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The Treatment Act 1 A ridiculously tower of a man suited in black, black glasses and black earpiece wraps his masculine arms around a petite but curvaceous woman who is in turn smiling gleefully towards the photographer. An old man looks at the picture frame longingly closing his eyes and opens them to the cold with an undertone of death looming in the air. The bodyguard overweight and wrinkled, now wearing a blue coverall with his massive legs gaping out as he stares at the environment around him. Inside his ward young nurses dressed as if they were clones walk up and down the ward with their hips swaying from side, taking tiny steps a time as they walk. Crippled people walk around mindlessly, whilst the weak remain in their beds watching time pass them by helplessly. The cardiac ward is run by a sadistic Head Nurse, who ironically dislikes old people. Their dependency and clingy behaviour makes her feel disgusted yet powerful at the same time. She strolls passed the beds of the sickly people like their superior, tucking them into bed when they want to stay awake, Making them eat when they are not hungry. Her sense in control and rationale thinking derives from routine and consequences. That is what makes her feel strong, and maintain the weak to stay weak. The Bodyguard is to miserable and in self pity to truly care about the condition of the ward. He doesn’t believe that he should be here. He has lost his way in this world. Whilst walking back to his bed supported he notices a tall thinning man. Wearing what he considered absurd outfit, a bright red bow tie, a red stained shirt, along with a dusty brown bowler’s hat, this strange man walks past him and they exchange glares. The man takes a bite out of his long florescent carrot as the Bodyguard towers over looking down attempting to intimidate and demean him as he floats cheerily by. The bodyguard shakes his head in repulsion as he instantly takes a disliking to the man. Later that night the mysterious man tip toes out of his bed inside his ward and transforms his attire with a whisky spin into a black tight fitting outfit. He puts out a rusty overly used paintbrush and kisses it gently with love. Act 2 The bodyguard awakes to a loud scream outside the ward. He quickly clambers out of bed and staggers towards the sound of the scream to find a large group of people, staff and patients alike crowding round a wall. Bizarre to the bodyguard his pushes through the herd of people with little regard of human decency to find the wall covered in a splashes of colours, ranging for blues to oranges. The words Freedom drips in black paint spanning across the wall. One nurse faints at the site of the imagery,


another patient calls over the herd of onlookers as he spots another painting of on another wall, and another one opposite.

The head nurse the head nurse of the ward is outraged yet amazed that someone was able to get away with painting such a travesty. She turns away in disbelief then catches a glance of the bodyguard, staring at the walls, as if he was in a trance. She walks over and proposes that if this happens again, this could be the bodyguard’s chance to relive his passion and once again add meaning to his life. To protect the walls of the hospital, they should be painted white only, to remain order and sensibility. The bodyguard walks back to his bed deep in thought. He looks at his picture frame with awe. Opening the draw of the table he picks up black ray-bans glasses, and blows the dust off. Kisses them with love and flicks them over his face. He is now standing in front of the walls with his hands over his crouch, ready to react to anything and suspecting everyone. Watching the patients stumble pass him he notices an elderly woman about rest her hand on the wall to tie her shoes. He quickly glides over gesturing for her to move away from the wall. Meanwhile the Artist gracefully descends down the ceiling with rope tied to his ankle. In a an elegant upside down ballet pose he quickly and effortlessly waves his paintbrush flickering rainbow of colours on to the wall. As the bodyguard shoo’s off the woman he returns back to his post, first glimpses the Artist disappearing into the vent of the ceiling and than seeing the half painted wall. He jumps around in frustration. Now patrolling up and down the on only wall in the hospital that has not been painted. Ever vigilant and ready he beings twitches in readiness at the slightest of sounds. Act 3 The Artist appears to him standing opposite to the guard in a stand off. He pulls out his trusty Paintbrush, whilst the guard whips on his shades. The guard is running over to the Artist, who slyly stretches out his foot leading the guard to take a huge tumble, making the floor vibrant like an earthquake. The artist quickly dashes towards the wall and throws a bucket of red paint onto it, the guard seeing this jumps back up and runs in slow motion towards the walls jumping in front of the paint then crashing down to the floor once again. The artist jumps around in victory, as the guard grasps a hold his ankles, pulls him down to the floor and they squabble and fight. The head Nurse hears what is happening then demands the Bodyguard to bring him to the office where he will be formally punished for his misdeeds.


The patients come outside their ward hearing the commotion as to the surprise of the Head Nurse, Artist and Bodyguard surprise they are in glee and joy. They are thankful of transforming their dull lifeless environment into something to be proud to live in. The artist picks himself up looks down at the bodyguard smugly. The bodyguard being to once again feel inadequate stumbles back up and tries to fade away from the scene. The head nurse is red with anger and attempts to remove the artist from the scene herself. The bodyguard now sees the big picture. He stands in front of the Artist, beckoning to her she is going to have to go through him to get to the Artist. The Artist looks at him with sincerity and gratefulness. The Patients clap out loud, while the Head Nurse looks at everyone dumbfound, now stricken away with her authority over the ward.

Step Outline An old man is sitting on his bed inside the ward, watching patients and staff alike walk past him. A sadistic head nurse controls and demeans the patients inside the ward The Bodyguard runs into the reception area of the ward, to see to walls painted by the artist The Head Nurse tells him to protect the walls of the hospital The artist awakes from his bed inside the ward he is in at the dead of night. The bodyguard is patrolling the corridor of the hospital, where the artist appears from the vent without being detected, and paints the walls once again. The bodyguard is patrolling the last white wall inside the hospital. He and the Artist get into a fight. The patients come out of their wards and expresses their glee towards the Artist. The head nurse demands the Bodyguard to finish him Then bodyguard protects the Artist from the Nurse

The Logline


The Lead characters are the Artist and the Bodyguard. The problem is the conflict of identity. The problem is resolved when the two conflicting characters figure out a way they can help each other stay true to themselves. The Premise A miserable retired bodyguard unmotivated by life encounters a strange and eccentric man inside the hospital.

3 Act Structure Act 1 • • • Introduces equilibrium of the retired bodyguard and the Environment Introduces the Antagonist the Nurse who despises the patients inside her ward Establishes the conflict between the Artist and Bodyguard start of the Problem Recognises the Artists passion of his Paintbrush

• Act2 • • • Act3 • • • •

The walls of the hospital have been painted. Creating a buzz inside the hospital The Nurse tells the bodyguard the revive his passion and protect the walls of the hospital from the Artist The body guard is unable to catch the Artist or protect the walls

The Artist and Bodyguard begin the confrontation, A fight begins The patients of the ward praise the Artist for his art The Nurse Demands the Bodyguard to get rid of the Artist


• •

The bodyguard now protects the Artist The new equilibrium the Artist and the Bodyguard establish their identities and friendship with the Antagonist defeated.

Character Biography Name: The Artist Age:69 Growing up in New Orleans the Artist struggled through life to become an individual in this world. His Mother was a elementary school teacher, whilst his father worked as a technician. They always wanted their son to grow and be a success in this world. Encouraging him to take an academic route for a career he studied at university for coloured folks with a degree in medicine. During that time he encounter several civil rights activists wanting to change America for equality. He discovered to have a say in how the country was run and expressed it through art. As he was not trained his methods were non-traditional and seen as dangerous by his community. He continued with Medicine until the 1960’s where he lost his job, and since been involved in Civil rights meetings and parades, using his art showcased at the events. He has been arrested once for vandalism, thus perfecting a technique to create his art quickly and disappear without being caught. Name: The Bodyguard Age:67 The bodyguard has been in the profession since he was 25 years old. An awkward and shy child, he found it hard to make friends and interact with people. As he got older he wanted to become confident, dashing man that everybody wanted to be around and be friends with. Became a Gym trainer when he was 21 as a chance to meet new people and gain more confidence and self esteem, however he developed a vanity due to the boost in ego. Gaining strong built physique, someone suggested that body guarding maybe right up his street. Being paid to protect the weak and defenceless the bodyguard enjoyed


his line of work as it meant being depended on and appreciated. He became arrogant and proud, feeling to himself to be strong and indestructible force. At 48 to was forced by his employer to retire and since been miserable due to the lack of excitement of his life. Name: Head Nurse Age: 63 Oldest of 3 children She never felt as though she was receiving the same love and attention from her Parents as her two younger sister and brother. She was responsible for their well being and safety, and when anything did happen to them whether it be a scrap on the knee and bruise falling off the swing, her parents always blamed her for letting it happen to them. When she was 20 years she moved out of the family home in aspirations to become an actress in Hollywood, but got no way in the industry claiming she wasn’t Cinema pretty. Scared by her actress attempts she become a nurse to make ends meet, and since took out her rage and misery onto the patients through sadistic and cruel behaviour, with a need to maintain order and control to feel important.


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