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2 Grade News
February 18, 2011
The St. Pius School community strives to follow Jesus as we Study, Pray, and
About this week … Important dates/reminders:
We enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day on
Monday! Thanks to everyone who sent in MONDAY & TUESDAY
items and/or helped out in the classroom. No School - Winter Break
We really appreciated it! This has been Enjoy the long weekend!
quite a week with different illnesses going
around, and we’ve had 5-6 students out WEDNESDAY
each day. Our school is being disinfected Return library books, AR tests
over the weekend, and hopefully everyone
will be feeling better by the time we return
to school on Wednesday!
This week in Religion … This week in Social Studies …
Our class did a great job with the mass this With so many kids out this week, we
week! Thank you for helping your child weren’t able to finish this unit and review
prepare for the readings. I was very proud for a test. With next week being a short
of all our helpers! Whoever didn’t get to week, the Unit 2 test has been postponed
help this time will have an opportunity to until Tuesday, March 1st. Vocabulary cards
do so when we do mass again on April 28th.
were sent home today so that your child
Next week we will begin Chapter 7, “We
Think About Our Choices.”
can begin to study.
This week in Science … This week in Math …
This week we have learned how rain Because of our low attendance, we spent this week
changes the land. We have also learned reviewing some of the concepts that we learned
that plants and animals need certain earlier in the year. We also spent some time
things. Sometimes too little or too much reviewing coin values, counting on and giving
change. Every Friday we will continue to take a
rain can change an animal’s habitat. If
timed math facts test, so continue to practice those
habitats change, then plants and animals addition and subtraction facts!
may not have what they need.
This week in Reading … Looking ahead in Spelling …
We have been working on the sounds and We are continuing to work on the “R Family” words
spelling patterns for Long A and Long O. Next in spelling. Lesson 18 focuses on the or spelling
week we will work on Concept 16, which is pattern. We have learned that or is the other
called “Most Kind Old Words.” We will be “teenager” in the R family. Instead of making the
learning about -old, -ost, -ind, and –ild words, “er” sound, it likes to do its own thing. Most of the
which are taught as word families. The next time it makes the “or” sound as in for.
book, Gold, reinforces these words. Next week’s words …
We had some fun this week making and Born corner order forest north horse
reading really long nonsense words. This was
good practice for breaking words into parts and major torn corn before correct form
reading each part. One of the words we made report important northern factor*
was deprereprodroitayingfully. There are nine doctor* color*
parts to this word, and it is very easy to read if Next week’s challenge sentence …
you look at each part: We remember George Washington and
(de pre re pro droi tay ing ful ly). 
Abraham Lincoln on Presidents’ Day.