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From: Bobby Piton

To: Honorable Arizona Senate and House Republicans

Date: December 11, 2020
Re: Presidential Election
Everything I am about to say is what I would say under oath, under
penalty of law. I believe it to be the Truth, nothing but the Truth, so
help me God.
A quick recap. I pulled the last 22 years of eligible registered voter data
off the AZ State Government’s website.
Using the official AZ Government reported data, I created metadata for
the last 22 years of elections in AZ. I would like to run the metadata for
election information prior to 1998 as well, but it is not published on the
AZ Secretary of States website listed above.
I previously provided all my statistical data and explained in my
December 8th, 2020 email to you all, that my calculations show there
are as many as 460,000 “Phantom Sleeper Voters”. I believe this fraud
started back in 1998, perhaps earlier. Some have commented that my
“mathematical speak” is like trying to understand a foreign language so
I will do my best to explain what the data shows and how I came to this
Starting in the 1998 and 2000 election cycles, I noticed some
irregularities. In 1998, AZ reported a nearly 46% voter turnout of all
registered voters. Between 1998 and 2000, the AZ Secretary of State’s
office reported that the number of registered voters had dropped by
91,000 voters. (5% reduction in registered voters)
What I find statistically interesting is that while there was a 5%
reduction in the number of those of legal voting age that registered to
vote in 2000, the number of registered voters that actually did vote in
the 2000 general election spiked far above the 46% in 1998, to almost
72% in 2000. A 24% increase in a 2-year period. It is such a monumental
change, that 1 out of every 3 voters in 2000 was “New” or “U’s” in the
I understand that more people show up to vote during Presidential
election years, but by this much, with a 5% decline in registered voters?
Think about that for a moment. While we as a nation were focused on
the hanging chads incident in FL in 2000, we might have missed the
hard questions about what happened in AZ.
Looking at the “Big Picture” of what the metadata shows, even more
glaring statistical anomalies are seen. In 1998, the reported number of
registered voters in AZ was 2.264 million. In 2020, the reported number
of registered voters was 4.281 million. This data reflects an 89%
increase in reported registered voters in AZ. What you should find
especially interesting is that this 89% increase in voters outpaced
population growth by 2 to 1. This is based on Arizona’s estimated
population numbers. If you were to believe in my population estimate,
the number climbs to 2.56 to 1.
AZ experienced a 44% population growth between 1998 and 2020,
adding 2.2 million people to the state. What I find UNBELIEVABLE, and
you should too, is that even though the total number of people in the
great state of Arizona grew by 2.2 million people from 1998 to 2020,
2.383 million more people voted in 2020 vs 1998. Wow! That means
that every SINGLE NEW PERSON that was added to its population since
1998 voted. That must mean that no one under the age of 18 moved
into the state. Is it really believable that no one under 18 moved into
the state in 22 years??
Not only did every single new registered voter that was added over the
past 20 years vote… an additional 166,000 came out of the woodwork,
which would push the number of people that voted back in 1998 to
almost 80% if they would have just showed up in 2000 vs 2020.
You MUST ask yourself, how can this be? Did ONLY legal adults of
voting age and older move into your great state in the past 22 years? Or
is there a better explanation?
My initial estimate was that there were 120-306K Phantom Sleeper
Voters. Now, my new floor is 166K to 460K.
Surprise, surprise, there are 463,000 U voters in the Core Data Set of
reported registered voters in AZ!
In my testimony, I discussed U voters. I found that after creating
984,000 unique voter classes out of 1.82 million possibilities, that the
correlation of U voters across every county and age was 94%
What does this mean?
The U voters are almost like a foreign army. They don’t shoot with
bullets but with fraudulent votes. They wait in the wings to be
deployed. Imagine if you will that 23 people same age, sex and voting
type were going in to vote and that 14 ballots were cast for Candidate A
and 9 ballots were Candidate B.
You then brought out 5 Phantom Voters from your digital army and had
them vote for Candidate B….
The next step is to figure out who to call on… well, you have an army
across every age… with 94% correlation. The initial number set must
have been done so by the maximum number of that age cohort in the
data… which tied out to the 99% correlation I found when running a
correlation against the average number of U voters by age by the max
number of U voters by age.
So, depending on what the number should look like based on when
different groups of voters and different ages vote across all of the
counties, the U voters are directed to who to eliminate. If too many 45
year-old voters showed up to vote… send in a 45 U voter after that 45
voter votes. Go in and annihilate the real voter that is 45 M or 45 F,
with an opposing vote, and insert the U. Now, the 45 U voter goes
back to empty and a voter that voted or did not vote (it works in placing
a U voter into a real voter’s spot if they estimate they are unlikely to
vote this cycle) shows the U vote’s vote. When one goes back to look
at the files, they find that a real voter voted and the
#PhantomSleeperVoter didn’t, even though they find evidence they do
The only way to catch this is to look at the time stamps of when the
voter files have been modified. An interesting thing occurred after AZ,
a Congressional Race in PA contacted me and sent me their state data
for 520,000+ records. When I reviewed that data, I found that over
40% or 200,000 records were modified a day after the election.
So now 1000’s of other people go vote, and they fall into this
probability table just right and things flow. So how do you keep track of
all of these moving voters? Probability Matrix and VWAP mathematics.
Based on Testimony by Liz Harris, there were so called “poll observers”
in the voting areas on laptops. Please reference her testimony found in
this clip: About 6 hours and 9
minutes in.
The Core Model looks and sees who is forecast to vote versus who
voted to determine which Phantom Voters need to get off the bench.
This Model would have never been discovered if the turnout of
different age voters behaved in a more historical pattern. This process
was repeated in 30-90 minute increments, perhaps less frequently
depending on the number of votes that needed to be “switched” at any
given interval to match Weighted Average Vote Percent. My
understanding is the manual of some of these machines use this exact
language unbeknownst to me.
The machines being turned off and “Vote Counting” being halted was to
figure out how many Phantom Voters were needed to “True Up” (a
term used in the futures and stock markets) the Target Percentage.
The best non-mathematical example I can think of is Rainman. He went
to Vegas and played against a 6 deck shoe and people didn’t believe
anyone could compute odds past that. The American public blew
through the odds yet again in this election, which caused this entire
scam to be exposed.
Let me summarize the correlation across all 1500 precincts again. It
tied out so nicely because the Phantom Voters were tied out to actual
voters of that age. When a phantom voter took the place of a 45M for
example; The U voter file was cleared out and tagged clerical error and
that U vote was put into my file. When people go back and look over
fraudulent, non-existent voters they get discouraged because they
determine, yes they aren’t real, but they didn’t vote. Then when they
go to me, a real voter, they don’t know who I voted for and I say “I
voted” and they see that in fact I had a vote registered in my name.
Quite a fraud.
I provided Liz Harris with a list of 95,000 people out of 4,300,000 that I
thought were suspect. She has now knocked on 2000 of them
randomly and connected with 1000… would you believe that 539 were
“phantom voters”? They didn’t exist, yet “lived” there. The system is
flawed because voters are asked to declare which party they are
registered for when they go into vote. This allows them to cut the
number of possibilities that need to be computed significantly to pull
off the computational requirements.
How did I figure all of this out?
It goes back to what I mentioned about the PA Congressional race. I
received the state data in a congressional district in PA and I noticed
some very odd information in modified date fields. I consider myself a
classical school analyst. I like to pour over the raw data in its purity and
never look at end reports first, but rather look at the data and see what
information comes out from the patterns my mind spots by looking at
100’s of thousands of records. It’s relaxing to me… Go figure.
Once again, over 40% of the votes were modified … Get this, on
11/4/2020. Over 200,000+ voter files were modified a day after the
election. I tried to get this file for AZ and was told they don’t let anyone
see it until January… I wonder why??
In the stock market, every price and volume associated with that price
is tracked to the millionth of a second. An exchange is created to serve
as the referee.
President Trump should sign an Executive Order and subpoena all of
the sec/minute files of votes cast across all counties and map it out to
the U’s. You’ll know which American had their vote stolen and at what
This entire process has been extremely sad to me. I’ve been praying a
lot for the past week; doubling my rosary time to get the Lord’s
guidance. I’ve come to some conclusions.
Both the Democrats and Republicans have been cheating in varying
degrees over the past 2 decades. This is why the odds of flipping any
seat for an incumbent was so low for decades. Pay to play comes to
mind; Wink, wink, don’t tell.
These processes have been manufactured by some very corrupt people.
I went over how this could have been pulled off technologically
yesterday with a close advisor to the President. I have more data to
report to them which I will be hopefully getting to them this week.
Our government has been hijacked by some very bad Americans with
the aid of an even worse foreign nation or two.
In closing, I look forward to having other mathematicians look over my
work. Remember, this is not about Parties… both Parties had people
cheating us…..all of us. While there have been great Americans in the
Democrat Party and Republican Party of the past, America took a dark
turn at about the turn of the Century. We owe it to ourselves and to
future generations to correct our present course.
The Truth will set us all free and bring back our Nation as one American
I love this saying by JFK that we should never forget. He said this during
the Height of the Cold War
“We must never forget our most basic common links; that we all
inhabit this small planet; we all breathe the same air; we all cherish our
children’s future; and we are all mortal.”

God Bless you, your family and your friends and may God continue to
bless all Americans and humanity.
P.S. I believe all free spirits around the world are American at Heart.