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Call for papers

International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Sciences and

Engineering (IJETSE)
ISSN 1923-9181

IJETSE is an open access, peer-reviewed international All papers submitted to this issue will be subject to
technical journal for the publication of research work in the a strict peer review process to ensure high quality articles.
field of science and engineering. IJETSE will provide Submitted papers should not have been previously
scientists, researchers and students the knowledge of published nor be currently under consideration for
cutting-edge research that demonstrates and validates publication elsewhere.
recent issues in science and engineering by publishing the
recent outcome of original research. Now IJETSE seeks Criteria for Acceptance
submission of papers on original and unpublished research
in all area of science and engineering. In addition, IJETSE The following six criteria will be used in reviewing
want to stress that theoretical as well as practical and the papers for publication.
empirical papers, are sought for the journal. The main
objectives of IJETSE are, ¾ Relevance to IJETSE scope
¾ Justification for the research
¾ To facilitate the exchange of latest research, ¾ Subject mastery & originality
current practices and future trends in the fields of ¾ Research outcome presentation
science and engineering. ¾ Logical organization
¾ To provide a forum for the scientists, engineers, ¾ Appropriate documentation
researchers, academia and entrepreneurs to
interact regarding the problems and prospects of Submission Deadline
science and engineering in the whole world.
There is no specific deadline for paper
¾ To enhance the collaboration between the
submission. Because IJETSE is a bi-monthly publication
international researchers and their respective
and if a submission doesn't fit in the current issue then it
will be considered for the next issue.
¾ To focus on the science and engineering
Editorial board
IJETSE will accept and review submissions in English Editor-in-Chief
from any author, in any global locality. A body of Dr. A.B.M.S. Ali
international peers will review all submissions, with Central Queensland University
potential author revisions as recommended by reviewers, Australia
with the intent to achieve published papers that:
¾ Relate to the field of science and engineering Dr. T. Iqbal
¾ Represent new, previously unpublished work Memorial University
¾ Advance the state of knowledge of the field Canada
¾ Conform to a high standard of scholarly
presentation Editor
Dr. A.M. Sharaf
Editorial selection of works for publication will be made University of New Brunswick
based on content, without regard to the stature of the Canada
authors. Selections will include a wide variety of
international works, recognizing and supporting the Editor
essential breadth and universality of the field. Final Dr. S. Deb
selection of papers for publication, and the form of C.V.R. College of Engineering
publication, shall rest with the Editor. Submission of quality India
papers for review is strongly encouraged. The review
process is estimated to take about a month. Executive Editor
Dr. Y.Y. Jan
Nankai University
Manuscript Submission China
Manuscripts must be prepared following the
Journal’s guidelines which can be found at
For general inquiry :
For paper submission:
Submit your manuscripts using the IJETSE paper
submission system at, All rights reserved by ARSRA Innovations Inc., Canada