T cn for Juniors
Mrs, Joseph H. Miller, senior ad-
visor of the \Vomen's Junior Com-
munity Club of Narberth, will enter-
tain at a tl'a Sunday afternoon at her
home at 420 Haverford avenue, Nar-
berth, from 4 to 6 for the members.
Mrs. Samuel E. Jefferis and Mrs. F.
G. Michaelsen will be at the table.
Assisting are Mrs. W. J. Kolb and
Mrs. Walter Schlipf.
Borough Pupils Give
Christmas Program
Glee Club, Orchestra and Pag-
eant Share Honors at
Giyes Christmas Message
Union Fire Association, Bala-Cyn-
December 19, 3.5:1 P. M. Chimney
fire at State road.
December 22, 10.12 A. 1\1. Electric
iron burnt through board at home of
H. B. Ridgway, 112 Llanfair road,
while occupants were away. Noticing
smoke, next door neighbor, Mrs. H. S.
Fry, turned in alarm. Damage
----------------_._----_._-- ----
----------- ---
Churches To Mark Christmas' Arrivali
With Carols, Music, And Dawn Service
Heads Singing Group
Early Copy Next Week
Because of the impending Yuletide
this neWSpapel· will go to press a day
early next weeT,. Advertising Itnrl
news coPY should 1'each this office not
later thmt Tuesday afternoon for the
next issue. Your co-operation will be
VOLUME 23, No. 12
A reverent observance of the anni- give its annual Christmas Eve service.
versary of the birth of Jesus Christ James \Y. Er-
vine has arrang'ed the following pro-
will murk Christmas Day in many of
gram, in addition to familiar Christ-
the local churches. mas carols which the audience will I
At St. Margarct\; Church, Nar- join in singing: i
1 11
' : b tl th I Cll ,«'1'''1' ce "" L t I \\' \" t h d "A t' I A Christmas program was given by
Professor Knox l\ c walll gave I cr' 1, I' usua l' n. " ,"l.S a eye ,. ace, us nan
WFIL a f:lirly c!l'un hill of hl,:dth in; will be held. Folk Song, with alto solo by Martha I the Glee Club, orchestra and other
t R E' I pupils of the Narberth Public School
his report on the Ilrollosed Bala radia, Hoi" Tl'init\., Lutheran Church, DeKnatel; "Lo, dow a ose 1'1' I
,> , Tuesday morning.
station, deliven'd at Cynwyd Fire, Narberth, will hold a Christmas Dawn Blooming," Praetorius; "Puer Natus
Hall Tuesday c\'ening, But in the: service at 6.30 A. M., with Miss Reba in Bethlehcm," Bach; "0 Holy Nir<ht," : The school musicians, directed by
presence of Major John Lewis Evans,: Robinson, harpist, as guest soloist. Adam, with tenor solo by .John \V. i Joseph Barone, of the Bryn Mawr
chairman of Lower Merion's Board of i Narberth ;\1. E, Church will hold Hinkle; "0 Bethlehem," Basque Folk! Conservatory of Music, played three
I d
,,' I "A ,,'" S d b D' k' 'th I I' numbers after which carols were
Adjust n\('l1t, who IUd engage pll1,l to I its Christmas service at I ,lu. ong arrange y IC 'Inson, WI so 0
make a survey, l11el11hel's of the !'lelgh-, A carol service will be held this by Mrs. DeKnatel; "Holy Night,: sung by the audience.
borhood Club of Bala-Cynwyd went Christmas Eve at 11 P. 1\1. at the Peaceful Night," Hawley, with so- i ! "Why the Chimes Rang," a pageant
on reCord as opposing the station. Bala-Cynwyd Methodist Church. prano solo by Katharine Getz. i j from the story by Raymond McDon-
ArgUments were many and ill the This Thursday night at 11 P, 1\1. Special music will also be sung for i aid Alden, was delightfully given by
main they were strongly against per- the choir of All Saints Church, Mont- the holy communion which will follow Ithe following cast: Jeanne Wahlert,
mitting WFIL getting a foothold. HARRY CLAY BANKS gomcry pike at Wynnewood road, will at midnight, REV. FRANKLIN DUNCOMBE ,Ralph Viguers, Richard Pruitt, Vir-
The station, owned half bY Lit 01' 1Il0l'e11O 1'oa,[, Penn Vllllell, di- ]Jaslol' of the Bala-Cynwyd I Knapp, Carroll Weston, William
Brothers and half by Strawbridge & 1'cciOl' of the Clwml Art Society Methodist Church, Il.!ho delivered Briner, Edwin Markle, Richard Fer-
, f PI '/ / I I . Brownies Present Treasury II I CI . I t
Clothier, wants to crect a radio towel',' 0 11 til I' J! IUL. KIf • L. W ((1111/((( 11"/8 message ° guson, John Engelhardt, Helen 'Vipf,
control station and on the eas1 1J'1 atn tneS Receipts to Relief Work Ihe Bala-CllnW!lrl-NarbCl"th Ro- John Schembs, Robert Nordbloom,
side of Glen road 1300 feet north of R L I Y G h tnl"Y Club Tuesday. Sonia Anderson, David Leech, \ViI-
h \
" L I ev. oya ra am "The Brownies," a group of I' ,H'd d M t H b-
City line. T e owner, 'v cst aure • Merry Christmas! IUJ1I vel emann an argare e
· . N J eleven girls living on Brookhurst I
Hill Cemetery Company, see'S a tes tn ew ersey DAR S k T II f sac (Cr.
Lower Merion and Narberth schools, avellue Narbel·th last Saturday pea er e s I
neceSSary variance from Lower 1\11'1'- " • • • Th I' . I d d P A I H
, e10sed Wednesday evening for a 13-1 brought their treasury receipts to I e c 10lr me u e eggy u, ar-
ion's Zoning Ordinance, which decre(,r! of Work for Sat·lors!. l'iet Burns, Ernestine Cantagalli,
1 M
·· f N b I P b day vacation, reopening January 4. the chairman of the Narberth
for the land an "A" residence c assi- . Inlster 0 ar crt 1 res yter- I Mary Cappelli, Peggy Easby, Mary
Mrs. GreviIle A. G. Haslam, 1\11'1'-1 Emergency Relief to be used for
fication. Ian Church From 1899 ion, has been chosen a director of the If k --- I Fennimore, Elizabeth Foltz, Rosina
Professor McIlwain declared the to 1910 we are wor -. Miss Marie Brearley Addresses IFratantoni, Eleanor Haywood, Mar-
Travelers' Aid Society of Philade\- Th 1 F B
site suitable for broadcasting and ex- ese gil's, rances rown, Dr. BenJ·amin Rush jorie Havlick, 1\1ary Heller, Betty
phia, a United Campaign agency. S cr I G t I Al
cellent for \VFIL's purposcs, Hc sair! HEART ATTACK IS FATAL ue IPS lam, er rue e, ma Cilapter IHollar, Nancy Knapp, Mary Mariani,
, d Lower Mel'ion's relief cases were I Bel·ta Beltz Solly and K'tty
its prOXimity would not lln er recep- "J1( ., n I Betty l\lcIntyre, Mary Pruitt, June
tion except of sets five years old or up to 38 last week; Narberth's down Neely, Eugenia Thaysen, Vir- READER IN RECITALISteidle, :Mary Steinkomph, Dorothy
The Rev, Loyal Y. Graham, pastor t 3 " E 11 J "'1'11 d
so, and that wave traps could I' in- 0 , , we, ean 1V I ar an Thompson, Dorothy \Vilmot.
stalled on these to eliminatc interfer- of the Narberth Presbyterian Church A burglar broke into the Paul Mary Flack, arc providing for 1Mb f hIt M
L 1 1
, I 1L' 910) d' d f L I ' I I-I f d 1 t ml'll' and shoe repal'I·s for chl'l- Miss Marie Brearley, Regent of the I, em er5, 0 teoI': I,es ra are ary
ence. He said \VFI wou d causc or e even years ( aU9-1 ,Ie 0 01 gel' reSl( ence, aver or, as . J D t EI b tI F It
. I I f I dren this winter. Q k C't CI t f th N S D i 0 unmngon, Iza e 1 0 z,
blanketing intcrference in an area a heart attack Sunday night at his week, enjoyed a warty mea rom tIe . ua er I y lap er 0 , e . . '1 Henry Frye, Eleanor Haywood, Reba
limitcd to one-quarter to one-half of home in Newark, N. J, He had been refrigerator, then left with several "The Brownies" also presented R., spoke at meet-I Hutton, Fred Kuebler, Louis Krug,
a mile in radius, so long as its pOWer ill a week. articles of clothing while the family the chairman, Mrs. Eberhardt mg of the Dr. BenjamIn Rush Chap-, Carlo Mariani, Richard Maryott,
was limited to onc thousand watts. slept. Mueller, with a beautiful corsage tel' of N, S. D. A. R. held at the home: Charles Mickley, Alexander MacClin-
eried about the ]JOssibilit\,' of a I Intermen, t was Tuesday in \Vest Dr. J, Evans Scheehle, Llanerch, of Talismen roses, sweet peas I 1 "I P' R' h d "Ih't'
I L I H II C B 1 f II of the regent, 61 \Vynnedale avenue, I toc {, 1V rU1tt, IC ar n I
step-uJl to live thousand watts, h"i, aure I a a, 0 ow- former Republican Coroner of Dela- and baby's breath, as a surprise. M I ft 1\" B 1 I George Woodrow and 'Van'en Vm-
said interfcrence mig'ht extend for :t' IIlg funeral serVIces m Newark. ware County, former Demoeratic State The children range in ages 1 on( ay a ernoon. _ 1lSS rear :' I cent.
radius of one mile, which is the dis- Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Flor- Secretary of Welfare and who de- from 2 to 12, Instead of spending I who had recently a trip to I Student Committee:
tance frol1
the proposed tower to tIll' ence Graham, who is a sister of John elined appointment as Secretary of their receipts on a party for IIslan,d, where she VISIted the Stage Crew-George Breslow, Louis
CynWYd ]lost office. Hc said while S, Ketcham, Haverford avenue, Nar- Forest and Streams after ousted I themselves, they turn their treas- SerVIce Department under the (hrec- Krug, Edwin l\Iarkle, Hugh McQuis-
there might he some disadvantage to berth. and William Ketcham, Frank- from the welfare p')st, has u L.' t:ry receipts over twice each year Ition of the Daughters of the Revolu- ton.
some listeners (on old-style sets) to ford; a daughter, Mrs. Donald W. pointed Democratic Coroner of Dela- for the benefit of less fortunate , tion, of fine work of the Lights _ Jamcs Barnett, Louis
distant sUltions, thcre would be a dis- l\lunro, Porest avenue, Narberth; and ware County by Governor George H. children. ! lh,erapy, Department In Kenneth Leins.
tinct g·ain. This he said would be the a son, Loyal Z. Graham, Jr., 13. Earle. I the m Merchant Ushers-Betty Nash, Doris Simons,
assurance of perfect reception froIII The Rev. Mr. Graham, who was 62, A German shepherd dog, owned by More Gifts This Year on the Bctty Tobert, Anna Walker.
the one nearhy station, and especially entered his Narberth ministry at the Mrs. Emma Eakins, \Vynnewood post- It1ung to do to keep them occu]Jled dur- In charge of victrolas-Jean \Voh-
during thunderstorllls when other stn- nge of 25 and was instrumental in master, was shot in the neck last Than Any Since 1930 ing their convalescence. Miss, Brear- lert and Helen Doty.
tions could be heard only with dif- building up the strength and member- week-end by an unidentified gunnel'. I ley also brought samples of tIllS work, cover-Constance Souder.
ficulty. ship of tbe church in the more than The animal is under treatment at thc --- . Igay woollen scal:ves, mats, rugs, Properties-Jean Anderson.
He and others declared the federal a decade of his pastorate. Subs:- Philadelphia Women's S. P. C. A. Local Postoffices Put on FiftyImany other articles. She also dls- Faculty Committee: Director-
COllllllunications COlllmission ordered quently he was pastor of a church In Parts of the ballet, Extra Men to Handle played a number of towels Of, I Frances B. Fricke; costullle and sccn-
"FII, to Illo\-e frOI11 the center of Ruhway, N. J., and. then became Ilas- Beauty" will be given before the R sl I woven linen made by the hospItal m-I' d' t' 1\"'a ga t A ,. _ ," I ' UleryeSlgn, proper les, 1 I' re .
Philadelphia to bette)' radio 1'1'- tor 01 Cent:'al Presbytcnan Lower Merion H. S. student body mates. These goods are not for sale, I Gassner; costUI1WS, Agnes D. Taylor;
cepti ol1 for the city and suburbs; that N. J., the post he January 16 by the Philadelphia Ballet I This Thursday evening will end the bU,t the D. J:-. would be to re-: scenery, I. B. Knoll; organ, W. J.
Bala was selected as the ncareSt cen- held .It hiS de.tth. He graduated Company Itt' d . ' f 'ft celve contnbutlOns of matenals for, D . "I ,.. 1 P D n
, J . , .' . . arges ou gomg an lIlcommg 0 gl , rennen; plano, j, rs. '. es ey . u-
trally located S!lot; that the tower. rum, ] nnceton 1 heologlcal The Pennsylvani,a RailroDr\ Com- I parcels at the local postoffices since the w?l:k. Even scraps of leather ,may I progTams, Nellie Fratan-
etc" would cost $20,000 to ::;10,000. IH[Hj as the youngest member of pany this weck maIled $13,167,6U6 to 1
9:30, according to Eastern Main Line be utlhzed as some of the m:n fash-, toni.
which \VFIL is willing to lose if aft('r hiS class, . ' 218,802 stockholders, its 204th divi-I postmasters. ion pocketbool{s and other artIcles. ! The choir gowns used were by the
'I \'ear'S' trial the is l)(It He was a member of the Cassia Idend I D' I fi I k fift t Allotllel· !ll·OgI·'llll featlIl'e 'V'IS tile I f I 'I tl I' t E' 1 • . urlllg tIe ma wee I y ex ra .',. : courtesy 0 t \{' i. I' WI IS • IJlscopa
satisfied; that the F. C. C. \ViII sal"'- Lodge, P. and A. M., Ardmore. Thomas and Jay McClatchy, three men were employed to insure prompt presentation of Miss Dorothy Curren, Church: Cynwyd, and St. Asaph
guard listeners by insisting on mod- pastor of the Narberth Presby- and five years old, started a fire in Idispatch and delivery of parcels and in a dramatic recital. She gave sev-: Church. Bala.
ern transmitting eqUipment and a terwn Church he \Vas succeeded by the home of their father, Richard A, greetings at Bala-Cynwyd, Merion eral skits including humorous num-: School closed 'Vednesday to reopcn
minimum of intcrfcrence. the. Rev, Dr. Ness, who McClatchy, Overbrook Hills, that and Narberth.' Ibel'S. Mrs. Joseph H, Miller had' January 4.
Professor McIlwain suggested the retl:'ed ,as mllllster 1Il November, caused $2,000 damage. Paul inc Christmas DaY there will be no Icharge of the program. 1 --------
''FII (,tTlst 1'1 'el ell'll) 20 Ie V'II'i 1[1:;,), al tel' a (juarter century of serv- l' b' I' ,I .. I 1'1 tl t· '.. A I . I 1 . I d I ,. < " U1 r . I • - , , oom s, co 01 1'( 111<t1(, 1'1 Ie \\ 0 regular routes but speCIal dehvery (eSseIt unc \Con pIeCe( c t lC I E R I' f Thanks
I t I I
, t t tl Ice In February tIllS "ear a call was I I]J I I ' .) 'd'" .. , " mergency e Ie
ancC Ie gran el su lJCC 0 l('se COl1- ".., '" • • > ... ' :. lOYS :111( au, t lelr months 01 mail and perishable parcels will be Imeetmg, Asslstlllg ;\lrs. Lmdsay, F' dOl A'd
ditions: 'fhat (he staTion install slwci- to the Re\. Alchel E. Andel- brother, from the burlllng house. delivered. were Mrs. Hugh Glenn Martin and: Iremen an t ler I es
fled modern cquipment, guarantee tll of Cleburne, Texas, the present Mary Ann Boyle, five, Bryn Mawr, It was noted, with gratification, Mrs. Charles 1\1. Irwin, both honor-:
. t fit 't Il'IS or d f The Narberth Volunteer Emer-
prevent JJ1 cr crence anI corrce I • . suffere atal burn.s as the result this year that persons mailed earlier II ary regents of the chapter. :
b d
' t I 1'''11 t . . d' I I i genc\' Relief wishes to thank members
on near y ra 10 se s \\. len 0, of hres starte WIt 1 mate les. Her than usual. I I •
d b 1
· 't d' tl t f tl F' C G' R d· I : of thc Narberth Fire COm]lany who
an e Iml e 111 Ie enn OIl' Ire onlpany Ives a 10 father, "eo Boyle, and Elmira Bishop, ScllooI T 71 P C I I
Th h I
't' ax •• n; I: callvasscd their district to collect
variance. ese tree con( I lon.-; to Active Menlbers' Club eolored laundress, both employed at N'll'berth's 1\letll0(ll'st five WOII fl'OIII d
IL ill
' I d It' Teacher GI'ante Leave, funds for Christmas work.
WF 's 0 lCla s seemc real Y 0 ae- the Mermont Apartments where the the Crimson A. C., a2-28, last Thurs-
t B I I b
These men, Emil Roesler, Harry
cep . A handsome Strombcrg-Carlson ra- oy es lave a asement apartment, day night on the winners' floor.
B t ft I
' til' t' f b ' Borough school taxes are 71 per Hollar, Earl l\lack, Jack :'1iller, Jr"
u a er Ieanng Ie 0 lJec IOns 0 diu was installed this week in the \\'1'1'1' urnI'd 1IJ to rescue Miller and Stenn, forwards and
I I I' I ( I I I cent collected on the 1936 duplicate, Bernard Keane, John Paul Miller,
severa c u 1 mem lers anI l'eS\( en s, Elm Hall firehouse clubroom, the ( Il' gi,r , w 10 was taken to Bryn Mawr centel', each made eight ]loint:-
17'1 R btl t t ' Tax Collector Edwin P. Dold told the A. diMidio and 1\1. A. Clarke, col-
. 'v I Iiams 0 cr s ma( e a s a e- I Christmas gift of the Narberth Fire 1I0S]lltal. 1'01' tIle 1\"'. E. tealll. , 1 Narberth School directors at their I t I I I tl . I tovs from
ment. Owner with his hrother of Company to its Active Members' Club. ecel cas 1, c 0 ling anI ..
December meetinO', The !lercentaO'e ttl tIl fOUl' SatllI'd'IYs
seventy acres in the uJlJler Ba a I is- It was !llirchasell the I.Illus'c L' M 28 h .... '" (001'0 1001' e n. • •
I eglOn eets t A new private road was started is the highest within the period for tl t II Na berth might have a
hict closc y adjacent to t le Committee, James Purse, Chairman, The December meeting of the Har- this week on the estate of John A. so la a • l' •
radio towel', Mr, Roberts is the decid- ;\II'S, Eberh'lrdt anll II'lrry several years. happy and generous Christmas.
" I" . old D. Speakman Post, American Lc- Lafore, Sr., extending from Flat The board ".'ranted a six months' '1' tl Na b tIl 'es'(lents ClluI'ches
ing factor in the case. Orl1,('1I1a 1lllJllar, tllrouO'l1 tIll' Wllnllel' Battel'y '" 0 1<' • l' 1'1' 1 I ,
.... gion, will be held Monday evening ill Rock road to road, Penn leavc of absence to Allan B. Weath- I . t' xtelld our
owncr of the land WFIL woul( take i ,'lnll ];:lectI'I'C COIIIIJ'lny, I aJll organl7.a IOns, we e.'
-. t Ie Community BuildinO'., Narberth. Valle,V. It is llart of a development II t I f 1 ' I I t' Y t
over 1'1'0111 \Vest Laurel Hill, he has '" era, eac leI' 0 plyslca el uca IOn hcartfelt thanks. our suppor
, [ alld manual training, at his request. I 'lIe til contl'llu'ltl'on of
an agreement WIth the cemetery com- Ch I ma {es POSSI J I' '
Contillued 011 I'ag-" Six rono ogy of Eastern Mal-n Lm-e £or 1936 A substitute will be engaged. this emergency wOl·k carried on only
Directors were pleased to learn by contributions. No worthy
Canned Goods Admission that their fellow member, W. G. cause is ever denied even though out-
Matinee at Narberth Now (Continued from last week) Little Garden Days held at Bryn contributions, sent Lower Merion Brincr, who has been seriously ill side our own borough.
May Mawr for benefit of Main Line Fed- Band to Cleveland, Ohio, for Na- with a stI'eptococcus infection, is mueh With best wishes to all for a Pros-
., improved and has returned home from I ]1 N v e are
A Christmas Eve "canned goods Bryn Mawr College held Eliza- eration of Churches. tional Interscholastic contest. pcrous anI . appy ew 1 ear, w • ,
matinee will be given this Thlll'sday, bethan May Dav Fete for benefit of Borough school organizations and National Bank of Narberth ob- the hospital. NAHtlI':HTll VOLUJ'TEElt EMERGENCY
afternoon at 2.30 at the Narberth: Fiftieth Fund. Parent-Teacher chorus heard in Nar- served second anniversary; deposits RELIEF:
Theatre. The picture selected is: Alexander J. Esrey, of Brookline, bertll concert. reached half million dollars. FIRE CALLS Mrs. Clifford Batcs, Mrs. A. J. Den
especially suitable to children, but one' elected president of Bala-Cynwyd- Montgomery County Court allowed Township commissioners passed real man, Mrs. L. B. Edgerton, Mrs.
which adults also will enjoy. I Narberth Rotary Club, succeeding Narberth Home Rule Committee the estate sign regulation, reconsidered Narberth Fire Company: Charles Harnden, Mrs, Charles Mick
Admission is one (or more if you James P. Carroll. costs, about $200, but denied about ban on overhanging mercantile signs; December 21, 4.45 P. M. Stood by ley, Mrs. Francis Mitchell, Mrs. Lindw
choose) can of food. Complete pro-: Lower Merion seniors, 206 strong, $900 expenses, in its suit against newly-formed Animal Owners' Pro- at Gibson residence, \Vynnewood, dur- ley Trotter, Mrs. Charles Viguers, Jr.,
ceeds of this afternoon will be turned took annual 'Vashington trip. merger petitioners. tective Association of Pennsylvania ing burning oil out of flues. Mrs. Eberhardt Mueller, chairman.
over to the Narberth Township Health Board modified Main Line Lions Club host at golf protested seizure of Bala-CynwYd dog
lief to helP that orgal1lzatlOn fill Its quarantine regulations assuring the tournament and dinner of all Main at commission meeting.
Christmas baskets, safcty from seizure of an owner's Line service clubs. Main Line Orchestra, Adolph Vogel,
dog on an owner's property. Captain Ralph D. Mcgee, steam- conductor, concluded 14th season at
Judge J. Burnett Holland, county ship agent and former shipmaster, of Goodhart Hall, Bryn Mawr College.
Ol'phans' Court, reviewed Narberth Narberth, died in 52d year. Ross Wilbur, Haverford, chosen
Players' presentation of George Mrs. Edmund Allen Whiting elected president of Lower Merion High
Haight's "Goodbye Again" as "per- president of Narberth Parents and School Alumni.
fect play perfectly done." Teachers' Association. Donald M, Huber succeeded Robert
L. B. Botfield, of Merion, president Clarence E. Hall rechosen presi- S. Beal as Main Line Division man-
of the Bala Golf Club, died in 56th dent of the Merion Civic Association. ager of the Bell Telephone Company.
year. High School concert receipts plus Continued on Page Six
. I
Adjustment Boar Engmeer t
Favors, But Arguments
Are Many
Club lVletubers Oppose;
WFIL's Proposed Site
-- -------_.-
l'age Two
December 25, 1936
Adlllission 25c
N<I,.l>allr 2321
will presen( a
Look Your Loveliest
better heating
including a plareue, "King J'vlidas," a( the
1030 A. M .. T llCSd;1y. Dccelllbc\' 29
Let us help you face tlw new yeal' with good carl' of
your skin and a new wave for your hair,
01 All 8400
Phone: Narbcrth 2430
In cstending this Season's Greeting wc look
fOl'\l'ard to a NE\'? YEAR that is partinl-
larly bright in its pI'Ol1lisc of adding a full
l1leaSlll'C to thc oiling cup of bettcr till1cs:
and wish you all the Joys of CHRISTMAS
CHEER with a bOllntel'us shan: of the best of
Health, Happincss and Prospcrit)' during
Ninctecn Thirty-Sevcn.
204-206 Bab Avellue, Cynwyd - Cynwyd 3450
Hotit's: 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Foullded 1927 Mell1bel' Master Hairdressers' Guild
216 Dudley Avenue
Narberth Coal Company
Ralph S. Dill/ill'
S"0/150,.('d 1»' Ihe Child S/lId) GrollP 0/ /he /111/;0,. lI'ollla/1\ CIII/' 0/
l>ol<l-C)'IIII')d, /11" Ihe I>l'IIejil of Ihe Child"('II'; Aid.
Dec, 27. 28
Donald Crisp
David Manners
Olivia De Haviland
A Mighty Cast of Thousands
Till' of "C'apt:tin Blood"
Bring the Family
To the Movies Every Sunday
Continuous from 2 to 11 p, M,
Mldnlte Showing New Year's Eve
6,30 P, M, to 2 A, M.
Continuous Showing New Year's
Day-2 to 11 p, M.
Elizabeth Allen
Doris Dudley
Johnny Weissllluller
Maureen O'Sullivan
NOTE: Continuous Showing
Day-2 to 11 p, M,
Thurs" FrI., Sat,; Dec, 31, Jan, 1.2
Tues" Wed, Dec, 29, 30
Sun., Mon,
Thurs .• Fri" Sat. Dec, 24. 25, 26
Sub:iel'ibe now; 132 a year,
Oratorio at \V, Phila, Church
I1I\1ul<'l's oratorio, "TIll' l\],'ssiah,"
will h,' :-;unday
undl'!' tIll' din'ction of Alh('l't Georg'''
W"i(ll'nsaul, hy thc FIl,t('her Orutori!,
Sl)cidy, in tI](' FIl'lchel' ill. E. Chur('h,
Fifty-fourth and i\Iaster str(,l'ts, al S
o'clocl" The sol'hists wiJl be
Kirk. soprallo; j\IoJly Swann and 1., _
AI,'anor Alcorn, contraltos; Clyde I:.
])('ng-1<'r, t('n'H'; A Ih('rt Gl'org'l' \\'('id-
ensaul, baritonc. Anna BeJle Call will
be at the Ol'gan,
County Federation Meetings
,I '·I-Tnt('rllatiolla I H,'lations
CIIJlll11itl(", 1'1'0111 10.::0 A. :11. ulltil 1:2
110,,11 "t 1111' :\,,\\. C"ntury Club, l:307
J,""w'l stn',,!. ,lohn n. Gill, or
Cuards 11"l'I'nlalln alld 1\IU]'-
l'ontribut('d 1-1 and !J points rc-
"I",eti\',,],- as ;\al'l)('l'th trounee,l tlu,
[I;'\'('1'l'ol'd Ac(·s. :)!J-:)O. nig-hl
:il Brooldine. '1'11<' \'ietol'Y tli,'
I,ol'oughit":i ;\ scant h'ad 0\'1'1'
Illonl in tli,· :\lain Lin" Ra:iI,I'lI,all

The n(';.;t "A" h'ag-l!(' g·an1l.' is .Tanl!-
:t1'.\' ,I at Brooklilll' with ;\;ll'!Jerth fac-
Illg' Phol'llix\'illt" 'I'll\' hOl'oug-h "h"":i"
pla,\' Il:n",!·r",·,] at llro"kline i\londay

Narbcrth Smacks Havcrford
to Hold Leaguc Lcad Edgc
All employes of the Autocar Truck;:
factory at Ardmore nre sharing in
the incl'ensed prospcrity of the busi-
ness as announced by President Rob-
ert P, Page, Jr" AII those on
a salary basis arc given a honus or
OJII'-quartel' of a month's and
all on the houl'1y hasis are all
incrcasc of fi\'e p('r cent ill tlH'i I' basI'
pay, aJld the tinH' ancl oue-half rat!'
for overtime. !\I 1', Pag'e sta1.c'd in
his Christmus annOUlIcen1l'nt that thi;;
remuneration had bcen made d1'ect i\'.'
at the earliest m0111ent whcn tlll' up-
turn in the Autocar business had \I1ad,'
it lJossible.
Saturday 1.00
Simpson Road at Athens Avenue
Frankenfield Funeral Home
from Christmas Day to
New Year's Day inclusive
December 26, 28 and 29
Weekdays, 2.30
Added-SATURDAY at 1 P. M.
One Hour of Silly Symphonies
and Mickey Mouse Cartoons
Don't let anything illter/erc with
your seeing this touchdown of gai-
,'ty, this goal of merriment
JUDGE, Yacht Club Boys,
Dixie Dunbar, Judy Garland,
Betty Grable, Johnny Downs.
Tea for G. O. P. Women
The prcsidcnt anti the Board of Di-
n'dors or thc Rl'publican \\' omen of
1','nl1:iy!yania are ,l!;iving- a I'l'el'ption
and tl'a to I1WlIl!Je!'s at the Hannah
Johnny Weissmuller
Maureen O'Sullivan

Holiday Matillccs

"Mutiny on the Bounty"
"Wives Never Know"
Balik Night at 9 P. M,
First Maill LillI' Showings
at 2,15 Daily. DOll't miss thcse,
startillg MOllday a/tcYllooll:
By William Edward. Cameron
Friday, Decemlwr 25, J 936
"Little Lord Fauntleroy"
. "The Accusing Finger"
If your community's wort 1 living Ill,
it's worth activel)' sUPllorting- "Our Relations" Teler.
churches, clubs, library, fire company, Short Subject Matinee ••iiii.iiii••••••••••••iiiiiiii;;.ii••
town paper, school activities, etc. 1••••••••••••••••_11
Philip At.Ice Li\'illl.. l'uhlislier
Edwin 1.... l'axROIl. I-:ditol'
Aline :\lo!'gatl Hohens, Social Editor
Timc for Actioll
:\0 iss II" 1hat tl((' )wxl COII;.!'!'''S:i
will ('()Jlsidl'J' will h(' iIIlJ)(lJ'l-
alit tliall the tax isslil', .\Iul 11011('
will aired so O\'cI'\l'lll,lllling' a PI'O-
porI ion oJ' III" ppop]t'.
\\'1' Ita\'e aeiJil'\'('d a I'onsidl'l'ald,'
l1leaslll'l' oj' industrial ree()\'ery,
'1'h(' 11epd 1'01' Ilitleli o[ tl)() relief
spending of tiJt' lasl fl'W Itas
oel'n I'lilllinalt'll. Tit .. t illll' is Itel'e
when W(' Jllllst, as a Ilatioll, llaJallee
The Bowery
The Bowcry is unique as a tho1'-
oug'hfa1'e and as the final melting-pot
of all manner of individuals. Thc
n<!arl'st approach to it in charactcr
is West Madison slreet, Chicago--
dubbed by thc great footloose fl'atcr-
as "The i\Iain Stcm." The Bow-
pry took its name fl'om the fal'llI of
Piet,'r Stuyvesant, which was in whut
is JlOW the northern reaches of till'
far-fallwd art,'ry, The old Dutch
g'O\'l'l'nor of N'e\\' Amsterdam named
that farm "the Bowt'rie," meaning a
Must Incrcasc BlIyillg Powcr grc,'n pI 'ICC, You couldn't find, now,
a spl'ig of Yenlure tlwrc if you used
\\'iJliillll Fl'i1t"I'I', ill liis ".\
a nlag'nifying glass.
IIl'SS :\lilll'S I'llilosopll,\''' III the
Straight as the crow flit's, thc old
I'hibllll'lflhi:l Tllqllil'l'l'. strl'l't runs fro\l1 the end of Park HoI\'
lIIi1dl' 111<' fI,'I'lilll'llt l'1'- to Coolll'r Union, where it divides and
Jllill'ks: Ibccon1l's Third a\,cnul', towal'd tlH'
":-;II11Il' w:J,\' III11S1 I", rOlllll1 to ill- a,J1l1 Fourth toward tl,lI'
. 1,1l'ft. 1he start of It IS at the edge
tilt' 1)111'1' .1
)\\"('1' .j) of Chinaio\\'ll, at Chalhalll
th;ll fI:l1'1 or I III' flllfllllalll111 1'(',"'1\'- squar<', which is a \\'idc pial'I' whl'l'''
illg' ill<'Ollil'S or i,':iS t 11,111 :I or fOlll' sU'Cl't,; CI1\11I' to.e:l'ih('r,
You cou1,ln't tell, ('xact wll<']'(' Ih('
I{ow ll'aH's oil' and thl' B()\\'('ry !)('gins
-as is th(, way 11[ :"uhurban towns,
"'I'h is fI, \\'h i,,11 l'I'o!l:i1d,\' ill-
('!lId":i ;11","1 !lll Ill'l' "1'111 III' llJ('
\\·'II'1,ill;.! i'''plll:11 i"lI. ,'''liSIIIlU'S ,";/1
Ill'l' ",'111 01' ;111 I h;lt i, pl'"dll"I"!.
"I'I'"lih :11'" Ilia"" 1'1'11111 prodll"-
tioll, 01', I" pili it ;111111111'1' \\':lY.
fl'II111 "III1SIIII'pl i,,",
"Til,' illlll1,'dial,' ,'oll,·,'!'11 III' 111'h"
whll h,i\'" iIII'lIllIl's III' 1I111!'" t 11:111
*111,(11111:1 \-",11' ,hllill" 11111 !I" 10 ill-
el','a,(' 111('il' 0\1'11 10111
l'allll'l' I" illSlIl'!' :itl'lilli,'1' :I1,d 1"'11"1'
ill,'''III'':i rill' 1h''''I' wllO III:iI,('
thall :1 ,\',';11', 1'111'
Ill'l' (,,'III "I' :ill tll:11 is PI'II'
.I ""'" 1.
"Fol' 1'('1\('1' "I' rill' \I', I1'.S' " \I','
ha\'" 1''';II'h,'d a ,t ill 11111' !"'II-
1I011li,! d,'\'l'!0PIIIl'1I1 \\,11"1'" I h,' s,'-
"Ul'il.\· 01' 1111' \\'1':11111,\' 111111 pl'i\'i-
le;.!'pd i, ,'ollt ill;.!"'Ilt "" 1111' \\'1'11-
or Iii,' ""nllll"" 1/1:111. :\1'
IOIl;.!'I'I' a 1'1' 111<'1',' !','II"'i1 I SIll \1' IIi" h
l'lIl'itlJi (':111 g'o :lIld "II.i",\' P":II'I' 1I11d
",\,(" I:I,\' \1'(' ;II'" :I II p:I:i,,'II;.!:('I':i Oil
011<' :illip. \ot 1111'1"'1.\' 11 11111IIalli-
tariall illS! ilWl, 10111 I h.' 111(11 in' III'
self-slll'\'il'liI ,'olllpl'ls II' til la!;,' :til
ill th,' oj' Iii,'
1I1l 1!t'l'd"g·...
Ellten:d ;IS Tllatlf'l' OI'tO·
bel' 13, at tile 1'0"1 Ollke at :'<:al'-
I'a., t lIe of
Telephones-Narberth 4100, Cynwyd 811
Subscription rate. $2 per year In advance
Office - 209 Haverford Ave., Narherth
' :heap pitchmen, wait]Bonus or Given
UR JL \ 'W.!. The TI7
t W';ndow ers, cooks, peddlers, enve- Autocal' Factory Employes
yy I " lope addressers, odd-Job men and what
not. They frequented the tawdry
lodging-house where a bed could he
had for twenty cellts. The Ritz of
111<: Bowery was the old Majestic,
whc,l'e a quarter secured a room par-
t itioned by battens and made securc
by strong wirc netting' in lieu of a
ceiling', There were shower-haths,
which were weIl patronized,
Tn t.he Majestic lived men of more
n'slH'ctable reputations and calling'S,
Many were on their way Ull out of
1"lllporary insolvency, For a few
Illonths there lived in that aristocratic
harbor a Cambridge alumnus, who
discoursed nightly to willing listeners,
Il" was a gentleman and horc the
marks of one in his deportment and
his speech,
An,1 for years the i\lajcstic shl'i-
I"red a nl'phe\\' of President Polk,
\\,I]('n he passe,1 away the New York
ga\'e him a column and for a
day he was lH,WS, H.. was a g'('ntk
old man, characterist ieally a 80ut h-
"!'IJl'r of the old scho,Ji, He I,('pt to
himst'lf, spoke littlt, and walked
ahl'l'ad s"ldom, Anotlwr regular had
jH'en a hank,'l' and sl ill anolh"l'
a ]ll'Of,'ssional G('rillan
and a gTaduate of Godingcn; and had
thl' dm'ulll('nt to prO\'e it. lIe worked
If you wcre to walk till' length or I I'or an c;.;porting conC"l'n as a
it in th.. daytimc, it would appeal' to: Ialor.
as a C01l1l1l01lpb\(',', rath('r drah' If yoU ('IIl<'rtain the idca that the
:,-,lsill"cS sl n·,'t; nothillg 1ll01'P, and I is the stamping gTound of
liothillg' Ip"s, Its buildings arc oltl! criminals alld gang'stprs, ]'('\'isp it.
alld ,dlahhy, It noisy to distraction: TllI'l'" aI''' mantraps thel'c to catch
\I-iih t.lll' I']('\'at"d raill'oad the ullwal'Y; hut tl'a,l,' on till'
alld \\'Ith the rattle all,1 chug' 01 lllotOl" \'O\lJl'" ml'n who 0'0 d"\"'11 to th,' s,'a
tl'uc];" thcir dinful way o\'t'l' I in and an' gi\','n t" di,,-
a pan'lI1l'nt Illuch t11l' \\-()]'"'' for \\','al'. thell1s,'ln's un\\-i""l\', Hut
- I .' . nll'ding, 1'1'1I111
Il ('SS your Ill'" tl'alll(" t" :"'" It 'tlwsp an'1I't 11articular; thc\' '_...__... ....._..". .-,__-. ...
· I ' jll I" nooll, :\11'';. 1."011 I
\\'ilho,ut "lie,"'';, you'< filld lit]" ('0 or :,will filld ways of C\'1'1l lh"
1 1 I 1 I
.III'klll'I', chail'l1lall, al 1111' ;\,,\\' e"l1-
all' Itt" of tIe unu"ua , '\\'i ..:,' fl'01I1 tlll'ir eUl'1'('!l('\-. Bro:\Ilwa\'
, " Cuild.
But at nig'ht it is a dit1','r"lIt do,'s till' sallll'-and il b""1l
'I'll<' old ya"\'llillg' at abllut rU:li,"·,'d that Park an'nuc till', .hlll""·.\· 1:2-\'".. al Ellc-"llll>ll', II ,\,
. I 'I I l' I II I ,\1. at lill' ,,,uilt!. Thi" i, unt!"I' tl{('
0 C ,\(:i lUll IS 1 !lll'oUg 1 a\\a ," Llciliti,'.-:. II' y"U W,'I'" to e;,;p!lll'l' tIll'
t('II, Til,'n Oil" llli"s('" Ih,' drah- old sil'''('(, ju:-t Ill' findill,l! out i,:·":'<'",,i"n:d g'lii'!;I!H'" or II"I,'n I:id-
11"':; llf Ihp old brick and Iw\\' th(' otlH'l' half lin's, d,ll H"j,.01l1b. :\11'". \Villiam II. HailS'
tIll' bl:lzP of colol'cd ('Icct ric I" 'i',I, "I' (; 1('II'id,', chair1l1an.
t<; a:' and as: .':lnllaI'Y 1:2 K. Hid-
arc 011 Bl'oad\\'ay, ,\lId ill that' C0111ing EVel1ls pr",;<iPII\ oi
'I I' I tl I j'tl )' I' ("'11111 \' F,'d,'l'atioll or \\'0111"11',; Clubs.:
\\'a,' Ill' lat muc I ", H' '0"\'- ' ,
/('0,' Broad\\'ay, or \\';11 hl'o;lIh'a,1 ,,\'l'l' \\'Fi L al 11.::0 .. \,!
"l'iIlOC('hl'o," Clal'c Tn'c .:l1a.·IIII' 'II 'I ,,'11'111""'11\"1'\' "II I"II"I'!"" i
l'al'l; an'lIu,,--that is, if you cllul<l gd . ,,' . 'I , ., ,- , ". ,
of 11](' Howtory hahitu,'s to talk, Childl'"n's '1'11<''111''' pl'e:iclltatiol1, Er- .Ianuan' :2n, alld II]\'r,'af't,'r Oil till"
l,'lllg"',I' Tll"',lt]'(" :!, IO.:)1l " 111'111 '1:11 ,,1'1\' I'll 1,',,1,]'11'11'\' 'Ill'! i
A" tIll' llig'ht lh"I'<' arc hUll- L _.11 to", , ",
, I ,-\. :\1. ,1[,·ln·11 11]('1'1' w'ill I", :' ;,1' 1('('_1"
dl',·,b ,,1 hUl1lall \\' III is:iue froill
their warrens, They ;\1'1' the ballk-: ""'"s lIll adUlt (,du('atilill at lh,' :-;tl'a\\'- i
I'Upt of pocket, of' h,'alth, of spirit.: Narberth Bridge Club I,,'i,k',' alld ('Jothi,'r :-;tol'l' ill ,Jr"nl,ill-
:llauy 'II'" jlallhalldl<'rs 011 tlH'ir \\,a\,: ')(-c"llIi",r II;. ;\" 111\':11,
• ' I
10 "\\'ork" UptOWll, TIH'iJ' \'ocatiol1 I
th(' accosting of the pass('rby to im-I al'tl'l'n"OIl, ])"c"I11I",1' 1:-;, tOI"
him for a dil1l(, fol' a cup of i "('III'". :III'S. C, AII'I'<'d £"'1111".\' alld
ca\\'f('e. Tlwy thc dill](,s, too, alld : ,\ 1'1 lllll' :i,'c'md placl', i\Iiss
aI'<' satisfied, g'('Il('rally with ('Iloug-h i.. \Illla \'. alld l\Irs, Frank X,
for the night's sheltel' and for thl'ee: Purccll.
lIIeals next day, I, . 1!I: top
'1'1 t ' t . tl II I "' Oll, :\II. ,lild 1\11 c, ChilO! d D, Good-
la sort re ul'n 1lI Ie silla lotH'S . '
to a more or less friendly flophouse, """I; ,,('collll plan', 1\1rs, C, Alfred
,. "('('1](,\' anil AlIl'n Shubcrt,
to s ecp untIl nll1l', when th('\' al'l' ' ,
, , l\lllnda\' ('\'el1mg' D('cl'mber:21 top
J'outed out so the place may he all'ed, ' , , '
\ II I
. tl II 1 . t SCIl]'(', .1. II, Bah'l' alld \\, altcr Hal'-
c 01' lOuse, 1lI Ie 0, (a\,s, was IUS
on t\\'o 01' thr('e fioo'l's FOl: fif- ris. Tlll'rc will be no g-amc played
t II b I I "tl' ! t hI' \\'oll1l'n's DivisiOIl or the club un-
e('n ce:l s cou ( e a lin pac til Frida\' ,I an uar\'
filled With flock and bud Oil the bal'c ' , '
l)(Janls, Ten cents hought a space of
I\\'o fect by six, millus thc pad. Thcre
\\'ould be as many as one hUIl(h'cd and
fifty men on a flool', packed as the
kerlll'ls on all cal' of corll, They
w(,l'ell't il1Yiting, those rceking- lofts,
tile b(')ul\:i, allli rctlll'Jl to Jlo1'lllal Those who used them had reaehe(1 the P,'nn IIllu:ie, Philadelphia, i\lollday al'-
gO\·PJ'I.IJlH'111 aI ]101 ieies. Ilo\\,est possible social IC\'c!-e\','11 tl'rllllllll, from f'ou l' ulltil six o'clock.
It IS un'lUP,stlOnaldy true that \ lower than the bums who had become 111•••••lIiiiill••••••••••
the hurdI'll of ta;.;:\tion, plus the "stewpatel'S," I
fear of still hea"il'l' taxation ill the Bu.t \\'ere many ?ther grades
, " ,of hfe s flotsam and Jetsam - the
fut ure, IS keepJl'l!' Illdllst I'," irom .
making' e\'ell faster pJ'ogTe:i:i toward I
1'0111 pi 1'1 e reeOW'I',"- "\ II in"estor
who fears that the mone.\' he plaees I
ill an illllnstrial enlerpl,jse-where
it wonltl ereate wealth anti jobs
alld stillllliatl' the entire hllsiJlcSS
strudul'l'-Illay he "irl ually eat.en
up by taxation, is nat urally snper-
cautious. The 1','sII1t is "tight
money," so fur as Illan." industrics
arc eoneerned,
The lirst step toward ::;01 ying' our
fiscal prohlem is to balance the bud-
get. '1'he seeolld step is to beg'in a
pl'og'l'alll systema t ieaI1.'- to relluel'
our pnblic debt. The thinl :itep is
to lower the tax load as soon a:i
,All three of those steps are
necessary-each is related t.o tIll'
other, 'l'ht',\' constitute the 0111."
road toward sound go"erllnll>ntal
finance and normal IH'0:iperity,
'l'he dut,)' of Congrcss is clear and
pressing, 1\1ost of our Senators
and Representati"es ha\'e promised
tax reduction to the "otcrs who
elected them. '1'hc time for con-
vcrsat ion has passcd-alld the time
1'01' making good on promises has
al'1' i \'l'd.
A Co-oJ'" nil i 1'/' COIII.IIl/mit y i\'e IVSJIII }/cr
fOI/I/d,'d il/ lUll by Ihc Sorl!,'rlh
Cil'ic .·1.,soCill!.iOI/, IIwl lllllillshed
('/"'I'!I Fr;,III!/ III Srtrberlh, I'll.
Page Three
Eocal ChIovies
. 9-6 t Mrs. H. G. Fenno. of Essex avenue. i
is leaving December 24 for North "Devil is Sissy" Christmas Pfl
Adams, Mass., to spend the Christ- Day Attraction at N arberth
mas holidays with her mother. Mrs.
Marshall Ford. Later she will go to A juvenile funfest, with Freddie . Jill
Boston, Mass.• returning home De- Bartholomew, Jackie Cooper and ,
cember 31. Mickey Rooney. has been engaged by, IT "..,;\
ere S ..I. 0 .. J
the guest of his father and aunt, y 'I .-" ." s' - ;;.q.:p ' ,i J
Robert S. Fenno and Miss Gertrude :showing this Thursday evenmg and • . .. '.'"\
IM. Fenno. i Christmas Day. It's called A ':"--c- ;.. .. ,;/:::.,
a Sissy." and do the .. "
berth avenue. has arrived home for; Saturday and also Monday and
the holidays from the Peddie School,: Tuesday finds "Pigskin hOIt.I- i M ::..--,..
Hightstown, N. J. down the screen. In It Hal?y. .. ... ,..
H. C. Aiken. son of Mrs. K. c.lcoaeh of a small Texas erry .-
Aiken, of 206 Price avenue, is also Ifootball team. me"ns: !
at home from the Peddie School for: of Stuart Erwll1, hill-billy. and an I
the Iexpert-passing basketball team. Lots: i
. lof songs. Also Patsy Kelly. the I Ch ·
!\Ir. and 1\1rs. Spencer V. Smith, of I CI b B D" D b d- t··,...... ,
Hampden avenue, are spending the JU! Oys'A IX1\I;. I un an i·i rlS mas
Christmas Wi. th Mrs. Smith's D' "IC wy d " !
D d 1\1 R b t B
matll1ee 0 ,ya t Isney s pro uc Ions· •
parents, r. an rs. 0 er '. . I • I 1St 'i III
"I j' Bit' 1\ld!\'Ir I IS due at the specla 1 0 c oc ( a
are, 0 a Imore. I . I , ant. I
. . d I ,y, . day matlllee.
I\lrs. Smith Will spen tIe ne'o\ eal' d CIA I N' 1t) I
. Wednes ay ( as I ware Ig" I • .&),111
holidays with l\lr. Smith's parents, 'd L "t CI' T !
1\11'. a;H! 1\1rs. George 1\1. Smith, of 5 "15 Mal en ane, .s ars a1re re-I Th d d h h °11
"C Itt Bit' 1\1 I VOl' as a jeweler's l1Iece who pretends Ii e un ersigne ,w 0serve you as muc as you WI
'. vlJt 1 S ree, aunore. ( . . I I
Miss Carolyn Harden and Miss Jean. romance. with a gem thlCf. Cesar 'I
Harden, of l\Iontreal. Canada, Willi In order to break up a let them serve you, join in extending felicitations on
arrive Saturday to spend the remain- belY . . . !
del' of the holidays as the guests of' Startlllg Chl'lstn.1as Day, the th Y I °d' . db' h f
I\lrs. E. A. Engelhart. of Maple ave- berth Thcatre Will have matmees liecurrent u etl e s prosperity, an est WIS es or
every da" at 2.30 except Saturdays.. I
nue. . J • I
Donald of •.a 1. o'clock, until January 2. i your continued enjoyment of living, in this fine com-
student at Lehigh Ulllverslty, lS at hIS I r:1
home on Wayne avenue. "Tal'zan Escapes" This I munity of ours.
!\II'. and Mrs. J. Bruce Byall and Week-End at Egyptian !I;\:
daughter. Jean, of Bryn Mawr ave- Special Holiday Matinees'
nuc. Penn Valley, will attend a dinner I
to be " at the
,lIId l\lls. I. Reed, of 1,\011. this Fnclay and IllclUdll1gli
1\11'. and Mrs. E.. J. Av.on matinee at 2.15. Johnny Weissmullerl Adelizzi Bros. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
l"O,a.d., w.I.11 at a Janllly cllll- and i\laureen O·SLlll.ivan g-i:'e an eX-l :Ii Cleaners-Tailors-Fllrriers Rev. CleWs A. Sellft
lIel Chllstll1<1' citing performance In the Jllllgic 1'0-1 Narberth 2602 and Cynwyd 928 !
"1\1.1'. and I\Irs. H. Street, of mance. which has rare wild animal
h,elllhvor(h road, 1\1enon, have as shots and beautiful scenery. I
over ACCOIllPal.lYing .short ,,:ub.jed is, Albrecht's-Florist Narberth Bridge Garage
5, 1\11. and 1\1rs. illIall1 1 . Gleen, "Killer Dog," a \lleture so \"Ital and! i c. P. Cook, Proprietor IJ
. B I IN' ,.. )1']' I Montgomery Avenue and Meeting House Lane 36 N N b I A N b "'603
o roo ( e\\_ 1 ( ,. . • with a theme so interesting that its I . ar ert 1 VC.- ar . - !
1\1 I
St t II t t Narberth 4020 arId 4021
. 1,,1'. an( ': rs. WI S\ltJllsor, Pete. Smith, used it as a dra-i 111
,It An Open House, on Chllstmas matic plea In the le!!:al defense o.r: 5S.
Eve.. " . .. . .. . . _ . Idaho. the clog accused of murdering I' Narberth Electrl'c Or Radio Co.
1\1Iss 01l\e B,ltes, \\ho IS attendmg its owner. Burke's Esso Service Station 0\-
W,ibon. i.s Christ.- During holidays there will be] R. H. Burke, Proprietor Narberth 4182-Martin V. Case
n1<IS s \\ Ith hel p,ll ents, 1\11. a matinee daily at 2.15. I Haverford and Montgomery Aves.-Narb. 3934 Goodrich Tires and Batteries-Tydol Gas and Oil
and 1\1rs. Clifl'ord \Y. Bates, of N. ..Wi .... es Ne.... er Know," next Mon·:
Narbl,rth avenue. da\' and Tuesda..... is really funny. I
Mr. and !\Irs. 01'10 E. ?ook, of. Xar- Thc cast Charlie Rugg!e,.:,: i
b tl II II I tl
e . t· f I Cotter's Market N arbcl"th Methodist Episcopal Church
eI' " .a. lave I 11' g:ue5 s .0' Mary Boland, Vivienne Osuorne-anJ·
the Christmas hoildays, thell' son-m- Adolphe l\1cnjou. ! Narbertlr's Complete food Market Rev. IV. Verlloll Middletoll. Millister r:.tI1

1\;1'.. and Monday's matinee subject will be Phone: Narberth 2250
H"ekel t, of \\ lute Iiams, l\e\\ Y011" ""Iutinv on the Bounty." :
and their .h.lllles H.ackert: An absorbing murder trial features· National Bank of Narbcrth
1\11'. and 1\11 5. John 5t"l11, of "The Accusing Finger," nl'xt Wedncs- "lIio... Durbin &. Howard I
EI I d tl d I t
Opell from 8 A. M. Daily
.•. ,.a.... •. an 1 er: day and (Bank Night Matinee) Real Estate alld b,Sllrance Narberth 2800

Elc,1I101. Stam. III Tllllr,.:day. The cast IIlcludes Paul '. Station Circle-Narberth 2500 and 2501
Chm;tmas With Mr. Stam s Kplly. Marsha Hunt, Robert Arm-!
, !\Irs. A. H. Stam, of Chevy strong and Kent Taylor. " . .
Ch,lse, Md. "Little Lord Fauntlerov \\'111 bp Ncpi Brothcrs-Contractors
Parker Woolming(on. who is a stu- given at the Wednesday The Essex Kandy Kounter 245 Hampden Ave.-Narberth 3848-M .
del:t .at
WI:eaton,. 111.'1 Midnight, New Year;s. Laurel' Calldie5 alld Ice Cream 2520 Chestnut Ave., A rd.-Ard. 417J·IV
IS!)en( and Ne\\ and Hardy will entertalll III a ful1- i 107 Essex Avenue-Narberth 3971
I:ea.r's w,lth IllS Mr. length comedy, "OUI: Relations," "!ld
I<lnd I\h s. Clarence H. \\ oolnllngton, in addition there wJ11 be a surprise
0f i\arbrook park.. treat. The will also be shown i MIT E I Newton's 5c-10c to <;1} Store I
1\1 I 1\1 A S D b f tI J arp e • u er 'P
r. an( 1'5. • '. Ig y, o. . lC Friday afternoon and evening. Plumbillg. Heating. Roofing 213 Haverford Avenue. Narberth
B.erklpy apart!llents, will entertain. at Saturday, George Arliss will star
dlllner on Chnstmas Day. The guests in "East Meets West." 130 Union Ave., Bala-Cynwyd 661
will be 1\11': and .1\1rs. There will be a popular matinee i"
ton and MISS Alice Smith. of Ridley Ithat Saturday. of short subjects. Raymond P. Scott, Inc. !
Park; Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jewell Forrest Lane Flower Shop Dodge and Plymoutlr Sales and Sen'ice
and :amily and Mr. and Mrs. Miffiin Board Session Tuesday i We deliver anywlrere 125 E. Lancaster Avenue--Ardmore 2600 !
. Buntlllg. .
I 1\.1 \\"11' A L· f H The Executive Board of the WOl1l· 39 N. Narberth Ave.-Narberth 4023
rs. . I HIm . eVls, 0 amp-. i
! I b II d t N
en's CommullIty Club of Narbertl.l 'I
(en avenue. las een ca e a ew .
York on account of the serious illness will meet at the home of thc president. I Shull Lumber Co.
f Iler mother. Mrs. Ralph C. Heath. on Shirley road, i· Allan C. Hale, Inc.
T d 10 A M
Tire Link Bet»'eell Forest alld Home !
Miss Ida Buckman, of Shirley ues ay at ., Buick 8 29 Bala Avenue. Cynwyd-Cynwyd 662
road, who has been spending some i 123 E. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore-AnI. 1890
Itime in St. Petersburg. Florida. Willi given by Mr. and Mr5. John C'I 203 E. Lancaster Pike, Wayne-Wayne 400
return the early part of January. Groome. of Bryn Mawr. at the Acorn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hongler'l Club in honor of their daughter, Miss I Charles H. Smith !
of Merion avenue. have as their guests Edith Groome. before the meeting of Hobson Be Company Wreckcr-Auto TO"'ing Ser"l'ice
for several days, Mr. and Mrs. Her-I the Saturday Evening Dancing Class Paperhanging-Up'lolsterirrg-Draperies 818 Montgomery Ave.-Narb. 2699 or 2675
bert MacFaul. of Hollywood, Calif. Iat the Warwick. 105 N. Narberth Ave.-Narberth 2340
Mr. and Mrs. Hongler will enter- Carl Torrey. will be among the i
tain at a family dinner Christmas guests at a dinner Wednesday to be I
Day. given by Mr. and Mrs. Garretsoll St. Margaret's Church
Miss Kathryn E. Wolf. daughter of Cook. of Dove Lake Farm, Ardmore, Chester G. Jones-lee Rev. f· f. Hannigan !
Edwin T. Wolf, of Elm terrace, iS
in honor of Miss Constance 200 Woodbine Avenue
home from the Traphagen School of before the meeting of the Haverford i Phorre: Narberth 4058
Fashion, New York City, for the hoH- Evening Daneing Class.
days. Alexander Loos, who is Thompson Fuel Service
Miss Evelvn Jefferis, of Dudley ave- the Bowie School of Aeronautics at i K hI B Sh 145 Montgomery Ave.-Cynwyd 280 I
J at ene cauty op
nue, cntertained her club at bridge Alameda, C a I i for n i a. returned

43 N. Narberth Avenue-Narberth 4077
Tuesday evening. I Wednpsday to spend the holidays with
I 300 Levering Mill Road-Cytlwyd 927
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Jefferis. ofl his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. United Shoe Repair Be Hat Cleaning
Dudley avenue, will entertain at a' Loos. of Shirley road.
Louis Evangclos, Prop.
family dinner Christmas Day. They Emil R. Ritter, of the Lakevie\\: !
'ddl S R fi C 3 doors from Narberth Theatre
have as their guest for the holidays., Apartments. has returned from Lc- 1 e tates 00 ng o.
Miss Ida Wood, of Trenton, N. J. Ihigh University and is spending the Main Office, Bala-Cynwycl-Cynwyd 2070 !
Miss Eunice Griswold, daughter of holidays with his parents. Residence Roofing
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Griswold, of I 1\11'. and Mrs. D. P. Beardsley and Ye Oddity Shoppe
Chestnut avenue, has returned from son, Mitchell. are spending the Christ- ! Candy-Greeting Cards-Specialties
Tufts Col1ege. Medford. Mass.• and is !mas holidays in Pelham, N. Y. Their i Walter P. Ml'esen 209 Haverford Avenue-Narberth 2882
spending the with her par-I daughter. Barbara. is spending the - I
ents. holidays as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Carperrter and Builder
Mrs. Gri.swold entertained her four- R. E. Hobler abO. ard their yacht at fobbing arrd Alterations a Specialty I
some at luncheon and bridge Tuesday. IMiami Beach. Florida. 832 Montgomery Ave.• Narb.-Narb. 4044
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Torrey. of Louis A. Young. JI' .• of 410 Grove
BrookhUl'5t avenue, and their sons, Iplace, a student at the Hun Prepara-
Donald F.• Jr., and Carl, will spend, tory School in Princeton. N. J .• is J. A. Miller
the week-end in Summitt. N. J., as thel spending the Christmas vacation at Roofirrg & Slreet Metal Work I
guests of Mrs. Torrey's parcnts, Dr'l his home. 111 Forest Avenue-Narberth 2920
and Mrs. Carl E. Grammer, of Sum- Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Whiting and
mitt. N. J. Ifamily. of Narbrook park, will spend
Donald Torrey. Jr., was among the Ithe Christmas holidays in Montelair, .
guests at a dinner Monday eveningjN.J.
Sport Shop--Third Floor
Sleek white sharkskin slacks
(you wear these to dinner),
with peasant - embroidery
bands. All in one piece, $25.
Beach dress in white Celan-
ese jersey. The new pleated
skirt is copied from a Mon-
tenegrin peasant's. Colored
sash, $16.95.
Day-long slacks of dazzling
white gabardine with patch-
pockets of Adriatic blue,
and a barrage of buttons.
Or navy with white pock-
ets. $15.

HVogue" Spotted
These Smart
Beach Fashions
at Cannes
December 25, 1936
Page Four
OUR TOWN December 25, 1936'
The Autocar Company, Ardmore, Pa.
Let us explain fully our convenient monthly budget paymmt plan on
gas bouse heating. Also, ;'lvestigate our low combi/lation gas rate.
HFoliow the Leaders for they Know the Way"
To all Thoughtful Citizens
note, , ••
They'll do it every time. Pop out of bed and pitter-patter all over the
house in their night clothes. Not so alarming if the house is evenly heated-
draft-free, Plain worrysome if it isn't.
Why take chances? Automatic Gas House Heat will keep yaur house uniformly
warmed 24 hours a day all winter long. It will supply this healthful atmos-
phere without a bit of work or worry on your part. All you do is set the
thermostat at the heat you want maintained .•. and forget about it. Let
your family live in a home-not too cold or not too hot ... but just right.
You can do it easily by converting your present system (provided it is
in good condition) to clean gas. We'lI install Janitrol, Bryant or Welsbach
Conversion Burners immediately on a small down payment. Price $195
cash for each, installed. Slightly higher on budget plan - 3 years to pay.
At Our Suhurbal1 Stores, or See Your Plumher or Heating COlltractor
The Autocar Company accepts and supports the democratic
principle that any private employer owes an economic and
civic debt to his own community. Without seeking any es-
peciallaurels for doing the right thing, we take this oppor-
tunity and this method to disclose to our local friends and
neighbors the extent to which we have liquidated this debt.
During the year now coming to a close, employment at the
Autocar factory in Ardmore has increased 400.; over the cor-
responding period of 1935. And during this same time, The
Autocar Company has paid into the local community $1,616,000
in pay-rolls alone.
Assuming, not illogically, that a large majority of these new
wage earners was previously unemployed, let us see how
this increased employment has reflected itself in the buying
power, or true prosperity, of the adjacent community.
Taking the last 200 persons who have been added to the
Autocar payroll at the Ardmore factory, an analysis discloses
the following places of residence:
Ardmore 69
Other Main Line Towns 25
Other Montgomery County Towns 15
Adjacent Delaware County Towns 41
West Philadelphia 21
Philadelphia Metropolitan Trading Area 29
To interpret this in percentages, 85% of Autocar's most recent
employes live and buy in those communities that may prop-
erly be termed "adjacent territory," west of Philadelphia
proper; 30% live and buy in Ardmore; and live and buy
along the Main Line.
There is far more common sense than altruism in an employ-
ment policy of this sort. But the philosophy behind it is un-
important. The significant point is that increased employment
has become a fact-a fact made possible solely because of the
steadily increasing demand by truck-wise buyers and by
nationally-known concerns for Autocar Trucks.
Autocar Trucks are Ardmore trucks ... Main Line trucks ...
Montgomery and Delaware County trucks. Men from hun-
dreds of other places the country over come to Ardmore
when they want good trucks. Their patronage contributes
to the prosperity of your community by contributing to the
prosperity of the citizens within your community.
Don't Expect
them to Worry
about Cold
Floors and

Belmont Avenue and
Levering Mill Road
" Escapes"
Edw. A. Carroll Co.
Tell'phon" MANayunk 0166
-and Maureen O'Sullivan shares
Johnny We-i.sS1nuller's adventures
in the well-sC'I'eened slww at the
Egyptian this week-end.
Life ,;aving awards were presented
to eight employe,; of the Philadelphia
Electric Company's Main Line divi-
sion last Friday night at Ardmore,
The men honored are Edward Mol-
luy, Ardmore; John Irwin, Rosemont;
Ralph Mattis, Radnor; John Kelly,
Haverford; Joseph Sweeney, Ard-
more; Norman Mickley, Llanerch;
\Varren A, Yost, Coatesville, and
Ralph Wack. Paoli.
Eight Phila. Electric Employes I
Receive Life Saving Awards
The Spectator

for that
153 Bala Avenue
The Egyptian Theatre
suggests a Book of Tick-
ets, $3.50, in attractive
Christmas envelope. For
delivery, phone Cynwyd
224 Haverford Avenue
Adelizzi Bros.
228 Bala Ave. Cynwyd 928
102 Forest Ave. Narb. 2602
when they are cleaned by a
nicer cleaner.
Many of our customers think
we're that sort of cleaner •.•
which is very nice of them.
Anyway, it really won't hurt
to give us a try, will it? And
it will be very nice for your
Party Dresses and
Suits Look Nicer
Gi'Ve a Dozen
Happy E'Venings
Sharing at Christmas was born in a stable, a
real stable, not the bright, airy
1)0,·tieo which painte1's
have c1'eated f01' the Son of Da-
vid, a.s if ashamed that thei1'
God should have lain down in
povc'I"ty a1ul dirt. And not the
1Il0de1'1t Ch1'istmas-Eve "Holy
Stable" either, made of plaste?'
of pal'is, with little candy-like
statuettes, the Holy Stable, clean
und prettily painted, with a neat,
tidy manger, an ecstatic Ass, a
contl-ite Ox, and Angels flntter1ng
their wreaths on the 1'00f-this
is not the stable where Jesus was
A ,'cal stable is the llOuse, the
111'ison of the animals who work
fa)' man. The poor, old stable of
Clu''s old, poor country is only
foul' rough walls, a dirty 1Jave-
ment, a 1'00f of beams and slrtto.
It is da"k, 1'eeking. The only
cloan thing in it is the manger
where the owner piles the hay
and foddcl·.
Fresh in thc elea I' llwrnin,q,
waving in the wind, sunny, lush,
sweet-scented, the spring meadow
was mown. The g1'een the
long slim. blades wo'e cut cWwn
by the scythe .. and with the grass
the /Jeautifu/ flowers in full
red, yellow, blue.
They withered and dn:ed and took
on the one dull color of hay.
Oxen dmgged back to the barn
the dead 1Jlunder of May and
June. And now that grass Iws
become dry hay and those flowers,
still smelling sweet, arc therein
the MangC/' to feed the slaves of
1//an. The animals take it slowly
with thei,' great black lips, and
latc'I' the jlowel'in,? fields, changed
into moist dung, I'etunt to light
on thc litter whieh as bcd-
This is th,' rca 1 wlwrc
Jesus was /JOrll. The filthicst
]llnce in tile world lC(1S the first
room of thc only PHl'e Man evcl'
bol'll of wonwn, Gavin Visits Home Briefly
* ; John (Mickey) Gavin, Narberth's I
Thus starts Papini's "life" of the former stal' shortstop, paid a brief I
Christ Who was the end and the be- visit to his home in Bryn Mawr Sat-
ginning, the "abyss of divine mystery urday after whieh he returned to the
between two enormous divisions of Memorial Hospital, where
human history," and as the celebra- he is recuperating after having his I
tion of His natal day comes once crushed right leg amputated Novem-
again reflection can produce a bel' 2. i
great confusion as to the variety of Hospital attaches hope that Gavin's'
causes which hold the civilized world condition will permit him to spend a I
earth-bound and which are account- part of Christmas at home. Sat-
able for the violent attacks on religion urday's visit was the first time Mickey I
which come from those who assert I had left the hospital since his aeci-
they are the most anxious to advance i dent Oetober 12.
human welfare and who claim that 1---------------
Ch.ristianity is all, obstacle to real re- Christmas revolves on that theory of
fOl m and progress. Christian procedure being mindful of I
* " *, . Icourse, that the spiritual
In our own country It IS recorded of the feast is of extraordinarily I
of of ChristianIg-reater value, and why should we bel
ll1 are assocIated formally, content with the trifling exchange of I
With rehglOus body and. a con-I tawdry cards whieh almost craftily
\:el:satlOn, regard1l1g ,re- seek to avoid any reference to the fact
hglOUS prll1clples IS a vel'y rare thll1g that Jesus Christ was born on Christ-
indeed. .are mas Day, ,and, because He was, man-
posed to be hVll1g 111 a Chllstmn Clvlh-
kind was brought a new revelation
zation, but, so far as our social en- without which there would be no I
vironment is concerned, religion has II mote nor tenable reason for earthly
been made an altogether private mat- existence.
tel', with the result that even those \ THE SPECTATOR.
who have a strong religious sense find I
it exceedingly hard to bring the whole -
of their lives into relation with NOTICE OF MEETING
Christian standards. In the begin- The annual meeting or the Stockhold-
, f " t th ers or THE NATIONAL BANK OF
nll1g, 0 course It \\as no so, as e NARBEnTH for the election or Direc-
early Christians were forced to make Itors and the transaction or any other
a radical breach with the secular business that may come before the meet-
- Iing will be held at said Bank on Tues-
world, because that world was pagan, day. the day of Janua.ry. A. D. 1937,
and the mere fact of being a Chris- at G.on P. M.
tian cut a man off from civic life and 0-1-8-37
public activity. The value of that I
repression made for the intense faith II EltNEST C.
h'l d ta' d h'l VB
w IC 1move moun II1S an w IC 1, IRENE IWGE:nS PAItKERSON
••••••••••••••_1 changed the face of the earth, but as New Haven County Superior Court
we come to our own era of physical I New Haven. Conn,. December 15. 1936,
sCience and matel'la obseSSIOn we see Ordered. that additional notice of the
the harrowing effects of dilution and II pendency of the complaint in the above
the advent of the namby-pamby thing case be given by publishing this
, . ".. I order III Our Town. a newspaper pub-
called 'broad-mll1dedness, whIch IS Ilished In said Narberth. Pennsylvania.
what men are apt to say they have Ionce a week for two weeks successively
hen the h n m'nd at all bel;"inning on or before the 26th day or
y ave 0 I . [DeCember. 1936,
* * * By the Court.
Last week in Lancaster the Mennon-
' , Assistant Cierk.
Ites appeared to be harkemng back (0
to that primitive Christianity of longl:-
ago when they served notice that they
Iwould subscribe to the National Se-
curity Act and pay its charges, but
they stated they would not accept its
benefits, as they regarded the care of
the poor as their own obligation and H
they had no intention of sharing their E
task with the Government, which A
seems to be Christian practice in its D
fullest flower, as made manifest in a S
definite way by a Re1"lOn Nova rum , T
pronouncement of nearly fifty years:
ap: 0
"If the question be asked: How N
must one's possessions be used. titl'
Church replies without hesitation: E
!\Ian should not consider his material
lloBsesslons as his own. but common S
to all. so as to share them without
hesitation when others urI' in need."
* * * i
Can't we say that our race will ac-!
quire more altitude, and check its'
atrophy, if the "social' observance of I!- C;; .. LE_A_N,.;I;,;N;.;.,;;G;,.- ...!

I It will I
I Lea I
Iii if the L.ome S;
I i. Leated with i

I: Phone Ardmore 2550orALL. 8400 I
Page Five

Any amount from 25 cents upward may be saved weekly
to all its friends
• •


More than anything else, the profit proves that
your Bank has established its substantial place
in the community and that the unusual progress
to date is sufficient warrant for the earnest
effort which was made to bring it into existence
as an essential need of the neighborhood.
Checks for our first dividend have been mailed
to all our stockholders---a full year, at least,
ahead of the time originally thought possible.

..•There would seem to be a real use for it in eyery household
The National Bank of Narberth
banking institution.
index of the
our depositors are coming from a !
constantly wider area, which may be accepted fairly as :!
alert and complete service we try to pro- '
the divisions of a well-regulated!
the Township hereabouts I
in the Borough andalso in
A Very Happy Christmas
National BankOf Narberth
Y. E. B. T.
For Sale
At Your Scr'l'ice
Phone: NARBERTH 4100
-will bl' :l('('epted up to \Vednes-
day. ;) o'e!oL'1\:. foJ' F'rhlay's issues.
-will he eharg-f'l1 olily to
who:-;e lIalneS appear ill the tcle- \
phone clil't'('lory or to suhst'ribcl'R I
to OIJI\ TOW:>: 01' the OF \ "
I:AJ,A-('Y"WYD. Ii
I 5c a line Ii
for Both Newspapers !!
Count til-e wOI'Ils to line
(·IlILD"S PESK allel ('hair. l:u'g'c
good condition. CYIl. 112i-.J. (I:!)
CA=' Al\ Y Ia 1\1 lS-Gllamntl'ctl singcl's,
$:L:IO and $5. Chas. Karcher,
rd., 1\arlll'rth. Phone Cyn, :1010-,1. (I:lj
BOOK with B vol-
IIllles-practically new. Phone
92·1. f-B 1'. 1\1. (tf)
CA:>:AHY Bll\DS-Whitc, and yellow.
Guar. Hillg-crs. G10 :\10Iltg-OllH!I'Y ave.,
!'>al'berth. (n)
Cynwyd Cal' Hits Boy
l:obl'rl \\'. Thompson, ;;1;, of 1:!,1
.:\lIJIltL':ollll'j"· a\TllUt', ('\"11\\"\'.1, "·a:-: 1'('-
kas,','! in I;is o\\'n at a i I
h,'a,'ing in ;o;ol'1'isloWn 01\ charges 01',
and hattt.'l"'" by autonH)hile. :
It I' said that' Tiwl1lpson's auto- I,
mobill' stl'llck Ro,' Smith, 1:;, of :\01'_1
risto\\'lI, Tllu1'sday. I
The hoy, whu sull'l'1'etllac('ration>; 01'
the kg''' alld head, was tabm to tlll'i
at 1'\ol'l'istown i
wh,'1'l' hI' sull IS confined. !lIS COlldl- I
tion is said to he g'OOlI. :'
Al'c"l'dillg' to Thonlpson, he was un-;'
able to ayoid hitting' the boy as hI' i
swung ollt in roadway in front of:
his alllon\{lhile. i

Egyptian Bencfit to Help Chi I· ;
drcn's Aid Starts at
10,30 A. M.
Troop 8
Girl Scout tI·oop 8, of Narhcrth, had
a grand time Tue:;day night whl'n Wl'
hel,1 our Chl'i:;hnas party. Some of
the gi rls who u:;ed to he in our troop
sol\\e time :lg'0 were al:;o IH'esl'nt and,
to the surprise of the gi rls, Cappil'
al:;o came.
We played games antI then were
se1'wr! refreshments (proclaimed [J s
delicious hy all), Luey Bakcr played
Santa Claus. Each girl was handell
a present from the hag.
We closed the meeting with carols
and taps. Evervone had a "swell" \ CA!\I'ENTEH - BUILDF:!\ - ESlilll:l, tes
. S' d ' J S eheel'fully fUI'nished. )ll'omptly
tl1ll'. Ig-ne, '. , attended to. r,eandel' \\'ieklll:llI, 311;' Con-
way :l ve. Narberth 3R88, (23)
Edward B. Sullivan !\ELIABLE; CARl'lcN'rF:R, alterations,
. f Ed' d B StOl'1ll windows, Gottlieb 122
• t1nera serVICes or \\ ar . Conway avenue. Call Narberth 3H8-H.
Sullivan were held from his late resi- (tf)
dence, <lG!) Brookhurst avenue, Nar- DRAPEHIES. Slip COVel'S, Venetian
berth, i\Ionday morning followed by a blinds, Awnings, Furniture. Upholster- I'
u lng, Beddings. Rugs cleaned. repaired
solemn requiem mass at St. !"ar- and stored. Challenger, 281 Montgomery I
garet's Church. Interment was in avenue, Cynwyd. Phone, Cynwyd 85'1
Old Cathedt'al Cemetery. with John Wanamaker. (tt)
He is survivl'd by a brother, Henry UPHOLSTEHlNG and rep. Springs of I
3-plece suites repaired, $10: Chair re-I
F. Sullivan, and a sister, Laura E. covered, $5. Go anywhere. Call Lewis.
Sullivan, both of Brookhurst avenue, 227 Eo Lancaster ave. Wayne 1496. l
Narberth. !
The brothers entet'ed the building Real Estate for Rent 1
30 WF:LLINGTON HD.-6 rooms, tile
trade on thc Main Linc in H112 and bath. gamg-e. Modern. $50. Koser Bros. 1
have been residents of Narberth for ((ealtol's. Ai'll. 680, (to
20 years. \
Edward Sullivan had been ill for Rooms for Rent
several years and was a semi-invalid ONE OR TWO ROOMS, convenient to II
Ardmore station, busses. trolley. Prl-
for the cighteen monthL Phone Ardmore lSU-J,
The Presbyterian Chllrch
R,,\·. Archer E. Anoerson. Pastor
Sunday, Decell1lll'r 27:
A. l\I.-Bihk Schonl. A sp]en-
did hahit.
11.00 A. l\L-Morninp: Worship.
Serl1lon, "TIll' nibIl' and
11.00 A. 1\1.-The .Junior Chmch,
conduded by 1\1rs. Digby and 1\1I's.
11.00 A. 1\I.-Chi],I1'l'n's Nursery,
under Ihe supe\'\'ision of Mrs. Gilfillan.
6,45 P. l\I.-The thrl'e Christian En-
deavor groups.
7..lG P. l\I.-Narhe1'lh's Happy Bihlt>
Hour. Thenll': "Heaven-A Real
Place for Heal People."
Tues,lay, 8.15 P. l\1.-Community
Bihll' Class. i
Thurs,lay Evenin!-?:-Watch Night
SP1,\,icl' will takl' the place of the
n.IO P. M.-Testimony hour, con-
ductl'd by young people of the church.
10-11 P. M.-An informal time of
11-12 P. 1\I.-Sermon: "From the
Oir! to the Ncw With God."
llo/Jtist Cflllrch oj the E"llllgcl
Rohl'rt E. I(l'ig-htol1, l\linistl'r
Stanley T. neill', Organist I iVlrs. Armstrong Home fl'om
A. :'I!. .. TIH' Chlll'l'h i Hospital Aftcl' Acciderit
11,110 A.:\I. :\lol'lling- -'---'-'
S('l'lllflll "TlJt, Ill' H\·l ig,jul1." :\1 ('. :\ l'I11:--t ;>:;;) ,
1111' F:It'Ie'. \ ,'0:"1. J'('-
7.1111 1'. til' il"ic lll!'lll'd tIl iWl' IlllliH- t'i'oll1 .Jt·j1'l' I'.":\ll I
]I('t>pl<:. 'Ilospital ::ftt'!' pal'liall,' 1'l'l'(}\'''l'ing
7.. 1:, 1'. \\'ol'ship, s"I'.1 fl't>lil in,lul'il's ,USt:,illl,d in an aotolllo'
111011: "T11l' pi' ---: ;H'('idl'lll.
Th,' (;",'at""l ;\,h"'nllll'(' of All. ,:'III's. ;\l'IlIstlt>!lg', \\'il'l' of II. B.
:'Ilonda,', ll"("'lIlh('r :!:-:: ;\rllisll'"ng', ;\lIlt''.'al' COllll'any ol1il'ial.'
li,:;11 J'. :\1. ···Bulkl dilll\('l'. '1'111' I\'as dri\'ill;!: Oil H"II1lO"! al't'IIU", Iwal'
1\1",,',. A,.",(\'iat'.,n \\'ill -l'I'Y" :1 Sl'a LJ:tlld,'illt> 1''':'.1. la,1 Frida,
food dill'lt'" 1'"" till' 111"11 or till' a",t>- 1\'h"l1 :, ,'ollghillg' "1ll'1I ,'au",d h,'1' 10
l'iation Illld Ilwir fl'i,'nd". ;\n "nt('I'- 10"" ,"'lItl'ol al,d till' l'al' "tl'ul'k :I ]lolt-.
tailllll""1. :I 1';11",'t and g'nn1l''' sllli\'I','d a I'nlclul'l'd I"ft arlll
will foIl,,\\, till' dillllt'I', Ct>Ill" and ('n· and d('"p 1a",'r:,tit>llS "n tilt' krt "id.. i
50,' Ih,' ,,\,,'nil,g' \\'ith n,"! of ill'l' fa",'.
1l"("'llIl",1' ::0: ---------
:-:,110 1'. :\I.-Til" l11id·I\'{,,'k 1111'('tillg'
of till' eh<ll'('il. .\ "I ud,' cla"s kd
th" pas(o!'.
..lanuan' 1:
1'.011 A. :\I.--:\l'i\" \"'II1"S Sen'icl' ill
th(' chlll'ch.
Narberth Methodist Episcopal
Rev. W. Vernon Middleton. Minister
Sunday, December 27:
n..lfi A. 1\1.--Cburch School.
11.00 A. 1\1. - Morning' Worship
"I Bdie\'e in .Tt'sus Christ." SENIORS
:\'::(1 1'. 1\1.-.Jr. Epworth Ll'ag'ue. Tuesday 111orning' at 10.30 at the
li,.j:i 1'. 1\1.-Int,·rl1wdiate and Sen- '
Eg'ypl ian Theatre, l\Iiss Helen Gordoll i
ior EpWllrtb . I " Meyer will prcsent a mal'loneUe s IO\\".
7.,1;; 1'. l\I.-En·ning' S"I'\·ice. The The cntcrtainmcnt is sponsored by
choi I' will \'('n, I<: l' spel'ial Cb I'i,,! mas
the Child Study Group of the Bala- ,
music. Cynwyd Junior Cluh, l\1rs. Jaml's
Tlll'sda\' Ill,(·"mhl'r:!!l: .,.
. " , " " ' , '." Hndg'l1\ann, ehalr11\an. 'I he prncc('ds :
I. flthk CI,l.,' '11 ,tl Cl '11 ". I '1" I' I 'WI g'o 10 Ie \1 ( I'en S ","I( . IC d'S
Christmas party at the home of 1\1rs. \ 'lIt', I I II' 1\1 " mav )(' 0) alne, )V ca 1Ilg' rs.
A..1. Bawdcn. 1 \\'oodslde aV('IIU". '(" D' l\1" j(P" J' f I
Thursda\' D,'c"mlwr ::1: I ,eorg'e Ippy, J er101I. ,:.....-', or 1'
";\ ., I II I anv 11\CmhCl' of the ChIld Stud" Group.: I
l\l.::O I'. .1.-SOl'la ou l' an, I 1'1\l' j),'c('mher 111<'('\ in 0' of II\(! l'i 11 h : '
\\'atch :\i1';ht Sl,rvice, I . .... ,
, ,was held i\londay J\Ig'ht, wl\('n the,
iJuniors entertaine,1 the Seni'or nH'II\-" I
Hoi)' ·!'.';,,,t)' Lutlleran Church I :
I hers. '
Hl'\·. ..\. S,'nft, Pastor ' I
• ' . I A ass('lllhl"t! to h,'ar
:\1:>1'",:,,','t ;;'1u'l'1' Ol'gal\lst ' ': '. ' '
. '.. ' 1\lrs, A. h,. Gl'l'g'Ol'\' give a splt'llll"I::
C'hl'i,!IlJas !la\\'11 S"J'\'Il'1' III till' sot 1 I' I . ' tl j'll I
•• 1 • • 0' . • •• I I'(':H lng' :tH< to ('ll.lOY lC Song's () I
01 (alldll' LI1';ht, (, .. ,(1 A. :'II. 1 II '1' tl 1\'1 I 1 \\" , , . '., ;tOlll l ' ql1al'll·t () 1 as\. all( 19',
H"I,:, 1:,,1>11\"01\ 11:ll'pIS\, \\'I11 h,' th", I 1 I I l'
. . :T H' qual'tl·t was anllOUIlCP< an< {'{
O"IH':"t I 1 I
h 1 1 _ l' " 'h\' .Johl\ P. Lucllow alll
)(o(','m ll'r :! j. .1:,1,: . ,
. \' '1 1"1 I 'I 1 al'Colllpanlllwllls W('I''' play,'d hy Dr. ,
." , .' ,-- >I '" Sl' 1,1l> , 1 f' f
, I '1'1' '1 ' ' 0' S',.'., Clay H"lalll, COllll'osel' 0' lIlUSIC 01'
11.1111 ". :\ .-- ll.' tllllll1h • (1\I(C ,I' ,I" 1 \'"
, .' ' . tl ,h,'.\ ",., ,lIll "Ig. I,'
wilh "})('(',a] Chl'l,\l1laS 1\1llSIl' 11', ' .
, ] 'I' ! 1:"I!'t'shllll'nl s 01 Ice CI'PIIII\, cal;e
St.'IlIO}' l'lill • I I,
,;.,j,j I', .\1.-- LIl(Ill'1' : all,I,',>!!"',, \\',,!'t' sl'I'\'{'d. TIll' ill':..:t club i
;0;0 "\"'I\ing' s"l'vice. i llw('1 ing' will.llI' ,I, wl1"1\ 1\In:, I
'\','dll""da\'. 7.011 P. :'11.._ -,Tuniol': Iltll'an' l'all'1ck, ch:llrl\\al\ of the Pro-
choi!' \'( he:>,:,,:>!. COllllllit(I"', will !,I"'''''ilt Oil" of
,1l00\"'I"S (;-]\1t'1l ill a tall; tlll "Cl'illll'
'alld l'lllli,dllil"I1\.'·
December 25, 1936
Church Notes IMarionette Show 29th 1I
!--__---------' Sponsored by Juniors I,
',t.:.'.' ,'."';1 :' ,,,. 'I·'
P'," ..':-' ,.... .".". , ". "'1
(.J"';'".''' .'.'," .
Page Six
OUR TOWN December 25, 1936
demand the
Wayne, Pa.
. .
Brookmead offet·s Immediate
Service to all parts of the Main
Line. Just telephone Wayne 1121.
J. Cookenbach, Jr., Manager
Individual Line
2-Party Line.
4-Party Line. . . .
Food Value-their stl'Ong young bodies
Bone and Muscle Building Materials
Protein, Milk Sugar and Butterfat
Appetizing Flavor and Golden Color
43 North Narberth Avenue-Narberth 4077
300 Levcring Mill Road-Phone: Cynwyd 927
Shea's have a fine line of candies, ginger ales,
nuts, etc. Drop in and look them over
And Abbotts Ice Cream.
Only Authorized Producer and Distributor
under license 0/ American Guernsey Cattle Club
with the Fehruary 6 rates ior residence
telephone sen-ice inNarbert h will IJe reduced. The
residence rates will be as i ollows :
These new rates will be filed with the Public Service
COll1mission shortly. Along with other reductions ai-
iecting upwards of oi the 1110re than 625,000 resi-
dence Bell subscribers in Pennsylvania, they will mean
a sa\'ing on an annual basis oi approximately $1,800,000
t() our custoll1ers.
\ \' earl' (rlad to announce these reductions now, being
confidem'"' that there will be still iurther business il11-
pro\'l'ment. and desiring that the public shall benefit
frc 1111 such improvell1ent at the earliest possible date.
A reduction in interstate long distance rates ior dis-
tances in excess of 42 miles has been announced by the
:\merican Telephone ancl Telegraph Company, cfTec-
tive January I S. This is in addition to the residence
rate reduction announced above and will mean a i urther
saving of approximately $1.000,000 to the telephone
users of 1'ellnsylvania,
. . . and many thanks,
for the pleasant year
made possible for us by
you, our good friends
and patrons. Yours for
a happy and good-look-
ing Ncw Ycar!
For the New Year's Party
May Yuletide Joy Be Yours--·
30% More
Children of the families voting for Brookmcad by supporting its
pioneer work of over 20 years arc keen to get back to
West Lancastet· Avenue
I Shea's Pharmacy
(To be continued)
Club Members Oppose
WFIL'S Proposed Site
Importance of World Peace
Christmas Message to Rotary
berth dog quarantines ended.
Merion Notes Ch l Narberth ended first half of Main
Mrs, GI'egor Maefal'!an, of Anth- rono ogy Line League baseball race in fourth
Iwyn road, Merion, entertained at a , place; Brooldine winner.
I tea Friday afternoon. Pre,,;iding at Continued from Pago 0110 1 S. E. Downs, township stlperinten-
I tlw tea table Mrs. Joseph \V'I Dr. Benjamin Rush Chapter, N, S. dent of school, Boa,rd ,of E?u-
. Sharp and Mrs. \\. Nelson West. ,D. A. R., elected Mrs. John C. Nash Ication that an ad(lItlOnal JunIOr hIgh
• - John Farrell Macklin, of l\Iaroebe'l honorar.y regent and Mrs. Franklin school is needed. ,
"'-'''''' TOMMY MACKL ... h I
1\Ierion, will entertain at a dinner on R, Lindsay, regent for two-year Township commissioners aut Ol'lze(
L J .January .j, following the wedding re- terms. purchase of 8.45 acre,,; in Gladwyne
If the sports writers want some- hear,,;al of his daughter, Miss Ida Narberth Players unanimously re- as an addition to playground, re-
thing to crusade for, let them forget Weaver Macklin, and William A. I till ffi er leased lien on lot of gl'ouml on Con-
LaITy Kelley's soccer l(jck and Shorty Lille\, .Jr. son of 1\11'. and Mrs. Wil- e ec a ,0 c s. I I, , bIll shohoclwn State road, Bala, so it
M'II 't I I \11 (!ecl'SI'(ln f'OI' N'IVY "', 1\1'1111 1,111(' League opene( uase a TI D
I er SOUl' 11 0\' " < ., liam A. Lilley, of 1\Iel'1on, whose mar-I' . . Imight be purchased by the wnws .
and turn to the basketball code where , I I f' 11 . season May 16. , P A' L'
riag-e wIll take pace tIe 0 oWing IVan,!Iver ost, merlcan eglOn,
tlwy will tind a ,ituation ripe for day at foul' o'clock in the afternoon Narberth School Board re-elected Bala-Cynwyd.
fixin'. at' the Overbrook Presbyterian 'I Dr. J. :'.Irs. :\Iary Roach four-
It is against the spirit of ";jlorts- Church. Leon tIeaSUlel. year commiSSIOn as postmistress at
manship when a man can foul a player Miss Janet Hall, daughter of Mr'l Narberth Council offered co-opera- Bala-Cynwyd.
on the opposing team and his own and Mrs. Clarence E. Hall, of Zol- tion to Lower Merion Township in J. J. Skelton & Son opened new
team reap the advantage thereby. It linger way and Heath road, enter- relieving hazardous condition of building on Bala avenue, Bala-Cyn-
happens in every game of basketball tained at a dinner and dance last IRockland avenue bridge. wyd,
played. Last FI'iday night Lower Thursday evening in honor of Miss H. Gleason Mattoon chosen presi- I .Senor Francisco Seco de Lucena,
'Merion was playing Upper Darby at Ida l\Ial'1de Hessenbruch, of Wald- dent of Neighborhood Club of Bala- of Narherth, expressed anxiety about
the Palestra in the opening game of Eck, Wynnewood. I succecding Charles S. Shinn; his father, mother, sister and brother
the league schedule. With three 01' ;\lrs. J, Puul Burleigh, of Chel'!'y i David G. Wilson started tenth year at Granada, Spain, focus of Spanish
four minutes to go, Upper Darby had bend, "Ierion, will entertain at a din-I as club's secretary-treasurer. Civil \Var.
a two point advantage. Merritt Lentz' Jler at the Arcadia, this MOnday. eve.-I Magistrate Franklin P., Kromer, Narberth's Fourth of July fire-
dribbled for the basket, was fouled ning in honor of Miss Patricia Hal- Bala-Cynwyd, elected preSIdent of works' exhibit attracted largest I'
bv his guard a couple of steps from lowell, debutante daughter of Mrs, J" Animal Owners' Protective Associa- crowd in history; hundreds of resi-
tilC basket-just a ml'l'e wrist slap- Wallace Hallowell, of Merion. Ilion of Pennsylvania, with Peter C. dents listed as contributors.
but he went on in and converted his Miss Mary Price Griffith, who is Barr, Bala-Cynwyd kennel editor, as Edwin P. Dold, Narberth tax col- l
field goal into a tic score. Abrams, attending Hollins College in Virginia, operating manager. lectOl', reported borough's taxes for I
one of the referees, immediately nul- has returned to her home on Heath Lower Merion dined 150 athletes 19;35 as 99 per cent collected.
lified the field goal because of the road for the Christmas holidays. at high school's first all-letter sports Narberth building for month of I
foul and gave Merritt a free throw. Mr. and Mrs. J. Renwick Hogg, of banquet. June reported at $13,139, largest
Thus was justice undone, and Lower North Highland avenue, are entertain- Junc Isince 1930 for any single month.
Merion suffered from an infraction of ing at a family dinner Christmas Largest class in its history, 348, Narberth Highway Committee asked
the rules committed by the Day. graduated from Lower Merion High co-operation of merchants in keeping
To add a laugh to the SItuatIOn, Mr. and Mrs. Donald 1\1. Smith, of School. Joy Grubbs, of Medon, vale- borough streets clean.
Lentz missed to,ss Upjle,r Four Doors, will entertain at an Idicto.rian; Nelson Bucher, Narberth, Active Members' CI:lb formed as
Darby was still t\\ 0 ahead <l! house on Christmas Eve. There WIll salutatorian. part of Narberth Fn'e Company.
very happy posi:ion Wit h the J110-, he thirty-five or forty guests. They I Lower Merion School Board bought Harry Hollar chosen first president.
l11ents ticking rapHlly away.. ,have as their guests for the Christ-! Barker property at Montgomery ave- Narberth Baseball Club started
Now why shouldn't the oflended, mas holidays Mr. and Mrs. Stanley N. nue and Owen road, Ardmore, for winning streak in half of
team have the pri\'ilege of rcfu,,;ing Jacobs, of Philadelphia, and Miss I$15,000. Main Line League race.
the penalty as the rules of football' :'Ilarian Austin of Bethlehem. Bala-Cyinvyd, Narberth, Merion Narberth's Business Guide for 1936
permit? Isn't that situation a handJ-: Dr, and Mrs. John A. Brooke, of and Wynnp.wood postoflices delivered distributed in borough by Narberth
cap to good basketball'? When foul-! Heath road, will be among the guests -.. del'nns' "bonus bonds" valued at Business Council.
ing pays dividends in victoril's then: at a large family dinner Christmas $300,000. Union avenue, Bala-Cynwyd, resi- ._ .. ,_' __
there is real need for a cIHlnl!('. : Day to be given by Dr. Brooke's par-I Veterans cashed in half their bonds dents protested leasing of Bala Ga-
* * * ,ents, 1\11'. and Mrs. H. Carroll Brooke, within week following their receipt. rage building to Dy-Dee Wash of
Upper Darby desernd tl1l' :2:1 to I",' of Glenside. Benjamin F. Slaw, Bala-Cynwyd Narberth at township Board of Ad-
victol'\' scon'd over LO\\'l'l' :'Il('rioll in Mrs. Edward H. Smith and daugh- contractor and sewer inspector for justment hearing; Philip Foote, Dy-
their 'opening' game. The Goasnll'n I tel', Betty, of Valley road, arc spend- Lower Merion Township, died in his Dee \Vash official, later announced
outplayed Coach Anderson's team, ing the Christmas and New Year's 69th year. plant would move away from section.
throughout the battle, Witil a littll' holidays in New York. Miss Smith Colonel Isadore A. Miller, A. E. F. Six hundred Wynnewood residents
midseason luck in hitting the ba;.;kd, I will spend part of the time in \Vest veteran, Pennsylvania Railroad offi- petitioned Washington for mail de-
they would have left the floor at half-, Point visiting friends. I cial and Narberth civic leader, died in livery.
tin;e with a huge lead. The home, Mr. and George R. Reinhart, 54th year.
team had at least three shots at til<' Jr., of South Highland avenue, are Lcd by .Joseph F. McElwee, Mer-
basket to every onl' for the :'Ilal'o"n, , ('ntertaining at a family dinner Christ- ion, 102 Democratic County Commit-
The Main Liners w(,l'e terrible a t mas Day. Their son, Midshipman teemen bolted reorganization meeting
the foul lin(', ('onH'rting i:I' George R. Reinhart, 3d, arrived home at Norristown which elected Frank
to only 5 points. To add to thi, l'ai:- W('dnesday to spend his Christmas J. Bradley, Norristown attorney, as Continued from Page One
ure Beck and llammond I\'en' b'lil-: vacation. county chairman. pany and can halt the change of its
from the game with rOll)' Ill')': :'II I', and !\Irs, E. A. Alburger, of Sara E. Hoak, Narberth "A" residence classification.
sonals, and :'Ilol'l'is faili'd to play ;1: Meadow lane, will entertain at din- teacher for 16 years, fatally stricken He had heen consulted by WFIL.
full half, due to his lIl"r Christmas Day for sixteen guests, on street in 61st year the day before Iand Major Evans likewise awaited his
Welling;ton Hamsey. t!w boy who aJllong' whom will be Mr. and Mrs. school closed. decision. It was made Tuesday nighLI
should be the stal' of. the OUllit" Kl'llIwth Hockland and their two sons, Lower Merion Police Force in- It was to the effect that he was now
weak on dl'! l'nS(' and t :1I1l'd : or York; iIII'. and Mrs. George l\Ic- creased from 82 to 100 patrolmen. cOl1\'inced future development and sale
to help his team I11llch in gdt illl! t i,' ']lougall, 1\lrs. Sara Berry and Miss Township Secretary Evan L. James of ]l1'operty ncar the station would be
ball from the backhoard, Till' l': t i, ,\1 a rgal'l't Williams. ended Overbrook Hills zoning con- hindered by talk about radio interfer-
team lacked ag;gTl'ssi\'eness, mental; :\11'. Alhurger returned Saturday tl'oversy by recommending new B-1 ence, and that it was his ]lresent in-
poise and contid('nce. I f)'oJll a several wceks' cruise of the zone classification permitting single clination, especially since so many
A word of ellcourag('l11ent to youJlg \\','st Indil's, family dwellings on smaller lots. others in the community felt the sanw
Rabbit Sherwood who \I','nt in ,'" .:'Ill'. and l\1rs. James J. McElroy, .Jr., Merion Fire Company of Ardmore way, to oppose the station.
substitute c1ur,in
, thl' f,oclrth quai'll' ,:f road, entertain at a housed two pumpers following Frank H. MancilJ, township
and played \'(In' ('omnll'IHlably, .family d1l1l1er Chnstmas Day. moth parade of county firemen, eqUJp- president, now representlJ1g \VFIl.,
Rabbit wa, tl1l' boy who starn::] i :'111', and Mrs. Edward G. Wyckoff, ment. t1H'l1 declarerl that radio station can
a forward on the .Junior 1('.11\1 ,,( Call'('I,t road, will entertain at a Miss Jessie Nelson Braley, for 22110cate its towel' on suitably zoned
some three or four ag"lI, In;, 1<\'1111,'1' at the i\lerion Cricket Club years one of Holman School (Ard-!John H. McClatchy property neal'
game with till' La nl:asler ,J U 11- i Wedlll'sday ('vening in honor of their mo!'l') headmistresses, died June 11. ICity line, only foul' hundred feet
ior IIig-h team, hl, til'd tlj(' O'l:1IJ'{' at: daughter, Miss Lucy J. 'Vyckolf. :'III'S. Elizabeth Wipf chosen presi-I farther from the heart of Cynwyd,
19 to 19 with five Sl'l:OIHb k:"! t" MI', and 1\lrs. W. S. Pardoe of Bea- dent of Auxiliary of Harold D'
and the Board of Adjustment could
This shot was from the middle' 1Ii' th" ·I'llm 1:11](', sailed Saturday on the S. S. Speakman Post, American Legion,lnot )lrevent it. He argued against
floor. \Vith the Sl:Ol'e ti('d :21 to :21 K"lIt 1'lIl' Jacksonville and Miami, Fla. Narberth, succeeding Mrs. Frank A. nJaking this necessary.
and about ten seconds Idt in tIll' I'X Miss Hell'n i\1. Brown, who is at- Schrepfer. He was asked if this wus a wl,ll-
tra three-minutt' 1ll'l'iocl, Habbit tOllk !('nding" Sarah Lawrence College, is Frank A. Sehrepfer, commander of considered threat-defying' the com-
a tap from cl'nter, spun around and spending; the holidays with her mother, the :'Ililitary Order of the Purple He said WFIL's representa-
shot another basket half the leW!;th Mrs. l\!edford .J. Brown, of Haywood Heart, returned to Narberth home I tives and their department store own-
of the to win the hall ganj(', I'irl'ho. aitel' several months' treatment for leI'S arc too intelligent to want to caUSl'
* * * !\Ir. and Mrs. James Birch, of Mer- a heart ailment. lotrellse. But he r('peated the expres-
Radnor play,.; Low('I' Merion this ion road, will entertain at a party Albert E. Miller, of Narberth, for-Isioll of the alternative.
week to wind up the pre-Christmas i':('I\' Y('ar's Eve. mer township police lieutenant, died I' Two years ago 'VFIL was turned
schedule of the II igh School. Follow- l\1rs, Sophie 1\1. Roberts, of Brook- in auto accident. down by club and adjustment board
ing the New Year the gam('s will 1'01- lyn, N. Y., is the holiday guest of her Narberth Council ordered ditch dug
when it sought a similar variance on
low each othe1' in rapid order. TIll' brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. G. to relieve drainage condition com-! McClatchy property neal' City line and
defeat by Upper Darby doc's not put Alvin Mead, of Glenwood road. plained of by lona and Price avenUes ll\Ionument road. It required, and is
Lower Merion out of the running' 1'01' Mrs, HalTY Sommers, of Bady Ruel, residents. helieved still to require, land (zoned
league honors, A little Ilep und tIll' entertained ut a supper-dance Tucs- County aid work on Essex and "A") in excess of the narrow busi-
local boys will be right up at the top day evening in honor of her daughter, Conway avenues, Narberth, started; n('ss-zoned strip that is available from
again. Miss Louise H. Trumbull. game of "Where will the bus stop to- 1\Ir. McClatchy.
Christmas! day'?" began.
Civil Service Examinations Narberth Travel Club
Six New Fevcr Cases The United States Civil Service Istarted on world tours.
Six new cases of seaI'll'! fever were Commission has announced open C0111- 1\Irs. Arthur L. Cooke warmly com-
reported in Lower Merion this week pl'titi\'e examinations as follows: Sergeant and A Christmas message of peace and
by "Iealtll Officer l\larvin E. Informational service represent,ative, .Ofhcer .BI,·a,dY, U, t.z for S:lV1l1,g he.rse.lf I
r . I Id fbI good will to our fellowmen w wrever
TIley al'e Jean Buck, eiO'ht, Penn and senior, associate, and assistant ,lnd leI son 10m la 1( • I" I R
• h ! they may reside was given uy tIe ev.
\"'.'nne·, Grenville Foote, 22 months, informational service representati\'Cs, (og. , . f th
'f., A I I B th I 1. t d 15tl Franklin Duncombe, pastor 0 e
319 Bel·lde'.' I'oad, Merion', William :<:2,600 to ::;,'4,fiOO a .\·ear, Social S('- ,( e IZZI 1'0 ers ce cura e 1 h
. ", I'I' N b I Bula - Cynwyd Methodist Churl',
Ambrose, six, 140 Edgehill road, cllrity Board. anlllversary of crt I Tuesdav. He uddressed the Bala-
Bala', Doris Keim, ten, 285 Behn.ontl Animal husbandman (sheep and 109. Na, rbe.rth pUP, lis on,public school.. b 'TI I
I II d' t I f Cynwyd Rotary Clu on' 1(' 111- avenue, West I\lanayunk; \VillIam!goat breeding), $3,HOO a year, asso- 10n.o.1 10 , awal s pleSen e( OJ • • "
t portance of World Peace. Kunlwl, seven, Merion Manor Apart- date animal husbandman (sheep and mell . '" '
6 L M J H h Regret was expressed by the presl-
ments, Merion, and David Hunt, 425 goat breeding), $3,200 a year, asso- 2 on ower umor Ig I t AI," d" J Esrev over the
A thwyn road Merion. ciate animal husbandman (swine), honor roll; largest lIst 111 three (en el. . '. " E
n. , . " W L St ud Narberth and MISs contll1ued Illness of two Rotallans, .
Three cases of mumps, and one $:l.:!00 a year. aSSOCiate 111 anImal nu- .. 1'0 , , A H J IDE' ra S Deub
each of tuberculosis and chicken pox, trition $3,200 a year, Bureau of Ani- Elsie Logan, Ardmore, betrothed i . enry, 1'., all( r. Z . -
. I d d' tI t I'd' couple killed in New Jersey automo-Iler.
were also IllC u e 111 ' Ie repor . mal n ustry. , , , TI I b 'II hold its annual
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Makes 600 Pounds Butterfat and principal, senior, associate, and A1'0111mIllk M
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Penshurst d a year Igomery Bus Company, Inc., installed five children from the two
daughter of t Ie no e YI sIre Sl1 e, Ig< o. " ""':. "'.. . ' ,fleet of modern new buses. tics will be guests of the Rotal'lans,
Penshurst Man O'War, has completed modlty AI(tlmlnIstratlOn, De- Aaron B \Vainwright of Nar- The Bala _ Cynwyd _ Narberth younp;
a 305-day meritorious Herd Test rec- partment of gncu ure. I' . , . . , d' d " " 'ft I '
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and 60250 pounds of butterfat, aC-
technology), $1,800 a year, Bureau Y . f< t <f I I a'll Gelle Davis is
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cording to information received from of Pant n ustl'Y. , . 'f'l t 't" I t
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shire Breeders' Association at Bran- cst Service. gram attracted 249 partici-
b Your community is what you don, Vermont. She is owned by Pens- Full information may e obtained pants.
hurst Farms, Penn Valley. from your local postoffice. State, Lower Merion, and Nar- :nake it.

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