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and had almost entirely to be written. redeemed from the absorbing cares and toils of a very arduous Mission. were preached nearly from meditation only. the is Author cannot but submit that he not deserving of blame on the score of idleness. the Author would observe. that Advent is scarcely an appropriate season for the putting forth of discourses suited to Lent. if not for existence. at late and early hours. that in the v . as soon as they were first an nounced. for the delay which has attended their But. so long since as the close of last Lent. first. THE Author feels that some apology is due who kindly subscribed for these discourses. to those. if it should be objected by any.ADVERTISEMENT. on means begged by the Pastor at the sacrifice of all his leisure. when it is stated that they publication. and that too. and one of those Missions. And. which at present depend for efficiency.

in humble trustfulness ventured to inscribe In Fc&t. Virginis. Who. not only in Her penitential observances and purple vesture. it. but notably in Her collect for the season. kneeling at Her Feet. Concep. 1856. he has. since this great Mystery was not only the necessary means to the Saviour s Passion. Maria. its sequel. Imm. His Passion and Cross. he congratulates himself Son is result of his slow progress. From sinless Mary s Virgin-Womb &quot. B. wherein* She entreats for us God s holy grace.Vi ADVERTISEMENT. may by be brought to the glory of His Resurrection. in A Victim Undefil d dost come. but Itself the beginning of His Passion . that this close connection is expressly set forth by Holy Church. to redeem our loss And bear our guilt upon the Cross. that we. that of his having revised the concluding pages of his little book on Her Feast-day. * Compare the Vesper hymn for the Sundays Advent Jesus.&quot. next. volume before them is contained much. on one Lastly. which relates directly to the Incarnation. to of Christ His whom the Incarnation announced by Angels. to Whom. and. .

PREFACE. his approbation. I was kindly invited. be ginning my discourses in Septuagesima week. of those portions of the Old Testament. is this. since Holy Church reads those most ancient Prophecies at the beginning of the solemn season. And. the explanation of the Scripture occurring. towards the begin ning of last Lent. it seems consonant to Her desire that the Faithful should be shown why She reads them. that is. by the venerable Rector of the Church of the Assumption. which follows. I made this selection of matter because. THE history of the little volume. I opened the first chapter of Genesis. and how fit an introduction the reading of them is to Passion-tide and vii Holy . which are read in the Church-office during the Fast. with holy season. to give a series of discourses in his Church during that I chose for my subject.

the ground I have chosen in these many discourses has not been broken by any of those great men. and increasing. when She commemorates the anni versaries of those great and awful Mysteries. by most eminent and illustrious preachers of the Divine Word . as we shall see. three Our Lady s Church at Greenwich and as many of my hearers in both Churches expressed to me the pleasure with which they had listened to them. I have thought the former appellative the more befitting of the two. rny object being the progress hearers in Christian virtue. which are. Christ? the knowledge of God and of Jesus Whom He has sent. while so splendid sermons are constantly put forth. of course. of the Mosaic writings. Faithfully adhering to . I have called these discourses moral. in the hope of thereby benefiting a large number of souls. in same subject. I resolved to write and print them. still. though ever so little. foreshadowed in them. now.Vlll rilEFACE. only. in the first place exegetical . They are. For. . I be lieve. but. Week. and the exegesis being confined to the mystical of my sense. I had treated the years before.

object and purpose. make one or two short observations. the common usage of the preachers of Holy Church . Camphausen s work. very unwillingly. IX the rule of our Holy Mother the Church. therefore. and the commentators of Louvain. following in this a foreign prac tice. First.PREFACE. but one which I greatly ap prove. particularly. From F. to have done so would have been a task too great for my little leisure. especially A Lapide. from some most appending notes to the text : tempting opportunities occur in every dis course. I have abstained. and since I have been a great deal . because it is. I have carefully sought in the Fathers the I have. and always has been. But. explanation of the Sacred Text. more recent authors. consulted amongst moderns. I acknowledge to have taken some passages almost word for word. the Jesuit Camphausen. those of the middle age. and would. perhaps. have given an appear ance of erudition to my book beyond its I would. and however. among the holy Abbot Robert of Deutz . on the same subject. I every reference to the Holy have always quoted the text of the Vulgate. perhaps. in Scripture. here which seem especially called for.

I would not use. let me be pardoned. by one less crude and imperfect. is the English given always intended to be the exact equivalent of the Latin words: for. task for doing this. I can only say that the fact is accidental . because it may be a useful . the English given to the Sacred Pro Passages is not the Douai translation. which may seem some what digressive. it may be that in one or two places I have not altogether adhered only as much : demanded to the Vulgate Interpreter. Next. if I make a further observation. there are few Catholics who would not rejoice to see that version superseded. if my English for the Sacred Original is found occasionally to agree more with the Pro testant version than with the Douai. Nor. of course. its and have translated as the purpose of the citation sometimes I have given rather the sense than the literal translation. sometimes. Also. now. here. I have cited the passage in integrity in the Latin. I will venture for all of remark that an eminent model us does the same. where to do so seemed the best way to represent the original. that unauthorized version. But. for. bably.X taken to to PREFACE. for the purposes of citation. And.

. in Trident. rcTheologica. XI It is an ordinary readers.* Perhaps it his theological disserta be worth while to may * Dissert. xv. the ex&Gttkeokgical readers wishes to know he may consult appreciation of the Vulgate. and Vega. 1556). consecrated by and guaranteed to us as the use of ages. Lovanii. Driedo a Turnhout. cap. Mariana. 42 ix. pro.. of course^ in any sense inconsistent with due recognition of the fact that it is a translation. Th. other authors cited by Professor and many Beelen of Louvain in one of tions. that we Catho notion. (Lovanii. Scripturae multiplicem interdum ceptam sensum litteralem nullo fundaraento satis firmo niti J. Protestants. amongst lics look upon the Vulgate as more correct remark to some than the original languages of Holy Writ. . 1845. . Beelen. but. p.PREFACE. demonstrare conatur pp. 2. lib. 55. Vulg. iv. Such is not the case. the declaration of substantially authentic by a General Council . sqq. lib. The Vulgate (and the Vulgate alone) is the authorized translation of the Latin Church. or with its If any one of my nature as such. . De the Lovanist John Eccl. Scrip. edit. this guarantee is not intended to be accepted. qua sententiam vulgo esse S. Tr.

as we are gene rally accustomed to hear them vocalized. are purposely written. but wanting the palpa bility and rigor of being. when Pro the light of the morning breaks forth. but wanting the fulness and precision of local detail. I will conclude these short prefatory re marks with a few words upon the nature of Prophecy. that the names of the Patriarchs. but . scenes. Light enough to render visible. be thought out of place. and Prophetical scenes are like the pictures. which may not. vivid and exact portraitures. add. It is the character of Prophecy to exhibit future personages. wrap ped ever in a pale and misty atmosphere. and events. which is a spirit of mystery and allegory. as the early twilight exhibits objects indis tinctly and invested with a certain haziness.Xll PREFACE. phetical personages are as ghosts. we must en deavor to enter into the spirit of Prophecy. and other Hebrew proper names. faithful and true in general feature. for the most part. which is only then dispelled. In order to understand and appreciate the ancient Scriptural Types. perhaps. which memory sometimes brings back of places seen long ago. so as to dis cover their full outline and proportions.

&quot. ad perhaps. expressed my thought in E P i. by the venom of its hatred. To dig out from those ponderous tomes some more considerable portion of this their hidden gold. at some future time. This is what I have and how.&quot. in one of his epistles. Whose Work is Satanic malice Mercy. I should greatly like. wrought set forth in figures. and.^ Will is Power. or to few beside.Domin. Whose Humanity. Paulinus. has. Leo says God. from the moment that us had. The beautiful interpretations of cal them contained in the writings of the Fathers and Mediaeval Authors. Whom reveals. as S. Almighty and Good. such is the light of Prophecy. Whose Nature is tried to show. yet not enough to color. S. If I shall be thought to have succeeded in my task. which He world.PREFACE. those remedies had predestined for the restoration of ness. coin . death. to continue the same subject of the Propheti throughout the entire series Books. one word : The Prophecies the Gospel : veil Apru Him. as it were. . g. are treasures known in this country to Priests only. Merciful. began at once to of the occurring in the very earliest history of His Love. Xlll unless but faintly.

distribution amongst the community, would be a delightful and becoming labor. Meantime, the following pages will serve for a specimen of the result to be anticipated from a further prosecution of such a task.
it for

In Fest. Imm. Concep. B.

Mar ice



THE multiplication of Catholic books is a sign and a preservation of Catholic life in any nation. Faith, Hope and Charity are nourished not only by prayer, but by reflection and in our days of cheap books, reflection and reading are almost the same thing. The great desire felt in America for the popular Shadows of the English devotional work, the Rood" by the Rev. JOHN BONUS, B.D., Ph. et LL.D., Graduate of the University, Priest and Missionary, has been noticed with feelings of delight by some of our venerable Prelates, as an evidence of the deeply rooted love of the CROSS OF CHRIST in the hearts of their people and they have urged upon the Publisher of the present edition the work of supplying it to readers this


side of the Atlantic.
as the English edition was burthened by learned quotations, which would prevent the work from becoming a fireside book of pious reading in every Catholic home, it was thought desirable rather to prepare a new edition than to



import English copies for American use. At the suggestion of two distinguished Pre lates of the Catholic Hierarchy of the United



was asked and obtained of (lie author to publish the book in America, unen cumbered by the Latin citations. In the letter granting the permission, he was kind enough to
States, permission

which appear in the work. the fountain of virtue and salvation, so devotion to the Cross is the life and soul of all devotions. The deep tender piety set off in simple and chaste style in the Shadows of the Rood" will, we are sure, make it welcome in every Catholic home, a source of new warmth to every heart that throbs with love for the Redeemer, imparting a fresh feeling of the blessedness of abiding with MARY at the foot of the Cross under the Shadows of the Rood!

make some












Behold we go up to Jerusalem, and all things be fulfilled which were written by the Prophets

of the






xviii. 31.


Blessed Lord an His wondering disciples s. Mark, x the near approach of His Passion, s j^in that hour for which especially He xii 27 came into the world and on another occa sion, He had particularly instanced Moses as one amongst all the Prophets who had


these words, our




written in the clearest manner of Him ; so that from the writings of Moses only the Jews should have recognized Him for the If you had believed ib. v. 46. Messias



course : He &quot. appearing to all the disciples together. the Scriptures. Luke. 26. . Holy Mother Church selects for our reading. the Pentateuch of Moses. and explained to them the language of the Prophets concerning His sufferings and death. when. appeared to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. for Moses. hearts may &quot. 45. &quot.that Christ should suffer.&quot. it was from the writ say ?&quot. Him. the things con throughout cerning ib. And He ings of Moses s. &quot.&quot. you would certainly believe in me. He reminded them how He had spoken to them of the fulfilment of all that was written in Moses 44. of ib. and that our anniversaries of ib. 27. xxiv. and so should enter into His glory.&quot. &quot.2 ADAM. Accordingly. Again. that they might under stand their mystical language concerning His Passion. that we may see how it was right ib. p r0 p}ie ts He Himself. burn within all us. after His resurrection. chiefly drew His disIn Moses and in all the explained to them. during this of preparation for the awful Holy Week. and explained to them those Scriptures. sacred time 32. while thus we meditate on that our Divine . but if you believe not he wrote of me how will you believe what I what he wrote.

gt. understand - the mysteries of Holy Writ. 1T&amp. 35. 1 - 45 - found Bat since we cannot hope &quot. who appointed is the divinely - Witness and i&amp. and whom the Prophets foretold.a God s mysteries. may at the same time be increased and confirmed. lawfully com is. merely . we will Acts. the exact and aston ishing fulfilment of those prophecies s For the ful. and with S. then. : whom Moses wrote in the Law. to you Jesus. Philip found no more powerful argu ment than this to gain Nathaniel to the Him of s. O did for our salvation. and as & standard of His Master among the and S. - external evidences of Christianity. The Book of Genesis is not.* 70 of old concerning Him. some one guide us.&quot. to& &quot. &quot.JESUS TITS EXPIATION.&quot. we have in Jesus of Nazareth. except vm 3L take for interpreter the voice of the Holy Fathers. that our faith.&quot. missioned. h the Sacred Page. after whom we are wisely bidden to Symbol of interpret them by Her. to dispenser of turn for you i corin. Keeper of them. John. filment of prophecy is not one of the least Lukc& Philip. My happy part it as one of Her priests. as we trace in these actions Redeemer and sufferings of His. too.preach ActSiViii .

gt. xvn&amp. you the Gen first i. second the Lord and Master of the whom the Eternal Father hear ye Him. John. i. second beauty surpassing the the :&quot. Matt. . first created in &quot. xiii. x.&quot. ii. Wisdom. but even in the very mode of his conception . 3. 6.&quot. Phi_iipp. not only from the moment of his exist ence did the old Adam prefigure the New. and &quot. &quot. said.4 ADAM. John. so the second was and is the likeness of God. first endowed with supernatural gifts of in :&quot.27. Nay. original justice :&quot. the s. the second possessed of all treasures of wisdom and knowledge &quot. Adam foreshadowed the Second. whom we And I might show are born again to grace. :& t ne &quot.&quot. how. creation. 3. Gen!t26. Father of the whole the second the Father of &quot.&quot.of s. of &quot. world world to . the . is.&quot. the second full of grace and truth the first the Lord and Master of all the old creation .in &quot. for the first Adam had no man for his father : . come the first of most and comely form and mien the perfect p s xiiv. the image of his goodness the ib. . our history of the Second parent in . wis. the fi rs t isa. 5&amp. first a history of Adam. it is a Adam. from the moment of his &quot. . new s. ix. sons of men:&quot.ixf 2. the For as the first was created iik ene ss of God. tellect Coi.

the Passion of our divine precise subject. and a Virgin. as the Evangelist says. In Eden.fe unopened womb. Where was especially ofplace. newly-made and virgin earth. &quot. and in whose |y. i.&quot. whose womb the Lord God was yet unopened to seed made man of the soft earth. the crime committed ? - in a garden. where . part. has Adam in the Passion of Christ ? Alas the guilty part only. the beginning of all transgressions that since have been. In. and thus we shall sin. of whose pure substance. D he was. and in him entire humanity. which was its cause . that shall be till the end. also Christ had no father but the Eternal an earthly Mother he had. he was formed by Athanas. was perpetrated the first disobedience. too.JESUS THE EXPIATION. In a garden Rom. mode. Lord Jesus prefigured in the first Adam. &quot. 12. was the of God. His mother. : . But I am the power of the Spirit. What ! see how the Expiation corresponded penalties. 11.&quot. to the in offence in its circumstances. in its its I. And where did the Second Adam. then. v. So Gen. content merely to indicate this wondrous Let us pass on to our similarity to you. its circumstances. 35.son s Luke. In Paradise Adam fell.7.


first fruits

did Christ, offer the

of the Expia"




In a garden too





fQV fa



t jj

jj- g

Disciples across th e

brook Kedron, where there was a garden, entered." Let us compare these two gardens Eden and Gethsemane. How unlike, and yet how alike, are they In Eden, the first Adam would be the equal of God, and dared to credit the lying
into which he





Gethsemane, the Second Heb. 3. Adam, the Son of God, and there fore God, would scarcely retain the likeness


You shall be as gods, knowing good What arrogance what pride






of poor humanity; but like a worm, worm, and not a man," He humbles

xiv. 35.


even to the dust


the Evan-

s.Mark, grists






prone on the earth." He, the Son of God! His divine countenance in the dust Oh, would that this abasement

lace in prayer

should have, that it abated something of our pride, which we dare encourage even when we pray. For, tell me, even then, when of all times we ought to be most humble, are we not wont

of Christ the Lord for had for us the





admit thoughts of pride and





that we are more devout, more more edifying than others, more acceptable to Heaven, than our neighbors Ah, my God and the Lord Jesus praying with His Face in the dust Let us contrast Eden with Gethsemane, Eden, in which was wrought the first offence, from which, as from some poisonous root, have since sprung all the sins of mankind ;





Gethsemane, in which was presented

to our






transgression, and

which it stand that complaint

the multiplied iniquities Now we can under cause gave







even to






contemplation of such frightful,
ib. 33.

varied, and multiplied guilt. fell into grief and dolefulness."


agony His sweat became great drops
of blood, falling down, to the






a sight for you sinful sons, sinful

daughters of Adam, you that scarcely shed the innocent one tear for a life of crime Lord Jesus weeping for you in tears of blood. It is said of S. Francis of Sales, that a peni
tent, hearing

him sob

in the confessional, I

asked why he wept. weep because you do not weep," replied the holy bishop. But,



oh dear Christ to think that there are not wanting thousands who not only weep not, but who even laugh and dance, feast and sleep, day after day, night after night, con
scious of mortal sin

This, this


the cause

of the terrible unlikeness between

Eden and

Gen. i. c. Gethsemane Eden, that garden of pleasure, that garden of joy, that garden s.Mar. i.e. of smiles, that garden of delight ; s.Luk.z.c. and Gethsemane, that garden of sad ness, that garden of grief, that garden of

tears, that

garden of

terror, that

garden of



Come, Christian






exclaims our Divine Lord

in the Canticles,

of Gethsemane
s. Marie, xiv. 34,

come into my garden come in thought and affeclion come and see my sorrow, even death come anc meditate on its


the sins of men. Ah are not you, Come and listen to my sad too, the cause ? and humble prayer; come and learn to imitate the virtues which I teach you here,



lowliness, devotion, sorrow for sin, constancy in trial, resignation to the Divine Will:

these are the flowers to be plucked in










of Adam, garden, rather than into the garden for his is a garden of death father




The Gen.ii.i5. mine, on the contrary, of life. Lord God took man and put him in the to take care of it paradise of pleasure," and to keep it, by observing the single com mand not to eat of the forbidden fruit.

he kept bad cu-o of it and short That is why I pass alone her possession. the long desolate night, prostrate on the cold ground, all wet with my tears and my blood, that so I may win entrance for you into the garden of eternal pleasure and the garden of Heaven, which your delight,



ever shut against you, and s sword of fire, guarded, not with cherubim sword ib. m. 21. but with the far more terrible of Justice Divine.













My garden your Dem. vii. G. myself a garden of pleasure, from the rest of the earth of s.Pet. u.y. apart




planted it, Baptism, with the beautiful flowers of grace and the seeds of precious fruits. I Gal. v 22. caused to grow in the midst, by instruction, the tree of knowledge of good and bad, the
tree of conscience. I watered

humanity, and







my garden. holy meditation . Let me see. xxxv. from the springs of life. and the fruits of true how scanty are quantities of thistles and weeds and groundsel of little sins and imperfec tions what a thick scattering of stones and sticks. how you have discharged your trust. is this my Alas I find no less garden. Is this. then.10 PS. my spouse ? my Eden of pleasure ? Ah. my garden. ! then. Christians. 10. too. poured through the channels of the Sacraments. how few virtues ! is this flowers are blooming here. by fervent prayer. then. Him thither : again &quot. and say Now . my spouse ? cause for grief and sorrow here than in ! Gethsemane. that we may. is it not thus that Jesus has cause to address us ? Let us repent and amend. spiritual nonchalance they and good works What ! and tepidity Can it be that I see. to take care of it and to keep it. be able to invite in our Easter neglected garden of the soul. of slothful habits. Communion. the toads and serpents of mortal sins ? Is this. ADAM. To you I gave it in charge. my sister. diligent examination. my sister. during this sacred Lent. Let us at once to work in this ere long.

the death of the Cross. i. (fur we in Sacred Narrative. on the very day of his crea tion. according to our division of time. and. as some commentators conclude. II. the sixth day of the world . Gen. on the Friday following. v. m. as many of the Fathers think. eight days after his creation .&quot. It is : clear. from the shall. remain still within the literal and most commonly received sense). let 11 my Beloved come into His garden Cam. a. and eat His sweet fruits. Let us briefly notice another circum stance the correspondence in time between Adam s sin and Jesus expiation. for the ninth hour of the Jaws we should call s. and at that hour Hence the gave up the ghost. Ah let no unworthy motive ever tempt us to ! break that holy abstinence. on Friday. that Adam sinned about three o clock in the afternoon. or. but still more for a perpetual remembrance of Jesus obedience even to death. three in the afternoon . that is. But now let us see how the Expiation . these sketches. the Friday s abstinence observed by Christians for a perpetual remembrance of first Jesus disobedience .JESUS THE EXPIATION. At the same hour of the same day did Jesus die . Luke. that is.

counsels : and blandishments of Eve and fell The Gen. and I eat it. 6.xviii. even to Let us supplicate pardon ? rather.&quot. Adam sin in Paradise He hearkened to the ? With &quot. though they cost those innocent Eyes of Jesus so much. How shall we dare Ib. eyes.&quot. Luke. He. sinful looks of Ah ! Adam.that the fruit was good and fair to look at. with the publican. cast them in con fusion upon the ground and cry. m. that is.12 ADAS!.iii. and saw &quot. . with the for those sensitive appetite. yours and of ours. merciful to us sinners.i2. the Son Eyes in the dust of Gethsemane all the night. and in the of God hides His Sacred morning the servants of Annas and of Cais. This and derision committed with the for to raise these guilty eyes to Heaven. &quot. sin begins with the eyes. With his Gen.i3.&quot. of the Lord Jesus corresponds to Adam s of its accomplish transgression in the mode How did Adam offend in Eden ? ment. looked at the fruit. and thought nothing of. woman gave it to me. 64.God be How his did ears. and So it is: every pleasant to the sight. aphas f shall spit into them andblindnumberless sins ^ ^}iem Yfiih filthy rags in mockery ! eyes. xxu. no less than Eve.

with his hands he con veyed it to his mouth again and again. &quot. Oar Eve is our flesh. struck &quot. it by your was other ^g*xii.&quot. !&quot. by listening to her charming account of the virtues of the See what it is fruit.vented they against Him. to listen to temptation. Ah Adam. and . &quot. till he had his fill. passions. with its depraved appetites and seductive If we listen to them. King that us. by bribery. as Adam listened and was lost. Redeemer scoffs. began to long for it. had refused to listen to Eve s persuasions.&quot. we are lost. And many 03. 13 Doubtless she repeated all the deceitful words of the Tempter. all had been well.-f yours and ours. s. And what wickedness have not hands done since ? sins of injustice. by robbery.JESUS THE EXPIATION. by iniquitous laws. hands he took the probably plucked from Eve. blasphemies.&quot. and Adam. for those sinful listenings (. and afterwards himself. If Eve had at once closed her ears to the lying serpent if Adam . you. How fruit did Adam With sin in Paradise ? his With it his hands. by numberless : and Matt and blasphemies of the Jews Tell who prophetic power. G*! ib. ! the Sacred Ears of our Divine are next assailed jeers.Hail. adds the Evangelist.

by greediness speaking. .itts and abstin perance.i2. and for these sinful doings of your hands of Christ ours. or dishonor of revenge and malice. are committed with the mouth by false oaths and false testimony by curses. for these iniquities of your mouth and our mouths. the n.his mouth : : &quot. the Hands must offer repeated expiation. .14 ADAM. what sins. and insulting language by eviland slandering. lying and drunkenness. of our own bodies : by blows and wounds what else ! Ah ! Adam. &quot. by breaking ences of the Church.iii. pierced with iron on the cross How did Adam sin in Paradise ! ? With it Gen. of intem sentences against the innocent the f. by gluttony and by of lewdness. what crimes. Ah Adam. cruelly fastened to the pillar of torture. by unlawful drunkenness : . the Lord Jesus is ! presented with that dire cup of bitterness in Gethsemane. Here the was fall disobedience not of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil:&quot.Eat and since then.ii. achieved. that draught of woe and death.&quot. and I eat here completed to ib. and every kind of excess! ! . fettered in Gethsemane. woman gave sin me. and blas phemies.The it. approaches made towards others.

JESUS THE EXPIATION. too. thence might again come conquered from a in be his : turn conquered.&quot. Passion Sunday who tree : That whence death arose. take &quot.&quot. disgrace and death ? I thirst : I thirst. the serpent thus opposing Schemes yet deeper than his Thence the remedy own . he from a Or once and more thus . did Christ. and gall. : From branches the branches of a of a tree. my sweet Lord it must be drunk. the fatal wound had Or life as again. When To Such the order God appointed for sin He would atone . her preface for forth. the dregs. in &quot. forgiveness and life eternal the extended branches of the Cross. : My s Matt - Father. John. Whence procuring come. that bitter chalice. as Holy Church sings : &quot. 15 He cries aloud to Heaven &quot. the pluck on Calvary the fruit of from justice.&quot.&quot. mingled vinegar Once more whence did Adam pluck in Eden that fruit of sin. Jesus even to : from me this bitter xxvi 39 That cannot be. From the Second Adam. even till Thou shalt cry. cup. tree. and receive the s. tree. Truly.

9. then. And he no longer felt joy to hear the voice of God. sacred wood in thee holy David s truthful ! fulfill d lay. and first Adam.s. as garden. How Christ. where hid art &quot. s. Gen. holy and fearful the ! meet his merited punishment How eager the Second Adam to undergo the atonement But we cannot hide ourProv. He went forward And they you? of Nazareth.he himself. &quot. in But next our guilty father hides himself shame and confusion from the face of God. &quot. selves from God The eyes of the Lord in every place behold the evil and to ! : Adam . they said : Jesus &quot. ib.&quot. ib. John. God. What.&quot. thou Alas! ?&quot. Adam. m. hides himself: innocent. &quot. : he said : I am He. And &quot.&quot. comes forward.When they heard the voice of the Lord He walked in the garden. such music to his ears before.Was Oh. Which told the world that from a tree The lord should all the nations sway.&quot. is the conduct of Jesus in the in Gethsemane ? He Expiation went forward to meet His captors Judas and the Roman soldiers when John came to search for Him and said: whom seek St.&quot.xv.&quot. s. sinner guilty. they hid themselves amongst the trees of the ib.

: xviii 2:2 nas. before Caiaphas. on Eve. before Pilate. We make out cupiscence. but each man is tempted by his own con &amp. the terrible : fruit stammer & oh blasphemous reply Ah Adam. throws the blame elsewhere. she tempted me. like Adam. who. T Q James. whereas. 14.&quot. and I If you had not given her to me. . not to eat?&quot.s Face. cxi. n. m. God tempteth no man is. sinner. selves in their sins. m. for how many sinners since were those buffets given. blasphemously making God to be the cause of them fc.&quot. What Adam? Alas! he begins to sayest thon.JESUS THE EXPIATION. excuse them - But out &quot. by which he suffers himself to be drawn away and enticed to evil.&quot. covered before his offended Maker. 17 The guilty man stands dis good. I should not have eaten the fruit Oh im did eat. He PS. Thou gayest me. for those smittings on s. Luke.&quot. xx before An. &quot. nay on God Himself: The woman whom Gen. 4.&quot. says the blessed Apostle James. !&quot. again and again johni pudent ingratitude ! ! ! &quot. forth the miserable plea of every excuses for his sin. Matt xxvi 67 the Mouth which the Lord Jesus receives They smote Him in the s. 1-2. ! i- . Then the comes thou eaten of the commanded thee Hast arraignment whereof I Gen. &quot.

So. and &quot. to be (he cause of our sins. Nay. if our Eve. cused his siu as caused by Eve. and : . reason and grace to rule over it. too. Dorn * te nostras etiam rcbelles Fass The Gen i?i m ^ penalty was the curse proCursed is nounced on the earth in sorrow for thy sake the earth first &quot. like Adam. : : shalt thou eat of it all thorns. immediately triumphs over every rebellious temptation. 7. and compels even our power wills to itself: Miss. she tempted him and invited him but sin his free will was unprejudiced by all her our blandishments. God when we consequence of His natural gifts or of His Providence in our who would have ex regard. we can obtain from God that efficient which of its own inherent force and fleshly and .ad so Holy Church bids us pray compelle propitius voluntates.&quot. we have reason by which to repel all its allurements Gen.18 ADAM. shall it the days of thy life bring forth to thee. excuse them as the : . In the last place we are to see how the Passion of our Divine Redeemer fulfils the penalties pronounced on Adam s sin. also. God s good Eve did not compel Adam to gift to him. III. Sab. iv. grace. tempt us invite us to what is forbidden. and sensitive appetite.

- of. earned bread of which He speaks &quot.JESUS THE EXPIATION. that thorny crown which the soldiers of Pilate How Forehead! plaited for his innocent did He eat bread in the sweat of truly that bread of which he spoke to I have bread to eat s &quot. not but literally in only in a figurative sense. to pause upon the sweats of His life. Gethsemane.&quot.My bread is to do the will of my Father and to which that work accomplish His work was accomplished only when the sweats of dissolution bathed his racked frame.&quot. . . even to blood. His Brow the disciples : Johnt - when wearied iv 32 which you know not with His missionary toil He sat by the well 6. 5. or not ib.. &quot. who our griefs and carried isa. without the walls of Sichar. &quot. though now arrived within the shadow of 4. and when in : it& mouth of holy David up. by the our sorrows this :&quot. that he might eat that hard34. He still sweated. 19 sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat Surely it needs not to point out how penalty fell upon Him.hath borne who says of Himself. : I am in Ps ]xxxvii .&quot. ii&amp.&quot. in the bread. . poverty and sorrow from my youth What sharp and piercing thorns did the ear^h of Judrca bring forth for

Behold.20 fell . These garments on account of the loss of his innowas in cence. as one of us. like the dress of the convict it was a sign that : Adam had incurred sentence of death. ib. on the quaking ! 51. of bitterness knowing good and were mockery Adam Ps.when he dignity he wanted understanding. . which God put on him and on Eve : Gen 2&quot. how much more heavily did this penalty fall !&quot. and hears the scornful Behold. ADAM. knowing good and evil But oh. Divine put on ^. around Him .&quot. . and He full said. dearest Lord Jesus Christ.&quot. because. is Adam this has become evil 1&quot. . as one How ! of us. clothed with their skins. and &quot. to be thus clothed with the skins of dead animals he who thought to be as God and to live ! for ever Now he stands in the garb of death shame. too. &quot. and wearing the insignia of before his Maker. iii 22! his wife clothes of skins. The earth in Expiation second penalty of Adam s sin the Divine mockery of him in the clothes of skins. and put on them. Adam is become Gcn m rebuke ~ 22. This dress. was a dress of disgrace..xiviii. made himself like to the reasonless beasts.

fell upon tree of life. Creator and Lord. and the vilest. among them. and even by the Pagan soldiers of Pontius. shut out and banished. innocent and immortal. Matt. in this guise He stands before the blaspheming crowd to hear the Behold the man!&quot.&quot. scornful taunt: But yet more ery horrible was the mock- X1X&amp. was mocked by Herod and by the Jews. and &quot. which turned every way to guard the road to the This penalty. By them He was ! clothed in derision with garments of s Matt xxvii 2y royalty. too. stripped now for greater shame. s. while over His Divine Head is set in triple characters the title of deri : sion This is Jesus.iii. guilty and even .24. John. and a sceptre of reed placed - - in His Hand . 21 Adam. His creatures and servants. from Paradise: him out from the Paradise Lord God drove The third penalty inflicted Adam was &quot. the Lord Jesus. s.JESUS THE EXPIATION. his Creator and Master. 5- He endured on Calvary. and placed at the east of the garden cherubim and a flaming sword. expulsion of happiness. the King of the Jews. but Jesus. xxvii 3T - on The Gen. and exposed to disgrace ful nakedness. also. upon thee creature and servant. was mocked by the Lord God.&quot.

lt. His poor mother. But here. and to open for us. for whom there was no room there driven forth from His country iL 7 .22 in s.iii.&amp. nor any ravenous beast go up but the re thereon. - from the rights of His birth.&quot. 13. a new and a better path to a new and a better Eden. Jerusalem. by Herod the infanticide. ADAM. from whence to sojourn at first brought forth His people. The and all those miseries of both which result therefrom. flee away.:o. nor be found there deemed shall walk there. fourth penalty of our first father was infirmity of the body and infirmity of the soul. there to sheathe for ever in His own heart the sword of the Divine Justice. . to till the earth with His blood at every step until He reached the summit of Calvary.j. xxvii. where sin and No lion shall be death enter not Isaiah. Matt. driven forth from Bethlehem with birth. there. which guarded the road to the tree of life. ii. He had Adam s Matt. . His Luke. s. as Gen. through Himself. the ransomed of the Lord crowned with everlasting joy and and sorrow and sighing shall happiness &quot. who shall . was sent to till the ground whence driven forth from h e was taken . : xxxv. 31. jn Egypt. the Holy City.-23.

we mav conceive . &quot. something of the woes of Christ to attain the same know ledge. Francis. the hour of his combat with xxii 53 Satan Lo the Prince of this s Jolm world revelation. and was fain to accept xiv 3J - ness.xxii.e. and afflicted?&quot. Theresa.&quot.xxxiu. : ! - - the aid of angels to strengthen Him against His hideous foe There was seen io.&quot.Ps. : &quot. smitten of God.s. in the agony of Gethfirmity semane . But. as regards the infirmity of the body.&quot. And what were the sufferings of His body at the pillar of torture. : an angel from heaven strengthening Him.&quot. we may try to conceive when our blessed Lord Himself described it as the hour of the Power of Dark. .43. the man of sorrows. in torture. S. the scourging at the pillar of How overwhelming was the strife of that awful hour. as regards the in of the soul.s Luko &quot.stricken. &quot. &quot.&quot. woes of Him who was and rejected of men &quot. we must first make the same progress towards the scource of light Ac. Bridget. 23 recount the Expiation.JESUS THE EXPIATION. and S. this penalty will be found to have fulfilled. Chosen special saints of God have known from with S. cedite ad Dominum et illuminamini. : been especially perhaps. who reckon up the the despised isa.

and the graves opened. not only of the Hence in the Exbody. fact that the His natural strength. ADAM. Mark. Matt. and the rocks were cloven.24 from the Rev. from early tradition. far than had sufficed to destroy fulfilled &quot.Uii. and many of the saints who slept arose.5i-2. life. Thus was the sentence of death cancelled . pii s h ec[ ? 1 an( i bowing His Head. &quot. that the Jewish priests and their agents bribed the Pagan soldiers to kill Him under the lash. Bridget. s. L let Him be it crucifie(i : crucify xxvii. 23 Hence that breath s.yen of the temple was rent asunder from the top to the bottom . and the earth did quake. : xix. the clamorous eagerness of piation X u He deserves death s Luke.&quot. John.&quot. g ave U P the ghost. was greater had He not supernaturally supported number of stripes He received. s. And lo ! the xxvn. Adam incurred by ence the penalty of death. so that the prophecy of Isaiah might be isa.&quot. misery. : It pleased the Lord to crush Him with his disobedi Lastly.Allisaccom- was our &quot. s. as revealed to S. the Jews : : xi 2 s Ma tt. We know besides. but of the soul. only with His last blessed Redeemer pronounced the words &quot. so. Birg.

&quot.. PS. and dissolution is become for us no longer death to life .In grant us to live in Thee. vided that we can also say with him. die. m John.Phil. and in s Luke.&quot. H. Rom. but it is that &quot./ to &quot. 25 and annulled. Apostle. xiiv 5. 55. ii. .5.pass put it off as a disguise. &quot.&quot. we may be also in the likeness of His resurrection . Jesus. continue to thy beauty and in thy glory triumph and to thy kingdom of for reign. and madest what was a i Cor. blessed and sweet Lord But do Thou. 2 Cor. but the escape from so that. 20. curse. who didst thus take away the sting 3f death. but is become no longer and we can say with the exulting &quot. with Christ and planted in the likeness of His death.&quot. death. To die is buried descend to the dust. T.4. &quot. when life submitted to die . Gal. and seeming the eyes of unbelievers to wisd. 1 S. 9 dying behold we live. a grace and a privilege. &quot. IT &quot. and live for ever. from death to t ji j. that True that we must live is Christ. Death is a prize. a penalty. - life remember us 2 xxiii 42 - whom Thou didst once die. that we we may &quot. vi. i. live in our souls by grace. m 2.&quot. lite. xv. 21.JESUS THE EXPIATION. and retain the semblance of mortality.

so cruel. of the Son of man. Luke. will Behold we go up to Jerusalem. 44. It seems meet. So sad. xxiil. was the s Passion. xiii. JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. &quot. then.&quot. as th 6 shades of night had veiled in s. obscurity may serve us as a fit concealment. 31. Gethsemane His agony of soul. II. 30. tragedy of our Divine Redeemer th at ti16 sun withdrew his beams s Luke. wherein to meditate upon its . so terrible.DISCOURSE ABEL. that Holy Mother Church should set before us this great mystery. to be contemplated beneath the that their very typical shadows of Prophecy. and darkness covered all the earth during the three hours He hung upon the Cross in agony of body. during Lent. awfulness. from heaven. John. and all things be fulfilled which were written by the Prophets S. xviii.

should have given undefiled. . though in another character.iv. 27 Thus we have contemplated in Adam our thus we shall suffering and dying Lord now contemplate Him again in the histoiy : Adam. I need not point Epiuv. the Expiation to be offered in Abel. for for . circumstances of death.vii. i- : . vengeance Christ.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. : Shepherd over my flocks : He shall xxxiv - 23. on the pardon and forgiveness. used by the prophets to designate especially I will raise up one Ezech.&quot. Abel s. 2. in his guilt and sin. a title applied continually to f both in the Old Testament 4 Ezech! Priests. : This ^ J It is the title &quot. &quot. iv. &quot. we have to contemplate the jus tice and purity of Him who was to offer it Such a Priest it was meet that we iieb. . of holy Abel.&quot.26 &quot. xn. and in the New. 24. is . l St Johni 7 Let us proceed to compare Abel and Jesus their correspondence in the priestly their correspondence in office and vocation death their correspondence in the priestly from the earth contrary. the sprinkling of whose blood than ib. the Messias out its &quot. to us holy. Abel was a shepherd of sheep. innocent. things speaketh better since Abel s blood cried Gen. prefigured for us . I. on the : contrary.

the title Good Shepherd. but Abel was the child of grief and mourn ing. They mourned to see the universal mischief which . and Christ. and carry them in He shall gently lead the His Bosom It is the title ewes that are with young. Let us for a moment compare these two shepherds in their birth. ABEL. His bitter parents had begun to taste now the Each consequences of their disobedience. John. at least to those who are engaged in the sacred ministry. 11. because spring brought it recalled the time of their innocence and their happiness. Abel was Abel.He shall take up the lambs on His Shoulder. feed them &quot. and for the numberless ills and evils which they saw daily multiply around them in the ruined creation. : &quot. as his name signifies sorrow. xi. Holy Church gives her Priests to this day.28 is. Cain had been begotten in the drunkenness of sin . after the Apostle. nor original justice forfeited. Mother which.&quot. which is the ordinary priestly vocation. with it a new regret. but did not bring back Paradise lost. : &quot. probably born during the third spring after the expulsion from Paradise. 11.&quot. x. For this they wept. It is the Ep.11. I am which Jesus gives Himself: St. I mean. iv.

he cherished . too. Such were the circumstances of Abel s birth and he was born. 29 their sin had caused they mourned to reflect on the many miseries their children must needs now inherit. these devoted pastors Jesus Abel the pastor of sheep. with its blessings. and * 74 the whole creation seemed to groan and travail at the delay which the long. at a time when the entire world was when given up to sorrow and desolation ignorance. idolatry. nigh enslaved entire humanity.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY.m. . had well . . of all living souls. countless and everlasting. the fearful consequences of the fall. expected Saviour made to come. whom Adam had so named. of Her from whose Imma culate Womb we are all born to the true life of grace yet was He born. when St Luke even the few faithful sat in grief. instead of the happy Eden of two years before. of Eve. Let us compare them in the exercise of - their office. them the best pastures. and far better and truer Mother of all living souls. : Abel and and Jesus he sought the pastor of souls. and superstition. .so.Rom Vlll. So Jesus was born of another. &quot. Abel gave himself up. no less than Abel.&quot. 22. to his flock . because she was the mother G n. and for his whole time.

Nor must we pass over what SS. from unexplored precipices. would have per ished amid a thousand dangers. to whose dire brink increasing crime and barbarism was hurrying us. But for His tender and x ncherishing care. from poisonous pastures. So Christ the Lord devoted Himself to His flock The gentlest care. His poor lost sheep ? What had been now the dreadful state of ruined man. but for the Abel of Galilee. : good Shepherd giveth His life for Sl John His sheep. in the fold of the Church ? lust. Ambrose. and to many other of the fathers like are at pains remark. s them with the for Eden man transgression. Expelled from the poor sheep. Who housed us securely from the teeth and talons of Satan. but for his tending. and of our own bad passions and no longer controlled by the sceptred intellect of original justice. that Abel. Jerome. which beset them now on every side. Who re called us from the poisonous tracts of idola try and paganism to the pastures of truth .&quot. . become now their enemies. from the teeth and talons of wolves and tigers. Basil. what were a thousand times - the fate of us. Who rescued us from the unexplored preci pices.30 ABEL.

inno. And. excel all the rest. and I am Cam. ii.vii. was adorned with the stole of sacer In this glorious attribute.&quot.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. speak the poor language of earthly love. beloved is mine. at least the brightness of penitential contin How shall he stoop to sip from pools of fleshly pleasure. dotal virginity. Holy. who were chosen to prefigure that priest.Heb. God ? How shall he feel the force of earthly is attraction. who feedeth amongst lilies. Holy Mother Church still ever requires in those whom she consecrates to the priestly office.26 should be thus distinguished &quot.&quot. Abel and Melchisedech. no this must ever be the answer of the priest to &quot. . the invitations of human affection. therefore. It was meet that they. 31 Jesus. ence. cent. on whose lips rest the knowledge of God whose voice calls down from Heaven the Son of God whose breath bestows the Spirit of . His. by the possession of this especial priestly virtue. undefiled. the two priestly types of Jesus the Priest. whom the chalice of sal How shall he vation daily inebriates. whose breast the chosen retreat ! and repose of eternal loveliness ? Ah. But let us hasten to the Passion of My . II. IG. if not always the unsullied lustre of virginity.

5. lie went forth at once the Priest and the victim. our High Priest Christ Jesus prefigured in Gen. holy Abel s death. This was the order which Jesus observed He entered upon the scenes of His Passion immediately after His first Eucharistic Sa : crifice.And when they had gone . Cain rose up against Abel his brother and slew him because Abel s sacrifice had been accepted. the first stroke of death received.32 ABEL. 4. He to went to sacrifice. &quot. which Cain had not ib. and then they straightway adds. xiv. last relating the history of s. 26. according to the Divine commands. as becomes a Priest. first. cared to observe &quot. mystery. W ent forth to the mount Olivet. forth into the field. that Mark. . as a in Priest. The Evangelist. night s adorable &quot. v. in which he was himGen. be himself then sacrificed martyrdom. 7. So. as it was. self the victim of religion: &quot. straightway followed the sacrifice.iv.&quot. where the agony was endured. 4.&quot. after holy Abel had made his offering. but Cain and his oblation he because Cain accepted not ib. : The Lord ac cepted Abel and his oblation. had not obeyed the religious precepts .&quot. made. iv.Abel went to offer sacrifice of the first-fruits of his flock.&quot.s.

Satan xiii 2 ~entered into him. iv. suf fered true martyrdom. then. religion . in the holy Mass.his countenance fell. it is infinitely more acceptable to Him. beseeching the Almighty He justi Abel though indeed.&quot. It was the sacrifice of Calvary. the Church commemorates Blessed Abel s to accept the accepted the sacrifice of His &quot. D. first fruits bloody sacrifice. offering was but the shadow. Ah. So read we of Judas immediately after the institution of the Eucharist After St he had received the morsel. therefore. as name. &quot.&quot. . c. we shall see more in another discourse. figure.sicuti holy Priest Abel. like Cain s. - /. the but in the Mass is offered the substance.s^q. tyrs of truth. And still. the of his flock . 4. iv. .JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. But of the oblation of Jesus in the Eucharist. for Abel s Gen. 33 which He had given. Abel s was aThevi.xxiu. Terrible Gen. the reality. accepta Canon Missm. the death of the Cross. was very wroth. and a sacrifice of death. Let us see Then Cain Gen. : &quot. and his countenance fell. the first born Lamb of God. : John&amp.&quot. 5. habere dignatus es munera pueri tui sacrifice. dying for the love of the Divine commands and obedience to holy as witness Jesus Himself s Matt reckoning Abel amongst the mar.&quot. &quot.

&quot.&quot. man.&quot. &quot. vain the counsels and examples of men vain good even the warnings which he witnesses around of sinners cut off in their sins he careth See the frightful effects of re nought. even in Gethsemane. : maining in habitual mortal sin even of It makes us callous and thought only! . \vnt thou betray me with a kiss All to no purpose in Cain all to no purPro. effect of mortal sin. My friend. : &quot. prevent their carrying the sin into deed. conceived in the heart Neither murderer had as yet exe only cuted his crime but each had consented to its commission within his and his breast.&quot. after admonitions given in the cenacle. . Yet to was not wanting either the grace divine Cain or Judas to &quot. countenance fell. careth nought. Jesus. so. Lord ?&quot. s. iv. Vain are the suggestions of God s grace.&quot. God at once admonishes Cain thus Why Gen. Matt.34 ABEL. vain the sad reproachful whispers of his angel-guardian . for what art thou come ? xxvi. : &quot. So the : it. repeated vouchsafed to Judas a last remonstrance St. xviii. ! . art tnou an g rJ? and why is thy coun6 7tenance fallen ? Sin lieth at the but thou shalt overcome door. when he has advanced deeply in sin. The wicked pose in Iscariot.

or avarice.. if he consent to the next thought of is evil ? Such. 7. and slew him. even though as touching as those last Wilt words of Jesus to the sullen traitor &quot. with a kiss ?&quot. doubtless. evil Gen. a soul ! said to Abel his brother. grace. or ill-will. the cri And Cain s. which it conveys desire shall be under your control. and that final perseverance will not be lost irremediably. St Lukei - Ah as soon. ! or lust.&quot. or whatever Heaven and God. tical at this moment &quot. Judas. 35 hardened. whether of revenge. Oh horrible wickedness. as we perceive xxii 48 the rising of bad thoughts in the soul. else is contrary to us put in instant exe cution the advice which He gave to Cain. premeditated and jeopardy of many . and you : shall Who knows but the overcome next sin of thought he commits may be the beginning of final reprobation ? Who knows but he has already received for the last time it. ! . claiming at the same time the promise of let &quot. the succor of efficient grace. iv. it&amp. and obstinate in evil.&quot. : thou betray me. Let us go forth into the field and there he rose up against Abel his brother. We become careless as to what excesses speedily we go.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. and are moved at no call to repent ance.

who by your dis graceful lives disedify your poor Protestant neighbors. : will the Almighty Judge address the same terrible Gen.&quot. not perhaps a brother s temporal life. who by your unruly tongues provoke your husbands to curse husbands. and prevent their seeking and haply embracing truth to every one of you . I mean. who first took him to bad places and bad company . unex does not shudder to see the ampled his hand distilling his brother s murderer. by destroying. at how many 2 Kincs a one might ne point and say.36 determined ! ABEL. whose bad example alienates your wives from good bad Catholics. demand which He made to Cain Where is Abel thy brother?&quot.&quot. the leading others into sin. worse even than Cain s. Cain. : Tremble. Who of blood upon his brother s corpse ? us is not indignant at the contemplation of And yet. too.9. - - : destroying his soul! I speak of the spiritual murder of scandal. as xii 7 Thou art the man. once to David How many of us are guilty of fratricide. . this infernal deed of malice ? Who were there some Nathan here. but by &quot.iv. Wives. and that. whose wicked conversation was the first cause of your brother s damnation . fratricide. who lent or . you.

the flesh was blistered fear. heretical. &quot.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. or who even encouraged him in evil. hearing some young man praise. for fear these mine should be a scandal my brother. before she was a Religious.&quot. slain for spite and ill-will by the Jewish people. such is the anxiety of saints to avoid the smallest scandal. Rose of Lima. or lewd books who cared not to warn him when it was in your power. even though What shall be the damnation involuntary. hands of to for said she. Where is Abel thy brother St. See. and roughened. in a tone of too much levity. of those. infidel. here the l who had done no St Pet 22. sin. then. on . &quot. the beauty of her hands. 37 gave him bad.john innocent Jesus. But let us to the mystical interpretation ! of this tragical scene. Christians. . &quot.s. ran home and plunged them into quick-lime. who have wilfully and deli a soul for which berately ruined a soul Jesus died Where is Abel thy brother?&quot. : God had borne witness to his faith : i. Oh. His brethren. then.&quot. ?&quot. and Ep. till &quot. Abel had done his brother no wrong he had religiously fulfilled the Divine precepts.&quot. Jesus had done no wrong to the Jews . &quot.u- for this holy faith he incurred the jealous wrath and hatred of the unbelieving Cain.

who sent Me ib. 24. x. &quot. &quot. in l &quot. that I speak to you are not mine. i6. and I will again glorify Thy His miracles Jesus Himself appealed in you believe proof of His Messiahship: not Me. seek but the Father s.If : . x v 1 ib v ii. xii. the contrary. 30. But to His miracles the Jews rest. xii. 38. believe the wonderful works ib. miracles they bear witness of Me. and he challenged them to show that He had done the least harm j Matt. ib. I do believe for the sake of the ib. 23. and St. : &amp.J ill i TT* jj What evil at all hath one But He had religiously he done fulfilled the will of His heavenly Father. as even the heathen Pontius knew He knew that for perfectly well &quot. : Thou I art my bewell whom am 22^ & r is. envy only they had brought Him before the tribunal. v. had borne witness to His fidelity and truth. :&quot. bt. xiv. through numst iii miracles Luke berless loved Son..&quot. xxvii. 12. 36. it. &quot. st! John&quot.38 ABEL. He had done them all kinds of good. v.The words st Matt xxvii. Then came there a yo ce from neaven? j nave glorified To name. 28. but the will And God of the Father who sent Me. pleased - :&quot. John. Matt.&quot.&quot. taught His precepts: &quot. plied : He casts out devils through . : ?&quot.I both directly and indirectly. not to do mine own will. to an J &quot.

but do at the same time never cease to cherish against them jealousy. as the Priests of His holy Church. St John) ven. 33. not to be satiated but in Thus did infidel and irreligious Cain blood. And to the voices from hea answered that it thundered. *i. 39 St Lllkei xi 15 - &quot. ever deny and vilify their evident good said an angel Thus do unbelief and im spoke to Him. it&amp. they xii 2y though they demanded some testimony from Heaven &quot.signum de coelo quDerebant. - - virtue. ever perversely calumniate truth and piety &quot. - it&amp.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. because I have faithful people. : the victory of martyrdom. 19. ever impute to the followers of truth bad motives.&quot.&quot.. : : &quot. chosen you out of the world. malice. is. indeed. :&quot. therefore the the world ib. For the still conquer and overcome.&quot. or. world hateth you:&quot. thus the infidel to faithful and holy Abel and irreligious Judas and the Jews to God s thus do the infidel faithful and holy Christ and irreligious world still to all Christ s xv. and hatred. xvi.. but be of shall have persecution you I have overcome the .gt. the leaders of her armies. good courage How has Jesus overcome the world ? By &quot.&quot. the prince of devils . triumph of Truth is in the death of her .

that Abel : isaiah.&quot. and her power is shown and true Priest He is not a faithful blood. s.&quot. state from Hebrew tradition. Him. Next. the representatives of the entire Priesthood. but. in his Witness. Amongst these is not to be passed over what the Holy III. 20. Let us compare Abel and Jesus in circumstances of death. xv. Abel was Scripture expressly relates.40 ABEL. Holy Fathers that Abel s death-wounds were dealt with the branch of a tree : Christ s death-wounds. to be crucified on ne y ea VarJ St Mark.&quot. the of this readiness to shed their blood in who is . with purple robes. xxxviii. like wise suffered in His prime. : Mount Calt0 m crucify suffered in the prime of youth. by Jerusalem. not ready to lay down his life for the truth and hence Holy Church clothes her chief Priests. also. iv. m^ Again. . out in the field. 10. Jesus. So. our Lord Jesus His executioners out of Christ was led &quot. fulfilling the In prophecy of the holy king Ezechias I go to the s t of my days tne &quot. sign Her the cause. that not slain near the habitation of Adam and with Gen. Eve and their children. the gates of the grave.

Now was brought to pass the word of Jeremias &quot. Lam. become for Her. . 41 too. : i&amp. as yet she had not seen. for we also.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. I mean not the Jews only. But what must have been Abel s fate the grief of his mother Eve. 12. Does not this ! who sad Our Blessed Lady over the Son slain likewise by His brothers hand ? Jesus. Now she felt full bitterness of that terrible sentence Thou shalt die in death..A 35 sword shall pierce thy breast. stay and see what sorrow is like to mine the sorrow of Mary.&quot. as yet she tasted the : what a punishment death was had not realized it. &quot. slain by was himself her son scene prefigure the his guilty brother s hand.&quot. a bundle of bitter myrrh. who by our sins have wrought His death. with Jesus lying dead 1. &quot.i grapes in &quot. Now she : ! Now she saw what death was . Ah with what copious floods of tears did she bathe the stiffening limbs of her innocent &quot. indeed. are His brethren and Her children Now was ful filled the prediction of Simeon s Lukp tenible grief of body of Her ! : &quot. Oh Her arms. a cluster of purple A bundle of myrrh is my Cant. were dealt with the branch of a tree at the branches of the Cross. all who pass by the way. : you.

and the disciple whom sun had been darkened. H. &quot. :&quot. What now became of Abel s sheep ? Doubt less and hills they were scattered about on the them echo with their sad rocks. as on the last evening. So was it with the dis had Himself foretold ciples of Jesus. if the ground had xvi. i. quoting the prophetic Zach. : . He must &quot. breasts My lie between my Beloved is to me as a purple cluster in the vineyards of Engaddi.&quot. and the sheep shall s be scattered scattered 1 They were own.&quot. and those two chosen types of innocence and penitence. John. There S. He words of Zachary s song : &quot. stood the cross of Jesus His ib. Magdalen. ABEL. as they wandered thither in quest of their gentle shepherd. by mother and her cousin Mary and Mary He loved.&quot. s.&quot. and found him not. xiii 7.I will MaHt. making hither and bleatings. gm ^ e t|ie gj ie p] ierdj asunder. if night If the had overspread the earth. me . Mary Magdalen 25.every one to his and left him alone in the terrible scenes of His Passion. John and S.xix.42 Beloved to Cant. all except His Blessed Mother with Her cousin. 32. Nor was Eve alone in her desolation. xiv.

iv.&quot. still &quot. s&amp. others. How the earth and terribly is this curse fulfilled in strictly - upon them &quot. s Luket earth xxiii. in imitation of Cain.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. There Cain has fore. : Now. &quot. impious deed Vah thou that de. . save Thyself. . nation re yet the great mass of that infidel mained obstinate and unrepentant. lieve L uke For. quivered and the rocks been of Cain s bloody at the accomplishment awedeed.&quot. but. perchance repented. of the Jews. stroyest the temple and He saved in three days. not so their hearts. the and the rocks were riven asun did .lt. ^ Iatt&amp. night overspread the world.44-5. &quot. though the Evange- rebuildestit xxvii. the curse pronounced against fallen cursed shalt thou be over the face of n 12 a vagabond and an exile. perchance he had been at least At the crime sun was darkened. at the accomplishment of that fratricide. - list relates that a considerable striking numtheir xxiii - 48 ber returned home breasts. cannot save ! !&quot.s der.4o. 9. therefore.&quot. Gen iv ^ the fate of the Jewish people ! Like Cain. they added blasphemies to their I my brother s Gen. quake keeper?&quot. : Am ! let Him Himself He and we will be come down from the Cross. 43 rent asunder.

&quot.&quot. so. who in sullen obstinacy has out from before the Face of gone one. Prostrate before of Adam. . that &quot. the face of the Lord. 1 xiii. from the Holy Land. there who has if further imitated any one unhappy Cain. is there iv.44 ABEL. ent conduct. went and hung the last fearful himself in sullen despair deed to which Satan compels. Christians. is Gen. weep often and bitterly for those sins by which we have crucified the Lord of Cain indeed murdered Abel the son Glory. shall they not break before a sight at which the very rocks were riven asunder ? our Crucifix let us. is. but we have In conclusion. to repentance. to So the spirit of evil and despairing malice. hated and avoided by all. to pursue a differ Though our hearts be ever so hard. his unfortunate . from went out forthwith Judas s John. to wander dispersed and vagabond and exiles over the face of the &quot. of the Lord . they hardened like Cain. prey. this Lent. gave himself up. Be it ours. Cain went out from before Gen. 16. still slain Jesus the if Son of God. they are cast forth when bidden their hearts . as with some hideous power of fascination.And earth. the f ice 16. ii.

:&quot. Is it. look. on which the sweats of death are fast distilling. then. ! that the appeal of death Thou. didst to Thyself. a countenance of wrath and avenging justice which invites you from between the arms of the Cross ? You need not fear the fire of those Eyes Divine. You need not fear the force of that outstretched right Hand. whose strength the frosts of death are sap You need not fear even one whisper ping. my sweet Lord Jesus. that and entirely ceased to is. go then not out from before the Face cast on that Face but one and you cannot go. ! Ah of the Lord : &quot. who promise. that heavenly Brow. cxivii. in mortal sin. shall withstand the face of his cold is. n. John. over which the shades of death are You need not fear the frown of closing. Who Ps. let me entreat approach such an one to return and look upon that Face once more.JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. to draw all s. of reproach from those pale Lips from which the last sigh of death has already broken. when thus on the Cross exalted above the earth. exalted Do now above the . the Sacraments. who has lived on for years. 45 the Lord. who His shall resist.

John. JESUS THE PRIEST OF CALVARY. as Thou di^st promise.39. that even our inertness Thy Love.viii. Rom. that we may become so enamoured of Thee that neither height more have power from Thee ! nor depth nor aught else created may ever to separate our hearts . still. xv.46 ABEL. c i e te ? to testify to us of Thee and of skies. put forth a more powerful influence may not re sist. Send forth from the Father. the heavenly Paras. 26.

S. JESUS THE SAVIOUR. of the Son of man. no of that less than in the first. Small. xviii. in that mysterious atonement which consti tutes the base and foundation of Christianity. and to show you in this second father of WE mankind. John says. in the earlier part of Genesis. Luke. next. of the world. will have seen. 31. xiu. I propose. the image without spot. is the praise recorded in Lamb Holy Writ of our first parent Adam. who was slain. a. from the foundation A P OC. &quot. indeed. III.DISCOURSE NOAH. how our first father Adam and his innocent son successively pre typified the person and actions of our Divine Redeemer. and all things be fulfilled which were written by the Prophets S. Behold we go up to Jerusalem.&quot. through . to set before you the prophetic history of the holy patriarch Noah.

our second parent.48 NO All.&quot.deprived of our birthright ere born.&quot. v.&quot. who came to give nativity rest and consolation to all who toil and are signifies burdened. Jesus. and our title to the yet more glorious Eden above S. as we shall see. but in his own person and history strikingly prefigured. &quot.&quot. 29. Hence the name given to him Noah. to S. for He shall save His But Noah brought people from their sins. at his be our consola tion amid the toils and labors of our hands in the earth. : He shall So. Hence the prophetic song of Lamech Gen. we began already to recover our lost estate.repose. : peace -and repose to the world by universal destruction of sin and sinners in the waters of the Deluge. Bernard says. afterwards. at the &quot. brought peace and repose by the new Deluge of His . But in Noah. whose coming and salvation the holy Patriarch not only announced. far better. whose prevarication we forfeited at once the inheritance of terrestrial Eden. Thou shalt Joseph His heaven sent Name call His Name Jesus. inasmuch as in him was renewed the as surance of the promised Messias. of the Christ. the angel of God brought &quot. which God has cursed. which birth &quot.

to have so cour ageously resisted the ill influence of such universal scandal and bad example What ! ..JESUS THE SAVIOUR. How great merit this. and his time shall be yet one hundred and twenty years viz.&quot. that the Eternal had re solved &quot. men having only become Almighty no longer delayed the execution of liis resolves. 13. was born at a time. . no longer abide in man.. I. Let us. we read. 49 Blood. the &quot. for he is given up to fleshly whom I have created . and perfect man in his generation . the earth is full of his iniquity. found favor in God s sight a righteous &quot. vi. Noah. being past. &quot.&quot. and worse. but to be saved. proceed to compare Jesus and Noah throughout the scenes of the holy Patriarch s life.. as before. 3. But the day of grace repent .&quot. it&amp. in which the sinful world was not to perish. destroy man. even in the midst of such universal depravity. to if he chooses. to destroy said : the polluted spirit creation. I must 7. so full. i. to have persevered in grace amid a world of sin.e. and I must But Noah destroy him and the earth too. when the whole earth was full of wickedness and crime. And God My shall Gen.

and avarice had subdued all nations still more than the iso. and . i.50 a NOAH.&quot. Thou loving pleasure and approval art my beloved Son in Thee I am &quot. I?&quot. those words of the Almighty Thee do I Gen. &quot. shall &quot. &quot. : : well pleased. faith and justice and obedi ence to the Divine Law was well-nigh But while the day of ven extinguished. Matt. nil. like ed in vain. His s.8o. cruelty. Pet. so much so. foretold the just vengeance . the voice of the Eternal Father declared from Heaven. &quot. lewdness. Luke. we geance rea d? s.&quot. 2S.vil. ! completely arms of Home and even among the chosen seed of Israel. g re w m favor with God. too. see before me. 5 - a preacher of righteousness alas. as the Apostle says. drew nigher and nigher. meed of praise is bestowed upon him in &quot. He but he preach many preachers.&quot. Who describe his generation Idolatry. Jesus. . above Him. was Jesus born in an age when every impiety and wickedness had rendered the whole earth foul and abominable. even in righteous : this generation /&quot. Again: Noah came. So. that the prophet Isaiah is at a loss how and to characterize mankind : indignantly exclaims at that time. i. s.

37.&quot. He himself set the life example by his holy and penitential during the time the ark was being built. He prophesied of the Advent. indeed. Repent. com with the multitudes who persevere in pared 80 did He obstinacy and impenitence As it was in the days ib.Jesus set Himself to s Matt iv 17 But preach and to say. : unbelieving and impenitent Jews . sacrilegious a crime it was to and pollute that humanity by such execrable lusts and disorders. It was all to no purpose it was all in vain. and amend ere it was too late. Passion. &quot. complain of Noah. the sinful Patience expired.JESUS THK SAVlOLTt. no less . how great and - - ! How few are converted still. in word and in deed. xxiv. So Jesus the Lord came a preacher of righteousness.&quot. ere repent the hundred years of the Almighty Ecci. and Death of Christ how He was to come in the body. So. which was already imminent over He besought men to world. and in the same to suffer and : redeem the human race .n. so will it be in the day of the coming of the Son of Man. is it. Men are no less perverse now than the ing ! ! &quot. 51 of God. alas how few were converted at His preach defile : &quot.xiiv. like Noah.&quot. and accordingly.

than they were. whom God sends often would I have gathered thy children together. vii. : prophets and stonest those to thee. as a hen doth gather how her chickens under her wings. cities. whirled along in common destruction ! by that remorseless tide. and the various species of beasts and birds from the destruction which was to overwhelm the world. The ark of Noah is the Cross of Christ. thou that dost kill the &quot. s. k e so fearfully purged away &quot. palaces. to And Gen. and thou wouldest not. how abominable art thou in the Eyes of God.52 NOAH. But let us hasten on to the building of the ark. every man and creature that 21. to save himself. of that terrible reproach which He addressed in tears to the devoted city Ah. sin which brought upon the world those avenging waves. thousands upon thousands of men and ani mals. ! all flesh perished that moved upon the earth. his family. by which we are saved from the overwhelm ing floods of sin. deserving.&quot. II. xxiii. Ah how terrible a sight to see houses.37. Jerusalem. which Noah made. Matt. and above all sin of lewdness and lust. Ah ! sin. Jerusalem. .22. by God s direction.

JESUS THE SAVIOUR. and ark. &quot. not a When Noah few souls. ! late. teaches His out to you the only point means of ascertaining what I myself do not I can Such things God . which is able to save. contained.&quot. excepting the happy few saved in the happy ark. &quot. even at the last. namely eight souls. the door upon him from without. vi. by which we may be saved at any hour. so long as the breath of life remains. which meditation on the Passion of Jesus might is some mystery herein unfold.&quot. 53 breathed upon the earth. in which 1 s Pet E{? iij 20 a few. vii. and it is never too .&quot. Christ s Cross. : of the ark. struggling with the billows. and Doubtless thirty cubits the height of it. grieved then that they had not but now it was too entered into the ark Better and happier is the Ark of late Christ s Cross. 15. but all mankind. - - his family had gone into the we read that the Lord God closed Gen. The Sacred Scripture gives a minute &quot. How many wretched beings. fifty cubits the breadth. were Ark of Better and happier is the saved. All.&quot. ie. saints. all were swallowed up.Three description of the ark s dimensions hundred cubits shall be the length Gen.

the even throughout which.0- No A 1 1. or long. if that be impossible for human intellect to . He shall be shown. grasp. and the vehem ence of the Love Divine.lie humbled him death. plays to us: to death. It . from the moment of His Conception till His Divine Heart broke in death and there. and length. teach us at least so much. not only those three hours of final agony. never an instant to say. of the Cross. which He there dis- Phiiipp. and breadth or. at any trouble or affliction of soul or body. He already hung there. for which He there is hangs depth self to redeem mankind. successive ! scenes of His Oh love of my Crucified Lord Jesus.&quot. the world s till end. The the humility. and The height is the depth of the Cross. The breadth is the bitter ness and number of those dire and varied pains of Soul and Body. who reckons up the height. He would : have hung. &quot. dignity of the Son of God. ia will and in desire. and length.&quot. and depth. The length. which He sustained throughout the sufferings.ii s. but all the years &quot. know. too. and breadth. indeed. never to think the crosses of this life too large. had His Father so required. or broad. teach us the measure of this height.

too. : Almighty does not merely say shalt make a door in the ark . m the but.&quot.JESUS THE SAVIOUR. 55 is too great.&quot. yet these all. too heavy for me. Happy souls who enter here and dwell S. by which the souls of the elect enter into the Ark s interior His own most Sacred Wondrous and Sacred Door Heart. the side The words of shalt thou set in the side. as there are Wounds in . &quot. the Wound opened by the soldier s lance in Jesus Side. and Hands. the door s side. the deluge of the world s vanities and crimes. like the multiplied divisions of tracery in Christian and Feet . : Thou &quot. so let signifies (he Wound in Christ me say that there are so many windows in the Ark of His Crucified Body. Noah was to make the door of the ark in The door of the ark Gen. Augustine says. is. make up but one window. window. As S. door of the ark shalt thou set It is. and Back. since it is to be borne for the sweet love of Thee. so closely inter woven. &quot. vi. Who didst bear so much for the love of us. while the deluge roars without harmlessly. Noah was to make in the A ark. ! ! within this Ark at peace. The this command are to be remarked. the side Augustine says. His Brow.

the sole of His Foot to the crown of His Head there is no soundness in Him His livid sores and gaping Wounds are not bound up. : oil. We must. at the end of this holy Lent. fit type of those nominal Christians who. who when sent forth by Noah. from one floating mass of carrion to another. is one one wide-spread wound From window. His entire Body. Jesus Sacred Wounds. the carrion of &quot. no doubt. until the waters were quite gone.56 architecture. as he hovered from corpse to corpse. to return no more. from the window of the ark. to see if the earth were dry but the raven returned not. 6. vice and folly. leave at times our Crucifix. Noah sent forth a raven. and creation was once more pure and beautiful. ever returned. let us resolve to imitate the happy dove. NOAH. nor In the bays of these softened with windows. isai.&quot. For him the fermenting waters were habit able enough. to gorge themselves again with the filth and corruption of sin. will quit the Sacred Ark of the Crucifix and the memory of Christ s Wounds. : i. to occupy our thoughts . For. . For us. nor dressed with remedies. let us rest like doves. as the dove left the ark. but to hover about over the world s waste.

we ing sight. and leave us free to wing our throughout the new and beautiful must flight our long world. my &quot. life 57 with the cares of world. : : in the hollow of the rampart. like the dove. while the waters ation roar around us vainly. but only of Jesus and the business of the let us not forget to return with the dove. 27. to those dear windows again.&quot. u. the pierced clefts of the rock and zach. indeed. my and For now the winter has passed the flowers are springing in our own away Thou my land it is the time of songs? who didst once hide thee in ib. and wonder gnu. m. hasten. M we believe not 10 IL at the listen.JESUfc THE SAVIOUR. the present of eternity. and He with Whom we past and gone dwelt in the past of time will meet us in While yet s. -sf j hn* *x. let 1 r me see thy face. dove.. Before we proceed to the next page in the . beautiful dove. where our happy rest of trial and tempt be. : &quot. Wounds. face is beautiful. speaks:&quot. let my ears hear thy voice for sweet is thy voice and thy ._ H. 9! come !&quot. glorious Beloved One love. dove. Luke. my Arise. for joy. until they shall abate in death. which then will break upon Then. the change. need return no more for the waters will be .

with which the Ark of the Cross was so deeply spread. and the huge boa. to strengthen the wood against the soaking and corroding waves. and the tiny field-mouse yet of all clean ani mals and of the birds of the air were saved . Doubtless is in this signified that ing. in the ark were saved creatures of the mighty lion. the while within. j one or two history of the holy Patriarch. the gentle nightingale. covered within and without with pitch. with the trembling hare. noticed. Also. the stern eagle. and ever renews around and above us that atmosphere of grace which we spiritually respire. which over whelms the world. . not without its mystical mean This. and to sweeten and warm the interior and make it wholesome for its living freight. and from which wondrous dye the weak and contemptible too. its wood derived wholesome warmth and sweet odour preserves the health of our souls. of the billows and surges of that flood of guilt and sin. we read. the earth of every kind. points are to be briefly The ark was. and with out which we must die.58 NOAH. is all its strength and everlast of endurance against every as ing power sault from without. covering of Blood.

the exulting saint and the poor. the sublime theologian with the untaught peasant child. birds of the air and of all clean creatures. proportionately. whose thoughts soar above the earth. whereas of unclean creatures were saved but couples. only that of the good-will. . This is another mystery. in the chaste vows and holy habit of religion. these are the birds of the air and every clean creature is each one who. that many more souls are saved. and of every degree of merit. The abstemious and spiritual monk. of every stage of civilization. is allegorical of the doctrine of the Church. and perhaps may signify how the in the Ark of Cross are indeed saved souls of every nation and of every time. whose souls traverse the skies. bacy from earthly affections and pursuits. but ever-recovered penitent. oft-falling. than are saved in the secular state. whose last effort was. though I will not presume to quote Holy examples. whilst but couples were saved of the un clean. perchance. first detached by voluntary celi . the pure and virgin nun. which a kind Heaven at once rewarded with death and But that seven were saved of the peace.JESUS THE SAVIOUR. 59 seven.

long pent up. the Sacred &quot. when not only the windows of Heaven were opened. 32. found at through His reft Side. of the Deluge had invigorated and restored. and so often spoken of by Him and by His prophets as a Noah s vineyard was planted in vineyard. which was poured forth on Calvary to overflow the Gen. which the waters e^. mystical history of our suffering Lord. that Great Deep of exhaustless love for us. up. it were. Lord. the things that are of the III. 11. But how much more powerful to restore and invigorate was that Crimson Flood. The vineyard Noah planted signifies the Holy Church planted by our Blessed Ee- deemer. from ignorance of its : power his of his consequent nakedness. 33. the new soil of the earth. the fountains of the Heart of Jesus. Passing on. and Hands. ib. xxi. Cor. but also fountains of the great deep were broken that is. we read how the holy Patriarch.vii. as length. &quot. after he came forth from the ark.s^Matt.60 i NOAH. studies. a channel to .&quot. as says the Apostle. planted a vineyard how he was drunk with the wine thereof. vii.&quot. which. of the mockery of Cham and the filial conduct of : All these things are the brothers. the Brows. world. that is. and Feet.

of the earth thus once more renewed by a more wondrous deluge than Noah s of old. the heathens folly with tho wine of his Noih drunk i &quot. the virgin Lamb of God could sustain the torment of that shameful nakedness. you knew not the power of this wine. Love own nation. Jesus planted the vine Drank with the wine yard of His Church. ix. 21. i. through which to roll its mighty forth. in the prsetorium after the mockery. that is. and swell to a vast ocean the fell torrents which On the fresh soil ceaselessly from above. power the chaste. like Noah. Jews and to Cor.&quot. so often repeated. 23. at the pillar of scourging. of this vineyard. through whose the love of Plis Church ! his own house ! : Christ 1&quot. like Noah. on Calvary when about to be nailed to the Cross. 61 volume the surface. of His Gen. Laurence Justinian Christ drunk with : Noah naked in naked in Jerusa Ah what must have been the lem drunkenness of that Love. and finally on the Cross All this to expiate the disordered itself! appetites and impurities of ! men ! My sweet Lord Jesus surely. of His for it. the fervor. you knew .JESUS THE SAVIOUR. exclaims S. vineyard. that is. was naked. in the midst. a scandal to the &quot. the Lord Jesus.

when they listen to the sad ! human part of that burden of the Divine Justice laid on abandoned child of re and undertake. so. listen. who us.Bury &quot. Listen. iiii. and I will lay for u In the under-structure precious gems. which formed but too then. of self-respect.&quot. iv - down upon &quot. tearful tale of the task of clothing the stripped heart with new robes of modesty. yes This was to expiate the hidden excesses of the flesh. tempest-stricken and poor with none to console thee. all those shameful and drunken extravagances of lust.&quot. ready Fall hills : to cry out to the %! Ib &quot. not the might of this love.62 NOAH. for it must not ib. 6. excesses there. in Thy place. how I love Thee in this What resources of conso thy nakedness lation hast Thou here opened for the store of Thy Priests. Luke xxiii. the Lord thy Redeemer speaks. despairing one. My Jesus. He :&quot. the proach. isai. fear take leave of fear. behold I will re ll My build thy walls in order. art almost mountains and to the : us deep . : be built justice shalt thou for : . thou s. 14. little one. nor to it would perforce carry you ! what Was ! Alas. need for this ? large a crimes by Thee. of dignity. up put thou needest not away thy reproach.&quot.

4i. to mock and deride their Innocent Victim. come nigh &quot. at least pity there is a stillness round the scaffold. change. hanging naked on the Cross in the direst torture. mocking. save Thyself. were saluted with scoffs and jeers and blasphemy. 40. mountains shake and the hills tremble. Bub our Divine Redeemer s Sacred Ears. ! it in three temple and while others.&quot. we read.iiv. at the hands of the spectators .gt.& Vah Thou that destroy: g&amp. greatest criminal. saith thy pitying But next. in his nakedness by his own son. so our Divine Redeemer was mocked in His nakedness by the Jews. The the when undergoing is wont to receive some penalty of his crime. : Matt&amp. the last agonies and throes of death.&quot. and bated breath.For though isa. ix. as Noah was mocked Gen. wagging their xxvii. g Himself He cannot save. The passersMalL adopted people Him. 22. the not depart from thee. said He saved others.&quot. in est the rebuildest &quot. days.JESUS THE SAVIOUR. What xxvii. His chosen and &quot. thee. yet my mercy shall and the covenant of my peace shall not Lord. The curse of Cham has fallen upon that .gt. shameful spite and malice was here. by blasphemed heads and saying. as they deafened in death.

ra o e &quot. that we too have been guilty of following Cham in his im pious conduct. to in the continual commission of Is it expiate which He died ? mockery of Him to corne to not Mass and kneel. . and reverently covered his naked limbs. in their an d frenzy. and upon their posterity. let us gaze contrition ! and Alas let us. of Sem and Japheth. 25.&quot. example They came into their father s presence with downcast and averted eyes. perhaps. without without change of life ? from this moment. Blood be us and upon our upon children. under the very shadow of the Rood. : of mocking Christ upon that very Cross to He was fastened for love of us ? Is it not. Christians. mockery of our Crucified Lord which to live on sin. So let us come into the of our Crucified Lord with down presence cast and averted eyes.C-i perverse and hard-hearted people. clamored His xxvii. But. which our sins have caused or rather. have we not reason to fear. as they themselves. Matt. as afraid to look upon that terrible nakedness. then. Sunday after Sunday. no less than the impious Jews whom he prefigured ? Are none of us guilty st. . many of us. resolve to Let us imitate the holy repent and amend.

House marriage-feast. that when the tempestu ous waters of this life shall abate. we may be worthy guests at that eternal st. Who for the the Cross. Matt. grant us to love of Thee. on the blessed Ararat of peace. and take His Seat of is long since spread for us. . and fall thick and fast as a covering upon upon it those naked and lest. the made naked on be made naked for all disorderly rags and tatters of earthly concupiscence invest us with the raiment of Thy sweet love and of heavenly desires. - xxv 31 - in the robes of His Heavenly glory. when He shall wounded Limbs meet our sight . Strip us of affections. Clothe us with grace cover us with the : : mantle of charity. cere conversion. Me not. we should be placed by Him amongst those. of sin gazing. which in thy Father s jjv^xix 9. and we arrive in our Ark of Security.&quot. on whom He will turn a look of reproach far more ter rible than Noah turned on Cham. so the tears of true contrition. and say 43..JESUS THE Lord Jesus the love of us wast once Christ. and you covered : &quot. may start from our eyes. Thy holy Cross. G5 in sorrow and penitence. that. But do Thou. it&amp. g Matt&amp. I was once naked.

the person and actions of the Saint of Saints. with the history of the holy Patriarch Noah. 31. will be fulfilled Behold we go up to Jerusalem. Sacred holy Dan. S. xviii. 24. IV. And. Our purpose is passages Him as the pride.&quot. one after another. to explain those which exhibit Redeemer suffering for human subject for human presumption. Luke. prefiguring. to study the prophetic pages of the Narrative after the Flood. in their histories. DISCOURSE ABRAHAM. we open a new testament. and all things which were written by the Pro phets of the Son of man. a new cove nant between God and man and again we behold unfolded to our view a succession of . ren dering a constant and faithful obedience for human perverseness and rebellion obedi- . men ix. now. JESUS THE EXAMPLE OF FAITHFUL OBEDIENCE. &quot. PASS we on. from the first era of the world.GG ABRAHAM.

Who lies beyond the morning.JESUS THE EXAMPLE. of our suffering Lord. as it were. which the storied window has from the eastern sky and woven in gathered a diadem of every glorious color around the tabernacle of His rest . thus edifice of Revelation. in the first . beaming and refulgent light of Zac h which like the day-spring from on g -^ high Holy Church has received.ii. the western portal of enter. at daybreak. ham.s. 67 PMi.even unto death. does early. ETC. and by the ceaseless voices of Her Priests diadem weaves. in one glorious of truthful teaching around the throne of His adorable Presence. dis so many images before us more and more vividly the played shall recognize in the histories of Abra As when we nearer we approach to Him. Jacob. even in the us onward to though to beckon us in these ancient very portal. the shadow of the Holy us from the distant sanc Rood falls upon tuary. Isaac. as amid the beams of Jesus. the sacred the shadow of Jesus Crucified. as though where in sanctuary of the New Testament. Ml around to beckon us onward to the types. so as we enter. And as. some fair church. Melchisedech.&quot. Thus we and Joseph. and reality He lies amid the substance the Gospel. ence &quot.

He takes his his nephew. xii. j- Gen. covenant. and household . and innocent Isaac. holy Abraham. in that touching scene of the links are Mount Moriah. : Therefore Ab his Lord commanded wife. &quot. on the contrary. the new father of a new race. and of his innocent son Isaac. Acts yii. shall be the theme of our first meditation. go forth from thy home and from thy father s The Lord said to Abram Gen. ram ib. and innocent Abel in his bloody death pre The blessed figured a Bloody Sacrifice. 4.68 ABRAHAM. i. so now. the history of Adam and of his innocent son Abel. saved from death. and come into a land At the word he which I will show thee. 3. go ca]led ihen ^ Go forth from thy country and from thy kindred and from the house of thy father. pattern of Jesus. Go forth. as the him. 5. of perfect obedience. the history of Abraham. where too closely intertwined to be broken asunder. xii. We will is as far as each and reunite them separate their stories in a distinct type of Jesus.&quot. But Adam in his awful guilt foreshadowed an awful Expiation. then.&quot. his servants. I. house. &quot. displays a history Patriarch. example of His faithful obedience. foreshadows an unscathed Victim. instantly obeys went forth.

&quot. went forth with confidence and alacrity.JESUS THE EXAMPLE. . the tongue for speaking. All these To qualities we find in Abram s . him. home. When is it is once established that the superior within his sphere. it has no to-morrow.&quot. and set out for an unknown dwelling in an unknown and hos tile country. it is free of delay. 4. xi. x n.&quot. The supe the subject obeys. is legitimate. s. Let us examine the qualities of this Obedience is faithful. rior 66 judges : TTr&amp. &quot. c. 69 goods and sets out at once for the land of Chanaan. went forth as the Lord commanded Gen. Bernard. wen t forth not knowing iicb. which God had pointed out to him.& i. mother.. though to what part of so vast a country he was to bend his steps he knew Yet uncertain as his journey was. waitings. says obedience. ETC. How ad mirable is the blind obedience of Abraham! the will. obedience should be It is an act of simple and unreasoned. and commands what not of the judgment. &quot. It makes &quot. and country. the hands for doing. friends. ready the eyes for looking. the ears for listening. &quot. was no easy matter he yet. it knows no St. Gen. the Lord commanded him. the feet for going. quit at such short notice father. he not.

nor even ex from his lips. wife. He left . no hesitation and : . let us compare with this His Father. the obedi Now.&quot. and that too towards the land of Canaan. all according to the disposal indifferent to the that we were thus events and prospects of life. he obeyed faith. postulation. nor syllable of remonstrance. &quot. and in trials. i. to stay.&quot. an idolatrous and Heb. : him. Gen. &quot. the Lord commanded him. excepting nothing: to go. Abraham murmured not.70 ABRAHAM. He s pattern to Abraham all. Chanaan He Gen.&quot. a stranger Divine. whither he went. no mistrust. to be rich or or a citizen. who orders dependent only on God. but no there was no sadness. conformed as the Lord commanded c. escaped he might have pleaded.&quot. health. the curse of road. So. the dangers of the the idolatrous people. : went as the Lord commanded him. went &quot.&quot. c.&quot. No word. At all Obedience should be cheerful.But my &quot. /. ence of Christ. prepared for everything. /. to advance or return. Gen. too. &quot. hostile in country. sick or in poor. all his subsequent dangers and this.&quot. Obedience should be indifferent. & father my home. c. c. But and went as i. as the Apostle remarks. ready for any Ah ! thing.

xxxix.JESUS THE EXAMPLE. : &quot. Wiliest Thou Father. ii&amp. more Then. truly a Chanaan of impiety. the glorious &quot. : came down from Heaven not to do Mine own will but the will of Him Who sent Me. moment which from eternity Thou. peopled with sinners His ene vi. hadst predetermined. am come into the world&quot. Infinite: John&amp.&quot. His home and friends and country s * vi 28 I am come forth from my Father His Father world and am come into the His the Eternal. r. in hardship To be Behold I come! and poverty! scoffed and reviled and treated as a fool and ! . - - .. How prompt Omnipotent. an exile though still a babe To live by hard work Behold I come in childhood and then by : &quot. how ready this obedience no PS. I &quot. . that I should assume human form and a poor nature. as soon as the time decreed by that thy Providence had come that day. home His friends heaven: and all the multitude the angelic hierarchy And of spirits that encompass His throne. 38. Behold I come. ETC. My persecuted heathen Egypt.&quot.&quot. and be born in a stable of Behold I maiden in want and misery? and driven into come To be all 1 ! &amp. I came And the motive mies. Typical sacrifice Thou wouldst then said I. : 71 &quot.

How s. shall I not drink it How cheerful is the obedience of Jesus ?&quot. so. It is finished mockery. no word of complaint but on the contrary ib. . all anticipated. The chalice which my Father has in the . ! fetters. 34. 11. that He calls it His meat and drink. So was the human will of Jesus to the Divine Will of His Father. that ! I should fulfil Thy will. simple and unreasoning is the obedience of Christ My meat and drink is to do the will of j lim Who &quot.72 ABRAHAM. : . crucified ? First in the Book hold I come Providence it is written of Me. of Thy Beupon. dt. : &quot. the Cross itself. that scourging. : His work. that terrible Those chains. that crown of thorns. too. bound with betrayed by my &amp. no difficulty. xviii. not only in the awful combat of given me. while speaking the eternal wis To be dom of Truth ? Behold I come chosen friend. beaten. How indifferent. so exclusively and simply bent on its accom plishment. all foreseen. from the first moment of His In sent Me and to accomplish entirely conformed carnation ib. and ready for all tests. &quot. but even from His Conception womb yet no hesitation. iv. xix. a madman. spit PS.&quot. till the last cry upon Calvary. !&quot. John. 9.

what joy Cross&quot.Behold salein. But when the last terrible night was come. have to be bap.&quot. similar passages do the And how Gospels many record of this holy alacrity to fulfil the Will of His Father: sometimes He exclaims. viz. Life.&quot. Again: : the eve of that great final act of obedience. John&amp. u. !&quot. for force of which He s . the terrible ordeal. plished for we are going up to Jeruand now shall be accomall that is written of the Son of Man .JESUS THE EXAMPLE. anticipates obedience was about to be put. and how tized with be done. I have received this command from s & 15. &quot. ii. a baptism. My Father :&quot.I lay down His *. . 73 &quot. is. so passionately exclaims: Longing I have longed to eat this Passover with you why ? before I suffer &quot. Luke . be delivered to the pagans. He shall slain what readiness of our Divine Lord heart. ardently I long for it to The hour draws nigh in Or again which the Son of Man will be glorified. to &quot. even to death. and scourged.s. to which His 1&quot.. suffused the Saviour s Heart and lit up His Countenance of love.Luke. death of the ah! then. and mocked. John. EFC. and and spit upon. . With what joy. and that too the Phil.&quot. st. s. what promptitude.

and for the time to come strengthen us with thy grace Divine. first. how weak the submission we pretend to yield to His Divine Will Ah most obedient Lord ! ! Jesus. to be in all things subject to God. subjection. s to the good and gentle. n s. to Pontius. whom we owe &quot.c. -Pet. But next the holy Patriarch pre figures our Divine Redeemer not only in thus leaving his country and kindred for a strange land.74 ABRAHAM..&quot. at the Divine Command. all. II. how do we follow in this matter the example of Abraham. Abraham wandered a stranger . &quot. Here us again compare him to the Saviour And. perverse. but further. subject to God in the to persons of i s. to which he let was subjected during his entire life. si/ but likewise.&quot.i. Pardon us for the past. to thine executioners. how morose. and in a more striking manner still.Son. in the continual wanderings. how difficult. for the love of for the love Thee made subject to Him of us. the example of Jesus ? God requires not from us such hard obedience as from His own . Christians. only as ^ nou wer t to Marye and to Joseph ^Luke ii. also to the bad and t . supply the defects of our disobedi ence. Pet. as Thou wert to Caesar. and yet how slow.

will as Abraham had as not so much Acts. in his territory. the property of another. ETC.came s.thy posterity the land of thy wanderings. though His seed was to possess the earth for our Blessed Lord Himself did not preach to the nations but it was left for His apostles to their holes : .vii. xi. So the Lord Jesus. but the Son of Man has not whereon to lay His Head. s.&quot. H. His own possession and His own &quot. stranger. Yet.&quot. vii. John. 5. too. and describing His own The foxes have 8 Matt. all the land of Clmnaan for an everlasting possession yet the Chanaanite held it with an arm of force and he Acts. nations for thy inheritance and for thy pos session the uttermost bounds of earth. 75 and a pilgrim less his own. poverty.5.&quot.&quot.JESUS THE EXAMPLE. to was childless. ground whereon to set his foot. own and the birds of the air their nests.I was neverthe it to him and to his children: will give tocien. so Jesus was born in a stable. Like Abraham. in a land which God had given &quot. xvii. received Him not. He was long childless. but sojourned as a iieb. thee and to .s. 9. His Father n had promised to give of the earth: &quot. . .I Him all the nations give thee the Paa. says : .

and is buried in a tomb purchased at the hands of So our strangers. Divine Lord was from the very first moment of His Conception a pilgrim and a wanderer. He . un dergo new hardships and new misfortunes. 22. xiii. thence to Bethel. Nazareth to Bethlehem. 9. in Egypt thence returns towards Bethlehem. From ib. 39. He travels from Ur in Chaldsea to Haran in Mesopotamia. Egypt he returns to Bethel. xx. perpetually enjoining him to by remove sq&amp. but is ob liged to retire to Galilee. thence he is ib. and to fill the earth with His posterity. s.76 ABRAHAM. Patriarch s fidelity. obedient to the decree of Augustus.ii. each time to n ib *ii V *e s. 10. 2 &amp. xxv. multiply children to from place to place. thence to Sichem. 3. from thence to Jerusalem to be presented in the temple according to the law of Moses thence once more to Nazareth again to Bethlehem.Luke. s. ^ e ^ unborn He must journey from 4. how the Almighty continued to try the blessed Acts. thence he goes to Geraris at length he dies in Hebron. driven by famine to Egypt. We read on. 22. whence He must fly from the sword of Herod the babe-murderer. vii. Matt. : : like Abraham. and Nazareth : and sojourn. . i.

there to die a death of torture and shame. semane from Gethsemane to the palace of Annas. Thus He exactly the seven pilgrimages of Abraham not find all the fulfilment. cenacle. till ere He entered His retreat into the upon His public fulfilled . Oh. and be borne to a stranger s tomb. the : ! . : From the Euchar- s x% X : J oh i} istic He 1 1 ^ journeys to Geth- 24/28. 77 becomes His home desert. length to Calvary. 18. back again to ^ ^m judgment-seat of Pontius. is.ETC. at 11.&quot. but more than sevenfold more terrible and more sevenfold in of affliction. difficult ways to tread Pilgrimages toilsome and hard indeed Wanderings more wearisome than Abraham s of old Well might Cleophas exclaim. difficult more painful and but this was For ah what far pilgrimages do we ! Him making in the history of His Passion. thence to the infamous presence uk of Herod Antipas. from thence to new insults in the halls of Caiphas. my sweet Lord Jesus Christians. little as he knew the mysterious Thou ib. ministry. thence to the Roman prsetorium. Truly Thou wert. full number again. significance of his words art only a pilgrim in Jerusalem. if the Holy Patriarch Abra! ! ! &quot. xxvi.

were strangers. : ourselves to aught beside. yet these sources of consolation are but as . me say to you.ABRAHAM. a wanderer should be ready for every annoy A Let ance. all the saints and ser vants of God. as sometimes we do hear them. to fulfil the Will of God. pilgrims. and Jesus Himself. pilgrim. doubtless. How sad it is to hear Christians. as it was of the life of Jesus. spared still less His own dear Son. place.&quot. or time ? let us endeavor to unbind our Ah. and wan in this world. and. of better desert than derers our Divine Redeemer? Certainly Almighty God spared not His friend Abraham. studying what is the Will of God. among the blessings of Providence Divine . Paul to his Ephesian &quot. Home. attach Eph. the Son of God. ham. This is the one object of a Christian s life. prepared for every contrariety. as it was of the life of Abraham. Why. then. affections from creatures and fix them on the Eternal and Imperishable. after him. person.I. what else shall we or desire to be ? Are we of better expect desert than Abraham.Be 17. friends. like dearest children. converts ye followers of God. Y.78 . and and pleasant prospects are. as S. complain of the very smallest annoy ances and vexations of life.

79 springs in the desert. of which the pilgrim should drink thankfully but warily. upon him. Chodorlahomar and God made known to His holy servant more .xvii. the mighty destiny of his race Ib xv et and. : circumcise your flesh for a sign of the cove nant that is made between Me and you. and upon his entire household and their posterity. Now let us compare the holy Patri arch to Jesus in his obedience to the pre cept of circumcision. which was to be an outward sign of their faithful obedience to the Divine laws. as ever. humbly and . wanderers the We are strangers. and a mark of adoption and grace with God This is the covenant between Gcn xvii &quot. nor xii. We read that some time Gen. clearly and fully than He had before done. then. and Our abode is not hasten oward as before. should be our hearts. and your posterity after 10 n you shall you. the precept of circum cision. III. after Abraham s victory over the idolatrous his allies.JESUS THE EXAMPLE. kings. s Luke among them. ETC. our treasure . which he received from God. : and you. He imposed supr. ^ : heart of the wanderer is in his own land. at the same time. The holy Patriarch. which you must observe Me - &amp. 34. neither.

he himself being then a &quot. the images of which were reflected in the law. in Not the shadows. there fore. which they pretypified. ForthGen xvii. hundred years old. as God had commanded him. Who came to change those ancient ordinances into the awful rites. to comply with the ceremonial law. number. Yet this was not the Circumcision. immediately executed this fu l command. .&quot. as the clouds of heaven are reflected. which was to abrogate the figure in the fulfilment. Ishmael his son. 24. Thomas sings the whole world . mos ^ P am 23.&quot. self.80 ABRAHAM. first. e. It became Him. xiv. with on the very same day. he circumcised himib. as a son of Abraham. many hundreds in ib. and all the males of his household. i. our Divine Redeemer was. on the earth beneath. 14. : And : &quot. Had wash But one drop of that sweet rain d away earth s every stain. and to bestow upon His people those heavenly mysteries. simply obedient. circumcised in His babyhood thus shedding the blood of obedience in a stream infinitely more copi ous than had sufficed for the salvation of as St.

xxi. by the sight of so many ! whom He saddest sight of all as s grief of His most dear Mother. for around the Cross. Christians. 35. i. the crown of His Head. bled in vain but. mains of the bodies of male. 6 . s&amp. xix. John. 33. but in every part From the soles of His His Sacred Body: Feet to isai. - miserable x *iii. : &quot. the Lord Jesus nailed to is a circumcision His Cross.ixviii.P*. of only. 81 different circumcision of Nazareth. 6. ir. there is no sound His livid and swollen wounds part in Him are not bound up. but a which Holy Mother us to contemplate during Turn we to the circum the circumcision of faith cision of Calvary. ful obedience perfected. nor healed with remedies. mies grouped sinners. Mat.xix 25 she stood and witnessed His His Divine Ears are circumcised by Here. circumcision it is.JESUS THE EXAMPLE. His Divine Eyes are nor softened with circumcised by the sight of His cruel ene : oil. Luke&amp. - : factors. Luke&amp. circumcised not in one member Church invites this sacred Lent. ETC. oh by the sight of the . Johlly - the blasphemous gibes and execra36 His Nostrils by tions of the crowd the putridity of the festering re. with which the place s. s . His rr3.&quot. was strewn on every side.s. s.

His entire Body by the lacer- xxi. Apostle. not the fleshly circum cision of the letter. xix. 23. &quot. assuage the burning thirst of His ! : : agony. Matt. rible circumcision of In this most ter every sense and limb. a tions and gashes of the scourges : His Divine Heart by a bitterness of sorrow indescribable. Christ xxvii. Much there is here to .&quot. let us no longer delay to submit our selves to that spiritual circumcision. they. the circumcision namely of our hearts. which He imposes upon us in the law of grace. 29. ABRAHAM. presented Him vinegar mingled with gall. what sort of a couch is He stretched upon ? what soft pillow sustains His languid Neck and aching Head ? Alas His deathbed is the hard wood of the Cross His pillow the mangling thorns and for a draught to s. 2. as says the blessed Rom. for whom He suffered. This is the circumcision of Jesus. and which Holy Mother Church would have us at this time undergo. ii. since He thus submitted to it for our sakes. ians. 34. John. Divine Mouth is most intolerable circumcised by the thirst. the parching : His produced by His torments Divine Hands and Feet by the nails that fever pierce ^f*46 r. the spiritual circumci sion of the heart. them .s.82 s.

more terrible than were threatened in case of non-compliance with the circumcision of Abraham tint for : penalty was but temporal death. better for us to enter into life Mark&amp. disrespect. foolish imaginings. Such is the circumcision which the luxury. oil changed by Almighty that his obedience to the precept of circumcision . sensuality. law of the Gospel imposes upon us. rash judgments.&quot. ETC. at which time. rather than. and under penalties. : immodest looks and glances tery. flat the tongue of arrog : the ance. angry. xvii. a circumstance to be no s name was Gen. vain regrets. The senses too may be circumcised. lewd. 5. Perhaps ticed. jealousies . but in this case it is it is no less than eternal death. uncircumcised it is ix 44 to be cast into hell. no less than the heart. detraction. peevishness. 83 circumcise ambitious. - maimed. God to Abraham. too. &quot. evil harborings. curiosity touch of its acquisitiveness. and must be. God confirmed the Abram solemnly . resentful passions . suspicions. contemptuous. and carnal fancies and de sires . The eyes of their Truly s&amp. : ill-natured dispositions. the ears of its their listenings to calumny. disorderly. unchastity : impatient. aye.JESUS THE EXAMPLE.

He shall save His people from their circumcision of Nazareth. And though this Name was given to our Redeemer at the it was then and by the fore given only by anticipation. a name announced from Heaven in token and sign that He to Whom it was given should be the deliverer of all the children of God under the law of grace.&quot. and therefore was it set over the Head of the Saviour Lord. the cer . God cision of the Cross bestowed upon us.84 promises ABRAHAM. in token and sign of his election by the Divine Providence to be the Father of all the children of God In like manunder the law of circumcision. 19! the Brows of our Divine Redeemer the time of His obedience to the circum at at which time. an acknowledgment of His Upon of the Cross. : i. John. Calvary. in the circumcision was claimed and won. He had made to His servant of a signifies in Hebrew Father multitude . who For brought it. xix. it . expressly declared s Matt 21. as the Archangel. sins. yet &quot. knowledge of God. for His sake. of Jesus set over lier was the Name s. tainty of those promises made in the Gospel. Jesus signifies the Saviour Lord. and this change was made in the Abraham name of the blessed Patriarch.

as faintly on the ears of Thy dying warriors. that the Victory : Wear it. my sweet Lord Jesus far. And. disclose to their joyful gaze. let some closing kind voice repeat it softly beside them. the note of Her victory. ETC. foes. till the din of the battle falls angel tongues take up the sweet music. 6.isai. it is better and more glorious than all the titles by which the Prophets an. breaking asunder. 85 hell. nounced Thee of old. Let its sound echo of through the world. and this material veil. the shout of Her invincible assault.JESUS THE EXAMPLE. the war-cry of the armies Thy Church. in Thine extended Hand the crown of faithful obedience. of Satan and of was His. . ix.

S. xviii.86 ISAAC. and celebrated history of Isaac considered as a type of our Divine Redeemer in His sufferings and death. 31. and all things which were written by the Pro phets of the Son of man. the beautiful. which is the Passion of Jesus prefigured in holy Isaac. . JESUS THE VICTIM. to point this out.:id Permit me. V.&quot. will be fulfilled WE are come now to the history. by way of introduction. s&amp. Holy and innocent Abel we found fore shadowing our Divine Redeemer in the very this be circumstances of his birth nor can less than of holy and innocent Isaac. Behold we go up to Jerusalem. Luke. then. DISCOURSE real on Calvary and mystical in the Eucharist.. before we go on to our pre cise theme. Many and many a year had Isaac been the desire of his holy parents. Many and . ere yet he was conceived in the womb. affecting. &quot.

was for prayed announced. to have a fulfilment from that so much desired. 2. were. had He through how many and long ages my covenant alliance. and thou shalt call his name Isaac. : in thy womb and Behold. thou shalt conceive bring forth a Son. and Sarah were sojourning far from the land and yet it was his own inof their birth shall : . and. a fervent prayer had they put the fruitfulness of their marriage-bed. s * Luke&amp. and shall reign in the house of Jacob for ever. perhaps. at last. and His Name bestowed from on ! ! High &quot. viz. . I will establish with him for an So Jesus. 19. his name bestowed from on High Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a length. xxi. where Abraham strange city. had come to think that the Divine promises different Gen. been the Desired of nations How ib. 87 up for many Long had they been disappointed.xiix. 31 - and thou shalt call His Name Jesus. and of His kingdom there shall be no end. Geraris. XV H.. before He everlasting was conceived in the true Sarah s womb.&quot. too. 10.&quot. xvi. and son. the birth of this and &quot. His coming how ardently often promised At length His birfh.JESUS THE VICTIM. xx. Again Isaac was born in a Gen. At : child was announced. He be great.

treated Isaac. s. secured to him. xv. Gen. v. and true children of Abraham alone This mystery the Apostle S. cast out of Abraham s house into the desert. therefore expelled from the house of Abraham. persecute Him. in Epistle to his Galatiui converts. 14. xxi. in Gen.. the elder brethren of Jesus according to the flesh. and for Thy possession the uttermost bounds of the earth. ISAAC. So Jesus was born in a strange city. Once more Isaac had an elder this world . of sin and it God yet was &quot. his mother. like wise. And they and their mother. heritance.&quot. by the promise Divine. in which the spiritual remain. iv.88 Gen. So. were. is. Paul his explains at length. Gai. that is the Church. : : son of Hagar. his brother. xvi. with all the land of Chanaan. the gift of His heavenly Father psa. the with ib. viz. did the Jews. in estrangement from His own kingdom and territory. 9. and was therefore. lather s Egyptian slave. the Lib. Ishmael. But Ishmael illJb. holy Abbot Ilupertus is at pains .io. These and many other points of resem blance in the sacred accounts of the birth and childhood of Isaac and of Jesus. the Synagogue. ii. I will give Thee the nations for an heritage.

with whatso ever is annexed to them. which is.JESUS THE . Satan. indeed. without c occupying ourselves at greater length upon them. in the preceding discourse. : I. different in kind. i. our sincerest and . Satan tempts object. 89 to comment upon but. be prepared to be tempted is. we will pass on to our precise subject. i. before this. You. and honors of the world. His object is our riches eternal perdition fiercest malice. see how neces.Eccies.&quot. that to be . the famous sacrifice of Mount Moriah.iv. VICTIM. different in intention. Matt. &quot. him Abraham. us by holding forth to us pleasures agree able to our fallen nature and sensual appe tites the delights of the flesh. We read. the s. our implacable foe but his tempts us. which temptations come from God. are different from those. n. He answered Here am We have seen. put to proof. : his intention that of the But God. but none of his former trials had been nearly equal to what was now to be imposed upon him. how often. as follows Gen. God had put His faithful servant s obedience and constancy to the proof. different in sary it is to . and then. I. said to : xxii. who would be servants of God. of course. : God tempted Abraham.

Bear the prepare thy soul for temptation. Susanna. trials God sends to be borne. Job.&quot. you. who would serve God. it Because you were acceptable to was necessary for temptation to try In a word. : My . mises. The Archan el Raphael said to Tobias it. truest friend tempts ns always by bringing before us the opportunity to exercise some act of virtue more or less heroic. God tempted them and and every found them worthy of Him one. but so were all the Patriarchs so were all the friends of God Moses.&quot. written &quot. : Tob xii 13 Dan. perEcci.90 ISAAC. therefore. pare for temptation when thou comest to the service of God. but He will with the temptation provide for Not only you strength to cope with was Abraham tempted. ness and salvation His intention that of de : the tenderest love. and He will not suffer you to be tempted beyond what you can bear. Nor will He. 3. i. iii. ii. 5. faithful x. &quot. God.&quot. which its is contrary to our nature and hard to His object is our everlas ing happi sires. Tobias.&quot. : . son. xiii. is bidden to prewisd. of all God s friends it is &quot. Yet. 13. : ever suffer us to be tempted beyond what God is with grace we are able to bear to His love and His proicorin.

too. that there may be no relic left of the child once so dear. ! Hebrew r &quot. was but Hagar s offspring. ! :&quot. gone. therefore. and now at so sweet an age Isaac. 91 is Will and he. .Take thy son. nor take the child from And there offer him up for your hands a holocaust&quot. smile of joy. a name which signifies in ^ O &quot. all Isaac.thine ! &quot. but thine only sew /&quot. in sub mission to the Divi. yes. likewise.for Ishmael was gone. burn his entire body. not the beloved wife Sarah s child. no bone And to the &quot.2.&quot.&quot. inno cent. upon one of the mountain-summits. this : trial of Abraham ihe hardest which God ever demanded from any of His servants &quot. far go from home.&quot. &quot. when you have slain him. &quot.&quot. the fulfilment of the m} sterious promises made to you depend mountains of Moriah. ! .xxii. and offer him there for a burntoffering. whom thou lovest. beautiful. and go into Moriah. Great God what a command was this Take thy son not only thy son. on whom all ! your hopes and &quot. !&quot. gentle. thine onlyGen. Truly. &quot. only son the child of thine age. which I will show thee. the long-desired and heavenly-given boy. The son of thy love.&quot. where neither Sarah nor any friend can interfere.JESUS THE VICTIM. even Isaac. son Isaac.

and at variance with all those laws. as the command ap- . ! where meantime go on anxious. same night and got ready his ass. ! What faithful sayest thou. for a dear remembrance of her As for the spot. Strange. Abraham. 6.&quot. example of obedience ? Not one word. thee :&quot. incon sistent. have pleaded with God ? He h h ac^ pleaded for Sodom. w might 22 sq. he not. inexplicable. LX. /. and asked if. he went forth in the direction. which declared the Divine abhorrence of human sacrifice.xxii. he did not mis None of understand the Divine meaning? for him to hear the these things. Ab&quot. God that He had declared bloodshed how much more bloodshed to be impious by a Father s hand ? Might He not have reminded Him of His promises in this child. Gen. then. raham. and heartbroken to Moriah amazed. Might c. perchance. which the ib. soft hair to take to Sarah his mother. Enough Will of God. and took with him two servants and Isaac his son and having cut the wood for the sacrifice. ib. Lord had commanded him. arose the very .3. therefore. cruel.92 nor lock of fair ISAAC. xviii. I will show lost boy &quot. he not have pleaded for the life of his only son ? Might he not have reminded ib.

the spot in the distance. . now. manded him. day he lifted up his eyes. and gentle as Isaac. . xxii. a column of fire. far all succor. Immediately therefore he arose. there on the mountain. Who on the in Whom same Moriah. fice it needs not many words to point out. the shadow and figure of the sacri of another Only Begotten Son. from His Heavenly Home. or a offering.&quot. which Abraham knew to be the fatal token. set forth as the Lord com cry peared. Surely. and saw &quot. and without of grief. upon the three agony. hitherto cast downward tearfully to the ground. was to die a holo We clays will not dwell. Who would His ways to His servant in due justify time. His Father was well pleased. here. holy. and bereft of caust for sin. Namely. which Abraham must have endured during the journey to the land of vision. 93 it was the Will of God. which it teaches us.JESUS THE VICTIM. as we learn from appeared the Jewish interpreters.&quot. 4. too. One. innocent. prefiguring the three hours agony in Gethsemane nor upon the lesson of per severing submission to the Divine Will.On the third Gen. and took Isaac his son and the wood for the a word to Sarah. &quot.

Sacrifice of Calvary.xxii. Accordingly. signify the two Testaments. liii.8. we read that he desired the two servants to remain with the ass. and had imposed upon him their respective Gen. and the Cross the just punishment of them. not here only. and be afterwards consumed therewith. : &quot. They went onward together and ap- . Thus. the mountain.e. And he took the wood for the sacrifice and piled it on the while he himself shoulders of Isaac his son carried in his hands fire and a sword. was substituted for the servants. signifies the s sins. The Lord did lay by the fagots on Him the iniquity of us The two &quot. of which Jesus is the compendium and the fulfilment in the Isaac. servants. as Isaac isai. The ass signifies sinful man. likened to an ass.&quot.9. The wood taken from the ass s back and laid &quot. duties. whom Abraham left at the foot of the mountain. in Psa. &quot. xxii. taken off his guilty shoulders by the mercy of God the Father and piled upon the shoulders of Jesus His dear Son. while he with Isaac his son ascended the side of Gen. Holy Scripture. that He might bear for us the weight of that fuel of eternal burning.&quot. burden of man upon the shoulders of Isaac. : all.xxxi. .94 ISAAC. 9. then.6. as on Moriah.

however.&quot. is the obedience and humility of Jesus.JESUS THE VICTIM. Is not this His shadow ^. because such was his father s will but. and with His stripes we are healed. 95 Picture to yourselves preached the spot&quot. the Son of God. : Carry ii&amp.&quot. as for the respective burdens of submitting to bear the ass s load. He went forth ing Cross. S. only : &quot. I. on which He was to suffer His own Cross. submitting to bear the load of our wickedness at His Father s command As my Father has commanded me. afterwards. 29. how much more admirable . beneath the weight of the to stain with logs. John in his Gospel. . His own Cross that He bore like Isaac He bore the ass no : ? Ah ! s load : it &quot. says the blessed Was it. John&amp.. our pains He carried the chastisement of our peace was laid upon Him. trace before.s. isai.mi. Isaac s was. to the place called was our griefs : He bore. IT. which he was presently Is not this the s John his own life-blood &quot. g *iv. the innocent and gentle Isaac toiling along by his father s side. the son of Abraham. so do But. indeed. beneath the wood of the &quot. xix. ! ^ Christ cast ?&quot. Who was. 3i. to the selfsame steps. Touching and admirable was the humility and obedience of Isaac. indeed.

a sword. the Lord for His goodness. 6. perhaps. his hands fire he himself carried in and a sword. with which to indict death on His own Son in vengeance of our sins. Whose part in our redemp fire in How tion Abraham here pretypifies. perfectly is thus represented to us the Eternal Father. and was in the other hand fire. the terrible sword of the Justice Divine. and the other to consume the sacrifice.&quot. and for the won derful works he has done for the children of men. all the shadow of His. having in one hand. Who bore the weight of the crimes that ever were. upon him. . for whom the Lord Jesus bore very great and heavy trans gressions .&quot. a sword in one hand to slay his own son. nor did he thank Isaac. let Him. Christians. the fire of the sacrifice the fire to consume of Infinite Love. as the Scripture says. of no under being. And Abraham Gen. we. are some of those. which for us that Holocaust of Reconciliation. or will be. perpetrated till the end of time. xxii. indeed. ferred The ass us then be ever grateful to knew not the benefit con &quot. but oh! that men would thank standing . which He had laid upon Him .96 ISAAC. &quot.

. to save us from the fire mountain of hell. the citadel 2 Chron wards. after Prefigured Offering. as the spot chosen for the im molation of his son.1of David. 97 II. or at least of material s Love fire. but a column of the fire of God His own Son hanging in the throes of death. let us de vote some moments to reflection on the coincidence of place between the figure and On Moriah was. . was stretched in the Only Begotten Son of God. according to the various modes of death Hebrew signifies writing. because it was divinely pointed out to Abraham. on the very spot.JESUS THE VICTIM. f mountain of : mountain of myrrh. has many ought mysterious signi to fications. with which plant sides were covered tain of myrrh to was a moun Abraham and to Isaac because it . upon the wood to be slain. the temple of Solomon and on one of its summits. which appeared upon it. afterwards. and because of the fire. At this point of the story. i. in a far sublimer sense. again. when there was seen upon it not a column of fantastic. It of vision. Moriah. without the walls. which we notice. But. bitterness. its Moriah. a mountain of vision was Moriah. built Jerusalem. where Isaac was stretched . aptly so named.

when He offered up Himself.&quot. mountain of . : clines. and the shadows fall. sacrifice.98 ISAAC. vii.e. xxii. I will bless thee. let us hasten to gather our bundles of sorrow for sin. and will multiply thy seed like . in pious meditation. and hast not &quot. mountain of sacrifice . indeed. afterwards. the Canticles Until the day de &quot. to sacrifice daily. Whose Oblation was the fulfilment of all former and was &quot. m s faithful obedience 16. ir/18. the mountain of Christian penance and mortification. offerings. Heb. then.&quot. to have eternal efficacy : Who has no need. when He offered Himself. iv. mountain of slioivers. for great and acceptable to God was the sacrifice of Isaac but afterwards. for the people s once for all. and the shadows of TeneIme will fall. thou hast done this. during this sacred Lent. and say with the spouse in cant. for here ! spared thine only son at my bidding. meantime.27. indeed. of myrrh. Moriah what copious showers of benediction were bestowed upon Abraham as the reward of Because Gen. the day of Lent will decline. Moriah. like the Priests : of old. Up this Mori ah let us daily climb. but. first for his own sins for this He did and. a mountain of myrrh to Jesus bitterer still. 1 will remain on Soon.

99 / the stars of heaven and like the sands upon the seashore. and more in multitude. mountain of light in a sense more wondrous still. the refulgence of His brightness over the Holy City. for thy light is come. when on its top shone forth amid surrounding darkness. But. Moriah inounta in of light . &quot.&quot. illumined him with the knowledge of that Will. than either the stars of heaven. John. i. after . afterwards. : Arise. was Moriah a mountain of showers. I mean. 3. as the 12&amp. because thou hast been obedient to my but to the very confines of the pagan world. still more fruitful and rich. nor only over it. brought to all the nations of earth blessings and graces brighter. or the sands of the sea.JESUS THE VICTIM. and the nations of heathenism shall walk in . and in thy posterity shall all nations of earth be blessed. indeed. V1H * Prophet had foretold &quot. for here G od discovered to his faithful servant the secrets of His Providence and. those showers. des cending on its soil. and which. which fell from the pierced Hands and Heart of Jesus. be isa. Christ the light of the world. wards. which hitherto he had blindly obeyed but. Jerusalem.&quot. illumined. ix. and the glory of the Lord arises above thee. pouring forth s. at length.

he was to put him the Messias. and thy God thy . Phn. God to will Himself a be indeed victim. which the holy Patriarch returned to his son s terrible quesib. altar of immolation.The thy light. r. sun shall no &quot. thee by day. Where is the victim of tion &quot. see. glory. the summit of the mountain &quot. ib. 3. Hope and Love. ?&quot. youth upon that Faith. even to death. ISAAC. xxii.ig. my Father &quot. and confidently ! expressed in the answer. for in this child of promise and j^g posterity the Almighty Word had guaranteed to Abraham the pos session of the sceptre and the parentage of Yet now. and of obedience . the theatre of that most heroic act of Faith. Was provide Isaac to Was he be raised up again to life Heb. slain ? my son. s.&quot.they arrived at the spot. xi. as the blessed Apostle S.&quot.&quot. &quot. Of Faith Gen^xviii. nor the shining of longer light the moon by night but the Lord shall be thine everlasting light. means would God adopt to fulfil the promise He had made ? He knew not he sought .&quot.ix. to death in the prime of firmly built Of Hope. Gen. the Father and son have reached 9. xxii. But. ii.&quot. xii. Paul represents from the Abraham to have believed ? What .100 isa.i9. : sacrifice.

and piled the wood upon All altar. ! ! Truly. for Hagar and Ishmael were gone the child of his old age . : : made known son. cry out ? does he shriek for aid to ? does he attempt escape. built up Gen. via. surely little needs to say. grief overwhelm it. Therefore. or begin to accuse his father of cruelty. unable to quench love. nor could rivers of &quot. to his Moses has not recorded but.&quot. : God will son. /. and what was his love of Isaac compared to his love of God . Abraham an it. how true is. his only son. they were none the less full of grief and heartrending And what says Isaac ? Does he anguish. Himself a victim ! my Of Love how It was his own son. 9. the child of his beloved wife Sarah . 7.&quot. the child on whose dear life such great and mysterious hopes Yet had been reared and cherished long God required the offering . many waters were cant. xxii. that strong. In what words the aged father &quot. and impute his conduct to some delirious dream. that however expressive of obedience and resignation. not to know &quot. the Divine Command . provide c. is prepared the moment is come the secret must now be disclosed and the victim declared.JESUS THE VICTIM. here. or to the weakness of .&quot. 101 Gen.

r. perhaps. if this bitter eup must not pass from me until I drink it. : i.! : . immediately cor responding with the Divine grace. age? Or. with the force and vigor of youth. isai. and as a lamb before his shearer. stood Isaac. Matt But. silent patient. and. or determine. Then.&quot. &amp. : mouth. dust of Gethsaid &quot. was ex changed the last embrace. He phet foretold shall be led to the slaughter. Thus.&quot. as and Christ looked up from the B&amp. elsewhere.&quot. 42. looking up . 39. let this bitter ib.thought fully into his father s sorrowful face. does he break forth into blasphemy against the Eternal. &quot. xxvi. nor from those who spat on Me of Whom. may cup pass from me. Then. iiii. the same Proib.-He shall not open His .102 old ISAAC. if it he : Father.. and My Face to those who plucked My Beard I turned not My Countenance from the mockers. My be. Like a sheep. he doubt. to resist the hembliug and foiling strength of his aged father? Oh! far from his obedient and religious heart was it to think of any of these things else he had not been the Type of Him of whom the Prophet sang c. less added My father.& for the last . therefore. the Will of God be done. gave My Back to the smiters.

or who think you do.. faithful obedience. God ask of you your children. if any amongst to this. acts of heroic virtue : them can be compared see. ye sons. who shrink from any combat with natural feeling. as Jesus on the night of the betrayal stretched forth His Hands to His captors in Gethsemane. Look where God requires and commands. Then. purer than the pure dew of the morning. ye parents. either by Come. in the fulfilment. on this scene. But. constant. even to death. which were to fill on the selfsame spot. afterwards. Isaac stretched forth his hands to be bound. the father kissed the fair and innocent forehead of his son. who are Christ- . Look on this scene. to those who nailed them to the Cross. who think you have ever done. or by vocation to the holy state of Religion. and learn obedience to on if your sires in far lighter matters. all you. and learn how to submit. at least. sweeter than the sweet rain of heaven.all premature death. and. all yon.JESUS THE VICTIM. 103 time. the holy child his father s Their mingled tears watered the hands. Look it. still more. look on this scene. the tears of turf upon Moriah s summit. fit emblem of those tears of Jesus sacred Blood. and learn to conquer nature by grace.

with iron nails to the Altar of sacrifice. as Christ s Hands and Feet were fixed to the Cross. stretched him upon the it altar. in order that might be sod den with his blood. Who was on Calvary to die.&quot. &quot.cxviii. perchance exclaimed g xxiii. for he was not really to die. 9. to fice ISAAC. let us suffer our wills to b bound with cords to the Divine Commandments. bound with the cords of love . the most cherished. Royal Psalmist: thy fear. to be sodden in the Redeeming Tide but Isaac was bound . the best. crying out with the psa. for the flames to con sume in sacrifice. to the Lord your God. let us beg of God to fix them. who .&quot. but if these are not strong enough to curb our rebellious and perverse nature. heavenward. xxii. Gen. looking pierced with nails. 46. Father. &quot. Pierce through will my flesh with Those.104 ians. So. he on the pile of wood. Jesus was stretched upon the wood of the Cross. the while he calmly awaited the stroke of death.&quot.And after binding Isaac his son. with the : Luke&amp. and there be fear lest they should break. into thy hands I commend my spirit. so. look on this scene and learn to sacri the dearest. with cords only. iron nails of holy fear. Jesus. was Then Isaac. &quot. Christians.

&quot. 10.&quot. now. therefore. s they have no part says the blessed Apostle.JESUS THE VICTIM. who are Christ s.&quot. held a ram caught in a fearest not withhold thine Then. ready to do and doing Thy Holy Will. Now. Gen. fled their flesh with its vices have cruci. 12. : I. n. as S. I know that thou : &quot. hand and seized the knife True and faithful obedience to death !&quot. in &quot. . : : .s.&quot. evenPhiiiip. And Abraham put forth his &quot. with &quot. those &quot. of the sacrifice which in bloody will and in desert was already fully accom Lo an Angel of the Lord Gen xxiL plished tion. only the blessed Patriarch. Constancy worthy of God and ! of the friendship of God Ah! that we in our lighter trials were thus found thus constant. 105 not. we read that looking around. are not Christ . my God.Gai. xxii. went and took the ram and offered it for a burnt-offering in the stead of Isaac his son. the Divine Voice : ! from heaven cried aloud Abraham.&quot.on. 24. a. v. And the Angel said Lay not thine hand upon the boy do him no harm for. faithful. This substitution. He. And he answered Here am Here am I. to slay his s. . &quot. arrests the execu deed. and bad desire. Him for. God and dost son from Me. thus victorious. be thicket by his horns. Abraham.

but by taking of the manhood into God. no ^ by the conversion of the Godsymb. however. Isaac was for the Divine in Jesus death. which severed Body have died. head into flesh.&quot. S. God made Man . Hu Spirit was thus severed from His Body. therefore the Son of God is truly said to was at has any the same time Divine no nature For death. s. man living made Man. as our holy Creed . : yet he neither suffered nor Son of God. effected thereby just what it effects in every child of man. died iu that dissolution of His Human Who then died ? Jesus the everNature. the substitution of the Human Nature first. so the Humanity of Jesus suf Yet. Athan. therefore. (for Who real existence except in hypostasis). But as the ram suffered and bled for Isaac. Cyril explain it. Ambrose and truly offered died.10G ISAAC. prefigures. the . Jesus. &quot. Whose organization. disso lution of the spiritual part from material Jesus. the Humanity subsisted in the Person. truly offered Himself: yet in His Divine Nature He neither suffered nor died seeing that suf fering and death are impossible to the Divine Nature. and Soul in Christ. since fered and bled for His Divinity.

107 simply and exactly expresses the doctrine of the Incarnation. nevertheless was not slain.&quot.JESUS THE VICTIM. never theless does not die. the throes of death. Lauda Children s ! Ancient Sion. really present. in the Holy Mass. ! bread to dogs denied figures. Holy Mother the Church. so are the elements broken for the Body of Jesus. Shadow d forth this Living Bread. the Victim of the Thus sings our Mass is the law of Grace. But. really offered. But. in his place. over Whom death has no more dominion and as the ram was smitten . Isaac truly offered and saved from death. as Isaac really presented on the Altar. Jesus our true Victim. Who cannot more suffer dissolu tion. sacrificed yet not slain^ is next a lively image of Jesus. long since fled. Hymn to Lo the bread of Angels sweet. and in the destruction of these He mystically dies. in her Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist : &quot. and subjected . really offered. Made of mortal man the meat. For. Isaac offer d yet not dead. III. and bore. in the stead of Isaac. by the separate conse cration of the elements He is mystically separated.

Bom. Jesus. but of the Heb.vii. ib. have other sympathies in our bosoms. viii. Innocent. . : is!&quot.&quot. possess &quot. as us. Jesus the Priest. Thus we have seen in Holy Isaac s story In the next Type the true Victim Jesus. For the simple sign alone Suffers change in state and form. teach us the spirit of sacrifice. that Crucified objects than Thee only. Holy Church sings Lauda &quot. the spirit of penance. the spirit of mortificaAnt off ss. sac.108 for ISAAC. the pains. nor sustains Death. all attachments. is. k r(^ h w Make us to of sweet Thy spirit be willing victims to Thee. not of ib. nor He. the order of Aaron. once more. Undenot of the tribe of Levi. ti n &quot. desires. but of the blessed tribe of Judah . as all a holocaust. Him Sion. True Isaac. Blessed Jesus. nor loss. our True Joy. Signified. True Victim of the Everlasting Sacrifice. 26. remains All uninjured. to the penalties of sacrifice : : as. 11. filed order of Melchisedech. that we shall recognize Priest Whom it was meet that we should Holy. &quot. Thou wert a fire all willing Victim for Let the Thy Love consume. 14. nor change.

109 Lord. evil. every little affection. Thy death.&quot. which springs up upon the soil of our humanity. sume in us all that belongs to our Coi. Whom we desire. 5. the olden leaven of our fallen nature ! ! &quot. the victims of Thy Love. 13. Ah no Jesus. - &amp. only Beloved Accept us Con. eS of the world and all ss Femin pleasant things 3 n the delights of life we resolve to reject with contempt for the love of Thee our Lord Jesus Christ. hearts. to attain the likeness of Thy Resurrection. 9. may forthwith twine itself around them.. Whom alone we love. . r. .i Cor. Lord : our hearts are ready. Set up Thy Cross in the core of our and make its branches spread far and wide throughout our whole being. every aspiration. Whom we have Our hearts are ready. and clinging so closely to their might. m. humanity. v. Why must we await the 1 Cor. fiery ordeal of the land of pento effect in us that likeness to ance.&quot. by which alone we can hope Rom. 2. Pga &quot. lvi 8 The ib. & in.JESUS THE VICTIM. . take leave of fear for the weakness of earthly origin. Whom we trust.&quot. that every sentiment. 15.

in this respect. And. to the holy king Melchisedech. you will be ready to ex claim. xviii. Jesus I. phets of the Son of man. 31. JESUS THE PRIEST OF THE MASS. of the everlasting Sacrifice. in the history of each one s origin even. so here also we will for a moment compare. mys- . will be fulfilled Behold we go up to Jerusalem. innocent Isaac of Him in His character as the Victim. Luke. VI. DISCOURSE MELCHISEDECH.&quot. &quot. syllable of Melchisedech s parentage ? in this very silence we may trace the Yet. and But how so. and all things which were written by the Pro S. the especial Type of our Divine Lord in His character as the Priest. as we have noticed. in the preceding examples. as is WE come. and birth. when the Inspired Page says not one the king of Salem. next in order. a remarkable similarity between the figure and the Prefigured.110 MELCHISEDECII.

&quot. the Incarnation. having neither father. as says the Apostle. in forms the whole subject of Sacred deed. that all the world would not books that might be written contain the of upon it. &quot. Every phrase. every word. Heb. should be mentioned by Moses little it Mary. Holy Scripture.s. in Sacred Writ. 25. omission of that mysterious Book is every The entire full of meaning and significance. as alogia?&quot. That one word is the Name that Name. : Priest of the most High God. of which heretics find so John&amp. that Melchisedech had no he alone. ti sublimer dignity : &quot.vii. ?&quot. is it a tery of the Birth of mere accidental omission that Melchisedech is introduced to us.vii. There is nothing accidental in nor race &quot.s xxi. he owned angel for he was a Gen. sine matre. of parentage. mention sine patre. then. Ill Jesus. nor mother. sine gene. though. Scripture is the history of Its compendium might be one short word. that all the rest. Writ. so full and preg. xiv. a word. however.JESUS THE PRIEST OF THE MASS. Was he an angel incarnate. Is it.Heb.s. find just so much recorded of each repeated We . Ah ! here is the interpretation of the enigma. nor offspring. He was more than an Origen supposes ? he held a mightier office.

in this his untold race. while Melchisedech. the True s John viii. that he like to the Son was. and childhood are so carefully recorded. whose parentage. not to be told. acter. represents Jesus the And our Blessed Redeemer s char Priest. in the first place. rising upon the world and reflected from these ancient Type?. Isaac. as the Victim. and still is ever Christ. mi. thus the Apostle able. so Christ. presents here this color. Type of the Saviour. adds of the royal Priest. Heb. coming upon our earth. Next. with untold parentage. ineff And. 3. ated in a mode mysterious. is Christ : Melchise- Christ. as heaven. as belongs to the char As the light of such.112 MELCH1SEDECH. is not intolerant of : human relationship and attachment : but it . in His Human Nature. 12! Light of the world. again. acter of each. or birth. is represented here in one wise. Jesus in His Divine Nature is eternally begotten of His Father without mother while. elsewhere in another. birth. and there another. of Jesus the Victim on the other hand. and still is ever but the self-same light. and reflected from various objects. God&quot. s. Isaac presents us the figure of : &quot. He was born of a Mother dech is : without father in either birth He is generisai. vii. For.

Who is my mother. 113 is quite otherwise with respect to His char acter as the Priest. attachments nor hindrances of earthly re Heaven. and such would Holy Church have all her Priests to be. and who are g exercised the office of a Priest &quot. and messengers came to speak to Him from His Mother and His brethren. And stretching xii. my Father. how from jealous in guarding it. Who my mother. Matt&amp. with. ?& at Capharnaum. He and ex pounded the Word of God. like Next. we read.e. Whoever does is brother. out mother. forth : His Hand towards His Behold my mother and the Will of is disciples. &quot. Luke&amp.&quot. i. When.Heb. Abel in his. He exclaimed. my said in brethren &quot. having no family but the family of God no offspring g but the children of God. we may learn one instance. Melchisedech. in all the exercise of His Priesthood. . he And . no earthly *ii.42. Melchisedech. like lationship in their holy ministry without father. in his Priesthood. How careful our Blessed Saviour was to preserve this character. 48. sister.JESUS TIIE PRIEST OF THE MASS. like to the Son of God. without race. . presents us the figure of Jesus virginity and spotless innocence. He my brethren.

adorned with its . xiv. &quot. Assisium. is I should first kiss the Priest s s. said. were to meet a Priest and an angel walking says somewhere S. the reason why Holy Mother Church re vir quires from her Priests. as my discourse on Abel. Francis of together. Ignatius of Antioch and divers others of the Holy Fathers testify. than has ever been intrusted to angels. represent I remarked in Him is.&quot. that they His Priestly Character. from Hebrew tra dition. a perfection in the law of nature so unusual and so great. S. is.&quot. The prerogative of virginity is peculiar to Abel and Melchisedech among the early Types of Jesus. that Origen and others have affirmed him to have been an angel incarnate . since God would have even these reconcile earth ancient Types of that Priest. Altar. hand and then the angel And. Who was to and heaven. as I have for he more than an angel If I was a Priest of the most High God. herein. perpetual continence. Gen.114 MELCHISEDECII. that Melchisedech ever preserved the virginal state. because their ministry is subliiner and more glorious far. &quot.&quot. above all other vowed before the tues. but he was. : &quot. ere they may ascend it. How The reason in jealous ought Priests to be of this great virtue.

since itHeb. the correspondence apparent between the name and of Melchisedech and the Name and Titles of Jesus. &quot.JESUS THE PRIEST OF THE MASS. how indispensable must it be to those. Melchisedech.2. Prince of Peace But let us proceed to the history of Melchisedech s sacrifice.Now viii. and Whose &quot. Apostle S. ix.& 6. as we have no which titles is Types. ib. and Abraham gave tithes of all the spoil.xxxii. and : Is prince of Salem means prince of peace. In these few words lie hidden deep mysteries of truth. Vll. ! Next we should ticed in other notice. Gen for he was a Priest of the most High i g sqqoffering sacrifice of xiv&amp. God. II. &quot. First Melchisedech offers a pure and blood- him . Behold a King title shall reign in who have part in the reality. not this He. chief he proclaims to be that of !&quot.&quot. Paul in his Epistle to the Hebrews. bread and wine.vii. blessed Abraham. signifies in Hebrew king of justice. In interpreting it. the is more so. dech Melchise pointed out by the Apostle. of Whom Isaias sang isa.i. ix. we will follow the argument of the IIeb VI. 115 If chastity was a necessary possession attribute of the very figures of Jesus Priest hood. &amp. king of Salem.

Abraham.116 MELCIIISEDECII. the Eucharistic Sacrifice excels. and offers tithes he therefore acknowledges the other s superior dignity. the sacrifices of Aaron. were anti cipated by the more excellent sacrifice of the Priest of Salem. in the Eucharist.. Thirdly. the Sacrifice of the Cross. that our Blessed Redeemer of the instituted the bloodless Sacrifice He Mass. since on the Cross the Saviour offered Himself in His mortality and misery but. Leaving for the present the first point. the father of the Jewish Priesthood. receives the Priest of Salem s blessing. For. less oblation. was pleased to offer Himself beneath the species of bread and wine in the cenacle. in the mode of oblation. the nature of the oblation itself let us explain the two : him last mysteries. before His Crucifixion. namely bread and wine. is found in the fact. be fore He offered Himself in Blood and Death on Mount Calvary. this oblation precedes the sacrifices of the Jewish dispensation. which were the shadow and figure of the Bloody Sacrifice of Calvary. viz. On the . the sacrifices of Aaron. Next. So. The reason why the offering of Melchise- dech precedes. He is offered Immortal and Impassible. in time. .

the Mass is more excellent far than the Sacri offered. But. Who was abolish the Aaronic rites. mode and circumstances of the Sacrifice. 117 Cross He .23. he acknowledged in Melchisedech the re tive of the Priest presentative and Type of the High for ever to of the New Covenant. said Likewise the for This is My Body. that Abraham and is receives the Priest of offers Salem s blessing. therefore. and to substitute for them. and giving thanks. the obla The Lord icor. Thus time. eat. was the forefather and representa Aaronic Priesthood. once only : On in the the Cross offered in glory He was offered is Mass He continually end of time. Though the is the Same. He Thus instituted the Sacrifice of the New Law. on the night of His betrayal took Take and bread. was offered in shame and igno miny in the Mass He is and honor. to be continued until the He end of immolates Himself daily .&quot. : Jesus.JESUS THE PRIEST OF THE MASS. until the fice of Blood. saying : This is the Chalice of My Blood. in reality and fulfilment. as such. him the tithes of his spoil Abraham thus explained by the Apostle.xi. and. tion of Melchisedech &quot. : cup. yet in the Victim.

from what we may have seen. as it were. Here me remark. iieb. who is the more excel and. cix. he offers the tithes let of his spoil.&quot.4. vii. should such perhaps be amongst the number present. by him. 11. that they here find. on so many thousands of Catholic Altars throughout the world.118 MELCII1SEDECH. fulfilling the song of David and psa. become order of &quot. It is no less clear that Melchisedech s Priesthood and his sacrifice were far more .&quot. i. a Priest for ever of the &quot. who have receded so far from Catholic Truth. For without denial. and reverence. : &quot. as to deny with impious Calvin the reality of the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Abra ham receives the blessing of Melchisedech ib. vii. For. in these very first outlines. as a corollary for the attention of those. 7. a complete refutation of doctrine so strange.&quot. of the order of is blessed . that the Priesthood and sacrifice of Melchisedech was a distinct Priesthood and a distinct Sacrifice from the Priesthood and Sacrifice of the Jewish or Aaronic Cove nant. of the coming Revelation of Truth in Jesus. it is clear. the inferior Aaron. in the same spirit of homage 22.and Melchisedeeh. lent ib. beneath those humble symbols. c. not Therefore.

is it of (notwithstanding the affirmation it is Something else). that in A all. how fulfil sense a fulfilment ? any ment that is itself a figure. and. is no fulfilment at Truth. . . and so expressly set above them. - - the Eucharist is truly a Sacrifice. the very original figure. claration of the Heb&amp. 119 excellent than sacrifices. if the Victim of the Eucharistic oblation be denied to be Something else than bread and wine. what becomes of the de Prophet and the Apostle that Jesus is an eternal Priest of the order n of Melchisedech. and not of the The fulfilment Ps cix 4 order of Aaron ? can only be in the Eucharist.JESUS THE PRIEST OF THE MASS. vii&amp. Aaron if s Priesthood and his But. from the Noahchic and Mosaic sacrifices. so clearly distinguished. in value and signi ficance ? And. victim and as to its mode of offering. But. where is the Bloody cient Law were merely shadows and fulfilment of Melchisedech s unbloody sacri both as to its fice. then. and if the typical Aaronic sacrifices were fulfilled in the (as without doubt they were fulfilled) Sacrifice of Calvary. and what is the sacrifices of the An figures (as is undoubtedly the case) of the Sacrifice to be accomplished in the New Law.

Types. in the Eucharistic and expiatory than His Incarnation and Death are so. they should. MELCHISEDECH.120 Next. But. if the inferior Types of the bloody sacrifices of Noah and Aaron have a real accomplishment in the Cruci much more has the more excellent Type of Melchisedech s offering a real fixion. what becomes of the superiority of the New Law over the ancient? To be consistent. sectaries should Sacrifice to deny the reality of Christ s it upon the Cross. to return. has come. to be consistent. 3. that is. and pronounce . salem is built as a city at unity &quot. deny the reality of the Incarnation. cxxi. She teaches us how the oblation of Jesus. Sacrifice.&quot. accomplishment in the Eucharist. PS. In fact. abandonment of Christianity is to unless mere be named with that Holy Name. this is Protestantism rationalism precisely the conclusion to which. to which it is given with no less falsehood. be only mystical and figurative nay more. Thus. if the Eucharist be merely bread and wine. The doctrine of the Church only is con sistent and harmonious and united in its Jeruseveral parts in one unerring whole. with itself. in common with other persuasions. to the . of late. is no less real .

121 and figures. She sings in the New Covenant all is reality. us worship. : : &quot. Once. Come III.&quot. . there is field. The Lord Jesus took bread into his Sacred Hands. since fled. Then the is chalice. for This My A so great. compare the typical victim of Melchises oblation with the Body of Jesus. . Bread and wine the royal the shadow Priest of Salem offered of old and figure of a more excellent Offering to come. the Victim.Eat. Bread was the matter. Now ancient types and shadows fail. bread and and how was wine.Drink. said shadows. bread is made Body and Blood ? Of this wheat from the grains of wheat. And newer rites of Truth prevail Let Faith our certain witness be. Let us. and giving thanks. it a history to tell. as is meet. Blood. for This is My Body&quot. as well as the Holy Mass. are long Lauda sion. 11 saying: Mystery let &quot. so sweet. Where the weak senses may not see. Jesus is Priest of the fore. of that ancient sacrifice this bread and wine emblematical of Jesus First.JESUS THE PRIEST OP THE MASS. and in the Eucharistic Offer His Sacred Blood.&quot. in the and violence of wind bore the fury . there dech ing.

that is. cold . or over .4i. cut Him down. grave. The treachery of Judas. as sheaves are bound to be carried. . made The snows oppressed it with the parching heat of the summer sun and wither. wept heat of his combat with Satan. Him with the cold of sorrow. the soldiers of Pontius bound Him. as cision. in the turned in grief from The Jerusalem. and baked in the oven.122 and storm. The snows. He was bruised and broken beneath the flail of He was crushed on the millstone scourges of the Cross . then. bound up in sheaves. bore first the fury and violence of earlier storms. s. it shrink and shrivel Then. crushed in the mill. when He Nazareth. MELCHISEDECH. sweats of Blood. ships of His rejected Ministry oppressed then. Is not this the history of the Body of Jesus. next. iiv. bruised and broken beneath the strokes of the flail. it was cut down by the reaper s sickle. and borne to the oven of the ibT xix. and forced from His Brow psa. and the hard of His Holy Childhood. likewise. He was mangled by the spear in death. parching fell upon Him. as with a sickle . in the Flesh. kneaded. as in the Circum Egyptian Exile. 13. Luke. of His Sacred Humanity? He.

In the old law. bread and wine has. and in this respect. the people par. fully in the benefit of the sacrifice we .icor.x. took of the victim in order to participate : &quot.g John ^ self in the Gospel to a grain &quot. of *ii. It means the food and drink of man Bread from the earth and wine to Psa. adorable Eucharist. but the figure and emblem of Jesus Pas sion ? Well does He compare Him. 24. but also our Food. at the sacrifice of Melchisedech. in the New Testament. thrown into the are next torn from the stem of life. the usual custom. a peculiar significa tion. the wine what needs to relate its How cold. but we eat of It too and thus united to His Substance and Being.&quot.ciii. 123 And history.&quot. more than this. in Scriptural language. And so. But. we not only offer the Body of Jesus.i4. in the gladden the heart of man. So. was followed. wheat. and is called by His Spouse in the Cant. our Divine Redeemer is not only our Victim. no doubt. Canticles a purple cluster: Beloved is to me like a purple cluster in the My vineyards of Engaddi.JESUS THE PRIEST OF THE MASS. . its clusters bear first the rain and the then the scorching heat of the summer. and crushed and What is all this squeezed to the last drop.

what miracles. term. she all for love. Eucharist is supremely the Sacrifice of Love. in order to belong to its object. union com union spiritual.&quot. or wife. and bosom-strainings of love. of all whether bodily or What existence. whether of mother. and what is the whole aim and desire of love ? xv. must have union. To cease to belong to itself. what histories are written of its power. : . to breathe out its own life into the life of the This being loved. The : 4. we are able to meaning of His exhortation Abide in me and I in you. are the embraces. what prodigies has it wrought But the one miracle of its desire. realize s. entire. and period. as what an he would she were. Ah love. The lover calls the loved one the pulse of his heart. and end. sister. my treasure and jestingly. in us. . John. but so many earnest. only less is its than this. ! ! . nothing Love is altogether intolerant it of duality plete and kisses. not so much describing what she is to him. ardent. but useless efforts to break through the partitions of sense into identification of souls. of the Love of God for man . and says I could eat thee.124 live iii MELCHISEDECH. The mother presses her babe to her bosom.&quot. the one &quot. Him and He the &quot. feigns to do so.

namely. to unite desired. beyond the power ever been. to immolate Himself for ^ man : The this was much. therefore He to attain that end.2. necessitated law of love. capability. or not so much a part to live in it. to mingle and con it. to effect a communion of substance.JESUS THE PRIEST OF THE MASS. that would not accomplish the miracle of tranWhere substantiation. it is xxvi. &quot. to its end achieved in the Eucharist. but be cause He alone could . has prodigy which could satisfy must ever be. found therefore. a oneness of being. love the must. Where is true love. who ever lived. Drink . And was obliged could. of all but God. not because He alone desired to compass that end. in Him Almighty. . in Whom alone Love is Almighty. that would not cry to the beloved with rapturous ecstasy ? Take. In Jesus Love was Almighty. for. but it was not enough. 1- of men. for He was a Godall Man. and could attain its end to be a part of its itself to as all. if only it could? true love. go to For man s sake to extent of its since He become Man. He alone *iii. by its own necessary law. loving His own. Him to more. eat . itself with Truly. it is my body :&quot. 125 its aims. . He loved g j ohn&amp. them to the end of love :&quot. s M att &quot.

v. God abides in him anc h e (} 0(] And these are the terms.&quot. abides in Me at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. be not a reality. and drinks and I in him. who does not he is confess that Jesus in the flesh. the my blood Eucharist would not have been at all. i.&quot. or been but a mere figure but because Jesus was . the Son of sa y s God come and 2 s. antichrist. in heart and voice. He never could have been the Bread of Life to us. namely. Thus again. i5. b e l ve(l Apostle . implies the denial of the Incarnation. Had Jesus been but man. She first gave Him that Sacred Flesh with which He nourishes us. vi. then Jesus was not God. . in recognition that Jesus in the Eucharist is Her gift to us. speaks of &quot.He the eats Eucharistic Communion : who Blood. S. we no sooner hail the Sacred Host than. on the part of sectaries. God. in which our Lord precise [ ^e m .john. i ib iv 2 ib. ib. is &quot. Hence My by Holy Church. the denial of the Eucharistic Presence.126 !&quot. MELC111SEDECII. v. taught My Flesh. we turn to Mary ever blessed. and whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God. 5.57. that Jesus is the Son of God in the flesh. . therefore it is if it But Christ he. 2 a seducer ib!iv. a reality. John. Consequently.

M. we had never drawn from that well of waters. Thou Angeiicus. that we may eat of it.&quot. Thou livmnus our Master and Lord. true Victim. Spjohn&amp. 127 been the Bread of Life to He drank from the pure fountains of Her breasts. v. xxii.&quot. would the pelican in her piety. symbolize so &quot. our daily Bread. beneath our tabernacles. peace.For whom have we PS. . springing up to life everlasting.28. true Bread of strength and fortitude &quot. &quot. Prince of Peace. Blessed Jesus. had She not Him. true Melchisedech. Thou only v art the 1&quot. only only the High and Heavenly Lord Jesus Christ & 5. true Priest of the Most High God. But first that. PS. true King of Justice. Holy One. lovingly its wondrous source. ixxii. and that our souls may live.JESUS THE PRIEST OF THE MASS. with which we have been endued.because */ S*cS! B. day by day. 25. u. iv. may live to Thee in justice and in never in be sundered from &quot. all life s trials to Or. once.&quot. true Prince of Salem. Miss. evermore make us to be worthy partakers at evermore sustain us on this feast of Life the unfailing strength of this Food. Thee. : Give us. carved nor. until we come to the mount of God evermore renew and restore in us by it that new nature. against : all our foes.

Heaven but Thee. and whom desire we Thou art the desire of on earth but Thee our life and of our heart Thou art the God of our hearts.128 in MELCHISEDECH. that we may live and tell all the tale of ! : ! Thy Love Zion. our chosen God for ever In Thee our God it is good to rest fondly. and lay up our hopes with Thee our Lord and God. in the gates of the Daughter of .&quot.

will Behold we go up to Jerusalem. so the Divine Wisdom. JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. from the mo ment of the promise of a Redeemer. proceeds mark out by light and but partially-defined strokes of the pencil. &quot. and all things be fulfilled which were written by the Pro S. xviii.&quot. the entire scheme of the Incarnation. It will open for us quite Patriarch Jacob. PASS we on to the history of the great. Luke. phets of the Son of man. 31. seems to have delineated and shadowed out. who sets himself to realize first conception. the various pieces and to delineate some beautiful and proportions of his intended work. if such a comparison may be instituted without irreverence. The history of each Saint is the expression of some part in that wondrous . VII.DISCOURSE JACOB. As an artist. a new page in our meditation. in pieces as it were.

23. as it But. no one of the Types we have seen. : Two nations are . certain actions of the Saviour and certain scenes of His Passion have been portrayed is : in this unfolded the whole eternal design history of Redemption. conscious of seemed. The answer she ib. In the carried histories we have hitherto studied. . we read that her husband entreated the Almighty to give her fruit that God was pleased to hear his prayer. Gen. But. within her bosom. as Jacob s history will carry them. the wife of Isaac. and the subversion of sin. as hitherto. take up the thread of meditation from the very conception of the holy Patriarch in the womb. perhaps. received was this &quot. so far. Rebecca. All that happened to them had a mystical significance and this it was. x 11. Says the Apostle i Cor. Let us. less. our thoughts so deeply into the mysteries of the Almighty Providence. and adorable conception. and I.130 JACOB.&quot. she besought God to make known to her the cause of it. has : . : that Rebecca conceived. death. which imparted to the Patriarchal Church its prophetic character. xxv. some strange conflict. being child21. and hell by Him is in the liveliest manner set forth.

which was already bestowed upon him. and two races of peoples shall and the one be parted from thy bosom other race. tive beginning. by the Providence and so he was called Jacob. and the race shall overcome the in thy . is a in the figure of Eternal Wisdom conceiving of His Divine Intellect two rational womb the Angelic and the that creations.&quot. in Hebrew signifies the Supplanter.. indeed. Rebecca knew not. elder shall Yet.JESUS THE SUPPLANTEU. . Rebecca pregnant of two nations. is. 131 womb. twin sons. as the : Holy Church unfold it to us. as though to vindicate right of the firstborn. and in time and fact first- . But. a mystery was wrapped in great be servant to this declaration. is Of these natures. let us now try to read its mystical Saints and Doctors of signification. Pre and she brought forth sently her time came. which Divine Esau. in the birth the second infant grasped with his hand his brother s to himself the heel. but Jacob in dignity and right and hence arose between them discord and enmity from So far the Sacred Narra the . how the younger. was the firstborn in time and fact. Human natures. the indeed of an essence superior to Angelic that of man.

and chose not the but He chose the seed of Abraham. it was not the right Angelic nature which God had chosen to exalt. 16. ii. . whom i. : He angels to assume their nature. plished their . and first the angels. for Heb. Then the younger received ser u He vice from the elder. to guard Thee in all thy ways.xc.&quot. Creation &quot. as David sang Ps. and that the Human nature should overcome the apparent right of the And now the hour first-born creation. r. God had deter mined that the elder should be servant to the younger. the second in time the womb of the Will Divine. who are heirs of salvation. ministering spirits the service of those. created .&quot. born sons of God. yet not in and dignity so. issued from They then. job. and took the nature of man. the angels are &quot. and in hands they shall bear Thee. For. the firstfact. sent for all 14. amongst the hours of eternity arrived. become. : Thee. afterwards men. like Esau. were xxxviii. but notwithstanding. Nor yet in the Christ only has the Human nature thus overcome the Angelic and received ser but the same decree is accom vice from it in the persons of all the redeemed. commanded His angels to serve Heb. but the Human nature.132 JACOB.ii.&quot.

who have succeeded to their forfeited thrones. in grace and in then.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. and wrought him not death. 133 herein lies the cause of that deep in fernal hate and jealous fury. to re ceive ever the service and adoration of the Ah! then to how celestial hierarchies! of those glorious spirits was this GodInfinite many Man fell Unwilling to accept the Divine decree. like our own parents. so that Christ was set for the fall of many not only . they refused obedience and a supplanter.xxvii. in ruin everlasting. and are the inheritors of of their birth. the Demon actually accomplished. and exalt the God-man hand of His own Majesty. from grace.&quot. a state of free merit. to unite in time the Human nature to His to the right own.I : Almighty made known to His firstborn sons. with which Satan and his lost hosts pursue us children And of humanity. His inscrutable decree. when in the forbidden fruit he ministered to man the poison of sin. so that what Esau the rights will destroy Gen. only temporal but eternal of Wisdom Eternal Was this preference for the second Creation itself the occasion of Lucifer s fall from grace ? Holy men have so concluded that in Creation the &quot. him. only threatened.4i.

&quot. and S. but also in Heaven This. Thomas. passages of Holy Writ. reduced to the level . he averted the eyes of his intelligence from the Giver. for all that is less than self-existent. I will as the Divine Majesty. therefore. but. while ho withdrew his desire from God and from the Grace Divine. : : has imitators in High. that itself. wherein only. his guilt amongst us. to seek. I say. xiv. in the natural virtue of his own being. S. ascend above the skies I will be &quot. transferred to our lower sphere. He said isa. S. Anselm conclude that the occasion of the Demon s apostasy was the snare of his own perfections.134 in Israel. would already have sunk into the contemptible . can be found the His treason repose of final blessedness. no less than to assume to be was. JACOB. has seemed to some the interpretation to be drawn from certain But. although it is true that the weakness and misery of our fallen state makes the crime as the Most He The pride almost infinitely less in degree. Augustine. 14. is on earth. such blessed ness as it seemed to compass . and that not a few . that in that magnificent and most glorious Spirit is supremely awful. Dazzled by the fulness and brilliancy of these. the Creator s gifts.

and mercy. 41. to consider sometimes. it forestalls ven Ignorance. geance with claims to pity. and especially of the archfiend himself. soul of S. and a thousand other always of humanity. gain for us the sweet patience of the Heavenly Mercy. not forgetfulness. the history of that great ruin. whatever may have been mystery. where we see the traitorous rebel. dulness excuses wilful. of apprehension. that we are become the heirs of the lost estate of their Gen. and sometimes. not even the rose to the full knowledge of this terrible Yet. as far as our intelligence permits. and are objects of His favor heavenly glory. Satan. greatly to be recom subject mended to certain souls.) God sees But. in the case of only a wayward child. The deliberate it was far otherwise.xxvii.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. it is none the less certain that the cause of the cruel envy of the fallen spirits. let me remark that it is a wholesome of meditation. (like all the guilty ready to condemn. and. of grace is beyond perversity of his rejection the grasp of human comprehension. the nature . Here. Thomas perhaps. for us children of humanity. of our present humanity. and Whom they eternally hate. Whom they have eternally lost. lies in the happy truth.

v. much greater still must be the disapproval felt by every instructed and right-minded Christian. inspired themselves . in sculptures. ludicrous and fami liar appellations. after the inspirations of pro fane or heretical authors. the malice of the one combined with the ferocity of the other bears scarcely any proportion to that atrocious and insatiate fury. to be grave and Pet. s. Well may we take the exhorta tion of the blessed Apostle.JACOJJ. than the ferocity of the wild brute. even though he should be ever so well armed. No man. keep good watch against so hor i^s. too. rible a foe. I cannot but shudder to hear some Christians carelessly use the fiend s as a mere expletive in their conversa tion others. however. would be unconcerned to find himself face to face with some savage beast. who affect to attach to name : him. of those writings. Such conduct argues little piety and less sense. other than a maniac. But. Still more fearful. in a jesting tone. or pictures. which the internal enemy of God and is Christ- represented. But yet. and cherishes for qualities of that hatred. is the mortal hatred of a wicked man. which the demon human souls. with which the devil maintains his combat against mankind.

2s. : lie was. by her contrivance.&quot. he obtained the blessing due to him by the Divine decree.xxv. however. xxvii. Rev xiL 3 - - are wont to exhibit to the horror and aver sion of all Her to children the evil one and his &quot. was eyes led to suppose that he laid his hands upon II. and covered the bare of his neck with them/ By this means Isaac. sentiments of homage. &quot. apostate angels. Jacob was indeed his first-bora son to him the pro : phetic benediction was to be given by God s . apparently beguiled. 137 as an object.^x 2 i cry out in those hideous and goblin PS. loved Jacob and we read on how. that he might escape real guilt. 16.*x. very stones of Holy Mother Church &quot. mighty in grief or in misfortune. i iii ib.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. in order Esau. instructed by the Holy Scripture. is. apparently de ceived. forms. made gloves for his hands with the skins of the kids. in order that he might not really fall into deceit. by which her builders. sometimes of sometimes posi lively of those sympathy. whose were dim with age and infirmity.ixxxii. Rebecca Gen. But resume. .ir. which are due to the of darkness. Against an error so grievous and fatal the i 9a xxxiv. which Isaac had else bestowed upon Esau She ib.

138 JACOB. The same is to be said of his holy mother Rebecca. was clearly manifested to him &quot. his error in having resolved to give it to Esau. wnat ne nad done. and he shall be blessed. revealed before to Rebecca.&quot. : . and especially his inheritance of the blessing. Nor did Isaac. and ratified Yea Gen. who acted in sincerity and good faith. in the revoke the blessing.&quot. There seems every reason to think that himself. and. his proud and violent temper disinclined him to a cheerful submission to his lot and Esau .xxvii. : . saying 33. (what to me seems by no means clear. plained that it was artfully obtained but. . he im mediately confirmed it to Jacob. though he com sequel. and the Divine Choice of Jacob. good Will and Choice and even granting. And no doubt when Isaac u trembled with very great fear. taught by the Holy Spirit. : with all its consequences. the whole mystery was made known to him.) that there was material falsehood in his conduct. had learned from Rebecca the story of his birth but. awestruck beyond belief. yet he must be acquitted from formal sin for he no doubt thought he did right. no less than Jacob. according to the Divine Will. as she made no doubt.

xii. and hastened with an accept Heb. He have acted from a kind and affectionate desire to get Esau good-humouredly to relinquish his claim. 139 perhaps. he pretended to pottage at any cost Jacob s terms. entirely disbelieved This. he his holy mother s vision. did lessly not prevent him for a moment. however. as Heaven had ordained seems to that he should. As for Jacob. his claim to the birthright and Priesthood . He was motive now.33. opposed as it was to the Heavenly a Will. But. in order that he might peace ably. irreligious contempt to renounce another . which had prevailed with the in young man supplied to insist upon his right before. selfish and greedy. and without further dispute. which was so acquiesce the control or even compre utterly beyond hension of either of them. in secret. the same bad spirit.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. inherit the privileges attaching to the firstborn. hungry from the chase. and cheerfully Providence. and he wanted the so. when he came in Gen. he prudently judged obtain his it brother s a good opportunity to formal cession of his pretensions.i6. from reck and profanely giving up his claim for the sake of indulging his greedy haste with the pottage.xxv.

34. Even for afterwards. The Wisdom Divine loving men more than the angels. it well. Let us explain the history. despite his holy parents prohibition. it.9. Rebecca. Meantime Jacob. to the house of Laban his uncle.140 belonging to to claim it JACOB. is. obedient to his father s and his ib. item. ^ au advantage._i. where Esau is spoken of as Abdi. of his having already taken to wife. women of Ghana an. xxvi. him. 3. again. when he thought sake. is in itself sufficient evidence of his character. lest he should seem to take pattern by ib. - !x. who would be less obnoxious to his parents. two bad and idolatrous Geu. as Rebecca loved Jacob . he would not do as Jacob had done. but he married Mahaleth. to take another wife. but in several other passages. journeyed towards Meso potamia. Scripture clearly indicates. 35. not only in the course of the present Heb xiL1(5 narrative. xxviii. quite resolved. even when he wished to please.xxv. all the time. perverse and obstinate. - The very fact irreligious and reprobate.&quot. as far as he should think This the Sacred Heb. 10. own mother s counsels. who both were grief of soul to Isaac and &quot. one of the daughters of Ishmael. and safe in their repeated blessings.

then. Him humanity triumphs and the Eternal decrees are fulfilled. inheritors of the it is in Christ that we inherit them. is Jesus in the likeness of our human ity. adopted that wondrous scheme of the but the Jacob. though not Esau s raiment and wearing the skins of the kids. though another person.3 4 ity on account of sin. clothed with inspirations of grace. But though we Heavenly Promises. and invested with his raiment. 141 more than Esau.&quot. and invested with the guilt of sin. in Christ that we must enter . In Him the secondborn son succeeds to the birthright of the elder-creation.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. empire of sin in our nature. He obtains Life Everlasting. - &amp. as Jacob in the likeness of Esau. and man takes the place of the angels. who follow not the desires of nature. and destroyed the &quot. are. fallen now and involved in one common In ruin with the fallen angelic creation: the likeness of sin. so that the pre cepts of the Law might be fulfilled by us. : vii}&amp. obtained the blessing which In secured prosperity of earthly existence. in Christ that we retain the inheritance. which her con God sent His Rom duct symbolized Son in the likeness of sinful human.

for us. But ah the time will i. How many Gen. and at i s. making light of having sold our birthright. once renounced our birthright. once baptized into Christ and brought into the peaceful tabernacles of Jacob. and must share the rejection of Esau. Alas we con demn Esau and we follow his example we seize and devour the red pottage. of us. upon its possession. . the disorder of our depraved appetites and affections. faint in the spiritual with dissipation. as Esau. that is. xxv. perhaps. our Priesthood. and hungry for the food of earth. ii.142 JACOB.with an . we fell into the occasion. to satisfy the bad and greedy pas sions of our disordered souls. our way. in the Hebrew language. Pet. 9. ! come eyes loss. gone. &quot. as it came for him. when our will be opened to the reality of our and we shall cry with him. on Gen. 27. is the sinfulness. And since then we have. have quitted the repose of holiness to hunt with Esau in the fields life Then. Apart from Him we have no portion therein apart from Him we fall under the dominion of sin. c 34. and all its heavenly inherit ! of the world ances. the pottage of earth. to which we are naturally inclined. and for it are content to renounce our The birthright : ! : ! red pottage.

exceedingly bitter cry. he heard the Lord speak to him and renew to him the promise of the Messiah. we may find a time grant for repentance. which reached from earth to Heaven. 143 Jesus ib. represent the preachers Word. upon of the Divine it. 34. on which the Lord was. and that the awakening be not too late II. unlike him. ascending and leaving Bersabee. they bid us yawn gaze on the sublimity of the Divine Charity. while angels ascended and descended between earth and the skies. was a figure of the Cross. that. This Ladder. ! Jacob. Descending. Ascending. which ho had made to Abraham and Isaac his fathers. . then. During Hea holy Patriarch saw the vision of the of which the Lord venly Ladder. and from which He was to speak to all the nations. which expose beneath it. xxvii. to rest. pur . and they point out its malice and folly. on the top rested. &amp.&quot. &quot. Haran.&quot.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. and Gen xxviii 10 n resting at a certain spot at nighta pillow of stones and fall. they tell of the griev- The ousness and the fearful penalties of sin. angels. Then. he made himself this sleep it was that the sued his journey to slept. to view the fearful depths. indeed.

Church of the Testament. New ascend and descend in the discharge of their blessed ministry to souls. called Bethel. Redeemer s Passion . the hol J some Patriarch. 18. 7. that is. and . ! If guilty. when he returned from Haran. at length. the angels of His Salva tion. Thus taught the mystery of the Gen. of the Let us draw near to this Ladder and : : listen to the let us fall voices of the angels adore the sign of Redemption &quot. in which His Priests. the the shadow and figure of the The spot he House of God. in which is the treasury of the merits of His Passion. in which is set the Cross of Christ. and Arising from prayer. after spending time in meditation and prayer. 16. xxxv. they point to the certainty of the hopes Cross.xxviii. in the country. if. erected an Altar of Commemoration and consecrated it with oil. 19. if just. ib.144 the cause of the JACOB. down and Oh Cross our only hope and trust. xxviii. and fix our hearts on God. Cross. he pursues his way arrives. On the same ib. In this blest Passion-tide we pray Grant us still greater grace. Altar he afterwards sacrificed. take our guilt away !&quot.

while Lia continued to live after giving birth to six sons and a daughter. how ^ib. on the day of his nuptials. B qq. but on the hardest terms how this beloved wife was at first barren. 10 . so that. of nature. have been entirely fostering care. 37. Ge nl xxxi! 38 and ill-treated him during the space of twenty years of service. xxix.&quot. God enabled him to cunning.ic. and in the end died how Rachel was : with her second child. mother : Now Laban . so that the more he tried to injure Jacob. he would defrauded of all recompense for his labours . did he lose and Jacob /. at the house of Laban. Laban and not Rachel deceitfully gave him Lia : : : at length united to him. that is. 10. many children as Rachael.JEPUS THE SUPPLANTER. except for the knowledge he possessed of the secrets and God s directing and wud. We read on. Gen. the more Gen. unjust doings recoil again upon himself. &quot. We read. - his father-in-law wronged and cheated him by all sorts of cunning devices. xxx. x. ib.had two daughters the elder was called Lia. to more than thrice as xxx. and to make outwit his all Labau s prosper. too. and the younger Rachel but Lia was blear-eyed Rachael was very beautiful. his 145 s brother. how he served Laban seven years for Rachel how. but. 20. and wisdom c.

for the nations were purblinded by error and idolatry they walked cant. to minister and do service as Jacob. ixxv. the Synagogue that is. i. Sim. Now. The names are not without mystery Lia means worn.&quot. from the wrath and vengeance of Satan.14G JACOB. the world had two daughters. Lia and Rachel. and in Himself entire humanity. two peoples. and His Their teachers Name Israel&quot. and the knowledge of in their perverted intellect. Rachel means a sheep. He journeyed to a far country. as Jacob to escape the vengeance of Esau. the Gentile and the Jewish races. God and &quot. once more. God was worn out : But Rachel. was very beautiful for the Jews preserved the true knowledge of PS. in darkness and in the shadow : : of death. that is to this world. and so save Himself. Lia. the precepts of Religion still : In is Judah great in is God known. Like Jacob. Nearly every trace of the Revelation made to Noah had wasted away in superstitious myth. Gentilism that is. See in all this. taught the knowledge of . that is. the holy Patriarch grew richer and wealthier by each new scheme of oppression and wrong. the history of Jesus the Supplanter. was blear-eyed.

147 . . And. the Synagogue. but for five times seven &quot. it was His mission was to her that He laboured. Salvation. as it were.&quot. And though Rachel. that Jesus came. s I am sent only to the Jews only ^5&quot. and not Gentilism. Jesus did ser vice not for seven. 2. was his bride and had enjoyed h s embraces. and not the Synagogue.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. : But. to be for ever united to her.&quot. in the morning that Lia. this Rachel. Rom.xxix. so Gcn. in. for For : years. if it be in the open book of the past that we are to read all the fulfilment of this prophetic history. as Jacob found great was his love. the Synagogue that also. and not Rachel. before the s . is united to Him. Rachel. the sheep of the house of Israel. so the Church of the Gentiles has stepped : Synagogue. to and enjoyed the chief Christ bedchamber. &quot. still the r s ixxix. Lia indeed. yet it has been only has shared His couch and His caresses for the fulness of Jesus love and its copiousness has been given to the Church of the nations. xv.2o. To win Judah and which were being lost. He thought it nothing the time for the love that He bore her seemed to him but a few days. and they were sheep of God s leading. and. after Lia that she is. like Jacob.s. part of His Love.

been the fruitful mother. the achievement of His desires. while the access of the children of Gentilism to the truth has been multitu dinous and abundant. in his Yet. as the Prophet sang. was His portion in life. isai. as Jacob. was what the Son of experienced at the hands of all grief. in all their evil deeds. the Word of Salvation. and did announce. while they built His throne and became themselves His foot- . as Jacob never preference for Rachel. his fruitful 16. changed Rom. so it was after &quot. cix. but ever loved her more than Lia.26. to the Jews first. for the number of converts from the Synagogue was compara tively few.&quot. Ae?s. But. Him. that the Apostles in every place of their preaching were bidden announce. mi. and Rachel may be said to have died. man . and affliction. 25.148 lias JACOB. mies. xm and only tiles. Yet He knew. how to make His ene sion deceit. a i. it needs few words of mine to point out to you. minister only to the accomplishment of His purposes. Oppres and wrong. 2. how the world fulfilled towards Jesus the part of Laban to Jacob. They sought to crush psa. ere even her second son saw the light . X 46: wife.iii. and sorrow. them to the Gento ib.

and ij&amp. The white Robe of Herod s mockery served but to s . that is.ib^x. it is set amongst the diamonds that encircle the brows of Princes it has arisen . The Cross : of shame. and he but raised an army of The martyrs to encompass His Cradle.Vr! ness . triumphant in every land. proud Pharisee. - - - their repeated efforts drew forth His truth. s. the Holy Cross. Matt. the corrupt and base Herod. and misery.ii. symbolize His Innocence and Holi. the infidel Sadducee. of might. 149 The cunning and truculent Herod thought to take His Life from s. and they exalted Him to the throne of His . His wisdom. and death.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. a fool.Matt. the emblem of hope. the earth. the purple Vesture of the Prsetorium was the emblem of His Triumph over the The Stripes of pride of Satan and sin. His peacefulness. is become the sign of honor. or a traitor. It glitters on the heart of the hero .- John &amp. and majesty. They conspired together to crush Him.. stool. xvi. i.^UL 5* Ib xii ian. successively strove to exhibit Him as an Pontius are become the insignia of His Heavenly Glory the Wounds of Calvary set forth the evidences of Faith. and

s. the secrecy of Gen. to But. or we might follow holy and contemplative Gen. : . the account of the His Patriarch s homeward return. in comparing the twenty s servitude with years of Jacob 42. or again. U ke . xxiv. entered upon the work of Knew you according to His own words in my Father s not. Passion. at the Last Day. and we look to see it. Matt. that I must be occupied of the work?&quot. xxxi. displayed amid the brightness of the Heavens.xxxL4i. &quot.150 JACOB.49 the twenty years of the Saviour s career. U&amp. on which His Mission. men. Jesus from Laban s house with the his departure Jerusalem at secrecy of Christ s return to which immediately preceded the Passover. He counting from the first day. the spiritual sons of or again. of victory. hereafter. It is beyond our purpose to pause upon each minor detail of these prophetic histories. we must restrict our meditation the main features of the Sacred Narrative Let us read. before the coming Judge. which is in tended to prefigure the return of the Saviour from this world of His sojourn and servitude . the twelve sons individual stories with Patriarch and their the twelve Apostles.

IT. 3 King8 Achab. 151 : His Father s Heavenly Glory s.&quot. I leave the I to Father. pursued combat of Jesus with the powers of this and the powers of hell. occu . its Thus.xi. I came forth from the Father into : |n . First. says as nothing of that. this world once more. from the revengeful hands of Esau his brother. another type of the world. he must escape from the power Laban next. to &quot. exhibited in all that Laban says and does in the altercation described between him and Jacob in the is. the disturber of Israel. xxxi: 26. Laban. while Thus is represented the behind. Now the blessed Patriarch s home ward road was by no means easy or secure. the world ever dissembles incriminates the pious So for the evil consequences of them. and my go IV. though well aware that his own injustice Gen. who. and the spirit of world the world therefore.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. and perfidy was the cause of Jacob s flight. and . of First. so. whereas he knew well enough that his own crimes had caused own misdeeds. Laban fast pied the road before him. John. with an army. world. thirty -first chapter. but accuses Jacob only to blame. afterwards accused Elias of being xviii. His first combat was with the world.

Next. to Divine prohibition which he had received so.e. in passage which the Saviour was confronted with the powers of . he is compelled. he makes a great fuss about the vio lence done to his religious belief. truly like the world when parading its religiousness. the attitude of the world to God s ever been children. the world ever 27-30. as the But. a ^ the ev ^- Next. : Acts. whereas in truth it was hostile. So. Next. the c. if we re strict the special application of this to those scenes of the Passion. fawns and smiles upon its selected victims. Such was it whole Gospel page relates. though he knew from Heaven he had none. to the Christ. the world threatens the just. he boasts of his power to harm Jacob. confess the truth and the spite of himself. So. JACOB. impossibility of fighting against Finally. knowing well Gen. he stigmatizes Jacob s con duct as the conduct of a fool truly the world s verdict on the actions of the just. i. which at the same time was false and idolatrous . he exposes his own impiety and folly.iv. i. them.i6. Next.152 Gen. the world has ever been forced in J hn the end to acknowledge the failure li 48 Such has of its designs against the just. and thus. Laban pretends that his feeling was friendly.

ought to die. 7. Then.&quot. : up the people from Galilee to xxiiU. Pilate not to pay the tribute. : . fellow sowing sedition and telling the people stirs this &quot. for He made Himself the Son of God. Of this charge says himself: &quot.29! &quot. 66. plete. xxii. x g If Thou art Christ. and behold I find no case against Him of the kind laid to His charge by you.&quot. and according to that law He *ix. Then.&quot. they set Him down as a fool and mock him as such They g Matfc mocked Him. we shall find the illustration com For.JESUS THE SUPPLAttTER. Then to be disposed to proceed in a they pretend friendly spirit. and to afford the Accused a fair and favorable hearing. we read how they accused him of creating sedition and disturbance.&quot. feelings : &quot.&quot.Herod and his xxvii.&quot. there is the clamorous accusation of outrage done to their religious council ^ John. plainly. well know He g Luk ing that the charge was false &quot. They said : Christ. tell us led Him into their s.You have brought This Man before me as a sower of sedition. &quot. whereas their in tention was to convict Him of blasphemy .If Thou and art the &quot. e and convictions We have g John a law. 153 the world. tell us. &quot.&quot.u! We have found this city itself.

throughout. exclaims the g Maft 54. Finally. Centurion command. He. s. 36. JACOB.&quot. 7 this man was in X ii. was the defence of the Saviour. and was victorious.154 s. expostulated with Laban. boast of power to he who made it was. xix. He heard all without interruption and without rebuke. truthfully for the stolen gods. though all the while. recalled to him the justice and blamelessness of his own conduct. Truly &quot. io/ Dost Thou not know says Pilate. and Laban s injustice and tyranny. Then. soldiers set Him at scorn and made 11. then. just !&quot. &quot. And. if he dared to exercise itDost Thou not speak to me?&quot. if him search did Jesus listen in the judgment-hall with . and punish the theft as he thought found. John. that I have the power of crucifying Thee &quot. the defence of Jacob Gen xxxi 31. s. a fool of Him. Luke. ?&quot. iii. While Surely some of them even said He was the Son of God multitude returned : !&quot. Luke.&quot. there is the injure and crush. take them. So. He stated simply and He bade the cause of his flight. 32. afraid of a Higher Vengeance. The their whole striking breasts. fit. &quot. too. comes the unwilling acknowledg ment of discomfiture and unsuccess.

&quot. I am ^.&quot. how Jacob prepared himself for die. who could I have overcome the world. say. that meeting.61. e4.&quot. not as the world understands triumph. Falsely accused. germ it v& say it: I xxvi. and sent onward to his advancing brother various presents in token of his homage. and com.Gen xxxii sel of Heaven in prayer. Matt. gfjfj*. &quot.62! gated. Fulgentius. came not to live. but to i and dying to conquer. for proof of the s hn charge Interroga XV J? 2 eos qui audierunt quid locutus sum. asked ^TO - .Jesus was and retorted not. 13. he humbled him self. 2i! He set forth the justice and blamelessness of His conduct I have spoken openly to the world I have ever taught in the &quot. came the contest with hell. mended himself to God. : He &quot.9. Next. This King in E P P h. Let us see. became Him to triumph. a the Son of God:&quot. of which the meeting with Esau is the figure. Interro&quot. first. : : Temple.&quot. Having taken coun. and patience: &quot. am. but as &quot.& is. silence silent 155 s. He stated the truth.&quot.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. says S. nor as they would triumph. who love the world . where all Jews meet. &quot. with messages expressive of submission and . and living to fight. and in secret I have said nothing. . And He triumphed.

and then himself advancing. and Esau and shalt thou prevail his host.&quot. ! Then he and lo one wrestled presently went apart. : ib! xxxiil s. with God. and he himself hastens his Then up. meeting thus s bowed his and brother pride with humble submission. &quot. JACOB. he disposition possible &quot. xxxii. Jacob.156 &quot. much more certainly viz. all other arms will . and only his wrath with mildness.&quot. first made every safety of his for the children.&quot. and he saw Esau his eyes. a wrestling of not of ling. coming. rising eleven sons across the &quot. Gen.&quot. Against these enemies fail. No longer dismayed.he went with : : us. however. down to the earth:&quot.. against against men . This wrest with him until the morning. True.&quot. raising with him four hundred men. how Morning dawned. These are the offerings of thy humility servant Jacob he sends them to my lord in person after Esau. brook. to overcome in such a combat true ! way. the holy Patri gonist was but to strengthen arch. ib xxxm i Since ation and encouragement successfull y wrestled thou hast &quot. and to give him confidence by allowing Hence his words of consolhim to prevail. was The design of his Heavenly anta strife.

Then.e. rising presently. He to xviii. g&amp. xviii. 43. Long through the hours of the night.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. the Lord Jesus employed none other against the pride and wrath of hell. as Jacob of old. we in all the prophecy. 12. &quot. avert harm irom His children. L uke There. the brook Cedron. depart in peace. His prepartion for the combat. endeavors overcome. went forth with His disciples across too.&quot. armed &quot. He was Hands encounter.4i. there came to Him an angel from Heaven disciples &quot. He went apart from them. 157 Hence. swords and clubs. i.&quot. with with him a great crowd. He At length.He **[ arose from the table and laid aside ib. stretched humility forth His Sacred for the and patience. to these &quot. the fetters. Then the x Saviour. fulfilling while Himself advancing.&quot. was the humbling of Himself: &quot. and set Himself to wash His feet.j ohn&amp. .and xxii. morning drew on apace. as Jacob. Then. but before it came and Judas. His vesture. He. the ib. by which to clasp His arms the gyves and s .&quot. wrestled in prayer. like Jacob s. the representative of hell. ^ to strengthen Him.

Esau approached. over Jacob s humility was irresistible: come. was for the time softened.12. follows the history of the dreaded interview. they would have been pernicious and baleful to both so does meekness and patience. written of Jacob. Jesus.&quot. deprive it forthwith of all its power to harm. on the .17. that is. were they not thus sweetly intercepted. and. seven times to the ground. As showers. then to Caiaphas. 15. good from it. to Pontius once more. Esau ran forward to meet his brother and embraced him: and putting his arms about his neck and kissing him. to His executioners. forthwith convert their heat into soft and genial warmth. He submitted to sevenfold humilia He bowed to Judas in tions in His Passion. when they meet those scorching beams. that he bowed 3. xxxiii. which the sun flings downward upon the earth. meeting fury and vengeance. as. then to Annas.158 It is JACOB. he Gen xxxiii Jacob 14. ib. bowed seven times as His adversary approached. 4. Gen. he wept. elicits. the garden. and even contrary. to Pontius. as is clear from s mistrust of him but. finally. to Herod. Esau was not converted. whilst So. also. Next. as fiery refreshing to plants and pleasant to men. : .

he felt it. speaks to them of Isaac his father.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. &quot. for the last time. are waved on high The Gen. 17. which &quot. which was to be their inheritance. and of the Divine Promises made beautiful He to him and his seed.&quot. delay in Succoth short xxxm. which. 159 His Jacob s fierce soldiers must. destroy him and all his. God of Israel. the breezes of his native country seem to waft al to his ear the first welcomes of home he perceives the borders of the Pro ready. Salem. now. is. : are over : : mised Land. 20. the tents of his Then he passes over to pilgrimage. in his defence and honour. they had bared to swords. 28. is in the land of ib. Already. and points out with joy and love to his wives and his little ones the region.&quot. and succumbed : to its force. . become their thirsty steel must escort and guard Those be turned against his enemies. xxxii. now. all the holy Patriarch s toils has last enemies are supplanted his exile draws to a close. : But one more there Jacob ib. and dedicated it to the Mighty Chanaan . but now. and there he built an altar of thanksgiving. blessing of the angel augury of the wrestle is accomplished : the is fulfilled. pitched. And.

against chiefs of the . beware lest ever you consent hopes power of to fight with baser arms. Christ: of the strong with the strength : His might. and of their unwilling steel in its own defence and glory. counts not for conquest the mere destruction of the foe. with baser of conquest. shed in the battle no blood. &quot. the meekness. Lord and with the might of His strength is patience In Christ. this world. Thus. nor heard one cry of torture. and overcome all the cruelty of hell by almighty meekness truly Godlike different from the might of the E P h.160 JACOB. . vi.&quot. cix. which. &quot. the sem blance of that Divine Wisdom. when it has made its own of the opposing host. the armour of God. that you be able to withstand in the hour of evil. but deems victory then only won. but against evil angels and powers. how its 2. which knew combat infernal fury with heavenly patience. Christians. unless own. is drawn the prophetic picture of Jesus calm triumph over Satan. His might is most patient is the strongest in Christ. yet has to Psa. io-i3. except from its own breast. For our combat is not against man. Fight with &quot. the Put you on mightiest is the most meek.&quot.

&quot. from Acts.&quot. then. in meekness save your g Luke&amp. The winds of Heaven : already encompass Him. meet Jacob of old. air. anxious still to bear Him homeward on their ready wings. bidding us follow. them to enter all their true Home. shall *xi. as they came to G en. L the land of His exile. &quot. He charms for had espoused Rachel and Lia children .JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. 3. and to prepare there i. to discourse to them of the better Land. He delays Acts. the tents of Succoth have Him : there. : weapons of Christ and patience you souls.i. which is their inheritance. Then. The ward swift . He ^. . leading them forth to Olivet. the Divine Pilgrim sets foot upon the threshold of His Heavenly Coun try its angel-dwellers come forth Acts L 10 to meet him. like 19! And. against spirits of wicked These were the last and the ness of the these are our last direst enemies of Christ Oh! fight. But. 9. and eager winds bear Him up the clouds of Heaven meet Him . 11 . passes. there He had begotton His : He had espoused the Holy there He Church Jewish and Gentile had begotten His sons. 161 world of darkness. not without lingering.^.xxxii. . with the and direst. now.

Arise. PS. &quot. He : strong and mighty &quot.&quot. m us go with ^or : .closed portals Open &quot. . Princes of Heaven. break His Glory. &quot. Princes Fling wide open asunder. let wither He goes we know. The Lord of hosts He is the King of covenant. earth and Satan. your gates open wide.&quot. ye por tals of eternity.&quot.9. Who did not of receive His Life for nought. 3. has Exile. : ?&quot. 5. 4. your gates. and sin and death He is the Lord &quot. For n us. ib. and the King of Glory will enter. then. Ps.&quot. s. 6. &quot. and the King of Glory will Who is Who is Guileless in Deed and Holy of Heart. ye gates of eternity. the the . and the way we know. wide. is He. and did not &quot. Christians. xiv 3i ib. 4. xxiii. Is there amongst us some doubting Thomas to say &quot. Him God surround Him : the Gates the City of Peace open before their so long. Who is the Lord mighty in ascending the mountain .162 the armies of of JACOB. returning Heir and Lord. that He is King of Glory new Jacob He is the Pilgrim and ?&quot. God ? Who comes to take place in His Holy Dwelling?&quot. battle.xxiii. . Salem r. supplanted all his enemies. Who. that King of Glory enter.

listen the reply ! It is the reply &quot. we to ?&quot.JESUS THE SUPPLANTER. the . Let him and how can we know tho way &quot. 163 know not whither Thou goest. : I am the Way.&quot. Lord. of none else than God Truth and Life.

people. bears to in many respects a striking analogy the Gospel-narrative of our .&quot. ACCEPTED BY THE NATIONS. is once more vividly portrayed our Divine Redeemer s . 3. &quot. Behold we go up to Jerusalem. The account of Joseph s birth and child hood. and all things which were written by the Pro S. like that of Isaac and many other Types of the Messias. JESUS REJECTED BY THE JEWS. DISCOURSE JOSEPH. and the consequence of it . as I hope to show you. phets of the Son of man.. VIII. prophetical feature being to set forth the rejection of the Messias by Passion its special His own viz. the evangelization of the Gentile world. will be fulfilled THE Book of Genesis concludes with the history of Joseph. Luke. xviii. whose histories occur in this and in other Books of Sacred Scrip ture.1. in whose eventful career.104 JOSEPH.

i. 6. X prayer. of gj$. and he extraordinary wisdom grew in grace and favor with Heaven. his name has its own mystery Joseph.&quot. of grace and soft- . He was the favorite son of his lather. &quot. as he spouse. xxxvii. 17&amp. Jesus was the Child of desire and prayer. My Love.22. i. indeed. brought up with all the watchfulness of an especial affection. . grew in age. how very : Whom beautiful and there is art all beauty. full fair as the moon and bright as the sun. Blessed Redeemer s Birth and Childhood. son of increase.JESUS REJECTED. .1 Ib. He was a child of desire and of Gen. TT ^ - X1X&amp. My Love. He .xxx. exclaiming away my reproach. - - &quot. the offspring of a most beautiful and a most beloved Whose Spouse She is. no blemish in Thee. exclaims. the &quot. Lastly. xxx. s. ib. He. the i sa i. of a beautiful and most the beloved Spouse. Offspring. 165 was in an especial 9 manner a God-given child. So. and piety.&quot. My Love She is a peerless ix.Desired of the nations . 7&amp. How mouth of His Prophet by beautiful art Thou.23.e. ETC. My perfect one 1 Thou is like the dawn of morning. His Ib xlix 10 holy and beautiful mother conceived him God has taken with great joy. and He was a child of with the tenderest care. 9/3.

16. He.52! grew in grace and wisdom. 11. He. \ & S.166 JOSEPH. -.God has taken away my reproach. world. &quot. did Mary con ceive Her Divine child. most mighty nation dominion was for ever to Whose continue to extend. : Beloved Son. indeed. : i. And. the favourite Son of His Father My &quot. This child was. 22. of Whose kingdom . from henceforth all generations shall call Me Blessed. b 3 s Mat* :&quot. in Whom I am well around Whose cradle the pl ease d iv. Who was to thousand. 33. ib. exclaiming.. increase to a s^Luil* i. an(j jyfy spirit exults in God My Saviour. and be more .&quot. sou l rejoices in thanksgiving to God. begotten Son. ness like Jerusalem. hosts of Heaven watched to Whose e wants angels ministered. with what rap tures. : i &quot.23. 46-48. that He gave his only!&quot. & and now behold. also. given TT Gen. isa.&quot. yet majestic as an army He was indeed a Godin battle-array l ix 6 God so loved the Child. ix. if Rachel conceived her son with joy. with what exultation. &quot.&quot. was truly a was to become a increase the Child. &quot. &quot. as He grew in Son of stature. exclaiming My s. Luke. Who the Little One. &quot. . iii. for He has looked down on the lowliness of His Handmaiden. &quot.&quot. and more ample .&quot. in.&quot. 22. also.

At length.&quot. come . send thee to thy Gen.&quot.JESUS REJECTED. seeing him coming. stripped him of his coat of many colours. alone and unpro tected.&quot. He answered I am ready. Sichem. which his father had caused to be made for him.&quot.&quot. but. he makes no demur to his father s com I am ready. Joseph Come. With that. . terness of their hatred &quot. Enough mand. is. together and said See. then. : Joseph knew him. &quot. seems to begin with the mission of Joseph to his brethren in I. while they deliberated as to what should be done with him next. is. yonder is the dreamer him. : Israel said to his son will and I brethren. my father. all the ill-will his brothers bore bit He had every reason to fear the . and to their malevolence. took counsel brethren. and that his mission was for the benefit of his brethren. xxxvii. On : the other hand. nevertheless. and threw him into a pit. xxxvii. his &quot. let us kill Gen. they sold him to the Ishniaelite . ETC. &quot.&quot. to the perils of the journey. we read how they seized and bound him how they. 1G7 content to there was to be no end. He at once trusts himself. that his father bade him go. &quot. I am notice these earlier points of correspondence Our precise subject as briefly as may be.

Egypt. and applies it to the Saviour. was His coat of many colours. tion Thou didst no longer desire then said Thus the blessed I Behold I come. : : psalxxix. it and asked most unfeelingly was favourite his Joseph coat.7. and His brethren received X m n When they saw Him. Here am I send son of the Redeemer Me. s.P 7. : Whom Us ?&quot. knowing the hatred of the world. vi.168 JOSEPH. John.&quot. like Joseph. x. his father s gift. and then they brought it to Israel. s Matt. Apostle renders the prophecy. 5. God would send the message of son Salvation to shall His people. s. soon. which strangers. &quot.&quot. ii. And I send. s Ma?k 7. or no. He came to His own bra Him. holy Typical sacrifice but Thou didst - : : Heb. . said Yonder is the Heir they &quot. John. Meanwhile. coming with the message of Salvation to this world. ^ k&quot. and anticipating its evil-dealing by s. : Again. He said &quot. they dyed in the blood of a kid. And. let us kill Him. is carried in captivity to s When isa. : : come.6.&quot. rets tm s P assa g e &quot. David sings : Thou wouldst no more Emblematic obla prepare a body for Me. . He came. Jesus Himself thus inters. thren. and who will go for the Prophet replies in the Per &quot.

had drunk the water of life freely but. 1. and permitted to the Messias. and dragged Him off to a pit without water the tribunal. ETC. For. ance was to depart from the Sanhedrim at the appearance of the Christ. water. the true flocks of Israel. so the Jewish Assembly had once been a Cistern of sweet waters. and delivered Him up to Pontius President.they Him forth bound from the prison. g Matt *xvii. but now. 169 we read how they seized and bound Him. reject and even to crucify All the took counsel together Then. xxxvii. was tern. Pilate the Jesus. that is. had once been full of sweet and wholesome Gen. as the Prophets had foretold.&quot.2. .24. whereiu become a prison-pit for the shepherd . as that cis Joseph was thrust. of Caiaphas and of Annas.JESUS REJECTED.&quot. &quot. those waters were dried up within it. the High Priests. like Joseph. they chief Priests and Elders took counsel toge &quot. whereat the children of the Synagogue. The guarantee of Divine Guid Shepherd. and it was become the worn-out prison-pit of the . whereat the flocks of Israel were wont to drink. worn-out and disused. now. and presently. : ther against led Jesus. and the rulers of the Jewish Church were to be abandoned to the blindness of their own hearts.

to a people who will Nor literal let us pass unnoticed a still more . was condemned. and cast the pitiful sum down at their feet in the Temple. too. : xxi. but afterwards to become their Saviour. That why s. that Jesus was sold.170 is JOSEPH. 12. and the Egyptian . but all the chief Priests had part. Zach. for namely money in which selling of Him. and sold. and thus accomplish His declaraThe kingti a to the Pharisees s. delivered up to their bonds and death. Matt.&quot. fulfilment of the prophecy. 43. does the conscience of each immediately answer but too speedily the half-uttered de mand? We were all sold. not Judas only. dom of God shall be taken away from you. since they made the bargain with of which the traitor. the slavery of sin. by means is He 9. sold to worse than Egyptian slavery. for the miserable bite of a for! ! . xi. and jurisdiction of the nations. and given produce its fruits. Alas at how cheap a rate was sold the Blood of the Saviour Do you ask why ? Or. until the wretched Judas took the thirty pieces of silver back again. the Evangelist does not declare the words of Zachary verified. sold to the stranger to the law made over &quot. xxvii. like Joseph. Matt.

and. of not all jealousy. But we are baptized we on Christ. . 11.JESUS REJECTED. iv. only our own though. or revenge tible favor of . His : in Grace. repeated for less glittering fruit than grew in Para dise. be confounded at your guilt. -^27. that sold ! : we thus have sell . Ib. it is . souls: to compass some poor end of ambition. TT His Blood. with Judas. 27. * ib. we eaten. I fear. s guiltiness. and cry &quot. speak only of I do not Adam it. to gain the contemp men . ETC. with Judas. as did Judas. Oh sinner. . Life. to win the harlot-smile satisfy ! of the world to the disordered cravings of the flesh baser temptations. Cor xn. the miserable price. but what the Creator gave. J ~ by sin: .. }. at the Priests feet. indeed. Have we each for himself? Often. and bring back. have we. Who. our own blood. bartered away our to gratify some wretched caprice. we have nought. And if there are yet have yielded and My God ! is it. even in nature. in. It is no longer our have put own lives. and. that we Gai. cast it clown in the v 30 Temple. lives in us bled for us. then. : . 171 is bidden fruit That is why the Redeemer sold for thirty pieces of silver. I have strike your breast. Who ! and Whose Eph streams are mingled and united with ours.

H. and afterwards dyed in the blood of a kid. isai.25.xxxvii. If you did not set on It the value of your sin. 4. as soon as Jesus was in their power. xxvii. which they took from their brother.172 sinned in that I s. is allegorical of the to feast . which you sold. and those who were with them. beautiful flesh of Christ. for less than thirty pieces of silver. did the same. for he despaired and perished. the Innocent Blood. JOSEPH. as then. S&amp. as soon Gen. 5. i. and especially so was the exquisitely perfect and Cant. do not imitate Judas beyond this point.&quot. The coat of mixed colours. at the instance of the Jewish Priests. value of your repentance. set on It now the Matt. the chief Priests. have sold the Innocent But. as Joseph was brethren secured in the pit.v. Blood. the of the human body is indeed a complexion x. his sat and congratulate them selves and. e. The dipping of the coat in the blood of the kid. no doubt. with which He was clothed by his Divine Father. . wondrous mixture of colours. The Blood. We read that. is worth as much more down Heb. and which was stripped off from Him in the Scourging He was made to undergo. For. Sacred Flesh of Jesus. to show to Israel.

JESUS KEJECTED. . 33. and see if this is that beautiful and sacred particularly iaa. indeed. at . the monster which be said to have devoured our : may fitly Blessed Saviour s Flesh in the agonies of His Passion . is derived a new and terrible meaning to the exclamation of Jacob. at the sight of the &quot.It is. how his 4. Oh ! Heavenly Father. Son.It blood-stained coat: : is my Gen. mi.xxxix 20. kind treatment. 173 a petulant and lascivious creature. executioners steeped that Sacred Flesh. more terrible far. was shed on account of look down into the prsetorium of Pilate. Son s Vesture a fero &quot. My cious wild beast has devoured Him ! : !&quot. 7.*^^ to II.first. than ever roamed the desert or the forest. a monster more hideous. Ib&amp. some hideous wild beast has son s coat eaten him up a ravenous beast has devoured Thus is mystically expressed Joseph!&quot. which is on account of And hence sins of impurity. the horror of God for sin. 5. &quot. u. It is time to follow Joseph Egypt I to the house of Potiphar the eunuch. the facts of the recall to you need scarcely Sacred Narrative how Joseph met. with which the signifies that the Blood. which Thou didst give to Thy Alas it is too surely recognized 132. ETC.

s. the trial before Pontius. Whosoever maketh him- king is the enemy of have no king but xviii. ib* ?. the enraged Priests. and showed no little anxiety to dis miss Him freely. obtained their falsehood and malice.&quot. Caesar. of her testimony against him. 1 /. no disposition on the part of the heathen governor to deal harshly with Jesus on the contrary. But. and giving Himself out for Christ and king. in the first instance. found this fellow declaring that tribute was not to be paid to Caesar. &quot. 38.&quot.&quot. The We . mistress tempted him. viz. by falsely accusing Jesus of wishing to make Himself their king.&quot.If thou lettest thou art not Caesar s go. Man &quot. declared his conviction of His inno cence. and to overturn the authority of the Emperor. friend. through There was.174 adulterous false JOSEPH. and the The whole recital is the history of the next scene in the Redeemer s Passion. easily contrived to carry their point. and how she obtained his condemnation to imprisonment stocks. the false accusation of the Chief Priests. as Potiphar was. he g : John&amp. at first. just and kind towards his holy servant.. They clamoured. This self a &quot.We John. &quot. and the sentence of crucifixion.

pre Him. when for in the Messias.24.26. made Him such. that should reign for while He avoided the ques. that He*. g&amp.24. and when they insisted. As for the tribute to Csesar. however.i5. s&amp.&quot. to be a Prince. . Who. * 36. ciple. that they and now sought to destroy Him. 17 tion of right. He convinced them of to pay the tax. When He come and make Him king. also. John&amp. was. paid used his currency. ETC. did not announce Him the people would have &quot. whom they looked On the contrary. 175 had rejected truth. 25. did so without reference to the question of He was desirous right. when the Pharisees themselves prepared a dilemma for Him.JESUS REJECTED. HeJ^^ *ii. He : some solitary place instantly withdrew into saw that they would s. and forthwith withdrew and hid it by the hands of His principal disMatt asserting at the time. since the obligation of Mark&amp. retired again alone to the moun. but precisely because to avoid giving umbrage to the civil power : . from the tain.john. them to understand that they mis He gave took the nature of Christ s cisely because He self as that earthly king. . - fact and they had accepted Caesar s government He Himself. the Messias was prophecies of Ezechiel.

all Egyptian adulteress and when she her enticements. for e ver . If Joseph consent. his innocence. Matt. if Thou art the Christ. JOSEPH. the profligate woman in capable longer of any sort of self-control. of which she had signally failed to render him guilty. self. thus solemnly conjured in God s Name. which they had never been able to fix upon Him. : the Son of God !&quot. open : violence. offence. accused Him of that. But. to 12. him. that we may give them no cause of pay the money for Me and for thy Thus. es. as heretofore. as solicited the first Joseph to sin. He is guilty of contempt of .&quot. when all their arts failed. his untarnished purity. if he refuse. and. proceeds Gen. and have him condemned. &quot. she cried is Consent precisely the appeal of Caiaphas in the name of the rest u I conjure Thee by the living God to tell us. his cloak. 62. is lost is but too evident that his dis appointed and infuriated mistress will accuse If Jesus. found him proof against laid to his charge the very crime.176 &quot.&quot. We to read: It Seizing him by the skirt of me. But. xxvi 63 ib. so did the Scribes and Pharisees first endea vour to implicate our Divine Redeemer in their net. at length. as before. xxxix. is silent.

Caiaphas forthwith cries He s. In like manner. ra.when she saw and found that she was cloak in her hands. ie. has uttered blasphemy! made Himself the Son of God to &quot. : 1 heathen.&quot.Mark. is. . the iron entered into his soul. like Joseph.xiv. them Lo my lord has brought home this Hebrew to insult me he came in to me to Then the woman. called around her the d c men of her household.&quot. : ! : that. sentence did Joseph act? He and the left the fled. as the Psalmist sings. they delivered Him over to the &quot. out to the rest of the council He has * x ^ u fo. lie by me. and the result was what she de sired. Gen&amp. 20. Joseph was scourged and put in with his feet so cruelly fixed in prison. He the : if. mediately answered Christ. Matt. 177 Name Divine answer truly. and said to 13.&quot. and then they caused His 12 .&quot. So. you have heard the blasphemy!&quot. on the other hand. With that. Jesus im&quot. made light of. 70: Behold. : It is even so I am the &quot. cloak in her hands also. she laid by the her accusation to Joseph s prove master. They first had Him. that. He will incur certain of death. ETC. How.JESUS REJECTED. With cloak. stocks. j^^: : II s . Feet to scourged. then. civ.62.

than our Divine Redeemer Then was treated as already condemned did they spit in His Face and buffet s. c into His Heart. also. by Thy Divine folded Him. and made the iron enter into His Soul. yet there can be little doubt of the nature of the scene. : : ^ &quot.&quot.esXFaee with their hands. is. : Christians. . Ah then. before the eunuch s return home. shall we ever complain of the Shall we allow ourselves injuries of men ? . in the hall of Caiaphas. &quot.lukJ&quot. by other slaves and domestics. which was presently enacted there. what reproaches. and having blind Tell us. When the spear was driven to Jesus. fast in the stocks : they nailed Him to the Cross. which is said in a literal figuratively of Joseph. held Him mocked Him. /. JOSEPH. were heaped upon Joseph s head what insults were offered to him what coarse and ribald relate ! ! ! the jokes were vented at his expense. the iron Psa. Christ. &quot. &quot. applies. truly then. what scoffs. entered into His Soul Though the Sacred Narrative does !&quot. So.178 be made p^. intuition. And this. not what passed in Potiphar s house. sense. Matt. civ. e an( * ^iers stru k Hi m m -^ mi Those who xiii. cried who was it struck Thee?&quot. no sooner was the false testimony alleged.

To one of them Joseph was chained. nor such as the world may take away. Oh. despite the strife jcorSus of death to die in peace. in which put The king. incurred his dis pleasure. to live in peace. when ? Shall things are said to insult and hurt us even a sneer. not such as the world may give. we may remember Thine example. that amid grant all the revilings and injuries of the world. &quot.19. them had therefore. meek and patient Saviour. at this time. Gen xL 3. ll! cleansing fire to rest in peace. ETC. or a contemptuous remark. John.JESUS REJECTED.13. that sweet and blessed peace. had. despite the clamour of life s. and ever hold our peace. let us compare the history of Joseph in the prison and the stocks. despite the 2 Thes*. gentle Jesus. read that two officers of Pharaoh s house hold. . provoke in us an immediate desire to retali ate? Jesus. which was Thine especial legacy to us. give us. to be aroused to 179 anger and revenge. into the prison. the Lord of peace. with the history it shall please ! We of our Blessed Saviour on Calvary.&quot. until Thee. us into peace everlasting to bring Next. Joseph promised life and prosperity to the other he foretold a gibbet of disgrace and . us grace to learn of Thee.





and, shortly afterwards, the

event, in each case, verified his words. So, also, Jesus was crucified with two others, to
s. Luke, xxiii. 43.



whom He promised
and glory


; ing Holy Scripture leaves us in little doubt as to the eternal fate of the second.

while the

And thus is clearly set before our minds the awful alternative, which awaits each one of us, who are now sitting beneath the
shadow of the Hood, and gazing upon the Crucified Saviour. Life and glory, or death and condemnation which is in store for

each of us




us recount




the Interpreter, that

He may

read us our respective portions. The butler and the baker dreamed each of his own office, and the scene of each dream was drawn

from the wonted daily occupation of the dreamer. So, also, our dreams are our lives, and the actions of our lives. Let us rcpsa. vii. 10. count them before Him, Who is 6 the Searcher of hearts. There is s^b. s. Athan. no need to pause for His declara tion. He has already made it, again and again They who have done good shall go into life everlasting they who have done



evil, into everlasting




Once more we read how the Lord was with Joseph in the prison The Gen xxxix xx Lord was with Joseph, and in pity 2i/22.


to him gave him f ivour in the eyes of the warder of the prison, so that he delivered into Joseph s h inds all the prisoners, who were in the prison. So, likewise, did the Divine mercy accompany Jesus to Acts, 27. Peler the prison of death, and gave Him
ii. ]..

favour in the eyes of the keepers PS xv. 10. of the prison, so that they delivered into His Hands all the prisoners, who were in the



all those just and holy souls, who had long awaited His coming, and who were,


perforce, detained in those regions of cap tivity until lie should, by His IIvmn Death, open to them, at length, ss. Amb.



of the










captivity captive;" plishcd the last part of
act in that
liberty to


\ ^fjU k





His Mission, the


Father had

work of Redemption, which His To proclaim given Him the captives, and light to those

who were

in darkness to set free those who were bound, and to announce to them the accepted year of the Lord, and the day of




The sorrows

of the holy Patriarch

were ^as t d raw i ll o to a



rough prison-walls around

him were already softening

the rich

tapestries of a palace, and the iron chain upon his neck was changing into a chain of gold.
Psa.civ. 20.

The heavy door revolves quickly upon its hinges, and many and

crowd hasty feet traverse the threshold. of zealous and obsequious attendants siuGeri.xii.i4. round the poor captive they take off his prison- garb arid array him in courtly attire. Pharaoh has dreamed a dream, and Joseph only can interpret its meaning. lie ascends the steps of the citadel, and enters the presence of the monarch. lie hears


the dream, and declares the interpretation. The beaten and imprisoned slave of the

eunuch Potiphar is Lord of all the land of Egypt. He, whom Israel s sons rejected and sold, that he might not inherit in their family the portion of a



son, is master of the mightiest empire the world had, till now, ever seen. They shut him out from the tents of Salem, Gen. c. 45. and he reigns in the palaces of Heliand fast is the hour coming, when opolis must cross the frontiers of the heathen they




to seek him,


and beg at his hands the bread which none but he can break to I need not relate to you the wellthem. You have wept to read known history. with what kindness he received them; xliiL with what wisdom he converted them xiiv., xiv. with what affection he forgave them how he invited them to come forth from Chanaan,



and assigned them a new home amongst the fruitful and abundant fields of Gessen, and thus became their deliverer and saviour, as well as the deliverer and saviour of Egypt nor yet of Egypt only, for Egypt was then the granary of all nations, and thither, at


times, but especially in time of famine,

came merchants from every part to buy That is why Pharaoh called Joseph food.

the saviour of the world." Let us to the fulfilment.

forth from the prison,

Joseph coming Jesus arising from

He comes forth hell and from the grave. from that prison, as Joseph came forth, the But now, His Saviour of the world. mangled and bruised Body lay wrapped about in the winding-sheet and band- g Johnj *ix. *o. ages of the tomb: all around is a soft and new silence and cold. Suddenly, warmth overspreads the rigour of death

the dark and gory Wounds of the nails and the spear are assuming immortal radiance and beauty. -^. which all the soothsayers and diviners have dreamed of some Mighty. iL 23. He ascends.. dreamed that she is not destined see decay has dreamed that she . xx^23&amp. . with His . vesp. rgl iv. Redeemer.. Home . through* ou ^ h er world-wide domain. Rome. . 4. Luke. and Jesus its only can interpret Tibuii. xx. an Eternal City. Hastily they re- move from Him array brightness.g John. . -. thrsea. what he was about to do. has to is ib. c D iv -all the wildest predictions of Ery6 Gen. y? teriug angels surround the awaken- s. has Him Rome. ponderous stone at the tomb s mouth x * s ro ^ e ^ awa an(l hosts of miniss jokn 1U. &&amp. or of Cuini. has ^.181 JOSEPH.xii. as he showed to Pharaoh. even though heathen still. some Invincible Chieftain. sueton.25. IV. nations. new Joseph steps forth from the prison to declare the hidden meaning of her vision. The surrounding gloom gives The place to a burst of Heavenly light. God has shown her. meaning. who should fulfil ^: A failed to explain. and in Timber s robes of the monarch of the dreamed a dream. and solve the buried mysteries of the Capitol.-. 4. i.xxvin. the prison-garb.

11. builders set at nought. There He opens to them and to all. affection forgive them. 185 Apostle.JESUS REJECTED. universe. *- the mouth of His brethren all God. and not perish with hunger. in common j^ u vm. which has inherited her preroga tive. . xxviii. The poor Nazarene. only. 20. nations. Whom the president of Judaea had beaten and crucified. is become the head of the corner. of g. 5. the words that have come forth from life. Whom Israel s and sold. They shut Him out of the gates of Jerusalem. Thither must seek it. their wives and their little ones the bread of salvation. iv. and He reigns in that Holy City. is Master of the sons rejected The stone which the Acts. and taken her place amongst the There He has stored up the bread the food of all &quot. ETC. that they may eat with xivi. the steps of the Capitol.&quot. with There they will have experienced. but all who from every nation J^ 52 seek Him. pastures more abundant and fruitful than Gesscn . repair to 3. He. g Matt and enters the Palace of the Caesars. and not they s. John. they experience. all peoples. Matt. Adam. with what kindness He can receive them with what with what wisdom convert them the sons of there . is Lord of all the empire of Rome.



produced^ those pastures of which His Prosan g: "In Ezech.xxxiv. P hets pastures of
14 3i.

abundance will I feed flocks : in pastures of richness shall feed the they flocks of are they, souls of pasture, ye




I will seek out the lost, and bring back the wandering, and bind up the hurt and nurse the weakly, and the healthy and


strong I will guard." But, it was not our purpose to pass be yond the history of Jesus sufferings.


met beneath the Rood

to meditate

upon the

sorrows of the Crucified One. Sitting in the mournful shadow of that Tree, we have

watched with tearful eyes, upon the very pavement of God s House, all the terrible mystery passing above, amongst its branches.
For, the Patriarchal age may be called the pavement, as the Mosaic covenant is the superstructure, and the Gospel the roof and
perfection of the Temple of Revelation. And, as the Cross, reared high beneath the incense-teeming vaults of the Sanctuary,

on either side, upon the hallowed walls, and on the hallowed pavement, a thousand reflections more and less perfect of Itself; so, the Passion of Jesus, accom plished in the Gospel, is reflected a thousand



times in the figures of the Law, and of the Patriarchal Testament and, as S. Paulinus

from the earliest ages Christ suffers says, is the Beginning and for in his saints



the End, veiled in the old dispensation, re vealed in the new, ever wonderful in the patience and the triumph of His holy ser
vants, in



by his brother, in Noah

his son, in Abraham a pilgrim and a wanderer, in Isaac offered in s- Pauiin. ... Ep. I. ad sacrifice, in Jacob toiling in servi- Aprum. tude, in Joseph rejected and sold."

mocked by



Lord Jesus Christ, who didst die and art 2 e. alive, and livest for ever and ever, is. make us to die to sin, that we may Teach us by Thy Holy live with Thee. Passion horror of evil and love of justice and Teach us the value of Thy suffer truth. for us, and the necessity we are under ings Alas we think of Thee to suffer for Thee. on Thabor, and forget Thee on Calvary we





look up to the bright clouds above Olivet, and forget the sepulchre beneath its dark
olive shade.





and how slow

are we to learn the lesson, which


mutely confesses, that the secret of immor all hope of a tality lies in the tomb, and



in death


that Spring-time cannot



return until the snows have been endured and the bitter frost, nor the harvest wave


glisten in the sun, unless the furrow close heavily and coldly over the seed,

Jesus, Crucified Jesus, now in this Passion-tide we have resolved to become holy apter scholars, and by the light of Thy grace


read aright the mystery of Begin in us the yonder Mighty Book. make us to feel with blessed work of death
at length

out delay its first sweet pains. Accomplish in us that holy change, which we would love, and yet more or less foolishly dread. "Into officium an(is Lord, we commend our rpj J ii
Complet. souls



Thou hast redeemed Guard us, Lord God of Truth."


Lord, as the pupil of the eye vs, beneath the shadow of Thine out stretched Arms protect us, as with extended




JL UU ! J .



1828-1909 Shadows of the rood types of our AYY-3863 (mcih) or.865 1862 snc Bonus. : .BT 225 . John.

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