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Why heart gets balcked out and how to verify the blackness of heart:

It has been said very long before the day today , “who ever has knowledge (esp.
that related to religion/spirtuallity ) and do not act upon that knowledge, his/her heart
gets blacked out with the passage of time and he falls in the labyrinth of darkness”

This was the idea about how heart gets blacked out. To check or verify the state of
our heart, there exist quite an easy acitvity that involves only thinking, and not that
much thinking that could destroy one’s composure .

Check, do you act upon what you know? Just analyze yourself for a meoment!
How much do you know the importance of sth and upto what extent you act upon that?
If you are upto the benchmarch that fullfils the criteria this clearly shows your heart is
alive and not yet blacked out totally. If you do not follow your own knowlede, this is
alarming. And the alarming increses when you don’t even bother about that.

In our general case, let’s take Prayer (Nmaz). We have in our knowledge that this
is one of the fundmentals of Islam .we have belief that it is obligatory to offer five
prayers a day. Make a check, how much do we offer out of these five and with how much
puntuality? If we are going to set this obligation aside, even knowing that this is the
order of Allah Almighty, then there is a reason in our mind. Either we think the order of
Allah Almighty carries no importance for us (Naouzbillah), or our heart is getting
blacken out. There are no solid reasons for leaving this obligation and we just don’t go
for that. Nothing stops us from doing this but our heart, that has entered in the stages of
blackening. And do keep in mind, my brother, this thing will lead us to a stage where
there will be no turing back because if we can’t clean some black specks then how could
we clean the whole heart filled with the stringency of not obeying.

Start cleaning of your heart with prayer. Prayer is the best criteria to check our
heart, how bright or black it is? And toward what direction we are moving? If we can’t
regularize this simple obligation, then how could we streamline our lives? If we can’t
start obeying the stringency of Allah Almighty, then what else we want to do? And what
type of expectaion we can have from our Lord.

There is something striking my mind I just want to share it. Consider the scenario
of moving to the office daily. We easily turn off our alarm-clock that we had set for the
Fajar prayer the previous night, some even don’t bother to do this, but when we see that
it’s time to go to office, we just jump of the bed with a thought of going to office on time.
What this describes?is Office more important to us than prayers? No ones asks just to
offer prayes and set office/other life aside, we’ll have to keep these together. I would
quote from the “frameen” of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) “laziness of a person for prayer is the sign
of his/her weak belief”. So considering this in mind , an easy rule has been described to
us, how to increase the level of belief and how to check the stage of our heart, whethe r it
is blackening out or not!!!

Ishfaq hussain
08th Feb, 2011
2324 hr