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Harrod Horticultural. Full conditions on page 23. Just provide us with your email address for regular and timely tips from our expert Julian Ives. Together with our website it has 200+ organic solutions. Ants are known to milk aphid colonies for the honeydew they produce (pictured above). Harrod Horticultural’s Pest Control Expert. natural predators. companion planting. Then there’s our NEW Natural Choice Pest Control range featuring nematodes. Harrod Horticultural’s Pest Control Expert. in flower beds and will sometimes enter houses. help you identify your pest problems and/or advise you on the best organic solutions. Ant Nematodes Large (treats up to 50 colonies) GPC-021 £19. which is a 100% natural insecticide made from ground up chrysanthemum leaves so is completely organic. traps and barriers. Black ants infesting a garden lawn causing ant mounds Black garden ant milking black bean aphids What to look out for… Red and black ants are nuisance pests rather than plant damaging ones.What’s inside… Ants Aphids Caterpillars Carrot Root Fly Chafer Grubs Fungus Fly Leatherjackets Leaf Beetles Mealy Bugs Raspberry Beetle Spider Mites Slugs & Snails Scale Insects Vine Weevil Whitefly Order Form 3 4 6 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 18 20 21 22 23 What’s eating your plants? Let Julian Ives. which hinder the natural pest control of aphids. Suffolk. enabling you to enjoy a healthier harvest.95 unless your order includes an item with a yellow lorry (£12. Myrmica sp) ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Ant Nematodes USE OUTDOORS Although total removal or elimination of ants from gardens is difficult to achieve.com or write to Julian Ives. For best results.95 Agrothrin for Ants (1kg pack) GPC-114 £14. selecting resistant varieties and timing planting. keep the soil moist 2 weeks before application and water directly into the ant mounds in dull conditions. This impedes mowing and the presence of ant adults on lawns can be unpleasant for children and adults when being used for recreation. not suitable for indoor application. STEPHANIE HARROD FREE monthly pest control advice to your inbox. where. Agrothrin for Ants (2 x 100g puffer packs) GPC-113 £9. Plants may suffer if ants are nesting in the containers they are growing in but the main problem is their presence in lawns or houses where they are active from early April to late September.B. we recommend using natures own insecticide .95). when and how’ guide to common pests. Within these pages we are also delighted to introduce Julian Ives.harrodhorticultural. Ants (Lasius niger. it is possible to drive them out of areas using nematodes that can be applied directly to ant colonies when the soil temperature is 10ºC/50ºF.75 Ant Nematodes Small (treats up to 6 colonies) GPC-119 £6.com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 3 . fleece and those on page 19). Postage and Packing is £2.95 Agrothrin for Ants USE INDOORS For indoor invasions by ants. Agrothrin is supplied as a pyrethrum powder. each one being effective and totally safe around children. where soil that has been excavated for nests appears on the surface.95 Did you know that we have over 200+ organic pest controls in our Natural Choice Pest Control range at www. N. One application will gain control of ants already present in the soil where the tiny microscopic worms act as an irritant to ants causing them to leave their colonies and nests. whose years of experience gained from studying pests and advising different types of growers is now available to our customers via FREE advice and monthly tips (see left & back cover).uk. Damage to lawns is caused by ant mounds (pictured above). or for use in between paving slabs and under patios. Pest control is one of the biggest challenges in the ornamental or vegetable garden.pyrethrum. it is inevitable that you’ll still encounter pest problems along your growing journey.00 if your order ONLY contains products from this booklet (except netting. sprays. then please note that our standard charge is £4. fridges and other places where pests congregate. The 100g puffer packs are specially designed to help you access ant colonies that are difficult to reach whilst the 1kg pack can be applied liberally in more open areas. Agrothrin will also provide a safe way to control indoor pests like cockroaches and silverfish by applying behind stoves. Lasius favus. NR33 7NL. Armed with these you’ll find that it is much easier than you think to kill or deter garden critters without harming the environment. pets and wildlife. Pinbush Road. Email Julian@harrod. Lowestoft. This has little effect on the aphids but ants will sometimes fight off aphid predators.95) or red lorry (£19.95 Ant Nematodes Medium (treats up to 16 colonies) GPC-010 £9. If your order includes these exceptions or other items from our website and main catalogue. This 24 page book is a handy ‘what. Even by rotating crops. It’s therefore essential that you are able to accurately identify the pests and/or the damage they cause and then have the controls in place to eliminate the threat. Ants will also make nests under paving slabs too.

95 Aphid Kill using Lacewing Larvae Lacewing larvae are ideal predators for controlling aphids when tackling spot treatments and heavy infestations on low growing plants. pets and for the environment too. Just provide us with your email address for regular and timely tips from our expert Julian Ives. tree or shrub.95 1000 Bottle GPC-135 £29. The 1ltr concentrate dilutes to 50ltrs (to cover an area of 500m2) that represents great value for money and it should be applied when pests are seen (indoors or outdoors). whiteflies and mealy bugs on all edible and non-edible plants where it kills on contact. Aphidius colemani.for spot treatments & heavy infestation EARLY INDOOR CONTROL Apply parasitic wasps to get early control & minimise damage What to look out for… The aphid family is a large one containing many different aphids that are the most troublesome of all garden insects. like bedding plants and lettuce (temperatures of 15ºC+). Sprinkle the shaker bottle contents out over the plants that are infested with aphids. Hang 1 bag of larvae on a soft fruit plant. These can distort plants. They normally overwinter on host plants before moving to other plants in the spring and summer that include the rose. sometimes reducing yield in fruit producing plants. They include commonly known insects like Green Fly.95 3 x 250 Wasp Bottles GPC-133 £29. where in a contained environment they can eat up to 5. non-toxic spray that is ideal to control aphids. then it is better to opt for ladybird larvae that can also be used indoors too. 500 Bottle GPC-134 £17. early in the season as a preventative measure in indoor locations. which is excreted onto plants. Ladybirds and their larvae can be applied from early May (only apply larvae in temperatures of 10ºC+ indoors or outdoors) but neither should be introduced after September. One bottle can be applied to an area up to 250m2. ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife USE INDOORS ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Aphids have many natural enemies. Damage from aphids can be severe. 3 x 250 parasitic wasp bottles supplied.harrodhorticultural.000 aphids in their lifespan! If aphids are attacking plants outdoors. especially when they reach high numbers.95 USE ADULTS INDOORS OR LARVAE IN/OUTDOORS FOR LIGHT INFESTATIONS 50 Ladybird Larvae & Jute Bag GPC-530 £15.45 25 Ladybird Adults Shaker Tube GPC-527 £23. Sooty moulds then grow on the honeydew. or 2-3 for larger trees. They are sap sucking insects. Repeat treatments as required.95 Adult ladybirds can eat 5. They also benefit by feeding on some other pests such as spider mites and thrips. The larvae can eat 100-150 aphids per day and can be used on a wide variety of plants where the supplied jute bag helps with their distribution on larger plants. some of which can be used to combat aphids in gardens and greenhouses (see right).com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 5 . Can be used around all edible and non-edible plants. These are a pesticide free.Aphids (Aphidoidea family) FREE monthly pest control advice to your inbox. Due to the rapid reproductive rate of aphids it often requires a mix of these natural predators together with traps and an effective fatty acid spray (see below) to control them effectively. It’s important to note that the lacewing larvae are not suited for use in tall plants and crops.000 aphids each in their lifespan 4 I more pest control solutions at www. Black Fly and Woolly Aphid. Female aphids can reproduce asexually. as they can find it difficult to reach the growing point where many of the aphids congregate. 1ltr Concentrate – dilutes to 50ltrs GPC-141 £17. non-toxic way of monitoring problems and to help with the timing and selection of control. You can buy our 1ltr empty spray bottle for diluting into and for easy application. 10cm x 25cm H. Aphids also transmit plant viruses. which means as soon as they are born they can reproduce and they do this in very large numbers. weakening plants and stunting growth. many trees and vegetables.45 1ltr Empty Spray Bottle GPC-142 £1. They also do not like plants with hairy stems or leaves as this impedes their movement.95 Aphid Control using Ladybirds Ladybird adults are very effective predators of aphids and are best used for indoor control. Putting this down (when temperatures are above 12°C ) before signs of problems emerge will not only minimise damage but also the cost of dealing with a larger problem later on. Sticky Pest Traps Aphids . red spider mites. Gain early control by hanging these up in glasshouses in the winter and early spring to catch flying aphids. Aphid Prevent using Parasitic Wasps Use the tiny parasitic wasps. It won’t leave any harmful residue on the plants and it’s 100% safe around children. Organic Savona Fatty Acid Concentrate Here’s a fatty acid. The larvae are between 2-10mm long and one larva can eat over 300 aphids per day when applied between May and September. 10 Pack GPC-159 £4. each one sent separately every 2 weeks. either indoors or outdoors. which can inhibit photosynthesis in plants. As they feed aphids produce honeydew.their high reproduction rate makes them a troublesome pest in the garden USE INDOORS OR OUTDOORS FOR HEAVY INFESTATIONS Lacewing larvae . where one bottle of 500 lacewing larvae will treat up to a 50m2 area (repeat treatment as required).

caterpillar. is ideal for attracting and catching male moths. The caterpillars associated with the codling moth should be treated early or later in their lifecycle Moths Moths are mainly nocturnal. can be re-used each year and replacement lures ordered.harrodhorticultural. Supplied as 3 packs that are all delivered at once for weekly treatments. Plum Fruit Moth Trap Plum fruit moth is another fruit pest that mainly causes damage to plums.harrodhorticultural. Caterpillar nematodes can also be used against Sawfly larvae. then this treatment will further reduce their overwintering numbers in the early autumn. One pack will treat up to 20 trees (40m2) to break the pest’s lifecycle. The caterpillars are small and white in colour with brown heads. The trap. Butterflies Butterflies lay eggs that develop into caterpillars. in the mid to late summer. They are very difficult to treat once inside the fruit. If adult moths are caught then follow up with our killer nematodes below to seize control in early Autumn. berries and fruit. Just provide us with your email address for regular and timely tips from our expert Julian Ives.95 Replacement Lure GPC-031 £4. The moth larvae are leaf miners whereas the codling moth caterpillars tunnel into fruit.95 Cabbage white butterfly can be prevented from laying eggs by using butterfly netting FREE monthly pest control advice to your inbox.95 Large cabbage white butterfly caterpillars feed on the outside leaves and the smaller variety in the heart of brassicas which causes destruction.com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 7 . especially apples. Trap GPC-214 £7. such as the hearts of cabbages. Codling moth pupae can be controlled on fruit trees and in the ground from September to October (+14ºC temperatures) by applying to the ground below the tree and to the tree trunk itself. Cabbage white butterfly appears in two common forms.95 Prevent cabbage white butterflies from laying eggs by protecting plants with butterfly netting. leading to fewer caterpillars. ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Codling Moth Trap Codling moth traps can be used earlier in the year [from May onwards] to catch and monitor male codling moths. The pinkish-white caterpillar with a brown head feeds inside fruit which then looks dehydrated and tends to fall early. They mainly feed on leaves. All 3 packs are delivered at once with each one treating an area up to 40m2. The trap is uniquely designed without sticky inserts and requires only one pheromone lure per season. although some feed on roots or bore into plant stems. pupa and adult.Caterpillars (Lepidoptera group of insects) ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Nemasys Caterpillar Killer Gain control of caterpillars from July by directly watering nematodes onto them. as above but with an alternative seasonal lure. GPC-028 £7. this ensures that caterpillars emerging from eggs over a few weeks will be caught by the treatment. feeding mainly on the inner of brassicas. Some caterpillars can be destructive pests of plants. Butterflies tend to be active in the day and more brightly coloured than moths but there are exceptions. so have to be treated earlier or later in their lifecycle. The small cabbage white is pale green and is much smaller. You can SAVE £££s on saver rolls at www. or feed on seeds. which covers 1/2 acre or 16-20 trees.95 Nemasys Codling Moth Killer If codling moths are caught in traps. even though they belong to a different insect family. 3 Packs GPC-262 £22. This helps warn of caterpillar attack later in the year and reduces the amount of fertilised females. The pupa part of the lifecycle is usually in the soil. This pheromone trap. There is virtually no part of the plant they will not eat! The lifecycle comprises of egg. The large cabbage white has a caterpillar with yellow and black markings and feeds on the outside leaves. Good results have been achieved on Gooseberry Sawfly larvae. 3 Packs GPC-261 £22. where pupae overwinter. 3 packs are supplied and a pack should be applied weekly for three weeks.com or call 0845 402 5300 for details. where once in contact they will enter and kill.95 Replacement Lure GPC-152 £4. Codling moth caterpillar entry hole Codling moth caterpillar damage 6 I more pest control solutions at www.

The grubs also attract animals and birds to lawns. Sometimes they can also be found in flower beds and containers. Apply once in late April/early May and once in late July. There are normally two to three generations a year.95 5 x Sticky Traps Refill Pack GPC-131 £4. Eventually the carrot root fly larvae burrows into the carrot root itself forming mines. This helps warn of future attack from Chafer grubs and helps reduce numbers.95 What to look out for… Chafer grubs develop from eggs laid by Chafer beetles. Postage and Packing is £2.95 ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Carrot Root Fly Trap Place this system at the end of the rows in mid April to intercept the 1st generation of carrot fly. The traps can be removed in late May and then repositioned in mid July for the 2nd generation and finally removed at the end of August.95 unless your order includes an item with a yellow lorry (£12. It covers an area up to 1/2 acre and contains a special attractant that lures the beetles. The nematodes search out and kill carrot root fly larvae.19).com They are ideal for placing over carrots and late sowings to miss the 1st generation of carrot root fly. Just push the aluminium tube supports into the soil around your area and secure the mesh with clips.the result of using nematodes SAVE £££s with insect mesh saver packs at www. they release bacteria that stops the pest from feeding which quickly kills it. Once inside. GPC-290 £29. The female lays its eggs near host plants and will target carrots.harrodhorticultural. These tiny microscopic worms are watered into the soil where they will seek out the chafer grubs and attack the pest by entering natural body openings.Carrot Root Fly (Psila rosae) Chafer Grubs ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife (Phyllopertha horticola and Hoplia philanthus) ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Garden Chafer Trap Attract and catch the Garden Chafer beetle by placing this trap on or near lawns in early May. One pack treats up to 12 square metres of area. The first eggs are laid from overwintering adults in April/May and the second generation in July/August. Carrot leaves often start turning red and the plant looks spindly. One pack treats up to 100 square metres of lawn with only 1 application required. Lawns in damaged areas go yellow and the grass is often easy to pull away due to the root damage. which rip up the turf looking for them. then please note that our standard charge is £4. Damaged roots are often susceptible to secondary rots. Carrot Root Fly Killer Simply water these nematodes into the soil shortly after your carrot seeds have germinated. The eggs hatch into larvae after about 7 days depending on the temperature. It will also shield against wind. Trap GPC-129 £13. Damage is caused by the larvae attacking the roots first.95 Infected chafer grubs . thereby causing serious damage. Please note the trap only works on species of the Garden Chafer beetle. flea beetles. with a red to brown head. Repeat treatment for each sowing. about 8mm long. GPC-117 £16. a shiny blackish body and pale legs. Most damage is caused in the late summer and early autumn. fleece & those on p.95 Carrot root fly adult lays eggs twice a year Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer Chafer grubs cause lawn damage from late summer Anti-Carrot Root Fly Screen Carrot root flies do not fly much above 50cm high so this 61cm high x 8 metre long ultra fine insect mesh barrier is ideal protection around crops in raised beds or the open ground.95 Replacement Lure GPC-032 £5. The nematodes then reproduce inside the dead pest and release a new generation which disperse and look for further prey. which curve into a C shape with light brown heads. Damage is caused by the grubs attacking the roots of grass and turf. The size varies between species from 9mm-30mm in length.95 Control Chafer grubs from late July to early Autumn (temperatures above 12ºC) with nematodes. The two most common species in the UK are the Garden Chafer and the Welsh Chafer.95). Carrot root fly larvae attacks the roots & then burrows What to look out for… The Carrot Root Fly is a small fly. parsnips and celery.com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 9 . rabbits. If your order includes these exceptions or other items from our website and main catalogue. cats and rodents too! GDN-448 £32. parsley.00 if your order ONLY contains products from this booklet (except netting. Adult Garden Chafer beetles have a metallic green head and body with brown wing cases and their Welsh cousins have a black head and body with reddish brown wing cases. The grubs have white bodies. If more than 1 carrot fly is caught per day then take remedial action with the nematodes or a mesh screen recommended below.harrodhorticultural. GPC-136 £9.95) or red lorry (£19. 8 I more pest control solutions at www. such as the May Beetle.

Once inside. One pack treats an area of 12 square metres or approximately 160 x 1 litre pots. Leatherjacket Killer Small Treats up to 12 square metres. The nematodes then quickly enter and kill the Fungus fly larvae. and as soil temperatures rise in the spring. These tiny microscopic worms should be watered into the soil beneath the grass in late summer where applications should be made 1-2 weeks after the first adult daddylong-legs have been spotted. It’s at this point that you will know that they will have laid their eggs and by washing the nematodes in well they will reach the roots where the leatherjackets will be. as birds and animals will rip up lawns looking for the larvae to eat. The eggs quickly develop into larvae.95 Leatherjackets feed on grass roots What to look out for… Leatherjackets are the larvae of crane flies.95 unless your order includes an item with a yellow lorry (£12. they release bacteria that stops the pest from feeding. The nematodes are very easy to apply by watering into the compost or soil where the larvae are present. During the winter they stop feeding and sink deeper into the soil. the prolific lawn pest. the most effective natural solution. which start feeding on grass roots. Sciarid/Fungus fly adults have a lifespan of 1 week What to look out for… Fungus flies.95 Sciarid/Fungus fly larvae chews through roots Fungus Fly Killer To control the Fungus fly larvae introduce the nematode Steinernema feltiae in soil temperatures of 10ºC+. Occasionally Leatherjackets can occur in vegetable beds and flower beds. The larvae are grey-brown in colour and are normally found in the soil under lawns.95) or red lorry (£19. can be controlled by nematodes.00 if your order ONLY contains products from this booklet (except netting. The nematodes reproduce inside the dead pest and release a new generation of hungry infective nematodes. so do the Leatherjackets and they start feeding again. The areas where the fly larvae feed provide easy access points for harmful fungi. Fungus flies complete their lifecycle in about six weeks where the life span as an adult is about one week. GPC-285 £16.harrodhorticultural. Postage and Packing is £2. This is significant because it breaks the cycle of the flies going on to lay further eggs which would then create more larvae which multiplies the problem. 10 I more pest control solutions at www. If your order includes these exceptions or other items from our website and main catalogue. In temperatures of 10ºC-12ºC+ they can build up into very large numbers and become a nuisance pest. a Spring treatment can be carried out if the soil temperature is above 10ºC. then please note that our standard charge is £4. They do not stop there.com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 11 . The sticky traps also act as an early warning of the pest too and will catch other small flying insect pests such as whitefly and aphid. thereby quickly killing the pest. The daddy-long-leg adults lay eggs in lawns during the late summer and often high numbers of daddy-long-leg adults are observed prior to egg laying. The secondary damage caused by Leatherjackets can be worse than the primary. GPC-022 £9. This turns the grass yellow in patches and weakens plant roots. 10 Pack GPC-159 £4. This will help to reduce numbers and lower the amount of eggs laid which is particularly important given that they develop into larvae which causes the damage to young plants.uk. e-mail Julian@harrod. Not only will this prevent the damage that the Fungus fly larvae causes but it will stop the development of the flies. damp conditions.95). GPC-118 £9. particularly in compost. The larvae are whitish with a black head and are up to 5mm in length. sometimes known as Sciarid or Fungus gnats. These insects thrive in humid. fleece & those on p. They feed on grass roots and are therefore a pest of lawns and grass areas. 10cm x 25cm H. In severe cases the lawns start to die. Fungus fly adults cause in-direct damage by spreading fungal spores of diseases and plant viruses. flying up when disturbed in clouds of flies.19).com for FREE expert advice. Damage is caused by the larvae of the flies. chewing on the roots and bringing disease and fungi into contact with the young plants.95 Leatherjacket Killer Large Treats up to 100 square metres. Although the optimum time for application is late August to end of October (only 1 application required if the timing is right). can pose a threat to seedlings and cuttings in greenhouses and polythene tunnels whilst even mushroom crops can be attacked.95 (Tipula oleracea) ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Leatherjacket Killer Leatherjacket. The nematodes seek out the leatherjackets and attack the pest by entering natural body openings. What’s eating your plants? Don’t struggle and get frustrated with pests.Fungus Fly (Sciaridae family) Leatherjackets ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Sticky Pest Traps The first step in preventing and controlling Fungus flies is the use of yellow sticky traps which attract and catch the pest. sometimes known as daddy-longlegs. which disperse and search for further prey.

hail. mild frosts.5m 3m 3m 3m 3m Length 1m 5m 10m 50m 1m 5m 10m 50m Price £4.00 £12. Two mesh sizes are available.00 £6. that is present from April-May. laying eggs that then develop into larvae.00 SAVE £2 £7 £4. Seedlings are especially vulnerable and damage appears as small holes in the leaves.50 £12. pyrethrum. heavy rain. They mate in the summer.2m 10m GNE-047 3.00 £230 SAVE £3 £8 £45 £3 £8 £45 Control leaf beetles with the fatty acid.85 £17.40 £15. They attack vegetable plants including cabbage. flea beetle & aphids. The permeable white UV stabilised spun bonded 2mm square mesh cover protects against frost. GPC-027 £5.2m 50m B B.75 £32.5m 2.00 £29.50 £18. birds and insects whilst helping to warm up the soil so that earlier harvesting of healthy crops can be achieved.00 £35. Red Lily Beetle Bright red beetles that have black heads and are about 6-7mm long.5m 2. non toxic Savona spray is a great alternative if the beetles build up a resistance to it. Insect Killer Spray A highly effective 1ltr ready to use spray that’s made from nature’s own rapid acting insecticide. Insulating Fleece Cover up nice and early by floating insulating fleece over the top of crops without damaging the young plants to provide the ideal growing environment during the colder months.35mm sq. The larvae can be identified by their grey-white colour with dark stripes on their bodies and they have a resemblance to slugs.95 GNE-064 2m GDN-033 2m GNE-046 2m 2mm sq.00 £135 SAVE £2 £5 £30 £2 £5 £35 B & C. sage and thyme.00 £9.00 £21. In the first instance we recommend the Insect Killer Spray but the fatty acid.00 £40.80 £21.00 £10.5m 3m 3m 3m 3m Length 1m 5m 10m 50m 1m 5m 10m 50m 1m 5m 10m 50m Price £2. When disturbed the beetles can be seen jumping from the plants.2m 25m GNE-048 3. FREE monthly pest control advice to your inbox.50 £47.00 £20. Damage increases as the summer goes on.00 £26.00 £47. is often seen before the beetles. Choose from either 17g or 30g thickness. mesh GNE-068 3. In the spring reddish brown eggs appear on the underside of leaves.5m 2.50 £24.25 £11. which often cover themselves in black excrement to ward off predators. wind. 12 I more pest control solutions at www.00 £20. lavender.00 £23.00 £195 £5.5m 2. C caterpillars.00 £110 £3.00 £35. Some beetles will also attack flowering plants like wallflowers. It offers protection against carrot fly.25mm x 0. Buy saver packs and SAVE £££s or order multiple metres using the 1 metre length price. which can be sprayed directly onto the plants. 17g Insulating Fleece Code GNE-066 GDN-510 GNE-042 Width 1m 1m 1m Length 25m 50m 100m 10m 25m 50m 10m 25m 50m Length 10m 50m 100m 10m 25m 50m Price £7. It also allows air and water to circulate so that plants can grow healthily too. mesh fine mesh directly over crops or hoops from late Spring onwards. Most of the damage is done by the Lily larvae.com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 13 . swede and turnip. the finest (C) will also keep out whitefly.Leaf Beetles (Aphidoidea family) Leaf beetles are normally coloured beetles that feed on plant leaves.8mm mesh Rosemary Leaf Beetle This is quite a recent pest to the UK with the adults and larvae feeding on the leaves and shoots of rosemary.5m 2. Just provide us with your email address for regular and timely tips from our expert Julian Ives. A great investment that should last 10 years! 0.50 £12. £3. Their larvae infest plant roots and stems. Repeat treatment may be required. Use indoors or outdoors on all fruit. non-toxic and safe Savona see page 4. The adult beetles appear in late spring and are metallic green with purple stripes on their wing cases.25 £2 £33. sometimes with a yellow stripe on their wing case.50 £5 £157. cabbage root fly.harrodhorticultural.00 £21.50 £5 £15 SAVE £10 £25 £5 £15 £4 £13 ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Early detection is important for all varieties of leaf beetle and combining fleece and fine insect-mesh netting with this choice of natural sprays will help to overcome these pests. These small beetles are shiny black in colour.80 £12. Fine Insect-Mesh Code GDN-018 GNE-036 GNE-037 GDN-017 GDN-040 GNE-038 GNE-039 GDN-425 GDN-043 GNE-040 GNE-041 GDN-044 Width 2m 2m 2m 2m 2.50 £35 C. The adults are active from March/April until the autumn and are usually found on lilies and fritillaries. then lay this heavy duty 100% polyethylene UV stabilised 1.00 Price £6. ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife Conversion: 1 metre = 3’3” A. vegetable or ornamental plants (avoid open flower blooms) by spraying both upper and lower leaf surfaces when the larvae or adults are present.5m 2. which strip plant foliage and then attack the flower buds. stocks and aubrietias. wind and hail whilst providing 20% shade. birds. GNE-063 2m GDN-031 2m GNE-043 2m GNE-065 4m GDN-034 4m GNE-044 4m A. Insect-Mesh Netting If your patch is prone to being invaded by pests both large and small. radish. Ultra Fine Insect-Mesh Code GDN-056 GNE-029 GNE-030 GNE-031 GNE-032 GNE-033 GNE-034 GNE-035 Width 2. 30g Insulating Fleece A Code GNE-067 GDN-054 GNE-045 Width 1m 1m 1m Flea Beetle The damage from this pest. which develop into reddish brown grubs.

00 if your order ONLY contains products from this booklet (except netting. the beetles fly into the cross vanes. Trap GPC-126 £16. It helps to improve the timing and efficiency of spray treatment (below). GPC-027 £5. Leaves can be deformed or go yellow after their feeding. 8mm long larvae feed on the developing fruit. Apply thoroughly indoors or outdoors on all fruit. so top up with a replacement to re-use it again. You can buy our 1ltr empty spray bottle for diluting into and for easy application. then please note that our standard charge is £4.95 Replacement Lure GPC-127 £5. thereby reducing crop damage or any unnecessary spray application. ferns. unfolding leaves of first year canes and open flowers. It will also tackle flea beetle and red lily beetle as well as larvae too. vegetable or ornamental leaf surfaces (both sides but avoid open flower blooms). If you discover 5-10 beetles per trap per week in the period from beetle emergence until onset of first flowering then use the Insect Killer Spray below. Also use the larvae in winter months if using in heated areas. Apply 4-5 larvae per infested plant and place the larvae as close as possible to the mealy bug mass.com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 15 . African violets. made from nature’s own rapid acting insecticide.45 1ltr Empty Spray Bottle GPC-142 £1. The adult beetle (pictured) is brown and feeds on un-opened buds. use the fatty acid based. the larvae moves into the soil to overwinter as pupae. On average 1-2 applications. The adult predator is active in temperatures of 23-25ºC but the larvae will operate at lower temperatures. or pink and are about 4mm long.95 10 larvae GPC-139 £10. when the insects are wingless. Savona leaves no harmful residues on the plant to adversely affect future applications of beneficial insects (see below). pyrethrum. with a 7-14 day interval.95 unless your order includes an item with a yellow lorry (£12. so use this highly effective 1ltr ready to use spray. If your order includes these exceptions or other items from our website and main catalogue. Biological control of mealy bugs is possible with the ladybird. They are soft bodied and coloured grey to white. by placing it 1m above ground. They occur mainly on greenhouse grown plants all year round if temperatures are above 15ºC where they extract sap that leads to stunted growth.attacks all cane fruits and particularly summer fruiting raspberries. Repeat treatments maybe required. succulents. which damages the fruit further. Attracted by the incorporated attractant lure and colour of the cross vanes (simulating a giant raspberry flower). The attractant lure in the trap lasts 6 weeks.95) or red lorry (£19. The attacks often cause dried up patches at the ends around the stalk and the larvae eventually moves into the centre of the fruit.both adults and larvae attack fruit What to look out for… The Raspberry beetle – both larvae and adult . from about 17-18ºC.95 Mealy bugs being devoured Insect Killer Spray Once raspberry beetles are caught or at first sign of presence.attacks greenhouse plants Mealy Bug Killer What to look out for… Mealy bugs have their name due to the waxy and mealy covering which is a fluffy material secreted from their bodies. 4-6 weeks before first flower during April to July.95 (Byturus tomentosus) ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Raspberry Beetle Trap Use this innovative funnel trap monitoring kit to detect the early warning signs of the adult Raspberry beetle. fleece & those on p. non-toxic Savona in the first instance on all edible and non-edible plants. After clearing up mealy bugs this predator will also feed on other pests such as scale insects. as the adults do not work well without sunlight. Mealy bugs also excrete sticky honeydew onto the plants and their general impact can cause flowers and fruit to fall off in cases of severe infestation. fall into the funnel shaped catchment area and down into the holding bucket below. Planococcus citri .Mealy Bugs (Pseudococcidae) Raspberry Beetle ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Organic Savona Fatty Acid Concentrate For very severe infestations of mealy bugs or for times when temperatures are below 18ºC. Adults are particularly effective in cases of widespread infestation. There are no commercially available biological control predators.95 25 larvae GPC-124 £19. control measures can be implemented.95 Pseudococcus viburnii extracting sap from plants Raspberry beetle . The 1ltr concentrate dilutes to 50ltrs (to cover 500m2) that represents great value for money.19). For individually infested plants. Postage and Packing is £2. try using the larvae of Cryptolaemus. 25 adults GPC-525 £19. Glasshouse mealy bugs attack ornamental plants including cacti. The feeding can also introduce fungi. Eggs are laid on flowers in the late spring and early summer and the resulting white coloured. Later in the summer. Spray twice with a one week interval. is required depending on the size of the mealy bug colony. There are several species that attack greenhouse plants including the citrus mealy bug (Planococcus citri) whilst some species cause further damage by injecting toxic substances into the plant. The first spray will break down the fluffy mealy bug outer layer and the second will kill the mealy bug underneath. Cryptolaemus montrouzieri. orchids and vines.95). the length of a normal raspberry season. 1ltr Concentrate – dilutes to 50ltrs GPC-141 £17.95 14 I more pest control solutions at www.harrodhorticultural.

45 1ltr Empty Spray Bottle GPC-142 £1. with these Killer Sachets that contain the predatory mite Amblyseius andersoni.Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae) FREE monthly pest control advice to your inbox.m. Once webbing is observed there will be large numbers of spider mites present.90 – SAVE £2 Organic Savona Fatty Acid Concentrate Sometimes spider mites are only observed after they have reached huge numbers and at this point an introduction of predators may not be enough to control them. superior products to grow your own 16 I more pest control solutions at www. They are dormant when overwintering and emerge when day lengths increase and temperatures rise (March onwards). On these occasions or for early treatment use this safe. so use the safe spray. The two spotted mite is normally green with two black spots and only turns red when going into hibernation or when it is emerging out of hibernation. There is a version for indoor use and a water proof sachet for outdoor use. ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: There are now two predatory mites that can be used as biological control of red spider mites . For light to heavy infestations of spider mites. etc.m. Phytoseiulus persimilis likes warm humid conditions and spider mites like warm and dry conditions. especially if there is already spider mite webbing on the plant. one which is used outdoors and one indoors.) GPC-540 £19. whiteflies and mealy bugs too.95 25 Indoor Sachets GPC-146 £14. the most effective predator to choose is Phytoseiulus persimilis which is contained in this biological control.m. Spider mite killer sachets work in lower temperatures Phytoseiulus persimilis devours spider mite in warmer temperatures Spider Mite Killer Sachets Early treatment of red spider mite using biological control is now possible at lower temperatures. so try misting the plants when using the predators. The whole plant can eventually die if left untreated. They devour all stages of the red spider mite lifecycle. More than one application maybe required if spider mites are present in large numbers. The lifecycle of Phytoseiulus persimilis is also twice as fast as that of the spider mite which allows them to out-compete. Just provide us with your email address for regular and timely tips from our expert Julian Ives. which they do in cracks. and release hundreds of predators onto the plant leaves for 2-4 weeks. It leaves no harmful residues to adversely affect subsequent predator introductions and is safe to use on edible and non-edible plants. Early observation of spider mites always contributes to gaining control of this pest quickly. They are supplied in shaker bottles with some carrier material and this should be sprinkled over infested plants. The first spider mites coming out of hibernation are often red in colour and difficult for predators to eat.95 2 x 500 Predator Bottle 2 week period between each delivery. Savona.uk. on these first and then follow up with the new low temperature predator contained in the Spider Mite Killer sachets. These predators are supplied in sachets.com for FREE expert advice. 17sq.harrodhorticultural. The most common species is the two spotted mite.95 What’s eating your plants? Don’t struggle and get frustrated with pests. especially in glasshouses. 2000 Predator Bottle (covers approx. There are also species that attack fruit trees such as Panonychus ulmi. Spider mites feed on plant tissue and plant sap What to look out for… Spider mites are a serious pest of many plants. 1ltr Concentrate – dilutes to 50ltrs GPC-141 £17. The solution will also control aphids. making sure leaves are touching so that the predatory mites can move between plants. Tetranychus urticae.).95 Spider Mite Control In warm conditions. It is a fatty acid base spray and can be used to spot treat spider mite infestations before predators are introduced as biological control. moving rapidly over leaves and can consume up to 20 immature spider mites and 5 adults per day. crevices and roof structures. which are hung on plants. from 6ºC. The mites feed on plant tissue and plant sap. 15 Outdoor Sachets GPC-143 £14. There are two versions.) GPC-535 £13. corrective spray. These predatory mites will feed on some other pest mites and thrip larvae too. especially greenhouse grown crops (cucumbers. aim to apply at least 30 predators per sq.95 15 Indoor Sachets GPC-144 £9. which then turn yellow.Amblyseius andersoni for early and preventative treatment and Phytoseiulus persimilis for curative control in warm conditions. Simply place one sachet per plant to ensure good coverage or distribute evenly among plants. Spider mite damage is significant and can be fatal to plants. e-mail Julian@harrod. In high numbers the mites produce webbing which provides a method for the mites to be transported in the wind or on clothing to other plants. tomatoes. peppers.95 500 Predator Bottle (covers approx. The 1ltr concentrate dilutes to 50ltrs (to cover an area of 500m2) that represents great value for money. It is extremely difficult to kill the mites in hibernation.com telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 17 . You can buy our 1ltr empty spray bottle for diluting into and for easy application. GPC-534 £25.) and soft fruit (strawberries. etc. mostly on the underside of leaves.95 25 Outdoor Sachets GPC-145 £22. 67sq. This predator eats spider mites in huge numbers but can only be introduced when temperatures reach 20ºC+ on a regular basis and when spider mites are present on plants.

the biological pest control.90 – SAVE £2 Large 17. children and pets.it shocks them into a retreat! Slug and Snail Copper Tape Put your pots.90 3 Stage GPC-271 £29.harrodhorticultural. just the right time to let seedlings and bedding plants establish! Small Pack 40 sq.95 Buy 2 Small 5 packs GPC-779 £23. The damage they cause can also make plants more vulnerable to disease attack. coverage GPC-265 £9. 250g GPC-149 £3.5cm L they’ll protect all pots from frost and help drainage too! 3 Pack GPC-008 £12.95 0. In mild winters slugs can sometimes continue feeding whereas snails tend to overwinter in large groups. Slugs will feed on plants above ground and below it and are a particular pest of potatoes underground. this fabric is a sound investment! 0.95 Buy 2 Large 6 packs GPC-651 £44. 4m roll.95 Copper Bands Small 10cm/4” Dia. these rain fast bright blue iron based pellets are safe around all plants.one postage charge only! Slug copper rings & bands Copper coated pot feet Slug & snail shocka rolls Copper Rings & Bands Attractive copper rings or bands form a reusable 2”high physical barrier and can easily be linked together to cover larger areas to send slugs and snails into a retreat! The rings and bands work on exactly the same principle. and then cutting slits to plant through. 6 pack. leaving a slime trail before eating irregular holes in leaves.m. Together with its water retention. There are not many plants that are not attacked by these pests and they start feeding as soon as they emerge from their eggs. insulation and weed mulch qualities. you’ll be adding living organisms to those that already exist in the soil to boost their number.95 Slug & Snail Shocka Rolls The unique copper coating of this reusable ground cover matting gives slugs and snails a shock when they try to cross! With these rolls you can protect whole rows of plants by trimming it to the required size.90 – SAVE £3 Mix Pack (3 Small & 3 Large) GPC-660 £21. Each rain-proof application lasts 6 weeks.one postage charge only! Slugs & snails can’t abide copper . The protective serrated edges are hard for slugs and snails to negotiate and they’ll soon back off after a mini shock from the copper’s natural charge.along with snails they’re still the number 1 pest What to look out for… Slugs and snails are still the number one garden pests in the UK with our weather patterns ideally suiting their lifecycle. 6 pack. Then there is the option to protect individual plants by cutting shapes to size too. Slugs and snails are often more active at night but will also feed in the day time.90 – SAVE £2 Copper Coated Slug & Snail Pot Feet Sit pots on these beautiful copper coated cast iron pot feet for years of nibble-free plants! At 4. The thicker rings are supplied in a preformed perfect circular shape whereas the thinner bands are supplied in strips to provide the flexibility of forming your own shaped barrier.5cm H x 2.m. By mixing with water and applying with a watering can when soil temperatures are 5°C+ (normally mid-March to November). They absorb water that attracts slugs and snails which feast upon them and die. GPC-778 £15.5cm W x 6. Neither slugs nor snails need to mate to produce eggs and can lay up to 500 eggs on each occasion.95 *Large Pack Programmes . and Advanced Slug Killer pellets are a great combination.com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 19 . planters.85 Large Pack 100 sq.85 *2 & 3 stage treatment packs sent at 6 week intervals Advanced Slug Killer Certified for organic use. Just provide us with your email address for regular and timely tips from our expert Julian Ives. Copper Rings Small 10cm/4” Dia.90 – SAVE £2 Large 17. GPC-186 £6. staging or raised beds in the care of this pretty and highly effective sticky back copper tape. Both the pest and the pellets then degrade naturally into the soil for a real nutrient boost! 5g covers 1 sq.95 18 I more pest control solutions at www.Slugs & Snails ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Nemaslug Slug Killer. 5 pack.m. GPC-777 £12. FREE monthly pest control advice to your inbox.5cm/7” Dia. These will seek out and kill slugs (not snails) below the ground by entering their body and spreading bacteria which stops them feeding before they perish out of sight. ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife Slug damage in a potato Nemaslug Slug Killer Protecting the garden from slugs has never been easier or more natural than using the nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita.90 3 Stage GPC-276 £59. Slugs and snails prefer young shoots and roots but will feed on most parts of a plant and can completely destroy them. Nemaslug works effectively underground and the pellets gain control on the surface. 5 pack. GPC-650 £17. GPC-655 £23.95 Buy 2 Small 6 packs GPC-295 £33.45 750g GPC-197 £6. coverage GPC-270 £19.9m x 5m roll GPC-148 £31.95 Slugs . 2 Stage GPC-273 £19.3m x 4m roll GPC-147 £12.5cm/7” Dia.95 Buy 2 Large 5 packs GPC-776 £29.95 2 Stage GPC-274 £39.95 *Small Pack Programmes .

Most soft scales produce large amounts of honeydew. Use the larvae for individual plant treatments and the adults for multiple plant treatments. Steinernema Kraussei. are dull black and have tiny yellow bristles. These minute parasitic wasps Parasitic wasps inject their egg into the combat soft scale scale. Heavy infestations of scale can result in poor growth and leaf drop. If your order includes these exceptions or other items from our website and main catalogue. the old fashioned approach was to rub them off the plant with mentholated spirit.95) or red lorry (£19.m.95 25 larvae GPC-157 £19. GPC-275 £8. The adults are not effective in the winter as they need sun light to be active.harrodhorticultural. The feeding from the larvae often leads to plant death and those that are under attack appear de-hydrated and can collapse and die. If the larvae are indoors. They lay white eggs that quickly turn brown in the compost or soil where they are deposited.m.Scale Insects (Soft and hard species) Vine Weevil ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: There is a range of solutions for scale insects. tiny parasites called Metaphycus helvolus can be introduced indoors to slow down and stop the spread of these scale insects. 20 I more pest control solutions at www.2 x Small Packs 1 delivered in April and another in September for annual protection. Although they can’t fly they are highly mobile and mostly nocturnal. which turns leaves yellow or brown around the feeding place. For severe infestations repeat introductions 2-3 times over 3-4 weeks. in pots or containers. They are available as larvae or adults (use 3-5 of either per plant) and to be effective they also These beetles thrive require longer days on hard scale (March to October) and minimum temperatures of 18ºC. they will continue feeding in the winter.90 Soft scale species deposit honeydew on leaves What to look out for… Scale insects are often classified into two groups. Most outdoor species are present in the summer months but indoor species can continue breeding all year round. by watering them into the soil or compost where they are especially effective when used in pots and containers. Application is easy. White larvae with reddish brown heads or C-shaped grubs develop from these eggs that can overwinter and become active in the early spring when soil temperatures rise.95 Spring/Autumn . simply release the insects on or near the infected plants (3-5 per plant). fleece & those on p. using their bodies to reproduce in and to release more nematodes into the surrounding area.2 x Large Packs 1 delivered in April and another in September for annual protection.95 unless your order includes an item with a yellow lorry (£12.95). GPC-138 £55.95 Spring/Autumn .90 Large Pack . In general they normally thrive in warm. killing them and producing another parasite.95 What to look out for… Vine weevils are a serious pest of ornamentals and plants like strawberries. They are often difficult to find as they tend to settle in concealed places or can be dispersed in low numbers over the whole plant and are soft brown or grey in colour. This is rather time consuming so use these instead! (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: There is currently no control available for adult vine weevils. Small Pack . The nematodes should be applied once in the spring and once in late summer/early autumn when soil temperatures are 5ºC+. Hard scales don’t do this but instead they inject toxic substances into the plant when feeding. 25 adults GPC-167 £19. Hard Scale Killer Hard scale can be treated indoors with predatory beetles called Chilocorus nigritus. a sticky substance they leave on the leaf which moulds grow on and attract ants. so attention should be focused on vine weevil larvae using the safest and most natural method.treats up to 100 sq.19).95 10 larvae GPC-161 £10. Adult beetles with their long thin snout are approximately 8-14mm in length.com superior products to grow your own telephone orders 0845 402 5300 I 21 . To be effective this biological control requires longer days (March to October) and minimum temperatures of 18ºC. humid and shady conditions. The beetles make distinctive half moon cut shaped feeding marks on the edges of leaves whereas the larvae feed on plant roots and often bore into corms and tubers of plants. GPC-137 £17. nematodes. For soft scale. with both the adult and larval stages of the lifecycle causing plant damage.95 Vine Weevil adult beetle feed on leaves Postage and Packing is £2. The nematodes move through the growing media searching for the vine weevil larvae. soft (with shell attached) and hard (without shell attached). then please note that our standard charge is £4.00 if your order ONLY contains products from this booklet (except netting. They enter and kill them. GPC-280 £27. The damage caused by the larvae is potentially more serious to the plant than that from the adult beetle. On the plant they tend to remain on the underside of leaves or gather on plant stems. Soft Scale Killer Hard scale species inject toxic substances into plants Vine weevil larvae feed on roots & bore into tubers too Vine Weevil Killer Apply these tiny microscopic worms. The spring application kills off any overwintered larvae and the autumn application terminates any new vine weevil that has entered the garden during the summer. 25 adults GPC-166 £19.treats up to 12 sq.

Whitefly is also capable of transmitting plant viruses and infested plants suffer from a lack of vigour. overdosing is not a problem. just apply 1 pack every fortnight (when soil temperatures are 12ºC+) until harvest to ensure you hit the pests listed opposite whenever they might occur as they all have different timings. The most destructive form of whitefly for gardeners is the glasshouse whitefly which attacks a variety of greenhouse grown plants whereas outdoors the cabbage whitefly attacks brassica plants.90 (HINT – saves re-ordering & reduces postage!) ✓ carrot root fly ✓ cabbage root fly ✓ leatherjackets ✓ cutworm ✓ onion fly ✓ ants ✓ sciarids ✓ caterpillars ✓ gooseberry saw fly ✓ thrips ✓ codling moth . then please note that our standard charge is £4.95) or red lorry (£19.95 £ £ £19. although the 1.95 £ 19. Plant growth becomes stunted and sticky honeydew is left on plants. or 16 trees in the case of codling moths. Expiry Date GPC-515 £35. After planting out.95 unless your order includes an item with a yellow lorry (£12.19). Encarsia formosa.com SIZE £ UNIT PRICE QTY £ TOTAL UK mainland Postage & Packing charges We only charge you for P&P once per order.harrodhorticultural. If your order includes these exceptions or other items from our website and main catalogue. (In case of query) We can email you when your order has been despatched. This often grows black sooty moulds and a yellow mottling further indicates where whitefly have fed.m. If you do not wish to receive these. P&P is £2./Start Date SOLO 1500 Encarsia formosa GPC-510 £11.95 TOTAL AMOUNT Whitefly Control Once temperatures are over 18ºC introduce parasitic wasps called Encarsia formosa that have been used with great success to control whitefly populations indoors since 1926.95 Postage & Packing if order includes an item with a yellow lorry Postage & Packing if order includes an item with a red lorry 2. (If you have one) Email Daytime Tel.85 Card Number MMY Y MMY Y Security Number last 3 digits on signature strip From time to time Harrod Horticultural will mail you with special offers and new products. nontoxic and safe Savona .com 1 Pack GPC-029 £4.95 YOUR ORDER CODE By Phone 0845 402 5300 DESCRIPTION Online www. OFFER CODE: 10PEST1 Please state if you have a specific place where parcels under £50 value can be left (6 words max. This unique mix of nematodes is capable of controlling all these pests throughout the growing seasons! 22 I more pest control solutions at www. Suffolk NR33 7NL ✓children ✓ pets ✓wildlife ✓ Natural Choice Pest Control: Sticky Pest Traps Adult whitefly can overwinter on host plants in greenhouses.95 2 Packs GPC-030 £9. If you do not wish to receive any other offers apart from our own please tick box. both adults and eggs. payable to Harrod UK Limited. Use the entire pack if trying to contribute to control. fleece & those on p.19) Postage & Packing (standard) Whiteflies extract vast amounts of sap from plants £12.95 1500 Encarsia formosa x 3 1500 Encarsia formosa delivered weekly for 3 weeks. please telephone for a quote. NAME & ADDRESS (Please complete in BLOCK capitals) Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss) Address Postcode Customer No.95). so the first step to control them is to remove weeds or any host plants you may have. For P&P charges to some parts of Scotland and outside the UK mainland.95 £ 12. are tried and tested to control whitefly Whitefly after being in contact with parasitic wasps Control whitefly with the fatty acid. For smaller areas apply the whole pack at once.) Please note that orders exceeding £50 can only be left with a letter or email sent to us giving your permission.Whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) priority order form Send to: Harrod Horticultural. It certainly saves the difficulty of identifying specific problems and then buying individual solutions making it a cost effect way of staying on top of numerous pests for strong and healthy harvests! 1 pack provides 2 weeks protection and covers 60sq. ✃ Now you can control all key insect pests on vegetables and fruit throughout the growing seasons by applying this general solution. fleece & those on p. Please tick box if you do not wish to receive email offers. We occasionally make names available to other companies whose products we think may be of interest to Harrod Horticultural customers.harrodhorticultural. 10cm x 25cm H.see page 16.00 £ 4. 10 Pack GPC-159 £4. Lowestoft. Total Goods Postage & Packing (Items ONLY from this booklet except netting. Company Registered Number: 875029 Card Holders Name Card Holders Signature Grow Your Own Pest Control Parasitic wasps. no matter how many items you buy.00 if your order ONLY contains products from this booklet (except netting. Whiteflies can be found on the underside of leaves What to look out for… Whiteflies. please tick box. are found on the underside of leaves. They are introduced as eggs on cards before hatching into adults. Regular introductions will keep whitefly under control naturally and by keeping the greenhouse at 18ºC in the daytime and 10ºC at night you will encourage the best results. METHOD OF PAYMENT I enclose a cheque/postal order for £ Or please charge my Maestro/Solo Issue No. Whiteflies are sap feeding insects and extract vast amounts of sap from plants from about May (much earlier in heated greenhouses where they can overwinter). Hang up 1-2 yellow sticky traps in the winter and early spring to monitor and catch any whitefly adults that are present.25mm-2mm adults normally congregate at the top of the plant and fly off when disturbed. Pinbush Road.

Is there any way of solving both problems with one mesh size but still allow beneficial insects in? Help please! Alison Millward. Email Julian@harrod. quite a large area. as it will encourage adult ladybirds to over winter in it. I notice that your treatment can only be applied between August and September. It affected the peaches badly. This would mean that all through winter/spring and most of next summer the garden would look a mess. 6th September Julian replies: You could put our butterfly netting over brassicas in the fruit cage as a 2nd barrier. Putting in a ladybird box or habitat now is a good idea. there is a new Chafer Beetle Trap which can be placed out in May ready for the adult beetles. NR33 7NL. 19th September Julian replies: It’s certainly not too late if the red spider mite has not turned red. It sounds odd but they only go this colour when they are about to go into hibernation which is when predators are less effective on them.uk. when you see aphids in the garden. Harrod Horticultural’s Pest Control Expert answers your questions. our treatment with nematodes is for the late summer as soil temperatures are too low for the spring. This is a safe. starting during the hot weather of the early summer. Julian replies: Ladybirds over winter as adults. However.OFFER CODE: 10PEST1 What’s eating your plants? Julian Ives.. You can treat with a fatty acid based spray called Savona but make sure you get a good coverage. spray the nematodes directly onto them which will penetrate the caterpillars and kill them. Is there anything we can do sooner? Kim Brown. Adults emerge from hibernation in the spring and start feeding on aphids. If you do this. You can now spray caterpillar killer nematodes onto the caterpillars. Suffolk. Red Spider Mite & Peaches A Q Insect Management I’ve a dilemma with the netting on my fruit cage. Lowestoft. Q A Don’t struggle and get frustrated with pests in your veggie patch. Chafer Grub Alert! Ladybird Larvae I’m interested in ladybird larvae but how long would it be before they become dormant and would they stay active through the winter if I put a ladybird house in a warm greenhouse? Merv Wignall. especially under the leaves. Q A A Red spider mite has had a field day this year in our unheated greenhouse. The holes are too large to stop the cabbage whites but will stop pigeons (my other problem). This is not a control but will reduce numbers if you have the Garden Chafer species of Chafer beetle. We also have a new predator available in sachets that works in cooler temperatures so that’s well worth using. As soon as you see any caterpillars. These are safe to use on edible plants. as the cabbage whites can still lay eggs through the netting if it is touching the plants. make sure that the plants do not touch the netting. so I suggest you delay purchasing ladybird larvae until next spring. . chemical free method of controlling them. and has now turned its attention to the apricots. Have I left it too late? What course of action do you recommend? Chris Proudfoot. Harrod Horticultural. 20th October Julian replies: Unfortunately you’re right. Another option is the use of nematodes.com or write to Julian Ives. Pinbush Road. Ladybird larvae are best purchased from May onwards. about 170 square metres.. 21st September Q We have a grub in our lawn. just ask Julian for advice.

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