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It is agreed by and between the Village of Wappingers Falls and the Police Benevolent
Association of Wappingers Falls Police Benevolent Association of Wappingers Falls (“the
PBA”) (collectively, “the Parties”), as follows:

The parties hereby reopen their 2018-2022 CBA by amending Article 23 to add the
following provisions, effective upon the complete ratification of this Agreement:

1. When a FOIL request is received for an employee’s personnel/disciplinary records,

a copy of the request will be provided to the PBA President and employee(s) if
explicitly named in the FOIL request within three Village business days of receipt.
Delivery shall be by electronic mail or in-hand.

2. Copies of responses acknowledging receipt, providing a timeline for a response,

and denying or granting a FOIL request shall be provided by electronic mail or in-
hand delivery to the PBA President, and employee(s) if explicitly named in the
FOIL request, at the same time the FOIL response is sent.

3. If the Village has determined that records are going to be provided in response to
the FOIL request, once the records are compiled, the PBA President and
employee(s) named will be notified in writing, by electronic mail or in-hand
delivery, and provided access to review at least 10 calendar days prior to the
planned release of the records. For purposes of this Paragraph, “records” includes
body camera footage. The Village’s proposed redactions, if any, to the records to
be provided shall be included.

4. The PBA President and employee(s) named will be given the opportunity to submit
written objections to the release of the records, redactions proposed, and/or
redactions not included to a designated official.

5. The Village shall provide the PBA President and the subject employee(s) with a
copy of its response with documents provided pursuant to the FOIL request at the
time that it is sent to the recipient. The accompanying documents need not be sent
if they have already been provided. Upon request, the Village will make the records
that were provided to the FOIL recipient available to the PBA President and subject
employee for inspection.

6. Alleged procedural violations of this Agreement will be subject to the grievance

procedure in the CBA. However, what records get disclosed or do not get disclosed
is not subject to the grievance procedure.

7. All other CBA provisions will remain in full force and effect.


8. The terms of this Agreement shall be attached to the parties’ current CBA and
incorporated into the parties’ successor CBA.

9. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the Village and the
PBA, and the entirety of the Village’s obligation to negotiate with the PBA,
regarding its subject matter.

10. This Agreement is subject to Village Board ratification.


By:________________________________________________ __________________
Matt Alexander, Mayor Date


By:________________________________________________ __________________
Scott McHugh, President Date