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Aiken, South Carolina

Housing • Quality of Life • Health Care • Education • Relocation Information • And More!
Your home.
Your healthcare.

Safe. Trusted. Ready.

At Aiken Regional, patient safety is always our top
priority. Our ongoing provision of life-saving
emergency and surgical care, as well as maternity
services has only strengthened our resolve.
To learn more about our commitment
to safety as well as Telehealth options, Physicians are on the medical staff of Aiken Regional Medical
please visit Centers, but, with limited exceptions, are independent
practitioners who are not employees or agents of Aiken Regional
Medical Centers. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or
treatments provided by physicians. For language assistance,
disability accommodations and the non-discrimination notice,
visit our website. 203924-6246 10/20
Your home.
Your healthcare.

Physicians are on the medical staff of Aiken Regional Medical Centers, but, with limited exceptions, are independent
practitioners who are not employees or agents of Aiken Regional Medical Centers. The hospital shall not be liable for actions
or treatments provided by physicians. For language assistance, disability accommodations and the non-discrimination notice,
visit our website. 203924-6246 10/20
Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services
Cancer Care Institute of Carolina
Cardiovascular Imaging of Aiken
Cardiovascular Institute of Carolina
Diabetes and Nutrition Teaching Center
Emergency Medicine
Hitchcock Inpatient Rehabilitation Center
Hitchcock Outpatient Physical, Occupational
and Speech Therapy Center
The Neuroscience Center
Orthopedic Services/The Joint Academy
Palmetto Pediatric Center
Sleep Evaluation Center
Southside Imaging Center
The Surgery Center of Aiken
Women’s Breast Health & Imaging Center
Women’s LifeCare Center
Wound Healing Institute of Carolina

You’re home here.

We treat you like family.
Let us help you meet the changing healthcare
needs of you and your loved ones.

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina has earned the trust
of South Carolinians for more than 73 years. Ensuring access
to quality health coverage is vital to the health and well-being
of every community in our state.

Whether you have just moved to South Carolina to retire or

were born and raised here, you will find comfort in knowing
that BlueCross is your partner in health.

Choosing the right health plan can be overwhelming.

I will work with you to enroll you in affordable coverage that Kimberly Shaw
fits your lifestyle and budget. Call me today so I can show Direct Sales Representative
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121 Richland Avenue East
Learn What makes Aiken A True Southern Gem Aiken Inside Aiken, SC 29801
A Place for You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Festivals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58
A Place To Get Started . . . . . . . . 6 Christmas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60
P.O. Box 892
A Place for Family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Dining .......................... 62 Aiken, SC 29802
A Place for a Full Life . . . . . . . . . 10 Weather and Proximity . . . . . . 64
Main Line: 803.641.1111
Buzz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Parks + Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
History. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Downtown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Fax: 803.641.4174

Livability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Equestrian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70

Arts + Culture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Home Town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Health Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Relocation Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73
Economy + Employment . . . . 42 Business Resource Guide . . . 77 PUB LIS H E R
Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Aiken Chamber of Commerce

On the cover:
Ballerina Sydney Maddox on pointe
in Downtown Aiken. Photo by
A.P. Gouge Photography.
Micheal Enloe
Mark Hudson
Lista’s Studio of Photography
Jennifer Morton
Moose Pro Foto
Scott Webster Photography
Bat Aero Films
Stories and Stills
Cassie Bayer Photography
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Samantha Bodie

Copyright 2021 by the Aiken Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced
or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any
information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the Aiken Chamber of Commerce.

A Place For

Aiken is the perfect place for all ages and for all seasons. It offers a distinctiveness
often unheard of in today’s world. One visit to this charming city and you will
discover why people who live here celebrate Aiken every day – because it’s the
perfect place to operate a business, raise a family, meet friends and enjoy life.

Named South’s
Best Small Town in
Southern Living
Magazine 2018
“South’s Best”

Aiken is bustling with life and activity, yet still maintains its
Southern charm with its tree-lined streets, lush gardens, equestrian
influence and restored Winter Colony homes. Aiken’s true Southern
spirit comes from its friendly people and the sense of community that
permeates its soul. There truly is a place for everyone in Aiken.

A True Southern Gem

Aiken is the best of both worlds - combining a
warm, friendly, southern atmosphere with a subtle
sophistication and elegance. Aiken is a town where
people stop in the grocery store to have a chat, friends
and families grow up together, residents bring their dogs
to street-side cafes for a relaxing cup of coffee.

It’s a place for formal dinner parties, steeplechase

galas, and croquet on the lawn. Aiken is home to active
retirees, families and young professionals. Aiken is little
cottages and large historic homes. It’s gated golf course
communities, and rural horse farms. It’s a place for block
parties and candlelight dinners on the porch. Horses
and carriages are commonplace on the city streets, and
horses always have the right of way. It’s a place where
professional golfers prepare for the Masters, as the town
explodes in a riotous splash of spring blooms in color.
Aiken is a nature lover’s paradise.

There truly is a place for everyone in Aiken.


A Place to Get

Young professionals thrive in Aiken. Today’s early career professionals
are increasingly beginning to discover a special place, a place where they
can dream big, start a career, and be a part of a thriving community.
That special place is Aiken.

Dream Big in Aiken

While many young professionals have their
sights on making it in the big cities, more and
more are discovering the advantages of smaller
cities like Aiken.

It’s also a great chance to become a “big fish

in a small pond,” with less competition for jobs
and more opportunity to earn a well-known
reputation, you may stand out in your chosen field
in a way you never could in an enormous city.

Come experience Aiken!

“If you’re lucky enough to live in Aiken,

you’re lucky enough.”


A Place For

Communities are so much more than a collection of houses, schools,
and businesses. Communities shape our personality and become
a large part of our identity. Knowing the important role that place
plays in growing up, Aiken is an ideal place for families.

In Aiken, families will find plenty Looking for a wonderful place to Getting a little warm? There are
of places to explore together. have a picnic and play under the plenty of refreshing ways to stay
towering oak trees? cool in the summer.
Whether it’s a hike in Hitchcock
Woods, a concert in Hopelands Families love Aiken’s newest park, Take the family to the splash pad
Gardens or a visit to one of the Virginia Acres at the H. Odell at Citizens Park or to Smith-Hazel
many playgrounds, there is always Weeks Activities Center. Recreation Center where you will
an outdoor adventure waiting to Kids can explore 12,000 square find a new zero-depth entry pool,
be had. feet of new equipment, which complete with new slides, spray jets
includes slides, jungle gyms, and other water features. Or consider
obstacle courses, spinners, joining the Family Y, the Fermata
climbing walls and zip lines. Club, or Woodside Country Club.

Family Fun For Everyone

Get Your Game On students with Joye in Aiken,
Youth sports in Aiken start as professional productions brought
young as 4 years old and include in by the Aiken Performing Arts,
baseball, soccer, cheerleading, and opportunities to participate
dance, swimming, and archery to in the Aiken Community Theatre
name a few. And don’t worry about Youth Wing.
getting the kids to all these activities
Get Smart
by yourself. Aiken is the type of
The Lessie B. Price Senior and Youth
community where families help one
Center is another jewel for families.
another, and the carpool is still cool.
The Center offers programs like
Equestrian Little Yogis (children’s yoga), family
Do you have a horse obsessed child? story time, after school tutoring,
Aiken will be your child’s paradise. chess club, fitness and cooking
Instruction in English and Western classes. Intergenerational activities
riding, youth polo, dressage and are also scheduled at the Center.
other disciplines are plentiful.
Fore All
Whether you own your own horse
In Aiken, golf isn’t just for the grown-
or not, Aiken is ready to welcome
ups. Youth of all backgrounds and
anyone ready to saddle up.
abilities ages 5-18 can participate in
Creative Minds First Tee where golf is used to teach
Aiken’s art and culture opportunities youth life lessons and leadership
for families are vast. Art classes at skills. It’s a place where strength of
Art Nook and Aiken Center for the character is more important than a
Arts are always popular. There are strong game.
concerts and clinics by Juilliard

The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” is easily seen in Aiken - a
community where neighbors help each other and children are valued and welcome.

A Place For

A FULL LIFE Whether you are an empty nester or a retiree, Aiken is a perfect place
to simply enjoy life. Offering quality health care, a variety of housing
options, life-long education opportunities and a pleasant climate
you can set your own pace in Aiken.

If you enjoy the game of golf Pickleball, one of the fastest growing Whatever your cause
but rarely found the time sports in America, is the source of some or passion, Aiken
during your working years, very healthy competition in Aiken. has a place for you
now is the time to dust off to get involved.
Enjoyed by people of all ages, it’s a bit
your clubs – and Aiken is the
easier on the body than most active Organizations like
place to do so.
sports. It’s played on a badminton-size the United Way of
The mild winters make golf a court with a paddle and a harder version Aiken County, Aiken
year-round activity, and with 17 of a whiffle ball. The ball is served with a Community Theatre
golf courses within a 20-mile waist-level underhand stroke. Don’t worry and the Friends of the
area, golfers are sure to find if you haven’t heard of it, it’s easy to learn Animal Shelter are
just the right lie. and is purported to be rather addictive. a few such places.

You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing. Come laugh with us in Aiken.

Always Learning
One can always learn a little something new.
The McGrath Computer Learning Center serves adults,
regardless of experience level, who wish to learn how to
use a computer or tablet. The Learning Center offers a
low-cost friendly introduction to using computers. The
Academy for Lifelong Learning at USC Aiken provides mature
adults with a range of fun and educational opportunities.
Each semester the Academy offers short courses, field trips
and social events from art, music, literature, and science,
to local, national and global history.

Award Winning
It is the combination of these items that have earned Aiken
the reputation as the “No. 1 place to retire,” by Century 21, the
“One of 21 Best Towns for Boomers” by Best Boomer Towns™
and “One of 10 terrific, affordable retirement towns,” and
“8 Tax-Friendly Cities” by Where to Retire magazine.

Come experience Aiken, where there is a place for everyone

and new neighbors quickly become old friends.

ALWAYS WITHIN REACH Aiken County Public Schools is an innovative, literacy -focused school system
distinguished by rigorous, personalized learning opportunities; highly effective,
service-driven professionals; and mutually beneficial partnerships.

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All the

From renowned writers to everyday travelers, find out what the world
has to say about Aiken, South Carolina.

“The spectacular old

avenue of oaks arcing
above South Boundary
Avenue gives Aiken
beauty-bragging rights over
all of its neighbors.”

“Aiken was the complete Southern town, and though “If you’ve never been to Hitchcock Woods,
it was of modest size, it was in character larger than think of it as South Carolina’s very own
life and had a number of claims on my attention.” enchanted forest, with 2,100 acres of towering pines,
PAU L T H E R O U X , D E E P S O U T H walking trails, bridle paths, and a rare sandy soil
that makes every footstep—whether
horse, hound, or human—a whisper.”
“Vibrant downtown, Farmers Market in the alley,
circles (go) and squares (no) for traffic flow. PAT R I C I A M U R P H Y
Carriages, trolley tours and train depot. Horses, dogs
and kids welcome here!”
“Spend a weekend in this horse-country town,
V I S I T A I K E N S C FAC E B O O K and you’ll see what makes it so special. One word
of caution: Some of Aiken’s visitors have been
known to come for the weekend and never leave,
“Southern hospitality originated somewhere and
so you shouldn’t pack light.”
after a few days in Aiken, there is a feeling that
perhaps this easy-going, elegant city, gave birth to VA L E R I E F R A S E R LU E S S E
gentle living and good manners.”
D O C L AW R E N C E B E S T S M A L L TOW N 2 0 1 8

The Faces of the Aiken Chamber of Commerce

The Aiken Chamber of Commerce is the FACE of the Aiken business community,
a dynamic business alliance and the area’s largest voluntary, membership-driven
organization. The Chamber exists to be the catalyst for business growth, the
convener for leaders and influencers, and the champion for a stronger community.

Aiken’s future as a desirable place to live, work and visit depends upon a dynamic, diversified
and growing economic base that complements the unique character of Aiken. Economic
vitality is the primary means of supporting a quality of life that is distinctive to Aiken.

Passionate and effective leadership of the Chamber is represented by the past, present
and future board chairs, Norman Dunagan 2022, Ryan Reynolds 2021, Julie Whitesell 2020,
Pastor Paul Bush 2019, and Chamber President/CEO J. David Jameson.

The Faces of Aiken City Government

The FACES of City Government are the Aiken City Council members.

Council members Ed Woltz, Gail Diggs, Mayor pro tem Lessie Price, Ed Girardeau, Andrea Neira
Gregory, Kay Brohl and Mayor Rick Osbon act as the governing body of our city. Aiken City Council
values input from the community and welcomes residents at its twice monthly meetings either in
person or through livestream. Aiken is proud to be a designated City of Character.

The Faces of Aiken City Services

The FACES of Aiken City Services are led by City Manager Stuart Bedenbaugh and the
department heads and staff that assist residents and businesses with all facets of life.

The City is guided by its organizational values along with sincerity and passion for
providing high quality customer service to all.

The Faces of Aiken Public Safety

The FACES of Aiken Public Safety are committed to protecting the life
and property of Aiken citizens while promoting a safe community for all.

The City of Aiken utilizes the unique concept of a Public Safety Department where
firefighters and police officers are cross trained in the fire service and law enforcement
fields. Aiken Public Safety is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of integrity, service
and accountability to those they serve. Led by Chief Charles Barranco, Aiken Public Safety
is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.

The Faces of Aiken’s Grounds Division

The FACES of Aiken’s Grounds Division maintain and care for the many
public spaces that make Aiken so unique and beautiful.

The City of Aiken has 174 parkways featuring 375 species of trees. It is no
surprise that Aiken has been named a “Tree City USA” every year since 1985.
The dedicated and knowledgeable crews from the Grounds Division are
responsible for maintaining the City’s historic parkways, Hopelands Gardens
and the showstopping flower beds in the downtown area.
The Faces of Aiken’s Parks,
Recreation & Tourism Department
The FACES of the City of Aiken’s Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department
are dedicated to enhancing the community’s quality of life.

Department divisions organize sports leagues, develop recreational

programming for residents of all ages and maintain local venues for special
events. Employees promote health and fitness by providing a variety of
activities, wellness programs and educational opportunities. The department
encourages tourism to Aiken through advertisement in print and online
media and welcomes area visitors with information and local tours. •

A Charmed

To those of you desiring more than a casual glance, welcome to historic Aiken.
Come and experience our town with its beautiful parkways and shaded streets,
its double avenues and historic mansions and enjoy a bit of our intriguing folklore.

The Beginning
Among the many things that The South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company was established

have helped to shape Aiken, in 1828. William Aiken, president of the Railroad Company and one

three of the main events are of South Carolina’s leading cotton merchants, hired Horatio Allen,

the railroad, the Winter Colony a distinguished engineer who later built the Brooklyn Bridge, to
build a railroad from Charleston to Hamburg, South Carolina, a
influence and the largest
site on the Savannah River. Work began in 1830 and on October 2,
industrial impact for the area,
1833, the first train arrived in the newly established town of Aiken,
the Savannah River Site.
named in honor of the first railroad president. In 1834, engineers
Alfred Dexter and C. O. Pascalis laid out the town with its wide
streets and parkways, and Aiken was chartered in 1835. Aiken
attracted many visitors, particularly wealthy Charlestonians.

The Winter Colony

Not only did wealthy Charlestonians land known as Hitchcock Woods
find Aiken compelling, Northerners for public use.
were lured to the area by the
Today’s current restorations keep
opportunities for equestrian sports.
past traditions alive and well, from
In the late 19th century, Aiken
the beautiful parkways and shaded
became “The Original Winter Colony,”
streets, to the double avenues,
where families such as the Whitneys,
historic mansions and compelling
Vanderbilts and Astors spent the
folklore. Hayne Avenue, Colleton
colder months in the “place of
Avenue, South Boundary and
retreat from the heat and malaria
Whiskey Road are old, fashionable
of unhealthier regions.”
residential avenues which attracted
Aiken quickly filled with stately both local residents and winter
mansions, awe-inspiring churches visitors to build beautiful homes.
and a thriving social scene anchored
Historic downtown Aiken
by equestrian sports. Among those
continues to serve as a vibrant
who wintered here was Thomas
business hub for the community
Hitchcock, who along with the
and provides a unique identity
Whitney’s established the tract of
and charm for the area.

Savannah River Site

The historical importance of the Site The first production reactor was
is best understood by recalling the taken critical in December 1953. The
war-time urgency that the Nation unprecedented construction project
felt in 1949 when the Soviet Union employed up to 38,582 workers in
exploded a nuclear weapon. The building more than 200 structures
Nation was shocked, and President on the 300-square-mile Site.
Harry Truman chose to respond.
The Site succeeded in meeting
The Savannah River Plant (now the Soviet challenge and made a
SRS) was the major U.S. step in significant contribution to winning
that response. Truman asked the the Cold War.
Atomic Energy Commission and
SRS celebrated its 70th anniversary
the Du Pont Company to design,
on Nov. 28, 2020. Today, the
build, and operate a facility to
site supports environmental
produce nuclear materials (mainly
stewardship and maintains
tritium and plutonium) for the
the nation’s nuclear deterrent
“super” (hydrogen) bomb. The first
while ensuring the safekeeping
public announcement of the Site
and disposal of domestic and
was made in November 1950 and
international nuclear materials.
ground was broken in February 1951.

History and culture play an important role in the community, and various
historical sites and museums offer memorable educational experiences.


Aiken County Historical Museum at Banksia, The SRS Heritage Museum preserves the
a former Winter Colony estate, once served history of the Savannah River Site (SRS)
as the original campus of the University of and interprets to the public the Site’s role in
South Carolina Aiken and as the community’s winning the Cold War. The museum focuses on
public library. The museum offers an exciting SRS’s technical and scientific achievements,
historical view of Aiken and features ongoing sociological impacts and ecological
displays and events that bring history to life. accomplishments.
The grounds have been developed into an
arboretum and nature trail. Aiken’s Winter Colony gained fame in the
late 19th century as a winter resort for the
The Aiken Train Museum is a replica of Aiken’s country’s wealthy industrial elite. It didn’t
historic railroad depot. It houses the City of take long for Aiken to become a winter home
Aiken Visitors Center, as well as displays for many famous and notable people, known
depicting the relationship between the founding as Winter Colonists. Tours of Aiken are
of Aiken and the history of the railroad — from available through,
the popular legend of a bride whose “hand was and
given in marriage” in exchange for a railroad
stop, to the establishment of the “Winter
Colony,” when wealthy northerners traveled Curious where these Winter Colonists stabled
by way of personal railway cars to spend their their horses? Visit the Rye Patch. Statues of the
winters in Aiken. horses can be found in their stables along with
information on the horses and their owners.
The Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame
and Museum celebrates the great tradition The Clifford S. Gerde Carriage Museum
of racing and Aiken’s vital role in it. Forty exhibits nine carriages that were once used
champion thoroughbreds have trained at the for trips to the market, outings around town,
famed Aiken Training Track. The Hall of Fame commutes to and from work, leisurely travel
immortalizes each in the Iselin’s charming, old and even pony breaking. Each carriage has
carriage house. The Hall of Fame features both been restored, some by Mr. Clifford Gerde
flat racers and steeplechase horses from 1942 himself, who was the founding member of the
through the present. Photos, trophies and other Aiken Driving Club. Visitors are invited to learn
memorabilia highlight these outstanding horses. more about travel in the era before horsepower
came from an engine.

Home Sweet

If you are looking for a place that offers all the amenities
you’ll ever need, a place that offers a perfect balance
between the charm and grace of yesterday and the promise
of tomorrow, you will find it in Aiken, South Carolina.

With its rich heritage, impeccable beauty, Historic homes and charming cottages, condominiums
cosmopolitan flair, and unparalleled quality of life, and townhouses, large equestrian estates, golf
Aiken is the ideal place to come and spend a day, communities with nature trails, and retirement
a week or a lifetime. communities with endless amenities are available.

Aiken is a Great Value

People are moving in record numbers to South Carolina for the
reasonable cost of living and low taxes. South Carolina has the seventh
lowest property taxes in the country. So, whether its housing, food,
transportation, property taxes and more, you’ll know your dollar
goes further in South Carolina than most states.

Aiken, South Carolina

90.1 Cost of Living
This is 10% below
the national average
Grocery: 102.4

This is the lowest composite index

Health Care: 90.3
Transportation: 85.5
Utilities: 87

in the 5 Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Housing: 71.4

measured in South Carolina.

Source: Council for Community

and Economic Research

Comparison to Nearby Cities

Market Overview
Asheville, NC: 100.5% YTD 2020 Median Sales Price
Charleston, SC: 96.9% $207,550
Charlotte, NC: 97.9% YTD 2020 Average Sales Price
Columbia, SC: 93.2%
YTD 2020 Days on market: 132
Greenville, SC: 95.4%
YTD 2020 Percent
Hilton Head, SC: 105.9 of List Price Received: 97.8%

For comparison to your area visit

Sales Tax
Annual Aiken County property Lowest property
taxes on a $200,00 home taxes in the Nation

The Face of Bat Aero

Randy Batarao is the FACE of BAT AERO.

He is a cinematographer with an extensive background in music

production and performance art. He has a passion for building
relationships and creating turnkey solutions for his clients. BAT AERO,
based in Aiken, serves clients across the nation with full production
capabilities for film, tv and events, corporate marketing, professional real
estate marketing, as well as commercial, government, military, and industry
applications. Let BAT AERO bring your dreams to life.

The Faces of Aiken-Augusta Real Estate


The SMART Choice for ALL Your Real Estate Needs

Consistently providing the knowledge, experience, responsiveness,

and availability to make your buying or selling experience as
enjoyable and profitable as possible. • 803-640-9423

The Face of Stories and Stills

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Stories and Stills has you covered. In today’s fast-paced world,
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‘Your Stories. Your Stills. Our Passion’

Experience Aiken’s Art and

CULT U R E The Aiken community is passionate about art – all kinds of art –
and residents and visitors alike support the arts with an enthusiasm
that could rival most any large city.

Visual and performing arts thrive year-round

Don’t miss out on our upcoming events.
and touch many cultures and lifestyles, while showcasing Visit these websites to stay
up-to-date on the latest news:
local, national and international talent.
Participation in the arts is highly encouraged in the area
through art education and enrichment classes. Both visual and
performing arts classes are available and give all citizens the
opportunity to learn a new skill or enhance an existing one.

A I K E N ’ S A R T S + C U LT U R A L A N N U A L E V E N T S
Hopelands Gardens Summer Concert Series
Various entertainment including bands, ballet, bluegrass and
clogging perform on Monday evenings from April through July
at the Windam Performing Arts Stage at Hopelands Gardens.

Joye in Aiken
The Joye in Aiken Festival brings the world’s best young
artists from the Juilliard School and beyond to Aiken for public
performances, chamber concerts, master classes and outreach
programs in area schools.

Southern City Institute

The Southern City Film Festival seeks to create venues in the
community to encourage education, artistic expression and
acknowledge emerging filmmakers from around the world and
within the community.

A R T S + C U LT U R A L F A C I L I T I E S
Aiken Center for the Arts
Local, as well as international and national, artist shows and
receptions flourish throughout the year and offer a unique mix
of art media. Classes for children and adults are taught daily.

Aiken Community Playhouse

Offering seven main stage productions each season,
several Black Box events, Coffeehouse Productions, workshops
and a Youth Wing Program, shows range from drama to
comedy and musicals.

The Center for African American History, Art & Culture

Located in the historic Immanuel Institute building, the
Center documents and celebrates Aiken’s diversity, its sense
of community and demonstrates the many contributions of
African Americans in not only Aiken County, but in the state
and nationwide.

The Etherredge Center for the Fine and Performing Arts

Located on the campus of the University of South Carolina
Aiken, the Center hosts many cultural events open to the
community, including the annual Cultural Series featuring
traveling theater companies and performers.

A I K E N ’ S A R T S + C U LT U R A L G R O U P S
Aiken Choral Society
A community chorus dedicated to providing the best singing
experience to interested, talented singers throughout the Aiken area.
The group’s repertoire is wide and includes celebrating the best in
composition from early music to hit movie themes.

Aiken Civic Ballet

South Carolina’s longest continuously operating dance company
has been in existence for over 48 years. Under the artistic direction
of Diane Toole Miller, the company produces original ballets and
contemporary dance works.

Aiken Performing Arts (APA)

Quality professional artists perform in Aiken – including classical,
jazz, brass, chamber, bluegrass, big band, Broadway and ethnic
music performed by individual vocalists and instrumentalists, bands
and full orchestras- plus dance, comedy, satire and variety programs.

Aiken Symphony Guild

Annually, the Guild is the presenter of the Youth Concerts for all fifth-
grade students in Aiken and Edgefield counties and the Concerto
Competition for students eighteen years of age and younger.

Aiken Symphony Orchestra

The ASO provides artistic leadership to the community through
the presentation of symphonic music that educates, entertains and
enriches the human spirit, in addition to a program of classical and
pops concerts.
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and industry and application experts help these manufacturers
provide high-quality, consistent, and dependable products to
customers. From medicines to food and beverages, products
your family uses every day are made with the help of Emerson
automation technology.

At Emerson, we understand the health of local economies –

especially those where our employees live and work – is crucial
for our collective success. For over 40 years, we have been a proud
partner with Aiken, creating jobs and economic opportunities
for the community.

Learn more at:

The Emerson logo is a trademark and a service mark of Emerson Electric Co. © 2020 Emerson Electric Co.

A Focus on

W ELLNESS With highly trained professionals who are dedicated to the wellness of the
entire person — from acute care to behavioral health, preventive medicine
and wellness programs — the Aiken area offers superior health care services
covering a broad spectrum of specialties.

Wellness encompasses
a healthy body, a sound
mind and a tranquil spirit.
Enjoy your wellness
journey in Aiken.

Staying Healthy
A comprehensive range of health care services can be found in Aiken County, including:

Home Health Hospice Care Support Groups

Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Educational Programs
Occupational Therapy Behavioral Health Comprehensive Care Facilities
Therapeutic Massage Exercise Programs Adult Day Services
Chiropractic Care Special Interest Programs Assisted-Living Communities


302 University Parkway, Aiken, SC

As Aiken’s hometown hospital, Aiken Regional’s team is dedicated to serving the Aiken Community.
The 273-bed care facility, has more than 150 physicians representing over 40 specialties.
Services + Facilities
Aiken Urgent Care Emergency Medicine Palmetto Pediatric Center
Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Hitchcock Inpatient Sleep Evaluation Center
Health Services Rehabilitation Center Southside Imaging Center
Cancer Care Institute of Carolina Hitchcock Outpatient The Surgery Center of Aiken
Cardiovascular Imaging of Aiken Physical, Occupational and Speech
Therapy Center Women’s Breast Health
Cardiovascular Institute of Carolina & Imaging Center
The Neuroscience Center
Diabetes and Nutrition Women’s LifeCare Center
Teaching Center Orthopedic Services/
The Joint Academy Wound Healing Institute of Carolina

University Primary Care - Silver Bluff Our region’s Level 1 adult and pediatric
1021 Silver Bluff Road, Aiken, SC trauma centers:
Services include the diagnosis and Augusta University Medical Center
management of simple and chronic 1120 15th Street, Augusta, GA
health problems as well as management A teaching- and research-based hospital
of all acute, chronic, simple and complex with 478 beds
medical issues of adults.
Children’s Hospital of Georgia
University Prompt Care - Silver Bluff 1446 Harper Street, Augusta, GA
1021 Silver Bluff Road, Aiken Pediatric hospital with 154 beds
Offers walk-in appointments for
A variety of centers and units such
non-life-threatening conditions
as the Sports Medicine Center and the
University Hospital in Augusta Georgia Cancer Center.
1350 Walton Way, Augusta, GA
Serves 25 counties in Georgia and Health Care is a top priority in Aiken and
South Carolina with 581-beds at their Aiken County. Health care providers and citizens
not-for-profit community hospital
alike recognize the value of a healthy community.

The Aiken VA Outpatient The Charlie Norwood VA Medical The Eisenhower Army
Clinic provides primary Center in Augusta offers a full Medical Center at Fort Gordon
care and mental health complement of health services to meet serves active-duty personnel
services for Veterans. the needs of our Nation’s Veterans. and their beneficiaries.


St. John's
United Methodist Church

All are welcome at St. John's! We invite you to join us at

one of our five worship services.
8:30 am Sanctuary
9:02 am Faith Center
11:00 am Sanctuary
11:00 am Faith Center
6:00 pm Around the Fountain

A Thriving

ECO NOMY The economic strength of Aiken County lies in the ability to change
with the times and to embrace a global marketplace. From everyday
products, such as pharmaceutical and consumer health products, to
tires, automotive parts, diesel engines, vending machines and materials
for nuclear defense and environmental restoration, many advanced
businesses and industries call the Aiken area home.

Aiken County
recognizes the value
of its economic base
and works closely with
existing industries
to help ensure their
success and longevity.

Making it in Aiken

The range and diversity of these companies provide a stable working

environment and strengthen Aiken County’s economic base.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, The area also enjoys a strong global
LLC, the largest employer in Aiken presence with several international
County and one of the largest companies, such as Bridgestone
in South Carolina, plays a major Americas Tire Operations (Japan),
role in the area’s economy at MTU America Inc. (Germany),
the Savannah River Site, which Autoneum North America
includes the Savannah River (Switzerland), Valmet Inc. (Finland),
National Laboratory. SRNL Newman Technology SC (Japan),
provides intellectual leadership, BAE Systems (United Kingdom), BOC
innovative solutions, and research Gases (United Kingdom), and Shinsho
and technology necessary to American Corporation (Japan).
address the nation’s most complex
Dynamic Workforce
nuclear materials processing and
With its friendly, progressive business
environmental challenges.
environment, the Aiken area offers a
Several other large employers diverse, well trained workforce and
in the area, including Savannah incentives to potential business and
River Remediation, LLC, at the industry. Aiken Technical College
Savannah River Site, Kimberly- and the University of South Carolina
Clark Corporation, Zeus Industrial Aiken are instrumental in preparing
Products, Emerson ASCO LP, students for the business and
and Bridgestone Americas Tire technical needs of local employers.
Operations have invested heavily
In addition, their continuing
in Aiken County and contribute
education programs support new
significantly to economic prosperity.
technological needs brought on by
an ever changing market.

The Face of Cassie Bayer Photography

Cassie is an artist, her “brush” is her camera, and her goal
is always to capture memorable images that move people.


Pet Photography – where your furry, feathered or scaly family member will
have a wonderful experience creating a lasting keepsake for you.

Professional Headshots - You already know that having a great

headshot is important to your business, no matter the size of your company.
Big or small, it’s all about your BRAND. We will work with you to create
amazing images that project your vision, your style and your personality.

Photo Restoration - Our skills make old memories new again by

bringing back your photo’s life and soul.

The Faces of Aiken Manufacturing

Bridgestone became a FACE of Aiken manufacturing when it established operations
in the Aiken community in 1997. With state-wide record-breaking capital investments
by the company, Aiken is now home to two Bridgestone facilities,
the Passenger Tire Plant and the Off-Road Radial Tire Plant.

The Bridgestone mission is based on the words of its founder: “Serving Society with
Superior Quality.” To fulfill this mission, Bridgestone has used the concept of “foundation” to
demonstrate the sustained commitment of team members to provide its customers with world
class products and services and to serve the communities where Bridgestone does business.

Employing over 2,000, Bridgestone is proud to partner with Aiken Technical College to recruit,
educate, and graduate technicians in fields where workforce shortages exist. The Technical
Scholars program provides valuable real-world experience and allows the team member and
Bridgestone to test drive one another. The result is a not only a win for Bridgestone and the
team member, but a win for the Aiken community.



From streetscape improvements to major river bridges,

Alfred Benesch & Company, formerly Toole Engineers is a
go-to firm for state and local agencies across the country.

Aviation • Bridges • Built Environment • Construction Engineering &

Inspection • Environmental • Planning • Railroad • Roadway • Transit
• Water • Value Methodology

785 employees | 39 offices | 18 states | 1 team

Welcome Aiken half pg ad 2020AI.pdf 1 10/7/2020 5:53:51 PM

Zeus Proudly Supports the Aiken Community

At Zeus, we know that a
company is only as strong
as the community that
surrounds it. Aiken is a
great place for businesses
and families. That’s why we
are a proud supporter of
the community.

9150 Levels Church Road

Aiken, SC 29801 • (803) 641-3900

We fulfill a critical The Centerra history at the Savannah River Site dates back to 1983
National Security mission when we were selected by the Department of Energy to protect
by protecting National Security interests at the Site. The threat of terrorism had
nuclear materials grown across the globe and the SRS security posture was evolving
and other security interests, to ensure continued protection against potential adversaries.
people and property
in a safe and Our paramilitary Protective Force provides physical security,
cost-effective manner. access control, property protection, law enforcement, accident
and criminal investigations, traffic control, canine explosives and
Our Core Functions drug detection, aviation support, river patrol, alarm equipment
of People, Safety, monitoring, and a Special Response Team.
Professional Excellence
and Customer Focus The administrative and support functions ensure that our critical
are the driving forces National Security mission is conducted with an overarching
of the organization. focus on the health and safety of all Site employees, with a strict
adherence to Federal and State regulatory requirements, and in
We look forward the most cost-efficient manner.
to continuing
The Company employs support staff professionals with expertise
our long tradition
in specialized security training, weapons training, physical
of performance excellence
fitness, performance testing, total quality, safety, environmental
at the Savannah River Site.
management, human resources, compensation and benefits,
resource management, logistics, computer systems, accounting,
Centerra-SRS labor relations, and security program planning.
P.O. Drawer W
Aiken, South Carolina 29802 We are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence and
look forward to even greater success in the coming years.
External Affairs Office
Mission First...People Always!

A Commitment to

EDUCATION Education is a top priority in workforce and economic development initiatives

throughout the area. Aiken County’s private citizens and business communities
have a long standing commitment to education and embrace the many
academic offerings – from pre-kindergarten to college and beyond.

With public, private and Aiken County Public Schools is leading The Aiken County community
religion-based schools a community workforce development is invested in public education.
available, educational collaborative. AIKEN WORKS is providing Through taxpayer support,
opportunities are plentiful for authentic hands-on experiences for Aiken’s we are building new schools
all students, where academic, as students and propelling Aiken County and renovating others to
well as physical and character, forward as a hub of cyber technology, ensure a 21st century learning
development are stressed. industrial manufacturing, health and energy. environment for all students.

A G L A N C E : K-1 2
The Consolidated School
District of Aiken County is S
outh Carolina’s sixth largest
school district in population.
1000 Brookhaven Drive
Aiken, SC 29803
803.641.2428 : :

4K-12 Student Population: 24,119

Number of Schools: 45
8 High Schools
11 Middle Schools
21 Elementary Schools
1 Career and Technology Center
2 Charter Schools
1 Adult Education Center
1 Early Education Center

The District’s merit is evidenced by AdvanceEd accreditation, Advanced Degrees: 61%

an “Excellent” Report Card rating and many schools listed among Average Teacher Salary:
U.S. News & World Reports’ Best High Schools, including a silver Number of Teachers:
award-winner and a National Blue Ribbon Award recipient. 1,494
Total Number of
Employees (full-time): 3,350
Aiken County public schools are We’ve seen an increase of 5% in
high-performing: South Carolina Junior Scholars, with NEW STUDENTS
92 8th graders being named this All new students entering
18 were recognized with
past year. school for the first time in
Palmetto Gold & Silver Awards. Aiken County are required
Duke Talent Identification Program to provide the following
All are staffed with highly- documents:
(TIP) scholars were awarded to
qualified teachers, staff and
19% of our 7th grade students, who Birth Certificate
administrators, including a
scored 95% or higher on grade-level Immunization
Presidential Award-winning Math
standardized testing. Card/Form
and Science Teacher, as well as
Proof of Residency
the state Media Specialist and Arts + Stem Programs
Agriculture Teacher of the Year. The District has an elementary I M M U N I Z AT I O N
school with magnet designation and For complete details, call
Area schools are grounded in a 1-800-27-SHOTS
the middle schools infuse science,
philosophy of “All Means All;” all or visit
technology, engineering and math,
students deserve the opportunity
for a high-quality education. Child Development (4K):
across all subject areas.
4 years old by September 1
Our Students Excel In Academics
Joye in Aiken and Aiken Performing Kindergarten (5K):
We have increased the number of
Arts partner with the District to 5 years old by September 1
students taking AP classes by 77%
inspire and enhance arts education First Grade:
in one year and have seen a 30%
through on-campus residencies, 6 years old by September 1
increase in named AP scholars. We
workshops, concerts and
had 614 students earn college credit
through AP classes in 2017,
a 47% increase from the year before.
Aiken County is proud to
be a distinguished public
Light a fire for learning in Aiken. school system.

Private Schools C A R E E R P R E PA R AT I O N
All high schools offer advanced courses and ever-growing numbers of
For parents who wish to explore
AP courses. All high schools offer dual enrollment classes at USC Aiken
options outside of traditional public
or Aiken Technical College. All of our schools have a strong STEM focus,
schools, religious and charter schools
preparing our students for a successful future.
are located in Aiken County.
Thematic Programs at each high school include:
A FEW OPTIONS: • Cambridge International School
Mead Hall Episcopal School • Aiken Technical College (ATC) Early College Program National Math
(Grades 3K-12) and Science Initiative (NMSI) Advanced Placement Academy • Farm-to-Table Healthy Living School
Midland Valley Christian Academy • Academy for Technology, Engineering
(Grades 4K - 8) and the Arts (ATEA) • Academy of Leadership and Military Science
South Aiken Baptist • Aiken Scholars Academy
Christian School
The Aiken County Career and Technology Center offers a multitude of
St. Mary’s Help of Christian award-winning programs:
Catholic School
• A highly-publicized • Emergency/Fire Management
(Grades K-8)
collaboration with MTU • Fashion
• Health Science
Tall Pines STEM Academy • Networking/cyber security
(Grades 5-8) • Electricity
• Welding • Media Technology

Located on the campus of USC Aiken is the Ruth Patrick Science
Education Center, which offers a hands-on approach to science,
technology, engineering and math.
Established in 1987 as a cooperative effort by USC Aiken, local industry
and the public school districts in the Central Savannah River Area, its
hands-on approach to teaching is designed to help people experience the
beauty, the order and the power of science and mathematics, as well as
the interest and fun of discovery.
A visit to the RPSEC enables students, teachers and the public to
experience science and mathematics in a challenging yet exciting way.
The center has enriched the educational lives of more than 250,000
students, teachers and citizens since it opened.
The McGrath Computer Learning Center serves adults, regardless of
experience level, who wish to learn how to use a computer or tablet. The
Learning Center offers a low-cost, friendly introduction to using computers.
Basic curriculum courses include a general introduction to computers, word A M I L I T A R Y - F R I E N D LY
processing, and use of the internet and email. More advanced courses cover DISTRICT
genealogy, graphics, digital photography and photograph enhancement, Aiken County Public Schools are
and financial management. Teaching is primarily hands-on, with the student military friendly. The district has
learning from challenging exercises. Coaches, usually 2 or 3 per class, met the extensive requirements of
provide one-on-one help for each student at his or her computer. a Purple Star designation.
Among the extensive criteria
for Purple Star designation are
requirements for a dedicated
liaison to serve as a single point
of contact, student ambassadors
to offer peer-to-peer support, a
military-friendly website, military-
student exceptions to enrollment
periods for sports and other
extracurricular activities, and
school staff training.

�gher Education
Aiken County’s institutions of higher education, Aiken Technical College and the
University of South Carolina Aiken, offer outstanding opportunities for area citizens.


A comprehensive four-year institution, offering Public, two-year comprehensive college
both undergraduate and graduate degrees in 52
programs of study. • Supports economic growth and community
development in the greater Aiken area by
• 3,720 students (Fall 2019): 36 states represented; preparing students for gainful employment
38 countries represented; 86% South Carolinians or further higher education.
• 27% of the students who start college at USC Aiken • Offers a variety of academic programs in
and graduate do so with no debt. business, computer technology, health sciences,
• Student-Faculty ratio: 15:1 creates opportunities for manufacturing, nuclear, public service and
individualized learning STEM-related areas such as engineering.
• U.S. News and World Report: #1 Regional • In addition, the College offers several university
Comprehensive Public College in the South. This transfer programs for those desiring to earn an
2021 distinction marks USC Aiken’s 23rd consecutive Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree
ranking among the top three in this category and and continue their education at a
15th time in first place. four-year institution.
• College of Distinction (2020): By demonstrating • The College also has an Early Start: Dual
continued dedication to high-impact educational Enrollment Program which provides high school
practices that influence both student learning and students with opportunities to enroll in college-
student success, USC Aiken has been named as one level coursework and earn credits toward both
of the nation’s Colleges of Distinction. a high school diploma and college credential.
• Military Times (2020). USC Aiken once again ranks as • State-of-the-art facilities with learning
one of the top institutions committed to the success environments that resemble work environments
of military and veteran students, according to Military in the related industry.
Times, a highly ranked source among the armed forces.

The Faces of Aiken Technical College

Since 1972, Aiken Technical College has been a FACE of educational and workforce
development opportunities for the greater Aiken County community.

The College offers various programs to help meet

the workforce needs in industries such as healthcare,
manufacturing, nuclear, computer technology,
public service, and business. The College also provides
pathways for those interested in earning transferable
credits toward a bachelor’s degree.

Students receive an education that merges classroom

theory with practical skills to prepare for a successful
future. This approach provides students with
opportunities to build employable skills by learning
in spaces that allow for interactive learning and
participating in field experiences with local partners.

Such partnerships also extend beyond the classroom

and are essential to the College’s ability to fulfill its
mission. ATC works closely with businesses, industries,
and our community to provide the resources and
support students need as they pursue their goals.

As Aiken Technical College approaches its

50th anniversary, it looks forward to continuing
to meet the community’s technical education needs
and contributing to the region’s economic vitality.

The Face of Production

Tad Jones is the FACE of A Tad Creative Production where he combines
authenticity, creativity, purpose and passion to inspire every person,
place or project to reach its full potential.

Tad enjoys getting to know a person, company, or organization and taking a

comprehensive and incremental approach to creatively forwarding their business or
vision. Tad uses a combination of his business degree and experiences in the business
world with his knowledge and skills in photography, videography, social media,
websites, graphic design and SEO to creatively meet the needs of his clients.
U.S. News and World Report (2021) voted UofSC Aiken the
#1 Regional Comprehensive Public College in the South.
This 2021 distinction marks UofSC Aiken’s 23rd consecutive ranking among the top
three in this category. The university has won the first place ranking fifteen times.
471 University Pkwy, Aiken, SC 29801

Family Owned & Operated

Aiken’s Only On-Site

Shellhouse Shellhouse-
Funeral Rivers Funeral
Home, Inc. Home, Inc.
924 Hayne Ave. 715 E. Pine Log Rd.
Aiken, SC 29801 Aiken, SC 29803





129 Pendleton St. SW • 619 Barnwell Ave. NW
Lower School: (803) 644-1122 • Middle + Upper School: (803) 648-3223

Aiken’s only co-educational, independent and

college-preparatory day school serving grades 3K - 12
with a fully accredited program that challenges students to pursue
Academic Excellence, Spiritual Growth and Moral Integrity.

125 Pendleton St. SW

(803) 648-5497
SRNS is proud to be the Savannah River Site management and operations contractor.
Developing safe and innovative
approaches to deliver on our
environmental commitments
and nuclear materials
Suppling products and
services necessary
to maintain the nation’s
nuclear deterrent
nuclear materials
to prevent unwanted
nuclear materials
into assets and
challenges wasteforms

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

We make the world safer.

Please visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
For information on Savannah River Site tours, please visit>About>Tour SRS

Fun, Fabulous and Festive

Art, antiques, food, music and equine, Aiken is host to festivals
and events all year-long for every interest and enjoyment. Many of these
events are free or go to support a good cause. Find a reason to
celebrate and enjoy the many festivals happening in Aiken.

Bring your lawn

chair and a picnic
and enjoy a free
concert in the park.

Annual Events
Spring Fall
Harness Races Aiken’s Makin’
Aiken Trials Oktoberfest
Aiken Spring Steeplechase
Chocolate Festival
Pacers and Polo
Aiken Horse Show Western Carolina State Fair
Hopelands Gardens Concert Series Aiken Fall Steeplechase
Aiken Spring Classic Masters
Aiken Spring Classic Finale
Strawberry Festival Winter
Aiken Charity Horse Show Antiques in the Heart of Aiken
Hops N’Hogs
Mardi Gras
SC Equestrian Special Olympics
Woofstock Doxie Derby Battle of Aiken
Run United Joye in Aiken

Aiken is Magical at

There is nothing like experiencing the season of lights in the beauty of Aiken.
Events throughout November and December celebrate the fun, the elegance and the
meaning of Christmas. Come one; come all to take part in a magical Aiken Christmas.

Christmas Events
Aiken Symphony Madrigal Feast
“Home for the Holidays” Festival of Trees at the Depot
Hoofbeats and Christmas Night of 1,000 Lights
Carols Parade
Aiken Jaycees
Bloodies & Bagels Christmas Parade
Blessing of the Hounds Holiday Wine Walk
One Table Annual Santa at the Depot
Downtown Christmas Christmas in Hopelands
Tree Lighting

Discover more about these events at




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Ai ge Co
ke fie rm
Ed Mc

Welcome to
n, ld ic

,S kC

South Carolina’s
ud oun
a, tie

Western Region

Unmatched Character. Rich Culture. Historic Charm.

For more information visit or call (803) 641-3300


Delicious Options for

Dining in Aiken is an elegant blend of Southern and global favorites.
Known for its small family-owned eateries that span the simple
“grab and go” concept to the elegant and refined - Aiken has it all.

Come to Aiken to eat for the variety, the atmosphere and the remarkable
mix of cultural inspirations.Aiken boasts an abundance of
delicious restaurants and cafes for all budgets and palates.

From innovative cuisine to old-time favorites, more than 30 local restaurateurs serve-up artisan food
for an unforgettable dining experience. Below are just a few of the local favorites:

Aiken Fish House Fuse Malia’s Restaurant The Village Café

& Oyster Bar Whiskey Alley
Highland Park Grille Prime Steakhouse
Anshu Asian Café Spirits & Tapas
La Parisienne Rose Hill
Apizza di Napoli The Whitney
Linda’s Bistro Solo Vino Restaurant & Bar
El Borikuazo
Macaluso’s Restaurant Takosushi The Willcox

Local Cuisines
Fine Dining Nightlife
The South’s finest hospitality Good friends, craft cocktails and
awaits you in Aiken. Regional live music. Where the beer is
fare prepared by world local and so is the band. Watch
renowned chefs. Dine in some the game, sing the song, dance
of America’s oldest winter in the Alley, play trivia. There’s
colony residences, or experience always something happening
modern re-interpretations with in Aiken at night…if you know
all the style and sophistication where to look.
you would expect, Aiken dining
Farm to table Fresh
shines on the world map.
Listed on the Aiken Historic
Profound Wines Register, the Aiken County
Accomplished Chefs Farmers Market sells fresh
Immaculate Service produce including corn,
tomatoes, beans, fruit and
Foodie Events more. Goods are displayed on
Bump into friends on the street, the tables built by farmers and
or dine with the stars. Dance families of Aiken County over
to live music, take a cooking 50 years ago. It is the oldest
class, or just recline and digest. (in continuous operation at the
When eating happens in Aiken, same location) county farmers’
it isn’t just a meal, it’s an event! market in the State of South
From local produce at the Carolina.
farmers markets, to the vibe
of downtown festivals, or the Seasonal produce, sauces, jams,
magnificence of a grand ball, marinades, dry goods, frozen
the Aiken food scene is alive treats, flowers and more can be
with music, flavor, lights found at the Farm Fresh Market
and nostalgia. at Cold Creek.

Visit the Aiken Chamber’s directory of restaurants at

A Short Drive to

EVERYTHING Conveniently located about a short 3-hour drive to the mountains and the
beach. Ideally located and accessible to major interstates and airports.
Aiken’s residents have the best of both worlds – they can enjoy big city life
without having to live in a large metropolitan area.

Aiken to Augusta, GA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 minutes
Asheville Aiken to Atlanta, GA . . . . . . . . 2 hours 29 minutes
Aiken to Columbia, SC . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 minutes
Aiken to Charlotte, NC . . . . . . 2 hours 18 minutes
Greenville Aiken to Charleston, SC . . . . . 2 hours 28 minutes
SC Aiken to Fort Gordon, GA . . . . . . . . . . 43 minutes
Columbia Myrtle Beach Aiken to Greenville, SC . . . . . . 2 hours 10 minutes
Atlanta Aiken to Savannah, GA . . . . . . 2 hours 25 minutes
Augusta Beaches and Mountains
Fort Gordon
Charleston Hilton Head, SC . . . . . . . . . . . .2 hours 34 minutes
Myrtle Beach, SC . . . . . . . . . . . 3 hours 26 minutes
Asheville, NC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 hours 1 minute
GA Hilton Head
Total Area of County: 1,080.66 square miles
Land: 1,071.03 square miles
Water: 9.63 square miles

No Snow Shovel Needed

Aiken’s residents can enjoy the change of seasons without prolonged severe weather. The sun shines on
Aiken – on average 216 days a year. Never use a snow shovel again – Average snowfall is 0.5 inches.

216 Sunny days per AV E R AG E W E AT H E R Jan July

year on average.
Average High 54°F 92°F

Average Low 33°F 71°F

The July high is Average Temperature 64°F

around 92 degrees.
Average # of Rainy Days 78.6

Average Annual Snowfall 0.5 inches

The January low
is around 33. Elevation 515 feet

The Face of Webster Photography

Scott Webster is the FACE of Webster Photography.

A professional photographer since 1995, Scott specializes in outdoor photography

and enjoys shooting with natural light. Webster photography is thrilled to capture
your precious memories no matter where you are making them. For quality
images with a photographer that is professional, yet relaxed and easy to work
with, allow Webster photography to record the important moments of your life.

The Great

OUTDOORS Every season in Aiken offers exciting outdoor activities

for visitors and residents of all ages. Fun and diverse activities
abound year-round in Aiken and surrounding towns.

Days Of

Escape and Enjoy

Nature and walking opportunities are plentiful for those For the more adventurous, Hitchcock Woods,
that enjoy the outdoors. The area offers numerous a 2,000-acre woodland preserve nestled in the
public parks, walking trails and tranquil gardens. heart of downtown Aiken, has numerous trails
Hopelands Gardens, a 14-acre public treasure, features and paths that provide hours of hiking,
garden paths that wind among 100-year-old magnolia horseback riding and bird watching activities
and oak trees. for many.

Thrive Outside
Hopelands Gardens skeet fields. The Palmetto Shooting
Walk the winding path through Complex is part of the National
Hopelands Gardens and enjoy the Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and
romantic landscape of historic oaks, offers member, youth, collegiate and
cedars, and magnolia trees. military discounts.
Arboretum Trail Virginia Acres and Carolina Bay
The variety of trees in downtown Great park for all ages and all
Aiken is so diverse that a 4-mile interests! This park boasts trails for
wide area has been designated as an walking, running and rollerblading.
Arboretum. Using a cell phone, you It has basketball, tennis, soccer,
can access an interactive self-guided racquetball, disc golf, climbing walls,
tour providing facts about each tree. canoing, picnic areas, playgrounds
and more. If it’s outdoor and fun, it’s
Hitchcock Woods
at Virginia Acres and Carolina Bay.
The largest urban forest in the nation,
Hitchcock Woods attracts equestrians, Langley Pond Disc Golf Park
hikers, dog walkers, and runners to Love Frisbee? Check out Langley
65 miles of sandy trails through the Pond Disc Golf Park. Enjoy
stunning longleaf pine forest. spectacular water holes, varying
terrain, challenging pin locations
Aiken State Park
and towering hardwoods at Aiken
Just 15 minutes down Highway 302,
County’s championship level disc golf
Aiken State Park offers, picnic areas,
course. Langley Pond Disc
canoing, hiking and camping. Enjoy a
Golf Park is consistently ranked top
getaway without having to go away.
10 world-wide due to the challenging
Boyd Pond layout, beautiful views and
Boyd Pond is a 30-acre fishing pond world-class design.
surrounded by wooded parkland.
Audubon’s Silver Bluff Sanctuary
The park has boat ramps, fishing,
A 3,400-acre woodland overlooking
self-guided bird watching, and
the Savannah River. Here you’ll
geocaching. The dense woods
find extensive pine forests and
provide a refreshing canopy for
bottomland hardwood forests; 22
summer outdoor fun at any of the
miles of horse and walking trails;
park’s baseball fields, soccer fields,
50 acres of lakes and ponds; 100
hiking and biking trails.
acres of grassland; and all manner
Palmetto Shooting Complex of birds and wildlife. And that’s
Enjoy the premier shooting just above ground — underfoot are
destination in the Southeast, which archaeological sites from nearly
houses sporting clays and trap and every period in American history.

Aiken is an outdoor lover’s paradise.


Take Time to Play in

Experience historic downtown Aiken where you will find locally
owned shops, chef-owned restaurants and cafés and a theater with
home-grown talent as well as professional productions.

Bakeries, furniture stores, sophisticated clothing boutiques, gift shops,

a traditional hardware store, antique stores and equine-inspired shops
line the streets. Stop and rock a spell in The Alley, where you can sip
sweet tea or share a pint of craft brew or whiskey with friends.
Southern hospitality is a guarantee in downtown Aiken.

Aiken is Alive
You’ll get a whiff of coffee being exhibits on the 1880-1954
brewed, food being prepared and passenger line and 9 dioramas
flowers in bloom as you enjoy the illustrating life in 1916.
weather. Walk your dog downtown
Live Music
and enjoy live music, craft beers and
Enjoy live music at Amp the Alley,
whiskey in the Alley – where you can
The Willcox, the Highland Grill and
carry your drink, sample local fare
Rose Hill.
and meet new people.
Enjoy Aiken’s Beautiful Parkways
Stroll and shop at unique boutiques
The stunning oaks arching
and art galleries. Aiken’s clothiers
over South Boundary Avenue
carry chic clothing, accessories,
are recognized as one of the
jewelry and limited collections of
prettiest avenues in the south,
unique boutique fashion.
according to USA Today’s
Travel Experience South.
Explore our Visitors Center and Train
Museum showcasing interactive

A Haven for

Perfectly situated in a mild southern climate, Aiken is the perfect host for
year-round equestrian events. Equestrian activities and events are one of
the biggest draws to Aiken and surrounding towns.

Watch Horses Fly in Aiken

The area boasts of international polo matches, Long known as a premier horse training center that has
foxhunting, harness racing, horse shows, and carriage produced such winners as Sea Hero, Kelso, Summer
and pleasure riding. Busy horse farms and stables dot Squall, Good Time and most recently, Palace Malice who
the area, and equestrian activities are so popular that won the 2013 Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple
the City of Aiken has a designated Horse District with Crown. Aiken is home to the Aiken Training Track, the
unpaved streets made of hard clay to protect the Aiken Horse Park, Highfields Event Center, Stable View,
horses’ hooves. McGhee’s Mile and many other equine venues.

Equestrian Culture is Limitless

Horse enthusiasts celebrate Aiken’s Visit the Clifford S. Gerde Carriage
rite of spring every March with the Museum or the Aiken Thoroughbred
Triple Crown. The popular three- Racing Hall of Fame & Museum at
weekend equestrian event, which Hopelands Gardens.
includes flat races, the national-
Watch Olympic level riders train at
circuit Steeplechase and polo, draws
Stable View Equestrian Center.
families, friends and businesses
together for fun, food and festivities. Enjoy world class horse shows at the
Aiken Horse Park, Sporting Days
Enjoy polo tournaments in the
Farm and Highfields Event Center.
spring and fall at Historic Whitney
Field or the lovely New Bridge Polo Enjoy watching the beloved parade
& Country Club. Aiken is home to of carriages from the Aiken Driving
40 professional polo fields and 7 Club at many equestrian events.
registered polo clubs.

Riders and their mounts cross from Aiken’s Historic Horse District into
Hitchcock Woods via their own traffic signal that is mounted at rider height.

Aiken is a Welcoming

HOME TOWN One of Aiken’s greatest assets is its people – individuals from
diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to the economic and overall
well-being of the community. Simply neighborly, folks will greet you
with “Hey!” and a smile. The citizens of Aiken are a perfect blend of
small-town charm and cosmopolitan sophistication.

City of Aiken
Population: 31,391
Aiken County
171, 767

Relocation Guide
AT&T and Atlantic Broadband provide telephone service City of Aiken 803.642.7603
to customers in most of Aiken County. Deposits for home
telephone services can vary depending on your individual Bath Water & Sewer District 803.593.3221
credit rating and type of services ordered. Often deposits are Beech Island Rural
waived for customers with an excellent payment record with a Community Water District 803.827.1004
previous carrier.
Breezy Hill Water & Sewer Company 803.663.6455
• AT&T 800.288.2020 : :
Clearwater Water & Sewer District 803.593.3509
• Atlantic Broadband 888.301.8649 : :
College Acres Public Works District 803.649.5619
ELECTRICITY + GAS Edgefield County Water
Aiken Electric Co-op & Sewer Authority 803.279.1503
2790 Wagener Road (SC 4 East), Aiken, SC 29801
Jackson Water Department 803.471.2229
803.649.6245 or 800.922.1262 : :
Langley Water & Sewer Department 803.593.3404
Dominion Energy 800.251.7234 : :
Monetta Water Department 803.685.5258
G A R B A G E R E M O VA L Montmorenci/Couchton Water District 803.648.9920
City of Aiken Public Service Department 803.642.7610 New Ellenton Public Works Commission 803.652.2862
Provides garbage disposal services to homes in the city limits,
as well as curbside recycling. Rolling carts are available to all City of North Augusta 803.441.4219
city residents. Perry Town Hall 803.564.5756

Waste removal services for residential customers in the Talatha Rural Water District 803.652.1381
unincorporated areas of Aiken County and commercial Valley Public Service Authority 803.593.2053
businesses throughout the CSRA are available through the
Wagener Water Department 803.564.3412
companies below:
• Dumpster Depot 803.644.6004 : :
• Waste Management 803.648.6714 : :

• The capital of South Carolina is Columbia, located 214 Park Ave. SE, Aiken, SC 29801
approximately 60 miles northeast of Aiken. 803.642.7654 : :
• South Carolina is governed under a constitution The City of Aiken operates under the Council-Manager
ratified in 1895. form of government. Under the Council-Manager Plan,
the City Council sets policy guiding the city’s growth,
State legislators and members of the state’s executive development and future. The City Manager serves as the
branch can be contacted by calling the following numbers: Chief Administrative Officer, much like the president of a
Governor 803.734.2100 corporation. Under this role, the City Manager is responsible
for daily operations, including hiring and firing of all
Lt. Governor 803.734.2080 employees, as well as the efficient and effective use of funds
State Senate 803.734.2080 approved by the City Council through the annual budget.
House of Representatives 803.734.2402 OT H E R A I K E N CO U N T Y
1930 University Parkway, W, Aiken, SC 29801 Burnettown 803.593.2676
803.642.2012 : : Jackson 803.471.2228
The county is governed by the County Council, Monetta/Ridge Spring 803.685.5258
comprised of an elected-at-large Council Chairman
and 8 members elected from single-member districts. New Ellenton 803.652.2214
• Council-administrator form of government North Augusta 803.441.4202
• A county administrator is appointed by the Perry 803.564.5756
county council to manage the day-to-day
Salley 803.258.3485
activities of the county.
• Judicial functions are based in the Judicial Center Wagener 803.564.3412
(County Courthouse) at 109 Park Avenue in Aiken. Windsor 803.648.4355

S TAT E I N C O M E TA X S A L E S TA X • The South Carolina state sales tax rate is 6%.
South Carolina has a simplified income tax structure which
follows the federal income tax laws. South Carolina accepts • There is a 1% Capital Projects Tax and a 1% Education
the adjustments, exemptions and deductions allowed on Capital Improvement Tax in Aiken County.
your federal tax return with few modifications. Your federal • An additional 1% Hospitality Tax applies to prepared
taxable income is the starting point in determining your food in the City of Aiken.
state income tax liability.
For more information, contact the Department of Revenue C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N
Publications Line at 803.898.5405 and ask for a free copy
S.C. Department of Revenue 803.898.5000
of the “Moving to South Carolina” brochure.
301 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29214
TA X R AT E S Aiken County Treasurer’s Office 803.642.2092
1930 University Parkway, Aiken, SC 29801
Individual income tax rates range from 3% to a top rate of
7% on taxable income. Tax brackets are adjusted annually City of Aiken Finance Department 803.642.7603
for inflation. 214 Park Ave. SE, Aiken, SC 29801

LIBRARIES P O S TA L S E R V I C E U.S. Post Office 803.649.9211 : :
Aiken County Public Library 803.642.2020
Main Branch
Jackson Branch Library 803.471.3811 307 Laurens Street, NW, Aiken, SC 29801
Other locations may be found by calling 800.275.8777
Midland Valley Branch Library 803.593.7379
Nancy Bonnette (Wagener) Branch Library 803.564.5396
Nancy Carson (North Augusta) Library 803.279.5767 In order to vote, South Carolina law requires one must first
New Ellenton Branch Library 803.652.7845 register to vote at least 30 days prior to the election. A
citizen who wishes to register to vote can complete
a voter registration application at their county board of
N E W S PA P E R S voter registration. Qualified voters may vote absentee in
The Aiken Standard person or by mail. Contact the Voter Registration Office for
Local/Aiken County published daily 803.648.2311 information.
The Augusta Chronicle Aiken County Voter Registration
Augusta-Aiken MSA published daily 803.648.1395 1930 University Parkway, Aiken, SC 29801 : : 803.642.2028

WFXG–TV 54, FOX 706.650.5400 If you are a United States citizens and 18 years of age
WJBF-TV 6, ABC 706.722.6664 or older, you may register to vote when you have a driver’s
license issued or renewed. Your registration application
WRDW-TV, Inc., CBS, NBC 803.278.3347 will be forwarded to the registrar in your county of
residence. You must present acceptable proof of your
social security number.

You have 45 days to transfer your vehicle title and registration. You have 90 days to obtain your license
1. Start at the Aiken County Government Center with your • If your out of state license is valid/unexpired you do not
out of state title or previous car registration form. At the have to pass the knowledge test or road test.
Center you will be directed to the Auditor’s Office to • An eye exam will be given at all SC Department of Motor
calculate your tax bill. The tax rate for personal vehicles Vehicles offices or you may submit a statement of visual
in Aiken County is 6%. This is paid at the Treasurer’s acuity from an eye specialist.
Office. Both offices are located at 1930 University • If your name has changed since birth, you must provide all
Parkway in Aiken. You will be issued a paid property tax legal documents (adoption records, marriage certificate,
receipt and South Carolina title or registration. certificate of naturalization, court ordered name change)
2. Next go to a South Carolina Department of Motor supporting all name changes from birth to present.
Vehicles office. • Military personnel (and their dependents) and students
You will need the following to complete your temporarily in South Carolina are not required to obtain a
registration: South Carolina Driver’s license. However, you must have a
• The paid property tax receipt you received at the driver’s license from your home state to operate in SC.
Aiken County Government Center • SC REAL IDs are now available and are required to fly
• Your out-of-state vehicle title and registration: If commercial airlines, enter a secure federal building, or
there is a lien on your vehicle, you must bring the name and visit a military installation. General requirements are:
address of the company that holds the lien Proof of identity from birth certificate or US Passport
• Odometer mileage reading: This information is used to Proof of social security number: card or W-2 form
complete Form 400, Certificate of Title/Registration, available Two proofs of current physical address
at the DMV office or Proof of all legal name changes
• Personal Identification: A valid/unexpired out of state All documents must be original
driver’s license or a new South Carolina driver’s license are
acceptable forms of identification.
Aiken DMV Office
• Liability Insurance information: Provide the name of 1755 Richland Avenue East : : 803.641.7752 : :
your automobile liability insurance company, not the name Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
of the agent. If you are a new resident in SC and have an Wednesday: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
automobile policy with a national insurance company, be sure Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
to change your address with your insurance company before Two weekends a month — call for dates. Closed on state holidays.
you register your vehicle in SC. DMV will verify your coverage
electronically. If the insurance policy cannot be verified, your Road Test Appointments: 2:00 – 4:30 pm
driver’s license and vehicle registration may be suspended. CDL testing and International Services are not available at this location.

North Augusta DMV Office

T I T L E + R E G I S T R AT I O N F E E S 1913 Ascauga Lake Road : : 803.279.6659 : :
Title: $15 : : Cars and RV’s: $40 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Persons up to 64 years of age: $38 Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed on state holidays
65 or older or disabled: $36
CDL testing and International Services are available.
If disabled, a statement from a medical doctor as to the
permanency of the disability must be submitted

You can’t call Aiken a transient city as most people who pass through here decide to stay!

One of Aiken's distinctive features is its layout of
one-way streets and parkways in downtown, which
is the result of the construction of the first major
passenger railroad line built in the United States in
the early 19th century.

Traffic patterns in downtown Aiken are certainly

unique and can be confusing especially if you are
making a left turn. The most difficult intersections
to navigate are those with circular parkways in the
middle. There are four and they are located at the
intersections of Richland Avenue and Laurens Street,
Richland Avenue and York Street, Chesterfield Street
and Park Avenue, Laurens Street and Park Avenue.

“A car turning left at a circle intersection will turn

and come to a red light, which is where some drivers
will feel like they need to stop,” said Aiken Public
Safety. “A driver can legally go through that red light
as long as they yield to the oncoming traffic.”

Square intersections are simple. “If a driver is

coming down a one-way street and comes to a red
light at a square-shaped intersection, the driver
cannot go through that red light,” said Aiken Public
Safety. “Yet, the driver can turn left at the red light
onto the intersecting one-way street, as long as
they yield to oncoming traffic.”

Aiken Public Safety uses the quick saying “circle-

go, square-no and when in doubt wait it out” when
explaining to motorists when it's OK to go straight
through a red light.

Simple rules to follow when turning left:

• Yield to oncoming traffic at intersections
with circular parkways.
• Come to a full stop and wait for a green light
at intersections with square parkways.
• Turning left on red onto one-way streets is legal
in South Carolina, unless marked otherwise.
• Impatient drivers beware: Even if it is legal
to proceed through a red light, it's illegal to
pass someone who's playing it safe and
waiting at an intersection.

Aiken Taxi Transport 803.642.9910 Augusta Regional Airport 706.798.3236 : :
24 miles from Aiken • Served Delta and American Airlines
SC Express Transportation 803.648.9977
Private transit service Aiken Municipal Airport 803.648.7803
Private airport located in Aiken
Best Friend Express : : 803.649.7981 Columbia Metro Airport 803.648.7803 : :
Public transit service 50 miles from Aiken • Served by Delta, United, and
Adults: $2.00 American Airlines
Students with ID: $1.50
Seniors/Disabled: $1.00 RAIL SYSTEM
Medicare Card Holders: $1.00 : : 800.872.7245
Aiken Bus Station 803.648.6894 Main line railroads serving the area include the CSX System
and Norfolk Southern. Amtrak connects the region with
H I G H W AY S other cities throughout the nation via rail. The two closest
The area has access to interstate highways: Amtrak stations are in Columbia and Denmark, SC.
I-20 and I-520. The area is serviced by three major U.S.
highways and nearly 20 state highways.
AP Gouge

Since 1918, the Aiken Chamber of Commerce has served as the gateway to Aiken.
We salute the business owners and managers who continually invest in Aiken’s future.

Building Communities Makes Business Sense

AP Gouge

Since 1918, the Aiken Chamber of Commerce has served as the gateway to Aiken.

Business and community building programs at the Aiken Chamber of Commerce

We salute the business owners and managers who continually invest in Aiken’s future.

Building Communities Makes Business Sense

bring more wealth and opportunity to everyone in the region.
Business and community building programs at the Aiken Chamber of Commerce
bring more wealth and opportunity to everyone in the region.
Has What
Has What You’re
You’re LookingLooking For.
Make it home with Meybohm.
Make it home with Meybohm.
#aikenhasit #theplacetobe
#aikenhasit #theplacetobe


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