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Project Management Plan

contract documentation
Enterprise environmental factors
Organizational process assets
Work performance information
Project Management
Close Project
Expert Judgment
contract closure procedure WBS
administrative clsoure WBS dictionary
procedure inputs
outputs project scope statement
Final product/Service/result
project management plan
organizational process
4.5 Closing expert judgment 6.1 Activity Definition
asset (updates)
contract closure procedure PMIS

procurement management plan inputs activity list outputs

contract documention activity list inputs

records management system AON/PDM

T&T T&T 6.2 Activity Sequencing
procurement audit AOA/ADM

closed contract Contract Closure Network Diagram outputs

formal acceptance documents project resource requiremets

Project management plan network diagram inputs
Project scope statement activity list
WBS Scope baseline outputs Analogous Estimates
WBS dictionary parametric estimates 6.4 Activity During Estimating
Cost baseline PERT 6. Time
Schedule baseline Final project files Monte Carlo Estimates
organizational process assets
Quality baseline (updates) Project Duration outputs
Project Calendars activity list
Risk registers WBS inputs
Planned risk response actions WBS Dictionary
6.3 Activity Resource Estimating
Risk impacts expert judgment T&T

historical information Project Resource Requirements outputs

Lessons Learned analysis WBS

Process improvement lessons learned WBS Dictionary
Activity Duration Estimates inputs
Network Diagram
Project Resourece Avalibilities
Schedule Development
Project Schedule
Project Resource outputs
Requirements (updates)
WBS Dictionary
Project Scope Statement
schedule management plan
staffing management plan Project Management Plan
risk register
enterprise environmental factors
organizational process assets
project management plan
Parametric Estimates
7.1 Cost Estimating inputs work performance information
Analogous Estimates
T&T rejected change requests
Bottom-up estimates
project management
Top-down estimates methodology
activity Cost Estimates PMIS
Monitor and Control Project Work T&T
activity cost estimate Earned value techniques
supporting detail outputs expert judgment
requested changes
requested changes
cost management plan (updates)
recommended corrective actions
Activity Cost Estimates
outputs recommended preventive actions
project scope statement
7. Cost recommended defect repair
WBS dictionary
activity cost estimate
inputs project scope statement
supporting detail inputs
project schedule WBS dictionary

resource calendars project scope management plan

Scope Verification T&T inspection
cost management plan accepted deliverables

Cost Aggregation outputs requested changes

expert judgment recommended corrective actions

7.2 Cost Budgeting
Parametric Estimating WBS
Funding Limit Reconciliation WBS Dictionary

contingency reserves known known Project Scope Statement

Reserve Analysis inputs
management contingency reserves unknown unknown Project Scope Management Plan

Cost Baseline work performance information

project funding requirements performance reports

cost management plan (updates) outputs Scope Change Control System

requested changes configuration management system

quality control measurement T&T
requested changes Scope Control variance analysis
quality matrics
enterprise environmental factors replanning
process improvement plan
organizational process assets project scope statement (updates)
work performance information
project scope statement inputs WBS (updates)
inputs approved change requests
constraints recommended preventive actions
project management plan 5 implemented change requests
assumptions scope baseline (updates)
Communications Planning implemented corrective actions outputs
communication WBS (updates)
implemented defect repair
requirements analysis WBS dictionary (updates)
communications technology implemented preventive actions
organizational process assets
communicatoins management plan outputs quality audit (updates)

project scope statement inputs Quality Assurance process analysis project management plan (updates)

communication skills T&T T&T quality planning tools and recommended change requests
Information Distribution techniques
organizational process recommended corrective actions
assets (updates) quality control tools and
status report
outputs techniques
requested changes progress report
requested change requests
organizational process assets trend report
inputs recommended corrective actions
communications management plan performance reports forecasting
outputs organizatinoal process
issue logs assets (updates) variance
communications methods project management plan EV 2
Manage Stakeholders (updates)
Resolved issues lessons learned
Project Scope Statement
Approved change requests project performance information
Project Management Plan
Approved corrective actions inputs Manage Stakeholders
communications management plan
outputs 10. Communication WBS
organizational process work performance information
lessons learned 6 assets (updates) WBS Dictionary
T&T issue logs
project management plan project management
(updates) methodology approved change requests
Direct and Manage Project Execution T&T
cost baseline PMIS outputs approved corrective actions

scope baseline inputs work performance Information resolved issues

schedule baseline delieverables cost baseline

information presentation tools implemented change requests project budget
outputs inputs
performance information implemented corrective actions work performance information
gathering and compilation
implemented preventive actions performance reports
status review meeting Cost Control
implemented defect repair T&T earned value management
4.3 Executing
time reporting system
Staffing Management Plan recommended change requests
cost reporting system
enterprise environmental factors outputs recommended preventive actions
status report 7
inputs organizational process assets recommended corrective actions
How much of the work is
roles and responsibilities requested changes
What part of the work is project organization charts quality matrics
currently in progress Performance Reporting pre-assignments quality management plan
What work remains to be done negotiation inputs approved change requests
progress report 8 Acquire Project Team
What problems or T&T
acquisition work performance information
unexpected things, if any,
have arisen virtual team organizational process assets

How the project is going in project staff assignments deliverables

general performance reports
resource availability Pareto diagram
run charts trend report Fishbone diagram
staff management plan
ETC (updates) flowcharting
EAC project staff assignments Quality Control 3 Inspection
inputs resource availability T&T
VC control chart
variance report
AC staffing management plan
scatter diagram
CPI=EV/AC milestone parties run chart
earned value 9 outputs
SPI=EV/PV holiday/birthday celebrations histogram
lessons learned outside of work trips
recommended change requests
team-building activities
forecasts creating the WBS
recommended corrective actions
requested changes Planning the project by outputs
recommended preventive actions
Develop Project Team getting everyone involved in
recommended corrective actions quality control measurement
some way
organizational process training 15 project management performance
assets (updates) plan measurement baseline
general management skills
project scope statement work performance information
ground rules
WBS performance measurements
inputs co-location 16
WBS Dictionary inputs forecasted completion
recognition and rewards
project management plan quality control measurements
Nine Knowledge Areas Processes & 1 outputs team performance assessment
Benchmarking Five Management Process Groups approved change requests
Cost of Quality
Also refer to deliverables
cause and effect diagram information presentation tools
Brainstorming performance information
Affinity diagrams gathering and compilation
Performance Reporting
Force field analysis status review meeting

Nominal group techniques time reporting systems

Matrix diagrams Quality Planning 8. Project Quality Management cost reporting systems

Flowcharts performance reports

Prioritization matrics forecasts

Quality Management Plan requested changes

4.4 Monitoring & Controlling outputs
defect density recommended corrective actions

failure rate 4.2 Planning organizational process

assets (updates)
availability quality matrics
performance reports
staffing management plan
test coverage
project management plan
quality checklist
outputs work performance information
process boundaries
organizational process assets
process configuration inputs
process improvement plan 10 project staff assignments
process matrics
roles and responsiblities
target for improved performance
project organization charts
quality baseline
team performance assessment
project management plan
(updates) performance reports

Project Resource Requiremets oberservation and conversation

Project Scope Statement inputs conflict management

WBS project performance appraisals

organization charts and T&T issue#

position description Manage Project Team date added
Human Resource Planning 9. Human Resource Management
networking T&T raised by
organizational theory person assigned
issue log
Staffing Management Plan resolution
project organization charts outputs due date
roles and responsibilities status
project scope statement date resolved
project management plan requested changes
planning meeting and analysis T&T recommended corrective actions
methogology recommended preventive actions
roles and responsibilities 11.1 Risks Planning outputs
organizational process
budgeting assets (updates)

timing project management plan

risk categories risk management plan outputs
risk registers
definition of probability and impact
risk management plan 4
stakeholder tolerances
inputs approved change requests
reporting formats
work performance information
contract performance reports
project scope statement
project SOW risk reassessment
risk management plan inputs
enterprise environmental factors variance and trend analysis
enterprise environmental factors
inputs organizational process assets T&T technical performance measurement
risk management plan Risk Monitoring and Control
expert judgment reserve analysis
organizatoinal process assets
Develop Project Charter project management methodologies status meeting
project management plan T&T
project selection methods risk registers (updates)
documentation reveiws
PMIS requested changes
information gatering techniques
11.2 Risk Identification recommended corrective actions
outputs project charter
assumptions analysis
T&T 4.1 Initiating project charter outputs recommended preventive actions
Cause and Effect Diagram
diagramming techniques project SOW organizational process
Flow Charts inputs assets (updates)
enterprise environmental factors
checklist analysis project management plan
organizational process assets (updates)
Risk Registers outputs Developer Preliminary Project
project management methodologies contract
risk registers Scope Statement
T&T expert judgment work performance information
organizational process assets
inputs PMIS performance reports
project scope statement inputs
outputs preliminary project scope statement contract management plan
risk management plan
selected sellers
risk probability and impact
assessment 11. Project Risk Management
approved change requests
11.3 Qualitative Risk Analysis 11
probability and impact matrix contract change control system
T&T 12
risk data quality assessment records management system
risk urgency assessment IT
Risk Registers (updates) outputs Contract Administration buyer-conducted
Risk Registers T&T performance review
inspection and audit
organizational process assets
performance reporting
project scope statement inputs
payment system
risk management plan
cliams administration
project schedule management plan
project management plan recommended change requests
project cost management plan
outputs recommended corrective actions
data gathering and
representation recommended preventive actions
requested changes
probability disbribution
(e.g., total cost or 11.4 Quantitative Risk Analysis recommended corrective actions
completion date) Monte Carlo Simulation T&T recommended preventive actions
Decision Tree Analysis inputs recommended defect repair
quantitative risk analysis and
sensitivity analysis project management plan
modeling techniques
expected monetary value work performance information
sensitivity analysis
project management
risk registers (updates) outputs
Risk Registers T&T PMIS
inputs Integrate Change Control
risk management plan expert judgment
for negative risk or threats approved change requests
for positive risk or opportunities approved corrective actions
Strategies T&T
for both threats and opportunities approved preventive actions
Risk Response Planning
contingent response strategies approved defect repair
Project Management Plan outputs validated defect repair
rejected change requests
contractual outputs project management plan
agreements (updates)
risk register (updates) deliverables

project scope statement performance reports

project budget approved change requests
inputs inputs
project schedule schedule baseline
project management plan schedule management plan
expert judgment T&T Plan Purchase and Acquisition progress reporting
purchase and acquisition decisions schedule change control system
contract statement of work outputs performance measurement
procurement management plan 12. Procurement project management software
contract statement of work Schedule Control variance analysis
procurement management plan schedule comparision bar charts
contract documents outputs Plan Contracting recommended corrective actions
expert judgment T&T requested changes
project charter project management plan (updates)
preliminary project scope statement schedule model data (updates)
4. Develop Project
project management methodologies schedule baseline (updates)
T&T Management Plan outputs
expert judgment performance measurements
project management plan outputs organizational process assets
preliminary project scope
statement activity list (updates)
enterprise environmental factors activity attributes (updates)

organizational process assets inputs

project charter
project management plan
Templates, forms, standards 5.1 Scope Planning
expert judgment
project scope
management plan outputs
project scope management plan
organizational process assets
project charter inputs
preliminary project scope statement
approved change requests
product analysis
stakeholders analysis
alternative identification
expert judgment
project organization
constraints 5.2 Scope Definition
initial risks
initial schedule milestones
project requirements project scope statement 5. Project Scope Management
project boundaries outputs

product acceptance criteria

requested changes
project scope management
plan (updates)
project scope statement
organizational process assets
project scope management plan
approved changed requests
WBS templates
WBS 13
work package#
5.3 Create WBS
schedule milestones
resource assigned WBS dictionary 14

due date
approved person/PM
before this work package
after this work package
acceptance critera
work package description
project scope statement (updates)
project scope management
plan (updates)
requested changes
scope baseline
1) Nine Knowledge Areas Processes & Five Management Process Groups
Also refer to
Project Management Body of Knowledge

2) EV

CV = EV - AC

SV = EV - PV




ETC = (BAC - EV) / CPI


3) Quality Control
focus on correctness of work

analyze the situation

4) risk management plan

Key elements

role and responsibility

for conducting risk management


schedule activities

risk categories


revised stakeholders' risk tolerances

5) project management plan

Project Management Plans contains:

What needs to be communicated


between whom

best method for communicating


when and how often

6) lessons learned
lessons learned from whom:



Project Management Team




7) status report
detailed report

8) progress report
summarize project status

quickly review where the project now stands

9) earned value
Earned Value Management (EVM) is a project management technique for measuring project progress in an objective manner. EVM has the
unique ability to combine measurements of scope, schedule, and cost in a single integrated system. When properly applied, EVM provides
an early warning of performance problems. Additionally, EVM promises to improve the definition of project scope, prevent scope creep,
communicate objective progress to stakeholders, and keep the project team focused on achieving progress.

10) process improvement plan

Process Improvement Plan includes:

process boundaris



targets for improved performance

guide the processes

11) 11.3 Qualitative Risk Analysis

subjective analysis of the risk identifiedin risk identification

12) T&T
subjective analysis of the risk identifiedin risk identification

13) WBS
An effective aid for stakeholder communications

14) WBS dictionary


15) training
direct cost

16) co-location
decrease the impact of conflicts