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A Personal 

Reflection from Candy C. Johnson, ULGC President and CEO

on the Passing of Mr. Warren E. Logan, Jr.
Beloved 25 Year President and CEO to the ULGC

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga:

It is with a saddened, but grateful heart that I pen this reflection about a friend, community leader, civil rights titan and past leader of our
organization whose shoulders I will stand on to continue his legacy and our organization's mission of enabling African Americans, other
minorities and disadvantaged individuals to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights.

When I received the news of Mr. Logan's passing today, I could not help but feel sad that many of us who looked to him for wisdom, words of
reassurance and friendship will no longer have access to that in the physical sense. However, I was able to reflect on our friendship over the
past three years and found gratitude in knowing that he was a man of great faith and character who lived his life passionately serving others
until the very end. When I met Warren, I found him to be a very serious man about the success of the people he served at the Urban League.
He was a man of his word and someone who was the bridge to preparing Chattanooga's diverse future for leadership in this City. I watched
him do everything with meekness and humility, yet so much power. I often joked with him and said, "You look like you just hopped off of your jet,
Mr. New Yorker!" He always had such a poised and confident look about him that drew people in. He also had a great sense of humor.

I was fortunate that he gave me the opportunity to work alongside him on a few projects, not knowing that he was closely observing me and my
performance to accomplish his stated objectives with excellence. I am really proud of the work that we were able to do together in my short
time of knowing him. When we last sat together about a month ago while he was briefing me as I took on my new role as President and CEO, I
could see a sense of relief on his face that he had completed his life's work serving others and was able to confidently pass the torch to me.
During this moment together I began to shed tears as an overwhelming feeling of gratitude came over me and I shared with him how grateful I
was for the solid foundation he had built and for his vote of confidence in me to lead the ULGC into its next phase of greatness. He then took
my hand and said, "let's have a word of prayer," as he prayed for my success. As the great servant he was, he also assured me that he would
be just a phone call away.

While I know that we will all miss him in the physical sense, I ask that you join me in reflecting on your own special moments with Warren and
share them with us so that we can create a wall of memories to honor his legacy. Please also keep his wife, Linda, his two daughters Kellie and
Stephanie, along with our staff and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers. I also challenge you to keep his legacy alive by becoming
involved in continuing the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga's movement for social and economic justice.

Arrangements are being handled by John P. Franklin Funeral Home and an endowment has been established in his honor. In lieu of flowers,
the family of Warren E. Logan, Jr. requests that remembrances be made in the form of contributions to the Urban League of Greater
Chattanooga Warren E. Logan, Jr. Legacy Endowment Fund. Warren served 25 faithful years as the President and CEO of the Urban League
and an endowment was something that he envisioned to help sustain the future of the organization for generations to come. Online donations
may be made here. Any other cards or gifts may be sent to the funeral home for the family.

Thank you for supporting the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga, your love for Warren and for the work that we will do together in the future
to build a more equitable and inclusive Chattanooga.

Candy C. Johnson, President and CEO

"He has fought the good

fight, he has finished his
race, he has kept the faith,
and now there is in store a
crown of righteousness."
2 Timothy 4:7-8
Remembering A Man of
Faith: Committed to God,
Family & Community

Mr. Warren E. Logan, Jr.

Warren speaking during Candy & Warren - First meeting in 2017 
Equal Opportunity Day, 2018

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