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Environmental protection definition includes all available practices used to protect our environment, whether on individual, organizational or global (international) level. This basically means that each and every one of us can do something to protect our environment but of course, global actions are the ones that would help our environment the most. The general opinion is that our environment is in the constant state of degradation due to so many different environmental problems (climate change, all forms of pollution, deforestation, biodiversity loss, etc). The scientists have been issuing warnings about the negative state of our environment for quite some time but unfortunately world leaders do not listen to science and global action to protect our environment from further degradation still looks like mission impossible. This was best demonstrated in talks about the new climate change deal where world leaders once again failed to find the mutual

language being divided by different individual interests. Human population is constantly growing, and world still fails to find the right balance between the increase in human population and environmental needs. More people on this planet means more environmental problems quite simply because our society doesn't have the ecological conscience. In the world where everything is about the money it is impossible to develop global ecological conscience, and install it into our society. In simple words we care too little for our environment and our planet in general. We have come to a point where we need to protect environment against ourselves, and that is the worst possible irony. Yes, there are many different organizations that try to protect our environment such as Environmental Protection Agency in United States but without the global ecological conscience very little can be achieved. Some environmentalists even say that the environmental protection has become a lost cause because environmental problems keep on growing at rapid pace, giving us a zero chance to do something about it.

Without the environmental protection our environment would look much worse than it looks today. and environmental protection is no exception. The most important thing in today's ecology is to solve things on global level. Many countries have different organizations and other bodies devoted to environmental protection. and we certainly must look for more ways to protect our environment. though this something is far from being enough. and is not completely useless as some may think it is. This means that something is still being done for our environment. World leaders must act as one when it comes to environment because this is the only possible road to successful environmental protection. Only united world can save our environment and our . environmental protection has its purpose. There are even some international environmental protection organizations.Calling environmental protection a lost cause is going too far because as long there is at least one healthy environment left in the world. for instance the United Nations Environment Programme.

0 comments Labels: environment. 2009 These days many people seem to be asking this question but very few of them would be willing to go beyond the question itself. recycling How can we improve our environment? >> SUNDAY.Key to healthy environment >> FRIDAY. and actually do . our environment. Posted by Ned Haluzan . NOVEMBER 13. deforestation. and different other ecological problems are making our environment unhealthy so we should definitely do something about it. OCTOBER 11. Posted by Ned Haluzan .planet for our future generations. our responsibility. Pollution problems. Our planet. environmental protection Recycling . greenhouse gases. 2009 You don't have to be a brainiac to be aware of global environmental mess we created over the years. toxic elements. The easiest thing you can do for our planet and the environment you live in is recycling. 0 comments Labels: environment.

Definition and meaning >> MONDAY. 2009 Definition of environmental engineering would be connection between the science and engineering in order to improve the environment and provide . What we really need to do is go out in the nature. because if helping environment means that we have to be deprived of something than all of the sudden importance of environmental issues loses great deal on their value. inspect our environment. but solutions are often anything but easy because environmental problems sadly still lack required level of political support. Posted by Ned Haluzan . find environmental problems in our area and then work on their solutions. FEBRUARY 23. for instance to notice pollution. What we need is answers in form of real action. It seems like most of us are willing to do something to improve our environment as long there are no sacrifices needed from our side. 0 comments Labels: environment Environmental engineering . and not just theoretically speaking about possible ways to improve our environment like some scientists seem to be doing all the time. Diagnosing environmental problem is in most cases easy to do. What we have to be aware off is that environmental issues can't be solved by talk and questions.something that would improve our environment.

As you can see environmental engineering is really a multidimensional mission that has its goal in keeping our environment clean and healthy. any environmental issue is equally important to them. . waste disposal.healthy water. Environmental engineering includes many different tasks such as water and air pollution control. and even studies on the environmental impact of proposed construction projects. Environmental engineers are oriented on all ecological problems. in general we could say that anything that has something to do with environment is somehow related to environmental engineering. and land for not only humans but for all living creatures. air. Environmental engineering should basically mean protective system based on science and engineering that would protect all life on Earth from all sorts of pollution and ensure all creatures on Earth healthier environment to live in. recycling. public health issues.

There is also specialization in Environmental engineering law that is becoming more popular as there are more and more new environmental laws. water resources management and water treatment plant design. Environmental engineering can be studied at many universities worldwide. First one are being called Environmental "civil" engineers and their focus is primarily on hydrology. such as advanced air and water treatment technologies and separation processes.Environmental engineering needs to overcome many challenges in years to come to keep our environment clean and healthy. And second one called Environmental "chemical" engineers are mainly focused on environmental chemistry. . and there are usually two specific programs that are producing two types of environmental engineers.

and what is even worse they are all connected so solving one doesn't count a lot on global scale. Improving quality of our environment improves quality of our lives.Environmental engineering plays extremely important role because cleaner and healthier environment means healthier life with more quality. Controlling levels of pollution and preventing pollutions are not only keeping our environment clean and healthy but it also keeps away many diseases. and generally speaking very low quality of life. Posted by Ned Haluzan . Science and engineering really have tough task ahead of them to keep our environment clean and healthy in years to come because ecological problems are constantly growing. 0 comments Labels: environment Environmental crimes still growing >> SUNDAY. deaths. 2008 . water supply in Africa and you'll see only few challenges that environmental engineering needs to overcome in years to come. OCTOBER 12. and clean and unhealthy environment leads to diseases. Take for instance problem of air and water pollution in Asia.

the country's most famous national park. Laws and control are simply not adequate as even the ivory trade hasn't been stopped despite the almost 20 years old international ban (1989). and operates on international level. where Benson Nkunika admits poaching 38 elephants for their ivory using guns like AK-47 on the orders of an area warden in South Luangwa. and the EIA believes that a network of environmental crime rings is thriving in the developing world. As a proof there was this signed confessionobtained by the Zambia Wildlife Authority.Environmental crimes are still showing signs of growing despite the number of new laws designed to put an end to shameful but profitable activities like rainforest logging. According to latest report issued by Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) this is extremely profitable business that earns more than $10bn a year. Many well organized international gangs are driven by high profits up to 700%. the trade in endangered animal skins and ivory and smuggling canisters of banned gas refrigerants. .

these crimes very often get unnoticed by many people. while majority remains ignorant.Many elephants are still being ruthlessly killed because of valuable ivory despite the international ban on ivory trade. And in the meantime environment crimes keeps on growing in many different ways. involving gangs that operate on global level. Related Articles: . This situation suits environment criminals very well. and even when they get noticed people tend to give these crimes very little attention as these crimes do not look big enough in their eyes. and they are pulling great profit from destroying nature. After all there is this huge profit that is more than enough toenvironment criminals to continue with their crimes. Environmental crime is sort of a "silent crime".

evaluate it. To make our environment safe and healthy we need to prevent entrance of different hazardous materials. AUGUST 4.deforestation Posted by Ned Haluzan . 2008 Environmental health and safety can only be achieved if anyone of us understands responsibilities that are necessary if we want to make our environment safe and healthy. and different other types of waste that could influence on health and safety of our environment. There are different governmental and nongovernmental organizations that are doing their best to ensure environmental health and safety by ensuring compliance with different environmental regulations and laws. As said before in order to ensure maximum efficiency of different environmental health and safety programs it is vital to include as many people as possible. Such hazardous materials are for instance asbestos. 0 comments Labels: environment Environmental health and safety >> MONDAY. Environmental health and safety is the first required step needed for successful environment protection. lead. mold. What this organizations try to do is to identify risk. and then try to find .• • Animal poaching in Africa Amazon rainforest .

Environmental duties are responsibility of every individual on our planet. and health and safety of our children. With entrance of each new hazardous material there is also the need for improvement of these health and safety programs. Related Articles: Environment . If we want to keep our environment clean and safe than we all have to do our part in preventing different dangerous materials entering our environment.Definition and meaning • . Inspections. in order to deal with new types of viruses you need to improve your current version of anti-virus program. monitoring and different thorough analysis are the basis of any serious health and safety programs. By caring for health and safety of our environment we really care for our health and safety. and future generations.the solution that would prevent negative consequences to safety and health of our environment. It is something similar to computer viruses. Preserving the health and safety of our environment means also preserving health and safety of each and everyone of us. However what is really important is for us to understand that these different organizations are the only ones responsible for our environmental health and safety.

Fungicide and Rodenticide Act • National Environmental Policy Act • Oil Pollution Act of 1990 . 0 comments Labels: environment Environmental law and environmental compliance Recently I have been reading a lot of good content referring to environmental laws and environmental compliance. Environmental law in United States is especially covered in these federal statutes: • Clean Air Act • Clean Water Act (Federal Water Pollution Control Act) • Comprehensive Environmental Response. Environmental laws are very often nothing but a dead letters on the papers. as profits are the one that really count in many countries of the modern world. something that is there but has no real purpose. Compensation and Liability Act • Endangered Species Act • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act • Federal Insecticide.• • Environmental law and environmental compliance Importance of environmental testing Posted by Ned Haluzan . In order to preserve our environment we need to strengthen our environmental compliance with our national policies which is by any means very difficult task.

However economic development is sometimes something completely different and threatens our environment. Environmental compliance is really a "conditio sine qua non" of any quality environmental law. This is where environmental compliance should show its real face. especially since our time carries so many different environmental problems that are in need of the quick solution. Environmental compliance as well as environmental laws need constant developing.• • • • Pollution Prevention Act Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Safe Drinking Water Act Toxic Substances Control Act As you can see there are really many topics that need to be covered with environmental laws. but what is more important to obey these laws. On international level. What is really important is to understand their importance. There are many different websites where you can read about the latest developments regarding environmental laws and environmental compliance. Good environmental management is something that this world desperately needs and quality environmental law should ensure this. but it is not enough only to have these laws. especially in poor countries of .

0 comments Labels: environment Environmental testing . and this is one thing that should really change. There are many different type of analysis that can be done in environmental testing labs. Environmental testing labs have important function in giving manufacturers important information regarding their products and how they perform in certain conditions. for instance analysis of private drinking water or even new type of analysis like testing various size photovoltaic modules and solar panels whether they meet the common IEC solar panel test specifications. Related Articles: Environment . there's very little talk about environmental law and environmental compliance. There is not only problem in creating environmental law but what is even more important to make it work. There are many different special tests that can ensure important informations of almost any product in certain . Why? Because economy and environment often do not get along.Definition and meaning Environmental health and safety Importance of environmental testing Posted by Ned Haluzan . both in poor and rich countries.Importance of environmental testing Environmental testing is usually done in environmental testing labs.• • • the third world.

and how to increase it in order to fully satisfy its customers. Make sure that different durability and longevity tests are the only tests but insist on safety tests whether your product meet required safety standards for customer use. This of course requires very comprehensive testing methods.condition. Once your products meet or exceed required safety standards warranty of your product will be more detailed and "gain on its weight". So how to choose your environmental testing company? It is always wise to choose environmental testing companies that are specialized to the products you want to test. First of all your company wants to know longevity of its product. Ensuring safety of your products is something that really must be done before these products reach their customers because otherwise hazardous materials can have serious negative consequences on human health and environment. . And pay special attention to durability tests because this can give you more detailed reports which you can later use in your warranty wording regarding replacement terms. and damage claims. Ensuring environmental testing is important from many different reasons. repairs.

Definition and meaning Word "environment" is most commonly used describing "natural" environment and means the sum of all living and non-living things that surround an organism. durability. safety and longevity are the things that really make the difference in the business world. and conditions that have some impact on growth and development of certain organism. and other standards. Environment includes all elements. safety and longevity of your products. and worthy of their money. Environment includes both biotic and abiotic factors that have influence on observed • • • . but to also try to exceed these standards and improve your product's quality and overall performance. factors .Definition and meaning Posted by Ned Haluzan . Related Articles: Environmental law and environmental compliance Environmental health and safety Environment . And quality. It is the quality that makes consumers recognize your brand as reliable.What is also important is that you do not get satisfied by only meeting the safety. 0 comments Labels: environment Environment . Only environmental testing labs can provide you with the informations about quality. or group of organisms. longevity.

to reduce and clean up all sorts of pollution (air. river. alternative energy sources that have low carbon emissions 4. atmospheric gases combine with biotic factors (all surrounding living species). Abiotic factors such as light.. preservation of existing endangered species 6. land.. to reduce world consumption of fossil fuels 2. emphasis on clean. water. sustainable use of water. Environmentalism is movement connected with environmental scientists and many of their goals. protection of biodiversity .) with future goal of zero pollution 3. Environment often changes after some time and therefore many organisms have ability to adapt to these changes. temperature. Environmentalism is very important political and social movement with goal to protect nature environment by emphasizing importance of nature role in protection of the environment in combination with various actions and policies oriented to nature preservation. Some of these goals include: 1. sea. However tolerance range is not the same with all species and exposure to environmental conditions at the limit of an certain organism's tolerance range represents environmental stress. and other scarce resources 5.organism.

Pollution creates unhealthy environment. Third goal is very obvious. World needs a . Fossil (non renewable) fuels are mainly responsible for global warming as during the combustion of fossil fuels carbon dioxide (one of the greenhouse gases) gets released into the atmosphere. rivers. In fact reducing the emission of carbon dioxide is the most important thing if we want to successfully fight global warming. Reducing and cleaning up pollution is also very important task.Future of our planet lies in our hands First goal reducing the world consumption of fossil fuels is very important to fight against climate change and global warming phenomenon. and often causes many health problems and different diseases. Every day we hear the news about tremendous pollution of our air. seas.

solar power and hydroenergy. Water is precious but also scarce resource that needs to be preserved for future generations. However we seem to be forgetting this more often than not. However their use is still negligent on global scale and fossil fuels are still dominant energy sources.• • • lot of energy and if we want to reduce the use of fossil fuels then we should have some other alternative energy sources to satisfy world energetic needs. Related Articles: Environmental law and environmental compliance Environmental health and safety Importance of environmental testing . Humans are not owners of this circle but only one small part that needs even the smallest parts of this circle for its proper functioning. These alternative energy sources such as wind energy. each with their very own role. have all great potential. The number of endangered species is lately increasing rapidly and many species have become extinct in the last 50 years or so. land and other resources is therefore vital to enable future life of our planet. Preservation of endangered species is important to save number of ecosystems and to protect biodiversity of our planet. and are also ecologically acceptable. Biodiversity is very important in enabling the life on earth since all species are connected in perfectly balanced circle. Sustainable use of water.

mainly because of the new roads. Deforestation isn't only happening because of the roads. especially since environmental conditions in Tibet have major effects in neighboring countries. Bangladesh and Pakistan. and they were reduced to the half of the area in less than 40 years (1950-1990). Tibet ancient forests have long history of deforestation. Tibet is facing many environmental problems and although China issued in 2003 so called "White Paper" about ecological improvement and environmental protection in Tibet. but also because of the valuable timber. As the new roads move further. and China is planning even more road projects across the whole Tibet.Environmental condition >> TUESDAY. such as India. This deforestation is particularly dangerous from ecological point of view . 0 comments Labels: environment Tibet . so does the rate of deforestation increase. there is still lot of problems that need to be solved if China plans to preserve this unique piece of nature. China. MARCH 4. 2008 Tibet presents one very special ecosystem with unique biodiversity and has tremendous ecological and environmental importance.Posted by Ned Haluzan .

Some reports even say how many animals are being killed by Chinese soldiers just for fun and sport who are even using automatic weapons in doing this. . Tibet like many other areas in the world is also seriously affected with problem of global warming as Tibetan glaciers are melting at rapid rate of 7 % annually. Laws about restricted hunting are mostly just letters on the paper as there are many illegal hunting tours organized for rich clients that often hunt endangered species such as Tibetan antelope and the Argali Sheep. more desertification and cause many sandstorms that have already showed their vicious face in China. If this trend continues it will cause drought. Wild life in Tibet is also in jeopardy. and many of these animals have already become extinct. especially in period of excessive deforestation that lasted for almost 40 years. mainly because of habitat lose and poaching.since forests have great influence on creating the wind patterns and the general weather conditions. What many of people don't know is the fact that Tibet environmental condition affects entire planet. all because of the global warming and climate change as average temperatures in Tibet increased by almost 1 degree Celsius since the 80s.

there are literally no such things as regional ecological problems.Unique and beautiful Posted by Ned Haluzan . which means that Tibet is not just regional problem. mainly because of the global warming and climate change. Every ecological problem now presents global threat to our planet and Tibet is no exception. 0 comments Labels: environment Newer PostsOlder PostsHome Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Top of Form Search .One independent research showed how Tibet's environmental condition affects 85 percent of Asia's population and over 47 percent of the world inhabitants. Sadly. Tibet .

Current situation The current environmental condition of our oceans Climate change impact on US forests Why are mountain gorillas endangered? The consequences of ocean acidification UN climate talks . extinction and climate change Greenland ice melting .Last chance to tackle climate change? Which animals are most vulnerable to climate change? How to save sharks from going extinct? What is the best way to fight climate change? International climate deal impossible because of the United States? • • • • • • • • • • • • • .Bottom of Form Custom Search CLIMATE CHANGE IS THE BIGGEST ECOLOGICAL PROBLEM? RECYCLE BY SELLING OLD MOBILE PHONE(S) • Sell Your Old Mobile Phones Online LATEST What needs to be done to protect birds in North America? Connection between climate change and CO2 emissions Biodiversity loss.

• Talk is not enough to stop biodiversity loss v .

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