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Curriculum Vitae

Nisheeth Pandey

My Objective:

A dependable, asset creator and a career orientated professional with a HP QTP & QC
certificate seeking an opportunity to utilize his 3.2 yrs experience . I look forward to utilizing
my proven coding skills for quality deliverables to your company solving project obstacles
within the scope of tight schedules and project constraints.

Work Experience:

● Presently working as Senior Software Engineer with Dell Services.

● Started my career with Accenture Services Private Ltd. (CMMI-Level 5 Company) on
16 August 2007 as Associate Software Engineer up to August 2008 where in I got

promoted to Software Engineer.

● Worked in Accenture from 16Aug 2007 to 14 May2010 in
Automation Testing with QTP 9.2 along with Manual and Performance Testing.

Having around 3 years of diversified experience in ‘Software Testing’ of various java based
applications as well as web applications, special talent in automated testing tools and high
technical aptitude.

● Worked with QTP and was involved in development of code for both data driven and
functional testing of application.
● Worked on Silk Test for a duration of 2months.
● 2+ years of Extensive experience in using Quick Test Professional Tool.
● Worked with winrunner tool for close to 6 months
● 2+ year of work in manual testing.
● 2+ years of experience in performance testing using loadrunner tool.
● Presently Working in Supply Chain Management domain in Database testing.
A fast Learner and quick in adapting to newer technologies

Professional Experience:

● 3 years of experience Software Testing.

● Working as Automation Test Engineer (Winrunner & QTP).
● Exposure to Financial domain.
● Testing work experience in Java & Web based Applications.
● Worked on manual testing with QC tool.
● Worked on performance testing using loadrunner tool.
● Worked with JIRA as the specific bug tracking tool for our project.

Expertise Synopsis:

● Involved in the updation and enhancement of QTP Automation Framework.

● Usage of Descriptive VB Script Programming to handle Complex functionality.
● Written high complexity test automation scripts for configuration and automation of QTP.
Written automated smoke tests which were invoked through batch command scripts.
● Experience in writing test plan, test scenarios, test cases, mapping the requirements, reviews
(peer) and test results reporting.
● Delivering high quality documents like test scripts/reports/knowledge documents etc.
● Strong testing skills in performing Performance test, Regression test and Smoke tests.
● Brief exposure to run performance tests by having hands on experience with loadrunner tool.
● Worked with manual testing where in I was supposed to prepare relevant testing templates like
Test plan, Scenarios, Test cases etc.
● Involved with development of code for smoke tests, regression suites and for key-word driven
● Worked with Pl/SQl on TOAD tool for a small term project with TCS during graduation.
Currently working with Dell Core internal project using SQL, Informatica and Control M .

Specific Expertise:

● Understanding the Requirements.

● Designing and Executing the Test Scripts QTP.
● Experience of working with Macros in MS-Excel.
● Given Training on Automation Testing Concepts and QTP Tools.
● Nominated by my supervisor to conduct interviews for hiring people on contractual basis to
our project.

Technical Skills:

● Functional Testing Tools: QTP 9.2.,Winrunner, Test Director(QC),Loadrunner, JIRA, Rational

Clear Quest
DBI tools- Informatica , Control M
● Scripting Languages: VB Scripting
● Programming Languages: C, C++, Java ,SQL
● Operating Systems: Windows xp,2k
● Packages: MS – Office.

Educational Qualifications:

●Completed B.Tech (Computer Science) from Malviya National Institute Of

Technology, Jaipur (NIT Jaipur)- former REC Jaipur with a C.G.P.A of 6.9/10 in 2007.
●Intermediate from Anandalaya with CBSE( 2002)
●SSC from Anandalaya with CBSE(2000)

Trainings Attended:

Attended following Trainings at Accenture as on date:

●Boot Camp Training, Covering both Manual & Automation Testing Concepts..
●QTP Training.
●Class room trainings on Performance Testing and Mercury Loadrunner.
● Effective Communication Skills Training.
● Offering of Capital Markets Foundation Course..
● Attended trainings on bonds, swaps, derivatives to get the know how of the trades which we
were working on a daily basis.
● Effective Cross Cultural Communication..
● Offering of Team Working.
● Online Trainings in C,C++
● GreenField training on joining accenture.
Awards & Appreciations:

• Appreciation from my supervisor appreciating my skills in QTP and the efforts put in..
• Won celebratory performance points from my supervisor for the year round efforts put in
for the tasks assigned..
• Certificate for completion of Capital Markets Level 1 foundation course.
• Successfully completed HP QTP certification with 82%
• Successfully completed HP QC certification with 84%
• Appreciation from the client for specific insights and valuable adition to the project.
• Appreciation from Client and manager in dell for putting in Extra efforts on finishing the
key deliverables in crunch time lines.

Other Key Skills:

● Good Team Player.

● Strong Knowledge of the Tools and willingness to put in extra efforts to meet the deliverable
● Self motivated to perform to excel and a quick learner.

Projects Summary: ( From the Current to the last)

Project 2: DBI ( Database Testing)- Supply Chain Management
Client: Dell Internal Project
Role: Senior Software Engineer
● Preparing testing artifacts like HLTS, Test Plan
● Preparing Test Metrics and writing test cases based on HLTS.
● Working with databases , writing sql queries.
● Involved in interface testing as well as functional testing
● Giving training to the new joinees on overview of the project.
● Writing and raising specific defects in relation to the
Working independently and handling an entire project alone

Team Size 1
Duration Involved 4 months
Project Description Finished Goods Inventory Optimization. A project which is
involved in changing the way dell functions up till date. This project is specifically designed for
optimization of Finished Goods- Laptops where in Dell from being a firm which manufactures a
laptop on ‘Configure to Order’ approach would move to a ‘ Build to Stock’ approach.
Henceforth as per the business updates some of the high end products would be pre
manufactured and kept which would not only reduce the delivery schedule to the end customers
but drastically cut down on the transportation costs incurred.

Here my role is to particularly check the interface and functional aspect of the tool which would
help dell in this purpose.

Tools Used Toad, Oracle 11g , i2, Control M, Informatica

Project 1: Investment Banking (Capital Markets)

Client: Bank of America
Role: Software Engineer (Automation & Manual Test Engineer), ASE
● Modifying Test Scripts
● Review and execution of Test Scripts
● Developing Test scripts using VbScript in QTP.
● Implementing new functionalities to the code on new addition of
products to the existing application
● Giving training to the new joinees on automation procedures and
QTP tool.
● Enhancing my domain knowledge by attending bank related
trainings and obtaining certifications.
● Performance testing of the application with loadrunner tool
● Implementing new functionalities to the code on new addition of
products to the existing application
● Gathering requirement and test cases
● Writing and raising specific defects in relation to the upcoming
● Testing the trader specific application for performance issues by
running the citrix boxes for specific loads for performance testing
using loadrunner

Team Size 5
Duration Involved 2.9 Yrs

Project Description Advantage (Automation+ Manual)

An Investment banking project where I worked on a platform which dealt with creation of
bonds, swaps etc.

The project was involved in creation of trades in financial domain. It was a java based
application where in we were supposed to code the scripts required for different workflows
through which trade had to pass through. These results were then passed on to the manual testing
team who investigated the issues if any. As new functionalities were continuously added or new
trades used to come up we were required to modify our codes and implement those
functionalities as a new module.

Since our project moved on it was seen that the support of winrunner was expiring and it was
decided that rather than upgrading the winrunner we move on with an new automation tool –
QTP which is a much better tool for testing . We were involved in both functional driven and
data driven testing. I was involved in the entire migration of the code, the debugging of the
obtained code, self learning the qtp tool and then using the knowledge gained to implement the
new functionalities in QTP from scratch.

Wrote test cases in QC since a lot of new functionalities came up, these were manually tested
and the specific ones found suitable were given for automation.

Also involved for testing of the application for emulating specific load scenarios to test the
execution time for specific transactions and discussing the specific time lines with the client.

Tools Used QTP(9.2), Macros, VTS, JIRA, Rational Clear Quest, Test
Web, QC(9.2) , Winrunner

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Gujarati (Read & Write)