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For the' Revised Calmbr~dgt! FC E Exalmination


Virgi'ni,B Evans

Liberfl :UO:U&e"Ne,B' GNe_am:Park,

Tel: ~H(4) 1,6315 363 .~.Farc~O!lI+I) 1.63i581.7463, 81.7
e-.maU: .~Il,UJiDesi@erqliJe-ss[putJlsbJiln.g.cQ!uk: htt(1l~~.lllPresrs(Jll'l~sbiiu;g~to~uk

Nm'bID'YJI Berksltdre :RG19 6HW

FiDt publLshe~ 2008:
'nDd_"r,ss.s:ion: 2009'

,till :rJg&illS II~served. No pm iQf dm puffi):]:i.CllIItW.on, maybe :re'[Qduced~

s~o:wd'. a .r,etde:v,d sys~e. ortt'aMmi:ttediInu},Mrm. orby _ _y m,e:.s, e~ect:J:io.IJ,kJltotOOOpyLDI@:, or ()tbe:rwis~ wl;~ho:u:l: p.rior p me 'Mi~t:emllpe~iS!ioJl. ,of the: plbW~em.

their ,stI(p(:lort padenceare t1!l!l~ il. paHfc!!da.r~o,.:MelmLawton and (Ed~bl[ .1:0. b~e;ij; Mary Swam: and Sieam,Todd (:seJio:r edioor,s); M]cnael Si~dle:r Dd Steve :MJIer C (ed~lto:rial HS~S!tUlts,); ticttlrd Whhe {senwOiFproduc~IJ,IliI, oontmW1er)id:le BXpr,egs design t~am:~

produc..1 this book Thmb

A~thor.s' A~bowJ:edlg~lnella W,e wou~d 'like~OI tbanii: al. fhe S,tafi at mpr,ess fub&ihllgwnl" ha,~ ,oontrmbu~e,d~heh~ sldi~~s to

Sw,eetsPQ~·(I,ecoKIi:n,BP1,odlu.eers)l;a.nd iGevil Hur.is, Ilmbedy B_eli't S®even Oibbsand Christine U~t~e.Wlewm,dcl a;WSO, .Hlceto 'tbaDlkMl.o.se msmitut~!JDls.and ~f:a,che:rs,wnQ,iiIloood! tie 1l!iIaJi1IUSCd.~ti' bd wihoseoommeDilS, and 'feedbact.we:.re inryal!~aJbh~ :i:mtbepli'odUlCdol1J! of the boot..
EwlirY ,dod has hee;:n made 'IOtI'3R a~!I, tC~py.riilb:th.Qldm;.R 8Bfha¥ie.beel!li~nad:ftneDI~, !I1I"'erl!fHllked~ 'lh.e the publslbe.rs m[l be p]osed to malRthe DealISMJ' a~glmeuls: a~ Ilbefirst opponuDity.


Practice Test



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" '.. 66

Fruntl:u~l' Pm:a.otjce 'on Wor-d

Distl'l!lC~O!rS, ••••••••• ,



:04 140

Rtrthtr Pf,actic~on '~y! W:ord 1tansfbnl1'atlons , " Further PW,ilctwce on 'Word FOrlu!I~O:iil'
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G.lossary to PrI!Jctmoo.1iests (PaperS ~ Paul)
G1.ossa:rymFurther Prac~(le

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, 143
, "',.,.,.,'..•.... 152

Won! Distraetors ..,


T lladID:i, 1(1 110111")


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Part I

mWtiple ,e:koice

Pari 2

a text tbllfo,w,ed by 18 questions" leach with 4! loptmOD;S (I\,BII C or D). Each coned B.DSlNe:r r,eceive8 2 matks. a ~extfrom, wmoh 7' sentences, have been l,emoiVed ana given in jumbled order af~eJ' thet:ext. ,EachcQ,nect amwe,r' receives, 2.

Pat 3,

IODe~(l!I,B text er several s1itort:ertexm


WrilinR, 1(1bour ::10miillllte!!i~
IQllesfi"oD I

pmooded ~'lS' .muitip!e,..m,atdUn,g quesnmu. Eadl,oomct answer ~eooives1 mart.

Pari 1

Pari I

leinerlemail (1l2.0 1l.50 wo'rdis): oompulsory' ~as:k
IQuesdllrDS W

wrl:ting a lette-r or' email based, .mpwd: ma~erial given


Part 2

(13Q~ 1,801word )
'QUIIUDA 5) (two

lopti,ODS) ,~lI1JesslyJle11t:er/rle;po~ewba'5ed


one of twopr~smlllecl readingfiew (12.a~l80 words)
V'. ,olhaltsh (41;'minutes)
rBlt 1

pare I

muWtipEe choke olam

a eloze test 'With 12 gaps fuUowcd 'try
~p>tiOD :m,uilti.pEe-dmoice items COli~t 8MWel m;eWcs 1,mart.,


' &It 2
Pad ,3,

,e c1~liZIl 'test 'Wi~b12, g,aps

Back 'OOfiieet ~r[ie;oe~


a text 'with 110gaps 'kJ'~ :filiIed in with :1wOlid derilVC. . flO.' ..:m the, s~em p.,·-:-=cn.'besid1e. dle~leXli: d E:ach. ICOft'\ect anB'INCI [eceives 1 mark .. 8 Sappedise,ntel1ccs;eo be OODl\pleted witD between NO and nvewrmlsame lof YibridJ. is, giV~D'I' so that £3}C'bl :meu,li!e ~ame as, dw, .1e,1d,~m sentence


. an 4 P


'Wl'1'&Ct ,aMWe'F

mccives up to 2 matks.

"You amga,~ng 'kJ' 'read an ,extract wm a, novBI, 'F'or CJu6stions 1..:1, choose the ,answ,er I(A III, it or C:) \!"Michl yOlJllil'1l Ie fUs best aecD,rcUngkl, the text. Mark: your answ,ar:s lOiI, U\J,ese,pamfs! ,answ,af' s'eel:.

the vaUey hi:gffil ,enDilJ~ ~o ba'!le' ill good view over me town!, mtb ~mment. br;e~Z!e te c:liminI:sh ·t1m:e ooolllSitlIlIlU1!iNp,e:fyi.rng heat, H®ook me a 1000 Y6ii1f to mm lithe plaoo inbabitable.

I chose a Slmilall lioure' en the ed§~ O'f tliruc: ei'~. It. WMMl, .~dem,I!ac:e jOt me.~I::"~~Wlse ] wu~oo 'fresn fiIlOUl'l~IiII.;n 5p:i0e., privaq, :~. .laee where oe ,ooulcl,~ee~[he PIJ~~nc"e ofa:rtc[e:rnlt god~ucl the; sp,irits' a~r. p ·of Da~.re. Tbe. boule 'was PlIe.ml~ MI. eliililpty S'he LI.but ] ehose it ~eCillfse. hwas en the sm1lll:ys'i&!~ 0;1

The fifsttmIl\l {bat I did WM~9' d.ig ~ut the w~n (let ~e sld,e,Qlfthe hou~e.which had cwro .in 0:0. i~]t Mid was full of mJ.u1land cccks. MWlIs hc1.poo in $.1.5 by a FreDCbl.i!&. l1!a:med AntQme~ a. manQf oolHide'ratiW.e CUiilltllR WJ1D hid chosCin ~C' Jive h~re because he was a!l:,ta.ched ~O' thepel)p~e~ \""'5tb hom w rue h!!i.d arrived. tiJn me oiii,gimat immip.i!lLi.on. We repaired itthe waI.rn o.Q ~ilefoof 'Df tIe hOl!!lse~ illiJJd ,pammd ther:ooms. c{lilliilp,tet:e1yw.mf,; sa ~ta~ thty b~!.lIame:sUlddelly Cll3D~birightJ' and ,s,leiotils. M~()ime ud [ D'l ama:gcd. at SQllle dan:ger to Qt!!l:sel,ves ~CI,iml!iitaWI cl,ecmdil;y .~ cOlliioectm!llg up a ea:b~e to th e.-frutermg syste.m iInvenled by a Le~clle;r, Thls maD was, PwofeMtlrLlfis who bId ~t U" ,HI. 'Of row windm.ills to !e:nem~e power; dlls waGpdecdyildeq:Hah~ :foirlilll.tmg~. WH somewhlllt feeble when, mgb,amlJe~,a~e wasre~u~ed~ sp tnat the electric ,rooker tb!llt 1 hMl .fI:e!Nlill. by heHm,pter hmlu ,out in




be~o:re use as a sto:rag~ c,upbo'2lrd.

l~ often bappens whell senimll up a hOlse th;n one finds, q~.t~ sudcleruy dl3i~there ill.~. I:IIrgoOJtn~ed l'Or sew. (~em Gverill.ooked durm:g,r'he Ias't I4peditlon. The,~r:rek dow.f:1Jfmm mJ hfili!lfie W8!8!1l deep~y 'ill!.! 18 ,it~edl owe malt. served as a Wll-e.:regl1rSc each rune ~:arlt itraim~d~ :amda]iltlJoll!lSill I. h.1t\!e stabli~cl~t sinee, ~twas ~a be:g;m with aru_Yl1!Jle:g,oti.oble on fgQ'~ er by mulle.or by Amoiu:ets Hcicl,t tmec~wllee~ed. 'tractor. This, Lractor llac1beem half-buried irn the mud of 'the flood at CI1!lrigua:n~. bill S.enD'r Vivo's fadler ~ W..hfl' ~si:m faet i(Jene[aJI Sm!.!i~goventlCilJ.rof Dllls_ .. bad ~,'tdilll!~!out an!ll bricrugbt in slUinl WlIcier ~. vast he~i~op~ei' lJIusli:lip, at hig, son'srequeet. H~ oommOl~ 5aid in this oo~~ thart.'oenJl:fal 5.O:S'BI ig the {In.ly mem.be;r ('if the .1ril~uuJ 1ini:i~m:ilTch, woo ever dllle8 ·anytliling use:WillI.

There was~,at the mr enrdof dleoown. a. tiMd'n ~tl:a:~~td ,goods bm,~glJt in by m~e'"train .t:ro.. lpas'll.eno~and so ,everyftw days I wOill~d 'find 11JS.~~f':ra:ttlmg and tilmlipiElg my wQJ to It on AD'toi[le~a: .ronnfdab~e oJid trncror .. This 'shup wa:s oW!Iled 'by a n:ruiddJ.e-age;(iJJoo~p~ewho left, ~!hemmruil'.lg o,f it ~o l Uwe.w cl3!ilJglliltef~ apt o;l lwe~tfQif Sit'! ,ea;[Swb.oseo:.me was Ela, as Ed ~~:red. by 'owmean...ng the 'fi!li.tb~.fMirdng of her t'lle p:dee of:ao botde ,of .llomil'Cooa. a ~;lain.bded blue du:ss~ amd L1Jfl(1: \Yer,e,mw,ays foot bam" Somdim.es lUSH -to thinkthiJit ber hea'd was. ve:ilJ ;si~~h,6yliQolafge 10I" ber, bu~ she hiad an appealimiig amd seJ1en~fa,elTamedb¥ mer' lomg l'l'lacl bah::. S:lie .lie:mlincled .!m.em:rlll~hJy,of ii, Gteek gid wIth wh.Gm I had once beeR lD 'tove ~orshe ba.d lIll,e same styHlal:b andsiZlft oim.~skinj ,and biig bmwn. eyes be.nelli!th eyebrows almesr hel3lVY ,enou,ghro meet in tmleIlidldle. On h:e:r romarmlIDl!lj, were. the: traces o:f soft b~a,;k dOWfi~ ~ffi:r~ \vlUcm 'io b:B is, some.t~g wt lie always idriJv,emll'c ,crazy, and ber

Ena was ~.a11l ana suon,l1y buil~; uUilllly she

finger'S were ~LW 'utl leie,gant.


The be,s[ lI.Dil1~ about her, hOW~Ri.!, was 11:e:r ·elfin spirit;: she had an. air. of '1l!1I1ie:t ,aJDusemeDltr all :inm:Jooe.tttne:9iliy.dim.t 1M htrtmle aura of h.aving existed u·On1J amJ ,etemi,ly. and of bei.m,g a;b~c to .see the,mmlly !lic!e,of ~l!'~~blg. I peu:ei,,;ed tnllIt ~he bac)]:llI. streak: ahtiiiscmef ia. her, as ~ '001be reveakldl whem I ,discovered bow it WM that sbehJ@!d ke[!Jlt.e fDr !'O long in il!!no~


mlatotlmdm 'the 'W.ritil!!l' to, the lIo'Use2' A where it was: leeated
H, bow b~g U:WaJS

Read the text ()iI'IOO quicklyro ge:t, a ,gf\~en~ hill~~ what j~ isaioo~~ of
before tookiil'.lg, at 'Ihe ,qwes:truQ[ls.

C the ,lew it ,lave o:f ~bev,alle.y


rthe condimtLon ~~was in

2. AcCIl'td:ilDgCo tb:e 'MitC!ft, ADh)~De
A. hflld reoentliy :auwed.

H, likiedJ to kee'il' to h[mself~ C \V,alS; a fore:~gn.eir. D painted~Ora. UVing.

3 Whal limlRssi.(liIlI. doe,s.e wr.iikrl~y'e 61the !clu:tridv 9:o:p,"7' ,A It: was too d!a:n,ge:rous touse, B It didn't always WlOrk properly. C It oruywork.~d whe:rnit wliisw.mndJ,. D It was a.ve.ryreUable S:ystem. 4Th.e mier uses Ute ,!bUlle ':sened. as, ,Qw;atenoUllFsei' (~iJlJeS)~o slblwtbQ~ Idle pa. l
A had DIMly deep holes • was drfficui~ to w,alk on. 'C WM so:m.eltimesillo(u:i:ed,. D needled. to be ,repaifledi.

5'Wb-J1W'S!S GemInI SDsa. unUk:e o,tller miUbl:]f ,olfioe.rs? A He l~.e<d bc;~~.imilg~s re~adve5. h

B He was in ,charge of the area ..


He managed ~o,get thiin,gs done .. He bad his own pdv!;'I.t!e hieMcop:l:em-.


.A. Her' f3idu~·r tdd him. wb.en be: as.ked. BJ SOme(Ule me;n~ioned her name. C He beard. a 'Cl!Istomer ~lsk:i:nB~OIbell" .. D Am~oilDe g,av,ehim the info:rma~ioD.

Row dli:d Il'be \W1I;tlf




T What ,crildds:m of .IuI dO~JJUl!e writer mali.e!
A. Sbe neverwore sbaesi . . She: W'as.mit.lnt~resveijjin clothes. Ii Ie Her eyeD.[o,wswere too thick.

D Her head seemedto 'Deteo biS.B'~a~ ,did Ute wr.i~ierUJ:l:e best. :a]blutEoa?' A. liiIell"sense .of humour II: lilIerphi,ysjca~appea:r3Jlre ,e her i:oooGen~lgn:oraD.ce

U her resembl moe ~osemeeae






You ere gc:Tlngl tOI Il'\ead B!I11I art:h:::de,,aluuJt ,S! W\hi~e~wate,r'rafting ,Idvemu re~ Saven sentell1ses Iha.vs,beln remc,yed ~rom, lSI ,article,. Chooseflrom the sentenoes ,~H '~rne U one wihich ~H:s, ,eadl gap ,(1-11S:) n,ara is cme, .. e~ra senkn1lioa winlich you dc, not need to use'. M!a~kyour ,answeq, on the se,parB,I:e1 ,.nswal :'bee~~

EVen th:oug~ I'm 3 wrmlter for OUl'dVDT ~rentum ,Mi7Iil,Mne 'e!!I'eF:}fo!Il.'e, 8,1: my.o.ffOOeIl:DQ'liW in ulued £act 1'. a, Edt,Ml.q of anything l,emo~,ely rese,nbHog an f~ou~dQora~e:n.tlUe.- nat's wbym;y bDSB ~ to ~e- metlimese pm~eds.,He tmnil.q, (. m '[Ile perfect ,c~ndifda'tllbeg.e~ like mcst pl3"ople, I'm ,often ,ilftliid 1,0 by sg,Ol,ediu!Ilgnew. However UPOD my lieMm imam aD: assignment I hlill~e usualiWy not o'mY ,oonqu,ered ~yfea:rs, [ odginally haitI ~Ui~
I l

were dlCcQ given a saJ:e~ brieftng: about, seme lofdl,e dg,ge:rs ItOI~wa'tcho:llill ['0'1" wcij as bollderst fSUi1:D lr,ees :sba:rp und.erw,ater rocks" wa!v.SSand ,anything ,elsetbat OOUilld block ,II raft's forwud movement,
Sl~ ,Ius based Gill! skiUland level of ,e'xpenenal. I ,( :put OD my wetsa:llit, Ire jarcket and. cras.b b:e!lmet and elimbed abQud, h.opm:g,lfi;e 'WasriSbt"Witb&e m,t

w:e we~,ptm~ ~~a POOPS. o,f~



few st.rok.es

aWso,beCoi.ome qlllite ·3Ift U!dlusias~ w,en!'

of the. aclMty


the padtmille:,., I ,co!!lld fe~l~ e.xeitemiUililt be,gin tOIE:epbcemy fear. 'Ute d,:el caught 'us lna

11Us mon:tns bair-:mmg



gent.e flowing monem" r~g smoothly towmds the mSE, N_pid.

and :pulEill,Sus

wa~e:[' lafitiflJ - was n.o lex:eepoon. Th·e.m:imJ!I.Ite ~b~, 'told me' about it, I '~ltve:ry ne:wuWl. Bur now dial fve oo.p1letedltbc as&~~:n:tl' rm happy ~oRport [hat] fOWld it. ememel,yenjoy,aibb;). 'In m:ilert,.a, set :soze i:l!domJlttou aboo~whiJtewa;~er mftlm.g~ I ,aallll€!dNi'g~l Dmsett" who 1lJIl1S Scoda:nd"s f6~@mO:St white-.water raftin,g oontr,e Pl, Perth, The fii-st thinJ he mtdm.e w,as d}at not ,all

8uddmlyoru:r pilde sh01!.1Ited~Clrw:ardpaddle! and. ,e'VI~:ryo,ne :s~a!l'ted.paddllDg ~cit,edlly., 'We
stcelil~.d ;UO~d.

boulde~s as ,crashed over us" so'~g the 'e.nMe bo'at. I· Dllt was Itmtm1table how mu:c1lli~e;amspilrit .D,d spnm,g; lUiP
bnmedja£e~f be:tw,ee.Qthe memibe'rs afmy boat. We e~em;ruaJ1y stoppedfQF luncb ;. :8Jov~


r~lll, 'trips ,U£ the sam,e. 1~'8important for tbe pubUe 'to be aW3J.'eof 'this 'be-fon booking a trip in erder to dewrmine bn,w hilIfti 'Of easyl a I.liOng ~Ollll':!!!eheuld be. Tl'l'!~,gO'a11 to .spe,nd. more, s is time nt-the :ra.ftthmmJ, ,timl the waller" SQ, .lts bes.tto take jj~ e,asy the limr time QUit. Upillo my ,ttrriv,idat Ni&el~s&tteme Raft Wc:n:ld 'Gentile, I s.aw atlat there wem :several . there far the days, ,t3I.fili1lB, actrwtie;s.


on the mr,e:r under a huge oak tr;ee., ]t was Hdsf~rilllllgto 8eet1il!at such: ,an 'f!xclt.,g aodOiD. SpO'rt could be 'C'nrj:oyadl by :sl!Ich a wide 'variety Q!f
people. M_yImp was mUJ::h betteI'tlmian I had. ~eclted" ,and tlle s,mery" the 8eQOm_QllodiIJJ:iOll ,tbe NShiiB.G dYer and me duill of l1te ,r.id,e were d. amaz~g, I.recommmd it, ,~or,anyo.D'ei fir'0m 'the fit to tIilie couch potam the young, ~o,me oWd,md, IWiIl :for oo,~ lilke ytI,UI1'S, 'trul1!~
J i,



Practioe Test 1

,AI Hi,sel begam,by ,~~ainiliill about

die, dlfieflences in

the diffi:al~ty levels ad ,asked us' to 'be ho:nes~
paddlin,g ,elpe.rience.

,E 'Cba:ttim,gM wer,elaxu. J found 'that M'e:myoDe~s,back:~d was diffcJ'cnt, lnChldWg a S'toC:kofioker and a bOlusewiie.
,FIt aUde-pi!nds, o,n, wbl'u: each mdi~dBlm fee~s,

B 'Witbout a dQubt. wmt.e ..waier I,aftin_g is,one

,oi tile, most e~Qjtins:ou,tidoQr advenmmes.,
~ J\WJthougb we, \w'fedJten,ehedl~ ,eRl}O'ne wu

like d.oing OJ] tba:tpanicular day"

e I'ws

~al!J.lbi:I,S,Dd,e~m,B:a:s we worked 'toge~er
t,o drive fbe r,1ft forward.

in a me di 1m dlifficul~ ,gm:~ptaDdour gurde, asswt-d. us RUlIit. the ride 'wlluld. be lots of mn withDutbemg too, dangerous.



11., - ... 10, ne ..wO>U&Dt -

... #

b Hem;..... :r~gJ!dg,n,yer '..:1 ..' . '. mp]~ "a;"uill:s



H .Hesaid 'that rap'idsue, bro~eu don iDto
ditIerc£;llIl cWassHicadO!ns'WiIi~B edm to v.ery daDige1'OUiS., uoover)"

a,flimsy nillbbet boat, was, ,aiImost C'lliOUP mr3Jikeme


in, Stet ..

emler' to

Don"t 'be dmm.ed, by t1m:_e amOUiDIt. ,of

the qu,e;sfi,om;co-ae.-ctly.

'tm: -mO!ispm' -

~ it: is,llot D,CCl!lSSaryto ood:ers~and,~ery1:hm1 in

'f,O'U ar'a gOingto ~ad ,g maguil1le article about one·day'tnJl/t;I:1 destinations" frlom tne people ,(A,~E).DIe' peo,pme[may' be ctU::IS:SI1I more '1"10 on:09 .. Ma1Iik: youfan,swers an till,else,plr,a.l:a answer 8iIiIeet.

f,oir ,qu_tcnlSi 1,1-45, clmoosa

Read. the rubric and msUUctiODS ,carefully to identify 'tne WPe ,of'text ;and'what you have


lead it for.


WbieJa perBIJIl. IUr<



pe,,:'e ---~--------------~..__



o o

o o
says SM dloesn'lvisit as, frequeilidy as, she would like?









Pm- Land:allerswll~',a bw, lifestyle., its hanJ to ,gel alMay e:~n:JOr ,I ,da.v~but Amanda Hys,lop 5p'Okerofwe d,if1em.~1wom~ll; w.ho ~ll:lrly do, amc1iY thai. , lu]ja: ~i:Relb ~s.a bll.l:~' l~wytf whQ ~G"'e1slm!a:t!Ure
.LoJIt,d00. ,Q'tlw,ce .a]:~ daiY·,. ~se sh e ·of~eDl .~ akes 'cl¥j!j;nt3fg~Qf .~~~,~y G.a:ldell:1l~ IQJmJ1r' ,an.bo:nr:tg, ,~ve. &0- @enittlill!Jl[,o~~.GiI· ~~M!,y !rav6urii~tl1J~g i~ Jt~efe~s .3ilwa,s s,o'ma;flii:i ng oew-to 8e~. ·tb.iu T.b:tganb!1Il coUectiollil.bM been deV:ewl\l~f1:g '1'Q:t JlI)lQ'~e$3 1(111 yi:wand fiIJm: S~rp~s~ anrthinis, Ilv~·eye[s~an. It's. a love.ly •.,eca:Q~mlpla~fpt'a :strlOD~!amt ·~t's, SOo\ll!.Ht(_hat it. t1\lle;srn~tiet GlIGwdIJd.
(iitllon$!f'lilfiioln gam:d,ens

Ma rlb,aIW.bel't:sis

bllll'~Ogs!l.t 8e~l1Ie;8fWY 1!h'OUgb, ~f~it~~ttiilIlJgm~l(}r

jrob 5.,6 M~:Gh

thaI he.m' work :rs .aISIO; be,.

an, ~r!C;hbeot whol ieltjoYil'

lil!cib~ "My f&!liioJui:leIP.ie,oo'of'a~QM~~c~tI!l"eJ~o ...

licit ..ttl~3iS, f01i'1Ml!' ~Jl ". .~


. orf pr·aeUcd

: !D~rom.tb)e.gr:~a~ '. .


,a:~,d~)echIliiqU'es. I ,ean e'l,\le:ll1 ifteor,o,n!il:e.y :Qd,)~r 'fa\llD~l''itle ',!?b1b:f lC'Ji, pJiiJ,t:!~Qg1",ap.ll1Ij b·,

bdililgJ;,'Il;Bt-Y el;ii~eFa.·ani!J cne~iD,g·a;~'afl" h·,S· p,e:~t-for'(lI;gJ1ea~ d!1rY e!l!!t~P

study ~I M~ ft~e tIme "ffisTh.~ ~~ iP;a:viUo, .~, R Bri,gl11~L\lnr•.,1~JJ'~oge::t'some· of mf Go"\~rt:enr , '~PgQ' w.ith me. ~~~.cer . isi!ll'tr 81111tbaIt fin:.b'G:iiiIilIJ n L@mdon~ bMt Itjey~n~: USlil.WSU,tG!J,.lJu;s",. T.~,e p:l~m.~n ·W·31S ~:uL~t I;ilg.rG,.~rg·e~ TV .IDd'.i· f~[ 'ev,e:r :.iI bu.n.d~.n·g .r:r:pr.feS~'Deld t.he .r~.on~e.p~!, ~ o;f ~'O:'!feirtM 1J0'P~, this. is h. 'T.Il!i.e .'piS6:udor ;r~dh3i~ pll.!i!abe, ww.ebjtles~·~lmtmrill~~g-diil1l~~ri!ll~ a .~$" dot afoal~~; r$xpe:nsive fabri.as:.~fflt:~ ,l!JiIl!dl ;gilrut.Et'·s.ne<t tihe ..S!firt a!' st}lilleI wclllld ,lW. 1iIm m Dij1'1 o;wn hiO~\ b(l!lt [d~rlfmd mspu~~~Qnfl:!f my wofi'k __ eve:li)dRo I- 'OOrkai~. Ij'

!1!es~j;'c:Ui. GJ'\le:Il~~ a ba;rdw~[~1iiIS shJ.llI!enm: wtt-'? iIiIeed~:.abRlakft:ein :tbie. roGI)~}SQ:llle in ,a,wMte •. antil, :m:wb:s, B~lsbtornlill,e!iI'flli;Y~l1:r:~'tre·one~d:ay d~![.ati.Qli1i. IlilI lQ,vcbeft~g.~·me- :sea~ana ji.'~:Sse, ~~P!3~~XI! LOn:®lQiD ·[~a~. t fC,e.:1 ]ike it".~ ilWi~;~mp on. ac. tao and tn .§S.~f!!!;J,rui"mt!wim.




Bfj8b~o;:~ ,e,,,o]y;~d nom ·ill. slrn:al~fi'~Mm:gvma;I~-

r!)HAW a~mOl~ ·t,.Jd{~O'JII;aiJ 'a~~,a,e1ti~; in.ern.udi,ng m:,e"S,tiliU.f,flDlts" mglliltliDfe ·mirnes ,of 5"11,41be !l:cbe~ a.",d twa :p~ers;J !l!lcW'ay.S;e.a~;a~iI:h;i;s; !l;llie at 9"e;~f~ 1 ~mCie!.~ta!.~iQ:t, W~IQ'.~, aJspmPd§,tty pde.ed. My' fa'!iI!~urir~e s:pQir~fihl.nl!gb.j!isw smaFi ~~ri" <>:1 ~nd l!;mi. on~effl:te pie~ wh~fe I ,am j~$t smM 1It1.,allaile ..ltI11)db.~ ttA",tl!iiing bU!t~M·se& •.
a,·' •

~~~t'I·13~Jidanf$jSc,.Clst famG~ ~~l~e

re~n~ a,ftd

1Fr'1,~rrBE~all!S'~ a".a,r~et ilRa.J:y.s.~~f(Hz.ls she r~~spne~a1:J .e;ns~v;e,l"e;3!1t~f[tr.~.~us.f' we~k) t w.lf~li,ls ;wiIy she. c~n 'rafiJes: [m.!e .~Qr.g~t away_ u1:go ,t:o Ba~llm mit_y fl!lv.oW[~lt)0ll!il'uFY spa t _d e\~~9:f' the P~Q~S. wWcl!J·:He bf '~:i~~s iQnru, :Dlatitr.al ~~t ~pdllg~.S~i~inl.in tbe PQ . 01. with (m~y' thiGc SlQ:O:'I"gelntJe .!lOU,fid (;'J," D1'D'lling ,w~~et, i!i,~h.e ideal w.aJ '~o.fie:iax. Im.,d",Q£ '~!l!i!irse:, la rdaJ of IZ!am~.n'l;rllg isn:C"'!!"C1[~bmE'le~e -wt~~,'!tt !i,CI'me ;ShQ:pp'iinl.' B.aJ;~ .~s: ~lle of the ·b.~IS't sJ,ite'pplllg d!@stmart~oD~SrOu,~S~Oe: :LDnOl()n~w~tll


n1i~~~iali$J;s~(j~s a.nd. aDlU!li1IiIberO:~81muqllile Si,opsE[I;c~ed laI.w,a;y ~'I't~lce .rtla:W:f1.owstreets, .A

.8rOrad :sellivel!lh~' ,t(l, brl!.!!Ycis'hallild-ldaWIiiI 8,blSS" iW'ld~h. 'tates, ils ·bhime rOOhJ.u;~IW!o,. fhe. a~~s,hClt: . :spt.ilill,gS/J



~~stin:a:t~oi by a~idle~t. 'f:lwas 'oj a.~rip k.I St()tI,e~e:n;le,lmt ·f:lte ite.'wMcios~d ami 1 ,eD.dei~I!lF tke itmJI

ELiZ'a'btJlb Dro.B'se:t, a ~ale:s -asstsm.n:t ilJ:t I. pe,u].i31:r detP&:r~me;nt st\oI~~ .b,a:~pe:lIi1I~d po.Q hc;~laiY"ou[it~ U

!imJliH .;~ll"!k:e:t~!l)iW.l!I!'of S:al~sil;l\1~,~:jiIS:,t ,!Ii .sh.o;rt di,SlUmae awny< T.be:ji'il~iLW',e fI1o~.mi3Jn,y reside;o;~sa.:nd lIlo:f m!a!n:, 'llIThsi:to:..m~ ~iili.e:[~w:b.icb is pedc€t siJ.ce 11l,Ce1lJ.a b!t. frQ~ all til4ie, 1l00,ph: &a!~ E w.~mev~~ dflJ. [ ~1iI:~dll~tbeJj!eve,l:lba:t ma:t'!~et stil~!l!tes p~e[egulmi~y a 'iDlh,o le~.·s m:;w*etp:ruaoe~lus~. ,as itba.s'd~e s,~.ce :li3dl ~!:HIJmEJ. My fa:orourl~e tb,e m doilS. :o~"e the .o,:k:e,ep-eD.l,.g~mi!.g.il!bllu!~ tlh,e:lf Du,:S1ness, and.,se.e-:,PeG'pie rwmiing. ermilillds Of jUst Irn!...a:li!iagome 'leel. 'The t&wnm sa oh.a.:nninI and qu.ramtt~at s l·t~ :tQ:'.gp!l:~.je"~~ once Ia: mfO'jl\h •. lw'isb 1 ooUJ]c!lgjO m.om ofhm,lhu:g~" · .. '




1 Yom schaD~,~jl,eard~eaehe:r as ,gmv,en 'yuuemaiJl, atb:~fiess:o u Engl'iSJim h t ie:~l::ib3Jmi!ge, studlen:t cilIUed Rupert, willol wil~~,bette:o:CIiogYOlrsO:lloo~, fot ,31 teml. Rupel1:bs writ~el,w you, reques_s ,ce:rtMIIiI,rEWfbnat:io'li. a R,ead hils: emaU, and, ~ffi1!e !JD:~e-SiOiU llav;e,made. Then Wllil~fm, ,eMa:ii~ ®o R1iDI~~usjngaU ~al!l[ iIl,oms. ,


iR.eiad t~e: ru!ll'Iric, -~""'~.'!'UQ.d ~ __ ~1 _.ef_c

Th,eywi.l, beWp~yol do I tbe, :tas,k~

From: S~nt~ SIl'bject::

R:up'eliE~~t;0Jl 2J May .5iomeQ,u€sti!olls

I, re,OOL " "yo. l!l:maU,addfe-S8:~~'- iJ'- - -:' head '~e.;;l)ch~1J! few weeks , c·iV~!3 '-,CI- ---'.---, -~ vaM - __~' -- __ --_ - a -In ---, "-~ -_ 'ago. OlD, ymJi, p~easei.S\lVef mme quesuoos m:r:me? ~ looe,n, swffimme[;,

,,- ,~(~~ ","

FIin!tmy~I was, wondJer,il,gwhetner thestheoll1:llIllal,PQdlJ' ,s-ce I'm


IWM :aii)saw,olde:riing 'wlil!e:t!bef the.re

1£ l!fIIan-1c!o:mI1i,~iUt~ the:re ,i!indw'ha!~ ,ftrle,~~,e are Qpemng .hours:?'

______-: iis a comptliCer ,Iaib. SO~mOw


hii!l' que~,tir>:nJ

"fOlim: sm.oen~Jyj'

Write "ant em)llil:. Y,OI ml!lJst llise gramm;aJU~y 'OOo:'OOt s!2nL-eliillceswm.th aecmate spe~Ung, nd a f(l1fit:l~Ui1l!lt~on ina slty~e:arpp!fo,(pria:re"'01 t~e: :s;ima!&~on.


Write arJ 8_nSwBrt,o ana O'~ the quesitionsW in this, [part. WrMg ',OUIi' answel1'ill1l '121).180 'W'olid1!; linl atII aJYp!l'opl1ate: style.

"Iil1llfr ~lf""iLJ'OI" _1,_-:

'tCIG··· A::n,oUND"
_, ~", ...
1,1" "'1

"-, -,'




'~,:' _-_-(_ ','-_1


w:~are, p~mmiflgto'pllbliislll

a DUIllbtr Q,farticies, om.differt911t iJpes; of ,mUlsie' peoll"ie,

W:ri,t,ean article iiJibou't the musie pep:p~ Hsteo, ~o In y0Uf music I;loopl'e like to, lisi'im to and why",


fiU US'what

'The best ~mticlewillbe pUbUs'bed,

m our magaDoe.,

~,e-'0U been '00 i3,liesont ho.Ji~, ~Q~t1y1 H'sPi" loou~d 'WIite Wi, a ~mw ypu about ~t? h.eLude ,D.UDl.'.J!II:Wimn ,aboue ~,beresort ,ouwen! ,IQ ~uoh iasiuilities~ ·scm::ul1lllp€!ia:ltiql1l. w;st aDd So, on) .a[ ~' 'wihe;Uter YQu'~,R'omtmIeo.~ tEm hqUd<a1 W, eOl,et lpeo-Ple.



alt, ;3 lam.pl3ge . The oo.Mpeuti'on

lE:b.ie hoo'~, 'is or:Smsmg K

"I'ou.are studyimg:EnSllish

sehoo~. and have, decided

ti()' 'eJlilter 1\ "born. sb:::n,l"o.mpetitlOiQ wmcb, o ndes say ,(bu the: story must be,GiID, w,im,~he f'oUOiwIDg :Se:!TI!tenee:

Write your ,story fur W.e COlliOpe'twuon.

'Wbe-I 'wntml :01sCO'IY, ou must not ,ctu:mge 'tllie given se'lteulcC y _ _ :iemwtencc'wlbar:t: penon ,and :I.wn:ber lbe ISttuy is to be writben 10.

m an,y w,ly.

IUlsOI ,establish from


For qUilstiorlll; 11~'1,2,IreEld~lt'Ieb!l'XJI: btiHioW8JliI;c! decidewhte:1rn1 ,answe:r ~A!i IB C or DJ best ffiiltts eaoh gap_ 'flmer,a Is: an ,.a_mple, ,.l1a begllm'lliing~II). lMaink "ol:uanswBrs: 'erl tlile separ,BI1e al:s,wershee1.









The mIme g.~lls"'RGfee: l'm.m:: be:em ,M,Si0~!lI'tedl~tlmi ldp"iq)ua!l~~ CM'S f.- 1(0) ...,.• a ·oentl:i![J~. 1li.erfRst Ro~ls,. 1 R~oo wa .,ro~ll'QeUi~ t~@iS,ml,ijJle ~""~ elf tbe (I) .,'.' ,e:f:f~ftSa:f Cbades ,Stewart. Roi1lsand Ji'rel:fl~rl~x:
Hre~ Bio,foe. LDndoner wJiDl.€l' WM! ,(2,), •••••. 8/1:. E:~onani'ID 1Ca:.~'ridl;e Un.l\i!e:fS~~,~ stat1ed a :company in 1:~2, ~ose:UUlIo,l,or-CMS,. ~oyoo~ an le-ng~fierJnlg~mu~" ¢3Jr ••,.• bDm~l WQ.[Jdl1lg~J__b~ckg~DKn.d. He be~~ bifs,llpm~(iG~liilp' ~ a f;ililwa:y WOil':a~op :aimllie. ~~, of 14, b~~ by ~ih'e;l,ge o:f 21 he ~u (4)1 •..•• up,hls, own en!~e.riiJ.gbllJs:iness, RGJCe des~g!:1edS,~Ve:Eal CitnN:a:~ and hi.:sJItst ~[im.eDtalmooel m (5)1 ..... in 19:00. (6) .,.'":aaerthat~ Cha:rlesRmUsc,arnd HenfJ IWyo~met, (,") ...." tlle, RoJ:lis-=RGyee mail1ly;®act~riDg .&mllll 19040 J.oyce desip.ei~be 'lm<;Dit.o.i-<cam uel B,aUssOtd :tbelll, Rells, whahad. ,(8) •.,.. ~imsetf a.r-eputa,tio.1l ,asai(een' [,iCEI. mqttlfW~t,aISG is.,t!I apaMwl!ij [glin~g. In 19., a~.m\';al~ ,of ~~ 33. b.eu,,) ,(g) •••.•,hi'is '~h!,atll~mtI. a ,I~eelfm _, in t ,he~aiS~be ·-fK,st.Bngtifl,hMiillifliFa. die: in ~ffiitis ay., R0YQf:t hGcw,ever, m'rli'!irinuedwDrt w on' "t'b,eb; bJa;red'mJ~lII, ,~ !fUl, ,.•to, '(:0 d'~DP IiliS 'fIt.staero ..e.np. s 19B.The Rofis:-Ro,ce MerUIl aefiQ~ ~iDlgine~$er~owe;mlil ij,F.it~h.fipl;et ,3IetOp'3D~~Si 'WQdd. WR U~On RGyce's ,!!tealm, in 'Jl9:J31 in. ~lhefam'PWi, R.oUs;.-Rio;lIDemono~ 'W1t~ oha~,~ fr:gmi md to ldaGk,lllSa (.Q} ••.,' of ,r,es~cet forn-·tIln!e . gream: blfllll.



RoIIs, aft u,per-dass

(.1m .•"..'




At connected

II, ui1x.ed


2 A edllllc-a:~ed


II: sehoated

3, ,A


.A pliJiit 5 A :i!!!~'pear-ed

6 A Barb'
"1 Ii :S.bapHlg

;1, A earned 91 A got 10 Ai. S,pite I'll .l kep~ iU!P 1::2 It. note

E made, B s.b.ow~d '1 Sbo.ctly B .fommn.g B aWI!!rded B :uew B, ease IS, w--em1~ OD mI! m~ssag,e

e c c



D' colec1ed D' tm:ilimed DI arese D bJ)oughl

C plteseltted C Briefly C buUdlng C de~ewecl c fnunc1l c ,order 1(; got by c s~gnSJ]


n comnru.ctin.g
n succeeded
D me~t D fa,tt D S3;W thrO'Uigb D' sign


Fait q,lJ.iIes~i:O:rrls, 134,41 r'eaa 'lI,a '~'ll:leIDo,w' and th~nk of 'the 'we'rd whiell1llbest fiits, ,each gap ..Usel onlly' Glne wortd in 'each '9lap. iliheWi 'is;an ,e,lilam~le' at 'the I~~'nn]ng (~D'.

Write 'your ,answers, IN 'CAPIT"L ,l.ET1iERS 'an lhe .pslreta ,Laawer sheel


Trad '··It·-'' o·'-n~a-'IC······:o,·o··kln~' _'...:-'ell. II
(....'.,.,.1 .....

%. new

,sella,cdct( 'OO,(;ii~1'Y his, oPeDed m F:rMlJCe. "'tbe 'riendso,f F[MC~ Coo.b:~' bat [~O,)...'..".•• st~d . group of gr,au¢!_ntbeu,who",~ Bum.OtlS to keep tt'8djthiqa~ food ,ud otIokirng techniques ,alive. 'lbey, a~e


__ . .t 'tbe modem-day

(Q), .,.",•.•..~Z~IS~ .,


aDd, TV moners.,

't:b,e~e,pmdm.Q,th,e,r,s, ba~re (1,4)[ ••".••..,,,.my expe:dence' IS, poof'~§i,o!m:aJ.'COOJ!ri!i~ ilUld (bey r-~:m,r,bek ' -·1(U), .'....••.'.. 'being paid. They aline. motivated only ~y a desl['e to produce g,oOO.,quality, tasty food. Th~y ~- ~eoially ~eeD 10'teaelil the youIliger leDel,anoD (11))< to ,oook.'traditio,nal djs.h~j' and t'O CODvince .tbat traditiolnd food is OOU:e:1i (J'7) .i" •••••• '. CQ'Diy;e.nie:loo foods andr;de,-a,w,wys.,
.£ ,panOuoltbre:.n

D'=· O'f

nm cookery



101 threre

tiimes a 'Wee~ .Rnd the fie"eis abol'llt -20, (18) ••....'...'.

__ es,m,Don arnd 'Iiunch.

:' ,of the [rcci.pes are tl'3Jdit:ionlij~ ,and some of [(19) ..,.••....,' hav,e arncien't Ie,gends a:lta:cliIed ,(210)•..'.•••.... dlem. ' 'seasonal[ mgredients [(21) ..'.'...'.•• 'Used. . - ._ eeursesare g;reat::fufjjl andtour.iists jornn C2~1) with the .~Clcals,(13)' fuey w(l'r'k~os~thertor '[e a die!Jicioti meat 1(34) midi.day die)' aI ,sit dO'WIlI ,lilt mons tables to [cama t]):ree,-:oourse lunc:h,
'i ••••••• ,••


,!,,'or 'ClueS'tiions 2S4:4~ weadlrue te:Q Ib.ei:ow. Use 'the wor,dl ,gilr-.t,en capItals at:ll)9 'end! of SGiflEI' oU1118 IilliVU, 'to in form' a wcm:ttnat its illlil the gap irlttle' same lin,8'.ThB~eis: an exanllple,a,t: 'Ule ibeglnrni~g 1(1:). .. ' " . ~N.· -11--1 W"~' y,ou,r af!I'swers' .. ~ . """·".P··lirAL. III ~Enl!! ... 'Oil_ do- sapar __~'ian swell'·S_JIHL rn;~ '" ,. ~ I 111~!i1i ~ !lue - -- -ate -- --

M!!ir ~e3JOOn;g'til1etext QlDoe ''i!!i!liclkIDYt id~lilifyw.ll!ia:tpart of s,eecllill. the gjven ward is. :_:d will3!nso,l1 ,chlll[lg.es :yo'U, D.e-edto m!li~e..


To be ,(0,)

, in, a, sport requires a,Dlmniiler ,of' 'tl1l!mgs incJ.U;dmg

"S!fliCcES8 DiED~TE

land ,(:2&) ••••••• "•••••••• ' W~Wilo'Ut~hese q~U811i.tiei31ltis vell


~o cO'lil!Ipe~e :lI. h:igb. level. Moot oftlD:e famous s~slPoople a~

~oda-ybegan training dturlng,~beir '(26) ,..••,....,." •...in m;d~f[Oreacll.the.~ peat wb:i1es~J~ ooll,atl~ely

•. eu: ,d~et~ boca:U®e A1"IENIl' NonRlSR

AtMe:te& shO'~~d pay eaRful ,(2.'7) .,.,•.. ,.........00

(:l~1:Ji...•.• '".'."'•••.•. fcodis, euem!tial for main.tailing, a s'tto~g oodywh!Wob is;

las: liallrne ~o s,uffe\rimjwry .. Diet :iis also' impe'l1mlt becalllse~,t must be adequ3!!te tD supporn.slci. ,(29)' ....•...•....•.. actlvity.
It is: ;a)iS{) nereSSaIJ to b6i:ve: the (30)! sueesss, and they mlS~m.elll.tally pmpae:
~o Illoooed ..A:l:IIl)~t&Swil toeve'mtual


often, enJ)oll.mteF~emporary (31) ..•....•••"••.. oatlm:eb:rood '

~,J .~,----"., __

tlli1leIlJjse~;\le..s tlmialtthils ~ SOl


1(33), Uttru.elu:c~

doeS'I.~tha.ve too s:1liong,!l!le,lI!i,tWe

elect: OlD their mmre


:Bl!j!\t'D ~mCl~ID,tmymm.eillt;ed amW~ePillS, il.U!:e~lMe ifa. ..


and effort .req~i:red!I,~ffileywiWm.a~so need (34) •...•...........•, :ilimldperh3\ps a

tn D.Ner ~o suooeed.

Araaice Test '~

for qU'elStions 35"'2" co.mplerte 'the seooll'1l:dsentence ,so Ilat: It has a, s!imt~ar meanJfilQ: tOIthel firstst\nb~iml,OO, us:ilng 'thrS wro,rd 'Qhr,enl. Do, no'I rclhamrl8 the wQrrd, 9 ~vell VOIIUI1m ust luse' betwe,en '~wo,,and "III,e iN'orda incl'uding 'the WQ,r(t given., He~e Is an lexam,lll:e fl~. EXample:

01 A very nice mmgave 'us directions,

Read the who~e !1l.entenoe·ook. at the key werd l and 'then, 'try to woll"kout wh.art the question is, ·,tes;tin-i (pa:sa~v'e, comldttion9l~SI'lete)l.




WERE GIII'VEN DIIRE,CT!lONS BV s8\parata ,aniswer sheet

Wliite oftl" '1b,8missing wo:rds: IIINIIC,A:P;IITALILE,III• EIR:S,oDthe

3S,P~ease dloD,'t touch dli,e: ,emiib.its.


Ir's a good 'thing you ,gllv,e :D1IiC lift O[ E would, ha,!;',e, ee:nIDa'oo fur mym'terview" Ii, b

IGIVEN '~would hav,e,been ,Wale my interview for

, ,.., , ,.., ' ,..,.., ,.., ,..,

, ,..,




me a tift.

Please; do net dropliuer REQ'VES,TED

in dte park.

_ lk doeso~'~ g~t on w.iltb. his ,oollIDea,gues"

Light: traveWs, faster than sound.,

~hrln whyllliew,u aIJ~'Qs, to work. la~e
IIl ••

~ OO"I!mII.dIlll,Q,t

COOUNT ,wuld :not ...,.,,,.-., ...,.....,...'~., ..... ..,., , .., ...,,,
_ I







'.'! Iii




i ill,;I'1








i iliili

i ~rii






. bess 'wouldn t let us ,go home until we had done our w,ork , ,' " "..", ' ,..••, orUl' VI'o,rk 'before we went hom,e.
-e "

::-boss •••,..••. ,

d neve.rll:leen. 10 a, them,e, pililt:, bdore.


Y:Ou arr,g groingl to lread an ,alilicle aboll.d a music 'festiv;aJI. For questicns,11 ..a, ,choose UTe anSlIWIt ,(A. Ii, C or D), wln:i:ol1 y,ou 1!hin1i<fits bestaoccro'iing rothe text. Mall'k your answers 'o,n thesepal'iate' 81!11swers1haat

The Glastonbury Festlval

Enrterlng the already 'm'm~d festivliii ,site. 1: a,llm"e uearsy., I'd beald. diliCOura,ging 'raIDes ,of m~,u:ldy :fie~dls"sbo~, mile1 fi1!ditJ:es 3!1ld, no~. be~g: ablero, hd yo. wn,t amu~l: so many o~en; emctl.y the same as yours. I 'lmiB;d~ OO''lu:se, ,of tried 'to prepare foF ,every ,eventuw:i;Ly .In my w"ksack were '. bdght1y oo~oure.d 'Oa:g to raise ,MmIV,emy tent '0 I eould fhtdli't easily" brigh.t green weUiugool1,booiJ:s and - just in ease the sun did ODm'c:out - some SIIUl.cr.~. As U wmed out" IlIn ,of til em IProved bJ he ve:l}'u~e:fl1l. ne:thr,~e",da:y' Oillfl!sl:o~bI:!t1Festiva1 'Of CO'n.~

the nilgbt alMay ;at 'the daIl~viUage, I ;i;!.wok,eto the ' SQUllQs,of tlill'!!D!l!tdlel' and .n,glmimmff The dowll\poot onl'~H~d aco'll,me of hc'll'!'!, ltillit ~.tWIllS !5tilU ,OliD;e of' chewomt minstC!1"limrio~the pM~ 100', yeanl" I ' was, itlne of the luCky ones .. All-bough.), tent

a bit and my clot_!


daoJpe'r :han


all' mWi~cl~tival in the world.. The fes,tival gt"erw ftom. MmJole ibegiJwllings, Wi 1;970 into the masSive' event it is mday.. The mam org;miser ,of th.e fest'.ival is the &:nn is OWlne.f, Mmbl1lell wbo stmtedmt ,all up 'beca!l!!.!iIeh .. l~~es ro.us:ic., nd .be ,still. a :m9kes the :firD:a,t cliB.oi,oe ,of Wliiilcb bjg~nam:e ban.d~, wm a-pp~IiIr,."()iIet tOO~' tidi!l~ .·w,en:; 'sdld tbis, yeal':.w'hich :is a lo~ 'm mgam:5l1t1on fbr one 'iI:~el. (In fact he d.ees h.iR:3I. music promotion orgaru<SlIIdou to, help him sort 'OI,JI~an the. 'OOlnptiMtiions orf running sucha huge Cre.'itiVl:lIru.so be :im~tquire all 'on bis ,own.), Bot it's, not just music at the festiv,at As, I 'wandered abaut dI'e she. looik.ing for som!Olwhere 'l,O,1ttil :~y ~elllit I l,eL&ed 'Il&at 'mrb was, m~ed, a futh!3ii 0'£ pedOl"mJiiDl arts. The:re wefe theatre 'l:en:~ dance pedOl'lli'DmlMce8, juMle:rs and _me ,Milislm aiD OWl:' :tibe s.i,~e.,You renamly' WC1l:l~dDt stant in 'trus place, e'iJtbe:r.E!d never.seen so' mlll,y fuod statllsm my ~ii'e.WIil:eth~·you prefer Thai, hld~ao and. AfriC3!D, to wneotlQr,njust :afew or even ,good] 'old E.b .tapleS sudw asjacket potatoes, there was some/thin,g, foil' everyone. -

tempo~ PeLri'orrttmgMts,' beld Dill. Wortlbiy Farm. Dl. SormcISet e e;ry lQ.lle:., ~ the ~airgest Qpeli11~


'\IOuId bave 1iklOd',a,~ least I was on hi:gb: gtlllJ!l!l:d. So.me poor souls who b!;ldcamped further down [be hW. had ito uy t'oretr.ieve Wibal~evefbe:lon,gffin~ they,coUld fro. m!erIJ~' suhmerged, undel'(o,ur ,~oot of water. The oir!,Mlifsers, dhl! ,6 effiQie:D'~ job ,of HloppiiDg ~p most oftl:te '!oVaiter air,~y ql!dc:Jqy~bl:Dlt [ Ua:.ere: was !miD LeSCll!ping ~_.e mId. FestiwJIolgoets didrnil.~te£ _at dampen tkeJr spirits iill ilie least. t though" ',1!!iIdlihaT'ibto my green w@lliesllor did .I. TIle fblo'USr PyJ:_d Stage ltimd,1m WiuWllineu;p ot grea.t bands ano, there were prnsnty 'of bmg OO~ pmymg, on the Other StaJge. '~OO. In. '[act; Eber,e are so many stages wwth ,so' Many ,d:ifEerent typ~ (I,f ~ll!ic aild 'i:birngs g,o~n!ll,)olli mat: it ~ b~ Rally ;Iiifliwtt gettillllg, to see anti do ~e!l'J[bjmilg YQ,1I.Iw:an:L ,to. J round m,~lf mlimlingttfUIJ cle
~Q (M



:Oily ffliVCll!.ldte acts; ead stm missed a few alio!eth~r. Then it was d 'Ol1et :and I bad to pB!~. up

.eateh at l.eas,tpaift of'


belongiD,1S ,u¢ll bead badk 10 lbe'.real


After a p~ea!mfit evemn,g,

£roll, ,e~1Y iMt'lginlllb1e walt of life ,ud dancing

O'f m,&etin,g people

world again. h: bad been a p!leasut surprise 'ro discover that. 10O:~lJ,OOeople ~i!immed into p Dl,uddy field$, in 'basic *d!i!tlflWThS('l~e sme.s fd been WId ;abo:ll.!llttle to.iets We'Jie tn:!e) caastiIJ manage tOo have 'tbe~time of tlil.eiir hes. ''fic:kets ',arren':t ,eheap, tillt si:oceov.erfl minion illl pro~, :ftom. the festival ~ to' elillM.ity. :i,~: would. be chi~diis:b.,tQr ~O!inplain.l Ieft ,clUlmchiDg tke handcrafted souvenirs bought ~em·variqus staUsJ andMtha wan:tl happyfee.l:ing 'that I'm sure .i . shared 'ttyanyoolc wbaLbas ~rieiiD)ced the .mJl!I,gmc of the GLMtlPIl;CUq Fersbr'vaJ.

Practice Test ,2

'I WilleD dIe:wnteif' ,ar,ri~ed:at lbe[e:st~vail,she A was :a:fraii(j]J s!lle mi'gbt Rot el1!~Gy il. B, had to walk: ,3!cmssIlJU!cWdy fields. C was 'W,e-;3J.1i~g w'eU~ng~on bOO't5. D was sl1oc~ed bytlmJetQile~. 2Tib.e II1~Dlsallild, '0;1' d!:e[e.sB1"aJ .A lis mooaged by Miclmiaern. Ea:vis, ai!tnl~. I: is d:ifficUill~, to ~he :s~zeo,f~he]l[['l)jeot due. C ~ak:es ~l!lSt a .Jew IdaYS:ll the sUftlN!err. D is ,oomp~ere~yCiolltm.Uedi bya mlusjc company. testi1l'a1'l


~aJd om)! (hie Ig~estiDI:I. C!J1le8lilOlI'l. Of :ste~ [tot the options. aad ulIlile:rlln.e the b:y '\~ord!s.~ i!i wiU h~~p')!Iou n read more ,e:fI~;ctiw~Ial~1':.

:3 Wbalt im,l'i§sloD dlidl [hew,riUer gd RIWmlfiollodtbe A. The.Hi:leWflli!l too muc;h .foo ellon, s:aillIe. iii It wasavelJtheamCl~ festivaiW. t(:: I~ was ,earS)' oge~.~mt: 01 tll.c s~~e. t Theff:, was jam ro see and de,


11I.ewnter uses tie

pbim:lie ~&o., re'tfJf ~RlI;a:liIliul!bllewa1[(;, ,of Ute.' (liDe' J!J) bill show A" tlflelively way poop~e at d1!e fc:suv.atlbehaved. I whmt attivit~es peol,P~e:we:rcdoiil1~ a~:the fes:ti.vailli. (:: theiie w·ere a wide vari.ety of p'eopl.e at dliefesMvaJ:,. -. D how many peop~e she .bad.e~ at 'the dlanee v1Jage.


S The l.MHIintl!· djdni~t D.~et =_ _ , __ .. ~. tbewrit{!rras-,-~bm1i!L _I 1- - mS'-'n~@betause _. as Clime r-QIt _. _. __ A her ~ell!~ ,didll.~~ ~etan¥ w,ater ~.


shedi.lI~'ll~mrumildwearDII'IID'd~iP -. - --~--- ---a'
c. '.-

she had. set!ii!, hei[ teD:t om a


C'~iil;.,~':, ;ICh"liJI.es.

hi 'the: organ:ilsers weregoCld ail: iIfIeiit jo:b.


m.c.ICo:m;pmiDt dlid (be wriitu ha¥e alHlul!t tn.epeJi'o;r-maDoos She d~dn~t la1l!agfl: to :Seesome pe:dOmllJiUliIoes,. R


the res:ti,vaJ~'

]I, 1[: 1)1

Ther,twu. 'too much m.U!Src ,on.a~.1ib.efestival
:I~ wasml,~~ possible to seea full pemomlali1loe,.

Sihe became tired fro:rm w:tll1iin1l anrlHld~e: ~~®e,.

Wba:I[eSimre ,ofthefesD.val nadlbe 'M:il~ m,ot: ppec:_d? A Tickets f()r~e~es~al Wl3im \fiery e~emive. ,BTIlerewere ,ewer 100100{1, poop\le,there, Ie :F:esmwalpioo.fits. He d!ana~edto ,charity. D :It W,iSmlij:nyalblle d:esph:eth.e~a(k of tOOMfort What. 'was ~:bewriter's atlituBe tl idle!:[ulwal ., the e.nd. I.f :wt,? ,-' S,be:{eaU~edthe dilsoouragrulg :stories. sil1e~dhem we:reuntrufl,. B: Sbe felt that. atvend~mlg~he'es·tival beena speciallbpe:rlence. ,had. Ie S:b.ethcm:ght, she had spent roo much.onhc~ets, and :soUiv.e:nirs. 0 She was, sad. lihat slfuJewould. hal""e togo baa 'to a nor,ma1ll1fe Slain.

You ;ar,. go,~n£l to, r'ead ,anarth;::le, ,abou~a. man 'who Sipeil1ltIII ,eslr ,as ,I. v,Olunt:eer. ,SflWln ,semrt,enOIJS[l"Ia:II:e been Iremoved tom ths'artiele., 'Ch.oDs,efrom~i9 sentenoes, A,..Htha ,one wh~:chfjits 'Bifdrn gap ~9-15,). lililEu,e ils ene ,extrasent€l!I'l!O£lI whidhy,oU' do IIiIO~ need to, use'. Mla~kyalLliranswars on the, I&epar:ate anS,W811' sheet.

After the tsunami
Pa"l Greenl iiells us aoou,t dsillC.(Jtin,g his lime iVa IIdl13 W 'helpIng 'lllclim!1 of the 2(}04':Asian tsunami wbuild ihelF homes.
,deiIJdy. It ~s, 2.6 Decemb~12OlM ,Mill ,illS w~ aIlwil)'i' did ,oll tbis d~. 'my &iendS· and .1 had a barbecue; then.·wenJ '10 (h,@J,beac>h fo(f :11. slIJid. W.e bad a ~t ,d:aiY. oowpJeU\ly \WialWIre of the de~8$tllJtiCiD that WQij!:bout £0 'b:e urnBilited not so far from our home:~own '" - Brlstumer. AusualJ:a. When I remrnedl .bo.e Jla,tcf tOil nigib't; [ blumi tbe ler.db]e lf1I~WSlJllit a :m~hrc UQtJ-ctrS,ea: d ~'IiJ;He hi ~:I1,e dlj a:nr ~ Q~ap, had mU~fed off a, d:eldly'l:slm~mi.Wewomd bl'ter leam. ,of eeurse, that al:tog~tbeT mt badkilll,ed

remembe:I" ~ba~ ,~ay ~IY

atpwd a

qillimer of



peop~e yd

'Ie.ft more

.1 cfl,we 00' jOlin a h£!1!dmg 'e'h8rity~, J:atiher Ibm a medical one beeallse 1 bad pllcviom:ly trained ,Wi, a carpenter ,and I beUeved I. c:mdd ml!!b: a differenGe wjlUl m~'l.,~nts. 'Whm 1: '\1I,iilSi a. OW~dl' 1W,3,iS _:Way.;, fiMiog rh:in~. E_ W.wI .1UlSit: ,~~ type of PCUOQSludrerw'a1l, ~Qokingmr. Shell'e'rfound aI.:fo!eio]i me on buildiD,g swte!· wacbillDgconstruction skills to 'the local$ BQd supenffiSing the ,'mduC'tiom ,of'Mattenams such as b.ric:kJ ,md -milfing Ililies, Disease, was OOmnUl1lt b~we ,of poor'iiilIater .a,lld, SSlP'_Jtl!I"J '~ndiiti(l!:!s" so She~le,. tried w mow: the

I -I

'rbu ooe-.aIlltil.";31·!bal Dli~l:·Qnpelple OM~las. b

hOMet~ Ol!lif ,oft~mIPO~aIJeJW,ps,


into iiamel'~

My fd~nds and, 1 had remmed. from a sl!Iimlil8 tlbip'
Kli lndonesil eadi,eli' ltb;e same moud!;,

and 1 was,

pmtiad3lf1~ saddened! by t!I1i'e diels'~t>tioif:l that, accl.U"fed tl1:~l!e as I.~_ad fclt ,!Ii: stro:ngarffe:eti:oll fer t'he 'prople 1 .bad llIiIIet d'urmg mytrave-ls. lt~_m tha't lnJ,looesia ha.d sustained

wortt pbytlcaJ. dama_ge (If aU too oountrit}s affeete>d by the ts:tifUIW. Atth:e time, l Wflill, iii. il,1.ooe.'SS.M fI.~~ III la.e ~~ty ailliue" .1bId 5pelnt yelm, ~n[~Udilngu:pmy IQ~iem/l. ase b


preper bQm,cs,as soon ashliJlma:nly~]bl.e. I' Many of [be olun1ieen: aJso y:_ff~redfrom m.ese., I frleqiYe;IlHy e~rle'iloedi Jll:8/h.fevers ,ad ll!.Si'h~. !lind it ~, ,du~g, t1!tese limesithat 1 Pl~~t I,o:nruo,cdl irmrue :[or
oo8fGifIS, ~JlTIiQnte. Loo,kM,g back '.pe:oding a yeM ;~


1 "WaS, tIter to

a volunteer w~
~t 'W'an.~t le~.

the best. ded.sicnl

andb:aiQiing Staff. I reaUy w,mred. 'to heWp"SB I dliiOia;ted
a.peI,{xmhge: o·fthe :pwci~ frum. Oily S:llB~te tbe worstaffe-et:dJ, a1'ieM In bmdtmcsla" leased .y bm~oess. an.d,flew o~:('tQ Indones.ia., I jo,ined ;)D org8njs8Ition of volunteer,s eaUed


said that if I wasg,omg, tQi dllQP (lU't, ,of Rid tile:' fOIf 00 long I.d bve K), finance my hU'lDl'lniiblrm:n. ,adi\l'entl:l:lies 'm~Lt. Tber;e W,!IS al~C) 'the fthee:r pbys:. em lilboUJ". BY


had -eV'e;rmade" but
w'ere bapPJ

I: MQ,$,tpeopWIli

'be!Jp but a lew


end 'C/[ ,t~Jl: dUly

I Wti tlro. pIl),!si.eMiyand OiIeomtl,

s._het'er~ oortmililJiUedi t,o rebuilding b,omes. After
tSlmarmic., ovetr [60' aid o'lf'pnisam:iMli._,dUN
he&Ml: operations
W,M 'Olm


m b1idoofl1da toprcnride

sbeID®el1', 1I"eililisoo

food and. schooliQ~ so [ ..


I II :soon

alone. SJmlleli . focus

weKn~'~· ']_\eb:un~g lomes. we wer,e 'i:l;jlea~g h,opero1" tlt~ m:bHe.


exbausltedl. Some'times my muscles, ,ached so ml!!.<:& that [ cotddn~tim~8ine oontinu:Lqg the om dla,. :Back bome 'in :Blhibane, I ~eontiQ_ue o support ~ Slrelter by giriogpm:senm,tioDs on my .y~M abroad ;and SlP'I',el.ljjtn~f1i-t;hewo~d a,b(Mlt their C'Jilatitlllble wmk. [ b.1W'e also nmde ,oounUess ite10ng friends. Fbtthe,rmolll;., ] ,arm weloonu~ in many :I:m:mes hI! the area. My' fdelli. lllmlld I wrull deJimIteJ, btav,e :sem:ewher-e ~a.stay Illuring ow m1!extmm~lll,trip!:



'CQDl_m,OU .mlne&eS .irmilcbJlde dillt;ffJniocar

suHe:r,edj by ,ctisas:tel 'vileUms revel sJdn inimltiolDs;

E B'1~lbe time I 'was Ml,:my 'twe:o:tiel!l,I wUffid

make fumi'frurre and bad belped many :&ie:ods,
"WIJ~h :renOVllltiQ,DS and fepairs,

:re:spka.tDry infections and S'tomlcll probleols., B· I hoped lhat they had all, ~soaped uooanJilled..

dicit homes •



[bad to, live 'Off mysa:\ling5, and whcntbey raI out I ,as.iredfneads and family for loans. I won .[teoosoo tbalt.lwanl!ed~o! mOif'e~b.Mlpve Iloney.

MY's~QiIyhas, inspired dozens ,of new recruits

to sign



1(;' ",o,weverj,

D' MaThYpeo'pIe bad. loot .~oved oaes and the sorrow of dle loca.Wscou&d be feWI'aU areued

It 500.000 Indon,eSi:MlS,

didn~t hav.e a roof ,over


their Mads, so ,they were desperately needed.

Qu:iC!kIIy read the 'text :nr,·,Cto get a ge:Rt.r,ai idea of the :meaning and sequencing of ev.cn'ts. 'Then mild all the sentences before you start, fwWWing tbem :in.

Vou art€!goingbJ read ,about foulr dilemm 'chefs and their wollk. For 'Cllues1ions 1 84D, cnOOS9 'm:.mth,e cnefs; (:A-!DI)I. l'he cltmafsm'li be cthose:n mo~e'than lon,oo.


yOUtrQnsNBIfS on 1111,8' :BBpara~:ea:IIII:8WBII' sheet

UnderUnirng tile .key words in looking WI.


questions win help, you focus en the kind, of :ilnfonnation you


says that the way their food. looks is,impo,rtant?

10 01



tllri'nks that it is l!len to eat die way people did in. 'IDepast,,;)'

Ot _0













G-cralfd a c'JMs,1ea[ly ~Iledfloe.-:h chef and I ru:n ,CO'[l.cernedl ab@lu'l file lack ,of qu,alHy in most
] .!ill1IJ

f~S~I!lU11!n1i~lodayF~t!!i~eMS~h~~ peOlp~e:~1ls~mMr

do a ,SJl],Ofll: oool!1q OOU!I'Se· oid 'me.o.eaIJ. me:ItIlleI.'Ve.!l, it l1im,~fUa~@ da._ys. I wa~t:raiJW;~d i[!m~ c()mml bteu
n'a(J,[~~ona,~da:mp'!ln~c:ul,a.dy ski Ued Wi mak;illg ,p,JlS!tif~e~" BO;i:'b the fbod and senloec are of ;iiI,very higb ~n,a·t1dl1l'iidat 'my resta,ura:m'l. For Re. p:o!-S'eD.tatiOI1 is t:b;e, ke,.Wh.ep Ill. OWim:mer iUs, SIe(!'Ved hi:s me,a~. ~l.sho:gh:lI be pW,~ aJs,ing to ~he e,y~+FOf
fll:comm,e;ndou'f Sli.gma!ttl:l:ie disJiID: bauliIJJ.I11 and ~oon nO'Q~~. ~t will deflnitc~yhOlve, 19iUWQti.ngtll) retum the lIe:x:t
Olllif ft'lSiU!.Uf,!UiI[.J )

or,i§iln Je: ~t'l8re d len M" Too m,<1iiliiliJ :pes'l:iddes: bel b1s>el;l~,,~des prrese>nt .i1il ol!lirfoocl aee 'tod~y and ][ beUev~ ~h~ ere C;l!US~~.g,wid.esPI~~.d illness ..A:p·at:l: fr:onill ~biU. liMi!:IiI1I:a:lilelTeatme~t of

r on ~yu se

anlm~h; is .relliHyimJI'OJUlllit ~o'm!!Jny 'of O'~:!i custom:e.rs, ''[0' bec~rt:med of!aJni,C-,t:lil:e:aiil!~mal:s : ust .eat nlil111~.dfolOd~ n 0'[ b e tfe:a~e:d wh:h


3,n'tiib~odcs. 1()1i be: keprt iI'l cat;es.l'b;ey B:uJ.~lha'l1'e !i:p8ce ti@ walk.&-e emy. For tb~Si~ Ie-asDns~ @:rg:a:nic m~,Qli,s·fri~ b(M·a,.n¢lof ben er quaW~L~y~ m:y and custcrners s.ay~'bey ca~ u!su; th.e d'.tl:en,nce. Ol~an ~e. ood slia.ou~.d be eiillJeD OJ!'~v·eIJQne wb'l' f

eares about our


e:VCh1:g fur ~ ;~Il.d!


Cdt~cs bawe p:raised P_Y c:rea{~Qn~alild F halve l1'ef;:eWVl~d;;I Mj'!l;be·Un 5t~~S,. Now my 'na.me is ~~o(l.[a;~~~rMfh e)tooWI-e'l'I~cooirulg. ~ DOW thiU tl-e ~di:1 haJi;f.~ubJ i:!!hcdrepOift!'i :[f\Olmr"Oirm,e;r ~taf"f p wiIlo· dUm I tlmew fooO; iHd. ~re a!l' them, 'But ~e WfIY' I 5eC?ii t.U'YOllDJ can't t<i.ili:~·~he hlila!.t. et out onhe g kjjtcb:~n!EV',e:l,yon~ who works in !.!! tele:b.(;,a~ed

], ~Iwa/rs,prutchtlse f'Ood&o.fiI. ruociI.ll mdl!l:ee:r:~. p YOg !lee,. poJluMon 'c;M~.u~)~,d tr:a:o:sllo'lUng f~@ d by I:olng di-stances,i:s) ~ S~:rWOU5problle:m. J~S;[ ll::e our :flj]~~mn;~wh:o d[dn't baveremilerr3llioH 00' m,odiern tl<'l~spod.we s hou hi only eat prOdil:l.celh a,~]S gfO<\w cl'O$e to l:loIl1Ie ~,]IDdi:n,seascm. M.yres,tam.BlDlt : follo"Ml tb!!Jtp:dml.!:::ip~e.

FeSJl:a:iliIila:f:lt Wll8s~o eqlec~ Some pWless;~~ ...~' ba:v·e

.&t.:am1d"q, rom&i!l\udn.

,aft.e:r ;lIt,



My s:pe'Q:~,al:ity is Po lyne s:i a~ '[00 d. :~h,aV,g t.rav,e~ruede);$e'n:li]Y~'Ly' 1iJ0000d my' pll aees for !liO~[C[iliilg : m,ad M_y '!i(;'l~p R[~ch~~~asI Joti~gl¥ eall ~.~ o~~y ~~f"1{l'S;SQlm,pa:nd drinks, as lpref~:r 10 s!pec:iflme.

~~. Sia11l:ilOfl~ N(l\1!f~~ll!D.d

tlilild Hawaii.

I combi


o~.drecipes w~thi n~oval'~ve: ways of
.ma.il!li~a.lll ~:Il.eun:ique

p.ref<l!ring food,. ,iIiD.d I tty

l'h,e m,ostp·opl!lJla.I!!iOUpS. aie pzpach:c)"le:I1M1. cm~g;eUe and cele:ry •. 1:k:1l<l/lv[b!!il P~QP]C:who ~Djlcyf~ll,g dililling wo~1d not fII,afll1l1tlJJ~lyoonside[ g!ilin,gt~ a SOWl,p re:!liil:lI,W:all. but after the"},"ha:v~ lillsle.d tb.e, d:e~ic:ioussoups on (I~:r menu fbey ctll~_!}I.g.1llheir wanl~roS!h()w how iSOUp C<llDi be j'm~l~o lme1f'I~Otl:j~t a i!l~mcrot 8Oimle:I'.llilIi:Q~ , yeo tlwrov,' ·togetlJeral the las[llnIwu;re. 'I: glir:.wuf 11QJ :p(W'~rtyamad Ht1te~ ate at 'I:b~ :!!Ol!lP ki;[c1n:ensin O'IJJ1 ~C'iglrjb!;i!UI~~oodi.In ho~o~li'lJKftb~ ~Ql~f1 teen who fied .to: mI:iOr'1ti.g~. ~i.e-St I nOw donate Clve:r iOO ~i.t!re"sof sc:mpl~Or ha'r ]trues ell'¢ty o

hi:srtOJry of a {Ush w~~t~addj~g a !i!!1@dero

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que~~~ Iii!lingu, '()y:uide:.P~ople were eutioas,
do¥.. now, biWl: on Sa!tumay

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~lgb;ts.. yO,llDJ ('Jim. e:x:-pecl[;o wait· ov'e:r a~ h~!:I:r 'Ora {
tpbl~. Booking, :i~ hffigMy' n':~omm~ndoo, By pi,a(:~g fta!!lgtipa~ and p_m~D~a,IIICl!!!illd ~.bc f-elu~Uml!tl. , h~vetrjed '~(llleC[e~reme tfi:gr-008 1 of~e re~on . .IPilil:thibiscuses M ~s1m:e.[lvaseS'whiaill illr,~.huWnl!:de by ~ocals.n;ev~.s lookG1lagnii~lmIt. .~b.~ ,ev~.Ilings.'when the llesUl.u:rIUl·~ is 1[,up w~t;b. eandl~. M)all,y e:f tbe cuS:l:omrersu;U me ~bilf the EloW(llSmgge'f m~oriesQif li.eir ~.trip~~o th.e :regiol~,.T-oaddl,i)I[he :no,wers, I 6,ve.b.rougb't back. artef<llctsil.lI,d fablrllC'S from my ~QllIlr.~.eys:to place on t !~etab les r'or cu s,~a,.,e{r:s !'I,dm~re to (illl1rin,g the,lll" meal, Eat:i:m1g air my ~~"U!'U!l'"llIffi11.t $iho~ld 00 an. u~fQrgl,m:abkl, ,exp~ti~llce.

w~ek. n~.s,Ithe ~ea!i.~ I can do. 'Th~ sueeess c<f Ute

mear1iliS lID',a:tnu:wadiays ~'have.

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HalI,I'j'fili\'!ha:!lded m;o.s:[ reS:PQnsibirujt[~~: evertc golf.


:sta:ff,,'~ g,et 'to enjoy my oUi.erp{)rJlsion, which i!il

'Ill You ,baVere(l~lVed an ,emaUfrO'm yow &i.eld. J,en:y~w\be,has to prnanDl,pmty at ribe IMlguilige scbcol YOIl used tDai~~eiDd..Qead Jie:rry~s, mail alEld tbeno,~es, YOil!!l. ha:vemad)e. 'Thenwrit'e 'an ermiail t(!! JeTl}'", 'lWngall e :YOl!lr notes.

Whcc.l\ refertilg,~D o:f~~e~e:XI1. Use you
own words Whe![,B pos~i.bte!i butkleep yom'wrlti'rng :n1~ra1 and close mthe meglll'l\l. (he·.mpill!t, mateJia1~ do aot .~ifI;'straight 'D~lt


:Be~,oiUillfie,gmad y~u[r .s~U!di~;ne, o~e[~ I I'eaUy 'm:lSS :yD:Ui!lri.lh~ sc~OOJ. ~W; ,a:fi:ce jiob gojng,?,------------~~9

W!i':r,e. 'oom~ng to~~e ,en~of tie s~b,lQo.~ e. atnJ(iI~·lve:jEtb~ellJl ask~d y to ,lm;eWJ" o.rg!l!mlise Ille :~JhOO:I pally .• I was wondcrM,g if Y0!l!l could giiw ,IDe, some adv.iQe?
The:J!e wHl be ol!!1cr fif;ty st;l.u:l:e~;tsg;oiiug" Pm,

"lot sure: w~.elheJ:rome


boail: and h ~v.a ~,pmt:Y on.thedvell.'., or to prue:ka.goocll res,tau:ta~~~ W1uU
do, yOrur!. thillk?
Oi.opinii7/\~ willI .~ .

El'a like n'), ~!Il'l,ll',ite :~Ol!lla~oDIg,~ Y,OIlmsl:w:ffi~ed !here last.Jeat m mere m:i3i~ be sOIM.e f"8!miJiM' faces·at: dlle,_ty.[:es on 15th J_e. Hope, you 11:8 .mm .i~~ ,



Wmwe, your email .• YoumJw1.usegJ.aiJlffiancaUyco\rt;ectiefDI~eD.oesM.th.atcUf.ll~e
:pljlctuaMon ina. style tI]?prop:riallle fo[tihe Mm:aliol.



Wlr~t:ean a_nswer~o, Oile 01tn:9 qu:esth::llnS; ,;2-4 inlhl1s, parril:.,Write y,OlUJanswet apprclpri9iWs~lel.


1:2)D-110 wort:ils ~.nafll1l

R,e,member :~haJJt ~ette:rs (Iff appHtaitia-l1 are 'wr.!tten.in a~al !ty~eand you need ~O' be ,oons,istel1l~. ,ru.e, ~. you ca:m'~ use short :wrMmlS,Qr ,othe_, e~'al1p.les,of eyczyda_YJinfonnallangu,a,ge in a 'fomnaWI:e,nef.

w;e,Deed'~O'lllOO:I,e;~jJw,Q;~tiDlG.l1r '0_;6 inlme: ,ecw~~. b;a~er,&imendlly p~fSOnaM!ly~YOII.!iI ,IiliJsonr~d to hlll1l'e:; ., ,e~e:inlleDee'0'£ wotJring

Y'ou ,.!u;st~spe:J!l;,:Bn!~iSh d ~

i~ a,cIllF~ or Je;SfalUl\'alllt: • tllliealbiil~~~o OO:Mmmk:~~e w~uw:il:h 'CI!D!S~Q!Ili1IIe!rn.·
• a,· ~tingll;~~S tOWDiM I~a[(d


P~e~e "Write ,lQ;M'si B4itti)Iim,e:~,~x,];gmm,~ wbJ' ,~rhn 'YQ:u<a;[C ~\1l:t;~bWefurtlilJe ],o!tll,
W:rite y,our letter' 'of ,8rppti.(UOIIlil,., Da,no:t"" wr~~e:a.nypostaladdress:es.

~.e;_ga good ~fiIimlrJ.em' Dm ~a:~cly' have cr,e;a~ed a.lIJiew·R,eadiets" We Review 8le~~o[[lhl,' magazine. 8mD1d would '1.e~ invi~e:wade:rsto .WiI'.Wt:e 8 ifa![W11 .Ol!!lf to m'9~'w. Ipc'hmde jniOml@i.tJ~D on ,~~nte1Jt3.~llJgb.~&e l",'l(.J~r~.e i~¢Jtin:_g ~dI tb,e !ijnUliildtraCk .. AJSQ." 'te.JUus 'whgthe.r 0f~Q't .~~ W(l1li!ld fe~G.m~nd tootfh:e;[S,. it If ynruJt rewew ~ ,one of tb~'bes\ 'WeW'ill pn/hlfibr it .EUM mont;b,ls.iss,uc of DVDWodd.

Hm ~au

_. arDS.

mu.ba!.ve~adl a. di:souss~,O:Din yOU!!: ED,glisbicrnass, aibOiIJ!~ whether o.i not students should hlru.'i'C: w'ea:[ school ~o ¥OIUJ[ ®eawe;[ .hUD.OW asked you.~o w.ii.ir~ea:n s.saygivmg your views on '~he e foUow.~ng s~atemeD'~~

for' queStIDans 1!~112i Mad' 'fI,e, tm:!:: and ,decide whloh, ,answ,B,I' I{AI' 1" 10 Gil' DI}I best: 'flm eact'll gap. 'Th13lels ,an QKample' a~tl'le tu~grrnniiilig fll Marik If,OI:Jur' QiI1liswt.lrs, :nthe' se,p:Sll1'8:te, an:swer s!liIIeet. o

It\. decwcled


Machu P.icchu




"lie; ,c~~'of M.aich!lll. .itcb~~' :i:nPem" $~Ui~tl,AM,e~ ~ is 1(0) ..... to bean,e !qf the.,ostbir'ea:~liiif;Hmllilg- sjgll,t& in ther' P ., ~ ~~,,"~d 'if~'" -t -,'1UID,LI"'::T 'tllre ~m )0: I ·l,t.~. !ilL ';ri'~7""'" ',,-, ,'E~e lnM ]Ei"'- ¥I' a:tl I WOIi~_. ,It_WM a~eu, t" lIA~l!IoLe, J."'iI'.,.I"'"':I'WU_I"~!Il!_-------~P.Xre .......... l_:smooLlpo w,e~,.~'il~m: __ U!!!!!~. "fUL maJres ~
C, ~, :

(ffi}js: so' unumai is,rha:tc i~is: ,e~ty Am;d~Mou!l:aing.

(::0 •••.. 2,;4.30 ~O!Itllflf~

,:above sea

tn ...... 'the


top 0f a,~§'Ufittain

'[idle: 51111, the

Ma.ohuFffiOO]Ju ~ ~. ,~IiII:otietlla~'iibefn'ea$ had lohilite a lang, ~bttKUJ!S paltk 'tlIrougib tlhe An:aes,~og~t{p it Tcrt;l1i$ laa;y~lWtmli_ &61, 1(3~.~,•• hQw,th~ 1D,Ca, ',~ple Were able ('0 buitd. tli_ils sm(lDeei~ so .gb.~p1~4).,...•


tiIW '!!lised\f me.!lIe;mrOOb;nOIDamr,. Th.e ;lo.C3s~ree~rt buildcl'!l carWQI~he rockS' peIf~!::tly Dd. (,5) .•..• ~l!i!elD ~ itngtlt!!er SQ' ,wei d'la:l,cm Icmm.Qt side a mile IfIi) ..... Ithe stones. _ the wor.Wd'em" leam.ed. mthecttys ,e.mre:~oe afre:r an Am!ne:riean'.lmt£iri., r Hi .. Emgtia!amt (8) ••...•~~ow. 24·.[ul:y 1~11. ~P:rewo'ml:y~ 1I)Ply'3:,.n .ll1)mru 'pecp:~e we:r:'e (St} •••,•• .of the Iclty. I~ mas; n0w~~e. ,i!! pppl!!l.~o~ri:St ,()Jill .~"•. PeQR1@w:~ .~up'ro fQltf days on ~~ JE~ 'Tt;~:l:iltkrrrp!lgb th~;J,\IJid~.

.J\!s:t;O\"'W~g;tr~tb,e en "'" 'of






t~ 1,.1) .,,;•. tb~


~d, a~ile

tbt sJ.l~chIJll~ru:(Ili) •..... mOrnill,he ®op. _ t



11 .4 ~~

B ph~ced


:2 A 3A 4A 5A 6A '7 A
Ii 9 .A.

mine ~hmk:

fmuimg amomill,g


B B B B B I,

leve~ rDlHlIgme


:s~tU!a.te:d 'C' .b.ej.l!l~ c doubt e apHt

D :settled D po~~ D wolde,r
D' IlIn~ess




IlIga:lliThst pru1:,

thrO"um,h ,

A. in.\fe;nt~d

other B dmoov~d
H, SleImlS~.Uv,e. Hi





',11 A d:irec,t~,on U A ari.vc 12: A seeee


ml flmilii!JI' :11 ruoc;a1!~on

I, ~eac~. 81 mmap

C nni5h
C w.ew

II aC:~j,eve '01 ~oo:k


IFr'or ues:~]cui1lS 13 ..214"",ad the' text ibe~row' andll1inli< oUheword q irI, 'each gJaP'.fbere is an 1Hamlple atlle bsginrruin,g ~m!),.

whi,chibes~fjlseach 'gap. Use enly one wend

~I I



On ,Ap;d~~!!I}o~!!:'DiilY~ peo,le, is a,blul~spjder •


ooumlItrnes pmayt:ric'b (0) ,.,•.,.,..,.,.Co®lch .. OUmeiF. UstIDaly~~h,etr,wC:b ,hiiro'l,\!',e 00 (13) ....,., ,.. dia.y you co~d~for nl!lmprne~ ~eJ1a frlellld!ltIc;r'e ... ,.fooUfiIII,l"tlfiIeliil1",

makmS,,:frieiA'd:s:~lilecll'e mme~g[,idieul~u's.

(:14')••......., sbmalde,:r., 1ft~ey be1:~ev'e"oll. ~cmliilave suceeedJedi (IS) •.,.,

and (16) ..,..,

if y,QU ,amy trictttberolo:f

a seOO'Jld~ youtlav,e, ~~erigllt ~o sllil(m~~jAp[WID, :Poo~!~J ,CUI) , as IireJJand 'Of

Dis, d,a:y, 1st ,Apdl" is also :UOWIt 1('l'7), ••"."..", AJ1Feols~ [)1i:'!lY.In some 'oonltll'te:s~


'tl"y 'to

,fOfim, SO'Meone befor-t 12noo'n. 0") •.•.......YGUI do ,p.lay 'tT'Icb ,aft~rmfficldayj' Y'OI

'OOm_e fue, :to,G,1 :ms~e6d.
8m, bo,w (,!O~.,••,..•., 'this tradition b~gin'l" SromJC Apri~ :Fook' [;lilY ,oligina.ted 'in F'ranoew.ben.tha;t ,ccumtry :Sly

___pted ~h~ n,e,w 'Gireg,Clrian ,calendar. I'n~h,epil'ev~o,Uis,oa1:e:JlJdaf.~ New Year: was,ae1eb,rated (2,1),•.••••.....2S~!b. '=:R.1.h lst. A:p'r~J.~ und~ r:atbe,[ tkan 'O!H b~
~ - - of




as in~he G.reg.o.i'ia.1 ealendar, Som.epeo'P,le refl!l:sed

fo1l:ow 'dJ,e new caJelclu~anld ,oooiltii!ll!Ul,ed®o,oeJeb:ra!ri;~e New Ye;nE S'pring,.O~her ~opJemade aid bli!!i!g,IiJ:ed 1(23) tb.embecaUlSe thl~Y ~.re ,o~d~fashio~ed.mld. d:idilillt~want to cl'DI'tilg,e. N'(J,w .D~ylias become a g:1c~aJtra(ffi~monjand no ,one is,sarJe,1 PeopWep,]a,Y Lrii.C:ks ,on C:M)

tno~ JUSt

~ose wJlIlo don~t wan:~ro obammge ith the dmes. w


For 1C!,ue,stions :25..;14, readrhel~e:Kl: be!lew. US8 'the 'WO,rdl IgJven ilml ,capita.!lsat.",s end lof som ,of the lines to '~orm Ii word 'that 1m in thel ga(pl ~irll'Ulli :lImle IInll. Them is a!~ '8'xamplel at the b9!g]nll'll'ing (III)" Writel

your answers, liN CAPIIITAL






anlIWell' .':aet

Faeial Expresslons
Body WU,g'lulIB,e is ,a, very (0,) ,••••••,••••••,., ,


of wmmummooDi. Som.e

(2.5) ...•.,...,.••••..••••...••....• ,e-xp;reSSlQnSj~n pl2liniCUl~U, can be 'U_iIldmtood ,all uownd

the wo:rh:!l., If we find. :somethiJ;w,g

1(26) ••.... '

,fior e:xamrpJ,e--; wrinkle we


\II,P' OIK n0;S~. ADyo-ne W'lltc:tiliwg: mDl,edia~e1f' knows, hoW' 'W,e ,fee]., i

All peopIDesmUe~ and, a smile islik:ely to gfit a positive (21) S:1.'PUe~ .UjC~,es :8i[!ound youteyes automaticaly contract




ltEA!CT G"-

am~however, be obv:ious when Y,Ou, donj'tmcan it. When you (l8~
but 'lh~:semuse~es are


to ~Qontrollcolllsc~DuSly.An ,arlth~Dlicsmile :fad,es C!lui:c.k1--y~. ·~(Jo'~w.bl1ean ' , ~a:stbJnl:er.

artifi,ciiiiJ mi,e win (")1 s 'The expressions wem*e

when we are

sad andscar,ed are aIJO


to most e;wture-s,. Despite, aU the 30) '." wor1d, we cansliU oommunicate 'using t'his I 31)

,blingu:ages spoOken.in the , 'Language of


JII()wever. YOiii.sometirlles need to be, 1(32)••...•••.....••••..•••....••. C-e-:rtain .!es~ '..• can vmy. ,eWifll vatmn. a single OOMtI)'. FO!I exMnp~e:" (33) ,•..••• Ita:llians sestming yes" Wt:m.eirheacb m:rw,.ds nevel baok, w.b.ereas,:peop,l.eJa the 'oo,rth nod by tiltiing the Iilead backwards ,and forwarM. 'TlHs ,c-an.be very
'Io!t!!'I!II!I!!o!!!!'II'1'!!!!U".,. •• '••• ,•••





Fra:r,qlunes~ions:35:..4:2"complete tbe second sentenee so,lhaJt ~t:hasa.slmil~ar mea:nIIi1,Qto~~e 'fimtsente:noe" Il!.iIsingl the WDrd gwv,e~l.. Dc, not e:l1anrg;e lllill.s wor,d '1IIvon. 'fo'l.! must IlJIse' between 'Iwo :BllrnldlliYlB' world,s". ~ncludill1illglili9 word given. He~e is an ,example '(Ol'.
l l



Te.1lY~Srca:rneedsil"e,.am~~;. SllOlJLIlt

Make SIfI',e' you. use be:tw'eefIJ 'two and. :five wordis. Cl'Illl:u:aetiols (e.g. can~t. tm't) coat as.'two wo~.

35, 8.j3., couldnjt ge:rl:..ii:d~ paremts" permissio:n,to buy :1iI!l expewvecar .

S;aJJtiaf·s.,uents HAS
S:JI" Le:t~sw&~~.earil:, ,gaJrne~ thiis:

,.......••.., ,...•.."..""'•.'.'.•...••...•., ,..' "' , .

"'•.'...•...•...' .


11[1. eJq)ensiive ca!'•.

:36; .Aim f).ot thls paiD:tl~gteD,fem :a,ge.



sho_d boak ~om ticket befbire.hand iKYOll.wa.n:tro get a g,Qod5leat.


,3, We dO!D't hIVe :a_flJ mil~~ ~eft~!lowe mlJi&~. :lmO blJ'some. go

:I.IJN I IQo~ldlevt1 ~ave imhed the ,JCibMltitOU!t yom beIDp. D' I could .lIlleve~ :bave- fl.nish~dJ ,jc'lbl
~I~ !'!'!'!I'! !'!~!;!, ..... !.!.!.. ~I!-!,!'!i!l'! !'!i!'!'!





·.,.~,~·~;t,i i'Ii,,;r.~·Ii'."'.


i".Ji ..... Ii

.,iI •• ,.



Sophia wu often urn when she wasa cb:i1dl. lUSiD


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You ails !9c!inSI to, mille:! 8!i111,lxtract: from :E1c m,ovel. For qUI9sUons '11-1",clntocsel9te al1iswer ,(Ai' II C or llll) WhriCtJ Y01U1lhinJik,'fits blst :aeoor,cHng' 'te, {n:etext., Mark: ')r,our MiSwers 0111ihe ;SepaIr8,t.e, al~swelr sheet '

It W011![d he ~fMp~e' mQ~ghto follow. ii.:it:m. K.!Jp'J: wa:s a :111:_ of, lWa~its~ e :~de¥eD, w:ben MS iQ~ ~ Whl'~ we'r:~ ineIDll.r ,6 ''\\'toUlld .s~lt~t~Ms.m~d~dal :i1IeiIJl~ wbe~tvelt~t did ta:k~ ill a~Pewts. Mmss ~;mp~ rQ'u!DIDcI-'~ aD~'lM~e: 1itOtlksb(i'i~~l1)~, dlg:~tte~t' w~eie; as ~be ~. oblgedi,(o ~!Iii~e: ~e:fhif:l.g fQrs~and:lOJ,~ SOl ~oW]J,g !\'iIi®¢bmg tbmil]J.!!]ili. its, WjndiQw, .she. ,om nil'tpui~!re select;e,da, eG:1'!l!bn:e V fl'}~[\.wlu.tlil~,~mled ,Lives ,of Sei: M'a#jfs, 'The. b'(!ID~ were d]e~aiJedl nQ'Ul~ rotEler KI spend, tffi1e e t~e to 'gje w:mCl,ow1 a-,:~~~mly e~l;llin,i[l'g .e boabi', a'OtuaUy'.wa~crniml R.oge'l' Dr,8[, en:i:eJt",imd thenJ' afte.1l7·,m,bG1n[~'exiJt al()M~ fr'!J:mJ the hea:~ (lOGY" ,a,eW&s, tihe Sltftfit. HewaLkoo :st&ail~* bael®o bisoBliee int~e, Mml~sti1 ,~o:W'afd, MiSS, 't-eJill_pt!1!;- ana.ol,ed for b;~r' puro1lla'Se~Q be !lIeli~ematO: th~ IQmfade :I~dw,~ted baC,k-m~b!I'l:he sU~etj @ellDgWi~ea.:foo.l.l'll[lrle~adl ' lle,.cfoosed tke, ~U:3!ll= !mfore sffil:e;"W.l!IJv].mcedi bieme.ii ~a:t me WR Willet so' ml!Dlcl:li arfaoJIS an jj]~eRe~d. 'G~iSeri,el', It,'waS: I.oLlltll~ tel war~'ChUQ)D,:o,ulJsid£ dDl& :~e;s~awan:t 00m~ ,ody' bm :insj,d~e"j~d she,11a~e diMovc~d wbil1tl~i' Of ~dt R~g~t di:llted ~t~~e with o.ftaefS GI' 'Wim, wMb'h !p,Mti~1!da!r.~[bef!Sl'- all im,POl1M)!t i.ITruPilUl!~~~fII. " Sl1a bad I,ple~ g,o!)d ~e~E:g thf!l!~the crime ,slile1l5e,titovedrIel h~d oo_illled 'Wilc&l'li'tt()be:!lelill~~~, ww.l, w~mchM€!~lJlit~ilie w~ li)m~~L'0IICaiIlll ~Eltwng&;om. GDSeA.·C hif; W"Q,mug day. It afrer WGlik: Iil!~~' u}' re3i~ mf~~ltt~n,wmilrud a ~.e,J~a.thel:,ed.Abrnpflr ~he ~bmi£,~,'as~fu:e wbme\ViiDd:Q~, were thiek' wilt:h :Iwms.haffil~ cfJ.IIlIa:a~e~b:lm~fS!I ,els.km..s. hm~rm;lel~o~. imd a ]!qt aDm:tm:~:llt 'of wildJ[[ng s.ti~k;s"Bb; le:ft 'weariD~ a~ad,~i' bl:IC:1l: lra~lilg iC]~*J''.wW~h d~€lp bOQd' am,d stv!!ral wel],tiliidt\ej, a pClckets;, OFUll';3 gl8)Sl!l~ a le:al~ib.e;r':Ii:IIZlil,md liIJ3~~boolk:~ nd i_: all~W!ea"_,Cir pccRlG'il. Miss Temple tlle.!illt~k a liuU' ~:el:l! B.li:tw"~~eups of t~a'iiil_n'd t~es~ slle m~d.;e~m@.!i'iltie,16te~lt, s~a,risml, .ber pl- and tWO then. desmdlbin:g'the dary'~~kli'mwkm far. Tbat:' sb,e now i)ad, a: Old, l0,fum!~bf.mand a. sel'Clf t~ ma:d~ le&et,ytb'ing thaf mUiO]Jeuie;r. amd. .• ~~, less abJ)l:a: b,etfa:mc,UiWar ~eIDJ[!g$~ :luks requimtg;doth>es fOt ~Jld 1l!U!p:~rtiDg,eg_u[pmen:t'~~eIlc~.sO}1lethmw'mom Obj~C1itn.~1 'e:v~ I5cle.ntific.i:D _tom.Im.~e~fng, wW_~h~'~!}~s~t.mi!IJ~e. iPm~t to write: ,.her e~~des; in a Ki;nd O£'((]d]~.l'e,ptl:!:e.ilng pw,per Dames _dp:~aoe!i a ayoomy_ Qr'wo~d,~phl!y:'~imJa,t ltoptfimmmy wd:wJld'BD~ 'be 'WI!~f!~OO,Cil 'by DJiOne but b_e~l£. Miss Tll:m:pJe:~eft, [he~~a :shop ~~·(o,~tdG~aai~. knQwUl:gl\ege)" t:g'l~ave ~s~ lit five" an-illblFed II 'CilI.ma,ge. She iMtruct:ed heir d'riVcerm a low- direct eene '0:1,~o.ffice,3ifter~ssl.lrin,B him be WG1.dd be: ~Up,;lii,d for IiThw 't1ime~that Itlille.ywOU!lld t;lef~~~c'~G a·I.e.n:tleD1la;~~, MGS,t m~e~1 mano&~ r caJ'riage~ ~d tffija:t'sbe:wou~db'u::t G:nLh~ .roof of:til1e cQitWl:I.tCl,m,1ild~~~~.• e.q wben h,e appea:r-ed. The, cilif'v.el' liwufillJ ID!'lt!!dedt" but :8[I[d nGth~lI1g else, She®ooik 'il:dfi,sml~mClt!l ~(lI :m:~a!Dtbailrl tWs was a U!S;Uililnou,gbmiD.:I, .rmd felt aUtbe .more s~~ of ,lt1:e.rself. When, ROg,e;' appe,at~dt"s(j.me1!i)nYQinu~es1am.eJ. s:be-'n.eru1ym[lssed biNi,am,~t~gb:efS.itI' Ib[~b~ mD91el!1!~by 'p~dlmig tln:01ulhthe 'ele[agl~ iOliO IflIm'OJ op:em w:ilIu:Jaw.s~ ~l>s~dden:f~eil~~g b'y,~(,;aJJIij!!ed~ h.er ~Ogla:I1I.0e b,a;cli:: at: tliru.e 'oo~["am lit~e8 ju.sl in lime 1m stl!~ Rio~'f" tl, :rlite air: Q'f cOlll;eiuemcil!:"and, ,,~st tll.aJ~ 'look bcr 'bj1mth away, 'fl3;_g. ~dQWm1, ~aat;$lJ ~iS~I.,M:i:s·~ a ~e~Qc~ed s1lupl~'Gn th~r:l.lGiofthe roacllland.'merwereQi6~ ThI?\·fhriI1 efm.e, 'da!l!se~ compUeat.ool1?J tbe.- nmcd;1I1S~~,.fif Se-e.tlill,g ROI,er.. was 1~·lGS~ w~elll' ;.~f'[be .'lfirs:t~~ r~m:,~ if: J~~came ,oMi~U!Sthait" I::0B~r5 ':!il!estiil'a,tiielllw& iUOl!1!'lI,e!l)f: murre brt.e're:ltiDg tb- hiS: OWIilj.liIDoll~.










1 Mi:ss T:emphl' Ilb.(lD.g.b:1 i'l 'woaldl be leEl!Sfl:o .ro:UO'w ROI,er' be~Wie
.A be a]wa,s. t.ook a 'bfea!k' at tbe same time. B,his ·w·ork .scllnieduJIe neve,r c)uiiJlg·;ed•. (:' he always ale lunch .at :31.p.tilcu~arloca:IiOD .. D she .alrea~ knew me scbedule ·of1m, working day.

Un·clcMne PiilfU I@·f 'tihlS: tm: wh&w you, ·~ct 'to :fiind 'm:he·l!TIswe:rs ~'O ooch .q,'!.~c.s;tiOD. WriiU'e the questiiOQ number m, the mSlI'gin iff it b(!,JpsyOg,

:2 Miss TempIJJe IlKrulb:t· B. book ,at ltllebootsb.op beeause, .A she sudd~nly felt l~e buymg sometWng. B, she was forced to by thesb.op oW:l1iIer .. C she wanilied aw·a~to ,- -- ·tlmi~·m . . _. _.._ u .. 'us e e. _ .. U me needed a!miI. eseuse 'to .sEary there.
3 Wibat mSitake did :Mis:fj,Temple soon fIIeaUse .she ba·d made? A She had waited for Roger .in the wron,g place 8, Slbe lIl.e~dliitnave.aidea, purchase at dJe 'boobbop ,e Sbe skOUl~d followed. Rog,er bac-k, to the Ministl)' wben, she bad had tJhechance .have

U She had Ic ..crossec1. the square a.tltlrue-wrung pla.ce

4 Miss: 'lerm.pJie .d!R~dJed. to foUow·R.o,pr a8er 'worik heClTlI:se A mebeUe-,ved tlliiIat'was ~be tlm·c she could fiDd Ollilt wlllia:t :s'bewa:n~ed '~101know:.

C she dmdnj1t wm~ ~o risk. him :scewg her outside his, o:ffi·ce. U she had ·o·tbe1'~DlOlemportmtthiings ro do, duiing the 'working d.ay. i Bow' dlidl.Miss T-emple'strllftbases A more de~e,rmlned make b.el' fee1 8lmutlWba:t she was Ido:jog1

me CD1J!mdn~t seew'h,3i~ he \Vias dowg

inside :iHs,office.

B· Ie.personaly m.mW.ved ,e bema pljepared

.D< Less loo.mlfued Ii Dewordl 'dtlis~' in ~ine:31 refer,s: ·to A the drive~5 sUe/nee. D bangml on hood of Itbecmmap:. ,e being. asked to fblluw semeene. D paying. driverswel~ fOE ttilleu dille.



'WIwn. Rog;e:r'jleft,his, oi.ee .It allWu.16ve ,o'dRik;, Miss T:em;p~e ;\, waitC;b.ed hi•. thrm:ougb .her neJ\V op;era growe'S. B saw bitD just 'be:fm:-e he got if:l!~·olIi ·carriage., ,e had a sudden feel:in,g of brealhl·esso:ess. D prelende-d WI be l·oolkin!g into an. open w.indlow., MESS Temple"s el:CiUemeot at IOn_DR: JtQger A. in.creaJsooeaclITiti:nmJe :sm.e lcaiugllt sigliit of.1Bm. :B tUJIled. .mt:o borediom a:tHr' a wW1e. 1(:: ended wl1i.en bell' ICludag,e :staded f'olloW[DI him.. D disappeared W~e_1 she reallisB'd w.l:i:erehe was ,goin.g.



to Iread aJI1l 8lrt1cl!aabout antitqi~:e shoiPping ..:Sevensentefll:ces h;alv,B been r,em0v,ed~r'OmJ the article. ChQt'JSE!1 t'om'i9Je sBnh1!nces A,,-Hl 'the 'on:11!: whichf_, each :Q;8!JI {toolS}. 'Ther's i~ one' ~xtr,a sentence which y·oucio n,otn:eed'lo Il;ISE!. IMMkyour answers· en ~hel :sepaf,Blle a1nswe:r sheet.


HQl7l!'~~ you.Emd good shops, )(i!~d .~"OOllt Cleails when s'lmppmg for tb~t. pe~c[ .I.l!OtJ~UIe:? Judy Simirtth an

~;ge'f diis,~1!I(gtt.he, ~artl!~.da:t!twil need te' ,ooJWlle ,av.~e!l;OltllEl ~tail!l. nd .~ his e·f:her }'lewiss<jon. a Judy r<eO~lllMe~&. kee.illmg an eye epen 'W:r 1I~;iI m:atirets b~CaJI.!lsel'ie~ are (IrniMe-tallc ~_!IM i wlle:lJe

.Jlhti!'ita$tlil .jjjj~tiq~e oo~~e"010[tevelJ!l:stiJe S"~'f!!}1iS ~'o r successful mt~fe:Sl in anttffi'!lue sboppfung. Judy d~S:OQVemd het

~I:ooting _li!1nW:t~es i$~W

yem;.'i,~g,o. ~I

y,~u can fln;d


g~d.;mewn.din:n:~<;I("LWed;mle to (be

art o·f~rel!i~re h:unltirngin a:nlti~~e'Im~IL"~~rs.howpt!El I d!l!mwoa,~e mna l~ap.OIt.mc:lTh Wali,thiB :rru:est obieo'l: r'd c

eveJl'f~sed.Ffom tha:t point" m wo1Shpo.ked/' V:is~riillgresic(DB kn~Wl.mr~.I1~jf an:riq'UJes ~\I.gfl'Odi wayrn ad:d to YQIli!' ooUeGbion. WileD tr,avemI,gJ' .Judy l1eoom.endls. 3~Wi~YS be:l:Qg On trnte~ooJljO'Uit roil" eye" cil!teh~nlr .~Ir.i.q~e:SilIlnid ~hCln.askffin.§ pe0p~ewllilie:retbey lOt. the:l'il. ,uWh;e:u. I was ll'l Wool!al~n. I rul;."OO,tiIBJe 3ntIi.qI!l:eS::in. my bed, ,al1dti~3!kfastso mll~ht:hat~3iSk1ed rhe· ,~:r' "vli1i~re :s:he SitllQ.1l5;' Sbe to[d! lM.e, a:~d. m immedia~e~J heoo.eil (},ff~Q see what bi.ddernll ~~S-I.I:l\eS I OOU:ld:fmd As I ~~boppmg Iillt a gift SIliopi:ll B;a·~w.T iS~at1ed ~alk:i~g ~~o \voman a:tG.c 1J.1e<

Smill~jthing Wili,e,xpec.tied. KIilCi,\iV_g whe:th~r.eyre wQr[h,,,,,tilJiWei. h:owev.er" re.qll,rurures,sWil. ta~l.e:~ I!:'kee,]l1,~ -d pMmJ];ce. ~OOlt'tge, iWI.th.e ~ope. Qf' disoo\lering a rmcemess. o'bj:~t at. a.tow ptl~:$e tlgIDlit ftruile Qf:mii~1jS!w.aC4.J.~mp~ooes jll!lst
b~ll!we ytJlMI .Ik~them.'l'Judy llI~ses •.


amy laub 0:1:a (:l~llelboo,k,b~rurus.e


lIiSllal~' m:fCf"OlI. the best m'lti-.[f~ol!l~re pi yml '''''''.,.' ',I' ,1' -' r· ....... -~-. ~ net· '9..::', "~ "",I - --.
,tID. D(llll.~t.'~, t,~' De!tyti~~elbeU~r

PJlilinillli:ilJ8 down tire qjtl!ii'Ilhty of tbe p~epe.

a~~lt... ~.'

r[letter ~(),si.ply as.~

'~ca~YOI do, Hnr b~t1:er 'all tbe




p'l'ioo?'''' 011: af[~ an. 31]rern1lliti~e .I1idd~.

th;eere,.II[! 'I

·W.be(o,negothtMig the prim. of aD obj~a:tafle:a :
maike~'IOIrw boot Re~ .80Mie'times iit. ,cantle ,effoot~w a. wado:f

:notes O;1W~of YO'!!l!r I~·~L ,




In a IIi1ImIl!IIUer o:fHlilIlIl-es,.

she p:llOVi.ded me wItllil

1,00am of ~~o~ati.on ,abOl1t ~nti.qued'e~alers ~th s!in;ops. w 'off tlliIDe aa!kntrllliJ:ik wbkb m wQu]d h8y;e; I~~r been. b

SeUern wi1mllii.nt: tlilJa:t iif YOlll/rep9Jln8m. casb. )loo'.fe pj\epuie(jll to, ,cruosetbe de~. J~d~' lso a
W,!!lm '01£ t~e

d~Fm ,of .ge1ttq mCiked

m.y '()\Vtl. ~t ~lllJruediO:lllit ~o be owe of m:Y.Qs;t sucoess€ul ant[quel:umt.st'"
llibile ®o diisoo,ve:f 0.0 Judy :also says,sh,epil!~I~rs smg!.e·Qwwwer hOiP::;o s t i"lImrutlq;ue[J1;'lT~::~fti" 1Ii1~I:uJ~gh ~he fQl'Imer . e!jl.cning

wh~n flntiq~e sbo~pm~. ··Onre[~n.oolw!I:iJa~l)ooibd,

hMdG:r ud IilJIliWCIW' .iMd,. ~t:~serusrnerw, nfl.gotbu:e ·Ut~pdc.t,klo!. lPhu space ~s limm~~d .at .MOOY mIIMkem stolls.&C) Jou~re~e:ss, like~y ro mid ii\ lo:ge ,Sle.teJill!t~o:n gOGds~n ·ttJe•. of U 3_:Q .mtffiq:u.e DI!!.rte;l iisyour C(Il~ 'QboIDce~ then f~.ll1embe;r when. Doppmg ·~:U~e:h:a.noos.aretbe !i,tll!lI's


Li~@m earb eGlilIiolJ Qf RR$dy,am. Kipimts n~ "lf~&~ Book. Th~ooo!li:selWit ,assl!lr,~dm:e il was 3. :im~emt:iill& I~ looks 'veI[}\' nBli:~ in my ~~ but .wt


,tareruru is rul1!tPQrrsmwt

tlilm.ed euraet

te be.


:ms~edIDtiOIll iwterllll.L


w~ 'k:!

b~t oom~ti.es~eM·s~QI

~vo~d dlis Ilyipe oj sllrulilm.oill. Wll!£lhlsi Yj.by oollecrillllli uti~ues. ~lu!n,IJ~dfi~tbe: _out !l!ltakmg m!Zlm;~. but aiOO:lt. a;~uiringph~oos lrult sru!J~tyour U1'~ 1lI!iS ltI!t:a!}!:tYou'U

owner 'wiU not be p;~e~t.




sorry. e~'ellilli. j[y<o~. e.mtdup'~.

a ~.


w~UlLt a

Practice Test 3

A Usua:1Jythe penon ~·the s~a1l.~ :afM!thori:sedto give you anly a sma):! pelicclta_ge ,off'thepria.
B :PO~Blting,ou!~tlilatil:~iJie:rets!!i,scratch 'outlmie iSlurf'aOOr oontd ,put off dl.e selll.e:r;"MId ,

~ Thfi.is because they' o.ff.eJI' a more petsonit!rn. Se:IV[OO. and '~'he owner can I:l!suany ,gi,ve; y!ll~ tl!n:e, bilictground on
8 piece.

[J;o,tives w •. ~eo!b"ioUis. C I ft;~~,lIJikean ,eqlenw.i!ih. ,eil1011Igb. '~,n~:riencel' so 'Eoo~ltw~it,
D Tha!t~sil, s:i:gml tha,t 'Ou.jte:~eady to buy wJiilat:ever it:iis, thatyoul' Waf!!m.

Ill' Booth'S~.e:resenfm ,en~nessranl,e 'of' oo!eota:bl!e jt~miIls.-an.Jduil1gfr,om o~cIcruc:th~mlg eorare boc:ks.
G Buyen cal!!lbe obse[;'ili''e41 amtJl11 ~!heRlark:e~ 8t!!lrn1s, eerinEJ and poking run. evetycomer. p


Another good. u!prus ~o'chat wit:lltlle :Ioc",~s and ask them ,albou:~a:lliYweU~.h"m.dde;o, shops.

loo,k CaJiefut!J~y attne, mODll:aJtwo,nw,EciD, oomes,be:fo])e and ,afie;r eacillgap. P,ay specl;a~ aU;entiofil~o the fuJmJctiO.lll.'S 'Ol1ll.e~tOftl,m. the :sen'telce-s, (e-~g,'Dlereasoll of €ortn~s Is,. Amliot.h:eradvanltBit is itba~. ®c). e lbri!swill beWp YOI:I!. milki,e, a~(}s~cal cO:llEeCnO.D 'with tIITIe[!e8t ,of the ~ext.





iMiiO _II ,

o _e

Ljsll 'O'g~ -

Second'tl" St:hoo,' Teache.r

Tom DUDlnGA' -DiliiRg Infmlclor

My :IDUDtWiI!S H teacber" ;md 'wben I was'sman. it was a little ,awblm:-d ha.ving ber tea,e:'b!in 'we ,samg: schooll J 3iittendled. B!!Itaite:f' ] grew IUP' ,jUlid met .somcO'fbili:r iOll'me:r sludeIllls,! I reall.ised wha:~ a diiiffcl'elllce she had m~. in people"s:1ivti. I stlM1ed Out :as Iliteacber~'s,es,1std:t btu: ,Olit di1i¥1 ~1Hii~,ly Iltep:p,ed ,ow,t Qfm.y p] B[Ce fl'!ild ~de'd ,Q~t ,s'()~~ ,i:D:D~llive t~~i.m!ll ,tg;Qh:!'dq:~~. head {eMber T~e g,ottoh~M eJ~ou:tr ,!.Iil1ld soimIU'e~edllhat I i W&!, moved Qn:h:'J, leilclilimg lDY'OW,ll class. Ir~iLy ~DJQ)' 'leaching IJiIt seoonda_ry i~vel becOJuse [find th:a,t tee~i~gelf are YefY'eng<t8Dtg a:lid, 'w,e lI!!!v:e :l!ome. ,~t di~ilM aOOutmoo~m', 1l,esm d~.

I ,am "e-r,y wnte:rest,eo in 'the fieJd of mlrlne
biom,ogy ,;uld I d',e:voted my youn.ge:li y',c,aJi:$to j'esearchi,IiI,g and writing a. bOlok; CiJil th:~ s'I!!lltiject, I menwMtoo, to get my diving, ltiertlfi~re. 11. sltru:t~d wilrkillg in Epgla~d as 811 hil5~fm::tO:ri' bu~ when [ [,eSiJ:~'d,t:b~re 'WaJS DO' fCaJ] fU~1lml'e :fo1" me (be"", [ wo'W)ed ~O' he IEllri'6e~ID. I, slta'lll~dwitb a divin,g t 'compiiJ:'ll m the 'Bri:~:i:sbVir.gb~ ls'lan$) whi10b w~s grea't •.Jbu[ ! QO'tw~e'd tb'~ t:h~ (MiJuipmeD~ was :somewbat ,ouldQl~ed,.Whe.n IpOEnte,d it Ou~ 'to my bess, be was se sUlrpriscd tha~ hill' h~)medi.liI:r.ely 'Ollioo,ed new gear (PI' ihe m iInI,ctol'$, -I S90 P feU in lO:-'J~'wilth_ ie ~sla:nd (i.~fyrue., 1 ~njoy, my job,. S d wd[ ~ i;I1Y ,timeofi ,and nm:y tlife isp~rie@t,







BuUl- Ol/ieeAdminbKtr_tJitJl'
JS:adJlil£a Iblimm(lpd -'/J,usharrw AftCil:' aft 'Schllot I real1y wanted to become a, "5ed{llil:~ ;attis_[~but I kllGW' that] ooiillidn t be sure of SIB PPoililting m)l'slelf' fi:oanej:aJlIly w[ I did. Then M:!!IIDili ~uHle-Slted 1 l'ty' book U~nstr8!tio,l1!,. Sileos pre-My wise: ~d stile ooo~ oo~iIlced~. I :!l~3irted l'iIt a s.~n,uh~h;bing I.liontp,amy dl;'a.~ pro (hm,e~s 'c::.hkeQ·sib(i.ollil!l. I lo-~ Wg:.rJDJIlIg Lht1i~ but wn 'the beigillm.mg I wa bope!I~]y (jOO!f,8.ls~d ~ :1kep~

'Was,'to. k'eill,:p nom gO,lug to' 'llDivfisUy lIk,e'aU .~ :&i~nd~, 0 I to,Q;i:t,a 0 ma.n:a,eetilcnt ,m~ ~nd then w,eo:t, to' work as an 'office DII~ge!i:' in ai. smalJ :reaJ:cstat\l,eo:mpany .. [n, tIite be.gjnDims I w.u 81, littleo,et¥'Ous 3ibou£m~lItiMl!g ii!letii$iO'ts, Utai WO'1.ddhv.e,'8iD unpact Oli'll tbe eIU!:ir.-e offj,ce-~,butmy' b(l~~1$ft, etas; inen,d BlIQ,cl h!l:eki£~ bad fa/~ni,.'me. :;iPd m;y :ilibiti~~[~.My :fI~g~, ~D ien;ei's,tU~ aE: ~ni'!l!'enity don '1 ,!JIppreda~t~: r9iC~ 'the. itbeJt I haiv,~ ,I lot of:respon:!libUit), ,t;i;ght 'IlI(Jw'Hrnd Ithat 1 'gup~tvlse a ta,r,tl.en!J,mber of l!!m:p'lo,y~'~s. 'TheiR :alWB.)is, Calling me to go Oll.t. - '[0 pames Oit iFor piZza; but I muaJl,¥ turn ,tiOWR.(heir mvit8itiols blJ!carll!'S~ have kl' g,d up 'eaf~ytlil.e nc.xt, day w, liPI 1 '19 tihe:offioo.

AP '1w~nted :ill sev;;,nbeen

.~md:;pe:maps, Wiitb a !ilBtiolllal n,e.~ p!l!p~r.

supplies.' 1-'~;Y"eDtu,aU, go~ the hang of it, tlt.QuSih. R~ceDt:ly 1 bi.anc:hed out, inte drawing a Vl!:eekIDy caJdOO8fot the local new.spaper in my 5patre 'lime. aJnd I boped:t, wiJl lead tamale wO!rkof the same:


~b_e w.ro,ng ty:pe

s ,and

am.o'l1J11tS Of

Iwme(b S!~300 -k~ellery De.rlg1JU' I n.everlmBi8Hled I WQd'ld el'ld up doi;Il!,~,l1is· kind af work, and I a,clillaWI jeU m:~o it by d aecident. I wanted 'r,o'buy 'mynmUlel I brooeh for .her birthday but I 'couldn't find. Me I [ibdl, 00 I decided. '~ade8~ m_y,own. Some '!;If her meDdS s,aW n 8!l'!,dUk>edit so' mlUch that! :5~dt III get liIequcsls 'OD 81.~~JU' basis fOr Dew desip My mother ut,es, to, boast tbartheT a deSi'~,efj bu.t I.wondetwoat herfrie~ds wOl[l!ldthinl,-ifthey kn.ew Ihart I bawo~thad ;m~romlal!~1iliJg.MJ' ~ d~ip, Hcam.0:OO, ~p'ulU' tM'~load.jeweUery !'Mm, beg.;m ,~ m.~ fOr ,ad\1ice 0'0, Itheir ,o.wm. ~~1lIe:;y .iI'I,I:S, whicl1J ~, how ~' lIle;w jewdel} oomm1tiQs: loompmy'wml.bom., na,f:S,8Il@W'imtirt!P~dl'y" w ].m. EO P:~Din__g '[0 ;m: 00. some :peaplehl


liIelp: me, IiCl I. C'8iI1 ~d

mta 'mll!il-o;r-de:r,~welilery.



,an emajl 'from. yo:urEngl.is:b pelilmC!.ldJ.B~izabetbJ,wb:O)l'OIU·.['e. g:o:~n11l~ois,it v SOOmi. R.ead!Eruizabetfi's,,email.ad the, notes )"ou bavem!!lide. The:n wdte an er~awrn~o El~be:th~iU;s;[mI!a~1 'OUIII"lo~es~


Make Sl!JIe you h.at,'¥ie c(Jver,edJaU the pOlum

iw. ),O'I!U' an8\\Y,er 3fDJd the: style ls consbJ~ent rhl'oughQlt.

Ib.o:m:: BJimihetb J,ones ,•• t: 25 MlilLy Su.bj;ecb Visit


btca~~ ...

Wd~e, your em8~1 You. m~slt UK gm::amma,u,cally ,oorre~t se:~tel()es!'wm. ,aotm'8lC spcmDg and .. Plnctua:ti:on ill a s!tyWe apl)lmp:mlle fa[~bes~m:l~io:n.

·Write an ,aJns,werm o:nel IQ·f the, q!IJootions; 1004· iin this part.. WlIite 'your answ,er In1!2Q1..·1·SOwoirds! in an approp:l1illte style:,

In essays. it .iinnpDRan,'[ to use .l!iP'P[,opria:te ilink~ngwords, 'to connect s:iroil. ideas and introduce opposm;g.. deru;.'fhey 'help tb~ reader fbUnw yourpieoe of writmg~ m

.' Wha~ is ~ourfa¥ourlt~ ~Oln, arad wb;v1 • WHy is ¥rt se i~pPrtant b1 ODr ilivu?

Write ·~S,•. ~cle'


these ,~~tiHS.

TIle best. ,amete>wil bepubEisbed. in tbe magHhi,e.

. 0!l!Di have r,ece;ntly read ;31. book w,bicli:l you. cm:Jjoyecl v"eJ)' m.uch. Wri~e a 1eUe:f to am ElgE~h.-speaki]l}l, peDfi'i'~Rd!j' :[coom:mendlwng.~e book ,Sind,exp1:armlf.li:n.g wilily you thG~t :i;t was so g,oodi.


f\Olr qU)e$I~i,GinS1-'1,2i read'Ule b~]d: below and doobJJs' Wihic!hl'aJIlswer ;(Ai' B, Ie or ID') bes,tilits Isach 'gJap.11ter,el is anexampl!e at.~he begirnnlhg 1(1Il~. Mml<:ylour answer:son Ih,s'separate ianSWisr' lsheet Exa.\pile~



D: spread

Tips for Fl~g
The 'neni1er amfd· ID~IJiII~h fJ.ighits~a8 (I) .•..•s'~iJIIPI' m~cl'ast far yexsand ILbenwnbe:r of' ,ll:If , ,'lasse.Jml.8~n om lOIIg .dimtU1eemJbttsJ;s,· ms:o l1i.i8~r. _&I, me:, bi!lrmIaJi), '~ WH Rot desisnedJ for

aan U) .....if t.l1!ey8.E'l):.·malill aempbme, fOT' a hUll rime., Thererore. it ,ts, imllKlfll:am,t · ~ol(2) , ., .• oe:£ti('mm,easlii1res~l:), ,mC[;ea!!e:y0~I' ·GOJIifal1. ]Iiilm.e. aH~ yow body'tsm1ille (3,) .•••• ~a,the, ..

eHeet:sif.lf ~~cOO01t oo,ffee~''~ea Rd, F.i£.h, ,or f'aiJt.tyfoa.~ ~Q' i~is,~,t to 1(,4~1•_. me.seme oJ bero~e· • )'"DO l~aJlI\'es· weJD ~asd!Umtg a o A.I~II,-ir'!l~amQe journey often ,(5) -__ 'lD'QUcm, r~e'In.g: ,!i1tiffl, booaillSe fhcJ bJave heen sittm:!l*hl¢1IDJe. (~I, .....oFt :sevemID .hOW'S. f


om~[ ~o J''e!J:ffiuce· (1) "•••• ,~t· 'ij~P~WnI~'YQU,! 'tke; this

U:l.Me ltW some' Isxereises you Cia do

wffilil:eyell a:~ 'lying. C8~1 tbis~ a lIolt ~'h~V!€lt ..•.:, ta:~endtJr

dIe :nig~t om be an ,eftettiw: (9) •••..

,of &imimds-mg sijtm.~, [f'YJJ,t:lwe,r, Id~e~&~~ :~:ad:e fi~( 1&)1••..• DI~'erials. mdI as eottOD. ']f9lwiU, f-e,e~mure. oomfG[tabl:e.as Y,Q1,tf s~fi will, '!:i.e: ,a~e ~ID'b~~a:flle~leetiily. : Y:cur stim mfre:m 'ilI 'Qtb~rwa!{S 'Wo'~ beoomh11 duer (I U~.~~. 'OJ~l bave~)tth~ gro~!D"t ThiJ, CMl be ,avoidlet1I~
']j1iG~e'CJf~, :191' (U~ """ !Om'!e ,if

slWl,tfJMm wj~ :t~u.


A a,go.~:i.s!e

.2: A billivc ;3, Ao fragile ,4 ,Ii ipl:ore:

.Bi e:m.dilll'e B take H, S!ilLnsitlve B delete .B mdies

C~ s'I!!:Uel'




C m~e

\\j- -

C delicate
(J p[,eYeiD!t




.Ai.. resulm Ai, posJdorm

I, point.
I, chances I, Beg~d!e-s, II: route

C ca!l!!Is:es c s,pace

1)1 1)1 ~ 1)1

A" :aGc~deuts 8 .A Apart


c c




1(;' direc~j,Qn.

1111 ;\, rnatw:nliID 111 A, Slm,oe.

15: physical
.1 once I ~ake

112 A br.mg


wh~rne fer"h

D rW D

D Fl


Praetice Test


IfQlI'quI,stlons:1::J..24,lrread thEIr tm lbeklw arlU~1 'tmink Gf'~heward wh!!d'nl bes~:fHs;"eao'l'il gap" iUiSEI'Oniiy'one'wa,a inl eaeh gap. Tihe~Q~s,an I.ampl', at: '111,8 beg]nnh'lQI IPI.

Ed,,:ard MURch
,EdV,axd Muro:eJ;!, ~O~I ,_._ lmy,eUea ,(14) ,.•.,....•..

:r.1s, whe_r;e:he l:.cci;lliiIe "fami(fU

of '11m::e: pa~est






, ••••••

r(lS) _., •.•••..•,dl,e e:x,pms:s:his

W"~~ in F[fen.oh art~-He 'bq;m 'tlielitdS
deep ,in:ne:rlt'eUn~ rather 1(116)

'bQm, in Norway fa 1863,_ In, iLt\99b~ ...

_- develop aD, Uinu~l!lallarUstiie style" in,wkic1iil hetI'ied

e '3f'pcata:Q.ee of wbat he

painting. Ibis styh! late:r became known (1'7) ....".' .,,' Exp'fess~mUsm aDd ...

'rJ ,20th cmtury ,mmES welie W1uellmd , 'the --e" theupJ Nomre"
[J' C~ilJ'sed Sl(]!cllistrong

U:8) ..,..,


Icritics, lcould ~~, ..••...••.UllildJlrstamd: hi~wod(, Id f()Wld. it ,sbJlddn:g:., M'udl , M
'~O' be

, ed~D Oeml!allf i-n l892~ blJllit miC~w,itb,he, same ~a:_ctjjon thel'ic" AIi,e,dtijbjlti;oD. of his paimr~inISl'q a Bef.im t

p.r.o'~est:iS(!O'l',.........••.he gaUetybad t

d,osed .ane:~"muiy a, (2U ,

, days.

- D peo:p~e slowly :5~art,e-d t,o ,accept h~5,s1¥le O'f pahlti:liIIl~

bis 'WO'.I'K. became weU~know!ll ;[(I·r the pow,edul called

ns .i~showed. HIs


famous wo.r,k


Ii ;painting

Scream. ~is an :Una,geof a teuwed."

g;6pm in a ovisted lands~pe., As (23) ...•......' ,aspainting~ he WB$ also m'lil"ei.sted, in,pJiDE makiD_g.

n Ed.vird

d:ied in 1'944 he meft many ,of his, pa:iD~gslm_d

pimrrs to the city of Osfo in Norway.

RSill(24,) ...••...•• ibe,iound .• mu!SeWl:1!S ud:in


the woiJd.,

iF'or qUNti.on!s25~\, tread timem:d' bel~w. Use the warn 'gIv:en i~capimaIS, t 'Uf1:eirndi of: som,e of'Ute I~nesk.l, a B 'forma,woil'd 'Ilamfi~s in timiGgap Int '11t1s_1181 ,1III1t'I,.,. Thei$ tiS:aJIiIsumpls at the Ibeg~nW1iin,g I~'I)I.
Wril\e y'Our 8imliSWeWS~IN CAP~iAl., LEnERS, Qn~hBI ~8eplBl'iate! B!llSWe:1I" sheet

To be 1(0)1••.••••••••••• ,•••• in tile, l¥llI1swness mlr~e1:t
to keepliiljp

:[t is vita:l:fol3



'w~th ~. ~he~a.tJe-s;t~eC:I:IiD,Q~Olic:ai~.(25) "."........ . Nowildaysit is l(l6) .,..••••... acoepted '~a:t nJll1l.ffiDga company w]itiloUit '~XIampijl!t~m~in pali'tiou1u,~s Wr~~ajy1(2.1)! ••• " , T'iIliS i~wby bU5~n.~S ale SOl keeato ,hire .~ best ~eD"le;Inilalllle for their techm:i,oloay ,cille:parLmenlS •
.ApadfIo.m,~h.e penond. needs .of 'the tecliruilllology de1'iu\tiil'HUJ!~!, N~ tmpo:ftoo:t is,


that almos,tall e.mp.loyees .have wm.e dJ~ee

o:f (2i~ ....•....•••....••• Mtill
lmJ;votveS,DQI!iDOIe tham.

or deskto1p ,oompiIiI,mrs" even w£ tJ:ti;s:

tile ('9)

of .aJ.b.,~c oomputer ,OOIl'Se; .. Uke :Mlnew things,. hc".vever~FI.Oc,St people .w:iII. IOW_Y beoome 1(30), widl. usin,g
computer,safl',e[' ,P!racticalie~erl.eIl!lC~.


'Thanks: to oOmrp:u'ter'3,~DdJ:fs lYtIIsinesses, areml


fa:r~£ss, ..•••.....•••..•'.•. D.I:. ~o."lmies, Clowdhope b\l' ,aelllieY,e :~. 'I!.b:e: (:.u), p.3!st For ~,ple. ,oomp~t:e11'S e:mab~e:the (31) 01 l1!!iD~~ rumOUDtS,,ofmormati(ln and ,gr:elll.ti, speed lI!mp (33,) •.....•••....•• ,...• ,e,f the dm:U!meil'l.ts, :!m.direpo.rrs.
In shon ,a~tho~.!g!ml~heaveml!l~.e blltSin.emper;soll has no need~obe2l.

t,eChi~o:logy expe11:~rl1!e,yare unl ruk<elyto B,e,t ~~:fu bM~C (34)


of 'OOllpltem.


IFar ,qil.lleS~r,O:llliSr 3542.,co:mple,w thel seco:lilldl sentence Slo,that ~Ithasa similu mea!il1ing ·kI··~he·f1rstse:menlCel ~siin:g tll1le, Olrd g.iven. Do, no,1 ch:lll:gelhe w 'wordl s,lv8 n. YO'U mus~: US'BIt::Ietw:eentw,o ,QlI!1Id words, five, ~ncludilriliQI1ihewDroQliven, IHer'e is 8!1il ,el(amp~\e~mll)
l a.


A ~1Y m\:;e .m3in gaven


Sam.t of tbe gw.veuwoJr,dsoou~d ,eIther be verbs or nG1IlOs. Try bom. WlmiSto seeu'Ch. :fi!ts the senten,es.

IExamnpr,l~ ~'


35, Ste¥s, &Iood


S,tevle waled :SI _at

.bOiWliiI1IJJ.ch.1 paid f(Jf: my new sweater. my ~ew:swe:a!~e:r.

a.pl!ty:yOu. dwdn~t:~en.liIIIiIe ,ea:rije:r!~

3J The pilUle ,oonl_~~·take off oocB,ue ,of tberatmll ..




She dOe.sD.~t see o.r b.e:ltfromJiile:r childhood mendlsany more.



the .presslon. thfilt he WMI'~ \VO:rki:nig.



dJ~dnJ\tpay attention.




lefiIDc3i. w;as~ate due to ~.e uaffi.e.

'l(ouar;e going to' .r,e,a:d.an artide eC\lJnt avisH:to a etlooolme,fiacmry Fc!rquestions 1;~:, ,choose the, ,answer (A, Bl~ ,or 0',), W:~ichyou tI1irl1'k; fils, be.stacoo~ding to the,t:e~, Mar,l:<:'Your ,answ-e:rs 'Diliil, U:l8separam answer siflleet. '0


Peter Moon ,B.nd. the Chocolate Facto.."

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obseiv~c!Iib; '(!$.e a/!l;dc:ame~,ba~ beans to S,m;;', :Ii .i\s I: 'wall: whel:l'e,'it l'iiII.p~dlJ1be~e: a dclm{ for 'twe~liW,aJ,iby;" I Ciln~~Ud'tJSma:n ll~lu<il b1i~tltes\\,Jj~tn.e ·d~. 1'i~~trnIDe .l'evgMlIiIgdoo~,~3I1lil.g'e:e:l;edwi;th ~lc I JtoJI.Ii\V'Pl~~erbl~ci t'be Pilx:ting; r,q~:m,~wb1'Clli · p1e~g ~ma 'of s.~.J' S\ve:C!~ G,~tll!tle ri~t1J IDS 'b~rsting,witb: ml!!lti(lo~a~l)ed eeI1Dp!m!a:nf;: ~Icl thai! pel.rei'iltesc~hjin&. Borel mn·tb.e: ~pri;0.m n'b!bciIls tib:a;t ·.e 'lilm:ltID! ~0 d~ora!l~e.~aQQI!I!®e tmCllli, wb~r,eF,'e~:e;r'Moo:ri'~'m~DIiB'a m- blUJ Wilil egm. arU'a:Il,§~d.,. lines, ];wl.!llw;b as st,iIIB wo:rk,j :~[ ,amm}, I;~tt~.,e tbs p:m\}n~~nL ~f ,ou. Wairli[ 'to, ifIi'pp.rei1lID<'lI~e~bJi,& 'Enr;. yau:rsel't 'CB:reN~y wi:il!PP~, .EiliSteftl:~a:ts. OYeI i50s'laff theilll alloW' m.e. ~liu:!lUi~ge .fOU. 'G~tiill cb.OOt:Irua~e:.· afe eWip]~e:d ,!Jilt ·~e rnet'Q:~ aId, :imm, app~Jli.mmile~" 1,~olmJ~tdllu_b . ,t~h IQammftm.eO!f. b~l~fl1t f!~~t. wI. riijtJllrt,i!i~ ilQStindS, ',l'rY 'll'll (~M:ftealW afJl: '~IT;ern,eIDy fO~nlli8~d. We 'Me ~.1!kie, A o.,en Ith.ewr,.p~:r ~law~y.TheJil'ta!kiJl: m~moot a mmilLy h!ere:ir h.m: de'~IIW5.p!w,udily. I OOYl~dA.~t ~Q m~~t!.:rUa:e tjJW~gi",g IS:~ at C~~iCloo']~.te lDs.i(Je.. N~wpj'd!UfrreYfJim~Jf I~'UY insi/dt~ a:grc,e mOlJf. 'I i~e~:\li~elY' IC'1 th!e' ID.p]lecSS'~C)ifi oad:nedl M~~ Owe r0~if 7!\l!,ali'of the _capper that .tb:is. iSIilO' oird~:n~l:Yf~.ct~rJ." M~ 1iC((I~'~'helrull~~ter fhe:a'.io:imliO:tg~ :that is. silluUil1 in CDc. :amma M!:h1 ~l'lj. 'lithe mere lUii);puprt of ~'Jii.It'SQUn:.' goocl 't~, y.o11:" wli!:at I 'UJ Itil?:pulm)l'S~1:f tcle&~. i .~ a .~t ~ '"Md 51' E(l OQ1lfi'O~ ., ,excik:m,e,nt, re:rnmdM@~,I tI;lam would ~~be: ile·lu breathe Jill the al'!Qm.aofttbis n'1'11T'I!I'!.&e.o:fMV·~itj'!.~il 'C' ilI~Jt1;n~il:if!!FQ'ooaMI ,fIne: cJ1,Clodlill~~ SID~~e. I ~\i:k 1e!OIIJiaJ ~h~!t lib!! ~. Lt".~If" ~ ,e~~ (la!f1' :;'" I A veJrf 'Slnt~ qU1C;.S~Cin.j]jr'm used m 1~l:rue s.:cl1. to ~ ~i[I'arliQle~. ,epm~Q:~ beIDt~msmd :S.I' ,.hes of ~:e1l '0NI1li'eS.,~~ a. cb:oool~m'''''la'b3i-' wOlSb!lJ. hClIliI fnrsoi long I dow.it ewn 'IlGt1(;e i~arw' mo:reJ~!iJ:,<:ma admits, TJOmy :mM.dl~miliit is, til,WiJth. the pwnme QE!bein,g"e~vclOped.in a thi~ b Moon pl€llDs ~p'a ~y. Ikr.r: 22 Mla!bsollllilte [J'ag~dr". B!U~~he ~.fiiteI'dl))~f~§ 'tffil~t '~.q)IIS' ~ri~,dfdll~~b~ab~. S JJfhali~whoomIDi d't~1ate e~,&eh ,egg Is;' 1Slle~till.eats a Ie&Y "jeoo.s of ~1illrocdl.a:t.e:evw~ry'da~. 1 ,ahS~Ne I.,ed.1l1l. a~sllua m:pmly bSi:mlfi1J~ JtadY~' be filIDed !md b~~ mteF with il'Ull\e. ~llIbI!liU~nlriiG then ,cll~tCil!!l~rn, wJj.'e!~3Ile ,diesFu3.~eto, gtlm.eif 'om~.m Q~]l!ite>tQse:aljt.,Cd!~ 'be piliinre:ed -011, 10 rut '~.~ ,~ i~ sh~y utrenm.. I~is a in- an time.. De fllctQW':s otii:.Goo1.-1~e~as:, jiU!j[; 0't.wm1Im that a sl~t amoLW of' ~mCl '~t~n. IgiVI!!D, drue W:li~ffilleB~ l1a:Hmg bl llI.reoent 'attellWtiPll goos imllto ~,g Mooo"s &O!."O!Ja~md C;O.l,lSum,e.'I;· rc:pbil1l: im.d :m1oo1Jl~'$~ro',s~¥J o'1Id~.$ the ",,,,,,,1. ~:DL ::"ini:,,'bI~!d lUvi"i'mk.1- band. .'~ • e .... . _QlL . ~u . "'@}' <J!1 _ . :b!a;:v.e been .f.taQ~g in. The boom irA bu.ess ir::....."."'-._" '; ... ..-,,*l.. . .. "":,~&.. . ..... 1'1 use "l!. JuI~'I." "vYc ~i ......... m:s,ww.\M;JJJ! anr 'eo~~d e<~mai:o]ret h~gh s,iri~ 'w:hich I.ml~ :liOOell]iC)ltl ruti:iaiaID :pre.mMlii~ an£lm 0'." ,l(d_t flkl'f~c~i)i}UiS.,a~.,dl ,C!all't' Heil, !e,cling ~~tbO'n'Iy h~ a sbf<]f Ufe 0:[ U:mte weeD:, I. ~!WNteda;_lit 'b~~p,g itlitDtll:is. hic,(l!@nlivcrht let: iexplaiM 'Pe,ter. ~ ·Emtiq· mpOO:ie.nm fro. aIDi At,. ltffii:r;l,~ ~mo:g.el!lt,felC'l' Moo,n enters ~m iii, M'oOOd ,~ wrld. ,F¢1tel' is ~ndilil~. ~u!m.~ ,djo,O'f' ·:It; ~lili~ ~ac\l:ji :dres.sed lll. 111. white hail: amiI. ,I ,~i1g be:oil m,e:!itQCOla.t(e ~IlllO~UBWOO lcmcl ieayY~duty liwDoofaprol. ·Mer ponte WQCw'_' :~Mg eve~Mtb mends. ~ ICiljey ·~.lo 'ducltions.. hie .mecfia!lte!y la:llineib.e'S' iA~a ~ o~rbe. COCCII bean_ tlte i~YiJ:JIlrite~ptc:\ ~~l1'lcJ -mu ·b:QW~l1jt _oo~ale milarm~'t;]ie Q~~, y fi10lIh ike tliLGs¢ who app~le mm«s .fmm:t:mwe ~~I ,o:£tbe 1\1ie'ijb:roma. ClJ,~OI .~~~.ma.d~ As E ~9ve, I ~eimill lb:u h[er. Hl1e. his, ~rooi':wW:m: m$ttS. ":£ood'~lM'ilh!l), godsj?,i b.~ asks. .fin.e ."""m;..nlhT lillis, ~e i\7It.ec;s' ~nsh:iJeRdI ~UGl to. be mlllio's I.ln- '\rife- auo 'lli:~'me o,PJif'o""--- "}' m ~.e. _ - .w9fii::. ~~Hlili*.:wt'siMponm!u~:o jle ~,eQ IllSt. bedmnee ,,..~~ 'C!~Glz:s:to;Oi!~l~ god o:f the air. t1ie, a repIDti basIs? he says mlilti;qg. .Ami ~u if)':OO Cacao' s.eeds 'Welle··m:a:d:eiillil~O' a afllIDlt wffidltl1e a~:i\riol a:fnuQ:e aDd wo;ilIlia. Spa:uJ,a;n;Js almwo.n.de~g,.I ,Clli!illet.·to .'mmt bome!

Rrom. meOllt&id~


the ~~i1d1~




















Wham 1!iI,HS f:be Miler llIotiCI:. mQsl when ;Stile~n.I'S the A bowltlusy it .~ :lltBeroce.ptio.l .en B dilennusiall 8ppeMMoo of the, bUl~:blllilg Ie (be ,smne~mf ichooolatein dl.e buildm.g o D the way sliil,eis gneeJtOOl by LemlJaMoon




die-Sm,UD'D of 1UF:WI'.8(pphwg,ci&ooolate a
to, .ms.lke .lDJeriread!ers

.a;r :is

mt~m~mlb~r ~bf!~the ,a:nsw~rs, ill. be: w :fbud m tile '~m m. the sltme oroe:ras tlite qjUeMIDo~s. QlleFoti:Oifllls are tlsuaiJtlf QinlC, pe!)'p.a:r.ilg:TilIfh.ltis a good (dellJ[Q [·~!I!d AiLL~M .par,a;grapbt ~,~.Jjy be-ml'e Cbri08U:1! an ,opmion.

a:ppire>C.iaJtf!tlmi.e ~.earsme ,of !Uli!tmg: cb.ooo;ll~e;. p B: ab.leoo imBI~ebe:r laxpe;denceDlore deady .. ,e Ul:u:J~[St,.,.d.h.ot'wtD.e :fillc~oIJwaitken reel .. :D' want fa Y.~s~t.hce 'Cb.oootillt:e :f:S!c~iQrythemselves. t

Ii The 'Wl"iiilet'iIIiiJnks .il is ~'aDabfio[uulr.&!gedy1! l(liiililJe:12) 'Ibiat UODi8 A lis _d~c$ed byfti.e tSllle.1i!l intilef8C~O[y ~IliIO'W.

I, CQ[J]iesses.to ,e8!EEg ,c1tooola;tJe· every da_y. C sa.fsthe. smell.ls!Ilotas· :!il'filOlilgas it once was.


dJDesn~tle·W.1 Wreth,e :sllcl of cbooo~a:te •

• ' mat ~sdJe eOEe of (b,e Mi~r:sE:nlli1!lsia:S1ID8sshewB!tches. l.Hn8 work?
A I; S~e~sgojn:g ~Ol eKpCil'ienlic :s.G.~thwgtffi:lat.ltw ,eople get:tbe cliaRce to. St.eis im[9ife-ssedb:lIf me. wayrhat Leom. deals Wli.1hthe cust.oMem. C Shesbues Leo'n:a's.e~i!teme:t1!t aOOI'l: a..l!eOOIl~OODS!lltlieit .re,part~

D :Sh.e is bIlPPY tbaltLeonats: Ims_~J1essjas: just 'becomeve.ry suc.wssw:l. ) .51 ''Ole MirterSJ :6nI: iilDJ,rlls:s~O"nf.reter MHO. is 018:1.b:e o


,101t dl'\~-ss~d mtbews:y she W0U!11.d .bave lexp~c~e.d. iii 'tail, 'l:el. be-r a .~Oit ba'Uit~h.elrisltoiIY ,of the .A.z~ecs. a Ie doem~~ r,~liIDy!care ;a~o1ill~poH~e:LltroducHoills,. ' D' wsin:t:€lfills,t'edi. in 1(we'fYImg. oo'ooecteflw.~~ ms .IDOlb.


'W1la~. d.Cllesllbe·M'i:te:1' sUigg~st about: thes!la:ft'8i1 the: :filChl'Y'l A Th.e.)'~e'DiiI to eare de~plli) aitml!DlJt tnei:rwQ,rk.. B, Th.ey don"t SJe;cmto be wo.ddlg very hard. ['; M_.s Gftll!;.emseem. t'obere~a:t(:dt.o e;lc'im!athe~. 01 Th~y seeLrw 't.o g,e:t ion.very well 1li.th F~::;t'erMDOD .•

1ibewd&er a"f~ q til mpuU m,Jselfto,gedler' {Uioe59} t~ SftOW.I~:she
~rns asisbe ~sm.two, p:~a.cl}sammJ::same tiMe. H; is, finding it dl~fEh:IlIUro stay ealm aDd do herjOib. (:' is: tired. of pt.b:e-rlng: iMo1WlI!~~o'n aboliJj~me fa>cloq. III can:'\t Rmelllber~befealipurpDse 0:1' beir vis~~.

\1'lIl!a:I.,iuJ 'wel~Jlmabo:uJt'tQiF .MOOD's ,eb,.,la!tJe in. tIiIe lp;stp ... a~pb.~' n i~ pow~g in. 'O'pll:d:!liir.~il'y all .8]'oUifllclth:ewodd. B Itsspoot~. illgr'OOlie:EWm .mue it~l.S~e lillie flliile wine. C It :is regutady ~~.ted.b;r cboooia,t:e loomnO~SSle'1l:t'm.


m~s~.be Jea!mienMthiml::lt:re!eweebdef~t

m .m"ald:e.

Practice leSilt, 4,

YOlll are going tel iread an a.JtC:!eabout: a wornl!n wfn,otauQlht ,BIga:rj'lla tOI 'spe'a!fl, Sav,en sentenoes, lila\fS been ramo,vetl from the, al1l!~ole. hoose from the' sentences ,A"H ~he one Wh~Cib each gap '(:9'-115). C 'Its Thor,. is IDns e,ldra senblmOB 'whichlYOu de nil,! need t,o, use. Mark your answers lonl tha &eparat,e lanswer Ishee!.

Talking wi.tbKoko
.Dr F.M:nclne.~P;altenon has spe.m hilI' ,life ,(JItempliJ,I, to 'C(irtJlfflU'fiicat.t willI .hun~Q:",kind~ close:51 rekuftfe d. e gQmlal

mm at alJim.e when &"0100 "",,M; j.~ilI'~Y'i
eel one-ye&--oJd

Dr PattetsOD: w,as introd~oodl to, HIm:abi..l{o (Kolro) :in
lUldemer~liI,goriUlIi. l'i;'!i1ue...r,souwas in seil!_f<ih lof a

.her d!esiIDe~.o bave: ,I, baby.; P8Uc[SQJj's, people ~M:em~:d Mi'eltael as aittler b~t 'Kam wrpristngl'y sIlKDwed ,sigm
of 'hum.'Wl-liffite ,emb!UiTa,smenit., ,expl Q~n,g, thill~ sh!.\l

candida~ for her fQrthooming foLW-yeU pr-oject. with Smmord U1iver:si~ on mteF:~ie-s communication. UttJ,lc did sb.e know' 'd'aim::tms wou~d. tum ,if!JJto~e:f .life!Jo.ng wO'f:k. She \V,anted \0 researrob, oODummica:tiOJlootwelm ib!1!!mans and O'De of rbeilr dooes!t r-el:atives D It!m;e animiil 'Worl!d,__tbe, gorila. 0.0 ,a \Ullito S. Fral;ciLsoo, Zaoj D! P,aitfermn~s eycs; !mmediate~y feli! on Koko. 1his deeii[OiI], wowdllot, ,oaly 'pmviide f;attcrooD with, a 'CODS!taint OO:mp'lmiQD OV~f the coJlWllmg;years om., also lil1lltiC Koko lone cf' the mD'S~ '[amclI:m go:rillas in. the WCIli.hil. From the beg~nniiDg.. Patterso.!i'!! cbose to oommwlli:ca,te with Ko~o th_:r'Qugb Am~dcml Sign. l..UI ,'-e:" She bellUl by ma<:b:i:Qg Kilko me bamc signs. She :s\!i!dd~~ hJ ,cre.ale her GWQ ajjgjns by Icombililiing different sips f:or woms she ,ailrei!)dy knew andcasually droRpin_g theminto, her. CODversa!rionst wiUl PaUeBOtl!. For imta:n~ when. -sh.ewa~ted. to signW ':ring':, ,lIi 'wo:1:'id she .ba,dnotbeen ~:~ugb~e;t~she !!ignl:d y 'ibmcele~' tog,etber with ~~. Alfuoug,b dUs,\1o'aS not lmdlitilonali sign limglQe •• t made sease, Afi.r.e'r some 'lime of 'bavk!,g wly bl!lma1], company, KGto sigoed~t she \Still :fe~~lo,we.ly'. So ,3: 'ftie-oo was; :fooodwr her in me mml of Michae~t ,an 'orp.baJf.led

oollliSjd!eired! Michaell to be more like ill brother siince they wen:rlil/tsed. toge:tWl:erand gorillas appear' to have, 'their ,0WII1I :r'Il'I,§ :r,e,g,ardin,g mlllI,tc.hes. I Theil' fri~i:u:ls'lUp' laMedl 'fbr 'Me:I!l'ty~four ye!Blrn :sO'! natl.;m;lJy,. when Kokol was 'told, lof Mic:bael.'s death :from heart



fai1~£e, in 2000,1 Siheshawed .' of grief' by ~~, ,sc'mltm,g his :roo~lm.d. ,iii_S !Ms, name:upea;tedly'. By the lead lof hisliife Michael oou~dI slp six bundred ; phrases Imd unde1'Sta!lld, one ~hOUS3!1!Jidwo.r:ds,spokeB in English wlille Keto, lcould sigBlIil1d ~,~ ·twfue·a,s,

manJ!'One pmicuJI.~ .em:Grab~e: rno.cIIt OIZumed
when K.Oko WWi, experiencing great :pain. After signwg'to' hercuegW~ tbiat .she,bad iIII.tootihacbe),she WliI!S alble to iinctiail£e her level of p~ as bt;::ing be~mreen nin,e gd] ten O~ 8 paJJrnleve;1 ,cl1!Hil'll:._ A.Ju~r' ~hepainful '[~oith W,BiS, :removed. s'he .received 8. WIiJ. bealth. dteck~up :wd thankfully ""M; 'found to 'be in good sh~ Over tbe F.a~teo1m!olo,g·W8/S 1!Ised 10 efllri-ob Koko,'s, wodd, 'Top,mvida her witb a VQ~oe. sh~ 'W'l!IS Fen, ,01 sp~ially ,adapmd oompu:~e[ and iii SCfeeD on 'whi~'hshe oould mlllke sem,e,DCCS. The: screen wasbous:ed in 'the floor ,of her 'end<l511:re g,d, could.M~taJ]d 900 kg of gorilmafo!£'OO. She w'!!IIDd swilE,cb 'the u,pts en and ,offwheo. s'lile'warned, for e:wIIpfe. And in 1'99,8" the wodd 'Wa!tdled ,in wonder as DrPatmmm ,conductedrn_.e WQ[1d~8fus~ ~te:r:-speci,es &Ie- web chat. wiJth Ke,kOi. Althmib S~ aI1e ~,I.,tfC\d DUm: Kokrl,!i true :[ntel~ l~e:nce, ~tcan. Dot be dooied 'that Kdko bas cllaUenged the wodd's stereotypical view of (he ~. b~ood-tbiimy gorilla., Its mam. aimist(!l~e peopill.e Dlarre of tlte prOiJl[e:f:llS great a_pes :faoe. both Wi mprMlty aad ~ the wild, Md to save 'them fnlm e.'Uin. -"on.








fnse;,pa_tab~e. Altbough there Wfle no pJIli:U!5; to teach Wc~a,el, b) &i~ be ~ad 8!D apdtude fom''teill'lilling ,and was v:efY wiJlip_g. By "the ,end of hB fiI:styearr~ Michael had learnt 'over twenty signs, :so.e afwrueblwe:re leven m:auSibt to b:iJn ~Y' Kolo' ..Amazingly" ilie: even began to s~,



When Kok,o fea .. -bed adwthood" she communicated c


Practice fest. 4


It: also ,dowed hew to ba:\llea. Ice-n,aWlamO!fJ!~t of Co.lilltml over heremviron.ent


Bu.t in thebe,ginnin,s,

Ko:to bad d:i:ffiC'llruly

adaptiing t'O ber new clilIv!iroIliliilleol. As a result, 'mey were deSD.Dcd.o l!emain t just good. mends. G It. \V,as, ~t~is, point t]]:a:nsibeblew she had a .found dJe~edeot subJec!f:ar her pro~oct. B
Ai! first

,J If only aU ,animats could tell humans this
kind. ,ofin~iJIflDatmoD.


Dr PaJtte.'rsol~sinidaJ pIiojectresulted ~ the
setting up, of TIl.€: GodUa Founda:tl.on.

D However. ~tsao.n. became clear that Kako wuoot only Ieaming each. sig:n, :lrut aliso mogEcWlYilldapting the sign Wanguage herself;

they did not take to each other, bur

tht!)" started

get on ,and eVClnh:ullllly fOml~

ave'l'J mODS bond .

.Loo,kout for pmnouns, both. ill the 't~l and in tbe se:nte:nces (Ie~g. they -lhek. sh.e - her. etc). These

will help,you make (be risht oonnecdonsbetween wdeas"


You are ,g~im1l:gl rea.dia, [p.age,fnioml ,a.tll:,o,ctlurewi~n advsll1isemems, for four W1nulSum[ leisure e~penences. [For to quHtjo.ns 1!s,.oo,~choose from the aC'ii¥smsemenm: ,tA-D), The advem.\siemle:ms; may' be! d'ilooB.n lmo~e.a:n onee.


,)('C'tJjf answ'Ql':s;on

tn,a, ,sepsrate ,ans.,alr'


a, :pmtwcrulla:rhisoormc.a]j



glv.iin~:1CUiJ 8{)metmrng~o~Ueho.mewith



.isde;s~gf1led xdus~w~Y'rofc:hUdren?' e

giVing,you.tbce chaneete tab a breakfoom normal ~jje?

wha:tpm].cipaltswm I\cgrettnatB

le am. before

me start: of th,e adml1?




:speciktype af Vlisitor CMlDlJt ,e:f1I~ef place? the


ihat y(lu:~g ch:Udft'JU are mot arruowecl~o' take: partm tbe ;activity?'

the 'gualifi.catmiJ.E1Is,.o:f the people iEil cha:r~eof~be 8C1tivrlty?

l1li 01 _ 011l1li D



''hadiifiouJ, all~m: '.'kliUii 0·01 Y'O!l!II wu~ to. Jean! ~B:m.e~-;w SkillS" Alie J0111, fed up 'With 'the US'lUlru f:Ou,dfi.e and Wlillitt :t,odo, siom ~bing,a, I"ittle .o'~e 'e;t;:cUing th,JD walikiog. Q,t"lO'(!Iod, .fb~ shop.ping ceDn~e 01.1,g,a,nu:d,lIJY mo,rfti.rnl~? Theil Ml], up.. liOn up - oome. 8!iI'i;d Join the ~j tC~!l,! ,OuIillil& ,our !Sle:ss:im~t: B:r.ili~ai1!l·,S: t,ojp ~lrlCiu~r s'tUls';s,e:hool y,ou wnI hrll..tmt :fJ.bolD!&,t tbe pbiy ielIl sb:c;ngtb req:~ted for Ilb~t!L~pe~e ,and lacrobatic:s:. practi e YOllroo,oirdiil!l,a:tieD stiUswhille ju;ggID.in:g ai;nd 3iUempt tq, ,ac1"oba.hm,ce: (ot:h.erw;se g@wn, as 't~i!l:bt:m:-c:pe: w,lI.tki:ng). AU tbe .instnlccbns ,Uiep:n»essio:naLs WWtlil :ocit'-hruJd koowl:,~g.e ,of the ~Hbmqu~Md equipililetnuse.d. Y,ou'U b~-Ie!l!ming di:e iba&ias: !lllllIlJD dme~,:q 1011.!can imprus: al:Ly,out , fnendls, wiUl"o'1I!J.f new skiilh wf:leo yo:u. ~t home. It is r,ece~mle oded UJ;,1rt Y01!l wearr 'c.a:silWl,l,iil, dsthes th at de'll{t :['Ie'stdct Jour mo.V·'eDil,en't~. :11 tmoksu:it :;md !rai IfcllS;wouldbe ideail. ~icip~nts nliUS[, be a£leut I 4¥Ul'1J oWd, :tlnd althbugh ~bey dOlO, ~ oeM!; tiD he i~ aJilsolu:tely tt,-tQ~P' s,]ja,e" a 110afC:lIldlA'~ lE!¥,el '0'ffitlli.eM is :[eq!il.b::t(fm yo~ Wlli~[ ~'Oge~ the .'QIS[ frolilili tb:['i OODISIe. Spectall~U are· 'W,e\leoDle th:l"oughGuiI:. Unfuuu:I),a:t.ely: tb~I,e is no' disabted ~SiS all the s~hool.

UyOlJ kav~ alweJ)~s wo\ml~~l1l tq ,skyollM1!g" bn~ te are afraid of ,0,.,11;,here js the ~l1lSWer - indoor
s~divin,g. Y,bu ~eell:i:k,eYOIllI ,are 'ked:aUing fro)n~,pJme" ,e,ven.tbo!:Jgh y,Ou are onqr abo'Uit ~I.WO fee~~off YCUrlld!, M, a gioot, pro~ner 1iilla~tsailia~ me


2,1001 p,h sUiS!p:em,d lng you m

1'11, Ul-'@

,Mr:fiow. It is


free:farU e.ede1il~ Uro'l:-,e.v!1!Q,~.ne I[),ust f~! ,a:t the wo,dd"s, big;gl~!!t ~kydi,'Ving w,ntl t,nnDcW", in &dlfOrd$ir~ ~sJiI!Dld.~mpaID.edtQ other :slmilM'

~rienoos <l'.IiI .eliDlarkl!t~ y,QuwilIl, g.et, meee ,~t: bmmt,1li to, lb'lwig,a ~~~~e]_~, wible" jon r.ii~h. a

Di'VD' '!!Ontaiimlilg foe~aF of your ftig:bil:fm yau m rem,ember lhe ,e~perience, Tbis fiu:ihy mocatets w il1~e:ma;rionall s~divm,g t:e-iHllS.O Ilnaisuted tWtl" yOujlil bdn, th.e"u hmids" Tbe: '["UliLmiJWMo:-rigJ;n., bluih lall"~ titty ~aD ago' 'to s~udy IU![i~rnamiii@: f;ll~$, ,and :tala!.' 'l:0 test, Ehe s'lrcn,gth of ~eliopJan_~parts suc'bas ejecto:r :seats. 'f:io.1Ilir' ~~des klfu,the l'mm,td was l1~tored!, A. reasDlullLI1,e l,ev,cJ _a,f t~tP~ 55 ls IN~i:q_uire j,fIj d ,order flO ,~~~IiW! S),edUQf:s 'W3!t,dDi tbe i'Wl:= &0. 'from. tlil~ :fr,ee 'vwew~n,e p,n~~ I)ut tbe loud noise makes [t lIIr~tablero v;eryyp'Wlg cMdiI1eDi.

The 'Cadtednlls, bplle" Slieam 'l':raig
SJliep blliOk intoth,e 19'th celliwry as y,llu tillite II! n:~ ride O1ilJ'theCaEhedrais &pJ:l~slwl1~liI. runs ifom,C,elll'J;;tlLQllldo.n tG ;5om~ olf BtlgJand~!ii'D1o.st bel!!","tUtd ta:'th~dil'aJ I,clities. h~,s ~·be 'p~r,fta:ll eql'enen~e :f;of J:om,anti~ oouples., 'Harry P'imer and 'tbo:sccwbo Willi'i'l !Q relive the iood 'o'ld! day-s. As .y!>U, tt's\IIeil, you wiml dine ion npeil'bfo~d ""h:i:ru.e s,j:ttm:ng!l!t'iiI h!ib[~ 'wi'[!'1 :1.'G'v,~dyvieW'S oif'(be iCBUn.t:!y\$ide, T.b;e Itrain 'is,an ~ac[ fepnc.aL af !).l!!,~ Ib!n ,oper,a:ted duriil1lg,VlctQd!ln times"~ ,and the

Are :you.ha!vb~g 'trouble fil1l,dl~figthings to do, wirh the kids,' Here s an idea. At the: At}uafuD :P!wpmm~, )fOnng.ad~l1!Nfilrs, ,!'me , iolffid:lWedto, th~ thrill Q~ 'b!J:.ell:thiBg uder watel'. They ,alre, mt f tau,slu tHe bas ie proc.e(ih!!li'l:!s f,or sCllba ,d,ivlQg. i. Wudffin:g ~afj,n:yand ,ef.iilmimunicatioQ wifb, fel]ow dive,fs. a[],df'a mU i,a:rised '" it b t be ,e'Cl!!l1 irpl.en ~ before ld,ip,p:i:mg 'thc'i:r ee ~5 ~n~o"the ate.r A.U tli1,~ :imu:~ucto~ MIg: qudfiedJ D~ve Ins'thtC~QI.s, Then. ~nder clul~lrmU sup~rv\iS[Gn.. they get. '[0 di _e and Rim .ollmldl in iii. swimm,ip_g poo~ a:tIIDUiml!l!m: d~pth Clf ,only 'tim; blUi s'tiiH e;xpericQ:!.'l'~wbat i~ 'W'I)U Mfee~ :Ij ke 'EO< be il l'lI, n,ln!l[:~d dwvlna eHViro.n1il'l!,~nt Pareats Be we,~co:meto' w,a;lchL as 'the'" cw]dflcn WeallittQ'seutl~ dj'l''e ao,d coj'oy sp~asojngaround m WS buibb~es uo¢1e.tWl'I!lcr. Cbi~.eoonJt barlfe: d Ull 'be ,Sitmllg ~meft gil p:li'~D'lJS- e:xpe!r$efIl.OO~, not nceded. You mus'[ br,iD,8Jour DVm $wimwcat, but aU lo:iher equip':me:llil; WiUbe pl\orided'.


O!ni~~m,t-erlO.li'Sare belllutlbJ1ij1 diUxiiIll~ed.n Is Ui uFl~~l.sjgbtso' e:xpe:erpoop!e to warll'e·a:f you, £!.'$ :you ,galb;y., Of 'QOU'[Sle, yQ'u ma:y wwsh Ito wa"e baek'! 'Wi\oo. the lfam ;pub ,inlQ the temnRUS', J01! m;,e [,eleased ft0m. Ute fanq Ia'r a sbo.rtspetE" as ~ulita1i!~ tbe dbtm.ce to sbop, Ci'l seetliie sigh~~
nMl1S 3illd s1.I!itimtshave, £;ilh!1D!Pl!,f0r wh~l(:ha!iiIr Qsers. Sple:ctHlto~s a:[le;w,~.mcome te see ~b.e tr,awn depm aliKl im~l it on ~ts return.




1 You want

a:t®e.nda~anJllag,e schoolin Eng;lilDd. You saw the advemse to C1ums, Rendaillt Now you, ha:ye[,l!oomved an ,tmail!li,oom bim in res _ • -'_c_ -,-I _c_c,ammiisement- 'Chris RenGliIll'5 emai •.and the lIiO.t:es, ~ou lIa.w made, Then Mi.wan.~. 't'O' _ RmdaD miDg aU y,O'Uif notes
L "_

Both piliIUi ,of P,aper 2 'carty 'the ~ame :nu'mber of mUlk!. 50 'DIU:. It .i!svitali. m!li~ YOIU,att:e:mpt bo,thtas'b.

C:h ris IRendall S'e:nrt:~ '12 April S'IIJIIb~ect: Summer ~anguag~ """"' ~~ ............



'Yes ...


thm school, the courses

Firstly, tia,ve ~u visited O;UUff


\W _ _

about ...

'm'U rse and so' 1011. PII be haw ~ ,oourse -fair exampl,!. abo ,-, what' dothes to, Ii)nirngl.

Tel/him and say why It WOIJ Id a~sobe' he~pfuI i'f Vile as )lour age, leve r or( Engfis,
r _ 1'an:1diC:


Wri.te, your e.a~1. Y,o,u must use gra;mmaticaM,y correct sen;~e.accs, pU.Il,cruauon in a. style ap'prIOiprda,te~o![~heshlUatiO'J1.

_n° j:. ~=~t:';



P\ractice Test 4

Mimi an answer tOI,Dna, oJ the! iq~esiIDns, 204, if1lltds: part. Wif'li~B'your us,wer ~n 1,20 ...110 w'or,ds rn ,apiprOlpriate stYme.


~Whe!ll writing HI artic:]e., 'tl}' ~o ca:tc~you:r ,reader!'sattenDOD. by Ilsmg v,aJi,ous tecbnll'l!ues sucb ,as hn:1udms a ,ca~cbytitle and ,:!Iddressing your .reade:I directly,.

2 Your English teacher bas asked you. 101 write an artlele lor the schooL magazine about t\va phobo,grapbs wbidh are pamcuJaiIDy important to you ..Y w have been. instructed Ito describe wbat the ph~tu:res show and w~a1;m.emoriestbey bdmJgbaOkto you..,
Write your ,artiide.

Y,oubave recentlymov;ed~o ,another Iclty and be,gQin, studies at ,3 l~g,e sohoo~ there. Your mend from your Iast lan,~ag,,, scllool bas &Skced yandle followiili1lg:,questioJls in the.U- retell letl:e:F:

Ireal!!lymis:s bfa~g ~~ Hound atr ,scllool. lle[l :aeaibolt: yuu.r: uew sc'.oolWbl!l!~ WQ your' fitJ,t d~y 'ike' Is JOur new schoOl dmfmrent from di:is one? .And bow ate
the'eaCbers ,iUldthe other students?

Write' ,Iietter '[0'yoU!r&wG'.od;janswering the questions in their letter. Do :po't woo any posta] addn~sses.

Developets are plJml:inig tobu~ld. ;1, teurist re&urt in, your ehamdng, !lillie beach ~01WD. A loclm. TV s,tation is go1ngto film. yom En:gllish elass havilllg a discuss,ion ;iliOOiU!U the new p,lam" YOiUll~eacllrue! wants you ~o p~eplr,e by wrl.ti:Jm(garn ,essay gi~ - your OPWtUlS on '~e .fbillow:ins. : Sl:ar~e:me:nt': -

Developers sholiJd be allawf,d to .build ,b.~gbetels dnd' tourist c-omp.lexes anywheffl they like.


....... -

l,,"orqu:es~[lns:1~1,2~ re:ad th:g~i'xt be~!ow and decide 'whltdh aUTIs.w:erl(AliB~ C OliOi) bBS~ tim eacn gafJ. Ther'B ms, n 'B'l<ampls,,at the beginni ng ~I)'. Mark your ~u'Slwerr$ Olill tn;e'se,pDr,a~ell'lSlwe:rSn;eet. a ExampWe: II ..4., detached



ID s.e~a!rate


0 II


, Ii ,






re'EraQ~ is,en

opu:earu display

lor a?~OUjtlDa;l:~u'al]yappeM:S fndie sky wru::n 3 'ib~am,,(')fs'Inliight

l'1i~iinu ,a;f ~r,amclro:ps-.: "iaebJ, ,~O).,. ". OOlOllf fmmdle specuum, .m 'the:n selJt '~(fr YIZIUlfOY'!}S,.lPOltki~~o h:aJ,~e;rn. theaJmigte 'he~~:n the (,1) .... ,0{ ~pt1dle rarun.o,p Mldtb~ ,hUi.mlDJim,eye, mmit Ib'e 'b~lt'w'een ,40 md 42 depees.
,I1.IUler'stu: ~1iI:g,[.i!!Dln!~Ws,.,












.,t'!!l,eWL'OJml H W


. :81~,r!M' '(10 ti~~


n .:.m.vlJ!iey lare

w_nne· ....


Hioweveft M' was, oolo:ur lblil;d, sa ,[he mad! ~o ($) ..••.. o.m,the e<J~ of Wl~tu~whlJl oouru~ ,easily (4)". ,.• ,BIlle ~iIl ,ceto.m:s:: .rOO~'Mange"yel.!)w" gree,n,ibilu€:, im!ligp amdYio~et. ,Hms, mistmt.,c.<rnm.d WJS!ij ,clearty !(:5) ...... ~e '6~oonoo- lJetw~enwml&go :amd·viutet. Tiere .e 'Nofiypes 'of IaJIDbuw,s,P.rimaryr~mbows are th$ :DiiI.QSt (6) •.... and. ma',jl\~ m,e, :1iI.mt distincmie ooluum, wi.tB :i,ed (1~ ...... Oil. the 'o,u®!l~de-,of tl:H~-,afCand 'Viole'tol the, wi~e.,SeGQld.,
I'MI1bows ax-e·urmus.ua~ be~a,1lSerll'e ,fidI:t .is,·:refrueeted 'mr:iicr;. 'W.ilidrlm tlfieraim.clmp be\£QIIe, .l~ ,tl) .....a.

:as·~ght aiprim~ll',amIJGWs. "Belic ~ a. p!}l\Iulu m,~ that .ilf y,Oll ,€:ac,b~, ,end €l,f a ii3J,IIlbGW ,YOI wil ,WId a pot of gold t VlWmingfO!rJou:.h. (1J(1).. ''''Ijt~s ,iEpfil$SJrolc-~o~o ,th~Sjb~caUiSe a rain~ bmJ '10 1C'ld ~. IS you

r,ambow,~ :ROItiDi.e(}Q~C:IIHS.w,e .iII. (9) ,.,•• o:mc;rand t

go .t:OW3!lrliS.'t1Jepillmlt whf}re thermmoow as IqlicC_ldyu¥OI. (112)1 •.•• , ..
-- ---

(11j ,.•.• ~owu:c;h tb:~ ,pOlmdll~DiilfJVCS


frem }QUl.

1 A. sUip :2 A d:e,t~. a A- reily 4 A oocQii/er S' A say ,6; A o:fliJeD. A 8iplpem'ing ,I Ai.. develops '9 A beJ:Jm~ 11 A- cue, 11 A. loob

B fay


B ~ength. I UUslt:
.8 l1e4liruise .1 .speak B oomRU:lD.



c c

))1 .ilO~ l)1 ~readEE.


D' bWlieve
DI uncl~irS~Dd




C 'OrdllaiY C shapes C [!I:ltnm


B farms B bilcl( II

teU rregtJ]ar lDl rev,e ammg .D grows


DI ~~

1,1: A. arrive

spite B seems D, approach

C ~~me



C sbows C neal'

DI sees 'Ii) pmgmss



For que:s~ons 1S"'2/11~ read 'U"aB'text: be~!ow andlfhirnlk~,of' 'Ii;aword wh[:cill best 'fits leach IQarp. Usa on~iY' Gliila word' 'in leach ga:P'" There ls an sKmTlple' at 'iniS begiliilningl (0). .


I~IEI~]alu INIID I I I ~ I I ~ I


A Dumber' ,of the miss.mg,words are pre,posffiti.oDS ~ihill~go with certain vclts or ,adjecnves (e,.g. imls,]s;[ 00, tired af)l.

Putting it O:IT!
Y'01ll''big Rams Me just 1(0
SCliOUl!l, 'lev.is,iio.D .• Y1luba:ve·to what (14)
1 ) ., ••••••••

"the eomeraad you have oruyltwO'


three da.y,s left


do some

,oommnt m m,e:l1iIIo.iIY history of I(];;H ~••••••••• lndustri:811 Rie:m.IUI~ioWl- s,o the a,task that you

, '

,'O'u, domg ,orgamsiDg 'flle :kiitche:n lcupbflams·? Ordillarily" it is US}

w·Gu1d,,cbooiSie do unless you r'CaDyhadtn, bur suddenly YOIl1feell[he 'time is right to pay particular to,
,a,t~:e,1iiIItj,Oll! f1J6)

tbis, area of tbe heuse Ml..d get it loo'king spotless, 1b.c boob

u.pstm:m. anwait. c

Suchbehavilour is, k..no,wn. .1'7) •••......... pnlems:tiaation ~ ,11 deliberate .at~empt to ,im:Ud , :somelthing whO ch realliyneeds, to be U:8) ....,...••.i' but whicb you.can't be bodJered ,

do..Other eump~ea of (19) ..••....•• sort of finishing

ildlu.de .bI<'OWSm,g tb,e Irl~,eUietoirwa:tcbmg 'television 'wheiDt~e .kitchen :S'~i11k fuJI o:f dirty .II!I, '~O' tea and ooffee at 'th.e offioe "~Ol) get



Oil' ,go.i11.1 off

th.c 'Workyou~vle been

In ahart, procra5lmatioo '~stb.e art o:fputting off (21)
that '(231) ,el.selHilbt:just d:oi~ (:l,tH •••....•.. , 'them.

,omormw what should be d.oRe 'today. Monil'

often (aZ) ••'.'".'.' Dot, the real Ie8SiOn why a proc&:as:t~naoo.r deJiiB\y"s,a, is tba,t they have ,aJ.vSlpe hope ••'.'.' job

fior 'ClIU)es!~]o.nsH441r,ead tne '~ed below. USB' the wend! givisn in ca,p.ilas at the 'BlmIdi cri'S/oms omlle I[nes.~o! formls. word .a~its iinthegap inlhe saDIe Une. 'There is an exarnple!at:tits t)egmn~ingl(0

Write yourr ,answers n~: CAPltAIJ.. !lJ..ililnl GR,S en Utle separate! answa:11' rltitaet.

Cu~rure shock .~sa, :feefin;g ,o,f ,(01), •••••• '•••••• '•••• ,...eJgJeriencedby
visii~inga :Ilew OOIm~ry and.be~ns: OOnHOI,t:ea ww~h an {ZS)",



oo~~lUm. ,f:x:pe.nence:dby many of tl!ru.ettiDJ.ousa:ndsof students wlbo~ea\l'e n~s home ~o's£udy English .manlSng~isb..s:peak.i:l1gc()ua:tIJ. .
Th_ese s,tudents nave®o, oOipewmth chan,ges, inweathe:r"
behaviour., 1(:26,) gra,duatptoooss. ,cuil,tu~esb.ookBEd~h3!~.a~jusMng~o,

f()od!~hmglJla;g~ and

, bave found ~m,a~theli:"e are sev,eraJ st:a,ge-s of

Ilife in rat:new CCfuntlY ,~saa .O!JmiS;Qrng rand

lIlida.lly"s~lUdelts ,rmayfeel (2') ..,....•.......... ,.and de~ilht at tbenew


Th~y~~e '[() ~eirb&D~iU,ale stum!e:s, i[t~.entlwsiiasm uallet.C!: :s~.m!t w

,rogrecS'S ..
Ornoo die (21)
.... 111.:11"'·" ...... '''1.1 .... _I!~"'''''I'''''e .. i:;II~~..: J~~~II!;!iJ1 .J,.g~.J 'I!!i~, .IHliU.L~

ofbeDil·iu. a ~folejgn'P~ace wears ,off, ~ee!lin~o.f
.....lnIe.. '~e-dilu l':IAi), ;I,~.li:""~ i';J.'!l \~V.
Q~,_. _:__


!(:2,') •.••,......... •.•.•• ~ d.epres.siol1l. andho:meskikme&5
~J.J ••••


mlly adse:"and hamesiek _ ••••••• L.'~.'~' I'I',i'-I .. ,.... ,'" YI!I.:I!!W ,~~ lo~ .. ~.·I'PA!.!.", L~"'.'.' W .'


speatiing; too ClUi.iCkmy and using s;tr;a!mlg,e~dioms and :,d:an:g~are allso, ve.~ .

common .. (31)
(312,)1 ••...••••••••••••••

, ~ stressma, be Cil!~sedby racial dlsc.rimmat[on~

p:r'oblems o.r safety eeneerns ..

Dmilllg lbe next sm~e~ stude:rn!t: ils more 1(33)............ ..•••••atldlbegins te the accept 1hepos'itivelmdne.~ative .~pects, (lfbQtb. ~~Wi'es,. They be:!Jin to fee~ a~ home and. iealise~hat problems afeaisu (34) 0ppoIJtmiliHes •.

[For 'C!;uec8.ticms:a5-4,2~,loompJe1:9 ttlEl' seeo,nol ,Sel!1l'hill!1l'CEli so '~rm:att has a, slmUmr ImeW!lili11,g tOI the fini,t sentence!, i IIIJIS~nB wo,rd g~veJ1l.IICh,:1:01chan,ge Ih,e 'W,Ofld] !gl;'ven. You mus,t use between 'two, and! 'I,Ev. wOlrds., title Including the, 'word given. Her,s is a!n ,examp~le (0)1.

IExam,pl~a': Ofty
,lie you.


a new ~im,suage'?'






as; 'They oUered her a j:ob but sne r,efused.,



r expeot

:you. were 'very tU',ca by the end of the week.


Being, ~a~eis .IDfI~ab]e-.


38' Mau1maw (I,edded n(l~, to do his, hOIl.ewo:rk ,and y,;ent to p:I,8., fQotball. INS,TEAO Matthew' went top,Jay football " , , , '..' '.••...••.....••. ..".,'".•,,"",m" •• '""" ••••• " ••••••. nome work • ,...•"., • ,!(! wouilc1n 't stay ou;~toCilla.te~Lee," ,said .Mary. ADiViSED

IJ1 Hermother won't to:~e:ra~eudeness. r


42 Natalie didn't Ilsten c~l!r,efiu1l)y e~nOilJgboo me s,okeD.~n.stmc~iCl11!s, ATrENTlON

YiOi!l.lllsm going to Iread. an m1ieJe ,abou~ kelt m-aciflg. Fiorr qUQ8~OnS, choose' Ihe' answer I(A, [I~ C all' which 'you 'liIinfk:fie bes~ ,acoordin.g: tol'le,text~ Mark Y01!Jlr,BMWSrs; '011 'thel ,sBiparate anlwer slb_t.



The ne.l~,generation ofFonnula

One ,grea,rs,is coming up fast ,in. ktJrts
powerful .lDaehin~ whioh ~n nevedheIDess mach

speeds o:f lf1.!krmIb. NlehJD.~s'mterrest :in,:raang was, lIvi,tml OO!DOOIlltrUUOU. The 'pm-:mm :m~eMe\W a_re UDStoppa:bk::, he would wuee U'I emJ!("om ~ds, ove-r:and tbeglamour mocle1s,:ue O'£ftJi.e tliId::. a:ndwod: OR ms rare kart"matiq; modifi~ti~ kJ' FWlS aresaoaaiiog froID a pa,eked, granc!imndL increase CODittolotl speed., ~*He bad ~liim:e. He, Squeezed uuobis drivin_g ~t ' wearing a Rd., wfliite used to be up, Imrelill befom me in the mOnUfII,Bs" ,and ye-Uow jumpsuit and white bbnet, Neis:oo g~ttinB'marly mr me days raee, ~~ big !alber. After takUlgpiarl In.fur;ee lor four ~oedraees Jones j;g puning on a pair of tight btlck ~oves. No question wbel'e be:':s expecting to fini_Sh:''Fint;" he Brita~n in whicb be won :nFS't place despimbis says be'wl!e l'luRing: denw his, goIDdvisor. At 'the stmi young age". Ne.loon decid.ed mat be wouI'!ll 1"0 for ,sip, \Viitb a. burst of ,en,gine noise~ dm d:riVm dan .i~,IID~ :lavea ,C'iaat a~, hiS fil'st~~ntemadoDa1 tittcf9 domn, tolihe .Mst mml. Gl'sml,'. in Ge'rro'~i, which be won ,as,well.. It arum sounds, a me~ li'ke, a. f'bInm.ula O,ue ear moe but: ~~M1I!1b Nelson'DGW b;aw]s aU eMU' Brimin and Europero-·taJm port iio raees, linoolndwire remainsr tihelle,':fj,a cliffe-renee - NeJsoD is aU of' 'Wirteen y,em old, 1Hu;1 he's ueblg ifl.l1i.go-.km-. W\ball00uld lie see-n home, Gr-awing, up,theJie the interest be ~owed in - - UII _& IIn"hireis, in, I,acing was Dot via the 'usuaiJ! lexpomrc "fO video, ,IS o.l!..:td"s·- ~av'- IUDs 'r; - -aJl ~M!"", , UIfi P 'J UiI - m ....... V.l __ '" fact a proving ground forproressJc.'l!nWs., Almost. ,aU ,games,. Ike [he ,orner kilts he-meets ,at ra~. '~We lof klda;}fs Formula. One drivers owe a debt to the lived near a s.maiU karti_ng, racetrack and T became ,expedenm fustga;ined In a smill'plastic buut seat. f:asdmat.ed - I wulwft stop talting about ~l One diary, :ws we were I~; past. I :made myflitlwr ~M1'o,p It is, the fiJ;st step for :Y01l.1.Jlg '1tW.e:Dt~O move 'the em' so ] could ha\l'e ,8 better look lit tIIile .~ p~~JilaJ.mter;al5J(~.tIiSejt, :Witto~l.mces tb,€lIlllt0 the 'es.mntiid buies :sucbasoo(liq;1me mtimg lime. flying by. E saw so many people, :iine&ll~ kids, my coD.oentratioo,andi how to compete on me uaek. OWD ,age; ad t took a Mkling itO' it straiiglmlt away.' Neilson ewB1DaU.rgo't his ,cnamle to .Iily it lout The That track xOOl\il maikes, kard_q ,I mus~ ror YO'lIm,Gfamity hired an mstruoto): for amna:teum 101 teub sters Ilreen 110, mate racing their life's ambition. elsoD, who k)ok him :MI :iI.r as, the age of fWewe. _ elson Jenes is no diffellen~ and bl\I actually been uomg, sinee he was Clght years old Nelson, s The,w'tnJctor fheD informed N,ebon's &thu ~twas fatbe.r1 Stew :stooo ~ his son at every 8!~'. ,u'I time 'k') look. 'for somemu::more q;umified. Pclhaps it ffis NeLsoflts; good 'brwne in haYing believe eveqcme has aspEid tamenltr,; wII:Ie_n and my alwaJSbeem ~ ,l!idvised tlIatbas ma*hlm, SOl SOD Neoo:n S~lC:mett 'Us Imw' gifed he was wi;tIl raciD_&, 1MB at as incredJb~y young: age, 1 ko.ew 'we ll~max-edmoat facing mepresMie5 'of' an .mer-, bad to do .somethin,g. R:acifElls leu be J:ieaUy nstional racing c.iroUt. But wnat is, it li:Ire to-·be so YOWl,S witll:! a schedUile booked withm~and dangerous :amd it g~!S,expeDSiv~ bOlt five JeaESflgo when I bad the opportunity to bu-y bim his :ms!t, aU eyes wambing bimt ,expecting vietmy Mf,er ,officim kart, I rushed m de it. It WIS, in a. really bad vicnory1 ''''Ir:s gpod fo·I me", :BS I knOW'wht I need. to ,finr 73' be doing.. The public's lexpecta1i0~ as -weR as 'the sta'te, bU't ~twas perfect: for what we had ia 'Ed.'!' The appeal is nat. hard to see, Karting-'oife:m we :(!If-ess1BC, kellp.sm~ fu.ws 8IIld ooncenrWfJW ISO I lean 'dkiRsancl spilllsof' lIeaII~life meim,g bU:t wilUl~ess, ram at 'My b,jgb.-esm.levet"·

Olil. the grid :m:ioutes before the strut ,o,fa Br.iiliSh (lrand P,m in Au~dI= dmrm~(a:-CC'S are gnwe








1 'DIe wdtu ~tsiD 'a.mgJQ,b, 1. Ilai;, ber~nl 6e slmit:of Ile n,ee" Nle1so:n A i,gn~::i'l'[es modeu md the K,reaming £am. 'tke
I, doesl,~t:w,a.1l:t ill, b:liri,gpie~raoo 'iint)tlme'W,. ,e :is ,oonfide:'Dt that be 'Will win itber,ace. U :lsl!WiOOmfortabh~ in hils ,SnUln driv"lIDg, sc,at. :it shows if ycnI!D1 ddvers ,h!Wc e,noughmlen:t to become p:mi"essiaJilats. wh.etb,cl[,a,cmg is reallJ ~h,eir Hie',s a.lbdlion. C iltte'a,cb,C\S,d.iermJ,s.OIl,e o£the :s'kils they Deed to l'a,epM~essioJ1laJJliy. D it gives t1uilm v,aluabte lexper,me:nce of driv.img in ,I s;JDall 'bu~k:eil'.!ie-jiil!. A
:8 itbe.~ps them dleoide

fro:m 'Ihe d:iHeren&

A'IIIIoid 'Opti:OM; IM!t '!:!S~, woWs l~ex;I: bill: oon,ve:y I


2 Aecordimg; 10 Ule' text" kamnl iis ,impoftBDt for .,hI~e Formula, One dri,'Ienbecause

3 Bn

A B He 'thought Ne:lson is,tatc-nt m,us~ besuppo:rted.
C He; realised t~

,md NelsoD',s::[atiber lleaet 101 lolli~s:iDterest ia lacing?' his Hewamed, ,Bibout't he dangers 'of suCh iii hobby. ,bobbywoULId be ¥eI;y eKpensirvc.

D He believedNehon was 4*,

young mr'tacln&

,A, oouIdnrt S~!l-e,pweU OlD! Ute Cpreferred 'working on.

B did. a lo~,of pr,epara;tmon'before

the, 'be:giUDWbig of' his mcml: caRelli', ]'el,OD d:ay OIl a 'm'iloe. n,eeded 'to UlCIiease 'his sel;'oon.trot

rus kart~Q' mem,S.



_ '1111, writer' usn: 'the pbrasG, 'ba,ve a ,aack af' (Ime 49'), m' silO'wtbat Nelsom, A wam~~ SUM w,liI:erhe!rlite would. do welJ '81 dUs: leveJ. B,[,eued, i:t WM a chance t:C11 t;aJtta sucoessfW ,CM'eer. s C: WH 'Qed to winWD,g 'every Grand lPm:b:be elml_t:e.med'. D '~b.01l,gb~ 'W,8S too yOllDg for ,am:mnt:ema:tioillalrace, he
Nelson became iDte,utedin kart lacing A because 'bis,father often tatked. about it. 0, ,ulieFwatcb!ing other chUaR. d01in!g it. ,Cwlneetodler cbildm,o. of his own. age, Dr because of ms ,exposliire ~olridleo ,gJames,. iI _Bit: doet: diI,ewriteI' BUlg,est: about NelsoD"I, fiJJrs,t, r;aee 'llil.~:tl'Uclto-r?' A He hlCked. confidence in hiS teaching ability"



-R,ewu mot ,qlilatifii@d~!)each proressmonats. t H,e only oo,adled. drnrers under the ,age of twelve.

D He decIded to :took ibr a younger driv,er to coacb.

Whalis, NeisOD nfenina: I~OwileD be sap, Ult':sgood ['Or'me,D {rIDe 13)1:ll' .A. .ha~.mla :full raciD.c schedU~e and. de:mmll.cii:mgfans, II .feeliD11,oolrdidcnJ 1ll1la.tbe wil wmr,llII.ce afJ::errace IC:b_;a:v.w.g,~ert :advi:sorswho can helph:hm. to relax



a~the highest :iJ'wlte:ma'ti-on:iJ].1,e·veID

Practioe Test 5

YC!U awe going 'to fetid an article, a!b(!)l1I:j)mf:essvG:I1bal 2u.wte:g rnaphIhumersi. Sevellil SEliI'II!tenees have been rems,vedfnlm -the! ,articlel. Chocsemm lil:e sen~ences, AJ,H thiS one:wt'dci:11 II1ls ,'tileh ~gQ(p'1~."':1!i~}I.. There ,is:'O'ne e,QQ, Sel'1l1enCe wirnich YfliU do m,ot need to, use, Mark YOlLllranlSW,ers all the npa~'IZal ,answer sheet.

Eac~ day b'l Les Angeles"rro.

posh :hOitc~s ®o

beffi:ldy fi1:ghItctlilioo,konll. ~e back ~l!l!t~ nfelevls~fiilil s:t'ucl.ns ~opeaceftl.l Iiestam:a!lil,tS ~erne~ritiei ~are be~G; barassed :fur: me~f si.a:tu:r:es. A bold breed ,of eatrepre neur hss e:lner~ed: .~~. H()rul,~od; the profelStonaillJ at!t:cgr:'8-wih h:U:l!1!oor. ".In the o~d days" &~®ogJapbsteloo:B wen: ~ry·[jjoo!il!!!ld. :fi!:i!e.m:d1y~ an.d.

WWID~tli1l£ dc:tllJa'ndfor ca~~bflty :siilna:w.J'es ~s.h~h~ [teai[ ooIDlecto([';S dmsam,y,e ,of .ar~,!lto,gmp,lim. hunters aDd ili:ekm~modls;. I Th~.s~b~iD~ers w.W. s~ake ci,~~st:ms al b.o~emsj,ItS~a!l!I!M'mts. and n:igmwtc~lb:s ad. ~e,~~ ,H ~lm:e, :~tar" re_ifuse 'to' si,gJ:i, cllMellieir CM I!Iild mey' putU over Oil' escape 'm tr;affliC., Tlteroe are :liiIwy tale;s~btn.l!t !io:m~ .i!llU!!lt:Cliap~



,ooU,eiClClr,s~ sMd ~


Kmgs!ley~ wlliosepubic

hMletS 1iI1Jlll~ t!h~IliCks they get ~, te,


il'elaJtlio:n:sfilml wepresen:t!i SODe ,Qf 1i:e, biggest stars in Holywood. 1n.HdIl,)'W,cmd ~od!ll:y. au:togr~p:lil s~e!kmig, as mm.oo h in.tf'l' a seriJ'f.lllS bUi.~ss..I'hefaat .:ls[hat :l;!:uL'Ogra'phs of '


,eacUmma.e,~is~nmlt filled wlt~b~Ddw& o,f ,oolebri~ Pllot:oslarnili!J,~ecl .a~pbiaibetteaJlyso he~D ba'l1e.fue ~p,t one '01, h:and at:
a Jtu)me:ntjSGco~e •. AJlfie c:illahwli!lUIDilitOruem:a:jori~
,Me C:oblftj~UI'USi

Hollyw,ood ili1l,a.biglllack


famous stars ca;n 00 mm and bundJreds oif donUSoa:OU1¢ open m:M'lllet • BeC3Iln!l!setbey viiew' '[[: as. a bus~~ess and piafil: ,olllie-:i:r iive~lruo'Dd. th.ese. au.togr.ap:lil! hunters ClIO beeome Ve:lJ .~ostlie~f <1el~bd~t~s reftlse te' aaoommoda:t:e them, A.:utogr~bh~n~ers defend ~umsel~,"~y 3:r,gJlin:s ma!ttlw ouly reasen ~ome QeJJ::ii:rdtilei dO!l1i~.WaJlrn!tt~ :sign ~~tQ,gta!p~s isbe~lIi.W~etffilJey 'd1om!t mwuy .oine:-y froirn~ffile sale Olf~he.ii.m' ,own ~~gllllit\[res •.


:w. md

very fiImID.o~s;:s:tm

aDd ye:lJliliii~


f_s~1i1i genc:r.JW. U~~moot .iIi!!!itegra:,ph h\'l:nI~elS, 'Pettit: .~ his, OWIIJ splte:mfo!l'fiiId:iI!g&t1'l!ni1!mrud g,eUln:g his,haJlds Oill, Iteiif' auto!grl'~S. . Pettit. is alsoa. m:utero.f



.. Be lean. ]coik ~I::ea ,t{}~).~:e stililde:o:t or ,~,

. 1

0 M:lIinYIiliIl!Di,togiaph





.~~ th~y ~~u1d:Dj~.be cJ"iticiRed :for llb:eit: meUirucU'1~,of' ma.killl,gO!l.(mey~even w[ it is :a:t~~e ,~ense ,of Ite s:ta[S. Tille, value, of ,ce~eb'-i~ aRIJJ,~OI~i'liP:t!S ''Il::lt'iie~ cIc'Jf€inCilling,ol :w~ose rbeJ are and bow o:Hlefllme oelebrity has, pto~ded~lmJeir srn:g;l1li1:tl1~e. M:O'the:1' dllimcrl!W~~pemOlmi gel[. autog£3iphsfr!omis


up l:}S.a'woman .ilf he hum. Onee"ailer .!~ui:nlu1iI!l, J Bobe:m 1:0 ~I a pbJ';)m dllil!m.g dle,fi~g of one of h~.m:moW:tIStP'~U~tr;lbi.ged 1m djsp~tl:,.weDit 1l:a¢kand g;otl:il:J:vee mO!l'eSiiglll£Ure:sfrom her. ACKrJ!'S and silllem ,iIIrenot theoMy oe~eb~:'lti.es,h.:at t 1il:1eaJpproadlJied, by au:li:lgra,b b_~e,m, ~,e list bas ,IJ'OW~-to,'include Po1itih::I~~. ~Ilat~r 'Olt~t WfliS diSOOi1!!\e:r,~dt:hat ~eD a!~srurueh a jOUfDg Ia,g,e~the boy was :a:p:I!olessicna1. aulegra':h.~!i!!~t~i. It: a;~mth3it w~alt OmliCC was tb.c u:iti:n:Late diIs,Jay of adm,b'I~O:I!DJ .Iiru~s



FOi.rd. It wssaidlwal!t 'e'v~w~QP~e w0tki~g:OI

now grown

[(dO, a.Iilli!ti;-miIlion-do llfl1r

,e!lil!teqmse. ,.d

a..(Ieg;oviewi:rhhim C;i!!~~otge~ Jiliils aut:ograflh.

i~:~e:DSthat almest ,~ve~o~e w!.!ID.bn. i

·A Pier,lIm,s t11etmOOt ,ecm;eilBc ,of these biIb,
dlrama stories ,Mie ,aoout AUie Pelfiti'l~'w.lilo runs l~A!Ifie~:s utographs of ,Hoi~pood. A n

~ Au:bog;raph .seeJllle,rsb;a'Yc boo,1m that oDn~ain six 10'l" ,eigb~,pictures to be sl,ped by just: eae

H, During: his :pmside'IilICY, Presidenr CHnion \V,as, Iclll:ased. 101[ mimes, by a 16-y,e;u-,old boy from. New York~o, get: his sut:ogr,Sipb on a
phG~o,of the Whil~eH-MlSe.,

IF The HoUywood U:ade magazm,es, teD him wJ!licb stars are cast in Elu)'ries and TV sbows, as we.Das providing: bimwitn a, list. of wbiCllIJ, treets 'w,m be rclosed for mmmS. s
IG CoUectors feellba~ B,etJI:ing auto,graph bas an. beoo.m.e,a. dangero'us game WhCfiC some o.f tbe

Ie As ce1ebr,rty hu

become one of the dominant ss peeR of American CUt~ture, the
publiC's, passm,Q,n, 'Owninl anything ~Of

mOSl su.ooessfiul autGgifaph hunters Utendly
,ciltiie cel~brities; fur their autogmpllls. BKI'a,us s;aidieae oftDe ha.rdest~IJIl;[ogn.pi1s to ob~a~iIl .Eliz.abetb TaJ~O:['SF because mos~of is

eonneeted toedebriUc:s has lexpW,oded.
D J De KrnruJlS", 'OIWl1l,er of r(le:lebriqrGaU.enes ,n Si~ocktoD,~CaJiif,Qmia~ S9{Y,S, ~jth!il:arm:st tU.lS, made mooey aff'ti,e pli!Ilblliic;so the plblic, :il so;l!D,eway.s~islID mog money o:ff the ,Hiti:st~"

'ber' sjgma'tues, aee ,actuaU:y dO.oe by seeretaries and so' ,a:ren.-tge:nuioe..

YOUiare going 1\0 ~ead: am ,amcleaoow: tl'leasurEI: t1!un.ters.For q,LledQns 11&-31! ct1!1ose 'from the [people I(A~D).., The people, may be chosen m:aKl'~~an en,OQ. . . lMarlicyour lanswe~ o:n tl'l,8sepa:mte ans,war sheet.

It EIllliYOO :beilp,fuJ,o, So t:hDugh. each. sec4tm.on t O'ftbe~ediLm. mmad tt! it.


~leSUGmSWmCD refer

WIIieb ,enom

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,0 '0



o o

Tre.asure Hun ters
--1.\31, I ,
I '."-.

las.uPlift I'm: ,3. sa!wB;e: wlfc.r by prolusiol!l, 'woiiking, fer
lI!.ElintGrm.uionalcomplllo:ytha!t helps. to retriev,e; items from, UIIld~1r the W!lIter - arD,ytlbtiQg from, ,t8!_j'S w whole lhip&. l.fIoo: mamy (I,tiller :people who eam meir ~LflD~, dhrf;;Es J also do i:t M :p],tSiS~., ~ ~,&,~~: I ,loa,k for, mtB'~ef:l, trJ~!['{~ .. n~~ are stiLi :Il'iIMly imps lyin:g'all the 'balito:m 1M the sea with cargOes, gt gold qd Ji'~]' j ust waiting:kI be disoOll"fu,ed. BUrt it ls ,ai YefJ


uc,n I 1ie~ed

I u~

00 work as an offioe mlllilSge:lr,but tbB~] was a:c~uWJy~ more


mon~ from my bobby I .baodedm WrY.I!louee .and beC<mII.ea, fldMw~ amtiqn ooneClo:f' and dooJI,'l:r, Moot coJlec~()nl have: {II speclil!l!l:l:y aDd

rate. itrequm'i I,ot 00:£ ~b into. rhe bisto.llY of s'bipwri<1ks. and '~V'eD witb tbe latest:

time-oco.!l_suming hobby~ with a t'ry hjgh failure techo.ofpgy it:

'the 1 f10s ;Im~ lOs, and 'wbicb is stili I?O:pi.dar Willi mllrlly OORtlCE,OI'S Eoday. Uy hvolmte huntiug gr-ouuds Be 'Bea nwilittets, 11;'3t1r bog.t sa1~ aBd jumble saIIes~ b~au~ I can !OlmD find item:s,a;t, ;amazi:Il81r ,dteap priees ail'td sen tb.em. QI!J :for a

iarmmtW::e. This is a:,sl)iWe ui~t WM,

liS: AFt Deoo! ,o,bjects~ jew,eMiery

po):iwar 'in.


d'ifiioolt ttl lC<-3itethe.u. MmYW!B1'tne (!Jl"~~ok!gists, objtcit 'Ii) pe!opl,e:

good PlOD!" lmPlCil:imes, go' tel utiqu.e min.t tool bu;t E dOlo 't ~l!I.a1Jly go to aiiiChmiiiS .a.st.mi-e,Yteml t0J
be iq~,i:t~t'iP1;:~ive. If
'1IImil'!. bY:ii!Le~

,Wstlllfb 'W1.iiei'W3~:er:hilsroricam s[t:es:.8~w~v.ru, ~t legld '1:0 seek 'out U,easUW under the sea. AJlso~, if lind some'thin,g I Ithink ~t ,af biS'I'o.riC'~ W!lue , I hand it, ave., t,o ,il 'llluSeWD •.so J think I aatuaBy hel.p, historillills. Of eourse,


dw,im,g fo,r ~lieasl:lr-e, :!tstJh.-eyobrim

i~ coo,

iis, ~tily

,anything el~ 1 find I s~l~to eoUectors.

I~d leye m 'Older ttl, pieces. ate a'l.lLtbelil'bc- nd which one~ ,1Iir'C ~p,1y a modem~'ellljfAs oHlile An: Deee sLyle. 1'. \lillll'J !~uc~ in lb~{ I can mate ill gaoa iving doing sQlm.e:thing l,c;tljroy SO m:l.I:ch.

n~oo to




'Yi.-relil,~ be able t:o teU wMeh

to le:ojQy digilog aroiWild in our back ~dlen and ilIt th~ bea~, looking :fur anyfhi!:!g ,oif h1iterest. So, 1,t'S hafdJy sW:Pmu.s, ,b8lt: I ,pew up to become iliA 3!Whll!e(lf(!i~, I wOlddln."[ say i,twas easy ,~m:.g to' the: ,lOP' o,ftbe ,r-olesJioD. ,.,d it, toO:k. om may re;us tiD kieOOrnm.e p, re:spec.tedi leadH':tnm:)' fie:rn(ij. !t.:!'sl!lSUil~~Y hOltJ hard woik ea :.l!~, 3fCb:aeQfo-gica'l dl!!, :s:iftililJg ,earefJl.dly thmol!lp b~y,er-;s',Gf ancie.fil dh1ol1der dwe, sun aIIIli day 1o~. It is '!jI',e1~rewnwg. though. I'm "e~ pl,"oud of . :pricelm o~j~ that bay.~been unoovcred

Sf:eveMams 'When I 'WM ,a1itU~ b~y, II-e:ally used

,J'!llbn Lessing ·[)grmg the wed;; r. a sdboQltuclm'l' - I ·teacb Mallis ~ bu~ at thewee~rlldll ne~d to rue ,11\ bremc: bam my usual f1Tutiue;, s.o Dliy 'SO.:omild 'r
beoom.e ;muaEie!l'[ bJeasl:.l:rehU![ljt~liS.


weekend. we tW our rn:cna'i ,~et:ectoftltotD:e
loollli'l,tfJaidc SCOw: tffiD.efieldsror mk!resti:q

tIi1lM ~ul:e,gJiO'ul1lds, ~,~1im can oome;;wI\OS;S ,aJII so:~of ~a!WilS :it:erus. Most o;f '!he tim!!I~, we tend ro !lJi1'lem:th, 'Ihlmgs, wch as oLd '0000; ,or


,o,'bjecls. Some of' diu;! best p.Lac~, ·fIe fields


at the sires I m m ,eba:rge of. l beUevc dn~t I ba\l\e belped to, gWe the, wOl'hl some 'beliut~l u:ciienl
artefacts 'thait we

wo,ulld Iile<li':er ,bav@ f01!.!lli1ld mheirnise" and ~hlillm: ,tlilJisbM:oon1'riOOt:ed bOi. i~G 'OUl woi~d h~ritageand to OUT kmowilleld:ge !oftBe

uniform buUom;. We bep, ,cur bat fin& ~Il the ,dining room at bQm~ sa 'We ~D show our IcoUeel:jo.n ·~ofriends !!ind viS(~Q.rs :r'l alMrys •. femem~1i' ,th~ 'time we :achUly wsoovere.d ,9, V.:itiQg: holl!td tb.llit hadbeeo buriw ,aver a

tJho!llSaDd ~m. .Lt,is
naow mill

IJtw,as one of the :m.Qst subst31lti3i1,
G\!Ilr:' lccam


md '-iia]Wib]e OOds eve:r m3d~


exm"b~t at

in Ql[Iif re,~


l' Y [lU, ,M"ea nn~mber of S:mdelu~Wotldl~


OIIUttC ,groUP' orgalis.e1d.

yOI!Dl, .haiVlefeee~ved :ame~:~jIJ.fromdwe s:ecr:e~ary,asking :m.embers lo,r variioU!s mmrma,tiol.R:iead. ~.e ,email and 'theD.o~esyou. have made,.TiIleil wri~e,.3111.eRMJ!iim. to S,tudJe.D!ts' W'Ddd~u.s;iDgall yolO' no,t.e:s •

bcYa,webs~~efo.rS;hlJ(:ile'III~:S 'En,glts:h. Orf

.Look car,ec.mlLY
rubric.£!I mpu~mat~rill!li. ~o see who you haV:B to ad~.your]~~rJ~lD_ ItO. Wba:t greet~ng and HeU.o! s~le ct. YOlllieed ~Q' u.:se:

.Students'Wonlldl ,22 Ma,)'

momrnl.,semi.~tb'11IIlal or

W:e~m'a5kilng ldl membmll"S Qf :Sltl~dI1el1t:s' Wo~~d1 .s~rld IUS; a te :5111011 ~ma]1 about the l::uJok:!i" OVDs ,or any other m~!1tt:eirial~ th!!)' lJSe'm 1he~,p ~~em ~!ea,r~En:gIi~h.
,colJrsebouk: o:r other ,m:aimriam yen.l user ,i;!11'1I dwhether ~ou fee~ ,it !hila!; been a good er bad dhohjB..(j']ve brID~f~~i3isonIi.S,p~,ease:1

lif you ,eire prepclif1ing:for

E!'XCi m~;.

p~~ea~e'lid u<s,what. ma inl

>t:;1nte opiz#o.n
!!lInd s~' wiy

$ecorndly~ do you have' any .s:llwci,y .sug\geS:~i]c:msOlf leamin.gi tmps, ,Mc.'/reOneJor whh::h ~elped you, and .mligM i1el,p, ,O'tt!hell' memibefs ~mprtNe MO suggt!sdtms theilr Elngl is:h? fffinaln~~, !oouk~~ yo;ut~l! U~ how )1'01.1 found out albout St:udenltS' 'Wormd~,an.d.wh~!( made, you ~~ide·to beoo:me' a melmbe:r?' We'd IUtE~'to indufi:e mem'be:~' ,ri~SPGngeS on the 'W~ib5jte!l' but we won't do, this: 'without youlr permli<ssfon. May we lJIse)"ou.r answisr:sin this wary?
IPmease r,eply mo[r'I ~ Y;es!'.U lo~ ,Q:S ...

,Jane ,Edwards

Wdw: Y(lur emaU, ¥oum:ustm;e gramm'l.ti.caU_y


sentelOOl:l,wIDlli aOOUF'aJmiCspe41~gand

a slty~ea,p[;(J,ri:al~e IhesUua;Cton, :fo[

Wrim:e,Bn anSW,9r 'k;! ons, o'lhs' qusstions, 2-4, lin this part Wrlita 'reul.u:B!I1s,wer' ~n 120-11. :e;pp,ro;p:l'iate ,s~le'.

words hil ani

Plan me strucmre and, make motes before you start writing. 'fhiswill em.sure dlat YOI, don,'t run ,out of' idea JilJalf way thrmugh (bill t'8~lC'.

:2 'You, see the .foUo'Wing :Ilotiiee II an intematIDon!lll, magazme.

H,'ou eoold, spel1d 24,hours: m,lk ,8 :famous:perSUD" 'wllo woud, Jon C:~oose_d, wb,yt
The bestartide
'":_W· 'yourant"l. __ rUe

w~I[11 [plllbliiished in i()ur malg!e:lzine n ext month. be'


Ym.l, haee reQe.D!U_Y seen a m,usic Qonoort:,.wWdiI, you e:Dljo,ed v,er)" ,much., Wri~e a, letter fO an EDgisb,-, d!eserib.Eg WI!lIOOIII:: 'ad. exp~aming; why YOI, 'l:b.olgl!!r~ it: w,as,:90 good., tbe

Y,OorEn,glilb ,e.ass b,as ,had a discussion ,about differ,e,Dlt ways to meet new peopWe. Yo,'ur 'teacher has n.OW asked JOu~o wri,tean ,essa.y, saying w,b,e:ther yo,u, ,agree or disagree with ~hefoUowing stamm,ent':

IFor qU9:sH1oll11is, '1-·,11:2, lrea.d 'Ils te:l!lJtt :below lind decide whWtch answer ,tAl' IBi,C: ,Dr IJll !best: 'its! eaclrnl gap. Thar,e is an 'sxamplsat the bsginrniinlg [(iC(). lM,ark ·your aJI"IS,W'e'If'S '~he sepa1l'llte answer' 511'18&1:" Ollill Exampi,Ee:


B say

D speak





Psee yonrs.e~f! Dorn.'t s,pend. too' long (mOine part oUbe :par,e1'bUitmake is~re y,ou .bav,e URIC to aUe,mpt



So.me people (0) .•... that O~bl, bllses,at

the most atttactige city in Eo;pand. 'Whether thls :l! (1) ..... or :not, it .~certaHdy 'w,ortb a visit, It is also i~w, £Or ,I. day (2) •....• from l.omdoli1!- as 'there mt~ regular tra'iiriIis md
fi:ft:eetl,"\millu~e (~), ,..••. wb~C:h,omYt.e abouf an bCHIilto ,ge:£ tie,m" '

wit [Olfi():rd~sum'-quc: and varied range (If bJistodc ai1l'Eadlom •. Wbat is'Il'l1obably of DliOS~(5) •..•.,to the visitor is, drue rnmnu,8 UnWenitywith its, WfieTem oolleges. ¥ou am [~'>..... several of dlue elesmt bistoric bui.ldin,gs in. a dIay•. DS the majority of [tnemare 1(1) •..•• walking -distance of one mollie!,. ~ of the o'fdcst and ,most.fem8[,Klole ooUeges are ceutnily ,(8) .'.•.•" awl most are open 'kl' ~fmB in the dteJuoon. It is ,a gped idea '(0, dJeck 'before 'viSiting, '(") •".... ~BS·epemn,S; days .and times, v.ary..

You :s:llOlllld (4) •..•,'plenty (illUme,

The 'two' riveD; thllt (101)'



Ithmugb. idle [c~-ly.mie ,a..nodlell' m__aj;orartna,Ction for :midenm .and. tOLElsts

(U) ...." . '&lilil_the Thum.e8 amdtlme- O])e:rwel1li¥e,q _it .iml.ed. wiiithllllsb green veg,eulii!inj; and a sttilil dongd1e:Er tU) ......[ora lelsufelyboat. ride is,tII,!!!; perlUt way to round off i3 day af sigbtseemg. DiJlereD~ kinds of boats 3J.1-e avaiil!aJJJefoJ' Iiite iSi~,sevefalioontmJ loc.a:ti,ons &om A_pru w[ Seple:mber.

1 A. real :2: A tdiP' 3, A g:a;p3,

B genuine

4 A aJl().w 5 .A anentien
16 A look f,ouud 'I A inside s' A. placed 91 Ai.. Jet 101 ,A

I B D, D,

bm-eab. permit

C ~lODest C jonmecy C intmvat!ls

D'true DI ~:oya,ge





,Igre:e. mterest
'find ,out

D ]!e[
D ammity

I[ see ,through
I Undl}f 'I located I de~p~~0; I mO'v,e, B same B, edges


U j, similar 1i2 Ai. sides

'C C C C C C

addressed boweve-I

Do dlettup o beneath o :positiom~d
DI aJllhough


likely 1[. frO -,_~ges,

D lead o alike D banlm


For, Q;ues,lons, '1144",lisadH'lle' tSld: 'below ,11I,d tn~:nk of! thai WOfia w~lichbest fits ms.chigap., USEll'Gill1ly one word in 'E!s.ch,gap', Theri'B ~s an exa'lfIple ,at the' 'begffinn~ng ~I),. .

ba-~I'a: .mp _

loO:k~or aDY does wWcb. HOC not obvio,us or which. oomemucb. earlier


iaterUl tile senteace,

~ecbli1!GEogy'" iaclude:s ,any ma.cl1k1e, metDa,d or' :sy,s't-emJ (OI)1



,,,!!Ises, ifiq;i;e!:l,t~:f]cbl~~ed\se,fo.f -pr<aebJ::ll idle lam,est m.mputer" technol'qgy ,gives

'Pmp:lses. Whe-me:r in tb,efblJl1 of a p:rlmkw,e ha!nd~beld 1001 ,(13,),


Il'cater iOODtrollOver

me 'World.aJlound us and. mates: our lives easier

and. happie.r ..W:iithout the

,~_ iliiCy (I.S): ••••.,..... in\!ieDt~ diisoovcr and imp~~ we woumd stilllbe UviDS Uke cavemen and ,civilisation

mow (116) "..•..•..• 'W(fIUrl_d be~impoSilole.

as we

't.ecnno:logicai pr~ope§ bas, changed ~he 1(17) .,

,. people live. Thousands, of years,

' ,IOf dist_Clt peDp~e lived by hunl~ng; 8111111;lls nd ,g,ai,tb:eriing:Wilfd: plMlts. In OJdJer '0, :fmd lood, a eyhad ~o mo¥c (1') ••••••••••plaoe, 'bo' plaoe ..TiIlle gI'ildua:~dev,e,h)pm~:D~f 8B:tiJclli11mrrwl : o 'tools ,ud farming _thodlJ meantithat peopEe no monger had '[0 wander iD search ,o,f'(oodi bu't (20 settle 'lD. viUa8~s,. SUrlUarIDYt the IDd'lllStrial Revolution. mtlJie 1.10051, iroll.lBih~ the mwn.tiOiIili ,O!fdil,e steam engine, aDd macmn.es, b -1), ..,.,., .. DUiliBuiacm.ring cla'En and IOtb~.t prod:,c~s;, Tbisproduced ,g:rea~soci,al c]18o,ge. as, miUion:s 'af' ..,.,. Pl'OpI'emoVle-d 'to '[he~ti'msto wo:ddn faotodes.
1 ) ••••••••••••


,22) ...,...•.,.,.,mostteeJmoilo,Sl!'beme.fits,peopleI' .


some inV'en:doDS~23) ......••••as weapons of war have had a. ( " .• ieet 01, o~r IiV,£:i. Othe:rs bave b:eem.(,.14,),, .,. be.nenoid, ood .b.mmt The CD ~for eumple~ is a
oflr-an.iport, bu't has.alse crontribu'ted g!1eany~o' ~b.eproblem of ,airpolution.

.•'L, ,ooB.¥cPientm,eans




WW$te: OUJ answe:rs ~ltrIIl CAPITAL, Y l.ITTERS,


IFall"qitles~iOll'ls2:544! readl "tie, te')Ci::u;'!!low.,Use IIlhe!w,o~dJ giV'81il1 in capimlsat the, end of :SCtm8 ,ot1:'tile, nnes:to i fORrl a wO.~dItruS'tltsinti'n:e gap, 11'1111 tholsQ.me line., There is mil emmlple lM:lle beglnnwngl (0).
IQI1II 'Ihese,palfate

:answer :shes,t,


Te~v:is~CdJ, las (0)


,.• afiec1ed..the wo:rr.rud of sport amdJtbew,ay

llil!tw'e~ as speota:~o'~ ge~ to enJoy j~.In r~ll!~ dieea:die!ilthas beeome

mtuaUy (2.05), •.•• '••••••'.'., ,.,. to waltcih S,PCIirt live on ~e~evffi[on wIrl!JJ)w,t the,



·ofrepJays~y' the~elevis~oIDJ chaJnliile~ •

.Anytime; a I"ecier,ee m~es a S:ighltly (3"

t'ba,t '\Ve.\r,f, IDissed

ShOlWlaD. im;t'a!mlt,

replay. W,eareso accustomed~o,tlms

ma:l iwe, dQl,i~ see the, ,ms~at1itr,eplaryt we're left cwitD.tbe




'Jme:v!isiol nas also beea amajof mcklr .1l;dclng~opCJ')1



extremely (30,) ....•••..•.....•••••.. weinS; £igum.s imI, spa!l1ssudll.

aste:mm aBel][oorba:JiJImay 'eLl1!~oy enormous, fJaJme~d.
a :res~]t ,o,{ tel.evws~o.nOQvefia:J.e"w.hlch~eadsw




enOlm!lOE, amoUD!~S of

mloney wrprodl!llct eD~orsem,elll'ts, ,amidlspDnsG:BbIDp'deals. Theil: fees ma.)' '('~''''.\ ~l~I. . .. ~~L.,~"".,reaeh ,.,...~:fr~j",... " ""~ '1I"It'I"~'n- :lC",." "" ':S~iF;i'ilinl~, 'Y' ...... "'"''''''.0::0 ..... ,1, u' r . .... .riJ~,l .. ... v.1IL ,!t"'....,.tJI.!L - -fie' I.u\l~ ,1Il.lItIit:i~,~.1of!""!'!J!' •••• ,1;~1tI'"'""-:-. ;~~\I;'!i;,i!Iw.;!! Ui.:;!1 ,Q, u... !\;i-\"ifLI.Il.!Il.lID~1L'I\;iIg!1


Mmy 'OOiM~.de,il these amfrlnrb sponts

stmda~ou.'s" but

Qithers: ar;pe

that T\f'

beDafi,ci;aillI,o¥eraU~becallJSew!t ,ravtd.es

(:34)' ........•••....... '. fur: more

people tD~ak~PM~mbealt:hy activittGS.

Foil' qliJestionsSWI, ,oomrp.late,'the second sentence .SiO'~ha/t lit has a sim'ilu meaJnllin!g m tile first slsnmnoo lUs:inQ!~hs word Q~ven. D,o 11;01ehBLnl18 thie wG'rd glVl9n. YCI'IJmus't use betw,Bel!n two arnd fllive w,o,rds" ,irm~uciiingUle wordl ~gffi\!!',en. H:BfiB.isi.aml ,exa.mplel ~mI').

D '..
A -.--.R ~ .Fl.wry.oomu.- ~i:veWl'IiUWCuOJ)lS"

W:e; ....•., ,.••.,..,.•., ,.••.....•...••.,...••., ,.,.,..,., ,.•.,..,.•.,.. '."...•. ,..•••.. '.••• ,. .

'When~[an:sfe:"Img yom: answers,
s:beet d!on'tMitie


OiU~ rthefuill, :senteD}:e.







35, He~QQk :21.aildSD' he W(f~Jdltmi,~~ uYet:OWa]k,E, the-rairt. t

• The ~,o:te'~h.,ged the· ,gro:~,:mrtll.e dOODa.,£!,i3:tb.e:y Clt-used.mdmJ.eir o PAY'

roo.m ..

3il Silt cantt d.ooi1e-w,lJiatro weD tolti,ei :pmty" ,lONJD
She can.~t • , ,.••, , '•.' ''"' '.•...•......•...'.•.'..' '. '.'...•.' '." '"...• what to 'wear' to, the party. C0lin. :fklds .~~eooy~ol :re:l1DeII:llber lle!lp[e~s natli1!es andlfl'holewll'111mll:u~rs,. DmFlCUI;n:

CoHn. . ,

,.....•. , ,


' '.••...••...',.,....••...••..".••...••..,.~,.••.,..•••...people."s, nam.e-s, and p.b.ooe. Dlmlllbe:rs .


PQUlti.QI. is meHl!.iil1cd byspooiailll instnM,ents,

USED, ,S,peOJ_a1 ,Uts,trn.tmatemm •••••.••,••••••••' •

'••••..•••.•• '

'••••. ,




'••••.•.••',., :pcUl!!I:tl,on. "

Pellii:ciml w!Udimo,ve:redby A1eromdlcr .PJje;l.'Il'IIIiIlg.



,Iane:is effioieD~~Uldqualified.

G: Ka~Gamd Adn Iml'k. exlc~~IdI.e :same t:Oll,e.
'TEO. :1'•...••...•....••.....••. ,..•••..., ' ' '.•.' ' '" between K:a:~e i!ll!J}dAnr:I.

'~'D1IiJ1 re' '910~nSIto, r,ead ani sJitt{:lI!a abQ!ut is womSJliil who a

141 ChociS8~ile answer ,on,U1e, :SSpS!I'8!te,anSWlII"


E"" 'C, ,o:r D') wh[m sli1:oet:.

,Onanges, he'.I' Ili~'a by going to, Ii\l\e In Italy. F,oiii' 'q,ueslom1,s ')IIo1l;J1~hllt11i< fUts bes~ 'Ioco:rd~ng 'kI' the, 'text MBJI'lt!:yo]Jlr SinlSW8r"S

A Change of' Scenery
Sally 77!:wal~fe behitld ler TQuFmle li::le tzndheaikil, left

Jar the Ituliar,1


ffyou w~ i!l1l~~any bOQkBrotr,~tlu,"-l,eiis "alB ~;!lt.me were M:ore~oo~m:lthlm :my a:tteDpl!S~ atl 'liii:S later :~1:f! dedIm~d. 'to bt'roks aboru!!t pecple w~o &<:idJe staFI Wml!~~wfe"oo~iIi~l!!i~re a D~W 1anlUa~, [ persevmd., hawe:W~t a~d af't>tr ;a :feww,e:eb of ~o cila:Qge th~.U-I.'lI'eS by:J:Ieruocalillg UJ' another 'C(nllnlfJ;Y, T,his, 'US!ualy iDvol~~"5 selm,g tb~jr bouse leJ$O;M I aG~u:al" bad a. :s:b,oIt: ,ooD;V,enlmlD. wIDEll a. laeal - q,~ .~ @~yaskied fOi[ diJ[,~dhlll~m,tbe bin nod eM in, the UK. bu:yillg a, rWH~Q"!,I!I;n o~d.heuse smtiolill. fumy mWililldj!,IID:OUgh.thiS was a,. mumpffilllO'I ab.road andrenOlla:t!:Qg tt1 ~f.iefici1lglli1't1usMg, mIlt_at D~l!Jndef:S'I!a!llIJI:--,,ud ~eln~ g:,.c'~'. . ~ .' Cil:!mmrI1l1lillm~.L'!i0.1. _d 1 was ;sa;tisllied. w'ii& :., D'1(fdest - - ._-, ... -.----. --- - -_.--.!l§'l--. - - " ~ocalsa!lQa,g th@'\V.a}!. I L"i.W to' s~@er ·a~.~]liQee~~ndS pf,ogrem, It we at 'one ,of lItese.lalil;gul3/g~ ((Lasses that I hearil, of booksaJl:d w:ondJ'ltwlliw_y !ilJBfon@ WO!il:~dJ utthefi'l~ p

se:~ves'thrQ!!IJglmJ. tbe disoo.M€e'11 .fgo~.; o

:oost .~mtJh~11lbillf'the: aMW~t thlll!t Eood wid ~ytiny a!parlMe41tfi@l~ Would ~' ~e~1 ¢Om' lUte:wri~e:1i'S O'f dl , those boo!bJ" u.dt:he: oouplc\'01l the TV'~8ili. ~h.pw? ,~~l:!Id ~o !ll,Oi~d .bJa!V'e lii:l:oik" ~foo'l.tf:'Se. Ine ,:m_a Li:few,3lS~so, sh!C:'lx~n!D!gllH atid::etto mramy. AftermadrnB tJhe bOO~.j startel1lwla!tch:imrug,!jI, IfealitJ 1Vshow ,caID~ed ,~ouse was ]oooted '!Jill. ~e ~()ipl'ola. ]uslilJJbjiru~"Did. I A N~ ifOnt't iiJ: ~oo'n,) aQ.cUJt a: 'Gouple who 1,ea,ve ,Mittr:hou. it::wu¥elFlI'ru.n-fi0W!l. itpfI«essu'clln!a:m.
'Lo:QdODud:m9Wtn ~~ It.ln hills., 1 'lJecame SOl Tbc:f\l3 were 'McMive 'Q:l!Chafcb with. we.l!l·k~p.ttre!es~ Ilootedrllrlat d mends Mimed Om l\lcsdiay ~~ts I. so IwoliliLd ~llIve. n:amr!ei"s bnunq l~t:e;ram~yGin my wo~IDd .md:e so,me ,~'Im~ no~ to g'O' ,OUt. Bonn I~.e doorstep!' Il1'ol1l1n i~':stt~lgltt away. [d~aof m~vmg :abroad brad ]odg~,dj~,elin ~. ad The ~ro:je:ctwasn 11 W.itlloUi~:i6 diffiw.tdes~

f'tlmgn OO'Ilntry - iiiID~.ru~ :purS!li't ,fir :3; 's~.pl\~ .!:lel' ,One, _, 8s'~'" af wd::m) smti_tpast .~ Se;c~QI" I {C!!.!im1,($ myself stJ;:lpp~g ~(ll IiJwwse~ ,and end~dup Sfl~e;c~i:Q~, iI.booikwlraa:d 00. ~~ lm!ID~ The oov,ermowed a cl~§l.iI!\rofriLlages dlm:S:illgtea:sme:p' ol!if, ,&IlfKI!1I'I,<led byllltu.e"pee,p walter. n wmlaOOIli[ aQaeooun&a:nt w.illo' rea!ise.d .one, d~ bowoo~, hew;

~IQ live



.m,e:nll.an Iha!u.ms .~ej~boM~ _d sel!LWg .iJm. fm.hOW'le:m:l! a 00•. Jo~ said .~ ~ed, be :iad the Iii.!! ~L m"'lfielll ~, ,~j[ro't.i3se -. ~~I" ..,...,t' M'ittbeC-r:'I!""ffiI'was .".~t ,.~,-(' ._- ..... i,1' I~ __ .. \I!'.I'--_- ..... ifro1"""'"~J' '!i!!!lin:· be',m~p;ped u" :500:0. I ~_d;.Jl~t I:lo!'dffi~~t!h!;lit to i~ 'afeffil()MI' ~den.t,

Soodr1>. was nmvmgto Ro.e


ud wli\!!!,~i.,inlID

a magniifi'oent. pQssibMity.

Ul:Gu!h,Tb,C~i'J{_[M~Guse 'was oo~~m.u';.t~d '~Oitmelfo,f'
SUllD.e, ..

fifeM the hosp:itiliiJ.wherce .Iw,o£bd~ s-oW a_y a,mimelit: and mmed ®olie fejiOIlll, O.fUmbril3l .• 'FEa)y. Once '~er:e.. 1[-e:n'E~d alll,parllment .and :mm.d a

.Ittle :mIo~)lil1bjte!.~oved sa:tnpIUIi1l the local ,(;l~.@. .. and I e,'lI9i signed 'up'mif' ashon oooWng JoolI:!.fie.A

'v,eFY cWl/ll<oMI ruCiCllilJded J1:alu::esc:Q' liMl th,e; o'O~, ' Vlben.lte trold,.etffiJll~ ]' C{l-Olkedl .ike a, locw. m;yseW:~ I di.dlmi'l (lMlC: wh,et~e[ tliruiSwi'li!!I a U:t~lewhite li!e or g'e-niUine praise" By tffiu:eend O'f eaeh ~essO!l, Dot (I'Ily

bacl'~ ]ea;mt:Mwto pmJW'~ mll :au*~ltlL'oUdrian

dJsb we we'R: ~SiO' wllm,g MiOlHlId me loo:rimmfits 'Oof lau.!ht-e:r't smoo fr,am.iGSOO' w,asa nawml :Silo~erut~r
and \l,W.lelDjo~d ~iis tallmtf@!t~bniltating;[')@o:ple. 1 :als~1 to.ol ;athr,e~"moDt' ItaUanl~lage

d woOod 18511 adl was 'OOlfllpsi.:o.8 ill!. selre-l'iliWp.Laees, My' fUt:t plib:ri~~ iheref9r,e.,wM to' b.bl; :Ii~.e, ru~ ~manWI add rSUpports to lib!:, b,~ndmg. IDa1se' s~renglh~n!ild thefould!:l!tionS: msl:alkd a mew ldWbo <lnd, Jl~na."'l3IJt~d-memt , of ti.e poo:P~ritJ.10 tile ,~~d1~ Ute ,oost .an~t.fiOI1~(:~ . worllilwhie!tu~~llsel felt I: bel!ilIilsed. here ,a;S IDlimcb as I djd3i~he,ll~ in, the worrud" a:f:ld I 'WllfS determfned to m!at:e~t, myhoD1e<, I mU5~ ~J J - ccEel\: ..... "" ru~.",I. ~t mJ,~~_.1I'"'_. :SO ~ _o...~ .._ ,r .'c 1h:ui"']l ., Ii b~ ob, ,OIIDJ -~.·.'. a~ _.0 __,_" ._,n"'~





n ~sfm;rto :say ti;ar~:m_, atl~t.pts tooiking at

:and ~,.I~CilIlme~lfI<:l:ve:3, ;a,Q aJl:WJ,itiimlJg:ole~eI1 ,I',d 'li!Jre tos:llaJte, my ,~erie~~ and l~t oln:.eif ,~.efS ,out w.erct M:oww:1mtl'he,W£fiCUlty ~ ~ '~I:.1 didlli\'t ,quite 'find tbe:~Qille ]:ije~,b~t,I dJidfilndJ wh:a;t ~e: ltilJill~~ cm:UtJhe ,swe,ct ijl~- t'a, il{}.,t;eWt",.

'1 W'Ilat did '(he 'Wr\i_je_r ,o!igioo.l~JtEtiUk. ofl:H!H!iks aboutg,GillLgl'o, Iiv.e

m a1breigll


A flh'eytook u,roo

ml:Wc~ spa,e~1l bDOks~oJ:i~s. H, The;y contmned, manY len.'tertaimo,B stories. C' 'They dhm"t mtereg,t her inm,way.
D Th~,. mc.Ludedaruot oilillsC!~l mfO'mlJatioD.

w1l:lGh iQUM ~i!;~~y bu~ l'OifWhk::hthere-]s,
n.o eliii.d!ell:oo in

:[lO!l·~ ~oo.!'e options




,allltbol'cI,dJn;~1 to, I~ ,OUlt 'on 'hIndaiy Di;gbbbeuue not A she 'was b~mWngp:l;ms tOrDlove a,bll':oad. B :ae wu, realy iDtelf.Sltoo. in, her book abou~.[~aly. ,e s'J!];e wan:tedto wa:te.Jl,a.'l:eileV:ision pro;gm::ammei. D :sliDle plje~"ednO't~o' see mends· d.wiiJ:gthe meek.
Tibe~1iI'm:'pRS:SlgJIIldiatthe'Mi!krli~vesofFl'anool1l~o ! be 'oo1.l'ldonly, ecoklecal fuod. 1:5tbaJt



,e uis ~:ery ~,~~~~.~:I" . _

he wum~'t mn;e,nest wi'th~js: stude&ts.
1. . 'ooW',seW,IS ~J)G' S,LiJOH. s:rudeJl!ts :w!1mfld him a:.m.msing.


~, Wka:t ,djjt&e 'Miter leaUse :alwllit le,amimg 'tile litati:DD, ~a:npage:1 A th:amsbe ooJJild learn E~aJi•. easli;]y ifiSpllte 'of ibe[al,O lB 'thgli~a t.ee--.(ln:t:mQDI'ne~ o:f~esson:swoUld. be 'cno!J!!gb C· tha~, it was .h.derthBl. leam.l.JlligvD eoot looaJi.diSlle~s U ,thaI!;itwolldbeilp ber~D' g:eit on 'better M,tntne, IOGals

5 The writiruses CWfwasom

dJie pmBe'tOI' 8 Bela,g"~-.De 5.2)t:o, lu:gesttbefarMilou:se A as 'qmdtffiy as posslbJe~. 8, WI penonaill reasons"

was bej~mgSlId.


I~ a, ve[}'low





:fiiIf$~ ~ienit

to, see

dI,eilm'mbe:use, fbewdti'11'

.A 'beUe¥ed~t, ,oollld be madeintiD a chlrmitl!g home. D, mistaken1yth~u,gb!t ~Itwo!j]d be easy ~o'fe-pair it. e was siI!lfiP:med. by how~dJownOi.eplio.,e:ft¥was. D 'tnoagbt. 'the oifiCtrlards we;re~oo' clC\Se~o thefumhouoo.
J' mat cUd tllemeer !OO'Deludie :aboutlll:e;r decisioD tOlnU!I'\rf! m, 1t.a1y1 ,A She "e:lt dllatthe ullJe",eeted dirmc:u~,tJjes had :spoilt her d.reams .. B ,ibe \V3iS disappojn~edtba;t: she ,ooIIdm.~t.tmd~e _~le lifes~e ·wauted. C: She blew uywb.e:w eDe intt1Je:wDr.rndw(luldlfee~, just ~11.ueJl~m~e llome.

D rSbefelc~at,


.hef decisW,o ..b:ad.boon




How ad Dewnier's

m01il:mJg to, FmIy'?

sKimile ,C!ElalDi~,dillWl'iq theti:m.e: she wr.i!lte.s aooUlt:, to,wuds

boob alboiUit

A. Shc:bega..D~o,ulderstHd:W~:y~.e:.~ra.uLho.rswritetln:em .. • She now reaise4~ey made it seem. easiu them it Ji~a11y was. e Shebegm. to, rely 'on tbem. :for infor,ma:tio.l on moviimg to E~a]y. D She Slimed ~O' e~jQJ collect~lgU~.emas a. bobby.

IPradic:e Test; [5

You ue gain,S 'k;I readl ,an a:l1loh1:l' l:ulut: .a.~op female stunt psool'ime:r. Sa1Jen sentenoes, hEWe I::ui!sn lremoved a ·u·o:mthe artiole,. ICncosQ'fiI'onn thel :sE!:lliIrtences A~H 'Hils onsl which fits ,eadh gap ("'1.5)1 11ultl18 is ,one extnll. sentence Whicn[ 'yoU' d'o, Inot need to USB. IMar,1c your answers on tbe sapatste ,answ'er .aha.t .


. ights Camera, ACITIOIN.! L
Annil .Fielding ,(alb ,about her joumeJ'

ro' becomiJW

a lu£ees$JUl;km:rile SlWtI'perJ'onnW'.

F:a:runl; 'faoefirit U!r>ougb a p]a~,e '0£ 81ass. beio,g ·tlUIown :f1roma mGvi_ng tail, elMQg off a ·talI bLl!Hdin.8 and be.ing beaiten up' - ·~iis, ,ootdd ,3!I!l be tb~ material mom. peopi.e;s mgbtmafe6" b'Uit: .foli'me it's iiil!I in.a ,day's, wort.

I on), emlll~ered 'lim· smn:t Ind.ustry :hUf yeM'S a.iO' and

lbilve bui1t Upl a laidy ~p~We tist ms'tunt 'e~ene:e. I bave wruted iin music vid.e~os" tde,..·


Hall'in.1IJ 'llJt1ned as a p:rofessionai daneer:, ] :sUrriWetm

by chor.OOgra;phLnl dmce f<DUtin.es m m.usic videos mdffi'lms,.1 was working. 0:0. tbese:t 'of a musical, love'fs.e.ang; :81 pMffculM.ly oo:mp]!ex dance seqaenee, when I was in.tIOO:uoed. to Dm PulLmm" w.the seaior Sltunt coordinat,or IQIJithe :movwe. We .hit it ,off stti.ll~gh~

Iud .aj:o,r .motion. pieNrr.e5 It ia,'! easy 'm·let regJllar wolk in 'this fihdd, '&spooi8lJ1y ·if you are aWOmml. TheI,e ue may unem.ployed ltun!
The ~oJli!~ I have B,Qli1le ithout w Ui,pmject is a mOillthi" :!i0 Iloo!l1_sj.de.r.~1

II 0


' ' '.0

It Is pelt wor:i{ iyO'u t3lI !~tt. i

Fealy lucky ..

tOI do a stail'

tan or

a ·car knock-dowu.


We enjoyed. ,each lotb.cr's lcompany

_d ,gtaJdl!aJmy .gT'ew very do~. Then we duided to, g,e't

At. 'f'i:rst I. bad aibso!uteb' nOI interest in stunt work. but j!lliSt. fo:a: fun Du started. ~mowil'll me ;11, 'few basic

simtl)J sucb as fall1ilil.iil; and rnm~: sme1y. • A-ppu~ntly." I VIas a 1IIa:hi.md :1didWt :iliud Uitese stats too, d!ifficuWt because my Idance back,grouud. had eq.pped mewifh a oenain amOI1JMof p~.caru. stiensili


week I was stra:p:pcd. to a MOving, ttuek as :tt Mugot fie. The d:ays t~nd, to be b)r:tg udl, dtepe:udm,g 0111 wh>at is. being; made~ i!J j:li'b can ]as~ frltml. a 'few bolUS ·to severa:ll montla Som)etimesyou g~t to ·tmvel. My 1Mt. job doubling fur an. actress in a honor film -in;vo1:ved

D Lest



~_mewhole. :embl, M~ro. w If Pm not warkin,g, l:m ~8. I 'tuc tamle

and 'f1dlLim:y', Coll!i,pared to danem:g: around a studio I mWld i~.eUilaratiug beca;usc ,thcre wC'~ more risks involved ..It flI,omp~ed .Dle 10 mt1ilink my own career, So then Dan sl\Mitiedtrai~iq, m.e salomly.l ~eamt tluremam:a1&t. of'.'lifcmoudbow ~iO :fi.ght~ad to :rlde ;

bolSes md mom:mUtes. I remembcr the

tb:at I

suffeJ!ed 'in this sbort ~paoe of time. Byvhe time Iwas, timed. for my rum: stunt. .',.;.. Il:now tblaicwiimm, O:e srun.t ,oomm!lMiilytbelle w.usome .,aI:: tiul:t my connection with Dan hadheIDped me to mand jobs. WeD, thail:. may bave been 'the case atfiir.;if.t Inn sioceiihcn Ibe:ll,eve I have. proved. fil)1!letf on my 'OWD m,erit I' keep gtw:m.g 'hired 'hJ' do ·fmtlm;e:r jobs; m 1 must he ,quite ,good ,;u wh&t I do.

lcssons mild aIDw8:Ys tun:e tlO ride. as horse S'tlmts ue '6nd spe.ci;a,Jjty .•labia m8ke sue I Jrebearse d.ri'riiPa~· in deserted mas. Daing tDIligfaJJs m" a oommOD .~hm.g ubd of stunt . but ~tis no~ so:metDrungyoUJ ~ practice te:gldarly. That way I MD pfe.pared for lm~,g that jj .. 0.0 tJ'lile :s.m:faoe., m-JIpr;oJe-s,Sion ~1'IitS gtlWLlroWi a:n.ddaring:. but I 'U1Jk.e cve1}' opportumly to, b:.~U :y,ouns. people that they mUM be pllcpue-d '£0 work mcmdibly


do getki' live out YOti action f_lta':siies .d .blliW 't'he c'b.auoo®o _.ill:: 'wlt~ '~op hard.



oe:~ebrides~hurt there, isi!!~w~ the poSSiibii~ that ,.OIl may get :injured j,n spire o,f aU the safety :pr;ecautioJlS taken. It.is my OpmiOiliil"iimpo:rt:an.t to blWe ~.l1e.anm,c idea,about 't~e profeS:!lion.


A I also pdmto:urt ho,w :pllJiysicaly demandin.g Hili ,ci!arng,erous it is.


YOIU :Il.e:ver know 'What ~.o lexpeetJ

stmilt j;ObiS

wm ever be eXIlI.ctly

.and. no, M'o

the same ..

B I tikie .it ·when.we work on arUm to.geto,er becaase can see eacb other tv,cry day..

F People iothe indllS8:Y say dultt such sucoess

so ,en1y tin.your career is. very unusttaID.
G I just need ~ok.e~p my body Ieaa and ID. peat p~i.cal cOldmtion, H I w.ould go to bed every ~ni.gbt.ov,ued .Dl r bruiise-s~ ut I remained extrCrDl.ely focused. b


E t'bm.k ,even hewas surp.dsedl by whatt ] ,cilwd. do.


Fdidn E know then thlli.t ..he 'WouldinspiIcmc

t,o,~onowa d:iHereD't pllI.m in life.

If you cannot6~ a seD~enooin~,oa g~p, mov:e 'on w,tbe next one, Don't waste twm'e Ion. ~t.'You.ICWl alw.l!ll's . 0: baot to 'the gap hLterr.

You 8JI8 go~ng~OI Ii'EHldla. m'aguine articilsi in whlh::h mUir paa,ple describe theirslru:.'!ppiiiilQ 19:.qpe~jeili'lee\. F'or 'Qiues,tions 1'6-:30~!ohoos~ ifrom tile IPSG;ple'~A~O:). ipaDllla, may be chosen m:onl.1l1a:n ,once. The Mark 'YOlU~',anis,wer.s, Ion IliiIiI' :sepall'atel 8JnSW,8tli' sheet.

_0 0' _0


o o

_0 _0


~ROGEIS ;H:GPprn:g, can, be: bO~'e'd iI!!lIa r.e,stle-ss31ld st:att:w,p1~ ulll.1t ccm be [e1IDiy' mllb.~lngwtl,l::!!]j l~v~~~e s~ ,8it~QU I:lJ.eca!1llSebm:~.yo. kids Me so])bii~,S: tbe~ b~fI:SDut!~ AmId if you"re [IlIat 'Wil!l:t.emllg them.. ~e,yc;m,taike goods, ,off shrel~ witl.O(I,n: ~yo~.nOl!iQIDoI. (l<.!ill00- I

'F~:rlli .• ether Q'lt'i.¥o :YlYulIli,fj, dMiII.dnm"

~lit,peJ"mMt~t anllibs.e~u:~e: 'njp:[mm'~. n.~y ~'I:

.~~ .... Mf.eti:red reo. ~"'. -lml ,9,OVIU.d we WgU~ :amn:d - - .. -' ... ""Iei'~" :reooJlUy,g,3ive Il.!I!p ,Ca1' as U:was ~()Q e~~nJ)m the ~:o i1l!liil QmI our pelfas~el[ls,We pI t~e b1.'18 ~lltEO it~Wii'iJ olilOOaweet [0 do< Q'!J!Jf .shoppmg, W!ilireM~ ·as fas~' Onll 'our feet all,'We ,ODOO w,emt Mel salIM" yautQl, p~Oip~~ !~I be- ve;ij1' bl~mi~le:tale.. p.bffin~. you 'Qu!t of the ~ I.\itthe'QOO;Jlm~n'Oif'~m~gt:htil(' pa!,ti.en~ whe:n YOlll, ,iI!(C not 'mQWlEIg d:q·WJ]tmJ:e <'llisilesM ftit: Ui ~VJiy

,H~'d w:u.d~red ~f€ dOWn m:iI.@n!.etL aisle wbi~; I WM, com:png ·tih~ pri'ces OI!ffiHlC, ile100S.. F ~, 'liI:a'DIltI.c whe:lill [~sed h~ 'Wa!!i~~t mJ sw!1~"L~c~y Oilill~ of by ,th~~r_tsS<aw h~m ,!rod preted mm UPI b.lIlI~rut was a :s~~fiw:: miDl!Iit:MlitIltH 1 ~~t !ru'lIfitb3icl. E!m, gla.d :l\Q ~aJ ~hat~iI[lgsbM:e imIil.pm~d ~D my s:bo;PiPmg ~iIiliffie ",Q~[lt~t M!tl_~~ve :op~n~~a ~~pe~ldpLaYM~a, w:n:e,1ie:1candlliiQP the .kW&,Q:f€wIllIDe ~ Sllwp",H,dpic:k

mllmn:~ed to b.riiefty ~ooemy


mo~~-otd aiilD.

as dl.eyjdfike. Otbe.li'Sj ootom;sej me ~ry heilpti and wIlgwt. yQI,ll:lJi1:i!lfQd wihie'!l.ti;~y see ,ol~e;ed
U.. Even th()U~lIIi .~t.(jM wearf ,a,I!IJClUlt ca~~g :d the be:!$!.W~ my' 10 D1!8!ke,ll nice {)U~i:ng,@'f [to We'll t)lc:at tvlmiclve8 00,lltbi~ Oft.dl at ,onelOiflbe,!~, 'OJ: wefU ,~;olo:r~:eBl. md sanoJw[chesatone a o:f tlile


mhem u,

wh~Q,~\!,~ffiiDlli:dl,ed.f~~eIilUymM::el! HIe




~be ~nu!e:. w~ fliCU,IW![Y ruoot




E s:-y·ppo~ I'm a blt of ~ scaU~Rilai!i!"~ l~~ve-;[ se:e. ~. haw:W:b~t I neoow.hciDI Eneed .~t:. ThiS MoonS [:hi!!![ I hd:upp!.lPJlWJ @pt t;0 Ithe :super ...
tiMeS a w'e~ktog~tmmor.c miltninO!. titan •.I!.. because tufiil:ile GlJl)S't ' sUJlP.!!!._ co. . _.. peop~ej ~:~d .sulleArm~ti ttl, b~ ,qmt.em~aD:lg prna@es I~i(lyw.mdte:r,mg;'smo'wly do~aU. the ilJi:Sles~ •.m C:b,ec:king 'Ollt MYllIDew pmd~ctsor .searchMg rO'f i!ii,pedi~ru 'o:fi()'rs. ~:i!J.w:a.y~,tak<e ,i), ~alm.wll9Jtm ~tln!me~ ·as:
1lIlI!iik~tl\l!t, ~~t
, . .!1~Cs~ IlL ~ J!.
J . -~~.. .. ... ....

I~mnot ke.elIl,[lin8~elP~~ 'WWth ether peQ:p~e", be~l!I$e: illa1,way.s~~i;:ms~o taike.lDoob ruo:nge~'. ~@,! I milildy ;go. On my 1I)w:n. N:o\Va:d~tiD;jg 1J'ii~is'h s~~r(!n!!!rke'ts a:re ope~ ~W !!P~~ w.I;Ji.db i.5 ve.ry oon~e:ru:e.[dFGt m.e. J ',r-etf.er to ,g,(D1 las ru~ne as pos:s~biLe~whe:n fbere: are no q!!!,~.u~ aim U.1,~ e.h@~k.Ql.Jt Mcan. 8¢~ al my \'ii~oppin,gdone veiIJI ud qmok1f. I usual, 'only go a,:g;~ <!';'m1w~[]l ma:ke: and

' '.00

sUJ[\e.l stoekI!lPQllley;e~g.

mems ·yc.1,!aI~~~.e:hl' ,Jail aJ1yQ~r .;eats~·.d. }!(Illill
bai\iff;'ai bijg,rt,~~,but
,a!t ~r..ll!S~ I

r.m, Ul~to


I ~rukeltDbn,", how .ncb l~m.~eEld~D.s.and 1,.1Ie:fe:wto billytih@ '$hQp':s, 'own~btand P[od1l!liCts. bee3iIme t11.e;y

~i!Sil:e,my ,arut.~oo~pReiou!S 'time. geimlg

,~v.e:lJooup~eor: d~,11 dio! run Qut; ot :some~1ilin:&

w, '['lile.slil.ops

ooot: a IDot less ·~an ~~ big D.a/m,e blan~.Mykid~ coml"lril:i.I"I ~a;l cw.e tle-v,er lI:rualYe ~he "pmper'l b~l!.st .~m!. @~ th~ !<maliy .~~ baked, bemrus.
bi]]j~ Eiiust poLn~,~u~'tba!t U,IDea,V1cs~li Vldlt:bi mo:r.e: money 10 (ihl,!l ther~alUy m~ t&in:gs.rm :Sg~ 'll:e.y bQ.w[~ .n:gbt"

I've. fur,s,0t~Q


need. 'tmt,en.

.I'JJI~b j,t 'from tM. b~~mmim!li:.-m,a:tki.et E 'l;ryt;o, mflJt~ SUrIC I do~t ~av,e'to do Ul.ts ~<!oofle1ID" as Hilid lo.C;1.liru :sTh],(lPSi.Ire· m!1W)c~ M,e e~,eM~v.~., m


1 You have received an emaU..ffOm your EngWisll~eaking, penfriend, RobertJ who is desj,ping, a we'bs~ie abcut differ-en:teouatrles around mewottd. Re,ad Robert semaD and tbe Dotes you. have made. Then,

Mite an emdto Robert~usWig,aiU your aotes,

Use diJeinformation in the rnbrie to write an

ID I~J,e.:rst pla!~i!I,p3!~'j,

~L -


From: Sent:

RGb,ett Illest ,8. October


SWlb~ed: Webs ~tie


tlil,!lJn going

stra~t imo the not.es.
,As part.

my ICT CO'UlfSe. I have' to d1e'sign a web5~1Ite!.~'ve' dieddea te do, a .site about 'var:]Olll5 'C'Duntries~ inlZ~lu:~ing your oOlJntry~

thr-ouigh the eyes of younglpeoplie living there'. I"ve got lots of 'g,ener:al ]l1iormalt.ion" but I need your perso'l'Ial (-ommems, and idees:.

l'd 811'50 li~e you 1.0' "tlell' me.: ~what you t~ink m,akes yOlur ,c()untry and its Ipeoptespecial

~m ,e:xamp~s

- what you would r'e-wmm~nd fOfvisitarsto your country to see/d'o __ Gi~ st»ne
IFtinallll!)l"I want to in.clude llfocall music til1at young peqpl!e illl eaoh country' enjo¥ ~Ii:sten to, Gau Id )1oU!s,\1!nd mre'SQ me.7' It wU11hav~ ~o' i[nu~[ be in a formail: I 'can use on the webS!it'e, 'of ,course. ~'.


'~e."~. (.Uk but ,m'Onl

Ple'Bse rep,iy soon ~


Wri'te your ,ema:i'l. You :mu.:st:'Use ~amnuilltiica!lly oo:oeet sentences with aocurate ,speling Wild

punctuiuion:in a style appropriate for

'me situa:ti,ou.




Wtrile air'! QiI!ilS,WEilfto ,on., 'Gfftn:9 qlLlliesti:oms 204 inl.~hls;p.art Wri~, YOll!lraliH~wer in 120..181 W(lrds in ,an ,app:rcillriate Styl~B.


In, 'o'mer to M.i~eal1eport yOI, .need to use striMptifonv3rd"fo'rmal IMlIlJla:g:e :lmld.'wri~emill u. mpeHooa~, smyWe. Or,g:a!fliSie the jnlormution W1d~r app:iiopriate beadjngs wmcllil Me usuaJ:y ioc;]ucl:ecI m, toe :ruiltlric.

'2 Yo,u ar,e studyimg :Enpsiha,t :111, langual,e ',school 'wii~b!I[rwdierrrsfmm several cOIUIDmes.,'You ha:vebeen asked by me school p:rincilpalllD find ,ou,t 'w.l1iIatS;tiudfin,tst~h1iIl:,3iltloU!lt yOUSCDOO~.;amtil!fth,ey wolilld Ii:e ~o see ,auy cban,ges.WD~e a.rcept'lIII:makin,g reoommlen~atioDs :~iboo!t~essols,~:t1€fac:iiues,lI:lmie foodl.at the cmt!,teCJiI ,um,d --Yilhlng else .10:1 woU]cI,lir.e~o, see ,changed.

D'Oyo;u wamt 't;o sll:a',e~m ~ri~mQecmLb ot~e[ ,~a.ll!guage~emnef,S,?' us 'Tell . . how :and. wl1y yn. s,mfted ,and wba!& th~rur:i~s'~herD~t t:o~,~a:m E:n,gI!~s!h. The best ,an;j:ele:ii.w,i1 ~ plJblsb~d ·~ml.[kenem; is.Snae.



....:::I lulSw ' • W·n~aao.BlI;I!&:Ce ~, ~..:I om ya!!lf oWill1expencillce.

_ y()mI!D~

das:slliu ifotbad acliscuss:~on ,o!Il:whetb:er :momeyh;, a good 'Oil" ,,:mg. bad _ked you 10 'WT\i.le & essay [g~gyt'ill' of?50m. om,tlle: iollo'W:ing statement:



!Fioir'qU!edo,rls 11. 12, readl :lie, text bellO,w and 'a~ecide wh'ichl ,In;sweli (A, B\I' Cor' Ili)1 'l::!Iestfits eerchl 'gJap.1b:er:ElI . is an 'Bxamp!!e at~hel begim'ilrilin:9!,(11)1. M_ your arrusiwers· IOInI"8seipar,a~Baili"llswer' shaet.

D .A. pe,nod



Be ,aware of any pre.po,s~tioootffi:lialt: foUowgaps~ astms

w.~n,often. ,dete:nnme


oo.mct optlOiIII.

Music Television
A~ 12~OI a~ 1 ADgimt 19a:][~,a, neW'.Americau ,cable TI'chalrumle~ broadbm:t~heqdeo 'of '8 wng by' 'The Bugg~e; ,called "doo' K1J.l~d RadlQ Star. 1ijs: was- the (0) ••..•• 1V' Yoi'moom. lemie·tMs, J;!Q' ad ,ttJt: M
~ ~~

I,I""",!. ,3"i"'",!i1(" __ J)~!~

,or..:I1i J-f! ~ .. , ...... >li... .. JI.'!!i!!'-III!1,~Il.lI, U,u .1(IU',Ij,U

j.~ I,:.U

,ttl)1 'Il.;A'.,


·.,1:.,';"i'r u.~"-"l.I;_I,

allJ..;;I~e, .. c"'"

1;-~.t n~'

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aJ',.-'I~'........ ~... ...""UJII..fI" ..... ,;:'~~'Il!,,.... ~_wu Q,'l!irl;iY:CU1.1



U:""'.;" Ui.W~J

favomlte: bmds, 1(2~••..,,~,eJK grea!lest .m,en ,a.'jV c~e"l entitemy {3) ..... ~!ZIimusic. Some er:mas (-4) •..,•. the c:ba[Jiwe;~ oldd. :fail,. ,and SQJlilB .mlllsfei:lnJSfe:ltanm~ w aibGUitba.~. ~D ,aCltamd dance :bl,WdeJls~' wiD. uver' €ami, Oth.e:t amsts,{$) ....• as :Mad(illlll,l1Limd. lW,oh:ael Jackwll, ~oo:k (~, ...., 0:£ ,the. oovem!,e~, and .~thelped ~omake, tbem mltol 'ClJI~~l1:aIJ fOOD:. MTV' botil.WnfJU!ence,d mclwa im11!!1€lm:oedbylle )"OUDS 'gemme:mt~Gnj,'$]drtffile C:lImllllme:~ bad _(~)I .•..•. :s~l~ fasWon:and ~Emds" '0:. OVer 'dIefd~~gyeal"St M'IV 1~8)••,•• rdDbal1.y~. briu,S1nI; MIWiJe te~ewswJln ~oButQpci:u1 987mut. Asia. tel ,ems ~at:e:Ii' .. Ni:O\Vaii:lays. 'dlere am few peop~em the worldl 'who hD,e. 'R()t C9~ 'of MJ'V. SmGe(lIiIe chmme1l"s. humble b~~~d1= imt MrV'yi~~ ttav·~:grmwl Iilller ad. now ~B1i1Se1va: ha'¥e
C~WJ,-M'el, WJ1!I!O' ,!(,'~



liIIie waHlew.



.~ 'T'-..: ....:AU'·

-Jl ~1$

au:_:__.e~~ '~_I'-r1


. 'Il'!i

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G(IUIi1i1me:llts an"- 'gelg(fa!n:OlllS,

.. ..-



Tbday~ itJb.ercc :OJ:!' ~G~8er ian lelnJlhasu, ,onlilUsic :m

shows,mtl.m.s~ 1'heo:ri_mmm

afDtJle~tmd thec~WiDf~ al:mbu idea.,af mmiic:~ele.mib .is a.,dis~aDt (iU) •••••• '


.A. ®olcll :I: A. p~tfOlDi. 3: A. s'pec~lIised

B, stre~. B, act I, .LItl:e:res.ted



C' SOOIW C~ ,(ffievoted

Ii reach. Ii d~play D d.osed

4 A cliwe~ke~1 5 .A s!!Jicb 6 ! be:nefiit "1 A imp.ressian

Ii oOm1li.rmed B. like

B, adv.d~flJS~ B, i.lmplI.'ove:ment

8 A expancIDed 91 .A known. 10 .A see 11 Ai. j,umps 12 A ~de:('

:1 .he~gb.tened.
B: I!lo~iiced I 'W13!.reTI

c c c

C proved c jrllSt c profit

Ii, belJie1lfed
U same








I E.em.o;ry·

C ~oot C mee~ C hismry

D' view
1:11 ma:ldiD:£s. [11 past


Practice Test 6

For 'q;uElstlons 11:3·14"rleadl '(he,te'xt below' and 'think of the 'word wl'1~c'h!lest fim ead~ ga:p' Use 'OOiIly one 'W'OI\'dI in each gap,. Th,er,eis Bit'! &l1¢amp~e, atlrus' Ib~~nn ~ng (Oll.

111"8,16~ E_mglish. puet F'e,:rq By,ssM S,JiueUeyand. ,(0') ••',•••••••fu.:tu:n::, wile, MaryJ visited aIIJott:~er :{RIlO'llS, po et, t.o1i'di B,yron, at. b.~s bo;u se nea'lI.a:ti~ Gelieva in Sw'lze:d:lgd,. ]t rained U.~H .,.•... '''.~ s,m,Qwed leonsta;DlU~ dUlilllg ithei! s~ayfQifc.if}Jg,'me group to (14, .,••••••••,.most of dte:ir' boUdolY iDdoOlS. Ooe night:J' :Byron cbaJ1CDipdthe SbIelleys and his doctor. P'o~mdod,,~oeachmake mp a ghost story_ He said dlat the
person W,bOWfote '[be :moS't 'terri~ing , tide (15), •••••••••• the winner. be

nigh tmare

WB;S 'Q1nIy

:niDe'~ee.l, (Ui). ,•••••.•••'. '[h~ tUDe, came u,;p''with the :id-el fo:rb.e:r :S'~O!ry s,fter navmng a, ' m,e;elio.gbe-side ~'~he tIl~Dg: b.le had. P'1!I;,

in (1?')1 ••~••,.' she saw a. pa~e •••• ,stud-eDt of selenee

'together. TbjsUlitiml,at:eb" b;lill!dbeli" '~olwritemile of'the 8r,ea~es~,fl.o:rtolmo¥e1s 'of all time - FmnkemleiH:. Inthe finished, liIo,vel.a mad scientist, 1(18),., Vfc~orFrankeml,tein blimp a monster ~o,Uje.It ls .lieaB:,.. ,a,wamin'i apmmit man.'s dUaeroUiS .ileh~lltiQlilShip' (1") ......•••• '• science, The book. 'w,as fU"Stpublished (2,0) ....."•.••'. HUa. altbougb (o;rseveral years the '!Y'tit,elf',s i.dendty was not reye~ded. (31) '••••...... tbe:D her SltiOIy bas' become e:xtr,e"n;u::lyopular and. many films have been ba~ed , p en) " it., n :i:s ,i1IS~ol!isgg, ~o thinkttha,l. it '\V,as (23)1 .' by a 1.9'-yellr-o~d.wb.o set ,!lIlilu!!!Itwm:jlltmg the S~Qryill. a s:timp~e .a:tte;m,p,t:(24) .., , ICMe her c~QSiectrde o:f friends.


[Practice Test 6

fior ,q,uestiollls, 2544, Ir,ead~hel te,d below. Use th.ewordl given in ,oopitall!s stile, end m: some ,of 'tI,a linesw! fOlnm is word 'iii amfits; ~n'Ils' sap' 1'I!lI''lheSl1ma ~~n:B'. TherlGi is ,an .-ampisl at the beg[in ning[ (0'). Wri~e your ,sniSwelrSliN CAPITAL ILEli,ERS ,on 'U1e:leipa~Blel an.·w.reheat

Look out lOll" ne:g,af.iy,e :m.eum,g mparti;w~H -die W0,rd m·aiY pamma,ti,cally but ,01, lDigihcl.eed. :fi]lt


opposite meaning.

Early IClocks
The ~O)••....'" .•.....,.,o,lthe c1.ookis; an. interesting stor)l'tMthough. there is sone ,(lS,) .,.•••.,•...•••.'.,aiboU!~fue way in 'whim docJU, came ilbaWit~ The DEVELOP


wo.rd '!clock" origiruItedu'om the La.tiu 'wofd. 'Iolocca" which means " el!W and. h was .6rsf eolned ,abo'u,t 1,00 years ,Igo. ,t
(36) ....,...."...,... ,of the.mod.em~ay ,cWook, be.l1e,were ~eIall ~ ways 'a.at a :pe'fSOJl could m:U, Ul:etime" P:eople first 'told the tiro.e by ]ootmg ait 'the, IOn ,in the sky. Wh,cn,tbie ,SUD was, (.2') ' ,' Beforetbe oVie:rhead!l :il 'W,IlIS, DiOOD, ud wben. it was close 'to theho:riz:om~ it ei.the:t wnrme or sunset. Bu,t,Dme ,andd. not be 'told (:18~'
lliSH.JI, dJis :lRedmd" (19:)' ,.... ".......... 'believe tba~: the sWlIdli31 WIS, used al:iouad 3"SiOOBC aid BlRiJRY'



was pr·obaibly du:: (30:) ••••......,.•..... clock. On the sundl~a1I' 'tbe snIdow of the SQ poimts, 1.0 a numbm QIliI a disc wEdcb sbows, you the. time. HO'We'Vter; smee, sudials, :are 1(3,1) ...... ,.,.••..... o:n the SUII, 'tbey can omy
be used to~el1 tee duri:D!s 'the day.. Water ,cEooks. Qrc1ep:BYdm" 'Were an Egypt~atli inventio!D, and, were also


(11) ••....•••....••W,Greece. Water dripped stowly O!li: 0.£ a bo~e in a d~' (33) •........'...'.••~wbich bad a sedes; of marks on it miU. ,in.dicated the '. mm.e.. The Greets made several (34,) ,.' ' OD ~.hedesign ov,er the )'eml,Water c~ooks,had. tbe .advliRtBge ,over suodialls that they could
aWBo, 'be used at:mg,bt.







The, schooJf
.tb]s 'onc"

studied :at 1:8is~ e. W;3JS 'be~~erthan y


ftl[j,"'et.~o, usefhe WOld in bold. alBa Il;.e s!i1reili:a!t you ,do lot ,cllang:e tims,wom in ,my way_


I C;8llQot: :Bmmt:o bl:' HAVE

:1 trMntic.ket.

:36 The:m.is mo :mmr,epetto~ ill the car.

KIlN 3:r It ,~s,use[ess~.o,weny aiborut '\V,hatliilas already happfin.ed ..

all~ye y,o,ubad. :ooytlUnl to eat'?'" MOO1J.di WHETHER )jam.

:11 Did y,oumemm


:wm~W' dm.d ~!thappel,bcya"~d~n't?
mtlle dJ~ot~,onary7

,40 If JOill don"t: knevw .how to spelJ, 1mB w(}m~ w'J]yd0"I,'t ,you cite.
lJP If yOUi d0.1.'~:lotowh.ow W :s,pel. tncwom

y,ou •••....••.'...'.••.'....•.'...'.••.'..'.....'.•'.•••....,.••...'.'•....•.•...' _, the dj~n,o:na:I:Y., '. ' .

,41 111fts!,}n1,o.rm:anag,£I(S, .,e :iltelViewmg the ,candidate!!.

TheCMdiid3!~es ••...••. ,• " , '•.•. ,..•••...••••••'••••• ••• .•..••••••• '••••..•.•••..•, ,•••••.•'•••••'tbe SemOl! _.a,gem., ,•••• , '• '.••' '• '••'.' ' ,. '••• '• '

41 It.~s~oo ,oo~d~e, ibr a.waUctoclly. go



VO!JjJ m go§:~g.~o,Ireadarneuactwm a
tl"li~nk.~Us best:ascoir:d~rlgl 10 the

tam. tMalik YOiuranswe,rs onthBISBIPillm~:e18Inswersheet. ,

a nov:em. P',orIquestions 1"'1 ImomEl'l1e' answer ~, B,IIC:ar tD) whid!'iil 'you

1'IIaX.m,g ;l.iIgood.Ivii~~ 11le~ 'We!i'esopoor~mat, wben, me,y weml!~D ~e tfi:act:G:ra:toailll~~Jt: was; to tb.e cl.imc 'En MorgAAtOINIl, fifty' ~mlI~ a:\\fay.lIis, lElem,ories Oif t~l:lS~[.He 'mpsW&rev:ivi~j bo'-~g 1n~'ebad: 91 llieboill'ow-ed p~eJwp tnJic»" dmi!s~ .ft~ int~e:irw,w. The, d1ancmg macl~his sh;te:rbiad caUeditj mO.ll heir place in ~e'fmB&witb,~~eJrpa~e:nts.In Morplj.t:own. dlfl[iD~nmw:er,e, ,tID., poo~-1¥litJ,aJ)d WIt:His we!irC-pain:teda deplCSSiQI green, I$atremmd.ed Da\f:ij~.O'f dmly pond waer,., The d.OOto~ h~(l aIWi~ heen, burned, :a:lm1pt"w~lih~he~, distt,acted. Jill '~h:es,~ :J€!atS lIter, Dawd still bad _,omt't1m wJ:le,n.~,e 1im~gimled 'I!bc~edoo;tm,':llilm :Ms' C:llIi.ildbood, Imng; at :~~ mdillf; felt bim~lf to be M1 .opookn: ,!,libolim~ be unm~ to' meW :rev'lila1ed.~;}' as~~e: im~l,8'mtu:e.. Hebew his; C~O[OO'of :~atiaD. rei.ecm.'e!l'I tms., Th,erarn:dORi. e:«:l~.ent of i"~I.e:tal, memcine was; nat for him. Neitherr w~ ·tIm deli.tail~e riskyp!JlIlmbi:ngGf 'dJ$- h~;ut. He dea!l!t~ost1iYMth b[Cote~. bo£'s~ SGU1_pti'llg cuts .af:ld. vi~S X"r~sl wil~ihing meaks ~]o,wlyyet nmttJiltluslyknit th~lv@ badk tD,g€tlle:r~ He ~ed mat 'Iilo:llles,~e:~ ,~tiJdthml~,mmv:i.DI'eMeJ. tl1:e '~Dm;_m;c, le3!t O'~ OI~iiJa,tij)n. Bllmlle-S. w,~IlI. IDMt; w~woo e~ :far mm 1D'PJ1illIu JmfBi.~mI, snm.eli:hiln.g.m soJjrcm ',lAd'~ul~d~eltal~le .. He-ream ml!lpa't. mJ:tigwr, 'until. tllewemnrw,iM) KmeJessly on tlie, brigM: 'whi~ep:ages~ andr?m:en~e threw the jp:llmmm ,onll~ooffe:e tab~e ,_jj PUll: ,o~~tffil.e ·~b~&~la~., The :i't;jn, ar'C.wd\ vrltllti welPtas ,~ee:l!i.m~dmtEm:e·uoon.d I.oor of tmleir 'new home; ..Hepill!lIlftlid. by lli:eI:llttrety !1l100[~ 'sl:iu.l!l;~ tile 's,1md~w;y .a,pes of tJb,e baby 0011 m'the tbHI~gra]b~e,. ~.es;~d.~lu(lsllW.d mp :~ged .e~~. The.!WaU~ wewpalnled a~ale sea.greel,ffis,Mfer bad IDBideme qUit tbat.m-g lij'm.tlle far wlilt, ~.g night .rnilb't~gtffi~y :!l~l\ill~, ~llf!Wbo~'m9Jriog O:llte.ntmm p.e:ls if ,sl1;eno~edev~ tlm;e;

At e~(}l!!im()I'do'r;k~is; PIIC,gIl.lt Wi~ wse _d went te bed. Qawd Slily~!tQdbwns,t~,~ .reaiil~g ~e h 1;I!I~es~~~ue f 1'/1;eJo.um(ti of B(m€ Ql,~d o JDb,!:t SUlgtt1)'. He was Da\Wil.t'O be ;1 everygood. d.oomil:',. iG! a w ItaFecntror. d~a,gn_ ad ;~reputati0:1KI't $IlillfuLwotik. He .had ,gr:a.d.u~1\e'd .im1l.hiiB dalS. Stlt 111.WHo ~ 'ea:rmym l8 lwee-r aJlld ~. 'tlloup. hetliiCil itv~ry cam:id~y- he wacs 'I!WmlSl!!r,e e-no!llgl1l aba--~!U' skiillsJb:a't .his true:s:wdied.lml lev.cry spare Dl.D:lE!en:r,~olIootID_1Igeaell St!!~ ,l1:ea:eooii:ilp~~bed,as.omCIlOIe ~j.ere o:f ~viden,(lein biffis oWIrf;ryov. men he was y 09!!liDg;€::l:1' ,heieW~lWmseU to,be~be odd oae out a:tlltOMe, bomw.i'th·a ~o!!llteror ~3!m~l,s ' f/iie 8. Ln ;afamily aIMo'rbed in, dJe'Sperl~~'ly~g tojwit: get by~ iSttu\~1:iil,g, d~'t(l day ~o fiilIalre cHd.s :.:e~l\', .d • a~d the debt e.ollector. Th,ey bad seei.qedUl~~[Omlas • t1!iilIne~saJry ~lIl.UUff _d 1Il0~;M;_~ee O'f




A oor4e:r e;t~ars'W8~1~t_dpedM1'stem:illoojWi~belOV1tffile



had dbll,e:i::ha:t mD. en • implWs!:-ire wellt m:l,Oltllie room. and! stood. befareaa:ewmmo,w~ ptliS'hl:n~ ~_.de-~.e !C1Utail1~o' 'w,IWh tlm:emew, MGWD.e_lY 'eigbic mc'es h~ aDdle; la.ppo.s:ts _d the ~~ces and ~.emots.It was the SOft lZI.f,tOtm d!'a~ l'aJeiLy:M'FBd in ~om, s amd.ltu.'l, Site'a1~ Wh.ite'il'ake·s. ad :silebOO mlOOlliinll mtfia, fe:n:se 'of em:ifilmll.e:mtand ,oo-ce; .I:t was ,6 mall,erwt 'Wbfl\1 aJIthc, unoo:mm:eat~1!Ip~. of ~I!I~, see.e.d to ,loilliliie.m®e.lv:es tijgether~ eve~ Pti~ sadllWe5samtt.disa,pomnne:nt, ,e:v.crymm.ous secret 3:1iIIl':J uD,ce:rtmnl;J mtffidenlo,l,Y ben_e.a;thOJe soft 'white J~ye\l'S. "Etrmo'm.Jwwo,uldlt:le IqlHet)ttrue world ~tle"mld ~~et IUlId.me lie4IhlbCl~r~Dod oili1drcn 'ailime ICUlli!: ~O'~Rakth~stiil:1ness witlnl ftI,eir {oot prints, u!ll shouts, of ~o,. e rememn!l;Cfod ~S'!lch H d~ Dam his OWR ,ebidlli1:oodIntli:e mOB,Tains, i.e :Il!IlOfme:n:lS·'o,f i escape wheJl.lJie w,cot i111121,tlle WOMS~ msill.r,tst1ilJllg ,ta:l!rude['~t Jhisvo~oo sm:mehow' hllihed. flythe, 'I!teaw aJlOW tb:!I~be~t ]ll.C:bes,ruow and cltlt:ecJa,ve.rpa:tlls. 'lIi~ wo:tla .wtSl, Few sbQl'il:, boullS.~tr:a1\Y'OllilJ.oo.


iI Dawdi s.dlied,m, his spare mme beea:use. Abe \ViIS not oo:t.Wd!eJ.1i~ aboutms ,ab.llty .. I, "he waJmrt:edto, be '£be'best in ,ms &,eitG1. (: ,b,e,oo'l1llllntt.read.ibiiis, dews:s with. D,bis: o,ar,eer was D!O,t SiUJ~ssml,enoup.


AI!l tfuru!roprti:cnsin.llic Iql!JJ!c<s-tl'O:IlIS'aJrEl w'U1!a!l1ylieferr'ed ~G .~. somewaj 'OF ,oliber :[0, t'~l'eXttm'y.o'M! iIlIeed~n ,chet:li:; eaCH 'one ~J'.

2 The mter uses:tIiIe, pbn&e ~malk:e'8nis: :mut'
A SurWD_11ig ,a.gjfim~t:m!lMelJt~ ,
8, bSiimgab~eto oopeflnmcially.,


(:;lIIIo;t:payWn~: back their deb~s. U "OllleJrOOBlC, SOJ!!e~!bImIg dimcl.!l.t. :I Da:ufil.ts :[ami'~'lI;IhIWI'edua;tiOlD,


.muoh 'ofDavid.':s iVaW!lil:lb]~ titll.e. II, was a way fbr him Il.oesca:pefr:oIIlil pOlwrty,. 'e .wa:sfu~oo 'e...,.eD!w,elo'I them. to a:ft:O'Id.. ,D' might not help DI:v\id~:omd a good j~b.,
_L --'-"--"" --,-

4 WbatimlllRsslo:n d1oe'"' die n~itP .. ,OTI_ ""f' ~Jt.- CJlIIIJI!IC',,Ln, ,L'!!'DJ'I'g,alDll:oM)". -j.~'''l''. '''.II'~cc-- -;' - ,---'1 .' .__""__r-~", _ ~lhL"'" II5iIT"" .... liiIIIe Alt wa .ameJED'rab~epla.ce :Forill. ohld~tl;'li8lt
II: The w,ail:s ,and Up~bJjbs


[;: It was badly d~rated ad 1li.ld~sta!ffe.d. D' The d~:u::~o'rsm"e:bu;sy but always :polffi!te. 5 Milt (INS '~UlIS' ,llDe II ,reterto? ,iD Alee,lling .h.ewasn"1: :rea1~Ja.,good dOC~Df

II bemg waJicbed by ,o:tlle;r dootars 'Cweariinl a doctor's faoe l'IS!sk
:D!ll.a~ 000, :1iI3iny mi'sta&es

6 What dli'Dllvi"llk~ ·a'-"-o .. ,IU", S,pM:.18JIiS:a.uOB,. "" ._"_. _."_U dL... liN . ..,'.. ,=~-C, - _. - ~": - .u:~-.,

AHe ,cou~.d~ee~. S\I[lf,

,i'.IbUI,twb;i~ .hewas

d~l .

.1, He ,co'l1liide artistic when lie mad!e 'OOiSts. b ,e Heknew~hillit. he,wGU:~.d.ba.v'$a sold :mtufe. :D, H.e dieaID,t,'wi~ iexC'lUn_gdlings e:ve;ry day.'.,
7 'Wllat im,RS1SiI,D does: Ae mlfer liVe; of'Davjd~s .Fe? A Sh.~,dl~dni~~l:We· tomak~mist~es:. II, Sbew,lS, newoW3 abou.t a.balllY.

'.;l'~ ..

.:!!w •• __.......

'W,"''''n· It: v,P,AI'. 'I.,~":'.;a, .."! . _ ¥~,~. ,u~ "


~~I.~~-, l,~!Ilg .•

:D' She enjoy,ed makb~ldl.iB:gS. .

:How IUd Dawd.[eeJ ahU'1 rthe iSDOWS!~onn,? A He WilS s!UlprUe,d! 1,01see SD:OW ,m :Le~O.I. II :It :nlade b~mfe€J.sad and drmsappom~ed .. ,e [t made .'Mmfeel ~:e be w,arsa. 'child ,I!jgam. D l'tbad iaplelSaD~. eUect onbis ,liJood.


Y,C'1iJ,a~egoirn;g;k,l ~eadl an ,article, about: ,af,8m:a!~e ,uplCMt!'ll', Savin. senrelrn.ces hmre' been li'em~tv,ed, omd:le o ,article" 'Ohoose fr'Om the, sentenoesA--Hl1te ,ollte which filts each ga:p 1~9'·15).ml1iuie, [is;one, extra sEmtence WhichlfOU do IniDt need to, use, Mark your ;ansW'Elm '011\11 'UU!llilpalrate,anSW811' ,sheet

"I wa~ a. dm-t .... t:r ,as ai. c.mld .d I've W:Wa)lS b~~n dmW.1l to :swriesot :a,};elll:~l3e:rSl1'welle. gid who feU !.lu:t: f .. o t«~ ;a:l1d,gI'[ muddy. I was .D'evcr nuc.'b of a te"Dp.layeri
wmob p,robab'Jy aCoou:lilts

on a of d:i~~ elf dtooohi,le W~!ie., bwiV~ ~r.ied fin;Jiitand


e[!'g,~gy bi!i_r'Sa'M dried


land sMrul,m;afiaged.EO

m:r Il:Ile faet. 'tiIla,t rrm,ncIW

~osemimn;eteeDP1'os~ill did~jl tbe p,y:sr]caIJ

a solo

miss~ormeJ~rooo~ooCl'l!~e I bla:di LoSitmy Ilippeti!lie, m jok:td Ha:nl!!ibtw.~~111 ukctd aooMl.t

So :s~s Han!!iIJabNCKeaodl theo1llill:'c.iI]It wO'lld BOOrd, boldlL".{f[@i!' ;a $Q1lo,~H!i!piP@rtt';d n:etto tblll So~th P,~]e.I:t. was .Ii1!O ,e~·f,eat '£Olt me 93"Yl:Hr:..old Brito!1, wbo oompID~~d 'tka,ooitioll. iall 19 d!aYS;ii1:od] 9 hD'unl w~i:]e sufferin,!ll,Mtt@~CQilldl oo~diUQ~ina:_Q .;:UmJt~aitput h~ :Will'hJebID:s,~~~ boob.


Sb.@hilld alOOf de!idlGd 1omllilpl~~e;.

the jcnlT:rtey i!iO:I.o.

mearmn,[l;' (bat

,. ne '· D ii
HatMah's urge:
~(iI '~~.

I~O explo]'e,fuegaml!

iQ. 2.001, when. she

d ~n'~.~. ed.~lt~Q.n., . t.~e. W'~5lel.WlJ... :De~efL. _i;obJ' '. ... b"ip' W91~ ~U:Pfll~d w' b~a '@lD~"m"'iI!" Iim:tm:.e ,exp~rlenoe, b,1!IIE mJ'SQo[JerR.d :sle ret!l!llnl'cdtD ~beUK~ha:o :S~@' :fl}u~dh~TS~1lyeMilliing; loW' .more. SliD WII1I" tDU;llll'e:~.HI!lilln.m Iq.~ :iller job as a m!!Ikltin,g dnomra'llldoo:~~Uied,~etse:rr~lIfid~·fime
I:!1!ffinie: fif;S1 tvre~Memontlh~ :s!h:e beaded book. t

e~~er em.o~ifiI1Bm ~r.•. . p~ysieal S.~.FI.cIt .. ~ tb.O'IiIPlt~t WM ,SOlIDI to be ~alIDy"bHdl. b~CtWl!S~11m n!El,t,ur,aI.l{ia,'mc~al p.eUiJlD" lnillt ~ttmned. out ~ ](:ln~Jin~ss, W:asll'i;can. issuJC:.IW~ so b:~ taicl~ ,~ of~y 'IjtMrM~~v,~lsl!!lRdody tem:pe.mmre b lb(!1t the d,ays jWj~ n~wby.Ii


Ito jOV~dC


or h.&mp:t she; bf!ldno' ~~a:m~

1 HalI1UU!!l1, [CfI~ts~

W"t:ern [h~sm and tbeil

Co:mdJO!f illA1gllll:llQ'i,Sl •••

0 Sbe ;a~p~ed

O<Jll ~D


,o~tsideWiOlild.Jla~~!h! oomoo a vaf.iety ,M'te.'C!lm61o,giccM d:evieu. "~e aJllowedh.eJito ISPW, ~o :fami]y, friC:,IiIOlsandtilemedh .. whilil'QD tbe i.~. Sh~ was ailso' abIDeta ,oofiDectthem. ~c'~ier comp!:lter, a1I~o<wmil m:I h') !ewtd oodlvecei\iic lleguill. emaih' ~d updam.~; b~!!'

TO~.liev~m:t 10JlieDne&s udiW,

~ee;Pin (';OIn~.tlwIDtb 'bhc



~. m.p' Vli!thlhe ~ppo:rt: ,of a ~.m.e.m:be:[team. in: :56~ys. N~ Q~I he.~~ist, a woddyaoot :~I11:a,t mdk her WJinog ~ ~~arond thealobe,
H:.i!u!!_hre.~,edtotffiie ambiiti@. p,r'orr,eots~r.

As Wii~b MIW~ Uiilid.venbrer. Ri1\lp,u

<li1:wlliY5 as,.on~ h ~:re

'OiR ·tl~futl!!llm. WU~ 'Ule, SO!lU)]. PQle S,Ucce&iimly beilILWldi


JP,'O!]em o.neO't nerl1:l:Of>t

side ;iilSSjStlm~ 011"~~pmyt~8bQ1n he:r~m.e Oil, the ~ee:jm~;8,~hat she .bdlo carl)' ,!!Jill of.h~r foo'h~]atnd
~~ipm.ei!lt·by herself f~f~e e:o,tir1::~e she W,U ~h.e:~e.

ber~EIl_n.dJ':~ nm ..' .·ad~D,t~ wilm. be m, 'OO[l'ilu,e[t~e NOdhPoIDe. Shill oo.d~l' uTIle bigses~ leso:n. 'I ha,~e: !ealll:t, :so f~r~'~!!it with !3i: Utle p'~,ti~~t YOIl. ,C-aD .set omywbe •. lI,ou just. ~"P' putJl;m,~ '~!Jt, foo~ fron:t afth~ otffil:~ t1iIeW1l diitia.nces, eaabe oo'Rl'ed vast .1:11 Ii.~., .But: ~Q'Stbpoi!:h~j!it'tlYI'I ·Mv'C .~eam.t Uliat :in tnil:e wldew,e.ss we ate comp]c:fle]y msigmlifimnt.w ttilt:l om1,y WliJih ~tt~r ~\':m;an:d tbtbest prepMatiGD_~ we spe1illd! time (h~~,,mely."


Pmctke Test: 7 c

A She com;pieted ,iii ltll0~ki1omek,e marathon acr,Dss llbe .AI~arotit ice., beating: the pr-evious

.I: The pa,l:eBual p6ycl:IDo10g~cl1lJ .imlp~ctof suoh [siQlaJion iis difflctllt: to imagine.

worldrcconi by Dear:iy 'two d~,s. B It is a long, en.ou:Sb.period tbat sometimes
yOIlJ, earJiJJl~


ifidly explmi:Qs; these two incmlhole

see dIe endbut YOy,just:have ~o be

plaees, Ramah eaded the ye8!f with he'JfD,mt ,expedi.tiOD. to' the SoutbP'o:1e.
G In p'repariog "ffil:r this la®~s~ e:ndt!\ilI','II'oUf.

.res,jlient and keeppusWo,g, on. C .Alswell as ~ lle1!ioon,W:br~dlil.constand,
transmitted her :tocatio.liiI via satelite" ~he abo ,Clmied '~ satlell:ne telephones., D' Th.ey ,exp,]aredth:e; vaWh~.ys,aad sam,d)

Haonab is !quickto dr,ilIi,W on her past ,experie-nce. R Dragging thi5 to'ad over ,cndll!ess,mimes of SJi]JO,W ,and ice ca.U!Scdb.e1i'to burn between ~OOOI _d g~OOO ,crrlodes s, dIa,.

[adscape, oftWs vast part. of Bgypt~,loo,king,
. br 'IJOCik f


dliiSOOuil'ag:ed lIDbown vOO'aibuJa1}"ilS, you. arenot ,e-Xlpec~ed~O'understand ev,cry single by :indrie~ed., A. ~ooill.d c-81,eful.['ea~g, 'o,fthe text: wll belp YOI understand i~lbet~eI.
DU.IiJi.~~ be



You are Qicing to r:ea.d aJi1I ,arUe!s abou~'fiJve' members IIO·f moulnta~n reSClJe~eam.. lFo:r Questions 1141' a. ,choose t·oml ~liIe' pSDiP*e (A.•E) ..Ttl,s peopl,e may bel ,ch,osan m.D:m '~henonce. Ma'l'1k'ycItilif Blru~,wers0'.11 'Iha separate' IBnaWl'1I' :shnt.

:1... ,. madea enange •.



it career PJatlS ..(

has pllre._.ts involved. :in. .3 simila:rf]e~d? had. Munexpectedexperie:nce
,eudym. ,ms cuee;t?



believes tha:t a StfiO!D.S c:..ha:nmcters:as,lmportam·t as ability? i bas, a.p~m io,r tne mtIJre?'
meutions ·the tougb ·Er.ainiD,g :pmgramme 'volunteers unde~e?



~ l__j,

tliila~he ,hisome~imes mailc),'
is; oompeudon

:says'tbat the:m

furbis 'type of job?'



points, out ,hoW'tildng 'tbe wort can be?


Practioe Test 7

eMountain RescueTeam
limn Buron ~DepIAl} T~,J~ .Ltad:er
'9u[ l1esc~e te:1IIIIl is mad.e up 'DfwillHilt:eem w.ho ~e tb:eir dllie~Q l'a,dpp>CIop~ein koul,~e OiD ~1be l'l1onl1!lails,. Welte lookl.~gfo:r :peoi,p~ew~a, ean net oruJyperfo:r:m th.e.~[j,obs :we~l~, wiho3l~go but h~j\ife~'e.eJlltaJ~ougbi~~Sli:~O deal wi,til the high PItlSSurre., li:fB-iua;-clOOitiJ s~tua'tm:ns, we'flC!om~wmes ,ef!il!COUniL'eW:, The jQib isstt allt'tl/j)(dtem~~~-"~ough;. t '~eniltyorum":r,~a lk:s1:~Md ,~n. s~. ~u. :still. have


to r,1ltl()eJO'lWl' L_rn doi!flg ttruffio;gsmoo k£:t."l~g Ithe leadqu.M~e];S cile~. :Sacil~~solitl.e.peopJ.e PII~US ~as iaM!!!t:e~b~!lou:r ~~Jni8,:m;mqplI"jood of v(}1unJljee~ iI)!I!.!i~ ~etrlJJ[h 'is .a[ B!lm of ,ou!w :SlaB' aD '~m.dyweUtmM~,d ,aind ~'dedill~letl.

Paul BM'fmgtolmi -!Jog T~Jner F .~~fl'Ve:verjn,lfY sc:i'looru'~O'~Dmle lU:n,nln.dtrahl. d.o:gs uiS.:edfur se~rcliru ,and ~ue. In £"liC:l. it was my Mf:el's idea, beicalUe she lm.e,w I wasn't very llil!a.ppy abol~ wharo I ''iVasd:Climgtben. We're: ~cr~ilI p~ecas~d ab{)u:tb:Q~V it's tllmedi mH. and slwe often. sa~s I,should ha1re dane 'rhis OOalU~!I:',) hop~ iO.D£ da,yb:>',~p~iIi]j a d~8 tta:ining sd:Jioo~~so!i:wt all 'lme ll'oWllai~ reseue te,ams ~n the ~a'!Jnty wUJ b!ll aMe [0: tr~~m ,:B,liDicl takecare (I,f rescue dogs Jllcllip,er\y. TIle clogs: ,a:r-ea!mlJ inwpo.rtard: part of &e ®~am, and we WOUlldn?t ~e :!IS s!lJJtoeSSful ,a.~ are we ;rtI Sllla.I'lilh f!!~d I,eoc~~ w:i:thm.u: ~e~ tiD:eIDp,

A1la.1Ii'Ca:rier-A~nMJ«flce·P~fWttedJC m cOW1l:i!efm.m a :fand ~j.yo,:f d.('ui:toim's,bUl I ~arDe DlQ~eha~(ts~ol ~jlerie:nQe, ,at the ~tllii:ne of' 0 e em,e:t:ge.ney .. As all, ambulanee :pi!lra:medruo~ I dil':4 wid! i3I gds,ef ,e"li1IiIeJ;:gemci~~s,IliIiMQS~every day. Den. area. ~ot of peop~e'[Ij~~g ge:tUmi~o to 1tW~ fi.eild ;lind ie''s tau:g~, SlO I aonsjd~rIJJ.fSi!::~f p:retty lucky tci, be Ww.elie d'offil!g someUI!~q I Wave.On, :mj VeiiY 'nm~ ~ii I :r,emem:her being ,Ciliru~e,d crl1lJto~ ,i!! :re,dl,. scricwl,]]s, eLl11eli"geacy.F (;loUlWdwjt. be~~~ew~ whe:oI '!'!l,as~d.t: t@1 ba,:niUeh: O.1iW m:y 'Dwn~ bu~ e\l'ery~Irn!~I,lrWintwell and.I llmIaJnlI,I3i,ge:d: g,e~ \:0 evef¥QIiliC;t:ali::en care 'of. It ga.ve me confide:~ and Ekniow t!iJat.I lean, b3l'ldle anytl:ttit:1i1ll, now.
here 'to b,e.a p!!lramed it "beeaus,e I

liS tba! 'tmn.ce}' bal!'e.[Q, bea CQm[\'le~e~t.olmtaimru~er. ,Ad:djtiO:laUy, eacilllem!:l'I:::rliliJlust be aible ~o do ,rena,;n j:a'OO euls~de m:ht~rarea of ~e:riit~, suoh '

J:~1m:Dome -'1'Mhref/P:ark Rm~r Themos!! Mm~t'3Jblity m[' Wly teammember

as mdui:o ope'iI"al~Oll.s,,~elico,~eF pr:oe,ed Ures, Dl:U:.HtaiDe:n¥inulm~nts and. 'wstai.d. C;.linO~US
_d 'I:fai:lling Gaifor[21ke,illaoo 011 .. y te'urun~itn_y 'we~th~[~ day' or ni.ghlt, and ciw,[}]H~3IJll!C);Qg pe:rioo~

oUlI:doG'~s, eXll0iS:i;:d to the e~.ements,.'fhilS Is to . WilD.e,sum (u~r me..Il:II~:rs M\eready for: a:nylili~g. O~rtieam me:mb.el'S SOOIiD, rc:aillise ~!he amo~nt of 'oo_il~~ whrucb r,equired[o be a, mClflbe.t


:0'1 ou.:r

~e!;li, I:~enJie~'DibI(;:Iwhen iwas at ~~w •• r,ec.mit,. mWQf:k.ed so hard .and WM SO, (:xilal!:sred

N,iei HobDes,



~~atI 'ooli.!lld pr,aet.i:cliUy fal1a.sWclep .~~alu:i1mg, up. EtlWt at 'l~.ee!lllll,o.£ m.e day. WCLai.l know tba~~h.en3·s; lI!IotMn81,bettleor thantbe wO'f'uiedul'fe,eling w,e bave after a ~~fi!;drieooue. Irs IDus~a!m~ing.

F.':m at trnrue, locam un.i¥el1ity~D t'e,wn. I waDted~o be.], wi,tib ~nelihingwo:rdii'wihi:1e and sJloke ~o:3J

me ~D j([liu ~be ~elea,i relSClil!e~:ellim_ e: ,8a:~(Uh:a~Jl:lc~tffiwe H s ~Q\W'l, muro,lmlIded by WO'llllItMulli ~e:re S'tlil:dell1i~ 'is 80 h:Jking and ea.p~D1g'l llco'~.hJ. maik:e a :rleUil dlftm:nceby vollln;t~erifllfol",mo\1n~a~1lJi rescUe$. ~r ·caJD·l~rpte;_ dan,getoWliIw&enll w~Iir,t'i C~~ ~ w,e mlciuntains d,t!,f.i:iilIg a SJ'lJOW's'tol.t'm!0.1:'aID,dlliiffieuJ~ ®emU1.l1:fing~o &ave someone, bIt ma~wafS.try ~a control my mM'.I,c'CIUlld be .~aV:iing o.ne o,flThJf vet)' own. ,rurussm;;l!OOSJgdfll at's imponailll m me-.

l!DIf:livefS~my OOl!W!I'ISe:.1l0cfwiElo ,0000ri~C'e!cm

''I You,~emntly


that you ,lmiav,e a

di~SItD!t ElgMsb.-spe.Uio,g

oo:u:sm~, amiUe. w.h,Q!ia the :same, ,age C

as YOI!.I.You. have spoken b[i~efly om.~h.e telepih:cme~.811IId now fOU .have .[;cooi\ll'ed Cmme?s:fiJ:'S,ten1Jlamt 'the ,ClllU and. Ute, aetes you :bavemadJe.Tili:Ien write, ;an le~md, to C'amiUe" lIIsing ,ail] YOin' notes.

Take a.lJlmlUte, or lwo,
d~ink ,about.Ule aetes you ba'Ve~o! d,evelQiPI.Y,()i1lJ :liiIli8:y fimd. i~,hellJlm~.~oijat dowWJ one or twO' ~deH befQl\e you w:rite the ~a:sk. 'Th,epomm .)It'lU diev,elop shorutWd soll!lIDd.na~ lop ,and 'OOlvmciDg;


CaJm~rnh~, Spong

21 MaU Sll~jel!l~ Hi

How are you'i!'l'm


excited abQ'UI~ bi!lWnI a.loousm IOe¥e't e'¥cn

.bew ab.o'U.t~ YOI .1P~t ten .• e all ,BOOlt yOU[' mtele$'ts, _d wlhe.r'~ live. I'd' you
ruUm~o, know ,,~gllt: rou!ffamny~~o., W!lla!~a:re,'th~ike1 YOIll:pro~b~y \\!,all1tro know about me, I.Id __ yfamnY'I'roo~ Is me,l1t bynbmg in ',.ttel!lWM you~dl~,e me ®o t•. you? Of OO'If!e, I wouifd ailsa, l~er:olleet you. Co'Ul~d fOI rome .he:r:e,ibm: a,~.oUiJay? MypHe.nts :!lay yo~.CMI. SUI.Y wi:lliUlS, as 'Long asyum J&e:

in tIDle Slllml1Ill,e['.

H'youp,reiertpt:rlilaps loould. come and] visit JOU. 1m tha!t case, woru.lld..i.tbep<>sruo~e itlr me t,ostay 'W.~tb.you? I dOilli't .uowanymm.,s,

lrwilif!,' h-er

aJbou!tyour home~




:panmts. womdifeet


'Wf~teY'O<l1!1' ,emMJ.Yo'U moot use pammadcal1y 100H'[;01: sentenees w:ii~~:aJCCMm~e spe:[Ilin,gand PUICillUSlit1.01, .IM a styJe appflop.ria.te for: ~he, si:rna'Clon.


Wri. atIiI arnswe.rro olle o~the~questions 2-4 il~~hlspM. Wl~it:e~our ,Ms,wer [in1~.1,BO wo~d!s[In,ani y , ,aiPlP:ropria:te s~!e'.

Wib.en. ,a.ddr:esswDI SO'lliIeOJl,e in a ;fcH1nal: ~.eue;[ by d~,e;~r tlde~fiFSt na:mnes ~ne;ver'l!Il:ied,. oJ!ly 'the d~~.e and the :SII,mllaJ:mi.C.

VlBEKEND WORK IN ,OUR. ~ WfJIwa1litan ,e:IlII.usEHtie P~I to work lit 'we:eke1JiI1s,wh,e.n we !j,now' a v!ldety o:f fit.!, :€tlr ElgiJsh~s~ng, ar~diu6es.Younr!B~ to be: ., good. at dg~msw;~fbpe~p~e .~,pmoo lt~ 'wQlkn;i,g,hlts
., '~Dle'~Q' speak,:Enplll, Jea~Dlild.ywe.ml.



Mis ,Apes

Kili1l)!~'e,x,:p~ailmmg b¥ w


w~1iIIlld00 ·sUi~lt~b~~.rort~e

3 Ybu


you. :~Iye been asbd~'D! writJe ,a.r,eport :ior~e il.l:e:m:aiuonaW o~an~e:e~ lellfP~ai[JiDsw.llla~YClIllI:r ,grOUIPhas, dane •• thepillSt yea:rlilnd matinl SOlllJe recommend3!iliia.ns about, what: roulcllbe done :i:mtheI.C;lII 'm!tUl!e"

all.em.be:1l' ('if a local ,envUifOmill\eDl~algrOUipW~c:b .Ws.pMll,of a,~3!r8;er~n~ema!tiona]


~ As, pm of yom lEn dish oou:rse~ yQu.b:aJ.vehad! a ,C:~a:ssdimcl:msshlll1la:OOiut. :t1i.tIie. YOIr~e~.cbe.rliila'8 c you. to wri~e an e:§IY~gi~ yom o,inioD. lon.the fo~~.owin.~ ta,tement ~

.now asted.

If'Oil'qIl.lBS'tJio:l'1Is, 11-12.readlths' Ielxt below ,and decide: wllich answer I~~ IB, C: ,Oil' D) best fit$; 'eaJ::h gap. Them' is 8J~1 ~ple: ,at: the bEi,g~nl'1l to),., M!ark your ,answers on 'the sePOIJ"8It:a S!nSrWer' s!tilee't~ ~ng

Iha:mple: o A yet

-B just :' '.

D ever


Even if you are not comp']eLebr sure about au 3.iDSWer,dion't leave a:nythlug ur.umswered - ra~ber 'than (e,lvea, gap. m.ar:kean oolca:~edguess.

v,mety 'D·fp'fodu:at;s fDl "~etanlils.

V egetanamsm
0, ,.

Uru:il.receutl¥r '\leget.nanism, was :fi!jdj unoommOQ in Britain ;and (( is, (O~,..... ooElisidcflCdi straDge by some. But sillmice the 19608 iwpop!!illmty has inereased ,greatl,y, totliNe ,(I) ...•. llilal stJ,eerS~Q1:es stockS! hug,e


The l'e;U01ls poopl~ gi:ve. for not elJtlng meat aile (2} ..... ,.PlethapsmO:Sl ve;ge,ta(rans do Ntfor mQfailressoBS. ~rguing, dlat ~tis 1(3:) ,•••••' 1:0 [dUo The opposing point of viie;w is, tb~t u: is 1(4) ."•••' fOI us 'to,kiiJ1, for ~od~aild. tbat we, ha,ve. evoilv'ed to do :su. Stilllherc 3im.'t societies where eatilliil,S me~tu not. allQ';,Yedbeatuse .tt ~ (5) .•.•• tbeir

re~igiou. 'There are ,other ,good ['eMOns It;o16) ...•• mea't, onC' JQ,f wl~ieh 'is 'tbe; irDeffiden!:y' of livenotk fatminS, A 5btgh~ ('1) ...•• of soya, bean plants, ean actuaJIy (8 ......200 rimes as mocih .Jl~oteinulhe number of eat tIe Whicb oowd ll:Ieraised. en tb.e same Ie'> '" ,., of ~a1ll,~so ave!elman wodd miglit. be a wOI'ld without hoop. ArntholllSl'1l it its. im dleDrr~tlh,eaper bJ eat onm, ve,getab~e:s, 'y,el~t~ni_j$m is must UIO) ••.•.. in :dcher lOOlulUies ,such as Gennany and Brit~iD~wher·e maoypeople (11) .".....m'ea!i 'for b.eat'tb reasons, In these coun;tn,es, :lIit least it 1.2 ...... to bear. matter of ,choice .rather than n.ecessity •

1 .A measure

D distance

2 3 4 5 6

A numemus
A false Ii ]leal


I fallty B B I I D B B

beside pu~ down place
produce total


se.V€i,[al ,wong

U exlient D dozens D m~stake,n


A across A give up nitch '1 ,A p--- 8 A aehieve 9 A amoun~

C opposite



C cut ·()iff C :fIrm




D field

10 A popu]a[ '1 '11 A exclude 12 A 'finishes off


,8, prev,ent

B, goes 'througb

c c c c

C create
area known

turns out



size .~jked



IFoil',qu.edons,'8-=24 INadl~rne' ts';d belo,w' :andU1ink: 'of '~he''IN,orowhim bes~ its ea.clh ,gap ..Use on'~'Qne word in saoh QSiP.·Thenl' is ,an exam,p1Je, at Ills, ibeg:in'niln:QI 1(11),


juoous~ lil amyfielclr is oft£na. mJ'Ira:tt.e1 .of 1(0 weU Ii person .is '(13) ...""..,,~o 'CO!Dlt~o,l tie, amllll'~ 'Oil 'eedl,<c:yeXIPe:riienoo. As, ifil,tr;e:s:s crea:ses~ tbe:~[perform.oe oftenu.prO'li!es, bu,t 'mere is a ,ce'r~m.pa]n;t m
1 ) ••••• ," •••

J,ond .(:l4) .. ,........ ttilcil'permrm:3!:BC"e tJ~,giRst£) de.oJj[Jjc :shu,.Wy., SlpGIt.sp.syebQ~.Qlj.sts nmvbJelp OilJlll.p~c

.c:Jlb~tes!, (IS)! •••," ,n. ID.theifS, baJ!uoe thegpod
-fCiW arna.tblletfc ,t}yeLlf, a high


bad ,eHeC!tS (I,f !ill:e&s.

.~eve~ (:16)

•••••••••• ucit!elD.e:nl cam,actua:~~yba.¥6: a :mlOSwtlve,effect 1(11) ...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

a!~hJe'~e.''I1mis:ex,*,em_eJ!iItbeoo!mesharmAJil!~ (11) •••••....• ~.~lIllegartive.~holgbts ~¥e:r,. TholJlpl1!1 such as t:a&:e bcmf' (mil?'" 0,11' Ulknmv theotmers Me 1:u~t~er {ham. :IBCl sbouJd denililItfl[Y be lIiY~ided, Psychoilo,giismbeip "~tes maa,p U,), ...,...""re,laoo GeptWYc'~oU(P!tS'MdJ,pos~bve (JOI)' •••'•••••••• c;taW.e.rl.sdultecbniqu:e bej)l1e e(}1mp::~g (21) ,.•• Y'O!llrleve.~, of e:IC~~e'M.eRt: andadjl!!JS't iti 'dJ.ese cases, If yOIlil~:~e Qvcr-e:-lcjt£,d lis:t;emng '~Ol uft: :musie can s
n.' •••••

b:. reoogmme


M&iI~~cmaye h~lpllid (2'2,;)1 " ......... b


lp~o, oaillm yOI. down. If 1ou.feei~ y,olii're nOll ,e:xol~ed(23,)' •...•.•••• ~yO:~.D;lIiy W.pt~OI li5teD~()fa~~~pow,ed!i1~

_~:.to moe you sp~rim;s. _l;e'~.O'sUiooesStm,othe-r wordls,. is a,pe:rso.l~sb:l.{)wlcdgeolf£liile~r ideailll]~ve.~ (Jf 'e;!:citell:l:!IlIt. All imbal8im:ie
- ,_ r way could. me_ the

(24) •......••.... sucooss,ud .fai.ih.ue ..


For qll.llesi~i:o:rtl5' 2544'1 r,eadl titlIe '~ext: ellow'. Use the weird ,given in 'oapit.als at th.e Ellltd ,o,fsom,em: the lines to b f:owm a word thaI fluts, in '~i~e gap In 'tll1:e, B!lInel,Un,e. TheiUEl: ~Si 1!I'II'ei!llampls: at the Ibegrnn]ng 1(lr)" S Write youii' answers liN CAPITAIl, L.:EnERS on the, sep~,uateanswe'f sheet.

Repairs to
,A:I' rhe tast se.I(l(Ii,iIlill


Tower Block

(O~).".•...•••."." ••." of tlIle Stante:y 'flOwer' Bl,od;; . '.......... needed ..The lift: bad bro~en

Reside;n'ts' oommin,ee~ ~ibe residents dedded tbat. seve.laiI Unportan't
repairs, ~o'the bioCKwere (2S) .."

mooy oft1ll:e r:esidents were oo:uce:med for their sue~.'The!11e :31, (1'> "••., , ". was, that. ~he lift be the firstt.mng to. be. replaced since it was: OViC[ thirty y,e:ars old, This, S\ilggestiOD. was, (lll!l,) ' put to a vo~eJ,and. was a:,ppm·vedb,. a la;[g,e (2,g~1.'••.••••••••••••••• ,00£ those :H1, " i8l,tJte:OOmlilce.
A [I,umber of :resi:dems also, SLIi!lestOO tha,t: dileentra;noe

down with incr,C3:a$d. (26) •.." , •••. . '....••• "coontly ad,

• I .~"'"



haD Deed.cd to be, redecorated became i.tllade: a 'bad. ,(3ft)! .,," 'on Vlisitors. Since miJny 'of 'thel'es~deDts agreed, wt 'W,as decided. dila't a new main door would :ba.\l'C ~,obe fitted,. ,and that this should. (31)1 be
one of' the lates't

of (3,2).'.".,..."..,..'.... doon whicill are almost .

PlmrllR SECmtE

,iJ:mpossible to fO'f,De epen,

Howe-v,er! there was Itben.so.me (33) ' ' ' aibou~ hoW' to" work oUil:tnefair (34) ,., ' o:f tbe; cost of t'he,repm, a:s nQ~eve'ryone felt they would bencfil from all the proposed ,changes.


P'Oil'.q~L:lestioniS' a5.-41! oOim:prn_ mig ,sOOO:lilCii,S9n~Emoo sotilm 'jm: has a simi lar millillnmng1io,th:e filrst senrtel!1;o9!, lIJ!slng tilu!1 word :gh/Eln. Do IIlllO,llll:ilangle' Illillewo'rdl,g~i'iB'n.VloWil ImuS'~ Wise 10et.we 8 n IWC!laFlJdlih,e, 'wonjs~, irrudluding tli11B 'word ,gwen. Her,s Is ian examp:le(II)., bllmpil:e; 'II A very niOO m;:mga:ve us d!i:r;eCltloM:.


~L. .• AI ""-IJIange yOU1I'mmu, A am.t11woo;t~OI :rep'1I3icea word om the 3:filswer s:he~~,d.earlYnllb it out a:lJ!.d re~ace it. Don~~1l'y c~umgjn_g wor,d itseWf aid '[ the I don~tJlult litl~ bJiac.te;ts b~!lJSeUM!Il Sieemn. ll' as YOI. fare pFO'Woiill1gu. aiI'l!em:a!'ve an..SWef.


I 'T'~




WE-IRE GIVEN DIRECnONi$ ev ,on the H!lpara~Bi :BnS'wer :sheel.

Wfi,te lonll '1181 missiillg we:rds Ill'll CAPlifNllUiT]liRS

35 L.u.~, must uotbe left: tm:Iueaded.

You ., , ••..•.. ,....•••..••••.•..••• • , •••• '• '• '• . ' '.•••...•••. '.•. '.' ' '.•••. .••..' ' '.••••..•••. '.••.)I'OUf '~lUllag~ 'ua:U:eniCI.ecil '. ' ' .•••. '..' ' ..,•••. '. ' ' •

., E. d.OD.it see w.by I sheald tlJh.aW~I.

37 They

deacile·d to tllu:ow all all the" o~d m~Ulm"

- 8111espel!! mer IcB:iJdmlood lin Spall,.

mlOUGB1' 5~e Ik:esto kaveli abroad.
DEN _ y.en:!!need. to reaeha ,dl.ecis~om3JS SOO:~.I.!I!i possjbte ..

MIINO' Hewas:D~~:hwolvledm ~ep[iojet:t,
y·I)U ean


stay :lb.e.re.~. domIt make too :Iluch. D!o,m blllt
,..••••, ' '.' '.' '. lliot :lJIme ®oomlJJlcih :1ITIG:lse.

''I'-ou can sltarylbe-r,e •.....••.,

You aTiS going b:ll rreadfanarl:i:cls· about a writer's '!first job. for 'qlULest~ons 11-11 'Ol!itOOOOIM .rulS·Wie{!' (A. Bi vIIli~hl yOU! &link fa best a~oordlingto the'ltexl\. Mar:k yOUii answers '011118 se;parate an&W81l' S'liiIeet.

Ie ,orD 1

:th:e. le~t j.dea to, Whilllll th,ey sh,Guldhave gOI,e. Lfr McTFlity would not beamJded if b:efoWilld ~ut. this. SO I .lroJadp~clyo'UiIi' t2thb~rthdlayJ' but 'my fa:ChtJ.b~m Th,!3:re' ·W'UC!.nly '0:0.6 way Iloo1;lla~lte 10 lief) me making. my·!.JWn way i!ll'ilie: wOl'll!i,~!UUea spent l11JlCb of my eady ye.a13m~. WaUdnl; Mil oome SWIllS a;t tWle:Pl.l:u::,:r ·and g:llt me ene eadJ. ,eriOfmOtH oew.spa,e:E'rO"UJIll od, ~. rtV!i_sffin.Bg 'Ib:e 1;'O:U.te Co,vf,f:edthelricliest ne~bgurboo(j .~!iI ~ar.g.ep·arts cI: ~t~ sometffimes twice! As if ci!e1i.~I'ing ,.3ipm, sewn. da~a. weeJk ~OWEl, ar-Oi1!lnd GiiOOfiw'Ood S:cb!.lo~ iii cUst.dct stll.ui:doo,'Mth gtramd manmom. Th~ oou~ded lll:e' a ;we[,e:llJjlte.l!ougb.~ y·ouaJ:so had to: ,Qo]]eot the desitillb~e POSit,~hen i~ p.e&m~ed iWome ·~th.e was subscription Iloney. SO.a!t leaS'tthime eVf!n~gs..a. WU!iliem_a:g~rr~ IIIMc'ft'Vit)'~, a m •. ,of low 'morals week .I h!lldto tJurrn out!llg~:1and tiytt'l'OOB mllel .and higiil bo~y oo.ol1r:,.1:nJl1t 0{ ,oom:se mwwclDs aPe. mORe7yolt: ,ofm¥~!i~eil!lW C-Lmstom,e.uwru-tlo dli'limi~ [he~o1.lgest 'dDwways and' 'Wi)des~ law:~ 00 i~ 'loQik appmcja;te me mmmgup'. There' W;&ni'ta. D1G[fe But ._ pammlH~,liwe .la!!~5$ t may m:dnu:msm de:1iW!f' each lIape:r. An~ (:tapers: unpleasant tm thl_~. mQIW.le!I][ at filUe.drn1r:l:em.rh d:~(jI was ~o,]jem~G' ~ weiIJile~! a.Wfli book nl!en. RO]1D .'~ V_d~rme~S~f. M..'fS V:3J_ldermem~r'W. DMlil!,g ffl¥ rou~ I WCUJtCl. dCVClte: a I.ood]en~ ,oftirle m .aSltingEmlY~lfl"Wn8l~ [P' - what [woruwIDd iOI~ old~possib'J~ &O~.d .meverweD!t oyMrullEe do If I oou~d make mys.mImmiiili]e Of if [ oo~rnd Ytithout ,m al~mmnjlJm·w~er. Snew.as v~~ :smai,! bfllDotise evelYoneinme wedell. The::o 1. :m~~lJ:t :lbf,leitfll), mtetesum.ogly Ircma1tme ,amul pmiCticaly

I :St<Mt~ .1lIJS 8.palperbQ¥ W~ei[il I ityuu weft:cn~t.~lJjpposedro be.anOVl!~d llmute_tiilI. ~I


w.ns~de;runms\il!"eraJ1;n:J.eIqjl!DiesrtiilJ!lS\. How deaf. ueL1lin,g dolli .• Siting b;ir:-&.kmQW wMtbbmru. b) ·((lIlt.ow?

'What i tb!:'::lead b.ird jus~ '~m to be:dlCl:n.e'l' .Amld wb.en.yoo see fw·Oi .Milt: ~m:g m1QPpjte dll:,er.:ti~H tben Flaglse .~~ ,c~ecJi:: gah 'D,ther ((ut, wtUft infa:n;nld!l).1 eDGt!lY are tb~y exci\langil,g1 And. bow OOiil!ldwe be- surm'L1uitwe all ,sM:vtb:~ S8:rm'emlOU!m'j!' M~be, w~at :mrnlesee as gr~en'othen:see as bwe:'jI' Who oouldacfully sa)1' mlEose; daY8'~my h(lmd en the~eail, WOl"bi 'was aJwi!i:Jsua!gil((..oo the Gomb:ina:tion ,of .ton:g walks~ :treslli) a:i:rB.d'~m,g a1Qae 0:0. my ICU)Jlte llet: me sl:ip CHf .EJ1i()' :my mvn private Ihou!~Jts ,1!Ill.d faotasi.es. ·BU(melie YIa& a p:_ri.ce K:i' p;8.J for my abse~~:-on· dedness 11" .. '"'~ II! ,- A"''ii'.~unea· ID~"~ !.!.~.. ....... __ .__ U........,.. .!! w"" 1-(1 ~ud ~....i!.1' .L __"._. '''''at .~' W " eoUldloi"t Ir"flnle:D1lbf!ran,of lie last ·41 properties I had vmrtedi. m dIDdml'tknow if mb:ad ~efta. pa~I,.o;r :mS'tmd.jEt wal:!OOd.l!Wp,~a,the door. s~God for a

.110IL~yfmrJJll h~m"was a .~h;[DW)e. 11 I tang the doomeUal lS-seoand .m.tervabfiOl an bo.,.d lO_.u:~ eWiDlw.y .She ~~dl!-e. someene W35,lmdle door ..'!(NQW w:h9' &eheck ~ '1ihaJ~'l"" she woldd shaul! !~O'hme1f~ aDd be;gi_ndie long ~ss ofgeltitlg mOlmheF C:~airfol them,.Eilt doo1",. w~mch was ]rlIDst twen.ty~f1ve :fe,etaway . .After JJbol~Me~~ m~I'~~OOt Wfl'il!tdr!eam 'the'ba1l.wli1IJ ~oo _dSM w.1!lIllin,g:ww.. the iiJ)OOl'.·" ~akiql, her ·time.M.en. ev~m~rlaUy :she ~.e· 'm,tl1ie: ,dloor~.~~. w'Q~d~"e an ~. balf' !boW' tIt ,oollvUu:ooherth:ai!ll: I was not a..Im~rm:. WiIl.en s:lute. fi!Q~ Qpene4 tiWe: dOOr~ll:!hl ~·ilS ,OOlwJs.a:lamned k). ·fmdme s~.. _jI.ing. !t1tefe,.~O~ B.Y:i'~U ga:Vfi line ,91.SIt.U1:,!n She'd sat •."1t's D!lCe,ef 1iltlt"!6 }fOOi topop,by .•,.Aft,er 1 iellind~d her YM.¥I ~ thiefe~tllelle w0Uill1ll be anlltber lsm.ajl e't4:rnWfY w~

moment like at m:ecbani~almoot ,.dwmed round
and w!!)]lted a;\~ca;yil:g•. [~ lsll0.t '~ tOI de!l:on'ibt itbe :m1U~ of s~lf~ !lisaJpp0mlment mat eemes wIth Itlo.cibifl! the; e.n:cl. ,of yov lIeuite ,and IliiIIdiLQ:g &a,t t.here. a:resmeelill. lJod:elliveledpa,en in F~r Bag3iJilld. 'you dnlft llave


.~omlaJruer'to a:s~ llOW :III!1dla~. Th~Je~dli1 00 an.oth~r G:~111lm lCllt:oiIDet fJd~~" O e.d waliythe amt61H100meD!1' ~at.~ d!t:1n.·~ha"let:hiar~lltJGh cash.

off~ s~mfIfi1g~d \~bJinl mldbllll!mling a. tl]!I1e, to find lITIClt'lJ)u:rse.She wcnild (eitlJim hail a

and l\ltlh~ve

to ea]_j a.gai:n ,ln01i1e:r time ..


iI WiEulIl,!ilo' elgruab!llut w idle: wd~r'JJ' €nilberm. the: :mrsti '~l,b!? .A He took steps to' make ws sen become 'more .mdepeDde:nt B He wUlted b~sa']} ~o,[lm!itikaJ'bolt 'ex,loriing the w~.rld. i(; He ~howed ms SQIl tba~he didn't ~.eed~o,fonow 'the rules, D "earr_~edl~Dr lUs SO]] mwork: ,~m.the ricbe-st area of town.

II a qllle;s~i.o:n jis. .in tbefoutl !oif _ [~eomp~~t~sentence,.m;ake O'lIl1l:re
oftne ~:l"Jit~n~e, ~ry ca:reBID~y a:n;d thall! the v wllol~e seJ:li.~ence, Jgrees WmTJJ the a
tba~ yourceiIJd bo:tJb pnm



fea~i;se 8iJmul ~ieroiUt'e ll!e was liye-o? .lIt 'W'Oroillid p~easa:l;t en.viromme;mlt to wOirk iiD. bea II, He w01imld ha~--e~ow.ork rolS ma:Jl he disUlIDed:.
He wol!.ddtJe wO,rtioS. in 'the .1Mica near~is sclfioot DIEt Was'I'~ a:sgood .1iS. he badlbee:m told ~t 'liYM •



wnt~e tm!ll).

.3 In IUle Stecond.,ar,a.grn,b:~ :wiba~jm'IJII~!rtS~~JiI: ,ioesme A. He Wat;· internes~edin soJ~g d.i:ffh:Uirnt pliDlzcz~es.


Ii,e ,~fb[lBSclt as a ddl!d?


velYeMil.Gus about a .~ot f ndmlBs. Q C He,talk'ed~o hlmse~fwihel~e;r hewas .a1oJlle.
El' He: beUewd Ilw.e ,oo~ld. (fo amJ~ng: thmlS.


WbDit: made 'tb.eMri:ellr's .JoJiJm~R ,mI iDii'eulJ\ttham ..~t.s1lli.oWd. ·ha.ve bcm'l A He IIiIseclCQ da:ydreatli. [lmis~eadof concen:tl;';l~ing ()111 ti'a:ejiollil. I H.e ·oouldIlt't ~e~memltle:f h~C:Im!.pfomJelt~.esWrle h;aid~o~.is;Lt. w C The I\o:u~e: as ve:ry IODS and. the. papers \Ve~e,very heavy .. w DI He dirdno,t bew who, me papfi.m sho,u:ld be del~ve.md to.

The git:elr was oaeo 'msSippoude!ilw\l]en :lJJieOit to 100e uul. o:fbLiisNUlle, g A.oouJelnilt :ind ~lhe rightl1lddlresse:s~o deliver .ilIllliruls. pa:pem. B r,e.!lItimclhehad :forgot~eD~G' de:biveraJ. ~DiID1ibe[ .of paperS,.

beCaiUlSe hie

C:hiild~o walk, .lms mite Bgaili.l to odl1ec,t :!l'11bKripHol moneyDW{'Iwtil have ~o'~eU Mr Mc.Ti.vi'ty ,!!IlilO'Uiltmsunde~ivelledpaI,er.s.

6 What diMS 'tll~s:'·NA.rto ~1iI1 ~ill!lie.s:s?' A coll!ec1ing.mQ~ey hom Ml-s Vand!e.fiDeUter )J havmg ~O' ,ar.gp:ewith uoha:plPY euseomers
ro 1)0.8. hr",-, ~''''''W''''--''~' uw.. '" . . ..• L .1lII.·._g,~..,....,..1:":11. ·~t.·".e,""e.:v...... 'm'I·.D'.·8 a. \\I'eek _ "'''''_!I:!~ _ . )) ~l1ig .his. ,::u:stom~I:S,~.O pa.ytbeirb:ills

·W'ileD. memter' tag MinVulI!lid:erme:isnrs: ,liIloo:melll, ~he .A ~.s:ually,cruQ5e ~O'~o:re it oom$l~et:e~Ja~ .rust B: d:iic1to't beM' :i:t und~ he Dad. mn.g Se:vCE3!!I. times. A immedi~iI.relysot UPI iDd. weiDt~o: MlSWef tlJ.e door, .11) sib,ou'led 011.11: iar her vis:.i:t"O[ ~o,rd.e:IDlti:fy .hdmself.

Kg Vsodifmul:'iistuF Ulsled.lll:e pbil'ia,se --yo[J]g31'e' :mea s:tart~" (line 7,6]1to' sib"",
A was cille:t~gb:~e4~oJmiave, SOMeone v:!s.iitlin:gher • . dlh:ln~~ [be pemo.nwbowH ,call~mll her, 1 tnlst on Cwasnolt ,e~ectffi.Dgto see tbepeuoiO. a:~me door, D'was gra:~eM. fO'rbe:.iflI~mlaJd!e to g~t ·OUl,U of her di:l8!rur.



YtD.U1 are' [goiniQ to read! am arlelle about a ds,tect),ve '~,'Om Bel:gfrum who IUises hlis, hearing to salve ,o~imes. ,SS,VI!riI sentence:s have bean I\emov,edl fi'.omtM s:l1id~e., ChOCSiI f110m the senm;ncces .... IH 'the' 'Dille Whi'd'nl fits, [sacil g'lp' (9"'1,5~)t.There is tOrilia[extra, ,gen~enca 'which you d:o nCl'~needl te use. Marl: your atliSWers [OIl the

:sapaNte, ;anSW8'r lSihee~.

Fightfng Crime by Hearing
SacJm v~n Loo
C'QRnot &"-,

but he welt ,his.hj;gII/;y' 4eVelo;p,ed lislefJing skill' to ~lve [crimes.

Sadll:a \!arlit 1.00 £S' no~ you:!' typJcaiI-demclive. ,H~ tMries 'a, while cane LnflRad of:a ,gun. AtthQIl~ not eD'riitiM m ean:y I, inmrm OIl the job 'Of make ,a:rrtSIS~,vu too is I:i~ a blliLd SherJock Hp]m~' whose disability dows him to'
pick ii!lPi cl,1!I,es IBM sjgb,ted dl~tectiw5;miglllt~. He; ii, one of !illcblrund p!iU~ omaerll, working, ,in a grotI$l,d-lbJ:ieaking

'olice. lITI2![, ~ts ~Ilim.'to ~is [a~~tm!LtioJlJ tr[~~by :s,lreet ~ At wurk. Sacha van boo· S ita]e.D'ts lim:ve not gol'l~ 'unnoticed. WIlen, the poJroe IlistI:I1W '~n !:I
maJdns, a, pboo.e cain. \\Ian 100 'I.i'.'m idmo" 'the fiWD'OO.r m~'l:Mllyby listenilitg to! Ibe; lQD~. By Us~niDg '~o Illi 'V{l.too ecboiDg off a wall, be ean fipte out wbetiher a ~cct is ~8, Rom all ~ bl'~. or a, cl10wded ll~tal.l~t &dhm 'tlliaepul,l' [of aa e!f1l:Jn.e~, [CU!ttletetl Ill.e 'whe~" 111.suspedU ~, IdriWoS; aP,'eJI1I,!I!'~ot, iii. ROO!.da or 81.


u.ni~:that, ;maiys:es;mped


video recofdWpof suspects, in



It, arJ] S>tti:ted when Paul WID TlMtl~n" a [di_mctm at the Be11,giuPede'oo PO:litie. be.Md about iii blkld poUce officer twoJtin,g .iDthe NtI.lllie.riand&. Vb 'Thielen was sure ithat blind. people roldor .UlIIO,~gb~edpeople: at listemngto :iiW"¥~ rcoor-<im.F' l\!ilild mJreIJPfetmg mem ..He ~t l!!pth~ first, bmilild police ~oit m, Si'dgiwn. afte:r fI, lllW"was 'p~d gIvWllIg, police ~ded powen to secr'!'!tty record suspects,who m~8btbe, bililllO~. :i~ mm~
.sl1'Cb. as ehi~d Il.bd;U:CI)iGD m'!.d

Van Lea '~ptaim bow his hcill'iD& b.~ be.oome So ",.rell

de: ,e~o~. !OJ hIlV,e: had to 'tmiD my e-mrhJ[ b.QW where 1

lit is a maltier: of survivWI tot CliOSS


Bb'ie:e:U Or

set ,00 a.

tta!hi. Some people: ean get lost in bactpDood lime" bUll:as



b'lil1ld ~

11 d_Md!llmt~8,

:wtti, diB.e.reni ,c~els.Et

lnJitid'y" ilb~~ weJ.Ieso.me fears about wofiTrulS: Wiitlb bUnd To deai[ with tbes~ oon~Jm. '\1'0
1hielem .o~d s~~tivjily' UQifIling for the ~h_wd officer:s ,with blindvo]mloo~rs. ~Ai first whm membe:rs, ,of the: pOlice bmd Ihat blliJd people !\1ter-e omms: to woik o he:re~,Ul~Y laughed. _d wld me Ilhlt~were, a pqtleefruoo Md I;.Oil: ~ chari:ty,,~sai:dwf.i llI~eme:n. ;':But aMi:tude-s ,c,'lIJaWlrl,"'ed whe:l'I-flie bllit,d, [om~..;rs ~d ~'d, mo·w~ddJ~ir d!efe;mmi1i!atiQnw'WoR Mrd and be use.J." ~1li!YJtl~· 'Wem :1l0! tbe oo'ly tlitings tOt [ehonge. Lifts with v;oioe.-activated 'buttons, wenl: iilSI:dE:d ..nd, ,each bli!i!d 'officer was glv""n ape~ru cO!lIIIpnte:r' with ,a,Bfflill~ l"'e}t>oll!lid am,d {!j ~Uit!U: ~iIDiSta~ed p-icwr~-@n: the SC!:e:eiD! sooocli. V,an Leo also mt,Q cauie-s a smd ~obaIDpoiitioq~em device w1!th ,3,


u.d not so~'IIiin,~, e ':. a I bilveto Ilis~eoto aIIJJ b~ ve~

·diB,ere:DCiebe.~e.eD :solwng, ~S'Qmeof the tll.tiqgs, . :' h.e :says..~llilave ov~rbeard cm:mnafiipJottilflg tn, rommirt mrUfdie:r, drug d~e1'S Dld:Dig pmansto drop off drugs. md ,eWD WQfS(i.~' Despile . .... hiS, ;. . ., m,ugbt him ,iii! U, ~


age 110 ind@pendelJiL pareo:ts, accep1led m,j btiJl),ll!((SS, wh:il::b aJio[ he~ped m,e tt1.a,C('.(l!fl/l: it~, be said. VIIJIl.Q!l,atmod~d _ o.r-;d.maary bigb oohooL illS, w;e.lJI as a spooiw, KbooID fO'I:" th~ blilnd" wileR '1iI.eleamoohrow 't'01 use ~ CEliiD.e ,Md to re~d RliliSSlmm B,raiIle. in Oil ~OJl of hlis w~lII-de\l' opedbea~ ~ Van l.oo, ~. iii Whi.l!1l: ro~t" ·olffice:rsbl:!lY~ Itakenhours to ide:Dt~~:~iMl:;:: . of ~ ms~CiI: by 'wlili' voice. wm Loo jmlt. ~ tllite j>'Ubmy of I!I;OOOEIm m. bis, h~dr'



d:o ~e. j~ qllli.cldy..


A He bad heard ,Ibo:ut Sac.ha v,m Loo?s super
hea:rin,gfr,om anotberpoWice o,ffilcer. H, A :~Oit,of :l:IIol,ey was spent to mak,e ,[ire easier :for the :new b.ind officers,

E Tbe.se s'kiUs :[Jlilak'ehi:r:m even more itw'ruuab!e

'to'tbe polce '~o:rce.


'm 'tbe poUce

officers, fe~.t 'LmSwe ,ab()~t ,~ow to behave .'Duldm,eir :o.ew workmates and believed they would need, extra assistan,ce.
D-' e.Hli1wg 1,:,_, •.
··~L. 'I..~ 11.., ,... ~L.~_ l~''''' Wl'!.Ii!!J.!wS 1i.·1:,-·..II. I!!JI IlI~!Ile!S [W:Lrol!ll~tQ' 1 , 'iIlJjf;

,(: This led h~lmto ool!1lside:rbto.-w 'bJimd'peo:ple could use their stlO'ng sense of bearlog, to beilpl fj'gb~crime. :D, In ['act:, ,bis RDS~ of .beadnl is so sharpltll'rlat his power bas been eempared t<o,tbose of a ' su:pe:rlltuo'.



bas ,also ,gi~ him the s,tren,g~.to deaJ wUh

the stresses ef the job.,


Van Loot~ father even took 'him to the movies, and ta~ght him to drive, a CM' by guidi:ng,ms hamds, ol!il.mesteedng wb.eel

Wben you. have ehesena part:tCUl~ali sentence, 'cJlec.k: 'U'lar~it fl,ts grammaticanyand of the~eKt. P.ay s;pea&m, ,a,tt~Dtj)Oill, '~ove:d),te.nses.


Y'ClU ,aJI"e goi,ng to lread a IpaglEl fr'CH1irn a ho,liday bf\ooh!ure with descrip,tions of~'Oy,r tIIn~Siua:llhotels.

Fo:r Question!s16~~CI~,choO'se! fromth!e hate1ls, I~D~. The' horels mail( be ehesen mom ~naJn,elnee. Mark 'Your flIfll:scwers ,on tll1iS!s;sparate :answer shee,l.

Th.e inronnatrOll1l. in.~be questions


is 1ll0'talw,ays siimp~y a.paro![pm,ase ,of tli:l.eteD. It eaa be a.~e:mera~idea!1 is aspecmc e;xample in UDiet:ex~.



_0 o _0 _0


o o


Unusual Places to Stay
I~e DereJl- S¥t"tdCIi lI:magi.WlJIliill hOle,1 Itillar ~s oomp.IC'Eelyr:eb'l1Um. ~vefl' ye:~,,\14m ~.~e;\1II' d~i;gp,.~ sW!tesllilid .t! bind :n:e.~ n~ooptio.ll.'M 'M~lditbuge It!Iloc:ks ·of CJT-ilail.,c1ear ~oo ia:reeJ!1l:mc:t~ rro@,~ ~~~,n,call'by i;,oile~J~.WeJl': TO.rnne liQ' pil''Q,vi:de -mateli:i 81J'8' ~g\liiifle:alie the ~!e<e H~~din Jutk~sjawJ, Swe-den. T.h~, i~~ is ~Wt~D :Si[c:re,d ~n ,Il giMt .~' f'~!'IJdJfof t!li.~ Novembelrwllenthe j~ 'we.a:tlrue:rIs ,eold e:nou.. foil' the OQlJllSltnlICtb~Q'Cl.f t~~ otlter WlliDS"'to begJmill.Bl!'D~~b~r ~ [00 m,lbeen !i:arndin't.o ¥!"ill,c;h:)I'r,l!lSl do OIIS'I' pU.!,a:ts~ i~ems (lil ft!1l1Ilii~ltteanc1! ,~L~~lst!l!!t!lm:~Bv.;~D 'the b;ds the

Lllll:rary H!ml~l Nll!w 'ilIlrk ~

rbi:s,~e:ftI~frnor h!O~d i~rhe ]ast word ~n -a:()com~ o
:lllIod'ati:olll fc,r tbe dedictliilie:dboiiik:W.o,m ~ ca." pJIi;lICle where ,gJI1It:;ts(;~ '~I~ and. re~d tOI tbeir .beai'l'll:'s ~:IiI~lefrt. Mt lis. tbe fl.~~ notel ,m Its tindto o:rM.n~S¢ fJIOOIl!i alnd <lrlwodi;~ 3J!iW!e][ as Un:!OOaks" ;a.cOOfdi!IWg . to fh~. D1~wy i)cci:maJm SJs~~.- l~le W,!!)!'mWioieh 1lb:l'.mes u®a;d] :~, ea!~e:gon~e: OO:Im:.You 'UJn~b.Q(lse, O 'ltil S[:iJNQlll1J_fi_o~~§R:J;a;lin~ S~-WP~!fh'f~chnolci'Yt to Ans~ f.lQ~'_ ~.Dd ,S~y~.mm other .sulbjecr:s.E.aclJ oftffite" !:liJig~ roo,m~ ,~e'Jlirnm!l~ dliff~nmt,ooJ]~tioJ]j of 1!.. bom and, aJ:Ilt ex:,torio.g an iwa'dil'ltUI:u,all.opic. FOr wt<3iJ:loe" you, oow:ld ask. fur tle. ~uge f]]oorMd stay iii the:~PS:tI fOO~! Otleif spa~ a.vmlaible fill:! me. gl'le!l(Sloeojqy a[\e meWrbefs: Di:i;n~m 'Ci~!mt mrah~~w·pa:!:!etLe@, mo~.1 MdrtJlil:e: PQelq ~[\d:e,n. 8.mef"aDieelil".'~'l~ilse;. l'b,ej arJi!~ . ielealprn!liC!e.fl ~o l',e.iax and ,e~jfO'Y tne ~~~l ~kl'nlle,. T'h:iS"p:I.a:c~;is a nO!,l\e~,yj ~Irl~r ~wgat fra:m Ui~ ~WiUe' a,1l;d ~iUSI$c:lolf tbe h1il!S;Y ~~

hol~l au m;ade cfpu;ked


and: ice,.'j,iinao]Jy.


c.eteilJ,I'at~d sGti)ptIQr.s f.rom :S:wedlllw f!I.ndl eJse,\vhere iuepe:rso.[I~ mlrlood~®, rom,]e~c fle il!l'~rl~m 'Y.~tb lbeautifum artwerks w~ !l!~'~~d m rn~o~iflld I~fi:!ret thel~!!llit iln! dl'l!!a!IHtHc wJyi!i. 'Ob~IDQU:Sly the l1esl!l.W~of aU the ,e.ft'bl1pu;t~L'lto ~reaUorg: ba.kJ ia.::'Cnot p,.ermt1iH1~en)t. tb~ ei!ltiT'C' bOi~~1 cgilits~o as; b melt W:b~n ~hr. we_aU1Je:lgets W;aUMIlelr •. lnfiJJcl. the olIlly pl.~ce~hat iiS .prrr,esi}tved ~S[ bi~'hug~~'Ol!!t-lce chaf:lclen~f, wib[a is mplt in ,ar"te~.dor the: p~



~ion 'ofmls~~g


G:meilil. alic 1'rR :UQUSt'_ m.lilllli M
Have yc~ ,ever:w(I:Iil(!jered w'h;'!i~~~w~,uld be Uke to :slee$ltllal the tteei~llps:~Alii. i~5liIlJrm~sug~r:s~th~ Ore~n Mas;ie T.~:'e;~ Qu.scln K~f:da. In.dii.a. is H const:mc~e'danuJiI'I'gs'[ nle[op~ 0~ ,g~Bjllt[e~eS, I~a ~ lu~h 'l15O'p:il!:l<;li,l L'lr;lbtt,eresef\fe;. '!O~yfOU:r WQJ. 'tQ[!hiis

r.i,~m is 'on@'Inajl@!f' d:in~J~'Iloe 'be'twe:em The Old lflU 1I~~elj Il·MOUll.t G::u;tl,iJ:ie:r. SOailith. AUISU',ati a ,and a.r~aiI!Ptjso~ ~~fI1 call! .11~tYl:1!ufse[f of Uris 'O~~ ill,nef'fihis b:Qte~is ~deal for ~:lJie~lIild~eituvel1er t wibo d~~ no:t '\}IOOII; -to([l!l1y O'v~r 1~itn.C odds butsrlll Wmlts 'to Wrua.VC comlp~.eU]}i'ulqlJe ,expede,n~I~. ill '['he end .rai" Q.r.g$~l!jny;a£t:ate· ,pdsQ!I!l, was dosed in 1995: afi~.r labout 12!0 y)eaTll of ~e ..SiwGe :t~~r.i wt bas, been. ~jSted, :II:S<I:I!I, hl.SliO[!i,c b'Y,Ud~!'!g'a~d :lj1C! protce.~h~,dhO:!n.!ll~S~ m:ci,(iD~m!3!I~~'r.a:tIDp:~ ,e~e:plt.W(f!tu':I1Ia~ety_. for ~:!rIelocts .. AIDS.oI,. the eIUrall!~'~ area bias been. [-e:stored~i0' IUteWBiY it~s ill 18,65 O!;l!~ts sho~~d ,~ect ,acoo:mmoda:rlofi~o be \\eiry b.asie:, nd t~e layout .ls, simita:r to how h WH when j;t ,ope[{n\~d as ,an :fIle:t,Ulfd p:f:iSiOI). B1I.~~.f ou. are y :Eee~~fI'R c0op.e{l, up'i~,.ffidc ~ ~bgn a;re ,p,ru,entJ o;~ oilrutdc,cI[ walled SjIlr:deD .s;pace~. Gtlie,sr~ cam iilIbO! parl_i.cipa~,e hili ,gaml!(>S Sl:lc,b.!'lIS indoQr Cdlltke:i:, f®()lbal1~am '1liIlliLd, peel, d

ip~cia] i~Qll'Imo,d2l1Iilon~you haveLhe Qption

wIl;Ud,i)alg: with a gliJlid~ throliJl:gh ~be .~u~g~e or drMDilg dl:oo:qgh oo.ff~e ad .~oep~_tatIDO'I'!S.TIBer fffifSi~s.igi]t o;ftllite"tree h~us.es i~b~~ltb~:a:ki~g.l'he:r>c are twogia'Wl1~ tl:1e~.5 w'([b wDodei[l ~oU;llges 1il!II1li,de en ~:i1',e l.yf.:riGM eee- fr itendh~' m<liJ~I~al$. Local auft~~eQ h,aY>eb@90 ,e::mrplrn'OrYIiid[, ~o cIea~elul!d m;a;in:t:ar~w Uithid.e:I~g~tf~] hideaw'a:-y •. A large C<lIIII'l baS'1k:et tam}!OU up' to me OOn\3;~S l)is:tng, ,a puJley SJj'stem. Ouce, on tQ;PYo~ bave ~ bffiUl"s e;y1e vie;w of aeees 'or ,peellery .·In da,e qujc1t. of the ni,g;bi~ yell! 'Cl~n:Usten[o t~ecr1e5 of '~heforest U1i,mals a_I1!d

ex:pe:deIllc;e 'the t:lIu:iHQ.f bei~g O~ ~be t.op of ~he
w'O:~~dl..Aru~ho~.!II:!:~he: teee h.ouses 3lie oonlliif~.:rtab:rn.Y f1u"nis;b,ed ,and bBVe['IllI:QD·i~8. wa.te:r fGrshow~s, U~~'l,e itS.nQ TV 'Cl\rw,adlo and ~!l;Lafe;mt::,tgy Js Ilg00 1m: mwgbJ!iQg,

iI Y O'IJ![ .Elg&ffil.~sp9klin!&je.fIDd~n vrusH:~dyOOiO:rSi, .short .binl,day a few wooh aJO,.Rei.'lld Ithe part of .A:amcDl''s, leiter sho,"be1ow~ and dI,eDC'Wg,yonbave made.. The:1 'WIli!teili.lette:IiID ,AHO:I,~gan yom n{llims"

A~rw''''YI Ula~k'.s~g~,i,nto YIOtt ~~cl ~GU' f~ft\lUYfoQr m(lfdlt1~'me' fee~ wBh::ome '~'ur"itta my .sta~. ~ ~'a'~ i'J

tr,rne:~ tlfl1&t

I ~O~lg I' 'WI:S~' t



I r;J£Ilste,a' my ,t?hgtolS.af the' tiJoHd~-y',as, soo.n ~st~ey welre dtev!ra,,~d,. H.,e 10U' ,reGe~w,d t,hem yeu wh!t1t ld110 lGlttiiflk of thl€:i11?'

Ye~'~ thJI1(: Idl'n




b",(1I~tilf 1(;I1r:6,um:~. yo~r'

Iceu'ntr1.w~er,e Ido yo,uU].i,Mkwe should' ~D:~a,na 'w,hQt ~5; the b~5t t~m:e ,of yeGlr for me' to fam~


Qln'm~ tteJCt ~[sjt W!I:!' W~~i'tlt~ve:ti'me tOI


stay wri~iWI',e.

~ ii1~~P,hO,P€YD,U 'wil'J be Glb!el]o Icom'e: f1!ere' soon and

Writ~:your .~eltl:e:l' [:I.iD no,! 'WI'iCean", poot;ililll. .. addeesses, You. must: use g;rmmmati~[¥ with, aeeusate spelingand, pl!mCtua,t~o.n, bl,a style a:pp.mp!rja!~eftJ'r the siwa:uo!ll!,


Wriman arJIS,wtltfto a:ne o~the, 'QlU6:StiCIII1:S 2-4 itrn~hisp8!I1', Wrire!yolillr a~swe:r in 11:20~ woKls ilJ'll 181 'SiPlpropriatliS1.ylte.

11 yon choo&etlil,e essayO'p:ti.O'.D m .•. e suee yOiU. :~clellltjlythe essay ~pe. Do you haveto wr[~e, u ,ejsay giving yoU!ro!p~n:[o!D:j'a ba:~RlliIood.f'O[-\1iIlId-aga,hl:St essay" o:r an essay discussi:Djg p:l:6!l]:1ems~o:!etbe:rwi.tb, 'them ,caules, mdloll' 8oluUomlsi?'

I: Yom E:lgMsb:~oo.cherlrrla:sa.s:}QedYOUID d:~seribe some ,ofcb.e ways, HI, W]Mc~,~lIl.e p~ace, wbe:re you live h~s ,ChaIII,~ed in your lietime:. Wdte an. essay desc[.~bin,gthese, ,ebao:!e:5J8i:lld SlY whe~beI' you t~m.these
'c.l1~g~ :uegood.

bad, gm:vm,g :reamns.

Write, your essay.



~eU us, aJ1loJiI:t song ,ou~me. Wihat am thew.O.ro$, aJil,O:1fI:t7 W!mJa~ a feeling~ ;!JL[e 'exp:_re-ssedwml~~eso~g? My diD you. like it so' mu.d]j?

A ,locaJBngliiSi~J;mg'I.U3Igepilper i,s ,mDiliog a sWlU ..sb:Jlry'ooRl:pe~wltlo.D, Read,crs aeeaskedto write a story ,~n:tlil!ed.(My ~ilS MistKe~. 'Write a. s!tOI:Y clesono.ing how and. w~y Yolim.liMl.ade .mis;l~ej,a1];d wbat d~e a



For' questions 1·,12" readI1lB'~xt below ,and decide! whioh aJli1Ilswer (,AI' I~ Ie Of ID,)best ~imeach gap'. There! iis;,an l~am:pIDea,~ the beg:lnning (0)1 Mark: your ansWElirs on tlhe sepaf;ate' lanswerrstteet

ID ,4

D, befilr,e

C past

Do earlier









Be pllepared for tLle 4- o:ptioms~o ,atm] be d_Wi~Imm:J,tfmliill, a word :YOUi ightuslaI,y expect:in the,ooiDltle:d .. m IOn1y ome tQ\pti'un~s 'conect

The Man in, the Iron Mask
'The ~Jfi ,m the bOD Mask' 'Uv:edlthree hundred years, (fti;JI ••• ,•• ' in the Ba:suillle a p[isOJi in P'w:'u, no~orimls('Or ;its baJ,d QcmtUtions. He was 1(1) ••••• ~Cllthe. ~riS~)'1 t69811iT:ld (2) ..•.. therest of his tjfe thew1 Idyffing, at tb:ei!Jge in Qf BOiin '1103",T0 thi;s d~ we -e still nQ~(9:) ..... of his 'true w,d,c.oti:ty. The ,tlmlt'lUi 'Miter 'Veru~atfJ)l W,U :the,fun to write a~Gl!llt thismY5terio1lJs,prisomelift 'who 'Was:never ,actll!rldy' seen (4) ...... ,.when bill ,fa~e W'fl$ .bidden 'Ii:r:y an iron mWi!k In 1'789",when an.gry Iciti@11$ forced 'their (5) ••••.into, 'tbe' BastiUeJ they cmn.e ('~I ;...• an unusual ii(1onmask. The BastiUt_r,eoordboob :riboweClIdJ,e mask be'lan,ged Ito'priso:ne.r llimniber 164389000 - "Mrm i~ the .lron Mask/. Anytme wnell had read Voitmrle,:is. &iwty w:o,1JIIld aliready bS!,i',e (7) ..... about this mJliitenous prisQDer. Alter .wlther in~estiga:tion. it wa:s fbu:ncl, that .he: had been burled un.der the liiIIameof Marcmio.!!i. Th,e,qu:estl~lb~ ot~en bee,l), (8), ••..• as to 'tilleman's id~~D,ty.,Some: Sll~ be. W:llS a FfeIiM .D~ 'fJ,r~r~a:JI~,an lullhmdip~o\IBDt. VO.l'tililfre hilimsell ,C') •...'. Ute iden 'th:ait tb,e p-lUone:r was ,theG~de:lib[n'jfber of KiQgL.olilS XIV:l ,SOl of Louist 'Mother but not of his .fh~r:"nd that 'the kin/! did DOtwant 'tJ:W (0)1 ••... Ito leam of thls. VQltaife':s a theory could (11) ,.••.. the :liDm"ss:epnatfOD.from other prisoncft., th.e mask.·used 110 .hide b:igi~ce ,and.why'bis ,guardS (12) ••••• DUn, with slfch respect.

1 .AI. h'~rr,ed

B remorVed



2 A settled
A ool1l:a~,




.D p!lt

Il1llIlcss paUL! ag,ainst bo\l'lil B A mentiened 9 A put fomrard 1111 ,A 'rommun~ily

4A 5A IA 7 .A

A de-saibe

1!2 A carred

D, ~e B excep! B, road B aeross D, tm:d!ers'lood B I::aised D, bro;I,BIll down D, rod~e~ B ~]aiD B acted

C defmmb::


DI inilSb.ed :D rigbt


:0 a,pmt
DI way :01 by DI r~~ognised
DI requested.

over belliieved dem.anded gave: up



D' let thm;1ilgb, D' p~bJic DI e:xp.ress :0 dealt


Practice Test 8

For (lIUE!:stiQr'IIs13'.024. lre'ad~lle 'ts,xt Il::!el:o'w',andl1ink: of; ~he 'W'cl,rdwh toll bam: ~b:e.ach gap., USlB only one word l I'll each gap'. iIllere' is an examp~lle at 'lhe' beg:illnirilgl,tlll~.

The Brolll:~e 8~t:el1l~,C~adottej

EDmJ.ily ,Mid Anne:, (0) ••••••••••oom aDd bro'l.1gl~Jt p in a .~o"mI.e:lyv~lla.gehigh on r u dle 'Yorbbire m,om;S,i ye't ,aU three became 'mmou:s novelists, (13 fath,e:r~Patlic-k Br,onte!, was the ,.mshpci,est of HaWC;MrtbinY,o,rksh1m1~. was v,ery strict (14.) He h~schildr'eiroi andalso a !little,eceentrte, Mt,er his 'wife died, "the glJls and 'the~r bmthie:lIl"BlIlIlnweU ,were looted (15) by thell aunt ..
1 .~


Wbetllil 'tiller W'tlC :stiUve:ry YUUJlS, the sj:sters w,em:e'.(116) ..,...... ,.,. to boardinl scbool. They :[1eoe;~.ved a beU,er . ediuca:tic,n there than was U'suall.:for gids at ~b,ilIttime -spr,ead ci disease. The girls did US) The,me we.re
.1110 jobs:a:valla:b~e

but lived (17) .•••.'.'.... CODdit~ons which Icnoouf,i;liged tbe

'.,.. g.et enough focd and the bu~ldm.gs \vere eold aJnd clam]). women. at thal time! and the sisters, e,xoept for cecasional jobs


Oo:r ,schO(l~ 'b::·achers ]jved~hei.r wb,ole Uves ,(20)

hU:ll1Ie .. The, occupied tbe~r t:i.tm.,ewith

music, drawing" reading and,above (2.1), ,.••.....,.• t writing.

Cbatlou.e B'mn'w~s fa1D.ous, ove~. J(J',ne Eyre,recou.nts the bmu:d.ing school nie Charlotte haled and her n -Clpe.rm.tmoes (2.2)' ..,••....• agoverness, EmWlyBronte wrote 01.01)' one nove], Wldh:ering Heights, 1(13)1 ...••..••• is
ro:osidereda :rommtic :tnas:(,e:rp,lece. ,AlIne w,as 'tbe mildest and (24) - ~.·-:I;s be regarded as softer versions ofJalle Eyre. ,Clm, paden~ of the sis'[)ers~ nth her III

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