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Invites Applications for Doctoral, M.Phill, Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma’s, Diploma’s, Post
Graduate Certificates and Certificate Programmes round the year under walk in admission for
JANURAY 2010 / JULY 2010
Ph.D Programmes Studies, District Health Management, Management,
Doctor of Philosophy in Education, History, Tourism Financial Management, Human Resource Management,
Studies, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Public Marketing Management, Operations Management, Studies
Admn., Library & Information Sc., Nursing, Mathematics, in Indian Culture, Integral Education, Analytical
Physics, Hindi, English, Commerce, Management, Social Chemistry, Management(Industrial, Safety, Health &
Work, Women’s Studies, Distance Education, Rural Environment), Teaching & Research in Management,
Development, Child Development, Gender & Development Broadcasting & Web Journalism.
Studies, Food & Nutrition, Sri Aurobindo Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology, Maternal &
Agriculture Extension, Informatics, Computer & Child Health, Adult Education(offered only in July
Information Science, Knowledge Management, Vocational Session)
Education, Chemistry, Life Science, Civil Engg., Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Health
Mechanical Engg., Journalism & Mass Communication, Management, Geriatric Medicine, Plantation
Extension Education, Community Outreach, Information Management.(offered only in January Session)
Communication Technology, Law, Astrophysics.
Advanced Diploma Programmes
M.Phill Programmes Advanced Diploma in Construction Management, Water
Master of Philosophy in Sri Aurobindo Studies, Resource Engineering, Computer Integrated
Economics, Distance Education. Manufacturing (offered only in January Session)

Master’s Degree Programme Diploma Programmes

Master of Distance Education, English, Hindi, Economics, Diploma in Civil Engineering(G), HIV & Family Education,
History, Education, Political Science, Public Admn., Creative Writing in English, Youth in Development Work,
Sociology, Social Work, Rural Development, Tourism Early Childhood Care & Education, Nutrition & Health
Management, Computer applications, Library & Education, Tourism Studies, Women’s Empowerment &
Information Sc., Sri Aurobindo Studies, Public Policy, Development, Mechanical Engineering, Computer
Business Admn., Commerce, MBA(Social Integrated Manufacturing, Aquaculture, Paralegal
Entrepreneurship), Aviation Business Management, Practice, BPO Finance & Accounting, Management,
Banking & Finance. Primary Education(offered only in North East States), Civil
Master of Commerce in Finance & Taxation, Business Engineering (Army only), Electrical & Mechanical
Policy & Corporate Governance, Management Accounting Engineering(Army only), Security Management, Fire
& Financial Strategies. Safety, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Farm
Master of Science in Dietetics & Food Services Management, Management(Industrial Safety, Health &
Management, Counseling and Family Therapy, Environment), Urdu.
Hospitality Admn.. Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits &
Master of Science in Mathematics with Application in Vegetables, Valud Added Products from Cereals, Pulses
Computer Sciences, Master of Education .(offered only in and Oilseeds, Meat Technology, Diary Technology,
Jan. Session) Nursing Administration, Fish Product Technology (offered
only in January Session)
Bachelor’s Degree Programme
Bachelor of Tourism Studies, Computer Applications, Professional Certificate Programme
Arts, Science, Commerce, Social Work, Library & Professional Certificate in Spoken English & Personality
Information Sc., Business Administration in Retailing, Development.
Architecture, International Hospitality Admn., B.Tech.
Aerospace Engg., Hospitality & Hotel Admn. Post Graduate Certificate Programmes
Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy & Finance, Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law, Bangla-Hindi
Corporate Affairs & Admn., Financial & Cost Accounting. Translation, Malyalam-Hindi Translation, Agricultural
Bachelor Preparatory Programme* Policy(online also), Professional Development of Teachers.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing(PB), B.Tech Civil in Post Graduate Certificate in Endodontics, Oral
Construction Management, Water Resource Engg., Implantology (offered only in July Session)
Mechanical Engg.(offered only in January Session) Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice (offered only
Bachelor of Science(Hons.) in Optometry & Ophthalmic in January session)
Techniques(offered only in July Session)
Advanced Certificate Programme
Post Graduate Diploma Programmes Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management,
Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education, Higher Spoken English & Personality Development, Security
Education, Library Automation & Networking, Rural Management, Fire Safety.
Development, Translation, Journalism & Mass
Communication, Audio Programme Production, Certificate Programmes
International Business Operation, Disaster Management, Certificate in Disaster Management, Environmental
Intellectual Property Rights, Environment & Sustainable Studies, Food & Nutrition, Human Rights, Information
Development, Educational Technology, School Leadership Technology, Guidance, Sericulture, Organic Farming,
Management, Participatory Management of Displacement, Nutrition & Child Care, Consumer Protection, Rural
Resettlement & Rehabilitation, Social Work, Book Development, Teaching English, Tourism Studies,
Publishing, Pharmaceutical Sales Management, Food Laboratory Techniques, HIV & Family Therapy, Food
Safety & Quality Management(online also), Disability Safety, Health Care & Waste Management, Competency
Management for Medical Practioners, Folklore & Cultural Enhancement for ANM/FHW, New Born & Infant Care,
Maternal & Child Health Care, Primary School Studies, Master of Performing Arts – Hindustani Classical
Mathematics, Business Skills, Functional English(Basic Music, Bharatanatyam & Theatre Arts, Master of Visual
Level), German Language(offered only in Tamilnadu & Arts – Painting.
Kerla), Japanese Lanuguage(offered only in Bangalore &
Pune), Persian Language (Delhi only), Urdu Language, Bachelor’s Degree Programme
Community Radio, NGO Management, Communication B.Tech in Air Craft Manufacturing and Maintenance
Skills for BPO, ITes and Related Sectors, Life Long Engineering, Airport Infrastructure Engineer(civil)
Learning, Performing Art – Bharatanatyam, Kathak, B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology, Radiation Therapy
Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Odissi, Kathakali, Manipuri, Technology, Medical Records, Science & Health
Hindustani Music, Karnatik Music, and Theatre Arts, Information Technology, Anesthesia and Critical Care
Visual Arts – Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture, Water Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology.
Harvesting & Management, Poultry Farming, Bee Keeping, B.A in Fashion Design, Textile Design, Fashion
Diabetes Care for Community Worker, Home Based Care Merchandising and Production, 3D Animation and Visual
Providers, Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Sri Effects.
Aurobindo Studies, Creative Media Arts – Digital Sound,
Security Management, Fire Safety, Spoken English & Advanced Diploma Programme
Personality Development, Air Ticketing, Airline in Flight Advanced Diploma in Retail Management, Relationship
Services, Travel Agency Operations, Tour Guiding Skills, Management, Security Management, Air Cargo
Energy Technology & Management, Early Childhood Management, Rescue Fire Fighting & Safety, Airport
Special Education – Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Operation Management.
Visual Impairment & Hearing Impairment , Primary
Education (offered only in North East States), Primary Post Graduate Diploma Programme
Teaching, Primary Curriculum & Instruction, Craft & Post Graduate Diploma in Security Operations.
Design, Shoe Upper Cutting, Shoe Upper Stitching, Shoe
Lasting & Finishing, Leather Goods Making, Power Diploma Programmes
Distribution, Elementary Teacher Education(offered only Diploma in Computer Generated Imaginary, Optometry,
in North East States). Radio Imaging Technology, Medical Laboratory
Technology, Entrepreneurship & Skill Development.
Non – Credit Courses
Computer Literacy Programme, Motor Cycle Service & Post Graduate Certificate Programme
Repair, IT Service Management, School Services Post Graduate Certificate in Security Operations
Management, Publishing Services Management, Garment
Manufacturing Services Management, Business Certificate Programmes
Entrepreneurship Development, Retail Services Certificate in Hospital Administrative Assistance ship,
Management, Security Services (Advanced), Desk Top Digital Film Making, Airport Ramp Handling, Rescue &
Publishing, Communication Skills, Garment Stitching, Fire Fighting, Security & Vigilance, Baggage X-ray
Retail Marketing, Security Services (basic) for Security Inspection, Entrepreneurship & Skill Development.
Supervisor, Security Services(basic) for Assistant Security
Officer, Security Guard Protection, Security Supervisor,
Awareness Programme on Value Added Products from Online Programme
Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy Farming for Rural Farmers,
Awareness-cum-Training Packages in Disability for Master’s in Intellectual Property Law
parents and Family members(Mental Retardation, Visual
Impairment, Hearing Impairment & Cerebral Palsy), Post Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture, Legal Process
Foundation Course on Education of Children with Outsourcing, Future Studies : Explorations towards a
Disability. New Creating.

Appreciation Programme Post Graduate Certificate in Health Insurance, Medical

Appreciation Course on Environment Informatics, Medical Laws, Quality Management in Health
On Campus Programmes Care, Project Management, Paradigms of Psychological
Knowledge : A Historical & Cross Cultural Perspective,
Master’s Degree Programmes Introduction to the Vedas in the light of Sri Aurobindo,
M.Tech in Airport Infrastructure Engineering, M.Sc. in Explorations towards a New Creation of the Self.
Chemistry, Actuarial Science, Physics & Astrophysics,
MA in Translation Studies, Gandhi & Peace Studies, Certificate Programme in Sanskrit.
Social Anthropology, Labour & Development, Electronic
Media Production & Management, Extension & Appreciation Programme on Sustainability Science
Development Studies, Journalism & Mass
Communication, Social Work with specialization in Leadership Programme on Nutrition Security and
Philanthropic Social Work, Gender & Development Sustainable Development
The Common Prospectus can be obtained from the IGNOU Regional Centre Shillong and from all the Study Centres of
IGNOU whose addresses are given below by sending a sum of Rs.150/- through a Demand Draft drawn in favour of
‘IGNOU’ payable at Shillong or paying Rs.100/- in cash at the respective sale counters. Please write your name and
address on the back of the DD.
An electronic version of the Prospectus is also available at IGNOU website at Application form
can be downloaded from the website and submitted alongwith DD for Rs.100/- in addition to the programme fee.
Application forms can also be submitted online through the University website round the year.
January, 2010 Session July, 2010 Session
Availability of ROUND THE YEAR
Common Prospectus
Submission of filled in 1st June,2009 to 20th November, 1st December, 2009 to 30th April, 2010
application forms at 2009 (without late fee) (without late fee)
concerned Regional 21st November2009 to 30th Nov.,2009 1st May, 2010 to 31st May, 2010
Centres (with late fee of Rs.200/-) (with late fee of Rs.200/-
NOTE: The filled in forms submitted at concerned Regional Centres beyond the last dates mentioned above shall
be treated in next session.
Master of Business Administration (Banking & Finance), Doctoral Programmes and M. Phil

The University invites applications for admission to Master of Business Administration (Banking & Finance)-January
2010 Cycle.The Prospectus which is already on sale, can be obtained from IGNOU Regional Centres Shillong on
payment of Rs.500/- in cash or Rs.550/- through Demand Draft for sending by post. Candidate should be a member of
Indian Institute of Bankers, should have passed the CAIIB examination and should be a Graduate working in the
Banking or Financial Services Sector for at least two years. The last date for submission of the application form for
MBA(B&F) at Regional Centre is 30-11-2009. Application form can also be downloaded from IGNOU website at and submitted along with DD for Rs. 500/- in addition to the Programme Fee.
Application for admission to the Ph.D Programme may be submitted on the prescribed form at any time during
the year to the Director, Research Unit, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110 068. Application received upto 30th
June – An Entrance Exam will be conducted during August of the year and will be considered to the January session of the
year. Applications received upto 31st December – An Entrance Exam will be conducted during February of the year and will
be considered for admission to the July Session of the year. The Prospectus and application form can be obtained from
any of the Regional Centres or Registrar (SRD), Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110 068 on payment of Rs. 750/-in cash or
Rs800/- through Demand Draft for sending by post. The application form can also be downloaded and submitted along with
an application fee of Rs. 750/- in the form of demand draft payable to IGNOU at New Delhi.
1. Regional Director, IGNOU Regional Centre, Nongshilliang, Nongthymmai, Shillong-14
2. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, NEHU Bijni Complex, Laitumkhrah, Shillong-3
3. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Tura Govt. College, Tura-794001
4. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Tirot Singh Memorial College, Meghalaya-793120
5. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Sohra College, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya-793108
6. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl Study Centre, KJP Synod, Mission Compound, Shillong-2
7. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl Study Centre, Jaintia Eastern College, Khliehriat Jowai-793200
8. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl Study Centre, St Thomas Mission.Home, Mendipathar Meghalaya -794112
9. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Kiang Nongbah Govt College, Jaintia Hills-793150
10. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl Study Centre, Ri Bhoi Area Welfare Association, Umsning-793105
11. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl Study Centre, Mawsynram Hr Sec School, Mawsynram-793113
12. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl Study Centre, Women’s College, Laitumkhrah, Shillong-793003
13. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl Study Centre, Bethany Society, Laitumkhrah, Shillong-793003
14. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl Study Centre, Nongstoin College, Nongstoin-793119
15. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Trikrikilla College, Meghalaya-794109
16. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, CIEFL, NEHU Campus Mawlai Umshing, Meghalaya-793022
17. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Sawlyngdoh Hr Secondary School, Mowkaiaw, Meghalaya
18. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Sohkha Govt Hr Sec School, PO Dawki, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya
19. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Williamnagar College, PO Williamnagar, E G Hills
20. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Mendipathar College, PO Mendipathar, E G Hills
21. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Captain Williamson Mem. Coll, Baghmara, S G Hills – 794102
22. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Union Christian College, Barapani, Ri-Bhoi District-793122
23. Coordinator, IGNOU Prog. Study Centre, St. Mary’s College, Laitumkhrah, Shillong – 3
24. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Mawkyrwat, West Khasi Hills, District, Meghalaya – 793114
25. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, St John Mary Vianney (JMV) School Rajabala, W.G Hills, Meghalaya-794192
26. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, St Paul Higher Secondary School, Marbisu E.K.Hills, Meghalaya-793121
27. Coordinator, IGNOU Study Centre, Sankardev College, Bishnupur Shillong, Meghalaya-793004
28. Coordinator, Programme Study Centre, ICAR Research Complex, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya-793103
29. Coordinator, IGNOU Spl. Study Centre, SANKER Academic & Research Centre Mawroh Shillong, Meghalaya-793008
30. Coordinator, IGNOU CNRI Knowledge Centre Ri Bhoi Computer Management Institute, Nongpoh, Meghalaya-793102
31. Coordinator, IGNOU CNRI Knowledge Centre Kya Lyngdoh Welfare Organisation Nartiang, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya-793150
32. Coordinator, IGNOU CNRI Knowledge Centre Seng Kynthei Mawkenng Lai Kyntoit Mawkneng E.K.Hills, Meghalaya-793120
33. Coordinator IGNOU Study Centre Auxilium Umpohliew Jingstad Mawtnum Nongpoh ri Bhoi District Meghalaya-793102
Master of Business Administration (Banking & Finance):
For any queries, prospective students may contact the Programme Coordinator on telephone no. and / or e-mail
ID given against each Programme, the details of which are available on the website.
* BPP is a Bridge Course of six months’ duration for those who do not have 10+2, but attained the age of 18 years, and
seeking admission to IGNOU’s first degree B.A./B.Com. etc. under non-formal stream.
Regional Director