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Vida Walsh-The Activity Centre for the Over 55’s

Spring is here and as the days are getting longer it is a great time to get out and smell the blossom in the air. At the Vida Walsh Centre we host a variety of events. Lunch is £3.50 for a two course meal. Tea and Coffee served at all events for 50p unlimited refills. Events can change with out any notice so please use this newsletter as a guide only March Tuesdays 1Barbeque chicken Cauliflower cheese Home made Short bread and yogurt 8 Braised Beef Steak Rice and cheese bake Pancake 15 Cottage pie Quorn Fajitas Apple Crumble 22 Mutton Curry Spanish omelet Chocolate cake March Fridays 4 Herby Lamb cobbler Ciabatta with Goats' Cheese, Basil and Tomato. Upside down Cake 11 Salmon en Croute Mushroom Risotto stuffed pepper Cheese cake 18 Vegetable Lasagna Roast Chicken Coconut cake 25 Home Made Burgers Jacket potatoes and veg fillings Cherry pie 5 Chicken in Red Wine Gravy Vegetable Pasta Apple Cake April Tuesdays April Fridays 1 Lamb Chops with Indian spices Vegetable stew Fruit flan 8 Fish and Chips Jamaican One Pot Soup Jam tart

Volume 1 Issue 4

12 Beef Hot pot 15 Vegetable and Vegetable and Lentil chickpeas Stir fry pie Cheese Cake Cumberland Sausage and chips Iced sponge 19 Roast Lamb Tuna Pasta Bake Trifle 22 Curry Chicken Vegetable Stakes Apple Crumble

29 Fish Pie Macaroni Cheese Fruit Sponge

26 Mutton Stew and Jollof rice, Mushroom and Ale Pie, Bread and Butter

29 Spaghetti Bolognaise Avocado Tortilla Wraps

Do you want to learn how to use a computer and get on the internet? If you are interested in learning how to use a computer then join Erica on Thursdays 1.30—3.00pm 1-4 Brixton Hill Place off Brixton Hill near Sainsbury’s local. The course will be avoiding jargon and explaining things clearly in plain English, this projects offer easy-to-follow training with the aim that as many of you as possible ultimately enjoy the advantages of computers and the internet.
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March 2011


Vida Walsh Activity Centre, 2b Saltoun Road, SW2 1EP (near Effra Road, facing Windrush Square) 02073261780 erica@aclambeth.org.uk

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We will be staging an open day On Saturday April 30th Visitors will have the chance to meet people who use the centre talk to us about what we do and look around the centre. We hope to have a display of all the creative work that that we produce. We will be holding a Crafts and Arts fair on the lawn in front of 2 Saltoun Road . Tea and refreshments will be served in the Vida Walsh Centre. March and April we will be planning and producing for the event. All hands will be on deck for pickle sauce making, sawing cushions and producing some more canvases. We hope the gardening group will be producing some seedlings and plants to sell. Volunteers for the day are required to help on stalls so let Erica know if you are available. If you are good at making any home made goods and would like to donate something to the event to sell please bring them into the centre by 27th April (no shop bought or second hand items please)
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Vida Enterprise Group (VEG) On Wednesday 22nd Dec a conversation was started at the Vida Walsh Centre about how can the Vida Walsh members ensure that the centre continues and has a healthier finance future . It is clear that many of you would like to be involved with making a difference at the centre. One possibility is to explore creating a social enterprise. Social enterprises are businesses trading for social and environmental purposes. This is more than just fund raising because as community we will be acting together to provide services needed by our older population, using money making ideas to generate funds. If you would like to be part of the Vida Enterprise Group (VEG) we will meet 12.30 pm every second Wednesday at Vida Walsh (first meeting 9th March) to have discussions on what ideas we could approach Age UK Lambeth with in regards to having a social enterprise at Vida Walsh. Join your fellow Vida Walsh members and become a VEGgie

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The cost of coach travel can some times be quiet expensive. If you have wonder lust and a little extra time why not think about using your Freedom Pass to travel through out England. Freedom pass holders can now travel out-side of London using their pass on the local bus services across England and some train networks. The new government minimum times of travel are 9.30am-11pm Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and bank holidays, some areas (like London) it is all day. On April 13th 2pm at the show and learn session David from Portsmouth will be coming to talk to us about how he uses his freedom Pass to travel from Portsmouth to London. The new national scheme entitles bus pass holders to travel for free on local, off -peak bus services. The definition of a 'local bus' will be self-evident in most cases, but in a few instances could include some longer distance buses and coach services where part of their route is registered as a local bus service (such as the Green Line). If you fancy exploring a possible off an ON THE BUSES adventure come to David’s Show and learn session and find out how.

Additional Exercise Classes
It is great to know that something is to be added to the activities at the Vida Walsh Centre. For six week 2 new exercise class will be starting for free (after the six weeks is up a small charge will be introduced) Please join in the classes  · Low impact keep fit/aerobics class starts Monday 28th February 9.15am to 10.15am Free  · Seated Keep Fit starts Thursday 3rd March 3.30pm to 4.30pm Free Terry Morin our new yoga teacher will be taking over the well established Yoga For Older people group. Terry has been practicing yoga for 10 years, having come to yoga later in life. She trained as a yoga teacher with the Amrita School of Yoga in 2009. Since then she has focussed her teaching on working with older people and people who have had strokes. Terry draws some of her therapy awareness into her yoga teaching. She has a particular interest in stress reduction, and in working with physical limitations/ disability. Her classes have a gentle flow with plenty of attention to detail. The focus is on the breathing, with the movements following the breath. Join Terry every Monday starting 14th March 10.30pm-12 noon £5 We still are running Fit as a Fiddle on Friday afternoon 2.15-315pm where the group is learning our dance routine “The Vida Slide” this is a free session OUR BLOG www.vidawalsh.blogspot.com

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Goldie's 1.30-4pm a coffee morning for gay, lesbians and transgender people age 50 and over(50p) 2-3pm Eat@Vida see Page 1 Basket Weaving with Colin

10.30amShow and Learn Sessions 12noon Including Gardening 12-2pm Creative writing 2.15-3.15pm Sing a long Join us for some hearty singing Eat@Vida see Page 1 Fit as a Fiddle Learn the Vida slide

12-2pm ~2.30-4.30pm

Age Concern Lambeth provides free confidential and independent information and advice on all issues of concern for older people over 55 years of age. Twice a week a surgery is held at the Vida Walsh Centre

Every Monday Every Thursday

Information and Advice (Free)


Information and Advice (Free)


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Other Events
On 9th March 2pm our centre will be hosting a fundraising cooking show with Linda Bell from Pampered chef. Pampered Chef is a kitchen supplies company. Linda is one of the companies consultants We at Vida Walsh are inviting our members, friends, family and staff come to this cookery demonstration and maybe even purchase some items. Pampered Chef offers quality items that many people stock their kitchen with. Vida Walsh Centre with receive a portion of the sales. On 16th March. Linda Jackson will be demonstrating the benefits of herbal teas at the Vida Walsh Centre SHOW AND LEARN SESSION Herbal tea is surging in popularity thanks to positive publicity surrounding herbal tea benefits and the vast array of delectable flavours available Linda will show us we can really enjoy a healthy cup or several mugs of herbal tea each day. At this session Linda will be promoting some of the suggested herbal tea benefits Achieve a more calm, relaxed state of mind Support heart health Aid with stomach and digestive problems Provide cleansing properties for the body Promote energy and wellness

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Monday 28th February 915-10.15am Thursday 3rd March 3.30-4.30 pm Wednesday 9th March 12.30pm Wednesday 9th March 2pm Wednesday 16th March 2pm Wednesday 13th April 2pm Saturday April 30th 1-4pm

Low impact aerobic starts (see page 3) Seated chair exercise starts (see page 3) Vida Enterprise group first meeting (see page 2) Pampered chef Cooking Show (see above) Herbal tea party (see above) Freedom Pass Across UK talk (see page3) Vida Walsh Open day (see page 2)

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Vida Walsh

It has finally come. Spring has sprung, for some of us at least, but this means variable weather and strong winds may bring rain, sleet and hail. All the while, though, the sun is climbing and its rays are getting stronger. Once the temperature rises above 6°C, things start to grow and, thankfully, the garden is back in business. George (Floodeye), George and Ram from 3D Plant Groundation : Food awareness and Growing, Health & Conservation Skills Group have been attending the gardening sessions at the Vida Walsh Centre. They have been working with Sarah from Transition Town Brixton on writing a bid to the Big lottery which could involve more gardening skills exchanges happening at the Vida Walsh Centre. We wish them all the best with this venture. We hope to create some topsy turvy tomato bottles at the up and coming gardening sessions If you would like to try and make these planter please bring along Any or all of the below items 2-liter bottle or juice carton If you have any unique garblack bag den tips please come the gaffer tape Gardening sessions on Tomato plant Stanley knife Wednesday afternoon and Paper towel share them with us. Cotton wool

This months Gardening Tip Weeding now will save a lot of work during the rest of the year.

Vida Walsh Activity Centre, 2b Saltoun Road, SW2 1EP (near Effra Road, facing Windrush Square) 02073261780 erica@aclambeth.org.uk
OUR BLOG www.vidawalsh.blogspot.com

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