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INVOICE January 26, 2021 Jacob Engels RE: Employee files for Sheena Britton to include disciplinary files 11.98 via (Human Resources) LABOR: 5 hour @ $ 11.98 COPIES: 52 pages @ $.15 per page = $7.80 TOTAL DUE: $19.78 Please remit to: City Clerk City of Sanford P.O. Box 1788 Sanford, FL 32772-1788 Visa/MasterCard accepted by phone. Please call Lisa @ 407.688.5014 if you wish to pay by credit/debit card by phone. Fosson, Fred Fron ‘Thomas, Andrew Sent: ‘Thursday, October 18, 2018 3:10 PM To: Fosson, Fred ce Tutk, Bob; Thomas, Andrew Subject: ‘Memorandum to Sheena Britton ‘Attachments: Memorandum pat Fred, | dort real sending you copy of the Memarandum o Sheena regarding "Engaging in Pottical Activity and Use Ge Sock Media during work hours’. met with Sheena on September 27,2018 and reviewed the Memorandum 2nd 6 her a copy. However, | forgot to send you a copy. Attached you wil find a copy of said Memorandum, Please let me know if you have any questi Thanks Andrew Thomas Community Relations & [Neighborhood Engagement Director fice of the City Manager 300 N, Park Avenue Sanford, FI32771-1244 Office: 407.688.5132 ‘Andrew Thomasfsanford 20v ‘yyw sunfordfl. gov aa QSANFoRD cur Yona sean cata andbusnesshu forte Cental Fi regn. Wh owas ato exes anspotatn nator, Pennant etd ton drumawn Sod rant dale yn whch eps ose le, ork rae atari tend schoo hop lay ur Mision ~The Cyl Salrdiexetthe ebey oaWgh andar af rv at eats vat buses ing commun htelrserhs ct Mtr mt chr charter TO: Sheena Britton, Administrative Specialist I FROM: Andrew Thomas, Director of Community Relations and Neighborhood Engagement Tf Bob Turk, Director of Economic Development DATE: September 27, 2018 RE: Engaging in Political Activity and Use of Socal Media during work hours, (On July 18-2018, you and | met following a meeting you had with Mr. Bonaparte regarding a situation Involving you that was brought to his attention. The situation Involved an incident that occurred on June 27, 2018 with a candidate running for City Commission, The incident involved two specific concerns 1, Your use of social media during work hours; and 2. Your participation in political campaigning activity during work hours. Subsequent tothe July 18, 2018 meeting, you and I met on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 for our weekly work assignment review. At that meeting, we continued to discuss the City’s policy on use of social media and participation in politica activities during work hours. | indicated | would get back to you with a more definitive resolve on the two Issues to bring closure. Finally, You, Mr. Bonaparte, Mr. Fosson and I met on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at your request 1 clarify for you the status ofthe above referenced accusations against you. In response to your ‘question, Mr, Bonaparte indicated that Mr. Turk and | as your immediate supervisors would be follow up with you regarding resolution to this matter. Pursuant to your request for an update on the status ofthe open issues from our July 3, 2018 meeting, please note the following. 11. Use of social Media during work hours: This issue was resolved through a review and counseling with you on Thursday, September 13, 2018. The following City Policies apply to you: ‘2. Administrative Policy 6:1 Cellular Telephones (You signed the Cellular Telephone Policy and you received a copy) b. Administrative Policy 6.2 Internet Use and E-mail Policy . Administrative Policy 6.3 Website Policy d,_ Administrative Policy 8.1 Use of social Media Resources 2._ Participating in politcal activities during work hours: This issue was resolved through a review and counseling with you on Thursday, September 13, 2018. The folowing City Policy applies to you: a, Administrative Policy 2.39 Municipal Political Involvement 3._ Status of your Position Description Questionnaire (PQ) '8. Youare in the process of completing the Job Analysis Questionnaire. Upon completion, Mr. Turk and | will add our comments and forward the JAQ to Human Resources for review and forward to Management Partners for evaluation and action 4, Status of your participation in educational training programs: Your participation in educational training programs for career development continues. As part of the Economic Development Department educational and succession plan, you were approved to attend the upcoming IEDC conference September 29, 2018 ~ Oct 3, 2018 in Atlanta Ga. n addition, Mr. Turk and | will continue to work with you to complete Your training certifications in economic development and community development to further your professional growth. This memorandum serves s final action and resolut ‘memorandum will be provided to Human Resources, of the stated issues. A copy ofthis CC: Human Resources SY art OFFICE OF THE CITY MANAGER MEMORANDUM To: ‘Sheena Fort, Administrative Specialist ITT FRot Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., City Man; DATE: March 14, 2017 Ri Assistance othe City Commis pet On November 21, 2016, you received from me a written reprimand entitled “Conduct Unbecoming of a City Empioyee”. The leter include a statement that“... you are to no longer have any responsibilities as to matters with the Mayor and the City Commissioners.” You have brought to my attention that members ofthe City Commission have requested assistance from you. To clarify the directive given in the November 21* leter, should a member of the City ‘Commission ask you to perform a service orto assist them with a task, you are to accommodate their request Please be advised that this letters intended to serve asa notice that you are to assist members of the City Commission when requested and not reversing the reprimand you received for your behavior atthe November 14,2016 City Commission meeting ‘Thank you. ce: Fred Fosson SEY Mame Aconess Crrvor SaNrono Post Orrice Box 1788 Savon, FL 32772-1788 PrsicaL ADDRESS Cry Haut 300 NonTH PARK AVENUE Sauron, FL S2771-1244 TesPHone 407.888.5001 Frcoume 407.888.5002 Corry Comussion Jerr Tamuere Maron At Wooonure erect’ Ven. wunas Distect2 anor Jones Derret3 Parry tan Disteer 4 [NoRTowN, BoMPARTE, JR. ‘CHV MANAGER OFFICE OF THE CITY MANAGER November 21, 2106 ‘Sheena Rena Fort 2307 S. Magnolia Avenue Sanford, FL 32771 ‘Via: Hand Delivery Re: Conduct Unbecoming of a City Employee Dear Ms. Fort: This letter follows your interaction withthe City Commission during the Citizens Participation portion ofthe City Commission meeting on Monday, ‘November 14,7016. Having reviewed the situation and discussions with staff and City Commissioners, your behavior violates the City of Sanford’s Human Resources Manual, Chepter Il, Section 2.71 (F) “The employee has been guilty of insubordination or of disgraceful conduct”. Using the Citizens Participation venue as an employee to address a personal dissatisfaction to ‘your employer na disrespectful manner isnot the proper venue and manner for an employee to address such matters and egain referring to City of Sanford’s Human Resources Manual, Chapter I. Section 2.7lconsttutes “Conduet Unbecoming ofa City Employee”. Accordingly, this is your notice ofa formal written reprimand and is to confirm in written form our recent discussion conceming your actions atthe above referenced City Commission meeting on Monday November 14, 2016 Further, you are to no longer have any responsibilities as to matters withthe Mayor and the City Commissioners. ‘As part of the corrective plan of action tobe implemented immediatly, I have asked your supervisors to review with you the City of Sanford ‘Administrative Poices regarding employee conduct andthe State of Florida Code of Ethics regarding Standards of conduct for Public Officers and Employees. would like to reiterate my receptiveness to any reasonable suggestion as to how I might assist you during this improvement period. The Friendly City Novembe 16 Page 2 of 2 Again, please be advised that this letter is intended to serve asa notice of a ‘written reprimand and advise you of additional disciplinary action up to termination if there isa reoccurrence in any form or manner of this type of behavior. [assure you itis my intention to maintain the integrity of our standard of performance and conduct which provides the City of Sanford and its ‘employees with a means to ensure its efficient and effective operation. I expect you to continue to fulfill your duties and responsibilities as a loyal dedicated and conscientious employee of the City of Sanford. Ce! jh b

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