Marketing is often dynamic, challenging and rewarding. It can also be frustrating and even disappointing. But it is never dull. It is the part of organization where ´The Rubber Meets roadµ the place where an organization ideas planning and execution are given the acid test of market acceptance or rejection. ´Marketing is job to convert essential needs in to profitable opportunities. Marketing consists of all activities by which a company adopts itself to its environment relatively and profitabilityµ Before few years ago there was no need for marketing because there was no competition in the market and so as compared to supply of product there was more demanded so there was no use of marketing of product. According to Philip Kotlar, ´Marketing is the process of planning, executing the competition, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and service to create exchange that satisfy individuals and organization goalsµ In today·s era each and every step any scale of business needs marketing tools for marketing their business and providing a lifecycle to it. Today consumer marketing serves as a doctor for patient. 1

The electronic industry in India took off around 1965 with an orientation towards space and defense technology. This was rigidly controlled and initial by the government. This was followed by developments in

consumer electronics mainly with transistor radios, B & W TV, calculators and other audio products. Colour Television soon followed. In 1982 a significant year in the history of television in India The government allowed thousand of color TV sets to be imported into the country to coincide with the broadcast of Asian Games in New Delhi. 1985 saw the advent of computers and telephone exchange, which were succeeded by digital Exchange in 1988. The period during between 1984 and 1990 was the golden period for electronic during while the industry witnessed continuous and rapid growth. From 1991 onwards there was first an economic crises triggered by the Gulf War, which was followed by political and economic uncertainties within the country. Pressure on the electronic industry remained through growth and development have continued with digitalization in all sectors and more recently the trend towards

convergence of technologies. In recent years the electronic industry is growing at a brisk pace. It is currently worth $10billion but 2

according to estimates, has the potential to reach $40billion by 2010. The largest segment is the consumer electronics segment. While is largest export segment is the consumer electronics segment. While is largest export segment is of components. The breakup of production in various segments the industry is shown below: 1950s: Late 1960s 1970s 1982 radio-imported & sold B & W TV transmission started Manufacturing of B & W TV stared Color TV transmission, manufacturing of CTV 1992 1993-94 Economic Liberalization Process initiated dismantling of controls such as licenses, Ban on use of foreign Brand Names 1994-95 Entry of MNC- Panasonic, Sony, LG Samsung, cable TV started. 2001 2005 2007 2008 non tariff barriers on imports removed. DTH services started entry of organized retail FTAs with other countries & FDI in retail Likely 3

In present scenario top players for color TV are:  VIDEOCON  LG  SAMSUNG  SONY  ONIDA  PHILIPS  BPL 4 . so it helps it a good choice for all those companies who are looking to take benefit of this emerging market. India is one of the few emerging countries to have an excellent supply base in term of manufacturing facilities for glass and color picture tubes.Today.

Today the group operates through 4key sectors: 1) Consumer durable 2) Thomson CPT 3) CRT glass 4) Oil and gas 5 .COMPANY PROFILE THE VIDOCON GROUP EMERGE AS A used 2.5Billion conglomerate continuing to set trends in every sphere of its activities from a conference room sized assembly line in 1979.

components. etc. assembly. and exploration and production of oil and gas. marketing and distribution of consumer electronics and home appliances. In India. home appliances. which include The the manufacturing. The manufacturing facilities produce a complete range of consumer electronics. Videocon has eleven manufacturing facilities.ORGANISATION PROFILE ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND Videocon Industries was incorporated in 1986. in which major divisions are consumer electronics. The company presently has seven operating business divisions. company has two core activities. home 6 appliances and critical .

It assembles air conditioners in Oman and CTV·s 7 .components such as compressors. Videocon is one of the major CRT manufacturers globally. etc. It is the only manufacturer of glass panels in India. The Poland plant also produces glass shells. China and Mexico. The facility at Bharuch is largest in the world at a single location and the third largest overall. with plants in Poland.

It was promoted by Nandlal M.  1989 The Company undertook to set up facilities for the assembly and packaging of integrated circuits from imported diffused wafers and the manufacture of black & white television at Aurangabad Maharashtra. television components. air conditioners and other cabinets. 8 . The Company also undertook to set up a centralized tool room and injection molding facilities at Aurangabad and 25 services centers at various locations in the country. The Company manufacture color television sets.Dhoot and his sons.HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT  1985 The company was incorporated on 19th January.

Videocon Narmada Electronics Ltd. 1996 The Company has entered into a Joint Venture with the Nicchi Group of Italy. through its joint venture company with Gujarat government .  1997 Videocon Narmada Electronics Ltd. Videocon International. was amalgamated with the Company on and from 4th December as per the terms of the Scheme of Amalgamation sanctioned by the High Court. The company has already signed a power purchase agreement with the TNEB for which it has agreed for the tariff for the first year.  1998 Videocon and Necchi had also floated a joint venture company in India to manufacture six million electric motors for compressors and domestic appliances at facilities in Maharashtra and Karnataka. 9 . was the first company to manufacture glass shells for color picture tubes in the country. which is one of the largest manufacturers of compressors in the world.

10 . Consolidate all operation of this entire brand which was prior operating separately. Kelvinator.g.  2008 Videocon group merged its all operation e. Akai with Videocon.  2005 Videocon group take over the 3 plants of AB electronics in India. Videocon International has tied-up with US-based firm Telecruz Technologies Inc. which produces the TeleCruz TC701 chip and CruzerWare software. Kenstar. with that acquire Thomson CPT plan. 2000 The Company has announced the launch of its new range of television sets fitted with Net-ready devices to enable viewers access the Internet while watching television. Sansui. Electrolux.

which we have to readily accept. with increasing investment in diversifies business. It has also created many innovations which might have been unimaginable or unbelievable for people with the change. This new century has put before us many new challenges. Electronic & home appliances company. Looking ahead is India·s consumer. 11 .GROWTH OF COMPANY We have now entered into the world of 21st century.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS             Venugopal n Dhoot Naveen B Mandhana Lalchand Lalwani Vishnukumar Rathi Hariprasad Malpani Raghunathdas Somani S Padmnabhan S S Dayama B K Chopra Ajay Saraf (nominee of ICICI) K Sivaprakasham (nominee of ICICI) A K Gupta (nominee of ICICI) 12 .

.EXECUTIVES SUMMARY Videocon was established in 1986-87 as home appliances firm by LATE SHRI NANDLAL MADHAVLAL DHOOT. 121. Videocon petroleum ltd. India. Rajkot-360001 Gujarat. Then after it diversifies too many firms it is diversified in many sectors like Videocon appliance ltd. Jagnath mandir.. Videocon Narmada glass ltd. Adalat Road. India. dish washer. VCD player. recently Videocon has contact with Thomson & Videocon buy Electrolux as well as it is main glass cell manufacturing in India.Mittal court wing. 13 . yagnik road. Public limited company Large scale Television. 17th floor. Dr. India.. Aurangabad-431005 Maharashtra. Nr. air conditioner. Videocon communication ltd. Nariman point Mumbai-400021 Maharashtra. DVD. microwave. It has made good position in international market also. refrigerator. washing machine. Heera Panna. 201. Etc. 1986-87 Late Shree Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot Auto card compound. Following is the basic information of Videocon: NAME Year of establishment Promoter Registered office Corporate office Branch office Form of organization Size of organization products VIDEOCON INTERNATIONAL LTD.

Panasonic. 14 . Sony. onida. Toshiba. BPL. CBI www. 1st April to 31st march SBI. ICICI. Philips etc. HSBC. bush. Godrej.competitors Accounting year Bankers Website Samsung.

finance. Product is an engine of the vehicle of the company for providing consumer satisfaction. nothing to price. black & white television. disk washer. internet television. production etc. Videocon is engaged in the product of electronic & home appliances.e. air conditioners. They produce television. video cassette player. It is a center point around which all the activities of business i. 15 . hi-tech product as well as no frost refrigerators. and nothing to run business. and video cassette recorder. refrigerators. are woven a product nothing to sale. marketing.PRODUCT OF THE COMPANY The product is the most important converser by which any firm can prove its efficiency and iteration of quality product is a symbol of the business firm. washing machine.

" 3 () ( ' i 0 2) ' 2 $'  " &&( ( ) $' ( ) )' 2  )( ( $ " )4 4 % ' ( ' " )2 )2) ) 0#  ()( ' ' ( ) )  '  1    &  % ) )( 0 '   () )"' & ' & &  $# "     % ! ( op In h on h ion n i on h o b o p b nd in on o n in i nd ll l p 2008 d k in l k d id o on E op li ion on olid di £¥    ¤ ¥  ¦§¤£ ¥  §  ¦ ¤§   ¥ © ¨ ¤¥ £ § ¤ k ¥  £ §   ¦¤¥ §¦ ¥ ¤ £ ¢ ¡   ollo in ol x S n i h b El i K lvin o B A nd b 16 BAS E k i K n o id o on i id o on op o p i kno n x in l d ll d ib ion .

Tie-ups with Global Leaders Partner Samsung Electronics Matsushita Electric Matsushita Electric Matsushita Electric Sansui Electric Co. Ltd Techneglas Product Fly Back Transformers.Videocon has done different types of tie-ups with many global company following are the details given. Air Conditioner ODM for Indian Market ODM & Indian Market Sourcing of components for Global Market ODM for Indian Market Technical Collaboration ODM for Indian Market Technical Collaboration Technical Support Nature Of Tie-Up Design & Drawing Design & Drawing 17 . Tuners Washing Machine Air Conditioner Refrigerator Audio Products Color TV Glass Shell Audio Akai Products Color TV Hyundai Electrolux AB Sweden Color TV Refrigerator.

6 to 11 Krishna sagar village Attibele.PLANT LOCATION Videocon Appliances Limited 15km stone. Ltd. house Road Banglore-562107 Indian refrigerator co.: Aurangabad-431105 Videocon international Limited 14km stone.: Aurangabad-431105 Videocon Communications Limited Gate no 350.-Paithan Dist.: Aurangabad-431210 Applicomp(India) Limited Survey no.Chittagong Tq. Bhalgon Dist. Aurangabad-Paithan Road Village.-Paithan Dist.-72 Sipcot Industrial Complex Hosur-635126 18 . Plot no. Aurangabad-Paithan Road Village.Chittagong Tq.

Chhavaj 19 .-68 Videocon house Village.-1/1 Village-imarat kancha Maheshwaram Mandal Dist. Hardwar Park.Millennium Appliance India Ltd.: Ranga Reddy-500005 Videocon Narmada Glass P. survey no.O.Box no.

The idea behind the change comes from the company's constant thirst of responding in tune with the changing market dynamics.both in terms of its values and philosophies. To connect with its vast consumer base. as well as its servicing aspects. Videocon. The new identity clearly defines the consumer-centric approach of the brand and its positioning to be closer to the consumers heart . Videocon has brought in fresh perspective with a new communication for its consumer durable segment.LOGO LOGIC Videocon's new Brand identity: Opening itself to a new venture of change. the leading consumer durables company has unveiled a new brand identity and logo which was launched by the leading Bollywood star Shahrukh khan in San Francisco. Videocon believes & is focused on building: Innovation that Great Value that Consumer experience changes your 20 .

Internally. The company wants to completely adapt to its new tagline 'Experience change'. The Videocon logo is the heart of the new brand identity. the color green is symbolic to the company's ecology drive. also the focus is on further developing latest technology products with thrust on quality and innovation. leading the India Consumer durable Industry and this time also the Group is geared up to revolutionize the whole market with its new brand identity and latest product technology. in every sphere of its domain. The Fluid lava reflects the brand idea. The color palette has been chosen to reflect the philosophy of Videocon Group i. improved service penetration and increased employee morale. Videocon Group has always been a makes technology that delights and for the better accessible rewards. 21 .e. Experience change'.

a successful corporate like Videocon is committed to fulfilling its obligations: both as providers of outstanding initiatives. Videocon is inspired heavily by the uplifting nature of sports. its power to generate mass passion.000 teak trees. the more involved the engagement. that vital ingredient that makes the difference between living life and merely existing. 00. Among others. society needs spirit. Aware of this debt to society. its 22 . the group·s India glass plant has supported a large-scale initiative like the plantation of over 2. among others.PHILOSOPHY & RESOLVE No business can function in a vacuum. the better its qualitative and quantitative effect on the business. where innumerable hearts throb as in unison. a first-rate academic haven for the high-school education of underprivileged girls and a 100% world-class. charitable hospital specializing in cancer and heart surgery for the benefit of society·s marginalized sections. Videocon·s deep-rooted commitment to environment conservation translates into process products as well as sterling community improvements that help recycle CRT glass. curb carbon emissions and other pollutants. There is the society at large with which it engages in innumerable transactions. Apart from material support. They include.

ability to draw people together irrespective of differences in race, religion, gender or caste. Unity of spirit and purpose is ultimately what builds bridges between diverse cultures. This is the core belief of a group that has operations spread over a cross-cultural milieu worldwide. Videocon supports mass sports for another reason: at the heart of sports is fair play, a virtue that enjoys exalted status among values cherished by Videocon. The group·s sponsorship of cricketing events across the globe underlies its commitment and passion for sports as well as its goal to uplift the spirits of a global audience. Videocon has not forgotten the grassroots either; the Videocon School of Cricket launched in Kolkata under the guidance of former India captain, Saurav Ganguly, aims to inspire budding cricketers in the age group of 10 to 17 years to greater heights.


Research and Development activities are the strength of your Company, with the help of which the Company has continued its growth path in the Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances business segment.







located at Shenzhen in China, Aurangabad, and Gurgaon & Japan with more than 100 skilled Engineers working dedicatedly on the continuous development of new product range to be offered to the global customers. The Company has established Videocon Display Research Co. Ltd. (´VDRµ) in Kawasaki, Japan as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary, with the business to undertake research and development of flat panel display technology. VDR has talented engineering resources that can develop strong, competitive LCD

products and related technologies. To make development active, VDR also has enough tools and the facilities of LCD fabrication, product design and evaluation in R&D base. Based on those expertise and properties, VDR can

contribute to Videocon·s worldwide flat panel TV business in Group.


A number of new technologies have been introduced in Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances. As a result of Research and Development, your Company is able to introduce innovative models of products with advanced technology to fulfill the requirements of its customers.

To sustain its competitiveness in the domestic and international markets, the Company has broadened its scope of activity of process research.

Considering the fast-growing & changing TV market, R&D activity has been focusing on the image quality improvement and the cost reduction to make product competitive as follows.


The Company has carried out Research and Development in the following areas 

Development of new products/models with innovative
ideas for improved marketability. 

Increasing in batching capacity.  Process standardization for consistent quality.

 Improvement in Customer Satisfaction. performance and marketability and business viability.  Improvement in the quality of products.  Reduction in manufacturing cost. Process optimization and Improvement in operating efficiencies. durability.  To align the global need & the Company·s vision of being committed to ´Eco Logicµ: Technology for Sustainable Life. With a built in DTH facility having MPEG 4 DVB-S2 Digital signal. Paint fewer products with a unique Hot and Cold Technology for molding of parts. Benefits derived as a result of the above R&D: The Company has derived the following benefits as a result of Research and Development:  Improvement in product quality.  The Company has been able to develop high end products to be offered to Indian market with Integrated Digital TV (DTV). customers can enjoy the unmatched picture & audio quality of LCD TV and CRT TV. which can save approximately 15 % of power consumption. This helps to reduce pollution 26 . the Company has developed: India·s first Five Star Rated CRT TV.

000: 1 Super Contrast Ratio to give crisper image and dramatic picture quality. ´Hauteµ series of LCD TV has a DVBS (Digital Video Boosting Station) with 50.generated due to hazardous chemicals used in plastic paints and its processes and gives a high glossy appearance with ultimate scratch resistance.  Introduction of new ´Fontsµ and ´Hauteµ series of LCD TV with FULL HD 1080p resolution. vivid and true to life colors. with this unique picture quality improvement algorithm. It has a unique feature of DCRE (Digital Cinema Reality Engine). it reproduces e1 Billion display color for more natural. 27 . ´Fontsµ series of LCD is having unique Frame Less Design of cabinet and feather touch operations.

 Introduction of innovative models of products considering the requirements of the consumers.03% of turnover) on Research & Development. hereinbefore. the Company is proposing to concentrate on all the areas mentioned earlier.  Withstand Global slowdown.31. HDTVs. During the year under review.  Slim LCD TVs. and to focus efforts on new technologies which could offer better products in the domestic market.  Reducing the electricity consumption for consumer electronics and home appliances.  Enhance the Brand Value and gain a reputation as an innovative business/ Company.FUTURE PLAN In the near future. The Company also has the following plans through Research and Development:  To provide consumers with a newer form factor that is attractive and suits their lifestyles. 28 .38 million (0. the Company has incurred recurring expenditure of Rs.  Increasing the market share.

29 . It is a heart of any company. The complaint is producing the products. Production means ´process which is used to convert Row material into desired output or finished goods. The main objective of production department is to prepare a production plan and to achieve the plan they produce the product by maintaining good quality. According to head of the department of the market the production process is used in this unit highly sophisticated because there are so many item manufacturing in this unit so it is very difficult task to decry the production process of the each item individual but the basic production process almost similar to the all products.INTRODUCTION Production important department is is one of the most with department mainly concerned manufacturing of a product. It is deriving further broadly.

ORGANIZATION CHART Board of Production Department Assistant Personnel Department Assistant Directors Marketing Department Assistant Finance Department Assistant Manager Laboratory Testing Supervisor Clerks Clerks Chief Accountant Accountant Workers Peons 30 .

INTRODUCTION Personnel management management is is the with part the of the function concerned human relationship with in an organization. Personnel management is concerned with the managerial functions ¶POSDCORB· (planning. For right job and utilizing their ability achieved goals. salary. 31 . So this company personnel management is a process of the required member and person at the right time on right place. selection process method of training and development. reporting. staffing. budgeting) all the function with a view to attaching organization goals economically and effective and meeting the individual and social goals. They can say that personnel management is that part of management which covers all the important aspects like manpower planning. directing. organizing. co-ordination. and industrial relation.

Organization chart Board of Directors Production Department Production Manager Laboratory Testing Supervisor Personnel Department Assistant Marketing Department Marketing Manager Finance Department Finance Manager Chief Accountant Accountant Clerks Clerks Workers Peons 32 .

They learn under the watchful eyes of a supervisor and develop the skill and consistent habits of performing the job. Generally. better status. new people for a work it is on the consideration of his efficiency and production ability also. more responsibility. 33 . The worker is doing some specific job on the existing environment only. It is just like on the job training. It is given for unskilled and skilled jobs. The experienced and skilled officers and technical expert take interview for applicants and selecting the candidates.Recruitment & selection In. Recruitment is a positive term when selection is a negative because there is an element of rejection involved in selection. personnel department it is the most important process of searching for prospective employees. more hours of work and better work condition. Training & development As such they do take any program for training & development. Promotion & transfer A promotion is upward advancement of an employee in a unit to some another job that demands better salary and wages.

entertainment. educational help etc. insurance.Benefits & services Benefits of P. gift on festival.F. 34 .. medical help to worker as well as their family.

And the managerial activities.INTRODUCTION Finance is the lifeblood of business without money is cannot start business. 35 . Future. Thus. which are concerned with the planning and controlling of the firm·s financial resources. the efficiency of other operation in the organization is directly influenced by the manner in which the finance function of the enterprise is performing. finance is the science of money. are called as financial management. Thus it is impossible to invent business without finance.

ORGANIZATION CHART Board Production Personnel Marketing Finance Production Assistant Marketing Finance Laboratory Clerks Clerks Chief Supervisor Accountant Workers Peons 36 .

if the organization is always running with shortage of cash its trading operation will be disrupted and ultimately profitability of the company will be affected. which simply increase the cost without contributing anything towards the profitability of its firm.µ Cash management involves following 4 factors:     Controlling level of cash. 37 . which allows management to carry on the various activities of the business on day-to-day basis. cheques held by the firm and the balance in its bank account. Optimum investment of surplus cash. Controlling cash outflow. nor less. currency. Controlling cash inflow. ´a business wants to get hold of it in the shortest possible time. In a border sense it also includes ´near cash assetsµ such as marketable securities and time deposit with bank. neither more. As Sydney Robbins has put it. but to keep the least possible quantity on hand.CASH MANAGEMENT Cash is the medium of exchange. On the other hand. It includes coins. If the firm holds surplus cash. this excessive cash remains idle. A company should hold sufficient cash.

Today consumer marketing serves as a doctor for patient. executing the competition. A successful marketing strategy has better marketing tools by which the firm may overcome existing competition. all decisions are taken from these branches. Videocon international Ltd. goods and service to create exchange that satisfy individuals and organization goalsµ In today·s era each and every step any scale of business needs marketing tools for marketing their business and providing a lifecycle to it.INTODUCTION According to Philip Kotlar. marketing is management function to plan promote & deliver product to consumer. 38 . marketing Ahmadabad. Marketing is comprehensive term. Baroda. ´Marketing is the process of planning. Has a marketing department branch in and several cities like Rajkot. Mumbai etc. promotion and distribution of ideas. pricing.

ORGANIZATON CHART The marketing department of Videocon is in Mumbai & branch of marketing department are distribution in several cities. The organization chart of marketing department of Videocon is as follow: PRESIDENT Executive vice president of marketing & sale Sales vice Marketing vice Sales force Other marketing 39 .

Audio system. 40 . LG. VCR/VCD.MARKETING COMPETITVENESS Videocon today is a household name across the nation India·s color T. I have come to know from my survey that Videocon is better than other companies and consumer demanded more than other companies· product. Some competitors of Videocon are BPL. ONIDA. Refrigerators & air conditioners etc. and SAMSUNG. Washing machine. Videocon is having so many competitors in the field of each product.V.

The way through which the goods flow from producer to consumer is called channel distribution. which from a part of marketing channel. They appoint dealers for selling their product.CHANNELS OF DISTIBUTION With the competition of the product the next problem faced by producer is to sell the goods to targeted consumers. Most producer sell their goods through wholesalers. The chart of distribution is as under: DISTRIBUTORS DEALERS CONSUMERS 41 . There is always a link between producers & consumers. retailers or agents. Marketing channel are sets of interdependent organization involved in the process of marketing product or services available for use or consumption. There is only one type of channel of distribution in Videocon. Marketing channel decision is among the most critical decision. Once chooses a marketing channel must be usually remain for a substantial period. Videocon has a network of over 4000 dealer. They must choose the cheapest channel because it is very risky.

these problem look to be decreased of marketing & therefore the exact cure is required.µ Videocon International limited carried out their research work in regular interval when there is fluctuation in sale of any product of the company. Sometimes the company also carried out research work to know the view of people about the new introduced product of the company. often has to face many problem related with marketing like pricing decision. collection analyses & reporting of data and finding relevant to specific market to specific market situation facing the companies. We can find definition shown below: its systematic meaning from ´Marketing Research is the systematic design. The mgt. promotion decision. the mgt. market segmentation etc. 42 . often focused studying of specification problem & opportunities for better marketing activities.MARKETING RESERCH Beside the internal report of marketing executives.

BRANDING & SLOGAN The word brand is a comprehensive term. We Love Winning we Love Videocon«. Some slogans are used in branding & trading. term. uses the brand name Videocon for its each & every product. The Videocon International Ltd. A brand is a name. Has slogan as follows: Bring Home The Leader«. India Today the World Tomorrow«. The slogan with right meaning attract the consumer to purchase particular product Videocon International Ltd. symbol or design to identify the goods or service of one seller or group of seller & to differentiate them from their competitors. Sabse Agge Videocon« 43 .. Right Movement Right Time« Technology for Health & Pleasure« Expect More From Videocon« Agge..

44 .MARKETING MIX 1) PRODUCT: Product is an engine of vehicle of the company for providing consumer satisfaction. Without a product nothing to sale. 2) PRICE: Price is the matter of vital importance to both seller and a buyer in the market place. washing machine. refrigerators. air conditioners etc. Without pricing there cannot be marketing only when a buyer & seller agree on price we can have exchange of good or service. Refrigerators & washing machines. The important products among these are Television. video cassette players. The product is the most important converser by which firms can prove its efficiency identification of quality. nothing to price and nothing to run business Videocon has divided its product in to 3parts:  Consumer Electronic  Home appliances  Business Electronics(new product) They produce color television. finance. marketing. production etc. are woven.e. Product is the symbol of the business firm product is the center point around which all the activities of business i.

Videocon has different promotion policy tools of promotion like sales promotion. direct marketing. sales force.Videocon gives more importance to prices they set price as possible low so that middle class and poor people can also purchase their product. Marketing department of the company defines this policy. Persuasion involving information. The pricing policy of Videocon is formulated keeping in mind. The promotion mix includes the following:      Sales promotion Advertising Sales force Publicity Direct marketing. advertising. 45 . Therefore the pricing policy is formulated in such a way it is affordable by all classes of people & it is not burden on the income. it communicates marketing information to consumers. Promotion has three major purposes. communication. The top most the company formulates all policies. the fact that majority of Videocon consumers belong to upper class & upper middle class. publicity. users & retailers. This company has three objectives in pricing:  Product  Quality  Leadership This company gets success in all the objectives. 3) PROMOTION: Promotion is the process of marketing.

Videocon has a network of 4000 dealer. inventory transport. It is the channel through which goods are moved as smoothly as possible. The chart of channel distribution used by company is as under: Manufacturer Branch office Dealers Sub Dealer Consumers 46 . coverage. the decision of location also plays critical role for retailer should locate enough store in easy city to get gain promotion. warehouse etc. distribution economic.4) PLACE: The place mix decision. Videocon International Ltd. Distribution channel means the channel by which finished product is reached from producer to consumer or users. The place includes channels of distribution. has 2 level channel of distribution of different product.

VIDEOCON BRAND AWARENESS HELPS CONSUMER IN FOLLOWING WAYS: 1) Brand awareness helps shoppers in moving quickly through super market or retail store and helps in making quick decision. 4) Should be capable of being registered and protected legally. which work as a base for drawing conclusion and getting result.RESERCHMETHODOLOGY Research methodology is considered as the nerve of the project. Therefore. 47 . Without a proper well-organized research plan. it is impossible to complete the project and reach to any conclusion. The project was based on the survey plan. The main objective of survey was to collect appropriate data. 3) It should be distinctive and create a good image in customer mind. 5) A deep brand must have brand equity. research methodology is the way to systematically solve the research problem. Research methodology not only talks of the methods but also logic behind the methods used in the context of a research study and it explain why a particular method has been used in the preference of the other. 2) For customer the Videocon brand is easy to identify and recognize.

brand loyalty and focus market changes. brand perception and cross preference among Videocon and competitors brand. consumption pattern. The details of the selected samples for the survey are as follows: Research type Data collection approach Research methodology Sampling methods Area of research Sample size Descriptive research Primary data & secondary Questionnaire & personal interview Random sampling methods Rajkot 50 48 . The study was initiated to find out the consumer profile. It is an important tool to study buyer·s behavior. THESE ISSUES ARE ADDRESSED AS THE FOLLOWING The gathering of primary through experimentation involves use of sampling. Our approach to the research design tasks went through the following task 1. survey method & observation. In fact.RESEARCH DESIGN Research design is important primary because of the increased complexity in the market as well as marketing approaches available to the researchers. The general study was converged as a specific study for Videocon. The survey conducted on consumers of Videocon CTV involved survey based personal interview. it is the key to the evaluation of successful marketing strategies and programmers. A research design specific the methods and procedure for conducting a particular study.

2. Scaling techniques We asked the customers to rank the various attributes on a scale of very important. important and not very important. The same scale of yes/no and very important. After this survey we realized the flaws in the questionnaire and then a modified questionnaire was prepared and people were surveyed on this modified questionnaire. paired comparison between them is used. important and so not important was throughout so as to make the responding comfortable. QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN Questionnaire design was critical issue the questionnaire reflects the survey purpose. 3. 4. 49 . The questionnaire was meticulously prepared by identifying the various variables. Data type The data collection was done through Secondary data analysis Survey Secondary data is obtained by contacting the company. Firstly a questionnaire was prepared and few people were surveyed. To find-out the brand perception of various brands.

6. It was conducted as a part of institute project. The first part of the survey was a disguised was there was no mention of Videocon as organization. Sampling techniques In the survey conducted. For data analysis I use many types of charts: 50 . Purpose of the survey was explained and was asked whether they are interested to take part in the survey later questionnaire was handled over to them.5. With that is available in the hard from we converted that to electronic from. Data collection Data collection is the important step after the sample is selected on which the survey is being conducted. 7. Separate excel were employed for analysis of each brand and also to keep it concise and unambiguous. the sample was random in nature comprising of people from different age group and income stare·s. In the data collection customers were approached during the working hours at dealers point. and necessary instructions were given to complete the questionnaire. DATA ANALYSES The data of score of feature and score of brand perception was fed into the excel sheet. to analyze the data using the MS Excel software. The questionnaires were returned back after filling on their convince while receiving the filled in questionnaire care was taken to check whether there are any unfilled items in the questionnaire.

The lengths of the bards are proportional to the value they represent. which are divided into a number of categories. it consist of a number of whispered bar. which originate from a common base line and are equal widths. which are proportional to the values they represent. Bar chart: This is another way of representing data graphically. As the name implies. This diagram consists of a circle of divided into a number of sectors. The components of between part and whole of the data B. The total value is represented by the full create.A. 51 . Pie chart: This is very useful diagram to represent data.

15000 Rs. so they prefer only less costly television  There is also good amount of people of high income (Rs 350000+)  Here I can infer that there is all income level people available in this segment so company need a good product range. 25000 .35000Rs. 35000+ Rs. Below 10000 Monthly income FAMILY ± INCOME gro p d rmin th sector in which a  In o compan wants to foray and be a market leader. also knowing the income level of the customer will help the company to modify the products according the buying capability of the customer. 15000 . 52 7 @7 C 7 97 8 B A 76 5 .25000Rs.FAMILY ± INCOME Income Distribution 25 20 15 10 5 0 Rs. which depends upon the income level  Here we have divided the customers according to Monthly Income and found that the most of the consumer income is below Rs 10000. 10000 .

They should more focus on word to mouth marketing because they are weak in this. 53 .Awareness about Videocon. it is clear that most of the customers (62% ) of Videocon came to know about Videocon through TV advertisement as compare to customers of Samsung and LG. only few customers of Samsung & LG. As far as print media ad is concerned. SAMSUNG & LG by Customers (Given in percentage form) 70 62 60 59 51 50 40 30 26 18 15 20 11 12 10 0 4 12 8 3 0 4 5 #REF! LG SAMSUNG 62 51 11 12 0 3 15 26 12 8 59 4 4 18 5 From the above pie ² charts. Hence. But no customer s of Videocon came to know about Videocon through hoardings and billboards. we can infer that Videocon is doing positioning TV advertisement rather than through print media ad and hoardings and billboards. but few customers came to know about Samsung & LG through hoardings and billboards.

WHY VIDEOCON. LG & Samsung products are more expensive than Videocon. 54 . SAMSUNG OR LG (Given in Percentage) 35 30 25 23 32 27 20 20 15 10 5 11 12 21 18 18 17 16 15 12 9 5 9 9 6 VIDEOCON LG SAMSUNG 0 VIDEOCON 32 11 17 16 15 9 LG SAMSUNG 23 27 12 9 20 18 18 5 21 9 6 12 Inference From the above figures. we can infer that LG & Samsung are strong brand and having more quality than Videocon (as given in Table Pie-chart). Also. it indicates that people give more preference to price as compare to other attributes (like Br and & Quality) while buying the Videocon products. Hence. We observe here that service is not good at Videocon.

Shoppe.shoppee 10% Showroom Exhibitions On. A majority of customers prefer to buy from co. People are less interested to buy from the exhibition they only visit the exhibition for price quotation of the product and the comparison of the product. 2. 49% customers are prefer to by from the showrooms because the showrooms are more convenient to customers they also think that these shops give more discounts.From where you prefer buying consumer durables Co.shoppee/Showroom/Exhibitions/On-line 5% 6% Co. 55 D . 3. Very less proposition of customers buys from Online and Exhibitions.ine 49% Inference: 1.

These are two main factors. Price also a factor that attracts the customer in these showrooms. 3.You prefer to buy the same as you have in above Que. Customers are preferred to buy from the showroom because of they think that these convenient store may provide good after sell service. 56 E . 4. Because of following reasons Attractive Price/ Service/ Offers/ Convenience Sales Demonstration/ 22 20 Attractive Price Service Demonstration ffers 12 15 Convenience 21 Inference 1. Customer also thinks that there is more chance to bargain and they can get more discounts in these showrooms. Customers buy from showrooms because of the service and convenience. 2.

there is only T . If T . 2. 3. Few company which provide financial scheme.DO YOU P E E A Y FI A IA S HE E TO PURCHASE CONSUMER DURAB E? YES NO Financial Scheme 16% Yes No I r 1. Majority of the consumer do not want to go for financial scheme. 57 G H 84 G F . Company easily provides this scheme to consumer so they can attract more customers. 16 consumer is not a small amount.

58 I Yes No 21 P .Would you wait for festive season for available discount for purchase a television? YES NO 79 Inference By this we can infer some customer prefer to buy TV on some festival. On festival company can attract customer by give some type of discount.

13000 d) 20000-30000 Money Spend on TV 14% 15% Less Than 6000 16% 6000-13000 13000-20000 31% 20000-30000 More than 30000 24% Inference: By this diagram I can infer than most of customers are see price. if company provide some good product with more features and style and design it will help in increase market share.Up to how much money are you willing to spend on a TV? At this time: a) Less than 6000 c) 13000-20000 e) More than 30000 b) 6000. Some customers are want to spend a big amount of money on TV these customer don·t care money because of high income so company also need to work on R&D. 59 . so company can proved a different product.

60 R Q 17 Fair Poor SS Q Q 19 22 Exce ent . If company don·t attract old customer this will become a big threat for company.How do you feel after using the Videocon TV? a) Excellent b) Good c) Fair d) Poor Post Pu hase Behaviou Good 42 Inference There is 19% customer who not satisfies with product and feels poor about the TV Company has to find out all the reason and should work on it.

The product is well aware and it is on top of mind of customer. The marketing managers should make better relations with dealers and reputation of the company. it is necessary to take measure steps to overcome the area of downfall in VIDEOCON with respect to Samsung. Customer considers quality as their first preference. So company should always improve services and update their technology. VIDEOCON should try new dealer who have the potential. A big VIDEOCON showroom should have at least 2 such kind of person. As there is a bottleneck competition between Samsung and VIDEOCON. The training to in shop demonstration should be given at frequent time interval and feedback should be considered positively. The company should look into the matter of person hiring for in shop demonstration. 61 . so the company should give more stress on this. More detailed customaries service is to be provided. So they can target more market. The switching of customer form VIDEOCON product to other brand is due to the bed after sell service in shop.RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS VIDEOCON should improve it·s after sale service because its hits badly VIDEOCONs market share in Rajkot region.

LCD. They just visit the exhibitions to see the co. In survey we found that VIDEOCON has captured maximum market share in every category. 62 . The secondary support includes Demonstration. showrooms. category. Exhibition & Even sponsors. latest model. They want to buy from the showrooms or from co. Customers are also now very choosy in buying the product and it is important for the company to make loyal customer of their brand. From the survey it was found out that the majority of customers don·t buy consumer durable from exhibitions. Also majority of customers do not want any financing scheme for purchasing the durables. Also the live demo calls helps in selling.CUSTOMER SURVEY FINDINGS Secondary supports play an important role in the customers mind and create awareness among the customers. VIDEOCON dominates CTV. Exchange offers also generate sale. The product is well aware and it is on top of mind of customer. and refrigerator and washing machine. Customers are also now very choosy in buying the product and it is important for the company to make loyal customer of their brand. For them service in important. There was heavy rush on weekends so large numbers of ISD·s were appointed that day. Beside convenience and other factors service it key factor.

Advertising of Videocon CTV is not striking as compare to the competitors. 63 . Consumers are mostly gets attracted by the price discount offered by company and product warranty. Consumer and retailer both are satisfied with the quality of Videocon CTV. The quality of Videocon CTV is acceptable to the market.Spending on advertisement and publicity of less as compare to the competitors. There is need to increase advertisement. Consumers are aware about Videocon TV. Customer perception about Videocon TV is good. Consumer prefers electronic media for advertisement and retailer also prefer TV advertisement. LG and Samsung are competitors of Videocon¶s CTV. The categories of the people who are using the CTV are mostly economic income people.

Which of the company·s products would you prefer to own? a) Videocon b) LG c) BPL d) ONIDA e) Samsung f) Others (please specify) 2. Why you prefer this company product? 3.CONSUMER SURVEY FOR VARIOUS BRANDS OF TELEVISION: 1. What were the factors that persuaded you to come to your chosen brand? a) Company advertisements: b) Talk to friends and colleague c) Dealer·s efforts d) Any other. please specify 64 .

6. Do you prefer any financing scheme to purchase consumer durables? a) Yes b) No 5. from where you prefer buying consumer durables? a) Co.4. While purchasing consumer durable which parameter influences you? (Please rate the following sources of information) Price Brand image Product feature Service Durability Design and style«««««««. shopper b) Showrooms c) On-line d) Exhibition 65 .

Which newspaper/magazines do you read? 66 .7. Would you wait for festive season to avail discounts? a) Yes b) No 10.6 because of following reasons? a) Attractive Price b) Service c) Demonstrations d) Offers e) Convenience 8. Which TV channels do you watch in a regular basis? 11. You prefer to buy from the same you have mentioned in Q. Up to how much money are you willing to spend on a TV? At this time: a) Less than 7000 b) 7000-13000 c) 13000-25000 d) 25000-35000 e) More than 25000 9.

Any other comments. How do you feel after using the Videocon TV? a) Excellent b) Good c) Fair d) Poor 13. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE SURVEY 67 .12.

Large brand basket. Poland. Strong backward integration. Globally acceptance. Manufacturing capacity is 1. Company has good brand name. Videocon has largest distribution manufacturing based across in India. and Mexico. Cheap price rate. Tie up with the Matsushita electric company of Japan adds to the goodwill of Videocon.STRENGTHS Videocon has largest distributed capacity manufacturing base across India with 17facilities and plant in China.000units. Videocon has a network of 400plus service and 85 mobile services to give. Italy. 40. 3rd largest picture tube manufacture in India. Multi brand strategy. Customers are aware about Videocon·s product. 68 .

Less focus on unconventional channel. Weak promotional strategy of CTV. 69 .WEAKNESS Less investment on advertising of Videocon CTV. Wide brand basket. Fewer margins to the dealer. CRT technology is losing popularity. No exclusive show rooms. No proper approach of target customer. which might to conflict of interest unless effectively managed.

now more and more people are going for it. Industry is in increasing phase. 70 . Growing semi urban market. Videocon buy Thomson color picture tube manufacturing plant. Mergers joint venture of strategic alliances. Videocon international is going global. Price has come down. Focused on unconventional channel. This provides a great opportunity for ac manufacturer.OPPORTUNITITIES Videocon takeover the Electrolux. Videocon exploring whole new segment. During the climate of Rajkot becomes day by day and coolers do not fully satisfy the customers requirements.

Competition in global CPT market especially from integrated players such as LG. 71 .THREATS Entrance of global competitors like China. Competitor has a new innovative substitute product or service. Brand loyalty is more of LG & other company. Philips. Increase trade barrier. A new competitor in your home market. Samsung and Matsushita is intense. Market condition like slum in market. Brand reputation is not good.

Also Videocon need to modify their advertising strategies in order to promote these products and services. Hence Videocon will be able to win a major market share between the competitors. 72 . Customers need to be made aware of the productive usages of these products if Videocon want to target these untapped market segments of customers and rural customers.CONCLUSION Rajkot market is still a virgin market for these techno survey Videocon products.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Marketing management WEBLIOGRAPHY search 73 .

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