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Sheikh Muhammad Nasser Al-Deen Al-Albani A prominent Muslim scholars in the

modern era, is Sheikh Albanian of modern scholars prominent of unique in the science of
wound and the amendment, and Sheikh Albanian argument in the Hadeeth and said that
scientists narrators he brought the era of Ibn Hajar al-Hafiz ibn Katheer and other
scientists wound and modification.

Birth and upbringing

* Born Sheikh Mohammed bin Nasir al-Din Hajj Noah Albanian in 1333, corresponding
to 1914 in the city of Occodrp capital of Albania - then - for a poor family religious
predominantly scientific character, whose father, a reference to the people to teach them
and guide them.

* Migrated his translation with his father to Damascus, Syria as permanent residents after
veering Ahmed Zago (the king of Albania), his country into secular Western civilization.

* Completed the Albanian flag in his elementary school-aid charity in Damascus


* Due to the opinion of his father's in the regular schools of the religious aspect, has
decided not to continue with formal education and the development of his scientific
approach center has risen from which to teach him the Koran, and intonation, and
grammar, exchange, and the jurisprudence of the Hanafi school, and may seal the
Albanian hands of his father Quran Hafs from Asim, also studied at Sheikh Saeed El
Borhany hypochondriac farmer in the Hanafi jurisprudence, and some books about
language and rhetoric, this time in which it was keen to attend lessons and seminars mark
joy Bitar.

* Taken from his father, a career watch repairs Vojadha until he became the owners of
fame where, and taking earning a living, and it has provided him with this career and a
good time for reading and study, and has created a migration of the Cham knowledge of
Arabic and access to forensic science of the original sources.

Learned to talk

Notification to the modern science and interest in him:

Although the guidance and the father of Albanian systematic his tradition of the Hanafi
school, and his stern warning from engaging in the knowledge of the modern, has taken
the Albanian movement towards modern science and sciences, learn to talk in about
twenty years old his research magazine Al-Manar, which was issued by Sheikh
Muhammad Rashid Rida (may God have mercy on him ) and was the first work done by
the newborn is to copy the book "singer to carry on travel in the graduation in the revival
of the news" to keep Iraq (may Allah have mercy on him) with a comment.

This work was a good omen for a large-Sheikh Albanian, where attention has to speak
and Sciences preoccupied, became known this in the scientific community in Damascus,
so that the management of the library virtual Damascus allocated a private room to him in
which his research useful scientific, as well as to give him a copy of the key to the library
where enter the time of what he wants, but for authoring and classification, the Aptdohma
in the second decade of life, and was the first doctrinal writings based on knowledge and
Guide Book of Comparative Jurisprudence "Warning Alsagd make graves mosques" and
is printed repeatedly, and one of the first Hadith Takarejeh methodology is also the book
"Rawd Nadeer in arranging and graduation dictionary Tabaraani small and" remains

Was to operate Sheikh Albanian speech Messenger of Allah peace be upon him severely
affected in the Salafi trend of the Sheikh, and has increased the attachment and
persistence of this approach to their sense of Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyya and his
student Ibn al-Qayyim and other flags of the Salafi school.

Download Sheikh Albanian banner calling for reunification and the year in Syria, where
he visited a lot of religious leaders from Damascus and held him and including
discussions on the issues of standardization and Ensuing and fanaticism and heresies,
which killed Sheikh of strong opposition from many of the extremists of sects and Sufi
shaykhs and Kheravien and innovators, were stirring up by the public and the mob and
mourn him as a "Wahhabi misguided" and warn people against it, at a time who agreed
with him on his call for virtuous scholars who are known to science and religion in
Damascus, and who Houdoh to continue forward in the call and among them, tag Bahjat
Bitar, Sheikh Abdel-Fattah Imam President of the Muslim Youth Society in Syria, Sheikh
Tawfiq seed, and other people of virtue and goodness (may Allaah have mercy).

Activity Sheikh Albanian lawsuit

Sheikh active in the call by:

A) scientific lessons, which was convened twice a week where attended by students of
science and some university professors and books that were studied in seminars:

- Open-Majid Abd Al-Rahman ibn Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab.

- K parity explain Gorgeous pearls to explain acanthoid friend Hassan Khan.

- Principles of the assets of Abdul Wahab otherwise.

- Shortcut to explain the motive vigorous modern science to explain many'm Ahmed

- Platform for Islam in the government of Muhammad Asad.

- Fiqh of the year for the former master.

B) trips regular monthly, which began one week of each month and then increased
duration where he visit the Syrian governorates different, as well as some areas in Jordan
before moving in recently, this is prompting some opponents to call Albanians to whistle
it when the ruling which resulted in to prison.

Patience is the harm ... And migration

In early 1960, Sheikh Observatory is located under the Syrian government, knowing it
was out of politics, and that has caused him some kind of disability. Has been arrested
twice, the first was by 67 where he was detained for a month in Damascus Citadel, the
same castle where he was arrested Shaykh al-Islam (Ibn Taymiyya), and when the war 67
felt that the government release all political detainees.

But after the war intensified Sheikh returned to the prison again, but this time not in the
prison of the castle, but in prison Hasaka northeast of Damascus, and had spent the
Sheikh eight months, and during this period, the owner true Muslim to keep Mundhiri
and met with the characters significant time in prison.

Its work and achievements

You have the chief scientific efforts and many services, including:

1) the Shaykh - may Allah have mercy on him - to attend seminars Sheikh Muhammad
Bahjat al-Bitar - may God have mercy on him - with some professors of the Academy of
Damascus, whom Altnohi Izz al-Din - may God have mercy on him - they were Iqrwn
"enthusiasm" of Abu Tammam.

2) chosen by the Faculty of Law at the University of Damascus to the graduation of

conversations private sales Encyclopedia of Islamic jurisprudence, which resolved the
university released in 1955.

3) was chosen a member of the talk, which was formed in the era of unity between Egypt
and Syria, to supervise the publication of books a year and achieve them.

4) requested him to the Salafi University in Varanasi, "India" to assume the modern
chiefdom, apologized for the difficulty that accompany parents and children because of
the war between India and Pakistan at the time.

5) request to the Minister of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Hassan
bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh in 1388, to oversee the Department of Higher Islamic Studies at
the University of Mecca, had circumstances prevented without realizing it.

6) was elected a member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic University of Medina in
1395 AH to 1398 AH.

7) answered the invitation of the Muslim Students Federation in Spain, and delivered an
important lecture printed later called "the modern argument in his own beliefs and

8) visited Qatar and delivered a lecture entitled "The status of the year in Islam."

9) was commissioned by His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz, may Allah have
mercy on him President of the Department of Scientific Research and Issuing the call in
Egypt, Morocco and Britain to call for unification and sit the book and Sunnah and the
Islamic approach right.

10) were invited to several conferences, attended by some and I apologize for the many
because of the many scientific preoccupations.

11) visited Kuwait and the UAE, which gave many lectures, and also visited a number of
European countries, and met with the communities of the Islamic and Muslim students,
and gave lessons useful scientific.

12) Sheikh works great and investigations value, patting percent, and translated many of
them into different languages, and printed the most editions of multiple, and most
notably, Ghaleel in graduation talk the way Mannar, and a series of conversations correct
and something of jurisprudence and its benefits, a series of conversations weak and
developed and the bad effect in the nation, the nature of the Prophet of delivery if you
zoom in to see.

13) and it was decided to Selection Committee for the King Faisal International Prize for
Islamic Studies of the award in 1419 / 1999, and the theme of "Contributions to the Study
of the Hadith investigation and an interpretation and a study for" Shaykh Muhammad
Nasir al-Din Albanian Syrian citizenship, in recognition of his value in the Hadith, an
interpretation service and an investigation and study and that in his books, which more
than percent.

Scientists praise him

Shaykh Abd al-Aziz ibn Baaz, may Allah have mercy on him:

(I never saw the sky world to speak in the modern era such as Allamah Mohammad
Nasser Al Deen Al-Albani)

Asked His Eminence for Hadith of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him: - "that
God sends to this nation at the head of every one hundred years of renewed its religion"
was asked of renewed this century, he said - may God have mercy on him -: Sheikh
Mohammed Nasser Al Deen Al-Albani is renewed this age, I think, and Allah knows

The jurist scholar Imam Muhammad Saalih:

What I knew about Sheikh through social tags, a few, he is very keen to work the Year,
and to fight innovation, whether in doctrine or in the work, but through my reading of his
works were known for that, and that he is aware gm in the modern novel and familiar
with, and that God may use in his books a lot of people, in terms of science and in terms
of curriculum and direction to modern science, and this great fruit for Muslims, and
praise be to God, but in terms of scientific investigations Hadith Not only tags.

Tag interpreter Mohamed Lamine Shanqeeti

The words of Sheikh Abdul Aziz Thud: "The mark of reverence Shanqeeti Sheikh
Albanian tribute to a stranger, even if he saw Mara in a study of the campus in the study
of civil cuts in place and granted it in tribute to him."

Future, "said Sheikh Wadi'i:

, Which I was convicted by God that Sheikh Mohammed Nasser Al-Deen Al-Albani may
God protect him from reformists who believe they say the Prophet (peace be upon him)
[God sends at the head of every one hundred years of renewed her is her religion]

Last will and testament of the mark updated

I recommend that my wife and my children and my friends all the loving me if I reached
my death to invite me for forgiveness and mercy - first - and not crying on the Departure
or loudly.

Secondly: to accelerate their Bdviny, and do not tell of my relatives and my brothers but
as it gets Ttaghizi their duty, to serve as ghusl (Ezzat Abu Khader Abdullah), my friend
Gary and Savior, and his choice - it is - to help him on that.

Third: I choose the burial place at the earliest, so you do not have to carry my funeral to
be placed in the car, and therefore, the mourners riding their cars, and that the grave in
the cemetery of ancient thought most likely that they will not dig ...

And on who was in the country in which I die it was not to tell from the outside of my
children - as well as others - but only after Chieai, so as not to overcome emotions, and at
work, so that is a reason to delay my funeral.

Pray to be delivered and has forgiven me my sins, what is provided and delayed ..

I recommend Bmketbti - all - both those that are in print, or photocopy, or manuscripts -
pace or line myself - the Library of the Islamic University in Medina, because I have the
memories of the good in calling for the book and the year, and the method of Ancestors -
One day I was a teacher in -.

Rajya from God the benefit of the patrons, as beneficial owner - that day - students, and
that would benefit me in them and their devotion and prayers.
(Oozni to thank the Lord that grace bestowed on me and on my father and to do good
works for you and fix me in my offspring I repent to you and I am a Muslim).

27 Jumada I 1410 AH

And death

Such as the Albanian flag died on Saturday in the second century of Jumada II 1420 AH,
corresponding to the second of October 1999, was buried after evening prayers.

And has accelerated the burial of Sheikh for two things:

I: the implementation of his will and command.

II: the days over the death of Sheikh and may God have mercy on him following those
days were very hot, was afraid that if the delay is that buried some of the damage or harm
to people who come to his funeral rather consult Therefore God's mercy to be buried

Despite a lack of information about the death of Sheikh close to them but even appointed
to the processing and burial, in addition to the short period between the death of Sheikh
and his burial, but thousands of worshipers attended prayers