'm going to tether

your _nbilical back here, Just to keep it out of
the way -

SPT-EVA Clamp it?



CDR-EVA All right. Now I'm going to hand the pole up to you.

SPT-EVA Man, I superstabilized right at this particular spot.

CDR-EVA Can you see the SAS?

16 16 43 SPT-EVA I can see the pole; I can't see the SAS. I - I can
see almost to the business end of pole, but not quite.


SPT-EVA And I can see the circ,2mferential handrail, but I

can't see you.

Day158 Page373

SPT-EVA I can see what you're doing. Now I can see your
hand. Now I can see the tool coming mY way.

CDR-EVA Direct the tool.

SPT-EVA Direct straight on - up a little - up a little to

clear that pipe. Okay, straight on.

CDR-EVA Okay, now I'll take care of the rope. Okay.

SPT-EVA We never did deploy that rope, did we?

CDR-EVA It's all right.


CDR-EVA It'll deploy.


16 17 44 SPT-EVA Okay. No, wait a minute. Come - swing that Dole

to your right. You're going to - above one of the
trusses. Oh, a little farther. Stop. Now straight
on out. Now swing it to your right a little more.
More, more, more, more. Now, stop_ straight on out.
Farther. Another 2 feet and I'll have it. In a
minute. Okay, I got the end of it.

CDR-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA And there's no rush from here, you can -


16 17 58 SPT-EVA Shall I keep on pulling it, or slack off?

CDR-EVA You go ahead and pull, and I'ii deploy the rope.

SPT-EVA All right. Tell me if and when to stop.

CDR-EVA Keep going.

SPT-EVA Quicker than a well-known Conrad commodity. I'm

going to pull off this last track here.

(DR-EVA Well, why don't you let me do it?

- SPT-EVA Because I want to clean the pole and the rope of that
gray tape.
374 Day158

CDR-EVA Oh, okay.

SPT-EVA And that point will be behind me and beyond me in

a minute - -

Yes,okay. i

SPT-EVA - - and I won't be able to reach it.

CDR-EVA Take your time. We've got all day.

PLT All 55 minutes of it.

CDR-EVA Oh, well - -

SPT-EVA Unlike ... the ATM PIs, we don't - we don't go from

400 K, we go from the horizon. (Laughter)

16 19 05 PLT Pete, I'm going to pop down to the CSM to see what
I can see out that window.

CDR-EVA Okay. Joe? Joe?


CDR-EVA I want to make sure the lines are straight, and un-
tangled. Can you verify that?

16 19 19 SPT-EVA Just a minute. That's a good point, and it's proba-

bly trying to start it.

CDR-EVA You got the pole; I don't.

SPT-EVA I got the pole.

CDR-EVA I've got one end of it. Where the lines, now?

SPT-EVA Wait a minute. That line is wrapped one time; it

needs to come this way. Now the lines are straight,
as far as me.

CDE-EVA See my left hand?

SPT-EVA That's a quite a bit of - quite a little bit of wrap

in it. Yes, I can see your left hand.

16 20 05 CDE-EVA Tell me which way to unwrap it.

Day158 Page

SPT-EVA Counterclockwise. Put your left hand, your side of

the pole, and then around the other side. In other
words, come to the right with it - no - -

CDR-EVA Around the pole?

SPT-EVA - -nope, nope, the other wsM, the other way.

CDR-EVA Is it around the pole?

SPT-EVA Yes, it is, one time.

CDR-EVA All right.

SFT-EVA That way. That's it.


16 20 25 SPT-EVA Once around.


SPT-EVA There. Now you're - now you're free and clear.

CDR-EVA Now, let me open the lines.

SPT-EVA Yes, I'm opening them as far as I can. I've got them


SPT-EVA See where they come together there?

CDR-EVA Yes. Yes.

16 20 36 SPT-EVA Pull it toward you from there, I'm holding it apart.

CDR-EVA I got it; I got it.

SPT-EVA Good, good, good. You're doing it.

PLT Hey, Pete.


PLT I can't see Joe at all out the command module window,
surprisingly. As a matter of fact, I'm looking right
down at your feet. I tell you what I'm going to do;
376 Day158

I'm going to bring the TV down here and see if we

can't get enough off that one little orange corner
to tell them what they have to know.

SPT-EVA The one in your right hand is the business one.

16 21 05 CDR-EVA Okay. l'm going to wrap it down here. That's all.

SPT-EVA Okay. Whatever.

CDR-EVA It's got no kinks in it, right?

SPT-EVA Zero kinks.

CDR-EVA Okay. Let me get this out of the way.

16 21 21 SPT-EVA As of today, right now, this minute. You know, l'm

sitting here looking at the SAS panel and not think-
ing- and, Paul?

PLT Yes?

SPT-EVA I'm looking right down the long axis of the SAS panel.
On my left, on the shady side, I see a bunch of little
wires coming out. On the top of the SAS panel, I see
the three vent modules, and they look essentially nor-
real launch configuration from here. And on the right
side of the SAS panel, on the top of the beam fair-
ing, very close to me and on the right-hand edge,
there's a - It's like there's a little door that's -
that's hinged open away from me.

CDR-EVA That's the hinge door.

PLT Right.

SPT-EVA It's there and it's wide open.

PLT Yes.

16 22 20 SPT-EVA I can't see - Oh yes, maybe that's the strap. It

looks more like a wire than a strap. Don't rotate
this thing now, or you'll get -

CDR-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA I'll get it over here.

378 Day158

PLT Hey, Pete. Looky here.

SPT-EVA I'll tell you what I'm going to do right -

(Sign sound)
CDR-EVA What's that? What's that? I

16 2_ 32 SPT-EVA Sounded like rapid DELTA-P.

CDR-EVA What's that?

(Siren sound)

PLT Wait a minute !

(Siren sound)

PLT That's ANE fire - must have got sunlight in there.

SPT-EVA Oh, sure. That's something nobody thought of, isn't


16 25 00 CDR-EVA Yes.

SPT-EVA Eve_-ybody knew about it. At least I guess you - I'm

sure it is. I have the pole tethered to me, now.
That's what I was doing there.


SPT-EVA Now I'm going to crawl down the A-frame. And if I

can - Oh, boy.

PLT Really gets your attention, doesn't it?

SFT-EYA Sure as heck does. It could - we could even hear

it out here; that was the scary part.

16 25 33 PLT Well, I was horrified.


PLT When I get scared, you guys might as well get seared.

SPT-EVA Why not?

CDR-EVA Yes, beck, I could hear it all the way out here.
All right ; now listen Joe, I may be able to help
youhere. _-_
Day158 Page379

16 25 16 SPT-EVA Well, here, I'm going - I'm going to lock this pole
in right now and then we won't lose it. 0ops!
(Laughter) Stay here, baby.

SPT-EVA ... not lock these hooks, they do not stay put.
I All right, it's locked. Goodness gracious, that's
dramatic. I can see that thing; I think there's
going to be enough room for me to lock onto it, by

16 26 26 CDR-EVA Yes, it's sticking out, isn't it?

SPT-EVA Isn't it, though?

CDR-EVA I can see it, too.

16 26 30 SPT-EVA Let me kind of stand back here, and see if I can work
that way.

PLT It's sticking out on the side of the _ET?

SPT-EVA Yes, there is clearance.

CDR-EVA That's the way I remembered it .... there's a lot of

solar panels further down, though, isn't there?

SPT-EVA 0h, yes.

CDR-EVA You're in good shape there, Joe. Can you - can you
put your - pull your feet down?

SPT-EVA Hard to tell. No, I don't want to pull _ feet down

right now.

CDR-EVA ... Okay.

16 26 54 CC Skylab, Houston. We've got you for about 17 minutes

coming over the States.

PLT Let me tell them what's going on.

CDR-EVA Yes, let me direct you, Joe. You can pull the pole
back -

SPT-EVA I ean't pull it back sc_e, I think, however; you

know -
Page380 Day158

CDR-EVA We're out there -

SPT-EVA Wait a minute.

CDR-EVA That's a beautiful place to cut it, right? See?

Yes. I

CDR-EVA You're in the right area if you can get through those
wires - -

SPT-EVA (Sigh)

16 27 18 CDR-EVA - - Just take your time. Okay, Houston. We're out

there. We - have the debris in sight ; it looks like
enough room to get the cutters. And l'm trying to
help Joe stabilize. And, Joe, you're way past it,
it looks like. Try-

SPT-EVA I don't think I am.

CDR-EVA Yes, you are. Come - come towards me.


CDR-EVA No, you've got - if you're going to hook it down there,

you are.

16 27 42 SPT-EVA Well, you know what I'm going to have to do then -

wait a minute. I might get enough out of it there.
See, I've got it tethered and that prevents me from
pulling it back too darn far.

CDR-EVA All right. You need to move the tether up.

SPT-EVA Wait a minute.

CDR-EVA You're still in front of it. I mean it's down


SPT-EVA It's - Yes, you're right.

CDR-EVA I'll tell you when you're on it.

16 28 0h PLT Houston, I'm going to try and get to the command

module with the TV so you can get a look at the sail.
Day 158 Page 381

MCC And we've got a way to get you some comm here, P. J.


PLT I 'm going.

CDR-EVA You're - you're battling the tether.

PLT Let that thing go.

SPT-EVA I know I am, I'm going to have to untether.

CDR-EVA - - have to come back in here - let's come back in

here, and take it easy, and let me help you. How's

SPT-EVA I'm going to have to untether it, Pete.

16 28 34 CDR-EVA Now, that's my - tether's around my feet, right?


CDR-EVA Let me turn around.

SPT-EVA Okay, now it's loose.

CDR-EVA Where's my tether? See it?

SPT-EVA Oh, cripes! It's all right. It goes in front of

your feet, but it goes straight back into the air-
lock. You're all right.

CDR-EVA Yes, let me see if I can help you. Now, Just ease
it over towards me. All right. Wait.

SPT-EVA Hey, don't -

CDR-EVA No, trouble is, I have to get it a different way.

All right, I got it off. It's the sole thing hold-
ing the pole. Now Just send it back towards me.
Can you do that?

16 29 24 SPT-EVA What - the pole?

382 Day158

SPT-EVA No, I don't want to do that, I don't think. Let's

- you Just - Why don't you help me - -

CDR-EVA No, no, Joe -

SPT-EVA - - while I have it on?

CDR-EVA Joe, you got to have it tethered, and I'll let it
slide out - it can slide out. It's not - -

SPT-EVA Tethered to what?

CDR-EVA The pole. Let me get it in front of the ropes.

SPT-EVA What are you going to tether the pole to? Oh,
yourself, h_h?


SPT-EVA Oh, the BET?

CDR-EVA I Just - no - darn it. I tell you what I want to do,

back -

SPT-EVA What is that tether you've got on that?

16 29 58 CDR-EVA That's the pole tether. Now Just sta_ with me a

minute; come back with the pole. I'll tell you what
we're going to do; we're going to get in the right
configuration -

SPT-EVA We were in the right configuration - -

CDR-EVA No, we weren't.

SPT-EVA - - Just a minute ago.

CDR-EVA That was too short. You couldn't slide your pole
back, see. Now the tether will go up as far on the
pole as you want it to. Can you retether it? You -
you follow me?


16 30 17 CDR-EVA I'll tether it for you ; hold still. Hold still.

If I can point - can you hold the pole?
Day158 Page

SPT-EVA I've got the pole.


CDR-EVA Now, I'm going to hold onto the pole and translate
i to the tetherpoint. There. Okay.

SPT-EVA Be sure and lock it. It'll come apart in a second,

if you don't.

16 30 44 CDR-EVA It's locked.

SPT-EVA Okay. Locked.

CDR-EVA Let me get to my - I need to get back.


CDR-EVA Push me back Just so I can get to the A-frame.

SPT-EVA Wait a minute.

CDR-EVA Okay. I'm on my way. That a boy!

SPT-EVA 0kay.

CDR-EVA Got it. Now you're in business. Okay?

SPT-EVA Okay. That might even help, I reluctantly have to

confes s.

CDR-EVA All right. Now Just turn the pole 90 degrees and
let her damp.

16 31 43 SPT-EVA I tell you, holding that on there is going to be a

chore. 0h, dang it. Wait a minute.

16 32 01 PLT See the corner of the sail, Houston?

MCC Say again, P. J.

PLT Can you see the corner of the sail, the orange corner?

MCC Stand by and see if we can psych it out. We do have

a good picture.
38h Day158 4

CDR-RVA Okay. Let me come back a little - no, you've got

to go forward. Oh, that's it; now come up.

CDR-EVA You take your time.

16 32 38 MCC Okay. We've got it, P. J.

SPT-EVA Can you hold with one foot? Yes, you - -

CDR-EVA Try it.

SPT-EVA Are you that stable?


S!Ff-EVA If you couldhold one foot, man, I could use both

hands on this thing.


SPT-EVA Whoo ! (Laught er)

CDR-EVA Let me hang on. All right,how's that?

SPT-EVA That's pretty good. Now, I'll get up out of the

rubble there. Wait a minute. Make that come for-

16 33 38 PLT Tell me if you got enough of the sail, Houston. I'ii

go back into the MDA.

MCC We got enough. Thank you very much.

16 33 h0 PLT Oh, okay.

SPT-EVA Okay. (Laughter)

CDR-EVA Tired?

SPT-EVA I'm not tired. I'm a little frustrated because I have

no place to secure myself here.

PLT Houston, I've got a suggestion.

16 3h 13 MCC Okay. We're reading you. Understand you're having

trouble in - in maintaining your position in order
to hook it onto the strap. Can you give us a little
more detail? We're hearing all of the conversation, _-_
but we haven't got a very good picture of it.
_- Day158 Page

CDR-EVA Let's Just cool it until we get done. We're working

the problem. Bunch of wires in the way. Gosh, that
prevented you from getting it that time.

SPT-EVA Uh-huh.

CDR-EVA Trying to let it go, you know. That's it; you got
it right here. Pu]l back.

SPT-EVA Can you by any possible means -

CDR-EVA Ah - It came off.

SPT-EVA I know it, but can you get hold of this gray rope?

16 35 01 CDR-EVA Gray rope?

16 35 02 SPT-EV_ The one we marked.

16 35 03 CDR-EVA Oh. Yes.

SPT-EVA Wait a minute.

16 35 06 CDR-EVA I'm going to have to - Well, unfortunately, got my-

self tethered to the B_T - to the deal here at the
moment. Take a rest. Wait. Ready. I got the pole.

SPT-EVA You're pulling me around.

CDR-EVA I got the pole ... keep holding it.

CDR-EVA Take it easy.

SPT-EVA Okay, now. The thing is - listen how about unhooking

that rope back there - -

CDR-EVA Hey, how about -

i6 35 _3 SPT-EVA Could you unhook it from the - from the cleats? I want
you in a position to pull on the - the right rope
while I hold it in place. Because I - Yes, I can't
do both.


386 Day158

CDR-EVA Just a second.

SPT-EVA That would be the deal.

CDR-EVA Okay, I got the right rope.

SPT-EVA That's the one.


16 36 16 MCC Joe, Just for your information. We operated on the

opposite side of the discone from the one you're
operating from. That is, we operated from the
righthand side of the dlscone. That _ help you,
if you need more pole.

CDR-EVA It's not a question of pole -

16 36 27 SPT-EVA It's not a question - I've got more than enough pole,
Rusty. It's a question of keeping _ feet from
flying away so that I can not only reach the thing,
but hold it there.

MCC And the only thing I can say - that in the water tank
we stood up _]most parallel with the discone, with
our feet down by the base, and used the discone cone
as a handhold. That helped us; you might want to try

SPT-EVA I'm doing that. It's not a handhold I need, Rusty, J

it's a foothold.
16 36 54 MCC We put our feet right at the base of the discone and 5
you only have to -

16 36 58 SPT-EVA That's where they are, Rusty. It's easy to get it to

touch, but it's impossible to get it to stay there.
Not impossible.

CDR-EVA Take it easy.

SPT-EVA Just takes a little longer. I ... see what I'm doing
without trying to fight the pole -

CDR-EVA I may speed things up, holding on to this rope right

at the moment.

SPT-EVA No, no, I don't think so. Whoops! (Laughter)

Day158 Page

CDR-EVA I'm giving, you as much as I can give you.


16 37 36' CDR-EVA There, you're in good shape .... Just a little

bit, come back - -

SPT-EVA I think I'm on it.

CDR-EVA - - no. I can tell that you're in front of it.

You're still in front of it. Got to come towards
me. Now you're behind it. At an angle, see?

sPT-EVA Yes. Pull.

CDR-EVA No, you're in front of it. Now you're behind it,

still behind it. Get - That's the place to work,
but you're still behind it. If you Just come over
right there, you're behind it. Now, you're in
front of it again. Underneath it. You're still in
front of it. Yes, you've got to go back behind it

SPT-EVA How's that?

CDR-EVA No, pull towards me. No, you're not on it. Are

SPT-EVA Well, it's a -

16 38 h0 CDR-EVA I tell you - when you think you're on, pull towards
me, and that ought to pull it right to the base.

SPT-EVA Uh-huh.

CDR-EVA No, you're not on it yet.

SPT-EVA It's pretty thick, Rusty.

CDR-EVA That's the trouble. That's the trouble right there.

MCC Understand that. Is there any other debris you

can grab out there that's not as thick?

CDR-EVA That's the very thing he's working on? That's the
trouble. The darn Jaws aren't far enough open -

_ 16 39 08 SPT-EVA Try closing it, Rusy, right now. Wait a minute.

Hold it.
388 Day158

CDR'EVA That do it?

SPT-EVA No. Mostly because it pulled off while we were

closing it.


16 39 29 MCC The only thing we can think of, Joe, is to make

sure that they're fully opened before you try to
get it over. That'll give you a maximum chance.

SPT-EVA Right. We're going to take it back right now and

reset it. Well, we might not have to take it back.
Let me pull on it and see if it'll reset.

CDR-EVA You got a piece of wire that time, anyhow. You were
• _ on it.

SPT'EVA Yes, i know it.

16 39 5Y PLT Watch that antenna, Joe.

CDR-EVA You're shaking that antenna pretty good, Joe.

SPT-EVA Yes, I am, sure I am.

CDR-EVA ... listen, I wonder if - if - Can we tell if it's

fully opened?

SPT-EVA It looked fully opened.


SPT-EVA It sure does. Now.

CDR-EVA I - I still got the pull rope.

SPT-EVA Okay. Let's go back to work.

CDR-EVA Yes. Take your time.

16 40 40 PLT Okay, Joe. You won't get mad it I suggest that

you Just rest for a minute, will you?


PLT Why don't you?

Day158 Page

SPT-EVA Oh, okay. Mostly because I'm in a position and I

don't want to - I tell you I'ii try it from the top
now. Let me see.

CDR-EVA You know the best chance you have is as close to

the base as the SAS panel, that's where it's the

SPT-EVA Is that right?

16 41 08 CDR-EVA But there's a wire bundle there. Yes, I got the


SPT-EVA Okay. Am I all right, now?

CDR-EVA Yes. The pole's over your arm.

SPT-EVA Okay. The way they said they were doing it.

16 _l 33 MCC Okay, Pete, Just for your information, you still

have plenty of time here to sunset. You got
29 minutes left.

CDR-EVA Yes, we 're - we 're not sweating anything. I tell

you, Rusty, the - the strap is - is oriented, in
the - in the worst ... Joe, wait, wait a minute,
stop. Give it a pull. The strap happens to be oriented
in such a manner, even though it's not wide, it's
presenting its widest side to the cutter.

CDR-EVA I can't see, Joe; although I'll try. You know, we

can change positions.

SPT-EVA Wait a minute. If I could bear against anything,

I'd be all right.

16 h2 30 CDR-EVA I'm not in such bad shape, with this pole myself.
If - Now, I got a hand on that son-of-a-gun myself
to steady it. How's that? I can steady it - -

SPT-EVA My foot is damp.

CDR-EVA Left/right. Now, tell me where you want to go with



- CDR-EVA You do the fore/aft, let me do the left/right. You

better steer me because I can't see.
390 Day158 -

SPT-EVA Wait a minute. I got a little torque on my body

that's holding that from pulling the way it wants to.

CDR-EVA That may be me.

16 43 07 SPT-EVA No, it isn't you.

16 43 15 CDR-EVA I tell you, Rusty, it looks like if we ever get it

on the strap, we've got it made, because I can see
the rest of the meteoroid panel. And most of it's
underneath and looks relatively clear.

MCC Okay. If you can hook on anything at all, out

there -

CDR-EVA Yes, yes; it's not ... oriented to do that, and we


16 43 33 MCC And, for your information, we're about B0 seconds

from LOS and you've got 26-1/2 minutes of day left.
We're going to pick you up at Vanguard at 54. That'll
be after dark.

CDR-EVA Where you going, Joe?

SPT-EVA I can't stabilize myself on this thing. I Just can't

do it.

16 43 53 PLT You got to take a breather, Joe.

CDR-EVA Yes, rest. I tell you what, Joe. Where's your

umbilical with respect to mine? I see it.

SPT-EVA Where are we?

CDR-EVA Right - -

SPT-EVA Let me try straddling it, like this.

16 44 06 CDR-EVA Wait, we're getting umbilicals and everything else

all twisted up here.

SPT-EVA I think this may do it. Right here.

CDR-EVA Okay. You want the pole?

SPT-EVA No, I got the pole.

Day158 Page

CDR-EVA Okay. You want me to still pull? Want me to pull

the string?

SPT-EVA Uh-huh.

16 44 22 CDR-EVA All right. Let me get in a position where I can do

that. I don't know.

16 hh h0 SPT-EVA That's not going to work.

CDR-EVA Okay. Cool it for a minute.

SPT-EVA All right.

CDR-EVA Yes. Where's my t_nbillcal?

CDR-EVA It's right here. I've got it.

SPT-EVA Should I go under the pole or over it, to get to

the other side?

CDR-EVA Which way do you want to go, left or right, huh?

SPT-EVA Yes, I want to go -

16 4h 55 CDR-EVA Wait a minute. You'll get all twisted up over me.

Go over the pole to the left - -

SPT-EVA Over the pole?

CDR-EVA - - to the A-frame, all right?

SPT-EVA I want to be right here.

16 h5 0h CDR-EVA All right. You're right there. Now, why why don't
you let me come up there and give it a try.

SPT-EVA Because I'm not tired right at the moment. But

what you're going have to do, is I'm going to take
this tether off _ arm and - right here. Let me
do that. Okay. That's done. Now, Joe.


CDR-EVA I want to stay - we're getting our umbilieals

twisted up so you go - stay to the left - -

SPT-EVA Well, yes. We're not supposed to be two of us

out here.
392 Day158 -

CDR-EVA Go to the left and come back over here.

SPT-EVA Just a second, I'm doing something to - doing

personal tether here.

16 45 67 CDR-EVA The other thing is the rope is free; you better

get a hold of that rope. Now it's - it's in the
_imbilical line ; it 's okay.

SPT-EVA Try one thing here ; I've got a new wrinkle.

CDR-EVA All right. Now what's -

SPT-EVA Ah ha! That's it. Look, I doubled my tether and

I can bear against it.

CDR-EVA Okay. Now, the lines - You got to get the lines

SPT-EVA All right.

16 46 B5 CDR-EVA Okay. Let me doom here where I belong. Hand me

up the line.

SPT-EVA Got it?

CDR-EVA Yes. Take the right one. I got the right one;
I take the knot out of it. Just a minute.

16 47 0B SPT-EVA Man, that's going to do it, I think. I hope.

CDR-EVA Got it. Now you got a free pole, and I got the line.

SPT-EVA Okay. Aaaah -

CDR-EVA Take your time.

16 47 35 SPT-EVA Yes. Get my foot right in there. Okay. It's my

right foot that's holding me, so I don't care where
the left one is.

CDR-EVA Oh, okay.

SPT-EVA That's much better.

CDR-EVA All right, you're out past the wires.

SPT-EVA All right, Just let me take it cool - -

Day158 Page

CDR'EVA Come back.

SPT-EVA - - because I'm under control at the moment.

CDR-EVA Come back a little. Got to come back. Come back.

16 48 02 SPT-EVA Think that's on it, Pete, isn't it?

CDR-EVA No, it's not, Joe. I can see it perfectly.

SPT-EVA All right.

CDR-EVA Now, pull back.

SPT-EVA It's on it. It's on it.

CDR-EVA All right. Hold it!

SPT-EVA Pull gently, Pete, for gosh sakes !

CDR-EVA All right. You still on?

SPT-EVA Yes, I think so.

16 48 20 CDR-EVA Wait a minute; let me get the line again. Oh,

shoot; I fell free.

SPT-EVA All right.

CDR-EVA I am free. I got to get on - -

SPT-EVA Oh, you're free. Okay. Just a minute. Take your

time. It's easy for me to hold on.

CDR-EVA All right. Just a minute I got to go back down.

SPT-EVA Everything's under control.

CDR-EVA I got it.

16 48 40 SPT-EVA All right. Pull on it. I think you're - We're

getting it. Pull on it.

CDR-EVA I 'm coming.

CDR-EVA Just a minute. Just a minute. Hang on.

394 Day158 --

SPT-EVA That 's it.

CDR-EVA Wait Just a minute. More?

SPT-EVA Pull as much as you think prudent, but it's " it's
on now.


SPT-EVA If you pull much more, you're going to cut the son-

CDR-EVA Okay, hang on. There it is.

16 48 59 SPT-EVA It's on.

CDR-EVA Okay. Now, come on back down here.

SPT-EVA Oh, how about that? Okay.

16 49 0B CDR-EVA Tighten - tighten your pole now.

SPT-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA Well, let me see.

16 49 24 CDR-EVA You got to - you got to tighten it from the top.

SPT-EVA Yes, "I was looking for the right number and this is
it. Oops! (Laughter) Help! Tight as it's going
to get.

CDR-EVA That's good enough. You can hold it -

SPT-EVA It's not. I'll tell you what. Let's reposition

that thing back where it was, and that'll put a strain
on it, if you understand what I mean.

CDR-EVA No, it won't. It's Just liable to fly up, unless you
hold it down.

16 49 53 SPT-EVA Well, I'll hold it down ar4vway, Pete. To heck with

it. Okay. We'll leave it where it is.

CDR-EVA Now, what you want to do is - can you stand right here
and tie the lines? That's it. Okay, you better
tie both of them tight. Take the slack out of the
other one. All right, let me get my tether working
here. Where'dit go? Thereit is.
Day158 Page

CDR-EVA Okay. How you doing?

SPT-EVA Good, I,m going to undo m_ tether again. Put it

back where it was.

CDR-EVA All right. Now, we've got -

SPT-EVA So I'll be able to move back out of your way.

CDR-EVA You got an umbilical problem, we got to iron out


16 51 14 SPT-EVA Okay.

CDR-EVA Plus, I've got a tether problem and an tmbilical

problem I've got to iron out.

SPT-EVA All right. Let me solve my tether problem here, if

I can.

16 51 31 CDR-EVA How much time to darkness, P. J.?

i -
SPT-EVA Uh-oh.

16 51 42 PLT Got 18 minutes.

CDR-EVA All right.

PLT Yes, I think, as long as you're hooked onto it.

Why didn't they want us to Just cut it, now?

CDR-EVA Because it won't come up -

SPT-EVA They're afraid it won't come up.

CDR-EVA I got to get that other thing on it.


CDR-EVA We're in the right place to cut it; I don't believe

we have to move it.

SPT-EVA I don't think so either. You can verify that when

you go down there, but -

16 52 05 CDR-EVA Yes. All right, now the pole and the umbilical and
you are all mixed up. Where - -
396 Day158 -

SPT-EVA Oh, are they?

CDR-EVA - - where - where you want to go?

SPT-EVA I - I -anywhere to get free - -

CDR-EVA Hold it - -

SPT-EVA I want to wind up this - after the - pole and

out of your way.

CDR-EVA - - hold it - -

CDR-EVA - - hold it; hold it. Push back a little, now come
down. Gosh darn it' Now. I got - There you go.


16 52 28 CDR-EVA All right. Now turn around, if you can.

SPT-EVA Which way, this way?

CDR-EVA You've got to turn towards me. I've got your _bilical,
I don't know where mine is.

SPT-EVA All right.

CDR-EVA And I _m tethered, and what I want to do is get

my _nbilical around my back -

SPT-EVA Wait a minute, let me get over here where I can hang
on for a minute.


SPT-EVA For the first time in a half an hour.

CDR-EVA Yes. All right. Look, you can let you feet
right ...

SPT-EVA Ah-ha'.

CDR-EVA Oops, hold it.

16 52 54 SPT-EVA I didn't go anywhere. But - (laughter)

CDR-EVA Let your feet right down there.

Day158 Page397

SPT-EVA Yes, I'll-

CDR-EVA Turn around further.

SPT-EVA I understand what you!re saying.

16 53 01 CDR-EVA Up towards me. That a boy!

b SPT-EVA Just the mechanics of it Just didn't work out.

CDR-EVA Yes. Now, come right down and stick your feet in -
no, actually you got to get them behind it. There you
go '

SPT-EVA Now, it's beautiful.

16 53 12 CDR-EVA All right. Now, where's your umbilical?

SPT-EVA MY _nbilical is - goes straight down, then takes

one loop through yours, if you see what I mean.
So you move under there a little bit.

CDR-EVA I have to go under here?


CDR-EVA But I'm tethered now.

16 53 28 SPT-EVA All right. That's all right. Don't go under there

too far.

CDR-EVA Oh, you want me to do this?

SPT-EVA Wait a minute. I want to get hold of my umbilical - -


SPT-EVA Raise up your left side so I can get it - Slip

it under your SOP, you're not raising up! That's it.


16 53 _8 SPT-EVA Oh, dang it. No. Not okay. There, now.

CDR-EVA Now, where are you?

SPT-EVA This thing, ... what I've done.

Page 398 Day 158

CDR-EVA Muh'.t

16 53 57 SPT-EVA Okay. Well, our umbilicals are free of each other.

CDR-EVA Look now - now, I want you to get back. If I go

out, where's m_ _nbilical with respect to yours?

SPT-EVA Inside of it, right where it ought to be.

CDR-EVA All right. So I can go under, right?

SPT-EVA Yes, sir.

PLT Hey, Joe?

SPT-EVA Yes, Paul.

PLT Joe, your tmbilical goes between your legs and - -

16 5_ 17 MCC Skylab, Houston. We got you through Vanguard, here.

It sounds like you got it hooked on somewhere.

CDR-EVA Yes, we do. And, now all w.e're trying to is straighten

out the umbilicalmess before I go out.

MCC Okay.

CDR-EVA I don't believe we'll have to move the cutter. We've

got it in about the thinnest spot. All right, you


CDR-EVA All right. Now I got to go - Let me get

oriented on this pole right. I got to go here.

SPT-EVA Yes, because you want to go with your feet out that
way, don't you?

CDR-EVA Yes, and I want you to grab a hold of the pole now,
to stabilize it.

SPT-EVA All right.

16 5_ 50 CDR-EVA Got it?

16 5& 51 CDR-EVA It ...

_ Day158 Page

16 5_ 5B CDR-EVA Goodbye.

SPT-EVA Goodbye.

MCC Paul, the messages are in the teleprinter if you want

to give them guidance.

CDR-EVA Okay. You may have to feed some of my umbilical out.

And you may have to tip my -

PLT Roger, Rusty.

SPT-EVA Oh, boy' Wait a minute. However you fastened this

rope, it sure is in there tight.

CDR-EVA That's all right. Just let it come out.

SPT-EVA Okay. It 's coming out now.

CDR-EVA Let it come over the end first. Let it come over the
end. Don't pull it all loose. Over the end. That's
a boy. Bye.

16 55 30 SFT-EVA Take your time. I want to feed this rope behind you.



CDR-EVA I'm going to tighten the nuts on these poles on the

way out.

SPT-EVA All right.

CDR-EVA Every single - -

SPT-EVA All right. Are they coming loose again, already?

CDR-EVA Every single one of them has backed off.

SPT-EVA Isn't that incredible?


PLT Hey, Pete?

16 55 39 CDR-EVA Okay. Yes?

400 Day158

PLT You're starting out with your umbilical under the


CDR-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA Stay there. Stay where you are, Pete.

CDR-EVA I got it. Here, here. Stay where you are.

PLT ... your umbilical or your tether under his umbilical.

CDR-EVA Gosh darn'

SPT-EVA Say again.

16 55 57 CDR-EVA I wish you hadn't of pulled that rope out of the bag.
Holy Christmas !

SPT-EVA Listen, I gave it one tug, and it all came.

CDR-EVA Well -


CDR-EVA But, I don't-

16 56 09 PLT Pete, you're going to have to duck under Joe's chest

tether there. How's that?

CDR-EVA Yes. Yes.

SPT-EVA I'll have untether.

CDR-EVA Hey, there. Well, okay.

SPT-EVA Now we can switch.

CDR-EVA Hold. The inside - That's the one. But this is what
comes with no practice, man.


CDR-EVA Now, let it -

SPT-EVA That 's right.

16 56 32 CDR-EVA Pull that string out. Let it come out of the whole
darn thing. I hope it goes under.
Day158 Page401

SPT-EVA Hey, it's got to. (Laughter)


SPT-EVA It must go under.

CDR-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA Or we never could've gotten it in that box in the

first place, right?


16 56 46 CDR-EVA All right, now. Am I free?

SPT-EVA All right. Now -

CDR-EVA My umbilical's still on there. Wait a minute.

SPT-EVA Wait a minute.

CDR-EVA It 's under the pole.



SPT-EVA Now you got it. Now go.

CDR-EVA All right. Bye.

SPT-EVA Okay. Your umbilical is in front of you; it's looking

good. Just take it easy.

16 57 09 PLT Hello, Houston. You there?

16 57 l0 MCC Yes, sir. We got you for another 2-1/2 minutes.

CDR-EVA All right. Where is the BET, Joe? Yes. It's ...
That's what I was afraid of.

SPT-EVA Hold it. The whole BET's here, isn't it?

CDR-EVA Right.


CDR-EVA Stay put.

Page402 Day158

16 57 33 Mcc Okay. We got you for 2 minutes and then we're going
to have about an hour dropout before we pick you up
again at Goldstone. That'll be at 18:03.


16 57 45 MCC And you have about 13 minutes of daylight left. And

no big sweat.

PLT Okay. Yes, I'm watching it on the DAS, on the day/

night thing, Rusty.

16 57 55 MCC Okay, fine. Paul, if you want cooling, we recommend

you just disconnect from the cluge [?] box and put
your water in SUS 2.



CDR-EVA Umbilical is holding me up.

SPT-EVA It is, huh?

16 58 07 CDR-EVA I don't have any umbilical.

SPT-EVA All right. Stand by.

CDR-EVA I've got it. Never mind.

PLT It won't reach, Rusty. This umbilical is flat not

long enough to reach.

MCC Okay, we're saying disconnect your comm from the

cluge [71 box if you're on the lightweight.

SPT-EVA No, it's still coming.

16 58 hl PLT Here you go, Pete. A little music to skid you down
the pole by.

CDR I'm at the end of it alread