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Expert Classes I Offer on LearnItLive.


What do I teach? My professional work is as a psychic counseling and spiritual healing practitioner in
Santa Fe, New Mexico. For me, the main goal of classes I’m creating on Learn It Live is to help deal with
every day challenges, to inspire people with guidance for the times we’re in, and to offer relevant info
from my own metaphysical education and forty-year plus private practice. Another goal is to introduce
people to their own intuition and creative abilities. Connecting with these inner resources broadens our
awareness of the many ways we are communicating, and can communicate.

I like giving people direct experiences! The connection between the spiritual world, intuition, and our
normal state is fascinating to me. I like demonstrating that connection through clairvoyant reading,
mediumship, the tarot, and my Speaking Stones. A learner can ask a question (or text it in the public
chat), and I’ll give a psychic answer, or use the tarot. I’m always willing to do this – it’s interesting to me
and others what people have on their minds, and it’s helpful to see psychic work demonstrated.
Intuition works very fast! People have a hard time trusting their “downloads” sometimes because it’s a
direct knowing.

Another favorite experience I like to give is to help learners access their own inner guidance. I do this
through guided imagery, and have done it for decades with private clients. It’s very easy! Most classes
will include a way to experience your own intuition, and your own inner wisdom and spiritual self.

I'm personally interested in the phenomena of healing and spiritual energy, and working with people in
a circle. Many years ago I experimented with tele-circles, connecting me to people all over the world to
see if I would get spiritual messages for the tele-group. I wanted to see if they could feel healing energy,
and if they felt connected to each other. That positive experience (but too much work to organize those
time zones!) has me excited about the possibilities of a virtual classroom.

Recent class topics are the tarot, divination, story-telling, stress reduction, manifesting, shamanism and
metaphysical principles, masterful teachers I learned from; accessing intuition, inspiring creativity,
improving communication skills, spiritual practices, and staying centered.

I have a lot of educational material on my website, You’ll find published

articles about intuition; how to have an inspired day, the tarot, Edgar Cayce, and more. My blog has
hundreds of posts and is regularly updated – it is also where to read your psychic horoscope and my
monthly psychic newsletter to clients. Another popular online resource are the short guided
meditations for self-healing.

My private psychic counseling and spiritual healing practice is open, and available to anyone anywhere
by telephone and Zoom. All the information for making an appointment is on the services/fees page of
my website.

I’m looking forward to sharing my work, and learning along with the learners on LearnItLive – please join

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