Members, Fleer and Davis,
to Take Oath From
Burgess Hall
Circle Meets 9th
The regular monthly meeting of the
Westminster Circle of the Narberth
Presbyterian Church will be held at
8 o'clock on Thursdu:y. January 9, in
the church parlors.
Borough Council to
Organize on Monday
Cannon Arrives
I Women's Club Tues.
i Colm' Photography Expert to
II Talk on "Fads in Art
Thru Ages"
VOLUME 22, No. 13
-------------""j ,
L!he Grist Mill II
Par/di1l!!. "The property was held
for sale at $50,000." This way of
publicizing a $25,000 transaction
has gotten under the skin of Horace
Groskin, of St. George's road, Anl-
more. As chairman of thc Ethics
Committee of the Philadelphia Real
Estate Board, Mr. Groskin is remind- The first meeting of the new year Roland Fleer and Eugene H. Davis
ing offending members that this con- of the Women's Community Club of ,will bc sworn in and take tlleir scats
stitutes misleading advertising. A, ' Narberth will be held Tuesday, Janu- Ias members of the Narberth Borough
local realtor suggcsts that the quick-I ary 7, at 2 o'clock in the Girl Scout Council at its organi:zation mecting
est way of wiping this form of 1'0-' wing of the Community Building. The Monday night, January G, 1936, in
mance from the business is to tip off: program will be in charge of thc Art the council chamber, Elm Hall.
the Internal Revenue Department to Department, Mrs. William H. Board- I Missing will be Clifford W. Bates,
income tax against the broker h 'II t "ho a dcf t d th r' y
man, Jr., cbairman, w 0 WI presen TIll' 1,(Jon 1IIIIIIId /;,.,<7 I)i( 1'1', /I'll il'!l jJl'OI'lIklt! 'I slol'/II of ('011- \y w s ea c ],. e p Imar
based on the commission he would Louis Condax. His topic, "Fads in election, and Edward S. Haws, who
have obtal
'ned fro111 thc boasted sale Irll/'l'l's,''j ill IItI' ]:OI'II/I!/" IlIsl SIIlIIlIl(I', Ilil'lol'cd 0/1- till .\'1//'IiI'}'IIt d'd fl'
Art Through the Ages," was not a can I ate 01' re-e ectlOn,
'ce. I, 1'ltl,I/,I/I'OU.Ilt!, 1/'111'1'1' il 1l'IIS HI/lol/d,d il/ til( 1'((/1' of till ('lIll1l1l/1l1il,ll W
Mr. Condax is well known for his illiam H. Fretz, who was re-clect-
* * * i miniature work for many photograph- Huitt/,illY 1/j'ln' !Jcill{J 1/'l/lIsIJOI'If'll frO/II 1//1 .1 !JNdl (1/ l'l'ol'ill!/ cd to Council last fall, will take the
Lcap Yea1'. This year of 1936 willi ic studios in Philadell)hia and is in- (;/'()/fllds lllsi 1/'(,l'k-I'JlrI, oath of office along with the new mem-
see among other things a presl en Ja terested in research work in art, par- I bel'S.
f th of Ncwfl.rk, N . .1., dllll,lJlrfcr of thc I
election and a birthday or ose un-I fIN r. I ticularly in color ph,otogr.aphy. H, e ., CA. . B Burgess John R. H211 ,.nll adnll'n-
funncr ]JustOI' 0 t /c fl.1'ucrt L L ..
fortunate Ilersons who wcre lorn on, done much eXl)er,lJnenta,1 wOI.·k,m egton 5 annon rrtft'es 111 oro,· ister the oath to Fretz, Fleer
. tl 1 Cll1l1'c1l, w1Iose en- ,
February 29. It IS also,. 1C .yea,r W'll' this line. His hobby IS makmg vlOlms and Davis and preside at the electl'on
d t gagelllcnt to Ill?" Donald I zam
when, according to tra ItJon, 1 lSi 1 1 I an,d he l,las been a, ssigned the. task of Provoked Controft'ersy Last SummerIof a president.
t J1!1l1!1'0, of Narbcrt I, ICCll /tn- ,
right and proper for women 0 pro- 'I dlscoverJllg the kmd of varnIsh used It is expected that ],11'. Fretz who
ose. Says the Encyclopaedia Britan- nOllllccd. Id th' , t I'. by the 0 masters on e)r mS 1'11- has served as presiding officer of
nica in this respect: "Of the custom I I d 1 'd t ments. Field Piece Unloaded in Rear t 1C cannon were ma e )y resl en s, Council since JanuarY', 1934, will be
fOl' women to woo leap ;rear no i45 Families Aided The soloist of the afternoon will bc of Post Headquarters in to membcrs of the Recreation Board returned to that post.
satisfactory explanatIOn has e\ cr been I ' II I C 'I It I' d b
, Id tl b E R 1· f Herman Gro,sscr, 'ce.llist, w,ho is, we Conlillunl'ty Bldg. ane ounel, was c aline y 0, p- Following election of a IHesident,
offercd." And this authority at s le i y n1ergency e Ie I I t f th I th t tl PI known in Pluladelphla muslca clrc es, ponen soc Jl an a le Council must choose a treasurer.
following: "In 12R8 a law was en- 0 II I I f I Thc hostess will be Mrs. N. K. va e. g-roulH was no 11 ae,e or suc 1 an 1111- Present holder of this office, Walton
acted in Scotland that 'it is statut WAS BROUGHT BY TRUCK I fit I b I f
Hcad of Borough Organl
'zatl'on Tllis Friday members are invited to p cmcnt 0 C estruc Ion anc sym 0 0 1\1. \Ventz, will doubtless be re-elect cd.
and ordaint that during the rein of
hir maist 1\leg'esle, for ilk yeare Tilanks to Those attend a Montgomery County Fed- I war. Optional at this time is the election
eration art pilgrimage to the Museum Thc 7000-110und cannon whic 1 pro- A public hearing on the matter was of the solicitor and b01'ough engineer.
knowne as lepc yeare, ilk mayden Who Assisted I voked a storm of controversy last sum- I t I b C 'I t 't S t
'e of botlle Ill' o']le allli lowc estail on the Parkway to view wf lC Na- I f I cone uc el. y ounci a. IS. ep em- ApllOintment of cOl1l111ittee chairmen
M _ mer that rocked the boroug 1 01' t lree I I L d
sha'lI hac liberte to bcspeke ye man tivity." All members interestcd are , d' N b tl ler meetll1g, w len egJOnnaJres an bv the president of Council will see
she likes, albeit he refuses to taik hir DONATIONSWEREVARIED to mcet at 2 o'clock at the Muscum. months has arl'lye In ar er 1, opponents of the cannon engaged in changes. New chairmen will
. Transported by truck frol11 the a lively debate '
to be his lawful wyfe, he shall lw , On January 21 there Will be a cov- I" have to he named 'for the Pubhc
mulcted in ye sum ane pounclis or less, Christmus cheel' was brought to, ered-dish luncheon at 12.30 P. M. Aberdeen Proving Grounds, at Aber- i A petition was presented by thc Committec and the Law and
as his estait may bl'; except and awis forty-five families of thc borough dur-: This will be followed by a piano re- deen, Md., by F .. D. 1\1001'1' & Sons" then post commander" A. Ordinunce Committe!.', which have
g-if he can muke it appeare that hc is ing the holiday season throug'h the ci-! eital with i\Iyra Heed as the soloisf. of Penn Valley, ,It was unloadecl on Rl'difer, Jr" .signed by resl- bl'en hl'aded by the tW<J retiring mem-
betrolhit ane ither wonIan hc then forts of the Narberth Volunteer :l\lrs.' J. A. Hongler, chairman of, the, Playground In t,he rear of thc dents, favoJ'lng the ercctll1g- of the hers of Council, Mes S1'S. Haws and
shall be free.' " Emerg'eney Relief. Hos Jitality Committee, will be thc' LegJOn headquarters In the cannon on the PlaYg'round. Bates.
, I 1\1 II' I,',. 1 it\' Building last Saturday mornll1g. Frank A. Sehrepfer, Legionnaire
l\Irs. ]·J)erhal'l t ue el, c 1.1I111l.ln hostess. , . i, ' , It is not expected there will be
-.1 ,.,' . t' . 'l' 1,1 tl I' .' According to thc plan approved by, and natIOnal commander of thc 1\111J- , ' :
IFill, HalTv O. Schwabll', of Baln, 01 t le OJ g.lllIZ.l lOn, ex (IH Ulan 's. On January 24 tllere wJ!1 be an , .' anv change Jl1 the Chall'll1anshlp of the
. I ' ,>]- t II tl . 'I 1'1' I . , , thc Boroug'h Council JI1 September, lary Order of the Purple Heart, .' .
in his will prc)\'ided that t'xecutors of t lIS \\ee, 0 a ,lOSC 10 11' pec 1111 c\'ening' for the husbands and fl'lends" .. .._: ' '. I' 1- Hlg'hway Comnllttee, :headed by Rob-
, the worl- Don'ltlons 1I1cluded e'lsh f] I b b ""d P II I 'II' the Harold D. Speakman :Post, Amel pOll1tcd out that symbolism of t lC cal t F \\' I 'tl F' C
his estate shouhl realize a net ll1come " ,." .•, , " . ': 0 t le c u mem ers. 0 {WI ,. L io 1 was 'iven lcrmission to non implied service and sacrifice just er,' '. OOt, or III I() :mance om-
of not less tll'ln ,11 ,', 11('1' Cl'nt a veal', t II11P, busl,ets, S, clothlllg und tl ees., rrive a sports tulk and \Vilham C,llcan eg I, ,g I 1 I f II" nuttce under Clarence I... aeber.
, . ,,_ 'I " . ' b, ,. I erect a cannon at the northwest cornel' as the cross, a sym 10 0 su ermg ,
and th'lt unin\'('"fpd funds should I hp sUCC"ss of the work for the, Duncan \"llJ talk 01' .. , , . I I b I f I P')SSIO]P arc foreseen as
, , ' .,'" .,' " "1 CI ,'. ,. I I' I' " , ' " 'of thc Playground under certam con- an< agony, was a so a sym 0 0 sa - • " • ,
dr'I\\' Illterest at til(> rate of 4 pel ] hanksgl\ Illg' .\llC J( s 1 he hostess \\'111 be F. X. Pur- i ' I I t' far as othpl' committees are concerned
• ' ,. .., ,,', l' i\' 1\1 'II" tl . ' ditions. '\'atlOn anc ret emp IOn. " " , ','
cent. Last week of \\.IS • Ul' U 0, t l,t cell. . ... ,' , .. ,'Ata speciall11ecting' of Council later WIlham H. Durhlll, p:nsellt chaIrman
Orphans' Court, Norl'lslown, YC)l(led, followlllg' aIHI Illch- The ExeeutiYe Board of the club I It "as st1Jmlated thc S' t' b . tl I,d t d of the Water, Light a:m! Health Com-
"II' . ! ',' I" I 'I . " I tablet flagpolc and cannon be i III ep cm e1 1C p an \\ as a op e , . . '
the tprms of t le \\ I 111.1 l eClSlOn \ J( uu s. . . held a meeting at the homc of the I ,. I' I l' 'f ' wherphv the eunnon can be erected at nllttee, may get the Pu bll e Safety post.
'I . I t tl t tl t' It', 1 T II I G 'II fA' . 'grouped togethcr at t lIS oea IOn I . . < I'
w lIC 1 POlntet .. ou '. la' le s IpU a IOn I 'he Neec .ewor { ,UI ( o. merIca, president i\! rs. Halph C. Heath, on' .' I' ] , the norlh\\'e't cornel' of the Play- Fleer laS been mentIoned as the log-
" t " I G F II \" I' 'that C'\ll be uecomp IS lCd at no ex- •. " <, ,
regan Illg' mtercst ra es wus throug'h 1\1rs. A. . • 0 ette, IV om-, Tuesday Illorning. A luncheon fol- I '. ., ground suhiect to the restrictions Ical councIlman to head the Law and
sible of COlllpliance under the newIen'l'; Community Club of Narberth' lowed the meeting. 1 pense to the borough tIeasUlY. ellunwl:ated 10rdinance Committee in view of his
banking laws. Ithrough Mrs, Ralph C. Heath, the I I .It wus. also stated that and It was felt that this compromisc Ilegal training.
,.Junior Community Club through !\Irs,: S L· S for the memorIal groUjl- solution would be the most acccptable, I Final passage of tIle la:IG budget
H f d
' N P t! Chain, the Sub-Juniors through .Jac- tate Iquor tore ing b? sub,lect to the approval of under the circumstances to all inter-: and tax rate ordinance which
aver or s ew OS; queline Link, Mothers of the • AdM ! Councl,l and .tl,lerc. 1 pstcd parties. ' I adopted on first at the De-
Offi 0 dM d
Illai Sunday School tlH.'oug'h 1\IJss In r moreto m the "olk .!ftel constluctJOn,. lIt' 'lIt I I tth
ce pene on ay1 " • " •. , ,', ,.' i .. " • : , cem )er mee ll,lg, WI a;;:e p acc a e
! Almoul:. Dell s, glade I \\<IS . "_!0 .. f C b ! rcgulnr meetll1g of Council on Mon-
I the NUl bel th jlubhe school, !\IISS Vacant Stm'c Used as G. O. P.' LcglOn offiCIals stated thiS \\cel, rganlzatton 0 U I day, January 13. l'h<! budget is sub-
Governmcnt Officials and Politi- third p:ade of, the Narher,th Headquarters to be that nothing will bc done mov-' P k . C pleted
ject to amendment at that meeting.
I L d rs at Ded,
' public school, 1roop 8 of the GIrl ing the cannon and crectlllg the· ac IS On1 \ TI t t t t IG '11
ca ea e. . . New Site' leax rae was se a' ml s,
'on Scouts through Chl'lstme 1\lahl, Troop mcmorial grouping untIl the weather --- tl f tl t tl _, . . . le same as or Ie pas . Iree years,
12tl Girl Scouts throug'h Ing'eborg clears in the spnng'. 37 Boys Makc Up Four Dcns ofl d bIt f ';'80 ?"4 d
Thavsen, Junior Presbyterian Church STORAGE SPACE NEEDED It \\'as intimated that lllans will N b tl G f I?n D
( ge 0 y •• 1 was passe
BUILDING COST c;t31 333' . al' Cl' 1 roup 0 111 ecem cr.
y> , ! through Mrs. A. S. Digby. . ,bc prepared in the meanwhile and a y S I -------
, --,- ! \Vomen's Bible Class of the Pres- . Removal of the Ardmore State i campaign initiated to raise the neces- oung couts ",' ..
Hawrford s nc\\ post office, hvterian Church through 1\lrs. Harry LIquor Store from 53 East Lancaster! sary funds to carry out the project. ! 1 Clubs Internatlo11al Relations
castel' avenue near Hm',erfonl StatIOn I IIollar, Westminster Circle of Pres- avenue to a vacant building formcrly Estimates havc placed the cost of' WEATHERALL IS MASTER! G,'oup to Mcet 01'1 Monday
road, opened for busJJ1ess Monday i hylerian Church through i\lrs. R. C. oceupicd by Robbins & Robbins neal' erecting the memorial grouping of! --- I ---
morning. ! 1(l'nllCdy, Mrs. A. G. Follette, Mrs. Church road is to tal,e place cannon, flagpole and nlemorial tablet!, CI'l'ation of a Boy Cub pack The International :Relations Group
Dedication ccremonles for the: Stl'wal't Anderson, J. B. Nespcr, !\Irs. as soon as alteratIOns are completed, at the corner of the Playground at: JJ1 Narberth reachc(l Its !H'rllwnenl: of the Montgomery CDunty Federation
Colonial type structurc, held last S:lt-
Frank Hewitt, Mrs. J. G. Atherholt, An option on building' has been $1000. ! nig'ht when. the, com-I of Women's Clubs will meet Monday,
urday, attracteci over 200 persons, 111-' Narberth Fire Compan\, through taken by the LIquor Control Board The cannon is Imown technically nnttcc whIch been actl\'e JJl the: ,January G, at 10.30 A_ M., at the Ncw
cluding' Government ollicials, politicuI I Harrv Hollar and Emil Ro'essler Wil- and signing of the lease is anticipated as a piece of ficld ordnance of 4.7, formation of the group met for formal Century Guild in Phi ladelphia. Mrs.
leaders and Main Line postmasters. : liam 'Torchianni Charles this week. calibre. !org'naization. . John D. Gill, of Bryn Mawr avenue,
Postmish'ess Frances 1\1. Doug-herty" \VilIiam Finan, ilCk Miller, Mrs. The ncw sitc of the liquor store I Thc plan to have a cannon on the i \Vith foul' dens totaling- thil'ty-se\'en Cynwyd, is the chairnlun of the com-
whose father, James E. Dougherty, i crt Beatty, King's Daughters through was used this fall as campaign head- i Narberth Playground originated at a: hoys al,readY in, active cxistence, the and is in of the meet-
was postmaster at Haverford from, Mrs, Frances Bakel', !\Iiss Eleanor quarters by the Republican Citizens' meeting of the post last June. Dur- pal'!, will be registered as of January mg'.
18!).1 to 1!l02, presided at the l'xer- Diamond, Mrs. Isaac 1\lcHose, Nar- Committee. ing the summer the Recreation Board: 1. will be as rapidly 1\1rs. Ann Darville, chairman of
cises. . i berth Bridge Club through E. C. Gris- ContillueO Oil Page Six granted pcrmission to the Legion to I as, come ll1toYle Cubs. the International Relations Committee
InvocatIOn was made by the, Hev., wold. erect a cannon on the ficld, but point-I I hc Org'alllzatlOn Comnllttee con- of the Women's COllllllunity Club of
Joseph M. Dougherty, O. S. dean; Narberth Business Council through Miss Steinford Engaged cd out that Council alone could ap-: of Bel,H'Y A.. Frye, chairman; Narberth, will speak 011 the Ethiopian
of the pre-medical school at. VIllanova' Manuel Salasin, Mrs. A. C. Staples, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Steinford, of propriate funds to transport the gun' Wilson, conflict, the topic for the study 11eriod.
Collcge and a brother of MISS Dough-: !\II's. Alfred Peeney, Mrs. George Pot- Essex avenue and Stepney place, Nal'-. to Narbcrth and erect it on the Play-' C. Gnf- Later there will bc II discussion on
erty. ; tel', Mrs, J. L. Minick, Mrs. Ward berth, announce the engagement of I ground. hlhs, Clark b. 1\IIllel', bdnlUnd A. the Hoare-Laval peace plans and cur-
President W. Comfort, o.f Haver-: Pierson, Merion schools, Narberth their daughter, Miss Virginia Alice [' Meanwhile many protests against Frank J. i\Ir. rent events in China.
ford College, reYIewed thc hlstor..... of SCllClols 1\'ll's Paul Loos Selll'cll' Clll'l'S Steinford and Mr John Louis Baker, (,rIfhlhs 15 III of equipment, All I ' fIt t' I R " ," , ," ' , _ . " , . " c HlIrmen O' n ernn JOna e-
the post ollice Slllce Its cstabhslll11cnt tian Endl'a\'or of PresbYlerian Church sun of :Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Baker, of! ,1\11", of work, i\ll'. lations Committees nf clubs in the
in 1871 as the Haverford College post, 't' 1 T' S' . IHavC'rford avenue Narherth IDr. Blackwood to Preach at WllltIng' oj the dens and Mr. Dwvcl' 1 I' II ' 't ltd
t COil tllUel all ag-c IX ,l. . • CI I S d' . . . . coun V arc COl'( la v IJ:lVl C( to at en
office.. Presbyterian lurc 1 un ay oj alll! '11 b 'f ! b '
, ' I, ' . I as we as mcm ers 0 anv c u s.
Hepresentlllg' the Umted Statesi. b. I 1 hroug-h the co-o]ll'l'atlOn of tie ..
Post Office ,Department was John A., Cultnary Art to e Studted at . Thosc who heard the, Rev. A. Harold D. Slleakman llOst, the Leg-ion
Brennan, (hrC'ctor of the parccl ]lost· I Blackwood D. D., of Prmceton Senll- (;ontlnueo on Page Six No Inll11cdiate Actio11 Seen
division, who traced the growth of. JI'7 kl 7\T P P , C k· S h linary, pre;lch in Narbcrth recently on Borough Liquor Store
postal servicc in the country. He re- yr ee y 1.. 'V ews a ers 00 tng C 00 I: may avail thel1lselves of the oppor- Nal·bcI,th Choral Mcmbers
ferreci to the time when it cost 25 1 tunity to hear him again at the Nllr- Invited to Join "Pirates" No site has been selectcd for a liquor
Contlnuecr on Puge 51x "Come into l1Iy kitchen," is the invi- lwo days in Narhl'l'th. The first two' herth Presbyteriun Church this Sun- store in Narbcrth and there is no in-
. 'II ' ] I I t b tl 1101 11'ng allcl evening ser A" t' I bidt dication that an.v inul1ediate action
'talion oll'ered bv Miss Martha Ross sessions WI be In t H' Masonic Htdl,. t ay a o· 1 1 '1 . - n lllvlta IOn JaS ecn extelH e 0
Publisher Comments on Yem"s . \ I ' I I I ; 'c b f tl N b tl CI I Swill bc tal,en by the State Liquor Con-
Temple noted home economist who f 1'( more avenue, ,.."l'lmo]'(', will t Ie I VI , " mem crs 0 Ie ar er 1 lOra 0-
Outstanding Events at Rotary.. '. ." ',{inal two classes being conducted at" HIS son, PI1JIJp, who IS a membcr of ciety to take part in thc production of trol Board, the real estate ollice of
WIll conduct the Mal,n LlIle conllllUn.Jty Elm Hall in Narberth. All the ses-l the 'Vestminster Choir, will sing a the "Piratcs of Penzance," to bc given Robert ,J. Nash stated ycsterday.
Nineteen thirty-five in revicw made weekly newspapers sions are in the afternoon. I solo at the morning service. by thc Bala-Cynwyd Community Agents of thc bmll.'t! have been in
up the program Tuesday of the Bala- school January 21 to 2·1, lIlcluslve. Fealures of the school are Miss On the following Sunday, .January Choral on February 7 and 8. loueh with the Nash oOice and several
Cynwyd-Narberth Rotary Club. Philip And it is a most modern kitchen Templt.'s "Questions and Answers" 12, thc Lord's Supper will be como. The Gilbert and Sullivan oJlcretta is possible locations have been submitted.
A. Living'ston, local vublisher, \\'US that l\Iiss Tel1lple inviles the house- box, demonstrations of the usc of both mCl1loratcd, when Dr. Blackwood will already in rehearsal, but a few vacan- Hcnry T. Nash, Jr., said that he
the speaker. wives hereabouts into. l\Iounted 011 a loeallv famous and nationallv Imown again prcach both morning and eve- cies exist in the chorus. Thc ncxt re- understood the hoard was not anxious
Taking outstanding events of the stage, with the latest equipl1lent for in baking', broiiing and ning. hearsal will be hcld Tuesday evening, to open a store in the borough if there
dying year in local, national ani! food preparation and preservation, roasting'-and the prizes which arc Januury 7, at the Woman's Club of was opposition from :l'esidcnts.
world-wide fields, thc speaker made !\Iiss Temple makes the culinary art awarded daily to those attending' the Mrs. Laura Snyder Bala-CynwYd, Bala avcnue and Lever-
brief cOl1lmcnts on thc ncws signili- a pleasure to behold as well as to sessions. Mrs. Laul'l\ \Vcrtz Snyder, wife of ing Mill road, Cynwyd.
eance of many of thc topics. The, partake thcreof. The Cooking School this year is the late Robert Snyder, died at her J ames Tilbury, former director of
LilJ,dbergh-Hauptmann story and thc I As a mutter of convenience to all the sponsored by the four wecldy news- home in the \Vindsor-Essex, Narberth, the Narberth Choral, is a member of
Italian aggression in Africa were: women of this section interested in pavers in this area: The A1'dm01'c last Saturday. Funerul services were the cast of thc "Pirates." Alessandro
mentioned as the outstanding subjects' cooking the school will be hcld the Chr01licle, Thc Main Liner, OUR TOWN held Tuesday at 2 P. M. Interment Angelucci, well-known director and
of year-long importance. I first two days in Ardmore and the last and the News of Bula-Cynwyd. was private. singer, is in chargc of the production.




• I



January 3, 1936
Mon.• Tues., Wed.-Jan. 6, 7, 8
Every Thursday at 9 P. M.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ballingall,
of Haverford avenue, Narberth, an-
nounce the engagement of their
daughter, Miss Jessie Donaldson Ball-
ingall, to Mr. A. R. Leaney, of To-
ronto, Canada.
Mrs. James Gallen is president of a
new bridge and luncneon eiub which
is being formed in Cynwyd Estates.
The club has eight members and will
meet every two weeks. This is the
first time that anything of the sort
has been attempted in Cynwyd
Estates. Members are trying to find
a suitable name for the organization
and suggestions are welcome.
The members are Mrs. J. A. Queen-
ey, Mrs. J. Farrell, Mrs. Raymond
Furlong, Mrs. N. B. Cutler, Mrs.
Thomas Love, Mrs. Thomas E. Mc-
Laughlin, Mrs. P. A. Holloway and
Mrs. Gallen.
3 Specials $1
Nearly Everyone
in Narberth
reads Our Town
Genuine Frederic
Permanent Wave
Our Town serves not only the residents, but the busi-
ness people of Narberth. In order to exist it must have
the aid of the business people. And business people
need Our Town's aid. This can be demonstrated-is
being demonstrated every week. The Depression is
gone. Let's get together for our mutual prosperity,
and the good of Our Town-which means not only
Narberth's news organ, but also the news organ's sub.
scribers and advertisers-the people of Narberth.
Our Town has helpcd some of Narberth's business pco-
pie increase their sales, and hold their business against
strong new competition. Thesc advertisers, some in
Narberth and many in other communities that scrve
OUI' Town's readers, are benefiting from the powcr of
their sustained, regular, year-in-and-year-out advertis-
Today Our Town is able to show you figures that in.
dicate a bettcr coverage of Narberth and environs that
ever bcfore in twenty-one years of this newspaper's
-bccause it is the borough's one and only means of
self-expression-its real news organ.
You, too, can benefit.-You can increase your busincss
earn the good-will of Our Town's readers, by plac-
1I1g your advcrtising in this Each weck
your ad will be read in the homes of residents who are
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230 Bala Ave., Cynwyd-Phone Cynwyd 1920
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tlte same IIIKh grade mere/landise at Popular Prices.
Pictures of Gardens to
be Shown Garden Club
Mr. and Mrs. George Edgar Rogers,
of Ardmore, announce the engagement
of their daughter, Miss Charlotte
Louise Rogers, to Mr. Roy Charlton
Williams, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs.
Roy C. Williams, of Merion, avenue,
Firemen Called Out
The Union Fire Association of
Bala-Cynwyd was summoned to the
home of Leo Miller, 144 Upland ter-,'
race, Bala, last Sunday night shortly
after 11 o'clock. A torch used in
thawing out pipes in the ccllar set
fire to woodwork. The blaze was dis-
covered by a neighbor, J. W. Clark,
who saw the reflection of the fire from
his window. Damage was estimated
at $25.
Get State Jobs
Quintin C. Cappelli and Regina M.
Francis, of Ardmore, have been ap-
pointed typists in the State Depart-
ment of Revenue, it was indicated by
personnel change reports from Har-
risburg. Dismissals include Nancy P.
Agnew, of Bryn Mawr, clerk in the
Department of Agriculture.
Reports Scarlet Fever
Fifteen cases of contagious diseases,
including three cases of scarlet fcver,
were reported in Lower Merion Town-
ship for the week ending December
27. Other cases are ten of chicken-
pox and one each of tuberculosis and llif===============::i:================m
whooping cough. The scarlet fever
cases are Grovel' Thompson, 16, of 27
Bala avenue, Bala; William Camp-
bell, 9, of 349 Trevor lane, Cynwyd,
and Georgetta Dramis, 12, of 152 Ash-
land avenue, West Manayunk.
To Visit Japan
Frances Hartshorne, dancing in-
structor, left last Saturday on a trip
to Japan and other countries of the
Far East. Miss Hartshorne, who lives
in Cynwyd and conducts classes in
Haverford, will sail from San Fran-
cisco. She expects to be gone for
several months. Boubinot Atterbury
Oberge will have charge of Miss
Hartshorne'S classes during her ab-
HOl?kinson, Resident of Five of Union IForm Bridge-Luncheon
MerIon, Burled on Last Saturday FIre Company Nominated Club in Cynwyd Estates
--- ---
Funeral services were held last Sat- Five directors of the Union Fire
urday for Edward Hopkinson, Phila- Association of Bala-Cynwyd were re-
delphia attorney and descendant of a
distinguished family, who died De- nominated at a meeting in the Fire
cember 26 at the home of his son, Ed- Hall last Thursday night.
ward Hopkinson, Jr., in Chestnut Hill. They are: Thomas Jamieson, Ed-
He was 85. ward Jarden, T. Ewing Montgomery,
Mr. Hopkinson was a resident of William H. Decker and George L.
Merion since 1926, making his home Haskell.
at Merion Manor. He is survived by
two sons, Edward, Jr., and Dr. Rich- Election of the directors will take
ard Dale Hopkinson, of Jenkintown, place at the annual organization meet-
and by a brother, Dr. Edward Hopkin- ing Thursday, January 16. Officers
son. will be chosen from members of the
He was president of the Philadel- Board of Directors.
phia and Grays Ferry Passenger Rail-
road Company, a director of the In-
surance Company of North America
and Coates Passenger Railroad. He
was a. great-great-grandson of Thomas' The regular meeting of the Garden
Hopkl.nson, of of the Club of Bala-Cynwyd will be held
Amel'lcan PhIlosophical Society. Thursday morning, January 9, at 10
A. M. in the Woman's Club of Bala-
Slides and moving pictures will be
shown of gardens of some of the mem-
bers and other gardens in the vicinity.
Among the latter will be the Roberts,
the Llewellyn and W. Hinkle Smith
The members of the club contributed
ice cream for the children's Christmas
party at the Ashland school.
Notes Merion
In the Mailbag
Friday, January 3, 1936
Philip Atlee Livingston. Publisher
Robert Moore Cameron. Editor
Anne Morgan Roberts. Social Editor
Editorial Comment
It may he safel? a!';sumed that
the judge!'; of the Court of Quarter
Sessions of :\loutgomer:t' Count?
are not awaiting with pleasurable
anticipation the hearing three
weeks from today on the Narberth
merger ease. Considerations which
may well come to the judicial
mind arc that the movement is a
child of the depression, that it has
divided Narberth citizenry into
two camps with the residents who
are the more active in community
affairs numbered for the most
part in oppo!';ition to the plan,
that the Lower :\Ierion Township
School District is prepared to
make fOrmal protest against the
petition and that there are only
two !';imilar cases 011 record in
Pennsylvania, both of which were
:.;,:, .....
, Entered as second-class matter Octo-
ber 13, 1911. at the Post Office at Nar-
berth. Pa., under the Act oC March 3.
ers' chief weakness and the proof of
their utter incompetency to direct a
community in a matter of this vital
importance, for you actually have to
Reflections on the Merger live among people, and to take sin-
To the Editor of Our Town: cere and self-sacrfiicing part in their
It has been said before that this affairs, to learn the things which stir
effort to wreck Narberth as a self- and motivate them, to understand the
governing entity, on the score of al- reasons which impel them to think and
leged economy, is one of those depior- act differently under different circum-
Office _ 258 Haverford Ave., Narberth able things which an evil depression stances and to be able to foretell with
has brought in its wake, and certainly the precision of a planet why they
a review of the local spirit which used prefer this to that as they manifest
to be, compared with the parsimony of their civic existence.
the ripper movement, would seem to Why, for instance, does Bala-Cyn-
afford ample grounds for the impres- wyd, a township division, get blue in
sion. the face as it stridently endeavors to
At any rate, there were no such collect $100 for its July Fourth cele-
nickel-nursing tendencies evident here- bration, while we make it a dozen
abouts in 1925, when the voters of 1times that with only the gayest kind
the borough approved by an over- of effort, despite the fact that we prob-
whelming majority a bond issue of' ably have less to pay it with, in view
$75,000 to provide improved streets II of the "onerous" taxes imposed upon
for that portion of the town which us, of which no doubt you have heard.
did not have them. In the township No, the answer to it will not be
and in Philadelphia there would have what the merger leaders will tell you,
been no similar expenditures, as in as the real and guiding facts of the
both places the owners of the proper- case come from a department of life
ties improved would have had to pay of which they are not even dimly
the entire and total bill themselves. aware, as is made indubitably plain
In the borough such owners (and they by everything which they have said
initiated the project) only had to paYor written during the whole four years
30 per cent (15 per cent for each side of their insurgency. J. J. CABREY.
of the street), leaving the community P. who deHire to remove
at. large to pay 70 per cent, which, in thei1' nfL1neH from the original IJetition
thIS case, amounted to $75,000, about should phone Naroalh 26-8.1.
as nice an expression of neighborhood
co-operation as the woods contain.
Now, ten years later, we see a
totally different viewpoint holding Miss Florence Evans, of South
forth and the amazing (and dis-I Highland avenue, will attend a re-
tressing) feature of it is that those Iunion in New York on January 10 of
who were so conspicuously befriended fellow travelers who took a cruise last
in 1925 are the most numerous on the Isummer. She will spend that week-
merger petition, and wouldn't you say end in East Orange, N. J., where she
that this comes fairly close to biting Iwill be the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
the hand that feeds you? IWarren Alford.
To get what one wanted at an un-I Miss Jessie Evans and Miss Flor-
>II< earthly low price (because neighbors Ienve Evans entertained at a dinner
paid the major part of the bill), and last Friday evening, when the guests
Xarherth, whieh seellls to thrive then after getting it to attempt to shy were Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Byall, of
on controversies, mar find another away from the general commitment, IBryn Mawr avenue, Penn Valley, and
one resurrected with the arrival is lH'etty poor sportsmanship, to say IMr. and Mrs. William Dodge Lewis,
in the Borough of the lIIuch-de- the least, and we are wondering of Lansdowne.
bated cannon. 'I'he three and one- whether these friends are fully aware I Mr. E. O. Mosier, of Overbrook, en-
of the unenviable position in which tertained at a dinner and bridge on
hal f Ion lipid piel'e is no", ['Ppos- they are placing themselves when they, New Year's Eve. The guests were
ing on the COllllllunitr Play- try to bust up a situation from which Miss Grace Evans, Miss Florence
ground, allwit not in the spot they have derived such generous boun- Evans and Captain Stephenson.
t' ?
which has been designated as its lies. Last Thursday afternoon, Mrs. P.
I'II'T 1)1'1 \ ' . . The thing to remember is that if we ID. Folwell, of South Bowman avenue,
c., ,.. ,ce. J money rals- 1 d d I . h b
• .. • 1a not 111a e t lese streets a general entertall1ed t e mem ers of her Read-
mg campUign WIll havp t:1 be suc- bill, nor provided ourselves with a fine Iing Club at a Christmas party to
cessfully conductcd hefore the playground of our own volition, we celebrate the birthdays of three mem-
cannon can cOllie into its own in would not have a borough debt, and if bel'S, Miss Jessie Evans, of Merion; Miss Walden Engaged
a memOl'ial IZrouping' at thp north- we had no debt we would have no Miss Emma Kunze and Mrs. Hobert ...Mr.. and Mrs. C. Walden, of
'e"t '0 '11 'I' f 1I ]. ,.. d ,merger question nor anything so dis-, Hunter, of Overbrook. Wmdmg way, MerIOn, announce the
,." C I ( 0 ,Ie p ,1\ ,.,ronn I d' bl I' I J l' B' d t f th' d h M' I" .'cre Ita e as t lIS court contest for I ,ISS acque me II' and Mr. ROb-I' engagemen 0 ell' aug tel', ISS
a onA' \\.11 the flagpole and. mOllu-1 our existence. J. J. CARREY. Iert Montgomery Bird, Jr., daughter Jane Walden, and Mr. Charles H.
ment hstllig the borongh s war I P. S.-Tlwse who desire to 1'enlOve' and son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mont-I Stamm, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. I
veterans. 'Vhel her 1he IH'eessary Ithei1' 1,wmeH from the ,original IJetition Igomery Bird, of Beacom lane, gave a ICharles H. of Mansfield, Ohio.,
funds can he obtained mar prove IHlIOUld phone Narberth 26-83. I tea last Sunday. Mr. Stamm IS a of Penn I
a test of 1
]' ., l' I Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCrudden, IState ColIege, where MISS Walden is
'. " IC 0p1l11On regarc II1g, CI' MI' d of Lapsley road, entertained at a fam- a student.
the snitalllhty of thc o'un Oil the i alms erger nsplre '1 d' NY' D --------
• ,.. , > 'b' . . II y mner on ew ear say.
playgrol!lH]: a question wl.lich was Y CIVIC Inexpel'lence i Mrs. Edward H. Smith, Jr.: of Val- Attend Princeton Dinner
an!';wered 111 the negatn'p last l' II E /. f 0 T ,ley road, and her daughter, MISS Bctty Among Princeton alumni of the sec-
t) II! (ItOI' 0 10' own: IS 'th f V 11 d ..
summer and fall hy spvcral resi- I tl I'bl fl' I nll ,0 a ey roa , are spendmg tlOn who attended the annual Christ-
. . n Ie II eo t le npper mOI'enlent, I thc N w Ye 1" h I'd . N Y k r I I I
dents. f,pgionnaires, however, arp called "Why Mer e?" it is frankl' c. a SOl ays 111 ew or. mas ( IIlner at t le P ymout 1 Country
.. g . ) IOn Christmas Day they attended the Club last week were the following'
con l(]pnt that the publIc will view declared (on pagc 7) that "the neigh-I family dinner giv n by M S 'th' IG H C II' '05 1\[ . .
I I .J rl 1 Id btl' f' . I e rs. ml s eorge . oug 1 Ill, " enon;
t 1(' eannon they do, as a symhol 101 100 S lOU C 11' Ul1lt 0 govern-, mother, Mrs. J. Edward Maloney of Homer H. Hewitt Jr. '20 Narberth'
of national dpfense and of !';erviee I
," but, the IWest Philadelphia. 'John H. Jefferies' Jr.' '23' Penn
. goes on to say thiS excelIent Idea M . d M H' . . '"
and sacl'lfice. . I " 't' k" d I tl' k I 1. an rs. E. olt Eliason, of ley; WIlham Watt, Jr., ':l4, Brvn
* simp y won wor' 1e un s I Valley View road, spcnt the Christ- Mawr. .
l' Iwe have done With any such: mas holidays in Chestertown, Md.
A complaint was made ahout IshOlt-slghted endeavor. !
the injustice to the public as well tl "t'etlhl, the °lbvitolus tnl
be! State D. A. R. Regent to be
• " ., •• ' • (T' 1U ose w10 lUS (Iscre I le SUC-1
as to 1:1\\ J el s 1.(,SI:It,lll,.. flom the cess of our. borough proced.ure have I Speaker Here on Monday
delay III pnhhsillng new Statp hardly quahfied to pass fUJI' or ac-
laws after each ses!';ion of the ceptahle judgment in the matter, as Mrs. Hal'pcI' D. Sheppard, State
f..lcgislature :It the midwintl'r meet- the history of the town has been made Regent of Pennsylvania Chapter,
. f.1 1) I' without them and there is no evidence D. A. R., ,wIiI be the speaker at the
Illg 0 t Ie enllSV VaIWI Bar AS'I . . ,to f tl J th Abb Ch
.. T: . that they have particIpated at all in I
mg 0 le ep a ott ap-
SOeIatIOll at l'\OlTlst own last week- i what is called our community life nor Itel' on Monday afternoon at thc home
end. It was stated that pUhliea-I'drawn any special comfort from theil'I' of Mrs. A. Giraud Foote, "Bcech
tion of the official hound volume local environment. This is not said Terrace," Mel'ion.
of new laws docs not takp place to be splenetic nor querulous, but it I assisting Foote in re-
'1 ,'. ,Imust be advanced inescapably as an, eelvmg at the receptIOn and tea to
untl. SIx to te.n months .:Ift!'r the irresistible part of the argument, as Ibe given after the meeting in honor
f... eglslatul'(' ad,lollrns. wll1eh wlJrks when did it ever come to pass, except of Mrs. Sheppard, wiII be Mrs. James
a 11I1I'dship sinee the laws become in the bankruptcy courts, that those R. Cameron, Mrs. William D. Sher-
effectivl' at Ollee. In this connec- who had little or naught to do with rerd, Jr., and Mrs. Joseph J. Klumpp,
tion it is interesting to note the rearing a worthy enterprise were I of t.he chapter. Mrs. Paul R.
. ,called upon to devise its doom'! \\ endler will be at the tea table.
emp 1(1SIS Pl1t upon speed of pub-" II I . .
. t' . ery natura y, t lCre IS a bitter re-I all....... FIRST MAIN lINE SHOWINGS
lea Ion of the new Pamphlet. sentment at any such conclusion on I_ ••••• .....
Law!';, as they are called hy the part of those who have found our I _ CLARK GABLE
"Capitol News," a e1ip sheet. COli-I self-governing home-place a blessed I CHARLES LAUGHTON
tainil1g' information aho\lt the var- boo.n and. who have derived substantial TONE
iO\ls department of tl' St. t :>atlsfactlOn and pleasure fr0111 the HMUTINY
, . I: ,,1 e Iextra opportunities it affords for the
An 1I1 a re- and enjoyment ON THE BOUNTY"
cent Issue on pubhccltlOll of the Iof their CIVIC Ill·lvlleges. The SpOIl- Friday, January 3-Last Day
193.5 Pamphlet I... aws leads one to ISOl'S of the p.amphle.t ill ".'ere Saturday, January 4
beheve that all possible speed is a ways conslstcnt 111 adnuttmg that with
used in making the new volumes an. ideal spirit prevailed in Narb.erth, i
f t t t "I II 0 f IgOIng so far as to make compal'lsons I Mon. and Tues., January 6 and 7
o .s a u es aval a ) e. ne actor which were to the disadvantage of the I ' GINGER ROGERS
WhICh for some II township, but, futilely, that I' THAT FIT "IN PEnRSON"
of the delay cl"lttclI':ed h." the the same supel'lor thmg can still ob- .1 I Th with George Brent. Alan Mowbray.
lawyers is explained in the follow-I tain at a cheaper cost and undel'l 1'1'1' arc new colors and gay Grant Mitchell
designs in Adelizzi's W
ing paragraph from the "Ca 't ) Ipromi.scUOUs auspices in complete dis- ment of suit injts. ednesday, January 8
News" pI 0 regard of the major which be- A perfect fit guaranteed. SYL
get the more stalware hfe amongst us. I Drop in and see the fabrics "MARY BURNS, FUGITIVE"
"When the Legislature enacts a Therein is revealed the merger lead-I and desi"'ns. with Melvyn Douglas. Pert Kelton,
,., Alan Baxter
law it does not take the time to 1---------------- ADE Thursday, Friday and--=-S-at-u-r-d-ay-- I
' LIZZI BROS January 9, 10 and 11
p. unetnate them. The punctuation mati cal el'rol's in the acts. Because I • ; G h CI . I PHILIP A. LIVINGSTON, Publisher rouc 0 - llCO - Harpo
IS done by the Secretary of the of the importance of this work it I 228 Bala Ave.-Cyn. 928 I MARX BROTHERS' ROBERT M. CAMERON, Edl'tor
. 102 Forrest Ave.-Narb. 2602 I
ommonwealth and he also directs 111\1St be done by capable persons TAILORS CLEANERS -In-
the correction of certain minor who of necessity must wOl'k care-I DYERS-FURRIERS THOMAS A. ELWOOD, Advg. Mgr.
spelling, typographical and gram- fully, precisely and slowly." I•••••••••••••j •••••••••••••
Telephone-Narberth 2545; If no answer,
Ardr,lore 3100
subscription price, $2 per year In advance
A Co·operative Community 'Newspaper
founded in 1914 by the 'Narberth Civic
Association, and published every Friday
at 'Narberth, Pa.
Page Two
Page Three
Redfern Gir·
die. $3.50.
Reg. $5. All
lastex step-in
with panel
front. Sides
Redfern Girdle,
$5. Reg. $7.50.
Angel skin front
panel, lastex
back. Talon
Expcrt fitters at all times
tt2.1-24 CHlSTNUT 51
Redfern Cor•
selette. $5.
Reg. $7.50.
Brocade front
section, lastex
back, Alen\on
lace top.
Salon [mime-First Floor
... 53
..... _ ...
3 items for
-2 for 75c
last time before the holidays.
Preparations for Christmas filled
most of the time. The girls spent a
good deal of time practicing carols
which they sang around town the fol-
lowing Monday evening.
Lucy Baker, who was in charge of
the collection of food and clothing,
took care of all the goods turned in.
Several girls helped Mrs. Muller pack
baskets the day before Christmas.
Cappie presented each girl with a
1936 Scout diary and announced the I
annual Camp Indian Run reunion to
be held Friday, December 27, at 311
South Juniper street.
The next meeting will be held Tues-
day, January 7. Everybody out to
start the new year right!
........... Ii¥'
Nestle Permanent
Wave ,. ,
(regularly $6)
Oil of Tulip
Wave, special
Send for List of Reconditioned Machines
and also of New PORTABLES-All Makes
Established 1903
132 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia
Phone: Narberth 2800
Bank of Narberth
New Year's Greetings
....... 54
240 Haverford Avenue-Phone: Narberth 4177
Prices Cut Deeply for Clearance
On All Our Rebuilt
keep the program ever renewed in
accordance with the tastes and needs
of the girl who now wants to use it."
Troop 125
In spite of a small-sized blizzard,
the Scouts of Troop 125 had a jolly
time at their Christmas party.
Games and a short skit were the
features of the evening. After the
games we gathered in a circle and ex-
changed presents. We each drew one
from a grab-bag and opened the gifts
in rotation.
Refreshments were served and songs
were sung. A good-night circle closed
the meeting.
Troop 8
Troop 8 had a busy and lively eve-
ning December 17 when it met for the
.......... - ...
more and for the last time
speak of the Christmas Club.
The New Year is now underway and it is time to seal the
Christmas Club in favor of the routine business.
Therefore, next week will see the closing of the rolls and if you
want to have a Hperfect '36" it behooves you to adopt this excellent
form of methodical saving.
In the year just closed 312 millions of dollars were distributed
to Christmas Club members in the nation and it is reported that of
this amount 40 per cent went immediately for retail purchases, 25
per cent into banking accounts (in many cases the first checking
account to be opened by the individual) and the remainder was
used to pay fixed charges of various kinds.
From all of which it is obvious that the custom is too intrinsi-
cally valuable to be discontinued, even if it is not a particularly
profitable department of Bank activity, from the standpoint of im-
mediate return but our opinion is that the Bank should not
be reluctant to Hcarry on" when such substantial community service
can be rendered.
So we say again, that if you have not already become a mem-
ber of our Christmas Club, now is your last opportunity to do so
for this year and don't forget that you can qualify by depositing as
little as a quarter weekly.
And you will do wisely by inducing the young people to use
this means of learning well the law-and-order which is so necessary
m money-matters.

2%% on Savings Funds
Member oj Federal Rcscn'c System
Funeral services were held yester-
day at 2 P. M. for J. Oscar Battersby,
of 224 Avon road, Narberth, who died
last Sunday. He would have been
61 next February. Interment was at
Hillside Cemetery.
A resident of the borough for over
ten years, Mr. Battersby is survived
by his wife, Mrs. Edith F. Battersby;
two daughters, Mrs. A, Wesley Ayars,
of Wynnefield, and Mrs. Robert Fet-
terman, of Philadelphia, and by one
son, Bruce, who lives at home.
Mr. Battersby was in the insurance
business and was connected with the
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Company of Milwaukee for the past
forty years. He was a member of
the Conrad B. Day Masonic Lodge
and was a member of Holy Trinity
Lutheran Church, Narberth.
Keep Warm
and Dry ...
Belmont Avenue and
Levering Mill Road
Edw. A. Carroll Co.
(] Get yoUl' galoshes,
rubbers, etc., at Davis'.
Telephone: MANayunk 0166

(] Full line of skating
224 Haverford Avenue
Heart Attack Proves Fatal to
Arthur Banfield of Narberth
January 3, 1936
---------------1Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Brearly, of Elm
terrace; Mrs. Mabel Armstrong, Mr. Girl Scout 'l\T
and Mrs. William P. Robinson, of .1 -V I
Stepney place; Mr. and Mrs. Charles I
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McFadden, of Kline, Mr. and Mrs. George Frye and, Mrs. Paul Rittenhouse, l'ecently ap-
Valley road, Merion, and their daugh- Mr. and Mrs. Howard Neal. 110inted national director of the Girl
tel' are spending the New Year's holi- Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Jefferis, of Scouts, in a new year message to
days at the in Atlantic City. IDudley avenue, entertained at dinner II members of. the organization
They had as thClr guests for the ion Christmas Day. Miss Ida Wood, out the Ull1ted States, calls attentIOn
Christmas holidays Miss Cora Gen-I of Montreal Canada and Miss Peggy I to the fact that national headquarters
nings and Miss Mary Gennings, of Shively, of' Quakertown, were their is now making a program study with
Ocean City. guests through the week. the aid of educators and scientists.
Mrs. Newton B. Mise1l, of 514 Nar- Miss Evelyn Jefferis is spending "The fundamental activities of the
berth avenue, gave a surprise birth- several days in Pottsville as the guest Girl Scouts have not changed in the
day party last Friday evening in f M' s MI'ldred F twenty-three years since the organi-
o IS ox. t' f d d" M R' h
honor of her husband, Mr. Newton B. Ch 1 E CI I za IOn was oun e, rs. Itten ouse
M' 11 Mr. ar es ugene ag lOrn, son said "but the approach to them
Ise . . . . of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Claghom, II constantly When Juliette
Mr. and Mrs. Wilham J. Klrkpat- of Chestnut avenue entertained at a : .
. k f E h d tl· , ILow started scoutillg In 1912 there
riC, 0 ssex avenue, a as lelr party last Saturday evening The . . .
tit S d D d MR· . were no radIOS, no tali<lng pictures
aY't r. pan guests were the Misses Henl'letta Bat-I and no airplanes. There were com-
roc or, 0 ancas er, a., an ell' tle Ann Fultz Betty Hoff Elizabeth '
daughters, Louise and Cornelia. W" Fl' W· h ' M' paratively few telephones and cars.
. . Ilson, orence ng t, algaret IParents were beginning to worry be-
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phillips, of Vauclain and the Messrs. Meredith .
New York, and Mr. and Mrs. E. R. and Gordon Colket Edward Madara Icause their. daughters no longer
Mitten and their daughter Miss J h H 'T J' d All Cl ' 1 seemed to beheve that 'woman's place
, 0 n . 'ay, 1'., an an ag-·· th h 'Th d'd t r
Louise Mitten, of Roxborough, were horn IS In ey I. no rea Ize
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. . that their children were Simply adapt-
MacGuffin, of Ballytore road, Wynne- and Mrs. als? ente;r- ing themselves to the ehanges in the
d 1 t S d Y
tamed at a New Year sEve dmner III social and economic structure of their
woo, as un a . .
Miss Irene Horlacher, daughter of honor of son, ,Mr. Allan ?la
time. There is nothing rigid in the
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Horlacher, of who IS spendmg the holidays IGirl Scout program, that is why it
Essex avenue, entertained at a Christ- With them. The guests were Mr. is still flourishing after twenty-three
mas party last Friday evening. There Mrs. Howard M. Jr., MISS years of the most violent social up-
were eighteen guests. Miss Horlacher N Waterer, M.lss Mar.y Slete, heaval the world has perhaps ever
also entertained the members of the MISS Flo:'ence MISS Ann, seen. That is why it exists in nearly
Phi Delta sorority at a party on New Fultz, MISS .Hennetta Mr. 1forty countries. And that is why
Year's Eve. There were twenty-five Houston Martm, Mr. Meredith Coiket'l every leader has an implied duty to
guests. Mr. Gordon Colket and Mr. Eugene' _
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mottern, of Ken- Claghom.. . JOb I
ilworth road Merion returned last Mrs. F. E. OttInger, of Ocean City, • scar Batters y, Boro
Sunday by from Washing- is the guest of her son-in-law and Resident Ten Years, Dies
ton, where they passed the Christmas daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. Nelson
holidays. Clarke, of Wynnewood.
Mr. Donald F. Torrey, Jr., son of
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Torrey, of
Brookhurst avenue, spent last week-
end in Paterson, N. J., where he was
the guest of his cousin, Mr. James Funeral services were held Monday
Torrey. for Arthur Banfield, of 120 Conway
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Speck, of Wood- avenue, Narberth, who died suddenly
binI.' avenue, entertained at a party of heart attack December 26. Inter-
on Christmas Day. Their son, Mr. ment was in Lower Merion Baptist
David Speck, of Phoenix, Ariz., who is Church Cemetery, Bryn Mawr.
visiting them, was the guest of honor Mr. Banfield, who was employed as
at a party on New Year's Day given a chauffeur by Mrs. William L. Sup-
by Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Ferro, of pIce, of Ardmore, complained of feel-
Meadowbrook. ing ill while putting chains on the car.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hall, of New When his condition became worse,
York, who were the guests of Mrs. Mrs. Supplee summoned Dr. M. C.
Hall's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. Hinebaugh, .Jr., of Narberth, but he
and Mrs. Joseph R. Clausen, of Meet- died before the physician could ad-
ing House lane, for the Christmas i minister medical aid.
holidays, returned home on Monday, i
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Boardman, I MISS JEANE MICHAEL
lof Isane
entertained at an i Funeral services were held yester-
aM lOm
e on A
. f : day for Miss Jeane Michael, who died
mrs, arry . 1I11pSOn 0 Avon' .
. '. i at the home of her Sister, Mrs. George
road, gave a party last Saturday I B 1\1 tth 209 C . I tAd
. . 'a ews, ncw avenue 1'-
afternoon III honor of her daughter, i ' '
· n tt S· 1 b I I more, after an Illness of three weeks.
ISS e' y Impson, to ce e rate ler, . .
. tl b' tl d ,!'I t M' I She was G2. A reSident of Ardmore
nln 1 11' 1 ay. Ie guess were ISS", '1"" u· ,1\'1' h' I' ,
P tt J I
1\1' D H 'It lor t\\e \e miSS l' II.' ae IS sur-
a y 0 Inson, l' ISS orcas ami on, , .'
' I) t 'I' 'tt 1\1' Ed'tl '" I \'Ived by two other Sisters, Mrs,
ISS a sv aJ , r ISS I' 1 aug 1, .,
· S,'I R b t 1\1' B b Christian Helmcl', also of Ardmore,
ISS ara 1 0 1.'1' S ' ISS ar arn ' .. .
Th M' A ' '1'1 d and Mrs. WillIam Wise, of Phlladel-
. omp50n, , ISS nne lOmpson an I phia.
MISS Jean SlIllpson. I
Mr. and Mrs. H. 1. McConnell, of
Merion avenue, entertained at an
"opcn house" on Christmas Day. Funeral serviccs were held last'
There were seventy-five guests. Thursday for Charles Pollock, of 82-1
Mrs. E. Proctor Leahy and her son, avenue, Narherth, who
Mr. Proctor Leahy, of Ridgefield Park,' (lIed suddenly of a heart attack on De-
N. J., were the guests of MI'. and 1\1rs.' cember 2:3, He was 86 years old. A I
William Bailey Goodall, of Dudley: I'esiclent of the borough for fourteen
avenue, for the holid'lys. I years, Mr. Pollock retil'ed from busi-
MI'. and :Mrs. Lloyd B. Edgerton, ness some time al?,·o. For many years
of Chestnut avenue, returned on Mon- he was accountant with a Philadel-
day from Baltilllol'e, where they spent, phia puhlishing' house. He is survived l
several e!avs. ,by two e!aughtel's, Edith and Laura I
Mrs, A: Perry Hedifer, Sr., and: Pollock, with whOln he malic his hOll1l'. :i
Miss BinI Hoberts ,Ire entertaining i IIis wife llied about foul' Yl'al';; agoo. ;:
the lnelnber:; uf the Fortnightly Club' :'
at a holiday luncheon this Friday at MAUSOLEUMS
the home of 1\11'>;. Hedifer on Kenil-'
wurth road. l\lerion. :
1\11'. and l\Il's. Joseph T. Berta and
family, of lona were the
guests uf .Mr. and 1\1rs. P. 'V. Nc,l1e, I
of l\lcadow Green Farllls, Collegeville,:
for the New Year's holidays. .
Mr. and 1\1rs. Judson White, of
\Vestclll'stl'1' County, New York, were'
the of their brother-in-law and,
sister, 1\11'. and Mrs. J. P. White, of;
Essex avenue, last week-enll. :
Dr. and Mrs. Thaddeus L. Bolton,:
of 'V<Iyne avenue, returned last Sun-:
day frolll l\Iontrose, N. Y., where they i
were thc guests for several days of:
Dr. L. Hollingsworth <Ind his
wife, Dr. Leta Hollingsworth.
Mrs, Arthur L. Cooke, uf Lantwvn
lane, will entertain the members 'of I CLEANING
hel' club at bridge next Tuesday eve-
Among those who attendee! the
dance aIHI breakfast at the Llanerch
Country Club New Year's Eve wcre



I •
I •
... I






'. f

Janua.ry 3, 1936
address on the
What a Helpful and
Enjoyable New Year's Gift!

The hourglass was the timckeeper of all-
other age. Its sands. slipping steadily hut
surely fl'om the UppCI' half of the I-!Iass to
the lower, the pal"sin/,! of an
hour ... a I-!elltle ['eminder fOI' CVCIl the
Illost cnthusial"tic JH·caehel·.
To the nu,lding ('ongn'gatioll.the steady
movement of the sands passed ulllwtked
•.. as familial' conditions will ... until the
preacher stopped and they saw that all the
sands had I'un thl'cmgh fl'om th.. top to the
bottom of the hom·glass.
So It Is ,,:;tI, Lflld;s
The scemingl)' small and unheeded leak
will waste large amounts of usahle
water in a short time. Toilets arc pal,tieu-
larIy bad ofl'cnders hecausc thc)' waste
the most watel' ancl their leaks m'e Juu·d
to The constant ddp of spigots
is another source of waste .•. Examine
your plumbing aud fixtures regularly-and
call a plumber if repairs are needed.

43 North Narberth Avenue-Narberth 4077
300 Levering Mill Road-Phone: Cynwyd 927

-And it costs only two dollars for the entire year...•
Read the news in this week's edition of Our Town.
Read the advertisements. See if this copy isn't worth
many times the price of five cents that Davis' charge.
--one year's information about your community, de-
livered in easily read installments.
Multiply this week's news by fifty-two weeks. Isn't the
sum total of that information worth two dollars?
Send the money and your name and
coupon enclosed in this issue.
a Happy New Year to you!
Your mail carrier will bring it first thing Friday morn-
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
2 Specials for 85c
3 Specials for $1
Thursday, Friday, Saturday-3 Specials for $1.25
-Spiral and Croquignole.
Experienced Operators.
, n
fro'll PEDIGllEED
Tllf! SUNDAY was
b'l I'" IIOUllt.LASS
\' " , '
Marx Brothers
Admiral Byrd in
f30cal CJtlovies
After-School Matinee Both Days
"Mutiny on the Bounty,"
"Admiral Byrd," "Last
Outpost" at Egyptian
Night at
The Opera'

Thurs., Fri., Sat-Jan. 2, 3, 4
Every Thursday at 9 P. M.
(_Church Notes
12 pieces, 75c
pieces fiat work
washed and ironed
Pirate's Den
Plantation House
Hunting Lodge
call Boulevard 10130
call Clearbrook 10130
('all Hilltop 1013'J
call Madison 10130
call Sunset 10130
call Darby 10130
call Sharon 'Hill 10130
call Ridley Park 10130
call Ardmore 10130
call Narberth 10130
call Merion 10130
call Cynwyd 10130
call Bryn Mawr 10130
call Swarthmore 10130
709 Montgomery Avenue
Narberth, Pa.
J. Howard Mecke, Jr.
Builder of
"American Homes"
The Link Be/"'l!ell Fores/ and Holtle
31 Derwen Road, Cynwyd
CUPBOARDS-there is space in nearly
every Dining Room for
one or two
29 Bala Avenue, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.
Children Will Love This Gift!
Ship's Deck
Ship's Cabin
Ranch House
Boulevard subscribers .
Clearbrook subscribers.
Hilltop subscribers. . •
Madison subscribers • •
Sunset • •
Darby subscribers. . • •
Sharon Hill subscribers •
Ridley Park subscribers •
Ardmore subscribers. •
Narberth subscribers. • •
Merion subscribers . • •
Cynwyd subscribers. • •••
Bryn Mawr subscribers . • •
SprlnQfiald residents on Swarthmore exchange
Shull Lumber Company
Do you remember the finished basement recreation room in
-A permanent wave for Christmas . . . easy to take-and a
delight to beholdl
216 Dudley Avenue-Narberth 2324
Suburban 'Phone Service
To Get Your Famous
____Reading Anthracite Quick
Rainbovv Windows
Just another interesting, colorful and unique addition
desired by those ladies who are constantly working out
plans for the better enjoyment of Home. In considering
improvements, have you included-
BOOKSHELVES-for Libl'ary or Living Room
You will want to b['ing color into your scheme so ask
us about Enamels, Paints, Varnish and Artist's Oil, Wa-
ter Colors and Pastels. Picture Framing is one of our
regular services.
We can so decorate your basement to represent any of the
Our Designer will call on you and inspect your basement, submit
sketches, plans, and will quote you a price to furnish all labor
and material.
The joy of entertaining with the assurance and ease of mind
that the younger members of your family have a of
their own cannot be assured unless your home contal11s a de-
'. d h "p' P ""0 t " lightful fimshe game room were mg- ong, ar s,
"Bridge" and "Backgammon" can be played and Dances held
without rolling up the rugs. We have been requested to do
several of these rooms for various people and for that reason we
The Main Line Sketch Club has room for about six additional memb,:rs.
Meetings will st3rt January 8th and are held every Wednesday Evem!'g
in Shull's Attic, No. 25 Bala Ave. Call CYNWYD 662 for details.
The Atnerican Hotne

ason Heflin
.1--__ COAL CO. ----
In Narberth and vicinity call:
Narberth 2850
In Philadelphia call:
Greenwood 4115
Page Four
The Presbyterian Church Lawrence Tibbett, Kay
Meetings for J anual'y 5: I Francis, Will Rogers
9.45 A. M.-Bible School. I on Narberth's Program
11 00 A. l\L-The morning worship.
by Rev. A. W. Blackwood,l Now playing at the Narberth The-
D. D., of Prin.ceton Theme, atre is "Metl·opolitan,". starring.
"The Magnetic Chnst." rence Tibbett - magnificent smgmg I
11.00 A. M.-The junior church, and superb music, well staged.
conducted by Mrs. A. S. Digby and Kay Francis gives a fine perform-
Mrs. G. V. Woodrow. Iance in "I Found Stella Parrish," ex-r
6E.45SP,. M
·.-Meetings of the three I citing drama, coming Monday, Tues-
. . oCle les. d d W d d
I ay an e nes ay.
7.45-Evening worship. Sermon by Th d '11 k I'
urs ay WI mar a popu ar m-'
Rev. A. W. Blackwood, D. D. T eme, t' "B d H d' "t
"Your Mother's Bible." nova lOn, roa wayan lcap, 0
, . . take place at 9 P. M.-and also the
Next 'luesday evenmg-Commumty beginning of a three-day run of "In
Bible Class. Old Kentucky," the final Will Rogers
Next Wednesday evening-Prayer picture. In it, with Bill Robinson as
meeting. teacher, he tap-dances inimitably, and
Next Thursday-Women's Auxili- as a race-horse trainer he befriends
ary, 10.30 A. M. to 3 P. M. Luncheon a girl whose senile "grandpa" totes a
served at 12.30. shotgun to annihilate his enemies.
ICast includes Rogers and Robinson, 11
Narberth Methodist Episcopal IDorothy Wilson, Louise
Church ICharles Sellon, Russell Hardie,
W V M'ddl t M" t Charles Richman, Esther Dale and
ev. . ernon I eon, mls er Alan Dinehart.
Sunday, January 5:
9.45 A. M.-Church School.
11.00 A. M.-Morning Worship.
The Holy Communion.
6.45 P. M.-Junior Epworth League.
6.45 P. M.-Senior Epworth League.
7.45 P. M.-Vesper Service. The "Mutiny on the Bounty" is at the
Fourth Address on the "Romance of Egyptian, with Charles Laughton as
Bible." Captain Bligh, Clark Gable as Chris-
I Monday, January 6: tian, the mate, and' Franchot Tone as
8.00 P. M.-Official Board Meeting. Roger Byam. The celebrated sea epic,
Tuesday, January 7: one of the season's best films, is based
8.00 P. M.-Church School Board on the book of that name and "Men
Meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Against the Sea," by Charles Nord-
Henry A. Frye, 115 Wynnedale road. hoff and James Norman Hall.
Wednesday, January 8: For next Monday and Tuesday,
10.30 A. M.-The Ladies' Aid So- Showman Conway has booked "Ad-
ciety meets to sew for the Red Cross. miral Byrd at Little Americl.'.," thrill-
2.00 P. M.-Ladies' Aid Society ing film story of his expedition to
Business Meeting. the South Pole.
8.00 P. l\L-Friendly Hour and I "The Last Outpost" is coming
Bible Study. i Wednesday and Thursday, which is
Thursday, January 9: i Bank Night. Against the backwash
6.30 P. M.-Junior Choir Rehear-, of the World War in Kurdistan and
sal. . the African Sudan is the rescue
8.00 P. l\L-Choir Rehearsal. I of a British officer by a member of
8.00 P. M.-Annual Corporation i the Secret Service Department, their
Meeting. subsequent friendship and its peril
8.30 P. M.-Meeting of the Boara when love enters in the comely per-
of Trustees. son of Nurse Hayden. The entertain-
Friday, January 10: ing drama has a fine cast-Claude
2.00 P. M.-Ladies' Aid Society Tea Rains Cary Grant Gertrude Michael.
at the home of Mrs. Charles H. end of next 'week, Marx Broth-
Ewell, 511 Brookhurst avenue. ,ers will amuse in "A Night At the
7.30 P. I\L-Boy Scouts. ; Opera." I
'I ' There will be an after-school mati-
Holy Trillity Llltl/cran Church ; nee both days.
Cletus A. Senft, Pastor -------
! Margaret Squier, Organist I P. T. A. Study Gl"OUPS to
Friday, January :3: Meet Next Wednesday, 8thl
8.00 P. 1\'l.-The Preparatory Ser-' I
vice fot· the Holy Communion. The adolescent group of the Nar-I
I Sunday, .January 5: berth Parent-Teacher Association,1
, !'.45 A. M.-llible Schoo\. 'under t he leadership of Mrs. W. G·I
11.00 A. 1\1.-The Morning Service Briner, will meet at 10.30 A. 1\1. on!
I with the Holy . ; Wednesday, January 8. The early I
, 6.45 P. l\L-Semor and Intermed.t-, childhood group, under the leadership I
ate Luther Leagues. .. : of Mrs. S. J. McCartney, will con-
7.-15 P. 1\L-The Vesper SerVIce With i vene at 1.30 P. M. the same day.
sermon and the Holy ?Ol.l1munion. .: The subject for discussion of both
Tuesday, 12 1\L-1\IlsslOnary SOCI- i groups will be "Management of Chil-
ety at the hOllle of Mrs. Anstadt, 156: dren in the Home." This is the third
Merion avenue. i study of the year on the series dealing
, Tuesday, 7.15 P. l\L-Boy Scouts.. : with "The Progressive Homc."
Tuesday, H.OO P. 1\1. - CounCIl These mcetings are held in the
Meeting the hOllle of Mr. Jones,: American Legion room of the Nar-
\Voodbll1e avenue. : herth Community Building'. All par-

I 7.00 P. l\1.-Junior!ents interested a;'e cordially invited to
IChon'. : attend. Tea will be served at noon.
I \Vednesday, H.OO P. l\1.-Teachers'
I Meeting at the home of Mrs. Briner,
:aG Merion avenue. I
Thursday, 10.30 A. l\I.-Ladies' Aid ·1
Society in the church.
Thursday, 7.00 P. M.-Confirmation
'I Class.
7.-15 P. M.-Senior Choir
Pope-\Vinnc : 'MUTINY
The malTiage of Mrs. Alice James
\Vinnc, of Broadaxe, formerly of
Penn Wynne, to Mr. William Pope THE
took place in York on Thursday, ON
December 2G. 1\'11'. and Mrs. Pope
have sailed for a trip of several
n1On1.hs to Europe. 80UNTY'
Page Five
The improvements thereon are a:
Seized and taken in execution as the
property of Mary J. Paul. Administra-
trix. C. t. a. of the Estate of ,John J .
Paul. deceased. Mortgagor, and Mary J.
Paul, Mary Louise PaUl, and Sarah Bar-
bartl Paul. Devisees and heirs at law, of
John .J. Paul. Real Owners, and to be
2-story frame and plastered house, 14
feet frollt by 40 feet deep. with 3 rooms
on first floor. 3 rooms and bath on second
floor. cellar. gas, electric lights, Spring-
field water. heating system. porch front.
BEGINNING in the middle ot lona
A\'e. 287.2' S. 12° 11' g, from intersection
of middle lines of Iona and \Voodbine
Aves, Cont, In front on Iona Ave. 17.8'
and extending In depth 125'. Being No.
2;13 lona Ave. (formerlY Itnown as No.
215 lana
ALL THAT CERTAIN lot with buUd-
ings and improvements thereon erected.
Situate In the Borough of Narberth,
Montgomery Co.. Pa" described as fol-
UNDER AND SUBJECT, to building
restrictions set forth in Deed recorded
in Deed Book No. 773, page 114.
2Y.,-story plastered house, 24 feet tront
by 30 feet deep, with 3 rooms on first
noor, 3 rooms and bath on second tloor,
attic. cellar, gas, electric lights, Spring-
field water, heating system, porch tront
and enclosed rear porch.
BEGINNING at a point in the middle
line of Avon Road at the distance of 350
feet westwardly f!"Om a spike marking
the intersection of Oak and Avon Roads;
thence North 17 degs. 47 mins. West 150
feet to an Iron pin; thence South 72 degs.
13 mlns. \Vest 50 feet to an iron pin;
thence South 17 degs. 47 mlns. East 150
feet to the middle line of said Avon Road;
thence along the middle line of said
Avon Road North 72 degs. 13 mins. East
50 feet to the place of beginning.
at 1.00 o'clock. P. M., Eastern Standard
TIme, in Court Room "A" at the Court
House, in the Borough of Norristown.
said County, the foHowing described Real

C. S. NEWHALL, President
1935 v·
Corporate . $1,727,641,823.50
Founded 1812
Member of Federal Reserve System
It costs only four cents a week to
keep posted on your community's
news. One year's subscription for
two dollars.
7 East Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore
The Rev. and Mrs. Loyal Y.
Graham, Jr., of Newark, N. J., have
announced the engagement of their ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of
daughter, Miss Emily M. Graham, to ground with the messuage or tenement
thereon erected, Situate on the Northerly
Donald William Munro, son of Mrs. side of Avon Road, In the Township of
Elizabeth S. Munro and the late Mr. Lower Merion, County ot Montgomery.
b h
State of Pennsylvania, bounded and de-
Christopher W. Munro, of No.1' ert . scribed as follOWS, to wit:-
Miss Graham is a graduate of South I
Side High School, Newark, and the
Newark Y. W. C. A. Secretarial
School. Mr. Munro was graduated
from Lower Merion High School,
class of '31, and has pursued studies
at Temple University in conjunction
with his present position.
Miss Graham is the granddaughter
of the late Mr. and Mrs. John K.
Ketcham, old residents of Narberth.
Miss Graham's father was the former
pastor of the Narberth Presbyterian
Vniled Slatt!& GoverfJl1le/ll uhl(I/dliollof and olher ,rL'curilif!1 carried at
1/8,184,856.61 in the above .rlalcnu!tli are IJlt!'l."ed to secure Govert.rr.enl.
Slate and ,Jlunicipal deposit, andJor Jiduciarv ,u,rjJcJse", eJ.r require,l b.v
The deposits of this Company are insured by tlIe Federal Deposit Insurance
Corporation. in accordance with the Banking Act of 1935.
Personal •.. $874,538,829.85
Capital Stock ..
Surplus ....•
Undivided Profits
Reserved for Contingencies
Reserved for Taxes and Expenses .
Dividend Payable January 2, 1936
Miscellaneous Liabilities. . . . .
Letters of Credit and Acceptances
Deposits .•..••...•..
Cash and Due from Banks. . . . . . .
U. S. Government Securities (Purl'ul"e$/l,//:!,lJiJIJ)
County and Municipal Securities
Other Investments . . . • .
Call Loans to Brokers . . . .
Other Loans Upon Collateral.
Commercial Paper. . . . . .
ReserveFund"CashBalances inTrm;tAccounts"
Real Estate . . . . .
Miscellaneous Assets
Interest Accrued
Bank Buildings, Vaults and Equipment
Customers' Acceptance Liability ...••
C. S. W. PACKARD, Chairman of the Board
.'I 1Jo
.,-------DECEMBER 31,
Chronology for 1935
January 3, 1936
April Board of Commissioners to prepare matures 37th series, amounting to IEmily Graham Engaged to
Mrs. William H. Gehmann, Jr., of ordinance prohibiting trucks from $50,800. Mr. Donald William Munro
Cynwyd, elected president of Mont- using two roads in Penn Valley, Bryn Hardie Apartments on City Line
January gomery County League of Women IMawr avenue and Manayunk road. damaged by fire to extent of $80,000.
Russell S. Callow, of Balli., elected Voters. Italian Colonies of Main Line turn Vote on Sunday movies assured as
president of the American Rowing Mrs. Herbert W. Bieber re-elected lover check for $1835 to Bryn Mawr many sign petitions.
C h
' A . t' president of Garden Club of Bala-, Hospital; proceeds of benefit at Devon Clarence E. Wilson, founder and
oac es ssocla Ion. .
. . Cynwyd at annual meetmg. Horse Show grounds. president of Wilson Laundry, dies at
NeIghborhood Club executIVe board I Further opposition to construction Contests shaping up for Commis- home in Bryn Mawr.
votes not to pro:est agai.nst of new Post Office voiced at .Neigh- sion posts at primary. Lambert Ott, Republican registration exceeds
radio broadcasting statIon on CIty borhood Club. Survey authorIzed to Jr., to oppose George W. Brown in Democratic by 5-1 in Lower Merion
Line ncar Monument road. get facts on traffic hazards of site. Bala and John H. Jefferies, Jr., to and Narberth.
Building construction in Lower Lower Merion Scho?1 Board re- run against Frank H. Mancill in Gen- Ardmore boy, Richard Condon,
n • duces tax rate half mIll, from 11% eral Wayne t . k . h . f t'l l' h'l
Merion for 1934 is shght to 11 mills. . s rIc en WIt In an I epaI'll. YSIS W ! e
Building construction passes mil- at camp near Chambersburg after a
increase over 1933. Miss Frances Dougherty appointed
lion-dollar mark for year in town- visit to Virginia.
William P. Landis re-elected presi- postmaster at Haverford, succeeding ship. Township Planning Commission de-
dent and Dr. B. K. Wilbur, vice- Dr. George Fleming, Rate reduction announced by Phila- scribed as money-saving body by its
president, of Lower Merion Board Large crowd annual din- delphia Electric Company, effective chairman, Walter D. Fuller, speaking
. ner and entertamment of Lower C
of Health. Fees for plumbmg per- Merion Alumni Association. Ross September 1. at Ardmore Rotary lub.
Mrs. Catherine Sherlock succeeds
mits increased. Wilbur elected president. I August Harrison J. Kromer as postmaster at
William G. Hower installed as Commercial graduates of Lower New York firm, Structural Engi-
president of Main Line Kiwanis Merion are 71 per cent gainfully neermg Corporation, low bidder on Eight sites submitted for new Ard-
Club. employed, survey of five classes new Bala-Cynwyd Post Office. more post office, ranging from $35,000
Alba B. Johnson, prominent in- shows. Bala-Cynwyd Building Association to $98,000. Narberth Bridge Club
'all'st and civic leader, dies at Shortage of $2,500 found in aC-liit====:==========::::ri b F 'd ft D b 27
Septem er 1'1 ay a ernoon, ecem er ,
'ls home in Rosemont at age of 76. counts of Penn Wynne-Overbrook ' d' .. T M F I Cl ifi d Larger enrollment reported in women s IVlsJOn- op score, rs. .
er 2,000 trees planted by Shade Hills Fire Company as result of I ass e x P II d MAth C n Lower Merion schools on opening day. . urce an rs. I' ur 00 ey;
Tree Commission during past year, audit. d lace Mrs Charles B Stoudt SeIzed and taken In execution as the
according to annual report of Tree Large delegation of Main Liners Advertisements Harold L. Reese, Wynnewood, elect- secon p ,. . of Samuel K. White, Mortga-
ed commander of ninth district, com- and Mrs. Walter J. Scott. gor and Esther Annie Brittain, Real
arden, Louis B. Ambler, Jr. attend Senator Bean's induction at . D b 2
isl'ng Montgomery and Bucks Coun- Saturdayevenmg, ecem er 8, an- Owner, and to be sold by
1 d f
Old age pension p an propose or .' . . -will be charged only to resldentll ties, of American Legion. ?ual Christmas party, Mite e scor- i
Lower Merion Township employees regulatIons coverIng whose names appear In the tele- Frederick C. Peters elected presi- tng was played-No and S. top score,
'. by Board of Commissioners. prIvate .garbage collectors adopted by dent of Merion Fire Company. \ Mrs. H. I. McConnell and Mrs. Ada
Nearly 700 families in Lower TownshIp,. TOWN, or the NEWS OF BALA.-II'j Republican Harmony ticket easy Sweet; second place, Levis Ayres and
Merion and Narberth on Relief rolls. Bernard H. Kerngan named post- CYNWYD, winner in Lower Merion and Nar- Arthur Cooney. E. and W. top score,
Budget of $882,190, slightly less master at B.ryn Mawr to succeed J. 20c a line berth. Jefferies beats Mancill, Brown Mrs. Arthur Cooney and C. Alfred
than last year, and eight mill tax WhItby. . , E All Th N defeats Ott, Gallagher and Sel'del trl'- Peeney; second place, Mr. and Mrs.
rate adopted by Lower Merion Town- WIlham P. LandIS elected preSIdent or ree ew.paper. , I G d
of Ardmore Rotary Club Count five words to line umph in Commission contests. Mere- Roy reenwoo.
ship for 1935. .' Mr. Ayres, the Philadelphia expert
George F. Curwen and W. H. C. Martm W.. Clement, of -will be accepted up to Wednell- Continued on Page Six in bridge, was the guest of the club
Ramsey appointed to Lower Merion preSIdent. of Pennsylvama day, 6 o'clock, for FrldaY'1I Issues. Jast Saturday evening. He will giv!,!
Township Planning Commission to RaIlroad, succeedmg W. W. Atter- Baptist Church of the Evangel a series of bridge lectures beginning
fill vacancies caused by death of bury, of Radnor. Phone ARDMORE 3100 Robert E. Keighton, Minister on Wednesday, January 8, in the TOGETHER with use. right and Jib-
Alba B. Johnson and Philip A. Hart. Lower Merion Planning Commis- Stanley R. Reiff, Organist erty of various roads and avenues above
'shments of County ,uelfare sion urges cleaning up and planting S J 5 club rooms. mentioned. with others having 0. right
" M' L' f R'I d Situations Wanted unday, anuary : Monday evening, December 30, thercto, forever.
Boards, consolidating several exist- along am me 0 0.1 roa . GOOD experienced stenographer, who 9.45 A. M.-The Church School, T \tT I
d t d b kk
. d I I men's tOUl'n'lment- op score, " i-The improvements thereon are a:
. I' r fad welfare agencies ad ay un erB an s 00 eeplllg, es res pos - 11.00 A. M.-Morning Worship and
mg e 1C < n - tion full or part time. Phone Narberth liam Boyle and Jesse Harris; second
vocated by Arthur Dunham at Low- Three services mark grand open- 2612-R. tf Communion. Sermon, "Henceforth place, Dr. George A. Sloan and Paul
er Merion-Narberth Council of Re- ing of new Bala-Cynwyd Methodist WHITE LADY will mind children "The pastor's new year sermon Seidler.
ublican 'Vomen luncheon. Episcopal Church. hour or day. 20c hr. plus fare. Ard-I and greeting upon the beoolnning of
more 4623-J. (I) .,.
John A. Turner resigns as secre- Old McGeorge mansion, scene of woman will take care of Chil-I his twelfth year.
tary of Ardmore Chamber of ghostly wanderings of "The Colonel" dren either at her horne 01' yours. 7.00 P. M.-The Young People meet
Commerce. and "Little Gray Lady" and station Phone, Narherth 4062-W. (1) under the leadership of Charles R.
Main Line Federation of Churches on underground railroad during Leech for discussion.
Apartments for Rent
aids 1,030 persons during 1934. The Civil War, to be demolished. APAR1'IlfENTS 7.45 P. M.-The Evening Worship.
Rev. Louis W. Pitt re-elected presi- Charles S. Shinn elected president Koser Bros., Rental Agents. "At Ardmore Sermon, "Holiday Religion. What Is
dent at annual meeting. of Neighborhood Club, succeeding J. Station," Greenwood0680-Ardmore 680. a Minister's Religion on Holiday?" SHERIFF'S SALE
UNFURN. 2nd noor apartment, $36 mo.
William J. Serrill re-elccted presi- J. Skelton. Li kit h b d b h Oi Wednesday January 8' v. I'm., c en, e I'm., at. I , . By '\';rtue of a writ of Levari Facias"
dent of Community Health and Civie Jeanette Sweetser, of Cynwyd, heat, refrlg. Central loc. Nar. 2966. (tt) 8.00 P. M.-Mid-week meeting of issued out of the Court of Common Pleas •
Association. Nurses of organiza- and Charles L. Halberstadt, of Glad- the church. A study group in re- of Montg<?mery County, to me di- :
. d I I W t directed.Will be sold at Pubhc Sale on : Sheriff s Office, Norristown, Penna.
tion made 23,828 visits during 1934. wyne, ehosen vale ictormn an sa u- lin e ligion. ' II December 31, 1935
Bryn Mawr Hospital rendered tatorian, respectively, of Lower WANTED-Small apt.-about $25. Nar-
berth 2207-W.
$67,649 of free work to residents of Merion graduating class.
Main Line and adjacent sections dur- Allan M. Frew ordained and in-I At Your
ing 1934. stalled as pastor of the First Pres-l
R. DUBIN-Paperhanging. All jobs prop-
Sixteen-inch snow fall buries sec- byterian Church, Ardmore, succeed- erly taken care of at reasonable prices.
tion, tying up traffic. ing the late Rev. Edmund G. Rawson. I Ardmore 4517.
Over 400 attend dinner at Green Mrs. Allen G. Miller re-elected IH--E-l\-1:S-T-I-T-C-I-'I-IN-G-W-h-il-e-yo-u-w-a-I-t--6-c-y-d-.
Hill Farms to J. Hansell French, president of \\roman's Club of Nan Hcrrschaft (formerly 242 Haver-
ford ave.), 318 Dudley ave., Narberth.
State secretary of Agriculture. Ardmore. (2)
February Mrs. Worthington Scranton, Repub- DRApgRmS, Slip Covers, Venetian
Robert 'V. Lesley re-eleeted presi- lican National Committee 'Voman, blinds, Awnings, Furniture, Upholster-
tit' f th lng, Beddings, Rugs cleaned, repaired
dent of Merion Cricket Club at 69th spea's a annuli. mee mg 0 e ..nd stored. Challenger, 281 Montgomery
annual meeting. Justice William 1. Lower Merion-Narberth Council of ..venue, Cynwyd. Phone, Cynwyd 86.
SchatTer, Harry Stulhdreher and Republican Women. . IFormerly with John \Vanamaker. (to
CI E H II ltd i TYPEWHlTI<:RS Sal,'. rented and re-
Jimmy Dykes speak at dinner. arence '. a re-e ec e presl-
palr·ed. Hibbons and Carbon Paper.
W. D. Fuller re-elected president dent of Merion Civic Association at I SUBURBAN 'l'YPEWRITER CO., 33 E.
of Penn Valley Association. annual meeting. II Lancaster ave., Ardmore. Ph. Ard. 1378.
T h' C .. d RELIABLE CARPENTER, alterations,
Township Planning Commission, in owns Ip onmllsslOners re uce weather-stripping. Gottlieb Esslinger,
first annual report, shows definite fees for building alterations and re-I' 122 Conway avenue. Call Narberth
progress on development of a general pairs. I
F k II M'1l kIll The Original TOM t-IAJUUSON Used
plan for Lower Merion. • ran' . anci spea's on oca Furniture gxchange now located at 313
B. C. Burlingame elected president government at Merion League of W. I..ancaster ave., Ardmore. Ard. 381.
of Ardmore Chamber of Commerce. \Vomen Voters. and I'eII. Springs of
1\1 L F d t' f CI h r a-piece Buites repaired, $10; Chair re-
Arrests for drunken driving in- ..'e era JOn 0 lUrc es t IS- covered, $6. Go anywhere. Call Lewl.,
crease 300 per cent in first year of continues policy of supplementing 227 E. Lancaster ave. Wayne 1496.
repeal. I' government relief due to limited
Lower Merion Commis- funds, Rooms for Rent
une rOOlll -for lady in
sion recommends acquisition of 31-50 primt" family. Ilreal{fast optional.
acres to meet immediate needs for J. Howard Mecke, JI'., starts de- Phon". 1';ar. 41l%-\Y. (1)
play areas in Township. velopment of Ott tract with con- FURNI::lUED room for teacher or busi-
. f J ness girl. Meals optional. 4 squares
Mrs. Jean Piccar, stratosphere structlOn 0 17 new lOmes, a quartel from Narberth Station. Phone Narberth
explorer, speaks at Bryn Mawr million dollar project. 3752-J. (tf)
College. McCarthy I·Ianger, Jr., Duke grad- FOlt IlENT - Pleasant furnIshed rOom.
I d I
· Near station. Private family. Break-
Philip C. Staples re-eleeted presi-
uate, .honored for campus ea ers up fast If desired. Phone, Narberth 2612-R.
dent of Lower Merion Police Pension Bagatelle machines removed by po- TF
Association. No agreement reached lice from five establishments in Bala-!----------------
on proposed liberalization of bY-laws., Cynwyd for violating regulations I Pets and Supplies .
March governing their use. Parents of chil- DASCHUND puppies, renl good )Jed" reg.
Charles S. Shinn re-elected presi- tlren in the community had entered I Ridge rd., 'l'roopcl'
dent of Bala-Cynwyd Library As- complaints. BOSTON puppies, ped., reg. Also gr'own
. . I' L'b . Lower Merion High School's larg- malc. Mrs. HaUstend, 1109 So. 52nd
socmtJOn at annuli. meetIng. 1 rarl- st., Philn. (53)
an, Mrs. A. C. How, reports circula- est graduating class receives diplo-
tion of 57,700 and 2,726 borrowers mas at annual commencement exer- Miscellaneofls
during year. cises. STOMACH ULCER, GAS PAINS, INDI-
Garden Club of Bala-Cyn"fd wins Township applies for $6,000,000 GES1'ION victims, why suffer? For
· F d \ T I R I' f F d i quick relief get a free sample at Udga,
prize for exhibit at Philadelphia s Ice of 'e eral \ or, e Ie un. Ia doctor's prescription, at Media Drug
Flower Show. Lower Merion Building anti Loan IStores. (53)
The Rev. Edmund G. Rawson, for files petition with Court to reduce I
· b'I' 45 t I Lost alld Found
27 ye,'lrs pastor of AI'tlnIol'e PI·nsby- Ia 1 Ity per cen . ILOST-Befon' Christmas: watch charm.
tel' ian Church, died at age of 66. July Phone, r\arberth ;WH-W. (1)
Building permit granted for gas Lambert Ott, Jr., to be candidate! LOST Fur' Haecoon Itug between Ard-
mor(' and Bryn Mawr on Dec. 2'lth.
station on McDowell property, where for Township Commissioner Iteward, Bryn 1Ilawr' 1;'22. (1)
Washington's army camped Septem-I Balli..
bel' 14, 1777. Republican Vigilance Committee I
Special election to be held April reorganizes; Harold B. Scott, Merion IlIN THE COURT OF QUARTER SES-
9 to fill vacancy caused by death of chosen chairman, Walter D. Fuller, PENNA.
Senatol' Boyd. Peters and Ederer Penn Valley, vice-chairman. No. 390 I
likely G. O. P. candidates. Bala-Cynwyd scheduled to get one- I ANNULMENT OF
Several private roads taken over man liquor store. BOROUGH OF NARBmlTH
by Lower Merion Board of Com- Doubles squash court underway at Notice Is hereby given that a. petltlon
for the annulment of tho charter of the
missioners. Cynwyd Club. Borough of Narberth and the desire of
Supreme Court upholds decision of Bala-Cynwyd Library observes 20th Ithe petitioners that the tel'l'itory em-
, .' . braced within said borough shall revert
County Courts on J. J. Skelton s SUIt bIrthday. Ito and bccome a part of the Township of
against Township to collect $25,000 Cynwyd Junior Baseball team fin- J,ower Merion, has bcen filed In the
. .. h' h hI' d' h 'th f 714 ICourt of Quarter Sessions of Montgom-
In commISSIOns w IC e c alme IS es season WI average 0, . Iery County, and the Court has fixed Frl-
were due him. Marked end of nine Cardinal Dougherty's Merion prop- day, January 24, 1936, at 10 A. M., In the
year legal battle. erty sold by Sheriff. To occupy Selt-! Court House at Norristown as the time
for hearing said application, when the
Application of WFIL to build zer estate in Overbrook across City Court shall make full investigation of the
d' t t· ff C't L' . B 1 r I case
ra s a JOn 0 I Y me In . a a me. . I' LARZELERE AND WRIGHT
dechned by L. M. Board of AdJust- Fred C. Peters to be candIdate for Attorneys for Petltloners
ment, after sitting on case three County Commissionet· on Republican I 320 DeKalb Street
th t
· k t Norristown, Penna.
mon s. IC e . (0-1-3-36)












January 3, 1936
The New Seal-Kap
and the
Golden Guernsey
Trade Mark
To Entertain Tonight
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Good-
man, of Bryn Mawr, are entertaining
at a supper this Friday evening fol-
lowing the wedding rehearsal of
Miss Marian Blinn, daughter of Mrs.
Charles Payson Blinn, Jr., of Ard-
more, and Mr. Blinn and Mr. Alli-
son Eyster McCown, Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Allison Eyster McCown, of
Cynwyd, whose marriage will take
place tomorrow afternoon in the
Church of the Redeemer, Bryn Mawr.
Mrs. Otto Wolf, of Germantown,
gave an informal party on New
Year's afternoon in honor of Miss
Blinn and Mr. McCown.
.. ;
• • •
Organized 1866
Slender, fashionable widths, in a
variety of styles to please every
"{-'/ taste - plain rings, decorated
)' IT. rings, jcwelcd rings-of g-old or
platinum, and moderately priced.

Rinas illustrated are made of t>!atinllm,

Genuine OrangI' Blossom 81 ,•• 50
:Modcrn Bagouette dcsign 81 (;.50
, Cords of Matrimony 820.00
"¥# l:!+KINDYr.o.(!ONS Vr:.·· ..


Individual Trusts •
Corporate Trusts •
Statement of Condition, December 31, 1935
Chai,mon of ,h. Boa,d
135 South I?road Street
325 Chestnut Street 6324 Woodland Avenue
Cash on Hand and in Banks .. ..••
u. S. Government Securities and Home
Owners' Loan Bonds. . .
State, County and Municipal Securities .•
Other Investment Securities • . .
Loans .. . . .
Real Estate Owned. ..
Other Assets ••....•. . . ...
Deposits ....••.•.••••••
Capital Stock • • •• ....
Surplus . . . . . • .. . ..
Undivided Profits ....••
Reserve for Contingencies ...
Reserve for Interest and Taxes
Other Liabilities ..•....
United States Government obligations and othcr sccurities carried at $6,678,290.78
in the abovc statcment are plcdged to sccure Government, State and Municipal
deposits as requircd by law, and to sccure Clearing House exchanl:es.
The 1!J3G dog licenses and tags are
now in the hands of the county treas-
urer. owners immediately should
procure their licenses for the coming I
year. The law requires that all dogs I
six months of age or over must be I
licensed on or before January 15, or
just as soon as they become six months
of age.
A January Bride
dUHgMel' of Mrs. Cllarlcs P.
Blinn, of Anlmol'c, whose 111 a1'-
'l'ill!lC 10 Mr. Allison Eyster Me-
COWI/, .Jr., of CYI/wyd, will take
IJlacc Sall/1'lluy, .JCtJlllC£1'lJ 4, in the
CIt/welt of the RcdcCJJw1', B·l'yn
Page Six
Haverford's New Post
Office Opened Monday
Organization of Cub
Pack is Completed
Library Association \Heart Attack Proves Fatal to Chronology for 1935 !Men Invited to Club tions should be made with Mrs. J. R.
f h Arthul' Banfield of Narberth I. Strawbridge, Cynwyd 332. The busi-
to Apply or CarterI __ Five I Meetmg Wednesday ness meeting will follow at 1.30. Mrs.
___ I Funeral services were held Monday Idith and Lownes win magistrate nomi-I --- Russell S. Callow, of the program
Organization in Lower Merion' for Arthur Banfield, of :-20 Conway Ination. New Deal Democrats defeat IWomen's Speaker is Dr. G. E. committee, will be in charge and will
T h
· H p' avenue, Narberth, who dICd suddenly I McAvoy forces in primary. R' I D .
owns Ip as lve I algue - ramatlc present Mrs. Laura Wa!lles McMul-
of heart attack December 26. Inter- Death ends careers of W. W. Atter- •
Branc es I. • . L . M" Bapti t .. Tenor to Sing len, former national chairman of In-
men \\as 111 owel ell on s bury, former Pennsylvallla RaJlroad I
Church Cemetery, Bryn Mawr. president, and Isaac R. Pennypacker, ternational Relations for the General
WAS PORMED RECENTLYI Mr. Banfield, who wa.s as former chairman of Valley Forge ICOMING EVENTS LISTED Federation, in an interesting talk.
. . --- I a chauffeur by Mrs. William L. Sup- Park Commission. I --- Mrs McMullen is an experienced lec-
ApphcatlO.n for. a charter fo: plee, Gl'een Hill Farms, Overbrook, Over 1000 visit fall flower show The Woman's Club of Bala-Cynwyd turer, writer and traveler.
Lo.wer MerIOn LI_brar.y AssoclatlO.n was taken ill suddenly and died about slJOnsored by Woman's Club of Al'd- will hold its first meeting of the new
II b I I. N F
The Literature Department wiII
WI I' ma( ca' OI'1'lstown on 'fI- two hours later. He was 5:3. more year 'Vel nesday, January 8, at 8.15
d J 10 . meet at the home of Mrs. A. K. Greg-
ay, anuary . A resident of Narberth for twenty Louis B. Ambler, Jr., tovvllship P. M. in
the clubhouse
on Leverin
ory, Friday morning, January 17.
Organized at the years, he is survived by his wife, tree warden, resigns. roa? when Dr. eorge. Ear.e There will be an informal discussion
of the School Board, Ethel May Banfield; two daughters, October be the speal,er. HIS on current books. Mrs. H. Gleason
the aSSOCIatIOn 1I1cludes the Bala- i 1\1rs. Charles Bailey, of Narberth, and P bl' I'b'" f ,h' • wIll The World Ou.tlook for l(J36. Mattoon wiII review "Silas Crockett,"
Cynwyd Bryn Mawi' Ardmore Penn R . f B 1\1 u IC I lUlIes 0 1.0\\ ns Ip must In thIS lecture he WII\ forecast the
.,. , . ' 1\1l's. James enmx, 0 ryn awl',' .. L M" L'b' . . . . by I\lal' Elle 1 Cll 1\1 CI I
Wynne and Gladwyne Libranes I 1 W'II" B f1 II f 111 COl pOlate as ower ellon I
changes 111 the polItIcal, soclUl and 'Y' lase; rs. lar es
'A I. I. I' 1.1 I' t··f anc ly a T
, I lam un Ie c, 0 Association to receive school district I' economic affairs of the world based E. Neville, "Edna, His Wife," by
s s a e( 111 le app Ica IOn or a Paln1Yra N..J. I ' I. A B W b
. I' I." ., funds, boan rules. on his personal observations both in yer arnes; .rs. c-
cartel, I. 11' llUlpose of I. 1C aSSUCI- lIe was a member of the Choctaw E I . 'd H S . 'd t f . ster A. Melcher "National Velvet" by
ation is "to establish and maintain in Tl'ibe of Hed Men Br"n Mawr' the 1\1 .("L
L: nOCw
nbew plesl en a thiS country and abroad. Enid Bagnold ' ,
. .' , ...' . .' , ,.' , ,a111 l11e IOns u. TI' I I If· f M' F k .
t. e of Mellon .l pub- State Firemen's Association and the 'Villiam R. Mooney chosen to head . 1l0ug 1 I. e oltS o. IS.. ran. -I Mrs. John D. Gill, chairman of the
Ill' hblUly and to be ope.r- Sons of St. George. Bryn Mawr War Memorial and Com- 1m L. Bettgel, a l11embel of the MUSIC Education Department, will present
at I'd as a non-sectanan hbrary avall- 't H A .. Department of the club, an unusually Dr Harold G Pallner a memb l' f
. . mum youse ssoclatlOn. . I'" I' 0
able at all tImes to reSIdents of Lower 45 Pall11'lies Aided U' T d b fine dramatIc tenor who appeared at the staff of psvcho]og'cal se 'v' f
Merion." °PPOSI .lOn y the club last spring will be soloist for ". . I 1. ICC 0
by Emergency Relief 100 reSidents attendmg pubhc hear- . . '. . . the 1l1stItute of the Pennsylvania Hos-
Incorporation of the public libraries ing to self-liquidating playground Ithat evenl11g. !Ie IS Ottone Tanlll11, pital, January 20 at 1.:30. His topic
of the township in one association was Continuer! from Page One proposal. I who born m and edu- will be "The Role of the Endocrine
necessitated in order to continue re- through Ingeborg Thaysen, Troop 124 Petition to change zoning on Haver- cated 111 Italy. .He WIll a num- System in the Emotional Growth De-
ceiving appropriations fr0111 the Town- of Wynnewood Girl Scouts through f I'd I d t b' d' I. . t t d bel' of operatic selectIOns. Mr. velop111ent"
I . I I D' . 0 'oa 0 uS1l1ess IS I'll' urne Tamini won the Verdi medal in Milan .
SlIp Sc 100 Istnct. Mrs. Morken, Mrs. Joseph Berta, down by Board of Commissioners . Mr. R. George Harvey, of the Bu-
.. . and has sung 111 the foremost opera. fl" .
Under a new tate law school American Legion through Charles J. Lower MerIOn Library Association . f E H I leau 0 nvestJgatlOn of the Umted
b d II I.
. . COl11pal11es 0 ' urope. e was a so St I. D '1. I. f J' '11 b
oar s arc una J e 0 approlJrJate Clarke, 'Vol11en's Auxiliary of Ameri- formed by five public hbraries of I I" 1 I Ib a es e]lal men 0 ustlce, WI I'
funds to more than one public library. can Legion through Emma Mueller, townshiP.tHle
leac d
at I} 1
A 1'1'1.
the speaker at the meeting of the club
L t
. t' b h L a an Queen s Cia on on am J 2" H' t' '11 b h
as year approprJa IOns y I. e ower Parent-Teachers' Association through Senator Bean and Judge Stern f 1 ' I I' 'I on iJ. IS °PIC WI etc
. hI' . ., or two years sang I. le ea( mg 1'0 es "G 1\ "Th' .
enon Sc 00 Board to the publIc 1\1rs. H. F. Darnes, Sunshine Society speak at dl11ner given by Lower . I I lIM' - len. el e WIll also be a short
libraries of the townshill totaled $8500. of Methodist Church through Mrs. Merion-Narberth Council of Republi- ucec ly I. musical program,
Organized in one library association Ralph Hoyle, Miss Baker, Mrs. Joseph can Women. IV
V IPI crab J
rs. '. . A cordial welcomc is extended the
· h fi b h I 'b . .' an a (en urg WI e t 11' accom- f II " h Add Convenience
WIt ve ranI' es, I. le h ranes can Horner, MISS Nancy Easby, MISS John S. Feiler elected cOl11mander of . 0 0" 1I1g new members of I. I' 'Vom- and Guarantee to
continue to receive school district ap- :peggy Coholan. the Main Line Post, Veterans of For- pamst. . an's Club: :\lrs. James C. Allred'i
propriations as in the nasI.. 1\1rs. Kenneth Bovee, Mrs. Boyle, I eign Wars. ! then'. husb.anc.!s and Mrs. Frank A. Dubois, Mrs: W. S. Brookmead
?fficers of the new Library Associ- Howard Stuckert, 1\11:s. Charles I Hugh S. elected president IthClr fl'lends. to Flynn, Mrs. Don R. F.rar
, 1\1rs. James, Guernsey Milk
atlOn arc: Charles S. Shinn, Bala- 1\1:cldey, Mrs. \Valter HunSIcker, Mrs. of Wynnewood Civic Association. attend. Thele \\111 be a gue.t fcc of Gallem, ;\Irs. Robert W. 1\1unro, 1\1rs.
Cynwyd, president; W. R. Mooney, Turner, Mrs. Austin Hartzell, Miss I Contract for new Bala-Cynwyd 1
cents. Geor).'."c· :III'S. Thomas E. Now 16c per quart
Bryn Mawr, vice-president; Mrs. Lucille Baker, Mrs. William Evans, Post Office awarded to lovacchini .,. . 1\IcLaughlJn, ?Ill'S..loseph A. Queeney, Phone Wayne 1121
Frederick C. Peters, Ardmore, secre- Miss Louise Barnet, Miss Elizabeth Bros., Highland Park, at $37,636. I 1\11'13. George A. Trenholme, chalr- Mrs. F. McD. Quinn and Miss ;\Iar- The Finest Milk In
tary, and William J. Phillips, Bala- Foltz, Miss Janet Stringfield, 1\1iss con.ll11unity Chorallman of .Art an- garet Wilcox. at
Cynwyd, treasurer. Hicks, l\Irs. \Villiam Hagenbuck, Mrs. to g-ive "Pirates of Penzance." nounces a VISIt to the exhlJl1tlOn of
· J I J' 1\<' S I J ff " 1\'1' E ·1 'b't' b t' I h . "The Nativity" at the Parkwav Mu- -.
The Board of will includc 0 111 1<lS. amue e CIIS, ISS .x 11 I IOn y na lOna c ampIOns .' . .
." . . 1\1' DAN ,h' II B ., '1' . f . CI' scum tIllS FrIday afternoon at 2
the officers and chairmen of the librarv : B.ll'l, 1S. . . e" a, en,la111111 mal,s opel11ng 0 Cym\ yd ub s,. .
committees. . I' Rush Chapter, D. A. R., through Mrs. new squash doubles court. 0 clock. • .'. ..' ,
I John L. l\liller, Mrs. Block, 1\1rs. A. November The Execut1\e \\ III .meet
C 1\Iiller Charles Snyder Claude. 10.30 A. 1\1. at the home of 1\ils.
1,.. '0" r N II' Bryn Mawr College celebrates fif- 1\1. Church, 118 l\laple avenue, Fri-
\\ ateIs, II \\ ado ( . tielh anniversary. . • .
Noves Leech Gus Bannan Jack " JanualY 10.
:., B "1' R b .. ' N'd Harold W. Scott 111stalled as com- A date to look forward to will be
Continued from J'a",e One Cm}\\ ob BUI ey, 0 el t 01 - mander of l\lerion Legion Post J 13 I 1\1 G F
.. hloom, Edwin Markle, Gertrude and Su 1I y 1 . d' L' anuary, w len J rs. eorge ' ,
cents to sencl a one-page let tel' mOl'C'. I ( a 11 oVles approve 111 ower Blewett, chairman of the Music De-
than ,tOO miles. I Alma Beltz, Frances Brown, Susanne Merion Township in election refer-
. . : Clipsham Mary Flack Jean Millar I . partment, will present Flol'('nce Fra-
Benel IctlOn was pl'onounced hy Dr.' ,., , enc um hv 7/5 vote plurahty. scI' in the second of the current Music
.' . Sally Neelv !\'arberth Theatre, '. . .
Rufus 1\1. .J ones, professor-emerItus of I • I . .' "I . II I D .",1I RepublIcan canclJdates score AIJ]1l'eciation Series - "Operas in
'1 I H f d C II It hi'oug' 1 1\lanue\ .-,a aS111, . owaJ'( a- . . . I . b
p 11 OSOP1Y at aver or 0 ege. 1"]\1' I' S' l\l II 1\1 swecplllg' victory In towns lip, 01'- l\liniature." The 0llera to he given on
Among those present "'ere Postmas-. \':'" ". ISS 1\ ,:zle .- ImPlson, rs. - . .l • ough and county. illis date will be "Hansel and Gretel."
. ' (. aJ'(!Iner 1\I ISS Dorot lV 'v Jlson 1\1rs. I) . .
tel's Damel McDonough, of Ardmore;' '1 I I . , I'. Gc,ol').'."e \V. Gl'Im elected presl- The time is 3 o'clock and the 1\Iusic
• I GCOl'O"e 1\la 11 C 1:11' es Noel George I I . . .
1\.rs. Emma Eak111s, of \Vynnewood;:. h 'R I G 1\' E 0 I ent of ntcrnatlOnal ASsoClUtlOn of Appreciation Hour is open to non-
F T 1 R I f B I
· C I . Suplee, Hlrs. ut I I'ace II'S. '. . D . 11\'1'11 I t
· • OSel) 1 oac 1, o' a a- ynwy(; \. T C· . II'· 1 1\1 allOY ant I, nspec ors. members. Single ticl\Cts will be 50
• . . \' arner omm\' IVlte I am 1'5. .
Bernard hel'1'lgan, of Bryn 1\lawr; . I'.. . Monroe H. Anders elected preSIdent cents.
A b C II f R J
l\1J1ton \.enL f 1\1' L' IT' . CI b
111 rose onne y, 0 osemont; os- 0 J' a1l1 111e 'l..IWaI1lS u. On 'Vednesday, January 15, there
eph L. Kelley, of Narberth, and Mrs. Charles C. Knox, one of founders will he a luncheon at 12.30. Reserva-
Kelley, who is vice-president of the· State Liquor Store of Ardmore, awarded American Le-
Democratic Women's Luncheon Cluh in Ardmore to Move gion Cup for distinguished service to
of Lower Merion and Narberth, and community at Bullock-Sanderson Post
l't1rs. Erma Russell, of Ardmore, I)]'('si- C"lllilltl<'d frolll Olle Armistice Day banquet.
dent of the same organization. It will afford much more storage Rohert \V. Lesley, president of
Others included Peter C. Hess, present liquor store, and more park- ?llerion Cricket Club, dies in 82d year.
Lower Merion Township Treasurer; ing space for customers. Judge Holland and Congressman
William McConaghy, Lower Merion Thc ollice of Joseph Cail'l1s, Jr., Inc., Ditter speak at annual oyster supper
Township Commissioner; Victor C. is handling' negotiations for the rental of Lower Merion Society for Recovery
Mather, brother-in-law of Governor room, which is hadly needed in the of Stolen Horses and Detection of
Earle; John T. Durnin, Lower Merion of the new building. The State De- Horse Thieves.
and Narberth Democratic chairman.; partment of Pro!lerties and Supplies Lower Merion High School Band
The new Haverford post office is of I handles leas111g of the property wins cups as best-appearing and best-
brick construction with stone trim. i for the L1<lUor Control Board. drilled unil; in competition at Penn.
lt is one story, with a finished base-! John.J. Kehoe, manager of t.he Anl- Autoc<ll' pl'operty on Ardmore ave-
ment. Contract for the building was i more State Store, stated thIS week nue selected as site for new Ardmore
awarded the. M. &. L. m:e1: six the of post omee Government.
Company, PhIladelpllla. The site cost. Items \\ el e. stocked today cd to James C. I aylor, Lower l\lerion po-
$14,000 and the building itself: those at the open1l1g of the lice officer for cleven years, gets State
$31,333. stores In January, 1!J34. position with Department of Revenue.!
"We need far more room for stock," I Five Main Line banks to payout
declared, the present store $210,000 to Christmas club depositors.
IS unSUited for the number Neighborhood Club holds 23d an-
of Items we n.ow nual banquet, first since 1!J2U, at
the new locatIOn, If negotiatIOns for It Bala Golf Club. Don Rose speaks.
are successfully concluded, will meet December
our needs for some time." ,.
h. E. BurlIngame re-elect cd presi-
dent and Mrs. J. C. Sellers, Jr., vice-
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Lower l\Ierion School Board adopts i
resolution of opposition to proposed
merger of township and borough.
Lower l\Ierion Board of Health re-
I\'okes license of wholesale cream suP-,
ply house.
Dorothy Kulp, soloist at first con- 'I
eert of season of l\lain Line Orchestra.
Local unit of National Economy
League formed at meeting' in Norris-
Edward F. Beale, veteran horseman,
re-elected president of Devon Horse
Test case brought on township's real
cst ate development ordinance.
Haverford School football teum,
champions of Inter-Acudemic League,
honored at dinner.
Memorial service held at Bryn
!\lawr fOl' 1\1. Carey Thomas.
New bus line to connect Bala with
Germantown and 60th street.
Continued f"on1 I'ago£> Olle
room has been made available to the
boys for their first meetings. Evening
meetings will continue to be held th('I'(',
with daytime meetings at the Nar-
berth public school. Allan B.
Weatherall, of the Karherth school !-----------------
faculty, is eubmaster.
The Cub movement in Narherth has
been sponsored by the Parenl-Teaclll'r
Association, with organization work
under way for many months. The,
boys have been meeting since the first II
of December.
The Cuhs are a part of the Boy I
Scout mO\'el11ent, hut the ages indud-,
I'd arc of pre-Scout yeal's. Boys from I
9 to 11 veal'S arc admitted and are
gi\"('n an advance training for Scout
work which is similar to the function
of the Idndergarten in schooling'.
Twelve is the minimum ag'e level fOJ'1
the Roy Scouts. I
The pack is divided into dens which
meet at the homes of the boys undel'
the supervision of den mot1wl'>:, who
try to turn the "gang" spirit which
comes at that age into a form whieh
will lay the foundation for a per-
manent interest. Meeting'S of I. he
whole pack arc held at less frequent
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