A Dissection of Liber B vel Magi

Analysis by: Lammassu Dam Ki Ag

Liber B vel Magi 0.0
I've been studying this Liber intently since February, and I've come up with a few interpretations as to the meaning of each section. I'll begin with the first one, or rather: 0.0 starting with the first sentence. 0.0 One is the Magus, twain his forces; four his weapons. First thing to note is the 0.0 marking this first section. 0.0 is listed before 0 and of course 1, so it stands to reason that 0.0 is less in value than 0 (by order of ascending sequence). According to Liber 777, the double 0 in the key scale indicates "Ain Soph" or "limitless" which can also be worded as boundless: Infinity in its dualistic nature. Both the macrocosm and the microcosm of the Universe are thusly defined. The Grecian symbol for infinity appears as an '8' laying on its side or two '0' joined together by a single point: '0.0'. This establishes the force of motion within the 'Veil of Non-existence', as explained by Crowley in his essay 'Qabbalistic Dogma', within the text of Liber B. Take note that the first section doesn't begin with '000' or '0.0.0', which is "Ain" or "nothing" in the key scale. In order for Liber B to be valid there must already be established the dualistic nature of infinity, it can be argued that "Ain" is attained in the grade of 'Magister', whom understands the nature of the Universe and the 'Magician' must learn to manipulate the Universe in order to perform the 'Great Work'. So with this force in motion, the force or soul is defined as the 'Magus', the motion continues to divide and define this single point, the individual, into two or 'twain his forces'. The forces that rule the 'Magus' and thusly are ruled by him are akin to the two dueling furies of 'Yin-Yang', positive and negative; macro and micro. Now the individual is defined and is once again split by two into "four his weapons". The weapons of the 'Magus' in controlling the forces that rule him set the basis or foundation of his power. The weapons of the 'Magus', of course, are representative in the TAROT. These are the Seven Spirits of Unrighteousness; seven vultures of evil. To start with, the sum total of the one and the two and the four from the previous sentence = 7. When referring to the THOTH TAROT and the weapons of the 'Magus' (court cards) in the value of seven we get 'unrighteous' and 'evil' characteristics in their interpretation: 7 of Wands - 'Valor', where the army is thrown in disorder and if victory is to be won it is up to the individual soldier, 7 of Cups - 'Debauch', where the ease is realized in profaning the sacraments; properties of Nature become obscene and shameful secrets, 7 of Swords - 'Futility', the wish or need to compromise in an altercation but leads to naught against those unwilling to change their views, and 7 of Disks - 'Failure', where efforts and perseverance lead to in place of success; the inability to accomplish one's goals. Such bleak interpretations of the numerical whole of the 'Magus', but an important lesson in that it is through struggle that glory is attained as well as the attainment of the True Will; IAO. Thus is the art and craft of the Magus but glamour. This sentence brings the previous one home by stating that these conflicts are the very tools of the 'Magus'; through ordeal is strength obtained, except 'glamour'. Glamour is another term for 'illusion' or 'falsehood' and deception is not of the 'Magus' for he is defined by his strength whereas 'glamour' is a sign of his weakness.

How shall He destroy Himself? By destroying the 'glamour' that was affixed to him since birth, the 'Magus' must destroy this 'falsehood', this 'illusion' of who he appears to be and, through knowledge and conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel become who he is in pursuit of his True Will.

Liber B vel Magi 0
In continuing the study of Liber B vel Magi, section by section, I feel it's appropriate to move on in my dissection. 0. Yet the Magus hath power upon the Mother both directly and through Love. As with my last post, I'll focus, first, on the signifying number: 0. Now according to the key scale found in Liber 777, '0' signifies 'Ain Soph Aur', the 'Limitless Light'. Referring to Crowley's "Qabbalistic Dogma", he states that the word 'Aur' is most important, for it pertains to the Universe after Chaos; a confusion or clash between the polar opposites established in 'Soph'. Regardie expounds on this in his "Tree of Life" that sometimes, when this Light concentrates on itself, it polarizes and manifests into Spirit and Matter. Another way to interpret the significance of '0' is with the TAROT. Cross referencing the '0' in the Trumps of the TAROT, we are led to the 'Fool' card in the Major Arcana. 'The Fool', signifies a sense of beginning, trust and independence in taking that first step forward on a journey or quest. Where '0.0' indicates the establishment of the 'Magus' in Liber B, the '0' represents the beginning of the personal quest every 'Magus' must go through in order to attain the accomplishment of his True Will. What is the beginning? The beginning is the realization that the Magus has power upon the Earth, as stated in the Gnostic Creed: "I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all." and his influence is both direct and through Love. This is interesting because it can be ascertained that the word 'direct' can signify the 'Will' of the Magus. 'Direct', by definition, means to control or manipulate and 'through Love', together, would transliterate into 'Love under Will'. So the 'Magus' is made aware of his power and influence over the Mother (Earth) by his Will execute through Love. 'Love' as defined by Eliphas Levi in "Love is the Realization of the Impossible", is of course, the title of his essay but he expounds on 'Love' by declaring it is the 'Omnipotence' or everpresense of the Ideal, which is exaltation of the Soul. And the Magus is Love, and bindeth together That and This in his conjuration. Since 'Love' is everpresent in the World, and the 'Magus' is 'Love' and sees the 'Love' inherent in all of our 'Mother's' children, then he has power over 'Mother'; power to change the Universe in accordance with his True Will. 'Love' can be seen as the epoxy that the 'Magus' uses in his conjurations and rituals and thus has that power over her. So now the 'Magus' knows what must be done. In order for him to attain the accomplishment of his True Will, he must change and shape the Universe around him in pursuit of his Will. This will only be accomplished through 'Love', that which binds all things on Earth; q.e.d. 'Love under Will'.

I must give special thanks to T Polyphilus and his personal website 'Vigorous Food & Divine Madness', which has a plethora of essays, both his own and others, that help clarify various sacraments, sermons and other vehicles to the Great Work. Without access to 'Vigorous Food & Divine Madness', my research would be greatly impaired.

Liber B vel Magi 1
Continuing the study of Liber B vel Magi section by section... 1. In the beginning doth the Magus speak Truth, and send forth Illusion and Falsehood to enslave the soul. Yet therein is the Mystery of Redemption. As before, I'll begin with the analysis of the number attributed to this section: 1. According to Liber 777, the key scale designates the number '1' to Kether or 'Crown' on the Tree of Life. Crowley states that Kether is the first emanation of the Absolute as stated in his "Little Essays towards Truth". In other words, Kether is the source or wellspring from which all, or the complete, flow. Crowley continues in stating that Kether is in Malkuth and Malkuth in Kether. Malkuth means 'Kingdom' and is accepted as representing the mundane world we live in. This relationship between the two sephira signifies that not only does the divine influence the mundane, but also that the mundane affects the divine. A suitable simile for this concept can be found in the hero of Greek mythology, Heracles. Heracles was the bastard son of the God, Zeus, yet he spent his life on the mortal world and would often champion the mortals against the machinations of the Gods, particularly against the Goddess Hera, who really had it in for him. So this relationship between Kether and Malkuth illustrates the 'Magus' affectability to the divine; in fact, validates the divine within the 'Magus'. We, as 'Magi', can affect the Universe around us, as the divine, in the acts of creation and destruction and thusly become divine in our own rites. Continuing with Kether as represented by the '1' can also be further attributed in the TAROT. In the TAROT, Kether is attributed to the Aces in the four Court cards found therein. The titles of these particular court cards is referred to the 'roots of the powers of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth' further illustrating the source of all in Kether within the natural elements of Malkuth. In the Major Arcana or Trumps of the TAROT, the '1' is represented by the 'Magus' card. The 'Magus' card, according to the Book of Thoth, is the bearer of the wand: energy sent forth. Therefore, the 'Magus' is the Will of creation; in reference to Kether, the wellspring from which the absolute flows is in Will. Here is the common denominator between Kether and Malkuth, the fluidity of energy, the fire of motion is through will and we use our will to create and destroy worlds. The 'Magus' also attributed as the law of reason or of necessity. Thus is the dualistic nature of the 'Magus', he has no conscience but is creativity. If the 'Magus' cannot attain his goals through fair means than he will achieve them through foul. Moving on to the first sentence in this section: "In the beginning doth the Magus speak Truth, and send forth Illusion and Falsehood to enslave the soul." Armed with the knowledge we've obtained from the number '1' we are first drawn to the parallels of God, or the Divine, with the Magus. This sentence reads as though we, as Magi, speak the Truth 'In the beginning', as though are own personal 'Genesis' in the creation of our Universes. How do we do this? By acting on our Will, by ritual, ceremony, meditation and every method we employ, thus the Truth is spoken. By doing this, we in turn send forth Illusions and Falsehood to enslave the soul. Who's soul? Our own. Every instance of strife, of oppression, every problem and obstacle you've ever encountered was created by your own hand. We are all responsible for every ordeal we encounter in our lives. We are the source of all of our own problems. This brings me to the final sentence for the section: "Yet therein is the Mystery of Redemption." Indeed. Only by facing our problems, our issues; only by burning through every obstacle that is unfortunate enough to stand between us and our desired goals will we attain Redemption; the accomplishment of our True Wills.

So this section of Liber B vel Magi simply states, that we as 'Magi' are the creators and destroyers of our own Universes. Through Will, do we create that which we want in our lives and destroy that which we don't want or that which tries to take what is ours. The development of our own Universes is a painful experience one that deals with many hardships and ordeals, but through suffering comes strength and glory. These problems in our life are mere trifle growing pains and are passing in nature. The key is to realize you face these various issues because you have set your energies in the accomplishment of your Will and thusly obstacles will be placed on your path, obstacles you created solely to knock down. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Liber B vel Magi 2
Continuing with the study of Liber B vel Magi section by section... 2. By His Wisdom made He the Worlds; the Word that is God is none other than He. Diving right in, we'll begin with the number assigned to this section: 2. According to Liber 777, the number '2' is attributed to the Sephirah, Chokmah which means 'Wisdom'. The 'Magus' corresponds with this Sephirah in relation to the sphere of the 'fixed stars' as stated by Crowley, in his 'Confessions'. Chokmah signifies male energy, wisdom and an idea in it's duality. It can be argued that it is here that the soul, in traveling through the Tree of Life from the non-existence to Kether down to Malkuth and back up again, attains identity. As Crowley points out in the 'Book of Thoth', a single point is positive but immeasurable, it takes another point, 2 in total, for the positive point to be defined. It is duality that makes comparison possible, as mentioned earlier concerning ‘Ain Soph’, polar opposites being diametrically opposed to each other, is therefore, one in the same. In the Major Arcana of the TAROT, the number '2' is associated with the 'Priestess'. The significance of the 'Priestess' is that of manifestation in a purely feminine sense. This card represents the next step in the idea without consummation. This representation of '2' is the opposite, in terms of gender, in regards to the masculinity of '2' in the Tree of Life. Again we are faced with duality, as is the point of this particular section in Liber B vel Magi. One final note, is the characteristic that both the 'Priestess' card in the TAROT and 'Chokmah' in the Tree of Life share is the link between ideas and the formative world that is sprung from them and therefore these polar opposites (in regards to gender) are the same. Moving on to the sentence in this section "By His Wisdom made He the Worlds; the Word that is God is none other than He." One will notice the word 'Wisdom' is used in this sentence, in reference to 'Chokmah' in the Tree of Life. This word again suggests the notion of duality and it is through duality that creation is made possible. As in the previous section, this first half of the sentence suggests a divinity within the 'Magus' and is confirmed in the second half. The 'Word' 'God', in that the word IS 'God' is none other than 'He'. Since there is no mention of any other than the 'Magus' so far in the text, one must accept that the designatee is the 'Magus' himself. Therefore, by creating his own Universe around him in accordance to his True Will, the divinity of the 'Magus' is realized and is thusly 'God'. The oneness of the diametrically opposed in the form of 'Magus' (or man) and 'God' (the divine), hence completes the Truth that 'man IS divine'.

Finally, a look back to the first section of the text and the first sentence therein. "One is the Magus, twain his forces...". It's precisely these forces that this section alludes to and that the 'Magus', though ruled by them, has control over. Thus the method the 'Magus' employs when utilizing 'Love' to shape his Universe in accordance with his Will.

Liber B vel Magi 3
Continuing with the study of Liber B vel Magi section by section... 3. How then shall He end His speech with Silence? For He is Speech. As before, we'll begin with the analysis of the number attributed to this section: 3. According to Liber 777 in the key scale, the number '3' refers to the sephira 'Binah'. 'Binah' means 'Understanding' and is associated with 'BABALON', concerning Thelemic God forms. In 'Little Essays towards Truth', Crowley points out that Magick is a function of 'ultimate atomic consciousness' and therefore the 'Magus' cannot afford any ignorance or confusion in his operations. In other words, the knowledge of 'why' is just as important as the knowledge of 'how' when concerning magickal workings. Crowley further illustrates the properties of 'Binah' with that of 'BABALON' in that She is the omni form of Love and Death, 'the Great Sea whence all Life springs, and whose black womb reabsorbs all'. We, as Thelemites, affirm this in our Gnostic Creed: "and in one womb, wherein all men are begotten and wherein they shall rest. Mystery of Mystery, in her name, BABALON." In the Major Arcana of the TAROT, the number '3' is attributed to the 'Empress' card. This card is 'Motherly' by nature, and emphasizes all that is attributed with the Mother. In fact, this card most directly correlates with 'Binah' and could be argued to signify 'BABALON'. According to the 'Book of Thoth', Crowley explains that a third point is needed in order to give relation to the first two. As in basic geometry, a third point is needed in order to ascertain a distance between two points in question. So the 'Empress' card that symbolizes Love, nurturing, the unification of spiritual or ideal with the material or realized, and sights towards the future and not remenisencing the past, has also the property of giving relativity to the 'Magus' or the first point. We shall now focus on the first sentence of this section: 'How shall He end His speech with Silence?'. This first sentence is a prefatory sentence to be justified by the following, which we'll analyze momentarily. 'He', once again refers to the 'Magus' and the term 'speech' doesn't just mean with the spoken word. Remember, 'Actions speak louder than words', and that is applicable to this sentence especially. Since 'speech' means more than mere words, then 'Silence' must mean more than the mere absence of them. 'Silence', in this case, refers to stopping or ceasing the action that is 'speech'. In the second sentence we encounter a realization: 'For He is Speech.'. With these two sentences combined, the meaning becomes clear: the 'Magus' cannot be what he is not, nor can he cease to be what he is.

To me, this section teaches a very important lesson, one that is mostly rejected in western religions. That the 'Magus' is of the Universe and since the creator of Universes is Divine, then 'God' must also be of the Universe. Western religion tends to put their particular creator separate from the Universe they live in, since he created it, he must therefore, be on the outside of it. We, as 'Magi', as the Divine, cannot be outside of the Universe, for in order to affect change in accordance with our Will, we must come to terms that we are a part of it. A good visualization of how this all works, is by seeing a latticework of individual points that are the 'Magi' and souls in this Universe that are interconnected with roads called 'Love'. We may travel from point to point in a myriad number of combinations to reach the attainment of our True Will, or final destination, but we must know where we come from and where we're going (even if we aren't consciously aware of which paths exactly to take). The ground or presence that this latticework is a part of, is the very one that is of 'Love' and 'Death': 'BABALON', and that is the 'Understanding' of 'Binah'. By being a part of this system, a part of BABALON, we can affect the Mother in accordance with our True Will.

Liber B vel Magi 4
Carrying on the Thelemic mission... "4. He is the first and the last. How shall He cease to number Himself?"

As always, we'll begin with the number attributed to this section: 4. According to Liber 777 in the key scale, the number '4' signifies 'Chesed' or 'Gedulah'. 'Chesed' means 'Mercy' in Hebrew and 'Gedulah' means 'Majesty'. Now according to Liber 777, '4' is defined as the square of '2', where the dyad is further fixed by self multiplication and therefore, the introduction of a new dimension. According to Crowley in 'Book of Thoth', the number '4' is the number of rigidity or materiality. Think of the base of a pyramid, a solid foundation and strong basis for power. Yet the translation of the sephira pertaining to '4', means 'Mercy' and 'Majesty'. 'Mercy' means to show clemency or compassion from one person to another, and this is one of the fundamental characteristics of 'Love'. 'Majesty' means greatness, or stateliness; a characteristic of power. Therefore, the number '4' is to indicate that the solid base; the rigidity, of incarnation, the root of power in the Universe is 'Love'. In the Major Arcana, of the TAROT, the card attributed to '4' is the Emperor. This card is ruled in the zodiac sign of Aries which is represented, by the two rams flanking the Emperor. The ram signifies raw, wild and courageous power in a solitary or lonely setting. The ram are offset by the lamb at the Emperor's feet, with a halo about it's head and holding a flag. The lamb is docile and obedient, cowardly to it's shepherd; this represents the theory of government or establishing power by uniting the divided through statesmanship. Herein this card signifies the establishment of power, the rule of law in incarnation. In correlation to the meaning of 'Chesed' in the sephira, as well as 'Gedulah', we come to the core meaning and significance of the number '4': Love is the Law. Let us now study the first sentence of this section, 'He is the first and the last.'. Right away, we remember a similar sentence in the christian bible which quotes their god in saying 'I am the alpha and the omega'. Both of these sentences establish authority in their statements. In Liber B, however, the authorative figure in question is the 'Magus', and incidentally, 'God' thereof. So the authorative figure or 'Emperor', in terms of the TAROT, is the Magus and his Law is Love, Love under Will. Therein is the establishment of the basis or foundation of the 'Magus' power; of his entire 'Universe'. From here, he can shape the Universe in his image, which leads us to the final sentence in this section.

" How shall He cease to number Himself?" This sentence is a perplexing one and must be analyzed in an Eastern philosophical light. According to the Tao Te Ching, 'The name that can be named, is not the eternal name'. This means that any and all things in incarnation that can and are categorized is an imprint or illusion of the actual ideal that it represents. This concept is confusing to most Westerners, because it's often misinterpreted as saying what is, isn't. It's in our nature in order to know a thing, we must name it, categorize it, and assign it a number, but by doing so, the 'Magus' inadvertently traps himself in the pit of 'reason'. By limiting that which is around him, he in turn limits himself. This is not to say he should stop calling a wolf, a wolf, but that he should realize the ideal inherent within this image before him. In doing so, the Magus, begins to sever the bonds that bind him. In order for the 'Magus' to assert his authority over the Universe, he must see the commonality within all life and thusly manipulate his Law to his Will.

Liber B vel Magi 5
Continuing with the study of Liber B section by section... "5. By a Magus is this writing made known through the mind of a Magister." Starting the dissection of this section by the number associated with it: 5. According to Liber 777, in the key scale, the number '5' is attributed to the sephira 'Geburah', meaning 'Strength'. Now the god forms attributed to this sephira help illustrate it's characteristics. In Greece, it would be 'Ares' and in Egypt would be 'Horus'; the astrological planet that rules this sephira is 'Mars'. Right away, we see an association with War and Strength. Indeed one is measured by the accomplishments from the other. 'Geburah' is on the left hand pillar of the Tree of Life, called the 'Pillar of Severity'. According to Crowley in the 'Book of Thoth', the 5th point gives the idea of motion coming to the aid of matter. This will upset the stabilizing foundation of power, cemented in the 4th point and thus cause turbulence and stress. This foundation is being weathered, tested, to see just how strong it truly is. According to the Major Arcana in the TAROT, the number '5' is attributed to the 'Hierophant'. The 'Hierophant' is an active card in that it represents the manifestation of the 'Magician'. Now, the 'Magician' further grows and morphs into one who, through tribulation, attains Divine Wisdom and is seen as a teacher. The 'Hierophant' is also associated with the prophet, by his abilities to gauge any and all situations and predict the multiple outcomes possible as it plays out. This ability is mastered through trial and tribulation. Experience, is the only teacher capable of instructing the 'Magus' in this gift. The 'Hierophant' card directly represents the act of invoking the divine influence within to overcome the obstacles that impede the 'Magus' path. Now to focus on the first sentence: By a Magus is this writing made known through the mind of a Magister. Let's divide this sentence into two parts and focus on the first part. 'By a Magus is this writing made known', implies that only a 'Magus' will understand the meaning and hidden wisdom within Liber B, 'this writing'. The second half of this sentence states: 'through the mind of a Magister'. So the 'Magus' can unlock the secrets within this text, in the manner of study and knowledge attained as a 'Magister', which is a title for someone who has completed several years of education and is familiar with the method of effective research and theory. This sentence states that the characteristics found in the 'Hierophant' card are a prerequisite to fully comprehend and appreciate the lessons hidden in Liber B.

"The one uttereth clearly and the other understandeth; yet the Word is falsehood, and the Understanding darkness." As with the first sentence in this section, we'll divvy it up into two sections and begin with the first one. 'The one uttereth clearly and the other understandeth', this would mean that the two mental faculties of the 'Magus' needed to comprehend, the 'Magus' and the 'Magister', will accomplish understanding by working together. In this particular case, the 'Magister' uttereth clearly, by analyzing the sentence and section structure; cross referencing with other literary sources pertaining to the subject at hand. The 'Magus' is the one that understandeth, in the comprehension of the meaning found by the research and applies the newfound knowledge towards the accomplishment of his True Will. 'Yet the Word is falsehood, and the Understanding darkness', the second half states that the 'Word' or meaning is contrary to what we are brought up to accept in Life, and therefore, the 'Understanding' is elusive to the 'Magus' and is subsequently 'left in the dark'. "And this saying is Of All Truth." This final sentence, stresses the universality of the previous one. Notice the last three words of this sentence are capitalized to bring attention to this very concept. All Truth in the Universe, at first glance, is masked in falsehood and darkness. This is the trial and tribulation the 'Magus' encounters as he strives to attain the accomplishment of his True Will. This section of Liber B vel Magi, is a lesson in prudence and understanding; an appropriate exercise to train the 'Magus' into becoming the 'Hierophant'. To obtain the Truth, one must seek out the Word and strive for Understanding, but in order to do so, the 'Magus' must overcome the falsehood and darkness that mask and distort the Word. This takes strength to accomplish and glory attained in the conquering thereof. This lesson isn't only limited to the academic or occult, but to EVERY aspect of the 'Magus' life. If the Truth sought out is in a physical field of study (i.e. martial arts), then the falsehood and ordeal will be in a physical state. The same for all fields of study, financial, genial, political; for all areas. Realizing this, the 'Magus' should rejoice for every ordeal that he encounters when searching for the Truth, because once conquered, he is that much closer to attaining it. Great is the 'Magus' who overcomes daunting and overwhelming odds to achieve the Truth; Ra-Hoor-Ku is with thee.

Liber B vel Magi 6
After my month long repose from this dissection, to further the Great Work in my life and act on mine own True Will, I married my Soulmate For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union. We got married on the auspicious date of 07-07-07, as my life-partner and I indeed take the Magicians' Path up the Tree of Life and ascend the veil of the Abyss. However, I must not shirk in my duties of analyzing Liber B as it is vital to my spiritual growth as a Consecrated Magician, so without further ado... "6. Nevertheless it is written; for there be times of darkness, and this as a lamp therein." As always, I'll begin with the number attributed to this section of Liber B: 6. According to Liber 777, in the key scale, the number '6' is attributed to the Sephirah "Tipareth", meaning "Beauty". The planetary sign associated with "Tipareth", is Sol. Being the Sun, it is also correlated with the Son of the maternal and paternal influences of "Binah" and "Chokmah" respectively. The Gods associated with this Sephirah are RA in the Egyptian mythos and APOLLO in the Greek and Roman. "Tipareth" is the only Sephirah below the veil of the Abyss that has a direct link with "Kether", it's element is Ruach, meaning air and intellect. It is the consciousness in perfect balance and harmony; indeed the influencing force that rules all the other Sephirah below the veil of the Abyss. Crowley, expounds on this in his analysis of the point and the 6th point achieves consciousness due to the effects of the previous points. Since the 5th point encourages disruption and upsetting the power base established by the 4th point through the power of motion, the 6th point analyzes the sequence of events and creates time, thus achieving consciousness in the observation and manipulation of the ideal and creating the realization and manifestation of reality. In the TAROT, this formula is elaborated in the trump card associated with the number '6'. The "Lovers Card" Atu 6, is of the intellectual world and thusly of the swords; it's essence is that of analysis. Coupled with it's twin card Atu 14 "Art", the resulting which combines these attributes of analysis and synthesis, or to study and then manipulate. Thus is the Creation of the Universe; thus the task and duty of the Magician and the Scientist. The image of the Lovers card illustrates this. The large "monk" holding his arms over the king and queen who hold hands in consent to this spiritual marriage. A papyrus encircles the "monk's" arms indicating the synthesis that he wrought with the word of the Law: Thelema. This figure could either represent the Magician himself or else his Holy Guardian Angel, but the role is still the same: the Creator. Above him is the winged child (Cupid?) who is blindfolded and readying an arrow to unleash to those below. His quiver is labeled with the word of the Law, which is Thelema, and he signifies the genius to the Creator, thus the link between the conscious and intellect linked with the Divine Aspiration or Tipareth and Kether. The Creator, creates with the elements and their polar opposites, which are represented by the Moorish king and the white queen in their sacred marriage and thus forming existence into being. The synthesis doesn't stop at the happy couple, but bleeds down to their respective children which are positioned with their opposite parent where the white child holds flowers and the cup while the Moorish child holds the club of Cain. Finally to the red lion and the white eagle which symbolize the male and female influence in nature respectively. The number '6', represents the complete form of the Magician, conscious, aware, intelligent, strong and equipped with the proper weapons to do his True Will in creation as guided by the Divine from above. The Magician becomes the Son to the divine as he manipulates the Universe in his image and in accordance with his True Will.

"Nevertheless it is written;" The first part of this sentence in the 6th section of Liber B, at first glance, appears to refer to the object in the 5th section: Truth. Indeed, it could refer to Truth which is as it is and the Magician must accept it as such if he is to have any power and influence over the Universe. Otherwise, he is caught up in the falsehood and illusion that masks the Truth in riddles, and like the blind leading the blind wanders aimlessly in the Abyss. By inference, 'it' could also indicate that other word that is written: Thelema. In fact, the two words are so closely associated with one another that they're crucial to the Magician's alchemy, which must be further explored by dissecting the remainder of the sentence. "for there be times of darkness, and this as a lamp therein." The times of darkness are those of ignorance, arrogance and stupidity, and these times will wax and wane in the Universe as we see the two, polar opposites, in constant play with one another to make existence possible. The lamp that bears the LVX which is Truth, is known as Thelema, or the True Will of the Magician. Here the Magician, in the midst of the dark abyss, can light his way through accepting the Truth of the Universe and invoking his Will to use this knowledge to his advantage. Again, we are reminded of the lesson in the "Lovers" card concerning creation which is analysis and then synthesis. The Universe is dark and if left to it's own devices, will germinate CHAOS the father of all life, but the Magician's LVX of Truth by studying and analyzing the Universe around him and to accept the Truths of the various components therein will be able to bring order to CHAOS and thus shape the Universe in accordance with his True Will.

Liber B vel Magi 7
As before, we'll move on to the next section and study it in detail. 7. With the Wand createth He. Focusing, firstly, on the number attributed to this section: 7. According to Liber 777, the number 7 of the key scale is associated with the Sephirah "Netzach". "Netzach", is Hebrew for "Victory" and is ruled by the astrological sign "Venus". The Gods associated with this Sephirah are "Haathor" in Egypt, and "Venus" in Rome or "Aphrodite" and "Nike" in Greece. Here, it is suggested that "Netzach" is akin to Love, but since it is below the veil of the Abyss, it is a Love in the more carnal and sexual sense. Nor let the fools mistake love; for

there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well! (Liber Al 1:57) I feel it's important to stress the difference of Love

both above and below the Abyss, for though they are one in the same, the difference between the two are profound and must not be mistaken for the other. In Crowley's progression of the point as found in the Book of Thoth, he states the 7th point is that of the 6th in that, consciousness is established and that consciousness now has an idea of bliss. The definition of bliss is claimed to be the highest state of happiness and heavenly joy. Now take note that the 7th point isn't bliss, but the idea of bliss. Therefore, the conscious mind, being aware, seeks out the hedonistic life and achieve bliss or ananda as the yogi refer to it. In reference to the THOTH TAROT deck, in the major Arcana, the number 7 is represented by the Atu 7 or "Chariot" The "Chariot" is covered by a night blue canopy that represents NUIT, held in place by the four pillars of TETRAGRAMMATON. The red wheels are representative of the driving force of "Geburah" and the "Chariot" is pulled by the four cherubs that signify the 16 sub elements of the Universe. The rider of the "Chariot" is garbed in a full suit of armour with the crab crowning his helm in regards to the zodiacal sign attributed to this card: Cancer. He is bathed in the dew of NUIT's light as displayed by the stars that adorn his armour and his visor is closed because to look at the sight of God would bring instant death. Notice that the rider, who I

speculate to be the Magician in his role as creator, is not driving the "Chariot"; merely riding in it. He's a passenger beholding the Holy Graal in his possession, which is represented by the Romanesque disk in his arms that is used for drinking. The center of the Holy Graal is stained red with blood, for blood is the water of life in the Tree of Life where the "Chariot" is the path from "Binah" to "Geburah". So having mastered the link between the vulgar and the Divine, the Magician, begins to shape the Universe in his image, driven by his personal idea of bliss. I feel it is now appropriate to move on to the sentence of this section. With the Wand createth He. Now the Magician knows that to manipulate the Universe to his Will, he must work with the Love that can be found in all things, but how exactly does he implement it? The Wand can refer to one and both tools that are at the Magician's disposal. Either, the TAROT suit, the Wands, and/or with his proper Wand that he uses for magickal work such as the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. The Wand acts (as all his weapons) as an extension of himself, bringing his magickal energy, or Love, out of his body, through the Wand and into the Aethyr creating that which the Magician wants. I think it's very important to see the relationship here between the number and the sentence associated with this section. The number 7 denotes "Victory", an idea of bliss and a lower form of Love; the sentence simply states that to achieve such things, the Magician must use the Wand to accomplish that which he desires; to create.

Liber B vel Magi 8
Continuing with the dissection of Liber B vel Magi section by section... 8. With the Cup preserveth He. As always I'll begin by analyzing the number associated with this section first: 8. According to Liber 777 in the key scale the number 8 refers to 'HOD' in the Tree of Life, and it's meaning is 'Splendour'. The word 'Splendour' means a great light or brilliance; luster and in correlation with the properties of the sephira 'HOD' we see that, that light in question is human intellect and the written word. The Egyptian Gods associated with 'HOD' are ANUBIS and THOTH, in selection and practicality, respectively. The Greek God associated is Hermes or Mercury in the Roman pantheon. So the properties of 'HOD' are that of learning and science, of education and comprehension. This is interesting because what we have is the polar opposite to the primal emotive condition of Love that is found in 'NETZACH'; the two sephira are conjoined together by the path 'PE', which is Hebrew for 'mouth'. It is the mouth that we use to communicate, whether to inform, educate, or bring pleasure and ecstasy. In the THOTH TAROT, with the Major Arcana, the number 8 is attributed to Atu 8 or 'Adjustment'. The figure in this card signifies the 'Daughter' that is associated with the formula of TETRAGRAMMATON, wherein after she marries her 'brother' the 'Son', the manifested energy of creation then leads back to the 'Father'. She bears the feather of 'MAAT', which signifies Truth, on her crown which is further accentuated with the plumage of her robes. She holds in her hands the sword which again, symbolizes human intellect and associated with 'Ruach', and it's important to take notice that, as the pillar between the scales of which she holds in balance, the fulcrum is that of 'MAAT's feather, meaning Truth. In the scales themselves, you'll find the Greek letter 'Alpha' in one and the Greek letter 'Omega' in the other. This signifies the polar opposites of which all manifestation of creation is based on. By keeping the scales perfectly balanced of their polar opposites, the 'Daughter' maintains existence; if one were to tip the scales to one side or the other than existence ends. Just as the polar opposites define and cement the existence of things, these very same polar opposites also are the cause of destruction by upsetting the equilibrium. Now lets move on to the sentence within this section of Liber B.

With the Cup preserveth He. Right away, we see that the weapon of focus is the Cup, which could either be that of the TAROT suit or the actual Cup. At once, I'm reminded of the Holy Graal and recall that the Cup is the receptacle of manifestation and preserves that which it holds in it's chalice. Whereas the Wand is the creative phallus ejaculating the energy called Love into existence, it is the Cup, or womb, where the creation is manifested and preserved. By maintaining the equilibrium of the opposite furies that define creation, the Cup preserves it's existence, thus allowing it to grow and thrive. So where the Magician uses the Wand to create a desired effect that he wants added to his life in accordance with his True Will, he uses the Cup to preserve that effect so that it remains constant in his dealings with the Great Work.

Liber B vel Magi 9
The study of this section proved to be a rather complex one, but one I'll attempt to convey here. 9. With the Dagger destroyeth He. As always I'll begin with the number attributed to this section: 9. According to Liber 777 in the key scale, the number 9 is associated with the Sephirah "Yesod" meaning "Foundation". The Egyptian God for "Yesod" is SHU, the Greek and Roman God is Diana and the astrological sign is "Luna". Crowley states in the "Book of Thoth" that Yesod is the seat of the great crystallization of Energy. It is here that manifestation is formed, however since it is so far down the Tree of Life that it's only connection with "Kether" is through "Tipareth" which holds "Yesod" in the middle pillar, the pillar of balance. Israel Regardie is a little more pragmatic in his explanation of "Yesod". He states in his book "A Garden of Pomegranates", that "Yesod" is the Astral plane which is the realm that manifestation resides right before materializing in "Malkuth". The idea is formulated and is thus here in "Yesod", that it finally crystallizes into form. Regardie expounds in saying that the general conception of "Yesod" is "of change with stability". In the THOTH TAROT, the number 9 is represented in the major Arcana as Atu 9 or the "Hermit". The Hebrew letter associated with this card is "yod" meaning hand and you'll notice that the Hermit's hand is in the middle of the card holding a lamp and one instantly recollects the previous section of Liber B with an explanation of the importance of the lamp and what it entails. The Hermit indicates a journey or quest; in the formula of the TETRAGRAMMATON, it is that of the Daughter in the manifestation complete and is now departing. Thus the spermatozoon in the lower left hand corner of the card, bringing notice to the similar characteristics of the Hermit's departure and that of ejaculation, a creative force that leaves the source in order to crystallize in it's final form. This is further visualized with the egg wrapped in the serpent that the Hermit is heading towards. Behind the Hermit is Cerebus the three headed guardian of Hades of whom he has conquered. With this it is time we focused on the sentence that makes up this particular section. With the Dagger destroyeth He. This took some meditation to truly comprehend the meaning behind this sentence. Obviously, the weapon in question is the dagger or the TAROT suit the 'swords', but in what manner and why would the Magician want to destroy that which he creates? In correlation with the Sephirah "Yesod", we see that a foundation is being established, where the idea is almost in fulfillment of it's purpose. And with regards to the Hermit in the TAROT, we see crystallized energy leaving us. Therefore, to destroy something is to "do away" with akin with that of leaving

the source; severing the umbilical cord if you will. When the Magician has created and preserved his will, he then destroys it's link to him so that it can fulfill it's role in the Universe the Magician is creating in his image. What helped me comprehend this in my meditations was a time back in Texas when my collection of paintings I created, were steadily taking up more and more room in my closet. Now every artist wants recognition for his work and his talent appreciated, and I grew so disgusted with my creations cluttering up my closet, I wanted them out of my possession. I wouldn't attempt to sell them or I'd never be rid of the damn things so I decided to hold a party for my friends and have them claim any and all paintings that spoke out to them. I managed to kill two birds with one stone, for my closet had space once again, and I would later see my own artwork hanging on the walls of my friends apartments. By destroying that attachment I had with my paintings they fulfilled their role of spreading beauty and garnered an appreciation for my talents.

Liber B vel Magi 10
Continuing with the dissection of Liber B and concluding the focus on the Magician's weapons, we'll move to the next section. 10. With the Coin redeemeth He. As always, we'll begin with the number associated with this section, 10. According to the key scale in Liber 777, the number 10 is associated with 'Malkuth'. Now 'Malkuth' means 'Kingdom' and it's astrological sign is the four elements. The Egyptian Gods associated with this Sephirah are Seb (selected) and Osiris (practical). 'Malkuth' in the practical sense, is the mundane world that we exist in; it is also the lowest Sephirah on the Tree of Life. According to Crowley in the 'Book of Thoth', the 10th point's idea of itself fulfilled in it's complement with it's understanding of Bliss, Thought, and Being. It's fulfillment thus ascertains the need for death, but resists it through oppression. Thus the connection of Kether in Malkuth and Malkuth in Kether, for the energy spent in it's full and complete materialization is now ready to return to the source. With the TAROT in the Major Arcana, the number 10 is associated with the Trump card 'Fortune'. The 'Fortune' card represents the Universe in it's continual change of state. At the top of the card are these distorted stars, though balanced in their composition, that radiate lightning raining down below. In the center is a large wheel with 10 spokes in correlation with Malkuth. The Sworded Sphinx, Hermanubis and Typhon all rest on the outer rim of the wheel symbolizing the three forms of energy that cause the wheel to move. The energy the Sworded Sphinx represents is Sulphur or enthusiasm and activity, Hermanubis is Mercury or intellect and calm and Typhon is Salt or labor. This card represents the ever changing 'ups and downs' of life where the good and the bad go hand in hand due to the constant movement and activity of the Magician and life as a whole. Let's now move on to the sentence that comprises this section of Liber B. With the Coin redeemeth He. This sentence gives an obvious visual form of symbolism. Indeed we use coins to redeem products and services that we need and want, but there is a more subtle interpretation therein. The coin is a circular disk, either the pentacle or one of the four TAROT suits, it deals specifically with the material world and represents the Universe. Therefore, in using the disk or coin in magickal operations, the Magician is utilizing his energy that he has spent previously to reap the rewards or effects of that which he first set into motion. The worth or value that he has committed in his operation returns to him in the desired incarnation as he beset.

Liber B vel Magi 11
Continuing my dissection on Liber B vel Magi, I find myself sailing uncharted waters, as the numbers assigned to each section have now moved from the Sephirah of the Tree of Life to the paths between each Sephirah. There isn't a whole lot of research done on the individual paths (that I found) and must base my research on mine own meditations and conjecture. I feel that from this section on, I'm leaving the safe familiar research and conclusions that others have reached before me, and now moved on to a more subjective and personal interpretation of the remainder of Liber B. That being said, let's move on to the number assigned to this section: 11. The number 11 is associated with the 1st of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, as well as the 1st path on the Tree of Life according to the key scale found in Liber 777. This first letter is "Aleph", meaning Ox and connects Kether to Chokmah. This path is where the creative energies of Kether traverse to the single positive point as attributed to Chokmah. What we see here is the motion or act of the ejaculated sperm fertilizing the egg creating an identity. I am not familiar enough with Hebrew to discuss in what way Aleph is the first letter in the alphabet, much less why "Aleph" means Ox and what an Ox has to do with this particular path if anything at all. However, from my own rudimentary education in language, I can't help but notice the similarities of this first letter with that of a first letter in another language, Greek. Both "Aleph" and "Alpha" share the same position in their respective alphabet, and both are similar in structure. In fact, these two "letters" only differ by one letter between each other and not just Hebrew and Greek but the letter "A", which both "Aleph" and "Alpha" are commonly associated with in the English alphabet, is the first letter in most if not all modern alphabets. This path is associated with the "Fool" Trump in the THOTH TAROT deck, signifying that this path is in fact the beginning. This path is where the Fool finds himself after he takes that first step. Interestingly the Trump card that is associated with the number 11 isn't the Fool (0), but "Lust". Not to get the two cards mixed up in their interpretations nor befuddle what they represent, the Fool Trump is associated with "Aleph" the first of the 22 paths on the Tree of Life; "Aleph" is associated with the number 11 according to the key scale in Liber 777. The "Lust" Trump is also associated with the number pertaining to this section in that it is ATU 11 in the Major Arcana of the THOTH TAROT. IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM AM I ALLUDING THAT "LUST" IS ASSOCIATED WITH "ALEPH" IN THE TREE OF LIFE. Now let's move on to the Trump card associated with the number 11. According to Crowley in the 'Book of Thoth', The 11th card in the Major Arcana is titled "Lust", formerly known in other tarot decks as "Strength". Now Crowley writes that the reason for the change is because the word "Lust" is more accurate in describing the attributes with this card. ATU 11 isn't "Geburah" in the Tree of Life, but the force and vigor associated with it. Strength is a measurement whereas Lust is the application of strength or it's force. Qabbalistically, the "Lust" card is associated with "Teth" meaning serpent, and bridges the two Sephirah "Chesed" and "Geburah". The "Lust" card is a representation of BABALON and represents the Will of the AEON. The position of ATU 11 on the Tree of Life is further validated with it's relation to "Gimil" which bridges the Sephirah "Kether" to "Tipareth". Here we have a cross drawn in the middle of the Tree of Life, and represents the interaction of the moon and the sun. We have the aspiration from the divine in it's lunar symbolism ("Gimil") in it's interaction with the father figure of the new AEON in all his solar glory. Thus we have the Scarlet Woman astride her Beast. The Beast is represented in the Trump by the 7 headed lion as well as the zodiacal sign associated with it: Leo. So having Leo married to the Hebrew letter of this path "Teth" or serpent, we have the incarnation of the lion serpent or BAPHOMET. Therefore, the BEAST in this depiction, is in fact, BAPHOMET. Now the effects of this card are similar and dissimilar to ATU 6, the "Lovers" card, because the synthesis or acting upon strength in "Lust" is a more elemental and natural phenomenon in Universal

manipulation, whereas the "Lovers" card is restricted and critiqued by logic and the specific will of the Magician. "Lust" is the natural change that occurs in life, and the "Lovers" is that change enacted by the Magician to carry out his Will. These two, however, aren't exclusive from each other, and like most phenomenon in life is integrated in one another, as will be further explained in the analysis of the sentences associated with this section, which we'll dissect individually as always. His weapons fulfil the wheel; The weapons mentioned in this section of the sentence, refers to the weapons previously analyzed in my dissection (wand, cup, dagger, disk), and the wheel to which these weapons fulfil is the wheel of fortune or fate or existence. The pertinence is in that the weapons the Magician uses in his Great Work are the tools he uses to manipulate the three driving energies that keep the wheel in rotation as represented by the salt, mercury and sulpher (previously discussed in my last post). and upon What Axle that turneth is not known unto Him. This half of the sentence is very interesting because it clearly states you don't know to what it's referring to. It makes one ponder, what exactly is the wheel of fortune driving forward? Life? If the wheel is moving solely for the sake of moving then existence is in perpetual motion achieving nothing. The reference to BABALON is a clue, I think, in what this axle alludes to, but I don't know specifically to what. Again, in our observations of the Universe we find that all systems that exist in life are interconnected with one another and not so clear cut as science would like it to be. Remember the similarities between ATU 6 and ATU 11, where the manipulation differs in whom and what is affecting change in the wheel. Herein lies the secret: our manipulation of the wheel through our weapons is the microcosm of the grand schemes of BABALON. In other words, our manipulation of the Universe is not just in accordance with our Will, but with BABALON's as well. Her affecting change is the macrocosm influence on the wheel of fortune, which includes our microcosm efforts. So while, we may not know to what axle the wheel is attached to, we can rest assured that SHE does, and has a clearer idea of what needs to be done. Finally, I can back up my theory by Crowley's own research in his analysis of BABALON through his writings in both the 'Book of Thoth' and the 'Vision and the Voice', that BABALON's manipulation of the Wheel of Fortune is the direct cause of the changes needed to end one AEON and begin the new one. BABALON is constantly manipulating the Universe for an unknown reason to us and our manipulation, indeed our Great Work facilitates her achieving HER goals. This is why we must embrace her unconditionally; to spread our love and not bottle it up like the slave-gods and their goons. We must act out in accordance with our TRUE WILL, we must enjoy the pleasures of life, we must drink, fuck, toke, snort, laugh, cry, and scream in pleasure to rest our heads in her bosom as she makes the necessary changes to existence. While the Magician manipulates the Universe in accordance to his will, he assists BABALON in her task of turning the wheel that rotates around the axis and drives us forward. Our Great Work, is a part of her Great Work.

Liber B vel Magi 12
As always in continuation of my dissection of Liber B section by section, we'll begin with the number attributed to this next one: 12. According to Liber 777 in the key scale, the number 12 is associated with the 2nd path on the Tree of Life called "Beth" or "House". This path connects the Sephirah "Kether" or "Crown" to "Binah" or "Understanding". Right away we notice the relationship this path brings to these two Sephirah. As mentioned earlier in my past dissections, "Kether" is the source of energy that all life comes from. "Kether", the Source, is associated with the Magus card in the THOTH TAROT signifying the

Will of the Magician. "Binah" is associated with the Mother or BABALON and she is the source of LOVE which incurs understanding, and also with the Empress card in the THOTH TAROT signifying that Gateway to Heaven and wellspring of Love. So where "Aleph" bridges "Kether" to "Chokmah" signifying the beginning of identity or "I", "Beth" bridges "Kether" to "Binah" signifying the will of the Magician marrying with the LOVE of BABALON or the Magician's Will in it's conjunction with the Beloved bringing about the annihilation of that which says "I" within us. The card of the THOTH TAROT that is associated with the 2nd path, "Beth", is the Magus, which further drives this relationship home in the fact that it is the True Will of the Magician to be united with the Beloved. This path stresses the individual Magician's intent to return to the bosom of BABALON. The THOTH TAROT card that is associated with the number 12, but NOT with "Beth", is the Hanged Man. In the previous AEON, that of Osiris, this card represented the formula of adeptship. The legs are crossed one over the other to form a cross, and the man's arms hang down in a 60 degree angle to form an equilateral triangle, producing a cross mounted atop a triangle or the descent of light into darkness to redeem it. The figure hangs from an Ankh which signifies the rosy cross and of the annihilation of self in the beloved. The Hebrew letter associated with the Hanged Man is "Mem" or "water", and as such bears the traits of water. During the AEON of Osiris, the dominant element, air, was unsympathetic to either water or fire and so compromise was the overall mark of the time. In the current AEON of Horus, however, the dominating element is fire and very much in violent opposition to the element of water unless united in marriage stressing the right opposition. Sometimes opposites attract. The problem with the Hanged Man and it's interpretation during the AEON of Osiris is that of redemption, which is an ugly word signifying that the adept did something wrong. Remember, the elemental influence of the previous AEON is that of air and thusly, has no real connection to either fire or water and so compromise is the norm. In the present AEON, the ruling element is fire, and the "redemption" of the submerged element, is put into question and so everything becomes reversed. In the current AEON we live in, the concept of personal sacrifice in hopes of redemption is flawed. No more compromise, sacrifice, chastity, and faith are the sacraments of the dying god from the previous AEON and have no place in the heart and mind of the Magician. In a way, this card is a representation of the dying god in the old AEON and a reminder of his evil legacy. So in what way is this card relevant in the current AEON? Simple, since attributes have been reversed and questioned under the element of fire, the conjunction with the beloved or "redemption", in the jargon of the dying god, is not attained through the gross sin against the self through sacrifice, but by enjoying the pleasures of life. Celebration; not mourning, unites the Magician with the Beloved annihilating the self in it's conjunction. Moving on to the first sentence in this section: From all these actions must He cease before the curse of His Grade is uplifted from Him. We must be very careful in the analysis of this sentence for it includes elements of this Liber not previously mentioned. Therefore, for now, we must not try to decipher what exactly the curse of the Magician's grade is without further evidence and information given to formulate a proper theory. But what actions must he cease before this mysterious curse is uplifted? In reference to the information we've acquired in analyzing the number associated with this section, we can infer that these actions are that of self sacrifice, chastity, and faith. Remember, in the current AEON these compromises are flawed and to be avoided and loathed at all costs.

Before He attain to That which existeth without Form. This sentence seems to be in direct relation with the 2nd path on the Tree of Life; that of "Beth". To attain That which existeth without Form, can also be interpretated as to annihilate the self in it's conjunction with the Beloved. So here we have what the Magician should strive for by pursuing to accomplish his True Will, to unite with BABALON for our Great Work is also her Great Work (as discussed in the previous dissection). Our True Will is to lead us back to BABALON and unite with her and in doing so that which says "I", that which fears, which is mired in the mundane and banal, that which is submerged in darkness is abolished leaving behind the supernal divine within; the Magician in his highest form. This is the Magician's ultimate purpose, regardless how he does it or what approach he finds to be most favorable, the goal is the same throughout. Attainment to the higher, is not achieved through self sacrifice. That is a lie given by a dying god who has no power over us whatsoever, but by embracing LOVE and enjoying the pleasures of life and to return to our Mother, BABALON, that is represented in the Tree of Life as "Binah". In a way the meaning of the Hanged Man has reversed in meaning in the elemental opposition, and now "redemption" isn't achieved through sacrifice, but uniting with the Beloved is achieved through indulgence, joy and ecstasy.

Last night, I have reached one final conclusion while pondering on this section of Liber B which is: what if these paths weren't one way. Let me explain, concerning the Tree of Life, there is the natural path of energy that flows from "Kether" all the way down to "Malkuth" emulating the ideal becoming the realized or the creation of life on Earth. This path is known as the "Broken Sword", and Magician's tend to climb back up this path to return to the source which, I gather, is very excruciating because the Magician must now "swim upstream". Israel Regardie has suggested in his book "The Middle Pillar" that the Magician aught to climb back up to the source, to "Kether", via the middle pillar of balance in the Tree of Life. This middle pillar comprises of "Malkuth", "Yesod", "Tipareth", "Daath" and finally "Kether". While I agree with Regardie that this is a viable alternative to swimming back up the Tree of Life, I feel there is a natural progression to return to the Source just as there is a natural progression for energy to leave the Source and exist in the material plane. This natural course back to "Kether", I believe to be a mirrored image of the Broken Sword. The cornerstone of all perpetual energy is continual motion, and since energy is neither created nor destroyed, I feel that the energy within us all isn't expended when we "die" but continues it's journey back up the Tree of Life in a reverse mirrored opposite pathway. Since energy leaves "Kether" and travels to "Chokmah" via the path "Aleph", it would make logical sense that this same energy would then travel from "Binah" back into "Kether" via the path "Beth" on it's return trip back to the source. It would explain the Magician's uncontrollable desire to unite with BABALON and Qabbalistically, "Binah", because from there he can travel up "Beth" back into "Kether", which is the Magician's intent and will as expressed in the THOTH TAROT card associated with this path: the Magician.

Liber B vel Magi 13
Continuing with my dissection of Liber B, we'll begin with the next section and the number associated with it: 13. According to the key scale found in Liber 777, the number 13 is associated with the path 'Gimil' or 'Camel' from the Tree of Life. The path 'Gimil' links 'Kether' or 'Crown' to 'Tipareth' or 'Beauty'. It is the only path that connects 'Kether' or what I like to call, the Source, with a Sephirah that is below the veil of the Abyss, which is 'Tipareth'. Looking at previous posts of this dissection, we recall the attributes and characteristics of 'Tipareth' and it's significance as the Magician in his

highest form while still within the Abyss. This path is a link between the Magician's True Will and that of the Source; this path signifies 'Aspiration'. This path is further used by the Holy Guardian Angel of the Magician and is directly used in their relationship. It is in 'Tipareth' and the use of the path 'Gimil' where the Magician has his knowledge and conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel and discovers, what exactly, his True Will is. It is here that Israel Regardie stresses, that 'Gimil' is the ideal path to take for the Magician to make on his journey back to the Source, 'Kether', in his book, "The Middle Pillar". I agree; yet disagree at the same time. One thing that has been stressed in my career in the OTO, is that everyone's True Will is different and unique unto the Magician in question, and what may work for one, doesn't necessarily work for another. I'm sure the path 'Gimil' was the way to go for Regardie, as he no doubt learned from his knowledge and conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel, but it may not be the best course to take for the rest of us. I, for one, plan to hang out in 'Binah' and be united with our beautiful Mother, BABALON, before returning to the source, and 'Gimil' doesn't make a pit stop (if you will) there before leading to 'Kether'. Though I have no doubt that the path 'Gimil' could very well lead the Magician back to the Source, I feel, ultimately, that this path is used primarily for the Divine to commune with the mundane, and make a connection with the Magician. This path is the road of 'Aspiration' meeting in the middle, 'Tipareth', to the Magician's 'Inspiration' which comes from within (from 'Malkuth', to 'Yesod' and finally to 'Tipareth'). In the THOTH TAROT, the number 13, in the Major Arcana, is associated with Atu 13, Death. In alchemy, this card explains and represents putrefaction or the series of chemical changes which develop the final form from the spermatozoa and orphic egg. A good visual to explicate this change, would be a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis. This card, indeed 'Death', is broken down into three parts, that of the scorpion, serpent and eagle (those of you present at the 'Feast of the Dragon' may remember the Magister Templi of the Rite bringing up this subject). The first one, the scorpion, is the lowest form of this card, 'Death' or putrefaction. This form is normally associated with the concept of suicide where the changes destined to happen are cut short by the life in question due to severe environmental or other conditions where the life wishes to end it's suffering by any means necessary. This is quite common in occurrence in our mundane lives that the concept of controlling elements of Death are deemed foolhardy and ridiculous "When your time comes, it comes". These poor bastards that resort to this lowest form of putrefaction, compromise their True Will and instead succumb to their fears, and thus fail to accomplish their Great Work. This is suicide. The life in question may not physically be killing himself, but by giving in to fear and pain, sacrificing their Will, indeed themselves, for a brief moment of 'peace', the higher self in the individual is compromised and unable to fulfil their destiny as attributed to their True Will. With our visual example, let's say the caterpillar that is to transform into a beautiful butterfly one day, decides that the life of a caterpillar is too harsh. Finding nourishment is daunting and food sources are scarce, and unable to gain the necessary nutrients to sustain a healthy chrysalis withers up and dies, accepting it's failure as a life organism. The next part of the putrefaction represented in the 'Death' card is of the serpent. Now the serpent is the main symbol of the theme and is in fact the Lord of Life and Death. The serpent moves between the two in natural rhythmic undulation. Life and Death are ingrained to each other and cannot exist without the other. The pursuit of the Great Work in accomplishing your True Will is in harmony with the natural ebb and flow of life and death, as the serpent moves from one sphere of influence to the other and back again in continuous flow. With our visual example, the caterpillar is faced with the hardship of lack of food, and therefore moves onward in search of nourishment no matter the obstacles and dangers now in his path. What's important is that the caterpillar fulfils his will and purpose which is to transform into a butterfly. The caterpillar may not survive long enough to form a proper chrysalis, but even if it doesn't, it still acted in accordance with it's True Will and died the way it chose to. The highest form of putrefaction, pertaining to the card 'Death', is of the eagle.

The eagle represents exaltation above solid matter, and chemists surmise that the purest elements present in an experiment is given in the presence of gasses and vapors. In other words, the eagle which is the 'might of life' is the highest form of putrefaction and where the magician achieves the accomplishment of his True Will. The Greater Feast of the Magician, in association with his death, is all the more glorious once he has fulfilled his Will and the Great Work. The end result in the higher self that lives within the Magician is exalted beyond that of physical matter, and his death is merely the shedding of a gross and opaque dead weight. Here in our visual example, we have the caterpillar that underwent many hardships and dangers in rhythmic undulation with the serpent; the Lord of Life and Death, and persevering in the accomplishment of his Great Work, struggles and manages to create a proper chrysalis, and with the energy stored from the nourishments taken, becomes a beautiful butterfly. Take note, that the eagle and the serpent go hand in hand for the Magician in pursuing his Great Work, the two, perfectly married, make possible the outcome of the Magician's efforts and Death is reduced to a minor yet necessary inconvenience of his exaltation from physical matter. With that, we shall now analyze the sentence in this section, in bite sized bits. And if at this time He be manifested upon earth as a Man, and therefore is this present writing, The first part of this sentence is a condition placed on the Magician who is pursuing his Great Work, which is that in order to be relevant to this section of Liber B, he must be born and raised as a physical, living, breathing human being. Myself, having manifested as a man and currently writing concerning Liber B, then the next part of this section pertains to me specifically and anyone else who is doing their own personal dissection of this Liber. let this be His method, that the curse of His grade, and the burden of His attainment, be uplifted from Him. The method mentioned in the first part of this segment of the sentence pertains to the Magician's True Will and the Great Work as revealed to him by his knowledge and conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel via the path 'Gimil'. Having the knowledge of what he must do in order to fulfill his True Will, the Magician undertakes the task, obstacles, hardships and dangers in conjunction with his Great Work. Having accomplished his True Will, the higher self within the Magician has no longer a need for the gross body he's caged in and like a pure element dispersing in a vapor, he continues his journey to return to the Source. Thus when he dies is the 'curse of his grade, and the burden of his attainment, be uplifted from him'.

Liber B vel Magi 14
Continuing with the next section in our dissection of Liber B vel Magi, we'll begin with the number associated with it: 14. According to the key scale in Liber 777, the number 14 is associated with the path 'Daleth' or 'Door' which connects 'Chokmah' or 'Wisdom' with 'Binah' or 'Understanding'. 'Daleth' is associated with the planetary sign, Venus, the only one that comprises all the Sephirah in the Tree of Life. The obvious symbolism with this path is that of Love between the Supernal Mother and Father is the fundamental formula of Life. I feel it's important to stress the importance of Love, and it's influence in the Universe. It's the one thing mentioned throughout Liber B in it's entirety, and it's value as the primordial element which we as Magicians, work with to accomplish our True Will. For remember, the essence that is the cornerstone of the Magicians arsenal, the one element that makes all magick possible is Love. This is especially stressed here for a particular purpose which will be expounded when we focus on the sentence portion of this section. In the Major Arcana of the THOTH TAROT, the number 14 is associated with Atu 14, or Art. With this card we see the final result of the mystic marriage that was

expounded on with Atu 6 or the Lovers. Here, the couple have merged into one entity and have taken on traits that are native to both partners. The androgyne (as Crowley refers to the individual in the card) is pouring water from the chalice that the Queen held in Atu 6, while simultaneously issuing forth flame with the rod of the King, in the cauldron of death (as labeled by the caput mortuum, or raven perched atop a human skull). The resultant product of the combination of fire and water is air and is symbolized by the rainbow that adorns the androgyne as she combine the two elements. There is also an arrow rising within the rainbow which represents the androgyne or Magician's Will. The symbolism of the rainbow, symbolizes ascension from 'Yesod' whose planetary symbol is Luna to 'Tipareth' whose planet is Sol. There are multiple instances of symbolism that indicate the similar meaning which is the final result or synthesis of the mystic marriage. This card is also a symbol of Alchemy in its simplest representation in that of creation with the essence of Love, as directed by the True Will of the Magician. One final interesting thing of note is the inscription behind the androgyne which explicates the final stage of the Great Work. VISITA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INVENIES OCCULTUM LAPIDEM or "visit the interior of the earth: by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone". The key word in this sentence is 'rectification' meaning the right leading of the new living substance in the path of the True Will. This inscription is symbolized by the rainbow and the arrow within it, thus is also the ultimate meaning behind this card. Now lets move on to the first sentence of this section. Let Him beware of abstinence from action. Right away the paragraph portion of this section starts with a warning. This first sentence is explicitly clear that the Magician must not stop or pause in the pursuit of accomplishing his True Will. This actually demonstrates how serious it is for one to pursue his Great Work, and hints that the Great Work of the Magician not only benefits him but the Universe in general as mentioned earlier in my previous dissections. For the curse of His grade is that He must speak Truth, At last! The curse of the Magician's grade is finally revealed to us. The Magician must speak Truth as mentioned earlier in my previous dissections and to recap, the Truth are the findings and revelations of the Magician as uncovered through his meditations, ritual and ceremonies. So the Magician must be careful not to stop or pause in his pursuit to uncover the Truth within his dealings of the Great Work, for the Truth revealed will be beneficial not only to him but also to his brothers and sisters and even the troglodytes of the Universe which will be explained further. that the Falsehood thereof may enslave the souls of men. Ah, here is where the Truth discovered by the Magician becomes beneficial to the troglodyte. The falsehood thereof enslaves the souls of men. Like the big dirty secret behind sex, which is that it isn't dirty or shameful, but a beautiful expression of Love and indeed, a sacrament. Such taboos frighten the troglodytes and they will lash out against it for unsettling them so. Their fear of the Truth itself isn't what's beneficial to the troglodyte, but to those who, after some thorough self contemplation, see the Truth behind the mask of falsehood and act on it, does the wisdom behind the Magician's words shine through. Let him then utter that without Fear, that the Law may be fulfilled. This sentence validates the previous concept of the Truth and why it's the Magician charge to spread his findings to the rest of the Universe to share. For he must utter the Truth without fear, for even though it will be QUITE unpopular with the ignorant masses of troglodytes, it could be that one blasphemous falsehood that will open the eyes and stimulate the mind of a few of them and bring them one step closer to the Divine, and they just might start thinking for

themselves. And according to His Original Nature will that law be shapen, The one thing to remember is that the Law is for All, even for those who aren't Magicians and haven't discovered the Divine within themselves. For the troglodytes are no different than us, other than for them, the sleeper has yet to awaken, and they find themselves in a world that they have little if any control over. Therefore, it is up to the Magician to enlighten them, however it must be done subtly for the troglodytes must come to the Truth by their own mental capabilities, for some a first time experience, in order to value the Wisdom behind it. By the Magician's influence will the law be shapen as it spreads among the ignorant masses educating them with it's blasphemy. It is this Truth which must be especially appealing to the Magician, because even though it is the curse of his grade, by spreading the Truth which is in accordance with not only his True Will but that of BABALON's as well, he is able to personalize that aspect of Truth as distinct as his own Great Work. so that one may declare gentleness and quietness, being an Hindu; and another fierceness and servility, being a Jew; and yet another ardour and manliness, being an Arab. This section of the sentence sites the redeeming qualities of those who would be exposed to the Truth and see the Wisdom within it. The interesting thing about this sentence fragment is that by giving these three examples of three different system of beliefs, it demonstrates the universality of the Truth and that it is applicable to all walks of life and systems of belief. Also, the redeeming qualities attributed to the Hindu, the Jew, and the Arab are reminiscent of the three driving energies that move the Wheel of Fortune, I refer to of course, the alchemical elements of salt, sulpher and mercury. In fact these races can be assigned to one of these elements according to it's particular redeeming quality attached to it. Yet this matter toucheth the mystery of Incarnation, and is not here to be declared. I suspect that this last sentence is referring to the attributions of the three races mentioned to the alchemical elements previously stated. For incarnation is achieved through the moving wheel of fortune, and one can even use the races accordingly to not only enact change but indeed, to incarnate. I feel though the Divinity authoring this Liber feels it is not proper to declare such a mystery of incarnation to the Magician, it is solely for the Magician to discover the Truth with his own mental faculties and afterwards free to share his findings with his brothers and sisters. So jumping back to the previous sentence fragment, the Hindu being quiet and gentle hints at a sort of passivity and inaction, similar to the Empress card in the Major Arcana, and is thusly assigned to Salt. The Jew is attributed to his fierceness and servility indicating a labourous existence and therefore assigned to Sulpher. Finally the Arab is attributed with ardour or 'intense feeling of Love' and manliness which is reminiscent of the 'Art' card, Atu 14, in it's final stage of the Great Work; a sense of strength and completion. These redeeming qualities are also characteristic with the Magician's True Will and thusly assigned to Mercury. I feel I've just uncovered a major Truth hidden within this Liber, and I must say I'm rather proud of myself. Since, also, it is the curse of my grade as a Consecrated Magician to spread the Truth so the falsehood thereof can enslave the souls of men, I am merely performing my duty by sharing my discovery with my brothers and sisters. Needless to say, this particular Truth requires MUCH meditation and will have to be further dissected later. Ultimately, I can see the necessity for the Magician to beware abstinence of action, because if he does nothing than his Great Work will never be accomplished, and his Great Work must be accomplished. ALL OF OUR INDIVIDUAL GREAT WORKS MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED NOT JUST FOR OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL BENEFITS BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. For us, there really is no rest for the wicked.

Liber B vel Magi 15
Diving right in, we'll begin the dissection of section 15 of Liber B starting with the number associated with it:15. According to Liber 777, in the key scale, the number 15 is associated with the path 'He' on the Tree of Life. The path 'He' is the path that connects 'Tipareth' with 'Chokmah'. Let's pause and take a look at this path and the Sephirah involved for a minute. The word 'He' is Hebrew for 'Window', something you look through for entertainment and information. This 'Window' is precisely what this path is in its connection of the two Sephirah. This path connects the Magician in his highest form after his knowledge and conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel, while still below the Abyss, with the supernal masculine element of the Tree of Life. This path also, leads the aspiration of Chokmah to Tipareth, or masculine vitality to the Magician. Right away PAN comes to mind with his own vitality being a symbol of his nature and the nature of his followers. 'Chokmah' means 'Wisdom' in Hebrew, thus indicating that the path connecting the two leads the Magician to 'Wisdom' and that 'Wisdom' is found in PAN. Which makes sense because PAN actually means 'All' in Greek, so PAN is the symbol of the Universal. He is both the begetter and the devourer and his N.O.X. is the symbolic Death of the Magician's ego as he pours forth every last drop of his blood into BABALON'S cup of fornication. We'll delve deeper into this Mystery later in the dissection. I feel it important to sum up here, that the path of 'He' unites 'Tipareth' or the Magician with 'Chokmah' or the supernal masculine and is also the path of aspiration of PAN to the Magician which is 'Wisdom'. In the Major Arcana of the THOTH TAROT, the number 15 is associated with ATU 15 or the "Devil". This card represents creative energy in it's most material form. It's a goat leaping with lust unto the summits of the Earth; and signifies selfhood and perpetuity. This card, being Capricornus, is of the element of fire and is in fact the fiery energy manifesting into form. This card is also representational of the 'All-begetter' or PANGENATOR. This card signifies PAN. To point out the obvious, this part of the section of Liber B, indeed the section itself is focused on PAN. The 'Devil' card is of a rough and harsh nature, indicating the process of creating with no regard to logic or reason, other than to simply create or beget. The "Devil" is the man's urge to spread his seed because there is a gnawing impulse within him that refuses to be ignored. Ejaculation is all that this masculine energy is concerned about: creating for the sake of creating. The 'Devil' is a simple and blunt card, but also a card that signifies strength and passion, indeed it takes much energy to create, and the impulse of PAN can be a lot stronger than any feebled grasp of reason or accountability within the individual. The "Devil" loves all things, and doesn't care about trifle preferences, he loves the beautiful and ugly, the silky and the abrasive, the gentle and the rough, to him it is the same because it is part of the all and the all is PAN. I'm noticing a distinct relationship between PAN and BABALON and it's interesting how BABALON desires all of the Magician and PAN is the all and wishes to love all despite superficial likes and preferences. PAN is the key to achieving annihilation and the subsequent sacred marriage with BABALON. Also interesting how there are now personifications with the two supernal Sephirah under 'Kether'. On the one side is 'Binah' as attributed to and home of BABALON, and on the other is 'Chokmah' which is where PAN resides. Finally if we look at the Tree of Life, we notice that all three supernal Sephirah have a direct path to 'Tipareth' where the Magician resides once attaining his knowledge and conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel. I feel it is now necessary to delve into the text portion of this section, bit by bit.

Now the grade of a Magister teacheth the Mystery of Sorrow, Okay, at first glance of this sentence fragment we see a statement that establishes arbitrary order. The grade of a Magister teacheth the Mystery of Sorrow: The Magister or 'Master' being the title of the grade for the A*A* focuses on instructions that teach a lesson to the Magician, which are called "Mysteries". Mysteries imply analyzing and solving so the first Mystery mentioned in this section is that of Sorrow. Keeping in correlation with the number attributed to this section, we look towards PAN, which will be expounded momentarily. and the grade of a Magus the Mystery of Change, Now we move on to the next grade in the A*A*, which is the 'Magus' or Magician. The instruction of this grade entails the Mystery of Change which leads the Magician to a formula being explicated here within the carefully selected words used to deliver the Mystery to the Magician. Again we will explore further what exactly these Mysteries represent once we have analyzed all fragments of this section. and the grade of Ipsissimus the Mystery of Selflessness, Again, we have another grade within the A*A* that includes another Mystery to be presented for the Magician to mull over and meditate. This Mystery is that of Selflessness, and all will be extrapolated momentarily when we analyze the final piece of the puzzle for this section. which is called also the Mystery of Pan. Here is our "Rosetta Stone" and all can now be accurately analyzed for the benefit of the practicing Magician. First, to understand this "Rosetta Stone" it must be made clear that the Mystery of PAN entails ALL THREE MYSTERIES THAT ARE PRESENTED TO THE MAGICIAN AS HE PROGRESSES THROUGH THE GRADES OF THE A*A*. The word usage in the section is somewhat ambivalent and at first glance appears to refer the Mystery of PAN only to that of the Mystery of 'Selflessness' and while we can go on and on over the symbolic significance between the two, I must insist that we focus on the task at hand. The Mystery of PAN is a formula that has a very distinct and single minded goal that is also known as the 'Night of PAN' or more esoterically the N.O.X. of PAN. If we look to the Book of Lies, there is one particular poem that is dedicated to PAN and his Mystery that is titled 'Sabbath of the Goat'. This poem is actually a dissection of the N.O.X. of PAN and is vital to our comprehension of the section we are currently studying. First and foremost let me state precisely the single purpose of this formula and it is the annihilation of the Magician's ego or that which says 'I am I'. Once annihilated the Magician is confronted by the daemon called Choronzon who tempts the Magician to hold on to the subjective self or 'I' which leads the Magician to delusion and madness. The only way for the Magician to defeat Choronzon is by releasing ALL THAT HE IS AND WAS AND EVER WILL BE TO BABALON. Only by pouring every single last drop of his blood into her cup of fornication will he be free of the daemon and his bones ground into dust and resting in the city of Pyramids. It is then that the Magician is reborn into new life; that with BABALON. This process of Death and Rebirth is the Night of PAN under which lies BABALON'S city of Pyramids. And now for the Mystery of PAN itself: the first letter involved is 'N' or 'Nun' which means 'fish' in Hebrew. The 'fish' is a representation of Death and is associated with that very card in the THOTH TAROT. So, attributing one letter from the Mystery of PAN to the three previous Mysteries, we discover that the Mystery of Sorrow is that of Death. The second letter in the Mystery of PAN is 'O' which is representational of NUIT for there is no beginning or end to the construction of the letter 'O' and like NUIT is all encompassing. From here we see that NUIT corresponds with the Mystery of Change. Finally the 'X' which symbolizes the cross or phallus, the phallus is the sign of PAN and this letter is associated with the Mystery of Selflessness. So the N.O.X. of PAN is that of reducing the duality to unity and therefore negativity. This, of course, is an explication of the Great Work. The Mystery

of PAN doesn't end there however, we must also analyze the word PAN. The Greek letter for 'Pi' is representational of duality with it's two vertical pillars bridged overhead. The letter 'A' represents the Pentagram or the active energy of the Magician and finally the letter 'N' is symbolic of Death as earlier explained. What these two formulas stimulate is the begetting and devouring of Life and Death. Remember earlier when we ascertained that PAN is the all begetter and all devourer? This Mystery is that of Life and the Magician must use this formula of PAN in order to be properly annihilated and reborn under the bosom of BABALON.

Liber B vel Magi 16
As of late, I've been at an impasse in my dissection of Liber B vel Magi, and with the help of a brother who pointed the way for me, I recalled the lesson taught by Bruce Lee to not focus on my brother's finger but at the moon and take in all that splendorous glory. I am fettered no longer and am now equipped with the proper tools to continue this dissection. Let's begin, as always, with the number attributed to this section: 16. According to Liber 777, in the key scale of the Tree of Life, we find that the number 16 is attributed to the sixth path which is called 'Vau' or 'Nail'. The astrological sign associated with this path is Taurus, and it's element is Earth. The trump card attributed to 'Vau' in the THOTH TAROT is the 'Hierophant'. The path 'Vau' connects the Sephirah from 'Chesed' to 'Chokmah'. 'Chokmah' is the destination on this path, and then to the source; 'Chokmah' says 'I'. This particular section is not only personal to me, but I see that this is the path that I'm currently on while I type this. I am the Daemon of the Decan in the house of Taurus, and this is my path. I have come to a realization, several in fact, but I won't get ahead of myself, and approach them in the proper manner and sequence. It is difficult to put this into words, and I know that each subsequent section of my dissection will be similar in my tongue tripping. Looking back on these paths that I've been studying, I find myself traversing them all the while I continue with this dissection. This dissection has swelled and burst into something much larger than I anticipated, my creation is propagating on it's own, and a flood of Truth assaults my mind and soul to the brink of drowning. This is my curse and this is yours. Let us continue now to the THOTH TAROT. The number 16 is associated with the Trump card in the Major Arcana of the THOTH TAROT called the 'Tower'. Before we continue any further, I must make clear that the common view of this card being of a 'bad' or 'evil' nature, is a vicious lie meant to sow discord. The childish prattling of 'good' and 'evil', offends my ears and such immaturish drivel is a silly game played by the black brothers and the slaves of christ (Iron Maiden's 'Powerslave' is currently playing on the radio as I type this BTW). "Deliver us through temptation, and save us from 'good' and 'evil'". The true meaning of this card refers to the ultimate reality, or Perfection, which is in fact, nothingness. In the Book of Thoth, the Hindu Goddess, Shiva, is mentioned and her destructive nature as she tramples over the bodies of her followers. This concept is very queer to the western mind, and must be approached with the doctrines of Yoga. All manifestations, no matter how beautiful and glorious, are ultimately, stains. In order to obtain Perfection, all manifestations must therefore be annihilated, and only the fools cling to these stains and resist their demise. I feel it's appropriate to quote the Book of the Law at this point as it touches on the subject at hand. "Nor let the fools mistake love; for there is love and

love. There is the dove and there is the serpent. Choose ye well! He, my prophet, hath chosen, knowing the law of the fortress, and the great mystery of the House of God." Ultimately, these manifestations of the Magician are fetters

that keep him from perfection and must therefore be destroyed. Again the dagger proves to be an effective and reliable weapon of the Magus. We will now continue with the sentences in this section, bit by bit.

Let the Magus then contemplate each in turn, raising it to the ultimate power of Infinity. Here we are given instruction which is to contemplate, which means to concentrate on spiritual paths and Truths as a form of private devotion, a mystical awareness as it were, this includes but NOT EXCLUSIVE to meditation. Also, we must raise this contemplation to the highest or 'outest' level of infinity, thus never ending. Wherein Sorrow is Joy, and Change is Stability, and Selflessness is Self. For the interplay of the parts hath no action upon the whole. I refuse to dissect this portion of the section as it reveals Truth within these specific words. At first, I intended to approach this section from an academic mindset, but abandoned it as my own contemplation has revealed these Truths to me, and I will not comment on them further. And this contemplation shall be performed not by simple meditation— how much less then by reason? This sentence is a continuation of the instruction from the first one. As mentioned, meditation is not enough, and reason is a laughable jest in comparison to the awesome power of this Truth. Thus I will not betray my brothers and sisters and reveal my discovery, but let them discover it on their own. I PUT IT BACK WHERE I FOUND IT SO OTHERS CAN SHARE THE JOY OF DISCOVERY. but by the method which shall have been given unto Him in His Initiation to the Grade. This one sentence had beaten me down into submission and stopped me dead in my tracks. It is here that my brother pointed the way for me and armed me with the liber necessary to continue on this journey. The liber in question and one that I feel every Magician must be acquainted with is Liber 73. I will now quote from this Liber to show to the Universe, my creation, how I came to my method of contemplation. "...with the Promulgation of the Law. It appears that I should

concentrate wholly on this, leaving it to Those invoked forces to arrange the details. I know the other way, the way of doing one petty operation after another is more interesting and more spectacular; but I think the only valid reason for using it is that one can follow one's work better, and the point of this is strongest when one does not know much about the Method. In other words, the real Adept should go straight to the point." Also, this contemplation has

led me to another truth and exposes the vicious lie in the blasphemy "I am I" Such a disgusting term it pains me to even mention it. Indeed this proclamation is sacrilege to the divine within the Magician and restricts him in the predicate. The word of sin is restriction. To limit yourself to the gross shell that you're forced to wear over your splendour is the ultimate sin of sins. This leads me to my final revelation from this section. IMAGE

I'm standing over an operating table, with a scalpel in one hand and a pair of tongs in the other. I have been dissecting for quite some time, and realize for the first time as I look at the face of the cadaver that it is mine. My fingers have been digging into mine own entrails this entire time as I search for the Truth. I will continue, I must for it is the curse of my grade, but now at last another Truth is revealed to me. I AM NOT DISSECTING LIBER B VEL MAGI, I'M DISSECTING ME.

Liber B vel Magi 17
Continuing our dissection of Liber B vel Magi section by section, it is time to move on to the next one to be analyzed, starting with the number associated with it: 17. According to the key scale in Liber 777, the number 17 is associated with the path 'Zain' or 'Sword' in English. This path connects 'Tipareth' or 'Beauty' with 'Binah' or 'Understanding'. It's zodiacal sign is Gemini and it's element is air. This path is of a Mercurial nature and as such deals with the logos or mind of the Magician in it's highest inception (that of Tipareth) and ascends the veil of the Abyss to 'Binah' or BABALON in a more Thelemic context. This path, to me, represents The Magician pouring forth every last drop of his blood into BABALON's golden cup of fornication. It is here, where the Magician gives everything he has, owns, and is to BABALON, this of course, occurs when the Magician severs all fetters that bind him to the mundane plane of existence as explained in the last section. It is with this path that the Magician returns to the source and wellspring of LOVE that the Magician uses to shape the Universe in his own image. Note that the characteristics of this path all tie with the intellect and mind of the Magician. This path is not of emotion but of the genius of the Magician making a decision. This is a path that all Magician’s must traverse, regardless of what their True Will is, because all True Will is the Microcosm of BABALON's, and it is here where the Magician returns to his Mother, BABALON. Let's move on now to the numerical significance of this section in relation to the THOTH TAROT. In the Major Arcana of the THOTH TAROT, the number 17 is assigned to the Trump card 'The Star'. According to the Book of THOTH, this card represents NUIT; 'Our Lady of the Stars'. This card signifies the manifestation of the Goddess NUIT as opposed to the Universal Ideal as the Continuing Space of Heaven as she's portrayed in Atu 20. Here we have NUIT pouring the ethereal waters from the golden cup overhead, which symbolizes eternal renewal, and the inexhaustive possibilities of existence. This card is a further reflection of the 'Empress' card or Atu 3, wherein the Divine femininity is no longer just an ethereal ideal for the Magician to contemplate, but the manifestation thereof; indeed the manifestation of the wellspring of Love itself. This card like the 'Empress' is about BABALON. The card, attributed to NUIT, is also the manifestation of BABALON and it is here in this moment that She pours forth the blood of the Magician from her golden cup of fornication. The blood of his True Will, the blood of his all of everything he has manifested and created himself. Here is where the sum total of the Magician's True Will is absorbed into the True Will of BABALON and used to continue the eternal renewal of existence. This is proof that the True Will of the Magician is the Microcosm and serves, ultimately, to fulfill BABALON's True Will in it's Macrocosmic splendour. This card is also in keeping with the Magician as he ascends the veil of the Abyss; alone and with nothing to bind him, thus validating the Tower Trump from the last section discussed. We will now analyze the sentences in this section bit by bit. Following which method, it shall be easy for Him to combine that trinity from its elements, The method in reference, is the same one that is mentioned in the previous section that the Magician must discover on his own upon initiation into the grade of Magus. The task of combining the Truths that he has learnt from the Mysteries presented in the previous section are individual elements in a larger formula that when combined with the following elements later mentioned in this section bring together a more complete state of being that the Magus is to be in if he's to attain the grade of Ipsissimus.

and further to combine Sat-Chit-Ananda, and Light, Love, Life, three by three into nine that are one, Sat-Chit-Ananda are three yogic states of mind that the yogi strives to achieve in the career of his meditations. The translations are as follows, 'Sat' means 'existence' but more than merely being. In this state of mind, the yogi is aware of the Universe around him in it's entirety. 'Chit' means consciousness, but again, the mental state is more profound and transcendental, than simply being 'awake'. This consciousness is an awareness of the Universe and all that live within it. 'Ananda' means bliss, and not the fleeting moments of bliss that can be found in this mundane plane of existence, but a more perpetual and continual bliss. This bliss can be described as a 'heavenly joy', in that of finding happiness in all things; in the Universe itself. This trinity is followed by the final trinity of mysteries for the Magus to contemplate on; these are of a more Thelemic interpretation. Light signifies 'Truth', as in the Truths that I have been discovering over the months due to this dissection. Love signifies Love, the ethereal basis of all Magickal workings "For there is Love and there is Love, there is the serpent and there is the dove. Choose ye well!" Life, is the life of the Magician and all that it entails, all other life that the Magician has encountered, created, and destroyed; the sum total of the Magician's experiences on this plane of existence and his interactions with all other Life on this planet. All three of these trinities of Mysteries are parts to a larger whole. They can be separated or categorized as such groupings as mentioned in this section, but the interplay by these nine elements constitute the whole or the one that is further discussed in the following sentence. in which meditation success shall be That which was first adumbrated to Him in the grade of Practicus (which reflecteth Mercury into the lowest world) in Liber XXVII, “Here is Nothing under its three Forms.” The complete Mystery that is alluded to by the nine is a state of being which is first touched upon by the Trigrams (this Mystery is first introduced to the Magician, lightly, during his grade of Practicus with Liber XXVII). According to Liber Trigrammaton, "Here is Nothing under it's three forms", this statement is visualized with three dots in a vertical line, and each dot is representative of one of the three Trinities discussed here in this section, and 'Nothing', is actually the potential of everything, literally, this represents the ideal before the idea has been formulated, which is validated by the last portion of the original sentence in this Liber "It is not, yet informeth all things." I shall now give a name for each of these three Trinities that should help put the general purpose of each Mystery into clarity. The first Trinity (first mentioned in section 16) is Omnipotence, the second Trinity (Sat-Chit-Ananda) is Omnipresence, and the third Trinity (Light, Love, Life) is Omniscience. These are the powers of Gods; these are the powers that the Magician must ultimately master. This path into Godhood is a long and ardorous one. On average it will take the Magician many lifetimes to attain competency with these Trinities. Crowley himself has admitted to being reincarnated several times throughout the course of history, until his final manifestation on this plane of existence as the Herald of the New Aeon, before he finally reached the grade of Ipsissimus. Disclaimer: I have not yet achieved, nor do I claim to have achieved the yogic presence states of Sat-Chit-Ananda as described within this section. These states of being are of a very advanced nature and only Yogic Masters have achieved these states (for only a short amount of time at that) after decades of serious study and contemplation. My conclusions concerning Sat-Chit-Ananda have been reached through reference material by the Yogi Master Sri Chinmoy as well as personal meditation.

"When the power of Love replaces the love of power, Man will have a new name: God." -Sri Chinmoy

Liber B vel Magi 18
We're nearing the end of our journey so lets continue in our dissection starting with the number associated with it: 18. According to the key scale in Liber 777, the number 18 is associated with the eighth path on the Tree of Life, 'Cheth', or 'Fence'. 'Cheth' connects the two Sephirah 'Geburah' or 'Strength' with 'Binah' or 'Understanding. This path helps comprise the "Pillar of Severity" on the Tree of Life and illustrates the communal relationship between the warlike tendencies of 'Geburah' and the all encompassing of Love coming from 'Binah'. I can even see, on a personal note, how the two interplay with one another, not just in mere sex games with whips and chains, but where Love and the Giver of Love must sometimes be expressed in violence so that the Magician can remain focused in his Great Work. Here the ideal weapon of choice should be the scourge and best administered by a loved one or assistant rather than the Magician himself. This path is aptly named also, because 'Cheth' or 'Fence' signifies a threshold, and it is here at this threshold that my dissection has lead me and is where I now stand. It is this 'tough love' this violent demand and forceful action that BABALON requires. Here is another path to ascend the veil of the Abyss, and rejoin with our mother, BABALON, only this path is on the 'Path of Severity' and unlike 'Zain' whose path extends out of 'Tipareth' and thusly the 'Pillar of Balance', this path is a more intense and violent one. The Magician who truly wishes to pour forth every last drop of his blood into the golden cup of BABALON's fornication, and desires, no, LUSTS to experience and feel every excruciating moment as his blood is drained from his dry and brittle husk, chooses this path in his ascension. He will be alone, he will have nothing, and he will be nothing. This is called Dying and he will attain Perfection, as previously explained in the previous section. Let us now move on to the significance of the number 18 in accordance with the THOTH TAROT. The number 18, in the Major Arcana of the THOTH TAROT, is associated with the 'Moon'. The Hebrew letter associated with this Trump is 'Qoph' or 'Back of the head' and is sometimes referred to as the Gateway of Resurrection. This card, simply put, means to Die. There is a sense of vertigo in the experiences as such, as Kephera travels through the longest night, and coldest winter while holding the Solar Disk in Silence. The Egyptian God associated with the card is ANUBIS as he guards the double path with the jackyls baying at his feet waiting to devour any who do not recognize him or who don't know him. Meditating on this card has brought a sense of fatigue, tiredness, madness, lunacy and been, on a whole, quite overwhelming. This twilight in my dissection is also the twilight in myself, I can feel a part of me withering up and drying out. The hunger is now directed inward into mine own entrails to provide sustenance to the very things I'm feasting on. I will now quote from the Book of Thoth, for Crowley's prose is so much more elegant than mine, and my brain feels like it's about to implode, but I must stumble on. "One is reminded of the mental echo of subconscious realization, of that supreme iniquity which mystics have constantly celebrated in their accounts of the Dark Night of the Soul. But the best men, the true men, do not consider the matter in such terms at all. Whatever horrors may afflict the soul, whatever abominations may excite the loathing of the heart, whatever terrors may assail the mind, the answer is the same at every stage: "How splendid is the Adventure!" And with having no further need to expound any more we will move on to the sentence pertaining to this section. And this is the Opening of the Grade of Ipsissimus, and by the Buddhists it is called the trance Nerodha-Samapatti. There isn't much that needs to be deciphered or decrypted in the familiar sense that we have analyzed this Liber in the past, but it is necessary to define a few terms in order to make this sentence clearer. Let's start with the first section of this sentence, 'this', in the first half, is in reference to the subject of the last section, the attainment and mastery of the three trinities that are requisite for the Grade of Ipsissimus. Here I feel I must make clear that the

Grade of Ipsissimus can only be achieved after Death. As Crowley states in Liber LXXIII, "The man Crowley had been chosen to enunciate this Law, that is, to exercise the essential function of a Magus. But he had yet to understand it, a task which involved the crossing of the Abyss, already described; and further, to identify his will with the Law, so that his personality might act as the focus of its energy. Before he could be that pure will whose name is that word, he had to be purged by fire of all competing volitions; and this was done by those who had chosen him during this part of his life, which I am about to record...". This actually leads us to the second part of this sentence, but first we must discover the meaning behind the Buddhist trance called Nirodha-Samapatti (this is the proper spelling). Nirodha-Samapatti according to Buddhist teachings is the 'attainment of cessation'. After mastering the Heavens of Meditation, which are comprised of four meditations in the realm of form and four meditations in the realm of formlessness. After these eight meditations have been mastered, the bodhi then contemplates the attainment of cessation. Indicators of success, is the student is found in a comatose or near death condition with the slowing of the heartbeat and shallowness in breath. The Bodhi in Nirodha-Samapatti is also immune to external stimuli and achieves temporary suspension of consciousness and all other mental activities. The Bodhi finds himself in a state called the 'sphere of neither perception-nor-non-perception'. Again, I must make clear that I do not claim to have achieved this state of suspended animation, my conclusions are reached through my research and my own limited meditation capabilities at present. Two things can be taken from the second half of this sentence: 1. The Magician's death is required in order for him to achieve that singleness, that drive, to become, in essence, his own word and 2. The Magician's death doesn't necessarily have to be a physical one. By accepting the law of Thelema, The Magician recognizes Death for what it truly is, a temporary phase in life, and there are so many little deaths everyday. In order for the Magus to achieve the grade of Ipsissimus, he most abandon all other volitions in his life that are either independent or a distraction from his own Truth. There can be no perfection in duality, and duality is the foci of the Magus in this grade. In alchemical terms the Magus is corrupted and must be purged of all stains and fetters, in order to be pure within his own Word.

There is no end to this journey that I embarked upon but "how splendid the Adventure!"

Liber B vel Magi 19
I have to admit I feel pretty good about myself and this dissection, I've been doing this research since last year, and I feel that what I'm learning because of it will be invaluable to me as I delve into Enochian Magick after the Alchemical Wedding of RA-HOOR-KHUIT, and (hopefully) my initiation into the III*. But I digress, let us continue with the next section of this Liber; starting with the number attributed to it: 19. According to Liber 777, in the key scale, the number 19 is associated with the ninth path on the Tree of Life called 'Teth' or 'Serpent, in English. The path 'Teth' connects the two Sephirah 'Geburah' or 'Strength' and 'Chesed' or 'Mercy'. I personally find as of late that when I analyze these paths that I rely not so much on the various properties associated with them (although they're very useful and necessary in magickal work) in Liber 777, but more so on their positions within the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is an accurate and detailed representation of the Universe and it's this dissection that truly 'brought that home' to me. For instance, this current path 'Teth', right away, hints at balance between two opposing forces, the fulcrum for the seesaw if you will. 'Teth' means the 'serpent', and according to Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente as well as The Book of Wisdom and Folly (as well as various others), the serpent is representative of the Magician's genius or higher self. So this path indicates that the Magician is in complete control of the two dueling furies that beset his Universe and of whose laws he must adhere... on this plane of existence. This concept is briefly touched on, back in the very first section of Liber B vel Magi

"Twain his forces". In fact, one can't help but notice how these later sections of Liber B touch upon earlier sections of the same Liber that were analyzed. One final thing to ponder about 'Teth', in the book of genesis in the christian bible, the devil tempts Eve to eat a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge (thus justifying the slaves of christ in their oppressive treatment of women in the Aeon of OSIRIS), and what form does the devil assumes when tempting Eve with knowledge? Why a snake of course, it's obvious the christian slave master doesn't want his subjects to LEARN, for if they discovered the Divine within themselves, they would most assuredly rebel. To this day the slaves of christ look upon the serpent with loathing and derision, thus securing their chains firmly about their necks. And the slaves shall serve. Moving on to the THOTH TAROT, and the relevance of the number 19 in the Major Arcana, we see that it's attributed to ATU XIX, the "Sun". According to the Book of Thoth, the card quite simply is the Herald of the New Aeon, HERU-RA-HA. He is the Lord of Life, Light, Love and Liberty as well as the emancipation of the entire Human Race. This card represents the Magician in the Light of the Lord of the New Aeon, and freedom is boundless and all encompassing. This card specifically negates the doctrine of the old Aeon of sin and death, and it is this card that renders the christian slave master impotent. It is in this new Light, that the Magician, now truly free, attains sanity, and it is up to the pioneers of the New Aeon to enlighten mankind by preaching HIS Law unto them, thus returning once again to the Curse of our grade. This card is what the Magician is to strive for, and now, along with the analysis of 'Teth', we are able to join 'that and this' and formulate the Truth of this section: In this New Aeon, the Magician is truly free to pursue his True Will, but at a price, he must spread the Truth to all men for "The Law is for All", and it is by spreading His Truth that the Magus is able to be initiated into the grade of Ipsissimus. We will now move on to the sentence in this section of Liber B. And woe, woe, woe, yea woe, and again woe, woe, woe unto seven times be His that preacheth not His law to men! Here, the first thing we notice about this sentence is that it is a warning, and justifiably so. For after learning the Truth within the number associated with this section, it is important for the Magician to be cautious of inaction. Indeed, it is impossible for the Magus to ascend to Ipsissimus if he neglects this warning. Take note the number of 'woe' listed in this sentence, seven times is it repeated. Interestingly, we look back once again to the first section in this Liber and we recall the "seven spirits of unrighteousness, the seven vultures of evil". Now looking back at my first feeble attempt to analyze this Liber, I mistook the meaning of seven with that of the court cards of the THOTH TAROT, and though my initial analysis is still valid, I now realize that I was analyzing the characteristics of these "seven spirits of unrighteousness" and not the seven itself. The "seven vultures of evil" are: 1. the Magus, 2. his forces, 4. his weapons = the seven spirits of unrighteousness = fetters or stains = incarnation. Indeed, if the Magus fails to preach His law to men then he is damned to re-incarnation. He'll have to start the whole damn thing over again, and that truly is something terrible. LYRIC

I'm not a prisoner, I'm a free man and my blood is my own now. the past was, I know where I'm going... Out!

Don't care where

Liber B vel Magi 20
I'm going to write this dissection a little differently than normal, because I feel the only way I can explain what I've learned and gone through during these several past contemplations is by explaining what has been going on with me these past weeks. I'll only lightly touch on the relevance of the number associated with this section in passing merely to illustrate the correlation between the number and the text it marks.

As of late, I've been pulling myself inward during these past dissections, and being a natural introvert, I started to fall back into old, and bad, habits. I felt the familiar contracting of the abdomen region as I began curling up into a ball, and I would like to say that I realized what I was doing and pulled myself out of it, but that isn't the case. Because of my drive to complete this dissection, to understand and learn the purpose of being a Magician, that it was only natural to use myself as the subject of study. This has caused a sort of implosion into myself, that was extremely difficult to get out of. And with that, let's look at the sentence for this section of Liber B vel Magi: And woe also be unto Him that refuseth the curse of the grade of a Magus, and the burden of the Attainment thereof. Here we have an additional woe to the previous seven analyzed in the last section. This woe has a particular clause to it which is refusing the curse of the grade of Magus, and recalling section fourteen of Liber B vel Magi, we recognize the curse of the grade of the Magus is to speak Truth so that the falsehood thereof may enslave the souls of men. To me, this means that the Magician must interact with his community in order to accomplish speaking his Truth or else he risks imploding on himself, and thus the curse truly becomes one. I had to experience this in order to understand it and having done so I'm a better Magician because of it. No longer the torment, the self exile, anger, the frustration, the confusion, no longer would I feel alone. I haven't felt alone in over six years, and suddenly I was fourteen years old again. I was falling into the blasphemous pit called 'I am I', and I didn't see it at first, until a brother pointed it out for me. I was perplexed because I didn't understand how I could be in such a pit when I clearly knew what it is and how best to avoid it. But there are several layers to this pit, one may see 'I am I' in the obvious that of limiting the Divine within oneself, but this blasphemy is just as heinous in every other aspect of spiritual growth and development. It wasn't until last night, after Mercury stopped moving in retrograde, that I understood what my brother meant, and again am eternally grateful for his friendship. My way of thinking was skewing away from my original path, and I isolated myself from everybody else in terms of identity. I was in self exile and the cage imprisoning me was my approach and understanding my recent contemplations of this very entire dissection. I'm not saying that I'm stopping this dissection, that would be foolish considering how nearly done I am, but that the ordeal is now over. I don't have to torment myself anymore. In closing, we'll look at the number of this section according to the path associated with it, which is 'Yod' or 'hand', in English. The hand pertains to this lesson, I think, very well because the hand is what wields the three weapons of alchemy that drive the wheel of fortune. This section in particular uses the salt for labor, the physical act of typing these dissections and the researching source material to help put it down in words. The sulpher for cracking the scourge across my back driving me forward as a beast of burden, for I must admit, there have been times this past year when I was totally ready to abandon the entire Magickal Operation. And Mercury for the inspiration as a Magician as well as the aspiration from the Divine within so that the Truth might be revealed to me. The Trump card in the THOTH TAROT associated with the number 20 is 'Aeon'. This card represents the New Aeon of RA-HOOR-KHUIT, which I see is fitting for this section as well as my ordeal because it represents a new beginning, a new awareness after the utter destruction of the Old Aeon "but my left hand is empty

for I have crushed an Universe and naught remains"

Amazing the ordeal one has to go through when analyzing this class A document of the A.A. I can't help but wonder if this is intended in the writings of these Libers. Each one must be a lesson waiting to be self-taught by the Magician.

Liber B vel Magi 21
We shall now wrap up this dissection of Liber B vel Magi and turn our attention to the last section of this Liber and the number associated with it: 21. According to the key scale in Liber 777, the number 21 is associated with the path 'Kaph' or 'palm' in English. The path 'Kaph' links the two Sephirah 'Chesed' or 'Mercy' with 'Netzach' or 'Victory'. The Egyptian Godform for this path is AMOUN-RA, the Greek Godform is Zeus, and the Roman is Jupiter. The Atu card from the THOTH TAROT deck that is associated with this path but NOT this section of Liber B is 'Fortune'. So what we have is a path that leads from the turbulent emotional whirlwind that is in keeping with 'Victory' up to the sphere of 'Mercy' or 'Majesty' and this alludes to the attainment of kingship in the lower end of the Tree of Life. To me this seems like being promoted or taking advantage of a crucial opportunity in business, religion or whatever field the event takes place in. This is more on the 'realized' end of the spectrum of TETRAGRAMMATON, and as such fleeting and not meant to last forever. Being the final section to be analyzed within this Liber, I see the pertinence of the path 'Kaph' in the number assigned to it. Here is attainment, a sense of completion, the satisfaction of finishing a project, indeed an ordeal! Also remember the meaning of the word 'Kaph', it translates to the palm of the hand. In the last section, we discussed the importance of the hand for the Magician (and for life in general, yay opposable thumbs). When closing your hand into a fist, the fingers congregate to the palm, the fingers extend out of the palm of the hand, like branches sprouting from the trunk of a tree. The palm is the Mecca for the fingers that are attached to it, so we have a microcosmic representation of the Alpha and the Omega of the Source everytime we open and close our fists. We shall now focus on the relevance of the number 21 with the THOTH TAROT. The number 21 is associated with the ATU of the same number in the Major Arcana of the THOTH TAROT which is the "Universe". The "Universe" symbolizes precisely that, which is the Alpha and the Omega of Life. The Hebrew letter associated with this card is "Tau" which is the cross in it's expansion; when combined with the Hebrew letter attributed to the polar opposite of this card the "Fool", which is "Aleph", we get the word "Ath" which means "Essence" in English. This Essence is what encompasses the entire Major Arcana of the THOTH TAROT, indeed which also encompasses the entire Universe. In the beginning there was nothing, and here at the completed cycle the Essence is returned to nothing, but this nothing differs from the nothing of the "Fool". This nothing, is the 4 as opposed to the 'Fool's 2, has already been manifested into the realized and; into the form of the ideal and now returns to the beginning to continue the never ending cycle of Life. This is what the Wheel of Fortune moves forward, this is the purpose of the three Alchemical elements that power the Wheel of Fortune. In accordance with the formula of TETRAGRAMMATON, this card signifies the "Daughter" assuming the throne of the "Mother", BABALON. This card symbolizes the completion of the Great Work just as the "Fool" symbolizes the initial undertaking of the True Will. The "Fool" is the beginning, the idea before it's manifestation and the "Universe" is the "end" as the manifestation in it's final and complete form and thusly ready to return to the source; to return to Kether. The "end" is transitory in nature, because as soon as a thing ends it begins anew, so the reciprocal energy that perpetuates itself continues it's motion with nary a pause, this is why "Death" isn't final but merely transitory. "Think not, o king, upon that lie: That Thou now focus on the final sentence of Liber B vel Magi. And in the word CHAOS let the Book be sealed; yea, let the Book be sealed. First, let's look at the wording of this sentence, particularly with reference to CHAOS. Notice, it says "in the word" NOT "in the name of". This establishes the addressing of the perfection of CHAOS, the ideal, the Nothing, not the concept, nor the superficial, nor the illusion that veils the glory of CHAOS. This is all in keeping with the Tao Te Ching, first written by Lao Tzu; in it he

Must Die: verily thou shalt not die, but live. Now let it be understood: If the body of the King dissolve, he shall remain in pure ecstasy for ever." We will

sevenfold division, the interplay of which things weave the dance of the Veil of Life upon the Face of the Spirit". The mysterious energy in triple form (the

states "The name that can be named is not the eternal name and the Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao". For the manifestation of the Ideal is the illusion and the falsehood in which to enslave the souls of men. Also pay attention to the wording of the predicate in this sentence "in the word". If we look at the word CHAOS gematrically speaking we see that it is the same value as BABALON: Samech + Vau + Ayin + Kaph = 156. Now we complete the sentence with "let the Book be sealed;" so in conjunction with BABALON, the word CHAOS seals the Book or Liber. CHAOS is attributed to the Sephirah 'Chokmah', just as BABALON is associated with the Sephirah 'Binah', and they are joined together by the path 'Daleth' whose zodiacal sign is Venus and therefore the two are joined by Love. Love is an integral element in this dissection of this Liber and in the Liber itself, because as stated in a previous section, Love is the bond which binds every living creature with every other. Love is the Essence which is discussed in the "Universe" card of the THOTH TAROT. CHAOS, BABALON and 'Kether', or the 'Source' as I call it, form the Divine Trinity in the Supernal Triad. Also, bear in mind that the numerical value of CHAOS being that of BABALON indicates that 7=4 or the Magister Templi grade in the A.A. If we look at this grade visually we see a numerical map of the relationship between BABALON (7) the path or 'Door' which links them in Love (=) and CHAOS (4). CHAOS and BABALON are coequal and coeternal with each other. Finally, I would like to touch upon the Alchemical significance of 7=4 (or 4=7 for that matter), besides the numerical value of the Supernal Triad on the Tree of Life, these numbers also indicate the four elements or Kerubs as well as the seven vultures of evil or (as discussed earlier) incarnation. 4=7; 7=4 both equate to incarnation into the material or mundane world. Pay close attention to the seventh collect in the Gnostic Mass "Mysterious Energy, triform, mysterious Matter, in fourfold and sulpher, the salt and the Mercury) we see refers to the Alchemical elements that power the Wheel of Fortune. The mysterious matter divided by four and seven or CHAOS and BABALON, are responsible for the manifestation of the ideal, and the interplay of these two concepts create the illusion of Life on the mundane plane, masking the perfected or ideal of the spirit within; the Higher Intellect within the Magician. Death is a phase, much like puberty; nothing more, there's no avoiding it so there's no point in fearing it.

Liber B vel Magi Commentary
I feel this dissection demands a commentary in order to establish the purpose behind it and to what goals I strive to accomplish. First let me say that what started as an academic research project for me quickly turned into an in depth study of myself as a Magician and as a Star "Every Man and Every Woman is a star coequal and coeternal with every other god." This past year has been one ordeal after another and I felt lost and alone; I'm beginning to get a small taste of what Crowley means of "crossing the desert", and by no means do I feel I have crossed it, but I now realize that I'm right in the middle of Bum-fuck-Egypt and my journey is far from over. At least now I have a direction and a goal to reach, which is to find out exactly what my True Will is by having knowledge and conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel. This Magickal Operation that I find myself undertaking, though nothing this big was planned when I started, is divided into two parts, with several subparts within each, that of Analysis followed by Synthesis. The Alchemical Operation that I've discovered during my dissection is the basic formula in accomplishing my True Will and I realize I must continue because even though my research is done (not really), I must now use this knowledge in accordance to my True Will and accomplish the Great Work. "There is success!" Having stated my intentions I feel it's important to lay down what I think this dissection is: First, let me point out that I have no idea what I'm talking about. These interpretations are my own and I don't expect anyone to take any of this seriously much less as canon. Second, by no means do I feel this dissection is in anyway exhaustive or conclusive. To coin a cliché in sake of this analysis "I barely scratched the surface" and all I have to show for it are a few dead skin flakes beneath my fingernails. I didn't even draw blood in terms of uncovering all the secrets and Truths hidden within this Class A document. I feel what Truths I did learn during this dissection are general and basic and lie just beneath the veil of falsehood and illusion. I'm sure a more experienced and competent Magician than myself could glean much more knowledge out of this Liber than I ever could. Third, this dissection was conducted for my own benefit. I appreciate the support I've been getting from my brothers and sisters, and I've been getting a lot, but I've always viewed this analysis as receiving lessons for the sake of my spiritual growth and development. In the end, this dissection is incontrovertible to my entire career as a Consecrated Magician in the OTO, and I find it fitting that I complete it near the eve of my initiation into the III*. Finally, throughout this dissection I had this song burning a hole in my brain since I first started, and I feel the lyrics are very appropriate which are reproduced below. Apologies to Paul Simon...

Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again, Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping, And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence. In restless dreams I walked alone Narrow streets of cobblestone, beneath the halo of a street lamp, I turned my collar to the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light That split the night And touched the sound of silence. And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people, maybe more. People talking without speaking, People hearing without listening, People writing songs that voices never shared And no one dared Disturb the sound of silence. "Fools" said I, "you do not know Silence like a cancer grows. Hear my words that I might teach you, Take my arms that I might reach you." But my words like silent raindrops fell, And echoed In the wells of silence And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made. And the sign flashed out its warning, In the words that it was forming. And the sign said, the words of a prophet Are written on the subway walls And tenement halls. And whispered in the sounds of silence.

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