³A Training Skills Assessment on the Urban Poor of the S.I.R.


Stephanie Sumalinog Terence Domingo Ysmael Delicana Trishia Mendog

a third-world country. To sufficiently address the problem of poverty. This is the state of our deficient levels of education due to ineffective government. . Currently different non-governmental organizations or NGO¶s are conducting surveys and trainings in vocational and livelihood skills. Most specifically from case studies in Botswana and Kenya. An article in Reader¶s Digest was recently published stating that a significant part of the population was unaware that sexual intercourse led to child birth. Additional surveys around the world have shown that underprivileged communities lack knowledge not only in necessary vocational skills but also in terms of proper hygiene and reproductive health. This is because of the insufficient amount of education they receive due to civil unrest and inefficient government. We are. Poverty is not uncommon in the Philippines. international NGO¶s have further realized the significance of conducting programs tailored to a specific community and the goals both the community and the organization wish to achieve. in fact. the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development or UNRISD has concluded on a paper entitled ³Combating Poverty and Inequality´ that economic growth is not the only factor towards eradicating poverty and inequality. where the poorest of the poof live. Although an increase in employment is necessary for economic growth.Chapter 1 Introduction Poverty is a wide-spread epidemic ranging from the continents of Asia. Africa. it must be properly maintained by government by providing an opportunity for its citizens to improve their existent skills in order for this growth to be sustainable. is torn apart by civil wars and corruption. and Africa. Latin America.

The Ateneo de Davao University. In Davao City itself.I. in particular the Ateneo gradeschool in Matina.I. community.R. as a Jesuit university. However there is a significant lack of information on the S. Through this. there is an estimated record of over 3000-5000 NGO¶s oriented towards development through skills and training services to help alleviate the problem of poverty.I. To determine the training needs of the urban poor of the S. To determine the background of the S.R. community in terms of the following: a.R.R. the Ateneo community.I. Socio-demographic b. wishes to extend its services to the S.I. Livelihood . strongly believes in being of service to others and the country. community in tems of the following: a. community. Objectives of the Study This study aims to achieve the following: 1. Economic 2.R. Vocational b. which is an active responsiveness to the challenges of this country.I. 3. To present the living and working conditions of the urban poor of the S. communit. in fulfillment of the Ateneo gradeschool¶s mission. in particular Southern Mindanao. community. the proponents see the need to conduct a training skills assessment on the S. As students of the Ateneo de Davao University.R.In the Philippines. the proponents aspire to be a man or woman for others A.

With the proponent¶s findings on the information of the urban poor of the S.I. this study endeavors to be able to shed light on the plight of this country¶s most marginalized sector of society ± the urban poor.R. Despite representing only a part of this nation¶s poor. community. The presence of NGO¶s is most strongly felt in urban areas. To identify the further aspirations of the urban poor of the S.R.c. 6.I. there is currently a strong presence in the presence of NGO¶s in the country due to increases in local and foreign funding and due to the increased openness in democracy in government. This study is also to provide sufficient background information on the S. community¶s pre-existing skills.I. is to the national government. in which Davao City is a part of.R. To identify the desired features for a skills training program of the urban poor of the S. community in Matina for any projects the local government would wish to pursue. Significance of the Study The significance of this study.R. The proponents also desire to affect the local government with this goal by vying for their attention to the necessary skills needed by the S.R. 5.I. first and foremost.I. this study aims to provide sufficient data to inspire the national government to a call for movement. To investigate the attitude towards training of the urban poor of the S.R. Other topics 4.R.I. community. B. community. From a study conducted by the Asian Development Bank. 7. community. To determine the urban poor of the S. The proponents hope that the . community.I.

C. Scope and Limitation of the Study The scope of the study is to determine the specific vocational. Furthermore. Current means of livelihood b.R.I. community. community might help to the development of a program(s) of an existing NGO within the city. the proponents are inclined to contribute to the development of the Ateneo gradeschool¶s training program geared towards the needs of the S.R.I. Operational Definition of Terms Urban poor-The urban poor is defined as those the members of the S.R.I. and other miscellaneous skills needed by the urban poor of the S. As Ateneans themselves.I. the study may be limited due to the absence of the interviewees because of the pre-existing work schedule kept by the urban poor of the community. The proponents shall consider the following variables in conducting their training skills assessment: a. community who earn below minimum wage. community. community. Socio-demographic and economic background The limitations of this study are a possible negative attitude towards the training skills assessment and being trained. livelihood.I.R. Living and working conditions c. Skills and training services-Skills and training services are defined any small or large workshops and/or seminars on a particular subject and/or skill wherein the facilitators seek to educate their audience in the discussed subject and/or skill. Training skills assessment-A training skills assessment is defined as surveys and/or indepth interviews conducted by the proponents to gauge the necessary skills needed by the urban poor of the S.R. . D.findings of their study in the S.

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