Samsung is technologically very advanced; it has heavy assets of technology. It is known for its technologically advanced products. Samsung crushed new product concepts in five months. It is strong corporate brand and known for its quality products and advanced technology use. It attracts customers by offering new and innovative design through understanding the customers that which type of designs are suitable to customers and what they want or asked about. It heavily invest in technology, product design and human resource, because for the success of every organization human resource plays a major role, without human resource no product can be made that’s why Samsung gives more important to the human resource. Samsung focuses more towards the innovations and try to keep improving the products to attract more customers and capture more market share.

Although Samsung focuses innovation but it is not proactive to introducing new products, it waits to attack the competitors. It also lacks in product differentiation.

By providing distinguish services it can increase its customer base. so Samsung products perceive as low quality as compared to competitors’ products. etc in mobile phones market so it has to struggle a lot to be the market leader. it can gain more market share. Threats Samsung competitors in electronic market are more dominant e.Samsung caters mass market instead of niche market so for this purpose it sets low prices of products and low price products seem as low quality products. it can attract its target market and can get more market share. Sony. As the demand for the cell phone is increasing as compared to other electronic market. Panasonic. It would help to beat customers and also to lead market share. by introducing unique products and existing products with variety. rim. Samsung has the great chance to introduce user friendly mobile phones at affordable price.g. Another opportunity is product variation. LG etc in home appliances and Nokia. Most of the Samsung products are not user friendly which is a hurdle for Samsung to make it market leader. Opportunities Through make itself distinctive from competitors. 3G. .

• The first image of the product lasted long in the eyes of the consumer and the first to enter the market could gain the largest market share • SCH is committed to enhance its image to the Chinese market as investors • SCH was building a wholly owned manufacturing plant in China to show the Chinese the commitment Korea had to the Chinese society.Telecommunication industry is growing day by day so the no. Weaknesses: • SCH must continue to control all costs to maintain success • China has a reputation of being a protected market (protectionism) . it is more behind in this industry as compared to other electronic items. SWOT analysis of Samsung electronics Strengths: • China was a market where the first mover enjoyed advantages over late comers. Samsung advertisement is not excessive while the competitors advertise their products excessively which can take away the existing customers of Samsung. • Labor costs in China were less and would defray the cost of producing high-end • Samsung has been making color TVs for many years in Korea before moving to the Chinese market. competitors also increasing so it is difficult for Samsung to establish in that industry.

• Loss of profitability because related to over-employment at most facilities • Is the per capita income level such that it can support sales of product at any level • If SCH fails to be successful in the Chinese market with high-end product it will be known around the world . SCH is trying to overcome the first comer advantage Japan manufacturers have over them by being those first comers • Companies such as Sony and Matsushita had built sales and service networks that were favorable to their sales programs in China.• China was a market where the first mover enjoyed advantages over late comers. and European higher end customers. • With success in the higher-end manufacturing and sales of premium TVs in China. which would mean that for those purposes the low-end production of sets in the 13” to 20” range should be produced to appeal to that segment’s purchasing ability. • Larger more high-end models can be produced to appeal to an urban customer in China. SCH can establish themselves as high-end producers around the world Threats: • SCH faces intense competition in the color TV market • A premium-priced product wouldn’t sell in large volumes. issues of how to market the product may arise. SCH focus on the domestic China market should be to penetrate the rural household market. so pricing can be a problem. • Since SCH didn’t have an established marketing strategy.S. as well as being an export to the U. while Samsung would have to catch up in that area • Samsung is not as experienced in manufacturing high-end TVs for a higher-end market segment Opportunities: • Based on the data that on 28% of the 220 million rural households own a color TV.

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