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Tab|e of Contents
I lntroduct|on.Page 3
II Metr|c =1: Tab v|ews.Page 4
III Metr|c =2: Engagements.Page 5
IV Metr|c =3: O||cks.Page 6
V Metr|c =4: Subm|ts.Page 7
VI Metr|c =5: News Feed lmpress|ons.Page 8
VII Oonc|us|on. Page 9
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Facebook metr|cs can present a puzz||ng cha||enge for most d|g|ta| marketers who have become
accustomed to measur|ng success |n terms of web |mpress|ons, c||ck throughs, and convers|ons. But
when trans|ated onto Facebook, how do these metr|cs stack up? A handfu| of brands have exper|mented
w|th ecommerce w|th|n the|r Facebook Pages, but the monet|zed |andscape |s st||| a re|at|ve|y new and
emerg|ng opportun|ty. Ünt|| Facebook Ored|ts takes off and reaches an adopt|on thresho|d that makes
econom|ca| sense, marketers must be content to measure the|r Facebook success |n other ways.
The |mportant th|ng to remember |s that Facebook |s a commun|cat|on p|atform des|gned to he|p
peop|e |and brandsì connect and share. On that note, you need to def|ne your goa|s and your u|t|mate
success based on the context of your Page. Do you want to |ncrease awareness about a new product
re|ease? The tota| v|ews of d|fferent tabs on your Facebook page w||| |et you know how many eyeba||s
are |ook|ng at that spec|f|c content.
Do you want to dr|ve qua||f|ed traff|c to your webs|te for eventua| convers|on? O||ck-throughs
from your custom Facebook Page tabs w||| show you how many Facebook users are gett|ng deeper
|nto your webs|te.
Do you def|ne success as the amount of users who are |nteract|ng w|th content on your custom
tabs? Engagement data w||| |dent|fy th|s for you.
Do you want fans to share |nformat|on about your brand w|th the|r fr|ends v|a the Facebook News
Feed? lnvest|gate how many users are pub||sh|ng out content from your Facebook Page.
Do you want deeper |ns|ght |nto how many peop|e are v|ew|ng your News Feed messag|ng and
subsequent|y |nteract|ng w|th |t? Facebook`s News Feed lmpress|ons metr|c w||| he|p you opt|m|ze
your messag|ng strategy to appea| to key |nf|uencers.
Ü|t|mate|y, |t comes down to determ|n|ng wh|ch metr|cs are most re|evant for you and your bus|ness.
Once that dec|s|on |s made, you can ana|yze th|s data to |mprove your campa|gn`s or brand`s
performance on Facebook.
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Metric #1. Tab v|ews
When sett|ng up your Facebook Page, you have a cho|ce where non-fans w||| |and. You can have fans
|and on the Wa|| |the defau|tì, the lnfo tab, or any of the custom tabs that you create. Obv|ous|y, |f you are
spend|ng the t|me and money to create custom content for your Page, you ||ke|y w||| present f|rst t|me
v|s|tors w|th the most |nteract|ve and engag|ng exper|ence. That`s why the Tab v|ew metr|c |s so |mportant.
lt`s rough|y equ|va|ent to the Page v|ew metr|c that d|g|ta| marketers and pub||shers are fam|||ar w|th - but
|n th|s case, |t`s a |ot more re|evant and usefu|. The tab v|ew metr|c |ets you know how many peop|e are
see|ng your custom content. lf your da||y tab v|ews are s|gn|f|cant|y |ower than your da||y fan |ncreases,
you`ve got your users go|ng to the wrong p|ace. A|ternate|y, |f your tab v|ews are s|gn|f|cant|y h|gher
than your da||y fan |ncreases, you`re do|ng a great job of dr|v|ng return v|s|ts from |egacy fans w|th
your News Feed messag|ng.

Borders Books and
Mus|c ma|nta|ns four custom
tabs on the|r Facebook Page.
Each tab |s ded|cated to ent|re|y
d|fferent content. By measur|ng Tab
V|ews for each tab, Borders can
determ|ne wh|ch how much tract|on
and |nterest they are generat|ng
from the|r advert|s|ng |n|t|at|ves
and seasona| promot|ons.
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Metric #2. Engagements
Now that you`ve got users to your custom tab, what`s next? Engagements can be def|ned as the pr|mary
act|on that you want users to take w|th|n the custom content on your Page. For examp|e, we def|ne an
engagement w|th a v|deo as the |n|t|a| c||ck to p|ay the v|deo, whereas an engagement w|th|n a po|| |s the
c||ck to vote. Engagements on Facebook are equ|va|ent to "Add to Oart" on a typ|ca| webs|te. Marketers
are fam|||ar w|th measur|ng web success by t|me on s|te and how many d|fferent pages your users are
v|ew|ng. Now you can convert that measure of success to engagements - so when users choose to
|nteract w|th your content, you`ve taken the next |og|ca| step to soc|a| success.

Tribeca Film Festival deploys a weekly quiz,
which is paired with a Facebook Comments
Plug-ln. Measuring the amount of users who
engage with the quiz or the Plug-ln builds a
strong foundation for analysis.start. Measur-
ing the amount of users who engage with both
is even better. This allows them to determine
which areas of quiz content are most engaging
- and it lets them see who their 'key engagers'
are. Future strategy can be targeted at the best
performing content and personal messaging
can be sent to frequent participants.
The Engagement metric is particularly important for
Fashion focused Facebook Pages. Most fashion
designers don't sell direct to consumers, and, therefore,
do not have an ecommerce engine on their websites -
choosing instead to use the web to showcase images
and news about their latest lines. Measuring Engagements
gives fashion marketers insight into how much interest
they are garnering for their brand. The Engagement metric
can also help marketers optimize the Facebook Page tab.
Measuring the amount of activity generated by individual
areas of content can help dictate future strategy.
Eliminate what's not.
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Metric #3. O||cks
Ünt|| Facebook fu|f|||s expectat|ons as a monet|zed ecommerce p|atform, you need to th|nk about your
Page as a dr|ver to the ROl focused content on your webs|te. As a resu|t, the best way to measure users
trans|t|on|ng from Facebook to your webs|te |s by us|ng a track|ng ÜR|. Your Facebook Page shou|d not
be a dead end street. There shou|d be severa| opportun|t|es for users to c||ck-thru to your webs|te for
more |nformat|on, purchase, or reg|strat|on. These outbound ||nks shou|d be tagged w|th track|ng codes
from your ana|yt|cs p|atform so that you can |dent|fy how many referra|s you are gett|ng from Facebook
and how deep these fans are mak|ng |t |nto your convers|on funne|.

Travel and hospitality brands can leverage
the power of the Facebook Page as a con-
duit to their reservation conversion funnel.
Graphic promotional links can drive traffc
deep into their open web properties for
further information and eventual bookings.
ln the example on the left, MGM Grand Las
vegas surrounded the interactive content
on their Facebook Page with an assortment
of graphical links to their website. Each
link drives users to a different destination -
which allows MGM to measure the success
of each area of the Page. Users who click
through can be 'tagged' with tracking codes
so that their eventual conversion can be
attributed to a Facebook referral.
Travel and hospitality brands typically
have highly segmented areas within their
web presences. The Clicks metric allows
these brands to determine which banners
and promotions are resonating most with
their Facebook audience. A quick analysis
of which links are getting the most clicks
makes it easy to optimize future campaigns.
For example, if a call-out for vacation
packages to Barcelona is yielding a lot of
traction, the travel/hospitality brand might
choose to focus future custom tab strategy
and imagery on destinations in Spain.
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Sony Pictures promoted the release of 'Eat
Pray Love' with an international Facebook
campaign. The custom tab was flled with
content relevant to the flm's plot and each
area of interactivity encouraging users to
submit messaging to the Facebook News
Feed. These submits took the form of per-
sonal answers to questions, thematic virtual
gifts, and shares of multi-media content. The
campaign was designed to sustain through
the movie's theatrical worldwide run and into
the future release of Blu-Rays and DvDs.
Metric #4. Subm|ts
You may have heard Facebook OEO Mark Zuckerberg`s mantra about the soc|a| network he created and
what |t enab|es: 'connect and share.` Engagements and c||cks are |mportant, but Subm|ts are the soc|a|
equ|va|ent of convers|ons. lf you can get users and fans to share content w|th the|r fr|ends v|a News Feed
post|ng, then you have ach|eved success. Ana|ysts and marketers often ta|k about abbrev|at|ons ||ke ROl,
OPO, OPM - but on Facebook, these metr|cs take on a d|fferent ro|e. lt`s a|| about whether or not your
user subm|ts and shares. Each pub||shed message equates to one fan w||||ng to vouch and evange||ze
for your brand. lmag|ne a network of m||||ons shar|ng your messag|ng on a day-to-day bas|s? Each
subm|t guarantees a News Feed |mpress|on, and each fr|end that h|ts the News Feed that day |s
go|ng to |ncrease that tota|.

Subm|ts are the
|og|ca| end resu|t of the
Facebook convers|on funne|.
The user h|ts your tab, engages
w|th content, |nvest|gates more
about your brand by c||ck|ng off to
your webs|te, and u|t|mate|y
choosesto pub||sh a persona|
branded message on your
beha|f to the Facebook
News Feed.
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On the surface, News Feed lmpressions
have nothing to do with the tab-based
metrics previously discussed in this
White Paper. However, closer inspection
reveals that all Facebook metrics should
be heavily reliant on one another. Posting
constant News Feed messaging to your
fans can be both a beneft and a detriment
Metric #5. News Feed lmpress|ons
F|na||y a fam|||ar metr|c - the |mpress|on! ln th|s case, the |mpress|on does not re|ate to the amount of
t|mes your ad has been served, but the amount of t|mes your posts are d|sp|ayed |n your fans` News Feeds.
Ünfortunate|y, Facebook has not opened up the News Feed lmpress|on metr|c v|a an Open APl - and they
current|y on|y surface the |ast ten News Feed posts. But to a sk|||ed and veteran soc|a| marketer, th|s |s
more than enough. lf you d|||gent|y track and ana|yze the success metr|cs from your News Feed messag-
|ng, you`|| be ab|e to see how many t|mes a day your content |s h|tt|ng the feed, and the percentage of
users who are actua||y |nteract|ng w|th that content, e|ther through '||k|ng,` 'comment|ng` or c||ck|ng
through. You shou|d be happy w|th a benchmark of anyth|ng over .5% feedback. By ana|yz|ng your
messag|ng and the k|nd of feedback |t gets, you can take act|on to |mprove your posts and that
|nteract|on percentage. H|nt: photos and v|deos garner a |ot more act|on than just text messag|ng.

to your relationship with Facebook users. The last thing you want to do is alienate your brand advocates with
messaging that they consider to be spam. Facebook lnsights provides a total number of News Feed lmpres-
sions for each post - as well as a feedback percentage. Dive deep into this data to determine the types of
messaging resonating with your audience. Dive even deeper to determine what times of day work best for
published messages. One thing is certain - random content does not work. Make sure that your posts
correlate with the content on your page. Remember, setting user expectations is key to retaining your
audience of brand advocates.
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Any exper|enced web ana|yst w||| te|| you that concentrat|ng on a s|ng|e gener|c metr|c |s not go|ng to
he|p opt|m|ze your campa|gn`s performance, nor w||| |t he|p you to |mprove the user exper|ence for your
|oya| brand advocates. The metr|cs that you choose to concentrate on shou|d be re|evant to your goa|s
and shou|d |nherent|y |ead to spec|f|c act|ons that you can take |n order to |mprove your d|g|ta|
advert|s|ng |n|t|at|ve.
Are your tab v|ews dec||n|ng? Post messag|ng to the Facebook News Feed that |ncent|v|zes
users to v|s|t your Page.
Are your Subm|t numbers |agg|ng beh|nd your Engagements? lmp|ement more opportun|t|es for
your fans to share content.
Are fans |gnor|ng your ||nks to open-web content? Sp|ce up your graph|cs and |mprove your
Are your fans fa|||ng to |nteract w|th your News Feed posts? Ohange the t|me of day you
d|sperse messag|ng or m|x up your messag|ng to |nc|ude photos or v|deos.
Ü|t|mate|y, you can |mprove the performance of your Facebook presence w|thout spend|ng hours ana|yz|ng
data. Remember that the Facebook exper|ence shou|d be focused on the user. lf fans are not tak|ng
act|ons to he|p you meet your goa|s, then you need to take act|on to g|ve them what they want.