Dragon Island

I was flying in my hovercraft when I spotted this dragon-shaped island. Since I was hovering at about 500 feet in the air, I went down to look at it. I saw at least 50 dragons flying around. Could this be the land my people were looking for? They had sent me out to search for a land, because our land had become too polluted. People migrate because they don’t like the situation they’re in. Some of these situations could be: their ruler won’t let them practice their religion, the climate is too hot or too cold, the land they’re living in is overpopulated, and a lot of other reasons. I landed in a clearing on the island. It smelled very fresh. There was fruit growing from every tree: oranges, passion fruit, bananas, and other tropical fruit. I noticed that the dragons would only eat an unknown fruit that I now call fire fruit. I tried it. It was very yummy. No wonder that’s all the dragons will eat. There was fresh water trickling down the mountain. I went to a beach on the island and saw that it was very beautiful. I thought it would be great to live here with the fresh water and all the tropical fruits. I kept on exploring. I discovered a river full of fish for protein. I discovered the source of the river: a peaceful lake. It also had fish, frogs, and lots of other wild animals drinking from the lake. I saw a volcano and thought that we might be able to harness its heat and create electricity for our people. That way we wouldn’t end up polluting this new land like we did our old land. The fjord I saw next could also be another tourist attraction. It was breath-taking. I went back to my people and told them about this place. They asked me if there was anything that needed to be considered for settling this land. I told them that the dragons might not be trainable, but they looked good-tempered. They were relieved that I had found the perfect island. They reminded that we didn’t want to migrate to a swamp. We wanted to migrate somewhere that has good soil to grow crops, animals for protein, water for drinking and wood for fire and shelter. I reassured them that the island had all the things needed to survive and more. They were relieved that I had finally found the perfect island. We started migrating in hovercrafts to the island. We discovered that the island’s volcano didn’t give off smoke, so we put all of our waste in the volcano. We realized we could make money here by

not cool down. which makes people travel more frequently. with water. we live almost everywhere. The example of my people migrating to Dragon Island has helped me learn a lot about land forms and migrating. People have to be creative with building houses. These things affect places because they might pollute their land when they move there. They develop the land by building roads. and we could have souvenirs of fire fruit. bridges. For example family and friends are more spread out. Inventions such as the airplane allow people to migrate greater distances. Three hundred years ago fewer people migrated to places like Las Vegas. This makes us more dependent on technology.having tourist attractions like having a flight on a dragon through the sky. and other manmade things. with government. the pattern was we only lived in cold or temperate places. houses. and with food. . Migration has changed how we live over time. Now. because they could only heat. Before. Advancements in technology have allowed patterns of migration to change.

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