EDC 4202: Teaching Writing in Primary Schools

Date/Day Time/Duration Year Enrolment Unit / Themes / Topic

17 August 2010 / Tuesday 8.00 ± 9.00 / 1 hour 5 Aktif 25/25 World of Stories Birthday



Copy words, phrases and sentences in clear, legible cursive writing.


Complete simple instructions and directions, descriptions with guidance.


By the end of the lesson, the pupils would be able to: 1. Make creative cards according to occasion. 2. Use legible cursive writing.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the lesson, the pupils would be able to: 1. Copy down three sentences by using cursive writing with minimum error. 2. Create a birthday card with legible cursive writing by using at least two sentences that has been introduced.


1. Summarizing 2. Illustrating

Moral Value

1. Cooperation 2. Self-confidence 3. Kind-hearted

. An example of Birthday Card 3.Teaching-aids 1. Sample of Greetings Cards 2. A4 papers Prior knowledge The pupils have learnt basic cursive writing in the previous lesson.

congratulation Congratulation card Invitation card 2. Example: y y y y  I have a few examples of greeting cards here. TA: Greeting cards Birthday card Get Well Soon card  There are birthday cards. Teacher gives samples of wordings for birthday cards. Teacher shows some examples of greeting cards. 3.  Language Content Do you still remember what we have learnt in the previous lesson? Notes CCTS: Summarizing  Can anyone tell me briefly what the story is all about? Presentation (10 min) 1. get well soon cards. we are going to create a birthday card to Michael. Teaching Strategy Teacher recalls the previous lesson of a short story entitled µA Birthday Bike¶. Teacher tells the pupils that today they are going to create a birthday card to Michael.  What are the words that usually used in birthday cards? .  cards and invitation cards.Steps Set Induction (5 min) 1. Today.

CCTS: Illustrating 2. MV: Selfconfidence A4 papers 3. Use cursive writing in your birthday card. Teacher distributes A4 papers to the pupils. 3.  Now. Reminds the pupils to use cursive writing. Teacher instructs the pupils to be in pairs. Teacher distributes A4 papers to each pupil. papers Production (25 min) 1.Practice (15 min) 1. Teacher asks each pair to copy the birthday card in the template given using cursive writing. CCTS: Illustrating 2. Teacher collects the cards. Teacher asks the pupils to create birthday card individually according to their creativity.  I would like you to be in pairs. TA: Sample of birthday card. . you already have an idea to make a birthday card.  Use this paper and make a birthday MV: card as what I have Cooperation done.  Do not forget to use cursive writing in your card.   You will be given 10 minutes to copy the card. A4 4.  TA: I want each of you to make your own birthday card.

They will be happy and will love you more. and your friends¶ birthday. Teacher advice the pupils to be kind to all human being. remember your parents¶ birthday. we need to be kind to all human being. your siblings¶ birthday. . class. MV: Kind-hearted 2.  If possible. The pupils are taught to remember birthday of people in our life so that they will be happy.  So.Closure (5 min) 1.

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