Diarrhea has Petrified into Wood

The Wollywogs Multiply through their Annums Malaria of the Imagination Take a Pit-Stop Brother before you Get here....Oh these Carpet Stains will Never Wash Clean, "ça pue!" La Pobre de mi Poeta woah woah Institution Oppressor of the Mentally Ill! You Wollywog has quite a Bad Temper, Ravenous! Culture Vulture Busy Burning the Songlets of Verse I dedicate to You Oops that solid one---I need a Bulldozer! The customary Diarrhea has Petrified Wood Would they could get their Erections once Wiped Dry! Back Yackety Yack, je n'e regrette Rien Yet, I was Femicidically Treated

this Same Sonnet might be Said to have been Duplicated in Your Misdeed.
If I'm a Poet by no choice of Mine, who was born where Persephone was Spilt In the Place where her Petalblooms were Drowned, I rehearsed by my Memory's own Skill a Song Keyed to the Cries I learned to Speak by Imitating her. She was Herself with me. I was given by her Taking So she is my Mistress, Madame, Mssr and she is the Flower-Keeper of Life united across the World in Dear Love of Flora that she tended Beautifully from Strength Original to Full Blossom. In a Sense, this Same Songlet may be Said to have been Duplicated in Your Misdeed.


Anthrowollowogyy Diarrhea Infects us All:
Anthrowollowogyy Diarrhea Infects us All: Continuous Gush serve very Popular Finishes, Franklin when you and I were Censored I've got Many Tempting Comics to Scribe and Youtubalize Teach the Youth that Media is Worth your Time means its Leaks have no Satiation. My My What Wogs are as Precious as You (at a safe Distance) Of Course but of Course we are Course of Course we Cruise right Past the E in Coeur and OTW lost our Own Gapes in Holes (nah! not a Jew!) Further. Ya Estufas Wolillos. Bolillos con Pan! C/S


The Ethnic Studies in her Downcast Eyes:a Mighty Art to Sing of Youth of Age of Power persevering to Transcend!
The Ethnic Studies in her Downcast Eyes that turn to Gaze at your Fear and again she Resists, with her own words turns a Phrase. Something Spectacular happens. Attuned to the lost Cause of your Hate and Terror your Obsession for erasing History!-This History we preserved with these Danzas, concha Shells, all properly Cleansed lit with Sage and Copal's plentiful Smoke. Nothing new for us. We will carry On in the beating of Drums. With Ventricles, Chambers, Arteries, and Veins, we Grow Strong a Mighty Art to Sing of Youth, of Age of Power, persevering to Transcend!


Wind up Animus through Polyweeweecidure.
Of Unconsensual FLowers I sing Madre Ser y Peor el Idea que entretuvieron cuando a Usted la Mayor la malcalcularon Mi Idioma es mi Propio Poema no CansarE de hablar el WiriWiri en Xochitil en Cuicatl Didiestra Derecho Ke yo Domino el Reverser el Reverser de HarmonIa Odienme por Algo que les Hize Nada a este Punto que No fue para enSallarles....Come on Derridas hands me a Note, tu est La Femme de conscienzatao, No NO that was Freire...I don't speak French among Frenchless Poliwoligolo 2+2 5 Times 14 Get It Yet? Meter is mathematically Numerate. Raising the Silver Eyebrows, of a Supervisor without Scruples and yet Plenty of Privilege--She Shudders at my Sight. Another Gonzalez? Let's Match em Up and Blindfold Surround and Wind up Animus with the Proper Proweeweecidures.


Hatrage:that reaches to the Future through Children unBorn cuz its 21st Century Supreme.
Black Ball Black Ball come get me, Ole I'm a BullShit Fighter Con Safos y Que! I've invented a Word for You: Compound that brings your Salient Points to the Foreground to form a Dipthong of your Oppressor Features: Hate and Rage in one Noun: Hatrage. Hate to the Wattage that resets Semantics. Rage Rage to the Death of your Culture. Who says that a Mixed Blood is a Human? "What makes her take the less Civilized Race as her Prizest?" Mexican, such a Name is a Curse in Itself, an Epithet that reaches to the Future through Children unBorn. Cuz, it's 21st Century Supreme.


AntiBullyVerse: I know the Power of Dignity, Earned!
You know the Feeling when you're the OTHER-Everyone in the group bands Together by some Sign, on Cue, Instant everytime: when the Dominoes all change their Colors, the Acrobats put on their Capes, the Clowns and the Joker change into Wizard Hats. When the Dream moves on, you are a Glacier melting into Tears of debasement that Heat your every Element. Onto Act 2: the Mob rules by Secret Assent, Agreed. "How far will you go to preserve your Place in the Pack? This is how we Develop a Mutual vision of our Common Bond." ~I know the Power of Dignity, Earned!


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