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VOL. 28 - No. 32
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Christmas Boxes Will Be M'ailed 'Everything. Is fine Important Contests Slated For General Election
• ht toen
Tonlg M Wh are
A 0verseas Writes
At Cainp Attebury,'
Morty Breslow Next Tuesday; Five State Offices To Be Filled
Narberth's Plan of Remembering Soldiers Is Co. "A," 330th Int. eTwo Judges, Governor, Lieutenant-Governor and
Unique in America; $1950 Raised by
• •
A. P. O. B3
Camp Attebury, Indiana
Special Extra - To Kin Secretary of Internal Affairs to Be Voted On;
D anatlons; CommIttee Expects More; Oct. 25, 1942 Of Overseas Service Men List Candidate.s of All Parties
Vaters of Montgomery County will have the opportunity at the Ge'l1-
Gifts to Be Displayed Dear Mom, There will be a few Inches of
eral Election November 3, to cast their ballots for candidates for five
Tonight's the night and midnight will probably have come before the We got here after 16 hours riding space In the Christmas cartons State offices, Oongressman-at-large from pennsylvania, Congressman from
several scores of Christmas boxes for the Narberth men who arc overseas in a troop train. My uniform fits which leave Narberth tonight fOr the the 17th COngressional District (Montgomery), State senator from the 12th
are packed. sealed and delivered to Joe Kelley's j:Jst office for transport fine. I have lost five pounds from Service men who are overseas; prob- Senatorial District (Montgomery) and for Representatives In the General
:to the far comers of the earth. marching and walking around ably enough space to stuff a pair Assembly from the First, Second and Third Districts of the COunty.
F'Jr It Is true that the. Borough Is well repreSt'nt<>d in every arena of camp. The camp is new and I'm of extra warm socks. or a few hand- Five parties are listed on the Ballot; Democratic, Republican. Prohi-
war and at this partlcular lI1terval some of our men ue in the thickest of lone of the first 1500 here. The boys kerchiefs, or something else that the bItion, SOcialist Labor and United Pension. An "X" marked In the square
the fray which IS occurnng on the Solomon Islands.
• • 0,
111 the camp are rom
f P ennsy Ivan Ia family knows their man can use to to the right of the party name constitutes a vote for all candidates of
Narberth s enterprise In sendmg [1 •• - .. -----. - - -- -' . -_ . . - - - - and MissoUrI and are swell. The advantage. that party.

ar Iy Mal-Iing Is
ChrlsUnas packagc to. every one of sergean t s are a Iso go.ocI On e even N 0 thi ng per Ish a bl e can b e accep t - - - - -.---------~<! Offices to be voted upon and the
their local mc'n who IS in the armed; E helped me carry my pack and bag ed-and no liqUids of any kind-and I.---------------1 candidates for each offiCe In the or-
forces appears to be unique in Amer-'
Ica. as wlule some churches. organ·
_IIy I t an
mpor t to permane'llt quarters. no article weighing more than seven I
Po'lll"ng Places
del' In Which they appear :)11 the
izations and small citY neig11oor-
hOods arc observmg a simllar pro- I
. This Christmas Tell Harry If he wants to know
what happened to bacon and beef,
Any sueh extra gift must be de-
livered to the Narberth Community
I n N,3 r ber th ballot are as follows.
JudglJo"Of the Supreme Court (Vote
~edure. there l.S no record of the ven- i we have It here; also we have all Building not later than 8:30 P. M. for one)-Grover C. Ladner. Dem.;
tUre beIng essayed by an entire com· The U. S. PostofIic\' D£>pa:'t- th<> sugar you can eat. this Friday evening. It should be Narberth Borough Allen M. Stearne, Rep.; Charles
mun1't y esc",
1"1' 1ere. and there IS . no. ment has l'SSU . e d an appnal tl1at The camp is the newest and finest D r. E m l'U I' M axwe II remembered that nothing shall be Narberth-No. I DIstrict. N'.lr- Palmer, Pr~hib.

doubt that Narberlh's consignment I all Christmas matter be mailed In the world. No one ever wants to Or. Emilie Maxwell. who is re- affiXed to the package except a berth Fire Company, Elm Hall, Judge of the Superior Court (Vote
Will be the large~t single camp·, .1s e[lrly as possible this year. go out. b-ocause we have everything placing Dr. Stewart Polk at the greeting and a name. as postal reg- Forrest avo for one)-Micha~1 A. Musmanno
bVund shipment to enter the malls.: "During this coming Chrlst- here - five different movies every Narberth Well Child Health c~n-I ulatlons forbid any kind of written Narberth---,No. 2 Dis t ric t. Dem.; Joseph Stadtfeld, Rep.; C.
. : mas period" states a bulletl'l1 night. the finest basketball court In COmmunity Bldg., Windsor & Wilfred Conrad, Prnhib.
MeanWhile. publlc approval of thl . .' A I b t th tI bl ter, C:mway and Haverford Aves., message In a parcel post package v
general plan cO'l1tinUes to manICest from the Department in Wash- me~ cap ~ ou ree mes as g Narberth, has lived most of her life Those who wish to avail themsel~es Conway avs. Governor (Vote for onel-F. Clair
Itself by additional contributions. thc Ington, "the necessity for mall- as t e a estra. In Merion, and has been practicing of this last minute opportunity NaI1berth-No. 3 D I st ric t. Ross, Dem.; Edward Martin, Rep.;
SCore now b~lng about $1950. and , ing earli{'r than heretof.:>re is The fellas are swell. Me and an- for four years In Narberth. should hurry, hurry, as all packages Headquarters of fuy SCouts N. Dale H. Learn, Prohib.; Joseph
there will be more coming from those most imperaLvr. Mailings should ather Narberth boy, Put Norbloom She Interned at Lancaster Gener- I mUst be sealed and in the post-of- W. Corner of Essex & Elmwood Plrlncln, SX. Ll'l.bor; John J
whose promises have not as yet been begin at least 20 or 25 days be- arc together. Some of the officers al Hospital, and was chief resident flee this Friday evening. avs. Haluska, United Pension.
fUUllled. fore Christmas. depending on
Starting next week. the various' distance to destination. as the
gilts WIlJ be on display in the win-: number of tr.llned cmpbyes
are from the Main Line.
Love to all.
physician at Woman's Medical Col.
lege Hospital, after graduating fr·:>m
Bucknell University and Woman's
AnnuaI Meeting 0f GOP H 3 1
• . ' . as to
Lieutenant Governor (Vote for
onel-Elmer Kilroy, Dem.; John C
Bell, Jr., Rep.; William P. Gemmill,
dows of Ralph Dunne's fuel offices i available for distrIbuting and
delivering mail will be seriously
(Morton D. Breslow) Medical College. Philadelphia. Merl·on Assoc-Iat-Ion Reglestratl·on Lead Prohi·b.; Emma R. Barnes, Sx
Labor; James A. Hurley, United
and it can be expected that the ex·
'I' h IS a Iways c11aracterl.Stic
\\ HC
. 0
reduced and the mail transpor.
hiblt will have the finished fiair, tation facilities curtailed dUe to
f Mr. I the war operations."
Induct New Head
I' Extend Dates Of The annual meeting and family
party of the Merion Civic Assocla-
140 , 348"I n M on t gomery (Vote
Secretary of Internal Affairs
for onel-Warren Hess. Dem.;
Dunne's handiwork. !
It is pointed out that. where-
The committee states there IS still' ever deslred, parcels may be
At Bry.n Mawr Blood DO.oatl·ons Uon will be held at the MeriO'll War
T.r Ibu te. mH.ouse on November 4 at
B 15 p
County Eligible to WIlllam S. Livengood. Jr., Rep.; Ada
Marshall Prugh, Prohlb.
time to add to the overseas list II, marked "Do not open before F 11 . Vote November 3 Representative In Congress At
the necessary information Is phoned I M' K.f.h "E M b·1 U"t t B • 0 oWing a brief business meet-
, Christmns." ISS a. arme " 0 lena 0 e m ing, the program wlll .Include sev- A total of 140.348 residents of Large (Vote for onel-Inez B. Peel.
today. Friday. to the Chairman of , b h d Dem' Willi I Tr t Re
As hlS bC1"n stated pre\·lou,ly. McBr"lde Installed at Nar ert Nov" 9 an eral surprise features, as well as ., . am . ou man,' p.;
the List Committee. Narberth 26-83. ~ .W d mus' I'C by the Music Weavers Trio Montgomery County are properly Robert G. Burnham, Prohlb.
mailings for men in foreign
It Is also reported that some of the: senlce must be mad\' not later
• Th·
IS ynnewoo
10 and an old-fashioned community registered and eligible to v.:>te at
. Representative In Congress ( Vote
churches are adding to the boxes' Af the General Election, Tuesday, No- f:>r onel-Chari<'s W. Moyer, Dem.;
with gifts for their own service men
communicants and which they have
proVided at their own expense. The
than November 1.

Calls Attentl·on to

Bride was inducted as the fourth

The Mobile Unit of the American "lng.
Miss Katharine Elizabeth Mc- Red C ross Blood D onor S erv Ice wi II
com to the Narbe th Fir H
e r e ouse on .
Rotary PrlenClp
e Ies
\'ember 3, illccordlng to flna,! figures
released by the County D~istra-
..,. .
J. William Ditter. Rep.
Be I I
nator n t 1e General Assembly
(Vote for onel~rald R. Nodon,
President of Bryn Mawr Colll'g~. November 9 and to the Wynnewood I
committee has welcomed this co-
operation. as not only wlll the mcn !
be pleased because of the speCial re- I
Curb on Air Ma-II this Thursday afternoon. in Good- Park Apartmento on November 10 In
hart Hall before a gathering of addition to the prevlolLSly announced
leo t peace
tion Commission. o:>m posed of
COunty Commissioners Foster C.
Hillt"gasoS. R.aymnd K. Mcnscl1 and
Oem. Franklin Spencer Edmonds
Representative in the General
membrance by their church group. \ The Post Office Departm<'nt has I
guests from neighboring colleges, schedUle of November 11, 12. and 13, Fred C. Peters. Assembly, F1rit DistrIct (Vote for
but there is a better chance of such' ruled that no package may be ac- alumnae. faculty and stUdentSjat Red Cross Headquarters ill Ard- District Governor Was Ollel-James A. Turley, [)em
art Ic Iesarrlvlng at far destinations cepted br transmi.ssiol1 by air mall
MISS Ad C t k P 'd t
a oms DC, reS1 en 0
f more
M' Fr niH S h t Cl . Ba a-Cynwyd-
IRepublicans have a better than
three to one advantage In register. Lambert Cadwalader, Rep.
if they are Included
cartonsin Which
the same
wlll until It has been examined by a RadCI.iffe
Massa., andIC.. OII
Dr. e. Frank
g e, . C.aI11Jb
..rl.dg. e. .. of
ayae1:>tte. " ". the
r.s... Blood
'. a . . c. s Donor
.' "C" ee Z.' '.
Service of the Narberth Speaker ed voters over Democrats. The Re- Representative
Assembl se In tht (VGenera.!
d Distrl t f
carry the Christmas gifts of the com- postal employee "to make sure no Director of the Institute for Ad- Main Line Branch No.1, appeals to publlcas total is 107,866 while the y, con c 0 e or
. I I cl·'-ft to J in th I f II The only way to assure peace on Democratic Is 29',657. one)-elem.ent Monacelli,. Dem.;
munlty at large. inflammable. explosive or other vancedStudy•. Prin~e~n, N. J" oca OUI"ns... 0 . e r e ows Charle H B J He
. . 'w~ .haY ~~ ~ earth ""Her t,ll.b; V'aJ: ~g;y QIIt . .!lOD"'~~~~lUIW-' '. ..' . s '. runner. r.. p~. .
e. a'
·.C". 0" "M'·
Y'..O'. .'
Directors of Bryn Mawr College
:~::~:e=::··~~·e~:.e: :C._me~~,bt~~tting'fu' to\1C~ :~~o th;: th~ 'p;in~itJi~~'0; ~~Will on W~ICll ~s~r~71;~:~n~!3~:~t~~g'~'As=n=;'~~~;:e'(=e;:t''''~
Blood Donor Service as soon as pos- Rotary Is founded, according to I th tl S I II ts three)-James E. Taggert Dem'

1 Be·De·d
IVI ed
' . Walker issued an .:Jrder that to be Inducted Miss McBride Into office. sibil', at Red Cross Headquarters, St. s x a er par es. oc a s num- ' .•
'handled br air mail, ev~ry sealed Miss McBride, who was appolnt- Georges Road and Montg:Jmery Ave- Charles W. Churchman, governor of ber 93; Proh1bl-tlonlsts, 14; Royal Abram W. Yet~, Dem.; PhilUp J.
package, parte} or other scaled cd President of Bryn Mawr COl-' nue, Ard Ad
more, r more 3100 . the 179th district of Rotary Interna- Oak, 2; Independent Labor, 1; Wunderle,.
(C t Dem.,
d 0 Edwin
P F Winner.
. lege In November 1941 to succeed For the Southeastern Pennsylva- tlonal, who spoke before the Bala- Commonwealth Land, 1; and Pro- on mue on oge our
a If Wi Go to Defense article, except ordinary letters. Miss Marl:>n Edwards Park. Presi- nia Chapter, of which this area is a Cynwyd-Na,rberth Rotary Club at Its gressive, 2.
And Half for S h
c 00
must be indorsed. to provide for dent of the College from 1922-1942
openll1g for postal 1l1SpectlOn. was born in Germantown, and reo
part, the quota is 2500 dO'11ors a week.
Under Mrs. Robert M. Gow of Bryn
weeki luncheon on Tuesda .
y y
Only registered voters will be
able to votc at the General Eke·
Both Parties Favor
ACt"IV"lt"leS The Department recommended celved her A.B. and Ph.D. degre:?s •Mawr, th e B ranc h h as orgamze . d a Churchman, who is associated with I ll·on. $75' 000,000 Tax Cut
As Lower Merion's speclal Junk I hat the employee who opens such from Brvn Mawr She was a mem- h ouse ,~ h v t
"" ouse can ass 0 cover er-
t his father In the Churchman Col- The Reglstr3tion Office at the
By Alexander Biddle
. . It f N b th t R d If lege at EastO'l1, Pa .. Is a member of G:>urt House will accept new rell-
Rally scrap metal drive draws to a package 11a\'e anotl1er n'nplovee as ber of the Bryn Mawr faculty I' ory rom ar er 0 a nor. ~ President,
," J Id b h d I the Rotary Club of Easton. His topic istratlolls on and after DecE'mbcr with last-min. ute collections a \\,!'tlless, alld I't was .-al·d
, that l't from 1934-1940 and has engag:?d you
I Ishou not e . reac d' e persona
I ·th- T ues d ay was" R 0 t ary 111
. a W or ld a t 4. Under the law, no one can be P(.'nnsylvanla Economy Leayue
bemg made of speCial salvage p i l e s . in clinical psycholog)' and research Y pease eommumcatc lrect y WI W One outstanding feature of the
throughout the Township, house- was deSirable that the scnder of at Bryn Mawr, Columbia and Phil· the Main Line Branch Headquarters. ar." registered during the month fol- political campaign, which culml-
ll.olders ~re turning their attention such packages pres~nt them un- adelphia hospitals under a grant oi Ardmore 3100, for we want every- Despite the clubs disbanded In lowinog an election.
.. al d h I 0 ' t ' Axis countries and In occupied Registration figures In L:>wer nates in the election next Tuesday,
to the tin ca'll campaign now being se € 53 t at the contrnts may t 1e Commonwealth Fund. In col· ne s coop~ra Ion. is th I t
waged through Lower Merion's be examincd before he seals the laboratlon with the late Dr. Theo. Those assisting the Blood Donor c:>untrles, Churchman reported, Ro- Merion TownsWp are: Republican. possi~e gr:~~:tlO~~~e:~~ t~:~ I~
k Se I I . I f tary has continUed to grow. 19,631; Democrat, 2.932; Non-partl-
elementary and junior high schools. pac age. (Continued on Poge Four) rv ce n procunng vo ullteers or I h {j t h f 19 1 an amount approximating the
thO h t h III b n t e Irs s£ven mont s.o 4 - san, 428; Independent. 37; Soclal-
School children, their famlll·es. ,. .. - ~ - 1S ouse 0 ouse canvass w e. 42 , he s t a t er, th ere were 32 new cIu bs $75,000,000 estimated by the Penn-
neighbors and friends are joining In In a 1arge ma j or It y, former R 0 11 C a II I
1st, 1.
sylvania Economy League. iHow the
workers. These women have volun- started In the Un ted States, Canada. In Narberth Borough. Republl-
the preparation of the cans by I "~l"ez.r OV'er.'Seas; Boxes ~. teered their services to assist with Newfoundland al1d Bermuda; one In I can. 2,919; Democrat, 427; Non- P. E. L. arrived at this figure was
cleaning them, removing labels, I
flattening them and saving them I .1 It
the work of putting before the pub- England. two In Australia. two in
India, one In CeYlon, one In Iceland,
p3rtisan. 93; Independent, 10. described In some detail In the Fall
issue of Its periodical, "Your
for the Japldly filling barrels In
each of -the eleven schools taking
rr j
T ,~
o-nzg h t lie the opportunity we w\ll have to
Volunteer our blood In this com-
munlty, They wm be headed by the
anln 26J~y~ai~~2~~~i~a'CIUbS were Property Sold
Dollar's Worth."
In Its platform the Democratic
part In the new drive. s t arte d In Argentina, five in Brazil,
Elm 1ell all d C h ave
ompany id so a Party says'. "The Commonwealth's
.' ... ~
ACCOrding to representatives of Narberth men who have left their native heath t'J come follOWing Main Line women: one In Chile, one in Great Britain,
detached, c.:>lonlal house, contain, taxes can and should be reduced
the SChool Board, who are assist- Mrs. Walter Black and Mrs. Rlch- one ill Ireland and one In Mexico,
Ing ten rooms and two baths for $100.000,000 during the next appro-
Ing Chairman R3.1ph E. Springer closer to the enemy 111 the far corners of a war-torn world. ard Grosholz. Ardmore; Mrs. Her- whlle since then there have been
Thomas Humphreys to Edwyn prlation period. The 'Democratic
and his salvage committee of the They are the vanguard ... and we Who know them well have bert Fritz and Mrs. Guier S. Wright. four started ill canada. one In India,
Rorke. The property, which is 10- Party w11l reduce State taxes." In
Council of Defense, a good coverage high faith that they wlll valiantly serve our Country's Cause. Bryn Mawr; Mrs. Alllson McCown. four in Mexico, one in Cuba, two in
cated at 216 Kent rd., Wynnewood, Its pamphlet on "Executive Accomp-
Is expected, and already hundreds God bless all of them! Gladwyne; Mrs. H. Boardman Hop- the United States and one In Alaska.
was held for sale at $9,000. lIshments of the Republican Admln-

30 000 Seel" or GOP

of pounds are coming In regUlarly per, Merion; Mrs. Fenton Willett, istratlon for 1939-42" the Repub-
to help fill the barrels. Mrs. Earl Wagner. Narberth; Mrs. E. Hcan Party estimates the "surplus
The growing hoard will be weigh- JOHN F. ANDERSO~, JR. . CHARLES W. LATCH. JR. . IN. Adourian, Mrs. Charles Steel. V to be used for tax reduction" in
~.r I
ed In a few weeks when quantities
make it feasible to have Townshlp-
wide collection from the schools and

Wynnewood'; Mrs. Charles S t a r r . ,
U f'd
••aver or ; an
Un, Villanova.
d M
Cl f
a - ~ k 1 Gounty B'y JIJIT00d
.L ic et n
. • • •
1943-45 at $83,000,000. Governor
James says " ... there will be a
spread of 50 to 80 mUllons of dollars
shipment by carload lot to the de- ....NDREW 1{. BURNS FANK J. MARIANO ------- between our Income and expenses
tinning plants.
Lower Merion Commissioners last WILLIAM C. CANTEY RA YMOND A. MAXWELL
All Day Meeting of Chairman Speaks At Pre-election Meeting Of
T d B h h C M b
of the next fiscal biennium. Taxes
may ·be cut next Winter In that
week apProved dividing the pro- CHARLES VICTOR CARSON ELMER MARTIN MEYER, JR. Women's Guild Circles owns ip an. oroug ommittee em ers amount. General Martin recently
oeeds from this qrlve between the CHARLES CHAIN The Women's Guild will hold an Disregard Rumors and Go To Work, Advises used the $75,000,000 figure.
Council of Defense and the school WILLIAM J. MEEHAN all-day meeting of all circles at the McConnell Every individual voting for a can-
children for activities funds. WILLIAM S. CHAIN GUY MOSTELLER Narberth Presbyterian ChUrch on didate of the two major parties wlll
11u; Township Highway Depart· MICHAEL F. CLAFFEY, JR. GEORGE J. MUMMA November 5. Lloyd Wood, chairman of the Re- "We have reached the zero hour," be voting for some one Whose Party
ment hopes this week to answer all The program Includes sewing and publican County Committee, told said the Township chairman. For confirms in prlnoiple the Pennsyl-
calls for the .collection of heavy Iron PETER A. CLAFFEY ROBERT W. McCLINTOCK surgical dressings at 10.30 a. m.; Main Line committee members Wed- each of us the mast Important fune- vania Economy League stand that
ocrap brought to Its attention for WILLIAM V. CLIPSHAM JAMES E. McCORMICK luncheon at 12.30 p. m. and a meet- nesday night that It was potentially tlon that we can perform for our taxes can be cut at least $75,000,000.
special removal, and to gather in possible for MO'ntgomery County to party Is to get our candidates over It is worth going to the polls to vote
the last of tthe scrap piles located at WILLIAM M. DARDEN ANDREW R. McDEVITT !J1~~ ;a~'l ~~1I will be devotional roll up a 30,000 majority for the party In the section we represent." In favor of using $75,000.000 for the
street corners and on vacant lots JOHN JAMES DIXON""'" SAMUEL H. P. READ, JR. leader .at the meeting, When the ticket on next TUesday. Fred C. Peters, president of the war effort Instead of for Increasea
throughout Lower Merion. J speaker wUl be Miss Mary selody, He spoke at the pre-election meet- Montgomery County Board of COm- nondefense expenditures. And to
All articles coliected by special AMES J. DOUGHERTY, RALPH NEWLIN ROSS Ing of the Lower Merion Township missioners, and Peter C. Hess, treas- quote Donald Nelson,Chalrm'an of
missionary from Carpathian Rus-
calls to the Highway Department ALBERT T. EGOLF JAMES SALVATORElLLI and ~arberth norough Republican urer of Lower Merion TownShip, the War Production Board: "The
sla" who will speak on "Mission
and from scrap piles set up by the NICHOLAS FlTTIPOLDI HENRY A SMITH SChools in Russia." ::ommlttee members at Whitehall both added a warning note that next right to vote Is, In short, what this
salvage committee .of the Council . , JR. Hotel In Haverford. Samuel K. Mc- Tuesday would not be an easy elee- war is all about. The worker is first
Of Qefense ~re SOld to wholesale
junk dealers, and the amount re-
A;.pp'o• n.ted. O.ffi·cer
. .'.
:::onnell, Jr., chairman of the Com- tlon.
mlttee, presided. Mrs. Mary aeerer, Montgomery
of all an American eltizen and the
first right and duty of an American
celved is dep~ited with the Town-
shlp.TreasUrer·to the credit of the REV. V. F. HAMILTON RAYMOND L. WATROUS
Of S' Chaser
. .... QU'
". .' The County chairman emphasized County treasurer, said that women
the fact that this Fall, with the Na- have 60. percent of the voting
citizen is to vote. That Is the dif-
ference between us and our ene'-
CouncU of Defense under whose NATHAN'I'..HEALD WILLIAM C. WEIDEMANN .L\eu'teillm't James Lanib McIntire Uon engaged in the most d1fIlcult strength and could put the election mies,"
auspices the money wUl be ex- JOHN HOLLAND HOBAUGH JOHNA.. WOODCOCK graduatedth.ts week as ail executive war In lts hLstonr, it Is more lmpor- across.
pend~d. ofDeer Of aP Csubmarine .chaser ta'llt tban ever for citiZens to exer- Orus Matthews, chairman of the Wynnewood Sale.
W'·o',.·~... ..I!!.;.,..,' .'
. .' •..•..•'y'
..5··..·..• ALBERT L, LAMBERT. JR, RO~T W. YOt1NG at :Miami; ~ise their rightoffranch1sean~pro- RepubUcan State Fihance Commit- . Prank W.Cortrfgbt has &()ldfor
. fft rv . He enlisted In the Navy Ilnd com- teet the free lnstitutloD& which we tee, who llvesin Gladwyne. declared: the esta.te .of Nelson B.FrY,the
. E.m
. er.l'···. ReUe.f
. '2 ..
LAST CALL: If there are any other Narberth men.\vho are pleted the courseat':Boston Navy are fighting for,
Yard Of!lCf:rs Ti'alnlng School in
")Ve are building toward a.,finer
"Actually," said Wood, "We are country, Don't let· anyOne tell you
9tone residence and garage; situ-
ate on one and a quarter acres .of
A' iroUpof. young Narberth boys overseas. and whOse names are not on this list, there Is still 8eptem\ler. hopefUl of getting a 30,000 majority. that this ls'no time for politics," }and. at Wister rd. anel Montgom-
hav(l ;ofreted to paint aill:l repair time to inclUde them-if a call Is made ~ay, Friday. to Nar- Lieutenant McIntire. who Isa Now, It is only a question of getting Other spea~ers included Congress- ery av., Wynnewood. to Dr. Walter
tAY8 lulddolls for· the,Christmas berth 2683. graduate of Lower Merioh lilgh out the vote,'· man J. William Ritter; Mrs. John Y. W. Baker. The house contains 14
.baskets· that the Narberth Emer-

/.," ••
!)ChQdf and DlcldrisQn College, Waf .McConnell in opening the meeting Huber. ehalnnan of the Lower Mer- r·ooms and five batbs. with com-
'.. 'ge~cY:'~l1ef. senclsout annujllly. Toda,y,however, will be 'the last,. opporturtlty,and Imme- with' the Atlantic'Refin1ng Co. be- urged committee members to dlsre- lori~arberth Council of RePubUcan plate living ciu&rters' over the de-
. '.' U"YQU'J:1aVQ' anY old tOys or doiis dillote atteQtlonls.the~efore ip' order: . fore" entering the Na\ty. ~e 15 the IIllfdWh1spel'&. ~d rumc?11l ~h8.t .are WOIr1~n; Lambert Cadwalader, state tached garage. Thepiq,erty was
. . . '·:·,'ir=:-~lI!n~~~J;erl~~;~~' ~~: . ',_.;,".:..="" ..-i':';:' .;•.... :~ .... _ ..:.. S;,~: >-; •. : ::';... :...:. . .' .• son of Mr. andMr~. 0. A. McIntire. tdWayaprevalentin the closlnS days representative, and EarlB, Boohtel, offered for sale at a pr1ce of $30;-
·~ ~._i~_ ~i:~.:I.I. ,M..:_,I.;•.:I.I.•;.•:•.•,~.0.•
~ ..•~j,.;w.•..,.~.:.,.~.~j.~~~.~·~~.~.:;~.~~.~=~~~~~~~~~-~-~~~7~~~~~~_._.·
;'::,:.;···.<:;j:·;t;:~-'~:/ . :·,~~'~;:.;:~;.,.;i, . X;'·':::.': ' .' .,. ,\::.•,<.~; '. " ",.' fe, , - :;!:'.:. . • ,." ' ., .
'--.-_.~ __ ••.,__ :.:!•• 0· _.~ , : •• _ _ ••

,,:"~!;:~,~::,,./," \" ",' '<., j . .:

, '\

=====::::=:.::t:t==:::=:=::::=~~":::;;=_S:::==·:::' ==========
::. « •

PAGE TWO ==~ ~.t===~. .

.\lr.4 ....ocon4 claol m.ttAr Octobor. U38. at the Poot
N&.rberth. P.... uodor tbe Act of lIarob 2. UTI.
Oln~ "'
Church News
- - ""', .. _- ,-
. .---. ---
FoMnded in 1914 by the NarNrth Civi~ Associ_io. ·
. Id'ontcom.r:y .Y. and Meet\ol' J:{OUA. 1&.•
[0 00 JL. M.-..Ftrlt Da,. Ulund ..,.> School
~I - ;\I ... ·ljll~
GeoRGE A. WAUCER. PMblislta-
I 11.' ::0 ,\

B,\I"rl~T ,'III:IV"1I OF
1,'1' '\·un.llIp.

Till>: 1-:\'\ ",~RL

RUSSELL E. fRANZ. Ad... misillg MaflilJer Hr\' Rut ... lt r; Kt'"I~htlJn. J-'~:t1UI'

Published Every Thursday

Deadl1nefor adVertising aDd news copy-Wednesday, 5 P. M. ., I. ,\
Subscr1ptlon rat.e-f2 per in advance 11 p "V \

,I! '" \, \1
Publication otnce-E!.ght Cricket Avenue. Ardmore. Pa. II I . .\1 },'If";' II • . 1 '" Ii·'" ,'! "1"'-'"
Phon_Ardmore 5720 and 5721; Greenwood 7740 1.,11 ! 11 "Ill' 'It',1 ):, 'ill I· t

1.------------------'1 Jr, \111' HIII\,ll.· .. lor 1.1:'"

Use Of Oritical NARBERTH ~f· )~I,~,I~,~::-I:';;I~'~:,'::"' : ~'f'>I:I:-

. ,ote for·G
Cast a "V·lCtOry V" .eneraI. Marlin
I, '"0 I'
Judgtnent Ur!!ed ;:~::'\I" II",' '"

'1'.·".1, 1<, ••

~ SCHOOL NOTES '1'I""~j1\Y

Narber+h Juniors Pre- I 11' ").\ 'I -,~',:':' ~:~~,~:'l:f'i~:'·" ",I \\'''11'-

victorious oW'r NA'-R-B-I!lR-T-H-Y-E-T-H~Dl~T--C-H-U-R-C'H--

sent Gift to Member, Narberth was
. . . th WAVES St. Margaret's in
J olnlng e " gamr. TIl(' score
a recent football
was 13 _ 7. Ed
"It Is import.ant to ret~in c:llical 1\IcQuiston made the Erst touch, ':U A. M.-Cburcb School.
Il:aaeK anel. Price an,
H·-,. ,'.,,1 H~i.I~~)'.'~';"I). ~11l\1"1" and the Republican Ticket
judgment-not criticism, but ('\',1 ie· I dOI\'11 in the Erst qua.rtl'r for N:Jr. 11 "".\ .\1 ·'\1", ",,," t:I"
I:·". ,',11": H,"""Illon
IL1111- j.\
ul judgment-in analyzing tlH' world bt'!'th. and the extra POlllt was '1'" I,. FOR GOVER..OR FOR :LlfUTENA,NT GOVERNOR
sltuati:m," ,9ta(l'd Dr M. Wc'tbur~I1,: ruslH'd bv "Patsv" &ore7.ZE'll The 6 c' P. )1 -~\~I'~\I,\:r:~~':::;Il\I'.
wl1('n he addre."spd tIl!' nwnlllPrs of spr~nd t~uchdow'n for Narberth was SO,) J'. ~I --.\1,.1-\\···.·1' ~.'J'\I,·p,
the Junior W~men's Club of Nar- I mal'!" III the Ulird quartN b~' John .-----------
berth last Thw'way P\'~lllg on, Call!'X'lli. NARBERTH PRIl:SBYTERIA:-I CHURCH
WIndsor and (Jrayl1nl: av.
"Women's Share 111 ~~lI1tall1lI1g i
Dl' Philippo made a touc.hdo\\'n Rov. Bryant J4. Kirkland. Paator
Morale 111 Times of War for St. Margaret·s in the fourth John Van Nell'._ID,?':i /aator Iilmorltu.
Jean Staples. chairlll'lll of 1IH': qU'lner and also rlLSlwd til!' extra ,. ,"'\ "---u'''I,,, ,",,'1,.,,01
educati:m committ('e, lntrodlKl'cI t1~0 point. : ,"':::.: ~:_~~::.';"' ,,1,'li~I. ,,' i.'· ...
speakt>r. and Marion Snl'der ~nrl 'nw Grays won th(' Erst 11:l2ke~' ; I, I' ~I -1-:"""," -,",i,·".
her eommi((('t' st'rn'd l't'fl'l'slllllCllts ,~anlt· of the season on Tuesda)'
A gift was presented to Dcrol!l\' ·5"01'(': 5 for tJle Gral's and one for FIRST c~gl~N~I~~ CHRIST.
',' Blake Hood, II club lllem'bpr who' th .. Reds, Marie Mariana is cap- Linwood and ~thena avo.. Ardmore
t' f tl o~d d tl 1 11 IOU A. :IIl.-~unday School
IlaS been coml1li<;,~hnpd an F.nslgn ,un 0 I le ....... s. an 11' payers 11:00 A, M.-Mornlnlr aarvlce.
ill the WAVES. ~ncl lpal'''s for' arl' Virginia Bailey. Kempy Dunn. ' t I t i I'. )1.-\-:'·"lIinK 1"0",,',·,
training at Smith Collrge on Shirlp)' Anders::m, Pat.~y Cooper. 1:00 P. M.-E~;';?n~~~e~r..g.
November 10. I Irene BUI'lS, Junita Ht>ckeI. Mary
Purring Map' Merkle K' thn'I'
R...dlnlr room at 8 Rlttonhouse Place
oven woek-dIlY. trom 9 :30 A. M. to
Mrs, Sterling M. Ch~in, chairman

by Mrs. R. Sigel. ~lrs Harr\' Da\·is.


g Hi. en an
. a d In- 5:30 P.M .. W.,llle.daY trom , to ~ 46
of t.llP welfare eomm.lttee assIst d I Jost. Junt> Leins. Libby Ridenour. P. M.. T.hurlclAY tram 7 :30 to ~. :30
, P i Re Il D I d Ad I 'd B
eal e
1'. Y. and Sunda,. from : to 6 P. M.
rWlell. J71'\"I1I'1
and Mrs. Cornt'lius A:"xlln·dl'!'. 3d,: CaptaIn of til(' Grays b Jane I :",,1 II,""'" " :",.,,: ':.. ,' ".,. '- '" 't" (",
.\llnll:l! l""I~I,'~;lll"n:IJ 1:111~ .'i,.
. MI' ct I L ' J k' . I" ". ,,, .. I ,,,,101,,,,
will gi\'p a bridgp pal t\' NOh'mel'!' 1 If'r an p ayers are 01S en 'Ins,: .: ,," I' \1 \'.""._ I', '1' - "",

5. at 8.15 p. m. at the C:JllUlltillitl', BNs)' M~:'LpOd. Joyce Boardman, 'I ... 1,.",· 1' ... ,,1,'·' ' II .. ""
BuUding Tile admission will be tw'c : Demetra Chios, Ann Mil1l.'!'. Virginia; "" I' 'I I:::~.,;',', ,..:" .'c", ,,, I,,::,: I
garments for the Needlework Guild.' Kpller, Al1cp RIchardson, Rutn: \ ,,' .• " I',
Mrs. Jospph N. Bartl,.tt and her Ans:ln, Virginia Sh~w, Junp &h1'('p- : .-----
committee \\ill be in char;:(' 01. ter.. Jean Ridg-l'. C:.llol Clark and I HOLY ~~~~I~~Y a;(\lJ~~;;,~~~ a~UKCH ,..
refreslunents. : ~ouise Watt.", I
Rev. Cletul !,. Sontt. Paotor

TIle Red Cross Se\\mg group

. I
Jean RldgP. Jane Miller ancl Lois,
.' , . .' . ,
_ l"Ul'UA \'
,:~, A. ~l-nihl" ,",,'b,,"1 r,,· all al(~'. GENERAL EDWARD MARTn' . JOHN (.SELl, JR..
dId' . '. n • • 1 Jenkins made llle Gla~ s go,ds and I 11,,,1.\ .\1---.\1",,,,,,, ~ ,.,.', --1'1 ."'e',,(1 I
un pr tle lrpCUon ot MIS. G .. olg! I Vlr~lnia Baile\' made the Red u o a 1 . : \ 1 " ' - I ' \ \ I
Albel-t. meets e \'1' n'. Wedn('~da\'1 . M:ll leI'. S C100 ~
I I R eporll'r ',- "" I' 'I ,'" "" d .\1·, " " I'
from 10a.1ll to4:30p.m.attlH··
_ ' ;".. \' \I
This Platform Insures Sound Government in War and Peace
llOmesofth'!members.Thempptlllg: Mulieres Meetinl'l i - 1"::1,\\
thiS w.eek was held at the l1)mp of I . ~ I ,::: ::~; I, " War and Peace Education
Mrs. William Cahill. Kpnilwortll I'd .1, ~he e.xpcu~ 1\'1' ~o~rd of the Nar-, - , .\1: "I' \\ Demands pl'osccuti(l!1 of an offensive war, whatever the cost Pledges incr4ased state financial aid to local sehool dis-
M{'rion. ' Jellli Mullelt's 1\111 mt>et on No\'- "\ 'I ',-- tricts to relieve tax burden on real propert)'. Favors increased
. ' ~ :'mbt'l' 4 at 10.30 a. m. at Elm Hall: i' .\1 ,I.·,
in wealth, enel',gy ol'l".:man life. until the United States and its
The group has JUct ftl1lsl1pd onp I There will be no rf'gular meetlll" '1 .\"" ,." ' ,--
I' ' .. \ Allies have won a complete victory. teachers' salaries to be paid by state instead of school district
complete lay{'tte which was dISplfl\'- , m November 9 n Recognize no peace with our enemies except peace with appropriatipns.
ed at the last meeting I . I!!'l'· MAROARIDT'S C:ATHOI.IC ,'TII:Rcn
: victory. No appeasement ann no compromise. Agriculture
~;;~;:;;..;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~;:;;;:;; Hpv, J amlHlI F. "rOrlfH. R~. to r
Mrs. D. C. George. Mrs. Rob!'rt Rev, CharI_ P ,.... ·'.... nnor After the war, responsibiliiy of the nation will not be cir- Pledges continued aid to farmer, Backs right of farmers
Fetterman. Mrs. L. V. Houis)"!'. ~rs
Kenneth Burchfield. Mn, Ra:ph!
iilT'S R.E'AL" D,II,' 111;:~~'~": 't.f';<l T R ~"'~;.
"·.,n'l:1" \1l"'"~" t•• '.I . • ::'0, :', 1'):1,. Ilnd
cumscribed within the territorial limits of the United States.
Our nation has an obligation to assist in bringing about under-
to organize. Pledges protection to farm co-operative associa-
tions ag/1oinst domination or control by "anyone not directly
11 A ~f

Our Own
Dickie. Mr,~. M. A. Gordy. Mr.'>.,
a::·bert L, Tlmm. Mrs. Fenton D, i
. ,. ER
A. M I
110:" J)(J}' mils..•.. G, 7. R, 9 8n,! 10 standing,' comity and co-operation among the nations of the interested in agriculture."
State Employes

SW·.. ,E"ET
world. ..J::i'
Wllle~t. Mr~, Andr~ ·Nelson. Mrs'l , Doli:tl!StiCi'~ues . Recogni~e8 i 'fnmied1ate, necessity' and pledges early accom-
WilUa:tn F. Evet'batt, Jr., and Mrs. .'
f1rank: I. PUl'tt'1I 8r~ ml'm!>ers. '
'. CaD 'i' -..'

Patty reserves the right to contilJue to oppose "the un- plishment of· bringing wages -and hours of state employes into
American domestic policies" of the partY' in power at Washing- conformity with those of private industry.
Made dally from
ton and will fight for the prese['Vation of constitutional govern- Men in Armed Forces
D. A.R. CHAPTER WILL sound. washed apples PI'omises "every poszible protection." Promises creation
of good quality ment.
MARK 13TH BIRTHDAY . You Labor and Industry of a commission charged with providing work for re!lll'TI(',1
The monthly meeting and thir- i
teenth blrthda;' party of the Jf'ptha :
Abbott Chaptt'r, D. A. R.. will bp
50, a gallon Can't Afford Recognizes right of labor to organize and bargain collect-
ively. Recognizes right of labor to strike, but admonishes la-
fighting men in needed p~blic works.
Pledge!! efforts to rehabilitate anthraeite industry; cnn-
held next Monday. November 2. at: (lOc returned on jug) To Be III bor to voluntarily suspend -that right in times of war and na·
stant attention to soll fCI·tility, forests and public lands. Con-
tlonal peril. Commends those organizations which' have relin-
2:30 p. m, in the Overbrook Presby- ' Health is sacred in times demns Federal G"Vernment'3 failure to extend sorely needed
quished the right to strike.
ter1an SWlday School. such as thesp. Guard flood cont:.ool Pl'oj~cts.
HOME MADE yours - make sure you Pledges creation of a committee to study and report to •
Mrs. G€-orge ~erson Barnl's will the Legislature proposals for making more beneficial the un- The pllltCorm also pledges "rigid. honest, non-political"
give a short talk 011 "Reading in have your medlelne chest
control of liquo.· sales; efforts to encourage small business; and
Wal1.Une," Tea will be seJ'\'ed bv thl'
host~s, Mrs. WlIIlam A. Clel;lent- I
Apple Butter stocked with pl't'\'entlve
drug supplies,
employment compensation and workmen's compensation acts,
state labor I'elations act and anti-injunction act. continued "D~-political support" of voluntet'r dvilian defense.
Taxation It condemns the Federal administration for failure to meet the
son 2nd. a.nd .Mrs, Lawrencp Lippin, I Dlenace of in8ation "courageously"; deplores the use of "unnec-
Will undertake to cut taxes and equitably revise fiscal laws

Emergency Retief

of the state. Recognize duty of state and local governments to
reduee levies "wherever possible in the face of decreasing
eesary" Federal censorship and raps the projected St. La wrence
Waterway I\S harmful to both farmers and industrial worker'!
ill this state.
AT NARJSER'l'H STATION' revenues."
The Narberth Emergency Relief I
will meet on November 6 at 10.30 I
Ardmore Narberllh 2838-2839
a. m. in the working room at Elm Villanova .:. Malvern FOR CONG~ESS FQR STnS ~"TO" FOR GBNE~AL ASSE:U:BLY
", .

17tJfDlst~ct 12th DlstfJct 1St 'District



3rd 1)1Jt;rS~t
:irci' Obtrlct
2nd District HOWAJU) F. BOORSE
part of the house, including halls, CHARLES H. BRUNNER, JR. EDWIN WINNER
closets, porches, garages, etc. Starting
The Impo(tance of voting cannot be overestimated in this great W.•' crisis. So long as the shadows of

You can't pOIlr three pints of water with circuit No. 1, loosen the fuse.
Those areas where the lights go out
sionreach out from the war-scarredal'eas of t~w.ozldand hover 0,.....
til, l~~rt..ies which have been the life and
brellotb of this Republic. it is the duty of every American to exercise his right or 'franclU8e so that our domestic free-
into a one-quart bottle. Neither can
doms shall !lot perish.- M. HARVEY TAYLOR; Chairmon; Republican SUJteCo~mifte/l. '
you use more wattage than .an electriC are on this circuit. Check each circuit
circuit will corry. When you overload in your home ·the same way. Then make
yo.ur home circuits, Ii~hts .dim • • •
heating applianGes "~egt .up" slawl)'
a list or diagram showing the number
of wolfson egch l"irs:.uit.Unless your Vole StriUght REPUBLICAN at'~Electioll Nov. 3
P4s ()pen' FJ'QDl 1 A. M. tQ<#r~'~ War Tune
, •• and fuses blpw. home has ~pecial wiring, this should
Avotd private piackoUl$ from blown not exce.ed l,7SD. {Theprqper size ....

fuses 'Qnd enjoYbettereledriC: service fuse on ordinaryclrCliits:is l5<1mperes.)
bY m~~lng your ,p\'(n~ h~~·•. wirln~ Also check .th,ew.o:tfose S)f Pppliances
SJlrY~. il

Turn on lights andlpmps In ,every

beforeiCcmnectirig. ·Toomciny. on cine
,cir~uit often cauS!!l.s.blowouts. CoJllDlittee . .
LLO,y)j:'·;,H. WOOD, ,Chabmall-
""III,I.I·IPB):I: .•.\'_".1"11. ·.['I·II"lO,' . '." ., ':"~>~'\' •.' ,.': : .~' ' . ' ',- .. ,~. \.. ". .,. ., " ~.,

, ''',ill'''·'·~,''';:':~•. ':.~'';O_' "

TOW N ======:!!:C:======================'AGE THRh
I p~~ ~~:.:~c ~A~;E~"<b,,'h ~
'Spectator' Says 2 R:ecent Books
Are Of Special Local Interest
Miss Btu--t Was
Bride Saturday
0/ E. B. Byall
I ____..--
Mr. <lind Mrs..Karl L. Williams. W'Jshingt:m and Lee university.'
29 Sabine aV .. Narberth . .w11l have where he is enrolled as a fresh,
as their guests this week-end Mr . man.
Wumpn's Community Club will hair;!:
a dance on Norpmber 14 at tllp
Cynwyd Club.
Mrs. C01'l1plius Alpxnnopr. 3d, and

A tlrouglrtful Mother Ulys:
am giving .my children
There are tl\'O books which havp; how til(' most emtnpnt la\\,y r In
o Narberth Girl Wed Williams' parents.
. Mr. and Mrs I . .*.
Samuel T. WIlllnms, of Holldays, I Mrs, Ralph R. Dickie, 510 Ess!'x
,. * 11('1' committe£> :H£> In char"(' of tIll.'
- MILK now
"'Nt is so high and nGt so

camp this way during tIl£' last I Philadelphia's hlst,:>ry pursued his In Ceremony_ at burg. Pa. I 'lV. Narberth. entertnlnod her lI:...nngpmpnt.s hr. \hp d~,I1l'p plentifuL"
fonnlght, lllld both 01 them Sll')ulo i elq)t'nsil'(' hobby. All Sain+s' Church * * * bndge group Tuesday evening. Ilhlch the public l~ 11\\ Ited -------
prol-(' of extrn 1l1lerpst to tho~
And it is also Intpr£>sting- to re,
bphe\'p that this particular' call that his rather vast exppndi- All Saints' Church, WY'lilll'\\"OOd.
PI' i vat I' First Class Cah'in I * * * ------~---------- BROOKMEAD
Fritsch, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hprnden,
p.l]'t of the £>artll h n pretty choil'l' . tures in this direction came from decorated with cybotium fl'ms and Fritsch. 217 N. WYlUlewo:>d av" Montg:>nwr~' 'Court Apts., NlIrb:,rth , GVEIllVUY PAiBlES
~;ectIOll and that It h;i" luI' mor(' 1 moderate fel's, at lpnst fc.r a o:mn- white pew bouquets. wus till' setting NJrberth, has returned to his '.-tn. 'have rpturtlf'd from n two wr:,ks West Lancaster av•• Wayne
than till' usual talt' to tpll of ito spl\or of his calibrp, for as the
mpll alld thlllgs 1book p:>int.s out. and ns many
TIlf' Ilrst 01 tJlell1 ~~ a lifp '.l. Philndplphinns
on Saturday afternoon for thp
marrlage of Miss Sarah Eliza'beth
tion at Drew Field. Tampn, Fla..
after spendin ga 15-day furlou~h
I'isit in Ashp\'i1le, N C .. with their
daughter. Mrs. Charles F. Owen, I Phone VVayne 1121

I ~y~.;;u,;.~.;.;;.~.;;.~.;.;;:;;.;.:;.;;:;;;;;__
11 a d prp"iously Burt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. with his parpnts. Jr. who hus returned for a snort
Johll G .Jollll:..01l lJll-yl'r clllU art. jpaI'n<"d, more than anI' stupendous
101,,1' IITIl tpn bl' Ba mi!' F \\'i11\;pl clwc k was rptunlPd on sc.:>r!'
John Bul't. 121 Rockland rd" NlIr-
benh. nnd Mr. Evan Bruce BYllll,
* * * I I-i.'at Witll her parents.
111:111 alld PUbllsllPd b,' til(' pJl1 thnt it WllI' many timps too much S:>ll of Mr. and Mrs. James Bruce MI'. aJld Mrs. Robert J. Dotharj., N
I('r~ll~' 01 Pl-nll.'~ 11"Ull'l Pres, 1\:' and dpi>pite the gratitude of the ByaIl, of Philadelphia. formerly of
221 N. Wynnewo:>d al'. Nm1Jerth i eedlework Guild
are entertaining their son and I The mpeting of the Narbrrth
$3 ~/) : clients for whom hp hnd snl'ed Penn Valley.
I '11 ld' The Re\'. Gibson Bell, rpctor of daughtrrin-Iaw, Mr. 'I~d ~1rs. Wil- Branch of the Needlework Guild
1\11' Johlls..,n dll d 111 1917 'Ind so nll ions. Il,:> persuasion cou 111· liam Dctl:nrd and family, c; Balti- whicil will bp held November 4 at
it I' Ilot l:\;pll' t1w: ollr borou"ll' ducp him to accept more than thp the church, performed the cere- more, Md thp MethodlH Church at 2 p. m., WE KNOWHOW
b'lI'rJ.'tl'rs 1 ,ill' of whom an' ,u~ll ki>ser sum 11(' indicated. mony.
The bride, who was gi\'en in
I'pr~ Y.-Hlnt!; 1111'11' 11 ad the ('11<11]("" 1 Thp book is here for thC6e wh.:> marriage :by her father, w:>re an
* * * will be the 38th annua! mePling of :
Mrs. Elil':abpt h Cameron, of Eli-j thp branch. 1
to \;now hUll nor to obs.'I'\(' In.<.. would like to romp thr.:>ugh its in- h'ory bl"OC1lde gown with a pleatpd zabeth. N. J_ was thp wel'k,pnd
l('noWIH'd pl'O,'pdul'p in trw C·Jurt., : tprpsting pagps and it is hoped bodice. fulI long sleeves pointed at
TlllT,' :1:1:>1'1' of us. hOwI'I·pr,: lilat it will be kppt in [leti\'(' circu, the wrist .. fitted waist line and full
guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Wal-
IeI', 527 Dudley a\· .. Narbel1h. 0
U' h i ' ·
p sterlng ••. MAKE IT DO HELP WANTED
11 11-. , " '111
I'n tl'A ~
" ,'1,·tl1t'.~. "'lltll'111'111 huon I
U1l10ng t!lose 1111:> call profit s k'11't ga tllere d to farm a long tl"lUn .
* * *
v , .

I'!'r,' wdl and 11'110 !'l'mel11bt,l' IllJI by It. trimmed with 1'3se point Incl'. The Mrs. James Patin and 11('1' baby or COllrsr you ran't pnstp
h ... ')(ca,ionally look his stool wllh i Th~ otlwr book is by an old tulle veil was thrown back to foml daughter Eliurbeth, 507 B(,p~hwood nll'tal togptllPr! Bilt a crack-
l Ill' rpst 01 uo; III grabbing :l tl'll- fnend of the many mPIl 1I1 thp a cape with a pleated rose point Lane, Narbprth. are visitinl{ in'
I'd pa l'\ is not as s~rious :1:<
("'Ilt .,alldw1l·11 :It Horll & Hardart·.' Nat"berth l1!"ighborhood who basked la~ carone-to Her corsage was of
Iibt r('stallr,1l1l ell !:lth Stn'l't In thr author's belligll wisdom white orchids.
* * I you think Our skilled wt'l- AUTOMOBILE
dprs can sal'" tIl(' old btl,';
"bOil' CII".'IIlII!. II band-lox affail Wl1Pll they studied English Lit..rll- Mrs. Alexander Dean Burt, of Mr. lind Mrs Carl L. WrIL~. 50!l
Wltll h \\'a, c!lscOlltillUro long ngl till'(' at the U. of Pn .. viz: "TIle I Haddon Heights, N. J .. sister-in-law BeechWood Lanr, Nnrbprth. will for ll1;rn~' thousands of mill'S MECHANICS AND
Onl1ll'trl!l- ill' wellt pltlwr to the Pil'll'ty :>f PellnsylvlInin," b:. Cor- of the bride was her matron of 1m I'e a.~ their wef'k-end guest.' of additiona! spr\'ICI'.
PI1!l.I(!<'lpl1:a ,:.:b. \\'J~,'l'(' :J ~P'(,Li; nelius \Ve~·g-andt. nnd publisllpd by honor, and Miss Mildred Gill.fillan. their niece and nephew, Mr. nnd
tabl,' Wi!, :('s('l'\l'i! for Itim III the Klnsp.\· at $3.50.
gIll!. l,r I,) :II" t;nlol1 1"·a,,ul'. Those who read "Philadelphia h:>Ilor.
11'11<'1''' Itp alwavs desll'pd n certam Ways" and other calm books from
of Narberth, was the maid of Warrpn P, El'prote, of New

Miss Elsa Kerlin. of Philadelphia:

York Cit~·.


c.-ll'!lpr to I'nt his l'a II' oyst!"rs al:d the samt' pen will not pxpect the Miss Mary Winston. of German- * * *
Mrs. William Guthrie is m:>ling
If ,';OIllC'(1I\(' \,1:;(' was at h:s prl·fl'r- lIew bJok to be littered w1tll statis- town: and Miss Jean Byall, sister 01 from 531 Dudley ,1\'.. Nar1Jpl't·h. to I
l"d spot 11,' fonl:lI'lth kIt the lies ('stl\lblishing Pennsylvania's pri- !ht bridegroom, were the brides- Esspx av the latter part of this BATTERY AND
Cluo a.lId \\,pnt l'lsl'\\'hel''' ority in the matter of stel'l output maids. week. SERVICE STATtON BOX 350
0;:('11 also Ill' was to be ~pn 01' an~' such gllOgetry. They will 1 All :,he attendants were dressed
t l'lldging- n!on~. 'I \I'alrw; nlll.,t.ilCllPd knoll' wha.t their man is apt to alike in A1nerican 'beauty v('lvet * * *
Da\'id Hauseman, son ot Col and HOBSONILCO. When your Car Won't Start, ARDMORE, PA..
l11all .elf Impr""l'" structlln', III IITlle nbout. tJ1.:>sp t1un:,{s which gowns Wltll' dl"lloped bodiep and Mrs. D. N. HausE'man, 44 Shil'lpy 105 N. NARBERTH AVE. Call ARDMORE 1825
t1l,' Br0.,d "Ilri CIll'.Slnut npi~hbor g-i\'(' e:lrthl~- rxistpnce cultural form skirts. bracelet length sleeves. and I'd.. Narberth. has pledged Alph;r Natberth 2340
I11)0d, a('('Olllp"llll d bl tlw llH'lltn- alld substanCl'; tho~e "tll1perisha- fittpd waist lines. Matching maline Tau Omega social frat£.'r.~n~it~~~'~ a~tj~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 304 W. Lancaster Ave.
IJ1., gn'I'11 bag, "11t! \\'hlt IWI'('l' a bll' qualitici>" which Dr. Wp~-gandt caught by \,elvet b:>ws fOI'nH~d tlleir Ardmore
look t,;) tIll' light or kft. th(' pre1\}- rl:llll1S \\,pre ({J br disl't'l'l1td Wl1el'! he-ad-<:ll'esses.
Ipll1.<" 01 thl' mOllll·::t sppmil:g te tl1<' Statp first took ,happ and M·rs. Alexander Burt carried an
n •• ,
rl'~ult 111 1111 PIlOnllOUo; pi....' ('Ilpa- Wllleh he ai>sert.s Drp still to ob- arm bouquet of white pompom
\ llJll. ~l'l'\'ed and whIch ha\'e thpir un - I clu'ysanthemums wJth American
As n ,'lUd~' 1I1 til<' pract!c{' of Cl'a.,mg innupn~p on Ppnnsylvania s beauty streaJ~prs. Miss Gilfillan • •
In\\'. tile book is \\'I'I! worth n d:J~' : \\,t'll-being. £,\,('n at thb interval. ca.rried the same flowers WiUl White
rPI'll'W b.l- (lUI' loral L!\I·Yf'r." a" ~I'llPrf' nrp imx:ortant things which streamers. The brideslllaid.~· bou-
w",l a~ by till' Bar at lar'!(·. alld I Ihis t,TO fe£>ls 11n\'I' b£'f'll omitted' quets wpre made up of w'hite chl)'-
til" 1:11t~· Illl'!ht prf'SUlllP t..l hop' I ,lnd which arp perhaps Illore sig- santhemums and rpd cplosia with
t!lat Mr ,J(\lll~'OIl·.' pn~'llH'nt of ;I niflrant thun somp which ha\'e white s\rpamprs.
IW>(t' slim I
til a (,lJpnt who )l,jr! b£>£'n rec:lrdf.'d. but tlle book was The brid.. ·s brother. Mr. Alpx-
.,p,'nt tllat 1l1lll'll bootll'ss!\- bp(',1Ih(, lobviousl,' and Ipisurp]y written I ander De-an Burt. was thp be~t man
"f IllS lall·'·":··., maccuratt' ill~trll.·! mer"l~- to gi\'p uttf'ranc" to :l; f,:>r Mr. By-all and the ushels were
tion.' mi,Jlt \\,pll bp{'onl" :l PI' (',,_ : klndl,' gpntleman's thorough,going: MpSSl-S. Norman Lehr, Philadelphia;
ct"!lt for till' ll'~al li~ht;-; of thi,:cLppreciation. alld.on that scorp itlHarold Zakeosain. Quakert<W.'l;
dl\~' to follow I \\'111 prol'p a welcolllP boon of grpat Edward Cornelius. S\\'arthmor~; and
At hL~ dt'ath, tllere \I-1'1'l' mal1~ I ('hal'ln t,:J any onp interrsted in Edwin Norris, MerwOOd.
wh.:J des'ribpd 111m D;; th" 10remo:,: . tllp old cu~\()ms and folkways 01 Mrs. Bu!1t was attired in dub:>nnet
law~'er ill the Englisll->'pf'nklllU lour Key:-:tone state. \'ell'et with malching accessories.
\\'or~d nnd it \1'3.S rpcorded that h.~ TIl£' \\Titing itself will afford a She wore an orchid corsage. Mrs,-
indi\'idulllly hllnd\l'd m~IlY mon' l1::>table exercise ill diction. as sure- ByaH. mother of the groom. wore a
than 10.000 cnsps, l~' a professor in literature would iong sleeved black velvet gown. pink
Mr. -·;Johnson acquired himself ll' employ only authentic coastruc- and black accessories and an orchid
hOIl1£' on thp Iwst sidp .Jf Bl'Oad:,. pon, and SJ his abstinence from corsage,
just abovp South 8trel'1, l1nd it lI'a; dpmonstl'ati\'e pronouns. man~' can,
hiS cust,::>m to walk to Hnd frolll hi: jUPllOI1S nnd other things used by discussion of a Winter's lught.
offic£'_ Olle(' 11OlIle. nothing COUlD :>rdinary scribes signals the fact This b:>ok is also amllable here
indUce him to 1I'n\'e until tIle lIl\)rn- Ihat our r\,pry-day dictation might! to tllOSe who will draw zest from THE BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY
ing hud come. as h£> to')k no part profit from a clospr application to: it and it would be too bad II it Just this - War regulations have reduced our delivery
In poml11ullit~· matt,'r,s nor ('ould I ma~t"r'_s rule. I were not put t,:> lively' use. mileage 400;. Prioritips on materials and equipment has
h(' pl-er bp pprslJ<H!pd to accrp' TllPrp L'; I1J fpalure of the "goo:l, THE SPECTATOR. caused drastic reductions in our supplies. Help us meet
to; -"":::;:===;=;;=::~ cr.ASSlrIED ADVERTISING
e E' ~-Bra' 0'" %,.C
nny (\I'\C or ('J!'j)or,.to posltions lifp" tl"k'lt Dr, Weygandt fails these war restrictions by havrng your bundle ready when
d('spite til{> constant cfforts 01 include in hi.o; array of proli'fk de,
many big combinntions to get him tall, and that me-ans that the sub- ' '.~."'!
~ our dl'lver calls_ Your cooppratr.:m is a contribution to 25 WORDS FOR SOc {In One Paper}
Ii ,i '..
all thpll' B:>aI'd 1'. Jec\ of Ppnnfyll'ania food does n')t
The Bro:ld and South Slrt'Plo ('-,('ape his exper.ipncf.'d attention.
• I~ p
~ ~A

housE' wa.s gradually lad£'1l Wltl1 HI' fol' 1I1.<tance. tha,t car- JUST CALL A.RDMORE 4400
painting~of largp value, nnd \\;hilr rots. £>xcept in a highly rest.ricted
tllerp was not a compl!"lp agl'!'!'- wn~', werp ne\'er intpnded fnr hu- 4I..;.....
'. '.
.J~ ..
. .
'1 1 I
$1.40 FOR 4 PAPERS
about special monthl)' rates
Yf~U n13Y p .... n.] In'ITH'~ O' ,I"r. st~lnlll1'1. O~· p,-, !wllnl -hp,.)( A'l,l,,·~.!!I
ment among the connoiss€llrs t.hat man consumption, but only for
Mr,. Johnsoll was a master of the animal fodder. and there will :be
subject. there is no doubt that many who will agree. Also he as-I J J WHITESIDE
.. ST-
all l'Unllnullhut;lIr.~ tl.l L,,\\",·,. Ml'ri"tl ="t·\\'"i'npl·I~• . \rtlul1Ilt', }';1.

such a sincpre and unostentatious serts that straWberry ice cream, • _. . ' . . .... . . "A CERTIFIED LAUNDRY" Ardmore 5720 Greenwood 7740 Hilltop 3600
gentleman had a genuine appre- sh:;,uld comprise one,third of the FOOD MARKET
ciati.on for his art trophies even actual fruit. and perhaps that e X - N a r b e r t h 3668 ARDMORE
not the author that when less I:
them' all that was visible to the I
OranltB & T:(lrt~htl
more talented special1sts, Compar- fruit is used the home-made article Grim('~. ~nlllkl'll'llJ·H'. })1'11"10U~
Qulf'k RE"IHo\ 01
Fa Ir Prt ('('M
ing what he paid for many of his is of much paler hue than what I~O(l.t \ allJl.>8 Pianos Bourbt C'ourl{'OUM Mt"n
1-:1, Ilo\:"('110 OIU"UARn"
pictures with the sky-high prices the stores sell and which is ad- WRITF.
Pro\'I(jt"n('~ ltd.. on~ milt" flurt h Ilr
they ultimately reached. It would mittectly colored by e::lchineal or By Order of the Office of Defense Transportation: Huse 'free Hunt ('luU. "(Oar l\It"l1ill. & CarefUl
Plano Movlnr
r. "VOIIEH '" filON
G816 Mork.. t lolt.
on CAT,I,
appear. at least to amateurs. that one of the permissible anlHnes_ ",'J:tl:Jl1' ,'I,\Stl alld h.>lwh lIa ... h'ld All. 74110 W ...\ 1116·1
\ "1":-' litll,' tUh' alld I.... III '·"t,.'II,·111 t'lIl\·


Mr. Johnson knew his way In art In other words. the deep, entic- EVt'nlnc. Gra. 41129
111'1'111 1~l'n!'innllldl' l',tll Hill',,!, ':'1 1\
as well as In law, and that criti- ing shade which seems to make
cisms of his selections may have the ice cream mQre delectlbp1e can HI'li:--:'-lWfl l~ il~ 'l, \11'" til' ,,\\. nl/.:!I. REAL ESTATE
\"a 111111 \1\11 •• .. 11. ~i' ],,1'1"- k \II'h' 11 !'<I't.
been rn.:>re contentious than cor- O::lme only from an a.bundance of dnlrH'II"~ rnnfl'!f 11l~t·d',. ~I;o;f';;~ .'h"lI"


reet. fruit or from artificial colorlng, Hilltop MAIN LINE
At the present time. tlle John- Dr. Weygandt also says tha.t in £ r'lJ'JC:T Hie I U'; 1-"-1-1-1'-a-:-H-A-'I-" -,,-t--,,--e-'-,-",-"- FOR SALE OR RENT
~1!\\'I1lL: WII.I.I.UI rooll ....:
son Collection is in the Art Mu- his opinion the most distinguished t'or, A-I l'olld It 11111 \\'111
315 lItonlll'omery Ave., Cynwyd
tol1H'llft<,p fOT tlulrk JIlI\" ,\ 1'1'1\ -~
seum and the one chapter in the of all l>ennsY'lvanians was Stephen T(mlJy B.d., LtRJll'ITh, I'll, Cyn, '-000 Gre. 3300
book which pertains to his pictW"es G_ Foster and thll>t woul(:i seem to
wUl give II pretty good. glimpse of be the starting P9!J1t for a long HOME IMPROVEMENTS HELP WANTED-FEMALE
CO;o.;CRE7E WOHK - ALI, Kt:"DS- _
• Rlli p walkN.
('ul'h:ot, I'll£'-pl'l,
COMI'A:"tO:<l ror elderl}' tll.I~-. Mld,lle-
n~~fl wotnlln, reOn(,'cl. lI\"lng In or clo. .
FI . . AGST<J:"F:'VALK:-::, l'(lIt(·III;:~. .':'

M.BTIN .:Rubber must be conserved. There are to Brookline, :'\0 hOulIHwork, !I :30 a,
TtlI' "Oll.-TIIfo: \,!.;\t\, In:,; 'I' , $1.7& m. to !.:nO p, m,_ dally cxct.·pt Sunday,
few new tires in sight for buses. So ... pt1r ton, oJ Ion lotR.
UI'Ml' THIll'KS Ttl 11110,
"'rltl~ fur hHcr\'tew to BoX 148. HU\'I'r-
ford. Tuwnshlp Nf'Wt'. ]...lancrC'h, }';\.
to "keep'em rolling", to keep our buses (JP01'gf' Kt'lll'r,
~,:,~ 1'0\\'1'11
Phont> Swart hmnrc 1 !tt,
Hll, ~prtnK­

TRE in condition to serve you for the dura-

AMO~ & ~O:,,\,
Pupe.rhunglnK und l)lllnt·
", A 11.J-<,xp('"·(l, C'olurt'd. 4 "1,'ll.. In~
and tlo\\"l\:octail's wod, 111" ('hamlll'l ,,'Ol'k
tion ... the Office of Deh!nse Trailspor- 1111-{ lIantwflCHt f100rR IH'raf)(ad, Itt.·n· .\.\ 'I"t,r"I'I'nl"~~ "'!'ift' t" UOI" 1-,~ III

.JlN tation has asked us to take this step

which will cut down on gas-and-rubber-
ovatlng of allY '(inti.
S :00 P. M.
lS months to
(jl'lt.nllC' ~100 udWt.t"11 6:nO




01' Wfll1\:11l fill'

I1tllo;(' dutil'S

'1"0'. wasting.stops and starts. We know that HOME ,FURNISHINGS dl~\' " .. ,1<-. I.'all Ililltup 1;~I"'1

riders of Red Arrow Lines will appreci. Window .hade. - \'en~lIan Blind.

GOVBRNOR ate that this is one more case where

we must aU cooperate in a measure
1l0BSON 6z OWEN!'!
1015-1019 LA:-:CAsTEn AVE" On'n Mawr
1•. \ltet11: HUfJM In " I " ' n l o ' hnm,· III tl\t·\.
Phone Bryn Mawr 1120' 0' 1"l\ Illunl.. 111111'1, wJlh pd\"l'lt' l>illh l~atllJ:t·.
necessary to Victory. 1'1I11\'~I1H.1l1 1l"al\~plll'lHlifill
General Martin, , '. is everythll\9 thq,t ~ wcU-
ttl III \\111
~h:'I·., lllJlllf' wltll l"'UPIt', 4 ',~Il
WANTED TO BUY ..\1'11111111""

time Govemor should be. His Ultimate knowl- WA:"'n:D - WAinl~;Ho~, nICl,'nIGl';IlA-

edge of the. Stateha•.been· O'ame~ in', 44 . on or about NOV. 1 TUHs.

nt once.
An)." milke, uur <,ondlllon. (~n8h
""111 go n'lr\\'l\f~r(', rnlJ '''Ie,
prl\'nt.' both,
'VIII rc-nt fUl'nlMhflc1 or
room wllh

yea~ of. public ilerviQ•. ,Si.ahili'tY Clao

77:1:1, Afle-t 6:00 }', M" ".t!\., -1fifi!l. unturnlshod to refined Woman, nat'IUCf'
Q number. of 'stop.. will be eliminated n.\'R.l1abl~. Five mlnutPI ttl truln or
hi~lt ~ type, 'cidministtcatQI .'!'l~. :~...", l»JP:V. from cdl . routesofRed Arrow Lines'
MIRRORS & GLASS bu., Phone Cyn'IVyd 1993·J.

behind cle.~ICU\don.the ·fi.4i•..of:~~, Hit

~u8esartd"cettai.nrCliI car roiltes.· Pas-
NOW I. the Ume 10 rejuvenate YOllr
linC,ritY, hiJ cPuck' gtCl'P .~f ~VUci,l _ngers will Bnd Clearly m~rked.
731G West Cheeler Pike, Upper Darby.
Cu.tom·· made mirror"; reilllverlng: re·· UPHOLSTERING AND REPAlRING-
. coJdiclUtc.:he~IP~fta ,m ,OtJ\~~i~ :9u:~. roodell~.~i ploture. Cl'lul\od: rurnllilr. Sprln.. ·ot I-pleco 8\111e. repaired,
ti••·· .nt\a,nQU\c;I hi.vGlu,\....P~UQ. oHi~. W.~:ursie···you to avoid il'lconvs'nienoe lops. Phone BIYd. 3082. 110.00; chalra reoovered, U.OO. 00

:by,: locating now the most convenient WAN,ED

any .. hore_ Call Lewl""
IU .Ill'" t.aaoaaler A v... Wa.,ne

1'IEEDED by the American Red ('ro... MALE HELP WANTED

.top· for you. to use. ....hlllg machine, 8ln.lo bed alld ma~­
trea._ Call Red Cro.. Readquar lera, (,AnPEST~1n...,...;'e,·"..ltl smll·1J jobs, fit,
Ardmore'1100. . linK .Ior~ 9"oh_ cl,". C>lll Hilltop :U~;.

.", ".:.t
SITUAtiONS WANTED :>:IOIJT WA'-C'\J~I.\:"-al our 1,1I1"er,-1I

:<OC>MPANt~ .• .•~~~.P~lacleJplai~·'Wes~zn Bubu.rbs'

..o"hult .1'111111. ~I"n W\UI I. 'flllnllltl1'
,,'Ilh ..• lll:".f~rr(!d.
Ilt-.UUl Ai'llh'
. LAUNDRY WORIt ·to take homo-bUD'
!lUI.tI,·hll'; t'"n.(l'ul·tll'~i,l!UOllt"IlIl~" II til·
. ,:;>.:,~:t~~~ ::':.·::7~~~~·7-~·~:"~,·:: ·::~:::~c~~i7:-:1; .,..~' -c""'~:'~' ~--'~.'-,':''''~-'--~:~-'~~~-'' . die or hamper. H Pro.pect av., Bryn
'MBw-r~'l'Hl\l\ij-BrYltcltl1wr"n9S, . - . ,·,.~rcil"l and:- -:&UII.I",. ".rl~~~10.B.klnObL..._: ~'"',-;--

..•.. ,.
,':; .' i.
'~ ~ ,'- .. ~~.
,::1:.",,:" ., . .... fr~_.~, .... ~ .... '-f~ ~~.\

PAGE FOUR ===========:E:===========;::::::===O UR

Caballero Named Induct New Head Bus, Car Stops BUY U. S. WAR BONDS
Lower Meri011 Seeks Fifth Straight Vice President of
(Continued from P"lle One)'
\ dare We1selllberg she Is the author To Be Reduced
Against Phoe11ixville at Villanova; Real Estate Board
of two books In the neJd of psy- Effective on or about November
chology-"Aphasia, a ClinIcal ana I, certain bus stops are being ellm-
F. E. Caballero, Main Line real Psychological Study" and "Adu~t inated as all routes of the Red
Cheltenhant Eleven Routed; 39 to 0 estate broker, has been nominated Intelligence" • In 1942 shI" w ~ n

Arrow buses and certain rail car
as a vice president of the Phlla- given the honorary degrees of routes. The measure was ordered
Now that it has undisputed pos-I ,..----------------,~~-------C- delphi Real Estate Board to rep- L.HD, and LL.D. Miss McBride rc- by the Office of D~fense Trans- \
sebsion :}I first place and the in-: SUBl'RB.\N BIG SIX IImportant ontests
resent the Suburban District. turns to Bryn Mawr from Rad- portatlon t:> cut down tire-wear,
side tuck in the Big Six race.' Standin!:, ~f th.. Teams (Con/inued from Palle One) cliffe College where she was dean
CllIballero has been a member of from 1940-1942. All stops to be us~d along the I
Lower Merion High S"hool's power-
ful football t2am will endeavor tJ
Lower MenJn
W L.
3 0
P. C.
1000 I Rep ; Lloyd H. WJod, Rep.; owar
H d
the Board .Jf GoveIilors [or the h
T I" annua
1 Al routes have been clearly marked as I
umnae Vl'e~k-end such and former stop-loeatiJns
boost Its stcck in the Suburban '.] 1 667 F. Boorse, Rep. past yC3.r, and has one of the has been changed to a Mid-Week have had signs posted Indicating'
Abington -
Conference in the next two we~ks. Cheltenham :! 1 .667 Votprs were aga:n reminded by most active offices on the Main meeting at the request of th>e rall- that buses will no longer stoP:1 I
Ph-::>enlxville Hl!o\h School. p~ren Uppl'r D,lrbv 1 1 .bOO County Commissioners Fred C. Lin e. specializing In suburban roads and coincides with the in- I there.
If you desire a radiant
mal Chester County champion. will Haverlord 1 3 .25~ Pct-rrs, Foster C. Hillegass and Ray- homes, duction o[ Miss !.J:cBrlde. Lante:n Sin-ce publication of the Baruch I
provide U,e challenge Saturday R<lClnor 0 3 .OO~ mond K. Mensch, whJ constitute 'la-' Night, the oldest cer,em:Jn y Of, the repJrt, there is a much more gen- : skin, try the Facials
when the two schools renew Tt'la- He was educated in the Phl .co 11 ege. WI 11 be h 1"_d on Fr Id ay eral reall:tation of the serlousne~s i
lions on tlH' npulral battlegnund the County Board of El~ctions, that that satisfy.
accuunt, d tur till' othn L M. t.dl) d bIll delphia schoois and is a graduate mght in the Cloisters of the Li- of the rubbe{ situation. Like the I
01 Villanova Collrge stadIum. Nur- only l{ penCil or in t'li I" penc may o[ the Medko and Chirurgleal brary, During tl:Us ceremony the tires on private cars, bus tires!
rlstown Will come t J P ennypac k'('J' wltll U I~ \. ,'I'd SI)l'1l1t In th~ fJ\lrth be 'used in marking a ballot. ThI" College, Class '08, For years he Sophomores" dressed in cap and must be made to last I[ the buses:
Field for a tradlLiona I scrap tl 1~ 'jU:l!'lt'r
following week, If tl:e M.Ho ,n I
C1H'ltt·1111,11I1. Willdl had ddratl'd
EectJol1 CJde prohibits tLe ,use 01 . ''
gown, give lighted lanterns to thc are to be kept in operatiJn for
I'.as 111 the drug business, and at Freshmen and both classes sing .
sl>::>uld be able to beat both these Huver[ord alld Radlll'r III pr:'v:ol1' ink. 50 "don't use your fountain one t Ime owne
teams dec!-'iIH'ly and thell win it- BI'~ SIX g:llnrs tWice malla'!<,d to pcn," they said, Pencils arc sup- 52nd and Walnut sts,
· d
drug store at'
' the traditional Greek hymns,
i '
the durallon.
Beauty Salon
final two BIg SIX games It would 'J:I',- lh' L M 2U but Oil p.l.h oc- !Jlipd in all \'uting booths. Since his entry into the real On Saturday at 4 p.m, In the Open Thursday Evening
have iron-clad claims to bcth litll.':- ':"lUn Ull'l't cl('1 "11 ,I\l' pl.l\ n.,u~tl'd They alsJ pOl!1ted out that the estate profession Caballero has Mrs. OtIS Skinner Memonal Thea- ,~_ PAINTING
And on the baSIC of its showing t::> III p,l.,>S l!1!l'ITPpllOIiS .lust u t 1110 !'raslllg o[ a mark Is the cause 0 1 been prJminent in Philadelphia tro Workshop on the Baldwin ~ . 43 North Narberth Ave.
and suburban real estate circles. Se~ool grounds. MISS Comella Otis _ -::::::: Wilbur S. Muffet
date it should have better than an lI1ellt~ whell It app:':lrl'd ;l Pant 1l~'r Narberth
cven chance o[ doing just that. ;;c,re wa,s l!1cntab!e man\' ballots being thrown oul. being a member of the appraisal Skmner of the class of 1923 will DECORATING
LO\\'{'I MCI iJn, which lwei ail ('[i~l' "If ;'ou make a mistake in marking lO~ .'onnmiT .\\'E.
When LOW(T Merion lines up committee, the Inter-County Com- present costumes from the collec- T£1ephonc-N ARBERTII 2324
aRainst Phoenixville it will be tl:e.r ul 15 to fl\" 111 first clown~, wa" Ibbll' the balloa. don't crase: asi{ [or a mittel' of the Phlladelphin Real lion of her father, Otis Skll1ner . Phu~~\·~~~I~r~II·" ~'i~!I-1l
first meeting Sl!1C(, a fre:-f:Jr-all 10 [,Ikl' ulldlsputed pms-,>slOn o~ IWW bal:Jt." the E1L'ction Board said. E.~ta.te Board and chairman o( MISS Skmner aJ,1d Mr. Roland - - - - ---
broke out all ,peilll~'Jla"k"r !,'.eld hrsl pluc{' 111 the Big SIX as a rrsult The 190 polling places In the Weekly Luncheon Speakers .c::>m- Young Will speak on the plays. .-. _ _ "'::':'~-::::'::::::-~ .._ " _ ' - ' - - ' - - - " - - - : '
following a Phantom tnul11ph qm(' J[ Abll1gtoll lwnding Upper Larby County will be open on obieral mlttee, actors, and anecdotes with which
five or SIX years l.gO. It'> flnt cOIl[l'renn' ,",'tback, 13-0, Election Day. Tuestlay, November 3. He is also a member o[ the these costumes were associated
Phoenlxnlle. 11.l1C: all(' :)1 t ":',' bill ., ,' • I ~I. ",,," [rOm 7 a. m to 8 p, m" eastem war Main Line Board of Realtors " the The Theatre ~orkshoP which was PAPERS - REST A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX
time. gl\'en In 1939 111 memory o[ Mrs
Pennsylvania Real E.~tatc AssoCla- Otis Skinner is shared bv Baldwin
powers 111 suburban [ootb,,:!. Is lIot ,'. \
quite up to par t 111~ "e,lS HI .' l't h.l' I ,,' .11'
. "
\\1 •
,\1 tIl 1"\\- llOn, the NatlOnal Ass:Jclatlon of School and Brvn Ma~r Colle e
\\.01' "
Churches Join in
Jnl~' one \!,anH' 111 the Suburball l:·i~l~ :IL: 111,... /."~:I' It jl,'.: Real Estate Boards and the Na- t d t s ' g
tiona 1 Insti t ute of Real Esta te _s;u;;e;n;;;,;:;:;;;:;;:;:;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;:~
j .q, ~ jil'

Conference. Undefeated Norri'lOwl1 '"

accounLcd for thiS ,;et.b<1ck to the
," 1:, .. "1 "
'1 I ~

1,. I' II 1I".:t'-\.

I I I'
I t l ' l '\\
Ii. .. \ ..... Study Series on Brokers and is active In [rate:nal i; _ .Jhe)/{zlionalBank
tune of 13~O last WPl'k ThlS n)('.ll1' \ ;tIY"I".'~:" and church affairs. a charter
1" _ 'I' ' I ,),,\, I, '1" 101' \!
Latin America 10
the Phantoms will bc on thr re- I',', II"
b::>und and doubly dangerous Satur- ,,, ,:,,,,~I:,',,"'"
day, However, most L. M. fan.s ar~ , ",. '. ,,,
J,' Il' ~l' I,

1\ ",,','
I j .I. I" 'II ~ h' I I •

J ",',1",
member of the Optimist Club In-
Nal'berth Baptist Church o[ the ternational. and of the Russ'!ll H.
Evangel. Methodist and Lutheran Conwell Luncheon Club. until December 1st
confident Coach Dick MattiS' pup:ls ~~·'I:.I!,~' \ 111'1: .• 1,,,,1:\: 1:111~:I: 11~';I,lt 11.1,,\, Churches are uniting in presenting I
WIll be able to rope with whatpver
- .. ,,.,,.,.,,
1. ""., ~1," ,.. "
t 1,1-.1,-, \. L I I.IIIo111
II \\'1'
<1 Sunday evening series of Inc-
i Turkey Shoot McNICOL
l'esista.n{'e IS 01f ere d b Y t I1(' Ch pstN 1:""""- .' , I': ';" \ :'-1 II d I I
lures on "Bound In the Bundle 01
A Turkey Shoot for Mont;;om- I
Countlan~; ,." 'l,l,'" \\. Hl~.l, III Lifp," a study ::>[ Latin America, HAND COLORED 'MBMBBR Of THB fBDBRAL RBSB;VB SYSTBM -
This optlm'sm IS :nl~ natural b,' I
I., .\ ~. ",
on November 1. 8. 15, and 22 at ery. Delaware and Phil'ldelpl1ia' .:._(~..-...-.c_l_'---'_' _ _( '_·'__·'-"'-"''-'·''-''....-.ue ..
CJunty members and friends of I
----------- .--_' --- -- ---
cau.."C the Maroon has shcwn no' \I 11.
~Hnl..r; of ~la:k("lllng lt~ dIZZY par' 1 \\.
'1 ,,,.,1.,; l'lll 1
7 :45 p.m. in the Methodist Church,
corner o[ Price and Essex a.\·s the Lower Merion R<Jd and Gun i Christmas CGI'ds
meetings open t:J the Club will be held Sunday after-'
I, ," 110,11
II~ fact it lr)oked :.:;trong.'r t ~1~1I1 C\ l':' I, I: [, "'\'[ 1[· 1'\ The
noon, November 22. on the' This discount is offered only "SUN RISES OVER ALL"
in hllndnlg' Chf'1tl nham Its first
BIg SIX def~at by the )\'er\\'hl'lllllJl~ ..
',:,y.:, ' i',: :,' I '1'.111' I:

The Rev. Charles Detweiler, sec- Farm, Narberth, to those who order Imprint- FOR QUALITY CLEANING SERVICE
retary of Baptist Missions in Latin ed cards EARLY, Come in DUPONT PER.CLENE
score o[ 39-0 last Saturdly at:
PennyyackN F,eld, . Christmas Cartons NJrth America, will be the first and see the beautiful selec- The Improved process of Dry Cleaning for garments and
In wlI1nin~ its thIrd BI'~ S.X
game and IlS lourth straight 111 til<.' !
Suburban Conferenc~. LaWN MeLon,
MRde Mature
Onl' o[ the 1l11es printed 011 the
bOJl;ted Its scoring total to 137: sllbstantial Christmas 2artons 111-
,peaker. He has lived in Latin
America for th~ great~r
his life, spending much time in
Puerto Rico. M~xlco, Cuba. EI
part of

Narberth 2430
in War Stamps.
tion - invest the 10';; saving Household Furnishings by Scientific Methods

S:llvador. Nicaragua. and Haiti.
points in suburb:lIl c:Jlllpetl; I n, <1n: (l1ea\~d th('y cont:llned "A Gilt
Mr Det wriler has contributed ex- ~oal Jeddo-Highland Helene P. Watwood
a verage of 34 a gamc, ! lor ,1 Bov III tilt, S,'rvICl'."
Heading the ll1gh-pr~ssuJ'(' Httack' Tlle w:J1J1en at Tue~d,lY nll'lllt'S
I Pl1sively to the reli~ious and s~c­
ular press as translat,:Jr and au,
Socony-Vacuum Fuel Oil
Next Door to Media Drug Store
against Chl'lt 'nliam were JoP DI-: \\ rappng party deCided. that wa"
thor. In Narberth Koppers Coke
Felice, a hUI11<1n paCkUgl' o[ TNT I n'r~, much out o[ order. as Ilght-
and lanky. glue-fin~erl'd Greel
Hcmdel. who has gradually devel-
II1g a war. they 1;:lid. was a man's
Phone Narberth 2119

54th and CITY LINE
J:)b <1nrl nothing ~hort 01 It. ('vent comprises Mrs. A, J. Sigel. 258 HAVERFORD AVE. Main Plant - 206 EAST LANCASTER AVENUE. Ardmore
oped into one a[ the best ~'nrus in TIle result was that "boy" w;u: NARBER1H, PA. •
Mrs. Henry Anstadt, Mrs. R. B,
L, M. history. Each scored twc
. DiFelic~ tWI:e crashed over from
aptly erased. and a big ··MA:.. "
substituted, , . and those who ob-
Deer, the Rev. Carl Hamme~ly,
Methodist pastor, the Rev. Robert
serve th~ change in Mr, Dunnc'5 Keight.:>n, Baptist pastor, and tile
the QIleyard, line to cap drives 01 64

window will agree It is a well- Rev, Cletus SeIlfl, Lutheran pas-
and 82 yards itl \.he first and third
done shirt. tor.
periods respectively. He also booted
two extra points and tossed a paS-' ~:~;~~-;:--~-;-~;_;_;:--~;_~~-~-;~;~~~~~;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;:;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;.;;;;;;~
that resulted in another touchdown , . •• ••
This active da~"s work enabh d him' The INS and OUTS
to boost to 7 the number of points A WEEKLY GUIDE to Lectures. Exhibi-
he has tallied in the l<1st three Blanket tVPe Insulation. Wool Bats and loose Wool
games. an' all good insulators lor attics and other cold places. tions. Theatres. Sports. Music. Motion
Heindel ran 10 yards with a later- Storm Sa~h applied to the outside make an ideal
al pass for L, M.'s first LOuehd:Jwn I mmlation,
Pictures. Restaurants. and Cafes.
is the early minutes of the first
period and he bnared a 22-yard

pass for another six-pointer early MUSIC All Ht'I\h'o in uniform "-.11 \ Atwut"r Krnt )IUHt"lInJ. l:i S. 7Th
Danf'lnlt-Brookllne (.:ountry Club. Mlll lIC' at1111illeu la ~lmH'um ant,] l'I,lIlt't:llIUlli Exllihili"LlH (If 1I',c:t1 111!it"n. Exlllhiu
in the fourth quarter, H~ also wa- The Link Between Forest and Home U~.'o ...]('d
Cla~Hh'al 1\IU51<" Bt"'rlram A.
Il<l.. Ilroukll" •.
l r/"l't. II' .t till l-; I'll \ .. IIIlPoll3nl rul' In the war.
~tf'rnh('r. cnl1lnH'otalllr, at Y. M and
a ~tand·:Jut on defense, IndepeDd....e.. HaU. 'Ib add Cbeltnul "~~hibit of tht> ~ltlDth: "L,t:il1:HTl'::" 1 ~I"· 1'::'-'1.1111'" 'l'Il\' FIIo:htlng In
Y"·UA. UI"t)ad and Ptn~ ~13., TUt'*'tlay~,
Jack Weir plunged over f; am the II
29 Bala Ave•• Bala-Cynwyd 9 I'. ~1. Free.
Sl8 -upen dallY and Bund&y, ':46" JoI. F,lll1l Flttlll\l.I1'" UI!"IO\I'y (If tl,t· Id,'n !I'III],ld'IIo11 I . ' 11t\L;illal l'hllll) \\"ar Car·
two to climax a 63-vard driv~ In the Closed 12 o'Clock Sat. Cynwyd 662 \\' ••.\
H,·m.lhony f)rl"lu·",tra ('onc.('rl
lO 4 30 P. M. Fr"lI.
The Aquarium, norlh of Art Mu.eum
nl"dt rn
0' 11J.thtnlllJ.::
:tlltl t:'h't'tllllt)
'I;.:htlllll~ "lutlt11 I,d It\
(. til"
I IU"IlS, .. \I"ng 'I ht..... · :-:(II,.·tS" -
,!I'lldlla ,I"l ~"'I\ 1,\' t nllt' 11ll'''lal y 111('rary

second pcrioj and' Warr~n NevillI'I ,. , t • -. , , , , , . , , . . •

~\l'ry TUt'I'Hlu)'. ~.30 p, m. al Mlltt'n
Hall. Broad and Berks Hts,. ~Sc: st'r\"h.'t"
on Easl bank or Ih. BchuylklU-open n tlUn':I' ;';"Illlatu, I~ a lonl.{ .1IJ III 11 ~'Illlt) :II II"'!'" I1tl:) '. I " ;, IU, 'Vetllit'sda)·s. 9
dailY 9 A .M. to 4 :30 P. JoI.; BUdda, t,f Ill, IIl~lllIJl,'N Itlo:lltlllnl-\. l',,-lt.1Jll" 11.1\1' I" :1, ~lllllj,l)~, :! to ;,.
rn('1l treE' 9 A M to 6 P. M. Fru. Il III ot.:~hl ttlJ;' I tl.'. P('"lb~ hllllill ..\,·ltdt'lll'· "I til .. Flop Art",_
• "'.'.\ ~"nllhHn, ()rc·ht'flootrll. II' 111" .\u~ Dan('lng - Ca~lno Ballrllo,m, ""Illow
Gro\'f' I'urk e\ ory "~r;f1RY and SainI (lay,
11 ..'\
ll .. tolJ ..",
Inf' tI\l' llIlHJ!I. Itl
alilt a \011,("11'0)' III Ill~I"n•• tI lItH,ld :-:l ,dll'\" .\nil. FOltll'th Annual
,lit"rlulI1, :~ Ilil and :-iPlllt-... ~Il'{ :'\p\. 1. 11,.:lltlllll.~ fuds. 8111111' 111.111(> II\' 1'"1'111110..1111 l'hilad,lldlla" ,I{pi ,'"Ior allli Prtnt Ex·
: ·;n i' ~I ':'''1. :;('1'\ it', !\1pn II ,'I' ""RlkioK 'rourtot-I ·ondut.'lC'd hy Da, lei t. Ilinutdt, \\111 bt' {1'alull'lI t .. ~I.'lII' r ''It:1 lL,hllluu and FOfly·ttt:;t All IIlJll 1 ExhilJi·
~Illo, t'. Thrt.·c· hour tours o( hlStorlcal ('arb' pholtl~I';.li'hs uf U;.;htlllllg ~"'I'11I1 1'. Oll.l. ~'H I"ty o( 1\lhliH1UI"O Paint-
_ •• _~.~"iI,;...~--," ---: .... .'hlh,d"lllhia ()rt'llt'l"otrn ('uDC·f·rtfllo--(lt·!
l'hdJtdl'!phla. alurt1nJ; at 1.30 P. hi. e\'ery 1ul,.;1)1'1 P'I"I. ur 1"1l't'('II1l' US lit "I,,~... d 11:.:.101·
tid. ::.1 III :'\0\. ::~. Du.lly, 10 t6 ~.
":':. :.: ::0 1', m O. t. :: to jro, ::n P. lU . .sUf,.;"l'IU' .·t:<
~ • '-~~';hitt?) WI'. kiLl\' (ror'n ~th :-'t. t.'llt'·AIlL'(> o( Bell- nlng," ' I. III lll~0 lit' s!lllwn, tll;':'£'ltl('" ,,'itll :':unda). 1 l" u.
\ )llHand)' t·untlucung.
lamln 1"'1 a.llkltn Holl'l, ;IUC lht, pt>llnt1h: dt'nlC1nslrH\lIIll 01 a ll.tlf l\c'ad.. nl~ uf ~n.url\l Kc'lpo.·PfI, 19th anil
FUUlOU8 8ilt'nt 1'Itu·It·... 1'1' (lltl "Inlt's million 'lilt llJ.;hlnlng IlIu.. 11. Stl'UIIlI th(' l'al·kwR~' --- 10'1"(' f>xhlhlllnn of 1110
T1H:.atr p , AII('n's Jano ami MI.'Cal1um st. ot l':n.~I1II''''1 iug.
LITTLE THEATIlE tit I. ;n, Lillitn ":-'llad'I\\s"
l'hanl'Y anll
}.'lolll - ItRll Ih,tws II! ttl" "'Ollt! 1 lppn darlY
~.IIrUJIK ~U\". J-·'~It'c'hunknl ('Ulll1t- .\Ufluhun IInll. ,\ •. 1'1' III \ o[ :-';.ttIJI·.lI
U.. rts..row Moylan, I'ft,-Rep- lIal Hlllll'h in ".Fast Black." ;;Z,L. InK": .\K lon;.( R8 Jllan ha!t 11"1,,'11 lll"ln''': ....11 .. 11\ ,.:; nIl ,l~ H: 111, d\lll: l Itt ('lInllli·
"rtol y \Vl-dncllilay throuJth Saturday. fh.;urt~9 to ht'11l h1m III lwc dally foUtlrl" l-n,~ Hr,' dl'lI'II\I'd lI:":.llll~1 )Ialllll'll 1l.lhl ..
I"urtuln al 8.30 sharp. Schedule ror week' U·;('Tl'Itt;S \If eX ...' ha llJ,:'t' liT' dl'::II~I\, Ud\' 101" I' Sl'.ll· .. h. 1.11 h,ul,:.:I"lJlIol .... (1111(1 tXlLlh1t'C tdl0W
TlduHR, $I S1. $L~1 & 7]0 avallahltt at Oduh,'r aO..-11 t·) A. M. ('urn'nt II Itt· th .. tu..-leIH't' of nl<lllt{'mlllh~ !I,ll" IIl'l'll It 'W IJlld..; ,I'" 10'1".1 (I 10 III It'l'tlfll.ln all·
lhc:\tfa or at (,,",Iwl Bros. ItH\. 111:-l1 ,,( tl'lI tIlIUII;.:htl\ !t'I·turt'H h\' 1..',.11 1'0 UJlon t'l aliI him. .\lldll1;:, r.llh- ":-loI~ It .. " lilt" 11\'. \til) alld whero
;;0, "Th,> I'll\~ldan tn ~pitt' nf
e It t H ,. Kalt,'n!Jnrn, aU~PIt.·t'S til Til,· )lnd- lIlL(.. \~ng, rTIultll'l~'IIl~. Hlld dl\l"lll~ aI' 111,·\ 1111 .... 1 \ I , l L ' .1.001. "t tilt· l'hll,lott'lphul
Him",' If." 11,'t ::1.' ~\rml" lind tilt, !\1;\Il," 1'1n Cluh t'llur:-C tlckt.'ts t i l unit Iii :,11, all 11111'01 t,lllt p,tI t III !loll1l.11 HI· Flll 1t'~I"11 11.111\ 'I t" .... llfl".I~S 1 t.u ~I.
'\n' 1 . ' Th.' 1'1<'nj(.'· :'\0\ . .'. "AI 111:; Btll" Ul,·~tl ,1l1nrd IInt··1 11ln~t' whu h,l'I' Jl1u('h 11,.:u:,n~ I') d". HiP,turlc-RI ~udc·t,· nf l~t'nnH)h'anIR, I~th
ntH) lllt' 1\lan." , I, I' :\1 - .. Alumlnul11 'S. :--:lalnll'~.s C.lllltl'llllno:: rTHl"hln"l'4 Illt\, IH'.II~III\l'lIt"d nnt! l.ncu:-t ~t!'l -1':xhl~JIl or tiO palnllngll
("ninoill. .'In.H·r'', 1:1011, ,. .\ \ I' III l,n\" ~lll'l 'l'i ',"nod In ,\llI'l,dl .·III11"lIUt·- u,ldlll:.{ l'Il'l'I'lt, ,H~I'tJfill'~, alld I ,t~" III Ill" hy l-=ull)·. 1'(-'al", :--tuUII. "'I'Ilt and COI'h.'y,
".\1 . lI'Ill" 11\ E.1. \\'. Itas.:,ltdalc l1f Ed""I.! (',llt'ul.llllln~. !"\H'h 11I,li hllW IS tIl' Dally, f'Xf'. RUII. auet :\1')11, ~ to 5.
\la~nlo1la \ltI. n-:'\"\ I, (1ft!'
q'nt lIn Youth," !'lIrlullI, :-. :0 \\ ct'k ~ tl Bud,i ~11;.(, t:', ..\. \" 1..··t·lk., tlr I ·1l111tttonn'll'r. dISI'IH~ f'd In lhe 1 ;ll,ul .. 1 l\tnt'rkull """t·f'.""h fti",tnrh'nl MlI"rnm.
!Iuf.unnhl i. 'II. .\u:';l'h"£>s .\ mt'r1t~i4n :-:'0- Fluw I'lllnr!ltr Ht ,II tht, )).111)- p, II
l~th :-::t. allf1 )'Ult1::;I1)\ .\vc.-Wartime
'li~lll~; :1 Ull l'1' :--\,ltUlday
Ill'l\ IIII' 3.1, laltf. l':rU;III('l'I':3' (·lull. 1.114" (·Plununu.... for ('lvlllilD I)t·r.... " .. : Th.~ .',tll"lllIS It! II E. 1'I'l4all', lartoon editor
n .. e'~'" C·fltlnt., 1·ln~ lion,...'. n,'IIt·\'UI'~ 01 ~t.'w Y'II k TII1lt'S, Uf:l, 20 to Doc 10,
::1'1 U('r, :-:1. (IopulH.r exhibltl"n On thc Ilrlnt'lph,!'I Hnd 4

.. trallonl Iloll'i-FuII ~"Il:--IlJl ",wn~ :-':11' ~un'mht"r :i-Hool< Itt·\I'!,..· !IV 111. 11 Vatly. 10 to :;, ~un" 1 lu 5
fil·nl"tlt.'c or protl'ctlve concealment Is
III Wllh :-:\'1\1' :-;1.1111'" In "I'\gmalllln," \\',L1lt'l \\"t'nka.el t ('Iark,' .\udlltlllulll. "·,,t"r('ulur ~lhlbltion hy Phlhulf»nhJB
:\1.'tlll' f':o; nil \\"t d .. FrI.. lIliti :-Oat.
lit/tug' conunued. :p·1I~19 III "IlIIIP nR~1I1l ,\tH4,)C'lat ..", nroarl
j'I('M'Il'r nltl~ .. l i l l l'lIt'HtnuI:'-it .',:.(. .t\lr Uilid .·r"('IlUtloDK: lucell<1!ary. 1111.:11
('hlrc' "'re'.· MnJor fhilllr"n'", Tluoutrt' ~o"t'JDhl'r" -~::;{1 I'. ~l. ~'Uln'l1t l~\I'nls ~t. suhurhan ~latlOn nld~., 1617 Penna,
pxploNl\'t>s, and 1'01>;1111 OllK hnn\h~ all'
Plt'!''''l1t~ "11,IIlSpJ nnd lit,tl'l." :',IluI"t1a.\' II, ThnnUH! L' ~h:.lrrl'l 1'lldllmU~lalJ explained III C'I\'lliall 0, (t.·'HIt' cxhihl~
I1lt)f'lln;..:. (It·t. ::1. at Ttlwn Hall, 1:10 ('Iuh ;l~'ll 'Valnut ~L lit'. lion nt'ar Plant.'Ltlllunl 14 l t hhy.
tltt.· 1'111' TIll' l~rint (·Iuh. 1';11 LalilTlf'r Fit .• first
:\:01 tli Uload ~l :-- 011 J'. :\t.-"(·I:u~sit.'It'lIll," I,\, Lu1l1 14l1" 1)1'01'''1" IOI'alloJl IIf , .. rUgc roofl.Jt, nnll IwJ"w J"wust-:-:III\ !'W!'l'I'1J t:olor prm18 by
~lt'l n. La 11111' Etlul:uliulll1l 1'1'lIlt'r, II:, :oi. r~conllnt'htJ('d m£'thuds of ('Oll:-U'ul'lllIn " ..ull.lId l'yllll,I,"" and "1I11t"~(~ and Bug~y
1 ~l( 11:-:.t ~ :Jt. bla<:kIOG.uUl. and gus proofinl-'; arc ahw 11,,\ !'! ," ttl Ol't.]1 \\'ct:kda)·H. 9 to 6;
~on"mh.!r .,.-\.1:, 1'."1 "("lr ... l1nl-: Rllutll t.4hnwn. :-il.llurtla~'!'I, ~ to 1.
'·'urrt'",t-F·r,ll1Z j.,'hUI'S "Thn Mt'rry .\nt(>fIClt," IIIUl!lllott'll with motion plt". 1I0u... : Tu,"d"y,, l'nl\"t~r"'ih' llluwunl. :;::1 d "':. Rprucc 8tH.
\\'ldIJw" I UI'l'H in l'Ollll' b~' lit·lt'n I't." rt'll. I )ak':t Thuroday: Frld.y and Runday. I 10 • _ ' l·hlun." all t'),lld~ltl'ln of .ladl'!'. IlUr...
"·III"lIt-"l.lIt, ",til Fallw"" ,'"1\ l't'rl'y ~h'rnnllal l:. I'. Church, li:.tth and Ced,u' P. M.: RelUrday, 10 A. M. In • P, JoI I'll.tlll, t":\lllt'1'l. (,dill' ('Illlt~,\V play
"',lrun ulld ~1,11 :'" (jllllllllll' 1',111<. .\ "-!t. ~:;t.'. lind Thank~J,(I\IlIJ: n"r. t'llI~'oI ~1'H1t1u~~ 1110:"111"1':", llll'alllt'al ('o~tul1le dl'~lgnA. colli!
Admls:41ull, :J~ "culs IIlld j.I.llll' 8. Hllll lile 1',IHpSl" 'Vhllnf'y
1"'.'Uhf - "'Till' :-:klll tlf ll!Jr T"t,tl1"
with T,lllulah Hltukll".ttl FII'(lt'1I(' Maleh. In the ,·'('IM 1~IOI1t'tnrlum-"llulll tM and l·ulk.'tl'tTl IIf J'I1I\('8. Ol'tohl>r. Dally
Bomhl"l IrvI11 :"lJ\U('f':' (lilly a ft'W lllln' l'Xl' lit ;\l"Jllla)l'l, lu tv 5; Sunuays, 1 to 6..
FI\lr"Il( t' f:ltlllllj.;l' all.l 1·'ltJIl!nl.'I' Bet'el.
lUll ~(lllllt IS.
Wynnewood House
1238 A\'S,
utt's ~,t wllt('hfnlo( 1 he 14k)' un nny t.'lt'UI
C\~I1IIIj.( \\tll u,.;uull). yl.·111 a \'I,'\\' l l f II
"Shoollng still'" 01" 111"11'01', Thl'Se al"r
"nl, t'r",U~' 01
Finr .\rt",.
• 'l'llt lUll'!" IIr
"(·n 11"'"1\'1\1\h,
ManJH'n~ 1n

SPORT!': lhe 1l1:,t1pst of !Jt.'i1'~'l1h IIhJc\ I"',

"Pinch hining'~ 10" Tanke...

fill l'l:.! ~" \\'('l·kduY8. 9 to 6:
Dinner - supper Whl"n \\·c ~t~(' lht.>1lI th"r aI"" at't\Ill i1:--' III
11110:'." 1'\ I.
J"uothll11: (I('{
:11. 1'('nl1 \1-1 .\nn\·, ~lltUllla~:o;. ~I tt) I.
I·'lallhlln FIt·lel, :.I.ld ,ullf ~IU'Ut'(', ~ ::11 I' ~t. Special Lobster Dinner OUI' ntlllllHJlh,'!'t', ollly H h:w tlnz:,'n luIit'''

T"111 pit' \'1'1. ~lh'hh':ttll :--late, Tt.·mple _ New Marine Bar - high. .Many mllll<lus lit' tll1lc.'lt a du)-·.
NARberth 9282 for Reservations plc('l's of IrllJl and SIt.H'] ~lIn 1\ (I thei'
~l;t1tllll1l. ('llY 1..11lt' Wt.'tH ur Ogontz .\\1.

~ zt'e c;,-r~ G:" ~(J~/

t\.u~llIug tlill thltlut.:h tll~ ullllll!'l'h, r t ' ',lllti
~ :;0 I'. :\1
n'ul'h the l,,1111I (rollJ 1I111~ld,' l"P'II'l'
.\.:0\. 1. \·ill.U111\ a \!'l :\Ianhu.llan, ~hlh("O TII('I4f' an' call ..d 1I1"llllllll"~ Th··v niH\'
I'art,. :!1t.l and Ll'htgll. hI' 111l1ltlc.·rnlhh.· SP't:kH 01 t1u~t. or IIp;y
Ifla~' llC I.'hunkti w(>l;;hlllJ.{ IllHlly tltlllt"·H.
~ .p. :.' COVNTBY
"'rt'"tIlJlIt: tldh ;tnd
tll·t :''', .\H'n;l.
hahll \ M. M,llrn~ 1,11 ih·llkll. T"IlIH Matc.'h lIr ~'t'n
Before submarines struck. railroads hauled the railroads rallilld promptly to the call. POUlld:4 - tonS. Till' lall or
H.uch IIhJct:ts nlHUrullY I't'l'lutl~ III d,lm-
-Fl£'d (;"urnh\t'r lind 1':11 1'1111-( "M. Al

itJJ than i per cent of the
1.~OO.000 barrels Soon solid trainloads of tank cars began eo ""orc.:u ... Ilnrl AI·t' Fn'l'l11an. ,JIm .\ UHter1 APPET'TES a,,;e unc! horr'l", nnd .. rlllllh't.'iI !"t'Hult"t r\ ,~.
'loS • • I('hnny Lnn~. .\nJ.;"t'Io Sah'olrll ,·s, whll'h c."HlI hi' Iral'l'd r'lf 11lan" e~'lltllljf ~

of oil and gasoline used daily by home roll to ehe Ease. lb'rman Hhotle. " t'itllirttrlJ( Xu,', I-"liltn ulicI III", l'ni-
~~ •
MID Rd••
"("rlte": As man lonh.lo\ oul IUltl lllt' ot'Jlth!
owners and motorists of the East. In January 100,000 barrels a day went of tqulCl.! '\'tlh lIu' 1l11Jl"lt mudel It tl'll': ./I'U·" •

BCOPl'H. and USl.:'.H J,.;ll·ut Ill'" t'aIHPIlU'1 utld
It was a tanker's job pure and simple. through ... now it's over 800,000 a day Arcetclla Chios
Restaurant " -
"pel·ta.1 llhc'togruphlc )l"oe'('lHU H III l"ltudy
rltMtllnt llhjecll, It,· ls llhh- til form Ii ph'. .:. Dancing.:. .
Petroleum came by water. But the 'war
stopped that. So a call for help went out
.•• and soaring higher and higher, On the "'bllebcid 11.1
nothlng I. quH. 10 .otbfying al on.
lUl'e or tht.! Uninll'1tt', \\ hlch C'l,n tlu'n
he lnhtrprt'"lctl II.,' tllf' tlJlJllll'KlllIU til rt'UN· THIS SATURD.AY NlOJIT


Pennsylvania Railroad alone, movement of of out dtjlclol/l.,l/ skillfully pr.. nnlnK lIower. Our Hula .. s)'I'IIJ'111 he hUI U Oc.TOBEIfo 31

tiny .Iortlon or HPH.ce In \!It' J.C"llln xv of

to the railroads. petroleum' products now represents one- sEA. FOOD oUR ..' p ar.d and promptly· ••rv.d;; whlnh we are n PUI't, I\O(] nu~' J.inluxr Is·1
only one uf I1Illny 11I111101111. ~Ol1lt\ nr tht,\
Although carrying a treIIlendous war load, sixth of its toeal freighe car miles. COPlpiete FuB <,oune,D , er.80e· AND DIS ORtlBESTBA
.- LUNCR-ln. 55i:. DI""£R~_. 150 nlOBt mUttel'" dlst.·O\"I'l·ln!'l or n"lrnnlllnll~uJ
t§clenCI~ wIll be eXJlllllJh'tl In lh~ :'\o\'('Il1"
COCKtAIL tIM"'. I to 6 P. M. her .·I...,n,..
tul·lum Ilemon",lrltliou. :\dllll",..ln.. --s~.OO 'Ct)"pi......"hl" To.
~••• " trll11 tlm,uing I"fJlllt:' HAROLD L. ICKES, SImI"" 01 tb, Interior tlnd Pllro/'lIm Co'Qrdintltot REMEMUER. Dc·mon.lI·a.lI<lIlH overy <lay III 3 1111.1 , :111 I

phone: . mUtop1600
THE, T~~oRusESFoTRAU. ~N1 ;~II~~I1~~~:~' n~ht\;~ ~:~ull~;I,'j'i~i~II,,~~'IlIl:::~~
SPAGHETTI ~:. STEAKS ,. '_" ,....
" 811turdtly lit 11 A. M.
TI"U1k.IlI\'JII~Dn)': :1. 1,
AdullS ntlnlllh'd
"j" 1'. ~1.
• On. ~'Am"1ca·.
"P'LA"nERS . ' .' . . l~hoto Kalollol Ala..-IIIl" ..~--_.......
~--_ .......---~--~-~.......,,~. ...
Ba1lrOGth • •• AU Mobau.d If" Wil'"l . CHICKEN ,
beUelbua lJa.pd,,".tcbea
.· sen";." '. .'fl.o.unl'l'
.1'...1 c,~c"iSl~ ..... lllllllll"ITlII
hy olull"nl. nf Ihl' ;'o:1'W YOl'k IIl.lltul" , .
af J"'hotography 'nOll I", ou,mIU"l'''' or Ihu
l'hnlDlfrllflhlo '1ul\.1 of


1... 1 1 1 ' :
~ TELL . the mdi1arer· 100 ~
It listed I..
tb,_ Aftlu..... ~
~.~ ~

1NV1!S!illL.l!NJTBDSTATllS '. • ,.:;.1;. t a..c I'T 'r" Ll N'B ' - throul'lh Ih" l'l;nl'm'lltl"" nr II", I'hulU-:.. III .... ,
.. ,... _-- --.--;,_ .. A.NQ
~.-::~--.. ;-.;~_ ..
...:.'...,.. -..... .... - .. ' .'-' ; - •• ~:.. :....~I-.;..,.-
\ '.-
. '-"'-'--';'';;:;-;;".. " ~t:;Ji'='l!~~~~f..;;d!l~~~'1.H~
" ,: •;.~I!~Ye~!'~l~l!...~rd~··j..£·~x.S'~·'>"~.'::"
..... .': ._..,i"~" "~~""""''''''''''''~P_", _ ''!!__!!_!!!_''!!_~,o!o_,!!._,!"._,!"..~-..~._Il.r..~~!'J-".._!,l~~~~~r uf .America. . -_::.;.... ,-_.. _. - .~-~_. ..-.
'::.' ~
.__ .,. ~ .,.,

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