INew Pastor to Preach
I in Borough on Sunday
j Rev. Archer E. Anderson, Pres-
I byterian Minister, Arrived
! Yesterday
Alternate Delegate
Luncheon Followed by Talks
History of Borough and
China and Glass
IGive Varied Progralll I
at Community Club
January and February Show
Best Volume of Business
Since 1930
VOLUME 22, No. 22
-/: Autocar Sales Are I
The Political Pot
,---------! Up 1020/0 Over 1935
It is a good bet that Lambert Cad-
walader, of Villanova, will be the next
Representative at Harrisburg from
the Fin;t Legislative Di>;trict of
Montgomery County. The principal
I'eason for this is that he received the
endorsement of the Republican Har- ANNUAL MEETING 13TH
mony Committee at a meeting in Nor-
Tuesday afternoon. The sec- Sales of Autocar trucks during Members of the 'Nomen's Commun- The Rev. Archer E. Anderson, new
ond reason is that the First Legisla- January and February arc running ity Club of Narberth were presented i pastor of the Narherth Presbyterian
tive District, composed of Lower Mer- 102 11cr cent ahead of the same months with a varied 11rogram at the meet- I Church, arrived in the borough yester-
ion, Narberth, \Vest Conshohocken . last year, it was learned this week. I ing' in the Community Building on I I day and will preach his first sermon
and Bridgeport, is The months, an official of the Ard- Tuesday afternoon. The affair was Ithis SU,nday morning.
RelJUhlican. If clected l\1r, Cadwala- imore company said, are the best the II opened with a luncheon at 12.30, and i I Mr. Anderson, who is married and
del' "'ill succeed Fred C, Peterfi, who i conCI,rn has seen since Hl30. A steady 1\1rs. Georg-e 'V. 01'th, chairman of I II has three daug-hters, will live at 112
was <'1ecl(,d County Conlmissioncr last flow of sales, well spread both I the Home Institute, was in charge of i Dudley avenue, Narberth.
fall and is not a, candidate for re- /-,:eog'raphic,all y and the prog-ram, I I' In addition to preaching at the
election to the Legislature, cate a deCided and genullJe pIckup In !\II'S. E. C. Grifiwold. chairman of morning and evening services this
" " husinesfi, the Citizenship Department of the I ISunday, he will teach the Young Peo-
A retired rancher, 1\11'. Cadwalader In addition it was reported that club, gave an interesting- review of I pie's Bihle Class in the 1110rning.
li\'es at Spring- Mill road and Mt. salt·s of Studebal,er trucks fiold MURDOCH P, CLANEY the history of Narberth from its ear-,I I Wednesday 1\11'. Anderson SIlent in
Pleasant avenue, Villanova. He is a through the Autocar branchefi arc f01'lllCI' 1I1m'ioll Tifl" IInri Trllsi liest days. She also told how tIll' MRS, JOHN Y. HUBER, ,TR, I Baltimore on his way from St. Louis,
graduate of Episcopal Academy, Over- running- !l}, 11er cent ahead of last. COlllpnllY officilll, /(Iho /I'(/S ]Hll'olcti borough is governed. I of l/lI1'crlorcl, who lI'(lR slof"d i: where he preached last Sunday at the
brook; St. Paul's School, Concord, N. year for January and February. This by tile Moni,'!o/l/ul'y COllltill COllri Another speaker was Mrs. F. G.[ fhis 10""1.' bll fhe R<']JlIliIicall l1ar- larg-est Preshyterian Church in the
H., and Princeton Univerfiity. He is week has shown a continuation of the lifter s('j'vill.'l s/i,q/il/y ol'er 011<' Myerfi, of NOl'l'istown, chairman of, IllOnlJ CO/l/mittec lor nlfernnte I city, the pastorate of Dr. Russell
49 years old, maJ'l'ied and has onl' increased volume of sales, it was lIca)' of his the American Home of the Montgom- rlf'!c!lOfc fo fhe R(']lIlb/ica1! No- I Payntel'.
I '1 t 1-1 I 'F t \" 11 t t d C t F d t' f W ' fiollrtl (':OIlI"'l'fioll. 1 (aug lei'. c was lorn IlJ 'or .yas - s ae . cry oun y e era IOn 0 omen s " A call was extended to !\II'. Ander-
ington, Pa., and has lived in Villanova A plan for recapitalization of the I C G P I Clubs, whose topics were "Dignity of son to become ]Jastor of the Narberth
for twelve years. After graduation Alltocar COl11pany accompani('d the ourt rants aro e Work in the Home" and "Courtesy." Junior Club Sponsors I church follo.wing a un:wimous vote at
from college he went to Oregon, where call for the annual meeting of stock- Murdoch CI IThe P.-T. A. Chorus, under the lead- Ia congreg'atlOnal meetmg on February
he assumed ownership and manage- holders of the concel'l1, to be held next to aney ership of 1\1rs. 'V. J. Drennen, sang Moments" 4, He wired his acceptance of the call
ment of a large ranch. He is a di- Friday, 1\1arch 1:;, in A11!more, three numbers. The accompanist was Ito \Van'en S, Bossert, chairman of the
rector of the Pennsylvania Company According to the annual report, Former Merion Title Official· Mrs. J. R. McLaughlin. --- Icommittee appointed to seck a new
and interested in other business and sent to stockholders tOg'ether with the Had Scrved One Year The final speaker was MI's, M. One-Act Play Also Presented pastor.
financial enterprises, A hunting and recapitalization proposal, Autocar suf- < f S Geraldine l\1cCormiek, who gave a With Betty Bruneel in A g'raduate of Christian ?ol-
fishing' enthusiast, he is interested in fered a net loss of $16-1,812 for 1!)35 0 entence talk on the "History and Romance of Stan'ina Role lege and the Evange!lcal Theological
problems of conservation and for rec- after charging' off $184,953 for de- China an(1 Glass," which was full of I Seminary of Dallas, Mr. Anderson
reation plays golf and goes horseback prceiation. REJOINED HIS FAMILY interesting- informa.tion. Mrs. McCor-1 MAKE WELFARE GIFT comes to Narberth from the pastorate
riding'. Mr, Cadwalader has three mick came throu",h the courtesy of of the Fil'st ChUI'cl1 at
The balance sheet shows an excess ...
brothers living. They arc Charles 1\L Murdoch P. Clancy, former execu- Gilman & Co., Ardmore. Mrs. Charles I ' , Cleburne, Tex.
of $:;,273,380 in current assets over I M TI bl ttl b tl
B. Cadwaladcr, who is managing di- tive vice-president of the closer er- B St It tl I t f tl ft I 1e pu IC was en er a1l1er v Ie II I I " f
CUl'l'ent liahilities, which is at a ratio . oue was le lOS ess 0 1e a er- Na1'llel'tl1 Jllnl'01' COI11111UIII'tV Clu' I) at 'e las serve( as a llllSSlolHlry or
rector of the Academy of Natural ion Title and Trust Company, was I . C t 1 A ' I
of three to one. noon. 't I 1 'I C "t B 'Id severa years III en ra anI
Sciences, Philadelphia, and Richard paroled by the Montgomery County The nC'xt meeting of the club will c u lroom III t Ie UI - has "'on an outstandin/-,: I'osition in
'. Cad\\'al,'ldel', Jr" both of For! The following )1roposals arc includ- Court last Frida.v. 1 I II T I 1\' I 17 It'll 1l1g last Thursdav. '1he jUl1lors s)1on- I PI' Cl I' '1' H
• 1C' Ie (on ues( ay, .arc 1 , ' WI ".' I . '" 1 b t JC res lurc 1 111 exas. e
nr',lsl11'llg'!OII, and Dr. 'V, n. Cad- ed in the recapitalization plan: l'lle f01'IIIel' 1),'1111' (lffiCI','ll Ila(l ser"'ed 1 . I f 11 1 t t' 1 R sored l\luslca l\Ioments, paved y 1 'EI' lIN J I .
n . )e m c large 0 ·le n erna lUna .e- .'. '.: .' "'as lOrn III Iza let 1, ' ., t llrty-
walader, of Villanova, Raising of $300,000 of new capital slightly over one yea!' of his t,,·o to lations Committee, Mrs. Anne Dar- t'lo of Itale.nte,d six years ago.
" '" " by an issue of ten-year 7 pel' cent foul' year sentence for ville, chairman. ce !1st ,an( serVIces Mr. Anderson succeeds the Rev. Dr.
The nweting' of thl' Harmony Com- dl'helltures. of the institution's funds. Dr, Charles G. Fenwick profC'ssllr were g'lven t Iroug 1 t le courtesy of ,John Van Ness as pastor of the local
mittel' also rC'su!ted in selection of Payment from funds so obtained of Illness and the needs of his family of political science at Bryn 'Mawr Col- B. church, Dr. Van Ness retired from
candidates for Cong'l'ess, ddl'g'ates and $181,000, 01' 20 pel' cent, on the 7 per are understood to have influenced the Continucd on T,'oul' orl'lS raun, lOmas mer an( active service Novemher 15, 1!J35,
I R bl
' cent first l110rtgage bonds now out- . Clarence Fuhrman played tog'ether f 1 ' 1
alternate (Ielegates to t le epu Ican Court to considcr thc ]larole ap]l!Ica-, . . • a tel' compl'tmg forty years in tie
t I, . tl t f' 000 C G and in solo such well-known numbers
National Convention, members of the s ant Illg 111 lC allloun 0 'e' I, • tion favorably. Judg'es Knight an(I WestmInster Ircle to Ive ministry and twenty-five of them as
E t 11 f tIle Ill'ltUI'I't" (late of as Brahm's "Hun"'arian Dance,"
State Committee and Representatives 'x ell" 0 0 '. Corson "'mnted the jletition. DI'nner for Husballds 1_?tll ... pastor of the Narberth church. He
I f1 t I 1ft ... Schuman's "Traumeri," Dvorak's
in the Legislature from the Second tIe l1'st mol' gage lOn( s nren years The first application for a parole, "s 1\1 1\1 I T 1 1\1" . 1 will continue his connection with the
und Third Districts of the county. from May 1, 19:)7, in return for the presented by his attorney, James II. The "'estminster Circle of the Nar- ongbs y ot 1er aug It . e Wit I church as pastor emeritus.
20 per cent payment. . . . .. super mastery.
The slate follows: Subordination of the new debentures' Egan, last Septemher was refused by Presbytenan ,ChUl:ch Will gIve I Prior to the concert the juniors ° °
Delegates to National Convention- to bank loans. ,Tudge Knight on Novemher 1, 1935. Its annual covered (hsh dmner for the staged and presented, through the Folk F.estlval Given
R I 1 B St I N
· Mr. Clane\,' is reported to have husbands of the members on Thurs I
a p I caver rass mrger, orns- Giving of a bonus of common stock '.. '-. chairman of music an<1 dramatics, I b IGO IS
town publisher, and Miss Nancy P. to obtain the neW capital. joined his wife, Helen, and foUl' chil- day evenmg, March 12, m the church! Smith, a one-act pl,ay I' y Loca lr couts
HighleY, of Norristown, Waiver of $40 of accrued dividen(ls dren, who have been living' with rela- T' • • 1m which l\hss Betty Bl'lllleel, 1\1ISS
Altel'l1ate delegates to National Ion preferred stock and exchange of lives in Narberth. MIS. \\ 11lJam J. Robertson IS the
Cecelia Link, Mrs. Rohert Price and S 'd P r' fAll
· A 1-1' If' Broug'ht to trial orig'inally at Nor- gene,ral chairman. in. charge of thc 1\.11'S. Foote 11el'fol.'llled CI ve as re Inunary or •
Convention- OUlS , Irsc I, 0 Isuch stock in the ratio of one old share - ,.., C' E .
Cl 1 I d 1\1 J h Y H b ristown May 1, 1!J33, 1\11', Clancy was affair, ThTose asslstlJ1g her Mrs. to the club's credit, Miss Bruneel Ity vellt In
1e ten lam, an 'rs. 0, n . u er, fOl' one new preferred share and {lYe found guilty by the jury after a four- J h C N h f th t t t A '1
Jr" of Haverford, presHlent of the I shares of nc\\' common stock. 0 n . as, o· e en er alllmen and Mrs. Smith colaborated in coach- prt
week session. Substitution of Judge committce who will present a playas
Lower Merion-Narherth Council of Exchange of present common for . , . ing and staging the play, and Mrs.
Corson for the trial judge, J. Ambler a feature of the program and Mrs HELD IN BRYN MAWR
Repuhlican \Vomen. new common on a one for two basis, ., Foote helped with make-up, lighting
Williams, who became ill, provided James H. also a of effects and setting.s, all very effective.
Members of Republican State Com- the basis for an allpeal for a new tl t t t tt I
S I Tl d L L I DO D le el' comml· ee, W)Q Miss Bruneel, who is one of Narberth The au(litorium of the Bryn Mawr
mittee-State ena or leo ore ane oya ty Inner ance trial. This was granted by the Su- WIll prOVide novel forms of enter- Players' outstanding performers, gave Presbyterian Church was filled to
Bean an,l Mrs. Helen N, Ridington, peri or Court in July, 1!J34, and the tamment I f h
of L Ils(I'11e Planned by Denlocrats ' . . ., Ia most artistic interpretation of a last, Satu,n a lernoon w en
. a. < • secolld trial 0llCned Fehruar'.' 4, 1!l35, 1\1 IX l' ASp I the ,
" .IS. Clar y : 1m son s -I gypsy fortune teller's part. the Mam Lllle GIrl Scout troops held
Congress-Hon. J. William Ditter, He was again found guilty and sen- chalrma of the kIt he and MI" II
, n . . c n s.. The other three members of the cast Itheir Intel'l1ational Folk Festival as
of Ambler, tenced to ,J'ail on February 15, 1935. F Darnes of the dinl'ng I'oom I
Affair on March 17th is Spon- .. . expressed widely varying character- a preliminary try-out for the All-city
Legislature-First District, Lam- d b L l'vI N b h During most of his sentence he was . Iistics forcibly and well in short but Intel'l1ational Folk Festival which is
bert Cadwalader; Second District, E'
sore Y • .- ar ert assigned for work at the prison farm Granted Divorce
Committee difficult lines and gestures. 1nvita- to be held at Irvine auditorium,
Arnold Forrest, of Conshohocken; at Eagleville. Mrs. Helen Margaret Hall, of Low- tions were sent to all clubs of the Thirty-fourth and Spruce streets,
Third District, John H. Longaker, ofl er Merion, was granted a divorce by district and Mrs. Charles Savage, Philadelphia, 01. Saturday, April 11,
Pottstown; Edwin O. Winner, of Hat-jAT GREEN HILL FARMS "Lot's Wife" to be Given .Judge Dannehower at Norristown Montgomery County chairman of at 2 o'clock. At that time the troops
boro, and Harry Z. Wampole, of Tel- at Narberth Players Tues. Monday from Albert Hall on grounds juniors; Miss Helen McGlaughlin, holding' first place in dancing and sing-
ford. A Democratic loyalty dinner-dance of desertion and cruelty. The couple president of Chester juniors and a ing from each district of the Philadel-
Wampole was accepted as the stand- will be held at Green Hill Farms, "Lot's Wife," by Percival Wilde, eloped to Elkton July 8, 1932, and member of Philadelphia's Twentieth phia area will perform.
ard bearer, succeeding William E. Overbrook, Tuesday evening, March will be given at the regular meeting were married when they were both Century Guild, were present with The judges for the occasion were
Zimmerman, of Lansdale, who is serv- 17. of the Narberth Players Tuesday eve- students at Lower Merion High escorts. Mrs. Smith and her com- Miss Ursula Murray, who has a school
ing his second terl11. Plans for the affair originated with ning', March 10, at the Narberth school School. mittee served refreshments. The of dancing in Ardmore; Miss Julia
Clarence L. Ederer, of Melrose the Democratic Committee of Lower auditorium. It will be presented by decorative scheme was in red, white Landis, of Edge Lawn in Ambler, who
Park, who announced his candidaCYj Merion and Narberth, under the special permission of Walter H. Cubs to Get Charter and blue. teaches at Wynnewood road school
for Congress, withdrew from the field leadership of. John T. Durnin, of Baker & Co. The Narberth Cub pack, junior Additional charitable gifts have and has had an active part in Girl
in the interest of party harmony fol- chaIrman of the TownshIp Faith Farmer is coaching the play, scout organization, will be formally been made recently by the juniors. Scouting as a qualified trainer, and
lowing a conference last Friday. ' Committee. which includes several experienced presented its charter at the Parent- To further Mrs. Mueller's welfare Donald L. Johnson, a vocal instructor
>I< * >I< It will be in the nature of a coun- members of the Players in its cast. Teacher Association meeting March work a check for $25 was sent her to at Lower Merion Junior Hig-h School.
Last week the Political Pot stated ty-wide event, however, as enthusi- The Tll'ogram includes other numbers 23. A hobby show for the boys and usc where it would do most good. An- Narberth Troop 8, captained by
that a new Republican committeeman astic support has been pledged by the of interest. Refreshments will be their fathers of the Narberth, Ard- other check for $25 was assigned by Miss Christine Mahl, rendered an ef-
and committeewoman have been select7 Democratic party of the whole county. served at the conclusion of the pro- more and Penn \Vynne packs will the welfare chairman pro tem, Mrs.1 fective German spinning song with a
ed in the General Wayne district of Purpose of the affair is to empha- g'ram. be held April 3. Edward Codugan, to the assistance I Girl Scout in costume at an old-fash-
Lower Merion. A subscriber points size loyalty of Democrats to party of a needy local family through the ioned spinning wheel. Cynwyd Troop
out that the statement is somewhat principles, capable leadership and d U U offices of Miss Drain, visiting nurse 44, Miss Emma Croasdale as captain,
misleading' [;ince these selections arc dividual helpfulness. State to Con uct Clouse to nouse connected with the Narberth health earned the third place in singing by
unofficial and must be borne out by The committee in charge feels that center. Five dollars has been given "The March of the Men of Harlech,"
the results of the primary election the date, St. Patrick's Day, offers a Canvass to En.force Dog Licensing Continued on Pagc Four with a scout in an authentic sample
April 28. If the candidates mentioned fine opportunity to enjoy a delightful J• Welsh costume. The Baldwin School
last week, J olm II. Link and Mrs. W, evening. A program of dinner, en- I Mulieres to Make Plans for Troop, Miss Lydia Hemphill as cap-
Russell Green, are approved by the tertainment and dancing is being ar- A house to house canvass to enforce Licenses may also be secured from I Fireman's Banquet Monday tain, sang an English folk song
voters at the primary they will then ranged. Music will be furnished by licensing' of all dogs on the Main l\Iary Scott McShane in the Town- called "Sellinger's Dance." Cynwyd
be the committeeman and committee- the San Del Ray Orchestra with Dick Line will be conducted after April 1 ship Building, Ardmore. Over 2,000 An important business meeting of Troop [J,1, Miss Margaret Robins as
woman of the district. Now they are Carey as vocalist. by the dog law enforcement bureau have been issued in Lower Merion Ithe Mulieres of the Na1'berth Fire I Contlnucd on Pngc FOUl'
only candidates. Announcement of speakers, who of State of Agricul- since the first of the year. Company will be held at 2 P. M. on I
will he few in number, will be made ture, It was learned thiS Fred A license costs $1.10 for a male Monday, March [J, in Elm Hall. All New Editor Appointed
shortly. Tickets may be procured former Narberth magIstrate, dog and $2.10 for a female. There members arc urged to be present. At The Livingston Publishing
from the Democratic Committee of; IS head of the enforcement is an additional notary charge of 15, this time committees will be appointed Company announces the resig-
e h 1 1 d
· tr' t Agents of the bureau Will check cents. Ito take charge of the annual firemen's nation of. Robert M. Cameron as
ac oca IS IC. "
every house m Lower MerIon, lIav- banquet to be held on Thursday, April Editor of its ne\\'spallel'S, Ed-
el'ford and Radnor Townships and Attcnds 116. ,Plans for the also win L. .has br':11
the Borough of Narberth for unli- Dr. LeRoy A. Kmg, of Narberth, I be discussed. A SOCIal hour WIll fol- cd to the )10SltlO11, effectIve next
censed animals, it is understood. attended the convention of the Nation-II low. Monday.
Owners of unlicensed dogs will be al Educational Association held last Mrs. Lloyd B. Edgerton, of Chest- Mr. Paxson has been a mem-
subject to fines. week in St. Louis as a delegate of nut avenue, will give a benefit card bel' of the staff of the papers
Licenses may be obtained through the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. party for the Mulieres at her home for five years and has enjoyed
any notary public, at Norristown for King, president of the Narberth on Wednesday, March 12 at 2 P. M. a wide and varied experience as
Montgomery County residents, and at School Board, is professor of educa- This party is open to the public and a newspaperman in Norristown
Media for persons living in Delaware tional administration at the Univer- all are welcome to attend. It is being and Cleveland, Ohio.
County. sity's school of education. given to raise funds for the banquet.
Library Trustees to Meet
The regular meeting of the board
of trustees of the Narberth Commun-
ity Library will be held Tuesday,
March 10, at 7.30 P, M., in the Li-
P. T. A. Study Group Wed.
The Early Childhood group of the
Borough Council Meets Narberth Parent-Teacher Association
The Narberth Borough Council will, will hold its regular meeting' on
hold committee meetings this Friday IWednesday, March 11, at 1.30 P. M.
evening in the Council Chamber in, Mrs. S. J. McCartney is the leader of
Elm Hall. The regular pUblic meet-: this group. The meetings are held
ing will be held Monday, March 9, in the social room of the American
at 8 P. M. Legion.
,.. ";:


March 6, 1936
(J 1I 'I
Faculty Concert Sunday
The Main Line School of Music an-
nounces a concert by members of the
faculty, at the school, 107 Ardmore
avenue, Ardmore, this Sunday after-
noon, March 8th, at three o'clock.
Olive Marshall, soprano, will sing
a group of John A. Fischer,
flute, and Paul Bogarde, trombone,
members of the Philadelphia Orches-
tnl, will play solos. Frederic Cook,
well known as conductor and as for-
mel' violinist of the Philadelphia Or-
chestra, will give a Beethoven sonato,
with Christine Haskell at the piano,
al1ll also, with Mr. Fischer's assist-
ance, a trio.


• •
Fifteen Township and Boro
Residents Drawn for JUl'Y
Fifteen residents of Lower Merion
and Narberth have been drawn by
the jury commissioners of Montgom-
ery County for service at Norristown
dul'ing the sessions of Cl'iminal
Coul'l the weeks of April 6 and May
Nm'beJ,th's Council will
meet Monday evening at the Arcadia
No Main Liners were among those
seleded for the Grand Jury.
Local rcsidents selected fOI' Crim-
inal Court jury duty are as follows:
April G - Jean Arnold, Ardmore;
George Conley, Narberth; Augusta C.
Elliott, Bala-Cynwyd; Josephine Jef-
fries, Wynnewood; John S. LeBan',
Bala-Cynwyd; Harold Powers, Bryn
Mawr; John Wills, Merion.
May 4-Conrad J. Albrecht, Nar-
berth; William Crooks, Villanova;
Florence 1. Doug-herty, Bala-Cynwyd;
Gertrude Grcen, Narberth; Louise W.
Lewis, Rosemont; Mary Muller, Nar-
berth; Frank Seeburg'er, Bala; Lois
Thayer, Haverford.
Treseription Optiei(llls
This is the great rejuvenation month. Winter loses itself in Spring. Drab
wardrobes gradually find their way to cedar closets and camphor balls,
and only the bright and new, the gay, colorful and refreshing altrac!
us. Fashion is on her throne-a charming lady who has gone into the
past for inspiration-a past engagingly womanly-a past when woman
lived to dress and all that was required of her was to be beautiful.
T11 il t 's t TJ eSt 0 r Jf 0 f Ma,. cIJ
We are ready as never before for Spring and Easter business, Watch the
daily Philadelphia newspaper advertising for the outslanding March
Features which we shall bring to this Store for your great&r shopping con-
venience. New ideas in style merchandising, exceptional values in apparel
and accessories for yourself and your family, special purchases of the most
wanted articles of the season, and sales in housewares and the things
most desired for brightening the home.
Remember that Charge Purchases made during March need not be paid
until May. but are subject to a Shoppers Bonus of 1% if paid by April 15
BOS} 2Lancastl:r A\'e., Bryn MawrTrustCo. Bldg" Bryn Mawr
1923 Chestnut St., Philaclell'hia 51 \Y, Chelten Ave" Germantown
53') Cool'Cr St" Camden, N, J.
When It C01nes
to Your Eyes You
Need Expert
RE you as careful in the selection of the optician to
accurately grind and fit spectacles to you as you
are in choosing your Eye Physician?
Costly preclSlon machincry, flawless materials and expert
artisans whose skill can only be acquired by long years of
apprenticeshi p and experience are required to satisfactoril y
furnish you with spectacles,
Forty-three years' experience as Dispcnsing Opticians
qualifics us to serve you. Efliciency, quality and service can-
not be sacrificed to chcapncss, but our priccs are as low as is
consistent with the expcrt service your eyes necd,
C. ARLEY FARMER, Execllti,'e Vice-Prcsidcllt
At the regular meeting of the Board
AJterations in Fire House
Are Reported Progressing
Eocal .....7J1ovies
This paper welcomes conll11unica-
tions on timely subjects.
Matln•• Dally at 2.38 P. M.
Evening C.ntlnuoue, 7 'Ie 11 P. M.
Friday, March 6
A Riotous Regatta of Rowing,
Rhythm and Roarsl
with Frank McHu!:h
Patricia Ellis Wa'rren Hull
Saturday, March 7th
Francis Drake Bela Lugosi
Note: Not a Horror Picture-But
Terrific Suspense, , . And Thrills
Monday, March 9th-One Day OnlY
A Gay Romantic Comedy
"The Widow From Monte
Dolores Del Rio, Warren William.
Louise Fazenda
Next Monday and Tuesday
Edn'ard Everett Horto"
Dr. Herbert Fischer and
Elizabeth Pearson Wed in
Oyerbrook Last Saturday
••••••••••Q ••
Tuesday· Wednesday. Thursday
March 10th, 11th, 12th
The Best Musical Comedy
Broadway Ever Saw
Wed. at 9 P. M.- ((ANYTHING GOES"
Bealltiflll Gifts PillS $$
Ida Luplno Grace Bradley
good ••••••••••••• •••••••••••••
Friday, March 6. 1936
The lll'urings to bc conducted lit
NorristOWII, :\Iurch ]8, by the 1;0-
cal Govcrnment Commissioll of tile
PenllsJ'lvunia Legislaturc provide g'()\'pl'lInlt'n1 will ha n' an ex('ellpllt
an opportllnit
, for citizcns to eX-lopportullity to a(I\'()('ate thcm at
prcss thcir vie\\'s Oil go\'erlllllent this heal'illg. Tt is a ('hanec to
and law makillg', While the COIIl- malw go\'crnmellt, of thc people
mission has 110 fixed policJ', \'<Il'i· and h,\' the IWOP!p,
OilS items ha\'e bceu set forth ill
its prog'ram OJS u basis fur disc llS-
SiOll, Thpsl' ha \'e been di\'ided
iuto thl'ce g'l'OUpS and SlIbconllllit.
tees namcd for thc consideratioll
of each alld the (1 igpstioll alld as-
similation of ma1el'ial at
public hearing'S. Oue Sllb('Olllllli1.·
tel' will deal ",ith thc functions 01'
local govcrnmcnt and thc prcseu1.
admillist I'at in' sptllps, .\ s('('olld
\rill stlld,\' !lw;11 ,g'o\,('I'11II1t'II1 Ii·
II;IIII·('S. (I'Il'stioIIS oj' ('osts <I lid ,
1I11'!1'(lIls or I a isillg' 1'('\"('1111(', Tile!
t hil'eI \rill stlldy till' isslIP O[ I(wal i
g't)\'('I'lIlnenf consolidatioll, '1'he I
cardinal pllrpose of th(' ('OIlIHlis· i
sioH is to Itear from as lila II." IWO·
pIe on as many fundamental and
vilal }1r01l1ellls as possible. '1'hose
who have idpas aull ideals 01'
A CO-O)JI!/'otive Coml/!unity Nc1Vs)Utpc/'
fouurlcd in 1!l14 lIy fhe Narl!('/·th, Comcdics thc Vo ue at
Civie Associutioll, ow/ ))/1 lI/1sherl ' The malTiage of Miss Mary Elhm- g of Directors of the Narberth FirC"
cvel'll Friday at Narllerth, Pa. 'I)('th Pearson daughter of Dr and Nat'berth; "King of C M d 'I'n Elm
' : " . I J" . ompany on ay evenmg
I'hilip Atlee Li\'ing-nIOIl, I'uhlisher 'l\In;. William A. Pearson, of Avon Bur esque Now ShowingIHall a report was made on progress
Hohen ('anll'ron, I';dilo!' ,I'oad, 1\'1erion, to Dr. Earl Herbert --- '. ,
Anne :llol'l.;an Huhl'!'ls, Jo;llilor of \Vayne and Ardmore, I "The King of Burlesque" is at Nar- of constructIOn work. It mcludes
Offi 258 H f d A N b h
sun of 1\lrs \Villiam Fischel' and the herth this week-end, presenting \val'-Irooms for the Burg'ess and Superin-
cc - aver or vc., ar crt . . . ,
late ]\II'. Fischer, of Cynwyd, took neJ' Baxter, Alice Faye and Jack tendent of Public Works, and altera-
Telephone-Narberth 2545; if no answer,' place last Saturday afternoon at four I Oakie in a fast moving drama with tions downstairs where showers have
Ardm$20re 3100 I d ! o'c1ocl( in the Overbrook Presbyterian clever dialog-ue and catchy songs. IJ, 't II d All tl k 'II b
Subscription rate, per year n a vance, , Jeen 1I1S a e . 1C wor' WI e
; Church. The Reverend Dr. George The burlesque producer rIses to .
I';nlel'ed a,.; ,.;el'ollll-"Ia,.;,.; lllall"1' 0('[0- Emerson Barnes, pastor of the Broadway Jlrominence, steps out of completed thIS week.
hel' la, 1it II , at Ihe 1'0"1 Olll"e al ;>,;,"'-: I " . b D C J • , " • "b fi I The fire company was presented
I)('rlh, j'"., t!lllll'" th" .\('\ of :llareh :1,: ehurc 1, offiCIated, aSSIsted y I'. • 1'0 e to 111U1'J'y 1I1to socICty, ut nl s . .
187:1, P. Isenberger, of St, Matthews that old friends, tried and loyal, are WIth a phonograph" has been
Church, Philadelphia. thc best after all. placed IJ1 the auditorium. Rental
" ,. prices for the halI for morning after-
'I he brule, who was given 111 mar- Added feature Saturday at 1 P. M. d' b b't' d
, ' . noon an evenmg may e 0 ame
nagoe h\' her father, wore a gown of IS "Texas Ranger," starrmg Buck I f J F PI' f th
, " fl' I I . I J . I rom . '. urse, c laJrman 0 e
'tor,'aL Co,n",e"t 1\'01'" satl11 as 1I0ner on ong simp e , ones. 1"'-1 C 'tt G B 8 I
·' I " '1'1 I rouse omml ee; eorge . upp ee
1I1CS an,l a 10n17 tram. Ie Next Monday and Tuesday Clau- OJ' Mrs. Eberhardt MuelIer.
'I'lle ]HlI'oll' gTalltl'd 10 :'Illlnlod, harl a hIgh necklme and was filllshed dette Colbert, Fred MacMurray and!
1'. Chill',\' lasl "'I'id'I.\' IlIa,\' 1)(' with a Peter Pan collar tl'immed with Robert Taylor will give sure-fiJ'e I HISI I PI
lakpII as all illdit';l1ioll of Iht' row,.; of braided satin. Her long, comedv in "TI;e Bridel ,oman ay
, , ' tight ,.;leeves fell in points over her C ,: II "Add I "I 't" f' The LIterary SoclCty of the Holman
('0111'1 s fI'!'I Illg' t hnt 1h,' fOl'llH'I'i h'uH]s 'md a n'lJ'1'OW sash of braided It,omets 'l
, "'1'1 pel fS I
School, Ardmore, will present its an-
:'II' '1" I 1'1' ('OI)' 1\,1' ., ,.,. 'eres' WI e Ie er ec J'I u e, . ,
• II I' nll( III .I .. satin encircled hcr waist and was in which Chic Sale impersonates nual p,la
thiS Saturday. at
llfiI('l1d lin,..; Il1adl' slllllt'lpllt I'XPI1I-1 Sllspl'!HIt'd to the hem of the gown. Ab' I' L' I 8.15 0 clock at the Menon Cricket
. Ja 1,1111 mco n. I CI I '1'1 I "0 I 38" b A E
tioll '1I1d th'lt tlip ('lids of illsti('l': Tin\' satin buttons decorated the 1 u J. Ie Jl ay, ny" y ..
" "i' , . \Vednesday, Edward Everett Horton IThomas is g-iven for the benefit of
110 1011"'(')' "';"I'\'pd h\' kp('pillg' gown In the front and her vetl of w'lI amuse 'n "Your Uncle Du lIey" ., ,
" , ",'" .... : .. ",,': lulie, which extended beyond the. 1 , , I . , 'i the scholal:slllp fund of the school.
111m III Jdll. .\s ".IS till (.1St \\Itll
, f I f ,1IHI at!l P, M. the usual gIft plesen,-,I A. rlallce Will folIow
. tl'a1l1 was astenel to a coronet 0' " " •
otlH')' h'llIkil1 o ' illstitlltiollS \I'hi(·h
'11 Sh' I b latlOn Will take place-1I1stead of
l ' ,..' • 'I orangc J ossoms. e carTler a ou- 'I' I f I
1 1 I
, I' ' ' . uesr aj' asormer y.
(' OS,'( 1 It'll' (ool'S, It "'ns ('nslt"': quet of IJlies of the valley, sweet
" I' I I I I' , I ' I I The rcst of next week Eddie Can-I
fOl' d('posltol'S to ('('lItl'l' t 1('11' \\'I'al I pl'as anI w lite orc 1)( s. ' ,I
, , T tor, Pal'kyakarkus and a beautIful,
011 oIll' llIall alld hold 111111 ]'I'SPOII- Mrs. Ernest C. Smith, of \\ood- tit ltd h .
,a enel cas an c orus are commg
sibl" 1'01' 1Ill' loss oj' tll('il' sn\,illg's bury, J., the matro,n of honor, in "Strike Me Pink."
and MiSS Margaret SmIth, of Bala-
Utall to nt1t'ltlpt 10 1Il1d('rstnlltl tli(' C I tl 'd f I l\Iana"er Mannie Salasin an-
" j'nwyr , Ie nlal 0 lOnor, wore , .... I
eOlllpl,'x tOl'('('S \\'hll'll lipId s\\'a.\' gowns of coral, lace over matching nounces he has able book two
bdo!'l' t lip ('I'ash ('anll' \\'it h it,..; a f- slips and large picture hats of shows of for the I
'1 I j' 'I I' I .. I t II 1\' S 'tl .. I ncar future. One IS MIdsummer I
tt'l'lIl1lth oj )all, allll'!'s. eI'laps COl,) u e. rrs. ml 1 call'ler a T' I " " '
" " houquet in which blue flowers pre- NJg It s Dream, for whICh reserved
a sO('1a1 1I111HII'c\ l'pS('al'(,lipl' \\ III, ., seats will be in order' the other
" .. ' dOlllmated and MISS SmIth, a bouquet ' , , ' . , ,
sollie da\' 1I111'a\'l'I th!' 1\\ Iste(l sl-e1ll, I' I ' k d' t I comIng" March 27 and 28, IS VIctor 1
. In \V HC 1 rose pm' pre oJ111l1a el .
01' e\"('11Is a lid d t J'('a I The bridesmaids, Miss Vivian \Val- Lagl,en .in last ;:ear's
calls('s of t Ii(' :'1[('1'1011 S doslllg', ton. of Merion. and Miss Billee Feni-
(,b ,\lnatlc success, The Infolmel.
',,' more, of Hartford, Conn" wore
Witll thl' nllllOlllll'l'ltll'lIt this g'owns of aquamarine blue lace and "If You CouJd Only Cook"
large picture hats of matching tulle. . t E t' "S
, tl Itt I 1 I I I " . IS a gyp Ian; 0
\V('p, 0 II' s n" 0 IP lal' ,p( I,\' 1 bell' bouquets were of sprll1g , " .
thp i{pp"hlil',1IJ IIal'lllollY C'01l1l1li1- flowers. Rcd the Rose IS Next
t('e ill :'Ilolltg'OllH'I',\' t 'Ollllt,\' at t hI' Dr, Cal'! Fischer, of Woodbury,
I'I'illl;I!',\' ('\P(,t iOIl .\ pl'il :2:-1. tIll' plI- acted as best man lor his brother "If You Could Only Cook" is one
and the ushers included Mr. Paul of those little-heralded pidures that
liti(';d atllloSphl'l'(' is a hit ('!enl'('I',
Scull, of Cynwyd; i\Ir, John S, tUl'n out more than ones
('lIll,!.!·I'I'SSlIl1lll .1. \\'illialll llittpl' is of Philadelphia; Mr, Ernest \'aunted as "big-gest and best." It is
vil,tll'dl.\' assllI'J'('d or lwill:'':- 1'('- C. Smith, of \\'ol,dhury. and 1\11'. Ber- at the Egyptian this Friday alld Sat-
tlll'll('l\ to liis sl'nt at \\'nshillg'!oll liard Fischel'. anotht'r brothel' of the Ill'day-a din'rting, romantic
:llId 11,,' I'lt'('l illll 1I1' Lnlldll,!,t ('"d. ],ricll'grooll1. comedy with cle\'er dialogue and di-
, .. I ,A rl'(,I'!Jlion al (;!'l'l'n Hill Farmsl r,(,'del,I, with a nic"e,
" ,for
\\';d;1l ('!' as \l'pl"'SI'II!,,!I\'(' III t 1(' ,
!o]lo\\'I'c1 till' I\dlms -- und acted,
1'l'g'i"lnllll'l' nt Ilnl'l'isl l lIl',g' f1'0111 . 1!t'l'lwl'l ;'Ilal'shall, .Jean Arthur Leo
1\11':-:. PP:ll'sol1 \\'01'(' a g()\\'n of g'l'ay!... ' v
1111' lil'sl Ilis!l'il't is ('oll(,t'dpd, Tlil' 1'11' I I t r I II I(arrillo ,till! LIOnel Standel'. A 1'11:1.-
1id(' 01' poli1i"<l1 S('lltillll'lIt is dt'li- l'll on alll a la 0 purp P, ('J' Jlall'icl( 'l'ran'!talk in color is also on
h;lg' 111atclll'd Ill'r hal and she wore, I, 'II' I ' " n 1 i\1 ' "
, I I \ I' I ' , I 11' II ; Its SU )jee! 'r-ura j eXlco.
lilt I' ,\' Oil t "' liP nlll lip III' t II' a cor,ag'(' 01 pUl'p]I' lll'clllds, .
H('pllhlil'nll P;II'!y 11I,'nll,\" <11111 Fi,cht'J' wa,.; gowned in black "Pett'r Pan" is the Main Line Jun-
\'el\"('( and h('I' co)'Sa",(' was abo ior Cinl'ma Alliancl' presentation for" roN'
:\IOllt,g'IIII1"I',\' t 'ollllt,\' \""dl'l'S ;11'" ,., --
]JUI'II!e l'l'chi(ls. children at the
Iiopillg' 10 pill' lip llit' 1,11':,!'l'sl 111;1- Thl' church was beautifull\' decor- special 10,:)0 A, 1\1. matinee this Sat-
.iol'ili('s ill till' histol'Y or II,p at('d with large ferns, pal'ms and urday. The film has a disting'uished
eOllllt,\', I 'nplll<ll'ity of tli(' J)('lIjO- spring' flowers. Lawrence CUl'J'Y, 01'- who give a delightful perform-
('I'nl it' ('ill lSI' 1'(',II,ltl'd its pI''' I, ill ganist of the First Methodist CilUrch I ance in Sir .James Barrie's whimsical
1hl' I:oyd- Ely pl('('l iOIl ill 1!):l-l alld of (;,'rmanlown, played a half hour ta1.e of the little girl who never want-
bd(ll'l' the ceremony and the soloist I'd to grow up.
hns hpl'll Oil t iiI' dO\\'11 g'l'"d(' Sillt'(',
was 1\lrs, Clyde n. Dengler, who sang "So Rerl the Rose" will be the Egyp-
<IS evidellced by tlte special thrl't' solos, These were "All For tian's offering Monday and Tuesday.
eleetioll in the of l!):l:l alld You," bj' Martin; "I Love," by The best-selling; novel by Stark
the g'!'lIcral electioll last fall. Grieg, anll the third entitled "The Young is reproduced with all the
':':' '::' *) Nightingale," written by Mr. Curry, glamor of the Old South and stirring
which has not yet been published. action of the Civil \VaJ'. The notable
hUIlc1red :'Ilaill LilH'l'S Miss Pearson entertained the bridal cast includes Margaret Sullavan,
\\,('1'(' 1'lIlightelled :'Iollday lIigltf party at a dinner on Friday evening I\Valter Connolly, Randolph 8cott,
abollt till' \\'ol'!, bping' (,oIHIIII'll'd fol.lowing' the wedding rehearsal. .Janet Beecher and Dickie Moore.
at :'I10I'l'is10\\'n, ?\, .J., ill traillillg Upon theil' return from a short "Coronodo," next Wednesday and
wcdding' trip, Dr. and Mrs. Fischer Thursday (Bank Night) is a musical
dogs as guides for the blind. Onc
will reside at :303 W. Lancaster pike, movie of note, featuring Eddie Duchin
imlllediate rmmlt of thc affair \\'as Wayne. and his orchestra, Johnny Downs,
thc dOllatioll of $]00 by the BIII- Among the out of town guests who Betty Burgess, Jack Haley, Andy De-
loek.:o)alldel'soll Post. ,AlIlcrieall L(', attended the wedding were Miss Caro- vine, Alice White and Leon Errol.
gioll. of Arlllllorl'.10 the Sp('illgl'nin,e Long;wo,rth, of Ohio; I "Rose of the Rancho," next Friday
, '1'1 'I' I' I' t'l I I I, and MIS. B. B. Fcnllnole and and Saturda" is the movie debut of
',\'p. Ie.' ,lin ,lIlC ,lOllS ,II) tl" lit 1\" B'II F" .
. . " , Jell' I aug 1 er, rlSS I ee • el1Lmore, Gladys Swarthout Metropolitan star
IS also a call1)JHlglI to sc· of Hartford Conn Miss Mary Mur- I h f ' ' 'd bl I' '
" , I "', .. anr as 01' ItS consI era e elt-mo-
1'111'1' a dog g'UH]C fol' a local 01111(1
ray, of Hill, Boston; Mr. tif, comedian Willie Howard.
11 HI II. I Edwal'll ShagJll, of Boston, Mass.; "The Magnificent Obsession" is com· i
'" Colonel L. Coyle, U. S. A., of Tren- ing soon,
ton, N. J.; Dr. Henry I. Klopp and
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Hoffman, all of
Page Two
Page Three
Suits-Second Floor
Accessories-First Floor
It's chosen by Vogue and
you know it's right. Plaid
topper in new baby swagger
length, plaid jacket, plain
tweed skirt. Rich combina-
tions of red, yellow, navy
with navy skirt, $115.
Vogue Accessories,-Chau-
dron crocodile handbag,
gt'and with navy, $15.
Matching belt, $4.95.
Then some contrast in hand-
stitched l1lais doeskingloves,

.< ..•

V f
shops for you
and picks this
3-pc..,uit ..
20c a line
for All Three New,paper.
Baxter-Alice Faye
Count five words to IIl1e
-will be aecepted up to Wednea-
day. 6 o·clock. for Frlday's Issues.
-will be charged only to resldentH
Whose names app£ar In the tele-
p 10ne dlreetory or to sUbscrlberB
II partmeuts for ReIJt

Koser Bros.• Relltal Agellts. "At Ardmore
Station." GreenWood 0680-Ardmore 680.
Help Wanted
GlltI, fOI' g-etleral houseworl<. part 01' full
tillie, flU laundry. Hleev out; A}lt. C-:I •
:->e\'ill" Court. J'hotle Crllwnl l.lJ:I. (Ill)
BOY'S hi('yele :?S", lllU:--t he in good <.'on-
ditioll alld reas. I'holle CYll. :lIG-H. (Ill)
ClUB, III11ttre,.;ses of all sizes wanted by
farnilies l",owlI to lIlain Line Fed. of
Churches. DOllor may photle Bryn IIlawr


Tax Collector.
Aubl'ey Avenue, Ardmore
"Know Where Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Goes"
If you are seeking a worker for any sort
of a job, a maid, a butler Or household
help, remember that any newspaper can
give you quiCk, satisfactory results from
"Help Wanted" advertising.
Despite the hearty upswing of business,
and the rise in general of employment,
there are still thousands out of work.
So it isn't any feat for a paper to bring
you a host of replies to your ad.
You get this same efficient service from
Record Help Wanted ads at less cost. In
fact, your ad in Sunday's Record will save
you one-half the cost of any other Phila-
delphia Sunday paper.
When you need domestic help, SAVE
MONEYI Phone WALnut 2300. Say, "I
wish to place a "Help Wanted" ad.
St. Mary's Laundry, Inc.
(Mrs. Paul Brown)
who for the past two ycars has
conducted "The Brass Plattcr Inn"
a,1I10Wlces the opening of her
New Tea Room
- ARDMORE 4400
(formerly the "Roger Conant Arms")
438 West Montgomery Avenue
Haverford, Pa.
FEBRUARY 29, 1936

Monday, T"esday,Wednesday
2 Specials for 85c
3 Specials for $1
Thursday, Friday, Saturday-J Specials jor $1.25
Last instalment on Taxes will be due March
14th, 1936.
Tax Office will be open daily 9 A. M. to
4 P. M. Saturday 9 A. M. to Noon.
Friday evening, March 13th, from 7 to 9
P. M.
Why don't you, too, escape the drudgery of washday?
-Spiral and Croquignole.
Experienced Operators.
, n
My laundry line is the telephone
line to St. Mary's routeman
They'll not rip my clothes, nor
blow down a washing for that
dreaded "do-over"!
Specializing in catering to Bridge Luncheons
and Dinner Parties
Orders taken for horne.made Cakes, Candies,
Sandwiches and Salads
for Reservations-call Ardmore 1559
March 6, 1936
Stoll Titus, of Forrest avenue, for I
two weeks.
Friends of Mrs. Reevs gave a lunch-,
Mrs. Charles L. Viguers, of Wood- can and bridge p'arty at Erskine Hall I
side avenue, g-ave a surprise party last on Monday in her honor. Those pres-,
Saturday evening in honor of the ent were Mrs. Jamcs C. Keenan, Mrs.
birthday anniversary of her son, Mr. WiJJiam H. Hagenbuch, Mrs. P. A·I
Charles L. Viguers, Jr., of Grayling Wales, Mrs. T. E. Laughlin, Mrs. Rob-:
avenue. There were sixteen guests. crt Compton, Mrs. R. C. Kennedy and I
Mr. Hugh B. Speed, Jr., son of Mr. Mrs. Titus.
and Mrs. Hugh B. Speed, of Chestnut Miss Ann Speed, daughter of Mr.!
I' avenue, had as his guest last week-end' and Mrs. Hugh B. Speed, of Chestnut
Mr. Julian Keenan, of Doylestown, avenue, Narberth, will entertain at a
formerly of Wynnewood. Mr. Keenan bridge party and shower this Satur-
left last Thursday for Dallas, Tex., day in honor of Miss Virginia Chewn-
where he has entered the aviation ing, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
school. L. Chewning, of Pembroke road, Cyn-
MI'. and Mrs. Franklin C. Maxwell" wyd, whose engagement to 1\11'. S. Phone ARDMORE 3100
, of Baird road, moved on Monday to Harman Brown, of Easton, has been:
Narberth Hull, where they have taken announced.
an apartment. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Horlacher, of
Miss Ruth Gaul, of lona avenue, Essex avenue, will leave shortly by
, Narberth, will entertain at a party and automobile for a two months' stay at
linen shower on Wednesday, March 11, Miami, Fla. Situations W
43 Nor
th Narberth Avenue-Narbertl' 4077 in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell. UI';:'>I';IL\I, IlOuseworl'. Iirst alld seeollll
• g·irls; 110 laulldry. Call Haellel Lee.
300 Mill Road-Phone: Cynwyd 927 Mrs. Arthur Van Meter, of Merion I Narberth Bridge Club Mdrllore (1)

is leaving this Sunday for Wedncsday Fcbruary 2G-Section exp.-Expert at Ijg- - --------------. FI . I I' h ,'11 t f. " : lIIes. <lesll'es part tllllo or Ilerlllarlellt
. '- - --_.. - "'- ... -' -_...__ < ont a, W leI e s e \\ I S ay or sev- 1, top score, Mrs. Roy Greenwood and positioll. Hilltop 3·1,,:1. t IV)
.----.--.- cral weeks. William D. Boyle; second place, Mrs.! for :11011. or
MARY VIRGINIA BROWN Mrs. S. 1\1. Grandy, of Merion ave- l\Iahlon Hinebaugh Jr. and Mrs. AI- to take "Ollle.•\-1 rds. Write
U gave a children's Ilarty last . ' , 0' ,.,11 X.:,l Auhrey a '·e...\r<llllOro. (IV)
n, e, <' ., len Shubert. SectIOn 2, top score, Mr. assist typ-
'1 hursday to celebrate the !lfth blrth- and Mrs. Walter J. Scott; second illg-. Hal'ly preparatiolls. etc. Pholle
day of hcr daughtcr, Barbara Grandy. place, Clifford D. Goodwin and Hol'- _
The sll1all guests were Peggy Ann ace 1. McConnell. iGO?D experienced stenographer. who
Keenan Dorothy Ann James Mary I . I u lderlltandll bookkeeping. deslrea posl-
. ' . .' Saturday evenll1g, February 2!J-
tlon (ull or part time. Phone Narberth
FranCIS Barton, Joan BaJiey, Betty T 1\1' L CI . t' d 1\< 2812-1.. U
A B d F k d J I B
' d OJ! SCOI'e, ISS . HIS 1C an .,rs.
nn ea y, 'ran an ac, ea y. - 1\
d 1\1 H
H R II tiN. TallcYj second place,:i\Ir. and Ill's.
MJ·. an ' rs. . . 0 Samuel P. Bowman.
South Narberth avenue, MC!'lon, and
their daughter, Miss Betty RusselI, M.onda
evening, 1:arc\.2:-Men's
had as thcir guests last week-end Mrs. tOUlnament, top SCOle, \\ Jlham H.
E. J. Ayars and her daughter, Miss Thompson anci Dr. Mark Morgan;
Catherine Ayars, of Elizabeth, N. J.! ond Place; Crossan and Chf-
Miss Russen entertained at a party Iford D. GoodWill.
Saturday night in honor of Miss --------
Ayars. I Heads Advisory Group
Mrs. Walter SchIipf, of Merwyn I Mrs. W. Childs Hodgens, of 34
road, will entertain the members of ILodges lane, has been named At Your Ser...
her club at luncheon and bridge on president of an Honorary Advisory PLAI;o.j allll :llellllillg-. J'h""o
Thursday, March 12. Committee of Women alll)Qinted by :'>"r1"",t h ( I
l'AI:\Tl:":Ci: LOWCl" Ill'iecH -110W --fOr
Mr. and Mrs. \V. Richard Kolb and Mayor S. D:l\'is Wilson of Philadcl- early Slll'illg' worl'. Estimates on house
their baby, of Rochcllc Arms, \Vissa- phia. 1\lrs. Hodgens is president of pailltillg-. H. I':. ;\lorfol·d. lVl WOO']Sillc
hickon, we]'c the guests of 1\11'. Kolb's thc Philadelphia Federation of \Vom- a,·,,"ut'. :,>,.rberth. (II)
. CAIU'I.;N'I'EH. alteration•.
parcnt!';, l\Ir. and Mrs. \V. J. Kolb, of en's Clubs and Alhed Organizations. weather-stripping. Gottlleh Essllllger.
Haverford avenue, last wcek-end. The Jl11mittec will confer with the 122 Conway avellue. Call Narberth
1\1r. and 1\I!'s. John A. Laforc, of and the vaJ'ious dcpartment
DHAPEHIES. SIlp Cover·s. Venetian
"Penn Valley Farms," Penn VallC'y, hC'ads on all matters which are of in- blinds. Awnings, ICurnlture. Upholster-
spent last wcek-end in Atlantic City. terest to women, according- to prcsent. lng, Bedlllngs. HIl!';s cleaned. repaired
T' • • 'I . 1·1 I . I t' I Il.nd stored. Challell!';er. 281 1I10nt!';omery
1\1rs. \\ IllIam H. Weaver, of I' ans. I' b. Ol gens IS a so ac Ive' avellue. Cynwyd. Pholle. Cynwyd 85.
a\'enuc, cntertaincd the members of in till' Sah'ation Arl11Y campaign. Hcr Formerly with .John \\·Il.namlllce,·. (tf)
her cluh at lunclH'on and hridgc at hllsband is a well-known architect. I'YPI.;Wm1'J.;/ts - Sold. rcntt>rl and re-
, ., paired. Itlbbollll alld Carhon paper."
1',rskIlle Hall, Han·rford, on '1 ue;;day. SUBUI.tBAN TYl'EWHITI';lt co.. 33 E, "
i\Irs. Alfred S. Knapp, of BeeehwoOlI G. 1S Lallcaater ave.. Ardmore, Ph. Ard, 1378. ' f
lane will I.ntertain at a St. Patrick's tr cout 7\ T
'th? Orlgilla! '1'01\1 r1AIllUSO:-l Used:
, 1 I IluJ'nlture ll.xchaJlg-e lIOW lOl'aterl fit 3131
D:IY IUllchl,on anll bridg'c on Tuesday, , IV. Lancllster ave.. Ardmore. AlII. 381.
1\larch 17. T 8 111l>IJOLS'I'I';HIl"(; tillll rep. of I
l\Il'. alld l\Irs. Knapp will havc as, roop , I 3-plece rellah ed. $10;, Chair reo
. 'I r()op IH'ld a gala mceting Tues- "over <,<1. $6. (.0 811ywhere. Call Lewla.
thl"]' g'\les(s the wcek-end of March 20 I .. : 2117 K Lancaater 8Ve. Wayne 1496.
1\Irs. Knapp's mother and sister, Mrs. c ('\'l'mng'. At o'clock each mel11-: I

.. EI11Il1:t H. Elder, of Brooklyn, and bl,r WIth supper for twO! RoomJ for Rent I
_ _ 'I" I' 1 ,·t r 1-'1" I' f G " t and a who was not a scout. AIU):\IOltE. I'a.-Allr. well fllrn, roOlll. i
.. Is. ,0 )el ,. ,11 (lIlg, ° n"l ('Oll\' t" t'''tllSI) c'> I I'" f,,'l' I' '1 I I
EVl'r\,one had a. merr" time eating . . __ '.' .. .." .(J, I.
Ncek,L.1. . J ,\rc1,"orl'I",.-\\. til'l
Mr. and 1\Irs. Jaml's H. Stc\'enson, her.nH.'.al the campfire. At the
.Il·., of Dudley a\'cnue, ga\'c a surprise bl'g'lIlnlng of tillS mcal each scout .in- Mortgages I
'p:.I1'ty aIHl shower last Saturday evC- tI'OIluced her guest and told the 51rls I IJ:-lLDI.I:I'Io:n. 1':U;o.;/)S II
. . , all ahout her. To show the f!'lends 011 :l1.lIn Lllie 10m1S..•Ii,o-GII /0-811 ",
· nlllg' at the hOl11e of Mr. Stcven;;on s . . on tod"y's "1)pr",,.;,,,1 vallie. A ('all Will If1
!parents, MJ·. and Mrs. .Tames H. Jllst what our troop was hke the hrillg' oU" to inspect ;rour ' •
. group held a model meeting which hor."l'. QUl('k al,tlOlI. reasonahle rates.
StC\'cniion, of \Vynnewood, In honor I' fl '.lost>I'" Cairns. Jl·., Inc.. Ardmore, Pa.
of Mr. and Mrs..Tohn S. McGowin, °llenC( With a ag Betty Phone Ardmore
of Anllllore. l\Irs. McGowin is the SeashoItz then led the girls IJ1 a game, I
f.onner 1\1iss .Janet of River- a trip through the United States. At POl' Sale I
h fIT d 11\IPOHTEP f'lllbroic1('l"l)(] :-:hawlR dt'\"f'rl\"
side, R. 1. The gucsts were Mr. and eae stop sOl11e part a t le en er- into Sllmnwr eV('lIillg- wr'\I;.
S Andrew S McGowiJ f Bethle- foot Test was demonstrated. Toward I·;x<'!usi\'{'. I'hila, rt>lll·osentativ".
'. ".. 1, 0 . thc cnd of the nH'eting Cappie held Bryll (10)
hem, 1\h. ,md MIS. John Wolford, DJ. . . h' ('ow (luel'lJ""" suihhl" 1'0" PI'; I
and Mrs. C. Graham Reid, lVlr. and an ceremony at w i fall;, 'I'holl" ,\]'(1. '- (III) I
Mrs..James Beighle, Mr. and Mrs. Jean SlIll]lsOn was as. a Gll'l :-; 1';\\' $:1;, •. I
'I 1\1 . d M' R' h Scout. For a short tIme after the I ;\Iawr 1628. (10)
usse I son, • ). an lS. IC - I "J. J' II '0 'I' . •
I I S II 1\1 I 1 J
. . ceremony the group sat around the' I LI - ahle Ita'lto. "'eVI'"
an cu, r. ant 1 1'S. oseph MISSI- fi ., IISP<1. Bryn lIrawl' (10)
mel' and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hutter. He and .san
l.tS favonte After t'('IUllIl·l· :'>al'h,
Mrs. William H. Sickles, of Drexel a goodl11ght clI'cle the meetmg broke (10)
Hill, entertained at a party last Fri- up. . R 1 E t t W t d
Iday evening in honor of Mrs. Frank GIrl cram full of ,. ea. s a e .' all e . .
. actIOn WIll be given by the three, :\lonhIC, ,l,>t.l<'hetl r('FIllellce Oll "Ialll I
1\ . R. FeJ1lmore, of Carroll Park.' .. I Line. !IINioll to lIT'l\vr, 4 bed-
Mrs. H. F. Darnes of Grayling troops of Narberth, Fl'Iday durmg I roorns. haths. s.. n·allls· quart ..,·s.
. . ,'. . the assembly period at Narberth $18.000 to Must be attrac-
•avenuc, ehallman of the dmlng room S h I II'Vp. T'lIrl'has,-. :'>0 brokers. "W." Box
for the Westminster Circle dinner to • c 00. I' Ar'l1rnol'c, Pa. (10)
be held at the Narberth Presbyterian Wall ted to Rent
Church on Thursday evening, March Narberth School News I yotr:,>c; ll1arTi('d ('ouple with de-

12, entertained the members of her A good wiIJ be I sire aPt. witl: I<itch('n alld bath.
___ cOl1llnittcc at a party at her home presented by MISS 'Vunderhch's fourth I ReaR. J ental. <;all n. 7.f-R. (10)
Tuesday evening'. Those prcsent were grade this week.
Mrs. R. E. Mol'forci, Mrs. G. C. Miss Dale's fifth grade have started ESTATE NOTICE
Meikle, Mrs. Stanley E. Boyle, Mrs. to eompilc a class book which is an ESTATE OF ROBERT J. McCLAIN.
late of the Borou!,;h of Narberth. Mont-
Kenneth M. Bovee, Miss Anna M. English activity. gOll101'y County, deceased.
Douglas, Mrs. Rich:1rd Lawrence, 1\I1's. Miss Hoover's eighth grade girls Letters testamentary on the above es-
d I
tate having been granted to the under-
Gcorge \Voodrow, Mrs. R. E. Hamil- presente a pay entitled URacketty- signed. all persons Indebted to said es-
ton, Mrs. C. Hammer and Mrs. A. C. Packetty House" on Friday, Febru- tate are requested to mal<e Immediate
Miller. ary 28th, in assembly period. Every Il:tyment, and those having legal claims,
to present the same without delay to
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. White, of Essex member of the class had a part. MInIAM McCLAIN
avenue, will spend this week-end in The operetta wiII be presented on 16 Woodside Avenue
Narberth. Pa.
\Vestchester County, New York, t le 19th and 20th of this month. A Or her Attorlley:
Iwhere thcy wiII be the guests of Mr. dress rehearsal for the benefit of the ROLAND FLBER I
h I I
Norr.lstown, Pa. .,
White's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. sc 00 c ljJdren wilJ be presented on (0-3-6)
and Mrs. Judson White. Wednesday afternoon the 18th. 1.4.......1iiI•••••••••
Mrs. C. E. Hodskins, of Buffalo, "'orbel'lh
has been the guest of Mr. and', PRO 0 A •.'\I,,!I:i.
• Mrs. William R. Levis, of Humpden P S L
,avenue returned homc on l\Io d'l ProPosals will be receIved at the of- This Thursday,
, n ,y. I flee of the of Narberth, For'est Friday and Saturday
1\11'. an<l1\1rs. John Dennis, of Anth- AvenUe. !\':trberth, l'ennsyl\'ania. until
roatl, has just l'ctuI'ned fl'om a sevell.-thlr'ty (7:.30) P. ilL, IIl0rHlay. lIfarch
, ... l!I.lG, at willeh time and pillee they I
mOllth s stay 111 MWl1ll and Havana will he pUbll<:1y opelled and read for' fur-:
Beach. Ilishing- Olle (l) three aml one-half ton:
Conventlolllll t)"lll' dun". body Autoear'
Mr. H. C. FC'llno, of Essl'x avenue, tl'u<:1<, fUlly equipped with pIa\\' and ac- I
has l'ctul'l1ed from \Vashingtol1 wlll'l'C cessories. i
I . ... .' . 1 I' f. I .. ,'. Bidding- forllls. speeifications and re-:
IC ,tcC
l1lpallle< liS at 1('1, 11t. Hoh- qUirl'llJellts for the abo\'e Ill"y he ob-I
F. Fenno, anti aunt, Miss\ tllin;-d th,e ?!llce of the Superintcndent:
C.ertJ'utle 1\.1.. Fl'111l0 of PI· infell N of 1 ubI,e \\orl,s. I.
. ' . a I (, . I Bids to be sealed and addressed to I
i ,J., who ll'ft therc aftcr a brief stny I"Chalr·man. CorIlIllIUee." Bor-I
I fOl' New Orleans La. wherc they Omee. Narberth. PennSYlvania, and·
· . " . Idenlllled as bid fOI' "truel's." I
Will rCI1UlIn for two months. 'I'he Borough Council reserves the rig-ht
Mrs. H. G. Reevs, of Swampscott, Ito reject any or' all bhls or parts of bids
'1 f . as deemed to the best Interest of the
ass., orlllerly of Wmdsor avenne, BoroUgh.
Narberth, is the guest of hcr SOil_ill-I CHARLES V. NOEL.
law and daughter, Mr. ul1d Mrs. A. j (03-6) Clerlc of Council.

Page Three
Suits-Second Floor
Accessories-First Floor
It's chosen by Vogue and
you know it's right, Plaid
topper in new baby swagger
length, plaid jacket, plain
tweed skirt. Rich combina-
tions of red, yellow, navy
with navy skirt, $115.
Vogue Accessories,-Chau.
dron crocodile handbag,
grand with navy, $15.
Matching belt, $4,95.
Then some contt'ast in hand.
stitched mais doeskingloves,
tt11-2A CHESTNUT sr
bahy de-
anl! bath,
Warner Baxter-Alice Faye
20c a line
for All Three New.paper.
Wanted to Relit
Yon"n mal'l'lpd couple with
2-rnl. alit. with ltitchen
Heas. rental. Call Cyn. 7·I·R.
-will be charged only to resldentH
whOBe names appear In the tele-
p lone directory or to SUbscribers


A. M. to
Tax Colleetor.
Aubrey Avenue, Ardmore
If you are seeking a worker for any sort
of a job, a maid, a butler or household
help, remember that any newspaper can
give you quick, satisfactory results from
"Help Wanted" advertising.
Despite the hearty upswing of business,
and the rise in general of employment,
there are still thousands out of work.
So it isn't any feat for a paper to bring
you a host of replies to your ad.
You get this same efficient service from
Record Help Wanted ads at less cost. In
fact, your ad in Sunday's Record will save
you one-half the cost of any other Phila-
delphia Sunday paper.
When you need domestic help, SAVE
MONEYI Phone WALnut 2300. Say, "I
wish to place a "Help Wanted" ad.
"Know Where Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Goes"
St. Mary's Laundry, Inc.
evening, March 13th, from 7 to 9
- ARDMORE 4400
(formerly tlte "Roger COllant Arms")
438 West Montgomery Avenue
Haverford, Pa.
. "
Specializillg ill catering to Bridge Lund/COliS
and DiTmer Parties

43 North Narberth Avenue-Narberth 4077
300 Levp.ri:lg Mill Road-Phone: Cynwyd 927

I\ATil • •

Why don't you, too, escape the drudgery of washday?
Tax Office will be open daily 9
4 P. M. Saturday 9 A. M. to Noon.
Monday, Ttlesday,Wednesday
2 Specials jor 85c
3 Specials jor $1
Thursday, Friday, Saturday-3 Specials jor $1.25
My lallndt·y line is the telephone
line to St. Mary's routeman
They'll not rip my clothes, nor
blow down a washing for that
dreaded "do-over"!
-Spiral and Croquignole.
Experienced Operators.
, n
Wa ')f e 5
Orders takeu for Itome-made Cakes, Calldies,
Salldwiches and Salads
for Reservations-call Ardmore 1559
Stoll Titus, of Forrest avenue, for I
two weeks. I Classified
Friends of Mrs. Reevs gave a lunch-,
Mrs. Charles L. Viguers, of Wood- eon and bridge p'arty at Erskine Hall I Advertisements
side avenue, gave a surprise party last on Monday in her honor. Those pres- i
Saturday cvening in honor of the ent were Mrs. James C. Keenan, Mrs'
l birthday anniversary of her son, Mr, William H. Hagcnbuch, Mrs. P. A.
Charlcs L. Viguers, Jr., of Grayling Wales, Mrs. T. E. Laug-hlin, Mrs. Rob-:
avenue. There were sixteen guests. ert Compton, Mrs. R. C. Kennedy and I
MI'. Hugh B. Specd, Jr., son of Mr. Mrs. Titus.
and Mrs. Hugh B. Specd, of Chcstnut Miss Ann Speed, daughter of Mr.!
[I avenue, had as his guest last weck-end ' and Mrs. Hugh B. Speed, of Chestnut
Mr. Julian Keenan, of Doylcstown, avenue, Narberth, will entertain at a
formerly of \Vynnewood. Mr. Keenan bridge party and shower this Satur- Count five worde to line
left last Thursday for Dallas, Tex., day in honor of Miss Virginia Chewn- -will be accepted up to wedn
where he has entered the aviation ing, daug-hter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter day. 6 o·clock. for Friday's 1
' _I
school. L. Chewning, of Pcmbroke road, Cyn-
'1 MI'. and Mrs. Franklin C. Maxwell,· wyd, whosc cngagement to Mr. S. Phone ARDMORE '''J{\t'\1.1''G'
of Baird road, moved on Monday to IHarman Brown, of Easton, has been "l \JW C-
. Narberth Hall, whcrc they have takcn Iannounccd. Help Wanted
an apartment. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Horlacher, of GUtL fOl' gelleral houHcwork. purt or full
on I 1 I b tUlle, 110 laulldl'v, Hlt'CI) out; Apt ...
, Miss Gaul, lona avenue, Essex a:enue, WI cave, s y Y Se\'illa Cuurt. CYllwyd 1-113.' ('111) ,\ J
, Narberth, wIll entcrtam at a I,mrt y and for a two months stay at ... -I
'Ilincn shower on \Vednesday, March 11, MJUm1, Fla. SituatIOns Wanted I 1\:'..;' \ L.
. I f II d III 1\1 II U '·;:-;I<;ltAL houHcwol'1'. lirHt and 'J! c:.
In 10nor 0 II'. an rs. axwe: gIrl,,; 110 laullllry. Call Hachc! Lec. I \A .
I Mrs. Arthur Van Meter, of MerIOn I Narberth Bridcre Club "\rdlllorc (1) I
!Manor, is leaving- this Sunday fori Wedne:;da\' Feln'ua7-v 2G-Section STI':".O(:lt:\I·III';lt, cxp.--Expert at lii;-l '...

F . I I h '11 f .,. , 1I1CH, dCHII'CH part tllnc 01' pcrmanclltl 11' ' . ._.- _. _,_ .__ __ __..__ i '101'\( a, w lcre s e WI stay or sev- ], top score, 1\1rs. Roy Greenwood and (III) • t/J ''tJ :;"
__________ Ieral weeks. . \Villiam D. Boyle; sccond I)Iace, Mrs. I IA,'S \\,Ol:h:: fOl' :lIon. 01' \\'ed.. or I ' f1 )ift',,;>.
MARY VIRGINIA BROWN I Mrs. S. M. Grandy, of Menon ave- 1\lahlon Hinebaugh Jr. and Mrs. AI- ta!,c hOllle..\-1 r"fH. \\,rilel ,f' c:
'nue g-ave a children's partv last I . ." . III' L,lll S,i,l ,\uhrey a\'c...\I'llnlo,·c. I
(Mrs. Paul Brown) I'.·· len Shuhel t. SectIOn 2, top scme, 1. 110.'\11'; SECltETAItY aHHi"t wriling'. typ-
Thursday to cclebl, ate the fifth bIrth-I and Mrs. Walter J. Scott; second illg. party preparatiolls. ctc. I'hune
who for the past two years has I f 1 I I B b G d "" " tl 3"88 'V I
conducted "The Brass Plattcr Inn" I ( ay 0 leI' ( aug ltCI', ar ara ran y. place, Clifford D. Goodwin and Hor- :...::"er I J - • -
I The small g-uests wcre Peggy Ann ace I. IIIcCollncll. 'I GOOD experlellced stenographer, who Ishops por you
atltlo/lIIces tlte opel/iug of Iter • " d t d b kit I d I
Kcenan, Dorothy Ann James, Mary 1
d . F 1 I UII ers an II 00 eep ng. eslreB pos -
New Tea Roonl ,....a ur ay evenmg, • e lruary 2n-
t10n full or part time. I'hon" Narberth I
I· rancls Barton, J oall Bailey, Betty T 1\1' L CI . t' I III 2S12-H. tf I d p. k th·
HALL" B d F k d JIB d op score, ISS , IriS Ie all( rs. an Ie 5 15
,Ann ea y, 'ran' an ac ( ca y. T' I d 1\1
II l\I I 1\1 H 11 R II of IN. Talley; secone place, IIII'. an Irs. II partmeuts for Refit I
1'. all( . rs. . . Samuel P. Bowman. l3I<;RNOLA APARTMENTS 3 ·
. South Narberth ayenue, MerIOn, and Kosel' Bl'Os.. Rental Agellts. "At A,'dmore I -pC ,utt
their daughter, Miss Betty Russell, Monday eyening, March. 2:-Mcn's Station." Greenwood 0680-Ardmore 680. • • • •
had as their guests last week-end tournament, top. H. \
E. J. Ayars and her daughter, MISS Thompson and Dl. l\1mk MOlgan, W.nted
I I TI C s d CI f BOY'S hicyeJe mu"t he in g-ood ('011-
Catherine Ayars, of Elizabeth, N. J'
p ace, 1'0. san an I - diliun all<1 rca". ('hullc eYII, ;)16-1[, (JO) I
Miss Russell entertained at a party ifOld D. Good" 111. ClUB. of all sizes wanted by I
Saturday night in honor of Miss I • families 100o\\'n to 1\1aill Line Fed. of
I H d
Ad G Churches. Donor may phone Bryn 1\Iawr I
Ayars. ea s vlsory roup (1)
I Mrs. Walter Schlipf, of Mcrwyn I Mrs. W. Childs Hodgcns, of 34
!road, will entertain the mcm?ers of I lane, Cynwyd, has been At Your Service
her club at lunchcon and brIdge on presldcn,,t of an Honorary AdVisory PIn\IN 5"""1;\;(; all<1 :llell<1illg-. l'hone I

C' \V ' d b :'\al'ht'l"th :!Sti:;. (l:!) \
Thursday, March 12. omnuttee of omen apPolllte Y I
... I LoweI' pl'it'es - IlU\V - fOI"
... Mr, and 1\1rs. \V. Richard Kolb and Mayor S. Dayis \Vilson of Philadcl- early Hprin/; worl,. EHtimates un houHe I
their baby, of Rochclle Arms, \Vissa- phia. .Mrs. H.odgens is ,president of paillting. It. E. 1\lurford. 1111 \\'oodHide i
--1935 B h " Ihickon, were the g-uests of IIII', Kolb's thC.. , PllIladelphm Fe,deratlOn o.f ".Tom_ a ""IIIH'. :-:arhel'lh. (11)
""axes CAHI'ENTI<;lt. alteration., I
oroug llarcnts, 1\11'. and 1\1rs. \V. J. Kolh, of pn s Clubs and Alltcd Orgal11ZatlOns. weather-stripping. Gottlieb Esslinger.
Haverford ayenue, last week-end. The committee will confer with the 122 Conway avenue. Call Narberth
Last l
'nstalment on Taxes wl'll be due MarcIl IIII'. and 1\ll's. John A. Lafore of anti the various dcpartment __ _ , .' DHAI'EHIES. Slip Covers. Venetian I
"Penn Valley Farms," Penn Valley, heads on all matters wl11ch arc of 111- blinds. AwnIngs. I"urnlture. UpholRter-
14th, 1936. spent last wcck-end in Atlantic Cit\,. tcrest to women, according- to present. ing. Beddings. Hug-s cle'lned. repaired
.' . _ , . J" "1 .. IJ I" . 1 .! and stored. Challeng-er. 281 .'\1ontg-omery
Mrs. \\' Illwm H, \\' caver, of Essex P 11 IS. 'O( gens IS a so actIve avenue. Cynwyd. I'hOlle. CYllwyd 85.
an'nue, entertained thc members of in till' Salvation Army campaign. He]' Formerly with ,John \Vanamal,er. (to
her duh at lunchcon and bridgc at hUHband is a well-known l1I·chitC'ct. rYPI,;\VRITEHS - Sold, rellted and re-
paired. Itlbhons alld Curhon I'aper I '
ErsJ,ine lIaI.I, Hav('rfonl, on 1,'uesday. SUilUItBAN 'l'Y1'EWltlTElt CO.. 33 E: "
:'III'S. Alfn·d S. Knapp, of Becchwood G· 1S N LllncaBter a\'e.. Ardmore. I'h, Ard. 137S,
bIll' \\'ill C'ntC'rtain at a St. Patrick's tr cout ews '1'01\1 rlAltltlSON Uoed i
, I' urnltul'e now IOl'ater) at :nsl
lunclll'lIn and brill!!:c on , IV, ],allelloler a\'e.. Al'lhnore. Ai'll. 381.
:'Ilarch 17. i lJl'lll)LST]·;"1i alltl rep. ot
;\11'. and IIll's. Knapp will have as Troop 8 i 3-I,I"ee repulred. $10;. Chair re-
. Tl'oop held a g'ala meeting- Tues-: $5. (,0 anywhere. Call Lewl •.
tlH'JI' glH'stS thC' wC'c!i-cnd of March 20 . .' i 2X7 K ],aneast"r ave. WaYlle 1496,
:\ll's. Knapp's l110ther and sistcr, Mrs. day l·\'l'nl11g. At o'clock cach mcm-: ------------'------

El11l11a B. Ehkr, of nl'()oklyn, and IWI' appeal'l·d WIth :-;upper for tWO! Rooms for Rent _ _ 'I" n 1 ,.t I I-I' ,I' 'f G .. t and a girl who was not a scout. "\IUnIOltE. l'a.-AliI'. well ful'll.
1I nO lei ". .\1 (mg, 0 rca Con\' to tl"lll"ll ", II'll f'll' ,
Evervone h'](1 .\ merry time eating . . __'."" .•.• I
Neck, L. I. . l.' ..-\rchnClI'l· 1.1.1-\\.
III I'. and :\lrs. Jamcs H. Stevcnson, her .mcal around thc campfire. At the -----------------.:.-:...:.1
. hl"'Jl1l1in<r of this mcal cach scout in- Mortgages .
.fl'., of Dudley avenue, gave a surpl'lse" "'. I
party and shower last Saturday cve- troduced hel' g-uest and told the .g-Irls! UNLDI}TEP I",U:-;I\S I
. , " all ahout her. To show the fnends 011 ::11.\111 LIIIL IIOI1lC", .>11 ,0-61) /0-81) ,e. "
IIl1lP; at the hOll1e of IIlr. Stcvcnson s . .. ,.. ., .. . . .' ')II. today'" appraised .vaillc.. A ('all will 111
parents, IIII'. and :\Irs. ,fanH's H. Just "hat OUI tIoop \\.\S ltke the hl'lllg- ou" to III"peet you... ;
,, . Ig-roup held a model n1ceting which i1OIIlt'. QUll'k al'llulI, reasonahle rateH.
stevenson, of \Vynnewood, 111 honor , . I fl '.lo""ph Cai .. ns, .ll',. Inc.. A..,lmo.. e. I·a.
of III I'. and 1\1rs.•fohn S. 1\lcGnwin, opened \\'It 1 a ag- Betty Phone A..dmo.. c
of Ardmore. Mrs. McGowin is the then led the gals 111 a gamc, I
. .' .', .. , f' ,a tt'IP through thc Unitcd States. At Por Sale I
fOlll1el MIss Janet 0 RIVer-\ I . h d IMPonTED elllh..oi<lI'''I'(1 ,,1""f'I'I\'
. I R I '1'1 t 1\1 d eae 1 stop some l)art of t e Ten er-I I" .• Sl( e, ., le g-ucss wel'c I r. an ,,,,,lgl1<'d Illto Hllmlllt''' eYl'lIlng' w ..ap.
Mrs. Andrew S,' McGowin, of Bethle- \ foot Test was dem,onstrated. i, . rl'llI,cHclltali\"."
. ,.' . the end of the mecting CapPle held' III n-.:'!.,\\ I 16_8. (10)
hem, III1. and 1\11s. John \Volford, DJ. . , , ('O\\' \'ollng flu"rll""" Huihhl· fol' pl'i I
and Mrs. C. Graham Reid, 1\11'. and Ian ll1,:estlture eercmony at i fall;. ·Phon.. ,\,..1. " (III) I
Mrs..Jan,les Bcig-hle, Mr. and Mrs, Jean Simpson was as, a GIrl :-:1';\\' lady'" $;);, hi<'yl'le, •.
'I III' d M' R' h Scout. For a short time after thc I 1\law.. 1628. (10) I
usse I son, • 1. an IS. IC - , ., • • .. --
i I S II l\I I "I J h "I' . ceremony thc group sat around the' I HILLO I ahle Ita<lio. :-;e'·....
, at'( cU, 1 r. ant n rs, oscp .It ISSI-. I .' USP(1. I:l'\'lI lila"'\' 1628. (0)
mer and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hutter. flrc all( .san
I,ts favonte Aftcr !'I·ltlC;I!·I' •. :-;a.. l>.
Mrs. William H. Sickles, of Drexel a goodmght cll'c1e thc mectlllg- broke (10)
HiJI, entcrtained at a party last Fri- up. R lEd
., I f M F k A Girl Scout program cram full of ea state Wallte
ay evenI11g 111 10nor 0 rs.· I'an , , . . .
· f C actIOn w,iII be given by thc thrce I" ,1"l:ll'h(',1 011 :llain I
M. .' cnnllorc, 0 arroll Park.' ., I Line, 1\1('1'ioll to Jll'yn Mawr, 4 hed-
Mrs. H. F. Darnes, of Grayling troops of Fnday dunng I ..
". hathH, S"I'vallt,,' qllllrlem, ga-
'. f tl d" the assembly perIOd at Narberth rag-c. $18.000 to MuM be attrac·
,avenue, C lallman 0 le Imng room School th'p. 1'url'h:lHe. ;\;0 brol,el''', "\\'." Box
for the \Vestminster Circle dinner to ' A,'dmo..c, l'a. (10)
be held at the Narberth Presbyterian
Church on Thursday evcning-, March Narberth School News
12, entertained the mcmbers of her A good English program will be
committee at a party at her homc presented by Miss Wunderlich's fourth
= I Tuesday evening. Those present wcre grade this weck.
Mrs. R. E. Morford, Mrs. G. C. Miss Dale's fifth grade have started ESTATE NOTICE
Meikle, Mrs. Stanlcy E. Boyle, Mrs. to compile a class book which is an ESTATE OF ROBERT J. McCLAIN.
late of the Boroug-h of Narberth. Mont-
Kenneth 1\1. Bovee, Miss Anna M. Eng-lish activity. gomery County. decM-sed.
Doug-las, Mrs. Richm'd Lawrence, Mrs. Miss Hoover's eighth grade girls Letters testamentary on the above es-
tate havillg- been g-ranted to the under-
George Woodrow, Mrs. R. E. Hamil- presente a play entitled "Rackctty- signed. all persons Indebted to said ('s-
ton, Mrs. C. Hammer and Mrs. A. C. Packctty Housc" on Friday, Febru- tate are requested to make Immediate
l\Iillcl'. at·y 28th, in asscmbly period. Every paymellt, and those ha\'ing leg-al claims.
to present the same without delay to
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. White, of Essex member of the class had a part. MIRIAM McCLAIN WESTON
avenue, wiJI spend this week-end in The operetta will bc prcsented on 16 Woodside Avenue Narberth. 1'a..
\Vestchester County, New York, the 1nth and 20th of this month. A 01' her Attorney:
Iwherc they will be the g-uests of Mr. dress rehearsal for the benefit of thc HOLAND FLEER I
h I h
'l . N'Orr.lstown. 1'a. !'
White's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. sc 00 C I dren Will bc presented on (0-3-6)
and Mrs. Judson White. Wednesday afternoon thc 18th. ••1iiii•••••••••
'I :: 'I PROPOSAL A'l'll:ofl..fl!:!.b.
,1\1rs. William R. Levis, of Hampden
' I I Proposals will he received at the of- This Thursday,
<\Venue, returne( lOl11e on Monday. I flce of the Boroug-h of Narbel'th. FOl'cst Friday and Saturday
Mr. ancl Mrs. John D.ennis, of Anth-I .. ,pennsyl\,ania, until
I wyn roacl has just returned from a « I. 1\1.. Monday. March
. ' " , . 1!l,W. at winch timc ulld place thcy!
month s stay 111 Mtanu and Havana will hc publlcly opened alld rcad fOl' fur- :
neach. niHhillg one (I) three and olle-half ton
Convclltiollal typc l1UlllP body Autoear:
MI'. H, C. Fenno, of Essex avenue, truck. fully equippcd wllh plow alld ac-
has returned fr011l \Vashing'ton, wlwre ccssorics,
. I I' f J "I I' I Bhldlng' forms. spceifications and re-
le aCCOl1lpallle( 11S at leI', "' 1', \11 )-1 quirl'nlcnts for the abo\'e may bc oh-
ert F. Fenno, and his aunt, 1\1 iss Itailled at the olilce of the Supcrintelldent
G 'I'tl'U I' 1\1 F' n f PI . fi I I N of Public Works. I'
e ( c, . en 0, .0 all1 . c ( , .\ Bids to be sl'alcl1 alld addressed 10,
i .J., who Il'ft ther,e aftcr a brll'f staY,I"Chairman. I1h;hwllY Committee." 130,1'-1
i for New Orlcans La. where the" oug-h. Ollice. "",,:rberlh. PcnnHyl\,allla. alld'
. . " idclltlfied as bid for "trucks."
wtll rem,am for two months. Thc Doroug-h Council rcser\'es the rig-ht
Mrs. H. G. Reevs, of Swampscott Ito reject allY 01' all bids or parts of bids
II f
. ' as deemed to the best Interest of the
'lass., orl11erly of WlIldsor avcllue, Dorough.
Narberth, is the guest of hcr son-;,,-I CHARLES V. NOEL.
law and daughtcr, MI'. and Mrs. A'I (03-6) Clerk of Council.
March 6, 1936
Page Four
OUR TOWN March 6, 1936



Cynwyd 928
call., for
Get It at
attention - or
H. BFJLLIS, Shcriff.
123 Narberth Ave.
3 doors from Theatre
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of good appearallce
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and stylcs for a new
get our price and sce
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Seized and taken In execution as the
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G. and to hc sold by

After Winter .
216 Dudley Avenue-Narberth 2324
and Now
After those harsh cold winds, a facial for
your typc of skin should now bc considered
individual cloth suits made from the finel' domestic
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Turning the Tables
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Simpson Road at Athens Avenue
Telephone Ardmore 9
" "2646
I C? Bala
Get This
Piano Instruction
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Singing Lessons
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You can telephone friends in
other towns AT THE NEW
LOW RATES every night after
7 and any time Sunday I
There is no better time for
"friendship calls"-the day's
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Toke advantage of the low
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your boy at college ••. the
folks bock home ••. friends
you rarely see. It's next best
to seeing them I
There are Borgain Rates on both
Person to Person and Stetlon to
Stotion colis.
Cell "Long Distance
Operotor" for rates not
shown in the Directory.

Junior Club Sponsors
"Musical Moments"
\Vednesday, 8.00 P. i\I.-Lentcn Scr-
vice. Theme, "Lenten Characters:
7.00 P. 1\L-Confirmation
Friday, 7.30 A. 1\I.-Senior Choir.
This papcr welcomes
tions on timely subjects.
The New Seal.Kap
and the
Golden Guernsey
Trade Mark
Add Convenience
and Guarantee to
Guernsey Milk
Now 16c per quart
Phone VVayne 1121
The Flneet Milk In
the Beet Package. at
the Right Price
Church Notes
longing to Sarah C,'lst and The Mcrlon lights, Springfield water, heating
T. & ']" Co. of Ardmore (3' wldc) at porch front.
By v!l'lue of an Alias '''rlt of Fieri all tlmcs hercaftcr forevcr.
Facias, Issued out of the Court of Com- 2 ear plastered garage 22 feet by 20
111011 l'leas of 1I(ontgome,'y Counly, Thc imllrOvcmclns thcrcon arc a fcct.
Contlnucd froni Page One Penna.. 10 me dirccted, will be sold at, 3 story plastercd l1Ouse, 48 fcet frollt
The Presbyterian Church to the Salvation Army drive, for Publle Sale on IbY 32 feCi dccp, with 6 rooms allu bath
on first fioo,', rooms and hath on sce-
Meetings for March 8 which several Narberth juniors, head- WEDNESDAY, APIUL 1st, IU36 ond fioor, 12 I'ooms and halh on Ihlrd
!l.45 A. M.-Bible School. cd by the president, Miss Alice Fran- , , , . Inoor, ccllar, gas, elcetrle lights, Hprlng-
• • I. • • • • at 1.00 0 e1oel" I . 111., bastcrn Standard field water, heating systcm, poreh front.
11.00 A. M.-The mormng worshlP'j CIS, ale solICIting funds. 'J'lme, In Court Hoom "A" al the Court i S.. lzed and lakcll In cxceution as thc
Sermon by Rev. Archer E. Anderson, It was dccided to chance off the House, in the Borough of !\'olTISlOwn'l property of Edward S. l'etc,·s. 1Ilorlga- Down l\(oncy $200.00
h is eXjle'ted to be here to take up II h nd-made quilt at the next club I the followln,;" deseribed Heal gOl', and L. Joncs. Trustce \Inder
W 0 • c a hst.Lte. Ilhe \VI1I of Gcorge A..Ioncs, Hcal Owncr. Shcrlff's Ollicc, XOlTlStOWll, Penna.
his pastorate among us. meeting, March 12, for obtainingI and to be sold
11.00 A. M.-The junior. church" further welfare fund.s. , . 3 n. nELLIS, Shcrlff. lIIarch 3rd. 1!136
condueted by Mrs. A. S. Digby and i At a Board of Directors meetll1g slahle alld fmme iee house and othcr ------------------
Mrs. G. V. Woodrow. Iheld Monday night at the home of I' improvements thcreon, Sit. In Twsp. of SHERIFF'S SALE Everyone Does It
LO\\"l"" l\lel'loll, l\luntg. Co., l'a., described
G.45 P. M.-Mcetings of the three, Miss Francis it was planned for the as follows' - Bring us your old shoes
. . I . . By "irtuc of a writ of I·'ierl Facias make them look and wear
C. E. SOClCtlCS. Ichairman and. board of thc Narberth I BEG S E f .. I iss\I(·d out of the COUl'l of Common new.
,., . .., I· . at . '. cor. 0 l\Icl'ion l\lectlllg" . . .) -' .
1.45 P. M.-EveJ1lng worshop. Ser-I JUJ1lors to entertmn the chairman ane 11""s,, Ii""·,, Yard \\"all, supposed 10 he of :llontgoll1cry .. I enna.. t" mc
mOil by Rev. Archer E. Anderson. Iboard of the Narberth 'Women's Com-I 1'0". of said 1IIeeling Iiouse Slablc, tho dll'ceted, will he sold at I'uhlle Salc on
'" I . C 't I . Cl btl t b along land now 0" formerly of ,John " ., •
ext uese ay e\,ellll1g, Oll1mUnl y, l11UJ1lty u a a care 1mI' y to e I 1';"I<lIlslln and land now or of " AI IU LIs', IU:ll,
Bihlc Class. iJwld Wednesday evening, March ] 8, I Itlll]l"1 j lollallli H. 16 dcg. K 3U I'· to . t 1 011 . 'I .\- /' :II F"" S' I"]
Next \Vednesdav eveninO" Pray"r I'l
the cluhroom Invitations will be Islone in sa III last Illell tioned land, th'l ::.. . .0 "c 1" •., 'in i tolil': ,tI.'
.. ..,.." (:.. (. . along Halla' ti7 \\'. ;;::1 )I. to line, Ill. 0 11 .lotH.'. nUl t
Illeeting at 8 o'eloek. I sent each senior to be included. IstOlle, th. alollg lalill 'lOW 01' fOJ"llle"lr of JJ] .Ihl' • .of
CI '.. f tl . I ·'d t' Johll I'n"" alld said :lleetillg 1I0uHe land s,L1d the tollO\llllg dcsellhed 1{c,LI
lall 0 Ie speCla . plesl en .s S. 16 del'. \\". :10 I'. 10 afol'esalll Ura\"e- gSlatc:
Narberth MetllOdist Episcopal IeOlJ1nllttee to arrange thIS party lSI yal'd \\·al1. til. alollg sallie S. 67 l1L'g·S. " ,.", .
" 1\·1 I I I::J: • k' ·f· , t l F c,'" p to phee of heg ('0:0-: ',hout ALl, fllA1 CI',I{I.\I:O-: lot 01' plee" of
CI ch
' IS. J ale lunsle el, a oIlllel pas I '. ...., '-' •. , gTOIlIlII wilh Ihe hllildillg·s ·tlld 11111"" ,'e-
illY I . . 1 aeres be same morc or less. . , l
. .. preSident of Narberth Jumors reeentl y '[ """IlS thcl'eon Cl'eetell, Siluatc Ileal' Xal'-
Re\'. \V. Vernon Middleton, 1\lImster Ireturned to live in Narberth after The illlpro"elllellls Ihel'eOIl are a !".,'th.. in the 'I'owllship of Lower
Sunday l\Iarch 8: I" I slol'\" plastel'e,1 hotL'1 :16 feet front 1011 •. Cotlllty of :lJolltgonwry alld Hta to
, . ". . I resHlencc 111 Allentown, Pa. Ihr f"l"l' d,'"p. with :n, plaslel'cd of lllltllllhod alld des, ... il",,1
,).,1.) A. 1\I.-Chmc 1 S.chooI. . I The next regular meeting of the Ia"dit iOIl f,'l"l :;11 fept. wilh 1 story 'I to a .. alld plall 1lI,,,I,,,
11.00 A. 1\1.-1\lornmg \Vorshlp.1 juniol"s will he Thursrlav March 12 hrit·,< :"Illitioll IS feet IS fL'et. with "s fol1o\l8. to \I 11.
Sermon "The Gosjlel for This Com-I' . , ',I lralne a,1<h1l011 21 f"el 1,,':10 •• , '. • ..
'.' .' ". 'atthe clubrooms and will he in charge If"l"l. with S mOlllH IlI1 til'st 11001'. (; r;)OIlIS . I.I,,(.I:-;:O-:I);C .at thl' .1'01111 of
merclal Age. IOf the Board of Directors. The meet- alit! balh 011 s''''ollli 11001'. l'uolllS Oil I' o.f Ihc ,llIle ,of Ol,d. (:"I
h I
645 P. IV1.-Junior Epworth League.. . I third 11001'. allie. ""II'L1·. gas. "Ieell'ie Ihl 1lI1l1,U, IIIlL of <.I,ll' !"h>ll
. .... . mp; wIll be devoted to debate on a IighlH. wale,', heatillg syslelll, 1
.'10:"1' I h",,,,,, ,e'" "IIlI,,"
alo,}g the IlIllldlc
GA;) P. M.-SelllOl League. IIllost important question of club pol- I' 0I'l"i I frolll. hill'. 1.
''']. ..!, d.·
7.'15 P. 1\I.-Ol"gan ReCital and I. . .. . . .. i
. .•\\ -:.: ft. Illl:"
. .' . "'I \tr ICy and It IS expected thele Will be a, Seil'l'd all,1 tak,," ill "X""lIlioll as thc I ::o'lh S,) dIgs. .'IIIIIH. 1..1;'t L,)
Vespel SCI vlc.e. SCI mon, '1 Ie 'v ay f l.arge turnout of juniors who will wish I1"·oW'n.,· of .1<.'hn T. Ode.II, :lIOl'tgagOI'! ;-':01'1 h SH ;,t, I',ast I 11.
of Discipleship." . . . I' allil Own"I· and to 1>' "old hy 10 a l·olIll: 'I'h"'II"L' :-iollih l1<'g·S. 0
to express a personal oJ1ll1lOn on a "'. mins. I'"sl f1. 10 a poilll in thc
Monday, March 9: I' controversial subject. I El>WI:O-: I J. Sheriff. IinL' of Clal'"nl.fon I{o"d and r
8.00 P. M.-Church School Board 1\1' H.' ld G' .. , h' . fl I hellce alollg: th., "allll'
.. . IS. alO llest, c allman 0 I Oil the an' 01 a "il'd" "un/llg' 10 Ih" I.. fl
l\leetll1g at the home and Mrs. I feIlO\\'ship, reported flowers sent tol SHERIFF'S SALE with a r'/llius of ·1:170.S:, f1. tI,,· '''T <lis-
A .•J. Bawden, 1 \VoodsHle avenue. j. . . . 1\.' • " • _'. . . ,. lanl'C of fl.. Ih" "hol'd of whkh an'
• . h . an III mCmhel, dIS. ElIs\\Olth Clalk'i. By vn·tue of a wnt of Lp\,an I'acms. I",ars :-iollth ." <I,'g·s. ;,:1 JIlins. s""ond"
l\lalc 10.. Ichairman of Book Cluh, who has been out of th.. of ComJllon "Il'as \\'est fel't to the lil'sl IllPlltiOI,,,<I
7.30 P. l\I.-Boys' Gym Night. fi I t I . I If' " .. I . I COllnly, J'","", .. to JIle point an,l plal'!' of (,OX'I'.\I:>I-
\V d esd ' 1\'1 I' h 11' con ncr 0 lei )ec 01 Se\eIa \\ee {So UIl'CeleO, WIll hc solo at I'lIl>lie Salc Oil 11;0.;0 scvl'll-tellths of an aCI·e.
en. a C. 1\1rs. Griest herself has been absent I I
10.00 A. 1\1.-The Larlics' Aid So- fl"lJ1I1 several ]Jast meetings due to thel \\,I·;11XI':Sll.\Y. ,\I'IUT. 1st, 1:/:16 impro\,enH'1l1s thercoll al'l' a
cietv meets to sew for the Red Cross . . . .' . .. "I" slory hnek housp, fept f,'onl hy
, . . , , ,. , . I of hel ltttlc. son, Dlckcy, who I ;',t 1..00 0 I'; :lr.. 2R fecI deep. with :1 I'OOIllS Oil 1100)".
at the home of 1\11s. Hem A. Frye, IS lIO\\" convalescing. J. G. 1\1. I I Ill".. iii. ' "Il' I 1.'){lIn A "t. the COllrt l:f I'oOllls and halh on s""OI,,1 tlo,,,',
115 \Vynnedale road. l'llou",'. /II 11, .. BIlI·oug·h of );ol'rlstowll'l roon,s 011 Ihird tlOOl', I'ellal', gas. pl"'·lri,·
"0' P 1\1 I d' , A' IS' t I said Ill(' de,erih.. d I{pal
.•) .·.-"a les IC. OCIC Y B t CI b M t 11.:'tat •. : I
Business i\Ieeting and Election of Of- oa u to ee i I MAUSOLEUMS
fi . The Dudley Avenue Boat Club willi ,\/1 TIJ.\T (·I·;I:"I'.\IX lJ"al"l \lilh huild-
. Ihold its s lrin meet ill at the home i/lgs and thereoll. situate'
8.00 P. l\I.-FrlCndly Hour and I g g I III 1IH' 1!o'Ollgh 01 );,u'herlh, :llo"tgo,"ery
Bible Study. lof Commodol'e and.. 1\1rs. S'I' '0., I 'a..
Thursday, March 12: I Campbell, lane, thIS Sat- HE(;I:O-::O-:Ixr; III si,le Jinl' of I1a\'el'folfl
6.30 P. M.-Junior Choir Rehearsal. evellIng'. John P: Gordon, of 1:""1 :l11·rion Ild. 1;7.1' X. n:,o ":'. frolll
8 P 1\
'1 CI'. R I . I Colll11gswood, N. J., \\'111 speak on II .of 0"'1;:1'''.'' s,de hilI' With :-:.
.00 . .- 1011 elCaIsa. -.' ",. Hide hn" of hSSl'X Ave.: thp'lf"e :,\,
Fridav March 13: sll1all craft l'acll1g on the open sea. II' \\'. 101:': 11,,·n.. ,' :0-:. 77' ·1:1' I';. 1:/':
• ., ".", I tht')Wt· :'\. J:.!o 1t' \\". :.!1I ..J': tlll'llt'C' X. 77
.l.OO P. 1\1.- Stiver 'lea at the . •. I' \:1' K thL"ll'" S. 11' K 117.!111'
home of Mrs. V. O. Krausko!1, 71 Hold Exlubltlon Today ito o.. igillal sid.· Ii",· of 1I:1\,,. .. fo .. d a,,<1
Ty Ile"'ll l' a I I The Pcn an organization of eight I :lle.. ioli 1(,1.: Ih.,I1.... along sai,] I'll. S.
. n ,(!c: C 0 (. ..' ( .. c.. Ili!l° :{:!' \\•. to plat'p of lH'g'illllillg'.
7.:30 P. 1\I.-Boy Scouts. Pllllatlelpllla women pamters, of I . .
which May Gill, 'Vynnewood, isl '1'0(;1';'1'111-:11 wilh fr...· an<1llllinl"ITupl-
. • •• J I,d 1 to alltl frO!ll .\\'(' .• O\"f'l'
!lrCSldcnt, IS holding Its annual ex- :O-:ortIJ,· .. nlllf1st or n""' l'art of lots he-
hibit at the Philadelphia Art Club
Baptist Church of the E"angd
Robert E. Keighton, Minister
Stanley '1'. Reiff,
Sunday, l\1areh 8:
!IA5 A. i\I.-The Church School.
10.15 A. 1\1.-The Pastor's Class in
Church Membership.
11.00 A. 1\I.-Morning Worship.
Sermon, "Art Thou One of His
5.00 P. 1\L-Vesper Service. Ser-
mon, "The Question of Lawfulness."
7.00 P. 1\1.-Young People's Discus-
sion Group, led by Charles Leech.
'Wednesday, March 11: I
8.00 P. 1\L-Lenten Worship Ser-
vice. Sermon, "Answerest Thou
Sunday, Mareh 15:
11.00 A. M.-8ermon by Mr.
Charles Leeeh.
5.00 P. 1\I.-Musical Service by the
Lansdowne Choral Club under the di-
rection of Mr. Stanley T. Reiff, Mus.
Bac. Pastor speaks upon "The Ques-\
tion of Immortality."
13th Year DAN C I N G
Children and Adult classes
Ballroom-J. Carlos Cresson
1711·13 Chestnut St. Rlt. 5963
We combine safety with econ·
omy by presenting to you a
Whether you wish to buy a
home or save, we have a plan
for your consideration. We
deal In first mortgages.
L. A. EppInger, Secretary
2 E. Lancaster Ave. Ardmore
Folk Festival Given iI
by Local Girl Scouts:

Contlnucd f"olll J'a,;"c Onc
captain, was given second place in
dancing by virtue of their Hindu
Temple Dance with stage setting, a
drummer in costume and a temple
dancer with Hindu drapery.
First place in dancing was awarded
to Troop 93 of Ardmore, Mrs. H. H.
Wallower as captain, for a Norwegian
folk dance consisting of various
groups of three g'irls each, using
neckerchiefs as connecting linl,s, the
first three in Norwegian costumc. with
the "Mountaineer Song" as accompani-
ment. Narberth Troop 125, 1\1 iss
lngehor!; Thaysen as captain, carned
first place in singing with a Negro
spiritual called "Climbing Jacob's
Ladder," Icd a little rihbon-
tied pig-tailed pickaninny. Haver-
ford Troop 120, Mrs. Charles B.
Crockett as captain, gave an Ameri-
can folk dance called "01' Dan
The most completely eostullled group
was Overbrook 240, which meets at
the convent of the Sacred Heart, with
Miss Ruth Sheehan as captain, which
gave a mammy sonp; with fervor and
Troop 125
"Have you heard the news?" cried
the Girl Scout as they dashed up the
stairs. "Troop 125, our troop, won
first place in singing at the Interna-
tional Folk Dancing Festival! Think
of it! 'Ve'll represent the Main Line
in the All-cit:,' Folk Festiml that is
going to be held in the Irvine audi-
"Really, mean it? Oh, I'm g·lad.
What kind of a song did you sing'?"
"Wc sang 'Climbing' Jacob's Ladder.'
It's a Negro spiritual. Elaine Starr
lead and was dressed in costume. She
looked cute with little pig-tails stick-
ing out all O\'er her head. Each pig-
tail was tied with red ribbon."
After the excitement died down it
was learned that Elaine Starr, Sonia
Anderson, Jane Nulty, Katrina Hoyt,
Bernice Sweeney, Bl'tty Hollar, Anita
Goodrich, Betty Tobarl, Louise John-
ston, Christine Hackman, 1\larjory
Harback, Hclen Doty, Eleanor Hay-
wood, Mary l\IcCafl"erty and Katherine
Ridge had palticipated in the contest.
The girls were trained by their lieu-
tenaT,t, Betty Seasholtz, and she did
an excellent job.
At the troop mceting on Monday
night it was announced that Miss
Hamilton, a nurse at Mawr Hos-
pital, was giving" a first-aid courSe for
Girl Scouts at 4 o'clock for six weeks
beginning March 2. There is a charge
of $1.25 pCI' person to pay for sup-
plies. Barbara Smedley, Sonia Ander-
son, Jane Nulty, Claire Robinson,
Louise Johnston, Betty Janc Beaver
and Helen are taking" advantage
of the course.
There is going to be a seout exhibit
to commemorate the Girl Scout birth-
day of the Narberth School Lihrary.
Troop 125 sent its 109" book.
There is still time to collect those
pesky caterpillar egg masses before
the contest closes. The Girl Scout
that collects these egg masses helps
the community to save the foliage
and incidentally win the prize that the
D. A. R. is offering.
Give Varied Program
at Community Club
Holy Trinity LlltT,eran Church
Cletus A. Senft, Pastor
Sunday, March 8:
Continued from Page One 9.45 A. M.--Bible School.
lege, will be the speaker. The hostess 11.00 A. M.-The Morning Service.
will be Mrs. E. H. Coc1<rilI. Theme, "Gaining by Forgiving."
The Executive Board will hold a 6.45 P. M.-Senior Luther League.
meeting on March 31. ITopic, "The Priee of My Redemption."
The Art Department of the Wom- Leader, Miss G. Hoffsten.
en's Community Club will meet at the 7.45 P. M.-The Vesper Service.
north side of the Narberth Station Theme, "Balaam."
this Friday morning at 10 o'clock for Tuesday, 7.15 P. M.-Boy Scouts.
a trip to the Art Museum to sec I Wednesday, 7.00 P. M.-Junior
Georgc Horace Lorimer's exhibition IChoir rehearsal.
of glass. On returning members wiII
go to the home of Mrs. George B.
Suplee, on Woodwide avenue, for re- i
freshments and a discussion of the I
The International Relations Group
of the club will meet at the home of
the chairman, Mrs. Ann Darville, in
Narberth Hall next Monday afternoon.

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