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21st, FEB, 2011



1. PREABLE: I was among the pioneer students of St. Paul’s college Awka
who were retained as graduate Assistants on part time basis after our
graduation in 1996. Unfortunately, I have remained in that status for
fourteen years even after having obtained my masters degree in 2002. All
efforts made to upgrade me were frustrated. When Your Grace directed in
2005 that St. Paul’s College should start paying my monthly stipend instead
of the parish because of my responsibilities from the college as a Head of
Department, it was not implemented.

When we were asked to apply as staff of Paul University Awka, I discovered

that it would not favour me to apply as an Assistant Lecture which is where
my qualification as a masters Degree holder places me. I decided to continue
as a staff of st. Paul’s college until I get my Doctorate degree which I am
sure would come in this year 2011 having submitted all the requirements for
the award. I made this known to the Vice Chancellor of Paul University.
Moreover, I know that it was agreed that st. Paul’s college would continue
until the students who are doing the University of Nigeria Nsukka degree
programme graduate. I was therefore surprised when I was branded a non
staff of Paul University via a letter written to me by the Rt. Rev J.C. Ilonuba,
Director institute of Theology of Paul University at the instance of the vice
chancellor and directed me to hand over my office which I complied with
2. Let me state that my predicament started when I had a misunderstanding
with the Vice Chancellor of Paul University. This made me to address him
in an unruly manner. When I realized my mistake, I immediately went back
to his office and apologies which he made me to understand that he accepted
and that I was forgiven. I was later made to understand by the Rt. Rev.
Ilonuba that the Vice Chancellor had not forgiven me. I again went back to
his office a second time to apologies. Unfortunately, my predicament is
traced to that misunderstanding between us.
3.On the issue of insinuating students of St. Paul’s college and Staff of
management sciences to write petition against the Vice Chancellor, I state
that if it is discovered that I am invoved in any way after investigation, let
my ordination license be revoked. The student’s union Government
President, Mr. Ifeanyi Agu and the Dean, Facility of management sciences
can bear me witness.
4. The construction of class room seats was assigned to the Rector Ven. E.C.
Nwangwu who asked me to assist him as his hands were full at that time.
The two furniture makers who did the work were introduced to me by the
Registrar, Sir Ngozi Anyakorah who at a time was involved in the
renovation of building in the compound and also the construction of the
library block. I was asked to negotiate with the first person who submitted a
tender of #36,000.00 per seat and Desk. After our negotiation, it came down
to #30.00, 00. When Sir Anyakorah brought a second person who submitted
a tender of #22,500.00 per seat and desk, we also engaged him to do the
second batch. He however ended up doing it at the cost of #25,000.00.
5. Satellite campuses of St Paul’s college were introduced by the Ven. Dr.
E.C Ekpunobi. It was formalized after a meeting with the Rector of Rev.
D.O Ockiya College of Theology in Bayelsa State. The documents to that
effect were singed by the Registrar, Sir Ngozi Anyakorah.
Finally, your Grace, I want to State that I was never a member of the
management of St Paul’s College where vital decisions were taken and
implemented. The membership comprised of the Rector, the Registrar and
the Bursar. I am very grateful for your fatherly care.
I remain
Your son

Rev. Canon Rex. C. Kanu