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Hicksville High School Newsletter

Hicksville, New York

February 2021
Around Hicksville
Valentine’s Day is a day of love. For Theodore Roosevelt, it was a day of loss. On the
morning of February 14, 1884, his mother, Mittie Bulloch Roosevelt died due to typhoid
fever. Then, a few hours later, his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee, died due to Bright’s
Theodore wrote this about Alice in his diary:
"She was beautiful in face and form and lovelier still in spirit. As a flower she grew and
as a fair young flower she died. Her life had been always in the sunshine. There had
never come to her a single great sorrow. None ever knew her who did not love and revere
her for her bright and sunny temper and her saintly unselfishness. Fair, pure, and joyous
as a maiden, loving, tender and happy as a young wife. When she had just become a
mother, when her life seemed to be just begun and when the years seemed so bright
before her, then by a strange and terrible fate death came to her. And when my heart's
dearest died, the light went from my life forever."
Photo: Theodore Roosevelt stands while Alice Hathaway Lee (on the left) sits next to her
cousin Rose Saltonstall (R).
Photo Credit: LOC

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972

So sad for Teddy Roosevelt to lose two precious people on the same day. But, from his
own words, you can see what a beautiful love he shared with his wife, which was a gift
and a blessing.

Kathleen Gallagher Fuchs, Holy Trinity High School,

What beautiful tribute he paid to his wife. That was LOVE!

Flo Caruso Gries 1944

Just beautiful!

Hilary D. Sperber 1972

Editor’s note…Typhoid Fever is an acute illness associated with fever caused by

bacteria that is deposited in water or food by a human carrier and are then spread to other
people in the area. The incidence of typhoid fever in the United States has markedly
decreased since the early 1900s, when tens of thousands of cases were reported in the
U.S. Today, less than 400 cases are reported annually in the United States, mostly in
people who have recently traveled to Mexico and South America. This improvement is
the result of better environmental sanitation. India, Pakistan, and Egypt are also known as
high-risk areas for developing this disease. Worldwide, typhoid fever affects more than
21 million people annually, with about 200,000 people dying from the disease.
Bright's disease is a historical classification of kidney diseases that would be described
in modern medicine as acute or chronic nephritis. It was characterized by swelling and
the presence of albumin in the urine and was frequently accompanied by high blood
pressure and heart disease.

Dear Editors,
For many years I have enjoyed reading every issue of the HixNews. Even though I
still live in Hicksville it keeps me in touch with what’s happening in “my own
backyard”. I must take exception with this month’s issue and the decision to allow a rant
among those who had such nasty comments about our teachers. Don’t get me wrong, but
I’m sure just about every single one of us had a teacher somewhere in the 13 years of
education that we thought was mean, boring, nasty, or substandard. As grown adults (I’m
sure most of us are age 60+) at this point what good does this serve? Did it make you
feel better after letting loose all this animosity? I thought this publication was put
together to inform of what’s happening around town, recall good times & sad times
growing up in Hicksville but not to stoop to such a juvenile level. I get it if you have a
comment, then say it to someone rather than write it.. Say it forget it-write it regret it.
Would any of you say the nasty comments to person who you spoke about if you met
them on the street? I think not. Most of them are dead. The ones who are alive probably
will have no opportunity to read those comments. I just ask for the new year let’s all be a
little kinder and a little gentler. Thank you.
Peggy Moldovak Gill 1967
(shown with Tom)

Peggy…Unfortunately, I totally disagree with your assessment. This was published

because several former students wanted it published. More than one, by the way.
Juvenile??? Come on. If everyone must fear publishing something that offends some,
then life would be a bore. The truth be known that there were some pretty poor teachers
that we had over the years. How about instead of criticizing, write something about all
the good teachers you had. I'm, sorry, Peg, but I think you are way overboard with high
school sentiments that lead you to the wrong road. Hope you are well and safe from
Buffalo Bob

Thanks so much for your quick reply. Certainly, you have created a good forum for all
current & former Hicksvillites. Of course, I had wonderful teachers all the way from
Burns Avenue through High School. I don’t think anyone was offended by the comments
except if they were the subject of the criticism. My point was what is the point of all of
this? They are either deceased or those alive are certainly no longer teaching. I still think
it was quite juvenile for a bunch of adults bashing teachers they had more than 50 years
ago. Just for the record, outstanding educators in my life were Mrs. Wolf, Mrs. Boyle
(Burns Ave), Mr. Mateer (Burns Ave. & Lee Avenue Principal) Mr. Klein, Mr. Pitrelli,
(also Asst. principal at HHS) Mr. Vetrano, (social studies Jr. High), Mr. Murphy, Mr.
Austin, Mr. Green (business department High School). Of course, I had teachers that I
didn’t think were that good or treated me fairly, but I don’t feel it’s necessary to put it in
print. All good wishes to you and the staff who continually put out a good publication
and perform a wonderful service to all of us. Thank you again.
Peggy G.
Really upset to read the lengthy feature of "who was your worst teacher?" How
horrible to publicly humiliate people who you only knew as teachers. No one is privy to
what is going on with a person outside the classroom. So disappointed in Hicksville

Lombardi LaFramboise 1966

I've been publishing the newsletter for 20 years. I've asked repeatedly for input from
former students about their lives since high school, perhaps travels, sometimes a special
birthday and or anniversary, or just something to share with our readers. Nothing ever
comes my way. But publish something that piques your interest, and you respond. I must
use Facebook for most of the material that you see each month. I put the teacher thing
into the January issue straight out of Facebook. Is it nice? Probably not according to you
and one other reader. However, it was something about Hicksville and it certainly hit
home. Instead of criticizing, send me something "useful" that we can publish that
highlights the nice times and good times we shared growing up in Hicksville. I would
love to publish that for others to enjoy. Thanks. Hope you and the family are safe from
harm and doing well.
Buffalo Bob

I am not on Facebook so many of the things you put forth on that forum only come to me
after the fact once the newsletter is out. Thank you for all your hard work. I will keep you
in my prayers for successful treatment of your cancer.
Donna L.

Remove me from any, and all, newsletter correspondence…Donna

Groups Give to Displaced Teens
VFW Names Winners In
2020 Voice of Democracy Contest
Long Island Winners in Field Band Contest
Hicksville Student
Choose Kindness
VFW selects Hicksville Middle School
Patriot Pen Winners
Hicksville Marching Band Students place in State Competition
Old Country Road Elementary

Hicksville Downtown Rebirth

Thank you for the birthday card…
Thanks for the card. I loved it.
Jim Fischer

E-Mail Address Changes

Rosenzweig, class of 1969 (shown with Judy)
changed his email address. Anyone wanting to get in touch with Bruce, send an email to and we will put you in touch.
Flashback to thanksgiving of 2020
50 years ago, today, January 15, 1971 I had my first date with my future husband

Robert Furey. Went to

Plainview movie theater to see

Little Fauss and Big Halsy (The friendship between two Arizona dirt bike racers is tested
when they both lust for an attractive runaway young woman who joins them on the racing
and we got married 6 years later. HHS class of 1971 & 1972

Marilyn Mazzie Furey

Congratulations. Say hello to Bob for me.

Ernie Constantine

Thank you, Ernie!!!

Marilyn F.

The Fureys that lived on the short street between Dante and Alexander? Debbie Fureys

Peggy Block Prokopek 1973

I had a first date in 1973at the Hicksville movie theater to see The Sting.
Ken Kopher 1974


Cathy Dolan Mazzola 1970

I worked as a busboy at the Howard Johnson’s right across the street in the mid-late
1960s. Confession time. If we had everything cleaned up and there was no management
around, we’d lock the doors and turn off the lights before the moviegoers would invade in
the wee hours.
Richard Bowra 1968

Fork Lane School

Those of you who went to Fork Lane do you remember our librarian Miss Marshall she
used to always say, “Boys & Girls strong & able get those elbows off the table.

Lisa Dorais Wissler 1971

Miss Marshall was at Woodland Avenue when I was there. She had a southern accent and
would come in and say, "Good morning boys and girls". and we would answer back.
"Good morning Miss Marshall".

Vicki Berk Mass 1972

I remember that saying, but I do not remember her!

JoAnn Samuelson 1971

Would it be Mrs. Bernstein was Fork lane librarian and her helper was My mother.

Ed Eybs, Holy Trinity 1981

Ed…I'm working on the February issue of HixNews. You made a comment on Facebook
that is part of something I am including in that issue. You said "Would it be Mrs.
Bernstein was Fork lane librarian and her helper was My mother.
Ed Eybs…Can you expand on the comment. Was your mother a librarian? Where and
when did you graduate high school?
Buffalo Bob
Buffalo Bob…my Mother was an assistant to the librarian Rita Bernstein. I graduated
from Holy Trinity 1981.
Ed. E.

Ed…Thanks for the info. I can update the entry for the newsletter.

Do not remember her. But I do remember Mrs. Calzetta and Mrs. Flint and Mr.

Cathy Rowan Doll


…and Mrs. Schreck, Ms. Hamje, the two Mr. Siegels, Mrs. Miladontri.

Raymond Scelzi
I had Mrs. Miladontri (Maryann) for the first couple of years of elementary school, then
she left. She was Billy Joel's music teacher. And I'll add Mrs. Anderson (4th grade) and
Mr. Sampson (6th grade).

Greenberg 1974

I remember Mrs. Miladontri “Sing me your name!” I was always horrified when she
picked on me... I do not have a musical note in my body! Not then and not now! So,
humiliating for a kid who can’t sing and was extremely shy!
JoAnn S.

.. Lol…My brother had her for 5th grade. He inevitably came home every day with the
top button ripped off his shirt. She used to twist the top of his shirt and shove him up
against the wall for one reason or another. He was so happy when he went into 6th/ to be
rid of her. To his horror she was his 6th grade teacher. Lol. 3 years later when I was in
the 6th grade, I had her. On the first day when she did roll call and got to my name, she
looked at me and asked if I had brother named Don. When I said yes, she said oh God
help me, or something like that. I had to often stick gum on my nose for the entire day or
write 500 times. I WILL NOT CHEW GUM IN CLASS. LOL
Cathy R.

I thought I outsmarted Miladontri at the end of 6th grade. She asked if anyone was
interested in taking piano in junior High. Since we planned on moving away after 6th
grade, I raised my hand and she tested me on the piano and said, "OK, you will take
piano next year." ha, ha, I thought I had the last laugh, until we moved to another house
that was still in Hicksville! I forgot all about this until I saw my class schedule on the first
day of 7th grade and saw PIANO on it! Augh. It turned out OK. I also remember Miss
Hamje (4th grade), MS. Fleming (5th grade) and of course, good old Mrs. Flint in 6th.
Jan G.

I remember very well on our 6th grade graduation, our class got Mrs. Flint a corsage. She
was retiring. One of the guys in our class wanted to have the honors of pinning the
corsage on her. He actually wanted to stick her with the pin. I remember it was Jimmy
Flanigan. I do not know if he is even on Facebook. Lol
Cathy R.

I remember her fondly mainly because I’m left-handed. You know how most left-handed
people curl their arm over their hand and it looks so odd and clumsy? She taught me to
write without having to do that. I always think of her while writing (which has become a
rarity with computers! I can’t hand write an intelligible sentence anymore!)

Margie Exelberth Felman 1970

I love this post! I was the librarian at Burns Avenue (after being a classroom teacher at
Dutch for one year and a classroom teacher at Burns for 18 years) until I retired in 2018. I
would love if someone remembered me the way you remembered her!
Lydia Ricker Butler 1980, Mepham High School,

I had Mr. Berensen as Librarian at Burns Avenue 1956-61. Ironically, I spent my career
in the library field and do related consulting in my retirement. It’s nice to find another
librarian. I remember Mr. B wheeling in a book truck into the classroom. It’s so long ago,
but I kind of remember him like Fred Rogers in demeanor. My 47 years in the field has
been exclusively public libraries. Sadly, school libraries and librarians in PA have been
getting brutally chopped back over the last decade.

Above is a photo of Mr. B.

Richie Bowra 1968

Ooohhh. My goodness!! I love this picture for so many reasons! And I’m laughing
because I probably still had some of the same books on the shelves when I retired.
Lydia R.
Mr. Owens!!!
Melissa McCarthy Smith 1999

Owens was the man! Such a great teacher.

Nas Koshy

Owens had to be my favorite: wonder what happened to him? Probably retired by now;
had him in ‘75
Debby Aglio Keller 1978

Goldberg was my Favorite and Mr. Smith was cool as well.

Dina D’Aquila Stumm

Mr. Smith was the best! I had him every year in High School.
Johnny Filardo 1990

Loved Mr. Vetrano

Tina Butler 1985

I had Mr. Horne. I remember the very first class I had with him, he announced to
everyone his name and how it was spelled and said "The E remains silent" LOL. The best
though was one class of his I was sitting near the window and the sun was shining on my
face blinding me and for some reason it was getting me nauseous as hell, and I raised my
hand and asked him if I could go to the bathroom because I think I'm going to throw up
and without missing a beat he says "I didn't think my class was that bad" LOL I heard he
died a few years back, sorry to hear that. He was a cool guy; I remember he use to always
wear these Doc Marten boots and I remember trying to reason out if he wore them
because he was in the military.

John Trapp 1980

I remember his term papers for AP US History. We used to call them ‘Horne Papers’. It
really prepared me for university papers. I remember his index card count down to the
end of term. ‘180’ on day 1 & so on. I’d forgotten about the ‘pop quizzes’ which weren’t
surprises. He had some dodgy jokes/lines including one about ‘knocking up’ and
women’s physiology. I learned a lot of US History in that class. Also, in Mr. Schultz’s
8th grade US History in HMS. No exciting teaching methods but it stuck. I still
remember a lot of it.
Maeve Kelly 1998
January 2021… I am currently in another country helping my stepdaughter prepare for
her final year examinations (European countries put all the emphasis on one group of
exams at the end of your last year). And I am embarrassed at my recollections of how
high quality my HHS education was: the dedication and hard work of the teachers, the
resources available for support, the funding for resources & extracurricular activities. My
parents almost never put their hands in their pockets to pay for anything, which is
exceedingly rare elsewhere in the world. I am very appreciative of the teachers, staff, &
the local & state taxpayers for funding all those resources. Didn’t have Cali for Social
Studies but I did have him for Drivers Ed. Very appreciative to HHS & him for teaching
me to drive, a skill set I use every day even if I don’t use the social studies I learned, as
I often remember my favorite teachers fondly, especially.
William Lemmy (Social Studies)

Dr. Paul Schweyer (Science)

Brian Bickford (Science)

Rochelle Weiner (Mathematics)

Kenneth Graiser (English)

Richard Marlborough (Business)

William Horne (Social Studies)
There are many more that I can’t think of their names off the top of my head, apologies. I
wish all students had that kind of access in public education. Just wanted to say that.
Happy New Year everyone. Class of ‘98. 👍👍
(Please don’t @ me saying it was rubbish when you were there, it was top notch when I
was there, that’s all I can speak to 👍👍).
Maeve K.

Harriet Spitzer was one of my all-time favorite teachers. I stayed in contact with her for
many years but eventually fell out of contact.

Lynne Lombardi
I had her the year she went on maternity leave. She had such a positive impact on me.
Luckily, her replacement was awesome as well. It was Anita Taub. I remember she lived
in "The Village" and we felt she was very cool and a good teacher.

Vicki Berk Mass


I had her the year before. She never returned to HHS after Jason was born. She taught
classes at New York Tech if memory serves me correctly.
Lynne L.

I remember Mr. Smith as a good teacher.

Donna Lonieski Johnson 1974

Mr. Smith was my favorite!

Gina Chach

I loved Mr. Goldberg!!

Bruce Hoppe 1978

Mr. Smith loved his class. What an awesome teacher.

Suzanne Arnett Willner 1986

I had Mr. Fields for English. Nice guy! I remember giving him a bunny to his daughter
when my rabbits had bunnies.

Donna Schwarzman Hogan 1986

I had Dr. Lemmey. “Plan your work, work your plan, and you will be a happy human”.
Was his catch phrase.
Tom Stathes

I had Mr. Alfieri, class of 63, and my oldest daughter had him also. Great teacher.
Eileen Wieditz Moore 1963

Thinking back, Hicksville usually moved teachers from the Junior High to the High
School and put the young, new teachers in the junior high. Supposedly they thought the
teachers just out of college were too close in age to the kids in high school.

Maria Rodrigues Tamburrino

Mr. Lemmey once gave me a ride in his car and his glove compartment door opened and
it had a bottle of southern comfort in it.... I said and what do we have here? He closed it
quickly. Never asked me to take a swig. Good man
Simcha Hellinger

Top left (Alfieri). Great guy!!!

Tiffany Howell Mochrie 1996

Dr Lemmey! I loved him.

Kerri Hill

Mr. Owens hated my guts. Told me I wouldn’t amount to anything. Thanks for the
positive support!

Robbie Hassett

Dr Lemmey was the best. He has written some excellent editorials for Newsday recently.
Elizabeth Hyde Daddio 1994

Mr. Cali and Mr. Owens - two of my favorite teachers ever! I had Mr. Owens as an adult
for defensive driving, and he still called me Magoo. I was so bummed when he retired for
good and moved away.

Kelly Magee Chapin 1995

I had Zaleski 2000-2001 He always marked me absent and I sat right in front.
Stacy Greenberg 2001

I had Mr. Undreiner in the ‘60s.

Rudy Rybak 1966

I don't remember any of these teachers. Then again. I usually sat in the back of the class
reading whatever I wanted! I think I was one of the unfortunate ones that never had an
influential social studies/history teacher that made history "come alive!"
Wayne Dubner

Handy Tricks for Food


In the News

Thanks Bob. Do enjoy reading the newsletters.

Beth Mangani Knipfing 1961

Thank you, Bob, Happy New Year

Carolee Stumpf Bruckner 1971

Buffalo Bob & the staff at HixNews. Thank you for all your work on the newsletter.
What a great way to reminisce. Best wishes to you and your family for a happy and
healthy New Year.
Bill Ross 1959

Monthly Tribute
February 1
Mon, 02/01/2021

February 1 #SpunkyOldBroadsDay

Spunky Old Broads Day is a holiday where we celebrate women who are age 50 and
older, who don't want to get old quietly, and are “interested in living a regret-free life”.
New Readers
I would like to receive the Hicksville High School newsletter. I am currently retired to
central Florida. I would love to be in touch with Class of 1964. Someone out there might
know of someone from the Trinity Lutheran Church Confirmation class, from 1961; or
know the whereabouts of Walter League.

Madalon Claisse Ritter 1964

Madalon…the latest issue of HixNews is always updated by the 1st of every month. All
you must do is remember to visit after the first. All prior issues are
archived, too.
Roger Whitaker, webmaster
Please add me to the distribution list. I graduated from HHS with the Class of 1972.

Jean Moran, Boca Raton, FL

Jean. there's not a formal notification. is updated by the 1st of the month so
just make a note on your calendar to visit to see the latest edition.
Roger Whitaker, webmaster

Hi Bob…please add me to your master mailing list for HixNews. Thank you, and your
staff, for all that you do.

Robert Cazares 1974

Marianna Lomnicki Rodrigue

Hicksville High School, Class of 1961

May 18, 2015
LAKE LUZERNE…Marianna Rodrigue, 71, of River Road, died Thursday, May 14,
2015, at Albany Medical Center. Born Nov. 13, 1943, in Mineola, she was the
daughter of the late William and Mary (Hanula) Lomnicki. She married Wilfred
Rodrigue on May 25, 1968, in Hicksville. Mr. Rodrigue died Feb. 28, 2000, following
31 years of marriage. In 1971, they moved to Lake Luzerne after vacationing in the
area for several years. Marianna enjoyed reading, crossword puzzles, gardening,
flowers and her cats, Daisy and Tigger. Survivors include her two sons, Timothy
Rodrigue of Moreau and Wilfred Rodrigue II of Lake Luzerne; one sister, Barbara
Perino and her husband, Eugene, of Aquebogue, New York; one brother, William
Lomnicki of Levittown, New York; a sister-in-law, Winnie Karras of Massapequa,
New York; and several nieces, nephews and cousins.
Ann Samoray Brown 1961 (shown above with Joan Carbonara

For those of you who knew my sister

Debbie Rosman-Doerlamm (class of 1973), she died this morning, June 9, 2017 after a
battle with cancer. May she rest in peace.
David Rosman 1970

So sorry David

Judith Martin Bennett 1970

Sorry for your loss.

Mary Demarest O’Connor

So sorry for your loss.... way too young

Linda Pujia
Wojo 1972

Oh, I am so very sorry.

Lorraine Jurgens Pioszak, Our Lady of Mercy, Syosset

Deeply sorry for your loss.

Roseann Ranaldo
Evers Jackson 1972

So sorry to hear this Dave. My condolences to you and entire family.

Artie Petrelli 1972

I didn't know your beautiful sister, I graduated in 1965, but my sympathy, prayers, and
condolences to her family.

Linda Kaprinski 1965

So sorry for your loss.

Karen Curley Long

So sorry for your loss.

Robin DeLape
Noland 1980
Sorry for your loss. I was '73 did not know her. Just looked up her picture in my
yearbook. I do remember her face. RIP.

John Lauro 1973

So sorry for your loss, David.

Nancy Graham

So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family during this difficult time.
Melissa Bernaudo 2000

So sorry; I'm a 1973 graduate. I don't believe I knew your sister have to look in the
yearbook. Condolences to your family.

Joanne Perrera
Schomburg 1973

I didn't know her. But I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Losing a sibling must be
Linda Kramer
Keane 1969 (shown above with husband Pete)

I am so sorry to hear about Debbie ‘s passing. I can’t remember if they were Midway or
Four Seasons memories of hanging with you and your sister, but I can see her face and
hear her throaty laughter. She cracked me up.

Director Roberts 1972 (shown above with husband)

It is with deepest sadness that I inform you of my friend and fellow classmates passing
Paul Sardella
Memorial Visitation for Paul J. Sardella was held on Sunday, November 22nd, from 2PM
to 6PM at the Ruland Funeral Home in Patchogue. A Memorial Service was conducted at
5:00PM that afternoon with Deacon Patrick LaBella, officiating. At the request of family,
the committal of ashes will be held privately.

Len LaFeir 1967

Deeply sorry. Such a bright soul in our school days.

Kenneth Marcus 1967

So sorry to hear of another classmate passing away.

Peggy Moldovak Gill 1967

Sorry to hear that. He was a good guy. We used to piss off the gym teachers by doing
WWE wrestling moves instead of the boring, standard ones.
George Wilby 1967

East Street. School.

Marty Brandfon 1967

Paul and I sat in three different math classes passing doodles to one another just to stay
awake. I miss his sense of humor.
James Rubins 1967

I was just looking at the In Memoriam and noticed that you never added…

Roslyn Goldmacher. She was in the Class of 1971 and was in the Hall of Fame. She
passed on May 30, 2020. By the way -same class year –
Tom Sanderson passed in 1971. I remember it was days after the yearbook went to the
printer. It was too late to change the Senior Section, but they allowed us to change the
Memorial page.

Lynne Lombardi 1971

So sad. My good friend, Linda Mastrosanti Aragoncillo, class of 1961

is on a new journey and we pray the road to heaven is smooth and without any obstacles.
Linda died suddenly on January 15th. All Linda’s friends line the road watching her
journey and there are people there as far as the eye can see. So many cherished her
warmth and vitality, and I am glad that I was amongst her friends. Linda and me, we
shared some great conversations over the years. I have those conversations etched in my
heart and will always look back and smile. You are missed!!!
Buffalo Bob

Cathy Dolan Mazzola Holy Family, 1966

So sorry for the passing of your friend. Forever in your heart.

English Nuttery 1962

So sorry to hear prayers for her family and friends

Bunny Pollack 1961

So very sorry.I do remember Linda.

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972

Bob, I’m so sorry to hear this sad news about your dear friend Linda.

Frank Tiringer 1961

I knew Linda and her sister both in heaven now

John Fabianski
Sorry for your loss Bob, sounds like she was a great friend.

JoAnn Massiello Hiskey 1960

So sorry

Cher Black
My condolences to you Robert in the loss of your friend. It's always hard to lose ppl we
care about and have a history with!

Kathleen Cerone 1961

Lovely, funny, Linda. God Bless Your Soul . Prayers for your family Kathy (Graw) &
Bob Cerone

Beth Mangani Knipfing 1961

Linda will be missed by all of us who knew her. May her family find solace in their

Bob Ozabal
So sorry for your loss

Elaine Krauss O'Neil 1961

She already is missed. RIP my friend.

Lynn Barnett 1962

Sorry for your loss Bob

Olivia Lepis Schmidt 1961

I just heard this sad news from Cathi Arico - and I am just devastated. Linda & I had
many Facebook conversations and she always seemed "so alive & vital" - so I am just so
shocked - RIP Linda and God bless your family at this difficult time!

Anne Marie Romano Petrilli 1961

I am so sorry! What a beautiful lady. I loved all her beautiful emails, so proud of her
family. My prayers go out to her family and friends. May she rest in peace

Dennis Kearney 1961

So sorry to hear of this

Joanne Leone
My sincere condolences

Barbara Di Bella Dowd 1962

Sad to hear this news. Sending prayers to her family.

Virginia Kolenik Doherty 1961

So sorry to hear this, God Rest Her Soul.

Barbara Governale Cutrone 1961

God rest her soul

Bill Canham 1961

Such a sad moment. Prayers for the family.

Karen Harkin Murphy 1978

Sorry for your loss

Rose Genovese 1961

Lovely lady, Rest in Peace

WAY-Anthony Joseph, of Hicksville, LI on January 6, 2004. (WWII Veteran; US Navy
Pacific Theatre: member of the Greatest Generation; graduate, Hicksville H.S.; member,
Knights of Columbus Joseph Barry Council; employee of Grumman Aerospace for 42
years; volunteer at Bethpage Restoration Village). Beloved husband of Grace. Loving
father of Elaine Lockwood (Christopher), Kathryn Arning (Mark), Michael (Rosemarie)
and Elizabeth Augello (John Sinclair). Devoted brother of William (Audrey), Frank
(Marjorie), James (Julie), Elizabeth Way Stouges (the late William) and the late Marco
(Carol). Cherished grandfather of nine. Dear uncle of many. Friends may call Saturday
and Sunday 2-5 and 7-9:30pm at the Thomas F. Dalton Funeral Homes, Hicksville
Chapel, 47 Jerusalem Ave. (2 blocks So. L.I.R.R., corner W. Marie St.). Mass, Monday
9:45am, at St. Ignatius RC Church. Interment, Calverton National Cemetery.
Videos on The Internet
Breathtaking photos brought to life…

Vietnam Memorial Update

Bill Walden in front of the Memorial on Veterans Day 11/11/19

Bill showing the Memorial after2019 Veterans Day ceremonies to state, county & local
dignitaries that were present. From left to right, with Bill, are NY State Senator Jim
Gaughran, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joe Salandino & Nassau County Legislator
Arnold Drucker. Not pictured is Nassau County Legislator Rose Walker, to whom Bill
showed the Memorial later that day.