February 21st

Senator Doug Ericksen Digs "Well" on Capitol Campus
Caught on film the Senator may not have had the proper permits and training to complete this Government test.

Click Here to see the film and what the Senator has to say.(Click Here for Senator Ericksen's
home page) The Department of Ecology, whose office in Whatcom County is in the Upscale Fairhaven Neighborhood pictured below, is saying in hearings on the Rep. Vince Buys bill #1467 that removing these types of "wells" may not be such a good idea for the environment. Status of the bill is located here. (Click Here for Rep Buys Home Page).

State Growth Management Board Rescinds its own Invalidation of Whatcom County's Comprehensive Plan. Rules against Futurewise

It seems the "Governor appointed three person Growth Management Board" can invalidate any county's comprehensive plan if said County will not do what the Board tells it to do. Click Here to see the Bellingham Herald Article Click Here to see Blog post Now in a difficult to understand bureaucratic move the State Board has removed the invalidity of the plan in Whatcom County for a period of time because it believes the County moratorium on development in certain areas gets the job the state wishes done. The bureaucratese can only be described as daunting in this ruling from these non judicial functionaries Please click here to read and download the "legal" decision of the GMB. It is pretty obvious that the GMA has become a State Planning Department for all counties in the state over a certain size. The elected officials of these counties are not the final arbiter of land use for their counties as they were in the days before GMA and if counties do not follow state rules they will be financially and legally punished. Updates, hearings, history of the process are located on the Whatcom County Web site. Click here for details. When this lamird rezoning issue all began I believe over 17000 property owners were sent notification that they might be affected by the County Executive's planning department decisions on downzoning. There has been no clarification that this number has been reduced. There are those that say a property owner should be certain they are affected before spending money on "land use consultants" who stand to make money.... Sadly it has only been since the takeover of land use decisions by the state and the large percentage increase in planning departments and planning staff in the County and in the other towns and cities in Whatcom County that more and more property owners have had to hire someone to help them protect their right to the pursuit of happiness and to protect

their property rights..

Former State Senator Harriet Spanel often said in my presence that the Growth Management Act would not result in additional expenditure for anyone. Sadly in my view the Board and the Act have not been enacted in such a way to help counties nor property owners in predicting the future for their rightful land ownership but created a morass of bureaucracy that speaks legalese and speaks not to the people it was intended to help. Simply put the state has interceded with yet another bureaucracy between the people that represent them locally and the Statist attitude of the progressive movement. Click here to read about the Growth Management Board. . Contact your County Council People Here Everyone should be informed about this "taking" as the process continues; educate yourself on both sides of the issue and become involved.


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Lincoln Day Dinner 2011

READ ALL ABOUT IT AT The Bellingham Herald Article Here: Background at the Previous Fourth Corner Here: Herald Blog Entry Here What is Rick Larsen Up to on this issue. Click Here Lummi Island Leader calls for Court Action Kremen and Prosecutor's office Comments Blog Posting on 60 Day Deadline Here My Question??? Who will have the leadership to resolve this impasse?

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