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True Natal Ascendant

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You are yourself. You are not somebody else. You are your own best horoscope. The best horoscope is you. A single place for your horoscope: you. The best place for your horoscope is within you. The best horoscope for you is your own. You are not somebody else. You are not an imaginary existence. Your life is not a simple chord as strummed upon by any passerby. Your life is not choked by Procrustean models. The best way to start changing futurity is to be informed. You don't want to serve as horoscope for another. You don't want to be somebody else's horoscope for life. You are not the horoscope of someone that never was.

16:22 stands for the 16 ascendants and 22 zodiacal stations.

16 ?
There are sweet little 16 ascendants rising at east.

22 ?
22 is the total number of the zodiacal constellations of the New Zodiac.

Tarot fans can easily remember the number of zodiacal constellations, since 22 coincides with the number of the major arcana of the Tarot. Conversely, geomantic 16 is applicable to the court cards of the Tarot. TRUE NATAL ASCENDANT Would you like to know about your true natal ascendant? Which one among the 16 is yours? Accurate calculation of one's own true natal ascendant is vital in every field of life. AVIABILITY Can you get to know your own true natal ascendant? Yes. Download any of the free VIP Services catalogs from the site You will receive the necessary data, such as the Author's e-mail, current VIP offers and Pay Pal address in your mailbox.

GUARDIAN ANGEL Which one out of the 16 guardian angels is yours? Your true eastern natal ascendant determines your own guardian angel as they represent the selfsame entity. BUSINESS APPLICATIONS Now that you are yourself again, let us do some business, alright. It is immensely easier to achieve success when you know who you are: knowing who you are being already success. HEALING Instant miracles include instant healing according to the RTRRT method. ASCENSION Already being who you really are sets you apart from the sheeple, as ready for ascension. O5IRIS Death discreation marks the detriment of faux ego, along with glorious reemergence of true mind victorious. PRICING Generally, one settles for 500 $ as concern ascendant calculation. In consulting the catalogs, one is encourage to check upon the availability of RTRRT initiations.
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