Title : Advantages and disadvantages of using cell phones


I. Attention Grabber One day, I went out to have lunch with my family. It has been so long I did not have a proper lunch with my family since I lived in hostel. However, when I found that my brother and sister keep playing, pressing and even texting with the cell phones, I start thinking whether the advanced technology in cell phones bring us benefits or harmfulness. II. Introductory Remarks Nowadays, using cell phones was no longer a luxuries but a necessities. Do you know how important cell phone meant to human in their life nowadays? Has it happened to you that sometimes you go out but forgot your cell phone at home and so you re feeling incomplete? There s a feeling somewhere inside that you re missing something, a sense of insecurity sometimes appear. welcome to the world of cell phone addiction! According to the scientific report, billions of people in the world have agreed that cell phones have became a part of their life. Everyone in this class have a cell phone right? I believe that some of you even have two cell phones. If you did not have even one cell phone, you will look down by others and sometimes people will treat you as a weirdo. Anyway, now, Let me tell you the pros and cons of the cell phones. III. Reveal Topic First of all, I would like to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of having and using a cell phones in our life. IV. Preview Cell phone was easy, convenient and attribute for all of us as it act like a da ily planner for us. Furthermore, it also acts as an important communication tool for us especially during emergency. More so cell phone can also provide us entertainment like songs, videos and games for decreasing stress. However, it also has disadvantages such as loss focus on simple joys since spending more time on cell phone, the lesser the time will spend on others, and also will harm our health with the radiation that create by the phone when we receive the call or texts.
[ Now, let me start with the advantages of cell phones ]

WAP and SMS. using cell phone also can let us become more relax with those entertainment more so. games and songs as an entertainment i. More so. Such as when you are lost. Communication tools By using cell phones. cell phones has also included many features and functions .] 2) Cell phone act as an important communication tool for us especially during emergency. add on it s small and light and it can fit in our trousers easily. [ Everything has their pros and cons. but with lots of uses! [ Using cell phones not only can improve our life but also act as an important communications tool for us especially during emergency. we will never know when we or our loved ones may need to make an emergency phone call. Now. If there are accident. Add on. the roaming technology to surf the internet to find in formation whenever you need it. All in one function Nowadays.so we can easily fill up our time when we are waiting bus or friends alone. you won t miss any important phone calls even you are not a t home. these communication tools can also be very functional for business people because they can use it to promote their products and als o easily get in touch with their clients.] . So one equipment.Body 1) Cell phone is easy . when you are carrying a cell phone. Entertainment They can give us some entertainment like phone games. cell phones also included the function like camera and video recorder which can capture and record down the things that is memorable and we never want i t to be forgotten. the reminder that can remind people from forgetting the meeting or important appointment. it can also capture down important memories. the notes that can help us to remember something important . you can communicate with others whenever you want and wherever you are. convenient and attribute for all of us as it act like a daily planner . like the calculation device which can help us to calculate and also act as a convertor. finding a phone booth is difficult and wasting the time. Emergency use One of the most remarkable values of mobile phones is during emergencies. you can call for directions . Light and convenient Cell phone was popular because we can use it anywhere any time without cables or electricity. ii. ii. let me show you the disadvantages of using cell phone in our life . ] 3) Cell phones provides videos. the alarm that can wakes people up and prevent us from waking up late. you can call the police or ambulance by using cell phone because in this situations. Besides that. cell phones are not just for phone calls. i. cell phones also provided us songs to listen when we are stress or bored. i. [Besides.

. messaging. 5) Using cell phones too over brings bad effect i. leaving us little or no time to think about the actual events going on around us. will start to damage our ear and by and by will cause us deaf if we used too much. Especially when the phone was ringing and received those messages. During the examination. video. Bacteria The surface of the cell phone has millions of bacteria and virus that can be a strong reason of immediate skin problem on face or can result into other external infections where the microbes creep inside the body through mouth or other openings. Cause accident while texting or phone calling with phones Using cell phone cause tragedy too. because using cell phone has limited their face to face time. they will become more and more strange to each other. Using cell phone has replaced the quality time you spend with your friends and family. some of them even forget the real purpose of the phone and waste large part of their time in unnecessary interaction over their cell phones. iii. those students were texting while they were walking and didn t notice that ther e are cars coming. Like one family are having their lunch or dinner in a same dining room and same table but. All this is really bad and does hurt the future of the student.] 6) Using cell phone will harm our health i. hence. according to the report. Radiation from cell phones sometimes will caused brain cancer and the electrical radiation will also affect us. By and by. ii. the percentage of car accidents that involves cell phones and texting while driving is more than 64% among all accidents happened. games. Less time to enjoy with family and friends Cell phone are taking over our lives. students will wait the answer via SMS from friends or straight away search from the Web using the phone. Waste time Some people (especially teens) get so much addicted to cell phones for talking. Cheating tools Nowadays cell phones are increasingly becoming the main problem for the schools during the class hours and also becoming a means of cheating during examinations and other kinds of ability tests too. iii. tragedy will happen. Each type of radiation Every type of phone created different type of radiation that harm our health. Sometimes. they are using cell p hone each other and it made the time of communication with family has decreased. by and by it will make them become useless. People are more disconnected than ever to their families. Deafness Using cell phone to answer call and communicating with others for more than 1 hour. [Let us see this video about the carelessness of teens and adults . ii.4) Using cell phone will cause us loss of simple joy in our life i. even though they have a cell phone that keeps them connected . Most of all.

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