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2:00 for DOTS and diseases IMCI present and Travel back to 2. members of 7.document TB health services patients having such as SCC barangay health center -document TB and hospital patients under standard regimen .1:30 Lyn Magno P250. community in for DOTS and TB patients assessment of the ocular IMCI diseases present survey. 2:30-3:00 conditions need conference further evaluation -refer children and/or treatment whose medical to health services conditions such as barangay need further health center and evaluation hospital and/or treatment to . student nurses the student Travel time who need 7:45.8:30 Pian Lingat umbrella were able to: nurses will be medical Chrisna Maagma BP apparatus able to: Household attention 8:30.2:30 case finding for staff house -refer children DOTS and whose medical IMCI Post.AREA OF GOAL/S ACTIVITY TARGET TIME EVALUATION CONCERN POPULATIO SCALE REQUIRED RESOURCES N 2nd Disease At the end of 8 day: Family Manpower: bond papers At the end of 8 surveillance hours of Pre. the intervention.for formulated regarding the -assessing needing Imari Rilles cleaning questionnaire formulated diseases of vaccination.for -consult CI rounds such as Mico Oanes photocopy regarding the -consult CI -ocular survey infants Maureen Reyes P100.7:45 Pens hours of nursing in Maagay I nursing Conference the Isaac Bormate Coloring intervention.document TB patients having -document SCC children with ARI -document TB -document infants patients under at risk for standard childhood regimen illnesses -document -provide health children with teaching while ARI doing household . and case finding assessment of Lunch break 1:30. Vernice Rivera materials questionnaire the children with Nino Taroy -cover at least community illnesses or 75% of the -cover at least members malnutrition community in the 75% of the -case finding and possible ocular survey. community Audrey Ladores materials.


7:45 papers hours of nursing in Maagay I nursing Conference the Pens intervention. Vernice Rivera and/or treatment to 12:30 Ramona Poblete health services -refer children Pian Lingat such as barangay whose medical Lyn Magno health center and conditions Travel back to 12:30. Whole group Push pins -cover the whole rounds such as 12:30 except people who Umbrella community in the -cover the -ocular survey infants will do the spot BP ocular survey. hospital need further staff house 1:00 evaluation -provide health and/or Lunch break 1:00. members of 7. P250.AREA OF GOAL/S ACTIVITY TARGET TIME KEY PERSONS REQUIRED EVALUATION CONCERN POPULATIO SCALE RESOURCES N 3rd Disease At the end of 8 day: Family bond At the end of 8 surveillance hours of Pre. community Coloring student nurses were the student Travel time who need 7:45. whole -assessing needing map apparatus assessment of community in diseases of vaccination.document TB health center Post. community illnesses or DOTS and IMCI assessment of members malnutrition diseases -case finding and possible -refer children present and for DOTS and TB patients whose medical case finding for IMCI conditions need DOTS and further evaluation IMCI Spot mapping 8:30.2:00 teaching while treatment to doing household health services Clean staff 2-2:30 rounds such as house barangay . 2:30-3:00 patients having and hospital conference SCC -provide health -document TB teaching while patients under doing standard regimen household rounds -document children with ARI .document TB patients having -document infants SCC at risk for childhood illnesses -document TB patients under standard -make the spot map regimen -document children with .8:30 materials able to: nurses will be medical Cork board able to: Household attention 8:30.for diseases present the ocular the children with photocopy and case finding for survey. the intervention.