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_C_, SKYLAB 1/4


i f


_ "'

i' "


! .

i :

: _, N_ul Aero_ieJ and _ Aebn_


i "
i. "..-_ MARCH 1974


This document is the transcription of the Skylab 1/4 flight crew

commlmications (1) as recorded on the eom-_udmodule (CM) data storage
equipment (DSE) and (2) as recorded on the airlock module (AM) recorder.
Data from these recorders are telemetered (dumped) to Space Tracking
and Data Network (STDN) sites for retransmission to the Lyndon B. Johnson
Space Center. Transcription of these tapes was managed by William A.
Kelley, Test Division, Program Operations Office, to whom inquiries
regarding this document should be referred.

The transcript is divided into three columns -- time, speaker, and

text. The Greenwich mean time (GMT) cOll*mn consists of four multidigit
numbers representing days, hours, minutes, and seconds (e.g., 209 22 3h 14)
for the Julian dates shown as the first three numbers of the time column.
The speaker colllmn indicates the source of a transmission; the text
column contains the verbatim transcript of the communications.

Speakers in the transcript are identified as follows:


CDR Comm_nder Gerald P. (Jerry) Carr

PLT Pilot WilliamR. (Bill)Pogue

SPT Scientist pilot Edward G. (Ed) Gibson

CREW Unidentifiable erewmember

MS Multiple speakers

Mission Control Centers:

AA Unidentified station

CC Capsule communicator (CAP COMM)

MCC Unidentified speaker, other than CC, in the Mission

Operations Control Room or a Staff Support Room.

In the text, a series of three dots (...) is used to designate those

portions of the co_m_unications that could not be transcribed because of
garbling. One dash (-) is used to indicate a speaker's pause or a self-
interruption. Two dashes(- -) are used to indicate an interruption by
another speaker or a point at which a recording was abruptly terminated.
_ Words given unusual emphasis by the speaker are underlined.


The Skylab i mission began with lift-off of the orbital workshop at
17:30:00 GMT (12:30:00 e.d.t.) on May 14, 1973. The third three-man team
to occupy the workshop, the Skylab _ crew, lifted off at 14:01:23 GMT
(08:01:23 c.d.t.) on November 16. The Skylab 4 crew splashed down in
the Pacific Ocean at 15:16:55 GMT (10:16:55 c.d.t.) on February 8, 1974.

DAY 320 (CSM)

320 14 XX XX CDR ... hanging up here for, Billy

PLT I - i don't know.

CREW (Laughter)

CDR ... me, Bill, he's out of bed.

PLT Ah, doggone shoulder harness! It's like ...

CDR No, you're okay ....

PLT ...

CDR Here, let me move this thing down out of your way.

320 14 XX XX CREW Okay, we just got nothing to do but pick our nose.

320 14 14 35 CDR Fire one, vent high, and high.

SPT ... it's a re ......

CDR Okay.

PLT Okay. We got to get a GO/NO GO for a SEP. We're

waiting until 17:30 before our next move, Jer.

CDR Okay.

320 14 15 30 CDR Okay, Houston, we're all ready for the SEP. Our
engine pressures are stabilized. 30 psi, OXIDIZER
and 16, 16 psi, FUEL.

320 lh 15 41 CC Roger. Thank you.

320 lh 16 46 CDR ...

CDR ... Okay.

SPT ... launch vehicle ... push button. Launch

vehicle ... push button.

CDR ...

_ SPT Verify your tank pressure's to full scale low. At

02 you release the THC. We should get around 1 foot
per second. SM RCS quad - propellant quad ... all
verified norm.
CDR Okay, let's don't go any further.

SPT Okay. Right after getting that, you got plus 6 or

minus 6, one per ...

CDR Right, yes.

SPT Make sure you give them at least a 1-second ...

CDR Yes. We'll go to ACCEL COMMAND.

SPT We don't want to have ...

PLT Okay ... ***

CREW ... trails.

320 14 17 54 SPT Boy, you know when that - when that thing went off
it sure went off unevenly.

PLT It sure did. It was really a - It felt like a

rough and tough -

CDR Yes, really a rough rat - shake, rattle, and roll.

PLT Hey, you really move out, don't you? Look at that
bird go by.

SPT Well, all I can say is, it's worth 8 years of


MS (Laughter)

PLT Man, I'll say.

320 14 18 20 CDR Okay. The THC is AP_, Ed.

SPT Okay, Jet.

CDR Here we go at 17:30 to _ MODE to NORM.

SPT All right. And you want me to talk you through

the remainder of the steps.

CDR Yes.

SPT Okay.
320 14 18 43 CDR Cabin pressure is good.

PLT Okay. I've got the camera all set.

SPT Okay, We 're comm_ ng up here 17 :30 -

320 14 18 53 SPT MARK. _4S MODE to NORM.


SPT Okay. Get ready for the THC.

PLT Yes, I can see a whole bunch - We're right over a

major air lane.

SPT Get - get ready for the THC, Gerald.

CDR Okay. Just one ... time critical from here on

out •

SPT Okay. Plus X and LV SEP. That's right. I call

them plus X and SEP.

320 14 19 21 CDR Plus X.

SPT Plus X.


320 14 19 2_ SPT LV SEP.

CDR We' re off.

SPT Okay. Do - did you release it?

CDR Yes.

SPT Okay. We got *** and we got some barberpoles here.

I'm going to have to go open and open and open.
Make a note of that. We got - If you will, C, PRIME.



SPT Right.

PLT I'ii take these.

CDR Okay, let's get on with it. Pitch first?

SPT Pitch first, plus pitch.

CDR Okay, here it goes.

SPT Okay. 1 second each.

320 14 20 00 CDR There's one.

SPT Okay, minus pitch.

320 14 20 04 CDR All right, let me zero it. All right, that was -
shoot. I'm going to do it again.

SPT Plus pitch.

320 14 20 08 CDR Okay.

SPT Now minus pitch.

CDR Now minus pitch. Okay. Okay. Now plus yaw.

SPT Did you get it?

CDR There you go.

PLT Okay.

SPT Okay. Now plus yaw, when you get it straightened


SPT Plus yaw.

CDR Okay.

320 14 20 24 CC Skylab, Houston. In about 15 seconds, we're

going to drop out from ARIA. I'll give you a
call about l minute from now at Madrid.

CDR Okay, Houston.

SPT Minus yaw.

CDR It's done.

320 14 20 35 SPT Okay, roll; plus roll.


CDR Okay.

SPT And minus roll.

320 lh 20 46 SPT Okay. Let's go CMC.

CDR All right. CMC.


320 14 20 47 CDR CMC, AUTO.

SPT ... to ACCEL COMMAND. Okay. Pitch up at 0.5

degrees per second. When your pitch ...

CDR You got it?

SPT Yes. When pitch error needle is positive - -

320 14 21 02 CDR Got it.


320 14 21 04 CDR RATE COMMAND. Oh, that son of a gun wouldn't

do it. It wants to pitch down.

SPT Even though you pitched up, huh?

CDR Yes.

320 14 21 20 PLT I can see the flashes of the thrusters out there
against the dark sky.

CDR Well, we're just going to have to do it ourselves.

Well, shoot.

320 14 21 39 SPT CMC, AUTO. And you pitched up. You pitched up
with the hand controller.

CDR Yes.

SPT And gave it a positive rate.

SPT Let's try it again.

320 14 21 59 CDR Okay. There it goes, I must of not done a VERB


PLT Man, it looks like we're ... Pull out, Jer, pull
out. Gosh, it looks like a split end.

SPT Okay - -

CDR Sure has.

SPT - - Jer, what - what was the problem?

CDR I forgot to do a VERB 46 ENTER, I think, when we

activated the DAS.

SPT Okay. Okay, I believe I - I called it. I should

have verified it.

320 14 22 27 CDR Yes, I thinkyou did, I think I didn't do it for

some reason.

SPT Okay.

320 14 22 40 PLT We're going by land. Can you see the - the England?

CDR IsthatEngland? _

PLT I think so.

SPT Okay, Jer. Things are getting tight here; we'd

better hustle.

CDR All right. There's not much I can do now, we're

in the maneuver.

SPT Okay.

320 14 22 57 CC Skylab, Houston at Madrid. How do you read?

PLT How you doing, Ed?

CDR Roger, Houston. Loud and clear and the bird's just
coming into sight.

PLT Hey, why don't you try and prepare a -

CC Are we GO for the maneuver?

PLT That's affirm -

CDR That's affirmative. Go ahead.


320 lh 23 ii CC Okay, and I've got two pads for you. The first
one is page i dash Alfa of the Rendezvous Book and
some backup GDC align pads.

CDR Okay, standby.

SPT Okay, they were all open.

320 14 23 21 CDR Okay. Okay, the SLA panels are - -


320 16 17 57 CDR Okay. Now PITCH l, YAW 1. Ready?


320 16 18 00 CDR PITCH l, now.

SPT Yes.

320 16 18 02 CDR YAW i, now.

SPT Yes..

CDR Set trim. You're looking at 1.16 and plus 0.64.

It works.

SPT It's working; it's working!

320 16 18 14 CDR Here we go.


CDR Good. THC clockwise.

B20 16 18 20 SPT Clockwise. NO MTVC.

CDR You - you said it. PITCH 2, YAW 2.


B20 16 18 28 CDR PITCH 2, now.

SPT Yes.

B20 16 18 B0 CDH YAW 2, now.

SPT Yes. Set the trim.

320 16 18 33 CDR Set the trim. Nominally all is good in PITCH.

SPT Go to CMC.

CDR ... is good in YAW.

SPT Heard a little ... - -

CDR Going to CMC.

SPT - - like a squeal when we started those.

CDR All right.

SPT Okay, you're in CMC, now check MTVC.

320 16 18 46 CDR PITCH is-good. YAW is good.

SPT Okay, neutral. NO MTVC.

320 16 18 52 CDR Neutral. NO MV - MTVC.

320 16 18 54 SPT Okay, GPIs are at zero.

320 16 18 59 CDR They are zero.


320 16 19 01 CDR AC/DC.

320 16 19 02 SPT DIRECTs to A/B.

CDR Okay.

SPT BMAGs, a RATE 2, and a PRO.

320 16 19 08 CDR RATE 2, PRO.

PLT Trim maneuver.

320 16 19 13 CDR Sterling' ATT 1/RATE 2, ENTER. Ready for the AUTO
GIMBAL trim check. Here goes nothing, gang. Come
on, AUTO GIM; plus 2, minus 2, zero; plus 2, minus
2, zero.

SPT I believe they each wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle,


320 16 19 35 CDR All right, let me check mF thumbwheels ; they are


SPT Okay, let them come up to - there.

320 16 19 40 CDR ... Trim looks good. Okay.

SPT Okay. Now, RATE, HIGH.

320 16 19 44 CDR RATE to HIGH. Gosh darn, we're done with time
to spare. Ho, ho, ho.

SPT Let's - let's m_ke sure we keep it that way.

RHC number 2 and THC, armed.

320 16 19 56 CDR RHC-2's armed.

SPT ... _4S ... DET; I'll check it. And DET -

CDR Think we're a second off.

SPT 3, 2, l, 0. Yes, that thing's a second - got to

bump it up 1.

CDR Good idear [sic]

SPT Yes, what the heck.

320 16 20 17 CDR Do a - Move it faster; step up. Well, we Just

remember it's just a second behind.

SPT You can't - -

CDR ...

SPT - - step up either one of them. Okay. Yes. We'll

be watching this one. The time of the burn is -

CDR 02:21:58.

SPT 58 even. Okay. So you can watch this thing, I

can give you a countdown to the burn, Jer.

CDR Yes, why don't you do that?

320 16 20 47 SPT Okay, you got the DET. }low about the nitrogen
and the helium?

_ 320 16 21 XX CREW And for your information, the potable water tank

is doing ..., decreasing in quantities of 5 to

12 percent. Waste tank is still around 5. Okay.


320 16 40 12 CREW (Laughter)

320 16 40 25 CDR Old Bessie is just floating along here, giving

us a guided tour. Z-LV. There is the dadburned
S-IVB, still down there below us.

SPT Way down below the horizon now.

320 16 40 50 CDR See, Bill? Look down at the Earth, about two
fingers down from the horizon, straight ahead.
See a dot down there?

CDR It's over more toward my left.

320 16 41 27 CDR You see some of those red clouds coming up? It's
coming up right on a red cloud right now and cross-
ing over and now on a red - another red cloud and
then going out into the sort of clear area. It's
right directly ahead of us.

SPT Sure is.

PLT I think it's the S-IVB, Ed. We're getting way out
ahead of him and above him now.

CDR Let's see your - your gloves and wristlets and

your hiobelt, and that's about it, Bill.

320 16 h2 38 CDR And let's see, Bill, you've got about 9 minutes
before you have to start that cell purge.

CDR Am I in your way, babe?

320 16 44 19 CDR I can't believe we're up here. Man!

320 16 47 25 CDR Let's see, troops; we're now going to get every-
body out of their suits.

CDR You'll just have to do without the tissues, I

guess. Wipe - wipe your sights on your shirt.
CREW oo.

CDR Next major activity would be a P52 at about 03:40,

I think. And then we got some pads coming up
around 4.

SPT How sweet it is!

320 16 49 13 SPT Let's take a nervous look at the RCS, Jer.

CDR They're pretty good. A and C are down because

we've been using them. A is 90 - oh, 93; Charlie's
95. No, I give Charlie - no, 92 or 93.

320 16 50 50 SPT Slow coming.

SPT Hurray! One blivet ...

PLT Now what are we going to do with it?

320 16 52 40 CDR Okay, Bill. It's fuel cell purging time.

CDR What? Yes, we're maneuvering. We're in P20; we're

flying Z-LV.

CDR I think when we come up over Goldstone, they'd

like to see that going.

CDR Okay.

CDR Now what can I do to help, Ed? Want me to pull

the bladder up for you? All right.

PLT What the heck ...?

320 16 54 37 CDR Okay. And it looks like you've got it made (laughter)

320 16 54 4_ CDR His suit just gave birth! (Laughter)

CDR Okay. Got your purge going? Good show.

CDR What's the matter, Ed?

320 16 56 06 CDR So close to you, you couldn't see it. You want
to hand me a glove, I'll put it on here. I'll
try to find some time from m_busy looking-out-
the-window schedule. Right. What? Red.
CDR Okay, the red one's on.

CDR Boy, that Sun's hot.

CDR Yes, it's off. Uh-huh. Yes, we sure do. Well,

you know we have the PURGE valve, ON and OPEN.
That might be the cause of it.

CDR Okay.

CDR He's stuffed his bag. He got his bag down there_

320 16 58 27 CDR Pass the heSmet up. Bill's got the ring right
here in front of him. You got some good scratches
on yours, Ed.

CDR Just so you don't forget to lock it.

CDR Okay.

320 16 59 17 CDR Now if there is anything I don't feel like doing,

it's eating now (laughter). I ain't the least "_
bit hungry.

320 16 59 42 CDR Huh? Yes. That's always a good thing to do, Ed.

320 17 00 32 CDR Okay, we're cooking along right on schedule as far

as this is concerned. I think probably the only
place that we're behind is we're usually further
dressed by now. But we got the time. Goldstone's
coming up in about 3 minutes.

320 17 02 55 CDR 02 FLOW's up to point - 0.8 now.


320 18 30 49 SPT Okay, PITCH i, now.

320 18 30 51 CDR IN.

SPT YAW I, now.

320 18 30 53 CDR IN.

SPT Okay, set trim. They're good.

320 18 B0 58 CDR Okay.

SPT MTVC coming up.

SPT Clockwise: No MTVC. They're good.

CDR Clockwise.

CC ...

320 18 31 12 PLT Roger; see you then.


320 18 31 16 CDR IN.

SPT YAW 2, now.

320 18 31 18 CDR IN.

SPT Okay,settrim.

320 18 31 23 CDR Set.

SPT CONTROL to CMC and check MTVC.

320 18 31 26 CDR CMC - It's good.

SPT THC neutral - no MTV control. GPIs return to

zero. They do.


SPT RHC POWER norm, both to AC/DC.



320 18 31 _2 CDR DIRECT to A/B.

$PT BMAGs to RATE 2 and a PRO.

CDR RATE 2 ; trim the maneuver. Okay, it 's happy.

SPT Man, that sure moves it.


SPT All right, there they go to ATT 1/RATE 2 and ENTER.

320 18 32 00 CDR ... ENTER.

CDR Here comes the AUTO GIMBAL trim check. Okay,

RATE, HIGH; plus 2, minus 2, zero; RATE, HIGH;
plus 2, minus 2, zero.

SPT Okay. RHC and THC armed. Got your RHC armed?

320 18 32 27 CDR Okay.

SPT l'm going to ... these things under my chest here.

Hold your feet out over the orange Juice.

PLT Where to put this?

CDR Oh, I think it's ...

320 18 32 59 CDR All right, the THC and the RHC is armed.

SPT Okay.

PLT I guess I could put on my shoulder straps, and

then I could hold my own stuff. You know, if you
•.. very comfortable. I got the stuff ...

320 18 33 ii SPT Okay, check _4S, DET; done. Nitrogen and helium,

PLT Okay (laughter). I don't mind putting on this

stuff now, now that I know why.

SPT (Laughter)

PLT Oops: There is my nose goody for my helmet.

CDR Where'd it go?

320 18 33 43 PLT Got it.

SPT Okay. Ready to copy here, Jerry.

CDR All right.

320 18 33 53 SPT Got an 02 FLOW HIGH light.

PLT Maneuver around here to help you.

CDR Okay, everybody check their breakers and see if

we've done anything while we've been thrashing
around in here. And your switches.

CDR We're armed.

320 18 34 21 SPT Things seem to be copacetic here.

CDR Okay.

SPT And it's good on the RCS, Jer.

CDR Okay.

320 18 34 28 CDR 7 seconds, you say?

SPT Yes - -

PLT ... a little bit ...

320 18 34 31 SPT - - recheck the attitude now. ROLL is 180; PITCH

is 166 - 167. YAW, about 1.

SPT Right. Delta-V C is 139.7.

320 18 34 43 CDR 139.7.

SPT 7 minutes - 7 seconds rather.

320 18 34 46 CDR This is a single-bank burn.

PLT One bank.

SPT Horizon is 13 degrees at T. .


320 18 34 56 CDR Hey, it's going to be there, you know that?

SPT Okay.

320 18 34 59 CDR And a pretty horizon it is.

SPT Okay, Jer, we're coming up on 59.

CDR All right. Let's don't skip anything.

SPT Okay, we've got coming up an _4S, to NORM and

16 --_


CDR All right. Tig is 56 even.

320 18 35 19 CDR MARK .... vector.

SPT That's fine.

CDR Okay, just ignore it.

320 18 35 26 CDR All right. _S to NORMAL.

320 18 35 28 PLT Okay.


59:30 ... and we'll be looking for it. Now this
gives you the countdown for the burn, does it not?

CDR Yes.

SPT Okay, so I'm - -

CDR That's a good thing to watch, too. -_

SPT I will not be counting now. I will not be count-

ing down because I want to be watching the chamber

SPT Okay. The THRUST is going to go on at 20 to go.

320 18 35 58 CDR ULLAGE is ON. EMS is counting down. DELTA-V

THRUST A is ON. It's all hanging in there good.
Just sloshing along. 99 and a PRO is next. 99
and a PRO; 3, 2, 1 -

320 18 36 18 CDR IGNITION.


PLT Holy moly! Lookee!

SPT 93, OFF?

320 18 36 26 CDR BOTH, OFF.

320 18 36 29 SPT 93?

CDR I'ii - I'ii figure it out in a minute. I remember
• where it was. Let's take a look at this.

SPT Okay. Oh, man, it really pushes things around.

320 18 36 37 PLT Yes. Hey, looked pretty good, Jer.

SPT All right, what do you have to null?

CDR Minus 2, plus i, minus 7. I don't have to null

any of it.

AA 07, say again ... cut off.

AA Roger; 07. We'll pull over [?].

SPT Minus 2 - What the heck were you talking? We were

listening to - -

B20 18 36 57 CDR I don't know. Some -

B20 18 _0 22 CDR Okay, have you got low bit rate, Bill?

PLT Yes.

CDR And direct ullage.

PLT Yes.

CDR Okay. Now, I guess that so long as we're here, we

ought to sort that stuff out.

PLT Yes.

CDR What have we got in the way of tracking?

CDR Do we get - just need to get down the star


SPT All right, why don't I do that in a little bit,

and if Bill would ... pretty heavy there ... more
than we want.

SPT You know, once that thing settles down, it feels

very comfortable.

AA Io,
SPT We're listening to - -

CDR Yes, we got somebody on UHF.

B20 18 41 00 SPT I wonder if they can hear us? We're on different

frequency though, coming up and going down though,
aren't we?

CDR I think so.

PLT Yes.

SPT MY gosh, Bill, what the heck did you do to that -

that washrag? Boy, you (laughter).

PLT I - I got the nose bleed.

SPT I tell you what, let me move this - this fellow

up here if you like and everybody can get at it.

CDR Okay, we're in a mark under ...

SPT Okay, so we're - zero is off. Should I re-zero --_

these things?

CDR Yes, I think it's a good idea.

320 18 41 42 SPT Okay, I'm going to MANUAL, DIRECT; ..., HIGH.

320 18 42 03 SPT Okay. Going to zero. I'm going to get those pages
out of here.

SPT ... clear this out of here .... little pen and
pencil book ....

320 18 43 00 CDR Okay, coming out of zero.


CDR Yes. Okay. You mark all the way up to MPC?

SPT Right.

CDR All right.

CDR ...

SPT Ought to use this flap strap here to hold down

there on the - near the mercan [?].

CDR Okay, you people, that 's a good idea.

SPT Wedge it between here.

320 18 44 06 CDR You've got 37 minutes until the burn. Oh, yes,
there's something out there.

SPT ... the telescope I ... Oh yes: Right there

marking on it.

CDR Yes, go ahead.

SPT Oh yes. Let me get it in focus here. I had

trouble last time seeing how to focus it.

320 18 44 42 CDR I guess Bill and I will pack our heads while
we're -

SPT Pack your heads, huh?

CDR Yes, while we're waiting for you to do all your

good marking goodies .... how I get left ...

SPT Okay, stand by to mark.

320 18 45 30 SPT That's one.

CDR ... gives us a big NOUN 49.

SPT Yes.

CDR The state vectors still seem to be in good shape.

SPT Yes .... state victors ... be all right.

320 18 45 45 CDR NOUN 49, 3.9.. All right, we'll get VERB 32 -
that one for a starter.

SPT Okay. See what I can give you next time.

CDR Okay .... hard to believe ....

SPT 1.1, Jer, not too much further off than the other
20 f-_

CDR That 's okay; we 'll buy it.

SPT Okay. Now all we're doing is updating our state

vector, huh?

CDR Yes. We're on our own now. • They washed their

hands of us.

320 18 46 51 CDR Okay. Give me another one.

CDR NOUN 49. Come on now, think about it a little


CDR Yea: ... it.

SPT Flick the sides of the mall light thing and it'll
go off.

CDR Let me check. It'll stall at 2002, but it'll

raise a flag if anything exceeds a nautical mile
of 16 per second.

SPT ... get it there.

CDR And that was only 0.S of a nautical mile.

SPT ...

CDR Whoopee, that's easy ... first.

PLT That 's true.

CDR Runs pretty well ... if you can get it started


320 18 48 01 SPT Mark on that.

CDR ... mark on the good things. I'm very reluctant

to open this darn scop/Dex because I'm afraid it's
all going to fall out on the ... (Laughter) I

CDR That's - it's a weird feeling when I opened those

... I - I really didn't know what I was in for.
But all that stuff Just kind of gloms to itself.

SPT (Laughter) ... like standing on my head and eating

_ 21


PLT Once we try ... a little bit.

320 18 _9 31 PLT Well, in 85 days we'll have time to get tired of

it, but I don't think I will.

CDR Sure seems impossible.

PLT Yes.

SPT Bill, now let's see, how you work this little
Jobber-do? You Just stick it on the end and Just
fit it in there, huh?

PLT Yes. Hold it on and pull the little fork out,

pull the little thing out. The top is cold; the
bottom is hot .... Then you have to wait. As
you push it in, you pull the little thing to
hold ...

SPT ... I see.

PLT ...

SPT ... put a mark in here?

CDR Gosh, I can't get anything out of this thing.

SPT I keep having the feeling that David Brooks and

Roger Burke are watching us work down there.

CDR (Laughter)

320 18 50 58 SPT That looks Just like the little stars - in the

CDR Yes, pretty much.

PLT Can't make anything there.

SPT Where ... over here?

CDR ...

SPT ... I'd like to ... separator ...

22 _\

PLT ... the apricots don't taste quite as apricoty

up here.

CDR Is that right?

320 18 51 41 SPT Strawberries taste like strawberries. There's

no doubt now.

SPT Man, this is real ... For all these things.

PLT ...

320 18 52 48 SPT Those parts we saw ... out there ...

320 18 5B 02 CDR ... marks the co_Imn, Big Ed.

320 18 53 07 SPT YOU squirt yourself a drink - drink of water and

I'll punch in a mark button.

CDR Let's see how many we should try to get before -

they want 30 of them before MPC. Going to be hard
pressed. We've only got time for about 18 more.

SPT Well, that's pretty close.

PLT ... in there.

CDR Okay.

CDR Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Now where did I
put that bread? White bread. I'm just going to
eat that plain.

PLT Do we have ... checklists there in our menu?

CDR Yes, they're there somewhere. I don't know where.

PLT I bet they might be in the bag with the Launch

Checklist somewhere.

CDR I bet they are, yes.

SPT Hey, I've got butterscotch pudding, too, don't I?

PLT Well, well, well.

SPT You're eating my butterscotch pudding.

p_ 23

SPT That's all right, I don't like it.

PLT Well, that stuff - -

CDR Want him to spit it out?

320 18 54 17 PLT I - I had this bag, see. It floated in front of

me, and I put it in here (laughter) and I thought
it was mine, see. I thought it came out. It was
yours. I've been eating your food.

SPT (Laughter) Was that mY food in there?

PLT Yes .... these biscuits.

PLT ... I thought - I thought sure I saw some bis-

cuits in here.

SPT (Laughter) Oh, shoot. Those are ... I think it's

time for - I think maybe the ... night before -
the whole world quiets down and when you finally
slip that little goodie ...

CDR Yes.

PLT Well, the stuff's floating all around ... all down
there, I might ... get me something to eat (laughter).

SPT (Laughter).

CDR Some guys don't ... another thing. You can make it
up with 4000 pills tomorrow morning.

PLT Is it ... eat it? (Laughter)

SPT Yes. Here's all your food down here.

PLT Yes. I see it now. Let's see if I have apricot ...

SPT Hey, Jerry, would you like a couple of biscuits

instead of bread?

PLT Hey, yes.

CDR Yes, great.

PLT Have another butterscotch pudding.


SPT Oh, yes. You mean I've still got to eat that?
(Laughter) Darn It.

PLT Hey, I didn't screw you out of anything.

SPT Beautiful.

PLT Sorry about that.

SPT I'm glad you didn't screw me out of - screw your-

self on your menu - but I refuse to eat that
butterscotch pudding because I ain't going to eat

CDR I'll eat it. I like it.

PLT Yes. I like it.

SPT Maybe I'll like it, too ....


SPT This turkey rice, this mine?

PLT Yes. It's yours. I didn't - I Just, you know

(laughter) you know, I saw it come floating by
there and I thought I'd dropped it, see, and -

SPT What the heck is this?

CDR What?

SPT You really had ... in yours?


SPT This ...

CDR Okay.

320 18 56 50 SPT Look out, stomach; here she comes:

320 18 57 02 SPT By golly, you can swallow in zero g.


320 19 55 28 CDR _u* Bill?

PLT Yes, I have.

CDR Okay. You want the same from _w_$, NORM. You got
59 and a THC power on.

PLT Okay, how you doing over there?

SPT We got ... - -

MS oil

PLT ... bus ties, HIGH BIT RATE. Everything is set.

CDR Okay. Let's see, Alfa Charlie, OFF on the MAINs.

OPEN on the PSM. Take a lap around here. Thumb-
wheels are set. My switches a]1 look good. Okay,
let's take a look at the attitude again. RCS is
looking good. Attitude, looking for 183 - -

PLT Okay.

CDR - - 192. A]] right, looks more like 17 - -

PLT Okay.

CDR - - for the - That's what's in it now, NOUN 40.


SPT No, P_0 ...

320 19 56 29 CDR Okay. And, Bill, we're looking at a - looking at

a 1-second burn. It's going to be a little burp.

PLT Roger.

CDR A little kick here.

CDR Scissors secured up there?

PLT No. No, I don't know where they want to ...

CDR Everything tied up? Minute and 25 to go.

PLT And it's ...


CDR Okay. Help me do it along here. Looks good.

320 19 57 25 CDR Okay, i minute to go. _S to NORMAL; TRANS CONTROL

POWER is ON. Okay. That looks - it's a one-bank
burn; it'll be bank A, Bill.

PLT Okay.

CDR 2 Jet ullage, 20 seconds.

CDR ... must be ll.0. Oh, that's - that's right. It's

got a bias in it.

320 19 58 04 CDR That looks good. Okay. Ullage is on. 20. DELTA-V,
THRUST A is on.

320 1R 58 26 PLT ... A is on? Oh ....

CDR They're good .... minus 2. Okay. No trim nec-

essary. Hold onto that ... and ... in a minute ....

PLT ...

CDR Okay, now let's get the gimbal motors.

PLT Okay, 3 - 2 rather.

320 19 58 48 CDR YAW 2, now.

PLT ...

CDR ...

PLT Good.

320 19 58 51 CDR PITCH 2, now.

PLT Yes.

320 19 58 53 CDR YAW l, now.

PLT Yes.

320 19 58 54 CDR PITCH l, now.

PLT Yes.


320 19 58 55 CDR Bus ties - -


320 21 21 h0 CDR ... That should be the right gage.

SPT ... up to 2 feet per second, or something.

SPT Okay, we're not bumping until high ... package ...
because I want it to be 205 ... gimbal mark.

SPT Okay, Jerry, you're in a ... Let me know when

it's l0 feet per second ... break it off.

CDR Okay ....

CDR ...

SPT ... down to ten?

CDR ... five ....

SPT ... want to be back ...... right now, Jer.

CDR I don't think you can see anything. I think you

are wasting film.

SPT What do you mean?

CDR What happened to your ..., Ed?

320 21 23 _2 CDR I don't think you can see straight ahead. Want
to come over here and take a look?

CDR ... Come here, Ed.

SPT I'll go up and see if Bill's okay ....

CDR ... 0.08 miles ...

SPT At 0.08 looks like.

PLT ...

320 21 2_ 03 SPT Oh, there's the mother!


CDR (Laughter) No kidding.

SPT Look at that mother.

CDR We is there. There it is. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

SPT Okay, Jerry, you're at 5 feet per second. Now all

you want - from here on, it's strictly eyeball.
If you want some ranges, I can give them to you.

CDR I sure do. Let's see, I want a field that's -

SPT Just tell me what your size is. A ... diameter

in the reticle. I just saw TACS firing.

CDR Yes, I did, too.

CDR Three - about 3 degrees in diameter_ about 3-1/2.

SPT 3-1/2. Oks_v, you're around four ... off.

SPT Hey, look at that. Hello, home.

CDR Man, I'm filling an entire frame with that. That

is ... high ... sky.

SPT You might want to take one of that Just for the
heck of it.

CDR Roger, Houston. Loud and clear. We're about a

quarter of a mile high.

SPT I - I just - I'll think of it.

320 21 25 33 CC Roger, Jerry ....

CDR Wilco.

CC ...

320 21 25 47 CDR ... docking ...

320 21 3h 56 SPT Bravo and Charlie over in the ... are up and Delta
may be coming up again.

CDR Boy, is there ... picture out the side.


PLT ... the Earth from behind. Hey, let me have that
camera a minute.

SPT Are you set to go?

PLT Yes.

SPT Let's see, where's a picture for us? Jer, do you

want to take one? Or have you got time?

CDR Oh, ... No, you guys, I think, are getting as

good pictures as I could get. I'll Just not let
myself get directed - destracted here.

320 21 35 38 PLT I set it at about ...

320 21 35 53 PLT Yes, can't get a - can't get a full picture of it

right now.

SPT Now there's those little panels we've got to work

on, if you guys are ready to plug in. See right

_ PLT Yes.

320 21 36 35 PLT About there?

CDR No, we've got a lot of road to go.

PLT Okay.

SPT ... picture ... docking ...

CDR Okay, we're at the docking attitude.

320 21 38 01 SPT Okay.

CDR Predock config.

320 21 38 06 SPT Okay .... bring the DOCKING PROBE to CLOSE.

That's verified.

320 21 38 13 SPT DOCKING PROBE RETRACTED, OFF, center. They are.

EXTEND, talkback gray. They are.

CDR How much more daylight have we got?


SPT ...

CDR Oh, we've got a lot of it.

320 21 38 31 SPT SPOTLIGHTS are ON, down ....

320 21 38 36 CDR SECS PYRO, ON, up.

PLT Uh-huh. SECS PYRO ARM, ON, up.

320 21 38 40 PLT FC REACS VALVES, LATCHed.

PLT They're LATCHed.

CDR Okay, got to - to tell you to stow your camera ...

PLT Okay.

320 21 38 50 CDR Okay. Perform the docking checklist. Verify

your stations ... plus-X axis? Yes.

SPT Okay. Loader, S with minus 100.

CDR Minus



CDR Okay. DELTA-V, I'll put it in NORMALbefore I


320 21 39 31 SPT Okay. THC, initiate a 0.4 fps closing rate.

RBC, maintain minimum relative alignment.

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay. And I'll be looking for the docking probe.

See if I can get up a lot closer to dock.

SPT Take your time, Jer. We've got all the time in
the world. No sweat.

320 21 39 53 CDR ... delta-V below temperature here.

PLT See how that sail is all lopped off over there on
the side?

SPT Yes.

PLT ...

CDR We haven't hardly moved that sail at all; I've

been watching.

PLT Yes.

SPT ... I think what you're looking at is the two

sails, one underneath the other one. And some-
times ... one off - one and then the other,
coming out.

320 21 40 24 SPT Yes. That's what you're seeing. It's not curled
around. I was looking at it before. You've got
that one that's kind of triangular and enlarged
at the base there. And then the other one which
is - which is the ... Sun.

PLT I'm sure one of there's ...

320 21 40 59 CDR You ready to start in, guys?


PLT We sure are.

SPT Here goes nothing.

CDR I wouldn't say that.

CDR ... close.

PLT We've got more ...

CDR Take a little out of it .... Here we go. Okay,

0.2 now ... bias.

320 21 41 25 SPT Give me a call when you think you're about there,
Jer, and I'll start watching.

CDR Okay.

SPT Take your time, Jer; and don't ...

PLT ... course ...

SPT ... sit up here and watch ...



CDR This is as bad as the simulator; you know that?

I thought it was going to be easy.

CREW ...

320 21 43 22 PLT ... about right.

CDR ...

CDR We're getting close ....

SPT Okay .... going to go CMC MODE, FREE.

CDR ...

320 21 44 56 CDR We're getting close. Come on.

CDR Stand by. Right on.

320 21 45 16 SPT No capture?

CDR No - no barberpole. Yes, we got it. Barberpole.


320 21 _5 21 CDR CMC, FREE.

320 21 h5 22 SPT RHC POW_/H, DIRECT, two, OFF, center.

CDR DIRECT, two, OFF, center.

SPT Report to STDN when they come up. Allow probe

to damp spacecraft motion - -

CDR Just a minute.

PLT Are you moving out norm?

SPT - - for about l0 seconds.

CDR Okay. Now you've got a null - -

PLT You bounced off.

SPT We did? We got capture.

CDR No, we didn't.


SPT ... got your barberpole ...

320 21 46 02 CDR We going back in again without - -

SPT What's the status of those - -

CDR I don't know.

CDR We have here ... moving away, huh?

SPT ...

320 21 46 24 SPT Well, we got barberpoles on both of those, Jer.

CDR ...

SPT Are you confusing the ...?

CDR No .... go again.

CDR You're right, Bill.

PLT Give it a little more.


320 21 47 02 SPT Back out again.

CDR I don't think so. I think we're captured.

SPT I tell you what, now just hold on here.


CDR Yes.

SPT ...

CDR ...

PLT I'm afraid we are. We're at ... angles, it looks


CDR All right. They want to straighten that angle

a little ... here.

320 21 47 35 PLT You know, we may be on it.

CDR ...

SPT We m%y be.

320 21 47 44 SPT We may be on. I tell you what, let's Just wait
here a second.

CDR Okay, that ... - -

PLT No, I can see the - I can see the drogue.

CDR I can too.

SPT Are we really moving out or - -

PLT No, we're moving out.

CDR Yes .... back out now is all we can do.

SPT What happens if the capture latches ... we don't -

are you sure we're not Just ... - -

PLT No, we're all right. I can see the hole. All
the scratches there.

SPT ...

320 21 48 27 PLT Well, I think we hit it hard enough.

CDR Okay, let's - let's think a monent. It's coming

off ...

SPT Yes.

CDR ...

320 21 49 15 PLT DOCK PROBE EXTEND/REJ._SE, talkback remains gray

after capture. With docking, we've got barber-
pole - -

CDR And didn't get capture.

CDR Yes.

CDR Still a ...

SPT You got a ...

PLT Yes....

SPT ... latch configuration ... should have done.

320 21 49 55 SPT ... RETRACT to OFF.

CDR What's there to retract?

SPT The ...

PLT ...

SPT ... first ...

PLT Everything's in retract.

CDR I don't understand that. We went right in.

SPT Well, okay, why don't we - -

CDR It said off center and ...

SPT -- and once you get off ... pitch in here ...


320 21 50 34 CDR Trying to do ...

320 22 08 34 CC ... m_ke sure that you wait until you're well into
daylight until you do the P50 to give the vehicle
... plenty of time to get back into solar inertial.

CDR You mean well into nighttime?

CC P50 is well into daylight. That was P50. P-five-


320 22 08 56 CDR Oh, Roger; P50.

SPT Okay, what time is it coming up on? ... - -

CDR I have - -

SPT - - 16

CDR - - 16:15:45 right now. 16:08:45 right now.

SPT Do we go to the GMT pretty soon?

320 22 09 03 CDR Yes, so you add - add 6 hours to it.

36 --

SPT Okay .... Okay, about there. Okay, you want to

clean up this before we pull out that activate

CDR We might as well clean house here. There's

nothing left in the Rendezvous Book to look at,

SPT No, there isn't, Jer.

SPT Okay. I figure I might at least put some of this

stuff away.

CDR Thia Playboy magazine - I kind of hate to get rid

of it. Hand me that thing. I want to make a note
or two.

320 22 09 32 CDR Hold on. I got my strap tight here ... and I'm
going to ... myself off of this. Come here check-
list. You did us well. (Sigh) yes. Thank

SPT I was Just picturing all this stuff we might be

going through. Okay. Hey now, I guess the -_
Activation Checklist will tell us where to put
some of this stuff. Maybe we ought to get that
squared away right now.

CDR Yes. Here is the Activation Checklist.

PLT Man, I'm hot over on this side.

CDR It's getting hot here, too.

320 22 l0 29 PLT I wonder if we can get - get it a little cooler

in here.

CDR Well, we can't - we don't want to boil water to do


PLT No. I'm going - I'm going to put this on for about
l0 seconds.

CDR What 's that?

PLT Cabin heat exchange. Suit circuit heat exchanger.

SPT Oh, yes .... one of the other activation things
in here.

320 22 ll l0 SPT Man, I'll tell you, you sure couldn't play this
thing by ear and all that good simulator time sure
pays off.

CDR Yes.

PLT Well, I think I'll put the Launch Checklist up.

SPT Okay, as usual, there's a ... here.

CREW ...

B20 22 ii 34 SPT ... I'm taking out an Activation Checklist there,

Bill. Tell you what, why don't Just give me the
stuff you want to put up and let met get this
other activation Jobber-do out.

SPT Okay. Stow that fellow.

SPT I know, I'm going to start - taking off the -

those lanyards and start putting it on the Launch
- or that Activation Checklist. Can you tie all
this stuff down somehow here?

B20 22 12 09 CDR Hey, tell you what, I've got some bungees up here
I can Just start putting on things.

SPT You do that.

SPT What - what are these little - this one little

food pack Jobber-do here? Flight Data File, malf
load. Where the heck did that thing come out of?

CDR That was strapped there on the top of A-8, I


320 22 12 31 SPT Oh, I see .... that whole thing has come apart

SPT Okay, I'll put that - Sweaty-p_lm time, the way we

were clicking along there. Let's see. Yes, I
think I'll Just put that right in there now.

320 22 1B 26 CDR Oh, we're all supposed to take another goofball,

aren't we?

SPT Yes. What time is it? 4:00 in the afternoon?

CDR Yes.

SPT I've got - Well, let's see, what's our schedule

here? Are we going to try to do anything active?

320 22 13 39 CDR I don't know. I'll have to ask them next time up.

SPT Because, you know, if we're powering down for the

- right after a little work here, I'd rather take
one of the others. I told those mothers I didn't
need three of those things the first day.

320 22 14 05 CDR Yes, Bill, I'm the guy that put that in there.
And I got it out of the late update with the red
lines in it that - -

PLT Well, I looked at that and I checked for change in

the settings and I didn't see any up there. I
thought I'd checked that. But I guess I missed it.

CDR Vehicle to vehicle it says on F-11.

320 22 14 28 SPT You know the darn - I've never learned to put
these darn things in here. You know how these
things fit in those little clips? I figured any
time in the simulator these clips were all bent
out of heck and that's why they didn't work. But
here these things are exactly the same way.

320 22 14 42 PLT I'll come down there and take a look at it. Man,
I am really hot.

CDR I'm starting to sweat, too. I think we're all

sweating a little bit there.

SPT Yes, I guess I got them. That's good. For what-

ever that'll do. You going - get to read check-
list here and a CSM systems data. Okay, I'll take
and put this fellow -

320 22 15 15 PLT Can you put these up there anywhere?

SPT Let's see. Yes. Trying to get a way to hold this

one down here. Okay. You want to keep one of
these, Bill? That would make a nice - tell me

what you've got there. I'm not sure where you want
to put it, Bill. You got a checklist of your own,
or something?

320 22 15 53 PLT No.

SPT You want me to put in this ditty bag over here of

a ... Bravo?

CDR We'll put it in the back of this Rendezvous Book.

I'll do it.

SPT Okay. I guess this other one doesn't have any

marks on it. CSM Launch Checklist. Bill do you
have anything in this checklist in the back?

320 22 16 14 PLT I had some photographic settings in it. I don't

want to lose track of it. I want to tear them
out later on.

SPT Okay, I'll just put them - I'll put them up here
in R-I then. Sitting here in R-I. We got some
more room left in R-I for small checklist. This
thing we usually got out of the charts. Let's see
where did I put that chart book. Shove this thing
back up here. Let's see, the Rendezvous Book
goes back with us, doesn't it? Yes, ... record of
it. All the thing ... place. Hello, you mother.
Oh, that's beautiful.

CDR What is the source of the light? Is that Earth's

albedo or something? Or is that sunset?

SPT ... Stowage Book. It's not sunset. What's that

red over there at - right off the horizon?

320 22 17 19 CDR I don't know.

SPT ...

SPT ... Oh: D1_mmy.'

CDR what?

SPT I had the sky and the - the sky and the ground
confused. And I was wondering, man, that looks
like clouds with lightning. We aren't so high
after all.


320 22 18 08 SPT What the heck happened to my chart? Oh, Bill,

I guess I gave them to you and you put them
up here somewhere.

PLT Here are the malls but ... put them away for a

SPT So far this machine has behaved perfectly.

There's been only one little tiny funny. There
they are. You little fellows get up there. Man,
you're right, it is getting hot.

320 22 18 57 PLT I'm going to hit these cabin fans once, see what
they do.

SPT They can make a lot of noise.

320 22 19 ll CDR Oh, I feel cool air though.

SPT Yes, that helps.

CDR You guys still got that SUIT HEAT EXCHANGER thing


CDR Okay, I'll leave that off.

PLT The temperature is reasonable. It's gone up


PLT Where did I put my pills?

SPT Pills, pills, who's got the pills? What the heck
did I do with that other little square bagger?
Here it is.

320 22 20 18 CDR I should think what we probably ought to be doing

right now is a P52, and I'll bet you if I open up
my checklist book I'll find - -

SPT Activation?

320 22 20 26 CDR Yes.

SPT Yes, Well let's get cracking with that. Although

it is ... as pill time. And also, would anybody
like some water? I'll do the pouring.

CDR Okay.

PLT Ah _ yes.

SPT One thing we don't want to do is get dehydrated.

320 22 20 42 CDR Here's my dirty-purple clean bag.

SPT Hold on until I get this thing tied down here.

CDR We've got a urine collection prep, mission timer

update, the P52.

320 22 21 09 SPT You know, this is one day that's going pretty fast.

CDR Yes. BAT A charge we're supposed to do at 00:30.

What are these times?

PLT GMT. They have to be.

CDR Yes.

PLT See if my friendly ... is still hooked up. Then

I can ... the operation.

320 22 21 40 CDR Yes, we need to get cracking on that 52. But I

think we're having short nights up here, you know.

SPT Yes, okay. Look any time you want, Jer.

CDR Let's do it now.

320 22 21 48 SPT Okay.

CDR I'm going to OFF, out of ZERO. Okay, what were

those stars; 4 and what?

SPT h and 2, I believe. I wrote them in the back -

the last page of the Rendezvous Checklist there.

CDR Here' s 2. You ready?

320 22 22 03 SPT Hold on. I'm still in - in ZERO; I'ii be coming

out in a minute. I'll Just get rid of that darn
thing later. Okay, coming off of ZERO. Lights
going down. We're CMC; ready to drive. Go ahead.


CDR Okay. Here, Bill, why don't you hold on to that?

320 22 22 3h CDR Ready for your mark.

SPT You got one in there?

CDR Okay.

320 22 22 52 CDR You got a mark routine? Boy, is that stable.

SPT Should be super stable ....

320 22 23 05 SPT Okay. CMC, ready to go, too.

CDR Okay.

SPT You got the Activation Checklist there, Jerry?

CDR Yes.

SPT Pull it out ....

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay.

320 22 23 32 CDR Got a mark routine.

CDR Got a-

320 22 23 38 CDR Mark.

SPT Okay, per usual.

320 22 23 51 SPT Okay, we're CMC, FREE. You can torque them.
Let's see. Boy, when you take your hand off this
- this thing, they stop dead.

CDR That's beautiful ... Flying on for another 30 or

h0 ... simulator.

SPT Now let me see here. I was in the midst of trying

to-find out What the heck I'm to do with all this
horse pucky.

SPT Gosh, what a lot of stuff.

320 22 24 48 SPT Got a headache, Bill?


PLT I'm trying to use this UCTA.


PLT I'm just having an awful time doing it.

320 22 24 55 SPT Me too.

PLT I'm still at it. I do have a bit of a headache,


SPT I do too. Right here.

PLT Yes.

SPT I think it's just engorgement of blood and every-

thing. Well, let's Just take it nice and slow, Jer.

320 22 25 52 CDR Bill, is your watch precisely set on Houston time?


320 22 25 58 CDR How about your flight watch? That one - -

PLT It was supposed to be .... It's over in - I get

this down here. When you get a chance - -

SPT 0h! yes. Let me put them ... away and i'll - -

CDR Yes. I'd like some too.

320 22 26 l0 SPT Okay, I sure will. Forgot about my offer to do

the pouring. Ed's buying, Ed's buying tonight.
All right. Okay. Remove your right foot, please,

CDR All right. Sorry, I had my foot in the pantry


320 22 26 55 PLT Well, this was supposed to be on Houston time.

I have 16 - coming up on 16:27 in about 30 seconds.

SPT Listen, well, you're going to have to reset your

watch, Bill, to - -

PLT Yes, but he Just wanted a - a right - -


320 22 27 18 CDR We'll make it 22:27. We can reset this mission

timer up here to roughly the - instead of 22:30.

SPT Boy, it sure doesn't give you a very big ... at

a time.

CDR I think it's an ounce at a time.

SPT Oh boy.

SPT There you are, Wilhelm.

PLT Thank you, kind sir.

CDR I think you can put that away.

320 22 28 37 SPT Okay.

SPT Shoot, I got stuff in here. There's no such

thing as F-2 any more.

CDR That 's right.

320 22 28 59 SPT I wish they would have marked on here where they -_
should ... I guess it's kind of dealer's choice
now. I'm trying to put all the CSM stuff here in
R-l. Then we may - we usually get the Entry
Checklist and so forth ... in there and in here,
we've got the charts, Photo 0ps Book, and so
forth. So all the CSM stuff, Jet, you'll find
in R-I.

CDR Is it 22:30 yet, Bill?

PLT No. It 's 29 right now.

CDR Okay. Give me a ms_k on your watch. That'll be

close enough for starters.

PLT Okay, let me get the watch out again I -

320 22 29 48 PLT Okay. It's about 40 seconds as far - from - as

far as my watch is ...

CDR Okay. Here's my drink thing, Ed, when you're


SPT Okay. Just a- -


CDR No rush.

SPT - - ... came apart again. I was just thinking I

hadn't done it right ....

PLT Get an awful lot of air in that.

CDR Yes.

320 22 30 ii PLT 20 seconds.

PLT 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-

320 22 30 31 PLT HACK.

CDE Have you started the BAT A charge yet, Bill?

PLT No, I have not.

CDR Okay.

CDR Panel 5. I'll read it to you.

_ 320 22 30 57 PLT Okay.

320 22 31 00 CDR MAIN BUS TIE, A/C, OFF; verify.

320 22 31 04 PLT Verified.


320 22 31 00 PLT BAT A, OPEN.

CDR cb BAT BUS A, PYRO HAT A, OPEN on 275; verify.

320 22 31 18 PLT Verified.


320 22 31 22 PLT Yes, that's verified.


320 22 31 28 PLT Yes.


320 22 31 31 PLT Yes.



320 22 31 35 PLT BAT CHARGE.


320 22 31 40 PLT And it reads a little over 2 amps.

320 22 31 45 CDR Okay. DC VOLTS ought to be 37-1/2 to 39-1/2.

320 22 31 5h PLT No.

CDR Oh, that's for BAT A. Yes. Let's see - What

time did we start that? 30 - 22:31:30.

PLT Hold it Just a second now. I -

CDR What 's the matter?

PLT That can't be right. I only have 33 volts on


320 22 32 32 CDR Wow! That doesn't say much for your charger then.

PLT Well, does that say - hum? Well, I'll hold on.

CDR Shall we review?

320 22 33 01 PLT Yes, let's review - -

CDR MAIN BUS TIE A/C should be OFF ; A/C.

PLT Yes, right.

CDR BAT RELAY BUS, BAT A should be OPEN on panel 5.

PLT Yes.

CDR All right, on panel 275, you're verifying

four breakers opened.


CDR BAT BUS A, PYRO BAT A, BAT BUS B - thank you -


320 22 33 20 PLT Yes.

_ 47


PLT Yes.


PLT Yes.

CDR Those are all open?

PLT Yes.

320 22 33 27 CDR Your INDICATOR select should go to CHARGER -


PLT Yes.

CDR BAT CHARGE should be to A.

PLT Right.

CDR You ought to be reading 37-1/2 to 39-1/2 volts.

_ 320 22 33 37 PLT And I'm reading 33 volts.

CDR On panel - you got that? Are you finished fooling

with that or do you want to fool with it some more?

PLT No. I don't want to fool with it any more, Jer.

I don't know what we can do about it.

CDR Okay.

PLT I was Just sitting there cogiating about it, but

let's press on.

320 22 34 24 CDR Next thing is we've got a bunch of checklists to

put away. Verify and stow the following check-
lists in a disposal bag A. Is there any room in

SPT Oh, that's how we're going to do this. Disposal

bag A. Yes, I guess we can squeeze some in
there. Okay, which ones?

320 22 34 45 CDR G&C Checklist, which I will provide.


SPT Oh. this st_]££ _ _11_ W_'_@ takin_ elsewhere.

CDR Okay. All right. Now let's follow the whole

plan here.

CDR Okay. Here's the GaU unec_±±_.

SPT Okay. What else?

320 22 35 16 CDR I've got to find my place again.

SPT Hello, Sun.

CDR Okay, CSM Systems Checklist.

SPT CSM Systems?

CDR I think Bill's got that, doesn't he?

PLT Sure do; I'll get it in just a sec here.

320 22 35 33 CDR Rendezvous Charts and Rendezvous Book.

SPT Oh,allright.

CDR And two Launch Checklists.

PLT I'm going to take these tethers out and leave

them over here ....

CDR That's a good idea. I gave one tether away there.

You want that tether back here?

320 22 35 52 SPT Yes, we probably ought to maybe just put it


CDR All right.

SPT This darn thing is ... systems checklist - now

hold on, let me - let's see, I didn't get the
rendezvous jobber-do. Here?

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay, let's get the rendezvous fellows.

SPT Rendezvous Book and Rendezvous Charts ....

Rendezvous Charts. There they are. Okay, what else?

320 22 37 ii CDR Okay, you got the Launch Checklist in there?

SPT No, not yet because I got some goodies; although,

I'll tell you what, I can take my goodies out of
the launch - out of the Launch Checklist.

CDR I got some of my goodies in the G&C that's in

there, too. I figure on getting them later. But
whatever you want to do, it doesn't matter.

SPT Well, where's this all - where's all this stuff

going to end up?

320 22 37 39 CDR Well, you're Just putting them in the bag for
now. See this - this checklist presumes we're
going to spend the night here.

SPT Yes.

CDR So you Just put them there to get them out of the

CDR Tell you what I might do.

CDB Okay, Bill; your Launch Checklist.

320 22 39 18 PLT I - didn't I hand that down, already?

SPT Ah, maybe you did.

PLT I'm pretty sure I did.

SPT Okay.

PLT That was the one I told you I had some stuff
written in it but - -

SPT Yes.

PLT Okay, they're all there, Jer.

CDR All right.

320 22 39 42 CDR Now, Bill, it calls for you to remove the launch
DOCKING RING circuit breaker actuator and stow
it in U-2.

PLT Okay, I'Ii get that. I'm trying to find some -

now here - I was trying to find some tissues and
disposal bags. Okay, I'll get on that, Jer.

320 22 40 06 CDR Let's see. I've got to put COAS away.

SPT I guess I'd better get out my pills. Try and ...
up and aft.

CDR We've got a P50 to do here, too.

CDR And let's see. We've got an RCS quad propellant

configuration to do here.

320 22 40 50 SPT Okay.

CDR Let's see. Verify the RCS QUAD PROPELLANT talk-

back, eight; verify. Okay. PSM PROPELLANT t_Iks,
four; verify. They're gray. RCS MANIFOLD ISOL
valve CLOSEd.

320 22 hlll SPT I've Just got - hold on here. Okay. I've got
the grays verified. Now, MANIFOLD ISOL.


SPT 0kay. It 's CLOSEd?

CDR All right. Now, HELIL_4, CLOSEd; talkback, bar-


320 22 hi 29 SPT HELIUM? PSM, huh?

CDR Right.

SPT Okay. It 's CLOSEd.


four, barberpole; verify.




320 22 41 46 SPT MANIFOLD PRESS.


CDR And INDICATOR switch to PSM.

SPT Okay. That's it. We leave these PSM open?

320 22 _i 55 CDR Yes, guess so, for now. I'ii probably be doing
I something aboutthat tomorrow.

SPT Okay.

SPT You know I thought he said that things had to get

bigger in zero g, but I don't believe it.

PLT You did say put this in U-27

CDR Right. Uh-huh. COAS is stowed; now we need to

put the cue cards away. Okay.

SPT Get our darn pills down first, I guess.

CDR Yes.

PLT I've already gotten mine.

_ 320 22 h2 h7 CDR Just can't find a pro/eph is going to make me

drowsy. Be a miracle if it does.

SPT Oh let's see, are we supposed to Just take a

scop/Dex tonight?

CDR No, I'm - I'm supposed to take a scop/Dex and a

pro/eph after docking. That's what you're sup-
pose to do, too.

SPT Yes. Okay, so we only had two pills today?

CDR Yes, you had three today but you missed yours.
You were supposed to have taken it earlier.
You ...

SPT Uh-uh.

320 22 43 13 CDR Don't worry about it.

SPT I know for sure if I don't take - if I take an

upper now, gee, I'll never go to sleep.

CDR Take a downer, Ed.


320 22 43 26 SPT Okay. Just a minute and I'll - -

CDR Ain't no way you're going to go down.

SPT They ought ...

320 22 43 47 PLT I think that you'd better get me a vomitus bag,
Ed, if you can. I need one.

SPT Okay.

PLT That's right behind myhead.

320 22 44 09 SPT Don't see any in here ....

CDR They're down there in that one underneath 9.

SPT Don't see any here at all.

SPT I think I've got one here. Hold on ....

320 22 45 06 PLT Oh, is that one there? Okay.

SPT ...

CDR Yes, I've got some in my little kit bag here.

320 22 45 17 SPT Yes, I did, too, but I put m_ little kit bag
away. Okay, we've got some of these fellows
right here it we need them.

320 22 45 23 PLT Okay. I think I'm going to go slow for the next
few minutes.

SPT Okay.

CDR Good show. Don't move at all.

SPT Just take it easy; close your eyes. Why don't you
take your jacket off, Bill, if you're a little

PLT Okay. Good idea.

320 22 45 40 SPT Here, let me help you. Now let me get this trash

CDR Just put your arm out here and we can pull it off.

320 22 45 57 SPT Why don't you take that helmet off too, Bill?
That's probably just a little tight on the head.

PLT Yes.

'_ CDR Okay. Just don't even move your head any more.
Think pure thoughts.

SPT When's the next AOS, Jer?

320 22 46 27 CDR At 49; in about 4 minutes.

SPT Okay. What's next on that activation there?

CDR Okay. Restow our cue cards. Okay.

SPT Do you have any more of those nuts and screws

around there to ...?


320 22 47 13 CDR You'd better give me the G&C Checklist again, Ed.

SPT Okay.

CDR You can be gathering cue cards while I do a P50.

SPT All right, in work. Checklists.

SPT ...

SPT Feel better?

PLT ...

320 22 48 59 SPT Yes, okay, okay. Why don't you Just stay that

320 22 49 03 CDR Sure, we got time enough to kazoo.

SPT We've got no rush. If they call, they're trying

to get us to hold back. Nothing we got to get

CDR You know, Bill, it could be the urine backed up.

PLT Is - was that your first urination of the day?


CDR Yes. It can make a guy sick.

320 22 57 56 CDR Good. Things are quiet and we don't need you,
so just hang loose. Why don't you take the rest
of the day off? (Laughter)

320 22 58 48 SPT Okay. Have we got cue cards taken care of there?

CDR I think we do.

SPT Do you have any nul - more nuts, bolts, and

screws? ...

CDR No, I don't.

SPT I've got three of them right here.

320 22 59 03 CDR Okay, let me just pick them up. How about up in
that corner up there on that tape? We'll just
kind of keep that as a repository for now.

SPT Okay .... IMU switches .... came apart.

SPT Yes, yes. There's also another little small

washer that's missing off of this. Tell you
what, I'll put that back - I'll put this and that
other thing back on. You might want to make a
note of that, Jet.

CDR ... Okay, make a note of what?

320 22 59 59 SPT IMU switch card, bolt on the right side that holds
the switch card to the wicket came undone in
flight, and floated right on by. In front ... and
I am now in the midst of - -

CDR Came apart on the right side, huh?

SPT Yes. Well, dang it. I don't think I can fix it

without the screwdriver so I'll Just leave the
parts over here on that tape.

320 23 00 33 SPT Okay.

CDR Ed, I think we're about to where we can do a

tunnel integrity check.

SPT All right.

CDR Or would you rather just stop and look out for a

SPT Oh, let's - I tell you what, let's - let me get

some water and we'll look out a little bit and
then press on with that.

CDR Okay.

320 23 00 59 SPT No, that's not the right screw, it turns out.

320 23 01 06 SPT These are gray tapes. Gray tape means docking
probe. Come here, little fellow. Very good.
Here's some more gray tape I'd like to put on
this structure.

SPT Now. Hey, what do we do with full UCTAs?

CDR I guess we've got to get some new ones on, huh?

SPT Yours full?

CDR Yes.

CDR Okay, to page - to page 1 here. I'll read it to

you. Okay. It says: When the initial one is
full, you get a - from the top of A-9, you get a
UTC - UCTA clamp and another UCTA with tracer - 7
that's the white l_ht coron_graph - from the I
bag. Put your full UCTA in the black container.

320 23 02 25 SPT Okay.

CDR And temporarily stow that bag.

SPT Okay, here it is .... bag. Now, we're also

supposed to have ... of this. Oh, here we are -
UCTA equipment.

CDR With tracer. Very good.

SPT Anybody else feel they're going to need one?

CDR Well, I haven't filled this one yet, but I'm

going to work on it a little bit.

SPT Okay.

CDR So, I got a bag and a tracer Jobber and the

little black bag here.

320 23 02 56 SPT Gosh darn, that water's got a lot of gas in it.

CDR Yes, it does.

SPT Now put your clamp hook on to these things, huh?

There's one right here.

CDR There's supposed to be one there somewhere. A

little wire clamp.

SPT Yes .... on here .... push.

CDR You need any help, Bill?

SPT Okay.

CC ... information ...

CDR Thanks a lot, Dick. You guys have been great,


CC ...

320 23 03 _ CDR Well, Dick, we'll - we'll be tAl_ing to you in

the future.

320 23 09 53 SPT I'm looking out the window and urinating on the
whole world .... Feel it running down your pants.

SPT Oh, shoot! Golly.

CDR What's the matter?

SPT I Just ... get some ... after I went all through
the first one. Why didn't I mark the outside of

320 23 ll 19 SPT Oh, darn. Now I know why everything goes up Jer.

CDR What?

SPT Look at the hose screen.


320 23 ll 29 CDR What is it?

SPT Well, look at the crud.

CDR Yes. Guess we'd better look at all of them.

Keep our house operation better.

SPT This one down here is clean as a whistle. This

is where all the action's done.

CDR Yes. Try this little - a couple of times.

320 23 12 18 CDR As long as you've got that thing out, why don't
you give me a clamp?

SPT A clamp. Okay.

CDR I'll Just take this thing off; use it when I need

SPT Okay.

CDR This is not a bad way to operate.

320 23 12 43 SPT Remember: Do not clamp ...

CDR Yes. Shall endeavor to remember that.

SPT ... old prophet face.

320 23 13 52 CDR Did you ever find any tissue?

PLT No, I have not run across any.

CDR Okay.

SPT This is really getting to be a kind of Jumbled up

mess down here, Jer.

CDR Yes. Well, maybe it's Just as well we're not

going in tonight. Take it easy. Look out the
window. How'd you like doing a little of that?

SPT Okay. Wish I knew where we were. Remember to ask

the ground where we are ....

CDR ... sitting here ... check.


320 23 14 50 SPT ... find all kind of ... in here.

320 23 16 23 CDR Would you like to get up here in my seat and

look out for a while?

PLT I don't
... i

CDR No, you stay where you are, Bill. Stay right where
you are. The sky's dark anyway.

SPT If you'd like to get over here, Ed, I'll go on

down below. I'm Just wasting my life away here.

PLT Not right now. I'm Just looking at the old -

looking at the old ATM and looking at that -
where I have the ... connector. And I can't
remember for the life of me whether it's on the
complete bottom there or whether it's a little
one that ... where that thing is protruding or
where in the heck is it?

320 23 17 07 CDR What connection do you mean?

PLT For the shorting



320 23 17 29 SPT I wonder what the heck all those cables are
hanging out there?

320 23 17 34 CDR Where? You mean right here where all these DSE
connectors are?

SPT No. Right there on - on the top of the SWS.

CDR Oh. Well I suspect that's the wire bundle that

tore off on the wing.

SPT Must be. Sure looks like it's a unintentional

piece of work.

320 23 17 55 CDR I tell you, we really lucked out with that thing.
Pete would go completely bananas if we don't get -

PLT We got a fair amount of vibration going through

max q, but I didn't find it really that excessive.
... true to form.
_ 59

CDR Yes. I think I'ii put this thing back on. I

don't think I'ii take it off until I've found
some tissues. It can get very messy.

320 23 18 22 SPT You can dunk it into that thing. It's - -

CDR ... fresh drops in there.

SPT Well, you know how much to ..., Jer?

CDR Well, I wish you would move in. The last few
drops fly up your pants.

SPT Right.

320 23 18 46 CDR Boy, do I feel better after that. I felt slightly

stouter around the waist.

CDR Okay, at 23:20 I'm going to do that P52.

SPT Okay .... you're up front and center on that one.

CDR Yes. Option ...

PLT Do we have that ... medic's tonight?

CDR I think so.


320 23 20 00 SPT What was that?

CDR What's that? Oh, you're in the wind up there.

Is there a breeze blowing?

SPT Oh, yes. I see, you're hearing on my - -

CDR Yes.

SPT Yes, it sure is. Oh, Ed, you d1_,_._j.

320 23 20 20 CDR What's the matter?

SPT ... water.

CDR Ed, how about punching the mark button for me?

320 23 21 18 SPT Okay. Mark going now.


320 23 2h 20 SPT There's the old Moon.

SPT You know what?

CDR What?

SPT I 'm hungry.

CDR (Laughter) Don't mention it in front of Bill.

CDR When I push this ... adaptor back, Ed, ...

SPT Okay .... looking for ...

320 23 25 26 CDR It's in the window shade bag.

SPT Oh, okay, thank you ...

320 23 25 46 SPT Here we are.

320 23 _i 40 SPT It looks clean as a hound's tooth. Okay ...

let's go for a procedure that's more important.
Okay, now. Oh, shoot; where the heck am I here?
On day 2, gosh darn it - day i, dn...._r.

SPT Okay, hatch - hatch verification. And it's on

a decal. Latch handle, pull lightly to verify
your hooks are engaged on 12 latches.

CDR All right. Okay, number l's not engaged fully.

Okay, number - -

SPT No, not engaged - attempt to engage before

releasing. Why don't you just hit it? Is that
all you can do?

CDR No, it feels like it's clear over, but the

handle pulls out.

SPT All right, let's - Let me make a note here.

CDR That 's number 1.

SPT Number 1 handle pulls out.

CDR Yes.

SPT Number 2 is good.

_ 61

320 23 43 02 CDR Yes, the button's not flush on number i. 3 is

okay, 4 is okay, 5 is okay, 6 is okay, 7, 8, 9,
10, ll, 12. Number l's the only one.

SPT Okay. Now - latch button flush; you've looked

I for that. Power - power bungee fairing,parallel
to plus-X.

CDR The latch button is not quite flush. The power

bungee looks like it is parallel though.

SPT Okay, but the red button is out, huh?

CDR It's Just out slightly.

320 23 _3 56 SPT Okay, now let's see. Let me read you the
contingencies here, Jerry. If not parallel,
which it is, you push the plus-X end of the
bungee before releasing. Unlocked latches -
Let me give it a smack. Can you see it? Is it
made up over there?

CDR Oh, yes. The hook's clear over the ring.

SPT The hook is clear over.

CDR It's just that the little latch here is - See

the handle move?

SPT Yes.

CDR And all the rest of them are - are latched.

SPT I'm not sure what the heck you do in that


CDR Well, I think you recock it and let her rip

again; I'm not sure.

SPT Okay. Unlocked latches - I guess that's what

they mean. Release - cock - release latches -
That means cock it. Hook does not disengage.
Auxiliary, yellow, push; release, cock, latch.
Think that my - my reading of that leaves a little
bit to be desired, Jer. It's that lower right-
hand corner.

CDR Okay.

62 _

320 23 h5 06 SPT You don't try that yellow jobber-do first, do


CDR No, I don't think so. That's how you get it to

come open.

320 23 45 51 CDR I think probably what I ought to do is cock it

and let her rip, but I think I'll wait - we'll
wait and ask the ground and make sure.

320 23 46 24 CDR Wish I had something to hit it with.

SPT Well, let me see. You want to rap it with tool


CDR Yes, that's an idea. It's not very heavy, though.

Here 's your book.

SPT Okay.

CDR Tool E is right over here. But that might just

be what it takes.

SPT (Hammering) Well, can't think of anything else -

except the EREP tape.

CDR Well, we'll Just wait and ask the ground. I

think -

SPT Let's see, when did he say he was coming up


CDR Ah, at about 52 or 54, something like that.

SPT Okay, tell you what we'll do, Jer - -

CDR Says right on the handle to reset, unlatch the

handle latch, pull back to full stroke, and then
release it.

320 23 47 2h SPT I think that's the only thing we can do, Jer.
Why don't you go ahead and give it a go?

CDR Might Just as well, I guess. It's only one

latch. Wouldn't want to -

SPT l, 2 - Stand by for a clang.

CDR That did it.

SPT Okay. And so, what'd you do there? That was -

CDR I Just recoeked it and manually released it and

I it went. So we can tell them that when we tal_
to them.

SPT Recocked number 1.

SPT Boy, I feel like I'm standing on my head in here.

You know, I feel - I think when the blood goes
to your head, you get that feeling.

CDR Yes.

320 23 48 12 SPT My head - Boy, I felt as though I was upside down

at that panel there. Okay, GN 2 BT.RRn button,
red; press l0 seconds.

CDR Okay.

SPT Man, you really got me'

CDR Did I?

SPT Yes, really blasted me. I bet you that helped

the cabin pressure ...

CDR Don't think we got 02 flow high any more.

SPT Okay. Record the docking ang - angle index to

0.1 ... I don't have a flash. Yours I guess
we can ...

CDR Oh, I can see it okay. The docking angle index.

There's no ... near here. I thought there was.
Supposed to be.

SPT Heck, all there is is Just a mark in there.

320 23 49 17 CDR Well, there's point - -

SPT Can you read it to O.l?

CDR Yes. 0.7.


SPT That's a plus?

CDR Plus 0.7.

320 23 49 36 SPT Okay, and the viewing is going into nighttime.

CM hatch installation. Oh shoot, I hate to do I

CDR Yes.

SPT That's a shame. Well, I guess if you take -

try taking that probe out, you're really - -

CDR Yes, then we got to live with the darn thing.

SPT Yes, shoot.

CDR All right, let's - let me peek up here a little

bit more.

SPT Can you see anything - -

MS +.,

SPT Around the drogue or the - how's it feel? Feel

the top of the -

CDR Well, let's see. Well, there's a good gouge in

that - in the drogue. Some dents.

SPT ... of it?

CDR I don't know. I'm sure it's not mine (laughter).

I didn't hit it hard enough to hurt anything.
Oh, the - the egs of the probe are warm, like
they been sitting out in the sunshine awhile.

SPT ... forest fire down there ....

320 23 51 05 CDR There's only one place on the drogue that looks
like it's been hurt; it's bent. It's got - it's
got a crease in it. And it missed about - look
like whoever it was that hit it, missed within
about 3 inches of the edge of the probe, and
then Just put a big dent in it and slid on down
into the hole. Want to go out and look at it,
Ed, before we ...

SPT Yes, sure.

SPT (Singing) Someone's rocking my dream boat.

CDR Okay, go ahead, Ed. I'm just going to stay

I quietlyhere for a minute.

320 23 51 54 SPT Hey, did anyone ever get a - a picture of the

drogue? You know, we ought to do that. Come
on there, comm cable.

CDR I'm pretty sure Pete and those guys did, for
that failure analysis of theirs.

CDR What the heck am I hanging up here?

CDR There you are.

SPT Okay, thank you. 0h, yes.

CDR Feel that thing ; it 's real dent.

SPT That's right. You're right; that probe's a little

warm, too. Oh, shoot,this gear sure is nice
when it's working. Little cooped in here.

CDR There ain't anywhere to sleep in here.

SPT Well, I think I can find some room underneath the

couch there. Heck, I can sleep up here in the

320 23 53 07 CREW Boy, that is a beauty.

SPT Isn't that a hnmmer?

CDR Boy, that b,,mmer is - that isn't in it. You are

right '

SPT Yes.

CDR That is pretty. Snap that one.

SPT We're going to take a picture and try to point -

CDR Maybe we can get a relief on it, or something,

that will put us on - put an angle on it?

SPT Okay, Bill, I ...

CDR Okay, read on there, monsieur, and we'll wind

this mess up.

SPT Okay. Let me go back here at the CM hatch

integrity check, now. Where are you? Have you
gone to the MDA TUNNEL VENT?

320 23 53 _8 CDR Yes, I did it for 30 seconds, and it's back

down to delta ... DELTA-P.

_-_ DAY 321 (CSM) 67

321 00 01 47 SPT Okay. Check the DELTA-P, recycle to MDA TUNNEL

VENT until DELTA-P greater than 3.5, around
8-1/2 minutes. Now your delta-P didn't change,
did it?

I CDR Yes,it did. It wentup a tad. ,

SPT It went up a tad?

CDR Yes. What it's supposed to do? What we're

doing is we're venting air out of there. Okay,
it's up to 2 now.

321 00 02 i0 SPT Oh, yes. But what I mean is, you went to MDA
TUNNEL VENT for 30 seconds.

CDR Yes.

SPT And then you went to MDA/CM DELTA-P.

CDR Yes, and it read about 0.4.

SPT Oh, I see. We Just verify - oh, we don't -

Okay,waita minute.

CDR Now it's up to 0.2 and holding.

SPT Well, it takes around 8-1/2minutes apparently.

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay, you get the delta-P greater than 3.5.

Then we verify MDA/CM DELTA-P indicator constant
about point - plus, minus 0.2 at last value for
2minutes. Record value.

321 00 03 21 SPT Who are we going to be talking to tonight?

Probably not Jerry Hordinsky. Maybe it's going
to be ...

CDR Oh, we're talking to Zieglschm_d.

SPT Oh, boy. Guess we'll have to ... Well, darn.

SPT Well, I guess we'll tell them we Just - we got

some of the good news in it but not all of it.

SPT Good pills.


SPT ... Going to be watching the 02 FLOW, here.

CDR That 0.2 looks good.

CDR Hey, that looks like long - Oh, no, here comes
theSun. !

321 00 04 18 SPT Oh, yes.

321 O0 05 19 CDR This DELTA-P gage isn't doing a darn thing yet.
Sitting at 1.8 - ...

SPT 1.8?

CDR Yes.

SPT Did it get off 1.87

CDR Yes.

SPT Now it's just laying there, huh? Well, they

give you 8-1/2 minutes or so, and it's supposed
to get greater than 3-1/2. Gee, that's such a
darn small orifice there. Did you notice - did ....
you time that? I'm sorry, Jerry, I should've
taken that time hack for you.

CDR Oh, that's all right. Yes. It's 8 minutes ...

SPT Well, let's see, it started out at zero, huh?

CDR Yes.

321 O0 05 59 SPT Well, maybe it's working its way up there, Jer.

CDR How's that 02 FLOW?

SPT 02 FLOW was 0.2 or less when I looked at it.

Still at 0.2.

CDR Okay. So we're not leaking anything out of here.

Well, let me look at the CABIN PRESSURE. That's
the real hooker. That's hard to say. Yes, it's
up. It's still 4 point - I could give it a 4.8.

SPT You know it didn't change very much before when

we - Let's see, we - we didn't vent the tunnel

before. When we filled it up we only dropped,

at the most, point - 0.1-1/2 or 0.2 in here,
and that was, you know, on a full range.

SPT Is that thing still sitting there?

CDR Yes. Maybe it's being fed by the workshop.

SPT No, the work - You know, they would have noticed
that the - the workshop would be - be able to
pick up that ...

321 00 07 24 CDR This decal in here says verify cab - the pressure
in the cabin where - you know, 4.7 to 5.2. And
open the TUNNEL VENT valve for 30 seconds, and
then go back to DELTA-P, and recycle until
greater than 3.5.

SPT Then wait 8-1/2 minutes in there.

CDR Yes.

SPT Verify MDA/CM DELTA-P indicator constant - in-

F dicationconstantat 0.2, plus, minus 0.2 ... - -

321 00 07 55 CDR Oh, wait a minute. I know what I'm supposed to

do. I'm supposed to be turning this thing off,
checking DELTA - MDA/CM DELTA-P. Yes. I was
looking at it in the TUNNEL VENT and expecting
to see something. It's 2.5 now.

SPT Oh, okay. Hello, Sun. Man, you're a bright


321 00 09 29 CDE Is it around 8-1/2 minutes or so?

SPT When it get 's greater than 2.5, that 's when you

CDR Okay, it's gone now to 2 - about 2.7 now. It

takes time, I guess. It's got that little tiny
• orificethere.

321 00 l0 49 CDR Takes longer than 8-1/2 minutes. It's 2.8 now.

SPT Well, okay. Well, we can time how long it takes

to get to 3-1/2. Did you start your watch, Jer,
at delta time?

CDR No, I didn't.

SPT Shoot.

CDR Well, yes I did. I - I started at the count of

30 seconds. Then it was probably about a minute
after that?

SPT Yes.

321 00 ll 19 CDR 12 - 12 minutes right now.

SPT Feeling any better, Bill?

PLT ...

SPT Lay there and take it easy. Anything we can do

for you?

CDR How's your urine bag? Is it full? Keep trying

that; that'll probably make you feel better.

SPT Want anything to dr_nk?

321 O0 12 l0 CDR Okay, it's up to 3.0 now.

321 00 13 52 CDR 3.3.

SPT Okay, do you make anything out of the next one,

which says verify MDA/CM DELTA-P indicators -
indication constant at plus or minus 0.2 at last
value for 2 minutes?

CDR Well - -

SPT What position is your valve in?

CDR It's locked OFF then.

SPT Oh, okay.

CDR You get a delta-P of 3.5 between us and the

tunnel, and then we turn it off and watch it for
2 minutes to make sure it doesn't creep.

SPT Okay.

321 O0 14 44 CDR It would mean we're leaking into there. 3.4.

321 00 16 39 CDR That's good enough, 3.45.

SPT Okay, Now we hold that for 2 minutes. Okay,

3.45, ... 15 minutes.

CDR ...

SPT (Laughter)

CDR I don't know. Longest zero-g airplane I've ever

ridden on•

SPT Yes.

321 00 18 30 SPT How's your 2 minutes there?

CDR About 20 seconds to go.

SPT ... 2.45 ...

CDR It 's about a 3.5 • No change.

SPT Okay.

321 O0 19 23 CDR Okay, what's our next step?

SPT Verify 02 FLOW indicator with no increase. And

•.. MPC here. And verified• Okay, TUNNEL LIGHTS,

CDR ...

SPT ...

CDR Okay, I guess that means I'm leaving.

SPT Yes, turn the lights out on you ...

321 00 19 49 CDR The evening status report and a med conference.

Let me write - What time is it here? What time
is -

SPT 01:04 is the Goldstone pass.

CDR And what is that?

SPT And then we don't do anything, I guess. We got


a evening report at 01:S0.

CDR Okay, that's coming up in an hour.

SPT And then we've got a med conference at 02:38.


CDR Okay.

SPT We got it all - I don't ... here. Now food.

Meal C. Log menu deviation, CSM Systems Checklist,

CDR Well we very nicely stowed the CSM Systems

Checklist in bag number Alfa.

SPT That was very, terribly dumb, wasn't it? I'll

tell you what I'll do. I'll get that fellow out
and meal C is on the side of A-7. Well, wish we
had a rubber band here.

PLT ...

SPT Pardon,
Bill. 4

321 00 20 56 CDR Let me have your book there, Ed.

SPT Oh, okay.

CDR I'm going to transcribe; I want to keep one book

up to - Okay, it helps if I can.

SPT You may want to put in your own - -

CDR Yes.

SPT - - ... mine are not so legible.

CDR I can read it.

SPT ... checklist.

321 00 21 33 SPT Let's see, what page does it say has all that
good stuff?

CDR CSM food log. Here we go. Oh, shoot.

SPT Why don't we Just keep this frapping thing out? For

lunch - I'll read you what you should have had.

CDR A] ] right.

321 00 21 55 SPT Jerry, you should of had a turkey rice soup.

CDR I did.

SPT You didn't eat it.


SPT Tuna.

CDR I did.

SPT Bread.

CDR Yes.

SPT B. S. pudding.

CDR Not yet.

SPT Orange drink, times 2.

CDR Yes.

SPT And apricots.

CDR Haven't eaten those yet.

321 O0 22 ll SPT Okay, I had my peanut butter; biscuits, times 2;

my peaches, I had; my orange dr_nk, times 2; and
my vanilla wafers, I've had. Okay, and now for

SPT Tuna; a biscuit, times 2; B.S. pudding; apricots;

strawberries; and grape drink, times 2.

PLT ... strawberries.

SPT You were supposed to eat some strawberries. At

least, that's what it says here.

CDR Were there strawberries in mine?


CDR Shoot, I ate Bill's strawberries.

SPT (Laughter)

PLT ... packed?

CDR They were packed together. Oh, Shoot.

321 00 22 52 SPT Well, let's see - Do you have a pencil over there.
Jer, or is mine - Oh here, I left - I left it
here. Okay, so - I tell you what, if you're
going to give that Jobber-do, I'll let you make -
your own notes on it.

CDR Okay.

321 00 23 06 SPT Coming up you've got some pork and potatoes and
tomatoes, Jer; biscuits; ambrosia; coffee with
sugar, times 2; and some 0. drink.

CDR And tea.

SPT Man, everything's ... I got some turkey rice soup

spaghet [sic], peas, tomatoes, B.S. pudding, and 4
0. drink. And, Bill, you got turkey, gravy,
tomatoes, macaroni, peaches, lemon pudding, and
orange drink. Would you like any of that? I'll
get one or two of them out if you think that
might help you.

PLT ...

CDR Where do you want to keep your checklist, Ed?

SPT That fellow, I guess we ought to try and get that

standardized there.

SPT ... Keep it up here by the ... somewhere.

321 00 25 07 CDR Okay, I didn't finish transcribing all that stuff.

SPT Oh, I'm sorry.

CDR ...

SPT Okay, now that thing took 15 minutes vice 8-1/2.

CDR • Okay.
SPT You got 3-1/2 and ... record no change ....

SPT Okay, now we have the next one, you may want to
make a note. We got Goldstone at 10:14 - i0 -
01:04, Goldstone. And - -

CDR Okay.

SPT - - you got Vanguard where our evening status

report comes up, that's at 01:30. And 02:38 is
the med conference.

321 00 25 56 CDR 02:38.

SPT Right.

CDR Over what? Hawaii, maybe?

SPT Hawaii, yes, Hawaii.

CDR 02:38.

CDR That everything that we have?

SPT Well, yes, I think so.

CDR ...

SPT ... a little ... been in here.

CDR Okay.

CDR Yes, think I've got everything.

321 00 28 09 CDR Okay, Bill - or, Ed, what did you do with that
checklist now; that CSM Checklist?

SPT Okay, got it. Sitting right there. And you'll

find there, on that open page there, our menu.
It's also got the blurbs on it before, if you want.

CDR Okay .... Oh, gee. Ed, don't do that.

SPT You have to ..., Bill? Just relax there, Bill.

CDR Red is for CDR. I don't think I'll - I'll mention

anything, Bill, tonight about it. If you still
feel bad in the morning, we'll say something about

it. Bill, what about the menu deviations that

you made? I haven't gotten around to you yet.
That's all. Just say he's not hungry. I'm not
going to eat all mine, either. I'm not hungry,

SPT ... me about that I ...

CDR ... they got day 1 and day 2 ... Afraid so.

SPT Jer, coming at you with a day 1 jobber.

321 00 29 48 SPT Why don't you strip out of that what you want,
Jer, and I'll put the other back? Are we sup-
posed to take any kind of a pill today? A
germicide; oh, for ...

CDR We got blue dye this morning.

SPT Yes, what they got here are these germicide pills?

CDR Yes, that's to go in the food packet.

SPT ... medication ...

CDR ... pumped ...

SPT Don't think so. Bill, did you get - get rid of
those things pumped into you? One at insertion
and one later?

SPT That Nikon ... - -

CDR Yes.

SPT - - might be ...

SPT Here, ... for you ... fellow.

CDR Okay, let me, get - taped up.

SPT Okay.

SPT ... cream peas?

B21 00 33 38 CDR No, the cream peas must be a different day. Wait
a minute. I'm at the wrong page .... Yes, He's
got peas.
_ 77

SPT There's you're ... And a ...

CDR Here, put Bill's stuff in that bag. Let's use

this tape to tape it up again.

SPT Okay, does this stuff all go?

CDR Yes.

SPT Can I get you an orange ...?

CDR Yes, it's up here.

321 00 34 ll SPT Okay, I'll start working the - the water -

CDR ... up here ... man, I'm ready to ... it around

in here .... anymore ....

321 00 35 23 SPT You got a very full face, Jer.

CDR It feels full.

SPT ... over here.

PLT Oh, can you take that towel down there, if you

CDR I'll take it, Bill.

SPT Oh, I know what 's happened.

PLT Pardon?

CDR Well, okay Just - yes. Just take it easy:

SPT No hurry.

321 00 36 16 CDR I think when they come up again, I'm going to

ask them to hold off the status report until later
because we haven't even eaten yet.

SPT Yes.

SPT ... this cable up something fierce. Wound up

with a big ... here.

CDR It's getting kind of hot in here again, isn't

it Bill? When you get to where you can move,

you might find it more comfortable up in the

tunnel right in front of the cabin fan; after you
get to where you can move.

PLT ...

CDR Well, let's wait until he feels like he can move.

SPT You feel like moving now?

CDR If there was some way of funneling it down to you.

321 00 37 46 SPT Yes. We need a big elephant trunk or something.

That would funnel it down there.

CDR That thing' s armed.

SPT I'ii make it. Take it slow, Bill. Now lock your
head on the hoses. There you go. Turn and it's
looking right at you.

PLT ...

SPT Good.

CDR That's okay to grab the hand controller. It's


SPT Yes, I wish I knew how much this thing dispenses.

CDR I think it dispenses an ounce. Let me look here.

It'll probably tell us.

SPT Okay.

321 00 B9 12 CDR CSM food hydration water dispenses 1-ounce shots.

SPT It'll be kind of tough to get l-l/2 ounces in

here, isn't it?

SPT I could give you a total water count too, Jer,

when I - over and above what I've had.

CDR Okay. Good deal. Why don't you tell - tell me

that now, Just for water.

SPT Okay. Let me find my - You want to hand me that

empty thing right above there?

CDR Yes.

SPT I think I got four notches in it; I'm not sure.

Put it right along on that.

CDR Yes, you got four.

SPT That makes four, so it was probably eight, 32

probably. That pack was full. I may be having
some more, but that's all right.

CDR Now that's 32 plus two drinks.

SPT Yes, yes, plus two drinks. Yes, I know I filled

that thing four times with water after I had the

CDR Yes.

SPT So that 's additional.

320 00 h0 31 SPT Will this interfere with you Bill? Will this
interfere with you? I hope I don't interfere with
_ you,here.

PLT Oh, no.

CDR I'm only going to put three in m_ -

SPT I'll keep track of it for you, Jer.

CDR I'll Just give you a total.

B21 00 41 39 SPT If you want to hand me that checklist with the

menu on it, Jer, probably be very easy. I could
keep score on that thing.

CDR Okay.

SPT Can I help reconstitute anything for you, Jer?

CDR Yes, you can go ahead and do this with hot water.

SPT Okay. Tell you what - -

CDR I got a can of tomatoes around somewhere too.

SPT Oh, is that right? Let me dig back in there.


CDR There's no big rush. I'ii eat that later.

SPT This is for the - m_ peas there, I was minus

1/2 ounce because I only put B in, rather than

321 00 42 15 CDR A]I right.

SPT They might want to figure - I don't know if they

want a total, or if we can figure out for them
or - -

CDR He didn't have any water for lunch or any recon-

stitution, nor did I.

SPT Just the drink.

SPT Is this black thing supposed to come off? I don't

think so.


SPT You're supposed to cut around it here.

CDR Yes.

321 00 43 30 CDR ... tank.

SPT _-i/2. I guess I could give you _, Jer.

CDR Okay.

SPT Because of that extra gas in there - pretty -

forces it out some. All right?

SPT h for pork and potato. All right?

SPT Bill, did you eat all of your biscuits for lunch?

PLT No, I thought ...

SPT Okay. Don't worry about it. Just stay quiet.

321 00 _ 28 SPT There you is.

CDR Thank you.

SPT Yes, anything else I can do for you? ...


CDR Well, I guess you could do this ambrosia. I've

got - Put cold water in that. I've got to let
that set awhile. How much does that take?

SPT 2 ounces of cold water.

CDR Okay.

321 00 45 B8 SPT ... I think he probably wants it with cold water,

do you not?

CDR Yes.

SPT Okay. Feel better, Bill? Or you think you better

get back in?

PLT Yes.

SPT Take it easy.

PLT ...

B21 00 46 16 CDR You know, it Just doesn't make sense. 01d "Iron
Belly" over here is the one who's having trouble.
It doesn't make sense.

SPT I know. It sure doesn't. I was Just thinking

that. The guy who can do _000 whifferdrills and
never feel a thing; the guy who's got cement in
his inner ear. Jer, you may want to knead this
a little bit.

CDR Okay.

SPT I think it's going to take a little work.

CDR I wouldn't be surprised.

SPT Some of those little nubbles inthere look like

they're going to need a little time and work.
Okay, I'm going with _ spaghet [sic] now.

CDR I wish they didn't put any Velcro on these darn


SPT Yes. That's - that's bad.

321 00 48 09 CDR How much in your spaghetti, Ed?


SPT I think I'm going to be able to make it my full 5.

CDR All right. Here goes .... bag. You have toma-
toes too, Ed.

SPT Oh, I do. Okay, I'll just dig in there and look
for it.

CDR Can you get 5 in?

SPT Yes, I did.

321 00 48 40 CDR Okay. How about your turkey rice soup? You
going to do it too?

SPT Yes, I can find it down here somewhere. I

thought I had it in my pocket. There it is. Let
me get this stuff off. Worked around here. Oh,
shoot. I don't know what I did with my spooners.
I knew I should have - I just tucked it under my
belt and it's now ...

CDR What? Your eating spoon?

SPT Guess I can always use a finger.

B21 00 50 51 SPT Okay, I only got 4 in the - 4-1/2 ounces for

that - net result of all that is, 1 ounce short.

CDR Okay. You only got _ in your -

SPT Turkey rice soup.

CDR Okay.

SPT Now for some tomaters [sic], huh?

CDR Yes, you and I both have tomatoes.

SPT Okay. Anything else I can reconstitute for you?

CDR I got some Juice, but I can do that while you are
looking for the tomatoes.

SPT You need any Juice done?

CDR No, I guess I got Just an orange up there. I'll

get it later.

SPT All right.

SPT Jer?

CDR Thanks.

321 00 53 57 SPT Tell you what. Put up a little ... oh, I think
I know ...

CDR Bill, can you hand over that trash bag, or Ed

can reach it.

PLT Yes, I can do it.

SPT ... disposal bag?

CDR Yes.

SPT I got it.

CDR That's strictly trash.

SPT Okay.

SPT Tell you what, Jer .... if you like. How's that
for ... ? There's the ... piece of Velcro in
there somewhere.

CDR How about along the hatch?

SPT ...

CDR No, it - it affects the water.


CDR Greatly.

SPT ... water that stuff down.

CDR ... This here's Carr's dumb exercises.

SPT ... That was a dumb exercise of the first order.

321 00 56 35 SPT Well, in a couple of days I know it will show up.

This ... is going to get pretty tiresome with my

CDR Shoot, Ed.

SPT I_1_y, I tucked it right in m_ little - little

pouch here ... I doubt if I can find it. Let me
have that trash bag, and I'll throw all my -

CDR Okay.

B21 00 57 05 SPT ... in here .... cut yourself on that ...

CDR ...

SPT ...

321 00 58 27 SPT Inversion wopped it off at the ... location.

CDR ... disappeared, Ed, when we had the frapping


SPT Yes, it probably got planted down there somewhere.

B21 00 59 00 SPT Dear old dumb ship. Bill, I hate to ask this -
this of you, but can I use your spoon? Tell me
where it is. Okay. I should of took -

SPT Man, look at them clouders.

321 01 O1 17 CDR Hand me the towel, please, Ed.

SPT All right, if I can find the mother. Oh, here

it is.

CDR Just want to have it ready.

SPT ... my real neat idea of putting my can of toma-

toes up there, didn't - was not such a thrilling
one, after all.

CDR Didn't work, huh?

B21 01 01 31 SPT Well, that's what my tomatoes are now coming to

because they have vanished on me.

CDR Oh heck'

SPT Oh, here they are.

CDR Where did I put mine? Oh, in my pocket.

321 01 01 50 SPT There you go ....

CDR Hand me your Juice and I'll reconstitute it for


i SPT Oh, okay. Thank you, Jer. Now I guess I figure

out - how in the heck do you open this thing?
Where do you cut? Right above - right on that
black line there?

321 01 02 14 CDR Yes, that's what it's for.

SPT Cut here.

CDR Pull it open good. You've got - you've got two

... edges on that.

321 01 03 47 CDR Here, Ed.

SPT Thank you, Jerry.

321 01 Oh 31 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS for 12 minutes.

CDR Hello, Houston; Skylab. Read you loud and clear.

SPT Anything else to report to them?

CC And, Skylab, we'd like for you to do something

for us.

321 01 0h h3 CDR Go ahead.

321 01 0h h6 cc ...

321 01 16 23 CDR Wonder if we've got any kind of alternate silver-

ware or anything? ... anything I can - -

SPT No, all of our alternate silverware is up there.

CDR Gosh darn it'. Where is that thing? I could have

swore [sic] he told us it was in that EVA box,
darn it.

PLT ...

321 01 17 35 Wait, here's another pair. We'll give this a whirl.


SPT Darn pills; got to tap the darn things up. Take
more wrappers off the darn thing. Makes no sense
messing around with this stuff.

CDR I think I've found them, gang. They're in the

other bag that's got the gloves in it.

SPT Oh, over there on top of A-9 or 7?

CDR Yes.

SPT Viola '

CDR Good.

SPT Okay.

321 01 18 25 SPT Now we can put the - the frapping germicide pill
in here? And do we have to do anything else to

CDR No, I don't think so. Squirt any water either.

SPT Okay.

CDR Now -

321 01 19 lh SPT ... find that ... burn, Jer, and I think I'll
find that suit. Let's see; you did some markings
in your suit, didn't you?

321 01 19 24 CDR Oh, yes.

SPT They can move around a lot there, Gerald. I'll

take a look for it afterwards.

CDR No snaps on that darn thing?

CDR Little Velcro.

SPT Little Velcro on it.

320 01 20 06 CDR You can put that in the tnnnel.

SPT Yes, that's where it may as well be. I'll put it

up here.
_ 87

CDR Did you get the tissues?

SPT You want some, Jer?

CDR Okay. No, I haven't needed any yet.

SPT Yes, here. Go ahead.

321 01 20 26 CDR I will ... come up with another motif, motif lb.
Well, I think I've got an idea here. Whoops'
Another -

PLT ...

SPT You may want to get out as much Juice as you can
before you dive into that.

SPT Make a Job for my pencil. Yes, that's what I

used on my little Jobber-do. Now, will I win?
No, I've lost. Darn thing won't open up.

321 01 21 _8 PLT Okay, BAT CHARGE A ...

CDR Okay, you want to leave it on until the next

ground pass? Or you want to quit now?

PLT ...

CDR Okay.

PLT ...

CDR Let me check here. Not tonight.

321 01 22 56 CDR Almost - -

PLT ...

SPT I Just worked along the edge a little bit. Just

kind of took out a pie section. Here, Bill, let
me - let me work it.

SPT Darn thing won't come in here. Here, let me

get - use ...

CDR Use the pencil here ....


SPT Here you go. All you need is Just a little. It

really won't come gushing out - pushing out at

CDR That seams to stick to the membrane.

321 01 23 58 CDR Beautiful sunset.

321 01 24 41 SPT Is that the ...? No. The ground had figured all
the proper delta-Vc'S to put in there?

CDR Uh-huh.

SPT Yes, ... They figured it on - based on a bias of

0.02; 2 degrees per second squared.

321 01 25 12 SPT Man, I can't get over that. It was one heck of
a lift-off. Boy, I 'ii tell you. You really knew
something happened back there.

321 01 27 26 SPT The trouble with these little frapping germicide

pills is from now on you get to play games in
trying to get Just one of them out of there.
You've got to take the cover off of it. Oh' -

SPT You get that one. I -

CDR I got it.

SPT You want to put one or two in your pocket? You

might need them.

321 01 27 50 CDR Okay.

SPT Well, I can - I was telling you it was going to

happen, Jer.

321 01 28 04 CC Skylab, Houston; AOS for 8 minutes.

SPT Hello, Bill.

CC Hey, Ed.

321 01 29 09 CDR ...

321 01 39 30 CDR You ought to ... soft pedaling there, Bill.

PLT ...

321 01 39 51 CDR Yes, they would have been on us if we hadn't and

that happened.

SPT You think you can handle one now?

t PLT Handle one what?

SPT Medication.

PLT No. I probably could ...

SPT Let's see. Where are they, Bill, and I'll get
it for you.

CDR You probably ought to keep on chnn_ing them down.

SPT Because that's what they're going to tell us.

Stay ahead of them. Where are they, Bill, and
I'll get it. Are they in your coat?

PLT ...

SPT ... is something to be desired.

PLT ...

321 01 41 06 SPT Oh, is that right?

PLT Yes, ...

SPT Let me help you, Bill.

PLT Well, let's see ...

SPT Here, let me take that. Put this in the little

black bag here.

PLT ...

321 Ol hl 57 CDR I know why it is you don't feel well. It's he-
cause you didn't get your strawberries today.
That's it. That's got to be the reason.

SPT Did you get very much sleep last night, Bill?

PLT Not a whole lot. I got ...


321 01 42 29 SPT Oh, a UCTA clamp, yes. Let me get it. Right
here? ... get you another U - -

PLT ... glycol.

SPT Pardon?

PLT ...

321 01 43 02 SPT No, no. The clamp just goes on the condom.

PLT That's what I thought.

SPT The hose leaks?

PLT ...

SPT Oh, for crying out loud. Now let me see. Do

we have any tape? That - Why don't you take
that tape I put up there? See it up there, Jer?
No, it's on the hatch. Oh. Oh, yes. Okay,
why don't you just grab that, and I'll wrap it
around it. Okay, Bill, why don't you Just hand
me that dub? Let's see; where is it leaking?
Jer - Bill, right at the end here?

PLT Yes....

SPT Hold on; I'll get you another UCTA, Bill, in

case you might need it.

CDR ... another pro/eph for him?

321 O1 44 26 SPT No, I didn't yet.

CDR Okay.

SPT I think he was going to try and find it in his

pocket there, at the bottom. I'm not sure whether
he was able to do that or not.

321 O1 44 47 SPT I am the keeper of the trashy bag. Bill, here's

another one. You might just want to leave it -
either put it on or - I've been Just leaving one
up here. I have to tend to kind of urinating
into it when I need it. Let me give you another
clamp though; in case you decide to go that way.

You got one? Okay, there you are. I'ii take

that if you like.

CDR Just a minute, Ed.

r SPT Okay.

321 01 45 _2 CDR Just toss the bag over this way, and I'll do it.

PLT ... bag.

SPT Yes, you get a new one of those every time, need
it or not. Heck, I wonder if this can be used.
I don't know - it's for something.

PLT ...

SPT No, we don't need that coming back. Why don't

I toss it over here in bag A? Make a nice

CDR You better get another pro/eph in you right away,

Bill. Give it a chance to work on you.

PLT Okay.

SPT Are they in your pocket, Bill?

PLT No, I put them back there in ...

321 01 46 30 SPT Hold on; let us -

CDR Let us get it, Bill. Just lie - lie quiet.

SPT Keep very nice and still. Don't move your head
at all.

CDR This your camera bag over there by your right


PLT Yes.

SPT At] right, I'll get it.

321 01 h6 56 CDR Yes.

SPT I keep the little black baggie down here, Jer,

right by L-3.

CDR All right.

321 01 47 33 SPT Here you are, Bill.

SPT Sit tight ...

CDR Okay.

SPT Put this bag away.

321 01 48 12 SPT Gosh, it's hard to believe there's a big old

heavy Nikon in there.

CDR Yes, it sure is.

SPT Okay.

321 01 52 17 CDR Bill, do you have another fecal/vomitus bag if

you need it?

PLT I don't have one handy.

CDR Tell you what; let me - -

SPT I've got one right here. Okay, let me get some
tissues handy, too.

321 01 52 31 CDR I'm not saying I think you look like you need it.
I Just - it Just occurred to me that if you have
a recurrence, you ought to have something handy.

PLT Yes.

SPT Is that mine floating round?

CDR Yes.

SPT Doggone it.

321 01 52 57 CDR It gets me that there's no Velcro.

SPT ...

SPT Here, Bill, I have the waste up in here.

PLT ...

SPT There we go. Put a little bit there.


CDR What?

SPT Want us to put this up in here?

321 01 54 45 CDR Where's the bag? Down there?

SPT Yes. Here, you want to move it up here; kind of

centrally located. That's fine ... getting away.

321 01 55 20 SPT Where; oh where, is Earth?

CDR Is what?

SPT Earth.

CDR Oh. It's behind you. It's out that way.

321 01 55 42 CDR There it is. Better be careful. I'll end up

filling my mike here with butterscotch.

SPT Yes.

321 01 57 47 CDR You want me to bag up your stuff?

SPT Sure.

CDR ...

SPT You want me ...?

321 01 59 36 CDR Yes. There you are. I Just have one.

SPT You - you put one somewhere ....

CDR No, that's yours. I got mine in my pocket.

SPT ...

SPT I'm up here with a ... of pencils so I can hold


321 02 00 25 SPT Darn, I wish this had some - -

CDR Velcro?

SPT - - Velcro on it. It would be nice. Another

nice gesture of interest.

CDR Think they Just got into such a flap at the last
there, they didn't - forgot all those good things.

321 02 02 48 SPT I feel like I've been here before? Maybe you ...
movi e.

321 02 03 02 CDR Boy, I sure don't.

SPT Well, the sen - sensations are all different.

All mechanical things that happen, I think we've
all got a pretty good feel for it by just seeing
all the pictures of it. Yuck.

321 02 04 15 CDR Oh, shoot. Look at that - the GMT.

SPT ... problems? What happened there, I wonder.

CDR Oh, it doesn't change at 24.


B21 02 04 35 CDR Darn it. We got a ... Well, let's see. It's
02:04 now.

SPT Hey, look; let me go down there and yell at you,

and we'll get that mission timer, crank it to
the right value, and then we'll come back and
set this one.

CDR All right. Finish your dinner first. We're in

no hurry.

SPT Boy, that's hydrogen - I guess it is - in that

gas. Turn that water in ...

321 02 05 33 CDR Yes, I've already got it starting to grumble at

me in the back side.

SPT If I eat one of those things, Jer, I'm sure I'll

get sick. I guess I Just about devoured every-
thing I can today .... my little orange ...

SPT Gosh darn it .... drink up ...

321 02 07 08 CDR Yes, I got one in my pocket and two I can't

drink. They gave me two coffees, three oranges,
and a tea today.
_ 95

SPT You want a strap around you, Bill?

PLT ...

321 02 l0 08 SPT I know one thing. If I keep using roll ons [?]
i I won't have any more temperature left.

CDR (Laughter)

CDR Okay, that's going to be all I can put into this

one. Want to hand me one of those two? Well,
I'll try it. We can get three.

SPT Just hold on. No kidding, I am going ... off


CDR (Laughter)

SPT Hold on. I've just got to -

321 02 l0 50 CDR I'll go on down in the black hole of Calcutta

here. I've got to get another UTCA out. How
_uy of these do we have?

SPT I only saw - -

CDR Three a piece?

SPT I only saw in that - that bag; there was only

one extra. One for each guy, but they may be
in another bag, another pile of it. Hold on,
I'll get you a ... in Just a moment.

CDR All right.

321 02 ll 42 CDR I wonder how many tissues we have.

SPT That is it; right there.

SPT Yes, I'd better go a little slow on these things.

B21 02 ll 51 CDR I think it'll - that should do it for today.

Okay. Can you move forward a little bit? Are
you - are you finished yet?

SPT All right. Yes, I am. I Just want to get this

tissue box back up here ....

CDR Okay.

321 02 12 21 SPT Oh, I've still got a lot of room left in that

CDR There's a piece of a tissue coming toward you.

SPT ... caught it. No, it Just blew down.

321 02 12 53 SPT There you go.

SPT I am afraid once we turn the ground on to - to

this thing, though, it Just -

CDR Well, I think at] we can say is that (clears

throat) - Bill took his pro/eph and that he's
taken another one. And we got him _mmobilized,
and we're doing - we're doing aSS the things we
have to do.

321 02 13 26 SPT I wonder if we can somehow reduce the severity

of it. Bill - -

CDR I'd Just say he doesn't feel like eating, r

SPT Just doesn't feel like eating.

CDR Chuck, you know, had - ate something and - and

lost it; so he decided Just not to eat anymore.
And he's Just going to remain _mmobile until he
feels like doing something. And we're going to
hit him with pro/eph every 4 hours.

SPT That Just land? I wonder what it is?

321 02 13 51 SPT Let's see - we're coming up on Hawaii; so that

could be Australia. And we're due over Hawaii
in about 15 or 20 minutes.

CDR Sure is pretty.

SPT Lots of good plume patterns for rivers going

into the ocean. Lots of good cloud streets.

321 02 lh 41 CDR Sure wish I had that camera out. That'd be a

perfect shot.
f 97

321 02 14 53 CDB Where is that black bag? Is that in here?

SPT It's right to your left there, Jer; right there.

CDR Oh, there it is right there. I thought it was

I inside another bag.

321 02 15 02 SPT Yes, it was originally, but couldn't start putting

it all in there until ... and others in there.

321 02 16 45 CDR By golly, I think that UCTA is good for another

one, but I don't think I'll wear it.

SPT It does kind of give you that full feeling

around the middle.

CREW (Whistling)

321 02 19 28 SPT Now I know what I could be doing that would

be constructive.

CDR What's that?


SPT Get out my plant.

CDR Hey, here's that little screw.

321 02 19 44 SPT Oh, yes. It came off - -

CDR Floating by.

SPT Oh, I guess it - I think it came off of there.

I had a little screw in there.

321 02 19 51 CDR Oh, it's in there?

SPT Yes. Hey, is this the U - UCTA corner here?

CDR Yes, it looked like a good place and there's

Velcro up in there.

321 02 20 05 CDR Let's see. As long as you're right there, Ed,

would you get out the Stowage Book? I am going
to browse a little more. I think we need to get
some wet-wipes out. We're going to be handling
urine and food. That's not too terribly sanitary.

321 02 20 24 SPT Stowage Book?

CDR Yes.

SPT ...

CDR Very good.

SPT Where in the heck were those plants stowed now?

As I recall -

CDR I thought they were over - Were they in U-l?

SPT U-l, I believe. Yes.

321 02 21 06 CDR I put the tissues in U-2, Ed.

SPT Okay.

CDR They're a little handier there, and they don't get

knocked around as much. I mean they're not as
handy, but they don't get knocked around as much.

321 02 21 h8 SPT There's ...

321 02 23 00 SPT I think I'm a little ...

321 02 23 07 CDR Hey, Bill, there's some clothing straps back

here. Would you like a strap to put around your
head to strap you down?

PLT Yes.

CDR You feeling bad again?

PLT No, I actually feel pretty good right now ....

321 02 23 55 CDR Well, eating helped, Bill. And if you ever get
to the point where you think you can, that might
get you out of it. But I guess maybe we tried
to get you to do it too soon. All my fullness
in my head is already feeling a whole lot better.

SPT See that?

CDR The Stowage Book?


321 02 24 21 SPT How many of tham?

CDR Oh, I think he said he put a half a dozen in there

or something like that.

SPT Well, they ought to go at some Judicious location.

321 02 24 28 SPT I'm watching the plants there, Jer.

CDR Where are they?

SPT Right there.


321 02 24 40 CDR Well, Bill, I think we better tell the truth


PLT ...

CDR Because we're going to have a fecal/vomitus bag

to turn in, although I guess we could throw that
down the trash airlock and forget the whole thing
-_ and just say, "Bill doesn't feel well, and he's
not eating. We got him immobilized with pro/eph."

SPT Could do that. I think all the managers would

be hap - would be happy.

321 02 25 09 CDR Well, let's do that then. We won't mention the

barf; we'll Just throw that down the trash air-
lock. I doubt if you threw up any more than
what you've taken in - in what you took in in
Just a few seconds - a few minutes earlier.

SPT They're not going to be able to keep track of

that. Let's do that, because they seem to make
a big distinction between the - whether you
throw up or not.

CDR Yes.

321 02 25 35 SPT It's small, as the distinction in reality really

is. So it's Just between you, me, and the couch.

SPT You know darn well that every manager at NASA

would probably, under his breath, want us to do

321 02 27 03 SPT 75 percent left of PSM. And delta 87, 90, 90,
85. You still got a little bit of gas left.

CDR Good. The more, the merrier.

321 02 27 43 CDR See that island down there?

SPT Oh, yes, wet-wipes. Going to try and find some


CDR Yes, that's what I am trying to do.

321 02 27 58 SPT Medical conference over Hawaii. Don't know what

island that is. Now I know why the commander's
on the left-hand side. Get all the good views.

CDR Does that help, Bill? Good.

321 02 28 h8 CDR Oh, heck, I hate to even look.

SPT Where is it?

321 02 28 54 CDR I haven't found any yet. I was just going to say
I hate to even look in - -


CDR - - any of these.

SPT There's a good place for those little fellows.

CDR Hey, yes.

321 02 29 26 SPT Old sweaty-pa]m time here, Jer. When I looked

over at the fierce look of determination on the
Jerry Cart morale - -

CDR Boy, I tell you (laughter). I was already patting

myself on the back because I slithered in there
and got it the first time. And then the doggone
thing backed out on me, and I just about died.

SPT (Laughter)

CDR However, I remember all the problems you had and

I said, "Well, heck, we ain't anywhere near that
far yet." I don't see wet-wipes here anywhere.

321 02 30 02 SPT Well, tell you what. Let's take a towel and put
lots of water on it and try and clean up things
as I can. I think things are getting a little
sticky already.

CDR Yes.

SPT Let's see, do we have another towel besides that

one we've been using?

321 02 30 43 CDR I am sure we do. They're all over the place.

SPT ...

CDR You might look in - over here in L-2. I'll bet -

or that's L-3.

SPT L-3, I kind of hate to look in there because I

know we got all kinds of food, and I hate to
delve into there and try to -

321 02 31 00 CDR Where did you get that towel you used?

f- SPT That had the camera, I think, packed.

CDR Oh, that 's right.

SPT Ask and ye shall receive.

321 02 31 12 CDR Good show.

SPT We got lots of towels in here.

CDR Good.

SPT ... I wonder.

CDR Uh-oh, I believe they're here.

321 02 31 33 CDR I think I almost heard a Quindar.

SPT We got signal strength?

CDR No, we don't have. I'm hearing things. Besides,

we don't hear the Quindar anyway.

SPT No, Okay, you want a little hot _zater on here?


CDR Yes, that would be good.

SPT Okay. I'll try to make one end of it hot and the
other dry.

SPT Let me get another one here.

321 02 32 22 SPT Okay. You got anything special you would like to
take care of?

321 02 32 25 CDR My hands more than anything else and a spoon. Oh,
that is nice hot water. Okay. I can use this
corner to wipe my hands on. The other corner is

SPT Okay.

CDR I think I am going to ask them to tell us where -

if there's any wet-wipes here, because we can't
find them in the stowage list.

321 02 33 i0 SPT What does that one do? ... cabin fans come on?

CDR Yes,...

CDR That 's pretty.

SPT Think I might have a look in there.

SPT Let's see. That's the conclusion of today, I

guess, huh?

321 02 34 46 CDR Lot of stratus right down on the water.

SPT Yes .... good ... cells down there .... cells

CDR ... cells, yes.

CDR Not too well formed though; not very classic.

SPT No, I saw a nice small patch of them, but there

weren 't that many.

321 02 35 21 SPT You know the horizon is a - When you're first

coming from the black, you see a - a very light
blue and then a dark blue and then light blue

CDR Yes.

SI_2 It 's pretty.

CDR I wonder what that is?

SPT Yes, I sure don't know.

CDR Could that be the ozone layer maybe?

SPT I don't know. Ozone's not this high.

CDR Well, big mother, you're home for 85 days. How

amazing' When I was a little kid, I never dreamed
anything like this could ever happen.

321 02 36 08 SPT Yes. Never dreamed it could happen to anybody -

more or less, me.

CDR Yes.

CDR Really are lucky; you know that? I think they're

getting set to whisper in our ear here.

321 02 36 35 SPT Yes. Let's Just take a very cheerful attitude

with this guy. Make him think that everything
is hunky-dory except for one small problem.

CDR Ought to say, "Hello, doctor ..." (laughter).

CDR Boy, look at that real thick stratus there.

321 02 37 55 CDR Hand me the towel, please, Ed?

SPT Yes. See if I can find the mother. Oh, here

it is.

321 02 38 02 CDR Just want to have it ready.


321 03 17 09 CDR What you doing?

SPT I'm looking for that return hose screen, where

the heck ever it is.

CDR It's right here.

SPT Oh, oh, right here. This is what they're talking

about, huh?

CDR Yes. There's the other one. And here's one up

here that catches a lot of dust - cabin fan return.

SPT Oh, yes. There are only a few little goodies in


CDR I'm going to have to round up the chlorination

kit. It's packed in all sorts of crazy places.

SPT Oh, boy. Well, I'll help you as soon as I get

that one ... over here.

321 03 17 _2 CDR Well, what's our potable water situation? I'll

take a look over there. Waste water is nearly
zero. Potable water is 30 percent.

SPT That's good; it's coming up. And the old fuel
cells are doing their stuff.

321 03 19 51 CDR Oh, cripe! I'm never going to find it.

SPT Okay, Jer, would you verify a few things over

there for me?

CDR Sure.

SPT Like, you got your SURGE TANK 02 valve is ON,


CDR Yes.

SPT CM CABIN PRESSURE RELIEF valve - left and right

hand - NORMAL.

321 03 20 38 CDR Okay, they're NORMAL.



CDR Yes.

SPT Is that one green?


CDR Then a green. That one up there is in the yellow.

321 03 20 51 SPT Which is CLOSED. All right.

CDR In fact, you could go up and see what the delta-P

meter's reading. It should be reading 03.45.

321 03 21 04 SPT That's what it's reading.

CDR Good show. It 's tight.

SPT I'll tell you what.

SPT ... delta-P.

CDR Good.

SPT I'm going to push a MARK button.

SPT What you got there?

321 03 21 33 CDR I've got a PROGRAM ALARM.

SPT Oh, shoot, I hit a MARK button, I think.

SPT i14. More marks, undesired, like one.

CDR Yes.

SPT I had my toe in that wicket there, and I didn't

realize that I had my - also had it in the MARK

CDR Got to watch that.

CDR Get the hump out of these frapping headsets now.

Put the speaker box ICOM ... Panel 98 CALL switch.
We're in CALL, on center; ... on.

321 03 22 44 PLT ...

321 03 22 55 CDR I think we're going to have to disconnect our


SPT Give me a little reading.

321 03 23 05 CDR l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. How's that? l, 2,

3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, i.


321 12 06 21 SPT Maybe I can get it while I'm figuring it out here,
hold on. Then again, maybe I can't.

321 12 06 32 CDR Look at all those nice cloud streets. I wonder

where we are? I've not seen any land in quite a
little while. There's a lot over here.

CDR Oh, yes, maybe that is land underneath there.

No, no definition to it.

SPT Boy, you look out this sextant, and you know
you' re really moving.

CDR Here you are.

SPT Oh, yes, we're over land in ...

SPT Okay, what do these fellows take?

CDR 7-1/2.

SPT ... hope we ... get in there.

321 12 07 41 SPT You'll be pleased to know, Jer, that the ...

down here is still keeping perfect time.

CDR Yes, I heard it last night.

SPT Think you can shut it off?

CDR Yes, I know.

SPT You want to turn it off?

CDR It doesn't matter to me. Yes, I guess it wouldn't

hurt to; we don't really need it.

321 12 08 54 SPT Hey, Jer, there's a lot of gas in here.

CDR Yes, it sure causes suffering later.

PLT ...

SPT Boy, I'm glad no one's a smoker.

i_ i07

321 12 09 23 CDR Here you go, Ed. I put a little Velero on them.

SPT Huh? You rip it off the other one?

CDR Yes.

SPT Hey, that's a good idea. We ought to start doing

that. We might be able to use those little

CDR Not supposed to use them for anything else. Be-

cause it's not that fireproof Velcro. But I
figure they're fair game on the same thing.

321 12 i0 53 SPT Jer?

CDR Oh, yes.

CDR 0h, yes ....

SPT Oh, yes! Look at that definition.

SPT Got one there for yourself,Jer?

CDR Yes.

SPT You can give me yours, and I'll anchor it for

you up there.

CDR Well, I got it down here.

SPT Okay.

321 12 13 36 SPT How much water did I tell you we were putting
in these things yesterday?

CDR Eight, I thought. That's what I put in them.

SPT ... this morning I'm only going ... seven.

That's a fact .... not too sure.

CDR Ah, shoot!

SPT What? Did one come apart on you?

CDR Yes. Now what am I going to do? Looks as if

... for a little while.

CDR ...Yes ... a littlecap....


SPT ...

CDR ...

321 12 15 37 CDR Your half is Just laying in there, waiting to

come out.

321 12 16 17 SPT What have we got this morning for breakfast?

CDR I got a menu. Chocolate chip bar, flake bar,

sausage, eggs - -

SPT You got eggs?

CDR - - grapefruit drink and lemonade ....

SPT ...

SPT Sure wish I hadn't had to do that ...

321 12 18 O0 CDR What did you do with that little pouch that
was taped shut? ...

SPT See if I can find ...

CDR I think it's in the bottom of day 1 or on the

other side.

SPT Okay.

321 12 18 31 CDR I forgot about this thing. It's got to go back

in there .... try and try again ...

CDR Did you take your scop/Dex this morning?

CDR Wow. That did come apart .... rascal.

CDR Okay, I'll try and find a ...

CDR ...

321 12 20 45 SPT ... only 83 more to go. Should we start a markoff

calendar? (Laughter)

CDR How you feel, Bill? Good. Take her slow.

SPT Oh, yes, ... must not forget our vitamin pills.

CDR Oh, yes.

SPT ... get on up here.

SPT Never have ... will it, Jer?


321 12 22 07 SPT Got it.

CDR Oh, let's see now. Got the grapefruit and the
lemonade out.

SPT Yes .... awhile. We all three got sausages or

eggs or am I ... sausage.

CDR Yes ; okay.

CDR ... flake bar. Yes, that's one ..., however.

SPT That 's for sure.

SPT Okay. Do I need a cup ...

CDR You can use mine.

SPT Yes.

CDR Why don't you Just leave those in there for now?

CDR ... coffee ... tea; sur is good.

CDR ...

321 12 2_ 05 CDR All we need is our bars now, and we got - we

got breakfast out.

SPT Well, what kind of bars do you want?

CDR I need three chocolate chips and three flakes.

SPT Okay, there's one. I'm not going to have any of

that ... stuff for breakfast ....

CDR Okay.

321 12 2_ 27 CDR Bill, do you want to try a chocolate chip bar

now? Or a flake bar? Okay

CDR ...

SPT Well, does anybody want a vitamln?

CDR Might as well, I guess.

SPT ...

321 12 25 27 SPT Pork loin!

CDR Yes, that's in the freezer.

SPT No, not quite ... pork loin ...

SPT Do you want a flake bar? I got it open here.

PLT ...

CDR Okay.

SPT Want a flake bar?

CDR ... 1 second.

321 12 26 46 CDR Okay. Here are your flake bars.

SPT All right.

CDR ...

CDR I - I can ... back in here.

SPT I - I can ... pocket ... they'd be all melted.

SPT ...

CDR Yes. You can stick this in the tunnel and ...

SPT Okay. Does anyone want a vitamin?

CDR Yes. Thank you.

SPT Trash pocket ....

CDR ... chocolate chip bar ...

SPT ...

321 12 27 52 CDR Oh, that's right_ I'm sorry. I'll pass that
over to you.

CDR •••

SPT Bill, there is your chocolate chip bar. You can

stow that somewhere over there.

PLT Okay.

SPT ... some more of this stuff somewhere else.

CDR ... meal B out of the command module.

SPT Yes, I think so, except that we get the pork

loin out of the -

CDR ...

SPT ... It 's working.

321 12 28 53 CDR Okay. Bill, would you get the tape recorder
going, and I'll record these PROs. Let's see,
Ed; here's - You want some sausage, Bill? Okay.
Don't reconstitute Bill's sauage then, Ed.

SPT Okay.

PLT ...

321 12 29 lh CDR Okay. Is it in RECORD, or can you tell?

PLT Yes.

321 12 29 29 CC Skylab, we're about 15 seconds until LOS. See

you over stateside ... and we ...

321 12 29 _l CDR Okay, Houston. Is the tape recorder x-_nning

on RECORD? I'm ready to record our PRO values.

CC ...

CDR Okay.

CDR This is the CDR for tape recorder. The PRD

reading for the CDR is h2008_ for the SPT,
23006; for the PLT, 38001.

321 12 30 32 CDR Bill, you want to put that in the pocket? Here,
Ed. It's in your favorite pocket.
i12 -_

321 12 31 52 CDR Bill, you want to turn off that tape recorder?
Oh, okay.

CDR Remember, guys, today the first - first void of

the day goes in the UCTA. And the next void
goes in today's bag.

SPT Today's bag .... we got another UCTA bag stowed

underneath there somewhere?

CDR Yes, there's more in A-6, underneath me.

SPT Okay.

CDR So if you haven't urinated yet this morning, save

it for the old bag. And the rest of the day's
urinations go in the - go in the new bag.

SPT All right.

CDR In fact, we ought to get that done pretty quick,

I guess.

SPT May I have the duty scissors there, please, Jer?

CDB All right.

321 12 34 31 SPT 3-1/2 ounces of hot water. I'll give you 3, Jer.

CDR Okay.

CDR You got any ... so far on your food?

SPT Let's see. No, it's just 7 in there rather than

8; that's grapefruit - everybody's grapefruit

CDR All right. So that's minus 0.5 for everybody there.

321 12 34 54 SPT No, I think they called for 8, didn't they?

... or was it?

CDH No, it calls for 7-1/2, and you said you only
got seven clicks in? That means you're short
half an ounce.

SPT Yes.

CDR I'll put a minus 0.5 next to everybody's grape-

fruit. .-_

321 12 35 27 CDR And you say only 3 in the sausage?

SPT Gosh darn it. Hold on. 1-i/2 - I put - No. I'm
sorry, Jer, ... I can't read the darn thing on
the bottom, but I thought it said 2-1/2. But I
think it might be 1-1/2.

CDR That's all right. You're not supposed to eat

sausage today anyway.

SPT Oh, that's right .... 1-1/2. I gave you 2,


CDR I think it says i-1/2.

SPT Well, Jer, what does the other one say? Can you
read that?

CDR Yes, I'll have to figure it out here.

SPT I think you might have a slightly wet sausage.

Yes, I put Bill's back over here. I'll take a
look at it.

321 12 36 37 SPT i-1/2, yes.

CDR Okay.

SPT Well, you' re plus a half, Jer.

CDR That - that evens me out then; that's okay.

SPT It probably won't be okay when you go to eat it.

CDR I'll get used to that.

CDR Not a bit of Velcro in sight, dagnabit.

SPT Let's see; where is the ... can?

CDR Right chere [sic].

SPT No, that's not it.

CDR I'll find a place to put this, and I'll be right

with you. Boy, without Velcro you're really stuck.
There. In fact, if you get *** you're kind of full.

SPT That it is.

PLT ...

321 12 40 22 CDR Well, let's see. Let me Just continue looking

at the postsleep checklist while Ed's fixing
breakfast there.

321 12 40 54 CDR Yes, Story's the CAP COMM.

SPT I'd say there is a little gas in this water.

Son of a gun.

CDR What's your delta on your eggs? Any?

SPT No. It calls for 3, and that's what I put in

there. But, man, it looks like I've got egg soup.

CDR I hope you saved your little Yelcro patch off

your grapefruit drink before you threw it away.

SPT Yes, I haven't thrown it out yet.

CDR Hey, good. Why don't you hand me the Velcro off
of them? I'll stow them along here so that we
can use them on other - other food containers.

321 12 41 57 SPT I'm taking off my Velcro right here. You can
have it.

CDR There's nothing left but lemonade and a beverage -

your beverage.

SPT I've already had my upper this morning. I have

some tea. I'm going to be ricocheting off the

CDR Yes, we'd better get that void into that bag
before we eat anything.

321 12 h2 3h CDR Now that we've got breakfast ready, we don't want
to screw up any more medical data; so I'll go
ahead and pee in my morning void. Secure the
buttons on that thing.

SPT Jer, you got a place to keep that thing?


CDR Yes, I'm sticking them on the frame of the window

there. I'm cutting them in half to get double
use out of them.

SPT Oh, okay. I 'll do that.

CDR Bill, do you have your UCTA?

PLT Yes, I have it ...

321 12 42 58 CDR Okay. Why don't you finish using it, let me have
it, and I'll put it away in the black bag and
issue you a new one. Actually, we're supposed to
be using urine bags today. Guess I better figure
out where they're stowed and find them.

321 12 43 17 SPT Tell you what - -

CDR I think once we urinate, we won't need them for

a while. We'll find them after breakfast.

SPT Have any drinks in here that need made up for

this morning?

CDR Yes, there's two coffees and a tea and three


SPT Okay, anybody want a lemonade or a - -

CDR I - I think I'll stand pat for a while.

SPT Yes, I think I will too on that. Where - Oh,

there they are. Come on, fellows. Man, I tell
you I couldn't be happier than a clam. Great.
Looking forward to breaking into that workshop
and getting the show on the road.

B21 12 44 07 SPT Do you want any coffee, Jer?

CDR Yes, I'll have some coffee, I think. I'll save

the lemonade for midmorning.

CDR Hurrah. I found it the first time.

SPT ...

SPT Boy, you know, I'm still thinking about that lift-
off. That was - that was a rip-snorter, wasn't

it? That lift-off. It's like sitting on a -

being in the top story of a twenty-story building
and having the first floor explode.

321 12 45 l0 SPT Instead of crumbling down, you're going up. That's


CDR I was surprised how fast we started feeling g's.

SPT I thought it was going to be quite a little while,

but, boy, I could start to feel that at - after
about the first 30 seconds. After I got that
VERB 82 in, I noticed that I was sinking back a
little bit.

CDR Yes, but you know the g level just kept going all
the way up until we got se - to staging.

SPT You know that thrust-to-weight ratio .... in the

beginning I was figuring it out. It 's like 1.09 ;
1. 093. That 's relatively low.

CDR Yes, it doesn't take long for them to begin to


SPT I can tell I'm going in a hurry.

321 12 46 31 SPT Would you like my contribution to science, Jer,

in my UCTA?

CDR Yes.

SPT Okay.

CDR Take care of your morning void there and get it

put away.

SPT ... up there.

321 12 47 46 SPT No, that's not right. That's ... Oh, I think I'm
going to need another tissue.

CDR Another tissue. Oh, the tissues are in U-2.

SPT Oh, they're back there, huh?

CDR Yes.
_, 117

SPT Now where is it?

CDR They're about where my head is.

SPT There we go.

321 12 48 52 SPT Need a tissue or anything, Jer?

CDR I think I've still got one left from last night.

SPT That's what I thought.

CDR All righty, I'll take another one. Might Just

as well carry a spare all the time.

SPT Is that a big enough one?

CDR Yes. That's the same size as my other one.

SPT After tucking my tissue in there last night, I

found out that I didn't get as much in my UCTA
as I thought or it leaks or that it went back
up into the tissue. Man, did it ever.

CDR Oh, man.

SPT It is wick - -

CDR Wicking action.

SPT Curses ' ... in there. Shoot'

CDR It's a messy business indeed.

SPT Be glad when we get in to the workshop and get

that system going.

B21 12 50 09 SPT The whole darn thing is backing out. The whole
gosh darn thing is leaking.

CDR Just blow on it, Ed. That will push it back in.

SPT Gosh darn it'

CDR You need another UCTA? No, we don't have any


SPT No, I'll try to -


321 12 50 43 CDR Well, opening that black bag ought to be a dinner


321 12 51 01 CDR You all through, Bill?

PLT ...

CDR I find the best way is just take the darn thing
off and hold it up straight. It's easier to go

SPT I think ... and ... wanted this thing. I'll try
and move it down there, somewhere in the middle.

CDR Okay. You got the trash bag?

321 12 51 19 SPT I hope so....

SPT Need any more tissues, anyone?

SPT Come on ... Here we are.

CREW Excuse me ...

SPT What ... we work with?

CDB ...

SPT I can't remember.

321 12 52 57 CDR Any other UCTAs ready to stow?

SPT All right, in a minute. What?

PLT ...

SPT Okay.

321 12 53 05 CDR All right, just hand it to me when you're through.

321 12 55 02 CDR Yes, I'll move the black bag over here.

SPT What? Okay.

CDR Got it. All right, ...

PLT ...
_ 119

SPT You're going to find it's kind of hard to take

the pain when you miss with the clamp. Sure lets
you know you're alive.

SPT Okay, Jer, little black bag ready for - -

SPT Oh, yes!

SPT - - another friendly face.

CDR I hope that's all it's going to take because

it's getting full. You ready?

SPT Roger.

CDR Hold your nose.

SPT Go. I'm going to start ... up a little now.

CDR ...

321 12 57 38 CDR Yes, we got to use the workshop bags today. Yes,
we'll locate those after breakfast.

PLT ...

CDR Yes, really, the towel would be better.

SPT Yes, I think you're better with a towel. Let's

see; where did I say I'd found a whole pile of

321 12 58 08 CDR Right here. Let's Just mark this one up. I'll
put an X on the end we are going to use for
cleaning up your hands after urination, and the
other end of the towel -

SPT There were some more towels right in back of

us somewhere here. You know last night I kind of
slept Just like this - kind of floating.

CDR Yes.

SPT ... back and forth between the - the hatch and
the chair. The couch here.

CDR How did you sleep?



321 12 58 37 SPT Pretty well until I - I guess I woke up about -

I'ii be darned if I know. I think I remember
it was 2 or 3 hours before we were supposed to
be getting up here. Then, I was kind of half -
half awake from there on ... Then for the last
half hour, I was looking out the telescope.

CDR I guess I slept - I must have got 50 percent

efficiency out of that sleep. I was sleeping
for half hour, three quarters of an hour; then
awake for 5-10 minutes; then back again.

SPT I dropped off pretty well at the beginning there.

CDR I think those beds are going to be nice with

those big bellybands on them, because that's
sure what made me sleep better last night -
is when I grabbed a couple of cargo straps and
strapped myself down to the locker. Then I
felt like I was being pushed up against something,
and I slept a longer stretch at a time.

PLT ...

321 12 59 42 CDR How about your audio tone? Okay, We're not
reading you at all. We're not reading you on
intercom at all. Are you hearing us? ...

SPT ...

CDR Now try.

321 12 59 56 PLT Oh, yes, it's just ...

CDR Okay.

SPT Let's see now; ... coffee.

CDR Yes, I decided I was going to have coffee, and

I'll hold my lemonade until later.

SPT That's day 4. How'd we ever get day 4?

PLT What? Okay, we're coming up AOS. It's ...?

321 13 00 16 SPT Is that all?


CDR Is this day h, too? These don't even have labels

on them.

SPT Oh, shoot.

CDR Well, the heck with them; coffee's coffee. Bill,

you don't want any coffee, do you? Or would you
like some?

PLT No, not right now. I think I'll hold off awhile.

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay.


SPT I think I'Ii have some tea. You want some coffee?

CDR Yes, I'll have coffee and sugar.. This is black

coffee, Bill.

PLT Good gosh....

CDR Day 4; that's right. I'm sure I can find some.

321 13 00 51 PLT Makes me feel a little better. I don't know if

I'm any cleaner.

SPT Yes.

SPT Now let me see_ I've got to figure out - there

it is.

CDR Your pocket's unzipped, Ed. You're going to be

spreading whatever's in there ...

321 13 01 01 PLT Yes, it'll be coming up shortly, Jer.

SPT Okay.

CDR That's it.

321 13 01 12 CC Skylab, we're AOS stateside - -


321 13 26 i0 PLT ... there....

CDR You _]most see the whole Mediterranean in one

fell swoop. Okay, here comes Greece now. The
Islands of Greece there and Athens back there.

SPT Oh, yes. Now what are these mountains right below

CDR Oh, let's see. These are the Balkans here. This
is Albania, Yugoslavia - -

PLT Now I'll find that major mountain chain that

ends up in the Alps.

CDR Yes. We're coming right down into Greece, and

that island out there, I believe, is part of
Greece - the Peloponnesian - what's the name of
it - the Dardanelles?

PLT Yes, the narrow spot there.

321 13 27 ll CDR Narrows - See, the narrows between the island

and the mainland. That's the Dardanelles? Big
World War I naval battle was fought ... Now
we got to be going over Turkey .... that the
... (cough).
SPT Yes, I could use one of those, as a matter of
fact. (Cough) Hey, you know, ..., Jer, ...
I'll take that little ... I got so excited I
don't know what I did with mine ....

PLT Doggone it, Carr, what'd you do with it?

CDR ... coffee's getting cold .... now and try to

get a little more hot water. So strong I can't
hardly drink it .... There you go .... Then
I move faster, hopefully. Okay,

PLT Gosh, I got a great view now of ...

SPT You know those little circular ... that we once

talked about whether it's ... or something?

PLT I didn't see. I wasn't - I was looking at it

through a wide angle, side angle.

CDR No, when we've - No, you can't see them now.
We must be over Turkey over here. Oh, there's
the Red Sea, Suez Canal. See?

SPT Oh yes, beautiful! ... something down there.

CDR Right straight out.


SPT What.

PLT You got the wrong silverware. Nile delta.

CDR Yes, Nile delta ... I didn't realize those moun-

tains were right there. I guess that's what
that was.

SPT No, that's the Nile delta.

PLT Yes.

CDR I'm sorry. Yes.

321 13 30 08 CDR Israel, Palestine.

CDR Well, enough of this lollygagging. We got to

get to work.

SPT (Laughter)

CDR Gosh darn it.

SPT What do you mean, Jer? Don't we have 2 more hours

for lollygagging?

CDR We blew our lollygngging time yesterday. Now we

got to go to work.

PLT Okay.

CDR Well, all right. Get squared away and we'll ...

SPT ... coming at you, ...

CDR ... coffee mixes with air too well.

SPT ... half of it. Did you ever have any of ...?

CDR Pile ...

SPT Was never ...

CDR Right. Just put the pile on your forehead,

stick your face to the window and enjoy the view.

CDR Man, the water is 50 percent air. I put four

more clicks in, and I bet I only got 2 ounces
of water.

SPT Yes.

321 13 31 55 CDR It makes the coffee not as black looking.

SPT I think I'm going to save some of my stuff until

we get - How soon is it until we get anything
going in the workshop that you can use?

321 13 32 04 PLT That's waterwise?

SPT Yes.

PLT Takes me awhile.

SPT Takes you - -

CDR ... I wouldn't expect to see any hot water

before - -

SPT Dinner, huh?

CDR - - before suppertime.

SPT Well, wait a minute. I'm going to ... - -

CDR We can work in here with the water.

SPT I don't need - I don't think I need hot water ...

CDR That 's right.

SPT Now. Where do we stand on getting things ...?

321 13 32 43 CDR Let's see. I think the presleep checklist is

pretty much done. Let me check.

SPT Man, I think this feels pretty good.

F_ 125

CDR I'm feeling good now.

SPT I feel like I want to roar into these things full

force but I ... - -

PLT Well, I feel like I do too, but I'm going to take

it easy.

CDR Yes.

321 13 33 02 SPT Cool it, Bill.

CDR Eat more when you're healthy.

CDB Yes, MDA tlmnel press after personal hygiene,

breakfast, the uplink, and all that good stuff.

SPT Okay, we got the uplink?

CDR Yes.

PLT We're ready for CM/MDA tnDnel press which says - -

SPT ... Here, I'll get my checklist out.

CDR No, we got to press it again because it says ...

SPT Yes .... hold.

CDR Let me do this. Take your ... down and place

some water in my coffee ...

SPT Okay. Let's see, Jer, while we're doing all of

this ... get out my ... no card.

CDB I guess we can do it later.

321 13 33 59 SPT Boy, there sure is an awful lot of gas in that


PLT Sure is.

SPT Terrible ' The hot 's worse, I think.

CDR Okay. Oh man, oh man. There is nothing but a

great big nothing out here now Just ... northern
China and outer Mongolia, and all that good
stuff .... the Gobi Desert? ...

F SPT ...

PLT We ought to pick up the Himalayas somewhere. If

a -

CDR They're quite a ways south, I think. I think

we're up over - We must be at - at the high point
now, going down. Oh, man. Don't put your flake
bars in your pocket ....

PLT I've got an awful lot of water over here. It

must be the Black Sea or something.

SPT Got something in here .... what I got.

321 13 35 06 PLT Yes, we're over southern Russia.

CDR Yes.

CDR I think I see the Indian Ocean out there - on

m_ left.

SPT Hey, look at those sand dunes.

PLT You ought to be able to pick up the Himalayas,

too, I think. Or is that later?

321 13 35 20 PLT Yes, I saw them, Ed.

SPT ... look at all this? ... all in through there.

PLT Uh-huh. Black Sea, ...

SPT It's probably the Caspian Sea.

PLT You could be right because the Black Sea is more

circular. There's a fire burning right down
there in the middle of it. It ...

CDR All white water.

PLT Well, I say right in the middle, it's right there

toward the shore.

CDR I can't see it.

SPT Beautiful ... up here. Take a look ...

CDR Well, you can't see for this ATM .... see the
whole country of India.

SPT Okay now, what's the water - the body of water

there ...?

CDE That's the Indian Ocean. You mean out to the left?

SPT Yes.

CDR I'm sure that's the Indian Ocean.

PLT I think you're right.

321 13 36 35 PLT Look at all this ... activity down here, for
crying out loud.

SPT ... are murder. I better get going here. Enough

of this lollygagging.

PLT Where is that? May be coming down off the Arabian


CDR Well, it may be maybe.

PLT Well, I'm not sure. It sure looks like the

ArabianGulf over on the right. We come right
down through the center of the Arabian Penisula.
Well, what ... - That wasn't a lake I saw; that
was the Gulf of Aqaba. That's a deep oil well
•.. fire. That ...

CDR ... chocolate and vanilla ...?


CDR ... Boy, that 's something else.

SPT ... here?

CDR Yes. Here's your trash bag.

SPT Oh, ...

CDR ... If you want to eat, go ahead. And get that

out of the way.

PLT Let me help you with this thing ....

CDR Anybody got trash?


321 13 38 37 PLT l got it all in my pocket.

SPT ...

CDR Bill, you're sounding better every minute.

PLT I feel better. I - You know, I think it was that

darned headache and all that gas in the water.

321 13 38 51 SPT Well, I think part of it is -

CDR Here you go.

SPT I think some of the vestibular guys are - are

missing the boat. I think a lot of ... is the
movement of head and ... stand on your head a
couple of hours .... I felt for a long while no
matter what I was doing ... I was upside down.

PLT Now I'll change ... may come in handy.

SPT ... somewhere.

PLT Where do you want me to put this, Jer? I'ii put

it ...

CDR Yes .... get it.

CDR ... there ... need.

321 13 40 12 SPT Well, you know part of it's discipline ... get
organized .... gets all over in one corner.

CDR Yes.

321 13 40 36 PLT This disposal bag is just hanging with one hook
over here.

CDR Okay.

PLT Think it'll be all right.

CDR All right. Here's that thing to go with them.

PLT Okay.

CDR ... you better cool it, Bill .... Don't try to
do too much too quick.

SPT Bill, I think what you ought to do is Just lay -

be lazy today.

PLT Well, I - I try to move slow.

CDR Yes.

SPT Just take the ... easy in order to get the work
done that - that we ought to be doing to keep up
with the time line. We can do the rest of that
stuff. Okay? No need to - pushing yourself any
further than you ... get the work done.

PLT I'll be Loafing Progue and moving slowly.

CDR ... breakfast.

SPT ...

CDR Bill, you ate both your bars, right?

PLT Yes.

_- 321 13 42 17 CDR Okay. Drank your grapefruit drink?

PLT Yes. I didn't drink a lemonade. I think I had

lemonade I didn't drink.

CDR Yes, I got it right up over - -

SPT Here.

CDR - - underneath ... strap.

PLT Okay.

CDR And let's see Ed, you ate eggs, grapefruit drink,
tea, and pork and potatoes, right?

SPT Yes, I'm eating pork and potatoes right now.

CDR And that's it for breakfast?

321 13 h2 _5 SPT Yes. Mighty right.

CDR Grapefruit drink, ..., pork, and potatoes.

SPT Yes.

CDR Okay. That takes care of the menu bit. Now

press on.

SPT Tell you what, why don't you put in there that
I'll - I'll probably be able to put 3 or so in
here .... 3 ounces, so that makes me l-l2
ounces short - better make it short because I'm
sure there's a lot of gas in that stuff.

CDR All right.

SPT We ... estimate that stuff from now on ....

CDR Well, pretty much guessing it by volume. Boy,

it's getting hotter.

PLT Boy, that Sun really puts it in .... in here.

CDR I felt it was hot last night a couple times too.

PLT Yes, I really got overheated.

SPT Well, we're high ... so it is getting warmer.

321 13 43 40 CDR All right, let's do the tunnel press.

PLT Okay.

SPT ... Bill, all you got to do is kind of lay there

and read it and I'll take care of getting you the
- the ... I'll move the hatch over to this
couch. All righty ....

PLT Is tool E .... there?

CDR ... I need it. Tool E is hanging in its usual

place, Ed.

SPT Got it.

CDR Okay.

PLT All right. Panel 12 MDA TUNNEL VENT valve,


SPT That's where it is.

321 13 44 36 CDR ...


PLT Verify not pegged high.

321 13 44 43 SPT That's verified.


321 13 44 47 SPT Okay. It's done.

321 13 44 55 SPT Okay, we've got it at 4.9, as we did yesterday.

... now would like to see a -

CDR ...?

SPT Yes, this whole thing here ...

PLT Okay, wait until approximatelyzero.

321 13 45 22 SPT Okay, the valve is full OPEN.


PLT That must be 02 FLOW HIGH.

SPT That it is.

321 13 45 30 PLT Okay, that's the end of that. At 13:32 PLT per-
charge while CDR and SPT perform tnnnel oper-

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay, we can go on.

PLT Bat B charge is in work.

CDR Here's tool E, right here.

321 13 45 59 CDR Hatch is coming out.

SPT Okay, Jer, Just pass it down.

CDR Let's see. We had to take this hose out of here

last time.

321 13 46 34 SPT ... down here also.

CDR Where does it say to put the hatch this time?

SPT Hold on. I got to get m_ checklist. It's right

behind you.

CDR Okay.

SPT ... put there ... popping off. Open her up to

page 2 here. I got it. Okay.

CDR You got a lot of scrambling around to do, Billy

321 13 47 03 PLT Yes.

CDR Okay, I'll - Ed or I'll do it for you.

SPT Yes.

PLT Ed'll - Okay, I'll wait.

SPT Page 2. I

CDR Okay. While Ed's studying with the hatch laying

on his belly, you tell me what you want done.
Pull in your t11mmy, Ed. There you are.


clockwise, verify. It should be - -

CDR That's 377?

PLT 377.

CDR All right.

PLT It should be ... counterclockwise.

SPT Okay, Bill, ...

321 13 47 41 CDR That's verified, Bill.

SPT Bill, tell you what; why don't you move over here
to the center couch so we can work it because it's
got to ... this side. And we got to tie it down
with straps and ...

PLT Okay.

SPT So, tell you what, Just hold on, wait until I get
out - wait until I get out of here and I'll - -

PLT Okay.

SPT - - ... do that. Yes.

CDR There's room here. I can pull it ... by it.

SPT ... This slides down here, Bill slides in there.

CDR Oh, this is so nice. Remember how I hurt m_ back

with this darned thing?

SPT Yes.

CDR In the bird.

PLT No, I'm going to have to come around that way,

Ed, because of my umbilical.
SPT Oh, a]1 right .... got to.

CDR LetEd get...

SPT Okay.

CDR ... Slow and easy ...

PLT Take it easy, Ed.

CDR ... you could be putting that hose up again.

321 13 48 41 SPT Oh, all right.

CDR I don't think we'll need to have it out of the

way for the probe and drogue.

SPT Maybe not. Let Bill get by.

CDR ...

SPT Oh yes ....

321 13 49 03 CDR Boy, my head feels better. It se_,s to feel

better after I eat too.

SPT Yes, I noticed that.

CDR Maybe it's because your - your gut need some

blood for your food so it takes it - some of it
from your head.

PLT That could very well be.

CDR Here' s your book, Ed.

SPT Okay, I've got to find old B-7 now and get some
tie-down straps.

CDR All right. Okay, Bill, read to me.

PLT That 's it.

CDR Oh, that 's all.

321 13 h9 28 PLT That's all I needed•

CDR All right, I'll just put this thing in a more

accessible place•

SPT Bill

CDR Right by your right hand ...

SPT - - is it possible for you to move up a little

bit further towards the - tell you what you can -
do, you can put your feet underneath this thing
here. And then your - ... Okay, there you go
•.. Boy, you have short feet there Bill.

PLT Yes, ... I do. Tangled up with my - -

SPT ... hold on.

PLT - - ... down there.

SPT Yes. Tangled up ...

CDR Just lay back ... head go level.

SPT There you go ...

PLT Is this out of your way, now?

SPT ... --

PLT ... probe out?

SPT - - you'll find that it's a little more comfort-

able, I think

PLT Okay. Good.

321 13 50 26 SPT Tell you what, ... put your - put your ...

CDR Put those in the ... and you got it made. There
you go.

SPT There you go. And there's a chest strap right up

here if you want it. Okay. Tie-down straps,

CDR Here you go.

SPY Right-hand couch, 90 degrees .... see what 90

degrees means.
CDR That's feet up ... down.

SPT Oh, with the couch at 90 degrees ... Okay, ...


CC ...

321 13 51 17 CDR Hi, Bruce. We got the hatch out. We're stowing
it at the moment, we'll be starting on the probe
in a minute.

CC ...

CDR I'd ... like to set up and start working that


PLT Yes .... doing that.

CDR (Yawn) Now ... in here ... probe depress - Okay,

there's probe. Okay. Bill, will you get the
t,lnnel lights? They're on panel 2 up by the
spot lights.

PLT Got them.

CDR Okay.

PLT Roger; go ahead, Bruce.

CC ...

321 13 52 25 CDR (Laughter) Bruce, you are a nitpicker (laughter).


CDR Ho, ho, ho. It says, "Stow the probe under the
right-hand couch."

SPT Oh, geez. Hey, I'll tell you what. While I get
this stowage ... Why don't I try and put it -
Yes, right in this area right here. I better
take my glasses off before I break them. Oh, now
I got my little tie-down straps to that thing. I
think you ought to be able to put them right on
top of the - the hatch there.

321 14 01 04 PLT Proby, baby.

SPT Watch those optics in back of you, Jer.

CDR Yes, I'm leaning into them; that way I know I

won't hit them because I can feel where they are.
I want to look at the capturelatch. That
mother - shoot' Move the glass ....

SPT I know, that looks like ...

SPT ... that floodlight up a little bit.

CDR It 's up all the way.

SPT That looks nice.

321 14 01 48 CDR Okay, Ed, it's all yern [sic].

SPT It is, huh?

CDR Let's move this hand controller forward.

SPT I did it.

PLT ... oh, okay.

CDR Now, will it go through there now?

SPT Hold on.

321 14 02 07 CDR There you go.

CDR I'll Just let you manage that. Is that yours,


PLT Yes.

CDR Hand me that other one that I stuffed away there.

SPT Well, sorry about that ...

CDR ... going to go through there?

SPT ...

CDR This rascal here's got it clear up across ...


PLT ...

CDR That's okay, it wasn't anywhere special.

SPT Well, how's about putting it right where I am?

_ CDR How about this? Is this going to make it?


SPT ...

CDR Just a minute. Let's run it towards you. I

think we got it. Well, Just a second. Smooth
... anotherstanddownhere.

321 l_ 03 ll CDR It's about to come through here, Bill - or, Ed.
..., Ed, ..° Let's see - No, it's hung on the

SPT ...

CDR No, see, it 's stuck between here and the seat and
it can't go up any more because the - the strut's
up against it. We'll have to - Just have to
swing it around or - -

SPT ... or else put it right where I am. Well, we

got to get this seat back ...

321 14 03 3_ CDR Okay. Think you can move right over here and
maWe it right through the hole. I'll assist.

SPT Okay.

CDR Are they going towards you or the other -

321 l_ 03 49 PLT Okay, I'll watch the hand controller. Oh, man,
this is such a pleasure.

CDR You've got one coming.

SPT Tell you what. Why don't we just tie it right

down here? Good. Tell you what, we've got lots
of these straps ... here and just clip it on the
wall here. Snap it on that wall.

321 14 04 16 CDR Trouble is this really cuts our mobility down.

I think it would be better where you are, Ed.

SPT Well, all right; we have the food to get to over


CDR Yes, but this is only going to be temporary - -

SPT ...

CDR - - You know. You and I will be stowing th_'s

stuff in the MDA.

SPT All right, you're right there. Okay. You're

right; this is only temporary.

CDR Put your feet up over the hatch, and head down
here, and I can slide it right into you.

SPT Okay.

CDR Thank you, Bill. Okay, I'm going to go up and

get you another blivet to play with.

SPT Oh, dear.

CDR Well, I don't want you to be lonesome, Ed. I

want you to have lots of friends do%m there.

321 14 04 58 SPT Yes, this is like packing a phone booth.

PLT Cabin temp is really going up.

SPT Yes, don't worry, just keep ... Jer, let me - let
me move up a little bit so I can - -

CDR Sure.

SPT - - I need - I need to get on top of this thing

so I can push it down.

CC ...

321 i_ 05 25 CDR I'll talk to him. Okay, Bruce, the probe is out,
the capture latches and everything are very
smooth. There are no scars.

CDR Okay. The only scars are what we described yes-

terd_y on the drogue.

CC ...

CDR Okay.

321 14 05 56 SPT I've got to do something else here, Jerry; it

won't go from there to here.

CDR It won't? Son of a gun.

SPT Tell you what I 'ii do.

CDR All right. You'll have to put your feet down

then, I'll bet.

.... SPT ... feet down. This in here.... and move that
thing down, like so. I think I've Just about got

321 14 06 13 CDR Good. The drogue is out and floating, so when-

ever you' re through there, I've got another one
for you.

SPT Another blivet.

CDR Yes, ..., Ed.

321 14 06 30 SPT Come on, blivet. There we go; there's where I

wanted the blivet. I sure feel funny up in this

CDR Oh, there's that MDA hatch. The old MDA hatch.
Come on, you guys. Let's go.

PLT You want me to read to you, Jer?

CDR I've got to get the drogue out first .... look
for MDA, ... How are you feeling, Bill?

321 14 07 08 PLT Pretty good.


CDR Very good. Hang in, babe.

SPT Hang in there, and - ... you're much better off.

CDR Let's see, Bill, could you get my umbilical un-

tangled? It's wound around the hand controller

PLT Yes....

CDR Just pull it toward you a little bit; there we

go. All right, now you can - no, wait.

SPT Hello, Sun.

321 14 07 45 SPT Okay, Jer, I got that one strap tied here.

CDR All right.

SPT And I think that's enough to hold it here for the

time being. That's all we need.

CDR All right.

SPT Now the other blivet. Where does it say the

other blivet goes?

321 14 07 57 CDR It says, would you believe, "Stow on top of the

right-hand couch."

SPT On top of the other blivet. Well, we might be

able to get it there too.

CDR Which way is up, down or fore and aft? I'm all
screwed around here.

SPT Jer, look at all the hoses. Looks like snakes

down there.

SPT Jer, did you ever figure out the ... situation?

CDR Got to take another ...

321 14 08 28 SPT We're going to have the inner values ... Here's
somebody's - -

CDR Sorry about that.

/_. 141

SPT Not EVA's. We're supposed to use a workshop bag.

That we've got to find.

CDR In the workshop.

SPT No, there should be some stowed.

CDR Oh, okay.

PLT In the checklist, the very first page of A num-

ber 2. Jer, do you think if I - -

CDR You might look it up.

PLT See if - I think it refers us to the CSM Systems

Checklist, and that would tell us where to find

SPT Jer, do you think you could - you could fit down
in here somehow - down in this area?

321 14 09 01 CDR Yes, let's try and give that one a bloody go.

_ SPT Okay. I'll get out of your way here.

PLT ... UCTA for postsleep urination, then obtain

UCTA/sample bag adapter from UCTA and attach to
UCTA. Oh, okay. Stow UCTA - -

SPT I found it.

PLT - - ... two urine fecal collectors, activation,

page 2-73, as required.

CDR Oh, you mean for us to do it in the workshop.

PLT Each crewmen obtain fecal/vomitus bags from

M071/73 return container, top of A-R, and stow
in pocket.

CDR We've got another l0 pounds to put in a 5-pound


SPT Yes.

321 14 09 49 CDR I tell you what, Ed, let's put that seat down to
the 180 position. All right, that's - -

SPT Just ... here, Jer, so I can get to them.

CDR Could you bring it part way down? That's where


SPT ...

CDR - - ...

SPT ... - -

PLT Yes. Got a lot of hardware there.

CDR That wasn't much help, was it?

SPT No, and I'm also ...

CDR ... see if I got my clip around that other thing


231 14 i0 21 CDR All right, Bill, push the hand controller. Try
it all the way forward, and see if we can get
this over it.

PLT This hand controller here?

CDR Number i.

PLT Oh, okay....

SPT You mean Just ro - rotate the whole thing from

the bottom?

CDR Yes, that was a nice one. There we go. Would

you believe ... ?

321 14 i0 49 PLT Oh, yes. I was just getting that.

SPT There we go.

CDR Now, Ed, there is a handle right here, your end,

which is probably going to be in your way.

321 14 ii 04 PLT I got my hand on the hand controller, so it'll

take ...

CDR 0kay, let's put it down so it's ... a little bit.


PLT Okay, you're putting quite a bit of pressure on

the hand controller.

CDR Oh, okay.

PLT On my finger, rather (laughter).

SPT Okay. You got to - get that hose out of the way,
and let me shift it over that way. There we go.

PLT Now I'm in the way.

SPT Okay. Now, Bill -

PLT No, this ... you got to -

SPT Okay, now I've got to find some way to hold that
mother down. I'm not sure what al1 those cute
little snaps are for. Could you put your hand on
that so it doesn't ...? ... - while I go get the
straps ...

CDR Okay, Bill, have you - Let's see what all you've
_ doneso farhere.

321 i_ 12 08 PLT I'm getting ready - As soon as you all open the
hatch. See all I had to do was dry out the evap-
orator and start a battery charge - -

CDR Yes.

PLT - - and we've already done that.

CDR Okay, so your next step then is the suit circuit


PLT That 's deactivation.

321 14 12 23 CDR Yes, and I'll - I'll go ahead and get the hatch

SPT I'ii be right with you, Jer.

CDR Okay, no big thing.

PLT I do it after you - -

CDR Okay.
PLT - - open the hatch.

SPT Can you put this thing down anywhere over there,
Jer - Bill? ...

CDR ...

PLT I've got the wrong strap.

SPT Well, ... they're all that way. Here, hook this
up some .... something ... way they've got one
special location where everything goes.

PLT Yes.

SPT ...

321 14 13 03 CDR Okay, we've got minus 0.1 of a pound on the

DELTA-P meter here .... what does that ...

PLT Okay, I'm going to put it on a rather fragile

range here. It won't hurt anything but load it

CDR I see. Minus 0.1, I think, means we're low.

PLT Yes, let me read the note on that too.

CDR Minus means we're on the low side, doesn't it?

PLT That's the way I understand it.

CDB All right, here goes the PRESS EQUALIZATION


SPT Watch our cabin pressure, Bill.

CDR Yes, it's coming into us.

321 14 13 47 SPT Cabin pressure going up?

PLT I don't see it going up; I'm watching it. I did

see it go up a little bit.

321 14 14 13 CDR Okay, it's open. DELTA-P is now zero.


PLT "Watch out for debris," it says. "Release

handle safety trigger - life and rotate 90
degrees toward hatch."

CDR Done.

PLT "Caution: Small delta-P may exist across hatch.

Release and grip handle securely when opening
hatch. Release handle to OPEN - to stop."

CDR Okay.

PLT Watch your knuckles when you do that.

CDR Here's your book, Ed.

PLT I'll take it.

SPT Okay .... my eyeballs ...

321 14 15 01 CDR Okay. It's open.

PLT Okay. Push hatch open to detent lock.

CDR It looks just like the simulator, guys. Push

open to detent, huh?

CREW ...

PLT Yes, you know, it has that little ratchet latch.

CDR Okay.

PLT All righty. And on panel lO1, which is a little

switch panel, interior lights on, and it should
give you four lights in the MDA.

321 l_ 15 40 CDR That's right. Just inside here, isn't it?

PLT Yes.

CDR Let's see. I need a little more umbilical here.

PLT You're going - I'm not sure you can even make it.
Let me try and give you some more.

CDR Oh, man. Soon as I get the lights on, you guys
got to come up and look at this.

SPT Okay.

CDR It's purty [sic].

CDR It is nice and cool too.

SPT ... find someplace to put this blivet. Well,

... D

PLT ... oh, darn it. Jerry, if you take your ...
off, I can give you about a foot and a half - -

CDR I think I've got enough right now.

PLT Okay.

321 14 16 17 CDR I need a flashlight. I think 101's this little

box just inside the hatch here - -

PLT Yes.

SPT Yes, we - we ... really clean. We got all our

flashlights ...

PLT I never did like that darn ...

SPT That was a lousy idea.

CDR Anybody got a match?

SPT No, I'm going to throw this switch.

CDR Oh, okay.

SPT There it is.

PLT Okay.

SPT What are you looking at?

321 14 16 39 CDR I'm looking at a great big thing.

SPT Aw, that 's beautiful.

CDR Look at that great big beauty. Yoo hoo'

SPT Okay, what's - let me - let me read on here,

Jerry? It says - what page were you on? MDA

lights, turn on. Okay, you got those, inspect

MDA. Okay ... - -

CDR Give me my checklist, and I'll get started here.

SPT Okay, now we also got that frapping ... Is that

included in this thing?

CDR I don't see how we can; we don't have a camera

that works. I'd have to go in and get a lens to
go with it.

SPT No ... that camera up there? A11 you got to do

is go over and turn that camera on, and it's set
for us to come in.

321 lh 17 29 CDR Oh, okay.

SPT Remember, that 's what ...

CDR Yes.

SPT Apparently they have not put that in the check-

listbecauseI don'tsee it.

CDR All right.

321 14 17 _ SPT Why don't we get that done, and then we can press
on with the rest of the - Why don't we Just go on
off headsets because otherwise we'll never be
able to move in and get the drogue and probe and
all that stuff, too.

CDR All right. Let me go back and just recap every-

thing here and make sure we've done a] ] the things
we're supposed to do.

SPT Okay, dr°gue and probe - -

CDR Secondary glycol evap dryout, complete; probe

removal; drogue removal; bat B charge; you're
finished with that, Bill?

PLT Yes, but I'm recharging bat A.

CDR Okay. Suit circuit deactivation complete yet?


B21 14 18 19 PLT I'm getting in the process. Would you give me a

9 Delta inhibit?

CDR 9 Delta. Got it.


CDR Okay, we got to stow the probe and drogue now.

That comes in here. Let's see, are we AOS now?

CDR Yes, I suspect they decided not to do it. Yes.

Let me go off the headset and go on in ....
checklist ... All right, it ain't going to hurt.
We got - Let's see, when did they say the next
AOS is?

321 14 19"56 PLT 04 I thought he - Oh, heck, that can't be right.

14:19 - 20 now. He told me, and I didn't write
it down. I thought he said 04, but I - That
can't be right.

CDR Okay. Well, I'm going to go off the headset

here. Go down and turn on the television and the
VTR, and we'll record it whether they like it or
not. They got plenty of time to turn it off.

PLT Okay.

CDR Okay, here's what we're going to do while we got

a drogue and a probe to stow.

CDR Yes.

PLT Reroute suit hose to avoid hatch interference.

CDR ...

321 l_ 21 B4 SPT Save some looking for us.

PLT Yes, that's one of my jobs; I'm waiting until

you get through. You're supposed to route them
for quick ingress.

PLT I'm not sure that's the right ones in there.

You going to take it in there?

CDR ... AOS.


321 lh 23 40 PLT Okay.

321 14 30 58 SPT Hey Jer, ...? Do you know where disposal hag C
is at the present time? Wait a minute, that's -
that 's mine. Okay.

321 14 34 08 PLT Someone on the loop in there?

321 14 35 09 CC Skylah, this is Houston .... 17 minutes ...

321 14 35 25 PLT Okay, standby, Bruce. Jerry's off the headsets

for the moment. While I'm getting - -

321 14 53 29 PLT Yes.

CREW ...

PLT Oh, danged if I know.

CREW ...

PLT The G&C? Did you say G&C?


PLT Where is this G&C Checklist? Is that in your

pocket over here? I see it. Stand by, I'll

CDR Bill?

PLT Yes.

CDR Here ....

PLT Okay.

CDR Hey, Bill?

PLT Yes?

CDR ...

PLT What? Yes. Sure, if it's in manual. Yes.

321 14 55 33 PLT Then you can't do anything anyway. Yes, I think

you do. Well, wait a minute, I'm not really sure

about this. Right. You said that, best wishes

to Skylab. We have your teleprinter message; it
was very much appreciated.

321 15 05 28 PLT Yes. Why not?

PLT Yes.

PLT Knowing the ... no such luck in it breaking.

PLT Uh, no, I - Looks like a perfect fit.

PLT Going to my favorite panel, ... D-2. Man, this

stowage is killing me. Take Just some little
simple task to do - takes you 15 minutes to a
half hour to get the stowage out of the way so
you can thro one switch.

PLT What 's that?

PLT Could he sort of?

CREW ...

321 15 08 20 PLT Yes' This stowage is killing me, Jer. I've got
to get stuff out of the way so I can open panels
and everything. I'm - I finished secondary.
I'm starting primary.

CDR Okay....

PLT Old Elmer got it all on board, I'll say that for
him. Man, it's a mess. He's a good ...

B21 15 09 41 PLT Man alive, this is really too much. I have to

move 50 jillion things to get to one piece.

CREW ... feel?

PLT I feel fine.

PLT All of this stowage and a11 this stuff up here

is - is killing me. I can't get the panels and
things - like - took me 30 minutes to get the
Li0H canisters out.

CDR Oh yes, it's terrible.


PLT Because I couldn't get to thegrounding strap.

And I never did carry anything back into A-6. I
finally had to leave one piece out.

PLT There you are, you little son of a gun. Now if

I can get in there. Oh, shoot, pitiful. NOw,
where was I?


I can't seem to figure out where I am.


CDR Hey, Ed, are we recording?

SPT Okay.

SPT Okay. They put some ... backwards ... in the

way. That's why it wouldn't fit.

CDR ...

PLT Yes. I bet it does.

CREW ...

PLT Yes.

CREW ...

321 15 13 47 PLT No, l'm - l'm just putting it up now. Yes.

CREW ...

PLT Yes, D what?

CREW ...

PLT Delta. Okay.

CREW ...

CREW Listen, Bill?

321 15 15 29 PLT Yes.

CREW ...

PLT Okay.

CDR ...

PLT Okay, I'm on, Jerry.

321 15 16 22 PLT Yes. Okay.

321 15 19 32 PLT Okay, you're doing ... page 2-26?

321 15 21 16 PLT Can I help you out any?

PLT Okay, I'll get it.

PLT Eight under your finger there. No, put it back

over to the right. Right there, down ... down.

PLT ... they're both gray.

PLT So it's in two rows of five, down the right-hand

side of the tunnel ...


321 15 23 09 PLT Why did you want me on this center headset?

CREW ...

PLT Okay.

CREW Bill?

321 15 27 02 PLT Okay, I'm getting ready to fold up the couch


CDR Okay. Want some help?

PLT No, I think I can get it okay.

CREW ... bad in here.

321 15 27 30 PLT Yes, it's - it's pretty bad in here now.

CDR ...

321 15 27 37 PLT No, it didn't work. It took me almost a half

hour to set it up.

321 15 29 56 PLT I was Just saying, I - Actually, Jer, I think I

can probably handle myself down there as well as
up here.

CDR ...

321 15 30 14 PLT So if you want to switch off now and try it for
a while, I'll finish the couch.

PLT Oh, okay.

321 15 30 54 CREW ...

321 15 42 09 PLT We're coming up on AOS pretty soon .... likely.

321 15 42 22 CC ... Goldstone at 16:lO. Over.

PLT Roger; understand. And we're taking a few min-

utes here. We have to get down in the workshop
and get some urine bags.

321 15 42 44 CC Okay, ... 2 to 45 degrees clockwise and the ED63

... We'd like to take that out ... understand
- you ... indirect lighting ... not direct. Over.

321 15 53 04 CREW Bill, ...

321 16 09 35 PLT How is it coming up there?

321 16 l0 31 PLT Jer' Have you - have you started the bakeout?

CREW ...

CC ...

PLT Roger, Bruce.

CC ...

321 16 ll 38 PLT Roger; understand. Delete the command module

waste water dump at approximately 01:30.

321 16 29 14 CDR Okay, those - they're all good.

SPT Okay, it says, "Green to green."

CDR P-9 to audio B.

SPT P-9 to audio B; P-9 to audio B.

CDR This is J-2.

SPT Okay.

SPT Okay. I'm going to go to J - oops, let me

go to ... 2_ ...

PLT ...

321 16 31 27 CDR Okay. Go ahead. Whatever you want to do.

Match your ... though, ... got ... 2.

SPT Oh, he's got ...

CDR Oh, okay. I begga [sic] your pardon. Yes.

Well, it's no big thing. There.

SPT Okay? Now you're on the same page ...?

CDR Yes. Now.

PLT ...

321 16 32 36 CDR What step are you doing now, Bill?

PLT Step - ... in here.

CDR Okay.

321 16 32 h9 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Madrid for 9

minutes. Out.

CDR Roger, Bruce. We're doing the co-,, configure -

commumbilical connection at this time.

321 16 33 16 CDR All right. Now want to go to J'25, purple. I

think that's a d11mmy. Right.

321 16 h0 53 CDR I think you're caught slightly_ it needs to go

this way. You need to bend it. No, no, no,
you're caught. Put a tighter bend in your -
there you go. Good show. Now close the fairing.

SPT Okay. That it?


321 16 41 13 CDR All right, the umbilical connection's complete.

Return the container to M-151. VTR to STANDBY;
•TY, off ; and turn on the lighting switches. You
can do that. Now I'm going to go ahead and get
back and do this other stuff.

321 16 55 55 CDR Say again?

CDR Okay.

321 16 58 40 SPT (Tone) Okay, Jer, how do you read?

321 16 58 46 CDR Loud and clear, Ed.

SPT Very good; we got the intercom powered up.

321 16 58 50 CDR Okay, give me another check in a minute. I'll

switch over to SPEAKER.

CDR How do you read now, Ed?

SPT I rea_ you with a squeal.

- 321 16 59 09 PLT I read you both 5 square.

CDR The squeal must be in your end of the house.

there somewhere, Ed.

SPT We didn't get it until you went to SPEAKER.

SPT Try turning all the way down.

SPT Okay, try it again.

321 16 59 44 SPT Well, I guess that's it. Let me turn mine down.

321 16 59 56 CDR Turn all the suit powers off.

SPT (Squeal) Let me take a look at the one up by

the EREP.

321 17 00 39 SPT Are we in contact with ground?

SPT Give me a call when we are. I need to give them

a transmit check here.

321 17 01 O0 SPT Okay?


CC Skylab, Houston through Honeysuckle for 6 minutes


321 17 18 18 CDR Hello. Houston. Read you loud and clear on

panel 98. Stand by for voice check from the

SPT Houston, how do you read? The SPT on 131.

SPT That's affirm, Bruce. How's it now?

CC ... and we'll be dumping the voice tape recorder


321 17 27 19 CDR Okay, Ed. Verify that your CSM light is out on

SPT I should be down to 520?

SPT I should be down to panel 520?

CDR Negative; panel 207. The cau - CSM CAUTION and

WARNING light out?

321 17 27 53 SPT Affirm.

CDR All right.

•CDR 0kay, clear it.

321 17 28 32 CDR Verify M_40RY RECALL light's out. Okay. That's


321 17 37 35 SPT Okay, Jer. How do you read?

SPT Jer, how do you read?

CDR Okay. I read you okay.

321 17 37 52 SPT What's the beating in the background?

321 19 03 25 CREW ... as far as I can see.

321 19 09 22 SPT Got the ... coming up.

SPT Jerry, have we mentioned that throbbing in the

background to Houston?

321 19 09 49 CDR Negative. I haven't done it yet.

321 19 ii 12 SPT Bill, your Activation Checklist is down here.

321 19 ii 25 SPT I'ii send it up your way, if you want it.


B21 19 55 23 CDR Roger, Bruce. That's correct. That's where Bill


321 20 04 53 SPT Okay, Bruce. He's aware of that. He'll pick up

on something else right now.


320 20 36 19 PLT To let you know what happened, I turned the wrong
valve. I turned the water - PORTABLE WATER TANK
outlet to CLOSE instead of the WATER DUMP valve
f on 706.

CC Okay....

321 20 36 31 PLT Roger. I expect so. Thank you.


321 21 34 21 PLT Roger. I Just about have it.

321 21 38 40 PLT Roger. That's already been completed and now I

- l'm pressurizing it to 35 with water tank 2.

321 21 B8 54 PLT Roger.


321 22 i0 24 CDR Okay, thank you, Bruce.

CDR This is the CDR. I'm starting the cnmmand


module stowage reconfiguration while I'm waiting

to get in the - WMC.

321 22 18 29 PLT Roger, Bruce. And just one final word; I'm on
page 2-67 here, getting ready to do the - I did
step 8. And came down to close the water dump
valve and it was already closed so I'm going to
retime 3minutes.

321 22 27 28 CDR Okay.

DAY 322 (AM)
_-_ 159

322 00 35 39 CDR Hey, Bill. Is the water usable down there?


322 04 34 01 SPT This is the SPT talking about some medical obser-
vations. They best be sent to Jerry Hordinsky,
over in the medical directorate. Today, Jerry was
Just about full speed al] day long. He had a
slight stomach awareness on occasion when - when
either maneuvering a lot and close to a mealtime -
That's before a meal. After a meal, he had no
problem. As soon as he would stop whatever he was
doing it would dissipate, and he could press right
on. Bill started slow, very cautious, and has
been gathering speed all day and is now Just about
100 percent. We expect that in the next 2 or 3
days we ought to be able to all carry a full work-
load. I've had no sensations whatsoever, in terms
of stomach awareness of any kind, and I have been
maneuvering an awful lot. The only thing I have
noticed is a slight discomfort from the feeling
_- of a full head. All of us have experienced a
fullness in the head, probably more so yesterday
than today.

322 0h 35 15 SPT We could feel it decreasing, or that is, at least

we've - our perception of it is decreasing.

322 04 35 21 SPT Our faces are puffed and slightly chubby and red,
resembling what you would see for someone hanging
upside down in one g, only it's not quite as pro-
nounced. We also have the feeling of a - a stuffy
nose which has been alluded to another place.
Along with the red face, we al] have slightly
bloodshot eyes. We expect it's from the same
reason; Just a higher blood pressure in the upper
extremities. But that's the only thing we can
attribute it to. We have not had any other eye
irritations that we can recall. We also have -
Each one of us experienced a little bit of sneez-
ing yesterday and today; not a large amount, but
certainly more than normal. The blood preesure,
which Jerry took on me, might not be 100-percent
accurate, as we had a tough - Jerry had a tough
time picking up the systole [sic] and diastole
160 __..

322 04 36 33 SPT The - sound itself was very faint. And he could
not detect the onset or - or when it dissipated,
with great precision.

322 04 36 49 SPT We'll be talking to you some more tomorrow, Jerry.

322 04 37 05 SPT This is the SPT tal_ing about stowage. This best
go to FA0. For lack of a better place and not
seeing one called out, we stowed the M0171/73
black bag behind 553, the food freezer on the
floor. And we'll leave it there until we hear -
hear from you folks. We'll remember where it is.
Had it there during training and it seems natural.


322 15 h3 17 CDR Channel B, this is the CDR with the day 322 PRD
readings: CDR, 42053; SPT, 23019; PLT, 38018.

322 15 h3 39 CDR End of message.


322 18 22 03 SPT This is the SPT; the subject is Mll0. First with
numbers for the ASP: CDR, 172; SPT, 183; PLT, 090.
Blood sample vials: CDR, 008; SPT, 075; PLT, 077.
The day of the year is written on each colored de-
cal on both the ASP and the blood sample vials.
There is some air in the SPT's blood sample. I had
to use two ASPs, that's A-S-P-s, to process the SPT's
blood. Finally the blood coagulated in the needle
and did not draw _mmediately into the ASP when I
first put it on, just a small amount. I thought
perhaps I hadn't drawn a vacuum, so I took it off,
tried it again, then checked the vacuum. And the
second time it worked, but I had to force a little
in there to break it loose, and then it went in
pretty well. As far as drawing blood, we've had
no problems with - with that. That's been a rela-
tively minor part of it. It's pretty much the same
as on the ground. The hemoglobin concentrations
follow: For the CDR, 16.0; SPT, 15.6; PLT, 16.6.
Urine specific gravities, and these are all for the
second of the day, rather than the first: CDR,
1.0278; SPT, 1.0068; PLT, 1.0266. These last - the
//--- L

last digits of each one of these has been gotten

by interpolation. The SPT's was much lighter in
appearance and is con - consistent with the numbers.

322 18 24 49 SPT I think the next time around should go significantly

faster. Problem we have here is we were trying to
do some nominal operations before we ever got the
stowage near nominal.

322 18 24 58 SPT We spent an awful lot of time Just looking for



322 22 12 38 SPT 27.2, 27.1, 26.8, 26.5, 28.0, 28.9, 19.2, 19.6,
31.0, 32.0.

322 22 13 00 SPT Before we pick up with the right arm, the subject
is the SPT, done on mission day 3 at 22:10 GMT.

322 22 13 17 SPT Okay, picking up with the right arm, positions i

through 19: 17.0, 16.5, 17.5, 19.3, 21.1,
23.5, 25.5, 27.0, 27.5, 27.5, 26.9, 27.0, 27.8,
28.4, 29.0, 29.7, 30.7, 30.7, 32.0. Left leg,
going from positions 1 down to 25: 25.5, 20.5,
19.1, 20.2, 21.4, 24.0, 27.5, 31.2, 35.0, 36.0,
35.6, 33.1, 33.2, 32.6, 34.6, 35.9, 35.7, 37.0,
39.1, 42.4, 44.6, 48.0, 50.5, 51.5, 52.7.

322 22 14 56 SPT Right leg, running from positions i down to 25:

24.0, 20.5, 19.5, 21.0, 23.0, 25.5, 28.5,
31.5, 34.5, 35.9, 34.5, 33.0, 31.5, 34.0, 35.8,
36.0, 36.0, 37.0, 39.5, 41.5, 44.i, 47.0, 5 - 50.0,
52.0, 52.2. Size of the neck, 38.5. The chest,
inspired, 96.0; expired, 90.0.

322 22 16 02 SPT Normal inhalation/ex - exhalation, now this is

an extra, gives about plus or minus 1.5. The
average under normal conditions is 92.7.

322 22 19 30 SPT SPT continuing with the limb vol_,e measurements

log sheet. The chest, we've given. The waist
is 78.2; hips, 84.2. The max calf girth, left,
14-1/4; right, lb-1/8.

322 22 19 58 SPT SPT out.


322 22 48 30 SPT SPT. The subject is limb volume measurement log

sheets on page 5-5 of the Activation Checklist.
Subject was the CDR, mission day 3. Observations
taken at 18:30 GMT. Starting with the left arm
and running through positions number 1 through 20:
17.2, 16.9, 16.1, 17.6, 19.0, 21.0, 22.3, 24.5,
25.0, 25.5, 25.6, 25.8, 24.1, 24.5, 25.7, 26.0,
26.9, 27.3, 27.2, 28.0. Right arm, starting with
position i and running through position 20:
17.5, 16.5, 17.4, 19.0, 21.0, 22.4, 24.6, 25.7,
26.4, 26.9, 26.8, 25.6, 24.6, 26.3, 26.9, 27.1,
27.5, 27.8, 28.0, 31.0. Left leg, positions 1
down to 25: 24.5, 22.3, 20.2, 20.5, 21.7, 23.8,
26.1, 28.3, 32.2, 33.5, 33.1, 32.0, 30.5, 31.0,
32.6, 33.8, 34.2, 34.6, 37.0, 38.6, 42.2, 45.1,
48.0, 50.2, 51.0. Right leg, positions i down to 25:
26.5, 21.0, 21.0, 21.0, 22.5, 24.0, 26.3, 28.7,
32.5, 33.6, 33.0, 31.5, 32.0, 31.5, 33.8, 34.5,
34.5, 35.0, 37.2, 41.0, 44.8, 46.7, 49.5, 51.0,
52.0. Neck size, 36.8. Chest, inspired, 99.3;
expired, 93.5. Waist, 78.0. Hips, 88.5. Max
calf girth: left, 13-1/8; right, 13-1/4.

322 22 52 18 SPT SPT out.


322 23 49 51 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR at 23:50 Zulu

•on day 322. During the process of our moving in
and getting situated here, we found that there
are no urine bags in D-404 as called out in the
checklist. We're wondering if the ground is
aware of that, or are they banking on there being
some urine bags in there, because there aren't.

322 23 50 19 CDR The checklist also directed that - in the activation

section, that we put the boric acid tablets in
locker 823. I decided to put those in locker 821.
with the SMMD, and they're taped to the left-hand
wall. Food package 6 in the Activation Checklist
indicated that it should be in lor.ker 760. Locker
760's got an SMMD in it, and there's no way I'm
going to get food package number 6 into that
locker. I think probably the appropriate locker for
the food package is the locker 711, and that's
where I'm going to put it. Further in the Acti-
vation Checklist, the spice kit and the vitamins
_-- 163

were to have been put in locker 704. Well, there's

no room in locker 704 because it's I_,11 of partitions
for the supplemental minerals ; so I'm going to
put the spice kit and all the items that were -
that were earmarked for locker 704 - They're
going to go into locker 710.

322 23 51 36 CDR End of message.

322 23 52 03 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR again at

23:52 Zulu. The PLT advises that he did find
three urine bags in locker D-h0h.

DAY323 (AM) 165

323 02 12 39 SPT This is the SPT talking on the ED63 prep, page
6-i. Now first, let me give you a little history
of what light ED63 has seen. On day 320, that's
the day of launch, we had 3 hours of direct sun-
light on it in the co,_f_nd module. On 321, now,
they were brought down to the OWS, put in the
wardroom in their operational location. Now at
18:00 GMT, the lights were .on_ and then at 320 -
day 322, the lights were off at 05:00. Then
again this morning they came on at 14 - 13:00 GMT.
The l_m_nescence which I got keeping the spot-
meter sort of consistent across the page - better
than all the locations of the three vials, is 27

323 02 13 49 SPT And I had to get that with a logarithmic inter-


323 02 28 49 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR at 02:30 G_T on

day 323. At 23:50 on day 322, I reported that I
was going to put the crispy bars, which is food
package number 6, into locker number 711. Well,
I found out they won't fit. So another change to
the stowagefollows. Those - All crispybars are
in - located in two lockers. Locker number 719
and locker number 720. Also in 719 is the gyro-
stabilized binoculars.

323 02 29 40 CDR That's the end of message.


323 12 ii 19 SPT This is the SPT with the 133 log. Day of the
year, 333 [sic]; length of sleep, 6.7; it was
good; quality 4. The tests at the start of the
sleep period, which commenced at 05:19 - the tests
showed all electrodes good. Upon arising, C-1 was
fin]g; 0-1, 0-2, and C-2 were off. By pressing
them back into the skull, I could get them to come
back on. But apparently, the cap either was not
on tight enough or I had to use much more - use
more electrolyte than I did. So I'm not sure at
what time during the night we lost electrical sig-
nals. I'll be glad to give it another go tonight ;
Just let me know on an update. What I plan to do,

if we do do it tonight, is just put some more into

the - little bit more electrode into the elec-
trodes and then pull the cap tighter.

323 12 12 98 SPT I think we can probably get a better night this


329 12 19 58 SPT SPT, subject 1 - M133 again. I have a question

on how much electrolyte we have on board; that
is, how many vials other than the freshly used
one from SL-3 which I used last night?

323 12 20 13 SPT SPT out.


323 12 47 50 SPT This is the SPT. The subject is those PRD read-
ings at 12:_7. CDR, 42093; SPT, 03030; PLT,
08028. Stowage locations: CDB is above plus-Z
SAL; SPT is in the experiment compartment adja-
cent to shower; PLT is in the center sleep com-

323 12 48 25 SPT SPT out.


323 16 ii 05 SPT This is the SPT at 16:09. Subject is the SMM cal.
First one was - unit was done in the head. Start
time was 14:51, stop at 15:05, day of the year 323.
Picking uo on log in section 5. Temperature was
76 with the ambient thermometer and 78 read out on
the SMMD. The first sequence was done with zero
mass and as written in the checklist. First read-
ing was 1.96565. The remaining nine readings, which
I can give you now - only the last three digits will
be read. The first three digits remain the same;
that is, 1.96. Second one is 544; third, 602; three
[sic], 601; four [sic], 595; the sixth, 611; seventh,
611 too; eighth, 615; ninth, 591; and last, 576.
I also did a second zero-mass calibration. This
was done in the way which Bill Thornton, Rusty
Schweickart and myself talked about before flight.
And that is, the unit was not locked between each
reading or the RESET button was pushed, so that
during the total of l0 readings, the same oscilla-

tion was used. And, again, I'll Just give you the -
the last six numbers - the last three n,-,hers after
I give you the first one in total. 1.96551, 539,
590, 546, 589, 549, 603, 571, 592, 578. And Bill
Thornton can take a look at those and see whether
there's any advantage in doing it in that manner.

323 16 ll 25 SPT The next zero-mass cal was done on the SMMD unit
in the wardroom and day of the year 323; start time,
15:07; stop, 15:20. Temperature read 73 on the
ambient thermometer and 77 on the SMMD. Now the
zero-mass sequence, which was done in the nominal
mode as per checklist, reads as follows. I'll read
the first nnmber total and then only the last three
digits of the remainder. 1.955h6, 490, 536, 535,
547, 521, 511, 559, 559, 534.

323 16 12 37 SPT Now I'll read the second mode in which the zero cal
was done on the SSMD - the SMMD in the wardroom.
And, then again, the RESET button was pushed between
each reading, but the unit was not locked, so it
vibrated continuously. 1.955h7, 536, 5h6, 53h, 53h,
565, 54h, 550, 566, 564.

323 16 13 41 SPT The last zero-mass cal was done on the EMMD check-
list - or log, as on page 6. Crewmen acc_plished
the cal of the SPT; day of the year, 323; start
time, 15:35; stop 15:50. Temp, 81 on the ambient
thermometer and 8h as read off the _la4D. First
sequence, which was done in the nominal way, as -
as in the checklist, zero mass. Both belts were
tied as tight as possible and no oscillation of
the belt could be noted during the reading. And
I used no tape. CS_ay, the readings for the first
sequence follow. And I'll only read these last
two digits of 2 through 7 - or 2 through 10, as
those are the only ones that change. First,
2.69999, 82, 82, h6, 65, 87, 49, 73, 97, 63.

323 16 15 17 CC Skylab, this is Houston. 1 minute to LOS. Next

station contact in 3-1/2 minutes through Gold-
stone at 16:19. Out.

323 16 15 24 SPT The second sequence was also a zero-_mass cal,

done by not locking the unit between readings,
but only pushing the RESET button, in the same
manner as I Just discussed on the SS - the S_4D.
Again, only the last two digits of 2 through l0
will be read. First, 2.6999_, 90, 61, 86, 59,

40, 75, 61, 77, 58. That completes the readings

of the numbers for the zero-mass cal. Some addi-
tional information which you folds wanted on it:
the CDB, SPT and PLT, during all of the weighings
on the BMMD wear either socks, undershirt, and a
T-shirt; or undershorts and a T-shirt; or a full
union suit or a one-halfunion suit with a
T-shirt. And all of us also have our watch and
dosimeter with a short strap on. During all of
the runs whieh were Just made, the two SMMDs and
the BN_4D, the ergometer was not in use.

323 16 17 Ii SPT SPT out.


323 19 21 40 CDR This is the CDR - CDR on mis - on day of the

year 323 at 19:21 Zulu. I've just completed the
replacement of the PP02 sensors. In position i,
serial number 56; in position 2, serial number 4h;
in position 3, serial number 46. I noted upon
removing partial pressure of oxygen sensor in
position 2 that on the outboard end, the part that
is exposed to the air, was a white crystalline
substance about 3/16 of am inch in diameter and is
salty to the taste. I have requested on the
air-to-groundwhether or not they want us to return
that crystal to be looked at or whether we should
throw it away.

323 19 22 40 CDR End of message.


323 20 33 17 SPT SPT at 20:33; subject, med activation, checklist

page 1-6. Looking at the CAL N2, 02, CO 2 PRESSURE,

323 20 33 36 SPT SPT out.

f-_ 169

323 21 32 55 SPT This is the SPT at 21:33, reed activation, check-

list page i-7. Looking at the CAL N2, H20 GAS
PRESSURE of 1319.

323 21 33 17 SPT SPT out.

323 21 51 14 SPT SPT at 21:52. Med activation, checklist page

1-9. PERCENT 02, 75.03; PERCENT H20 , 03.73;
PERCENT C02, 01.91.

323 21 53 39 CDR Tape recorder.

323 21 53 54 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR on day 323 at

22:00 Zulu - correction, make that 21:55 Zulu.
I've completed the C - command module SOP transfer.
The following is the SOP serial number and location:
serial number 6 on the sleep compartment wall,
pressure 6200 pounds; serial hi-,her 13 in the
wardroom wall, pressure 6000 pounds; serial number
i0 in F-557, pressure zero; serial number 15 in
the MDA, pressure 6000; serial number 16 in the
eo_._.=_ module, pressure of 5800. Break, new
message. The PLT has completedthe firstphase
of the water - the Coolanol saddle valve installation.

323 21 54 59 CDR The saddle valve has been clamped into place.
The nitrogen servicing nmbilical has been attached,
and we've begun a - begun a 30-minute waiting period
for leak tests.

323 21 58 55 SPT SPT on reed activation, page 1-10; after five strokes,
•1.5 milli - 1.5 llters.

323 21 59 29 SPT SPT on the med activation, page i-i0; five strokes,
l-l/2 milliliters. Values are MA C02, 0.870;
02 CONSUMsD, 4.456; MINUTE VOLUME, 26.3.

323 21 59 58 SPT SPT out.


323 22 49 20 SPT SPT at 22:49; subject, medical activation, page i-i0.

After opening up the NITROGEN valve on panel 500
and using the 1.5 liter volume stroke five times,
I get the following values: MA C02, 0.290; 02
_ CONSUMED, i. 471; MINUTE VOLUME, 9 •0.

323 22 49 54 SPT SPT out.


323 23 07 38 SPT This is the SPT at 23:07, still on the med acti-
vation, page 1-10. The readings for i0 strokes
with 1.5 milliliters follow: MA C02, 0.520; 02
CONSUMED, 2.927; and MINUTE VOLUME, 17.9. I went
through it a second time since these - some of these
are a little out of the expected range. They came
up the following variants respectively: 0.520,
2.909, and 17.7, On the PERCENT of 02, H20 , and

C02, I obtained respectively: 54.61, 0.21, and

14.91. For 2-1/2 liters and a stroke of l0 times.
I obtained the following values. For MA CO 2 , 02
CONSUMED, and MINUTE VOLUME respectively: 0.820,
4.866, and 29.3. I went through this one a second
time also and arrived at 0.810, 4.844, and 29.3.
The last set of values were for 3-1/2 liters stroked
l0 times. Again, MA C02, 02 CONSUMED, and MINUTE
VOLUME respectively: 1.120, 6.878, and 41.2. I
went through this one a second time and obtained
1.120, 6.910, and 41.h.

323 23 i0 06 SPT SPT out.

323 23 12 02 SPT SPT at 23:12. Subject, med activation, page i-ii.


323 23 12 19 SPT SPT out.

323 23 i7 31 CDE - minus zero. Its baseline is more like 20. After
pulling the air into the tube through the pump and
then waiting 2 minutes and checking the color again,
I saw no significant ch-nge in color.

323 23 17 45 CDE End of message.

DAY324 (AM) 171

324 00 02 27 SPT The SPT, 00:02, talking on medical observations.

And this should go over to Jerry Hordinsky, the
medical director. We as] have noticea - too
much since we got here - a dryness of the skin
and certainly in the mouth. And a good part of
the dryness that we feel in the mouth is from the
medications which we've taken. We noticed that
on the ground, but, apparently, this atmosphere
up here really enhances that. One interesting
thing I've noticed in the effect of zero g - Well,
it's really an effect of body orientation on the
room you happen to be entering - that I can move
into a given room sideways or upside down and not
recognize it, or I would recognize it, but I
would not feel at home in it.

324 00 03 24 SPT But as soon as my body would rotate to the one-g

attitude, that's the attitude which I had in
working with - in the trainer for well over a
year now, then allof a sudden my mind would
flash and say, "Yes, I know where I am," but until
that time, why it would look like something en-
tirely different that what I had been working in.
P It's as thoughyour mind won't recognizethe -
the situation you're in until it sees it pretty
much in the old standard way. And as soon as you
get pretty close to the right orientation, then
all of a sudden, zap, you get these - transfor-
mation made in your mind that tells you exactly
where you are.

324 00 04 23 SPT I noticed this effect especially in traveling

from up in the MDA through the OWS forward area
and then finally coming down into the experiment
compartment on the lower deck. When I come in
there, everything looks sideways. And not until
I rotate and put myself in the same attitude as
I do in the one-g trainer, do I really recognize
and feel familiar.

324 00 04 49 SPT The lack of one-g has some odd effects; for ex-
ample, we've noticed it's very hard to tie your
shoes. You usually use one-g, believe it or not,
to pull yourself down.

324 00 05 06 SPT One thing I'm trying to do is to keep the calves

in shape. And two things there: Just move the



triangles to the very tips of the shoes so that

I have to use _ calves more and whenever I'm
anchoring m_ feet in; and, also, I'm not tying
the top two laces on the shoe so that I don't get
the extra ankle support from them.

324 00 05 27 SPT SPT out.


324 01 42 43 PLT The PLT reporting on T003-234 housekeeping. The

readings were station 6 - filter position 6:
channel l, 80; channel 2, 4; channel 3, 3.

324 01 43 08 PLT Filter position 6, after: channel, ll4; 2, 15;

and 3, 14.


324 02 23 49 PLT PLT with the Coolanol postservicing BMMD readings:

5.36892, 5.36907, 5.36884, 5.36960, 5.36876.

324 02 24 09 PLT PLT out.


324 04 33 ii PLT PLT, TOO - T003. Position 2: channel i, 318;

channel 2, 9; channel 3, 9; time line, day
324:04:20. T003-3, 324:04:25: channel 1 with
159, channel 2 equal 2, channel 3 equal 2. Filter
position 4, day 324:04:30 hours: channel i, 212;
channel 2, ll; channel 3, 3.

324 04 33 55 PLT Say again channel 2, ii; channel 3, 3.


324 12 25 36 SPT SPT at 12:25, M133 log. Day of the year, 324;
length of sleep, 7.0; quality, fair.

SPT Remarks - 3 and 4. All electrodes were good

before and after sleep.

324 12 25 58 SPT SPT out.


324 14 29 17 SPT This is the SPT on M]]0 at 14:30. Here are the
readings for, first of all, urine specific grav-
ity, in order of CDR, SPT, and PLT: 1.032,
1.030, 1.029. Hemoglobin concentration in the
order of CDR, SPT, and PLT: 16.1, 17.7, and

SPT The serial numbers on the automatic sample proc-

essors are for the CDR, 188; PLT, 151 - I'm
sorry, correct that, that's for the SPT - is 151,
and PLT is 149. Couple comments on the operation.
Because we have used the water dump line now for
the M092 dump - there's a water dump port that's
converted to the M092 dump - we're not able to use
that for evacuatingthe automaticsample proces-
sors, and I've used a syringe. I used one of the
syringes that we used yesterday, cleaned it up
and - to avoid having to use a syringe with anti-
coagulant in it. In the plasma cartridge for the
PLT samples, I'm afraid we've got some - It's not
a pure plasma. We did get some - some red cells
in there. And I'd like some words - words from
you folks, if you could, on how I can avoid this
thing. In other words, would it be from having
too much blood injected into the automatic sample
processor or too little?

324 14 31 47 SPT SPT out.

324 14 44 05 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR at day 324 at

14:43 GMT with the PRD readings. The CDR;s PRD,
located on the plus-Z SAL, 42104; the SPT's
located on the wardroom wall, 23031; the PLT's
located in his sleep compartment, 38031.

324 14 44 38 CDR End of message.

324 14 50 14 SPT This is the SPT talking on urine sampling at

14:50. I had a leak in the large or full sample

bag and I'm going to have to take - and get an

another one. The leak occurred right at the edge
- the corner right next to the back where the
writing is. Apparently, there was a crack in the
plastic; so we're one bag short.

324 14 50 41 SPT SPT out.

324 14 53 13 SPT SPT at 14:55. Subject: M092/M171 operation with

the CDR as subject; PLT, observer. The start of
the sequence was at 14:lO. The camera hangup
caused about 30 minutes delay.

324 14 54 04 SPT SPT out.

324 15 13 53 PLT M092 subject, CDR: left calf, 13-1/8; right

calf, 13-1/4. M092 subject is the CDR: left
calf measurement, 13-1/8; right calf, 13-1/4.

324 15 18 22 PLT Okay. M092 subject, CDR: left legband, Charlie

India 4.5; right, Alfa Quebec 3.2.


324 15 47 27 PLT A point of research for photo management. The

photo pad for M092/171-2 called for DAC 02. When
I checked - and that was in position Echo 2 -
When I checked the position, there was a DAC 01
in position at Echo 2. So I went to the locker
upstairs, and I found DAC 02 and came down and
replaced DAC O1 for DAC 01 [sic] upstairs in the
500 locker over to the right of the film vault.
Then we had problems with DAC 02. It didn't
work; so I went back up and got DAC 01. I don't
know why. It apparently is a malfunction in the
camera DAC 02, and it is now stowed in the 700
locker to the right of the film vault, and I'm
using DAC 01.

324 15 48 20 PLT I guess the point is that it looks like that

DAC 02 is bad - intermittent power.


324 16 13 54 SPT The SPT at 16:14. Subject is food collection.

Procedures as written went pretty well. The
S_a4D mass weighings change only in the last two
digits ; that is, all six digits were taken and
only the last two digits changed. So the first
number given is the total six digits, and then
there is two numbers after that, each representing
the last two digits of subsequent weighings.

324 16 14 24 SPT SPT out.

324 16 19 35 SPT The SPT at 16:20. Subject is the stowage of the

sweat samples. They are now being stowed in
locker 724. Make sure we get a reminder, coming
back for return, that we do stow those in the
comm_nd module from 724.

324 16 20 30 SPT SPT out.

324 16 24 50 PLT M171-2; subject, CDR. GAS PRESSURE, CAL N2, 02,

C02, 1326.


324 16 48 01 PLT Okay, this is the PLT reporting on M171 on the

CDR, 171-2. We did not satisfy the criteria on
DISPLAY select, PERCENT 02, C02. In order to get
the CAL ADJUST proper, we - that is, the PERCENT
02 within l_m_ts, we had to - adjust CAL ADJUST
slightly out of l_m_ts and that reading is -
stand by - 4.294.

324 16 51 25 PLT M171-2, CAL N2 and WATER PRESSURE, 1314.

324 16 55 20 PLT M171-2, CABIN PRESSURE is 4.990.

324 16 56 22 PLT Okay, M171-2, CABIN AIR is reading 4.693. PER-

CENT 02 is 74.56. WA','_ is 3.73. CO 2 is 3 -
correction, i. 86.

SPT Then go to GAS PRESSURE readings.

324 17 01 03 PLT M171-2, CDR. VITAL CAPACITY nnmher 1 is 5.371.


324 17 06 40 PLT M171-2, CDR. VITAL CAPACITY number 2, 5.416.

324 17 07 25 PLT M171-2 for the CDR. VITAL CAPACITY number 3,



324 17 49 08 PLT M171-2 on the CDR. Completion of run, PERCENT

of 02, 73.87; PERCENT H20 , 4.25.

324 17 49 36 PLT PERCENT C02, 1.88.


324 19 15 50 PLT PLT; reference to activation of water tank 3,

based on interpretation of concentration 3 to 4
iodine: I have injected 30 units into water
tank 3. I ran a sample on it, and I'm getting
somewhere between 8 and 9, which is Just a little
bit high but still better than the 6 required in
systems management. So I'll be activating water
tank 3 sometime during the day.

324 19 16 19 PLT The chlorination level - excuse me, the iodine

concentration is satisfactory.


324 20 40 58 SPT SPT at 20:40, giving limb volume measurements log

sheet data. Before we start, I want to ms_e a
comment on the leg volumes which were measured.
We pointed out on air-to-ground the conflict between
the Activation Checklist and the Biomed Checklist.
We're told to go with the way the Activation said,
which is to put number 1 down at the ankle. When
we do this, though, it looks as though we're miss-
ing a good part of the thigh. That is, number 25
does not reach up to the top of the the thigh, mud
we suspect that's what you may want to be getting.
If so, let us know and we will be glad to alter
the procedures and take that into account.
I._ 177

324 20 41 44 SPT Okay, the first one is - first subject is the CDR
on mission day 324. Giving left arm, positions 1
through 19: 16.6, 16.6, 17.7, 19.7, 21.6, 22.4,
24.8, 25.5, 26.9, 25.8, 26.8, 24.4, 24.9, 25.9,
26.6, 26.6, 26.9, 27.2, 29.4. Next series is the
left leg, positions 1 through 51 [sic]: 25.4,
21.8, 21.7, 21.2, 22.5, 24.3, 26.8, 29.4, 32.0,
32.2 - correction, number I0 is 33.2, 33.1, 33.0,
30.8, 30.7, 33.3, 33.7, 34.0, 35.3, 38.0, 41.1,
44.5, 46.5, 48.6, 5O.6, 51.8.

324 20 43 22 SPT Starting a new log sheet. This time the subject
is the SPT, mission day 324. Left arm, positions
1 through 19: 17.0, 16.9, 18.2, 19.4, 22.3,
24.2, 25.4, 27.0, 27.6, 27.5, 27.0, 26.6, 27.8,
28.8, 29.5, 29.6, 29.7, 29.9, 31.3. Next sequence
is the left leg, positions 1 through 25: 24.5,
20.8, 19.1, 20.5, 22.5, 25.0, 27.5, 31.5, 35.5,
36.5, 35.7, 34.5, 33.5, 33.6, 36.0, 36.5, 36.4,
37.5, 39.2, 42.9, 45.0, 47.5, 50.0, 51.5, 52.2.

324 20 45 i0 SPT Next volume measurement log sheet is on the PLT,

mission day 324. Starting with the left arm,
positions i through 19: 16.6, 16.3, 17.4, 18.8,
21.0, 23.2, 25.2, 25.8, 26.3, 26.3, 25.6, 24.4,
24.8, 27.6, 26.0, 27.0, 27.8, 28.4, 29.0. Next
sequence, left leg, positions i through 25: 24.0,
23.5, 26.0, 21.6, 23.2, 25.4, 27.4, 29.2, 32.9, 36.1,
34.6, 32.6, 31.2, 32.4, 35.3, 35.0, 35.2, 38.7,
41.6, 45.1, 46.8, 47.5, 48.9, 50.1, 49.9.

324 20 46 57 SPT Again, this is the SPT with a general comment on

medical experiments. In general, I think we're
gaining speed and will be able to accomplish these
things with perhaps a little more accuracy and
a little more speed as we gain more familiarity.
One factor that is causing us to start off slow
is the relatively small amount of training and,
in some cases, no training that we have had on
some of the additional experiments. They're all
good things to be doing and we're glad to have
them on board, but bear with us because we haven't
had any training on some of them and very little
on others. Includes facial photos, IR photos,
limb measurement, blood flow, and stereo photos.
We'll try and keep you posted on how we're carry-
ing these things out. And if you have any ques-
tions, give us a call.
178 ,_

324 20 47 43 SPT SPT out.

324 20 50 i0 SPT This the SPT at 20:50. Information on MI51. Start

time for the experiment M092/171-2, which was done
this morning, has been given previously. Those -
that experiment was concluded at the nominal time,
at 17:45. This afternoon's run of M092/171-3 with
SPT as observer, PLT as subject, is starting now.
Act,lally, the PLT started electrode prep 5 minutes
ago, so it's 20:45.

324 20 51 05 SPT SPT out.

324 21 00 59 SPT SPT at 23:05 [sic]; subject, M092 - Stand by.

324 21 02 00 SPT SPT again. Subject, M092/171-2. PLT is sub-

Ject. Left leg measurements, 13-1/2 - correct
that. Right leg measurement is 13-1/2 and
left leg measurement is 13-3/4.

324 21 02 24 SPT SPT out.

324 21 12 37 SPT SPT at 20:13 [sic]. MO92/171-2; subject, PLT.

Left legband, Alfa Quebec - correction, that's
the right leg - right legband, that's Alfa Quebec;
left legband, Charlie India.

324 21 13 03 SPT SPT out.


324 22 29 54 SPT SPT at 22:30. PERCENT H20 - or rather PERCENT

02 , 73.51; PERCENT H20. 3.96; PERCENT C02, 1.91.

324 22 30 18 SPT SPT out.

324 22 39 01 SPT SPT at 22:39. VITAL CAPACITY measurements on PLT;

5.926, 6.021, 5.798.

32h 22 39 17 SPT SPT out.


324 23 13 22 SPT SPT at 23:15, conclusion of M171-3 run on the

PLT: PERCENT 02 , 72.86; PERCENT H20, 4.42; PER-

CENT C02, 1.93.

32h 23 14 35 SPT At the beginning of the 171 run the CABIN PRESSURE
regs were not CLOSED. I 'ii give you the current
valve CLOSED full, clockwise. CABIN PRESSURE is

324 23 15 00 SPT SPT out.

DAY 325 (AM)

325 02 23 02 PLT PLT reporting systems housekeeping 7 Delta, step 2

complete. Both 1 and 2 systems appear to be full.
The number 2 system bladder is in the full position.
There appear to be about a half a dozen marble-size -
1/2-inch marble-size bubbles in the liquid.

325 02 23 25 PLT But both of them - the bladders are in the position
corresponding to full.

325 02 h0 13 PLT PLT reporting completion of housekeeping l0 Alfa 1.

325 02 40 24 PLT And that's at 02:35.


325 12 41 46 SPT SPT at 12:42. PRD readings follow: CRD's on the

plus-Z SAL, 2115; SPT's - adjacent to the shower,
23 to 043 [sic]; PLT's, center sleep compartment,
38 to 046 [sic].

325 12 42 15 SPT SPT out.

325 12 43 22 PLT PLT reporting a deviation from status report last

night, mission day 324. I did not eat the green
beans on the meal 3 menu.

325 12 43 35 PLT Did not.


325 14 21 59 SPT SPT at 14: 22, referring to questions on the medi-

cal pad. First question: Did you notice any
large air bubbles in the syringe? There were a
few days in which we had red-colored plasma.
One, day 323, was in the SPT's and 324 was in
the PLT's. In the first day -"that's 323 - SPT's,
I did notice some air bubbles in the syringe.
In the second day, for the PLT, I did not. Did
you force any blood into the ASP? I did not
on the PLT's, not noticeably; on the first one -
with the SPT's - I did. So I guess both of these
questions are answered positively for the first
day with the SPT's samples, day 323. Did you

notice any differences in the PLT and other Sam-

pies relative to these procedures? Well, yes,
this was - I Just pointed out in response to the
first two questions. And thanks very much for
the information on the color of the plasma.

325 14 23 12 SPT SPT out.

325 14 40 53 SPT SPT at 14:21 [sic], subject on MI31 mock rotation.

Four runs, no symptoms, only a very slight feel-
ing of fullness in the head.

325 lh 41 14 SPT SPT out.


325 15 i0 03 SPT SPT at 15:10, conclusion of run on 131 MS mock

rotation. No symptoms; feel exactly the same
as when I started.

325 15 lO 17 SPT SPT out.


325 15 30 59 PLT PLT at 15:29 finishing 131 MS mock rotation. No

symptoms before, no symptoms after. Actually
sort of - sort of thought it was relaxing to go
through the head motions. Almost went to sleep
about three or four times during the operation.

325 15 31 22 PLT PLT out.

325 15 31 26 PLT PLT for Bob Parker. It may be of interest to the

people who are still interested in this - these
light flashes or streaks, the shrink-off effect
or whatever you call it. Ed and I are both
seeing it, and I guess Jerry's seen a few. I
woke up for about an hour during the middle of
the night last night, Just sort of dozing, and
I noticed what must have been at least 10. And
about two or three of them were streaks across
the eye and the rest of them were slngle-point
r_ 183

325 15 34 52 SPT SPT at 15 - 15:35. Information for Bob Parker

and Bill Ellis. As Bill mentioned this previously,
I've also seen light flashes for several nights
now. The majority of them take on the appearance
of a bright flash or a linear streak with a
brighter point on each end. And I assume it's
from - going from one side of the eyeball and
out the other. Occasionally I'll see one which
is slightly different. Last night, exceptionally
bright and uniform all the way across. Now it
appears to - Mentally, it makes you - mentally,
it makes - to be anywhere between l0 to - say,
30 degrees or so in arc-light. They appear to
be random in terms of the direction of the orien-
tation of the line. And I can't notice any
depth - depth perception on it; that is, I can't
tell whether one end is further away or more
closer [sic] to me. But I'll - I'll keep watch-
ing. They're kind of interesting and not all of
them - each one seems to be a little bit differ-
ent, but the majority of them have - they have
brighter ends.

325 15 36 08 SPT SPT out.


325 17 08 34 SPT SPT at 17:07 on ED63. The light in the wardroom

adjacent to ED63, light 7, is off at night for a
period of - averaging 8 hours, that's plus or
minus half an hour, and is on during the day all
the time. We plan to operate in that mode from
here on out. If you need more precise times, let
us know.

325 17 09 lO SPT SPT out.


325 18 04 43 PLT In reference to T025 prep for EVA, I lost about

an hour on the prep because of the improper hard-
ware manufacturing, I guess you'd call it. The
four screws that - or bolts - that hold the clamp
onto the canister were longer than the threaded

holes into the canister. And I had to scurry

around. And first, the spin handle was completely
inadequate for mechanical advantage. I had to
find a 90-degree - or Allen wrench - it was Just
hidden away in one of the tool boxes - and other-
wise, I'd have been unable to screw them in. And
I finally was able to - In Jack Lousma's spare
parts, I was able to find some washers to stand
off the bolts far enough to get them tightened
down. Otherwise, the canister would have been
wiggling around on loose bolts.

325 18 04 56 PLT And the - this is one of the things that has
caused us to be Just a little bit behind the tim@.

325 18 23 45 SPT SPT at 18:23. Radiation survey meter reading.

Location is RAD 3.

325 18 25 23 SPT MARK.

SPT 0.03 in milliradians per hour.

CDR RAD location 3.

SPT RAD location 3.

325 18 25 47 SPT RSM pointed toward minus-Y decal.

325 18 26 22 SPT MARK.

CDR 0.05 milliradian.

SPT 0.05 milliradian per hour.

CDR BAD location 3.

SPT RAD location 3.

CDR RSM pointed at the minus-Y decal.

SPT RSM pointed at the minus-Y decal.

325 18 27 25 SPT MARK.

CDR 0.05 milliradians per hour.

SPT 0.05 milliradians per hour.


CDR RAD location 3.

SPT RAD location 3.

CDR RSM pointed toward minus-Y decal.

SPT RSM pointed towards minus-Y decal.

325 18 27 52 SPT We suspect that the meter is not working properly.

We'll take a look at it.

325 18 28 56 SPT SPT out.

325 18 44 07 SPT MARK. SPT at 18:44. Radiation survey meter.

SPT 0.05 millirads per hour at the VABD location.

RSM pointing towards the minus-Y decal.

325 18 45 06 SPT MARK.

SPT Reading 0.i millirad per hour and RAD location

VABD. RSM pointing towards the minus-Y decal.

.... 325 18 46 05 CDR MARK.

325 18 46 06 SPT MARK. Reading 0.16 millirad per hour at RAD

location VABD. RSM pointing towards the minus-Y

SPT During the course of all these measurements, the

scale setting is 0.1, the lo_st scale setting.
All three measurements so far are at 0.1 scale.

SPT Stand by and we'll give you a fourth one. Reading

is still going up.

CDR 3, 2, i-

325 18 47 06 SPT MARK.

SPT 0.19 millirad per hour at RAD location VABD. RSM

pointing towards the minus-Y decal.

SPT We're past the peak. The readings are continuing

On dow_l.

325 18 47 33 SPT SPT out.



325 19 24 53 SPT SPT at 19:25 starting M092/171-I run. Subject,

SPT; observer, CDR.

325 19 25 06 SPT SPT out.

325 19 25 14 SPT This information on the MO92/171 run should be

given to the principal investigator of 15 - M151.

325 19 40 18 CDR This is the CDR. We're doing an M092. The subject
is the SPT. The left calf measures 14.0 inches ;
the right calf measures 13-7/8.

325 19 43 34 CDR This is the CDR again on SO - MO92. The subject

is the SPT. The left legband is Charlie India.
The right legband is Alfa Quebec.

325 19 45 13 CDR This is the CDR again on M092. The temperature

probe being used with the SPT's VCG harness is
serial nnmber 23; 23.


325 20 16 40 CDR This is the CDR on the LBNP - or - L - M092, with

the subject the SPT. We left 50 millimeters of
mercury on for about 35 extra seconds in order
to finish taking the facial photos.

325 20 17 09 CDR This is the CDR on the M092. We will extend the
time at a pressure of zero an extra 35 seconds
to ensure that we get a full 5 minutes of zero
pressure time.


325 20 49 22 CDR This is the CDR, M171. SPT is the subject.

VITAL CAPACITY, number 2, 5.545.

325 20 50 01 CDR This is the CDR, M171. SPT is the subject.

VITAL CAPACITY number 2, 5.545.

325 20 50 36 CDR CDR, this is MI71. SPT is the subject. VITAL

CAPACITY, number 3, 5 •401.


325 21 20 03 CDR This is the CDR, MI71. Subject, SPT. I_EHCENT

PERCENT C02, 1.96.

DAY326(AM) 189

326 01 37 l0 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR at 01:35 Zulu on

day 327 [sic]. I'm installing the RGP liquid
crystal thermometers. And of the nine in the
pack, I found six with very, very few bubbles
in them, and so I'm going to install those. The
three that I considered to have too many bubbles
and rejected and stowed in locker M-141 are serial
numbers 2, number 4, and number 8.

326 01 37 48 CDR End of message.


326 12 29 03 SPT SPT at 12:29. PRD readings as follows: 42125

for the CDR's and that's now located on F-509.
23 to 052 for the SPT, that's on the minus-Z SAL.
And 38 to 051 for the PLT, that's also on the
minus-Z SAL. They were moved to this location in
prep for the EVA last evening at about 00:18.

F 326 12 29 41 SPT SPT out.


326 13 l0 i0 PLT PLT reporting completion of some handheld

photography. Two photos of Greece at day 326
at 12:55. One of the Near East including the
Sinai, 326 at 13:00. One of Egypt, subtopical
Jets - clouds, 13:03, four of the eight-bar triangle
at 13:09. The ones of the eight-bar triangle
were near vertical.

326 13 i0 58 PLT And that was all with the 55_millimeter lens.

326 13 ii 12 PLT End frsme count was 42. That was starting with 51.


326 15 53 21 SPT PLT's PRD is reading 38051.

326 15 5h Oh SPT 23052 on the PRD for the SPT.


326 16 h6 28 CDR Everything - Ahh! RECORDER is ON.

CDR Okay -

PLT ... Also, I'll go back and check the comm


CDR Well, I've got to do that here in a minute, so

let me try to work that out. Let's go ahead and
get started with things here. I'll use the
button. There we go.

326 16 h7 20 CDR SUS power activation is next.

PLT Yes.

CDR How do you read me now?


CDR Do you read me now?

PLT No. You can check SUS power activation, just

call it out.

CDR All right.

PLT Okay.

326 16 h8 07 CDR Okay. 317: SUS 2, LSU POWER, ON.


CDR Panel 317.

PLT ... I'm getting a ...

CDR All right. Can you hear me?

_ I_i


CDR SUS i, 02 SUPPLY valve, OPEN.

PLT SUS i, 02 SUPPLY valve, OPEN. And that's on 317?

326 16 h8 37 CDR Right. Okay, now go to 323 after you've done that.

PLT Okay....


PLT SUS 2, LSU POWER, it's off - ON now.

CDR How do you read me now? I'm getting feedback.

PLT ... read ..., Jer, how you reading me?

CDR Okay. I'm reading you loud and clear.

SPT Okay.

PLT I'm reading Ed but I don't read you, Jet.

CDR Okay. SUS 2, 02 SUPPLY valve, OPEN.

326 16 49 13 PLT SUS 2, 02 SUPPLY valve, OPEN.

CDR Okay. Now, I've got to go configure the CSM

communications. You guys go ahead with what
you need to do.

PLT Okay.

SPT Okay. Verify ...

PLT ... is up.

SPT Bill?

PLT Yes.

SPT ...

PLT Just a second, Ed.

CDR Why don't you wait until he gets down there, Ed?

SPT ... That's once again at panel 317 ... power ...

CDR SUS 2, LSU POWER on 317.

SPT That's right. That's what I've got.

PLT Also - is it also SUS 2?

CDR SUS 2, LSU POWER on 323.

PLT Right.

CDR And SUS 2, LS - 02 POWER on 323.

PLT Right.

CDR 02 SUPPLY, I mean, and SUS l, 02 SUPPLY on 317.

PLT That's correct.

CDR All right, so you're in good shape.

PLT ... what time ...?

SPT ...

PLT ... Well, I thought you were going to be getting

the ...

SPT ...

PLT ...

326 16 50 46 CDR Okay, I'm going in the command module and do my

work in there now.

PLT Okay, Ed, ...

SPT ... tape recorder's ...

326 16 51 01 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Honeysuckle

Creek for 8 minutes; dumping the data/voice
tape recorders. Out.

326 16 55 35 SPT ... maybe if you could cut it do_ ...

CDR Is my breathing cutting the V0X in and out?

$PT Yes.

CDR All right. Let me cut it down a little more.

We want to be able to breathe without activating
the V0X system. Do you hear anythin4_ now?

SPT Yes. The trouble is that when we talk continously ...

326 16 55 57 CDR That's not the point, Ed. I want to know that I'm
not triggering when I breathe. So I want to know
if you can hear me breathing.

SPT All right, go ahead.

CDR (Heavy breathing)

SPT No action, negative.

CDR Okay, good. Then I have the sensitivity set right.

PLT Jer?

CDR Yes.

PLT No, I don't - I think you're going to have to m-ke

_ it a littlebit more - I have to about shout ...

CDR Okay, I'll step it up just a tad.

PLT I don't - You're not on VOX here, are you?

326 16 56 30 CDR Well, if you c_n hear me talking, I am.


SPT Yes, I think you're getting a hot mike, though.

I CDR That's right, I'm on the - I'm on the intercom


PLT ... bring the VOX up some ...


CDR All right. How is it now?

PLT Okay. Let me check. It's Just a tad unsensitive.

So make it a little bit more -

CDR All right, coming up. How's that?

SPT ... a little more, Jer, we're ...

326 16 56 59 CDR How about that?


SPT ... good ... Sounds great.

PLT That's about right.

CDR Okay, good.

B26 16 57 12 CC PLT, this is Houston. We're reading you and SPT

loud and clear. How are you reading us?

PLT Roger, Bruce. Read you 5 square.

SPT Roger, Bruce; loud and clear.

CC Okay, CDR, Houston. How are you reading me? I'm

reading PLT and SPT okay.

CDR I'm reading you loud and clear. How me?

SPT Okay, let's read through these next few - two or

three steps.

CDR I read you loud and clear, Bruce.

326 16 57 39 CC Mighty fine. We've got a minute and a half until

LOS. Next station contact in 14 minutes at Hawaii
at 17:ll. Out.

PLT Okay .... control there.

SPT That won't help you; that's right.

PLT Yes, they won't help you either.

CDR Are all your other circuit breakers in and all

your switches up on that - -

PLT Yes.

CDR - - lower left-hand panel except for backup?

PLT They sure are.

CDR Status backup?

PLT That's right.

326 16 58 00 PLT Except circuit breakers.


326 16 58 01 SPT Okay .... helmet on, align, and lock. Do not
rotate after attachment. You got that white -
white to white - Come on over here, Bill; I'll
help you.

PLT Yes, and I have a ...

SPT Tell you what. Hop in those shoes.

PLT Okay. I didn't remember that I was going to have

to use my foot restraints for that EVA today.

SPT Yes, that sure slows you down when you don't have
them. Okay, white to white. Make sure you've got
your cable in there. And as soon as you get her
snapped down, I'll try to help you here in the
back. Make sure it's snapped all the way around
now. Okay, let's go to BOTH.

326 16 58 52 PLT I don't have it locked yet. There; we got it.

326 16 58 54 SPT Okay; great. REG SELECT to BOTH. Okay.

-- PLT Okay

SPT SUIT PRESSURE lights, which I'm punching.

326 16 59 06 SPT Verify 02 FLOW light - or 02 FLOW.

PLT All right.

SPT REG 1 LOW FLOW light, off; LOW VENT FLOW light,
off. Lower SEVA protective visor. Okay, and that
snaps down.

326 16 59 30 PLT Okay. I'll let you have your foot restraints back.

SPT No; I don't need them.

SPT Okay. DAC l, off.

PLT Okay. DAC l, off.

SPT Got the pushbutton?

PLT Let me check the little green light. Okay, it's


326 16 59 53 SPT Okay, come on over here. Put a foot down here.
I'm stable. Just get yourself stable; that's all.

PLT Okay, I'm stable.

SPT Okay, we got a PCU checkout for EV-1 and -2.

Note: Cuff gage inaccuracy is plus or minus 0.15
psig max. Nominal is 0.04. REG 1 LOW FLOW and
LOW VENT FLOW lights a 5-second delay. Okay,
come on over here, Jet - or Bill. Put your foot
right in there. There you go. Okay, PRESS SELECT
to REG 2. You get a tone? SUIT PRESS, REG 1 LOW

PLT I didn't get a SUIT PRESS.

SPT It's just got a- -

PLT Oh, yes, there we go.

326 17 00 49 SPT It should - Your SUIT PRESS should stay on.

PLT Right ; that 's affirmative.

SPT Okay, then you got a BEG 1 LOW FLOW and LOW VENT
FLOW. Oh, wait a minute, REG 1 LOW FLOW and
possible LOW VENT FLOW. It depends upon the -
the overlap in the specs here. Okay. PRESS

PLT We got.

SPT Okay, let's cut the tone. Mon SkN.WCT to DELTA-P.



326 17 01 14 SPT Okay, going to DELTA-P. And up we go. Monitor cuff

is off between 2.8 and 3.1 psig. As soon as that
thing comes off the peg at 2.8, your SUIT light
should go out. There it goes. LOW VENT FLOW light
is off. Okay, verify cuff gage is stable at 3.2
to 3.5 pslg.

326 17 01 51 PLT Okay. I'm stable at B.2 to 3.4 and I still have a
y 197

SPT Well, that's all right because we're on REG 2. No


PLT That 's right.

SPT Okay. Note, next step: cuff gage will decrease

and cycle before stabilizing 5 psi ambient only.
Okay, we're going to go PRESS Sk_.ECT to KEG 1.
Make it REG 1 LOW FLOW, off.

PLT Okay, REG 1.

SPT Okay, there it is. Just cycle it.

PLT Okay, mine's off.

SPT Mine's off. Let's Just let it stabilize.

PLT We'll let it stabilize.

326 17 02 25 SPT Between 3.6 and 3.9, and all lights off. Looks
good here.

.... PLT Then mine went up to about 4, there.

SPT Oh, that's all right as long as it stabilizes out

between 3.6 and 3.9.

PLT Oh, yes ; okay.

SPT Mine's 3.7, no lights; very good.

PLT 3.8, no lights.



SPT Verify no change in cuff gage.

PLT Still 3.8. Okay.

326 17 02 50 SPT 3.7 here. Okay, EMU integrity check. Next se-
quence terminates 02 FLOW to PGA.

PLT Right.

SPT REG i LOW FLOW and LOW VENT FLOW lights will not -
F_ will come on.
198 _

PLT Okay.

326 17 03 05 SPY Monitor the cuff gage for max decay of 0.8 psig.
Let's read ahead a little. FLOW $_XCT to OFF
OFF and then PRESS SELECT, OFF for 1 minute. Okay,
FLOW SELECT first to OFF, and I'll give you a hack
when you're ready.

PLT Stand by.

SFT Get your FLOW SELECT first.

PLT I got it.

SPT Okay.

326 17 03 24 PLT Let's go OFF at the same time.

SPT Okay. FLOW SELECT to 1 and -

326 17 03 28 PLT I'm OFF now. I'm timing myself; so don't worry
about it.

326 17 03 44 PLT And mine's holding.



PLT Yes; I forgot it.

SPT Oh, yes, you better do that. Why don't you give
yourself a little flow first?

PLT Yes.

SPT Then repeat it.

PLT Now recheck the checklist here. Okay, I want

to try to time myself this time. Okay, FLOW is
going OFF, I think. OFF, now. Okay, PRESS
SELECT, OFF. Got a time hack. 3 •9, holding.

326 17 0h 54 SPT Okay, I'm good.

PLT I got another 30 seconds to go.

SPT I had a drop of 0.05. With a - -

PLT ...tight

SPT Very good; very tight.

326 17 05 25 PLT Okay, I have no drop at all.

SPT Very good. Okay, go to BOTH - PRESSURE SELECT,


326 17 05 42 PLT Okay, BOTH and IVA.

$PT Okay, if suit pressure decays 0.3 to 0.8, we

don't have to worry about it. They look good.

PLT Cuff gage stable, 3.6, 3.9; all lights out.


3.1 to 2.8. Notify EV-3 _U integrity check com-
plete. Okay, let's -

326 17 05 59 PLT Okay.

CDR Got the word on that.

SPT Wait a minute. Hold on, we still have to go

ABSOLUTE. All right. Let's see how it stabilizes
It is. How you doing, Bill? You stable?

326 17 06 22 PLT Wait a minute. I went to MODE S_T._CT, ABSOLUTE.

I'm on REG FLOW. It says suit pressure at 3.1
to 2.8.

SPT Well, REG 1 - back here and see where we ever

went to DELTA-P. Oh, I'm sorry; back to ABSOLUTE.

PLT Yes.


Okay, that's what I did.

326 17 06 46 SPT Now your suit's coming down.

PLT Cuff's stable, 3.6 to 3.9 psig, and all lights out
at once. On MODE SELECT, ABSOLUTE. Tone. Okay,
I'm sorry.

SPT That 's okay.

200 ._

PLT That's when they tell I will get the tone - at

that point.

SPT That's right.

PLT But it says at the tone and you ought to verify;

so it's okay. Go ahead.

326 17 07 04 SPT Okay. So, Jer, EV - let me tell you now that
the _MU integrity check's complete. We're going
to temporarily stow our cue cards down here, and
you read to us from here on.

CDR All right. I got a couple of little things to do

up here with some 02 valves, like cut off your
water and all that good stuff. Be right with you.

326 17 07 39 SPT Let's not get ourselves crossed up here.

PLT Okay, let me get on the -

SPT Listen, don't go on up there yet, because I think

he - Jerry's going to have to come on in and stow, .
I guess, your LSU.

CDR All right. Let me get these oxygen things done.

SPT We'll wait until Jerry's ready to go.

PLT Yes, I want to get out - I want to get out um-

bilicals straightened out here.

326 17 08 01 CDR Okay, I verified that we got 02 pressure which is

good in the regulators; I'm going to turn off -
120 PSI REG B. 0kay, it's OFF. Let's see. The
drop was - Yes, it was fine. It was less than
i0 psi. All right. Verify your LOW VENT FLOW
lights are off.

326 17 08 32 SPT That's verified.

CDR Okay.

SPT Two verified.

CDR Uh, Bill?

PLT Yes.

326 17 08 40 CDR Come on down here again.

PLT Let's play a maypole here to get loose.

SPT Yes.

CDR Oh, all right. Just come on down here.

PLT l'm coming.

CDR Okay, REG B is OPEN. Here goes REG A, CLOSED.

PLT I need to go around your left side.

SPT Okay, you can go this way.

CDR Okay.

SPT Okay, now. All right you just come on over on

the other side of the pole.

326 17 09 08 CDR ... LOW VENT FLOW lights are off.

SPT Go on over to thatwall and up.

PLT Yes.

CDR Ed and Bill, check your LOW VENT FLOW lights off.

SPT They're off.

PLT Off.

326 17 09 i_ CDR Okay. Okay, EV-I, pro - proceed to the AM; enter
head first, and I'll be restowing as you're coming

PLT In work.

CDR Don't go too fast now, or I won't be able to get

this restowed.

PLT I knocked the C-clamp off.

SPT Well, that's all right; it's tethered, isn't it?


CDR Bill, you - you're in too fast now. Just - Why

don't you go on back out a ways. I'm not going
to be able to manage your LSU with you up here in
with it. And then as you come in here, if you can
- No, I'll do that. I was going to say I was go-
ing to have you take care of the C-clamp. Is
this your umbilical now? All right.

PLT Don't I come in feet first? Head first.

326 17 l0 18 CDR Looks like feet first would be the way. Once
you're towards - -

326 17 i0 22 PLT Yes. I think that's wrong. I think it should be

feet first, from this end.

SPT I think you're right, Bill.

CDR Now remember, guys, don't be bulls in the chin

shop. Try to take it slow and easy. Let me get
this clamp put away.

PLT I'm with you, Jer.

CDR Now that clamp was way back here in the - Yes,
just tuck it in the corner there. It's a con-
tingency item. Well, there's no lanyard for it.
I'm going to - I'm going to put it on this panel
320 - -

326 17 ll 00 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Hawaii for 9

minutes. Out.

CDR Roger, Houston.

CDR And I'm Just going to clamp it on, Ed.

SPT Go ahead, Jer, because if the time comes when we

need it, we'll have lots of extra wrist tethers at
that point.

PLT Yes, Just screw it on inside one of those rails.

We needed that tether for something else.

CDR Okay. There, all right. Bill, you can move on in


PLT Okay.
-'_ 2O3

PLT Slow and easy.

CDR Okay, that's probably about all - all we ought to

stow, I think - I think you are going to need a
few feet to move around with.

326 17 12 01 CDR Okay, Bill's in the airlock module now.

326 17 12 09 PLT Okay, I'm about where I normally am for the train-
ing exercises.

CDR All right.

CDR EV-2, head on up to the hatch.

SPT Okay. Coming up.

CDR Now. I've got to mauage your umbilical.

PLT You going to stow that?

CDR We're supposed to stow your umbilical in the aft



CDR Bill, you're going to have to move to your right

or your left.

PLT Okay, I'll - Let me move to my left - -

CDR All right.

PLT - - and I'll let you by on the right; the correct

side to get to it.

326 17 12 49 CDR Man, are we large.

PLT Why don't you let me do that, Jer?

CDR That's all right.

SPT Yes, I think that's not a bad idea.

CDR Better save your - -

PLT See you got that occulting disk there and everything
right in the way.

SPT See, there's no - there's no way you can stow it

all in here, and then let me in too. Bill's
going to have to eventually push it back in here.

CDR All right, Ed. You want to go in feet firsts right?

326 17 13 18 SPT Right.

CDR All right, and I'ii Just guide your feet as I move
out of here.

326 17 14 07 PLT Man, that is a real tight fit. Let me - I think

the T025 is in the way.

SPT Yes, I think you're right.

CDR Okay. Be sure you look that hatch seal over real
well, Ed, before you close it.

SPT Okay, let me do that. And I tell you what, Bill,

let me pass this back to you.

PLT Just a second.

SPT Take ... - take it off.

SPT That's a good idea.

CDR Slow and easy. Okay, that's far enough. You got
a hatch to close, I think.

PLT Now let me - okay, I'm - going to get out of your


CDR All right, I 'm out.

326 17 14 29 PLT Let me take mine off, too. Bend it slightly - I

can't quite get -

SPT There you go.

PLT There we go.

SPT Okay, now-

CDR Okay, Ed, you inspect the seal; when - when you're
done with that, holler.

SPT Okay, just a minute, we're going to get T025 moved

back here.

326 17 14 46 PLT I got it caught on the edge of the hatch back there.

SPT Stand back. I'ii fix it.

SPT Okay. Now move her back.

CDR Houston, how do you read?

326 17 15 00 SPT Carefully - okay.

CDR Houston, Skylab; how do you read?

SPT Now, let me take a - look the hatch over.

326 17 15 08 PLT Be real careful now, the T025 camera is above your
knees there.

SPT Yes.

326 17 15 38 SPT Okay, that hatch seal looks good, Jerry.


326 17 15 50 CDR And HATCH HANDLE, OPEN.

PLT RELEASE HANDLE, I think, is on the other side there,


SPT Right here?

PLT Just a second. Well, I better hold T025 here.

326 17 16 18 CDR Release the hatch from the wall and close it while
entering the aft - aft lock.

SPT Okay, you take it off the hinge?

PLT No, I don't think you have to take it off the hinge.

CDR It should just swing into place.

PLT Let's see, it goes that way. Why in the devil

did they have me train on that and then call you
out to do it?

SPT Now, hold on now.

PLT You got something on the other side of it, I think.

SPT Yes, I see it.

326 17 17 28 PLT All right, watch the camera up there.

SPT Yes.

PLT Now, I said that it went that way. That thing

may turn around the other way. I didn't think
you could reverse the number panels, though,
same both ways.

SPT ... off in both directions.

SPT Hey, Jer?

CDR Yes?

SPT When you came down here, which side of this panel
was facingyou?

CDR I didn't notice.

326 17 18 37 MS ...

PLT The rib ought to be on this side.

SPT No, darn it - let's see here.

CDR Now your HATCH HANDLE on your side is going to have


PLT Yes.

CDR Okay.

PLT Let me see what the other side has on it.

326 17 19 13 CC Skylab, this is Houston. 1 minute to LOS, next

station contact is 3-1/2 minutes through Goldstone
at 17 :23. Out.

326 17 19 23 CDR Roger, Bruce; how do you read me?

SPT Bruce, how do you read?


CO Loud and clear.

SPT Okay, how about panel - hatch 325. Is the ribbed

side towards the AM?

CC That's the forward one?

PLT/SPT The aft one.

CC SPT, Houston. The 325 - the aft hatch is not supposed

to be closed, Just the 0WS hatch back there. Over.

326 17 20 21 SPT Okay, there you are.

CDR You have to go in and unlatch it, Ed.

SPT Yes. I want to get this one out of the way.

PLT That - for crying out loud.

SPT (Laughter)

PLT Darn thing is always in your way.

SPT Yes, let's see now, how did you have it before?
Like this? That will do it, will it not?

PLT Yes, that'll be all right. Back - no.

SPT Okay, read what it says, Jer.

326 17 2i 20 CDR Okay, here we go again. Inspect the hatch seal

for obstructions.

SPT Have done it.

CDR All right, release the handle, R_T.E_SE HANDLE to


SPT Okay.


326 17 21 37 SPT OPEN

CDR Release the OWS hatch from the wall.

SPT 0kay.

_-_ CDR Closed the hatch while entering the aft lock.

326 17 22 12 SPT Coming down.

PLT Yes, we've got this out of - somehow this is not

quite right.

SPT Okay, where do you see the camera? Is that still


PLT It's - it's still up there, all right.

326 17 22 17 SPT Okay, now just a minute. Don't push that thing
into me. Let me get this closed. Okay, go ahead.

326 17 22 21 CDR RET._&SE HANDLE to UNLOCK, and then HATCH HANDLE

to EQUALIZE PRESSURE, make sure your dogs engaged
and then R_T._&SE HANDLE to - to UNLOCK, and HATCH


CDR Right.

SPT Okay.


SPT Okay.

326 17 22 40 CDR Make sure your dogs have engaged.

SPT Yes.

CDR And keeping your RELEASE HANDLE at UNLOCK, take

your HATCH HANDLE and go to CLOSE with it.



SPT Okay. And then to LOCK?

326 17 22 57 CDR RELEASE HANDLE to LOCK.

SPT Okay. We got it.

326 17 22 59 CDR Verify.

SPT That's verified.


CDR Now you're finished, and your HATCH HANDLE should

be at the CLOSE position; your RELEASE HANDLE to
the LOCK position.

SPT We've got it.

CDR Okay, assume your ET - EVA egress position, feet

toward the MDA.

SPT 0ks_v.

326 17 23 14 CDR All right, now I'm going to pass the - VC tree in
to you.

SPT Hold on, let us get the T025 squared away first, Jer.

326 17 23 21 CDR All right.

B26 17 23 27 SPT Bill, did you move that camera?

PLT It's hiding behind the hatch now, I guess,

SPT Oh, we got it.

PLT There it is over there.

SPT It 's okay, it 's okay.

PLT That's going to be hard to get to, though.

SPT Well, let me -

PLT Better get it out of there, before we go hard suit.

SPT Yes.

326 17 24 08 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone and

Bermuda for 5 minutes. Out.

326 17 24 14 CDR Roger, Houston. We had quite a few CONDENSATE

DELTA-P WARNING - or CAUTION lights and I have

SPT That's it. Back up here.

CC Okay, Jerry, and while you're at panel 207, we'd

like to make sure the PRI COOL TEMP HIGH switch
is in the ENABLE position. We believe it's cur-

rently INHIBITED. Likewise, all the other primary

airlock module coolant parameters should be ENABLED;
we believe they are. Over.

326 17 24 46 CDR PRI COOL T_4P HIGH is on.

SPT How where is your tether?

PLT Okay, now, Ed, Just let me get back in my right

position, here, because I thought the tether -
here it is - that we had it up here, Jer.

SPT All right, let's put it over here. Give me the

tether and we'll be all set.

PLT Okay.

326 17 25 22 SPT Unhook the other end.

326 17 25 56 SPT Okay, how's our umbilical situation?

CDR It's not too bad.

PLT Okay, I think I'm clear. Let's see.

SPT Yes, you are.

PLT I put my - your umbilical over my head, here, like


SPT Okay, you're all set. Go ahead.

326 17 26 09 CDR All right, here's the VC tree, Bill. Coming at

you handle first. Watch your feet on the DAC.

PLT Yes.

326 17 26 20 CC CDR, this is Houston. Just a reminder - try to

avoid bumping the rate gyro six-pack installation
in your movements around the MDA. We're observing
them giving us outputs that are - are pretty
good size. Over.

326 17 26 33 CDR Roger. I've been thinking about that the last
45 minutes; being pretty careful.

CC Okay, we're not trying to bug you.

_.. 211

CDR I think it must Just be the - all the action

going on in the airlock module in the MDA area.

CC Right. We've been following that on the air-to-


PLT Okay, I want to get the foot restraint in. ***

you reading, Jer?

326 17 27 00 CDR Okay, read you loud and clear. VC tree - all
right, now I'm going to release the forward hatch.

PLT Okay, and I got to get 149 in'here.

SPT I'ii push it in for you. You all set? Okay.

326 17 27 22 PLT Okay. Man, is it crowded in here.

B26 17 27 27 SPT You could move up towards me, Bill.

PLT That - universal restraint handhold there is in

the way, I think.

_ SPT Yes,sureis.

PLT Universal mount, I mean.

SPT Got a fair amount of gear packed in here.

PLT And let's see, where was I? Oh, yes, I was going
to -

SPT Move back up towards me, Bill, and you'll be okay.

PLT Okay, I want to get all the umbilicals over the

back of my neck there.

SPT Okay, I'll watch. You can go out.

PLT Okay.

326 17 28 13 SPT Bill, you're going to have to hold that VC tree

out of there until I get this hatch closed.

PLT I'm sorry. Let me get that out of there.

326 17 28 27 CC Skzl_b, this is Houaton_ 45 seconds to LOS. Next

station contsnt h-i/2 minutes through Bermuda.
And for the SPT, would you verify that the airlock

module aft hatch panel 325 is not latched up against

the seal but it is sort of down flat on one side.

SPT It is down flat on one side.

CC Roger ; thank you.

SPT Okay, taking a quick look at the hatch seal. It

looks clean.

PLT Jer, it's not - you'll have to unlatch it. Move

it to unlatch. The dogs are up.

CDH Yes.

326 17 29 23 SPT The dogs are slightly up. There we go.

326 17 29 30 PLT Now you got - wait a minute, pull it back again.
There's an over-center door catch down here; but
if you'll open it, you'll see it by my foot, by
my right toe, here. You see that? Down here.
You're going to have to pull it open again. There's
a little over-center latch that's in the way.

CDR All right. Down here?

PLT Yes. Move your hand a little - there you go.

There you go. If you can get it in that pivot
there, it'll be all right, I think.

CDR All right. Shucks.

PLT There you go.

326 17 30 08 CDR Hatch handle going CLOSED.

PLT Okay, now I can put the VC tree back in.

326 17 30 15 CDR Okay, the hatch handle is CLOSED. Okay, now you
put your tree in.

PLT Got it. B-9 and the DAC are all twisted up down

CDR Okay, EV-1 and -2, on panel 317 and 323, install
your wrist tethers.

PLT Okay. Stand by 1.


326 17 30 h6 SPT We've got them on.

CDR All right, FLOW SELECT to IVA, verify.

326 17 30 52 PLT IVA verify, EV-1.

326 17 30 5h SPT EV-2, IVA.


326 17 30 58 PLT REG 1 on EV-I.

326 17 30 59 SPT REG i, EV-2.

326 17 31 01 CDR MODE SELECT, DELTA-P. Verify that your SUIT PRES-
SURE light is off at 2.8 to 3.1.

SPT Roger.

PLT In work.

CDR Your suits ought to be coming up.

326 17 31 20 SPT That they are.

326 17 31 23 CDR Verify that you're MODE SELECT hard over in the
DELTA-P position.

326 17 31 29 SPT That's verified. SUIT PRESSURE light out.


CDR Okay. Now take a look at your suit cuff gages.

You ought to be 3.6 to 3.9, stabilized.

326 17 31 38 PLT EV-1 is stabilized about 3.8.

326 17 31 41 SPT 3.7, EV-2.

CDR Okay, 3.8, 3.7. PREsSuRE SELECT to BOTH.

Verify no change in your gage or your displays.

326 17 31 53 PLT EV-I, verify.

326 17 31 5_ SPT EV-2, verify.

CDR All right, SOP FLOW CHECK is next. EV-I and -2,
SOP 02 VALVE, OPEN. Verify that it is locked in
the detent OPEN.

SPT That 's *** 0PEN.

326 17 32 15 PLT Okay. EV-l's SOP is OPEN.

326 17 32 17 SPT EV-2, SOP is OPEN.

CDR All right now, the next thing is our flow check.
We want to do it rapidly to conserve SOP 02 .
You want to keep an eye on your cuff gage for
a slight decrease when the SOP comes on. All
right, on panel 317, S - SUS l, 02 SUPPLY valve,
CLOSED. Take a look at your medium pressure
gage as soon as you get it closed and verify
27 to 45 psi.

326 17 32 44 PLT Okay, stand by i. That's in work. That's 3177

SPT 3 - That's right.

PLT SUS l, 02 - -

CDR When you got your hand on the handle, let me


326 17 32 5h PLT I got it on the handle.

326 17 32 55 CDR SUS I, 02. Okay, when you close it, you want
to look at the medium pressure gage, m_ke sure
that it's 27 to 45, and then turn it back on

PLT Just a second, let me move my suit around, so I

can read my SO -

SPT Tell you what, you get over there and I'll -
I'll move the valve for you, on the SOP.

PLT Okay. You move it, and I'll watch my SOP.

SPT Okay. Tell me when you're ready.

/_ 215

326 17 33 17 PLT Ready. Okay, I'm - my flow pressure is good.

SPT Okay, you got an SOP FLOW?

FLT I've got a SOP FLOW.

SPT Okay. Going back.

PLT Roger.

CDR All right. Now we do the same thing on panel

323 with you, Ed.

SPT Okay, just turn up to your right.

PLT Okay.

SPT Okay. Now just a second. Okay, go ahead.

326 17 33 50 PLT Okay, FLOW is going off now.

SPT It's good.

_-- 326 17 33 58 PLT Okay. Going CLOSEd now - or OPEN now.

SPT Stabilized. Around 30 or so, 35. Okay.

PLT Okay, Jer, that's good.

326 17 34 Ii CDR Okay. Now both of you visually check your

neck rings, your SOP, and your four PCU connec-
tors to see that they're locked.

SPT Okay, turn around a bit, Bill. Watch it.

Move - Move toward your feet. Move toward your
feet. You're getting that T025.

326 17 3h 28 CC CDR, this is Houston through Bermuda for

9 minutes. We have INHIBITED momentum dumps
for the duration of the EVA and you're still
GO for airlock depress at your convenience.
Everything looks good from down here. Over.

326 17 34 41 CDR Okay, we're about ready to do it now.

PLT Okay, connectors are locked.

216 -.

SPT Okay, how's your wrist? Take a look - -

PLT Locked - locked.

SPT Take a look - come here. Make sure there's no

gap. You look good.

PLT Here, let me take a look at yours. Looks good.

SPT Okay, let me take a look here; locked. Okay, you're

good, Bill.

PLT Okay.

326 17 35 25 CDR Okay. Next step is airlock module depress.

Warning: Keep an eye on your cuff gage. If it
drops below 3.6 during depress, I want you to
close the DEPRESS VALVE and I will OPEN the PRES-

SPT Okay.

CDR All right, let me turn the page here. Man, am I

graceful. I'm sure - almost as graceful as you

PLT Man, is it crowded in here.

326 17 36 00 CDR Okay, step number 1. Panel 311, I'm going to

close the EQUALIZATION VALVE, Okay, it's CLOSEd
and LOCKed.

CDR EV-1 and -2, watch your - if your LOW VENT FLOW
light comes on before the depress is complete,
take your SLOW - FLOW SELECT and go to EVA NORMAL.
Keep an eye on your cuff gage. You may read as
much as h.1 in this DELTA-P mode.

SPT Okay.

326 17 36 33 CDR Okay, I'm going to be watching the RATE OF CLIMB

indicator, and - if I get a CAUTION and WARNING
going to tell you to stop your depress.

326 17 36 h_ CDR Okay, Ed, on panel 318. LOCK compressor - DEPRESS


SPT Okay, let's have Bill do that.

PLT All right.

CDR You notice the cap's off and I put the other
screen on. That was part of my ob.

SPT That's right. We got it. Okay, watch your cuff

gage. He's got it. It's good. Okay, there goes
everything. Yes, take that other one out of there.
That string is going to get in the way there, too.

PLT Yes, let me get that.

PLT Okay, watch your lights and everything. Oh, come

on there.

326 17 37 20 SPT Watch your cuff gage. Watch your cuff gage, Bill.

CDR Okay. Your LOCK's down to 4.

SPT I'm holding at 3.7.

PLT That's really snatching [?] it. I'm holding at


SPT We're picking up no lights.

CDR That's good.

SPT No lights at all.

326 17 37 34 CDR You haven't gone very far yet. You're down to
3-1/2. We ought to - we should see it, Bill.

PLT Yes, I've got to get that string off of there.

We might be in a little bit -

SPT How are the cuff gages doing?

PLT Tie right into it?

SPT The STS - That's what it's tied on to. I guess,

Just hold it like it is. That's good. What's it
picking up there?

PLT Picking up a little ice.


SPT Little ice now. Okay. Looks dark from over here.

PLT Yes.

SPT How's your cuff gage? Mine's 3.7 and a little.

PLT 3.9.

326 17 38 07 SPT Very good.

326 17 38 08 PLT Well, let's see.

SPT No lights.

CDR Rate of climb indicator is doing fine. You're

at 3.1.

326 17 38 39 CDR 2.8. Rate of climb is holding well.

SPT Cuff gage is 3.72.

PLT EV-1 ***

SPT That'll screw on down there at a place on your

right there. Yes, right there.

PLT Yes, that's what I've been trying to do for l0


SPT There you go. You got it.

PLT Hey, good.

326 17 39 22 SPT Okay, has anyone - pretty small amount of ice,

isn't it? Still got some - lot's of open screen
there. It looks like the ice only goes out to
a radius of around 80 percent or so. Outer annulus
still free. Down to 2 -

CDR Got 2 in here.

326 17 _0 33 CDR Rate of climb is holding steady. I see 1.6 in

here now.

SPT Max 1.5 in here.

CDR Okay.
f_ 219

PLT EV-I, 3.9.

326 17 40 50 SPT EV-2, 3.78.

SPT Okay, Jer, when did they tell us to remove that

extra screen?

CDR It just says after ice buildup. So if you're

ready to do it now, why don't you go ahead.

SPT Why don't you go ahead and take a little off.

It might help us some.

326 17 41 08 SPT I think we can probably still evacuate with

right now. We still got maybe - 30 percent or
so in the area remaining open.

SPT We don't have much moisture in this air at all.

326 17 41 25 PLT Dropping right down now. 1 psi ***

326 17 41 45 PLT ... still holding steady at ***

SPT Cover that thing back up with it when you -

before you unlatch.

PLT Yes.

SPT It might be a good idea to keep anything out of


326 17 42 23 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 1 minute to LOS, next

station contact in 4 minutes through the Canary
Islands at 17:46. Out.

326 17 42 51 CDR Okay, I'm showing about 0.3 in here now.

PLT That's about what we have.

SPT Yes.

CDR Okay, once you're below or equal to 0.3, you

can open the hatch.

326 17 43 lh PLT Okay, ready for hatch opening.

326 17 43 17 CDR Okay, I'm going to start my watch. It's counting.

All right, on panel 319, EVA hatch retainers ;
__ spring loaded to the engaged position. Verify.

326 17 43 34 PLT ... and verify.

CDR Hatch handle, lock to unlock.

PLT Lock - does he mean the locking pin?

326 17 43 46 CDR That's right, then hatch handle, OPEN.

326 17 43 48 PLT-EVA Hatch handle's pulled. Okay, the handle is


326 17 h3 54 CDR Okay, I Just saw the pressure go to zero.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

CDR Okay, open the latch - the hatch, and engage the
hold-open rod.

SPT-EVA Got the dogs there, that's - I got a catch



SPT-EVA Okay, there you go.

SPT-EVA Man, wouldn't you be surprised to find a neutral

buoyancy tank out there?

PLT-EVA Yes. There are - There are all the safety divers.

326 17 h4 32 CDR Okay, have you got the hatch open and held open
_ yet?

326 17 4h 39 PLT-EVA We're working the rod in there.

CDR Okay, let me know when that's complete and I'll

read your next step.

SPT-EVA Slow and easy, Bill.


SPT-EVA Man, that last little bit there - It's pretty

hard -

PLT-EVA You watch my feet, Ed?

Yes. _-_

PLT-EVA It'll take a moment.

SPT-EVA Man, that is hard to get in there. Try and

get someone -

PLT-EVA I had to push on the hatch. There's Just no

way of doing that _ith your arm.

SPT-EVA Okay, you got it_


SPT-EVA Okay, good. Go ahead.

326 17 45 35 CDR Okay, now that your depress is complete, take

your MODE SELECT and go to ABSOLUTE, and you
might get a slight cuff gage decrease.



PLT-EVA Roger; that's complete.

SPT-EVA Down to 3.6.

PLT-EVA 3.6 on the EV-I.

CDR All right. PRESSURE SELF.CT to BOTH, verify.

326 17 45 53 SPT-EVA Verified, EV-2.

326 17 45 56 PLT-EVA BOTH, verify, EV-1.


326 17 46 01 PLT-EVA EVA NORMAL, EV-I.

326 17 46 02 SPT-EVA EVA NORMAL, on - on 2.

CDR Okay, and your V0X keying seems to be okay.

SPT-EVA 0kay.

CDR Okay.

326 17 46 20 CDR Let's to to the EVA, gang.


326 17 46 22 CC CDR, this is Houston through Canary for a 2

minutes. Would you give me a mark on what
time you've got on your watch for the start of EVA?

326 17 46 30 CDR Okay, I got 3 minutes and 5, 3 minutes and l0

seconds -

326 17 46 34 CDR MARK.

SPT-EVA Okay, Jer, go ahead.

326 17 46 42 CDR Okay. AM egress. Note contamination. Comment

on any observed dispersion patterns or any 0WS
waste tank plumes that you see during this EVA.
T025 - No, we don't - won't read that. It says
stop normal ops and start T025 ops, 25 minutes
prior to the first ESS. Okay?


CDR Egress the AM, head first, face toward the foot
restraints for EV-1.

PLT-EVA In work.

326 17 47 09 SPT-EVA Okay, your ,_mbilical's clear.

326 17 47 17 CC SlYf, this is Houston. We're looking at the TM

data here, and we recommend that you increase the
flow of coolant through your LCG somewhat to
bring down the gas delta temperature. Over.

$PT-EVA Okay.

326 17 47 32 PLT-EVA Okay, EV-l's in foot restraints.

326 17 47 34 SPT-EVA I'm showing a 4-1/2 now, Houston.

CC Okay, thank you.

CDR Clamp your LSU, Bill.


CDR At about 9 feet.

326 17 47 53 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 30 seconds to LOS. Next

station contact in 2 minutes through Ascension at

17:50, where we will he dumping the data/voice

tape recorder. Out.

SPT-EVA Clamp it?

PLT-EVA Yes, that looks good. That - very good. Okay,

that green is 10. Right there, that's good.
Okay, Jer, what's next?

CDR All right, let's see here. _4U status check.

PCU and warning light - PC warning lights and
suit pressure.

326 17 48 27 PLT-EVA Okay, stamp EV-1 is clean.

326 17 48 28 SPT-EVA EV-2, 3.6 and no lights.

326 17 48 32 PLT-EVA 3.65 on EV-I.

CDR Okay. Panel 320, BOOM - 21, EXTENDIBLE BOOM,

two of them. EXTEND them and RETRACT them to
verify the boom.

326 17 49 07 PLT-EVA Okay, they're both checked and off.

CDR All right. Stow the S149 on the F-6 handrail

near the clothesline clip.

SPT-EVA Okay, stand by i. Let me get -

PLT-EVA Can you get to it?

SPT-EVA Yes. Hold on.

327 17 49 50 SPT-EVA Okay, Bill, coming out.

PLT-EVA Okay. Lock latch position. I'll open it.

SPT/EVA Okay. Do you want to put a wrist tether on it?

Well, I got - still have it?

PLT/EVA Yes. No, I can take it. I'll put a wrist tether
on it. I have it good.



326 17 50 15 CDR Okay, the VS tree is next, Ed.



PLT-EVA That wrist tether wasn't a good idea.

326 17 51 37 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Ascension for

9 minutes; dumping data/voice tape recorder.

SPT-EVA Is it locked?

PLT-EVA No, Just a second.

326 17 51 55 CDR Okay, our next T025 data take time is in 20

minutes, you guys.

PLT-EVA All right.

CDR So we want to get T025 out.

326 17 52 05 SPT-EVA Yes, hold on. We got the VS all set to go.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Just a second. I had to come out of my foot res- .

traints there to get that in the right position.

326 17 52 18 SPT-EVA Okay, now you want to put a tether on it first?

PLT/EVA No. Okay, let me take mine off.

SPT/EVA Hold on to it. Okay, you got a good hold?

- PLT-EVA I've got a good hold.

326 17 52 58 SPT-EVA Okay, now let's get T025 out. Is that right,

CDR That's right. We got to get it out next. Get

it set up so we can do a data take in Just a
few minutes here.

SPT-EVA Okay. Bill, are you ready for T025?

PLT-EVA Just a second. Let me get this tether out of

the way.

B26 17 53 12 SPT-EVA Which end would you like first? ... the occult-
Ing disk?

PLT-EVA 0kay. Just a minute.

SPT-EVA Don't worry, I'll - I'll get to you.

326 17 53 32 SPT-EVA Okay now, hold on. Let me clear the umbilical
with it before you pull. Okay, it's all yours.
Want to read the T025 off there, Jer - Jerry?

CDR Okay, just pass it out to him, Ed.

326 17 53 50 SPT-EVA He's got it.

CDR That's the first step. He's got it?


326 17 53 55 CDR All right, position clamp on the strut halfway

or beyond the first section of the D-1 handrail.
Secure the clamp by turning the top knob clock-
wise until it's tight. Then you'll be turning
the lower knob counterclockwise until it's tight,
which is a lock knob. Put it on the strut half-
way or beyond the first section of the D-1 hand-

326 17 5_ 27 CDR T025 is going out now, Houston.

CC Roger, Jerry. We're listening in.

CDR Is the 18:10 data-take time still good?

SPT-EVA 90 degrees away there, Bill. That gets it.

PLT-EVA Just a second.

CC Yes, the time block is still good, if you think

you can get set up and ready to go by then.

CDR Okay, we'll give it a whirl.

326 17 54 50 CC Roger.

SPT-EVA Push it, Bill; to your right. There you go.

Tether - -

CDR Okay, Ed, the filter case is next.

326 17 55 01 SPT-EVA ***second; filter case is hooked on to it.

226 _

CDR Good show. And, Bill, when you get that clamped
in, let me know. So the next thing you're want
to going - going to want to do, Bill, is take
that filter case and restrain it. Put it up there
at the TS, temporary stowage hook.

PLT-EVA Okay, I'm going to have to come out and make sure
that I've got the -

SPT-EVA SOP's hitting it there, Bill.

326 17 55 31 PLT-EVA Okay, I've got it. Couldn't tell if I had the -
bracket engaged or not.

SPT-EVA It's a blind connection there.


PLT-EVA Okay. Now, Jer, read that step again.

CDR Okay. It says to position the clamp on the strut

halfway or beyond the first section of the D-1
handrail. So suit yourself.

326 17 56 07 PLT-EVA Okay, now I moved it until the little bracket is


CDR All right. And it says secure the clamp by

turning the top knob clockwise until it's tight.
Then you got that lower knob, which is the lock
knob; and you go counterclockwise with it.

_ SPT/EVA ..., SPT.

326 17 56 23 PLT-EVA That's in work, Jer.

CDR All right.

SPT-EVA Houston, SPT.

326 17 56 28 CC Go ahead, SPT.

SPT-EVA I'd like to bring down the LCG flow a little

bit, please.

CC Stand by. Roger; your option. We show the gas

temp down about 9 degrees delta, and make your-
self comfortable.

SPT-EVA Roger. Thank you.

PLT-EVA How far we got to that first opportunity, Jer?

326 17 56 50 CDR We got about - let's see, l_ mlnu_es.


SPT-EVA Just press on. Then we'll get her set up. If
we miss it, we're all set up for the next one.

CDR Yes, that's right. Don't worry about the time.

326 17 57 08 PLT-EVA Okay, I'm getting her set.

326 17 57 i3 PLT-EVA All right. That's complete, Jer.

CDR All right. Hook your filter case on a temporary

storage hook. And when it's there, you want to -
you want to pull out filter holder A and put it
in the A-I position.

CDR Is the VS tree out yet, Ed?

_ 326 17 57 h5 SPT-EVA Yes, it is.

CDR Okay. Now I'ii mark where l'm supposed to pick

up next.

PLT-EVA Filter A, right?

326 17 5@ 51 CDR Filter A; put it in - Insert it into the position

A-I. That's your first filter selection point.
Then when you get that in, we'll start sighting
her in.

SPT-EVA Got a good detent feel there?

326 17 58 23 PLT-EVA Yes, very good.

SPT-EVA Okay, you have A in there?

326 17 58 29 PLT-EVA A-I is installed.

CDR And it's in the A-I position, right?

PLT-EVA Verified, stand by - -

SPT-EVA A-I is clear, is that right?


326 17 58 36 PLT-EVA A-I.

CDR 0ks_y. It's filter A and it's in A-I. All right,

align the experiment by turning the X and Y knobs
until the some image - Sun image is located in
the center of the occulting disk. The image will
appear orange in the center and red on the edges.
0kay, Ed, while he's doing that, go to panel
316. Turn off LIGHTING, EVA; AM, DA, and ATM
switches; three of them - LIGHTING, EVA; AM, DA,
and ATM switches.


CDR Panel 316.

326 17 59 13 SPT-EVA Okay. AM, OFF; DA, OFF; ATM, OFF.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA What do we - periodically put that - both ATM

and DA back on?

CDR I think it's off for this - these exercises;

then we'll turn it on again.

SPT-EVA Oh, I 'm with you.

PLT-EVA Hey, I think there's something wrong.

CDR What's the matter?

PLT-EVA I 'm seeing Sun through that thing.

326 17 59 h0 SPT-EVA Wait a minute. That's what you - You should be

centering it up.

PLT-EVA That's what I'm doing.

SPT-EVA You should be centering the Sun, because, see

that occulting disk has got a- -

CDR Let me read it again, Bill.

PLT-EVA Go ahead.

CDR It says: Turn the X and Y knobs until the Sun

image is located in the center of the disk. The

image will appear orange in the center and red

on the edges.

326 18 00 00 SPT-EVA Got it right. Just center up that image.


326 18 00 07 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 30 seconds until LOS.

The next station contact in 23 minutes through
Carnarvon. And as you get the Sun into the center,
Bill, it should turn into the orange and red images.

326 18 00 17 PLT-EVA Okay, I'm getting it that way now, Bruce. Thank
you. Okay, center's going orange. Read the
step again, Jer. Make sure I got it right.

CDR Okay. It 'ii be orange in the center and red

on the edges.

326 18 01 i0 PLT-EVA I can get it orange. But I can make the red
entirely disappear.

SPT-EVA Just make it centered up, Bill, so it's uniform.

PLT-EVA I was going to Just - one tiny little dot.

SPT-EVA _ -... to look at.

CDR Center it up as best as you can, Bill.

CDR You happy with your centering job yet?

- B26 18 02 02 PLT-EVA Well, I am - -

CDR All right.

PLT-EVA - - but it doesn't conform to the instruction -

but I - -

326 18 02 09 CDB All right. While you're waiting, Just _ina oi

relax a minute and do something else, then go
back to it. Unfasten your remote control cable.

PLT-EVA Okay. Stand by.

CDR And set your filter - set your time at 1/1000 of

a second.
230 -

326 18 02 25 PLT-EVA *** up on that, Just a minute, Jerry.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA *** thing, Ed?

SPT-EVA Yes. I - I think you're okay, because - see, you

can see - -

PLT-EVA You can get red by going off to the side.

CDR Well, great. That means you got - it's going

to be easier to center.

326 18 02 _l PLT-EVA *** about that. You don't have the red circum-

SPT-EVA Yes, all you got is a nice orange - -

CDR Nice orange ball all the way around with no red;
I'd say you got it wired.

PLT-EVA Yes, okay.

CDE Don't worry about.

SPT-EVA Yes, and you've also got - -

CDR We got the 7 minutes now. We can get our things


PLT-EVA Okay, Ed, I better get cracking - -

SPT-EVA Oh, okay.

PLT-EVA - - cable of mine.

326 18 03 00 CDR Get your remote cable undone and get your time
set to 1/1000 and then we're ready to roll.
Give her - give the canister a change to quit
oscillating after you let go of it. Man, we're
just hustling right along. We're doing great.

326 18 03 14 PLT-EVA Okay, I have the remote cable in hand.

CDR All right. Got your timer set?

PLT-EVA *** Timer.


CDR Say again? Yes, I guess it's shutter speed,


PLT-EVA Oh, okay.

326 18 03 44 CDR Shutter speed at 1/1000 of a second.

PLT-EVA Okay, that's right.

CDR And if you're all ready to go, we have - Let's

see, 6 minutes to go. So if you think you can
get the VS tree out - or the VC tree without
bumping that thing, let's go ahead and do that.
And I'll tell you when it's time to start taking

326 18 04 07 PLT-EVA Yes, I just don't want to touch that. See, if

I can - -

SPT-EVA Just make sure you got that all set up there,

PLT-EVA Yes, I wanted to anchor this, Ed, so that I did

not induce an oscillationto the cable itself.
That'll work right there. I can - I can reach
over and touch - and click off my exposure. Okay,
we 're in good shape.

326 18 04 41 CDR All right, go ahead and get the VS - VC tree out.

PLT-EVA Okay. This is it - -

SPT-EVA Have you got a hold of it?

326 18 04 46 PLT-EVA Got it.

SPT-EVA Okay - good hands.

CDR You're in good hands with Allstate or something

like that.

SPT-EVA That the end?

CDR You've been out almost 22 minutes.

SPT-EVA Up and then push her. Up. There you go. Now
lock it.


326 18 05 09 SPT-EVA We're there. Okay, how we doing, Jet?

CDR You' re doing great.

SPT-EVA Are you all set to click it off, Bill?


SPT-EVA Did you get the VC tree installed?


CDR Say again?

SPT-EVA Yes, we have the VC installed and locked.

326 18 05 22 CDR All right, we've still got 5 minutes to go. What
else can we do here?

SPT-EVA Well, let 's see.

CDR $230, fire that rascal out and install it with

a wrist tether to the screen covering the EVA
lightnearthe LSU clamps.

SPT-EVA Okay, that's back over your head, there, Bill.

326 18 05 39 CDR And, Ed, when you hand that out to him, then go
get the DO2h and be ready to hand it out.


326 18 06 08 SPT-EVA Okay, now hook that to the light; here's the
handle. Got it?

PLT-EVA Got it.

326 18 06 28 CDR 3-1/2 minutes until T025 time.

PLT-EVA Okay, now let's leave the head on - the procedure

on T025.

CDR Yes, all you're going to do. You go down and

take a shot at i/i000. Then you're going
to change it to 1/30, wait until oscillations
die off, then take the shot. Then you're going to
switch to filter A-2 and do a h-second exposure,
and then do a 1-second exposure, and then change

to a filter A-3. I'll just read them off to you;

no big thing.

SPT-EVA Darn it, *** wait here.

CDR You got the D024 out?

326 18 07 12 SPT-EVA No, I got it ready to go, but I thought we'd

hold off here.

CDR No, go ahead. We still got time.

SPT-EVA Okay - -

CDR Let me worry about the time. You guys just move
right along smartly.

SPT-EVA Okay, where's it go?

CDR All right, D024 by the waist tether; you're

going to - -

SPT-EVA Got a waist tether on it.

_- CDR All right, you're going to do it to panel 321.

Switch guard is where you're going to connect

326 18 07 hl SPT-EVA Okay, we've got it.

CDR All right. Now, Ed, while you're waiting, you

can get the DAC and start setting it up.

SPT-EVA Okay. The friendly DAC.

326 18 07 55 CDR Got 2 minutes to go, Bill.

PLT-EVA Roger.

CDR Doing fine. I don't think we'll take the DAC

out until we get this work done.

SPT-EVA Yes. You'll have to give me some settings on

it, too, Jer.

CDR All right. You ready, Ed?

326 18 08 16 SPT-EVA I'm ready. Go ahead.


CDR All right, f/ll.

CDR Okay, Bill, is T025 all settled out? Get ready

for your data take. It's about a minute
and a half away.

SPT-EVA f/ll?

CDR 500. That's for the DAC. It says setting of


326 18 08 53 SPT-EVA *** hundred.

CDR 6 feet - 6 frames per second.


CDR And infinity for the focus.

326 18 09 12 SPT-EVA Got some XYZ's?

CDR All right. Set them to the red marks. That

should be an X of 350; Y, 320; and Z at i0.

SPT-EVA And we got one of those fellows without the reds.

So let's - give me the X's.

326 18 09 30 CDR All right, 350. Should be getting sunset pretty

quick, Bill.

SPT-EVA Y is what?

_ CDR Y is 320.

PLT-EVA Those exposures yet? Oh, no. Okay.

SPT-EVA ... and Z?

CDR Z is I0. About I0 or 15 seconds, Bill.

326 18 i0 13 CDR Okay, Bill, we're ready to start. Take your

first exposure. It should be filter A-I at 1/100
- 1/1000.

326 18 l0 21 PLT-EVA Okay, I hit - pushed the switch open and then
to close. I assume that did it.

CDR All right. Now it's the same filter, but change
your - your speed on the shutter to 1/30.
f_. 235

326 18 i0 35 PLT-EVA I'Ii give it about 15 or 20 seconds to damp out?

CDR Yes, yes, that's what it - it says to allow at

least 10. And when you - when you've damped out
and you're ready to go, go ahead and punch it
off and tell me when you -

326 18 l0 48 SPT-EVA Okay, an observation here; it looks as though

it's pretty steady. I can -

326 18 l0 5h PLT-EVA That's complete, Jer. What's the next one?

CDR All right, now you got set your filter to the
A-2 position.

326 18 ll 02 SPT-EVA I can see it when it os -when it's oscillating

real clearly, and I think I can tell when it's
pretty well damped, too.

PLT-EVA A-2, at what speed?

326 18 ll 09 CDR Okay, this is 4 seconds. You want me to time

it? Just tell me when you give a mark, and I'll
start timing it; and then I'll give you a m_k
and you - you release it.

PLT-EVA Stand by. I'm going to let it damp a little

bit more. Doesn't - doesn't look like it now.

CDR You have - do you have to put it on time

or something like that?

PLT-EVA Yes, the T-position and I assume that when

I go to OPEN, on my - -

CDR Yes - -

PLT-EVA - - shutter here, that - -

CDR That'll do it. Now you give a mark, and I'll

give you a mark 4 seconds later and you turn it off

PLT-EVA Stand by -

326 18 ll 39 PLT-EVA MARK.

CDR l, 2, 3 -

326 18 ll 44 CDR MARK.


CDR Okay. Now A-2 for i second. Tell me when you're

ready. I

326 18 12 00 PLT-EVA It has a 1 second on it.

CDR Okay, good.

PLT-EVA I'll Just give it a little time to damp, there.

CDR All right.

326 18 12 2h PLT-EVA Got A-2 at 4 seconds and 1 second, Jer.

CDR Okay, that's done, huh? All right. Now you

got to A-3 on the position of the filter.

PLT-EVA What speed?

CDR 1/15; 1 over 15.

326 18 12 _l PLT-EVA Okay, I'll give it time to settle.

326 18 12 54 PLT-EVA Hey, that thing is Just as steady as a rock.

Okay, here we go.

SPT-EVA I concur, Bill. I can line m_ eyeball up with

a - with a piece on the solar panel.

PLT-EVA Yes. What's next, Jer?

CDR Okay, 1 over 500. Same filter setting, Alfa

3. Verify Alfa 3.

326 18 13 20 PLT-EVA Uh-oh, The detent came - Blast!

CDR What's the matter?

PLT-EVA Oh, this knob - you know, that sets the shutter

CDR Yes?

PLT-EVA It didn't - I didn't like the looks of it


CDR It came out?

326 18 13 36 PLT-EVA Yes _ you know - We got a great big knob that -
that screws in on the regular shutter speed set?

CDR Yes?

PLT-EVA And it's on - it's whe - freewheeling right now.

326 18 13 46 CDR Oh, crap. Well, that's the end of it. Let's put
it away.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

SPT-EVA *** get down in there and force it back on


PLT-EVA Ah' *** hardware that way.

CDE There's no way you can get in there and see it

with your - -

326 18 lh 29 PLT-EVA Yes, I'm - -

SPT-EVA I'm working it. Give a second here.

SPT-EVA Can you see out the windows yet?

CDR I doubt it. Just a second; let me check. I've

been so busy watching the clock and everything
that I haven't had time to look outside.

PLT-EVA Tell you what - Take that camera off real quick
and look at it.

326 18 15 09 PLT-EVA *** that's really disgusting. That - that was a

very unpositive installation when I did it. I
took it - I put it on about three or four times,
and there's a very small lug that has to engage
on the seem that - the ring spring in there with
a notch cut out of it.

PLT-EVA Well, I'm afraid we just missed it.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Tell you what, Bill. Is there any way you can -
you can do it manually without the large knob, or
238 --

is that impossible? That was made as a conven-

ience, but can you still get to it?

PLT-EVA I don't know. Trouble is, you see, this covers

up the regular speed shutter knob.

326 18 15 57 SPT-EVA Take that speed shutter - the large one off.

CDR Don't lose that big one.

326 18 16 i_ PLT-EVA All part and parcels of the - Light's right in my


SPT-EVA Are we out of sunrise - out of Sun?

CDR No, no. We've still got some ti_e. We've got
another 30 minutes. Hello, Wilhelm, I can see you.

PLT-EVA Now let me see - what can I do?

SPT-EVA *** knob hook on there.

PLT-EVA I'm going to take it off the adapter here so I

can get a better look at it. Can't lose it
because it's tied to that grounding strap.
Guess it's there.

326 18 17 28 SPT-EVA How is that supposed to be keyed in there?

PLT-EVA It's hard to describe, Ed. It's, at best, a

• squirrely instrument. Get this in the shade
here. See if I can -

PLT-EVA Now, the whole head has to come off. It's - It's
just no good.

326 18 18 ll CDR Okay, take it in. Let's get on with it.

SPT-EVA Tell you what. Let's leave it right where it

is for right now - -

CDR No, let's take it in now.

SPT-EVA Look, Jer, we're going to complicate what we're

doing inside here. Let's get everything else
out and then we'll put it back in. Because we're
only going to ding that camera up if we bring it
here now - -

CDR Oh, all right; I see. Okay. We're not going to

waste any more time fooling with it.
B26 18 18 B2 PLT-EVA Yes. Think I've got my equipment right; let's go

326 18 18 34 SPT-EVA Okay, where does the DAC go?

CDR The DAC goes as follows: On the F-6, hand -

handrail F-6 below the clothesline ; clip and lock.

SPT-EVA Not F-57

CDR No, it says F-6.

SPT-EVA Okay. What 've you got there?

326 18 19 07 PLT-EVA That's F-6.

SPT-EVA Okay, below the clothesline, clip and lock. Get

yourself a tether on it.

PLT-EVA Okay, wait a minute.

SPT-EVA Jer, we're going to have to get the lights back

on here.

B26 18 19 41 CDR Yes. They can go on now.

SPT-EVA Give you some lights.

CDR Okay, Bill, it says here that you should attach

_ the remote control cable to the side of the
canister again.

PLT-EVA No, wait just a minute; I'm having trouble with

the tether hook here.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA There, Bill. Give me your arm and I'll take

care of it.

B26 18 20 42 SPT-EVA Okay, it's tethered and locked. And I'll get
some light for you here.

CDR Okay, the procedures want us to bring that T025

back in. How much more stuff have we got there
that is in the way?

326 18 20 58 SPT-EVA Well, let's see. Looks clear; we've got the
clip; we got the Nikon sitting over there, and
the -

CDR Okay, see if you can get the $228; that's next,

SPT-EVA Okay, but that, I egress with, is that correct?

CDR Let's see. Yes, indeed.

SPT-EVA All right I better get the T025 in - -

CDR Yes, bring - bring it on back in.

326 18 21 28 PLT-EVA Okay, that's in work.

CDR All right, Bill, let me read you what the pro-
cedures say on that. It says: Attach the remote
control cable to the side of the canister and
then pass the whole thing in to EV-2. And, Ed,
you're supposed to just stow it on a handrai] _ in
there, wherever you can.

326 18 21 54 CDR And then, Bill, will you - would you hand it in,
then reach for the filter case and hand that in
to him.

326 18 22 00 CDR *** the filter back off of it, Bill, and put away
in the case.

PLT-EVA No, I didn't. I'll do that right now.

CDR Okay.

CDR *** time, Bill, take your time.

CDR Houston, Skylab. How do you read?

326 18 22 42 SPT-EVA Hand that back in right now and I'll take care
of that.

PLT-EVA Got to get the tethers untangled here.

PST-EVA Yes. That's right. Don't force them.

CC Skylab, this is Houston through Carnarvon for

9-1/2 minutes. Out.

SPT-EVA Hello, Bruce. We got a problem with T025. We

got - got it set up and we were going great.
Got five exposures in and when we tried to set
the time to the exposure number 6, the doggone
shutter speed knob came off in Bill's hand, so
we're having to pass it in.

326 18 23 21 CC Okay, we copy. Can you set the - the shutter

speed with the gloves on, with the knob as part
of the camera?

PLT-EVA Well, that didn't come off, Bruce. It started

freewheeling. There's a little sort of spring
clip - circular spring clip in there with a notch
in it that engages the Jaws on the top of the
regular shutter speed. And it - I noticed yester-
day when I was assembling it, I had to put it
together three times to get it to engage right.
And I - I knew what had happened as soon as I
saw it freewheel.

326 18 23 54 CC Okay. Well, how are you - are you taking the
whole long eye relief viewfinder off to get it
off? Over.

PLT-EVA No, I - I had the - I had to take the thermal

blanket off. Can't - You can't get down to the
button and everything until you take the thermal

326 18 24 15 SPT-EVA I tell you what, that sounds like a Job that ought
to be done inside here, with all those extra parts
in there, Bill.

PLT-EVA Yes, I'd say that if we - we had time I - I think

we may be kicking a dead horse here trying to fix

CDR Bruce, I don't see any sense in the world in

wasting time on this experiment if we can't get
it to hold together. I think that we better Just
put it off.

CC Okay, we concur. Terminate the T025 operations

and bring the apparatus back into the airlock.

326 18 24 38 CDR Okay.


CDR We'll take a good look at it after the EVA is

over and see if we can't Jury-rig it so it will
stay together for the next one.

CC Roger. We copy.

326 18 24 53 PLT-EVA The special viewfinder head fits on very loosely,

Bruce. Doesn't - doesn't make a nice firm,
tight engagement. I 'd say there 's a - probably
about, oh, look *** looks *** black. And I noticed
yesterday I had trouble with it when I was ***

CC Okay, we didn't copy the amount of the play, but

go ahead and bring it on in and we'll worry about
it later.

PLT-EVA Roger.

SPT-EVA Hold on, Bruce - or Bill, hold on. Let that thing
slip down. Okay


326 18 25 59 PLT-EVA Okay, Jer, Ed's stowing the T025 now.

CDR Okay, how about the - the filter case?

PLT-EVA Got that covered - -

SPT-EVA I got that in also.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Just a minute here.

CDR When he gets that tethered then he'll take

$228 and start out.

326 18 26 23 PLT-EVA That's a beautiful sunset.

CDR Bruce, have the rate gyro settled down now?

326 18 27 15 CC CDR, this is Houston. We still see more activity

on the six-pack gyros than we do on the rate
gyros. However, they're acceptable and they've
settled down considerably from what they were
earlier. Over.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Okay, Jer, I've got it tethered.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Ready to go.

326 18 28 08 CDR Shut the airlock module and translate to the F-10

SPT-EVA 0kay.

CDR Tell me when you get there and I'll tell you what
to do next.

SPT-EVA Okay ....


326 18 28 31 CC SPT, this is Houston.

SPT-EVA *** head.

CC Roger. We're having some telemetry problems

with your oxygen outlet temperature gages. Verify
for us that you're in the normal configuration
on your PCU. Over.

326 18 28 45 SPT-EVA Okay, I'm BOTH, ABSOLUTE, EVA NORM.

CC Roger. Thank you.

CDR Sounds pretty normal to me.

SPT-EVA Careful. Pull ... Come out. You can move that

326 18 29 l0 CDR This would have been a good time to take that
Nikon out. Have you got it, Ed?

SFT-EVA Well, I 'll tell you what. It 's -

PLT-EVA It's going to be hard to _e the settings, Jero

SPT-EVA We've got a - we've got a doct_ment what we put out,

also. So let's Just hold off on that.

CDR All right.


PLT-EVA Hey. Manage EV-2's ***

SPT-EVA Don't pull that out very fast there because -

Make sure if you see anything ! if it's around
a blind corner, don't pull on it. Okay?

326 18 29 47 PLT-EVA Okay.

SPT ... one even back in there.

SPT-EVA Okay, Jer.

CDR All right. It says, place the S12 - $228 parallel

to the Sun on the empty side of the clipboard.
Remove the wrist tether and verify that the
clipboard is still perpendicular to the Sun.

326 18 30 17 SPT-EVA Okay. Just a minute here.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Hey, we're having sunrise. Hey, I noticed that

your EV visor is up.

326 18 31 04 CDR And don't forget to fasten that $228 tether to

the universal mount.

SPT-EVA I'm with you there.

CDR Okay.

CDR Spend all that time clipping it on to the clip-

board, and then head for the VC and drag it off
with you. Is it dark out there?

SPT-EVA Sure is.


326 18 31 4h SPT-EVA Okay, I've got it tethered now.

CDR All right.

SPT-EVA Let's see - hold on. What I want to do is -

326 18 31 52 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 1 minute to LOS. Next

station contact in 6-1/2 minutes through Guam.

SPT-EVA Okay, I got it tethered. I'll tell you what,

when we come back with the Sun, give me a reminder
and I'll go by here and make sure that the thing
really is perpendicular.

CDR Okay.

326 18 32 13 SPT-EVA Or that the thing is parallel to the line of


CDR Well, go ahead and move to the center work station.

SPT-EVA Okay. One - You know those lights which shadow

the - the thermal curtain there, you can see the
outline of the light perfectly. So you can sure ***

CDR Can sure what?

PLT-EVA Ed, how do you read?

SPT-EVA Yes, I read you Bill, loud and clear.

PLT-EVA Okay. You cut off so quick there, I thought - -

SPT-EVA Okay. What you can see is that the Sun, where
it's not hitting the thermal curtain because of
the shadowing of even the very thin layer on
the - on those lights support or those light
protectors is considerably lighter.

SPT-EVA Boy, that sure was a beautiful sight.

326 18 33 08 CDR Okay. Are you maneuvering out toward the work
station now?

SPT-EVA I am. We've got my shoe - shoes in the center

work station.

CDR Jolly good. And, Bill?


PLT-EVA How much do you need?

SPT-EVA Okay. We want a LSU clamp.

CDR That 's right.


SPT-EVA Okay, Just give me a little bit there, Jer - or



SPT-EVA Let me lean over here.

326 18 33 29 CDR It should be at about 31 feet there when you

clamp it.

PLT-EVA Okay, he's asking for about 30.

CDR All right. And when you get comfortable, Ed,

I want an _MU status check from you and Bill.
I should say from Bill and you. I'd like you -
like you to always do it in the same order, if
you would.


326 18 33 46 PLT-EVA EV-1 is 3.6. *** lights.

SPT-EVA EV-2, 6 - 3.6 and no lights.

CDR Okay. Good show. You ready to do it?

SPT-EVA Tell you what we do, let me move my wrist tether

which I've Just taken off of - - ...

CDR All right, Bill - -

SPT-EVA - - pull over my right side and I am ready.

CDR Bill, panel 321, CENTER BOOM, EXTEND, approximately

1 foot.

PLT-EVA *** approximately 1 foot.

326 18 34 16 CDR Okay. Stow S056 from the VC tree. Unstow it I

should say, and put it on the boom.

CDR Ed, when you can, you should open and - unlock
and open S056 door.
326 18 34 33 SPT-EVA That's done.

CDR S056 door is right in front of you, huh?

SPT-EVA Yes, how about that?


PLT-EVA ... We've positioned it.

CDR Canister roll works.

SPT-EVA That's right.

326 18 34 53 SPT-EVA Sure is a good looking therm-I curtain that those

folks put up. Boy, they did a great Job on that.

PLT-EVA S056 installed on the boom and locked.

CDR Okay. Send her out.

PLT-EVA Here you go, Ed.

SPT-EVA Okay. I want to put my right wrist tether on it.

SPT-EVA Okay. I'll tell you when, there, Bill.

326 18 35 45 SPT-EVA MARK.

SPT-EVA Okay - -

PLT-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA Okay, I got it tethered to my right wrist.

Coming off. S056, five load. And we do have the
tape off.


CDR That 's fine.

SPT-EVA Going in.

CDR Okay, you got the boom back, Bill?

PLT-EVA No - I'll send it back.

CDR Go ahead and retract. When you get it back, Bill,

put H-alpha 1 on it.

326 18 36 29 SPT-EVA Okay. We've got the white flag.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA I'm going to lock it in there.

CDR Engage the lock/lock.


SPT-EVA Lock/lock is engaged.

CDR Close the door and lock it.

SPT-EVA 0ops.

CDR Verify that the white flag is visible.

SPT-EVA It sure is; it's perpendicular.

326 18 36 45 CDR Here comes de [sic] Sun.

SPT-EVA Okay. And I got the white flag on the door, and
I got the lock/lock.

CDR Okay. Panel 160, POWER, two switches, ENABLE,

if required.


SPT-EVA Oh - what do you mean? Okay, if required. I

got you.

326 18 37 07 SPT-EVA ENABLED.

CDR A]] right. ROLL switch, ENABLE.

SPT-EVA Switch going to ENABLE.

CDR All right. CANISTER ROTATION, RIGHT, until you

get the H-alpha 1.

PLT-EVA H-alpha l's on the way down, Jer.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA S052 c_ning by.

CDR Now, I'm reading CANISTER ROLL in here. It's in-


SPT-EVA o** the H-alpha.

CDR Okay. You got it lined up?

SPT-EVA Stand by.

326 18 37 41 SPT-EVA Okay. We got her.




CDR Unlock and open the H-alpha 1 door.

SPT-EVA That 's done.

CDR And H-alpha i ought to be nudging you into the

back of the head about now.


SPT-EVA Tell you what, Bill.

PLT-EVA I'm retracting it a little bit.

SPT-EVA Yes, please do that so I can lean back. I don't

want to hit it on the way back.

SPT-EVA No, you're sending it out.

326 18 38 02 SPT-EVA Retract.


PLT-EVA Yes, I got it in RETRACT.

PLT-EVA Boy, I thought I 'd screwed it up. I thought I 'd

sent it out too far.

SPT-EVA No. 0kay, now hold that.

PLT-EVA How' s that ?

SPT-EVA Just hold on; let me lean back and get it.

SPT-EVA Send it out a little bit, about 1 more foot.

326 18 38 36 PLT-EVA 1 more foot.

SPT-EVA ... The other out.

PLT ***

PLT-EVA Moving?


PLT-EVA Stand by.

SPT-EVA There you go.

PLT-EVA Say when.

SPT-EVA That 's good.

326 18 38 56 CC Skylab, this is Houston through G1_m; 6-1/2 minutes.


CDR Roger, Houston. Ed wants to know where the safety

divers are.

CC They're in Huntsville. Over.

CDR (Laughter)

SPT-EVA Tell Don Ha-,,er he did the best Job he's ever
done in waiting me out.

SPT-EVA Okay, H-alpha is in.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA We 've got the white flag.

CDR Bill, RETRACT the BOOM all the way.

SPT-EVA We're going with the lock?

326 18 B9 24 PLT-EVA In work.

SPT-EVA This tether off.

CDR And fold the hook, Bill.

PLT-EVA Roger,

CDR Okay. Have you closed the door yet, Ed?

SPT-EVA It's in work.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Just verifying.

CDR You did engage the lock/lock on the handle, right?


SPT-EVA Affirm.

CDR Good show.

326 18 39 50 SPT-EVA Okay, and I've got the white flag on the door.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA And it 's locked.

CDR Okay, go back to panel 160; ROLL, ENABLE.


CDR Would you believe I blew it? We didn't get the

DAC on !

326 18 40 04 SPT-EVA Okay.

PLT-EVA Well, let's Just -

CDR Go ahead and turn it on.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now, the position should be - You got a

F little index in there that tells you to point it
towards what? The center work station?

CDR Okay, you got panel 60 [sic] ROLL, ENABI/_?

SPT-EVA That' s affirm.

CDR All right. CANISTER ROTATION to the RIGHT until

you get to align Sun end.


326 18 40 49 PLT-EVA The DAC is not working.

CDR Okay. All right, you got - you got it align

Sun end, Ed?


CDR AI] right.

PLT-EVA No, I take it back; it is.


326 18 41 02 SPT-EVA Okay, ROLL to INHIBIT now.


CDR The S082 door is OPEN.

SPT-EVA Okay, going to open now.

CDR A11 right. You should have two lights going on - -

SPT-EVA Light is out.

CDR - - after a l0 second delay.

SPT-EVA ... A's open. .N_ open.

326 18 41 22 CDR Okay. POWER 2 to INHIBIT. They're inhibited?

SPT-EVA Affirm.

CDR Okay. Now I've got some panel 130 work to do.

SPT-EVA You know, that thermal shield that SL-3 guys put
on looks good. They did a nice Job of covering
that thing uniformly.

CC Roger. Owen's back there in the viewing room.

SPT-EVA Dick, tell him they did a great Job. Lines are
nice and taut.

326 18 42 07 CDR Okay. FII/4 revs - RESET select is going to

H-ALPHA now.

SPT-EVA You know, Bruce there sure is an awful lot of

discoloration on the side of the vehicle where the
- Sun is still hitting;that's the side of the
vehicle where the protective panel was ripped off,
the meteroid shield. It's - For some reason, it's
not uniform in X, which you'd expect. You'll see
that in m_f pictures when we - we come back. But
closer to plus X, it's red, and then it turns
green and then a little yellow and them more green
back there. Kind of tough to figure out. Must be
the venting.

326 18 42 48 PLT-EVA Okay, Jer, did you say ***

SPT-EVA How's the friendly DAC doing?

PLT-EVA It 's grinding away.



PLT-EVA Hey, Jer, how do you read?

CDR Loud and clear, Bill. I think you can turnthe

DAC off now.

326 18 43 25 CDR Okay, I'm doing an H-alpha check, here. You g_s
Just might as well relax out there for a second.


SPT-EVA There is the ground. Boy, if this isn't ever the

great outdoors. Inside, you're Just looking out
through a window; here, you're right in it.

SPT-EVA I tell you, you really know you're moving along


PLT-EVA That's the Sun end, right?

SPT-EVA *** ... again, Bill.

PLT-EVA Are you readingme?

326 18 44 34 SPT-EVA You're cutting in and out.

PLT-EVA Yes, I keep cutting in and out.

CDR I'm reading you okay, Bill.

SPT-EVA You're Just going to have to start - Your first

- couple of words are going to have to be fairly -
fairly loud to key the VOX.


326 18 44 46 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 45 seconds to LOS. Next

station contact in 17 minutes through Goldstone
at 19 :02. Out.

CDR Okay, Ed, unclamp your LSU.

SPT-EVA Unclamped.

326 18 45 08 CDR And, Bill, turn on the DAC. And when you're
unclamped, Ed, then you egress the VC, trans-
late to the VT; go on over the top of the twin
poles. Up.

PLT-EVA Oh, my goodness.

MS What's the matter, Bill?

PLT-EVA Oh, the DAC keeps coming loose.

326 18 45 35 SPT-EVA I'm not sure you still got it there. I'd push
her in there.

PLT-EVA It's not a positive lock. I've - I've latched

it once before.

SPT.EVA Going over the top. I'll tell you that makes
sense down there in the water tank in Huntsville,
but it's kind of hard to see it here, although I
know by the geometry what we want.

CDR Okay, let me know when you're in the VT foot


326 18 46 04 SPT-EVA Okay. That's in work. Boy, is this material

discolored; all of this white thermal paint.

PLT-EVA Okay, I'm going to move this camera more - -

SPT-EVA Same of it ... dark brown.

PLT-EVA - - in.

CDR Bill, while Ed's moving out there, give me a

sense - EMU status check.

PLT-EVA Okay. I don't have any lights and I'm reading

3 ***

CDR Say it again, please.

PLT-EVA 3.65.

326 18 46 47 CDR 3.65. Hello, Ed. I see you out there.

SPT-EVA Okay. I am in the foot restraints and - -

CDR I know it; I can see you.

SPT-EVA I'm looking at 3.6, a little over, and no lights.

CDR Okay, I can see you; big as life - -


SPT-EVA Boy, you know, I know what Joe Kerwin meant now
when he says, "Boy, if you've felt you were going
to fall of something, it's up here."

326 18 _7 09 CDR You're big as life and twice as ugly, Ed. Okay.

SPT-EVA Boy, I'll tell you, this is a sensation out at

this end.

CDR Bill?


CDR Panel 321, SUN END BOOM. EXTEND approximately

1 foot, deploy the hook.

PLT-EVA Okay, I'm going to have to move a tether hook here.

It's right in the way.

SPT-EVA ***rizon to the other in front of me. What a


PLT-EVA Okay, extend a foot, you say?

CDR Extend it a foot and unlock the hook.

PLT-EVA Roger.

326 18 _8 05 CDR Then put the VS tree on it, with the shoe towards
the airlock module. It says here: Attach the VS
tree to the boom, shoe towards the airlock module,
and lock the hook.

PLT-EVA *** ...

PLT-EVA Complete. Ready to extend.

SPT-EVA Tell you what, Bill, before you extend it, would
you give me some more LSU? You got me pretty
tight here. I can't lean back.

PLT-EVA I'm sorry.

SPT-EVA I'd like to have a little loose - have it quite a

bit looser than it is now.

326 18 49 05 SPT-EVA Okay, that's good. I don't want to be dragging

it over those poles.

CDR Okay, Bill, when you got things squared away there,
then you EXTEND the SUN END BOOM on out.

PLT-EVA Okay. In work.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now, watch it coming over the - that

clothesline, which was used to raise the thermal

SPT-EVA Make sure we clear. Okay, you're clear of the DAC.

PLT-EVA I 'm watching it.

$PT-EVA Yes. I think you got good clearance. Okay,

leaning back for it. Say when.

PLT-EVA Further?

B26 18 50 20 SPT-EVA Keep-a-coming. Okay .... clamp, a wrist tether.

Hard to do. Let me see, I don't want to cut -

B26 18 51 19 PLT-EVA Benard cells right down there. I'm sorry, Ed, I
guess you're busy.

CDR Okay. You've been out an hour and 7 minutes

troopses [sic].

SPT-EVA ... there. Okay, I've got it in there; in the

Sun end shoe and locked.

CDR Okay, Bill, you can retract the boom.

B26 18 51 _2 PLT-EVA In work.

CDR And, also, unclamp Ed's LSU so he can transfer

to the VS.

PLT-EVA Unclamped.

CDR And as soon as he goes over the - the end of the -

the Sun end, there, you can turn off the DAC.
Tell me when it's off.

B26 18 52 01 PLT-EVA Turned it off already.

CDR Yes. Apparently, all they want to do is - see

the boom operation. And of course, we screwed
it up already and haven't - They didn't get to
see the VC boom operation. We'll do better

though for the clothesline. They probably al-

ready have some boom data anyway. But that T025
kind of got us off our stride here.

326 18 52 37 SPT-EVA Hold on. Now let me see about my umbilical.

There we go. 0kay_ I'm locked in there.

CDR You're in the VS?

SPT-EVA I'm in the VS.

CDR Good show. Okay. Let's have another status check.

PLT-EVA I have no lights.

CDR Bill, you're going to have to t_]_ louder or

longer or something.

PLT-EVA Okay. EV-1, 3.65, no lights.

CDR Got you.

SPT-EVA EV-2, 3.6 and a little, and no lights.

PLT-EVA Hey, Jer?

CDR All right. Do you guys want to stop and rest for
a minute? Let me go down in the command module
and tweak up the VOX sensitivity a tad.

PLT-EVA A] I right.

_ 326 18 53 18 CDR Just - Just hang loose there; don't go anywhere.

PLT-EVA I thought we'd go outside for a few minutes.

PLT-EVA Lot of water down there.

CDR I wish I had set the slider up, darn it. I - maybe
if I get a couple of seconds here, I'll set it up
to the ascending node so we can see where we are.

SPT-EVA Quite a sensation when you're out here in these

shoes at the Sun end and you lean back.

SPT-EVA Tell you, Jet, you can't appreciate it until you

do it.

CDR Right.

SPT-EVA Have you ever felt as though you were out in the
open and floating all on your own?

CDR Okay. I's KsicS in here. Let's try that sensi-

tivity up a little bit. All right, Bill, now
give me a short count.

326 18 54 35 PLT-EVA Okay; l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, l, short count out.

SPT-EVA Let me ma_e a little observation here. When we're
looking at the Sun end - -

CDR Wait a minute. You're continuously keyed now,

I think.

PLT-EVA Oh, is that right?

CDR Everybody Just stop and breathe. All right now,

Bill, say something.

PLT-EVA ***kay, testing, l, 2, 3, 4.

CDR How about you, Ed? Now you give me something.

SPT-EVA Okay; l, 2, 3, 4, 5 --

326 18 55 00 CDR All right. I think we got - -

SPT-EVA 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

CDR I think we got good settings now. Go ahead, Ed.

SPT-EVA Oh, I was Just looking at the - the Sun end,

these - not the thermal shield, but the Sun end
itself. And apparently this is built on square
rib structure maybe, oh, 4 inches or so between -
between ribs, and those ribs show up darker, for
some reason, underneath this. I - You know, it's
probably got a thin material over it. And the
other - In between the squares, the cells are
lighter, but the ribs which are maybe, oh, 1/4-inch
or 1/2-inch thickness all show up darker. And
that's true even where the doors have been opened
or closed. Not quite as dark as in the other

326 18 55 45 CDR Okay. You ready to pick up the time line?

SPT-EVA Okay, go ahead.


CDR Let's get with it here.

SPT-EVA Go ahead, read - read on.

CDR All righty. Open the S082A ATM door.

SPT-EVA It 's open.

CDR All right. Unlock and open the 82A container door.

SPT-EVA Okay. Boy, you really got to be careful; you can

Just push that thing around very easily; the
canister, I mean.

CDR Okay, remove S082A from the container.

SPT-EVA Standby. Boy, that really sprung open. I won-

der if that means that thing had gas in it. It
- it popped open on me.

CDR Okay.

326 18 56 24 SPT-EVA In other words, when I released it, - when I

_ released the handle- -

CDR Yes.

SPT-EVA - - I did get that - a fair amount of loading was

there; whether it's spring loading in the - in
the mechanics itself or whether it was a loading
from the - any gas in there, I'm not sure. I
couldn't tell. I'll try and wake sure on 82A -
_ or B and seewhat happens.

CDR Okay. Well, you're - you're on tape, so they've

heard it now, and they can tell us whether or not
it is supposed to be springs or gas. Okay. Now
it says install that rascal partially, and then
extend the handle and push it fully into the
receiver and look for the white flag.

326 18 57 07 SPT-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA You did say I have to lift the handle up first

on the inside?

CDR That's right. You install partially and raise

the handle.

SPT-EVA Handles I have to partially raise. Handle - on

the camera, there's also the handle inside, which
is the locking handle in the careers, or in the
experiment itself.

CDR Yes. That's right. It says open S082 ATM door

and rotate the handle to unlock. I thought you
had done that when you said you had - -


CDR - - opened the door.

SPT-EVA Okay, go ahead.

CDR All right. Now you got it in and white flag and
the whole bit?

SPT-EVA That's right; white flag and the lock handle is


326 18 57 53 CDR All right. Says verify you got a white flag.


CDR Close and lock the ATM door.

SPT-EVA Okay. It's closed and locked.

CDR Okay, open the B door.

326 18 58 09 SFT-EVA Okay, that's in work. Let's see, B door, what

have you got for me?

CDR This is the one that's tight, huh?

SPT-EVA No, it opened up fine.

CDR Great.

SPT-EVA I didn't even have to put my hand around the - up

at other end. I did it all with the handles.

CDR Very good.

SPT-EVA I'd say it was a relatively - It was snug, but it

was not hard.

CDR Okay. Reach in and rotate the handle to unlock.


SPT-EVA That 's the position it 's in now.

CDR All right.

SPT-EVA Go ahead.

CDR All right. Unlock and open the B canister.

SI_T-EVA Okay. Okay, I've got the handle now, 90 degrees.

Okay. That one - that one did not spring open on
me. It sprung open m_ybe, oh, a quarter to a half
an inch or so. But nothing like the A.

326 18 59 00 CDR Okay, Ed. Must have had gas in it.

SPT-EVA I'm not sure how they - I know it's either dry
nitrogen or vacuum. I thought it was vacuum.

SPT-EVA Okay, let me get a tether on this beauty.

CDR Now, this is when you got your double - double

handle folding Jobber there.

SPT-EVA Correct. And they did a good Job. They've got a

_ nice tether attach point that allows you to slide "


326 18 59 40 CDR All right. Shove it in, and when you've got it all
the way into the receiver, the white flag should
come up partially.

$PT-EVA 0kay. ...

CDR All right. Then you - -

SPT-EVA Wait a minute, Jer.

SPT-EVA Okay, Now I'm Just going to deploy the - the

second one. Okay, wrist tether's off.

CDR Okay, your locking handle is a - You move it to

the right.

326 19 01 26 SPT-EVA That's affirm. I've got it.

CDR You got a c_ - a full white flag?

262 ._

SPT-EVA I got a full white flag and - -

CDR Okay. Close and lock the door.

SPT-EVA Verified; it's snug. Yes, that's good. The - the

handle is - that I used to insert it is snug up
against the locking mechanism.

CDR 0kay.

326 19 01 48 SPT-EVA We're good.

CDR Close and lock the door and then close and lock
your container doors.

SPT-EVA 0kay, in work.

326 19 01 59 SPT Okay, Houston. I had no problem opening the 82B

door; it was only a little bit snug.

326 19 02 04 CC Okay, good to hear. And we're with you through

Goldstone, Corpus Christi, Merritt Island, and
Bermuda here.

326 19 02 ll SPT-EVA Roger, Bruce. And one thing I did have when I
opened the 82A container door, it popped open like
it was either spring loaded mechanically or it had
some gas in it. I'm not sure which the situation
WaS •

B26 19 02 25 CC Okay. We copy.

326 19 02 27 SPT-EVA The B door sprung only a quarter or so - a quarter

- of an inch, which you would expect from Just a
small amount of loading. But the other one seemed
to have quite a bit of loading on it, either
mechanical or gas.

CDR Okay. Okay, reposition and clear the aperture

doors, and advise me when I can start with the

SPT-EVA Go ahead, Jer. Start with the checks.

326 19 02 57 CDR Okay, I'm going to reset the film counters right
now. XUV SPECT is reset. We're looking at
201 frames. All right, the POWER DOOR switch
is coming OFF.

SPT-EVA Good, there's a lot of clouds down here.

PLT-EVA Yes, there's a lot of land now too.

326 19 03 2h SPT-EVA Okay, 82A door is going closed.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA ... coast it-iq?

CC Hey, you're over the coast of WashinEton state, up

near Canada there, Bill.

PLT-EVA We Just had a good view of the Canadian Rock _#

CDR Is it closed yet, Ed?

326 19 03 h3 SPT-EVA 82/ is closed; affirm.

CDR Okay, I don't have a barber pole; it's gray. All

right, MAIN POWER is coming ON. Now it's gray.

SPT-EVA Yes, you got to get MAIN POWER in order to get

the indication.

CDR Right.

SPT-EVA, you get the center position on that flag.

326 19 03 58 CDR All right, now the POWER/D00R switch is going ON

again. And I got a white flag.

SPT-EVA Got the door now.

CDR I don't have a READY/0PERATE light; that's probably

because the integral lights are - are off. No.

SPT-EVA There are four indicator switches up there in

the left-hand corner called DISPLAYS, Jer; it'll
have to be to BUS 2.

326 19 Oh 48 CDR Yes, let's see. Two of them are not; I'll go ahead
and flip them on. No, that doesn't get it either.

SPT-EVA Hit lamp TEST, Just to make sure.

326 19 05 03 CDR Okay. No, nothing.


326 19 05 07 SPT-EVA Oh, you don't get it on lamp TEST, huh?


SPT-EVA Okay, let's see - take a look at STATUS LIGHTING

BACKUP circuit breaker number 1. Is that in?
Don't push it in yet, you may want to - -

CDR No, it it's not in.

SPT-EVA Okay, check with ground.

326 19 05 25 CC We're here, Jerry. What do you need?


CDR Okay, we're trying to do an XUV SPECT check here,

and it calls for a READY light - READY OPERATE
light on XUV SPECT, and I don't think we got it
powered up.

SPT-EVA Would you verify, Bruce, that you need a STATUS

circuit breaker in.

CDR We show the instrument powered up satisfactorily.

We're checking on the displays.

326 19 06 05 SPT-EVA Where are we right now, Bruce?

CDR He said you Just went over - -

CC You're about over the northern border of Montana.

SPT-EVA Beautiful countryside. You can see the snow


PLT-EVA Yes, it must be the Missour *_*

326 19 07 05 CC CDE, Houston. We have telemetry indication you've

lost flow in the SUS COOLANT i. Over. We've got
about 30 seconds to LOS. We'll be back with you
in a minute and a half through Corpus Christi.

CDR Okay. That's good news. I still feel cool water_

can you guys?

SPT-EVA Yes. Let me go MAX and Just see. Usually you -

you can usuallytellthen. _-_

326 19 07 B3 SI_-EVA Yes, I can sure feel it.

CDR Yes. Well, I don't want to go any further with this

ATM check unless we got this READY light. I do
believe you got to have those circuit breakers - that
circuit breaker in.

326 19 07 50 SPT-EVA Let's see, up under DISPLAYS you got those four
switches to BUS 2?

CDR Yes -

326 19 07 58 SPT-EVA Not BUS l, but BUS 2.

CDR Two of them are not, but I switched them down and
checked and that didn't help.

SPT-EVA Okay, which two were not? EVENT TIMER and -


SPT-EVA Okay, you don't need those.

326 19 08 12 CDR But DAS ORBIT PHASE and ACS CEN - CONTROL are -

SPT-EVA That won't help you; that's right.

CDR Yes, they won't help you either.

SPT-EVA Are all your other circuit breakers in and all your
switches up - -

- CDR Yes.

SPT-EVA - - on that lower left-hand panel except for BACKUP?

CDR They sure are.


326 19 08 2B CDR That's right.

PLT-EVA Except circuit breakers.

326 19 08 30 SPT-EVA What are you showing for a position of the door now?

CDR The door is open.


SPT-EVA Okay, that's correct.

326 19 08 39 CC CDR, this is Houston.

CDR Go ahead, Houston.

326 19 08 hh CC On panel 202, we would like for you to check circuit


SPT-EVA Okay, Bruce, SPT. I'm getting good flow out here.
I Just went to MAX to verify it, and I'm getting
good flow.

PLT-EVA EV-1 - -

CDR Those breakers are all up and in good shape and

we still feel good coolant.

326 19 09 09 CC Okay, Jer. We could Just hear you in the background.

Understand you're saying that you believe you have
good flow on board.

326 19 09 ll CDR So far, it feels okay. We haven't felt any change -

in it. And the SUS 1 - Yes, all of the SUS 1 and
SUS 2 circuit breakers are CLOSEd.

CC Okay, tbs_k you. It's probably a transducer


CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Ed, look down. We're right over Lake Michigan.

CDR I'd like to check and see if I can close the

STATUS LIGHTING BACKUP circuit breaker, the five
volt breakers, so we can get some ready lights and
get on with this evaluation.

SPT-EVA Number l, I believe, is all you need, Jer.

326 19 l0 23 CC CDR, Houston. On the left-hand side of the C&D

panel, would you check the ALERT/STATUS LIGHTING
switch and make sure it's in the VARIABLE position?

326 19 l0 3h CDR Okay, it is now.

CC That solve your problem?


CDR Sure did.

326 19 l0 43 CDR Okay. READY light is on; MODE switch to TIME;


326 19 l0 57 CDR We got a decrement in the - in the goodie. We got

a - READY light's good; POWER/DOORS, our talkback
is white. We're in good shape. Let's cheek the

SPT-EVA Looks like to me we're coming up on a good front.

See a good line of thunderbumpers.

PLT-EVA Yes. Right - right across Cape Hatteras.

CDR 0kay.

326 19 ll 35 CDR Be through here in Just a minute, you guys.

SPT-EVA You know we been working - -

PLT We 're - we' re rubbernecking.

_ SPT-EVA That's right. We've been working so hard inside

that - inside the spacecraft, we never really had
time to look out and see all this.

326 19 12 01 CDR Okay, the 82B door should be open now, Ed, and I
got a READY light.

SPT-EVA I guess B door is open and A door's open.

326 19 12 08 CDR Okay. I'm going to TIME. Want to pick off one
- frame. Looks good; we got a READY light.

326 19 12 28 CDR PO_/DOOR switch is OFF.

B26 19 1B l0 SPT-EVA 82A door closing now.

CDE Okay.

SPT-EVA That thermal curtain now, which SL-B put up, is

also turning brown ; all except for a few folds
where it doesn't receive sunlight.

CC Roger, Ed. We're copying you, and we're with

you here for about 7 minutes through Merritt
268 ....

SPT -EVA Roger.

SPT-EVA Oh, boy, there's the whole state of Florida.

I'll tell you, in this position is kind of hard
to see. There it is.

SPT-EVA We can see all the way down the eastern seaboard.


SPT-EVA Looks like they're having a relatively good day

up there in the northeast. Close to the coast-
line - clear.

326 19 15 06 CDR Okay, Ed, can you see 82A, 82B, and the XUV MON
doors are all closed?

326 19 15 13 SPT-EVA That's verified; all three are closed.

CDR Okay. Now I'm going to roll the canister, which

will allow you access to the H-alpha 2 aperture.

SPT-EVA I tell you what, it's sitting right in front of

me. What roll do they recommend? --

CDR Well, they recommend 4200 and right now we are

looking at 6990 - 91.

SPT-EVA Well, maybe - I'll tell you what; heck, you know,
it's right between the handrails which we use to
hold on here. It 's right - you know, it 's tethered
right in front of me. Let me take the - why don't
you Just read the procedure on, and if I have - -

CDR All right.

SPT-EVA - - trouble, well, we'll roll it.

CDR Okay. Retract the manual aperture release pin

from H-alpha 2 door by turning counterclockwise
until free, and then pull.

326 19 15 57 SPT-EVA Counterclockwise; in work. Okay, and the little

safety wire binds up on it a little bit.


CDR Manually move the failed door clear of the aper-

ture, and then lift the latch to hold the door

CDR Okay, been out an hour and a half, you guys.

326 19 16 51 PLT-EVA Reading 3.65 and no light.

SPT-EVA Stand by on mine.

CDR Okay.

326 19 16 56 SPT-EVA Okay. That latch is lifted.

CDR Okay. All right, Ed, stand clear, I'm going to -

I'm going to roll the canister.

SPT-EVA Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold the phone.

SPT-EVA Okay, go ahead.

CDR Okay, I don't have to move very far.

SPT-EVA Boy, that's a real sight. I'm looking into the

H-alpha filter, which is reflecting my _mage off
of the image off my visor of the whole ATM.

..... CDR Canister'srolling,Ed.

CC Sounds beautiful.

B26 19 17 44 SPT-EVA *** a camera for this one - it's sort of overlap-
ing - I see three overlapping four lapping images
because of the curvature of my visor. You didn't
go very far, did you, Jer?

CDR No, I didn't have to go far at all.


CDR I'm still twitching it.

SPT-EVA That H-alpha filter, when I move off to the side,

I can see Just a little bit of dust on it. You
know, a little bit of reflection of small particles
on the surface of it. But I would say it's clean.
But I can see that small dust reflection. It looks
as though there's several different sizes of par-
ticles too. Some relatively large which I can see
and then a relatively uniform smattering of sm_]ler

326 19 18 42 CDR Okay, Bill, turn on the DAC. And, Ed, head for the
_ VT footrestraints.

SPT-EVA Okay. In work.

SPT-EVA Bruce, if any of the guys in the backroom want

any descriptions out here, I'll be glad to give it
to them.

CC Okay. I'm sure they're all ears back there.

SPT-EVA Let them ask the questions.

CC You seem to be answering them all so far.

SPT-EVA N** easy when you invent them.

B26 19 19 2B SPT-EVA Okay. I'm in the VTs.

CDR Okay. Give me a status check.

PLT-EVA Okay. EV-I, no lights and 3.65.

SPT-EVA *** .65, no lights for EV-2.

CDR Okay. Bill, EXTEND the SUN END BOOM, and Ed, get
the VS tree ready to put on it.

SPT-EVA Okay. Let me get a - done.

CDR When the boom gets there, Ed, you want to attach
the VS tree such that the shoe is toward the AM.

SPT-EVA ... - -

326 19 20 07 CC Skylab, Houston; 1 minute to LOS Bermuda. Next

station contact in i0 minutes through Ascension at
19:30. And Just for your information, we're back
within a couple percent of nominal on Y-axis
momentum and only about BO percent off in X.

PLT-EVA Okay, it's right under your left elbow there, Ed.

SPT-EVA Just a minute. Hold it - hold it up a little.

CDR How's -how's your coolant going, guys?

SPT-EVA Mine's beginning to warm up.

PLT-EVA Mine's okay. It's h-i2.

SPT-EVA Hold on, Just a minute here.


326 19 20 53 PLT-EVA Okay, I'Ii get that back out of your way, Ed.

SPT-EVA No, you're okay. Just leave it where it is.

Leave it where it is.

PLT-EVA *** a little bit.

SPT-EVA Okay, now. Bring it toward me. Okay, that's good.

Now, keep that shoe toward the AM.

CDR Right.

SPT-EVA You mean toward my face. Is that affirm? Is that

the way you would -

326 19 21 52 PLT-EVA The DAC is really shaking its little heart out.
I didn't realize it vibrated that much.

SPT-EVA DAC - or shoe toward the A -

PLT-EVA That's got to be right, Ed. Don't - don't worry,

I mean, I can - I can take it here.

f_ CDR Yes. I don't think it's really too important.

SPT-EVA Okay. No, I think I got it right.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Go ahead.

PLT-EVA Ready.

CDR Pull it in, Ed --

SPT-EVA Let 's go.

326 19 22 20 CDR - - verify and lock.

SPT-EVA Go ahead.

PLT-EVA Okay, I'm going to pull it in most of the way and

then stop and get the DAC out of the way. Because
I got the DAC here so I can get good shots of it -
Okay, now I'll - Watch your umbilical here. Yes,
I'll watch it. It's going to clear.

CDR Okay, Bill, when you get that in, you want to put
that tree away in the receptacle and then put F -


326 19 23 05 PLT-EVA I can see where S149 has fit before.

SPT-EVA Picture of the 149 going out.

SPT-EVA Okay, tell you what. Before it gets too much

further, why don't you pull my umbilical around
to the other side ... ?

SPT-EVA There you go. That 's good.

326 19 24 h4 PLT-EVA Okay, I'm getting shots of this, too.

CDR Okay, they don't have us turning off the DAC - -

PLT-EVA I have to keep moving it - -

CDR - - for a long time now.

SI_f-EVA I have to keep moving it out of the way, Jer,

because it 's - it 's a good location here, but it 's
right in the way of the transfer.

326 19 25 05 CDR Okay, you got a lot of DAC to go though, so don't -

don't sweat it. You got - -

SPY-EVA I got - No, keep it coming. Keep it coming.

PLT-EVA Okay. I wasn't sure you saw it yet.

SPT-EVA Yes, I got it.

- PLT-EVA Say when.

SPT-EVA When. Okay. Think - think how that works.

CDR Okay, you want to clamp it on the solar shield

there, Ed.

SPY-EVA Okay, retract, Bill.

PLT-EVA Okay, retract.

326 19 25 4h CDR And you want to fold the hook when you get it
back, Bill. Retract fully and fold.

PLT-EVA Roger.

SI_-_A Okay, check and deploy, enabled. It's all the wsT,

CDR 7 seconds per rev, Ed.


SPT-EVA Must come out of the shoes to do this one.

SPT-EVA Okay, I'm going to have to open this thing up a

little bit before I can get it on.

326 19 26 B2 FLT-EVA That's it. The hook's folded.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Okay, I'm putting it right in the exact position

it was previously.

CDR Okay, good.

SPT-EVA Which is very easy to see.

SPT-EVA Tighten it down here. Okay, that's ... right

_-- tight. MY tetheroff.

SPT-EVA I'm going to have to come out of this one foot

restraint here. Okay, read on, sir.

CDR Okay, it says, rotate the crank slowly counterclock-

wise to open the arms, 7 seconds per rev.

SPY-EVA 0kay.

SPT-EVA You know, that's not such a bad thing now that -
now that I'm actually out here doing it because
you can feel Just a little bit of resistance,
which is all the - you're working against all of
that mechanical advantage they built into this
thing. You got -

326 19 28 42 SPT-EVA I think most of these first few revs here - or

most of the revs are involved in iJnlocking this.

326 19 29 16 SPY-EVA Got a fair amount of inertia to it. Get it going

a little bit fast, that thing will slow down to
where it will hold that speed for you for the ***
CDR Okay, Ed, when you get finished, there's a re-
straint there that you want to fasten to the

SPT-EVA Roger. I understand.

396 19 30 09 PLT-EVA It looks like something's starting to happen.

SPT-EVA Yes. Most of that first few revs there -

PLT-EVA Dang it.

SPT-EVA You got a lot of mechanical advantage in the lock.

326 19 30 23 CDR How's your coolant feel, gang?

SPT-EVA Mine's okay.

PLT-EVA EV-I 's okay.

CDR Good show. Good.


CDR Okay, Houston. We're just getting the S149 panels


326 19 30 47 CC Okay, very good. We're talking to you through

Ascension. We've got about 4-1/2 minutes to LOS.

CDR Roger. And our coolant flow is - all pretty good,


CC Okay, we've about concluded that it's a turbine-

type flow transducer which is similar to the ones
in the TCV A and B lines that we've had trouble
with before.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Let me stop here and get my wrist tether pinned

down here so I don't happen to hit anything with it.

326 19 31 25 PLT-EVA Sure has a composite of the many different sam-

ples. Look at them all.

CC CDR, this is Houston. Over.

CDR Go ahead, Houston.


CC Roger. We've been tracking your progress through

the EVA here, and it seems to us to be quite a ways
ahead of the time line. And we think everything's
going along beautifUlly. Consequently, we see no
reason for you not to go ahead with S19B operations
when you come to it, if you concur. And we've got
a half an hour LOS coming up here before Carnarvon.
So we're going to go ahead and give you a GO for
19B at the present time. Over.

CDR Okay, Bruce. Thank you.

$PT-EVA Those are the words that we wanted to hear, Bruce.

Thank you.

PLT-EVA Thank you ....

CC You' re welcome, welcome, welcome.

CDR D-day.

326 19 32 16 PLT-EVA Get to work on the shady side for a while.

CC Incidentally, the wives called in earlier this

morningand wanted me to pass up Thanksgiving
greetings to you all. I told them I'd work it in
at a convenient place, so I guess this is it.

PLT-EVA Very good. Pass it back to them.

SPT-EVA Thank you, Bruce. Sorry to miss Thanksgiving with

the folks, but we'll make up for it Christmas.

- CC (Laughter)

CDR Tell them to have a little oyster gravy for us, or

oyster dressing for us.

CC Will do, Jer.

326 19 32 43 SPT-EVA I tell you one thing I'm thankful for is we've
got a bunch of people in this country who are
enthused enough about this - got enough people
going to put it all together and make it work.
It's a good thing. I think we all ought to be
proud of it.

CC Yes, indeed. You said a mouthful there, Ed.


326 19 33 02 SPT-EVA Okay, 149 is deployed.

CDR Okay, Ed - -

SPT-EVA Hold on. Let me put the locks.

CDR Right. Fasten your restraints.

SPT-EVA Okay. That's fastened.

CDR Okay. Egress the VT foot restraints and proceed

to FAS area. Bill, you want to manage his LSU as
he's coming back.

PLT-EVA Stand by. Let me get up to a position where I can

get my left foot out.

SPT-EVA Okay. Is the friendly DAC grinding?

PLT-EVA It is. And watch your head. You're on one of the

149 panels. That's it.

SPT-EVA Yes, I know.

PLT-EVA Got to move down. If I start cinching you up too

tight -

B26 19 34 12 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 1 minute to LOS. Next

station contact at 26 minutes through Carnarvon
at 20:00 even. And we'll be dumping the data/voice
tape recorder there. Out.

_ PLT-EVA Okay, Jer.

CDR Say again, Bill?

PLT-EVA What do we have coming up next?

CDR Coming up is D024.

SPT-EVA Oh, yes.

PLT-EVA Ah, yes. 01d D024.

326 19 34 51 CDR It says here, when you get there, you're going
to remove two pieces of tape from the D024 con-
tainer holding the twinpole sail samples.

SPT-EVA Okay, how's my umbilical look?

_ 277

PLT-EVA It looks okay. Do you want more slack?

SPT-EVA No, I feel okay.

PLT-EVA That D - that's not D024 down there, is it?

SPT-EVA Stand by - stand by - -

CDR Should be down at Bill's feet.

SPT-EVA Yes. Stand by.

PLT-EVA Oh, Ed's Just looking down there at something; I


PLT-EVA Turn around and wave at the folks, Ed.

SPT-EVA Oh, I was looking down to see where my umbilical


PLT-EVA Oh, okay.

SPT-EVA Boy, that's a nuisance.


PLT-EVA Okay, we'll plug on - -

SPT-EVA ... That thing is completely - completely out of

my field of view.

326 19 36 12 PLT-EVA Oh, okay. It's pretty interest *** you know, on
that 228 vent *** floated out. It must be out-
gassing inside.

CDR I didn't hear what you said, Bill.

PLT-EVA The foil on the 228.

CDR Yes?

PLT-EVA It's already puffed up. One side that I can see
is inflated. Appears to be inflated.

CDR Hell_, Big Ed.

SPT-EVA *** Jer, now hold on; let me take a look at our
228. Yes, you're right. That is inflated. What
it - what it 's outgassing from. There 's one thing
I also wanted to do while I was here. And that's
fix this thing so that it is perfectly normal to
_ the Sun or *** parallelto the rays.

PLT-EVA Okay, watch the DAC.

SPT-EVA I think I'm going to have to go down there and

make an adjustment in the - There, that's perfect.
You can actually see now, the shadowing there.
Hello, J. Carr.

326 19 37 21 CDR Hello, dere.

SPT-EVA Actually have - in the shadowing there - the bolts

on the 228.

PLT-EVA *** gassing.

SPT-EVA Okay, I've got that thing perfectly normal for the -
perfectly parallel to the Sun's rays.

CDR Good show.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now -

CDR D024.

SPT-EVA Let me get organized


CDR Go down and get yourself in position. Assume the

po-si-ti-6n, monsieur.

SPT-EVA Okay, now there's a cuff tether on that thing,

is there not? Go put that on my D-ring, please.

326 19 38 06 PLT-EVA *** off, is it? Not all the way. But I know
- you can - I know from experiencethatyou can't
open that.

SPT-EVA Watch my feet.

PLT-EVA I'll watch them. Just press on. I'll -

SPT-EVA Okay, Jer. Go ahead and read.

CDR Okay, there's a couple of pieces of tape on that

container that you're supposed to take off.

SPT-EVA Okay. Where's the - where's that all being put?

CDR It doesn't say where to put them, you know that?

It Just says, Just remove the tape.

SPT-EVA Well, no. That's all right. I can remove the

tape, but where do I put the other pieces, though?
There's a couple of pieces of gray tape they got
here holding the whole thing on.

CDR Yes, it says here - Let me read it to you.

SPT-EVA 0kay.

326 19 39 01 CDR It says: Remove two pieces of tape from D02_ con-
tainer holding twinpole sail samples. And that's
it. It says: Samples will be held to the D02_ lid
with tape.

SPT-EVA Yes, hold on.

CDR In parentheses.

SPT-EVA I think I've got it. Just let me - let me work

it here. I tell you what, Bill, if you could hold
my feet, I would not have to worry about steadily
positioning myself and I could - -

PLT-EVA Let me turn the DAC off.

SPT-EVA Okay, get the DAC off.

PLT-EVA Fold it out of the way so I don't worry about it.

326 19 39 33 SPT-EVA Okay, now if you'll Just hold on to my feet.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

SPT-EVA Just a second now. Hold on Just a little hit -

I won't be putting any forces on it, so it shouldn't
be - No, wait a minute. No, you don't have to
come out ; get back in the shoes.

PLT-EVA Well, I got one shoe in.

SPT-EVA Oh, okay. 0kay.

CDR All right now, Ed. I'll read you the procedure
here. It says: Pull the twinpole sail samples,
two of the, from the clear plastic and install them
on the A side of D024 panel; disk panel, toward the

326 19 40 02 SPT-EVA Well, with great skill and cunning, they left that
gray tape on this - on this thing.

SPT-EVA Okay, now put me hack down over there.

SPT-EVA A side, towards the Sun?

CDR Right.

326 19 40 44 SPT-EVA Now that's not going to be normal to the Sun. Let's
see, we're going to make all our installations on
the beam. Would you verify that?

CDR Yes, that 's right.

SPT-EVA *** path to the world. One of them in.

SPT-EVA This is like handling flypaper.

CDR (Laughter)

SPT-EVA Okay. Now let me torque myself up this way, Bill,

because I can't move my hands any more. Feet up
towards the top. Let go a little bit.

PLT-EVA Let me get back in my restraint.

326 19 _l 56 SPT-EVA Okay. They're on there. It's not - I Just got a

slight overlap on the two of them, m_be about
one-eighth of an inch leading up to zero. I'd say
that maybe 1-percent overlap or so at the most
between the two Of them. Now let me take my pin
here, which I had to pull out. Let's try to get
- thatout of the way.

CDR All right.

SPT-EVA Now what am I supposed to do with the extra pieces

that I've got here?

CDR Well, it doesn't say. Now that -that's the extra

pieces of gray tape, right?

SPT-EVA Gray tape and -

326 19 _2 43 SPT-EVA Gray tape and the pieces of plastic which have come
off to expose the sticky surface.

CDR They very adroitly avoided that question. I'd

suggest - if you can, hand them to Bill and may-
be he can hang onto them until one of you could
get to a pocket - tuck them in a pocket.

SPT-EVA Tell you what, toss them back in the airlock,

if you can, Bill. Okay?


SPT-EVA Now, let me go back out here and try to get this -
That's one I don't need out of the way. Okay.
I'm - I'm good. Now D024. I tell you what, Bill.
No, go ahead and do what you're going to do.

PLT-EVA I know what I'll do. I'll put them on the VS.
That'll get rid of them.

SPT-EVA Okay, now there's also a little piece of tape here.

PLT-EVA Now Just wait a minute.

SPT-EVA Take it off.

PLT-EVA Where ?

SPT-EVA See right there? There's a tab there. There you

go. Okay, Jer, read on for D024 ops.

326 19 43 56 CDR Okay. It says: In - Insert container into panel B

and remove tether, install pip pin.

SPT-EVA Okay, in work.

SPT-EVA It's all little finger exercises.

CDR Yes. Bill gets to do it on 193.

CDR You guys realize this is the first time we've been
ahead of the ha - time line since we've got up

SPT-EVA I'll tell you one reason is we're doing something

we were trained to do.

326 19 45 06 CDR (Laughter) I'll tell you, all that stowage Mickey
Mouse was really something.

PLT-EVA I've run into more things I've never seen before.

PLT-EVA Sure disgusting about that - I hate to see something

like that not work out, though. It's an interface

326 19 46 00 PLT_EVA I might as well get a few shots of you slaving

away there on the D02_ **_

SPT-EVA Bill, you're beginning to cut in and out again.


SPT-EVA I'll tell you, putting that pip pin in ain't no

easy Job. There we go. Got it'

CDR Okay. Now. Lift latch handles, two, on the con-

tainer, rotate counterclockwise, and lift the

326 19 46 27 SPT-EVA Okay. Let me - What I think I'm going to do now

is tether myself to this thing. I was noticing
there ought to be some - that's really good - a
good handrail up here to put my feet around. --
Okay. And let me tether this thing.

PLT-EVA What are the settings on the DAC again, Jer? I

think they may have changed.

CDR You mean the -

PLT-EVA Oh, f/ll. Oh-oh.

326 19 46 56 SPT-EVA Yes, you didn't get a chance to check them, did
you, Bill?

CDR f/ll and 500, and 6 frames per second.

PLT-EVA f-stop changed on us.

SPT-EVA Okay. They're open. Go ahead.

326 19 h7 17 CDR Okay. Place wrist tether on strip panel handle -

large hole - and remove from the containers.

SPT-EVA Okay. That 's in work.

CDR Bill, that's f/ll, 500.

/_ 283

PLT-EVA Do they give you a - a focus distance?

CDR Infinity.

PLT-EVA Infinity.

326 19 47 40 CDR If you're going to work close here, you can change

PLT-EVA I think with the wide-angle lens like - that's the

reason I didn't.

SPT-EVA Okay, Jer, I'm extracting it, and I've got the
wrist tether on and locked and I'm extracting.

CDR All right.

SPT-EVA Where do I put it?

326 19 47 57 CDR All righty. It say [sic] here: Snap the strip
panel to the B side nearest the container, handle
toward the FAS work station, and remove wrist

PLT-EVA Okay, and I know they don't want my little

fingerprints -

CDR We're coming up on sunset.

326 19 48 50 SPT-EVA *** the same old problem - stablizing your feet -
stabilizing your body while you're trying to do a
two-handed task - in restraints.

SPT-EVA Tell you what, Bill, can you hold - lean forward
and stabilize my feet again?

PLT-EVA Okay. I'll turn the DAC off here. Just a sec-


326 19 49 24 SPT-EVA Okay, I'm drifting away from that now. There you

SPT-EVA I need to get up further on it.

PLT-EVA Higher?


PLT-EVA Okay °

326 19 50 03 SPT-EVA Okay.

PLT-EVA Now the foot restraints.

SPT-EVA What I'm going to do, I'm going to eventually put

a pip pin in this here, am I not, Jer?

CDR Let 's see here.

SPT-EVA How' s this?

326 19 50 13 CDR Yes, that's right.

SPT-EVA Right. Okay, what I'm going to do is take the

pip pin and put it through *** first.

PLT-EVA Is this all right, Ed?

SPT-EVA Yes, that 's good.

326 19 50 38 CDR Got 2 hours now, guys, 2 hours and 5 minutes.

SPT-EVA Okay, now let me bend down here a little bit so I

can see what -

PLT-EVA I'm having to keep my eyes closed because I'm facing

the Sun. Tell me which way you want me to move.

_ 326 19 50 52 SPT-EVA Okay. Now. Now I'm in business, I think. *** I

did was putting the pip pin in first. There we go!

CDR Got it in?

SPT-EVA Yes. I thought that might work, and it did. Okay,

I got it in there.

326 19 51 07 CDR All right. Now it says put your tether on the disk
panel and remove it from the container.

SPT-EVA Okay, this is the same exercise all over again.

CDR Right.

SF2-_A *** you'll remnd me before I leave here, I want to

straighten these extra pip pins out for the other
side so they're not shading that panel.

B26 19 51 29 SPT-EVA *** up at this angle, Bill?

PLT-EVA Say again.

SPT-EVA l'm okay. Let me use mine.

PLT-EVA That Sun really heats up the - the tips of -

SPT-EVA Yes, I can feel things all the ray through to the
glove as I 're been handling them.

326 19 52 i0 SPT-EVA Okay. *** your work. Okay, Jer, l'm pulling out
the disk panels now.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA *** Go now, Ed.

SPT-EVA Can you hold my feet so l'm stable?

326 19 52 40 PLT-EVA Well, I can hold one foot - -

SPT-EVA Yes, I will not be putting any forces on this.

PLT-EVA Whoops' I Just - snapped free. Give me a second

to restabilize myself.

326 19 53 18 SPT-EVA Okay. Now, Bill, I want to move down, eye level
with the panel here.

PLT-EVA *** reference to your body.

SPT-EVA Can you hold me now?

PLT-EVA I thought I was.

SP_-EVA *** time line for this one.

326 19 54 44 PLT-EVA How are you reading me on VOX now, Jerry?

CDR Oh, you're still breaking up a bit.


SPY-EVA Can't say I didn't predict it.

_ PLT-EVA *** to push you out a little farther?


SPT-EVA No, no.

SPT-EVA Got to align these film -

326 19 55 44 CDR Sure does take a lot of time for such a little
bitty old experiment, doesn't it?

SPT-EVA Darn it. I had that pin in there and I -

SPT-EVA *** on to me - -

PLT-EVA Can I help you any way, Ed?

326 19 56 56 SPT-EVA No. Just hold on to me. I'm getting it lined up

now. Okay, Just hold on to me, Bill. You keep
me stable, I can do it.

PLT-EVA Okay, I'm holding hard.

SPT-EVA Other way. Tell you what, I'm going to have to

change my wrist - my waist, or my chest tether
here to pull me down to that thing, because
there's no way - Get out in front of me.

326 19 58 16 SPT-EVA Okay. Now I think I stand a chance. You Just

stabilize -

SPT-EVA Tell you what, I'm going to tighten up on that

tether a little bit more again - start ***ing.

326 20 O0 19 CC CDR, this is Houston through Carnarvon for l0 min-

utes, and when you have a moment, we would like to
- get the MPC ROLL switchto INHIBIT. We'll be
dumping the date/voice tape recorder here. Over.

CDR Okay, Houston. Right now, we're work - still

working D024. It's kind of slow work.

CC Roger. We copy.

326 20 01 27 PLT-EVA Frustrating work.

CC Roger. Out.

PLT-EVA Sorry, Bruce. I was talking to Ed. I'm watching

him try to - simple one-g task is infinitely diffi-
cult in zero g here.

SPT-EVA Kind of like - -

B26 20 01 48 CC We were just - -

SPT-EVA - - kind of like threading a needle - -

CC - - we were Just - -

SPT-EVA - - with a boxing glove.

CC We were Just smypathizingwith your plight.

326 20 02 49 PLT-EVA You trying to engage snaps? Is that what it is?

SPT-EVA Yes. See, you're trying to engage snaps and I

get this thing - thing completely lined up and _**

PLT-EVA *** don't know why anyone'd design anything like


SPT-EVA Well, see the thing was, this was made not for ***
I think it was made strictly for retrieval.

SPT-EVA Yes .... --

SPT/PLT- ...

SPT-EVA Look, I'm going to give it one more go and then

what we're going to do is go on inside and get
that little extra piece of gray tape that we've
got and we're going to tape the mother on here.

326 20 0B 19 CDR Can you just pip pin it without snapping it?

SPT-EVA I tried that, Jer, and the pip pin won't hold
until it gets -

CDR Doggone it. That's too bad.

326 20 03 29 SPT-EVA Hey, now wait a minute. Hey, all it needed was a
little body inertia against it.

CDR You got it?

288 _.

SPT-EVA Hold on. Ah, hold on. Ah! I had it too.

326 20 03 50 PLT-EVA Here, let me hold your leg.

SPT-EVA Okay. Press.

PLT-EVA Try not to kick me in the visor. That's okay.

Your foot's clear now.

326 20 03 57 CC CDR, this is Houston. All systems are looking

good on board, and we show you about an hour ahead
of your anticipated position in the EVA time line.

CDR Roger. Thank you. We are trying to catch up though,

aren't we, gang?

SPT-EVA I tell you, these little snap holes don't look as

though they're - they take these size snaps. I'll
give them a go and then we're going to try and
tape it on here.

326 20 04 27 SPT-EVA Tell you what _ we got that Sl- we got a whole roll
of that tape in there in S149, don't we?

PLT-EVA 93, you mean?

SPT-EVA That's right, 1 -193. That's right.

PLT-EVA Yes. You want me to get you a piece of tape?

SPT-EVA Go ... - -

326 20 04 _h PLT-EVA I'll have to _in_oll that dang thing, though, - -


PLT-EVA - - my tool pouches.

SPT-EVA Yes, I know.

CDR How about a piece of that silver tape? Can you

spare one of those?

PLT-EVA Yes, but I still have to nn_oll it. If he doesn't

get it this time, we'll do that.

326 20 Oh 50 SI_T-EVA *** time on this. This is a real killer. ***

another hour on this thing.

CC Bill, we're GO for taping it from down here and

there is tape in the pouch in the airlock with
the scissors, next to 316. You don't have to un-
roll the S193 bag there.

PLT-EVA Okay. That's right. I took that out. I stowed

that myself. The small roll of tape.

B26 20 05 52 SPT-EVA Okay. Now Just hold on there, guys. Give - -

PLT-EVA I'll hold you once more here.

CDR Oh, you know what, though? I don't think that

small roll of tape - I think we pulled that out
for something. Didn't we? Ed, you remember when
you said yesterday, "Well, Just put the small
roll of tape in there, we never use it anyway."
And I said, "Yes, Ed, you're right. We'll never
use that tape."

r 326 20 06 49 SPT-EVA Now don't make a move, anybody. Don't breathe.

Ah, (laughter) oh. Hey, you know that - I think
I've been snapping it all right the way they ask.
_ But the pip pin, for some reason, doesn'twant to
stay in there.

CDR Well, why don't you go ahead and get the tape and
give it a whirl?

PLT-EVA Standby, Ed.

CDR We've blown about 25 minutes on this thing now


B26 20 07 23 SPT-EVA Yes. That's it --

CDR ... - -

SPT-EVA - - all we're going to do is one. It's just not

designed for -

PLT-EVA Yes, I'll try that pouch.

CDR It is 316, Bill. It's right next to panel B16.

That's the one.

326 20 07 50 SPT-EVA Okay. I'll tell you, Bruce, I was able to get the
strip ones on real well. But the disk ones, for

some reason, I get it all lined up, push down and

I feel it snap in there and then as soon as I Just
lightly touch the safety tether that's on it and
try to remove my tether from it, it Just falls
right off again. I'm not sure whether the - we
got an interface problem. It sure appeared that
way to me. What would have been helpful is to
have a - the pip pin which we put through the
center so that it would snap without ever having
to have the other snaps in there, so that we
could Just put the pip pin through and doesn't
matter whether this thing floats a quarter of an
inch off the plate at all. It's still going to
be at the right angle. I'm afraid in this proc-
ess, there's a couple of these things we shouldn't
have touched.

326 20 08 41 CDR That EVA - Does that silver tape not have a - -

SPT-EVA Make sure of it - -

CDR - - not have a - a tab on it?

326 20 08 46 CC Okay, did you verify that the assembly is cocked

properly and the words are getting down here, you
should be able to put the pip pin all the way
through and hold it in place with Just the pip
pin, if you push hard enough on it. Over.

SPT-EVA Well, okay. Let me - I got a good chest tether

up here, Bruce, which is right next to the work
and- -


326 20 09 08 SPT-EVA - - Now whenever you guys can answer something

for me on that pip pin, which I push in the center
there, and release right in the center release,
which releases the balls at the end. Now if I - -

326 20 09 19 CDR Slow and easy, Bill.

SPT-EVA - - if I push doe on that, then let up real

quick, will I expect to see that pip pin come
roaring out - back at me or should I try and push
on the - the wider part around the - wider part
around - -
f_ 291

CC I- -

SPT-EVA - - that releases - -

326 20 09 B8 CC You should try pushing on the wider part as you

release the - the release plunger.

SPT-EVA Okay, I'll try that, Bruce. It may work.

326 20 09 _5 CC And we got about B0 seconds to LOS, here. Next

station contact in 4 minutes is G_,_ at 20:14.

SPT-EVA Bill, look in that pouch. You might see some gray
tape in there.

CC And if you continue having troubles with it, why,

Just go ahead and tape the thing, and let's press
on to other activities.

326 20 i0 02 SPT-EVA l'm with you.

CDR Has that got a tab on it, Bill?

PLT-EVA *** a second. (Laughter) I can't even see the

endof thetape.

CDR You know we were in such a hurry after putting on

all those things on 193, I think it Just got thrown
in there without having a tab put on it. Try the
gray tape.

326 20 ll 22 SPT-EVA Okay, guys, it's there.

- PLT-EVA Hey, that's great. (Laughter)

SPT-EVA But let me tell you something. I got some finger-

marks. The only way I could do it. I tried pushing
on the outside of that pip pin, the center, that
part 's marked for thumb, - -


SPT-EVA - - and several of them and I couldn't - couldn't

line it up. So I Just had to take the bull by the
horns, lined it all up square and put my thumb
right on the center of those things. Right in the
center - there's four of them right in the center.
Sorry about that, but that's the only way we could
do it.
292 _.

326 20 12 00 CDR Okay. Soon as Ed gets that stuff - or Bill gets

that stuff put away, he'll be right out after - -

SPT-EVA I hope that ... will be useful to them.

PLT-EVA Now we ought - another thing we need to do is put

a tab on this zipper pull.

326 20 12 i0 CDR That's right. It's a good point.

SPT-EVA Okay, Bill, coming back your way.

CDR Your next exercise, Ed, is to put the 230 - $230

collector and - and install it.

SPT-EVA Oh, yes. Okay.

SPT-EVA Let's see - -

PLT-EVA That is the EVA pouch.

SPT-EVA Get my hearings here.

B26 20 13 03 CDR Bill'scomingout now, Ed.

SPT-EVA 0kay.

PLT-EVA Well, let's see now. We're getting all twisted up.

SPT-EVA Let me back off a little bit here so you can see.

326 20 13 28 PLT-EVA Right where you are.

SPT-EVA Hold on, hold on. Now Just stay where you are.
Now I'll get my umbilical over your feet. Ah,
now you've gotten - Okay, now just stay where you
are, Bill, okay? Stay where you are and let me
unsnake you. Okay, now that - my umbilical which
you have rammed back in there - now come here.
Bring your left - left leg over toward me. Left
leg. Other left leg.

326 20 i_ 07 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Guam for 9 min-

utes. Out. •

CDR Okay, Bruce, D024's installed and the explanation

of how he did it is on the tape recorder.

CC Beautiful, baby.

SPT-EVA Okay, let me - hand me - ... No that's not going

to - Bill, you've got to come out of there for a

CDR Okay, Bill and Ed, I don't think we're going to

have to take the Nikon out at all because it calls
for the - in the checklist here, for Bill to take
handhled pictures of you doing the 230 work, Ed.
He can Just hand you the camera stud you can take
a - a DAC shot of what you did - show where the
clips are.

SPT-EVA All right. Well, let's just take a look at that

idea. Now, Bill, how does that umbilical look?

326 20 15 02 PLT-EVA Still looks pretty bad.

SPT-EVA Well, now, hold on. Hold on. You're okay. You
Just hop in the shoes because 8/1 the umbilical's
_ in front of you. Tell me when you're in there.


SPT-EVA Okay, now. Let's figure this out. Let me just

move out here slowly so we can see what the geometry
of it is.

_ 326 20 15 33 SPT-EVA Okay, where - oh, it don't look too bad.

PLT-EVA Okay, I've got this one going around me.

SPT-EVA All rlght, that's free. Now. Tell you what you
do. The only - the only entanglement you got now
is the one where my umbilical is hooked into the -
my umbilical is hooked into the clamp there. Just
un clamp it.

PLT-EVA No, wait a minute. That's mine.

SPT-EVA ... - -

PLT-EVA Here's your umbilical.


326 20 16 14 SPT-EVA Hold on. Now wait a minute. Wait a minute. Just
stay where you are. Yes.

PLT-EVA Come out and let's see how they do it. If you
won't move any, I think I can get free.

PLT-EVA I've heard of a bucket of wo***

326 20 17 12 SPT-EVA Okay, Bill. Gee! How does that look?

PLT-EVA Looks clean to me - -

SPT-EVA Okay, now get back up - -

PLT-EVA ... the shoes.

SPT-EVA - - get yourself back in the shoes. Now get my

umbilical straightened out and take the end which
is clamped, and start feeding it into the aft end
of the airlock.

PLT-EVA Okay, just stand by 1.

326 20 18 01 SPT-EVA Are you free of it, are you?


SPT-EVA Okay, now, I'll start coming back up your way.

Now, the 230 collector, can you get that out of

PLT-EVA It's in work.

326 20 18 23 SPT-EVA Okay. And I'll go under - underneath D-4 here.

CDR You need any words from me on that 230?

SPT-EVA Yes, I could use some.

CDR All right. You at the area with it now?


SPT-EVA Negative.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA *** straightened out here, I'ii be right with you.

326 20 19 52 SPT-EVA Okay, now. I've got to get back up here and keep
my 11mbilical free of 228.

SPT-EVA ... need a wrist tether there.

SI_-EVA That's both of them. Okay. Now let go. Okay,

Jer; go ahead.

326 20 20 25 CDR All right. It says, remove the wrist tether from
the double handle and place it on the protective
cover handle. And then remove the protective
c over s.


SPT-EVA Jer, let's hear that once again, please.

CDR It says, remove the wrist tether from the double

s- handle and place it on the protective cover
handle. Well, it's not on the double handle.

326 20 21 07 SPT-EVA I know how Don wants it.

CDR Okay, Just do it that way, then.

SPT-EVA If I could turn loose of that thing *** on here.

CC Roger. We're reading you loud and clear, Ed.

CDR You got two clips to remove. You place one of

them on the D-2 handrail and then you - -

326 20 21 38 SPT-EVA Stop. Hold on.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA That's a little - little ways downstream here.

CC Skylab, this is Houston. One minute until LOS.

Next station contact in 16-1/2 minutes through
Goldstone at 20:38. Out.

326 20 22 30 SPT-EVA Looks like it's on. Now I believe I can take
that protective cover off.

PLT-EVA Okay. You - -

SPT-EVA That's on - -

PLT-EVA .....

SPT-EVA - - And I did not touch a frapping little bit of


PLT-EVA Very good.

SPT-EVA It looks good.

PLT-EVA I can see his test patch.

CC Roger. Sounds good to us too.

326 20 23 20 CDR Now, if you'll hand those - that cover to Bill,

then I'll tell you where to put the clips and

SPT-EVA Okay, Bill.

PLT-EVA Just a minute. If you'll Just hold onto that and

I'll give you a wrist tether for it.

PLT-EVA Okay, why don't you tether that down there then?

326 20 24 i0 SPT-EVA Okay, Jerry, read on.

CDR Okay, it says: Remove two clips installed on the

old collector. You place one on the D-2 handrail
- and then I'll tell you where to place the other

SPT-EVA Put them on the D-2 handrail.

CDR Right.

326 20 24 32 SPT-EVA Seven - two. Friendly D-2. Got to remember that.

CDR Try to be careful not to scratch that visor any


CDR Looks like your umbilical's kind of hanging you

up, Ed.

326 20 25 i0 SPT-EVA No, I'm - I'm Just leaning around here trying to
find D-2.

CDR Is D-2 over there on the other side? The other

side of - from your left hand? Is that it?


CDR Yes.

CDH Okay, watch out for your tether. It's going to

drag over 230. Man, you're up to your elbows in
tethers aren't you?


326 20 25 39 CDR I would take that waist tether that's flying free,
if you can, and hook it onto something else there
that - maybe the other part of the other tether
or something.

SPT-EVA Yes, I think what I'm going to have to do is that,

Jet, I'm going - I'm Just going to - If I don't take
_ these tethers off, I stand a chance of dragging
them across there.

CDR That's right. Specially that waist tether. That's

a real bother.

326 20 26 05 SPT-EVA We'll need that later, but not right now. Okay,
Bill, I need a little assistance.

PLT-EVA Okay, let me put the DAC up here.

SPT-EVA What I want to do is to take off these wrist


CDR How much film does it look like was left on there,
Bill? Do you get to see - to look at it?

326 20 26 35 SPT-EVA Okay, that one is on there.

SPT-EVA That one's on there. Now take my wrist - take

my chest one off, if you can, and tether that

PLT-EVA Okay. Just a second.


326 20 27 13 SPT-EVA Okay. It's done, Jerry.

CDR Okay, looked like you had the right idea out there
on the other side.

SPT-EVA Okay. Just read on, through I'm - I'm - I'm not
too sure exactly what we're do want with them.

CDR All right. Now you - Just take one - one clip and
get it out of the way is all you're doing. Clip
it on this - on the handrail somehwere.

326 20 27 40 SPY-EVA Okay, we've done that.

CDR Okay, now the other clip, here's where it goes:

Place the other clip on the new collector next to
the spool with joint bracket away from the MDA,

SPY-EVA _** some other words after that too, isn't there?

CDR No, that 's it.

326 20 27 57 SPT-EVA - Antisolardirection?

CDR Minus-Z.

SPT-EVA All right, that 's antisolar. Away from the MDA.

SPT-EVA Okay, now let's hear the other - the beginning words.

CDR All right, here we go: Place the other clip on

_ the - on the new collector next to the spool Joint
bracket, minus-Z, away from the MDA, outboard.

326 20 28 29 SPT-EVA I assume that means right close to there. Now

let's - let me see.

SPY-EVA Ah, now that one doesn't slide all the way down
does it? That's as far down as it goes. It
shades but it doesn't touch.

CDR Is the Sun behind you now?


CDR Okay.
_. 299

SPT-EVA But now wait a minute, you wanted it on the -

326 20 28 56 PLT-EVA You better put it on the small one there, Ed.

SPT-EVA That's right. That's right.

CDR Watch your heels, Ed. You're right next to the


326 20 29 07 SPT-EVA Okay. That is minus-Z if I've ever seen minus-Z

and that, I think, will do it.

SPT-EVA 0kay. It 's there. Press.

CDR Okay. Translate to the VF and ingress. While

you're there, Ed, if you can somehow get yourself
in position, have Bill hand you the DAC and you
can take some pictures of it.

326 20 29 29 PLT-EVA I've already done that.

SPT-EVA Well, no, wait a minute, we need the pictures from

over here.

CDR They got to be normal to it so you can locate it

within a millimeter, Bill.

326 20 29 42 CDR Can Bill hold your feet, kind of stick you out
there, and let you take a picture of it?

SPT-EVA I tell you what, we're looking into the Sun. That's
the problem with this one.

CDR Yes. Well, that's strange. I thought this was

supposed to be on the Sun side.

326 20 29 54 SPT-EVA No, it's anti - anti-Sun. I - I talked to Don

about that one.

CDR Oh, okay.

SPT-EVA I 'm sure .... - -

CDR I'll tell you what. Let's see how far it is until
sunset. Maybe we can set the DAC for night. I've
got some night settings in here, but - you could
take the picture after sunset.

326 20 30 13 SPT-EVA No, I'ii tell you what. It don't - It doesn't

take much of anything to click off a few frames
at various f-stops. It's bound to get one. What
I want to do - -


SPT-EVA - - is tether it, though, to m_ right hand.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Put it to f--

PLT-EVA Okay - -

SPT-EVA -- to -

326 20 30 46 SPT-EVA Okay, now could you make sure my feet don't drift
away here.

PLT-EVA Roger.

SPT-EVA Oh, I see. I see what you've done. You've done


PLT-EVA Ed, do you read me?

326 20 31 lh SPT-EVA Yes, I got you.


SPT-EVA Okay. Now -

PLT-EVA All right, now I've got it set up on - f/8 ... - -

SPT-EVA Let me set the trigger.


326 20 31 38 PLT-EVA I had it set up on f -

SPT-EVA Now, would you hold my feet please?

PLT-EVA What ?

SPT-EVA Would you *** my feet Just a moment while I look

this thing over? Okay, you got her set for 2 feet.
That 's good.

CDR Yes, all he needs is one good frame and he's in


SPT-EVA All right.

PLT-EVA Have to watch it though when you push the button

you'll change - *** - -

SPT-EVA I understand that.

326 20 32 05 PLT-EVA - - if you're not very careful. I've had to

continually reset that thing - -

SPT-EVA Okay let it go for - -

PLT-EVA -- ... camera.

SPT-EVA - - for 2 frames a second. And what's the time

here you got?

SPT-EVA Okay, I think we'll probably go 250th.

PLT-EVA I'll put your feet into position, I think - u_N

J-- right position for taking the photographs.

326 20 32 55 SPT-EVA Okay, there you go. *** for me. We're in.

SPT-EVA Okay. Grind them ***

PLT-EVA That'd be the perfect ending. A11 he needs is

something he can estab - fix his geometry with.

SPT-EVA Roger. Okay, now let me Just change the f-stop

a little bit.

326 20 33 35 SPT-EVA 5.6, we'll give them a little bit.

CDR Okay, let's get on with it now. Let's don't get


SPT-EVA Yes, we -we've got it all set up, Jer, and we're -
*** take long.

SPT-EVA The good thing is that you can feel this DAC
operating between - -


SPT-EVA - - gloves.

PLT-EVA Yes, that's good.

CDR Okay, let's get back to the FAS area. We got to

hand the trees in, get the DAC stowed - -

SPT-EVA Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

CDR - - get ready to start 193.

SPT-EVA Okay, Just a second.

326 20 34 41 SPT-EVA Okay.

SPT-EVA I think it's off. Let me take a look at that green


PLT-EVA Okay. Let me have it.

SPT-EVA Okay, just pull me in toward you and I'll hand it

to you.

326 20 35 00 CDR All right, Ed, you go on into the - into the AM
now, and Bill will hand you in the tree and stuff.

SPT-EVA Okay. As a matter of fact, I'll Just take this

right in with me.

PLT-EVA Why not?

SPT-EVA Now, all of my stuff is pushed in the back there,

_ huh?

326 20 35 16 CDR Bill, I'm going to go back in the command module

and run up the V0X SENSITIVITY a little more.


CDR You're starting to cut in and out again.

326 20 35 36 SPT-EVA Okay, let me stow this fellow.

326 20 36 17 CDR Okay, Bill give me a short count, rather quiet.

CDR All right, make it a little louder; I didn't hear

a thing.

SPT-EVA Bill, are you cutting - Are you reading me?

PLT-EVA Yes, I 'm reading you fine, Ed.

326 20 36 37 SPT-EVA Okay, did you ask Jer - did you hear Jer asking
you for a test count?

PLT-EVA Yes, I was counting.

CDR All right, give - give me another one, Bill.

326 20 36 43 PLT-EVA i, 2, 3, 4, 5.

CDR Okay, start over again, low.

CDR All right, now do it a little louder.

326 20 36 57 PLT-EVA i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, I.

CDR Is that a comfortable voice level?

PLT-EVA Yes, I can talk that loud without any trouble.

How' s that now?

326 20 37 04 CDR That looks pretty good now, if it's a comfortable

voice level for you.

PLT -EVA Okay.

326 20 37 Ii CDR All right.

SPT-EVA Hey, Jer, did you get a fire SENSOR in there?

CDR No, I'm not in there. But I haventt heard any

alarms. Why?

SPT-EVA I bet you we did that. Let me -

326 20 37 23 CDR You did what?

SPT_EVA On this panel here, OWS heat excba_er fire

sensor control panel 3 ***, got on SENSOR 2 - -

326 20 37 32 PLT-EVA They're all disabled, Ed. I had disabled them in

my checks yesterday.

SPT-EVA Well, okay. I got a red light on one of them.

PLT-EVA Well, they're disabled - inhibited on the panel.

304 -_.

CDR You probably got a shot of UV or something.

SPT-EVA May want to mention that when we come up.

326 20 37 48 PLT-EVA I - I think it's well documented.

SPT-EVA All right. I wouldn't - I wouldn't feel comfort-

able if we said it again.

PLT-EVA Okay. Go ahead ....

SPT-EVA Wait a minute. Let me get my umbilical. Got a

foot in all this stuff.

326 20 38 ll SPT-EVA My umbilical up to the aft end.


PLT-EVA It's pretty well tidied up in there, Ed - Jerry.

SPT-EVA Yes, start on.

CDR 0kay, and we got a GO for 190 - -

326 20 38 55 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone, Corpus

Christi, and Merritt Island for 16-1/2 minutes.

CDR Okay, Bruce. We're Just getting started on 193.

CC Roger. Where are you on that?

- CDR The very first page, very first word.

CC You're at S193. We've got you.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA And say, Jer, do we want to get these trees in

first ?

SPT-EVA Yes, you do.

CDR Yes, you do. I thought they were in.

326 20 39 21 SPT-EVA No.

CDR I stand corrected, Bruce. We still got to get the

VS/VC trees in. Then we'll be ready to go.

CC Roger. We're Copying you.

PLT-EVA Thought I was being smart getting rid of that tape

and I'm *_* Pass the ... as soon as you get through
with that. 0ops '

SPT-EVA Oh, and I'm going to have to get down to where

I can see an alignment. Okay, Bill, pass it In.

PLT-EVA Just a second. I'm having to tape these plastic -

326 20 40 30 PLT-EVA I got one. Ah.

SPT-EVA It's all right.

SPT-EVA Okay, they're there. Bruce, we've got the -

CC Go ahead, Ed; we're listening.

SPT-EVA Back on panel - OWS heat exchanger, fire sensor

control panel number 392, a red light on SENSOR 2.

326 20 41 15 CC 392, a red light on SENSOR 2.

SPT-EVA 0kay, Bill.

PLT-EVA Okay, Jerry, you can start reading.

CDR Okay. Ed, egress the AM, head first, face toward
the foot restraint.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now we have not passed out lh0 - the - -

CDR No, you go on and get in the foot restraint?

SPT-EVA 0kay.

PLT-EVA Where am I supposed to be?

326 20 41 41 PLT-EVA I guess we're going to be going back in there. Is

that right? To get it?

SPT-EVA Let's see here. I carry it over there with me; so

I figure I'm going to be the guy who's -

326 20 41 51 PLT-EVA I thought I put the - the foot ...

SPT-EVA No, no - -

CO SPT, this is Houston.

SPT-EVA Go ahead.

CC You can Just ignore that fire warning indication.

We have seen that on previous EVAs from that fire

SPT-EVA Roger. That's what I've understood. I Just

wanted to document it again.

CC Okay. Thank you.

326 20 42 i0 CDR Okay, Ed, you're supposed to get into the VF foot

SPT-EVA Oh - Okay, we're - I'ii get out here, I guess.

What's the starting posture for that thing? q

CDR It doesn't say.

SPT-EVA Oh, I know. Listen, the starting posture for this

thing is if we both have gotten back in here like
we were starting a new EVA.

CDR Oh, yes; that's right.

326 20 42 34 SPT-EVA So I'll tell you what. Read on a little bit and -

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA - - we might be able to save ourselves an awful lot

of whifferdills.

CDR You're going to - going to shove 35 feet of your

LSU into the FAS behind you. And -

PLT-EVA That's Ed's?

CDR Yes.

326 20 42 48 SPT-EVA I tell you what, Bill. Maybe we ought to - we

ought to get in that configuration. Come on
in - -


SPT-EVA - - and hop in the airlock on this side.


CDR Right. And, Ed, you should be in the - in that

foot restraint because Bill's going to start
handing things out to you and you're going to
tether them to yourself.

326 20 43 01 SPT-EVA Okay. Put your feet down there and watch the DAC
over in the corner. Now you still got your - Take
your roll to your right and then on - do your _*_

SPT-EVA 0kay.

PLT-EVA Clamps don't work any better here than they did
in the trainer.

SPT-EVA Well, now they did all right. Now, get - get your
feet down over there in the corner. Watch the
DAC - -

PLT-EVA Okay, give me the DAC - -

SPT-EVA - - and I'll be able to move on out of here.

326 20 43 28 PLT-EVA Now, are our umbilicals straight?


PLT-EVA Okay. Now where do you - just tell me where to


SPT-EVA Stay where you are.

326 20 43 56 CC Skylab, this is Houston. We don't believe you

have to actually get back into the airlock module
to proceed to the 193 ops. Just go to page 6.2-1
and EV-1 becomes EV-2 and vice-a-versa [sic].

CDR Yes, we know, Bruce.

SPT-EVA Roger. We're with you, Bruce. We Just wanted to

get the - It was one way of getting the umbilicals
straight for sure.

PLT-EVA We a1_eady got tangled up once.

CC Okay.

PLT-EVA Okay. What do you need first?



CDR All right. The first thing, is the Jumper box.


CDR How' s everybody' s cooling?

326 20 44 08 CC And for the CDR, this is Houston. We're going to

send a load up to the ATMDC which will bias the
X-axis nominal momentum 30 percent less than what
it normally is. This is because we're carrying
a minus 50 percent right now and we'd like to cut
down the magnitude of any dump maneuver or reset
maneuver that may occur. Over.

326 20 4h 31 CDR Okay, Bruce.

SPT-EVA Bill, before you get up in there, let me get my

umbilical out. Move on back down there. Okay.
Now I got to get 35 feet umbilical up behind me
in the aft section here.

CDR That 's right.

SPT-EVA Let's feed that first. The - watch - watch the

gear - -


SPT-EVA - - as I pull the stuff out.

326 20 h4 51 PLT-EVA Leave - let T025 hang out there because - -

SPT-EVA Wait a minute. Take it easy. If it starts
- hangingup on anything,let me know.

PLT-EVA Okay. Hold off Just ***

CDR Bill, you're fading off again.

PLT-EVA Okay. Okay, Ed, hold there.

SPT-EVA Take it easy there.


SPT-EVA There we go. You've got it all out.

326 20 45 34 PLT-EVA Well, now I have a tether for the Jumper box.

SPT-EVA Well, Just a minute. I've got a EVA wrist tether

here. What I'm trying to do right now is to roll
down to clamp my LSU.

PLT-EVA Yes, I've got one too. Let me -

326 20 46 01 CDH Okay, Ed, this says to put the Jumper box on a
right wrist tether.

SPT-EVA Okay. Ready anytime you are, Bill. Send her up.

PLT-EVA Okay. Now I'm going to bring it out and hold it

without a tether.

SPT-EVA Look, let me move in there a little bit for that

kind of an operation.

326 20 46 27 CDR Put it on your right wrist, Ed.

SPT-EVA Okay. Just come on over this way. You've got

to stay where you are. *** ... out. I'll get
it. Hold on to it. Get a dirrerent angle on
it. There you go. Hold it - now hold it still.
Okay, let go.

326 20 46 59 CDR Okay?


CDR Okay. Now the tool pouch comes out and goes on
his left wrist tether.

PLT-EVA Right there, Ed.


CDH Do you copy?

PLT-EVA Yes, it's in work.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Oh, okay. That's - All right, we might be able

to use that extra tether. Okay, now let's lock
both of them.

PLT-EVA Okay, that's complete.

310 _

CDR Okay. Now, Bill, you take the foot restraint

and put it on a left wrist tether of you - for
yOU •

PLT-EVA Okay, stand by. It 's in work.

326 20 48 17 PLT-EVA Trying to change wrist tethers here. It's taking

me a ***

326 20 48 21 CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA I'll tell you, Bill, you're going to notice an

experience when you get out in the great out-
doors there. You really realize you're up. In
here, it still looks like a window until you get
out there on that Sun end, the old work center.

326 20 48 35 CDR Once you get it tethered, you and Ed just head
on for 193.

SPT-EVA Roger.

PLT-EVA And I'll go first, if I recall.

SPT-EVA That 's right - -

CDR That's right. And Ed will manage your LSU for

you. And it s_ys the route to take, translate
to S193 antenna area, using the mol sieve vent

326 20 48 55 SPT-EVA It's silver - I think it's gold now. I think

- I see a gold wrappingaroundit.

SPT-EVA How you doing there, Bill?

PLT-EVA Not much. I'm trying to get the tether loose.

SPT-EVA Okay, I'm looking at 3.6 and no lights.

CDR Okay. Bill, give me yours when you get a chance.

326 20 49 20 PLT-EVA Okay. 3.65; no lights.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Okay, it 's coming down.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Coming ...

SPT-EVA Follow the yellow brick pike.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Okay. Get your bearing here, Bill• And we've

got your umbilical a little snagged here, around
the front of you. Just a minute. That's your
umbilical there. Okay, now Just - pick your
left arm off. Wait until you get on the handrail.
Step over here on F-15; bring your right hand over
here. There you go.

326 20 51 03 CDR Okay, troops. You've been out for 3 hours and
7 minutes.

SPT-EVA Okay, Bill. Go ahead.


SPT-EVA Take it nice and slow, Bill. Watch that thing.

It gets wrapped around very easily.

..... PLT-EVA 0kay.

SPT-EVA Bill - Read on a little bit, will you, Jer, so

we can see what's coming up?

326 20 51 30 CDR Well, when Bill gets there, he's going to set up
for operations. That is, he's going to try to
restrain himself and put the - the foot re-
straint in where it belongs in that -that little
- terminal down there, when he's at the first ter-
minal area.

CDB And I'm down here looking out the window waiting
- waiting with bated breath for Bill to appear
on the horizon.

SPT-EVA That's good .... Bill, Just come over there.

•.. Here he's closely ...

CDR Hello, William. How'd it go?

SPT-EVA She's there. I think •.. It's there but it

doesn't look like ...

326 20 52 49 SPT-EVA How's the umbilical, Bill? You need more?



PLT-EVA Oh, there it is. I - I can't tell. It's behind


SPT-EVA Is it tight?

PLT-EVA It 's okay.

SPT-EVA Oh, okay, 1 sec. Slow and easy, Bill.

PLT-EVA 0kay, now, Jer, ...

SPT-EVA Bill, I can't hear you. You're going to have to

talk louder.


SPT-EVA 0kay.

326 20 53 39 SPT-EVA That's about right I believe. That's it. You're

almost ready to close it. No.

326 20 54 19 CDR All done?

SPT-EVA Make sure it's clear in.

PLT-EVA Man, I'm hard pressed for a pin.

326 20 54 23 CDR What?


CDR Is it clear through?

- 326 20 54 27 PLT-EVA Yes, but the pin doesn't lock; it's Just like
it was in the doggone trainer.

CDR And there's no ball detent on it?

PLT-EVA Yes, there is, but it works just like it did -

326 20 54 37 CC PLT, Houston. We understand you're having trouble

6 with the locking pin on the foot restraint mount.

PLT-EVA Yes, the little balls don't stick out far enough
to keep the pin from drifting back out. I'm
going to use a wrist tether.

326 20 54 50 CC Okay, you sure you've got the pip pin seated all
the way home? You got to - -

PLT-EVA It's way - it's sticking way out on the other

side, Bruce.

CDR It looks like you got another half inch of travel

you could go.

CC Okay, we copy.

B26 20 5h 59 PLT-EVA Yes, but it's - I can fix it here.

CDR All right.

PLT-EVA Gosh darn - -

CDR Do what you need to do.

B26 20 55 06 CC Another suggestion, is you've got plenty of tape

with you; whatever looks like will hold it best
to you all. Maybe you can put the pin through and
then tape the pin in place or something. We got
30 seconds until LOS. Next station contact is the
Vanguard in port in 9-1/2 minutes. Out.

F_ CDR Roger, Bruce.

SPT-EVA You got it, Bill? Take your time there, Bill,
and think it through.

PLT-EVA I will. I - I have a solution.

B26 20 55 _38 CDR Yes, if you just get it tethered, you're in good
shape. It's a - installation is very good.

SPT-EVA Got it?

326 20 55 48 PLT-EVA Got it and - -

SPT-EVA Looks good.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Coming out.

CDR Now, Ed, you grab the FAS and manage your own
LSU and come on down.

326 20 55 59 SPT-EVA Okay. I've got one little whifferdill in this

LSU, which I'd like to get out of here first.
Make sure it doesn't get - Okay.

CDR Now, Bill, you want to go ahead and go to a posi-

tion where you're ready to start working on the
ant e nna.

326 20 56 27 PLT-EVA Okay. That's where I'm getting now.

CDR Okay.

CDE Watch out for this window behind you here, so you
don't want to kick it.

326 20 56 44 CDR Say, it seems to me the best place for you to be

working, Bill, is to be upside down from what you
are right now - with your feet away from the re-
straints, so that as Ed manages your body, he's
working with your shoulders rather than your
waist or your hips.

CDR And he'll do a lot better Job of restraining you

that way.

SPT-EVA Darn, this was originally silver, the way it says

in the trainer. That's this vent line here. It
sure isn't where the Sun gets to it.

326 20 57 37 PLT-EVA I - I think my umbilical may be caught down there.

CDR Well, I'll tell you what. Wait until Ed gets

down there and can see what's cooking.


CDR Just relax and let him get down.

SPT-EVA No, you got - you got lots of umbilical there.

326 20 57 48 PLT-EVA Yes, but I think I went down - when I went down
there to -

SPT-EVA Yes, okay. I can - I can pull out more umbilical.

Is that what you need?

PLT-EVA No, no, I don't need any more.

CDR I don't think so.

326 20 58 04 SPT-EVA Oh, okay.


326 20 58 06 CDR Bill, your feet are going to be down in the wrong
direction; they need to be - -

PLT-EVA I - well - -

CDR - - pointed in the opposite direction.

PLT-EVA Jer, I can't turn around; that's why I was -

CDR Well, then Just relax and wait until Ed gets there.

PLT-EVA That 's what I 'm doing.

326 20 58 17 SPT-EVA Okay, coming down, William.

CDR Wait until Ed gets in the restraint. Then he's

got all the leverage and he can maneuver you

PLT-EVA Roger.

326 20 58 31 SPT-EVA Okay, now let me - Bill? I guess what I do is

slide right down between this box and you.

PLT-EVA Yes, if you can.

SPT-EVA Can you lean forward a little bit?

CDR Why, it's B_g Ed.

SPT-EVA There. Now - Now when I - -

- PLT-EVA Tell - tell me as soon as you get in the foot re-

straints, Ed.

SPT-EVA Yes. Stand by, there.

326 20 59 25 PLT-EVA No, I don't have any below me.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now those foot restraints are locked.

PLT-EVA Yes. So go ahead and stick your little tootsies

in there, Cinderella.

SPT-EVA All right, your - heels so they're locked - -

326 20 59 48 CDR No, you're not there; you're not there. Roll the
inside of your - your left foot in and then try
it. You're - you're cocked on the -

SPT-EVA Sure I'm not there?

CDR No, you're not there.

SPT-EVA Well, this is not the most stable little platform,

is it?

CDR Roll down on your left arch. Push it down toward

the plate.

326 21 00 09 SPT-EVA Okay. It feels like it's in there, Jer.

CDR Well, you're in there part way, but you might slip
out easy. Now that's good; perfect.

CDR Now you're in solid.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now, read on.

CDR Okay. You're going to deploy - remove the jumper

box and place it on the hook of the tool pouch.
And - well, no, first of all, deploy the tool

326 21 00 34 SPT-EVA That's a good iaea there.

CDR But you need to help deploy Bill, too, if neces-

sary there.

SPT-EVA Well, Bill, tell you what; why don't you just stop
thrashing there? Just - just cool it a minute.

PLT-EVA I'm trying to get my bearings so that I can see

the - I've already looked inside the pitch pot,
and it looks clean.

CDR Okay.

326 21 01 19 SPT-EVA Don't keep bumping your - ... down there. Take
it easy and I'll have this thing deployed in no
time, and I'll be holding onto you.

CDR 0ops' I saw that Jumper box floating away and

the - and the lanyard was behind it. I couldn't
see it, and I thought it was loose.

SPT-EVA Come on there.


326 21 01 h3 CDR Oh, what a mess. (Laughter) I'm straining my gut

trying to help you, Ed.

SPT-EVA Well, hold on now; we're getting it.

326 21 02 09 CDR Gently with that, Ed. You're liable to flip a

tool out.

SPT-EVA Yes, I understand. Got to take this other one now

and put that one around too.

326 21 02 32 CDR Bill, I think you'd be better off helping Ed get

that tool box deployed.


CDR Hold it out for him so that loose end doesn't swing
around, the one that's looking at you right in the
face. Attaway. Be terrible to flip one of those
tools off of there and see it go whistling off.

326 21 02 55 SPT-EVA Okay, there's the Velcro on the left side, and I
think we've got a pretty good feel now. Now I can
take my wrist tether off this thing. Okay. Now
*NN here,Bill. Son of a gun.

326 21 03 19 CDR There you go. Good show. Not - not too much;
you're flipping it clear over.

SPT-EVA Yes, I know; I got to undo a little of it.

CDR Bill's got it and handing it to you.

- 326 21 03 32 SPT-EVA Yes, I see it, but you see, there's a - -

CDR There you go.

SPT-EVA Watch your feet there, Bill. There you go. That's
what we needed. Now I in turn, am going to hand
something to you. This thing coming around here.
Will you take that?

326 21 03 50 PLT-EVA Just a sec. I got it.

SPT-EVA Okay, now pull on it. No, no; I don't mean there.
I mean underneath here.

CDR There you go. There - got it.


326 21 0h 00 SPT-EVA Okay, now, Just bring that up. Just lay it down,
and I'll put it - okay, I got it. Now you just
worry about yourself there.

326 21 04 35 SPT-EVA Can't get the right side turned over to Velcr0 it.

PLT-EVA Ah, okay.

SPT-EVA Just hold onto that. I Just got to make a 180 with
this strap, here.

PLT-EVA (Laughter) Okay.

CDR Your left heel is about to kick the window, Bill.

PLT Okay, okay; if you hold it steady; I think I can

wrap it.

326 21 04 52 CDR Bill, your left heel's about to kick the window.

SPT-EVA Now let me put this one around here too.

CDR Okay, that looks good. Now you need to do the other
end that good. The other end looks pretty loose. --

SPT-EVA Well, I Just been sliding along here, Jer; that's

m_ problem. It's - it's on there; on my side I
got good Velero both ways.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA So I think we 're okay.

- CDR Very good; let's press on then.

326 21 05 24 CDR Now you take the J_nper box container and - from
your wrist tether and place it on the hook of the
tool pouch, Ed.

SPT-EVA Okay. Get that hook over here first. Tether off.


326 21 05 58 CC Skylab, this is Houston through the Vanguard in

port for 6 minutes. Over.

SPT-EVA I said hello, Bruce. We're Just setting up shop

here. We got the tools deployed and we're ready
to move on.

CDR 0kay, we 're - -

CC Roger. For the - -

CDR We're - inspect and the clean the pots.

326 21 06 16 SPT-EVA Let me give you the little spatula, Bill.


326 21 06 23 CDR Okay, it says inspect the pitch pot area of the
gimbal and sweep out any debris that you might see.
Using a motion - -

CC m** and periodically thereafter until we go back

into the momentum dump scheme. Over.

326 21 06 37 SPT-EVA Bruce, you didn't come through. 0nly the last half
of your sentence came through.

CC Okay; I'll repeat again in a minute.

SPT-EVA Okay, you have got a wrist tether there, Bill?

_ If you do not,take one of mine.

PLT-EVA No, I didn't. I used it to hold down the - -


PLT-EVA - - end that holds your foot restraint in.

SPT-EVA u._ minute until I get the spatula back in here.

But let me put it on my left wrist tether. And
I'll give you my right.

326 21 07 17 CC CDR, this is Houston; how do you read?

PLT-EVA Well, okay.

SPT-EVA Jer, you reading them?

326 21 07 2h CDR Loud and clear.

CC Okay, we suggest on panel 207, INHIBIT the CMG

SAT parameters. We expect you'll get a CMG SAT
in h5 minutes to 1 hour and periodically thereafter
until they get the momentum management scheme going
again. Ove r.

_ CDR Okay.

326 21 07 45 SPT-EVA Okay, now give me your wrist.

PLT-EVA Actually put it on the top if you don't mind.

SPT-EVA You already got one up there?

PLT-EVA No, I don't.

326 21 08 04 SPT-EVA Okay, there you are. Now you can put your -
put it on the spatula here.

326 21 08 19 CDR Lock it.

PLT-EVA Okay, now lock it.

SPT-EVA I'll take mine off. Is yours locked?

326 21 08 26 PLT-EVA Locked.


SPT-EVA *** to operate in this kind of game.

SPT-EVA Okay, now you would like me to hold your feet?

PLT-EVA Yes, please.

SPT-EVA Okay, if you'll Just - -

326 21 08 44 PLT-EVA Let me twist them down here.

SPT-EVA Just put them up. I'll get you.

CDR Put your feet up and hold his shoulders.

PLT-EVA Okay, I need to go higher.

SPT-EVA Your head is hitting the - -


SPT-EVA - - the gimbal.

326 21 08 57 PLT-EVA - - I need to go up towards you.

SPT-EVA Oh, towards me.


PLT-EVA Now Just start feeding m_ feet up.

SPT-EVA Up. I didn't know what up was.

PLT-EVA I didn't either. (Laughter)

326 21 09 08 SPT-EVA Right now I'm pushing you 235 miles dowa.

PLT-EVA Okay. Now I need - now push me toward m_ head.

SPT-EVA Toward your head.

PLT-EVA Yes, my two sevens [?].


326 21 09 21 PLT-EVA Okay. And -

SPT-EVA I'll steady you. Don't - don't try and get those - -


SPT-EVA - - those connectors.

CDR Okay, I'm going to move on down to the EREP panel

and get ready to go whenever you tell me.

SPT-EVA Okay. Have you had a chance to get that spatula

in there, Bill?

PLT-EVA No, I'm Just getting in position.

- 326 21 I0 02 SPT-EVA Okay.

326 21 l0 03 PLT-EVA Okay, right there. You can hold me right here.

SPT-EVA Okay, I got one foot and - the other.

326 21 lO 09 PLT-EVA I shouldn't be exerting much force. Jer, I'm pre-

pared to continue with the procedure.

CDR Go ahead. Clean the pitch pots and the roll pots.

326 21 lO 35 SPT-EVA Houston, we must have another satellite right in

orbit below us. Maybe it's part of a booster. I
can see it flashing.


326 21 i0 43 CC Roger. A minute and a half (laughter) to LOS.

Next station contact, i hour and 5 minutes through
Goldstone - -

PLT-EVA Good luck.

CC - - at 22:15. Over.

326 21 l0 55 CDR 1 hour and 5 minutes. Give them a "Roger."

PLT-EVA Okay, the pitch pot is - seems reasonably clean.

Could you hand me one of those flashlights, Ed?

SPT-EVA All right. I'll have to give up my grip on you.

PLT-EVA Okay, hold on; I'm going to - -

326 21 ll 20 CDR Go ahead and do the roll pots too, Bill.

PLT-EVA What ?

CDR Do the roll pots too.

PLT-EVA I know. I Just wanted to see how I was doing on


CDR Oh, okay.

326 21 ll 27 PLT-EVA But - There's not a lot of stuff jammed up in there.

Okay, I'm going to come around. If you can push
my feet to your left.

_ SPT-EVA To my left.

CDR Houston, Bill didn't see much of anything in the

pitch pot.

PLT-EVA No, your left.

326 21 ii _2 CC We're copying him, Jerry.

PLT-EVA That way.

_ 323

326 21 ii 46 PLT Push my feet to your left. Okay.


326 21 ii 50 CC Press on in accordance with the flow chart and

your instructions.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Okay, there you go.

326 21 Ii 57 SPT-EVA Oh, I see what we're seeing. All these little
sparklies flying off of - We're seeing some of
the insulation as it moves away.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Now, you move down now.

SPT-EVA Okay. Just a minute, you're - hold on, hold on.

Let me get the - the umbilical out. Okay.

PLT-EVA Okay, can you continue to shove me around? There

--_ we go.

326 21 12 h0 PLT-EVA Yes, a lot of that insulation is coming off.

SPT-EVA All right, Just a minute - hold on. Your umbili-

cal 's hung up. Okay.

PLT-EVA Am I still free?

- SPT-EVA You're okay, yes. Where do you want to go?

326 21 13 06 PLT-EVA Well, I'm not sure. I thought I wanted to go

around -

PLT-EVA Okay. Now - -

SPT-EVA Careful with that. Don't - you got -

CDR Hey, you guys - -

326 21 13 22 SPT-EVA I'll hold you. Let me move you; you can tell me
where you want to go.


PLT-EVA Okay, I want to go back over on the other side - -

CDR It's okay to hold onto the waveguide. Just don't

reach out in front of the antenna. The waveguide's
real strong in the back.

SPT-EVA Well -

CDR They said that was an acceptable handhold.

SPT-EVA That makes me a little nervous.

CDR Heck, it's made out of alnm_nu1_.

326 21 13 45 PLT-EVA Okay, push my feet to your right.

326 21 13 47 SPT-EVA 0ks_v. I'm going to lose hold of you, though.

PLT-EVA There we go. What?

SPT-EVA I'm losing hold of you.


SPT-EVA You got the - the window there; the EREP window.

CDR Watch out you don't kick the windows. I might

get short of breath in here.

SPT-EVA Okay, Bill. What are you doing now?

PLT-EVA I'm trying to get to the roll pot, and I can't

quite get in the right position.

326 21 14 29 SPT-EVA Just tell me where you want to be and I'll steer

PLT-EVA Well, the - the question right -It doesn't look

like it did in the training, and I -

PLT-EVA Okay - There's some -

326 21 15 06 CDR We can't hear you, Bill.

PLT-EVA Okay, there's no - there's no - very little clear-

ance for the roll. And - *** Try to pull up
slightly so I can see in there.


SPT-EVA Okay. Up this way?

I PLT-EVA Okay, that's good; right there. If you can hold

me right in there.

326 21 16 32 SPT-EVA You're doing real good there, Bill.

PLT-EVA I keep thinking I 'm in the wrong place.

SPT-EVA Now wait a minute. You can actually - You can see
the two gimbals pretty essily.

PLT-EVA I know.

CDR You think you're at the wrong end. Is that it?


326 21 17 12 SPT-EVA ... it better with your right arm.

326 21 17 18 PLT-EVA It's very, very difficult to get in here with a


PLT-EVA Yes. I'm on the dark side here too.

SPT-EVA *** visor up you could probably see a little bit


PLT-EVA Hey, Jer?

CDR Yes.

PLT-EVA What I suggest we do is - is that I -once - I have

not seen that I have cleaned anything out.

CDR All right.

PLT-EVA But let me get out of the way.

CDR Okay. Tell me when you're well clear. I won't do

a thing until you're well clear.

326 21 18 14 SPT-EVA Okay, now what have you got as a handhold there?

CDR Be careful, I hear people kicking. Don't kick m_


SPT-EVA Okay, Bill, now I'Ii Just have to - tell you what.
Let me hold your - okay - towards me.
PLT-EVA Okay, our umbillcals are on the antenna now. Let
*** Okay. You can hold me here. We're clear. '


PLT-EVA Let me get the _nbilicals, Just a second. Okay.

Let her rip, Jer.

326 21 18 51 CDR Okay, here we go. EREP POWER, BUS 1 and BUS 2
coming ON now.

326 21 18 58 CDR PANEL POWER, DISPLAY, ON. Okay.

326 21 19 03 CDR Here comes RAD POWER, to STANDBY.

SPT-EVA That really zaps it over there, doesn't it?

CDR Okay, did it go to zero zero?

PLT-EVA No. It went all - full throw left.

CDR Full throw left, huh? Well, it looks like we haven't

fixed it, then.

326 21 19 22 SPT-EVA That where it was?

326 21 19 28 CDR Okay, I'm going to turn it off now.

SPT-EVA Is that where it's driven to before, Jer?

326 21 19 32 CDR Yes, that's the problem. It's rolled. Isn't that
right, Bill?

PLT-EVA Yes. This is right.

326 21 19 39 CDR All right. BAD POWER, is coming OFF.

326 21 19 41 CDR PANEL POWER, DISPLAY is coming OFF.

326 21 19 4h CDR BUS 2 and BUS i are OFF. Okay, you're cleared to
get back on it. It's all dead.

SPT-EVA Okay. Is there anything else you can think - you

can do with that pot there, Bill?

PLT-EVA I'm going to try it once more.


326 21 20 01 CDR Okay, watch the waveguide.

SPT-EVA Yes. There you go.

SPT-EVA Getting in there. It - m_ybe - what I'm thinking

is we can use the hooker on it.

PLT-EVA I - I see some material down in there.

SPT-EVA Oh, good. Hey, see if you can get it.

CDR Is it the roll pot?

326 21 20 48 PLT-EVA Pitch.

CDR Well, our problem's with roll, though, isn't it?

SPT-EVA Well, they - No, they claimed that that was where
it was most likely shorted.

PLT-EVA Let's see, I got to - -

CDR Well, then I don't understand why it's going to a

maximum roll position.

SPT-EVA Bill, watch - watch - watch. Don't pull on that


PLT-EVA Well, I need to go forward or - -

SPT-EVA Just tell me where you want to go and I'll put you
there. What - -

PLT-EVA Okay. I need my chest - -

SPT-EVA - - What was your - -

326 21 21 l0 PLT-EVA - - I wanted my chest to go forward towards -


PLT-EVA There we go.

326 21 22 21 PLT-EVA Okay, I'm going to have to have a flashlight, Ed.

SPT-EVA Okay, can you put it on the same wrist tether as



SPT-EVA Okay, we're going to have to make a little maneuver

for that.

326 21 22 35 SPT-EVA *** arm down here, and I'ii try to hook that on.

326 21 2B 17 CDR Been out for B hours and 40 minutes, guys.

SPT-EVA Turn it on for you.



PLT-EVA Thank you.

326 21 23 59 PLT-EVA Okay, I want to go to my left.

SPT-EVA To your left. Okay.

326 21 2h 31 PLT-EVA Okay, now I need to go further, can you put my

feet down.

SPT-EVA Up towards your bottom?

PLT-EVA Towards you.

SPT-EVA Towards me, okay.

PLT-EVA Now - -

SPT-EVA Give me everything relative to your body.

PLT-EVA - - like I was going to go toward my heels.


PLT-EVA Backwards toward my heels.

_-_ 329

PLT-EVA S_nersault - heels ,_o head.

I 326 21 25 00 SPT-EVA Is that right?

I PLT-EVA No; that's the right direction, but it didn't go

. farenough.

SPT-EVA All right. Let me pull you down.

326 21 25 44 PLT-EVA I can't get in the right position to really see in


SPT-EVA All right, now Just tell me where you want to go,

326 21 25 48 PLT-EVA I want m_ head to go forward a little bit and ...

my head - yes, I want my head to -

326 21 25 57 SPT-EVA Speak up.

PLT-EVA Okay. I need to go to my left. My head - my head

forward now. If I can hold in here, I think I can
get in there and -

PLT-EVA ... screwing me up now -

SPT-EVA Hey, Bill.

326 21 27 17 PLT-EVA Can you read me now?


- PLT-EVA I still need to go to my left. My head needs to

move to my left. No that's right.

SPT-EVA Oh, I'm sorry. Your other leg.

PLT-EVA Okay, let's see.

PLT-EVA Well, if I can get my arm out of the way Just a

little bit farther. There we go; llke that. Now
my head needs to come out. Push my whole body up
toward my head. Now I need to go back over to my
left. Oops, the flashlight came off the tether.

326 21 28 15 SPT-EVA Oh, is that right? Uh-oh. Make sure it's locked
on there; you must have 1_locked it there.

PLT-EVA It 's unlocked.

SPT-EVA In all the fiddling around there. We each have

another one in our - in our shoulder pocket if we
should need it. Oop! Be careful with it. Bey,

CDB Yes.

SPT-EVA How much time we got left in darkness here?

326 21 28 42 CDR Let's see. About 14 minutes, it says here.

SPT-EVA 0kay.

CDR Is it pretty dark?

SPT-EVA Yes, it sure is. The only thing we got out here
to use as lights are the EVA lighting which is
on the other side, Bill's flashlight and my PCU
control light, and man, that's it. Other than
that, it's a lot of nice stars.

PLT-EVA Those little sparklies I was seeing before, what -

I thought was a part of the second stage, you
know, that's been floating around with Skylab.

CDR Uh-huh.

PLT-EVA But it turned out that all the insulation which

comes off of here is still loose - off into the
distance and once it gets, oh, 30 or _0 feet out
- or so, you got no depth perception on it. For
all you know, it's - you know, i00 miles away;
you really can't tell. That was until I saw around
l0 or 15 pieces of the booster and I decided that
wasn't it.

SPT-EVA I'll hold this, and I'm holding you, so you ought
to be able to work on it now.

CDB Got the antenna. Anything?


PLT-EVA The area looks clean in there really.

326 21 30 12 CDR Okay, do you want to try another test?

326 21 30 14 PLT-EVA No, not right now .... roll looks ... First I
want to get this flashlight tethered. Holding
it I can't see what I'm doing, when - when I'm
tethering it.

326 21 30 43 PLT-EVA Hey, great; I got it.

SPT-EVA Okay, now you want to get to the roll, huh?

PLT-EVA Well, Just a second. One more time. Well, doggone,

there is some insulation down in there. Looks
like it's way beyond it, but - put the point in
the wrong - put the point on the wrong place. I
need to take it out - pointing - point it out.

SPT-EVA I got to cut my flow, LCG down, it sure is cool

over here on the night side.

PLT-EVA Well, I tell you what, let's just take a break

_-- here and don't do anythingfor a while.

326 21 31 34 SPT-EVA Well, okay, rest a little bit.

326 21 31 36 PLT-EVA Well, I - I can't hold a flashlight. It's on the

same tether as the spatuling [sic] - the spatula.

SPT-EVA Okay, how much more to sunlight, Jer?

CDR Oh, I don't know. Probably 2 minutes less than

it was last time. Just a minute; llminutes.

SPT-EVA *** stars this is the way to do it.

326 21 32 19 CDR If you can find Corvus you might look for the comet;
be between Corvus and - and what?

SPT-EVA Little short there; I'll have to take that ***

326 21 33 46 SPT-EVA Okay, Bill, let's see, you - you worked the pitch
one over pretty well up in this one corner where
I thought it would have to be. Now the roll -
Have you been able to identify the location of the
roll? End of the pot you should be working on?

PLT-EVA It doesntt look like the trainer here. The -

basically you have a much - much tighter fit.

326 21 34 06 SPT-EVA Keep the location, though. You got the - you
got the plus or minus roll end of it pinpointed
and working on it.


SPT-EVA Okay. Now when we come up again, all we got to

do is Just let me worry about your body. All I
- It might take a little fumbling around but
don't tug on the wires on the back of that - the
flat cabling. Waveguide - or not the waveguide,
but the - that thing is fine but don't pull on
those -

PLT-EVA Tell you what, if you'll pull my feet down and

let me - and I could get a look at it here in
the dark.

326 21 35 12 SPT-EVA Okay.

326 21 35 42 PLT-EVA ...

SPT-EVA Say something?

PLT-EVA Can you read me?

SPT-EVA No, I didn't, Bill.


SPT-EVA Ss_v again. I didn't hear you, no.

PLT-EVA Oh, okay. I need to move my head over to my

right, but I need that - my - there's structure
here in the way, so I need to get - -


PLT-EVA - - my feet first, forward.

SPT-EVA Okay ....

326 21 36 55 PLT-EVA If you can, move forward so I can look back up

*** Okay, now it's toward my feet, flat foot


PLT-EVA That's good with the foot. Okay, I need to come

forward a little more.

SPT-EVA m** the way and I'm trying to push you forward.

PLT-EVA I'm trying to push myself slightly to the right.

326 21 37 25 PLT-EVA Now my head forward.

326 21 37 h0 SPT-EVA Hey, Jer, why don't you come on out here and hold
the antenna?

CDR Hey, I'd love to do that. Only who'd m_nd the

store ?

PLT-EVA My head needs to go toward the antenna, and I need

to come down slightly.

SPT-EVA Tell me where you want me.

PLT-EVA Okay, down a little farther.


PLT-EVA Okay. Hold it right there.

CDR About 4-1/2 minutes of darkness. Looks like you're

getting -

SPT-EVA Getting a little already, I think.

CDR Yes.

PLT-EVA Okay, now bring it down lower.

SPT-EVA Lower?

PLT-EVA Yes, lower.

326 21 39 09 PLT-EVA That's good right there. Okay, if there's anything

in there, I can't see it.

SPT-EVA Looks clean, huh?


SPT-EVA Want to brush it a little bit, while you can see


PLT Do what?

SPT-EVA Do you want to brush it a little bit more while

you can see it? It only takes a very small
piece in there.

PLT-EVA Okay. Trouble is, I 'm tied onto my flashlight.

SPT-EVA Oh, ye s. Here.

326 21 39 54 SPT-EVA Yes. I can't hold you and get my flashlight out
at the same time, unfortunately.

326 21 41 2h SPT-EVA How you doing, Bill?


SPT-EVA How's your tamp?

PLT-EVA Tamp 's fine.

B26 21 hl 5h SPT-EVA What you doing in there, Jer?

CDR Making changes to the EREP book.

SPT-EVA Got a little bit of condensation on that window,

don't we?

CDR Yes, there's a little tad there. Believe it's on

the outside, too, or at least between panes.

SPT-EVA I guess it all forms there in the center of the

window where the windows are coldest. The struc-
ture probably heats it up and that center is the
•.. coldest. Do you have any kind of lights in-
side, bright lights that we could shine on that
and heat it up; get rid of it. Probably all we'd
do is drive that moisture to somewhere else on
the window. Here comes the Sun'

CDR Okay• Get back to work, you guys.

SPT-EVA The thing is if I do the ... Okay, sweet William,

what 's your desire?
_, 335

326 21 _3 08 PLT-_A Okay. I want - I want to do one more thing on

the pitch pot. And I want to brush the roll
heir again.

SPT-EVA All right, and then let's stand back and have a go
at it. If that doesn't work, we move on.

PLT-EVA Right.

CDR That's right. You have been 4 hours out there.

Now we got to kind of press on.


SPT-EVA Just - Just a minute, Bill. I want you to get your

umbilical out of something. Okay.

326 21 43 53 PLT-EVA Ah-hah'

SPT-EVA What ?

PLT-EVA I may have found it.

SPT-EVA What is it?

PLT-EVA Some insulation On the pitch pot.

SPT-EVA All right, beautiful. I sure hope so, babe'

CDR What did you say?

SPT-EVA Insulation on the pitch pot.

PLT-EVA Well, I 'll need now the ... al_mi num.

PLT-EVA Man, that stuff is hard to remove. Here it is.

326 21 44 29 PLT-EVA Man, I hope that was it. Okay, I want to use the
flashlight bag to put mine away.

SPT-EVA All right. But Just a minute. Wait until I -

wait until I get set to sync it here, Bill.

PLT-EVA Okay. Now you hold it.

PLT-EVA Okay. You got itY

336 -'_

SPT-EVA I've got it. Okay, now I'm going to have to put
it on a tether here, Bill.

PLT-EVA Okay. You Just let go of me for a while.

CDR Man, I hope that was the culprit. We'll find out
soon enough.

SPT-EVA Now, do you want to have another go at the other

pot ?

PLT-EVA No, I'll have another go at this one, because I

didn't see that until I pulled this insulation
cover back. I'm still not sure that that was it,
but it's a possibility.

326 21 h6 02 SPT-EVA Tell me where you want to be, Bill, and I'll put
you - -

PLT-EVA Right there. Right there is good.

SPT-EVA There's no way of getting on the ...

SPT-EVA I'll tell you, Jer, we sure have created a - another

stellar field for ourselves.

CDR I'm sure the star tracker _-ili appreciate it.


PLT-EVA I need - let's see - Okay, once more.

PLT-EVA I need to go to my right.

SPT-EVA To your right.

PLT-EVA Get my head back a little bit here.

326 21 47 01 PLT-EVA Okay, right in there - right in - That's good.


PLT-EVA ... down. No ... The other way, Ed.

SPT-EVA Further down?

PLT-EVA Yes, the other one down.


PLT-EVA That's to allow my head to come forward.

PLT-EVA Okay, can I - my feet need to come up there to-

wards my - toward the heel direction.

326 21 47 57 SPT-EVA Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pull you down
while I was doing it.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

SPT-EVA Now - doggone it.

PLT-EVA Right there - right there. Well, there's pieces

of insulation in there. That could be the prob-
lem. The - the tool's not adequate to get it.

SPT-EVA Now, let's see. What do you think you need to

get at it?

PLT-EVA Well, let me - let me try Just a little bit more.

I wish I had something like an ice pick on it.

CDR You got a screwdriver out there.

326 21 48 45 SPT-EVA I think they made that thing purposely soft like
that so you wouldn't dent anything. Now, I sug-
gest we try it before we break some stuff in

CDR Yes. That's right.

SPT-EVA Anything metallic.

326 21 49 17 PLT-EVA I (laughter) tethered - I need to reel it on my

left arm and I got it tethered to my right.

SPT-EVA Now which way are things tethered? Be careful

now because that's a tough thing to work.

PLT-EVA Yes, I know.

SPT-EVA Want me to help you?

PLT-EVA Hold off.

SPT-EVA Rather than lose it, why don't you Just let me
bring you down here?


326 21 50 05 SPT-EVA Okay. Now, hold on to a ... that's a good idea.

Okay. Now you Just bring me your right arm.

PLT-EVA 0ne's on my left - -

SPT-EVA Okay, I want it on the left arm, over here.

SPT-EVA Okay, I 'd say that 's there.

PLT-EVA Okay. Now, if you can move your leg around to

the same position I had•

SPT-EVA Okay. You will have to give me instructions


326 21 50 50 PLT-EVA Okay, that's - Now put my legs over here.

SPT-EVA Watch it' Hey, wait. Oh, hold it, hold it, hold
it, hold the phone' Get the umbilicals out of my
- out of the way here. Okay.

PLT-EVA Okay• Now the ... lock there and you hold it
right in there. --

SPT-EVA 0kay.

PLT-EVA Okay, _y head's got to go to the left a little•

I can't quite see to the left• Okay, a little

SPT-EVA Oh• I'm sorry; it's the other left•

PLT-EVA Okay. I'm tender in my legs, too.

BPT-EVA Can you see what you are after now?


SPT-EVA Hey, Bill• Say what do you think if we put a

little fix tape on the end of that thing, you
can get in there with it?

PLT-EVA No• That's not what's bothering me right now.

•.• a lot of the dexterity I need to manipulate.

SPT-EVA Okay, what do you need?

PLT-EVA Okay, I got the piece out I was working for.


SPT-EVA Is there another one in there?

PLT-EVA No, that's it. No. Apparently -

326 21 52 31 CDR Maybe you ought to back off and we'll see if We
got it.

PLT-EVA Okay, I'll back off again.

SPT-EVA Okay, now remember where that thing slams over

to, Bill. There's the peg ... there. So I sug-
gest what you do is push yourself back right
against the EREP window box. Get our umbilicals
out of the way because when that thing swings, it
really goes. Now get those umbilicals out of the
way if you can.

326 21 53 01 PLT-EVA Just a second.

SPT-EVA I can't reach yours.


_ SPT-EVA0kay.

CDR Okay -

SPT-EVA Nait a minute. No. No.


326 21 53 08 SPT-EVA Hold - hold it just - That one is hung up on the

EREP window box ... Not much to grab on to
there, do you?

PLT-EVA Okay, just a second. I want us to arrive in the

same position.

SPT-EVA Meanwhile, I take all the umbilicals out, and,

Jer, let her roll.

CDR Okay. Have you got the antenna position so it's

well off of zero zero?


SPT-EVA Here, I'll get it. Okay.

3hO _

326 21 53 44 CDR Okay, here they go. EREP POWER, BUS l, ON; BUS 2,
ON; POWER DISPLAY, ON. Stand by, here she comes.
RAD POWER, to STANDBY, now. Minus - - .

PLT-EVA Afraid not, Jer. Didn't do it.

CDR Okay. POWER's coming OFF. Okay, you're safe to

get in close to it again.

PLT-EVA All right. Okay, let's assume that the DAC

doesn 't work.

SPT-EVA All right. Let's press on.

326 21 5_ 13 CDR All right, the next step is to inspect the flex
harness, from the three connectors to the first
tie-down to see if there is any obvious damage.

PLT-EVA That 's in work.

SPT-EVA Come on down here again, Bill, and I'll get your


SPT-EVA - - your feet. Drift this way. Okay. I've got

your feet.

PLT-EVA Okay, the flex harness is way down there, Ed.

SPT-EVA Where? Towards me?

- PLT-EVA Yes. Okay, now you go here do a whifferdill.


PLT-EVA Can my feet go in toward the spacecraft a little


326 21 55 06 SPT-EVA Just a minute.

PLT-EVA There we go.

326 21 55 17 SPT-EVA Just got your head here now, Bill.


PLT-EVA I want to be -

SPT-EVA NOw where do you want to be? _-"


PLT-EVA I want to be right here. Do I have a route - do

I have a route to reach the antenna?

CDR Bill, as long as you don't move around - yes, your

SOP is over in that direction.

SPT-EVA SOP's over there.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

SPT-EVA Where you want me to get, Bill?

PLT-EVA Right here.

SPT-EVA Oh, I see what you're looking at. Yes.

Z26 21 55 58 PLT-EVA Okay, the flex harness is not d_maged.

CDR Okay, that means we got to install a Jumper box.

PLT-EVA Okay. I need the scissors, Ed.

SPT-EVA Say again?

PLT-EVA I need the scissors.

SPT-EVA Well, all right, I can't - We got to get you out

of the way here first, Bill.

PLT-EVA Okay. Am I ... my mnhilical, here?

SPT-EVA Just a minute. I Just tangled up in all the goodies

here. Hold on, here. Are you hanging on?


SPT-EVA Okay. There.

PLT-EVA If I put my feet out like - -

SPT-EVA Just a minute - Just a minute. Our hammer is

going to come out of here .... umbilical. Okay,
now where do you want to he?

326 21 56 50 PLT-EVA Well, I would like to be - face the work area

here. Like this. And - however, if I put my
feet in position for this view - Are you reading

SPT-EVA Very broken. You're break - you're breaking up

pretty bad.

PLT-EVA Well - -

SPT-EVA Okay, go ahead. Right there?

PLT-EVA Yes, can you put my feet more to the - that way?

SPT-EVA To your left. Okay?

PLT-EVA No. That 's right. The other way.

326 21 57 19 SPT-EVA Your other left.

PLT-EVA There we go. Now if I get - get my feet on the

other side of you so you can pull leg back far.
So - you'll have to pull me back and I'll have
to put my feet - can you put my feet down? Toes
- heels to -

SPT-EVA There?

PLT-EVA There we go. Beautiful.

326 21 57 42 SPT-EVA Okay, now, you Just hold on there and I'll get
you a pair of scissors.


CDR Watch out for your visor, Bill.

SPT-EVA May want to push your other visor up here.

SPT-EVA Just a minute. There. Now, you can see what

you are doing.


SPT-EVA Okay. Now, you want to put the flashlight - We've

given up on the spatula, huh?

PLT-EVA Yes, I did.

SPT-EVA Why don't you give me the spatula? And we'll put
that thing away. Get it out of our hair here.

326 21 58 42 SPT-EVA Okay, scissors. Be careful here. I'll hold onto

it and you hook onto it.

PLT-EVA Yes, Just a minute. I need a little on my right.

... back to _ right.

SPT-EVA Okay, let 's lock elbows here.

SPT-EVA Let me lock them.

PLT-EVA Just a sac.


PLT-EVA Got it.

SPT-EVA You got a lock?


SPT-EVA Okay. You take - here, I'll take the - the clamp
off. Okay. Now that's probably not the easiest
thing to use. Tell me where you want it to be.

326 21 59 50 CDR Okay. It says: Clear insulation away from con-

nectors, as required, to loosen the screws. I
guess there's nothing new here that you don't
already know.

PLT-EVA 0kay, now you need to pull me - pull my feet a

little bit. There, right there. Now put me
down toward it.

SPT-EVA ... where the VC is cleared.

PLT-EVA Hey, that's the way. Beautiful.

326 22 00 2h PLT-EVA Can you pull me back over that? Right along in


PLT-EVA 0kay. Man I know that 's hard work, Ed.

SPT-EVA Well, now Just you tell me where you want to be.
Half the trouble's understanding it.
3_ ....

CDR Bill, your visor is part way down and if you keep
scraping it, you're going to ruin it. I'd put it
up if I were you.

PLT-EVA Well, I - we were going to try the VC but I don't

think we can. Okay.

326 22 01 35 SPT-EVA What are the pieces that you get out of there?

PLT-EVA What? I'm not sure I got any that was of any

SPT-EVA Apparently we didn't get the right one.


SPT-EVA That was it.

PLT-EVA That was it. Yes.

SPT-EVA Jer, what do we - what's the procedure here, now?

326 22 02 02 PLT-EVA I'm trying to get - -

CDR You're going to clear way to insulation. And then

he's going to loosen those three pair of connec-
tors, and disconnect those connectors, those three.


CDR Then he's going to-put the Jumper box in on - on

top of the plate and - -

PLT-EVA I want to go back.

326 22 02 19 SPT-EVA Which way?

PLT-EVA Toward the work area. You know, Just slightly

back; right along in here.


CDR Just a matter of - -

SPT-EVA Knock.

CDR - - pulling out the insulation, putting on the box

and hooking up the three connectors again.
._ 345

SPT-gVA Okay, now what's this going to be for?

CDR This Just allows us to open one channel at a time.

SPT-EVA I got the pin .....

326 22 02 44 PLT-EVA I need to go down - quite a bit, Ed. Down quite

a bit. Down quite a bit. Toward my feet.

SPT-EVA Looks like you don't have much purchase here, Bill.


SPT-EVA There you go.

CDR You're going to need the Yankee screwdriver next,


SPT-EVA The what kind of screwdriver?

326 22 03 26 CDR The rebel screwdriver.

SPT-EVA Okay, the Dixie screwdriver. The Dixie screw-

f driver coming up.

CDR Dixie screwdriver, htth? (Laughter)

SPT-EVA Okay. Hey, we want to tether this thing, huh?

326 22 03 58 CDR Yes. Don't lose it.

SPT-EVA You want another tether, Bill?

PLT-EVA No, I think this is all, but Just a second.

SPT-EVA Okay. Okay, you've done all the clearing you need,

PLT-EVA I think so.

SPT-EVA All right. Hand me the scissors and I'll put them
away. Better be careful with that. Okay, can
you hold yourself there now?


326 22 04 24 SPT-EVA Because I need both hands for this one.

SPT-EVA Bill has a way, Jer. He Just flies away from

the spacecraft. I'm afraid -

PLT-EVA ... it's the outgassing from our PCUs.


CDR Careful with those scissors now, Ed.

SPT-EVA Oh, I've put them up, Jer.

CDR I know, but they're not tethered in.

326 22 05 02 SPT-EVA I understand that. But I'm more concerned about

losing this tether.

PLT-EVA Okay, now.

SPT-EVA Jer, it's going to take forever to get that thing

in there. We're Just going to have to depend on
the Velcro here.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Same with our friend - friendly spatula. Okay.

Here comes the screwdriver.

326 22 05 56 SPT-EVA Okay. Get your back to operating location here.

Okay, tell me where you want to be.

- PLT-EVA Right - for right now, get these first three out.
Haven't been able to get ... like they thought
they would.

SPT-EVA Say again.

PLT-EVA Oh, nothing.

CDR Bill, I think your problem now is that you got

that mike in your mouth. You're probably over-
driving the VOX system now.

326 22 07 03 SPT-EVA Having any much - much luck?

PLT-EVA I'll let you know in a minute.


PLT-EVA 0kay. Now you can put me down a little bit.


PLT-EVA Move me down and let me compare that one.

SPT-EVA What do you think they're ...

PLT-EVA Okay. Let me try some more here. Turn m_ water

flow down a little bit. I'm getting a little
chilled. Okay, let 's try again.

SPT-EVA Lean up.

326 22 0R 30 PLT-EVA This thing is not engaged in the slot.

SPT-EVA Make sure it's perpendicular.

SPT-EVA That do it?

PLT-EVA I don' t know.

PLT-EVA I wonder if there's a slipknot under there.

CDR No, I don't - I wouldn't think so. I - I would

think they would know about it if there was.

326 22 l0 08 PLT-EVA Seems like there's a knot under there slipping.

I'm twisting the - the *** Hey, I finally got

SPT-EVA Hey, there you go. Okay.

PLT-EVA Why didn't these others come out?

SPT-EVA I think you got it perpendicular. I can see it.

You got to move it a little - the top a little
bit to your left.

PLT-EVA Well, son of a gun.

SPT-EVA Did you get it?


SPT-EVA Tell you what.


PLT-EVA Well, it seemed to come down some. Can you -

Too bad; that worked so well on the ground.

326 22 ll 52 PLT-EVA All right, it's perpendicular. There's something

underneath there moving, Jer. I can see it.

PLT-EVA I think that 's it.

CDR The one I did underwater took, what seemed to me,

an inordinately large number of strokes to get it

PLT-EVA I think we've gotten them. Okay, now move ***

CDR You got all three?

SPT-EVA Three of them on one side. Now we've got to get

the other three.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Let me see in there. Okay, can you push my -

toward my feet.

326 22 13 17 SPT-EVA Now, that's really hard for you, Bill. You may
want - I'll just move out of the way and let -
and I can lean forward and do it.

SPT-EVA I got them all stabilized and everything. Okay.

SPT-EVA Okay. Tell you what. Just hold on just - Get

stabilized and move yourself over this way.

326 22 13 37 PLT-EVA I'll tell you what. Let me get the - the two -

CDR I wouldn't - Okay, there you go.

SPT-EVA You sure don't have much clearance here.

PLT-EVA Let me ... in and then push that insulation in.

SPT-EVA Okay. Don't drift away.

326 22 14 37 PLT-EVA Okay. Pull me back down there, Ed. I'm used to
working the thing.

SPT-EVA All right. You're going to have to come at it

from an angle.

SPT-EVA Hand one to me, Bill.

326 22 15 15 PLT-EVA Don't worry, Ed, that's right. Now I want to go

down toward m_ feet. There. Now toward my right
slightly. Down, back it down again.

SPT-EVA Here, you have to come at it from an angle. I'll

tell you that's a - a tough angle to move that in
there ....

PLT-EVA Yes, they - they didn't have it that way in the

water tan_. It was where we could get to it.

SPT-EVA i remember that - that clearance problem.

326 22 16 00 PLT-EVA Okay, I - doggone it. I just keep coming back up


SPT-EVA Okay. Okay. Where do you want to be? Right


PLT-EVA That 's good.

_-- SPT-EVA Okay.

326 22 16 12 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone and

Corpus Christi for 12 minutes. Over.

CDR Hello, Bruce. We're in box ll on the road map

right now.

CC Thank you, Jerry.

PLT-EVA Let this come down some.


PLT-EVA Okay, that 's good right there.

CDR We tried cleaning both pots twice and powering up

and running a functional check. It Just didn't
work. So we finally gave up on the "cleaning the
pots bit", and we're now in the process of in-
stalling the Jumper box.

CC Roger. We copy. Thank you.

350 :-_

CDR At the moment Bill has gotten one side of the

three connectors loose and he's working on the
other side of them now.

PLT-EVA Working on the hard side now.

326 22 16 51 CC ... on those connectors, you want to back them

out" a little bit on each side at a time, don't

PLT-EVA On these it doesn't make any difference. I did -

I drifted about an inch and a half too high, Ed,
if you can -

SPT-EVA Okay. Why don't you - -

PLT-EVA Oh, it's my arm. I see why you're having trouble.

SPT-EVA Yes. See, your right is the one that's -

PLT-EVA I can't engage that thing.

326 22 17 23 SPT-EVA You can't engage that thing, can you? I'll tell
you, Bruce, we got a littlebit of - - -

PLT-EVA ... Is there any way you can swing my feet back
over to my right?


PLT-EVA In the back. Now twist - twist me to the right

and my feet back to the right at the same time.


CDR Okay, you gt_rs. What about flipping him 180 de-
grees so his feet are in the opposite direction
and then Ed working on his shoulders?

SPT-EVA We could do that. What do you think, Bill?

CDR ... back out.

PLT-EVA That's good, let's try it that way.

SPT-EVA Okay. Going one ... - -


326 22 17 51 CDR Now, Ed, you ought to be able to see better what's
going on and you can help give him better bracing.

PLT-EVA Okay, now you're going to have to push me down a

little bit farther. I can't see it now. To my
left; that way. Okay, now I have to feel my left
hand ... these tethers.

326 22 18 13 SPT-EVA Hey, Bruce, we've got a bit of a problem with the
alignment on the - the down side of this. That's
the - the side closest to the flange, the large
flange which runs by and which supports the box.
I don't think these - screwdriver which we're
using Just won't allow us to get a straight pur-
chase on it - on the three screws on that one
side because the location of the flange so we're
trying to come in from an angle.

PLT-EVA I need for my head to go toward it.


PLT-EVA Up around ... my head, I can see right in here.

SPT-EVA All right.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

326 22 18 58 SPT-EVA Okay, I've got you. Watch your helmet.

PLT-EVA Oh, that's not the way to do it.

SPT-EVA Yes. I don't think we've got enough stabiliza-

tion - -

PLT-EVA ... Just a second. No, I didn't mean that, I

meant - that's a good position, I think ... Right
in here would be good if you can hold that.

SPT-EVA Okay. I got you.

SPT-EVA That get it? Did you get one?

326 22 19 5h PLT-EVA No. I may have. I don't know. It's hard to

tell. Boy, this tether loop is right in the
wrong place.

PLT-EVA Well, we'll know how to do it the next time, Bed.

SPT-EVA There you go; that's a good straight shot.

PLT-EVA (Laughter) Having to hold the attitude antenna

on there is a real hindrance, but of Course it'll
save it, too.

SPT-EVA Yes. We can't operate without that.

PLT-EVA Okay, right there. Can you hold that?


326 22 21 00 PLT-EVA That's a ... angle.

SPT-EVA That ... doing it.

PLT-EVA I don't know. I'll tell you in a minute.

SPT-EVA You can see the other ones on the - the other
side are loose.

CDR Give it lots of strokes, Bill. It seems to take

a lot more than you think is normal. -


326 22 21 33 CDR Hey, we Just flew over the Las Vegas area. I can
see Lake Mead down there.

PLT-EVA I need to go to ... let's see, right along in


SPT-EVA Okay. I 'll hold you.

CDR We must be m-king descending pass right down


326 22 22 48 PLT-EVA You can move my ... light to the left, I lost
sight of the screw. Oh, boy.


PLT-EVA ... that way.

SPT-EVA Yes, you got to - to your left?

PLT-EVA That 's good, right there.


326 22 23 12 SPT-_A Okay, good. I think you've got to move that

screwdriver a little to your right to get a
straight shot at it. It'll be perpendicular.


CDR Over BaJa.

PLT-EVA Once more.

SPT-EVA Say again.

PLT-EVA Let's try it once more.


PLT-EVA Man, wish I had a handhold, it'd be nice.

326 22 24 05 CC For CDR, Houston. Your X-axis momentum is up to

about minus 60 percent, so we're going to up our
bias offset from minus 30 to minus 45. Over.

CDR Okay, Bruce.


PLT-EVA Oops, I can't see. I'm looking straight on there.

No, it didn't do any good at all. It Just - we
made the handle too big on this thing. It's half
the flange on this channel where there's -

326 22 24 _9 CDR Would the other screwdriver be any easier?

SPT-EVA Do you think you can get the other screwdriver in

- there?

PLT-EVA Oh, I don't - I don't have any confidence at all.

SPT-EVA That one, huh?


SPT-EVA I'll tell you what. Give it - give that a couple

more go's and we'll ... - -

PLT-EVA I'll tell you what. Get me back and I'll come in
from the outer ***

SPT-EVA Okay. Here you go.


326 22 25 22 SPT-EVA I think one of the problems here is the visibility

in coming in perpendicular to the face of that.

PLT-_A I ... need to go towards my feet about a foot.


PLT-EVA Okay. Now a little bit farther towards my ***

Come down. Boy that's ...

SPT-EVA Watch your left - or your right foot. That's

the ...

PLT-EVA Right here, right here, hold it.

SPT-EVA Okay. I'll hold you.

PLT-EVA Can't quite approach it right. Now I'm going to

try to -

SPT-EVA Let me take the screwdriver there, Bill.

PLT-EVA Just a second.


CDR Big problem Just getting it lined up, huh?

PLT-EVA Well, - -


326 22 27 41 PLT-EVA - - There - there's no way to line it up.

SPT-EVA There's a big flange, which we have the - the

tool kit on. It's Just too close to the center
line of this last screw.

CDR Oh, son of a gun.

SPT-EVA So you got to take and put the - put the thing off
at an angle and try to work it.

SPT-EVA Tell you what, let's give the other screwdriver a



SPT-EVA Why don't you go on up there and rest a bit?


PLT-E_CA Where?

SPT-_/A Well, anywhere you want.

CDR Watch for that antenna.

PLT-EVA How's that?


326 22 28 23 CDR Your - your umbilical's swinging out there in

front of it.

PLT-EVA Okay. Take it very, very easy getting that um-

bilical back to the -

SPT-EVA 0kay.


SPT-EVA Okay, now I'm going to put this over on m_ - let

me see here -

CDR You have about 30 minutes of daylightleft.

SPT-EVA All right.

326 22 28 59 SPT-EVA You can rest there a minute, Bill. Flashlight


CDR Watch out for that feed horn and that antenna.

- SPT-EVA I'm with you.

PLT-EVA _Imost looks hopeless.

SPT-EVA Wait a minute. Hold on.

326 22 31 ll SPT-EVA Well, i got - got it turned. Yes, I can screw

it, but boy it's ...

PLT-EVA Well, take a few turns and let me have it for a

while. Now, if you've loosened it, it may be that
I ***

SPT-EVA Okay, let me - let me loosen the other one.


326 22 31 5h SPT-EVA Tough to get visibility on this thing. Darn in-

sulation would stay out of the way.

326 22 32 _l SPT-EVA Got to be some way to get this insulation out of

the way, because I can't get mY eyeball down
there. See this little ... half inch of insula-
tion that Just keeps hanging out there.


SPT-EVA Tell you what, Bill, take the spatula - and try
to hold that insulation back, like that. I can
see the - the screw that I'm trying to get this
screwdriver into.

PLT-EVA Just a second, let me get down here a little bit.

326 22 33 30 SPT-EVA But not by much. No, a little toward the corner.
No, no, that spatula's in the way. That's not a
good idea; that won't work ....

326 22 34 03 SPT-EVA ()kay, I got a turn on it.

PLT-EVA ,.. it may grab them.

SPT-EVA Now, let me try the - Now, hold on. I'm - as

long as I'm making progress, let me continue a
little bit.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

PLT-EVA It's obvious that the screwdriver head is -

SPT-EVA Tell you what, let me have that - that Dixie

s c rewdri ver.

PLT-EVA Okay. Just a second. I'll float it up here out

of the way. Okay, now take this -

SPT-EVA In case I need it, I - I'll put it on my umbilical

along with this - or my tether.

326 22 35 07 PLT-EVA Okay. Just a second.

SPT-EVA Okay. Try that again.

SPT-EVA Okay. Let me lock it. Oh, I see, you gave me

the whole smear, didn't you?
F_ 357

PLT-EVA Yes ....

326 22 37 49 SPT-EVA Okay, I got that one. Now, we got this J-ll to

PLT-EVA ... shot at that. Must be a ... first.

SPT-EVA Now I'm not too sure how many we got loose.
Let me Just take a look.

PLT-EVA Okay, I think that we still have one that -

SPT-EVA That one in the back there, certainly - -

PLT-EVA There you go.

326 22 38 35 SPT-EVA - - those two. Got that one back there to go.
Hold on, I can get that one fair - fairly easily.

SPT-EVA Now that one -


SPT-EVA ...your ...,Bill.

326 22 39 28 PLT-EVA What about the ones below there? Did you get those

SPT-EVA Thought I got a pretty good - a fair amount of -


SPT-EVA Oh, yes. I got one of them - one of them. The

center one there. See, that's completely out.

PLT-EVA ... see - -

SPT-EVA Let me give ll another shot.

326 22 40 20 PLT-EVA Excuse me.

SPT-EVA Got to come in at it from a different angle here.

SPT-EVA That sure felt like it should have done it.

326 22 hO 58 SPT-EVA Whee! There are two of them out of the way.
Beautiful! We are getting there. We're getting
there, William!

326 22 41 04 CDR _ataway.

PLT-EVA I think if you take that bottom one out there,

Ed, the -

326 22 41 13 CC Skylab, this is Houston through the Vanguard, in

port for 9-1/2 minutes, dumping your data/voice
tape recorder. Out.

SPT-EVA Hello, Bruce. We're getting there. We got - -

CC Roger; copy you got five out of the six removed.

326 22 41 26 SPT-EVA [hat's right. And two of the umbilicals or con-

nectors themselves are off and the last one is -
in work.

CC Sounds good. Hang in there.

SPT-EVA I'll tell you, Bruce, there's - the one on - Now

let me see. Which one is it? That's J-12, the
one opposite the ... lettering of J-12 - I'm sure
we're turning. It's the easiest one to get to.
But for some reason, it appears to be as though --
the - whatever's behind it is turning too. In
other words the - the - -

326 22 42 08 CDR Nut plate.

SPT-EVA - - the nut plate. And that kind of puts you

out of business.

PLT-EVA I tell you what, Ed, let me hold pressure - side

pressure -

SPT-EVA It must be loose though.

PLT-EVA If you can give me this screwdriver - Let me

side pressure on it.

SPT-EVA Okay. You got your tether?


326 22 h2 24 SPT-EVA Okay. Bring your tether over here and I'll put
it on.

PLT-EVA I want to change hands.


326 22 42 41 SPT-EVA Okay. While you're doing that, I'm going to give
it a few more shots with the Dixie. You know
what might also help is to pull up on this thing
as we're pushing down on the screwdriver. Let me
try that a few times.

CDR That'll help - that'll help hold the nut plate,

if that's what it is.

SPT-EVA Yes, that's - Now wait a minute; you know that

thing is torqued - is cocked off to the side
there, enough that I would think - there it is.

PLT-EVA Hey' There you go.

326 22 43 15 SPT-EVA There we go. Okay, we got them out.

CDR Okay - -

326 22 43 19 CC Mighty fine.

CDR Now install the jumper box,and secure with the

/--4 knurl locking screws.

SPT-EVA Okay. You want to pick up, William?


326 22 43 30 SPT-EVA Let's hope we can get that mother back on there
a little easier than we got - the other one came


SPT-EVA Okay. You want to get the Jumper box on the tether.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

326 22 43 54 CDR You got about 13 more minutes of daylight, guys.

326 22 43 57 SPT-EVA Okay. We're hustling.

CDR Don't hustle. Just take it easy.

SPT-EVA Okay, now, let's see. *** get tether and then
I'll take the - Okay, you've got it. It's all



SPT-EVA You want me to hold some of the - -

326 22 44 16 PLT-EVA Wait, I didn't get the tether locked.

SPT-EVA Okay. I can always get you. Don't worry about


PLT-EVA (Laughter )

326 22 44 37 SPT-EVA Here you go.


CDR Watch out for the feed horn.

SPT-EVA ... Watch the horn. Watch the horn.

PLT-EVA I got it.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now, you want to come on back? Come on

back over towards me, and I'll hold your feet.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay.

CDR Don't honk up the horn.

326 22 45 04 PLT-EVA You'have this umbilical?

SPT-EVA Here you go. Yes that's over the head.

SPT-EVA Okay. Let me just turn you around this way, Bill.

CDR Watch out. Okay, that SOP was heading for the

SPT-EVA Okay, get around there.

326 22 45 39 PLT-EVA I need to turn around a little hit more on my -

SPT-EVA It'd be to your right -

PLT-EVA Rotate - rotate.

SPT-EVA Clockwise or counterclockwise?

PLT-_VA Well_ which - looking which direction?

_-. B61

326 22 45 50 SPT-EVA As you see it.

PLT-EVA Okay. Counterclockwise.


SPT-EVA Yes, I got good purchase on you. Houston, you

still there?

326 22 46 16 CC Yes, sir. We're right here.

SPT-EVA Okay. You know how we had to get those things

going? We had to take the small screwdriver to -
to loosen up the ones on J-ll and I believe it's
J - What's the last two up there, Bill?

PLT-EVA I don 't know.

SPT-EVA Well, they're listed right there in the corner.

326 22 46 32 SPT-EVA The two that are minus-X. This Dixie screwdriver
Just wouldn't get in there. We're going to have - -

_-- CC Roger. We'vebeen - -

SPT-EVA - - to get it loosened.

326 22 h6 42 PLT-EVA Ed?


PLT-EVA - - I need my feet to come down in front of you.

SPT-EVA In front of me. All right.


SPT-EVA. Wait Just a minute.

PLT-EVA No. To your right now.


PLT-EVA Now I need to move my feet to your right.

SPT-EVA Yes, okay.

326 22 46 59 PLT-EVA There we go.



PLT-EVA No, too far up. There we -

PLT-EVA See anything about my feet that I can ruin?

326 22 47 l0 CDR No. You're okay.

PLT-EVA I still need to go further toward my feet.

SPT-EVA Yes, okay.

SPT-EVA Just stay - look at me ... -

PLT-EVA Okay, now, right there. Right in there.

SPT-EVA Okay. Don't lift your - your feet up or you'll

get on the EREP window. You're okay right where
you are.

326 22 47 24 PLT-EVA Okay. My head needs to go down.


PLT-EVA I want to get my feet down on the MDA. Just let

go for a minute.

326 22 47 45 SPT-EVA Okay. i'ii keep some pressure to keep you on

there - at your shoulders. How's that?

326 22 47 52 PLT-EVA Okay.

326 22 47 56 CC Skylab, this is Houston. One minute to LOS. Next

station contact in 16-1/2 minutes through Tananarive
at 23:05. Out.

326 22 48 06 SPT-EVA Roger, Houston. Get that - there. Hey, you think
I can get it better?

PLT-EVA You may be able to. Have you ever ... - -

SPT-EVA Tell you what, since you're taking so much time

stabilizing yourself, Just hold on - Just - just
move back and we'll switch tethers here. Let me
get the screwdrivers off first. Okay, let me put
those things away. You Just hang loose there.

326 22 49 ll SPT-EVA I guess we're going to need that screwdriver again,


are we not?

PLT-E_ZA No, T don't thing so. Those are thumb tightened.

SI_-EVA Oh, okay. I'll take it back past you.

$PT-EVA There we go. Now I'll put it in here where we have

the spatula.

326 22 _9 52 SPT-EVA Okay, now. Just let's - -I'il hand it over. Get
- let me get my tether on it.

SPT-EVA It's locked. Get yours off. Okay, there you go.
If you could hold those connectors out of the way.

PLT-EVA *** ... but looks like you've got a proj ...

SPT-EVA This other installation is a pain.

PLT-EVA Yes, let me get in there and hold that -

SPT-EVA I just - ... See the flashes?

_- 326 22 50 46 PLT-EVA Yes. There you go, Ed.

SPT-EVA Good. Tell you what, let me get my right foot out
of the foot thing here and get a better look at it.

PLT-EVA Move around the other way, Ed.

SPT-EVA Is that it?

PLT-EVA That's it. Now, tell me when my - when you want

to and I'll release my hand.

326 22 51 28 SPT-EVA Now how do you - is there any kind of a - -

PLT-EVA Just push it in there and -

326 22 51 49 PLT-EVA I got it. Now push down on it.

SPT-EVA Trouble's seeing how to line this thing up.

326 22 51 57 PLT-EVA Yes, it is. It's a little positive so when you

get it in the -

PLT-EVA Leave it in reset; then you Just - -


326 22 52 29 SPT-EVA That felt like it.

PLT-EVA That's good. Now ...

SPT-EVA Get ... my left in there.

326 22 52 45 SPT-EVA Oh, darn it! Let me put a - tether -

PLT-EVA Did it come out again?

SPT-EVA Yes. With my tether. I backed away.

PLT-EVA That's the reason I got the - the foil under one
of the connectors.

326 22 53 18 SPT-EVA Okay, that's on there now. Can you - Okay, can
you screw one of those things in, and I'll hold
pressure down?


SPT-EVA Getting it? Going clockwise?

32622 53 36 PLT-EVA

SPT-EVA Are they screwed in?

PLT-EVA I don't know.

SPT-EVA I'm ...

PLT-EVA ... on the top, as you're looking. If I can get my

right hand in there.


326 22 54 21 SPT-EVA You got one? Tell you, let me get my tether out
of the way now here.

CDR You got one tightened, you say?

326 22 54 26 SPT-EVA Yes.


SPT-EVA Excuse me, Bill. Let me move my hand around here,

get this tether out of the way.

SPT-EVA Gol dang it .' Wait a minute.

326 22 54 45 PLT-EVA Here, let me get my finger in there and unlock it.

SPT-EVA Okay, if you can do that.

SPT-EVA The only other alternative is to leave the thing

here, but - -

PLT-EVA Take - take it off your wrist. Slip it through,


326 22 55 l0 SPT-EVA Had I realized which way that was going to go on,
I would have put it on the other - -


SPT-EVA - - on the other one.

PLT-EVA Can you hold it on the other side? *** other

hand out of the way, I think I can hit the button,
or can you hit it?

SPT-EVA Just a minute.

PLT-EVA Reset.

SPT-EVA Here; just a second.

SPT-EVA Oh, I see.

PLT-EVA There you go.

326 22 55 41 SPT-EVA Okay, I got it. Now can you - -

PLT-EVA Now if you'll hold it tight and get your right

hand just a little bit out of the way, I think
I'll be able to push the button for you.


PLT-EVA Now push on it.

326 22 55 55 SPT-EVA Push.


PLT-EVA It's hook - it's unhooked. You're blocking my

view with your right arm.

SPT-EVA Oh, I 'm sorry.

326 22 56 06 SPT-EVA Got it? Huh?

326 22 56 08 PLT-EVA I got it unlocked. Now I got to -

SPT-EVA Tell you what - Just a minute.

PLT-EVA Just a sec -

SPT-EVA I think I see how to do it. Let me get my - get

that thing out of the way and get my foot out of
the -

PLT-EVA There's the hammer.

SPT-EVA Oh, boy! Put that through the loop if you could.
That - yes, the -

326 22 57 16 CDR Okay, guys, you've been out 5 hours and about
15minutes. --

SPT-EVA Okay. Put that in there.

SPT-EVA Okay, now, Let me come on over this way. Matter

of fact, I Just might get on over - Just let me
get altogether. Okay, get this ...


SPT-EVA I Just want to get this frapping tether out of


326 22 58 17 CDR There goes your light.

SPT-EVA w.. which way the tether ought to go. Tell you
what ; we might Just think of leaving that one
there. It's not going to hurt anything.


SPT-EVA Now let me get back down there, and we'll get you
the flashlight out, and I'll try to tighten that
thing up, because the rest, I think, is switch
throwing, isn't it?

326 22 58 58 PLT-EVA No, We got to push those connectors in.

SPT-EVA Oh, yes. Those don't have to be screwed in though,

do they?

CDR No, they click in.

PLT-EVA No, they click in; if you can Just get - -

CDR Did you get the other knurled nut screwed in?

326 22 59 l0 SPT-EVA No. We're just going to do that. Just a minute.

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Let me get myself back in these foot restraints.

Hold on here. I ... it's kind of dark; sure
doesn't help.

SPT-EVA Okay. Penlight again. Wait a minute. I just

don't feel that tether on that knob. Let's not
hold up for that right now. I'm screwing it down.

326 22 59 46 PLT-EVA Let's see now. I can get at that - that harness
and that one on the left side.

SPT-EVA I can - I'm getting it. As a matter of fact,

I think I got it.

326 22 59 59 SPT-EVA Okay, Jer. Both knobs are down.

CDR Great. Now. All you got to do now is snap those

three connectors on.

326 23 00 06 SPT-EVA Easier said than done.

CDR Yes.

PLT-EVA Okay. If you can hold the flashlight - -


PLT-EVA - - Ed, I should be in a fair position for that.


326 23 00 16 SPT-EVA I just got to find the flashlight now. Think we

have three of them out here.

326 23 00 30 SPT-EVA Here it is, down here. Okay, because we got three
of them, Bruce - not Bruce. Thinking of Bruce
coming up here. I'm Just going to hold this one.
Okay, there we go.

326 23 00 54 SPT-EVA No, no, no, no, no. Not aligned. Here; you want
to hold the light? I think I might be able to get
a better purchase. I got a good angle to see it

PLT-EVA 0kay.

326 23 01 07 SPT-EVA And again. Let me get my right shoe out. Okay.

CDR Ed, push them in until they go past the little

plastic clip.

326 23 01 30 SPT-EVA Okay, there is one on. Coming on two.

PLT-EVA That's perfect for that Job. There's three. --_

326 23 01 43 SPT-EVA That's three. Okay, what do you want - Oh gee,

look at this tape on here.

CDR All right, I got to throw some - -

SPT-EVA Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold the phone.

CDR What's the matter?

SPT-EVA There's tape on this - tape on these frapping

switches. Yes, I'll tell you what - get the
scissors. We'll Just take a whack and cut the
things ....

326 23 02 02 CDR I got some switches to throw while you guys are
doing that.

SPT-EVA Well, you may have - don't power anything up, Jer.

CDR I 'm not.


PLT-EVA Have to ... use the screwdriver like a knife.

SPT-EVA That 's an idea too.

PLT-EVA Those scissors are hard to use.

CDR When you finally do get the tape off, you want to
put both switches to ON, push.

326 23 02 hh SPT-EVA Well, right now they've got them both to OFF, taped.
That's an oversight.

326 23 02 50 CDR (Laughter) I guess we should've taken that tape

off when the - in the prep.

PLT-EVA Yes, it was supposed to have been done.

CDR Oh, well.

SPT-EVA I tell you -

PLT-EVA Gee, all ... m**

r 326 23 03 ll SPT-EVA Part of it. Thought I got the - my hand right in

the light.

326 23 03 26 SPT-EVA I'll tell you what, Jer; we can still move those
switches around. No, I can't. I can't get the
one on the left. Let me - the roll one.

CDR Okay. Just tell me when you're ready. I'll go

on down and wait.

SPT-EVA What I'm going to do is Just punch it through.

PLT-EVA Awkward position.


326 23 Oh lh CDR Tell me when you get them both to the ON position.

326 23 05 19 PLT-EVA It's down. Just a little ***

PLT-EVA Okay - -

SPT-EVA I think they're there; they're there - -


PLT-EVA - - they're both in the ON position, Jer.

SPT-EVA Let me Just confirm it. Confirm it.

326 23 0_ 43 SPT-EVA Okay. They're as ON as they're ever going to be.

PLT-EVA I'm in way of the antenna, Jer, so don't -


CDR Okay, get away from the antenna.

SPT-EVA Hold on, Jer; don't do anything. I'll Just - -

CDR I'm not going to.

SPT-EVA Let us get squared away.

SPT-EVA It's just that if you turn the thing on at the

wrong time, Jer, we're going to be in a 5-mile
delt a-H.

CDR I realize that, Ed. Just tell me when you're

clearof the antenna, r

326 23 05 28 SPT-EVA Go ahead.

CDR Are you clear of the antenna?

SPT-EVA Clear.

326 23 05 36 CDR Okay. BUS 1 coming ON, BUS 2 coming ON, PAN

326 23 05 41 SPT-EVA Right to where it was.

CDR All right, now.

326 23 05 46 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Tananarive for

8-1/2 minutes. Out.

CDR Are you guys well clear of the antenna?


326 23 05 52 CDR I'm going to throw the switch ncw.

326 23 05 56 SPT-EVA Right back to where it was.


SPT-EVA Yes, we got both of them on.

CDR All right, so now we got to - we got to verify

the two separate axes.

326 23 06 07 SPT-EVA Okay, which one do you want first?

326 23 06 09 CDR All right. Let's see.

326 23 06 20 SPT-EVA Okay, Bruce, I guess you can follow where we are
right now.

CC Roger. You're coming out of box 12 into 16.

326 23 06 30 CDH That's right. Roll axis pot check is next.

SPT-EVA Okay. What do you want, Jer?

CDR All right. Just a minute until I get the POWER,


326 23 06 43 CDR All right, the HAD POWER is OFF. All right, now
what we want you to do is, at the jumper box, we
_- want PITCH, OFF, pull, and ROLL, ON, push.


PLT-EVA Just a Second.

SPT-EVA Bill, can you work your way over there?


SPT-EVA Just push the antenna out of the way again.

326 23 07 02 PLT-EVA Man, I floated way off.

SPT-EVA Easier than M509.

CDR Shall we log you some night-flying time, Bill?

CC ... getting a little louder, please, Ed.

CDR (Laughter) Shall we log you some night-flying

time, Bill?

362 23 07.23 PLT-EVA Yes, I've been logging nightime.

CDR Okay.
372 _

SPT-EVA Okay. Now. Say again, pitch -

CDR PITCH, ON, push; ROLL, OFF - correction, correction.

PITCH, OFF, pull_ ROLL, ON, push.


CDR We're checking out the roll axis.

326 23 07 _9 SPT-EVA Give me the light again, Bill. Because I think the
tape which we've got - has got the two switches
going at the same time. Yes.

SPT-EVA Okay, come on over here, Bill, and - -

PLT-EVA Yes. I - I -

SPT-EVA - - we'll see what the situation is here.

CDR All right, I'm going to panel - power down the rest
of this panel, Just to make sure that antenna's

SPT-EVA All right. Good idea.

326 23 08 03 CDB It's dead.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now I'll get out of here. Get that tape
out of ...

326 23 08 23 CC Skylab, this is Houston. The gray tape over the

guards on the switch - on the Jumper - on the
switches on the jumper box were for launch protec-
tion only and may be removed. Over.

SPT-EVA Roger. That's what we're doing, Bruce. We got

them _]most all off.

CDR We only wish we had done it before they went EVA.

PLT-EVA Yes, that was in the checklist.

SPT-EVA 0kay.

326 23 08 45 CDR All right. All right, you wa_t to pull or lift
the PITCH, and push or turn the ROLL, 0N.

326 23 08 56 SPT-EVA Okay, that's the way they are.

CDR Okay.

SI_-EVA Let 's back away.

CDR And tell me when you're clear of the antenna.

SPT-EVA 0kay.

326 23 09 01 PLT-EVA Just wait a minute. Now I'm Just floating out here.

SPT-EVA Okay. Have a hand.

SPT-EVA Okay, you - just stable on out.

PLT-EVA No, no good. Just a minute.

CDR Now what we're going to watch for, guys, is to see

if it goes to zero roll.


F_ CDR We don't - don't care about pitch.

SPT-EVA Okay, Jer, - -

PLT-EVA Okay. Just wait. I 'm - -

326 23 09 30 SPT-EVA Just wait. Let's see_ what you need to do - -

PLT-EVA - - trappedhere.

SPT-EVA - - is to bring your feet down. Here, I'll -

I'll move your head up this way. You can get
over there on that vent the same way. Shinny up
that as you did before.

326 23 09 47 CDR About 7 minutes until daylight.

PLT-EVA Okay, that 's -

SPT-EVA *** what you're trying to do, Bill.

PLT-EVA Well,I - °

326 23 09 56 SPT-EVA There you go. Here I'll take that flashlight.

/-_ PLT-EVA Okay.

374 _

SPT-EVA Let go.

PLT-EVA Just a minute, Jer.

CDR Okay. I'm not going to make a move until you guys
tell me you're clear.

SPT-EVA Okay. You want to shinny up that pole?

326 23 I0 ii PLT-EVA Well, I can't - I don't think - Is that clear?

Oh, yes, I guess it does - coming up, though, you

326 23 i0 21 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 1 minute to LOS, next

station contact through Hawaii in 39 minutes.

SPT-EVA Okay, Just move on up there.

326 23 l0 43 SPT-EVA Okay, you feel you're clear, Bill?

PLT-EVA Just a minute.

326 23 l0 47 PLT-EVA Okay. Have at it.

CDR Okay. Here we go again.

326 23 l0 53 CDR POWER is going to STANDBY -

326 23 i0 55 CDR Now.

CDR Where did the antenna roll to?

- PLT-EVA Okay, it's Just about *** and pitch to - -

CDR I can't hear you, Bill.

326 23 ll l0 PLT-EVA Roll, zero.

SPT-EVA Roll, zero. And pitch - what the heck would you
call that?

PLT-EVA Oh, about 30 degrees, or something like that, I 'd


SPT-EVA 30? Is that relative to the,- -

326 23 ll 23 PLT-EVA Relative to the bottom of that box there - bottom

of the - -

SPT-EVA Oh, I see.

PLT-EVA - - bottom of the MDA.

SPT-EVA Oh, okay.

326 23 ii 30 CDR All right. What this says is: The pitch pot is
shorted is our answer.

SPT-EVA Now wait a minute. It's not in the position it

was before, Jer.

326 23 ii 41 PLT-EVA Well, what's the criteria? Our - our problem, Jer,
is that we don't know exactly what the - -

CDR Okay, look. I - I'm - or - Did you see the antenna

move quickly to the zero position?


326 23 12 Ol CDR Okay. All that tells us is that the pitch pot is
the one that's shorted.


326 23 12 06 CDR All right. Now do you want to check it out by

doing a pitch pot check? No big thing.

PLT-EVA What 's that involve?

CDR All right, we just go down there and change the

position of those switches.

SPT-EVA Okay. Stand by.

CDR All right. Wait a minute until I get the power

off the antenna.


CDR All right the POWER is OFF; it's safe to go in.

Now what you want to do is to push PITCH, ON and
ROLL, OFF. Yes, we'll give that a whirl and see
what happens. '

326 23 12 41 PLT-EVA Man, that's hard to get to.


SPT-EVA Yes, you're right.

326 23 12 44 CC CDR, this is Houston. If the roll axis went back

to zero when you did it, proceed on to box 17.

CDR Okay. Don't you want us to check out pitch?

326 23 12 53 SPT-EVA We're already - got it configured that way. So

let's Just give it a go. Make sure we really
understand what 's happining here.

PLT-EVA Go ahead.

CDR We're going to check out the pitch pot, Houston.

Okay - -

326 23 13 ii SPT-EVA I'm clear. Bill's clear.

CDR You're - you're both clear.

PLT-EVA Roger.

326 23 13 13 CDR Here comes the - to STANDBY.

SPT-EVA Okay, there it is. Over.

326 23 13 16 CDR MARK.

PLT-EVA Looks like it goes over and wanders.

SPT-EVA Yes, well, it wanders in ROLL, but in PITCH it's

full - it's hard over.

PLT-EVA Right.

CDR Okay, so that is our problem. Let me turn off

the switches. Okay. The antenna's - yes, the
antenna's clean.

SPT-EVA Okay. What would you like?

CDR All right. Now we're going to go do - let's see

- box number 17, which is pin the pitch gimbal.

326 23 13 42 SPT-EVA Okay. Do we want to take an_ reverse the switches

we have now?

326 23 13 h6 CDR Yes.


326 23 13 47 SPT-EVA Okay. I will do that first. I'm going to put it - -

CDR In fact, you better do that, and we better check

it out; make sure we haven't screwed things up.

SPT-EVA *** idea.

CDR So, what we want here is PITCH, OFF, pull, and

ROLL, 0N, push.

326 23 14 13 SPT-EVA Okay, that's the way it is, and let me - let me
step back here a minute.

CDR Okay. When you're clear -

326 23 lh 18 SPT-EVA Okay, Bill is clear and I am clear. Go ahead.

CDR Here we go. Go to STANDBY -

326 23 14 23 CDR Now.

SPT-EVA Now it goes to zero and - -

F- PLT-EVA It Just flops around in pitch.

SPT-EVA Just flipflops around in pitch, but it goes to

zero in roll.

326 23 14 34 CDR Okay. Your antenna is now safe, Pin the pitch
gim - -

SPT-EVA Okay, so now- -

CDR - - pin the pitch gimbal.

326 23 14 38 PLT-EVA Okay.

CDR And you ought to be getting some Sl,nlight here

any minute now.

PLT-EVA All right.

SPT-EVA Okay. Let me understand how far we go here.

We pin the pitch gimbal and then - then what, Jer?

326 23 14 49 CDR Well, let's see; that's all, I think.

PLT-EVA That 's it.



CDR Then we pull it out.

326 23 14 53 PLT-EVA Thank goodness we didn't have to *** in it.

CDR Oh, you got to install a disabling plug, too.


CDR Don't forget that.

SPT-EVA Oh, yes.

326 2B 15 06 PLT-EVA Okay, I'm going to start working _ way back over
there, Ed.

SPT-EVA 0kay.

326 23 15 17 PLT-EVA This is - We'll use that ratchet that we fixed up

with the ball on it.

SPT-EVA I tell you what ; let's get over here and get
squared away so we can tether things again. You p_
got the only tether. So I'm Just going to have
to handhold mY flashlight here. Pitch lock; here
it is. Put a tether right on there.

326 23 15 47 PLT-EVA Also we've got to put the thermal cover on.

CDR Yes, that's right. You got to put a thermal

cover on the Jumper box, too.

- SPT-EVA I tell you what, let's - Well, we can clean that

one up easily enough. So - we would only knock it
off also while we're moving in here.

326 23 15 58 PLT-EVA Well, I tell you, you could do that while I am

taking this pitch lock out.


PLT-EVA And - -

326 23 16 02 CDR Okay, Sun - Sun's coming up, gang.


326 23 16 43 SPT-EVA Makes working a little easier.

326 23 17 04 SPT-EVA Okay.

_-_ 379

326 23 17 36 CDR Let there be light. Yes, indeed.

CDR (Laughter) That's tight, is it?

SPT-EVA Man, that's really in there.

326 23 18 01 SPY-EVA Can you pull that a little? Give it a hard - -

PLT-EVA Just a second.

SPT-EVA ... I think this thing is - -

PLT-EVA Man, that thing really is in -


326 23 18 13 PLT-EVA You understand how it goes on, don't you, Ed?

SPY-EVA Take a look at it here.


SPT-EVA If you *** in training, so I want to m-ke sure I

_-- doitright.

326 23 18 23 CDR Man, I wish - -

SPT-EVA Look through and see what's going on.

CDR - - you could see back behind you and see all
the flashing lights caused by all the little - -

SPY-EVA Yes, I know. That's what I was remarking about

before, when they first started.

CDR Boy, they look like strobe lights, they're so


SPT-EVA Also - -

326 23 18 36 PLT-EVA See that tad of Velcro there?


PLT-EVA You take this end, go that way. That's it.

You got it.

SPT-EVA No, I - -

326 23 18 h6 PLT-EVA No, it goes in the other way.

326 23 18 55 SPT-EVA Right foot out - -

PLT-EVA Slip it over the top.

SPT-EVA - - right foot out here a minute.

PLT-EVA Pat it - pad it around the sides.

326 23 19 12 CDR Looks like there's only about two pieces of that
silver tape left underneath there.

PLT-EVA That - this doesn't really have to be - As long

as that Velcro *** help if we did. So let's go

CDR Did you get the pitch pin in, Bill?

PLT-EVA No, I haven't started on that yet, Jet.

326 23 19 30 CDR Oh, Okay.

326 23 20 13 SPT-EVA One big hunk of gray tape would do it.

PLT-EVA Okay, if you'll - -

SPT-EVA Where is that tape now? Here it is. Just get

it started.

PLT-EVA We have some tape. See on the - -

- 326 23 20 27 SPT-EVA Oh, on the other side.

PLT-EVA - - to the right of - -

SPT-EVA Yes. Sure do - -


SPT-EVA - - sure do. Okay, grab .....

PLT-EVA Let me get around and get a piece of that off.

SPT-EVA That 'ii make life a little easier .... right there.

326 23 20 h5 PLT-EVA Okay. Just let me straighten it out, Ed.


SPT-EVA Ever try to straighten out fly paper?

CDR (Laughter)

326 23 21 05 CDR Some of those bits of foil are actually reflecting

enough light back to - so that I can see flashes
against the back of you guys.

SPT-EVA Yes, I've noticed that. I've noticed that.

326 23 21 13 CDR MY gosh.'

SPT-EVA I'll tell you, that sunlight - Oh, boy, that tape
just doesn't want to stick, does it?

326 23 21 19 CDR No, it's not very good tape at all.

SPT-EVA Anyway, we can get - -

PLT-EVA That 's all right.

SPT-EVA - - Give me one more, and we can get it up here on

the structure here.


CDR One more is all you got.

SPT-EVA Oh, I won't ask for more then. Here.

326 23 21 41 CDR It sticks nicely to itself though.

- SPT-EVA I tell you, I think that this stuff is a little

bit cool. That 's probably why.

SPT-EVA Got one tape.

326 23 21 51 PLT-EVA Don't put - don't put the tape at - at the

thermal control, Ed. That white square.

SPT-EVA Oh, okay, Well, let's see here.

PLT-EVA You - if you - that - if you could peel that one -

SPT-EVA I'll peel that one back so i%'s completely free.

PLT-EVA That's good. That'll keep the thermal peop *_*

382 ,'_

326 23 22 3h SPT-EVA That - that's not going to stick. Hey, I'll

tell you what, though.

PLT-EVA What can you do?

SPT-EVA The tape is so darn cold that it's Just -

326 23 22 59 SPT-EVA Okay, we got the Velcro on, and we've got it
around the side there. As long as we don't dis-
turb it while we're here, nothing else is ever
going to happen to it.

326 23 23 15 CDR You started to peel back the insulation, Bill?

326 23 23 19 PLT-EVA Yes.

CDR Okay, we got two allen-head cap screws to get

out. And those screws are not captives.

SPT-EVA We don't need them though, huh?


PLT-EVA *** could - do you - Could you hold on to me?

326 23 23 3h SPT-EVA Yes.

PLT-EVA Put tension on me to stop because I pushed myself

from this.

SPT-EVA No, let's see. See, I'd have to - I can't - -

PLT-EVA Okay. That's all right.

SPT-EVA - - do everything for you because you're

working normal to the forces I could put on you.

326 23 23 hh PLT-EVA Yes.

326 23 23 51 SPT-EVA Yes, that's it; put it down that way.

326 23 2h 06 CDR How you guys feeling?

SPT-EVA Great.

PLT-EVA Feeling fine.

SPT-EVA Feel good.


PLT-EVA Been off my hand since I been here.

CDR Yes. (Laughter)

SPT-EVA Let me *** this stuff was done.

326 23 24 32 CDR You got 5 hours and 40 minutes.

SPT-EVA Well, let's see now; roll is the one that had
some crosstrack, isn't it?

CDR Yes.

SPT-EVA Well, that's good because - heck, they can always -

It might not give them a forward or backward
scattering with the pitch, but heck, they can do
a lot with roll.

CDR Boy, you sure can.

326 23 25 13 PLT-EVA Okay, you want - -

SPT-EVA Coming up again.

_-- 326 23 25 16 PLT-EVA Ed. (Clears throat)

SPT-EVA What are you doing, Bill? About to get it?

326 23 25 38 PLT-EVA I'm getting there. I Just - keep pushing my -

SPT-EVA Don't have any place to work there, do you?

PLT-EVA No, it's -

326 23 26 30 CDR Where do you stand, Bill?

326 23 26 32 PLT-EVA I'm working on the second screw, and I'm having
a little -
CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Got the first one?

326 23 26 38 PLT-EVA Yes, the first one's out.

SPT-EVAGood. °
384 _--.

326 23 26 47 PLT-EVA Keep pushing myself back when I -

CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Get yourself all lined up. Here, you want me

to hold the antenna? Would that help?

PLT-EVA Yes, that ought to help a ***

SPT-EVA Get yourself all lined up, and then use inertial
once - and a couple - a couple thrusts like that
ought to do it.

326 23 27 04 PLT-EVA *** come down towards you.


326 23 27 12 PLT-EVA 0ops' No, that's not going to work. If you can
hold that antenna right there.

326 23 27 44 SPT-EVA Want me to pull your foot down a little?

PLT-EVA Getting it -


326 23 28 05 PLT-EVA Got it.

SPT-EVA Attaboy. Okay.

CDR Okay, remove the launch lock.

PLT-EVA Okay, stand by I. I got to - Would you pull my

feet down, Ed?


326 23 28 16 PLT-EVA Oh, okay; stand by.

PLT-EVA Jer? Say again, Jer.

CDR Okay, go ahead and pull the launch lock out.

Is it out?

PLT-EVA *** come out.


CDR Beg your pardon.

PLT-EVA It doesn't want to come out. Stand by 1.

326 23 28 39 CDR Well, then you might have to rap it with a


PLT-EVA Why I haven't - *** sure I had both of them.

CDR The screws are not captive, Bill.

PLT-EVA I know, and they both - I thought - I was sure

I saw them both go.

326 23 29 05 PLT-EVA Out.

CDR They are?

326 23 29 06 PLT-EVA Both the screws are out.

326 23 29 08 CDR Okay. Probably, it's - you know, it's probably

a snug fit. If Ed could hand you the hammer, I
would tap that thing a little bit around the
- edges and see if you can'twork it out.


PLT-EVA Okay, stand by before you do that.

SPT-EVA Okay, I'll hand you the Pete Conrad cementer [sic].

326 23 29 33 PLT-EVA Okay; I'll take it.

SPT-EVA Have you got a - How about a tether? You don't

need that for a screwdriver any more, do you?


SPT-EVA Okay, take that off. I'll put it away. *** come
out of. I guess over here. Okay.

326 23 30 05 PLT-EVA If it doesn't work, get a bigger hA-,,er.

SPT-EVA Right.

PLT-EVA Okay - -

SPT-EVA Give me your tether.

326 23 30 19 SPT-EVA Guaranteed to fix by Pete Conrad.

SPT-EVA ... can fix that.

PLT-EVA Something therapeutic ***

326 23 30 38 PLT-EVA Let me get back over where I was.

SPT-EVA Wait Just a minute.

PLT-EVA You 're turning -

SPT-EVA Which way do you want to go?

326 23 30 h9 PLT-EVA There we go; like that.

SPT-EVA Oh, all right.

CDR Well, don't kick your heels; don't kick your heels.

326 23 30 58 SPT-EVA Going to have a face full of vacuum. Can't say

I blame him.

326 23 31 13 SPT-EVA Okay, be careful while you're there.

CDR Are you doing any good, Bill?

CDR You'll probably have to tap it three or four

different directions and then try pulling on it
some more. Possibly you'll have to pull on it
while you're tapping it. Don't club it; Just
tap it.

326 23 31 44 SPT-EVA Not any way of getting a hold on that thing.

PLT-EVA These wires are into it, see.

CDR Well, pull - use the wires to pull it. And then
Just tap it with the hammer as you're pulling
it out. Hopefully, that 'll work.

326 23 32 06 CDR I remember the - the backup unit was kind of a

pressed fit. It kind of popped when it finally
came out.

SPT-EVA Now let's see, what have we got that we can get
a hold on that thing with?

CDR You got some vise grips in there.

SPT-EVA That 's true.

326 23 32 24 CDR Still no luck, Bill?

PLT-EVA This thing is really on there. I'm afraid to

hit it -

326 23 32 33 SPT-EVA I thought I saw you budge it there.

PLT-EVA Yes, I think it broke a little hit then.

326 23 32 38 SPT-EVA There you go' That's the right direction. Now
hit it the other way; knock it back. There you
go; that - that's working it. At least we know
which direction to work it. Just keep your hand
on there. Now wiggle it up and down and pull on
it at the same time in that direction.

F 326 23 33 i0 PLT-EVA Ah' Whoo'

SPT-EVA Boy, that was not an easy one.

PLT-EVA That's like pulling teeth over ...

CDR (Laughter) You got it?


PLT-EVA We got it out.

326 23 33 18 CDR All right. Now get the manual gimbal lock and
verify that the handle is fully counterclockwise.

SPT-EVA Tell you what, let's bring this up. Give me the
hammer. I'll put it away, and - Hey, wait - oh,
wait a minute - oh, careful. Hey, hey, hey, your
hammer is loose there - yes. You can only Velcro
down there. Let me put this away.

326 23 33 57 SPT-EVA Sure wasn't an easy fix for _he work, but so be
it. Okay, come on over here. And - There's the
pitch lock.

326 23 34 05 CDR Okay, make sure the handle's fully counterclockwise.

SPT-EVA Bill, first of all we want to get it tethered.


CDR Watch your heels, Bill; you're at the window again.

SPT-EVA Lock it for you.

326 23 34 34 SPT-EVA Locked.

326 23 34 51 SPT-EVA Velcro it; let's stick it in there. Tell you

what; let me try it the other way. If this bolt
... hold *** darn thing right out.

326 23 35 12 CDR Watch out for the ratchet; there goes the ratchet.


326 23 35 21 SPT-EVA Just a minute here. Hold on; let's - let's Just
regroup here. I tell you what - this blame ratchet's
going to help us out. We're going to put that
underneath here. Okay, now you've got that - -

PLT-EVA Is that all?

SPT-EVA - - and I'll put the ratchet away.

326 23 35 44 PLT-EVA Okay.

PLT-EVA Okay, Jet, you say make sure that this thing
- is- -

326 23 35 51 CDR Fully counterclockwise, Bill.

CDR (Laughter) You guys are in each other's way.

SPT/PLT- (Laughter)

PLT-EVA It's a good thing we're ... - -

326 23 36 04 CDR You look like Laurel and Hardy, I'll tell you.

SPT/PLT° (Laughter)
,_. 389

PLT-EVA That 's right.

SPT-EVA At least we were when we ... - -

PLT-EVA (Laughter)

SPT-EVA You know what it's like? It - it's like over

there in the - in the locker room. No matter -
two guys could be in there; they're always in the
same locker, right next to each other. Here we
are ; we got the whole frapping universe in back of
us, and we're both crowding in on the same spot.

CDR (Laughter) Okay, Bill, you checked that out?

SPT-EVA Got it full counterclockwise?

326 23 36 32 PLT-EVA Affirmative.

CDR All right. Now as soon as Ed gets a free hand

and gets you in position, we'll have Ed position
the antenna so that the gimbal locking hole is
visible through the mounting. Through the mount-
.... inghole.

SPT-EVA Okay, you get yourself aligned there.

PLT-EVA It's right there; hold it right there.

326 23 36 49 CDR All right, put it in.

PLT-EVA I can't - Just a second; I'm floating away again.


326 23 36 57 PLT-EVA *** misery working out here with no restraints.

SPT-EVA I tell you, you're ... - -

PLT-EVA Right there, Ed. You see the - got the picture?

326 23 37 04 SPT-EVA Yes.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA I got a bunch of clamps - -

326 23 37 08 CDR Place the gimbal- place the gimbal lock in the
mounting hole, aligning the dowel pins with the

threaded holes. Verify that when the engage -

when the latch is engaged.

326 23 37 26 PLT-EVA Oh, darn it.

SPT-EVA How you doing?


SPT-EVA You got it?

326 23 37 42 PLT-EVA Think so.

CDR Got it latched?


SPT-EVA Okay, pull it out. Do you see the hole?

326 23 37 h8 PLT-EVA Yes.

SPT-EVA Okay, is it centered?


SPT-EVA Move it.

SPT-EVA Let me move it for you.

PLT-EVA Right - no, keep moving up a little bit. Right


SPT-EVA Okay, I'll try to hold it right there. I got

to - -

326 23 38 0B PLT-EVA Okay, now I've got to hold the insulation back
while I put this thing on. This is what's causing !
me the problem.

326 23 39 14 SPT-EVA Wish there was some way we could hold this ... - -

PLT-EVA Okay, I got it.

SPT-EVA You got it?

CDR Is it latched? ,

326 23 39 18 PLT-EVA Yes.

SPT-EVALet'sverifyit. _-_

CDR Okay, check it. See if, by wiggling the antenna,

it's in pitch.

PLT-EVA Okay, Just a second.

SPT-EVA We have a problem.

326 2B 39 24 CDR Don't turn it; Just rotate it in pitch. That's

not pitch, is it?


326 23 39 33 SPT-EVA Yes, that's pitch.

CDR All right, if you got in the hole, then start -

turn the lock handle down eight turns.

SPT-EVA Now, how do we know that we really got that hole

aligned? Although it looks pretty much the same
way you pointed it out.

326 23 39 51 PLT-EVA Okay, wri - wiggle it.

326 23 39 5h CDR Okay, it's locking down, it looks like.

SPT-EVA Okay, it 's locking down.

CDR Just keep screwing it in, Bill.

326 23 39 59 SPT-EVA What have we got after this, Jer?

CDR What?

SPT-EVA What have we got after this?

CDR Then we got to make an electrical check of it and

see if it will roll.


CDR See if it'll go through its routine.

326 23 40 09 SPT-EVA Don't have anything else to install?


CDR Yes, you got a -

PLT-EVA The hardest one.


CDR You've got that - disable plug to put in.

SPT-EVA I remember that from training ; that is really hard.

PLT-EVA Okay, mau, it 's pins down.

SPT-EVA Okay, let 's move back here.


326 23 40 29 CDR All right, the disable plug's got to go in first.

SPT-EVA All right, okay.

CDR Yes.

SPT-EVA Okay, let's see. Where is that thing.

CDR I'm going to give you some words on that.

PLT-EVA Right here.

326 23 40 38 CDR You want to give it a shot first? Peel back the
insulation from the forward face of the structure
to expose the protective connector cap. And remove
the cap using the connector pliers.

326 23 41 07 SPT-EVA Okay, you got a good look at it?


SPT-EVA Say again, Bill.

PLT-EVA Oh, I thought - no, you can't see it, I guess.

SPT-EVA No, I can't.

326 23 41 28 SPT-EVA Here, let me hold you.

PLT-EVA Now then, just - if you can - if you could hold

that position, I would ...

PLT-EVA Okay, I got a visibility on the mm.

SPT-EVA Okay, why don't you try removing it by hand before

we try the real hard one. ,

SPT-EVA Got it.

326 23 42 08 PLT-EVA Got it, Ed, I got it.



CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Now, come on over here, and I'll give you the-

326 23 42 27 CDR All right, got it.

326 23 42 30 SPT-EVA Okay, now you got to look at this master key.

PLT-EVA ... - -

SPT-EVA The master key is right at the top here.

CDR It says align the match marks on the disable plug

and then install the plug and rotate barrel clock-
wise to lock.

SPT-EVA Okay. You may want to look it over, Bill, but

the way I always worked those things is those
many visible alignment marks Just won't do it for
you. You Just line master key ... up.

326 23 43 26 SPT-EVA Your turn to be frustrated, Bill.

PLT-EVA I know. This is going to be -

SPT-EVA I'm going to pin some of that insulation out of the

way? That cap's getting in your way.

326 23 &3 49 PLT-EVA Cap's in the ws_v.

SPT-EVA I tell you what_ let me give you a piece of tape

and you Just tape it out of the way.

326 23 43 57 PLT-EVA Great.

SPT-EVA I'll try some gray tape. See if that works any
better. No, I'm afraid our friendly gray tape
is frozen solid.

PLT-EVA (Laughter)

326 23 _4 07 SPT-EVA Ah, gee. It's frozen. °

PLT-EVA Can you give me the screwdriver Just a minute?

SPT-EVA Ah, yes.


PLT-EVA I don't think I need to tether because I'ii Just

try one quick thing. If that doesn't work -

326 23 _h 23 SPT-EVA Got it?

PLT-EVA Got it.


326 23 44 40 PLT-EVA Okay, that's not going to work.

SPT-EVA Well let's see. Can you still work it on there

with that thing in there, do you think?

PLT-EVA Oh, yes, I can still do it.


PLT-EVA Tell you what, if - well -

SPT-EVA Let me put this screwdriver back in here. I hope

with out losing it.

PLT-EVA Yes - - -_

326 23 45 24 CDR Watch that heel, Bill.


SPT-EVA Okay, now - -

PLT-EVA What I want to do is raise my foot up and put

it on the ***

SPT-EVA Just a minute, Just a minute. Don't touch your -

you're - you're getting in the - in the tool -
getting in the tools. I'll gladly - Okay. Now
extend it forward a little bit where I can get a
hold of it. No, not that far forward. Okay, now.
Okay, there you go.

326 23 h5 49 PLT-EVA Okay. Now - okay. Now I need to go further than

that beam there.

SPT-EVA Which - down which way? 6

PLT-EVA Toward the toe ; toward the toe.

326 23 46 01 SPT-EVA Okay, you got your PCU in there. Watch it.

326 23 46 0_ PLT-EVA Okay. I'm going to try to ease my foot over there
in the SOP against the - ... now I moved aw_
from the mol sieve vent.

SPT-EVA I - hold you over there.

PLT-EVA Now, I need to come down to -

326 23 46 28 SPT-EVA Well, you're going to have to be on the other -

aSl on the other side then, Bill ....

PLT-EVA Okay. Okay. It was an idea.

SPT-EVA You think you could get at it the other way, with
your feet up in the other - completely up in the
other direction? Maybe with your legs around that
mol sieve vent or your feet straddling underneath

SPT-EVA I'm thinking you can get your legs under there

CDR Easy on your suit there.

z-- 326 23 47 43 SPT-EVA Well, there's little pieces of stuff - just go ...
Let me go ...

PLT-EVA Okay, that 's good.

SPT-EVA Okay. Here, I'll - I'll send it down in your

direction. There you go.

SPT-EVA N** going to come out of this shoe here a little

bit. Hold your head.

SPT-EVA Do you have an alignment mark there? On the


PLT-EVA 0h, no. •

326 23 48 28 SPT-EVA They had that. Oh, that white is Just to ma1_e sure.

PLT-EVA That's what they used.




CDR Is that it?

PLT-EVA No, no, no.

SPT-EVA Yes, your feet shifted. Get your left leg up

around the heel.


326 23 49 34 SPT-EVA Move your heel around there. There you go.
I'll hold your head again.

SPT-EVA Take your time, Bill, because all that requires

is Just a precise alignment.

PLT-EVA Yes, and now I - I tore all the insulation off to

give me visibility from the other side. Now I'm
over here.

326 23 50 08 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Hawaii for 3

minutes. Over.

CDR Roger, Bruce. We pinned the pitch axis and they're

at the moment trying to get the disable plug -_
- i

CC That sounds beautiful, thank you.

SPT-EVA ... in sight there.

PLT-EVA Yes, I got the ...


PLT-EVA You got the tether on my right arm. So I got

to -

SPT-EVA Well, look, we can switch that. Let's do that.

If you don't get lined up properly, you'll never
get it in there.

326 23 50 _6 SPT-EVA Hold on, hold on. Let me hold onto that thing.


SPT-EVA You're on it.


I SPT-EVA Okay. Now, you want to get your left heel up

around the tool sieve vent. Bending your head.


PLT-EVA Hey, beautiful. Hey, hey. That fits real good,



PLT-EVA Now, I think I can make it.

326 23 51 35 SPT-EVA Just take your time and align it precisely. That's
all it takes.

326 23 51 h7 SPT-EVA Now you got it cocked towards me too much.

Towards me.

PLT-EVA Wait a minute, wait a minute.

: SPT-EVA It's not hooked. It's not hooked, Bill.


SPT-EVA It's got to go towards the spacecraft. The top

goes towards the spacecraft.

PLT-EVA All righty.

326 23 52 02 CC *** this is Houston; 1 minute to LOS. Next

station contact 25 minutes through the Van@?,_d,
in port, at 00:17.

CC CDR, this is Houston. All the spacecraft systems

are looking very good. Over.

CDR Okay, Bruce. Th,_k you.

326 23 52 52 CDR Easy on that - on that insulation, Bill.

SPT-EVA Yes, take it easy, Bill.

CDR Don't destroy it.

SPT-EVA Do you want to try something different? Are you -


PLT-EVA No, - I - I almost got it the last time, you see.

SPT-EVA Yes, you Just had the top cocked towards me.

PLT-EVA If I can-

326 23 53 20 SPT Oops. Rotate it a little counterclockwise. A

little counterclockwise and then the hole will
have to line up - you have to line up with -

SPT-EVA Nov -nov, see if that one side -


SFT-EVA That's good.

PLT-EVA Okay, I'll try it again. Trouble is this mol

sieve vent is ... it hurt ... it under.

326 23 54 02 SPT-EVA Let's see, is it reset so it's a]most towards

cocked, ready to go in?



PLT-EVA Okay. I got it, now. If you hold me steady -

SPT-EVA Okay, I'm trying.

PLT-EVA No. The top is - the top is ...

SPT-EVA Just back it off slow and then try it again.

Back it off a little bit more, counterclockwise.

PLT-EVA It is.

SPT-EVA Okay. Now try it again, now.

326 23 5_ 40 SPT-EVA Hey, hey: I think you done it.


SPT-EVA Beautiful _ Attababe.

CDR Okay, very good. Here we go, now.

SPT-EVA Is it all the way down now?

PLT-EVA Yes, it's all the way on.

SPT-EVA Okay, take your wrist tether off. And we'll back
out of the way and see whether this whole ball
gameworks. _-_

326 23 54 57 CDR All right, Bill. If - We want you to take the -

that switch and put it in the PITCH, OFF position.
That 's away from the MDA.

PLT-EVA Away from the MDA.

CDR Yes. Verify by reading it, that it says PITCH,


CC ... you're configured PITCH, OFF on the disable


PLT-EVA It is not - -

326 23 55 13 SPT-EVA That's what we're doing right now, Bruce.

326 23 55 16 PLT-EVA - - ... PITCH, OFF, is verified.

CDR Okay.

PLT-EVA Let me get back up here out of the way.

CDR All right.

"--_ SPT-EVA Okay, before I leave, I'm going to try to put

a lot of that insulation back around there.

CDR Okay, you tell me when you're clear of the

antenna, and I'll start things.

SPT-EVA Okay, Just a moment here.

- CDR Okay.

SPT-EVA Okay, we are both clear. Go ahead.

CDR All right. Wait'll I get there.

PLT-EVA All through?

326 23 55 57 CDR Okay. Here we go. RAD POWER's going to STANDBY


SPT-EVA Okay. It's - -

CDR Is it - is it well off-center in roll?

PLT-EVA No, it 's centered in roll.


CDR Well, move it off a little bit. Let's make sure

it goes to - -

PLT-EVA Oh, it was off and it's - -

SPT-EVA Okay, it's off now.

CDR All right. Here it comes. Stand clear.

PLT-EVA That's centered in roll.

CDR Okay. Now we're going to make a roll axis test.

So make sure you're well clear.

SPT-EVA That we are.

PLT-EVA Clear.

326 23 56 26 CDR Okay. Here we go. We're going to


326 23 56 37 CDR RAD POWER's coming ON. Now. RAD POWER's coming
ON - now; I got a READY light on. Here it comes.

Go ahead. _-

326 23 56 58 CDR EREP SYSTEM, START. It should be doing a

five-step antenna roll motion.

PLT-EVA It's not doing anything.

CDR No kidding.

PLT-EVA Wait a minute.

SFT-EVA Okay. Now it's full - full roll -



PLT-EVA Hey ! There it goes


PLT-EVA Yes, it's doing it. ,


SPT-EVA It 's stepping.


CDE Wait a minute. I got to see it.

SPT-EVA Beaut i ful .'

326 23 57 24 CDR Wait for me, antenna.'

SPT-EVA See, now it goes over the other full scale.

PLT-EVA Then it comes back.

SPT-EVA Hey, you know what we ought to do is clip that

shorting plug off - or that - well - -

CDR Yes, that's right. We'll get to that in a


326 23 57 36 SPT-EVA That's not flapping around on there all the time.

PLT-EVA It's going through the proper protocol.

CDR Very good.

SPT-EVA See, it goes 9111 scale and then it works its way
back to zero and then full scale the other direction.

PLT-EVA Hot darn' ...

CDR All right, let me get back and turn it off.

PLT-EVA Hey, baby' Beautiful '

SPT-EVA Okay. Jer.

326 23 58 01 CDR Okay, Just a second until I get it turned off.

SPT Okay.

CDR Did it go to zero?

PLT-EVA Yes, it did.

326 23 58 i0 CDR All right, stand by. Okay, now, let me get this
thing turned off. Now, what we need to do is get
back over there and cut off that - that pyro line.
Let me get my procedures, her_, before we do

SPT-EVA 0kay.

SPT-EVA *** self down there, Bill, and I'ii tether a

scissor to you.

PLT-EVA 0kay.

SPT-EVA Had a little bit of tape.

CDR All right. Here we are. You cut the cable leads
and inspect the launch lock for damage.

326 23 59 05 SPT-EVA Okay. Where's your tether, Bill? Oh, watch


SPT-EVA No, don't unclip it, don't unclip it. Just

bring - just bring your tether over here and hook
it on here.

PLT-EVA Well, was going to change arms, but I think

probably -

SPT-EVA Hold on. Hold on. I'll get it for you. I

better not move that. That tape is - -

CDR Hey, first of all, you've got to inspect the launch --.
lock for damage. Remember? They want it checked
for cracks - for pyro cracks?

SPT-EVA Oh, yes.

CDR So look at that. If it's cracked, then they Just

want you to tape it up out of the way, or tie it
up out of the way.

PLT-EVA *** all right except for little smudges.

CDR All right.

326 23 59 h7 SPT-EVA Except for discoloration, I think it's good.

CDR All right. Go ahead and cut it off, then, and -

and put it in one of the pockets.

DAY327(AM) 403

327 00 00 04 SPT-EVA Okay, push it - not enough. Hey, as you - if -

can you push it - you - Here, bring it over here,
and I'll get it.

327 00 00 18 CDR Okay. Have at it, William.

SPT-EVA Get a cut'of the action, Bill.

PLT-EVA Oh, boy.

SPT-EVA Let's see.

SPT-EVA Hey, hey! Don't lose it; we'd like to bring that
thing back if we can. Hey, here. I tell you
what. Can you move it over so I can hold on to it?

CDR You could put it in that debris pocket if it'll


PLT-EVA I think I've got it. Got it anyway.


327 00 01 20 CDR Okay. Clean up the area essentially, Bill; all the
'_- insulation. Try to pat it back in place as well
as you can.

PLT-EVA Okay, I got it all except one spot.

CDR All right. Make sure those two white radiator

areas are clean. And, Ed, in the meantime, you're
securing the tools and are going to fold up the
_ pouch and get it back on your wrist tether.

PLT-EVA That radiator area is good.

327 O0 02 32 PLT-EVA You reading me, Ed?

SPT-EVA No, I'm not.

PLT-EVA Okay. I - I have the scissors.

SPT-EVA Oh, okay. Just a minute. I want to put this

thing back in the debris pouch. That's what I'm
doing right now.

PLT-EVA Okay, I need to be getting a foot - I don't want

to get the foot restraint until you're thro_h,
I guess.
4Oh, ._.

SPT-EVA Okay, give me the scissors. Let me get this all

cleaned up, and then I'll let you get at that
foot restraint.

327 00 03 08 SPT-EVA Okay. Back away a little bit, and I'll try and
get the scissors back in here.

327 00 03 23 SPT-EVA Okay. I have everything secured here pretty much,

Bill. Okay, Bill, if you would - ... Got to find
the ends of these Velcro straps. I'll tell you
that 's good Velcro ; stuff really holds.

CDR Bill?


SPT-EVA Hold on.

CDR There's a strap right near your head you need to

pull loose for him.

PLT-EVA Oh, I'm sorry; I - Okay, which one?

CDR Right there, right by your - your hand. See it?

PLT-EVA Yes, I see.

CDR There you go.

SPT-EVA Bill? Okay, now tell you what, let me roll it up

first .... film loose from rolling it up. Then
I'll try to get the other one off. Tell you what
- I'd do. Let me roll down here first and get it
all rolled up before we start trying to take it

SPT-EVA See, I can't--

327 00 05 01 PLT-EVA Let me - I'll try to roll up this end.

SPT-EVA Yes. All right, just - just hold that. I don't

want to lose any of those tools as I'm flapping
around here.

CDR Yes. Watch out.

PLT-EVA Can I help you in any way?

SPT-EVA Yes. You can take - -


CDR Take the pouch and pull it towards you a little

bit, Bill; gently.

327 00 05 19 PLT-EVA Okay.

CDR There you go.

SPT-EVA Now Just a minute. Okay, let go, Bill.


CDR Don't yank it, Bill.

SPT-EVA Now, all we got to do is wrap these Velcro things

around here in some way, enough to hold it. Man'

327 GO 05 56 SPT-EVA I think that what I'm trying to do - Gosh darn it'
I've lost the Velcro strap. Okay, we'll - let
me start from scratch here. Take it slow.


SPT-EVA And one more.

"-- PLT-EVA I need to check this switch; I had my hand on this


327 O0 07 03 SPT-EVA Okay, there's one Velcro strap that looks good.
Let 's get another one.

CDR Okay, Ed, when you get it wound up, Just head
back to the FAS.

SPT-EVA Okay. Bill - Bill will follow, huh?

CDR Yes, Bill will be along with the foot restraint.

327 00 07 19 SPT-EVA All right.

CDR Oh, how neat and tidy you are.

SPT-EVA Well, I don't want this thing flying open on the

back, Jer. I won't be able to devote much at-
tention to it.

CDR That 's right.

CDR I think - There you go.


SPT-EVA Just trying to get a rat's nest of Velcro here.

327 00 07 53 CDR Beautiful! Veritable work of art, Ed Gibson.

SPT-EVA Now watch me drop the whole frapping hag.

CDR You got it tethered?

SPT-EVA No, not yet, because I don't have a tether.

CDR You don't have a tether?

SPT-EVA My tether is left out here.

CDR Well, Bill - -

SPT-EVA Tell you what, Bill.

CDR - - Bill, give him that tether on your left arm.

You got two tethers left on the foot restraint.
How does that sound?

SPT-EVA Can you put - you put it on there for me? Because
I'mholdingon to the bag. _


SPT-EVA Thank you. Now.

327 00 08 56 CDR Okay, Ed, go on home.

SPT-EVA Bug out, huh?

CDR Right.

327 00 09 01 SPT-EVA Okay, Bill, I'm heading up over the top of you.

CDR Just follow your umbilical; it'll take you home.

Don't mess up the feed horn after all that work.

SPT-EVA Boy, I'll say. That would really rip it.

CDR Okay, Bill, you ought to probably tether that

thing to your left wrist before you take that out.

PLT-EVA I agree wholeheartedly.


SPT-EVA The only place where there's any insulation missing

is the side that's facing the spacecraft.

CDR Yes.

327 00 l0 19 SPT-EVA Let me take a look at this umbilical mess over

here. Tell you what; we also want to bring in
some wrist tethers which we left up here. I -
Oh, boy.

CDR That foot restraint sure worked out well, didn't

it , Bill?

PLT-EVA Sure did. Beautiful.

CDR If Just that - if that pin had only had a better

ball peen on it.

CDR It looks like you're pulling it towards you

while you're trying to pull it out, and that's
what's doing it to you. Thataway. There you go.
See you on the other side, Bill.

_ PLT-EVAOkay.

327 00 ll 32 SPT-EVA I'll try to get these umbilicals squared away

in here, Bill.

PLT-EVA Oh, okay; that's all the working I'm going to be


SPT-EVA If I can get this -

CDR Watch out for the feed horn.

SPT-EVA There's T025; that darn thing.

CDR Doggone. That's a shame that didn't work.

SPT-EVA Sure is.

327 00 12 38 CDR Okay, Bill, as you go by and get ready to ingress,

take a look at 228 and make sure it is still
perpendicular to the clipboard.

PLT-EVA Yes. I've checked it, but it wouldn't hurt to

check it again Because those umbilicals can sure
do it to you.


CDR Did you get all those wrist tethers you wanted in, Ed?

SPT-EVA Yes, I believe so.

CDR Okay.

327 O0 13 37 SPT-EVA There he is. How long was it, Jer?

CDR Well, let's see. You're looking at 6-1/2 hours.


CDR Right now. You still got a few more things to do.

SPT-EVA Okay. What have we got to do?

CDR Okay. Is Bill in now ...?

327 00 14 01 PLT-EVA No, not quite. I was going to check the 228.

CDR Okay, t_ke a look at i_.


CDR All right, now before you get in, Bill, take a good
look at the EVA hatch - seals and see what condition
they're in. And look at the hatch dogs and make
sllre they're retracted.

PLT-EVA Okay. It has one little particle on it which I'm

going to brush off. Looks like just some ordinary,
garden variety crud. Like some lubricant seal.

CDR All right. Take a look around the area and make
sure that everything's in that ought to be in;
all the trees - See, all you've got is VC tree,

SPT-EVA Yes. The VS and VC are in here.

CDR All right, very good.

PLT-EVA Police the area, sergeant. There you are.

327 00 15 ll PLT-EVA Okay, let me get around to where I can get feet
in first.
_-_. _o9

SPT-EVA _** feet down in there towards the - the other end.

PLT-EVA Good work, Ed.

SPT-EVA ... it was a good day's work. I bet you we both

start off with M092/171 tomorrow.

PLT-EVA Okay - -

CDR We'd better have the day off tomorrow.

SPT-EVA - - ... he's in the hatch.

327 00 15 _0 CDR Okay, EVA hatch closure. Panel 319, disengage the
hold-open rod.

PLT-EVA Okay. Stand by 1. That's not quite complete.

CDR Okay.

327 00 16 00 PLT-EVA Okay, it's complete.

CDR Close the hatch until the retainer is engaged.

327 00 16 07 PLT-EVA Retainer is engaged.

CDR Place the hold-open rod in the spring clip and


PLT-EVA Stand by. Okay, the strap doesn't work.

CDR Okay, Ed.

PLT-EVA ... clip.

CDR Ed, on panel 318, the LOCK com - COMPARTMENT

DEPRESS VALVE; make sure it's CLOSED.


on; that's - Oh yes, that's B18.

CDR Okay. Got the hatch handle closed yet?

SPT-EVA Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

CDR Well, I'm talking to Bill now. Bill, have you got
the hatch handle closed yet?

PLT-EVA No, I haven't got it closed; I've got to the

first - -

CDR Okay. Close it and make sure the lock's engaged.

PLT-EVA ... that little pin slipped in the way.

SPT-EVA Yes. I don't think you got the handle all the way
down there.

PLT-EVA Stand by.


327 00 17 16 PLT-EVA Okay.

327 00 17 17 CDR You got it? Okay, the EVA elapsed time was 6 hours
and 34 minutes even.

SPT Okay.

CDR Okay. Have you - panel 318 now, Ed. Have you
verified that DEPRESS VALVE's CLOSEd?

327 00 17 3_ SPT Verified.

CDR All right. Now, you're going to monitor the - the

lock pressure for about 2 minutes after closing
that valve.

SPT Okay.

PLT It's starting to creep up very, very slowly.

327 00 17 49 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard. We will

be dumping the data/voice tape recorder here. We'll
be with you for 9-1/2 minutes.

CDR Okay, Bruce; we're all finished. They're in the

lock and we've started to pressurize.

CC Mighty fine. That's very good news to hear. We

infer - fer from that the roll checks out good on

CDR That's affirmative. You've got a good roll axis

and the pitch is hitting zero.

CC Beautiful, babe.

SPT Okay. What's your tolerance here, Jer? It's

coming slowly because we're here.

CDR All right. It says after 2 minutes, your press

lock indicator should reach about 0.2.

SPT Yes, that's about it; we've been in here - Well,

if you started timing, you add 30 seconds to that.

CDR Okay.

SPT And it's 0.25 now, so it's GO.

CDR All right; good show.

327 00 18 45 CDR All right. I'm going to start opening the PRESSURE

SPT Okay.

CDR Here it comes.

.... 327 00 18 59 (Alarm)

SPT Sounds like you've got problems, Jerry.

327 00 19 08 CDR Sure does get noisy in here.


CDR Yes.

SPT Anything else?

CDR Everything else seems to be all right. I'm going

to get it again here.

SPT What's the altimeter reading? Bet it climbed.

CDR I can't watch it and do this too.

CDR Sure was noisy.

327 00 21 21 SPT Up to 4.5, Jer.

CDR Okay. We're Just about equalized.


SPT What's the step after you get equalized?

CDR All right. Just a minute; I've still got a thing

to check here. All right. I guess I can open the

327 00 22 16 SPT Think it's h.5, Jer.

CDR Okay.

SPT That's the - the VC tree you're hanging up on.

CDR Okay. Bill, you'll have to remove that.

PLT Hold on, I'll move it.

SPT Okay. Go ahead. Watch out for the VS. Here let
me get the VC back.

CDR There we go.

SPT We're done. We don't have much moisture in here

but every - every little bit of it is finding its
way onto those foot restraints. Look at that thing.

327 O0 23 20 PLT Ice - icing up, is it?

SPT Yes, look at it; it's getting all frosty.

PLT I can't see it.

CDR Okay, you guys can go to the post-EV-i and -2 cue


327 00 23 29 SPT They're in the OWS.

CDR Right. Then you may open the OWS hatch, it appears.

SPT Well, we've got to equalize here first.

CDR Let's see what the work - workshop pressure - -

SPT Wait, wait a minute. Hold on. Watch - watch T025;

it's got that Nikon on the back of it. Just a
minute; let me get - let me pull it up here.

CDR Yes, you're going to have to equalize ... - -

327 O0 23 48 CC PLT, this is Houston; over.


SPT Go ahead; he's listening.

CC Roger, Bill. On the T025 apparatus, for the time

being, we'd like you not to disassemble it. There
will be more word for you later on this evening.
We'll probably try and keep it in one piece until
tomorrow morning and then work on it.

327 00 24 08 PLT Okay, Bruce. Are you getting it out of the .way,

SPT Yes, you're okay. You Just cleared - go ahead.

327 00 24 18 PLT Okay.

327 00 24 20 SPT If you think you can get to it.

327 00 24 41 SPT ... it, Bill.

PLT I think the - that's the only way.

CDR Okay, EV-2, are you at the 0WS hatch yet?

SPT Bill is up there now - -

PLT I mm in the - I've got the release handle down.

327 00 25 06 CDR Okay. Start equalizing your pressure.

327 00 25 07 PLT Okay. We're equalizing.

SPT Yes, we're coming up slow, Bill. We're at _.7 now.

PLT Okay.

327 00 26 16 PLT Man, is that ever frosty. That foot restraint

is really cold.

327 00 26 26 CC Skylab, this is Houston; i minute to LOS. Next

station contact in 15 minutes through Tananarive
at 00 :41 ; fairly good on both ends. Station
afterwards is Hawaii in 59 minutes at 01:26. Out.

327 00 26 _7 CDR Roger, Bruce.

CC And for the CDR, we've used _5 mibs for _05 pound-
seconds so far, and we think that's really great.
We still have the d,_T maneuver inhibited for
this night pass. We'll enable d1,wT again over
Hawaii and start the procedure of getting back
to the normal momentum state. Probably take
several orbits.

CDR Okay, fine.

327 00 27 12 SPT Okay, we're up to 5 ... in the lock aft and - -

PLT Everything looks ... pretty ... - -

SPT - - still showing around ...

PLT What are you reading there?

SPT We're reading 5.

CDR Yes, they're all 5 across. Just open her wide,


SPT Yes, why don't you open her up, Bill?

PLT That's the smallest delta-P; we won't be able to

crack it.

327 00 27 _3 CDR Okay, then Just move on your donning station and
pick up on your checklist.

SFT There you go.

327 00 27 53 SPT Okay, now watch yourself as you climb out of there,

PLT Okay.


SPT Moving on to the donning station isn't going to

be quite as easy. Getting up to - ... umbilical.

PLT The hatch isn't latched, but I don't think it's

going anywhere. Later -

SPT Now you may have to make a whifferdill or two in

there to get yourself free. It's got a little of
mine in there, too. i

327 00 29 35 PLT " ... usually blows you out, doesn't it?

SPT Boy, I'll say'


PLT I couldn't figure out what was going on there

for a minute.

SPT Does get you a little bit different.

PLT Poor man 's 509.

327 00 29 53 CDR Okay, pick up on your EV-I and -2 cue cards and -
I'm standing by here - -

PLT Post EV-1 and -2.

CDR - - to cut off systems.

SPT Okay, put the DAC on there. Give old Verdi [?]
a little good data.

SPT Okay.


SPT Hold on. Okay.

327 00 30 25 SPT PRESS SELECT, OFF. Doff one glove.

SPT Okay, put the helmet ... helmet bag.

327 00 32 53 CDR You guys about ready yet?

SPT What?

CDR Well, you're supposed to tell me when it's time

to de - deactivate these panels. You got anything

SPT Yes, go ahead. Go ahead.

327 O0 33 08 CDR Okay. LSU POWER is coming OFF.

SPT Not easy, is it?

327 00 34 00 CDR Okay. The deactivation's complete.

327 O0 34 07 CDR Okay, the panels are closed out.



327 00 5h 39 PLT PLT: PRD, 38 - 38062. Make that 38063 for the

327 00 56 26 PLT 23058 is the PRD reading on the SPT; 23058.


327 0h 24 33 PLT The PLT reporting on SOP 60; PCU ...

CDR Yo_'re on channel B, Bill.

PLT For the CDR - had PCU 015, SOP - Have to get
that one later. The PLT had PCU 013, SOP 13.

327 04 25 12 CDR Bill, you're on channel B.

PLT No, l'm not on channel B. I've got A select -

It Says, "A, ON," and I assume that that's A

CDR Sorry, Bill; they're still tied together.

PLT I'll probably get to that in Just a minute in the

checklist here.

327 oh 25 3h PLT PCU 013, SOP 13 for PLT. The end pressure
on number SOP 13 was 6900 psi. For the SPT, PCU
number 010 and SOP 06 ; end pressure on SOP 06,
6000 psi.


327 Oh 52 50 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR at - this is the

CDR at 04:55 Zulu. Gibson's suit began drying
cycle at this time.

327 04 53 04 CDR End of message.

327 05 08 58 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR at 05:10 Zulu.

PCU number lO was used by the PLT on the EVA
and is being stowed at this time. PCU number 013
was used by the PLT and is being stowed.

327 05 09 18 CDR This - this is a repeat of an earlier message

done by the PLT, I understand.

397 05 21 18 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR. We Just ran

across another SOP; it's number 12. It has
2000 pounds in it, and I'm going to stow it in
F-557 along with number i0, which has zero pressure.


327 15 38 42 SPT This is the SPT at 15:38, subject, M071. On

day 326, the PLT had one extra calcium supplement
by mistake, given to him by the SPT.

327 15 39 00 SPT SPT out.

327 15 54 56 PLT This is the PLT to document some miscellaneous

photographs taken with residual film on trans-
porter 06. And the takeup is CI21, that's Charlie
India 21. The supply was Charlie India 124 and
that was taken with DAC 01, transporter 6, as I
said. And the film indicator indicates zero per-
cent remaining. I attempted to take some Earth
orbital photographs. We have some taken on day
320 - 327 about 05:00 Zulu of Mongolia and coming
• up on China, Peking, and photographsof the Islands
of Japan. Also, some photographs taken of the
the U.S. pass on day 327 GMT, approximately, 14 -
13:00 to 14:00 and one sequence of photographs of
clouds. Stand by on the time.

327 15 56 18 PLT And that was day 327, 15:43 to 15:44 GMT.

327 15 57 31 PLT PLT - also on that same roll of DAC film previously
recurred - referred to, I got pictures of weather
over the coast of Africa going down over Tanzania
and Madagascar Island.

327 15 57 46 PLT Again, I took pictures primarily for - because

of the cloud formation.

327 16 04 54 SPT SPT at 16:04. PRD readings as follows: CDR's

is now on the plus-Z SAL, 42134; PLT's, which
is in the center sleep compartment, 38066;
SPT's, by the shower, 23060. And from here on,
these locations will remain unchanged until we
have another EVA or a Flight Plan update. So I 'ii
Just be giving you the n_rmbers from here on out.


327 16 05 24 SPT SPT out.

327 16 20 23 SPT This is the SPT at 16:22. Subject, 133 electrolyte.

On board we have the two vials of electrolyte we J
brought up, plus a part of a vial which was left
here from SL-3. When I arrived, there was about
one third of a vial left. After using it for the
first three sessions, I have had one quarter of
a vial left. I'm not sure what the breakdown is
in usage between the initial filling and the new
subsequent one. I'll try and keep a closer eye
on that. I think we can probably melt it _long
though, to get out what you need. I'll try and
make a more precise measurement of the exact
length of travel of the plunger in refillings
which connects the - the subsequent half. So I'll
try and stick with one half as far as I can and
not refill another until it's really required.

327 16 21 17 SPT SPT out.

327 16 29 08 CDR This is the CDR at 16:30 Zulu, day 327. Limb
volume - limb volume measurement log sheet. First
subject was CDR: left arm, 16.4, 16.1, 16.6, 18.7,
19.9, 22.2, 24.1, 25.1, 26.6, 25.8, 25.7, 24.5,
23.9, 24.6, 25.6, 26.1, 26.5, 27.0, 28.3, 29.5.
That's the left _-m, positions 1 through 20. Next
is the right arm: position i, 16.5, 16.4, 17.8,
19.5, 21.5, 23.6, 25.2, 26.2, 27.1, 27.8, 26.4,
25.3, 25.1, 26.2, 26.6, 26.9, 27.5, 28.h, 29.5,
32.3. That was the right arm, positions 1 through

327 16 30 28 CDR Left leg: the distance between where n_nber i

was and the Activation Checklist was - is at
the ankle bone up to the points where the tibula -
tibial tuber is located - between the tibial tuber
and the kneecap with 42.1 centimeters. Left leg
is 20.1, 20.9, 22.1 - I repeat that number 3,
22.1, 24.1, 26.5, 29.3, 32.0, 33.0, 32.5.
Number l0 is 30.3, 30.5, 30.7, 33.0, 34.7, 34.2,
34.9, 36.7, 39.2, 42.6. Number 20 is 45.2, 48.8,
49.1, 51.4, 52.0, 52.0. That was the left leg,
measurements i through 25. All right, now comes
the right leg for the CDR. The distance between
the ankle bone and the point _etween the tibial
tuber and the kneecap is 41.2 centimeters.

327 16 32 57 CDR The right leg, number i, 206 - 20.6, I should say.
Number 2 is 20.2, 21.3, 22.9, 24.9, 26.7, 30.3,
32.4, 33.0; and n,,mher i0 is 31.9, 30.6, 31.1,
I 32.3, 35.0, 34.8, 34.3, 35.2, 38.2, 41.0;
number 20 is 44.5, 46.7, 47.9, 50.1, 51.9, 52.1.
That was measurements 1 through 25 on the right
leg. Neck size, 38.9 - correction, 38.1; chest
inspired, 98.5; expired, 92.5; waist, 78.0; hips,
87.0. All measurements given were in centimeters.
Next subject is the SPT. The left arm: position l,
17.0, 16.6, 17.5, 18.9, 21.1, 23.0, 25.1, 26.6,
27.2; number lO, 27.3, 27.3, 26.2, 26.5, 28.0,
28.6, 29.1, 29.5, 30.0, 31.0, 33.0 - correction,
33.3 on n_ber 20. That was the left arm from
position 1 through 20.

327 16 33 38 CDR On the right arm for the SPT: 17.0, 17.5, 19.0,
20.5, 23.0, 25.1, 26.1, 27.5, 28.0; n_ber i0 is
27.5, 27.0, 27.4, 27.9, 28.5, 29.2, 29.6, 30.5,
31.5, 32.5 • That was the right arm measurements
from position 1 to position 19. The left leg,
the distance between the ankle bone and the point
between tibial tuber and the kneecap was 37.0

327 16 34 31 CDR The left leg: 20.5, 19.3, 19.4, 22.0, 24.0, 26.6,
29.4, 33.5, 35.6; number lO is 35.0, 34.2, 32.2,
32.8, 34.6, 36.2, 35.5, 36.0, 38.5, 40.9; 43.5 for
number 20. Number 20, I say again, was 43.5 -
45.8, 49.0, 51.0, 51.5, 52.4. The right leg, the
distance between the ankle bone and the area be-
tween the tibial tuber and the kneecap is 37.0
centimeters. Right leg position l, 20.8, 19.5,
28 - correction 20.8, 22.8, 25.8, 28.2, 32.5, 34.0,
35.0; number l0 is 33.8, 32.1, 32.1, 33.9, 35.6,
36.7, 35.9, 36.8, 38.9, 42.0; 45.1 is nnmher 20.
I repeat, number 20 was 45.1, 48.5, 52.0, 51.3,
52.5, 52.9. That was the right leg, positions 1
through 25.

327 16 36 03 CDR Neck size, 38.1; chest inspired, 96.2; expired,

88.0; waist, 77.7; hips, 89.3.

327 16 36 19 CDR The last limb volume subject was the PLT. Left
arm: 16.9, 16.1, 17.2, 18.7, 21.1, 23.0, 25.1,
25.5, 26.0; number 10, 25.8, 25.2, 24.1, 24.8,
25.5, 25.7, 26.5, 27.4, 27.6; 28.3 was nlJmher 19.
That's left arm, position 1 through 19. Right
420 _.

arm: 17.4, 17.0, 17.6, 19.5, 21.3, 22.8, 26.5,

27.3, 27.7; number i0 is 27.6, 26.9, 26.2, 26.4,
26.7, 26.9, 28.6, 27.6, 27.6, 28.8. And gosh,
this is boring. Right arm, position i through 19.

327 16 37 24 CDR All right, now comes the left leg, the distance
between the left ankle bone and the area between
the tibial tuber and the kneecap, 37.5 centimeters.
Left leg: position i, 20.9, 20.5, 21.6, 23.6,
25.6, 28.0, 30.0, 33.5, 35.0; number i0 is 33.7,
32.3, 31.9, 33.8, 34.9, 34.5, 34.5, 36.3, 38.5,
43.5; number 20 is 45.3, 46.6, 47.9, 48.4, 49.2,
49.6. That was the left leg, positions 1 through
25. Now the right leg: the distance between the
ankle bone and the area between the tihial tuber
and the kneecap is 38.5 centimeters; position i,
21.6, 21.6, 21.3, 23.0, 24.6, 27.4, 29.2, 31.2,
34.5; number i0 is 33.4, 32.0, 31.5, 32.7, 34.4,
34.5, 33.5, 34.2, 36.3, 40.6; number 20 is 42.8,
46.8, 46.9, 48.9, 49.6, 49.8.

327 16 38 57 CDR Neck was 34.6; chest inspired, 98.0; chest expired,
90 - 89.1. I repeat, chest expired 89.1; waist,
71.3; hips, 89.h. That's the end of the limb
volume measuring log sheet. The time required to
make these measurements up here is a m_uimum of
30 minutes per man. Or a total of 1 man-hour
per person. That's using a half hour for the
guy being measured and a half hour of the guy's
time that's doing the measuring. The IR photos
are being set up right now and I imagine that
it's going to take 15 to 20 minutes, total elapsed
time, to get all the IR photos.

327 16 39 53 CDR This is the CDR. That's the end of the message.


327 17 09 34 CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR at 17:10 Zulu with
the rate gyro liquid temperature readings. The
rate gyro temps are as follows: rate gyro Zulu 6
is 95 degrees; Zulu 5, 95 degrees; X-ray 6,
95 degrees; X-ray 5, i00 degrees; X - Yankee 6,
93 degrees_ Yankee 5, 95 degrees.

327 17 i0 17 CDR Message complete.


327 17 16 18 SPT SPT at 17:16; message for the food folks. The
salt dispensers are not working out too well. The
nozzles for - The valves at the top of it seem
to plug up with dried salt, and in order to m_ke
them work we have to squeeze the bag. Unfortun-
ately, we squeezed one bag too hard and we have
been picking salt off the walls of the wardroom
for 2 days. I think we need a better method.

327 17 16 55 SPT SPT out.


327 19 05 20 CDR This is the CDR at 19:05 Zulu. At this time, I

have completed the - the housekeeping - 7-day
command module housekeeping check and I have the
following data to read: The SERVICE MODULE
SOURCE amperage number 1 was 16.0; 2 was O;
and number 3 was 16.0. SYSTEMS TEST meter 9
Bravo read 1.35 rather than 1.4, and I found
about a 4-inch patch of moisture on window
number 5, which I dried.

327 19 06 06 CDR That's end of message.


327 19 26 ll CDR Tape recorder, this is the CDR at 19:25 Zulu.

The question was asked of me, late the day before
yesterday, for the data on calf measurement of
blood pressure measurement done on mission day 3.
I've done as much research as I can through the
Activation Checklist and through our Command
Module System Checklist, and as best I can tell
that data was recorded down on all three crewman
at 02:30 Zulu on that day. I checked in the
records that we have up here and I have full
data on myself and blood pressure data on the SPT,
and I'll - and that will follow.

327 19 27 07 CDR Okay, for mission day 3, I have no data for the
PLT. For the CDR, left arm blood pressure, 120
over 64; left leg blood pressure, 150 over 88.

Left calf was 13-1/8; right calf was 14-1/h.

For the SPT, left arm blood pressure was 140 over
78; left leg blood pressure, 170 over 92, and no
data on girth measurement. As I remember, that
particular day was a very confUsed day. We were
very, very far behind the time line and I have
a hunch that this is the only data that was even

327 19 27 56 CDR Message complete.


327 19 48 15 PLT This is the PLT, in reference to questions on

the T025 problem, I will take the questions in
turn. The following questions are asked in re-
ference to Nikon 01 with the T025 EVA viewfinder.
One: Is the viewfinder head loose with a gap
between the head and camera body greater than
about a checklist page thickness? The answer is
yes. On the - facing the back of the camera, and
looking into the viewfinder, it takes two standard
pages out of the body of the Activation Checklist.
I took 2 pages of Just that size in the rear of
the vlewfinder and almost three pages or ... on
the front side. When I originally installed the
viewfinder on the camera, it was difficult to
engage and yet when it was - when it finally
clicked, it didn't really give a satisfying
positive sound of engagement action, after that,
it w - it wiggled a lot; was loose. Question
number 2: Does the shutter speed knob extend un-
iformly into the cap, on the extension, approx-
imately one eighth of an inch? No. By measure-
ment, using the tape measurement we used for the
anthropomorphic measurement, it extended in ap-
proximately 1-3/h millimeters. If you want a
better gage, if you will look at most Nikons,
that shutter speed knob has a ribbed section on
part of it and a ribbed section on the little
creased part which gives you the finger grip
control is additionally more or less scored about
halfway in between the - the length of the rib,
which is about a little less than 2 millimeters.
It extended into the tube Just about that dis-
tance, Just about half of that little ribbed

327 19 50 19 PLT Question number 3: With the viewfinder off, does

the camera shutter speed adjust knob freewheel?
Answer, no. Additionally, after we got the
camera back in it, and I was going to show the CDR,
last night, what the problem was. The thing worked
Just fine, which indicated to us that we may have
had a thermal problem because it was actually
spinning free. I would Just slip it on my finger
and it would spin free while we were EVA. Question
number 4: Is the spring clip inside the shutter
speed extension knob cap bent near the retaining
screw so that the grooved end is about half way
between the top and bottom of the cap? The answer
is, yes. It appears to be properly configured.

327 19 51 05 PLT Question 5: Is the viewfinder screen all the way

in the camera, below the level of the two holding
latches? The answer is, most probably, yes.
The problem in answering that question is this
particular - and - and I think - I think it
was well seated. Also, it was level enough so
that when I put the viewfinder head on, it would
have put it in position because I held the knob
down, the installation knob, release knob down,
__ while I was trying to wiggle the viewfinder in
position, so I am confident in giving a yes to
that, although there is a remote possibility
that there is some binding. However, I was
thinking, repeated installations which I have
performed that I would have gotten the - the
screen to actually seat on the little catches.
So I believe the answer to nlrmher 5 is yes.

327 19 52 06 PLT PLT; that's the end of the comments on the T025.


327 20 38 22 SPT SPT at 21:38 [sic]. Subject: /4131 OGI. The subject
was the CDR_ observer, SPT. A few of the entries
were not made. So I'll go ahead and give you a -
on record what the CDR had at each of the settings.
Level 4 : counterclockwise, right/right ; counter-
clockwise, right/left ; clockwise, left/right ;
counterclockwise, right/left.' Level 8: clockwise,
right/left ; counterclockwise, right/right ;
clockwise, left/left ; counterclockwise, left/right.
i0 : counterclockwise, left/right; clockwise,

right/left ; clockwise, right/left ; clo_se_

left/left. Level 14: clockwise, a right/left;
clockwise, right/left _ countercloek_rise, left/right ;
clock_rise, right/left. Level 18 : clockwise,
right/left ; counterclockwise, left/right ; clockwise,
right/left ; counterclockwise, left/right.

327 20 39 39 SPT SPT out.

327 20 41 21 SPT Additional observations by the CDR on the MIBl 0GI

test. He did have a sense of rotation especially at
the higher settings but not at the lower. The
line never moved in a direction other than expected.
And the N2 pressure is 1250.

327 20 41 42 SPI SPT out.


327 21 16 22 CDR Tape recorder this is the CDR at 21:15 Zulu. The
subject is MISI-I MS. Since this was a mock
rotation, I've also - I have no - indicated I have
no symptoms. And so I don't have any co_nents
for the time that it required for the symptoms to

327 21 17 16 CDR End of message.


327 22 01 00 SPT SPT at 22 hours even. Subject: MI31 OGI. I

have set the rotation at the higher - at the last
level of rotation, although nowhere near as much
as I experienced on the ground under similar
circumstances. The line never moved in a direction
other than expected and your data is probably going
to be influenced because l'm extremely tired
while taking the test.

327 22 01 23 SPT SPT out.



327 22 50 29 PLT PLT commenting on the M131 run. I did have a

sense of rotation but only during the higher
speeds. The line did not move in any other
direction other than left/right.

327 22 50 44 PLT And other than that, the experiment was Just
about as - also as is performed on the ground.


DAY328(AM) 427

328 02 17 08 CDR This is the CDR at 02:15. The subject is suit

drying. Apparently, last night about an hour
after I started the suit drying, I had to come
back and put a - take a purge valve off and put
a cap on it. I apparently neglected to turn the
suit dryer beck on again. So about an hour -
about an hour ago I started drying the suit again,
the Gibson suit, and means I won't be able to
start drying the second suit until tomorrow morn-

328 02 17 39 CDR End of message.


328 05 17 12 CDR This is the CDR at 05:17. In the general message

that was received this morning, a question was
asked whether or not we had as yet discarded any
of our brown garments, and the answer is negative.
We have not yet discarded any,

f- 328 05 17 29 CDR End of message.


328 15 04 37 SPT SPT at 15:04. PRD readings foliows: CDR, 42144;

SPT, 23067; PLT, 38074.

328 15 0h 53 SPT SPT out•

328 15 i0 29 PLT PLT, reporting on miscellaneous photographs

taken with end footage on the - a DAC we used for
EVA. I will report the area I think it was over
and then I will give the exact GMT. Northwest,
you have a question m_k; GMT day 327, 20:00, for
a snow-covered mountain. Okay, DAC over about
•.. the Caribbean Islands, GMT day 327, time
20:08• A cloud line at - day 327, O0 - correction,
make that 328 at 00:40 GMT. Snowcovered mountains
- I think it was - right the '... terrain, day
328, 02:03. Some good Benard cells on day 328 at
02:30. And at 03:_0, I think it was over southern
Russia or Mongolia and there were good snow patterns

on the Earth, so I got quite a bit of footage of


328 15 ll 55 PLT And a little bit later than that, while passing
out over the Pacific, it was probably about 03:50
to 040 [sic], I've got some more pictures of
some clouds which I took on a previous pass, and
that was at 02:30, in the same - almost the same
area in the Pacific. And there were quite a few
thunderbumpers poking up through and also a lot
of Benard cells and what looked like gravity wave-
lines of small, puffy cus spreading out from the
larger cumulus. John Kaltenback, Earth Resources,
may be interested in filing on this. I will give
you the - this is the same - same film magazine
that was used on EVA and all I 'm doing is clicking
off about l0 or 15 frames of it. Although the
thing is in - indicating empty on the indicator,
the end-of-film light isn't on so I'm cranking
off a few - grabbing it out of the film vault
and cranking off a few film - frames. What I
think I'll get may be of interest.

328 15 12 57 PLT I'm taking pictures of gross areas whic_ wou_a

give somebody a - a picture of a large area
where fine detail isntt important.


328 17 28 59 PLT PLT, reporting the camera status - camera equip-

ment status. Transporter 06 end-of-film light
did not illl,m_uate. Also, a note of information:
I've been reporting usage of residual film on these
end - transporter 06, periodically, as I would
see something of interest. I reported a lot
of subjects ... time and so forth. I'm not sure
that I got any of those pictures because the end-
of-film light was not working. It may have been
that I exhausted the film while we were EVA and
since the end-of-film light was off and I was
trying to sort of squeeze in a few extra frames
of interesting features. 0

328 17 29 43 PLT I thought I might be doing some good, but it looks

like now that this end-of-f_ ]m light ... working,
I don't know whether I got any of those pictures
I've been reporting or not.

328 17 52 28 CDR This is the CDR at 17:52 Zulu. Subject is suit


328 17 52 35 CDR The Gibson suit drying is complete and began the
i Poguesuitdrying.


328 19 53 43 PLT PLT reporting a Jammed transporter number 6. I

had to take the transporter apart. The film had
Jammed it inside the transporter. Also, I'd like
to comment on the efficacy of the film vault in-
sofar as re - restraining or retaining or holding
the items that are placed into them. There are a
couple of - I can pick out three of what I con-
sider to be major design errors on the design
of the film vault. One is that there's a total
lack of engineering in mass harmony between the
b_1_y, heavy, massive doors and the tiny useless
dial latch that's used to hold them closed.

s 328 19 5_ 27 PLT The dial latch is continaully coming loose. You

can slam the left side of the film vault and the
right side will come open, which is a hazard to
the film. So the two dial latches were a very,
very poor choice insofar as a latch for holding
the doors closed and Jeopardize the storage of
the film. One of them is broken - the one on
the right side is broken and it's been taped in
repair. And this is the one that continually
flies open when you close the left side. Un-
less you notice it, you can walk off and leave
the right film door ajar. It had been seen to
swing open as far as a foot and a half.

CREW Bill, there 's a ***

328 19 55 08 PLT By the way, during activation that door was

found open, so the f_Im that was in drawers G
through L may have been exposed to considerable
radiation. And as I say, this is due to a -
what I consider to be an inexcusable design
error in using the dlal latc_ to hold those doors
closed. Also, there is no - nothing between the
drawers. There's no protection between the
drawers and items. The drawers are very, very
430 _

poorly designed in holding items that are - that

tend to be placed in it. The Teflon is useless;
it slides out of position. It does not hold a
position. The Teflon holders for the film hold
the film in, but they don't stay in the drawers. '
They float free. They're continually getting in i
the way. And items that float free from one
drawer will float up when you open the drawer
above it. They'll float up inside in space, and
when you get ready to close the drawer, you'll
slam it into the item that has floated in behind.
I have Ja-,_ed - hit the S019 film canisters twice
doing this, because they have floated out of po-
sition. And the re - retainer for one, and the
one I brought up for - there was no retainer for
it, and it's floated up and out of position.
And I'm going to try to jury-rig some restrained

328 19 56 29 PLT So the drawers themselves have - the restraining

capability is almost nonexistent. The - all
of the cameras are loose, floating around -
Jiggling all around. And the Velcro straps are
useless because there is - A single Velero strap
is very minimal insofar as its ability to retain
the - a single camera that has a lens attached.
There was Just very, very little thought given
to design use for camera equipment. That,
together with the fact that there's no spacer in
between the drawers, has made the film vault a
very difficult item to use and it's Just caused
a continual waste of time in restowing items and
retaining items. And also, you really bent me on
the stowage on the one drawer where I - where
we brought up - all of the film - the - for the
Polaroid camera. That drawer is jam packed and
there's nothing to restrain any of the items.
And every time that drawer is opened, about 50
Jillion items come floating out of there. As -
again, there's Just - the item as a film vault
in one g may have worked, but if - there was very
little design expertise at least incorporated
into the design of this as a zero-g film vault.

328 19 57 51 PLT Comment on the cabinets in which our tools are

kept. The same criticism applies to the tool
drawers. There's no spacer between the tool
drawers. And tools - of course, with the Mosite
cutouts - again has - There was very little horse

sense used in designing them. The very small

items which require a large percentage of the
total surface - the items in friction with the
Mosite - continually, because of the cutouts
have little surface in contact with the Mosite_
they tend to - to float out of position. Con-
versely, large items, like a crescent wrench,
have almost a 100 percent on the outside peri-
meter area in contact with the Mosite and they're
too hard to pull out. So - but anyway, the
same problem exists in the film drawer in that
seal i items tend to float free and get in the
way of drawers above, and when a drawer is pulled
out, and then when you get ready to close it,
it won't close. So I need to be - there needs
to be spacers between the drawers in stowage

328 19 58 59 PLT One other thing I've thought about on the film
vault and that is a high degree of chatter fric-
tion, I would call it, in closing the drawers.
The drawers are very difficult to move and this
causes a chattering as you close and open the
drawers, mainly on closing. But this tends to
_- upset