By what name do we know him? ANSWER-: SIRAJ-UD-DAULAH 2. Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister of India.QUESTIONS 1. How is Miss Madeline Slade better known in Indian history? ANSWER-: MIRABEN 4.23. The British referred to him as “Sir Roger Dollar” as they could not pronounce his name. If Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal .What were the words? ANSWER-: VANDE MATARAM 6. there were 2 words. Which invader of India is known as the “ Sword of Islam” ? ANSWER-: MAHMUD OF GHAZNI .Who was the first woman to sit on the throne of Delhi? ANSWER-: RAZIA SULTAN 7. instead of the wheel at the centre of the Indian flag . who built the Jama Masjid in Delhi? ANSWER-: IT WAS ALSO BUILT BY SHAH JAHAN 5. In 1917 .31 in 1930? ANSWER-: THEY WERE MAHATMA GANDHI’S DAYS OF SILENCE 3. Why was the Dandi March halted on these days : March 17.


Which country’s national flag has a white cross at the centre with a red background? ANSWER-: SWITZERLAND 7. Which country in Africa is shaped like a horn? ANSWER-: SOMALIA ( it is sometimes referred to as the “ Horn of Africa”) 3. What is the capital of the state of Punjab in Pakistan? ANSWER-: LAHORE . While the Nile may be the longest. the world’s largest river. Which American state has a name that ends with three vowels? ANSWER-: HAWAII 4.QUESTIONS 1.Why can’t boats sail on the sea of Tranquility? ANSWER-: BECAUSE IT IS ON MOON 2. Boats cannot sail on the river Nile between Khartoum and the Aswan Dam.because of the cataracts.It originates in the Andes Mountains in which country? ANSWER-: PERU 5.which city would you journey to? ANSWER-: BEIJING ( CHINA) 6. measured by the volume of water it holds. is the Amazon of South America. If u were to visit the “Temple of Heaven”.


whose closest friends were Merrylegs and Ginger? ANSWER-: BLACK BEAUTY ( it is a classic by British author Anna Sewell) Which play by William Shakespeare is traditionally performed at 9 pm on 23rd June every year? ANSWER-: A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT DREAM 7. tomorrow is another day”? ANSWER-: MARGRET MITCHELL 3. What is her pen name? ANSWER-: GEORGE ELIOT 2.QUESTIONS 1. Which play by William Shakespeare has a title which is also a proverb? ANSWER-: ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL 6. . Identify this work? ANSWER-: JATAKA TALES 4. The writer’s real name is Mary Ann Evans. In friction. What was the real name of Peter Pan’s frictional land? ANSWER-: NEVERLAND 5. The animal fable of this work recount the previous births of Buddha which have inspired many other animals and folk stories of Europe and Western Asia. Which author wrote “ After all .


Heave. Smash. According to the Twenty 20 Matches Game plan. After which grand slam Tennis Champion has the US Tennis centre been renamed? ANSWER-: BILLIE JEAN KING ( USTA Billie Jean king Tennis centre) 2. Who is Delhi’s Chess Prodigy who has won the third and final grandmaster noun at Chelabinsk Regional Super final GM Tournament in Russia to become the youngest ever to win the title? ANSWER-: PARMARJAN NEGI 6. With which sport are the following terms associated?  Hat trick. defeating Justin Henin? ANSWER-: MARIA SHARAPOVA 5. Who won the 2006 US Women’s Title. Tie breakers. Yellow Card. Dribble? ANSWER-: FOOTBALL  Blocking. Who is the youngest person to rollerskate from Leh to Khardung La in Ladakh? ANSWER-: DHRUV GAUTAM (2006) AT 15 YRS 4.QUESTIONS 1. Doubling. how many maximum overs can a bowler bowl? ANSWER-: FOUR 3. Serve? ANSWER-: VOLLEY BALL .


QUESTIONS 1.N High Commission for Refugees has pushed her to speak out about the root causeseconomic failure and lack of justice. who is responsible for making sudoku puzzle popular world-wide. Who is she? ANSWER-: ANGELINA JOLIE 5. Wayne Crould is the New Zealand puzzle enthusiast.this movie star’s commitment as goodwill ambassador for the U. Whose entry is banned in the Sabarimala temple in Kerala? ANSWER-: WOMEN 2. When is the International Day Of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression? ANSWER-: JUNE 4 At 30. ANSWER-: HOWARD GAVNS . But Sudoku has been invented by an Indianapolis architect in the 1970’s. What is the new name of the Royal Nepal Army? ANSWER-: NEPAL ARMY 4. What is the study of puzzles called? ANSWER-: ENIGMATOLOGY 7. 6. The telecom company NOKIA belongs to which country? ANSWER-: FINLAND 3.Name him.

(WHO AM I??) .

b) My closest friend is a former naval captain. c) If I had not eaten the “forbidden fruit”. ANSWER-: MICKEY MOUSE 2. a) I am a reporter by profession and live in 26 Labrador Road. c) Together with Donald and Pluto.QUESTIONS 1. b) Another human being was made from one of my extra ribs. who lives in a house named Marlin Spike. My dearest friends are Freckles. ANSWER-: ADAM (EVE WAS CREATED OUT OF ADAM’S RIB) 4. c) Though I am modest in disposition. b) My nasty cousin Reggie Van Dough and Mayda Money do their best to upstage me. ANSWER-: RICHIE RICH 3. I happen to be the richest kid in the world. c) Professor calculus. I am one of Disney’s most loved creations. a) I am a popular comic strip character. mankind would not have been created. a) I may be physically distinguished from other men as I don’t have a navel. Jolyon Wagg and Bianca Castafiore are just three of the many characters I meet during my adventure. ANSWER-: TIN TIN . my first film. was made in 1928. Peewee and Gloria. b) “Steamboat Willie”. a) I was originally named Mortimer but my creater decided it sounded too serious.


a plate or a dish? ANSWER-: A DISH 6. Who had more heads – Hydra or Ravana? ANSWER-: RAVANA 4. Which Indian sport would you associate with the word Hu-tu-tu? ANSWER-: KABADDI 5. Who was the first Indian Test Cricketer to umpire a Test match? ANSWER-: SRINIVAS VENKATARAGHAVAN . Bjorn Borg and Roxette? ANSWER-: ALL WERE FROM SWEDEN 2.V. What is common to Alfred Noble.. In which country did the tortilla originate? ANSWER-: MEXICO 7. Who was crucified when he was just thirty-three? ANSWER-: JESUS CHRIST 10. What must you have to receive satellite T. Which country’s flag is situated at the corner of Australian flag? ANSWER-: UNITED KINGDOM 3.QUESTIONS FOR TEAM A1. In “The Wizard Of Oz” what colour is the brick road? ANSWER-: YELLOW 9.a saucer. Which was the first planet to be photographed? ANSWER-: EARTH 8.

bananas or guavas? ANSWER. six hundred an nine meters makes how many miles? ANSWER-: ONE 3.FOR TEAM B1. Which is the world’s most popular edible fungus? ANSWER-: MUSHROOMS 2. How far is Dubai from Sharjah. what crucial contest does Shah Rukh Khan participate in? ANSWER-: MOTOR RACING 5. What adjective is used to describe the biggest canyon in Arizona? ANSWER-: GRAND 9. One Thousand. In the film Baazigar. more than 50 km or more than 100km? ANSWER-: LESS THAN 50 KM .Bjorn Borg or Billie Jean King? ANSWER-: BILLIE JEAN KING 10.apples. 6. How many cigarettes does a passive smoker light everyday? ANSWER-: NONE 4. What was Hitler’s surname? ANSWER-: HITLER 7.less than 50 km. How many legs does a camera tripod stand have? ANSWER-: THREE 8. If a quiz master went mad. what would you say he’s gone.HE’S GONE BANANAS. Who won more Wimbledon titles.

Mr. How were they better known? ANSWER-: SIMON AND GARFUNKEL 9. Sprinter or Mr. Who was born earlier. What are you doing if your lachrymal glands are secreting liquid? ANSWER-: CRYING 2.there’s but to do and die”? ANSWER-: “THERE’S NOT TO REASON WHY……” . If leopards cough. What causes a more severe burn: a steam or boiling water? ANSWER-: STEAM 8. Walker. What five words precede “………. WALKER 4. Which God was the ancient Olympics held to honour? ANSWER-: ZEUS 3. The Adi Granth was compiled by Guru Arjun Dev.FOR TEAM C1. Guru Nanak or Guru Govind? ANSWER-: GURU ARJUN DEV 7. In the film Parampara. what do lions do? ANSWER-: ROAR 5. Runner? ANSWER-: Mr. Phantom was known as Mr. The first names of this popular duo were Paul and Art. who played the role of Aamir Khan’s cousin? ANSWER-: SAIF ALI KHAN 6.Colombus or Marco Polo? ANSWER-: MARCO POLO 10.

The Kusti is a sacred thread word by Brahmins. pirate or jeep? ANSWER-: JEEP 9. What can’t Kiwis. Parsees or Jains? ANSWER-: PARSEES . What was the name of the Fiji Islands when the populace ate people? ANSWER-: CANNIBAL ISLANDS 4. Rheas and Emus do that other birds can? ANSWER-: FLY 10. Which South American country was named after the city of Venice? ANSWER-: VENEZUELA 3. In Hindu Mythology who was the most famous son of Kaushalya? ANSWER-: RAMA 6. What is Brazil’s official language? ANSWER-: PORTUGESE 2. How many continents must a sport be regularly contested in before it is accepted into the Olympics? ANSWER-: FIVE 5. A landrover is a type of a dog. Which comic book character saved his parents Jonathan and Martha Kent by lifting a truck? ANSWER-: SUPERMAN 7. Which country topped the medals tally at the Hiroshima Asiad? ANSWER-: CHINA 8.FOR TEAM D1.

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