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La Bajada Neighborhood Community Association Board of Directors is asking for your Support for
the new Office projects on Gulden St. & Herbert St.:

Send Support or call: Contact Frank Deleon - La Bajada Board of Directors (La Bajada
Commissioner Deborah Carpenter Resident) for more information:
214-698-0711 (469) 684-7171


Parties: West Dallas Investments, L.P. (“WDI”) and La Bajada Neighborhood Community
Association, Inc. (“La Bajada”)

Purpose: “…enhance employment opportunity for community residents, provide for sustainable
development practices, contribute toward youth and senior-oriented services, as well as
health and wellness services, and aid in the provision of arts and cultural services in the
La Bajada Neighborhood”

Summary of Community Benefits provided by WDI

(1) Job Opportunities and Workforce Development Commitments:

(a) Institute a “Living Wage policy” for all full-time direct hire employees at the WDI
(b) Funding for various community improvement projects and programs including but not
limited to, job training programs, computer training, senior services, youth services,
childcare, and mentorship programs.
(c) Work with job training and placement agencies for residents to seek employment
associated with the projects.
(d) Priority given to qualified residents of West Dallas and certified M/WBE companies for
work on the construction of the projects.
(e) Provide prior notice of job openings associated with construction of the office projects.
(f) Work to encourage all future tenants of the projects to make similar commitments to

promote the hiring of qualified applicants from West Dallas and La Bajada.

(2) Infrastructure Commitments:

(a) Construction of new traffic signal and crosswalks at Herbert St and Singleton as well as
improvements to the timing of existing signals necessary to improve traffic movements
and ease congestion.
(b) Funding and fundraising for the design and construction of community gateway
(c) Provide like-kind contributions or funding for home repairs for homeowners in La
(d) Lawn maintenance for the Bataan Center and ball fields.
(e) Provide maintenance of landscaped “bulb out” medians on portions of Herbert St.
(f) Engage traffic and/or environmental engineers to evaluate and provide analysis to
minimize traffic and noise impacts of the projects.
(g) Work with community to try and attract a grocery store on WDI land.

(h) Explore planning and funding opportunities for road, shoulder, and landscape
improvements on Canada Drive to discourage street racing and neighborhood parking


(3) Programming and event commitments:

(a) Provide gathering and event space adjacent to the Bataan Center ball fields on the
“Brewery Site” for La Bajada community events and festivals.
(b) Provide free parking in the new parking garage at the “Brewery Site” to ease parking
issues during special events and during use of Bataan Center ball fields.
(b) Support and sponsorship for regular community events and festivals organized by La
(d) Assist La Bajada with costs for printing and distribution of monthly newsletter.
(e) Provision of meeting space for community and Board meetings.
(f) Support for and efforts to combat disproportionate property tax increases for homes in

the community.

(4) Enforcement

(a) Failure to comply with the agreement allows La Bajada to seek any available remedy
(e.g. specific performance or damages).
(b) Agreement is binding on any successor, assign, or Affiliates.

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