How to Become Wealthy As the Dollar Dies
Why the biggest wealth transfer in history is yet to come and how you can prepare yourself and profit from it!

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Chapter 1: Raise Your Financial IQ


Chapter 2: 7 things you need to know about creating wealth in
hard times. 19

Chapter 3: Prosper in spite of these five challenges Chapter 4: How to position yourself on the positive side of the upcoming
greatest wealth transfer in our history




How to Become Wealthy As the Dollar Dies
Why the biggest wealth transfer in history is yet to come and how you can prepare yourself and profit from it

An Introduction:
Hello there…. My name is Mary Kay Carr. Welcome to my world. What I am about to share with you will absolutely change your life if you put it to use. You’re going to learn a lot in a relatively short time reading this e-book. It is imperative that we all raise our financial IQ on an immediate basis in order to survive the current financial crisis in the world. In these pages, it is my intention to untangle the seemingly complex world of creating, protecting and growing wealth by giving you the basics underlying what is at the bottom of the current financial crisis and how you can protect your wealth and also greatly benefit financially in these times. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, I wanted to share a few things about myself with you that I believe many of you will find important. First…..Most people (except the wealthy) stumble around not knowing what to do to create, protect and grow real wealth. Most people are struggling to make ends meet and don’t have enough set aside for a decent retirement. Further, there is no high school or college class that teaches you the investment strategies of the wealthy. These strategies are not revealed but are reserved for the very wealthy. Looking back, I see that if I knew then what I know now, regarding this subject, I would have been in a very good position financially a lot earlier in my life. So here’s my confession to you so that you know that I’m nothing special, but rather just another struggling mom that refused to give up and settle for less.

I am a mother of two young adults. I have spent the bulk of my life in the field of missionary work, helping people. I worked for 30 years to help make the world a better place. Building wealth was not a part of the picture. I was boomer age when I changed my career. I needed a lot of money fast as a result of not accumulating wealth all my life. My Struggle  Three years ago, I was completely uneducated in the subjects of wealth creation, business, investing, asset categories and making my money work for me to make me passive income. I had spent 30 years helping others. Not to bring up religion but only for the purpose of analogy, if you are Catholic, you could have called me Sister Mary Kathleen. I say this only to make the point of how far afield I was from knowing the subject of wealth. I was frantic to find the key to financial success in the big wide world. My starting line was zero, no savings, no real assets and I had credit card debt. My only asset was my ability to learn, to try and to never give up. I was so low financially that all I owned was a 20 year old car that broke every 2 months. I will never forget the humiliation I felt sitting in my car outside of a new car dealership where I had just been turned down for a loan for a new car and outside, in plain view of the salesmen in the showroom, try as I did, I could not get my car to start so I could leave. It was at that point that I made a firm agreement with myself that I would never go this low again, that I was going to make my dreams come true no matter what I had to do. I got a job and worked hard at it. When I got home I worked even harder at my own business, a network marketing business, and created additional income with which to pay the bills. I explored investing on my own and found an amazing program of high return. I borrowed $6500.00 to invest and over the next few months I watched the reports showing my investment growing daily on line. I knew I had found the key to financial success! Two months later the reports stopped and I discovered that the police were looking for the founder of the investment “firm”. I was devastated and now deeper in debt.

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This inner frustration went on for 1 1/2 years and the end result was I was still living paycheck to paycheck with no sign of accumulated wealth for myself and my family. I realized that I had no information on how to build a business using standard marketing nor how to invest money wisely so that I don’t lose it. I knew I had to find the secrets to these problems. Fast forward to a year later.    My fears have been conquered and replaced with knowledge. I know how to market both on line and off line. I am a consultant that has turned down-trending, almost bankrupt businesses into successful, solvent enterprises. I have investments that are ever growing and capable of generating huge returns. I have put in place a vehicle that, in the past, was only known by the very wealthy, which is my own Family Bank. I am completely out of credit card debt and have a new car. My son and I will soon purchase our first cash flow property.

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It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to succeed personally and also to help others with the knowledge I have gained. This probably leaves you with one question….. What in the world happened during that 1 year period of time to make such a startling difference? Well you are about to find out because that’s exactly what I am going to teach you about in this book. First we are going to look at what I discovered that raised my marketing and financial IQ so quickly. Then I will reveal to you 7 facts that you MUST know in order to fully protect your assets and drastically increase your wealth starting now. And finally I will share with you two of the secret investment strategies of the wealthy that made me so successful in such a short amount of time.

The information in this book can enable you to create more wealth than you ever thought possible and in as little as a few months to a couple of years. It is my hope that this short e-book helps to educate you so that you then ACT to ensure that you position yourself to be on the positive side of the upcoming greatest wealth transfer in our history. 6 . Let’s get down to basics. The more you can understand and confront a subject the simpler it becomes. Knowledge is power. It’s a book of information which if used will lead you and your family and friends to hope and financial success.This is not a doom and gloom book.

06. A 1. That’s a 1. In 1913 you could buy a house for $3. your long term business strategies.074% increase.     In 1913 a gallon of milk cost $.800..200. In 1913 a loaf of bread cost $.250% increase.16.Chapter 1 “Raise your Financial IQ” This information will be mind altering and will completely reshape your game plan when it comes to the future of the economy. That’s a whopping 5.32. your investments and even your personal banking habits. The longer you have been around the more you will appreciate what I’m about to share with you. In 2008 the average median home cost $206. In 1913 a gallon of gas cost $. In 2008 the average car cost $ In 2008 the average price was $4.50.246% increase.250% increase. The information is here in this book and I promise that you will never be the same again after reading it. That’s a 2. In 2008 it was about $2. In 2008 it was $30. In 1950 you could buy a new house for $8.673% increase.00.395.210. In 2008 a gallon of gas cost $3. A 6.. Again. in 2008 the average home cost $206. 7    .465. Consider these facts.    In 1950 the average US income per year was $3. In 1913 a car cost $490. Here’s just a couple more.

On Dec 23. In 1950 a box of Ritz Crackers cost $. Did the value of a box of Ritz Crackers really APPRECIATE by 934% in that time? Did homes really go up THAT much in value since 1913 (6. $2. People come up with new and innovative ideas.32..16)? Quite the opposite in fact.06 to $2.074%)? Or did the unit of measurement (in this case the US dollar) used to purchase these things just go DOWN that much in value? Have the hard costs of producing a loaf of bread really gone up 2. President Woodrow Wilson signed into existence the Federal Reserve Bank during the Christmas Holiday when most of Congress was absent.. So let me ask you. It was there that a handful of men met to devise a plan to once and for all put the US banking system into private hands. did you know that wholesale prices for most goods were the same in 1913 as they were in 1787? Amazing. In 2008. Georgia. 8 . 1913. Machines replace human and animal labor. prices actually go DOWN over time because we get better and more efficient at producing things. Two years later they succeeded. In a true free market economy. In fact. Computerized assembly lines allow the mass production of items at a fraction of the cost they used to.99. So what changed in 1913? First we have to back up to 1911.246% (from $. the place is Jekyll Island off of the coast of Atlanta.

which states. You can read the book. To clarify this point. regulate the Value thereof.This action marked the start of US economic decline. Contrary to popular belief. Note the date of this newspaper. and of foreign Coin. Edward Griffin. look at the Constitution of the United States.Section 8. “Congress shall have the power to coin Money. President Wilson took the responsibility of printing and issuing our nation’s currency out of our government’s hands and placed it into the hands of a private organization owned by a small group of wealthy bankers that wanted to get wealthier.  9 .A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G. to learn about who created the Federal Reserve. 1913. December 24. why it was created and how destructive it is to our country’s financial health. and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures” By signing. “The Creature from Jekyll Island. the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express. These men rallied for private banking hard in the US for many years.

I have unwittingly ruined my country. On every single denomination of paper money you will see the words “Federal Reserve Note”. This is a burden the global financial structure can no longer support) This is a pretty big deal when you consider what three different US Presidents from three different centuries and three different political parties had to say about private banking controlling our money supply. The bank has shareholders that are paid a 6% dividend annually and these same shareholders earn interest on every single dollar the Federal Reserve LOANS to the US Treasury. the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless. no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority. The growth of the nation. it’s not actually issuing money. (When the Federal Reserve issues more greenbacks. "I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies. We have come to be one of the worst ruled... Our system of credit is concentrated. and all our activities are in the hands of a few men." --Thomas Jefferson 10 .. Our government borrows its spending money from the Federal Reserve Bank. then by deflation. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. it is actually giving a loan." -Woodrow Wilson." "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency.. but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. first by inflation. therefore.. It’s issuing more DEBT. one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion. after signing the Federal Reserve into existence Federal Reserve Notes Another fact that you need to know is that when the Federal Reserve Bank prints money for the US..Here is what President Woodrow Wilson said after signing the Federal Reserve Bank into existence: "I am a most unhappy man.

the Money Power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people.. since the days of Andrew Jackson. as you and I know. These rising prices. so they could only print as much as they had in gold."I see in the near future a crisis approaching. the less it’s worth. It unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country ." --Franklin Delano Roosevelt Private banking has attempted to control the issue of currency in the United States since it was founded but for the most part was successfully prevented until 1913.. are actually not because of the value of things going up. they could be thought of more as gold receipts that could be redeemed for gold at any time. just after the passage of the National Banking Act of 1863 "The real truth of the matter is.. 11 . History depicts Andrew Jackson as the last truly honorable and incorruptible American President.S..But a result of the value (or the purchasing power) of the dollar going down. With the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 we went from the gold standard to a partial gold standard. that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U. which is an increase in the amount of currency in circulation. It’s simple supply and demand. our dollars were backed by gold (this was called the gold standard). This is very easy to do with paper currency (also known as fiat currency) because all the Federal Reserve has to do is print more of it." --Abraham Lincoln. like the ones I just gave examples of. Really. In the past. The more OF something there is. until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. This is due to inflation.

Since then.. President Richard Nixon took the US Dollar completely off the gold standard (meaning our money is backed by nothing. it’s literally worth no more than the paper it’s printed on. without Congress approval.. It took 95 years (from 1913-2008) for the price of most things to go up 1%-6.) This move now gave the Federal Reserve the ability to print unlimited quantities of it.And then in 1971. in order to artificially prop up the economy the Federal Reserve has printed more dollars into existence in the last 18 months than the United States has in the past 300 years COMBINED. 12 .000% (ie – for the dollar to lose 1%-6. That rate may soon be vertical.000% of it’s value). But here’s the scary part. See the graph below. when the housing bubble burst in 2008.

But what happens when the people doing the bailouts need to be bailed out? This is a pattern that has repeated itself hundreds of times throughout history with the exact same result every single time – without fail. but the long term repercussions will be severe. Historically. This is basically like trying to keep a dying person who just had a heart attack alive by shooting them up with cocaine. this isn’t just your everyday.” --Voltaire. French Historian It’s been almost 40 years for us since the US dollar became completely fiat in 1971 when it was taken off the gold standard entirely. right now. So we’re actually overdue. fiat currencies only last for about 30 years. Fiat currencies are nothing new. It might work for a little bit. We are. run-of-the-mill recession. So where does all of this leave us? Unfortunately. The problem is bigger than almost anyone could possibly imagine and there’s way more to it than I can possibly share in this e-book. 13 . still living in the greatest bubble that has ever been created and the only thing keeping it from popping is the Fed’s frantic printing of more money. Governments don’t like using gold and silver for money (the only kind that has any real true value) because it’s available in limited quantities and therefore it limits their ability to spend.And just recently another $900 billion was added into circulation. And then what? “All paper currency eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.

I’m not the be-all-end-all on this and nothing in life is guaranteed (although in my opinion this is about as close as you can get to the truth of what has gone on in the past to create this crisis and what is to come in the future and there are some very smart people who are pretty much betting everything on this). This has already happened in dozens of countries this past century alone and hundreds of times throughout history (it’s even happened twice before in the US. I don’t blame you... The important thing is to at least be informed and aware of it so you can make your own decisions. But keep this in mind. 14 .But essentially the short version is this: We are in the final phases of yet another fiat currency in the pages of history (there has NEVER been a successful fiat currency. And there are really only two options: 1. There is not a single case where the printing of fiat currency didn’t result in hyperinflation and the eventual destruction of that currency. If the Fed stops printing money in order to allow the markets to naturally correct themselves we will fall into a depression that will make the 1930’s depression look like the California gold rush. Or BOTH in the form of a “Hyperinflationary Depression” that people like Robert Kiyosaki are predicting. EVER. If this sounds a little extreme or you would like to think that maybe things will be different this time. Again. just to give you an idea of the kind of odds we’re up against). during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War). it will trigger hyperinflation with the end result being the US dollar becoming utterly worthless. If they keep printing money at the rate they are. 2.

We’re actually living through the ultimate investing environment right now. 15 . if you can see it for what it is. Everything we know and depend on in our world today is based on the trust in the US dollar. All fiat currencies are based on trust. You might be tempted to think that talking about all this stuff conflicts with having an abundance mentality. Once that trust is lost (and if you pay any attention to the headlines about the international currency wars brewing you know that we are dangerously close to that point) it is irreversible and the money becomes worthless regardless of its scarcity at that point.. nothing more. it’s global. Now on the surface. For the first time in history. until you realize that. The only difference this time is that the US dollar is the reserve currency for not only the US. More people become wealthy during times of economic turmoil than at any other point. If you’re not careful. That is..000 years. when actually the complete opposite is true. it can have a pretty negative effect on your outlook and productivity. I know this might not seem like the most pleasant topic to think about. The track record for this pattern of inflation is flawless and gold has replaced every fiat currency that has ever been created in the past 3.For example. in Germany in 1923 their currency had become so worthless as a result of hyperinflation that it literally took a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread. but also the entire WORLD.

etc) operates in cycles. It is 100% TRUE that you create your own reality through your mindset. government.” Or that.I’ve heard many people say things like “We’re only in a down economy if you believe we’re in a down economy. The key to prospering. Knowledge is power. the seasons. But having a positive mindset and an abundance mentality doesn’t mean ignoring relevant facts. society. Smart people make lots of money in both bull (up) AND bear (down) markets. but we’re talking about two very different things). civilization. our bodies.. “Negative thinking attracts negative events into your life. adapt and overcome any circumstances and having the creativity to turn any situation into a positive.. The phrase “down economy” is relative and means different things to different people. Both are natural. 16 . It means being able to improvise. History repeats itself and you can either be hurt by it (like most people will be) or benefit from it. if you’re conscious of it. “The farther back you can look the farther forward you are likely to see. history. totally normal and nothing to fear.” --Winston Churchill Napoleon Hill calls this “accurate thinking” and the legendary marketer Dan Kennedy says it’s the most important AND overlooked quality in Think and Grow Rich. is to realize that nature (and business. You CAN create wealth and value in ANY situation.” (absolutely true. But first you have to be able to size up the situation and recognize it for what it is. no matter what. but NOT if you fool yourself into thinking a bear market is actually a bull market or vice versa.

000 years. however.” At least publicly. By reading this book you will be equipped with information that will give you a viable action plan that the average person can use to turn what will unfortunately be a catastrophic event for many into the opportunity of a lifetime. seriously wrong. Because we’re going to need people like you and me when all is said and done. And I want to make sure you come out on top. I’ve studied this stuff intensively for awhile but I am by no means an expert on it. Trying to operate against these cycles is like trying to keep your body awake for days at a time using artificial stimulants. but most serious business people have been afraid to “go there. and there’s a lot of crazy “conspiracy” videos on YouTube about it. your community and your family for the next 5-10 years. 17 . only if I was also able to hand them the information about resources and solutions they could use to turn this financial crisis into a massively positive opportunity for themselves as a result. which is why I read books by experts and also consult experts. That’s not natural. Because frankly. I’ve been wanting to educate people on these facts for some time.Nothing goes up forever and nothing goes down forever. but this pivotal event in human history will affect your business. A lot of people have a feeling that something is seriously. no one has really had any concrete answers or solutions. This particular economic cycle we’re in just so happens to be the biggest cycle the world has seen in 6. Now like I said before. And you will be able to experience financial gains that most would consider incomprehensible today. Not only that. That’s about to change. And it will be used by the working entrepreneurs of the world to create REAL positive change in society.

As I said in my introduction. about solutions and financial freedom. If you take the time to raise your financial IQ about what is really going on in our world economically and you take the time to learn the secret investment strategies of the wealthy. “Did you know that lack of information is the number one barrier to wealth?” Robert Kiyosaki 18 . this is a book about hope. you cannot be the adverse effect of what is to be the greatest wealth transfer in our history.

In this chapter you will clearly see that this inflation trend in the US is actually the end of the 6th phase of a 7-phase economic cycle that our country is going through. The end of phase 6 is the inflation stage and phase 7 is the stage which marks the end of the country’s currency but also marks the creation of incredible wealth for you IF you learn how to position yourself to be on the positive side of what is will be the Greatest Wealth Transfer in the history of the world. You will see how we got to where we are economically and what you can do about it personally to protect your wealth.Chapter 2 7 things you need to know about creating wealth in hard times In his book. I will show you the 7 phases playing out in both Athens Greece. Michael Maloney speaks about a 7 phase pattern that nations move through repeatedly throughout history. into an opportunity for incredible financial wealth for you and your loved ones. As an example. over 2000 years ago and also currently in the United States. It’s more important that you understand how to tell where a country is in terms of these 7 phases by the state of its currency. With this knowledge you can turn what will sadly affect 95% of the population in a negative way. There are but two of hundreds of examples of this 7 phase pattern that plays out over and over for centuries past. It’s important that you understand what these phases are and that this pattern exists. In the last chapter we looked at the 100 year-long inflation trend in the US. But it is vital that you realize that the United States is moving through the end of phase 6 and into phase 7. 19 . “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver”.

NOTE: This information may prove to be the most valuable financial information you will possess at this time of your life. that all men are created equal. It is a bit hard to read but at the bottom of the front of this $20. "We hold these truths to be self evident. The dollar was backed by gold. The United States flourished under the new Declaration of Independence. resulting in a 150 year-long affluence trend. 1776.Phase 1: Here is the United States during its phase 1 starting out with good money. The United States Declaration of Independence is a statement adopted by Congress on July 4. and the pursuit of Happiness. and thus no longer a part of the British Empire. “Twenty Dollars IN GOLD COIN payable to the bearer on demand. or backed fully by gold and silver). Athens. are Life.00 bill it says. that among these. The chart below shows strong economic growth in the United States from 1700 to 1850. (Definition of sovereign nation is a nation that is independent and self governing) USA. that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. It is 1776 and the Declaration of Independence is being signed by brave and free men. So goes the United States and here is why… Phase #1: A sovereign state starts out with good money (ie: money that is gold or silver. Liberty. which announced that the thirteen American Colonies were now independent states." These are the words penned into the Declaration of Independence which was primarily written by Thomas Jefferson but presided over by George Washington. Approximately 500 years before the time of Christ. Greece flourished into one of the greatest civilizations of all time only to collapse within only a few hundred years.” 20 . This was the birthday of our nation.

Most Athenians cherished their democracy. The time is roughly 700 years before Christ and for the next 300 years Greece flourished into one of the world’s most powerful and influential civilizations. Athens was among the first Greek cities to cut their own coins. Now let’s look at Greece in its first phase. Athens started out with good money. Silver and gold coins from Athens. A sovereign state starts out with good money (ie: money that is gold or silver. (Source: Sacra-Moneta.Athens Greece – Phase 1. Athens became the most successful democracy of ancient Greece during the 400's B. Greece 500 BC. or fully backed by gold and silver). Gold and silver coins were used as exchange for goods needed.C. This council ran the day-to-day business of government and prepared the bills that the assembly debated and voted 21 .

Phase 2: As the nation develops economically and socially. prior to 1940 there was no such thing as government aid in the form of hand outs in America. The graph below left shows the amount of government money being spent on food stamps for Americans from 1969 to July 2010. it begins to take on more and more economic burdens. It is the place that humanism and democracy were born. USA. adding layer upon layer of public works and social programs. The graph below right shows clearly that the US has passed through phase 2 having added layer upon layer of public works and social programs. adding layer upon layer of public works and social programs. 22 .  Athens Greece .Phase #2: As the nation develops economically and socially. it begins to take on more and more economic burdens. Athens flourished in what was considered the world’s first democracy and free market system. No other city has contributed more to the civilization of mankind than Athens. It is the place where Socrates and Plato were born and many others.Phase 2: Interestingly.

Athens. It tells the story of increased military expenditures. (Source Hellenic Adventures 2003) Phase #3: As its economic affluence grows so does its political influence and it increases expenditures to fund a massive military. Greece is moving through phase 2.Phase 3: To best illustrate this point here is a chart showing US defense spending from 1900 to 2015. which was almost always and 5% of the citizens stayed home to tend the farms. USA.Phase 3: As its economic affluence grows so does its political influence and it increases expenditures to fund a massive military. and violent clashes between rich and poor became frequent. 23 . which included hundreds of large warships powered by nearly 200 oarsmen. Athens Greece. Economic conditions worsened. In ancient Greece most regions trained young men in the art of warfare and required all able-bodied male citizens to take up arms in time of war. Athens had the largest navy. however fighting resumed.The intellectual light that Athens created will always be alive. The government had to take on more and more of the economic burdens and social programs as the public grew less public spirited and more dependent on government aid. The quality of life declined as a result of the continuing warfare.

Viet Nam War. and expenditures explode. USA.Phase 4: World War I. the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War are only a few of the wars that the United States has been involved in over the past few decades. Gulf War.Phase #4: Eventually it puts its military to use. The chart below puts a perspective on the cost of just the Iraq war in comparison to other government social expenses. World War II. Korean War. 24 .

now there would be no limit to how much paper money could be printed in the USA. This was done. to enable the funding of wars. It was then that Richard Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard as you saw in the former chapter. In other words. it steals the wealth of its people by replacing their money with currency that can be created in unlimited quantities. Phase #5: To fund the war. However. USA. the rulers began to debase (make less valuable) the country’s money which is covered in phase 5. Money that is not backed by precious metals is called fiat money. It is difficult to find statistics of military spending of ancient Greece. the costliest of mankind’s endeavors.Phase 5: To illustrate how the United States moved through this phase we have to go to 1971. what is known is that in order to continue to fund wars at that time.Athens Greece Phase 4: Eventually it puts its military to use and expenditures explode. in part. Below is a graph of the Federal Reserve Currency printed and put into the US Economy. 25 .

Taking the US dollar off of the gold standard gave it the death sentence. Notice the statement “In Gold Coin” at the bottom. Notice that at the top it says “Federal Reserve Note”. On the right is a $20 dollar bill of current date. We are in year 40 with the US Dollar as I mentioned in the previous chapter. Federal Reserve Notes are fiat currency with the words "this note is legal tender for all debts. Also historically. 100% of fiat currencies have died out completely. public and private" printed on each note. Fiat currency typically has a 30 year lifespan. They have replaced United States Notes. Every US dollar was backed by Gold. 26 . which were once issued by the US Treasury Department.Above is a copy of a $20 Dollar Bill from 1905.

It was in the form of gold or silver pieces. This practice only accomplished one thing. It means a gold or silver coin that has been made less valuable by the addition of an inferior element.Athens Greece Phase 5: To fund the war. They began to debase their money in an attempt to fuel their war machine. some Athenian realized that they could mix these coins with copper or bronze and now make 2000 coins thereby doubling the volume of the coins. Below is an example of a coin made mostly of bronze metal. In order for Athens to continue in their warrior conquests. To understand how Greece devalued their currency at the time you have to know what the word “electrum” means. Wars cost a LOT of money. bronze coins were understood to be token or fiat currency that had little value. In a stroke of genius. 27 . they needed more money. These were called electrum coins. The tax men collected the tax money from the citizens. it steals the wealth of its people by replacing their money with currency that can be created in unlimited quantities. but that was nevertheless accepted by all parties as a common form of exchange (like modern paper currency and most modern coins). Unlike gold and silver coins. Let’s say they collected 1000 coins. It is from 400 BC. it made the currency become worth much less in a short period of time. Here is how it worked back then.

the wealth transfer caused by expansion of the currency supply is felt by the population as severe consumer price inflation. Wealth does not disappear but gets transferred into other’s hands. triggering a loss of faith in the currency. Remember that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation which has the power to control the printing of US dollars.Phase #6: Finally. If you want to know where money was transferred during the wealth transfer of 2008. 28 . take a look at this graph below. The graph below plots the composition of the end-of-week asset holdings of Federal Reserve assets in billions of dollars for the 12 months of the year 2008. The wealth starts to go into a steep affluence in Sept 2008. USA – Phase 6: This is the phase the United States is in right now.

unemployment ad nauseum. Since 2008. This has the domino effect of businesses closing. Since 1971. This is your prediction that inflation has arrived and will get worse. bankruptcies. currency has been pumped into the economy at an alarming rate. 29 . In the charts below you can see the rate of inflation escalating with rising food costs and the average length of unemployment in the US is 35 weeks. when Nixon took the US dollar off of the gold standard. What does that mean? That means that your dollars will become worth less and less.You have already seen the above graph in the previous phase however it applies in this phase as well. home foreclosures. banks closing. That’s over ½ year with no job. A loss of faith in the currency and an oversupply of the currency injected into the economy means higher prices on everything. the Federal Reserve Bank has printed a steadily increasing supply of fiat currency.

There is only meager evidence but certainly there were great differences in access to food between the rich. Athens Greece. who could spend time on eating and entertainment and could have as much meat and fish as they wanted. green vegetables. The citizens suffered.Also. who lived largely on chickpeas. The great Depression shanty towns look sadly familiar to present-day tent cities in the US. 30 . This time.Phase 6: Finally. the unemployment lines from the 1930s look similar to those of present time. The US stock market did not recover from that 1930s crash until the 1950s. fruits and snails. It is 400 BC. Why? Because the entire world depends upon the US dollar and has held the US dollar as the standard in foreign trade. the wealth transfer caused by expansion of the currency supply is felt by the population as severe consumer price inflation. beans. Soon the electrum coins could not be exchanged for the same amount of goods needed. the damage created is being felt around the world. and the very poor. Many citizens were reduced to such a diet. triggering a loss of faith in the currency. This time around it is not just the United States that is involved but the entire world. roots.

This makes the currency worth less and less the more it’s printed. the currency collapses. and massive wealth is transferred to those who had enough foresight to accumulate gold and silver early on. The best way to predict is to understand what has happened in the past. The graph below is the amount of money that the Federal Reserve has printed and put into circulation from 1917 to 2009. You can see how destructive the Federal Reserve Bank has been to the economic health of the US. Below is a graph of the declining value of the US Dollar. 31 . USA. For the purpose of dating this book.Phase 7: This is a look into the crystal ball of what is to come in the next 6 months to 3 years in the US.Phase # 7: An en masse movement out of the currency into precious metals and other tangible assets takes place. Graph of the decline in value of the US dollar The question to ask is how did the dollar get so devalued? Currency is made worthless by taking it off of the gold standard and then printing as much of it as you want. it was written in Dec 2010. It is not tied to gold so there is no limit to how much currency can be created.

931 years and 186 days to spend 1. Below is a graph of the stock market crash of 2008. In phase 7 massive wealth transfer occurs. the printing of money was held to a conservative amount of under 80 billion dollars annually ever since 1919.What is the relationship of these two graphs? The more fiat currency issued the less valuable it is. Trillions of dollars of US citizen’s retirement funds were “lost” (transferred). Just to give you an idea of how much money 1.8 trillion dollars is. And look at the staggering amount that was printed in just 2008 alone reaching to 1. 32 . Notice on the Federal Reserve graph that in 1971. the fed started printing an affluence of money from 1971 to 2007. when the dollar was removed from the gold standard.8 trillion dollars that year. Prior to this point.8 trillion dollars. if you were to spend 1 million dollars every day it would take you 4.

Here is a key to the acronyms on this graph so that you can do further research on those as you wish. AIG AMLF CPFF TAF PDCF American International Group Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Commercial Paper Funding Facility Term Auction Facility Primary Dealer Credit Facility 33 . Look at the graph below showing the newly acquired assets of the Federal Reserve Bank.Wealth doesn’t just disappear it is transferred.

and massive wealth is transferred to those who had enough foresight to accumulate gold and silver early on. The prediction of the price increase of gold and silver are much higher than what is shown on these charts.” Below are charts of the value of gold and silver over the past 10 to 20 years.That brings us to a hint of what you need to be seriously looking at right now. It is not too late to protect your wealth. The last part of phase 7 is… “……the currency collapses. 20 Year Gold Price Chart 10 Year Silver Price Chart 34 .

hunger and anarchy throughout Greece. the currency collapses and massive wealth is transferred to those who had enough foresight to accumulate gold and silver early on. What does that mean in terms of right here.Athens Greece Phase 7: An en masse movement out of the currency into precious metals and other tangible assets takes place. Don’t let this be you. The currency collapsed and massive wealth was transferred to those few who had enough foresight to accumulate gold and silver early on. drained the treasuries of all the city-states involved. the middle class will shrink as the majority join the ranks of the poor and the wealthy banking elite will become wealthier. my friends is the purpose of this book. right now? As was true for Athens. There went Athens to dust. And that. the poor will remain poor. middle class or wealthy) will not only survive the upcoming Greatest Wealth Transfer in the history of the world but will position themselves to become wealthier than they ever imagined. As the currency collapses. now barley escaping being burned to the ground and its inhabitants sold into slavery. get prepared and get wealthy. so it will be for the USA. massive wealth will be transferred to those who had enough foresight to accumulate gold and silver early on. Get educated. The Good News The good news is that the financially intelligent (no matter if they are poor. 35 . America is at the end of the 6th phase and will soon enter the 7th phase. As you can see. This brought about a period of poverty. The final nail in the coffin of Athens came after hundreds of wars. These are the 7 phases that a sovereign nation moves through. fought by several kings ending with Alexander the Great. For the majority of the population. a once great city.

2007 American Home Mortgage Company declared bankruptcy. Now. right now at five main challenges that you need to be aware of so that you can navigate around them. On Aug 6. The Second Challenge is the record amount of new debt that is being issued today. The US spends more than it makes and borrows what it needs to get through the year. The First Challenge is the Credit and Housing Bubble Bust. Looking back to as far as 1940 there has never been a contraction as severe as this. 36 . unemployment rate soars. Back in 1930 to 1934 wages and currencies evaporated and contraction occurred to the point of disaster in a deflationary depression as you can see on the graph below. It’s a time when prices fall. To give you an idea of the severity of this.Chapter 3 Prosper in spite of these 5 challenges One of the fruits of raising financial IQ is the ability to predict and prepare for the challenges in the future. a rate that has not been seen since the great depression of the 1930s. credit is harder and harder to find as a result of the current deflation. The graph below shows the rate of deflation which is -3. Each year the government borrows money to make ends meet. people are laid-off. homes are lost and home equity is lost. Deflation is present when there is too little currency in circulation. This is a deflationary event. businesses close. It’s a time of contraction. Let’s look at what’s happening right here. the US creates about 14 trillion dollars annually (US GDP – Gross Domestic Product) but our debt is over 12 trillion dollars. Trillions of dollars worth of “fuel” that used to flame the economy has been sucked out of circulation.

Notice the amount of debt the US had back in 1929 to 1939. that will lead to another challenge which is hyperinflation. See the chart below of The Federal Reserve and Treasury Total Money Supply. The inevitable outcome is prices will skyrocket. It has exploded to hyperinflationary levels during the recent years.Deflation will destroy a debt based economy such as what we have today. 37 . We were able to bounce back in 1939. but we are too deeply in debt as a country to be able to survive another great depression. the time of the great depression. However. For that reason. especially those of food. So the Fed’s only option is to print more money. Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank) will do everything in his power to prevent deflation. gas and oil.

NOTE: IF you think this cannot happen. US Secretary of the Treasury. but we only create 14 trillion income. The third challenge is the Social Security program obligations. Our politicians will choose to keep the printing presses rolling. we get hyperinflation. Default on the debt. Treasury Secretary. defaulting on the debt would include taking Social Security away from boomers. Add to that 12 Trillion dollars a year in debt. Think again. This is not a new rule. This means that from 2016 to 2025 we will have the largest demographic in the US pulling 4 to 6% of their wealth from the stock market each year. there has been an immense demand for stock and mutual funds. Reduce the value of the currency which will hence reduce the value of the debts owed to a manageable level. They own 13 trillion in assets which is 50% of the US asset base. The US has an additional 65 trillion coming due for social entitlement programs. Timothy Geithner. but what you need to know is that boomers comprise 25% of the US population. These are primary vehicles used to invest their money into the stock market. This could be anywhere from 4 to 6% each year. The government mandates that at age 70 ½ US citizens have to take a percentage of their investment out of their IRA. As stated above. The Fourth Challenge is one that Robert Kiyosaki predicted in 2002. It has happened. There are 78 million of them. there is a tiny little technicality connected with this that will trigger the biggest stock market crash yet. The Boomer generation has an egg called the IRA and 401K plan. 65 +12 is 77 Trillion to pay out. 1. But why do that when you can keep on printing money. Boomers will always get a Social Security check but the value of it will be greatly reduced… For example. If we continue. Besides. That is the group of people that will be taking a percentage of their money out of their investments annually. said that the Social Security annual surplus will be completely gone by 2016 because of the increased demands from the 78 million baby boomers in line to retire. Boomers are anyone born during the years 1946 to 1955. The majority of wealth remaining in the US is held by the baby boomers in their retirement IRA and 401K plans. 38 . For the past several decades. the US GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is 14 Trillion dollars a year. If we stop printing money we get severe deflationary depression. There are only two things that can be done. However. That is a lot of money coming out of the stock market. 2. $20 for a gallon for milk. By the year 2016 boomers that were born in 1946 will turn 70 ½ years old. This will never happen as politicians proposing this would get voted out of office in a heartbeat. The lesson here is to prepare for hyperinflation.

and the combined production rate of a field of related oil wells. Source is Cambridge energy research associates Back in 1970 we passed the point of cheap and easy oil and moved into the realm of diminishing returns. What is peak oil? Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached. This means that most of our energy is coming from outside our borders. This amount equals about 868. The graph below shows that the US peak in oil production occurred in 1970. and industrial. We aren’t going to run out of oil. At the same time. after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. 39 . there will be no one to buy these stocks so the boomers will tend to pull more of their funds out. The 5th Challenge is the largest one but has the least amount of coverage and that is Peak Oil.8 million gallons per day or 2. manufacturing.The market will start to crash as this largest and wealthiest demographic in our country pull their wealth out. residential. you can see by the light blue line that our oil exports have increased dramatically since 1970. This concept is based on the observed production rates of individual oil wells. The following chart divides US oil usage by four primary sectors: commercial. The production rate from an oil field over time usually grows exponentially until the rate peaks and then declines—sometimes rapidly—until the field is depleted. transportation. The population is tied at a genetic level to the commodity of cheap and easy oil. The US consumes 25% of the world’s daily oil supply and it imports more than 70% of that amount. To compound this. construction. Since that time our home oil production has been rapidly declining. and mining industries.1 billion gallons of oil in 2006. which includes the agricultural.9 gallons per person per day. The US consumed approximately 317. We are going to run out of cheap oil.

40 .1 % per year. 42 of the 50 largest oil producing countries in the world have entered into a decline in global oil production As of 2009 the IEA (International Energy Association) reports that global oil production is declining by 9. As of 2008. the discovery of oil has been rapidly declining. What does this mean? We can know one fact with certainty and that is that the price of oil will also skyrocket.Additionally.

41 . More millionaires were made during the Great Depression than any other time in American history. The telltale signs are here. But I found the answer. Wealth transfers from one to another and we are about to live through the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. just to mention a few. I sure didn’t know what to do. I had been studying internet marketing under Mike Dillard for about a year. This is the best opportunity in your lifetime to become very. very wealthy IF you know what to do. CNN and advice from misinformed friends.Chapter 4: How to position yourself on the positive side of the upcoming greatest wealth transfer in our history We are now entering into the declining stages of our society as we have known it. I was lost in a sea of misinformation from newspapers. 30 to 40% of the Boomer’s retirement investments lost their value. The cost of food and gas is rising steadily and will continue to do so. the more worried I became not only for myself but for my friends and clients as well. The economy is on the verge of depression. The more horrible truth I learned about where our economy is headed. Change creates opportunity. 20% of the country is unemployed. The first lesson to learn is that wealth is not destroyed. It’s transferred from one to another. But here is why the exact opposite should be done. These alone are enough to make a person bury their head in the sand and hope and pray for this to all blow over.

The collective mind of the country starts to feel that something is not right.Mike Dillard is popularly known for his major contributions to the MLM industry with his revolutionary approach to internet and attraction marketing. And something miraculous happens. What is occurring presently is deflation because the biggest credit and debt bubble in history popped. the only real money of the 42 . What I have DISCOVERED in these materials is nothing less than astounding. The information had an immediate and massive impact on my future and my family’s future.0. I cannot and will not tell you what to do with your money. They sense the loss of value of the money. or we can see the situation for what it is and learn what to do to prepare ourselves. Simply put. Recently. He has changed thousands of lives and his coaching has created some of the top 6 and 7 figure income earners in the network marketing industry. this guy KNOWS what he is talking about! His company Magnetic Sponsoring has grossed MILLIONS of dollars with their cutting edge training products such as Magnetic Sponsoring and MLM Traffic Formula 2. Hyperinflation is expected in the coming years because we are going to try to print our way to oblivion trying to prevent a more severe deflationary depression. I have been studying this for a while and I intend to win. Tim Erway and is now launching a project called The Elevation Group. I learned several secret investment strategies of the wealthy and you can too even if you are not wealthy now. The Elevation Group is based on the ideas and tactics that are used most commonly and exclusively by the wealthiest people on the face of the planet in order to secure their personal assets and create a TRUE passive income through the right kind of investments. I intend to end up on the winning side. Mike handed over his Magnetic Sponsoring company to his partner. That is your responsibility. Through the free market system the will of the public causes gold and silver. There is massive opportunity for wealth for you IF you understand these trends We are about to live through the most massive transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. But I can tell you what I am doing. We can take responsibility for our future and come out the other side of this so much more prosperous than before. We can hide and ignore it hoping things turn out all right. Protect what you have. I received a private invitation to The Elevation Group and was given access to some of the materials in advance. On an immediate basis you have one priority: 1.

not buying homes. causing rampant and instant inflation. In terms of today. let’s say you have $100. the gold exchange rate was about 100 marks per ounce.000 to 2.planet.00 dollars per gallon. you can see that this is how you go bankrupt in inflationary times. to automatically revalue and in so doing it accounts for all of the currency that has been created since the last revaluation.000 marks per ounce. By 1920 it was 1. How many people are paying down their debt. time for prosperity again. In today’s terms that would mean that a gallon of gasoline would go from approximately 3. Weimar Republic hyperinflation from one to one trillion paper Marks per gold Mark 43 . For example at the beginning of World War 1 German marks were taken off the gold standard so that the German Government could pay for the war by revving up the printing presses.000 in savings today. in 1918. As milk and gas prices increase.00 to 60. pulling their money out of the market. confidence came back and with it all of the currency that had been hoarded came back into circulation.00 dollars per gallon to 30. Prices didn’t increase however because in times of uncertainty people don’t spend their money. Right before the end of WWI. Well by the war’s end. bad time over. holding onto savings. The number of German marks increased by 400% during the war. Anyone who had their savings in German Marks lost everything. Look at today. The cost of a single chicken egg in 1920 in Germany went from 8 cents to 80 billion marks. sun shining. Now your entire life savings is being used to buy a gallon of gas.

We are in a precious metals bull market right now. Also without exception. but to invest in the proper asset category at the proper time. The track record is flawless for thousands of years. Those who invested at least some of their wealth in silver and gold were able to retain that wealth they had worked years to acquire. Likewise with currency. The purpose for buying gold is not to hoard gold or to suddenly become a gold bug. in the US you could purchase a home for about 20. Every single fiat currency that has ever been created has been destroyed without exception. But the middle class who put their faith in the government and the government’s currency were wiped out. It would have taken 14. (a bull market is one in which prices are expected to rise as opposed to a bear market in which prices are expected to drop) Here are the facts for example: In 1971. the public will come in at the top and the gold bubble will pop and they will lose again. that year. As gold and silver demand starts to increase and get more press and grow in price.285 oz of silver to buy that house 44 . Back then the poor didn’t really see too much change from what they were used to and the rich who knew the strategies of wealth and took the proper steps to protect their wealth were still rich. Silver at the time cost about 1. it is never destroyed it simply changes hands.000.40 per oz.The price of gold went from 170 marks for an ounce of gold to 1 trillion marks for an ounce. Now that doesn’t mean much if an egg costs 80 billion marks. So the lesson here is this …energy is never really destroyed but simply changed or transferred from one form to another and the same with currency. If you were able to adapt and if you had gold you could take advantage of massive opportunity in Germany in 1920. That is what’s going to happen with gold and silver here in the next couple of years. In fact back then you could buy an entire city block in Germany for 25 oz of gold which today is about 35K. is the value agent of last resort during every fiat currency’s death has always been gold and silver.

Bullion banks all around the world have leased their gold and silver at a rate of 45 to 1. If you had sold your house in 1971 for 20. How to turn a 20. Today we are in a similar situation only better. By 1980 the same house cost about 42.US Dollar (fiat currency) So today’s economic crisis is not about stocks or housing. which is intrinsically zero. RIP . It is the final chapter in the life of another fiat currency that has been abused beyond the point of no return. Silver increased 3.During the next 9 years there was a precious metals bull market. Silver is expected to go up several thousand percent in the next few years. And silver rose in price to 52. 45 . If you then sold your silver you could buy 18 houses at the 1980 price of 42. they have sold the rights for it to 45 other people.896 Here is something else to think about.50 an ounce.747. Which means it required only about 800 oz of silver to purchase the same home. That means that as the demand for gold and silver increases and as they become scarcer.663 investment into 770.663 investment with a 34 X growth index.541% during the same period. Your wealth will be dictated by which asset class you invest in right now. Real estate has become much more overvalued and silver has become undervalued. That means that for each oz of actual metal they have. if you had invested in silver you would have made a 3. by January of 1980 (9 years later) your investment would have outpaced real estate by a factor of 17 growing to 770. DAMN! That is a 20. However.747. The home had increased in price 100%. Which means that the largest wealth transfer is underway as everything reverts back to its true unleveraged value. This is just the beginning. So bottom line is that if you bought a home in 1971 and you sold it in 1980 you made a 100% return on your investment.663 and purchased silver with that money. In 2010 I invested heavily in silver. the price will increase. Add this to the fact that unlike in 1981.796 in just 9 years.641% return on your investment. today we are in a major currency war as every major nation races to devalue their currency against the dollar creating a greater demand for precious metals in the not too distant future.

A blueprint does not exist. Not surprising. 1. rich people don’t usually talk about how they did it. Not from the talking heads on CNBC or from your financial advisor who is only regurgitating his company’s mantra. ie: when to buy. What you need is access to cutting edge information from people that know what’s going on like Robert Kiyosaki. You will get sheered with the rest of them. I mean really showing you HOW to do it. There will come a day when the silver and gold bubbles burst. Well most of that money is lost and it’s is not coming back. What that means is you need to know two things. author of Crisis by Design and Mike Dillard. Knowing what assets to buy and how to buy them is important. 2. It’s best to watch what they are doing and do the opposite. When to sell and get out of metals before they plummet and Where to put your profit next. 1. Don’t follow the rest of middle class America. What is your next move? Let’s say you pick up some gold and silver and position yourself on the winning side of this wealth transfer. Those days are over. However there are no books out there to find out how to create wealth. You would have to be a fool to do that again. John Truman Wolfe. 2. I wasn’t raised with an education in wealth creation. etc. We were trained to hand our money over to a financial manager and get a Roth IRA. The strategy is simply to get out of the middle class slaughter house and into the world of the rich. just like the housing bubble burst and the tech bubble burst just before that.IMPORTANT!!! Read Michael Maloney’s book “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver” for more information about why that fact is so important to your financial future. You need knowledge and skills to act on the info you receive. what to buy? When and how and why do I set up a family bank? How do I buy commercial properties in other countries and who do I use? Who do I trust? 46 . Michael Maloney. Every day that goes by the window of opportunity gets smaller and smaller. The good news is that a solution has been created for everyone. Yet the time is right now to learn about it. Knowledge of this sort is unrevealed.

2. Mike Dillard is bringing to the table entrepreneurs of 10 Million to 1 Billion dollars net worth . For a year Mike looked around. I have been able to create my own family bank which will provide wealth for my family for now and many generations to come. 10.. The goal is to empower ordinary individuals like you and I with the knowledge and contacts needed to achieve extraordinary wealth in a very brave new world of investing. 6% . the alternative has been found. Here are the benefits of having your own family bank: 1. Using his network he was introduced to Walter and Paul and he made his own family bank. These interviews are documented in the form of video and text lessons for you. Through my affiliation with Mike Dillard.for example) No limit to how much can invest Provides protection against creditors so never have to worry about loss from a law suit You can use the money inside of your personal bank for collateral for the purchase of a home You have liquidity in just a few days.3. Provides you with monthly revenue in case you are ever physically hurt…. Yes. You have to know the people that do these sorts of things. you can swing for better investments with no worry of losing your nest egg because your nest egg is secure. 47 . You can finance purchases and pay the interest to yourself. He is flying to their homes interviewing them. Allows you to pull out 100 % of your money tax free. 3. 5. Allows you to act as your own bank. One of the biggest problems is where to put the retirement so that it remains safe. 4. 7. These include the contact information of these people so that you can do business with them. A rolodex is a must. This is taught to you and not only that. With this in place. 8. you are given the contact information of the people that help you set these things in motion.10% interest Take out money with no penalty (boomers get penalized for early withdraw. 6. even if you are not wealthy. 9. The solution to that has also been discovered. having them reveal how they grow their wealth. You should fire your financial manager if he doesn’t know about this. You have to know that they are trustworthy and you have to have access to them and to the investment details. ONLY very few people know that this exists.

This all takes place in real life. I personally surround myself with positive people that take responsibility for their own financial education and wealth.  How to find and invest in stocks that give 100 to 400% return on them. your income will change and your financial destiny will change. Creating wealth in your life is about to get real. It is possible to generate MASSIVE wealth today for you and your family.. that you will need information about. There are commercial real estate deals and other investment strategies formerly reserved for only the very wealthy. It’s a living adventure. The 5 people that you are associating with right now is the main factor that effects your level of wealth. The largest value of this investment information is that your MINDSET will change. You will learn:  How to teach your children so that they can continue to manage and grow the wealth. and the curtain has been pulled back so that anyone desiring this information can have it. We go around the world and inside the secret investment strategies of the wealthy. The way you think about money will change. For the very first time anyone who wants it will have access to these wealth protecting and building strategies. Your potential to change your wealth accumulation is limitless. blamers. Your time is now.Is it too late for me to benefit? No. So yes. They are a great group of people and do their best with the information they have been taught to relay. the opportunity to go into their world and do the same things the wealthy do with their money.. This is just a taste of what’s to come. Your relationships will change. I bought as much silver as I could for starters. You have to have zero tolerance for whiners. You have to take responsibility for your financial decisions. complainers. They are sales people.  How to buy and sell businesses  How to obtain second international citizenships. This is the real deal. The rich are doing it right now. 48 .  How to buy cash flow assets like apt complexes  How to do Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Private Placement  How and where the rich put their money for retirement to avoid taxes. Realize that financial advisors are not money geniuses and they are not rich. just get started.

It is as certain as the sunrise. and it will not stop until the full accounting is completed. Mary Kay Carr 49 . Remember that more millionaires were made during the last financial crisis in the US in 1930s than at any other time in our country’s history. You can CLICK HERE to see what I have found and to learn how to put yourself on the positive side of the greatest wealth transfer in human history. No matter where you are in your life. Final Thoughts…… Gold and silver are not the sole solution to the creation. but better to be stretched to the limit with concepts of what may come so as to be prepared. They’ve always done this. This is a book of hope. the accounting has begun. these will also be revealed to those who want it. and they always will. you can absolutely achieve your goals and your dreams – and do it faster than you can imagine. protection and growth of your wealth. stretching it to the limit. Gold and silver bring fraudulent money to justice. I realize that some of this may be altering your mind. To your prosperity. Once again. In future books and blog articles. This is only a fraction of the vast number of investment strategies of the wealthy. or how happy/unhappy you are with your life’s circumstances. how far down you’ve been beaten. than to be caught flat footed with the financial IQ of a cucumber--a cucumber that gets squashed under the wheels of financial ignorance. Investing in gold and silver are simply the smartest thing to do as an immediately doable action.You will NEVER look at the world the same way again.

com Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved – The Wealth Group for Women 50 .Resources: Crisis by Design by John Truman Wolfe Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver The Conspiracy of the Rich Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad’s Prophecy Robert Kiyosaki Mentors: Mike Dillard Michael Maloney www.TheWealthGroupforWomen. is intended to provide personal financial advice. 51 . and the presence or lack of financial compensation in no way affects the recommendations made in this letter. you should discuss your options with a qualified advisor-. financial nothing published in this letter constitutes encouragement to avoid or evade tax obligations in your home country. IRS auditor. attorney. financial or otherwise. Also. you should understand that TheWealthGroupforWomen may in some instances receive financial compensation for products and/or services which are mentioned in the letter. and in other cases. Before undertaking any action described in this e-book. Furthermore. The needs of the community come first. TheWealthGroupforWomen receives no compensation.Neither this e-book communication nor content posted to the website TheWealthGroupforWomen.

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