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NEIGHBORS OF LA BAJADA. A Coalition of Neighbors in Opposition of Zoning Case Z190-158(PD) January 18, 2021 ‘The Honorable Deborah Carpenter City Plan Commissioner District 6 1500 Marilla St. Room SES Dallas, TX 752010 ‘Commissioner Carpenter, This correspondence is to express our opposition of Zoning Case Z190-158(PD). We do not feel as if our interest is being represented nor our voices heard by the La Bajada Neighborhood Community Association and we vehemently oppose the community agreement signed between LBNCA and the developers West Dallas Investments. ‘Moreover, we oppose zoning case Z:190-158(PD) because of the following concerns: © The drastic height of an office tower disrupts the current characteristics of the neighborhood and ‘would spur similar developments near our single-family community (North of Singleton.) * We encourage Residential Proximity Slope be applied to all new PD’s on the North side of Singleton so that a buffer will be created between single family homes and new developments. ‘+ Traffic is a major concern. The addition of 9-5 workers to the already heavy evenings/weekends congestion, and with future developments coming in the next 10 years South of Singleton Blvd, the influx of traffic flow will further disrupt the characteristic of our single-family neighborhood. + West Dallas Investments has failed to provide consistent renderings of their proposed development to assure that the building design blends in with the neighborhood. ‘Thank you for gorsidering our concerns. ‘Vivian Rodriguez fonica Rodrig flen Hernandez Garcia 3149 Pastor St. 3367 Bataan St 3218 Wake St Dalles, TX 75212 Dalles, TX.75212 Dallas, TX 75212 Wake St Dallas, TX 75212 ce: City Plan Commissioners- MacGregor, Hampton, Johnson, Shidid, Jackson, Blair, Jung, Myers, Subler, Schwope, Murphy, Garcia, Rul Dallas City Councilman- Narvaez ‘West Dallas 1 President & Vice President- Reyes, Howard.

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